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Winter Olympics… or just the Thrive Challenge.

This is always a different F3 workout, no cadence, no COP, no Mary. This is you vs you to set a baseline if your first time or compare back to past challenge results.

It goes something like this…
Perform exercise 1 using whatever time you need to still have the best form you can muster. Once complete you will run, walk or crawl a predefined lap around the perimeter of the parking lot which is 1/3 of a mile.
Get back and complete exercise 2, do lap, etc.

Get through as much as you can until time is called. If you cheat or cut corners you are only hurting yourself and your baseline. I don’t care if it takes the whole time to get through one or two things, that will be the baseline you will work towards crushing the next time. For example, bend those elbows on a merkin, at the same time do the full rep, don’t race and “bounce” the merkins, etc. If you need to stop and catch your breath do it, as always modify if needed but try not to cheat yourself.

Here is the list:
Mountain Climbers – 100 (count each leg as one)
Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)
Merkins – 100 (25 wide, 25 regular, 25 narrow (elbows tight to body, also called “perfect”), 25 diamond)
Burpees – 50
Carolina Dry Docks – 100
LBCs – 100
Jump Squats – 100
Dollies – 200
Squats – 100
Rock Hoppers – 100
Russian Twists (American Hammer) – 100
Burpees – 100
Burpees – 200

This was tough, as a challenge should be, and this group of PAX did an awesome job! Seriously proud of this group of guys.

Here are the results for each guy, and to make things easy I put your prior results next to it in italics if you did the last challenge:

Glass Joe- 4 Squats – Finished Dollys
Hoffa- Lap after Dollys – 100 Dollys
Shake n Bake- 145 Dollys – Finished Jump Squats
Happy- Finished Jump Squats
Shepherd- Finished Dollys – 2/3 Lap after Dollys
Lamont- Finished Dollys
Nomad- 110 Dollys – 150 Dollys
Bonhoeffer- 129 Dollys – 42 Jump Squats
Trojan Horse- 45 Jump Squats
Thurston- 50 Dollys
Gypsy- 82 Squats – Lap after Jump Squats
eHarmony- Finished Dollys
Bullwinkle- 44 Jump Squats (Skipped Burpees) – 1/2 lap after Carolina Dry Docks
Bernanke- Lap after Dollys
Lumberjack- 45 Dollys
Arsenal- Run after LBCs – Finished Jump Squats
Hair Band- 48 Dollys – Finished Jump Squats


This is always tough and typically limits the #mumblechatter compared to normal…
Unless you are Glass Joe getting confused about the explicit “count each leg” Mountain Climbers, not both legs are one, count each leg, 1,2,3,4,5, etc. up to 100.
Also everyone should get the same amount of time, I always leave a few minutes in the beginning to cover the rules for PAX that haven’t done it before but I will do a better job to make sure we all start at the same time, and stop Glass Joe from his false starts.

Another point I want to make, if you did not beat your last results there can be valid reasons, lack of sleep, not hydrated well, but more importantly as you get stronger you will be able to have better form in many of these things and that could take a little longer.
There is nothing wrong with being a little slower while having better form. #TWSS

Always an honor to lead, AYE!
Hair Band

What is a #Snotwoggle?

Last night the warning went out to bring bells, hydrate and get rest because a #Snotwoggle was coming.

From the Lexicon:
SNOT WOGGLE: A Workout that shuts down Mumble Chatter and leaves the PAX looking backwards half-unconscious from the pain.

The threat was so scary that Glass Joe had an upset tummy and skipped all together. #TakeSomePeptoAndManUp
Another from the Lexicon:
SHARTSACK: The act of missing, arriving late to, or checking out and returning to a post due to nature calling. (See also Elvis)

Grab your bells and let’s go circle up in the parking lot.

Disclaimer given


SideStraddle Hop x 20 In Cadence
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Staggered Merkins right hand on bell x 10 IC
Staggered Merkins left hand on bell x 10 IC
Low Slow Squat x 15

A quick reminder/lesson on proper form for a kettlebell swing, this included a discussion of hiking balls, using your hips and thrusting. Fortunately there were no ladies or 2.0s around but still would have been valuable information. #NotAProfessional

The Thang

10 Burpees / 40 two handed kettlebell swings
20 Burpees / 30 swings
30 Burpees / 20 swings
20 Burpees / 30 swings
10 Burpees / 40 swings

That was so much fun! Grab your bells and head for the hill!

