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Off the IR and Rollin’

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka

Amazing what happens when your body decides it’s time for you take it easy for 6 weeks… the last Q I had was Sparta and at the time, I started the BB with..

“Sparta has to be one of the easiest AOs to Q of all the ones YHC has been given the opportunity to lead. The rules are easy.. WAKE UP!! Go run as hard as you can and add in some quick exercises along the way to ensure the PAX is staying together and/or catching your breath.”

Boy was I wrong… sure the Waking up part and run hard thing is right… but the easiest AO to Q….only if you can breathe.. and after 6 weeks on the F3 I.R. that breathing part was more than a challenge… it was more like survival and I was just glad I had 8 other Spartans out there this morning to help push each other along… Literally.

Today’s Spartan beat down was a Speed For Need intro for many of the PAX

YHC brought 2 racing chairs to the AO this morning for good reason.

1) I need to train up all the F3 Area 51 pax I can as the Regional Q for Speed For Need.

2) They are a really good coupon for a leg burn out

3) YHC knew I was going to be sucking wind hard today and needed a good wienke that could challenge the most fit Spartan but keep the PAX together.

Quick disclaimer and quick safety lesson regarding the running strap and breaks and off we roll. These chairs look extremely easy to utilize when running next to them… but once you place a grown man in the chair to train with and step up to drive, it becomes a seriously taxing coupon.  The plan for today was to cover 4.5 miles and allow every pax member a chance at some interval training with hill resistance while pushing the team’s chair.

The Thang:

Start AO: Sparta Launch

  1. Turn left onto South Trade Street
  2. Turn right into 4 mile trail
    1. Stop at Baseball field
      1. 1st Exercise bench step ups 20 each leg
    2. Load up the 1st riders and mosey to the 1st bridge
      1. 2nd exercise Low Slow Squat (I.C.)
    3. Switch rider and Driver and mosey to Squirrel Lake park
      1. 3rd exercise Peg leg squats OYO 20 each leg
    4. Switch rider and Driver and mosey to 2nd bridge
      1. 4th exercise Bulgarian leg lifts
    5. Switch rider and Driver and AYG full sprint across the bridge and back
      1. 5th exercise… catch your breath LBCs
    6. Switch rider and Driver and mosey to Squirrel Lake park
      1. 6th exercise hand release merkins 20 (OYO)
    7. Switch rider and Driver and mosey to baseball fields
      1. 7th exercise Bench dips 20 (OYO)
      2. 8th exercise Derkins 20 (OYO)
    8. Switch rider and Driver and mosey to AO to join in with Peak 51 for some Mary


It’s great to be back out in the Gloom with you guys. I knew it was going to be rough off the start as I got back to it.. But had no idea how quickly you lose your cardio conditioning. Lots of new pax out this morning too that made my heart very happy to see Sparta growing like it is. Maybe I need to take more time off and see if the pax keep on multiplying. I would like to call out whoever was killing it today out front… but since I was in the way back 6 most of the morning I will just say great job to all 8 of you guys.

We have a great Q line up shaping up for the remainder of October and November. So if you are looking to continually get better and challenge yourself with a different type of A.M. beat down, come on out and find out why we call this AO SPARTA.


  • F3 Dads at Kinetic Heights – see #F3Dads channel on Slack
  • Crane Relay, 10/26
  • Let Them Soar, 5K 11/10/18:
  • Speed For Need: Lots of races between now and the end of the year. Let them Soar is in Down Town Matthews and covers most of the same ground as Peak 51 pre runs and Sparta beat downs. No reason to not sign up




4 Spartans come across 15 Meatheads (A Spartan 5×5 and 4 AOs)  

E ala ‘oe!!  e holo ana nā kānaka

Sparta has to be one of the easiest AOs to Q of all the ones YHC has been given the opportunity to lead.  The rules are easy.. WAKE UP!! Go run as hard as you can and add in some quick exercises along the way to ensure the PAX is staying together and/or catching your breath.  The hardest part is making sure you don’t run further away from the AO than you can make it back in the 60 mins.  Good rule of thumb is cover 60% of your distance on the 1st 30 mins and 40% of your distance on the 2nd. Today’s Spartan beat down was a classic 5×5.  Meaning we will cover 5 miles and add in 5 pain stations along the way.  This break down helps the non-runners like YHC from getting so bored that you start wondering why you started running in the 1st place. Personally I would rather watch paint dry than go run more than 5 miles non-stop.

The Thang:

Start AO: Sparta Launch

  • Turn right onto South Trade Street (.07 miles)
  • Turn right onto Fullwood Lane (.57 miles)
  • Turn right into Covenant day (1.25 miles)
    • 1st Exercise: 15 Hand release Merkins (OYO)
    • 2nd Exercise: 15 Low Slow Squat (IC)
    • 3rd Exercise: 15 Bonnie Blair (Sister Mary Catherine) OYO
      1. Mosey back to Fullwood Lane
  • Turn left onto Matthews Township Parkway, NC 51 (1.6 miles)
  • Turn into Cross and Crown Church parking lot (2.0 miles)
    • 1st exercise: 20 each leg calf raises (OYO)
    • 2nd exercise: 25 WW2 sit-ups
      1. Mosey back to NC 51
  • Turn left onto Elizabeth Lane (2.64 miles)
  • Turn Left into AO: Meathead (3.0 miles)
    • 1st Exercise: People’s chair for 50 air presses OYO
    • 2nd Exercise: 15 Hand-release Derkins
      1. Fly-by the Meathead crew (making sure Horsehead was where he said he would be) that was standing around in a circle… when Voodoo said 0.0 I thought he meant no running, but what we Spartans saw was 0.0 was actually F2 fellowship standing in big circle like a 45 minute COT.  🙂
  • Turn Right onto Elizabeth Lane (3.2 miles)
  • Turn Right onto NC 51 (3.3 miles)
  • Stop across the street from Cross and Crown Church (3.5 miles)
    • 1st Exercise: 40 Reverse crunch
  • Turn right onto Covenant Church Lane (4.3 miles)
  • Turn left into Kevlar AO (4.5 miles)
    • 1st Exercise: 50 J-Los
    • 2nd Exercise: 50 LBC
    • 3rd Exercise: One lap around track
      1. Rinse & Repeat 2 more times
  • Turn right onto West John Street (4.7 miles)
  • Turn Right onto Trade (5 miles)
  • Turn left onto McDowell Street (5.12 miles)
  • FINISH at AO Peak 51 COT (5.26 miles)


2 Weinkes are always prepared when I Q.  It may sound like over kill, but depending on the PAX for any given morning I feel I owe it to ALL the guys to be prepared and not just some of them.

That being said; although today’s PAX was small, we consisted of 4 AO site Qs in which YHC has personally been handed 3 of the toughest beat-downs I will ever remember.

  • Fault Line was the Q on my FNG day (enough said on that)
  • Orange Whip had me debating if I could come back to F3 after the Tour De’ Matthews
  • Madison pushed me to a PR in running distance during a Matthews monsoon.

So I threw out the 5K option and brought in the 5 mile one.  (The 5k one was running the Let Them Soar route and take note where potential bottle necks would occur for the SFN racing chariots.)  The 5 mile options was originally set up as a capture the flag situation as we did a Fly-by on Meat Head.  But honestly, there was wayyyyyy more guys at Meat Head than I was expecting and I saw more than one runner in the group.  After 3 miles to get there and those guys all rested from standing around doing nothing but staring at KBs sitting on the ground, YHC did what every “Not a professional” would do and modified the weinke.  I for one did not think I could out run that mob of angry meat heads on this day.. Soooooo needless say, we will mark today up as a dry run on the eventual occurrence one chilly gloomy morning.


  • A51 will be handing out flyers at Matthews Alive with many of the work outs listed for A51. Flyers will be given out next Thursday at Peak 51 for PAX to hand out
  • Collecting names for the planning committee regarding the ONLY Matthews SFN race “Let Them Soar”. Contact Gypsy for more information.




I saw Ruckers running and Runners carrying essential material

Things just fell into place for the Q at Rock Zero.  For the last month, YHC has had on my home calendar to locate an AO needing a Q for August 4th.  However, the issue was that it could not be an AO that YHC had posted at this year (Lexington Ky remains the only Saturday AO I have posted twice to in 2018).  Just before I started to reach out to other regions for assistance on this one, I saw the post from Flipper in the South Charlotte Slack.  Looks like the Gypsy truck gets to stay home this weekend and enjoy the welcoming humid conditions in my home region of Area 51.