20 swings / run up the hill, run back down the hill / 20 Flutter presses w bell
30 swings / run up and back / 30 Dolly presses w bell
40 swings / run up and back / 40 Louganis

Grab bells and circle back up
Halos 10 clockwise, 10 ccw
Bent row/Lawnmower 10 right side in cadence, 10 left side in cadence

6 Minutes of Mary
Rosalita en Espanol (i.e. Zip-a-Dee style) 25 or so in cadence
Flutter x 30 IC
LBC x 20 IC
Back scratcher (Countertop Special) x 15 IC


Get with Madison if you are interested in future CPR classes
Speed for need has some events coming up, get involved.

Ye Olde Moleskine:

It’s always good, especially as site Q to reset the bar once in a while and give the PAX a good kick in the teeth…
In theory that sentence is pure awesome but this ain’t no gym, I don’t walk around with a clipboard and we don’t work out in a nice climate controlled room next to #fern, that means I end up kicking myself in the the teeth also, and maybe a slight punch in the throat since I am on Q and need to make sure I am leading by example. #DontQItIfYouCantDoIt

This was a smoker and there may have been moments of light headedness, unless the visions of Statler and Waldorf laughing at us in the balcony was real. #MenaMena #MuppetsFTW

There is a lot of #Mumblechatter out there that the kettlebell swing may be the perfect exercise integrating strength and cardio, good, we did 250 of them along with 90 or so burpees just to take things to anotha level.

Once we got to the hill though it appeared Bullwinkle was delusional because he bolted up that hill as if he thought he finished the swings already… as the wind blew though I thought I faintly heard BW’s voice carried in the breeze saying something along the lines of “Is this right Shepherd?” If so then the student became the teacher in the #ShepCount.

Country Living attempted to call me out as I said for guys to keep legs straight saying my legs weren’t straight. I don’t have gangly legs like some so typically that is not a form issue I have. Between him and I, even with my 02Dep, I’m sure I’m right.
I mean it’s Country Living, what kind of education can you have when you lives so far out in the sticks that the deer ask you directions to town? #LoveYaMeanIt

Seriously Everyone put in a great effort, Sticky Note has been killing it lately, maybe we will see him on a Tuesday or Saturday soon. Edison with his quiet demeanor and coming off some crazy 14 hour work day and still pushing through is insane. #Beastmode
Madison (Overdrive #Kotters) even came out with NoRegerts (Site FNG) to see what the #Snotwoggle hype was all about and with all the chatter it sounds like I delivered. Glad Playoffs has been back in the #Gloom and seeing other guys work hard and push each other is how we get better. #IronSharpensIron.

Who is going to step up next? Get signed up to Q!

Always an honor to lead this group of guys and I appreciate the opportunity!

Hair Band

Merkins, Mileage & More

A cold damp morning with some ice on the ground so disclaimer given and we were off!


Side Straddle Hop x 25
Oh here comes Bernanke, what time does a 0530 workout start? Yes, 0530
5 burpee late penatly
Imperial Walker x 15

Let’s mosey, we are going on a field trip!
A few guys thought we were going to the playground but no, it is time to explore the new town hall across the street.

On the way we almost had a big wipe out on the black ice… reminder that the disclaimer was giving and watch your step.


4 corners around the drive/entrance at the town hall.

Corner 1: Merkins x 15
Corner 2: Jump squats x 15
Corner 3: Merkins x 15
Corner 4: Jump squats x 15

Repeato 3x

C1: Hand release Merkins x 10
C2: LBCs x 10
C3: Hand release Merkins x 10
C4: LBCs x 10

Repeato 3x

10 count

Partner up!

P1 run the square, P2 called exercise, flapjack.

Round 1: Decline Merkins on the steps
R2: LBCs
R3: Backscratchers
R4: Monkey Humpers
R5: Heels to Heaven

Mosey back to the park with a lunge walk over the ice parts

Over to the wall for peoples chair with air presses 50, 75, 100

6 Minutes of Mary (actually about 3)
Rosalita x 20
Pretzel Crunch x 10 each side


Mint Hill’s Piledriver AO will converge at Conviction tomorrow, just for the day it will NOT be considered moderate, having said that every workout is no man left behind and there will be sweepers to help FNGs / Kotters modify if any show.