0645 AM Pull into the opposite side of the AO and drop off my trusty coupon that has helped me through the last few Qs. (More to come on this one)

0650 AM Locate the launch spot or group of guys standing around because there was no shovel flag to be found.  (BTW..If you have never posted at the RockZero, give yourself a few extra minutes to find the location.  This AO is at a local church and the parking lot is bigger than most malls that YHC has been to.)

0655 AM Hoover comes rolling in from the pre-run.. Sorry bud.. We are going to get a few more miles in for you.

0657 AM Still no shovel flag and we will need it for this Weinke.. But no problems, like any good gypsy; I come prepared and return to the truck where I happen to have a spare Shovel flag ready to be planted along our route.


0700 AM Disclaimer:  The reason I had it on my calendar for so long to find a post to Q on 8/4 was my one year anniversary of two life-altering events.  One was my 1 year in F3 and by no small coincidence after smoking for nearly 30 years it was also my 1 yr for not smoking cigarettes.

I let the PAX know it is my 1 yr on not smoking and I plan to smoke myself during the workout.  They can join me if they wish, but if they do, they cannot sue me, F3, of the church.  No one disagreed or left, so YHC started the Rock Zero workout for 8/4/18.  It went a little like this.

Warm up run:

Ole’ Glory 1M F2 run to the corner of Elm/ 51 and back (No pax member is to be out in front of the Shovel Flag)

Post our flag


  • 1.5 Merkin IC x 20 (Four count push-up.  Start in high plank, all the way down with chest on asphalt, up six inches, down with chest on asphalt, up to high plank.)
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 20
  • Side Straddle Hop IC x 20

Grab the shovel flag and mosey to the front parking lot

Post our flag: Thang 1: Gypsy Rock with a Hose (hopefully by now, most of A51, SOB, Mint Hill, UC, and Lexington, KY have had an opportunity to utilize the gifts our Unionville Fire department bestowed upon us.  If not, just post at my next Q and you can enjoy this favorite coupon of mine as well.  There are 9 of them out there in the gloom)

All Pax members grab a rock and line up. Person right of Q starts with the hose as timer dragging it to the far side of parking lot and back as PAX performs called exercise.  PAX put the rock down and everyone takes a step to the left getting a new rock and new pax as the timer.

  • Overhead press
  • Curls
  • Triceps extensions
  • Flutter press
  • Rows
  • Goblet squats
  • Good mornings
  • Repeat

Return rocks after one rotation.

Grab the shovel flag and mosey to Soccer fields

I am not a professional and as such do enjoy the minor comforts available during a workout.  Personally, I hate wet feet and the fields were soaking wet, so YHC called an audible to the parking lot.

Post our flag: Thang 2: (Dora 1,2,3)

Pair up:  Pax 1 performs set exercise with Pax 2 runs to far parking space to complete 2 burpees and return to swap out with Pax 1

Continue until completion of called exercises or Q calls Omaha

  • 100 Scorpion Merkins
  • 200 Peg-leg squats
  • 300 Crab-Cakes

0745 AM with most the PAX somewhere in the middle of the Crab Cakes, YHC calls Omaha

Grab the shovel flag and AYG 1M run to ELM and 51 then back to the launch site.

LBCs for the 6 or ping-pong back.

Post our flag and begin 7 MoM


Some mubblechatter on this one.  As the Q, I hold for beginning exercise until everyone is in starting position.  So from time to time, there may be a 2nd or 3rd call of “Starting position” before declaring “Exercise”.

Dollys, Rosalittas, Heels to heaven, and American Hammers.




August 18th Speed for Need Surfers for Autism

Crane relay October 26th.  Must sign up by August 25th (No Exceptions)

Sign-ups for the Santa Ruck on 12/1 have started:

Registration at:

See Geraldo for more details.



A solid group of men this morning.

Every one of us required encouragement from the pax to the left and right to finish up one part of an exercise or another.  WE held strong to the motto of leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.  All of us pushed our limits in one way or another at RockZero on 8/4.