Ye Olde Moleskine

Bama for the win last night and a bunch of tired PAX this morning, some regulars were so tired they couldn’t escape the #Fartsack.
Ever since the new town hall was opened I was looking forward to this Q so we could go explore. It’s a great add on to the #F3Thrive AO as we can get off campus but it’s not far and well lit. There is still more to explore and I’m sure we will in the future.

There were many call outs, from Glass Joe, that not everyone is doing the Merkin pull up challenge but I mixed in enough other things including running that he was still happy and thanked me for an amazing workout, saying how I was his favorite Q. #TruthNugget

Somehow Shepherd was not at the front of the PAX during the 4 corners, we assumed his New Year’s resolution was correct counting but alas at the air presses he went back to his old ways and hit 100 before everyone else.

As always it is an honor to lead,

Hair Band

Overdrive throwback

So I realized this morning what a slacker I was because I never posted a backblast last week for Overdrive so, no fluff here is what went down…

10 burpees OYO!

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20

back to the bells for THE THANG:

1st Round
Merkins X 20
2 Hand Swing X 20
Goblet Squat X 20
10 Burpees

Rinse and Repeat 3X…then sprint to end of parking lot and back.

2nd Round
Staggered Merkins X 20  (10 each side on kettle bell)
Curl  20
Good Mornings X 20
10 Burpees

Rinse and Repeat 3X…then sprint

3rd Round
Overhead Press X 20
Flutter Press x 20
Upright Rows x 20
10 Burpees

Rinse and Repeat 3X…then sprint


Flutter (no bell)



#Cobains for the “so late why did I bother” backblast but as Madison called out, did it really happen if there was no BB?

This workout was a smoker with 100 burpees mixed in with the other work taking place.

Always an honor to lead!

Thrive Challenge 2.0… Well, maybe 1.1

Thrive means to grow, develop, flourish.
Well how do we know if we are thriving? We need to have a baseline to measure from and since I am a flawed human being at times I lost the original baseline #Cobains. So what to do… Do it again and this time put the results in the backblast!

This was a different F3 workout, no cadence, no COP, no Mary. This is you vs you to set a (new) baseline to compare back to at a future challenge.

It went something like this…
Perform exercise 1 using whatever time you need to still have the best form you can muster. Once complete you will run, walk or crawl a predefined lap around the perimeter of the parking lot which is about 1/3 of a mile.
Get back and complete exercise 2, do lap, etc.

Get through as much as you can until time is called. If you cheat or cut corners you are only hurting yourself and your baseline. I don’t care if it takes the whole time to get through one or two things, that will be the baseline you will work towards crushing the next time. For example, bend those elbows on a merkin, at the same time do the full rep, don’t race and “bounce” the merkins, etc.

Here was the list:
Mountain Climbers – 100 (count each leg as one)
Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)
Merkins – 100 (25 wide, 25 regular, 25 narrow (elbows close also called “perfect”), 25 diamond)
Burpees – 50
Carolina Dry Docks – 100
LBCs – 100
Jump Squats – 100
Dollies – 200
Squats – 100
Rock Hoppers – 100
Russian Twists (American Hammer) – 100
Burpees – 100
Burpees – 200

This was tough, as a challenge should be, and this group of PAX did an awesome job! Seriously proud of this group of guys.

Here are the results for each guy:

Nomad- 150 dollys
Houdini- 50 jump squats
Hoffa-  100 dollys
Shake n Bake- finished jump squats
Bonhoeffer- 42 jump squats
Arsenal- finished jump squats
Christmas- 150 dollys
Gypsy- about to start dollys
Glass Joe- finished dollys
Winger- finished dollys
Shepherd- 2/3 lap after dolly
Orbit- 3/4 lap after dolly
Bullwinkle- 1/2 lap after dry docks
Killowatt- 70 dry docks
Hair Band- finished jump squats.

Awesome work guys!

Gypsy has his VQ tomorrow at Conviction

New running AO testing interest meeting at Socrates Academy on Weddington Rd at 0515 Thursday.
Which, I looked and is not in Union County, I submit for consideration Antioch Elementary Or Austin Village(Harris Teeter) if you want to keep the general area but be in UC. Even Sun Valley 14 shopping center could be good for a running AO, big empty parking lot at that time of the morning.

An honor to lead as always!


Hair Band

Thurston’s VQ at Thrive

Posted on behalf of Thurston, #cobains for the delay that is on me.


On Halloween morning nine pax gathered in the cold gloom for their weekly calisthenics. Hoffa rolled up
on his motorcycle, seemingly impervious to the elements. 5:30 rolled around and with little fanfare we

The Thang
Did a warm-up mosey around the parking lot #HairbandMile, then circled up for
 Side straddle hop x25
 Imperial Walker x20
 Mountain climber x20
 5 burpees OYO

After this we moseyed over the road for some suicides. There was some debate over the proper
nomenclature regarding the concrete “things” where we stopped and exercised. Island? Peninsula?
Isthmus? No name was settled on and the exercise continued nonetheless. At each stop we did

 Squats x20
 Merkins x20
 LBC’s x20
 Monkey humpers x20
 Bomb jacks x20

Mosey over the hill and find a spot in the middle for “Clock merkins”

 Q calls out a time (12:00; 6:00, etc.) and do 5 merkins OYO facing that direction

After that it was time for some reverse hill runs, as follows:
 Run backwards up hill, 10 LBC’s at the top, back down hill
 Run backwards up hill, 9 LBC’s at the top, back down hill
 Etc… down to 1 LBC
Our quads will thank us tomorrow. From here we proceeded to the soccer field where we did good ol’
fashioned suicides. No special exercises, just running. Following this, we moseyed to the parking lot for
the “Bear-muda Triangle,” as follows…
There are three markers in the parking lot, 30 yards apart.
 At marker 1, do 1 burpee and bear crawl to marker 2
 2 burpees at marker 2, then bear crawl to marker 3
 3 burpees at marker 3, then bear crawl back to marker 1

 Repeat
 Cry

We then moseyed over to our spot behind the building. We started with “Balls to the Wall.” (Side note: I
prefer the name “Testicles to the Vestibule” for this one, but that probably has too many syllables to
catch on.)

 Hold handstand for 10 count (x2)
Then we got into the People’s Chair for
 100 arm presses

Back to the parking lot to circle up on our sixes for
 American Hammer x20
 Freddy Mercury x20
 Dolly x20
 Rosalita x20
 Superman
 Protractor

In summary, it was a great introduction the art of Q’ing. Many thanks to my fellow pax for an awesome
and strenuous workout today!

Island of Misfit Toys… Gear Edition

The preblast went out, it said we would be taking a field trip.
The disclaimer was made because recently we have been fairly centralized in the parking lot area and hill of Sun Valley Middle School, and let’s be honest Zip-A-Dee didn’t coin the lexicon term #HairbandMile years ago because I like to run.

I showed up and needed to first pay my fantasy football league debt as the lowest scoring team last week which was 50 kettle bell presses while in peoples chair. Knocked that out for Slingblade (who didn’t even show up) and had a few minutes left to wait on the PAX. (there were 3 witnesses already there to verify)

Because this is gear and I learned a long time ago from Brown, High Tide and others that we need to shows the guns off, sleeveless F3 gear shirt was the way to roll in the 38 or so degree weather and off we went!

Well, not yet, grab a bell disclaimer given and circle up right here for…
Side Straddle Hops x 15 In Cadence…
Oh crap we killed Gypsy! Thankfully disclaimer was done, not sure if he broke his back, tore a muscle/ligament or if his uterus collapsed because I have never lost anyone on the first exercise before! He seemed alive so we continued on with Gypsy doing Gumby type movements in the background, the only thing missing was Madison’s Lularoe leggings.

KB Swings x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
KB Swings x 15
Low Slow Squats x 10 IC
Swings x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Swings x 10

Partner up for some catch me if you can, fortunately Gypsy found his manhood and rubbed some dirt on it to get back in the game.
P1 farmer carry the bells
P2 5 merkins then chase down your partner and flapjack
Do this until we get to the new track at the back of the school.
We probably got some strange looks from the bus drivers but ever since Spielberg was honked at while doing Monkey Humpers not sure anything surprises those drivers anymore.