I saw Ruckers running and Runners carrying essential material.  I saw “Hate-Hates” running side by side with “Respects”.  I saw the men of F3 encouraging each other to get right and finish strong.  I saw a Fellowship so strong that an F3 Nation Gypsy could come out in the Gloom and feel right at home beside my brothers under the eyes of our almighty Sky Q as we took turns carrying our Great Nation’s flag.

1 yr of F3 for YHC in the history books.

  • Quit smoking
  • 13 Regions posted
  • 7 FNGs introduced to F3
  • 1st ever 5k run (ok.. to be honest, 1st time running more than a mile)
  • 5 SFN events
  • Countless pax to call brothers and hold me accountable.
  • Found my way back to church

(to many individuals inside F3 to thank for guidance and accountability along the way.. but a specific T-Clap to my pax brother Christmas who introduced me to F3 and also made sure I was not giving up when it was so easy to stay in bed during those cold winter days.  It makes a huge difference when you know someone is waiting on you either for a ride to Post or is in your driveway waiting for you to get in the car)

What will year 2 bring?

Flipper:  Thank you for letting me lead your AO and thank you to the PAX of Rock Zero pushing me to finish.



Why yes.. I think I will play with your hose.

It began in December:  Every couple of weeks or so Posse would send me a text or catch me at the Thursday HH asking me to take on a Q out in Western UC.  Doing the best impression of Mahammad Ali, I ducked and weaved and danced my way out of it for many months due to driving my 2.0 to school at 650 AM every morning… and then… 5 Months later, I get the question again with a:  Your 2.0 is not in school now.. No backing out now and I finally took up Posse’s invite to Q Watchtower.  A 25 min drive to post, but considering YHC drives up to 8hrs to post in other regions, there should be no excuses to not except the honor of leading the Beast of Weddington through a multi-region Gypsy Q on a fine summer morning.

Parked on the far side of the campus to drop off a few coupons and head on over to the launch site. Rounding the corner at 5:29 (with Nutter Butter in tow as we both parked on the other side of the Weddington campus and started the post with a nice F2 pace warmup.), 12 Pax were waiting as I moseyed up to the launch point.  Arriving just in time to kick this boot-camp off and make the standard announcements:  Can’t sue me, Posse, Weddington High School, or F3…  follow me if you like, but I am here to work out on my own and if you would like to join me I just ask that you modify as needed.

Let’s Mosey:


  • Low Slow Squat IC x 20(SLOWWWWWWWW)
  • 1.5 Merkin IC x 20
  • Side Straddle Hop IC x 20

Short mosey to Tennis Courts

Thang 1: (Hampton Roads VA Dora 1,2,3)

Pair up:  Pax 1 performs set exercise with Pax 2 runs to far tennis court boundary line for 2 burpees and return to swap out with Pax 1.  Continue until completion of called exercise count is completed.

  • 100 Scorpion Merkins
  • 200 Peg-leg squats
  • 300 Crab-Cakes

Mosey to the hills

Thang 2: (Birmingham AL 7 ladder)

Keeping same partner from Dora (for accountability)

Bottom of hill burpees top of the hill Bomb-Jacks

  • 1 Burpee – 6 Bomb-Jacks
  • 2 Burpees – 5 Bomb-Jacks
  • 6 Burpees – 1 Bomb-Jack (LBCs to hold for the 6)

 Mosey to the Rock pile and bus parking lot

 Thang 3: (Unionville NC fire department coupons)

All Pax members grab a rock and circle up.  Count off by 4s.  Separate out into your number group… OK… coffee not set in for most the PAX on the 1st try as many forgot to remember what number they were.

🙂  try again… 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2..

Well look at that… there are four 25 ft x 5in Firehose there as well.  Each number group to a fire hose.

1 pax drags firehose over the far speed bump and back as the remaining pax performs a called exercise with the rock.  Rotate pax dragging the fire hose until all members in the group had a turn.

Exercises:  Overhead press AMRAP followed by curls AMRAP

Return the rocks and mosey back to the launch site.

5 MoM:

  • 25 LBC
  • 20 Dollies
  • 15 Heels to Heaven
  • 10 Rosalittas
  • American Hammer until 6:15



1st and foremost I want to thank Posse for staying on me to come out and Q Watchtower.  This was my 4th post to this location over the last year (excluding the Brolympics) and every time it is a SOLID group of BEASTs that post out here.  It was truly my Honor to lead today and can only hope the members of the Western UC PAX enjoyed the beat down with 2ish miles of running mixed in.

My partner today was Frack… if you ever need a pax for a partner exercise that includes Burpees, he is your guy…that guy seriously can pump out some burpees!!!

Beware guys of WUC, rumor has it that Damascus enjoyed the firehose so much he is on an all-out hunt to find a set for you guys… I might know where he can find a few.


  • Special Wednesday July 4th Dromedary workout at holiday time of 0630.
  • SFN: 4 miler 4th of July race tomorrow (Tent will be at starting line)  Race starts at 0730 on Charlottetowne Ave Charlotte, NC

I hope to SYITG soon.


Memory is the 1st thing to go

Wrote up the back blast on Thursday 6/21 and forgot to post it… It was my Birthday Q…Site Q said eyes are the 1st thing to go… I guess for me it is memory.  Better late than never..


Yesterday, YHC’s family asked what I wanted to do on my birthday this year.  As I outlined my day, I was met with:  “Only a lunatic would think starting your birthday off at 515 in the morning at a running focused bootcamp is a fun thing”… I have been called much worse and had intended on a few more during my Q at Sparta; so I shrugged it off and continued to design my weinke with a simple plan in mind… How do I work in 42 burpees over a 4.2 mile track and keep an unknown number of PAX with an unknown fitness level all together over an hour.

Pulling into the AO on 2 wheels at 513 as I try to get my watch on, keys hidden, and headlight on (crap.. I forgot my headlamp again).  Nothing is working right… and the mubblechatter begins with Madison giving YHC a hard time about getting older and eyes being the first to go as I fight with my key ring.  (To bad it was not my hearing instead.)

Alright everything is squared away and I give the disclaimer that each pax is here at their own risk and can follow me if they like… but they can’t fault me or anyone else because they decided to wake up before 5am and go run around in the streets (in the dark) with a bunch of guys that call each other funny names.

I mean seriously… how would that go in court anyway?

Pax:  “Yes your Honor… I was sleeping quite well and thought it would be a great idea to get up and go follow a guy named Gypsy around in the dark.”

Judge: “His name is Gypsy?  You were following him around in the dark as he went on his morning run?  Did he make you do this against your own will? “

Pax: “Well not exactly… that’s not his real name… I don’t know what is real name is and no he did not make me.  He just said lets mosey and took off so I followed him”

Judge: “aaaaaand you’re suing him why?  Sounds like you were stalking him?!”

Pax: “Your Honor:  I’m suing because I got hurt while following him”

Judge:  “You are lucky he did not mace you and whack you with a Billy club… Case dismissed”


Off we go.

1st stop Stumptown Park:

  1. Squats x 20: run a lap
  2. SSH x 20: run a lap
  3. IW x 20: run a lap

Mosey to 4 mile Greenway stopping at baseball fields to perform SSH holding for 6

Mosey to Bridge:   Sprint AYG over the bridge

2nd stop Squirrel lake park playground for modified partner DORA

  1. 50 declined Merkins at swings as partner runs lap
  2. 100 Dips at benches as partner runs lap
  3. 150 Squats as partner runs lap

Mosey to Pleasant Plains Rd turning right

3rd stop Arthur Goodman Memorial park parking lot.

  1. Perform 7 burpees OYO run to dumpsters and back
  2. Perform 7 burpees OYO run to dumpsters and back
  3. Perform 7 burpees OYO run to dumpsters and back

Mosey to Gumby AO

4th stop Parking lot (Matthews United Methodist Church)

  1. Perform 7 burpees OYO run to parking lot midline and back
  2. Perform 7 burpees OYO run to parking lot midline and back
  3. Perform 7 burpees OYO run to parking lot midline and back

Mosey back to Sparta AO for 5MOM

DONE!!  Meet up with Peak 51 for COT


Naked Moleskin:

That was horrible.  Lunatic was right… To be honest, I called a trusted F3 peer on Wednesday after Qing Conviction and witnessing the way our current humidity impacted the PAX (YHC included).  Asking what his thoughts were on modifying the Weinke to reduce the distance due to the weather conditions.  He indicted I should not and continue on with the original plan.  By time we hit the 3rd stop I really wanted to kick him in his bum knee for the advice, but quickly realized that I would have to carry his Monster inc. tattooed self out if I did and we still had a mile and half to get back.  Note to self… don’t call an Iron Man for workout advice if you have ZERO intentions of ever doing an Iron Man yourself.