At the track stay with your partner for

The Thang:
P1 does called exercises while P2 runs a lap… yes I said run a lap.

Round 1: Overhead press x 10 and upright row x 10, if you have time while waiting on your partner do it again.
Round 2: Bicep curls x 10 and tricep extensions x 10, keep going if you have time

On your 6 for 20 LBCs in cadence as a breather and at Glass Joe’s request 20 kb swings to be consistent.

Round 3: Snatches (turn your watches around if needed) x 5 each arm and goblet squats x 10
Round 4: Flutter press w/ bell x 10 and Louganis x 10

Time to go back, same as we came, CMIYC with merkins and farmer carries again.

On the wall for peoples chair, first PAX hold out the kb in front of him for a 10 count then passes the bell, next PAX does the same all the way down the line then back.
Recover and back on the wall
Same thing but 5 count this time, on the way back it was upped back to 10 seconds by Bernanke. #Overachiever

on your 6 for 6 Minutes Of Mary:

Flutter x 25
Dolly x 20 #cobains as I almost did Rosalitas I blame #O2Dep
Rosalitas x 20
Pretzel Crunch x 10 each side
Back Scratchers x 20


Shepherd on Q at Outland tomorrow
GJ and Late Show splitting the Q at #AngryBeaver… ShutesPond… Monroe?
Another Speed for need race is coming up, check twitter and facebook for more info.

Ye Olde Molskine:
Much smaller group than normal but still a solid group with a great effort.

#Tclaps to Gypsy for pushing through today, #IceUpSon and take some Ibuprofen I’m guessing whatever you did will be felt for a few days. Even with the injury you were killing it on the track laps, I would have liked to have seen you and Glass Joe battle during a lap or two but Glass Joe was running at the same time as me.

And I should probably mention I beat GJ in a lap! #TruthNugget
I may have had a decent head start.
Although I did hear Lamont say that was probably the fastest he has seen me run, that may not be saying much but I’ll take it.

Ever since Outland and then Overdrive and other AOs launched we affectionately referred to ourselves as the island of misfit toys, we are an odd bunch but friendly and today was no different. Between #mumblechatter about Bernanke’s legs during Mary (thankful I was facing the opposite direction) to Hoffa’s rarely seen (for good reason) Exotic Penguin Mating dance and of course Lamont’s story about his horse being violated, it was an odd and yet typical morning. It’s a great group to suffer in the gloom with and thankful and honored to lead this morning.

And a special shoutout to Countertop for helping instill the confidence in me to start the first weekday UC workout and to Glass Joe who I pulled in to co-siteQ with me when he was unsure what he could offer at that time. We’ve come a long way, 3 years ago on October 10th to be exact! #ISI

Hair Band

Timers, Iron and Metal

Coming back from a couple of weeks off I was trying to get someone else to step up to take the Q… No takers, probably for the better. So I had a plan that I haven’t done in a while, a HIIT workout.

First, a quick #HairbandMile

SSH x 20 IC
Squat Complex x 10 OYO
5 Burpee penalty for Bernanke being late

ok follow me to the pain stations

HIIT timer is set for 27 rounds of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds rest/move to next station

Stations included:

Kettlebell Swings
Alternating Shoulder press with sandbag
Thrusters with ruck
Clean & Press w/ kb
Step ups
Supine Pullups
Upright Row


Flutter press with bell
Freddie Mercury
Back Scratchers


#Cobains for the late backblast, many excuses that I could give but still all on me.

Thanks to Glassjoe for the metal soundtrack, surprisingly most of that was Christian! Now you just need a better speaker.
Great work to all that came out!


Friday Speed for Need at Susan G Komen race this weekend
Convergence at Anson for 3rd anniversary, no Outland Saturday.

Kettlebell Donation Center

Ever have one of those mornings where the alarm goes off, you get up, sit on the couch then 30 minutes somehow passes you by? Yeah it was that kind of morning. Fortunately I got there with 2 minutes to spare!

Grab your bells and follow me for
SSH x 20
IW x 15

Grab the bells and off we go to Diesel Alley, but with no busses the air was clear and we could get on the line.

Start at 10 and do: 10 Goodmornings, 10 Swings, 10 Overhead Presses
move to line 8 for 8 Goodmornings, 8 Swings, 8 OH Presses
you get the idea, down to 6, 4, 2

drop the bells and run to the road and back, pick up the bells and back up the ladder we go!

2 Goodmornings, 2 Swings, 2 OH Presses
then 4, 6, 8, 10

drop the bells, run to the 2nd light pole and back

rack your bells and follow me to the new track and line up on the edge for 50s!

40 curls, sprint to other side, 10 Merkins & sprint back.
30 curls, sprint, 20 Merkins, sprint
20 curls, sprint, 30 Merkins, sprint
10 curls, sprint, 40 Merkins, sprint
Run a lap, plank for the 6

Next round
40 Goblet Squats, sprint across, 10 LBCs sprint back
30 Goblet Squats, sprint across, 20 LBCs, sprint
20 Goblet Squats, sprint across, 30 LBCs, sprint
10 Goblet Squats, sprint, 40 LBCs, sprint
Run lap, plank

40 Flutter Presses, sprint across, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, sprint back
30 Flutter Presses, sprint across, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, sprint
20 Flutter Presses, sprint across, 30 Carolina Dry Docks, sprint
10 Flutter Presses, sprint across, 40 Carolina Dry Docks, sprint
Run lap, plank and we are out of time!


Poptart on Q for Outland, Bernanke on Q for Thrive, Posse on Q for Conviction this week and Bullwinkle on Q for Watchtower (which per my experience and what the F3 website says is at Weddington Elementary, there has been some mumblechatter about it being at the H.S. but that has not been communicated if changed.)

Jabberwocky on Q next week for his 40th at Overdrive.

I love that most guys have their own kettlebells finally! It really gives us so many more options for these gear workouts. Today was a good example of that and I plan on continuing to up the level.

Skunkworks was always my favorite yet brutal beatdown and it was always my goal to get Overdrive to look to that as an example and this workout was a taste of that.

Everyone did a great job and it was great to have Playoffs and Woody back out in the gloom. There has been so much progress made by this group and it really shows. Proud of you guys and the work you have put in.

At the end there was some mumblechatter about just leaving the bells where they were and donating them to the school so we didn’t need to pick them up again… that is a win in my book.

Always and honor to lead, AYE!

Hair Band

Smokeys back

It was great being back with the boys again. I fear I may have scarred a few off this morning with my chiding towards Glass Joe. However, true to my promise, I designed a workout to take care of Hairband. There was almost NO running.

The Thang:
A solid disclaimer was given at 7am along with a few sad Sally comments about the low numbers of the PAX.

After a quick Hairband mile, the PAX executed:
20 x Side-straddle Hops
20 x Imperial Walkers
10 x Good Morning Nashville

Followed by supine pull ups to the tune of Bring Sally Up.
Followed by merkins to the tune of Bring Sally Up.
Followed by squats to the tune of Bring Sally Up.

We were all glad Ms. Moose was dead and gone as we moseyed to the bleachers at the football field and partnered up for:
200 combined LBCs
100 combined Derkins
200 combined Step Ups

Afterwards, we held up the wall in a people’s chair for fifty air presses.

On the mosey back we stopped for a quick plank for the six to catch up and then headed back to the speaker. It was hard to get the phone to let me in due to all the moister, but the PAX held plank just fine.

The main event:
Roxanne by the Police was played. We did a burpee at every Roxanne and a merkin at every red light. Lots of good work here – and chuckling.
Ghostbusters was played next. We did a burpee at every Bustin’, 4 lunges at every Ghostbuster, and 4 squats at every I Aint Afraid of No Ghost.

We moseyed around to the side of the MS for some cheese weave, only to find the cheese had been eaten. Therefore, we did some rosalita x 20 in cadence and dips x 20 in cadence.

Our time was concluded back at the COP with LBCs x 20, plank, and quick 10 count 6 inches by Bernacki.

Bernacki took us out and prayed for a friend of his who has melanoma on his foot while his wife has a fighting cancer.

Woody showed up at the end to tell us about his tummy tuck (i.e., hernia surgery). He should be back next week. Glad you are healing up well Woody. Dr. Rhythm brought out his 6 year old 2,0 Superman. Superman crushed us all! I must admit I was a little Sad Sallied myself at the low turn out this morning. I have missed being away from the PAX this summer!

Posted on behalf of Smokey