Thank you for allowing me to lead.



Who brought the Old Bay??

Not a Site Q in site, but 3 HIMs are present to hold YHC accountable for leading the boot camp beat down this week at Conviction.  All 3 have been Q so we all know the drill.. can’t sue me, can’t sue F3, can sue the school, modify as needed, and follow me if you want… although I would rethink that one as busted up as I am it may not be a good idea.

Let’s mosey… what the heck?! Google Maps does not show a fence that runs the length the school property. Ok, circle back to the start and around the fence to the blacktop.

Square up.. wait a minute.  If there are only 4 of us is it still a COP (Circle of pain) or is it now a SOP or maybe even a TOP if the Q is in the middle of the triangle.. oh sorry.. A.D.D. got the best of me there.  Wait, what we were doing.. oh yeah.. backblast.. at the COP.


  • Hillbillies IC x 25
  • Low slowwwwwwwwww squat IC x25
  • Side straddle hop IC x 25

The “Thang” Part 1

  • Circuit course with 5 pain stations around the school. LBCs at completion of 3rd rotation holding for the 6.  (or in this case hold for the 18 since my partners in crime today did not tell me they were doing the whole thing as an F2 workout)  No worries.. I have a Thang Part 2 coming for them.
    • Black top: 1.5 merkins (chest to ground, 6 in back up, chest to ground, full extension back up is 1 count)…mosey to picnic shelter
    • Peg-leg dips (standard dip motion down with one leg off the ground back up and switch to other leg for down and up.. 1 count)…mosey to back wall of school
    • People’s chair with 50 count shoulder press…mosey to front left corner of school
    • Scorpion Dry-dock (standard Carolina Dry-dock, but one leg in the air.. as you get tired your leg begin to fold up behind you like a scorpion tail)…mosey to right corner of school
    • Crab cakes (crab walk position… reaching over your body, lift left leg…touch right hand to left leg foot… place foot and hand back down… do the same for right leg and left hand. one count)
      • 1st round at F2 pace to explain the new exercises I picked up on the Saturday Gypsy travels with exercise counts to 15
      • Round 2 OYO (or Q OYO and PAX remain at F2) exercises at 10 count
      • Round 3 exercises at a 5 count.
    • Mosey back to the playground (e-Harmony is a trip.. I don’t think I have been to a workout in the last year where he did not declare at least one modify is a “nope” but still seems to kill it when it starts.

The “Thang” Part 2 (Modified Dora)

Ok..overshare here at the expense of my buddy H.B.  I picked this Thang because he stated at Thrive that he was coming out this morning….and wellllllllllll… the pull-up bar has a step up bar… because it’s for those individuals that are more vertically challenged since it is an Elementary school…

Pair up

  • 50 pull ups as a team as one runs the track
  • 100 Derkins as a team as one runs the track
  • 150 Squats as a team as one runs the track

LBCs to catch our breath… and LET’s Indian run to the front of the school for some Mary.



Flutters, Dollies, American Hammer, Rosalittas, heels to heaven.


Naked moleskin:


These swamp humidity temperatures are horrible.  The crew out here this morning was solid… low mileages for a Gypsy Q at 1.75 miles, but the intervals were quick.

  • Arsenal that YHC runs with weekly now, chimed in with the mubblechatter delairing my mosey is a sprint.. Come on man…  you can’t call me out on that, I’ve seen you sprint and you are one fast pax when you don’t think people are watching  😉   just sayin’
  • E-Harmonry declared the crab cakes and scorpion dry-docks as elf dance steps…funny thing is, he was nailing all the moves so I’m guessing he has been doing these a while.
  • Hair Band. may claim to be a “Merkin” / KB pax.. but the dude is a Clydesdale and does not stop when it comes to running. I have seen it at every post as he declares he does not run then runs for dang near 45 mins… don’t let him lie to you… he runs… come out to the next Thrive challenge if you don’t believe me.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.



I highly dislike wet feet and planks

Tuesday morning…I think it marks 5 straight days of rain and YHC seriously dislikes those boot camps that end up being rolling around the mud or planking in the biggest puddle at the AO just because we are F3 and can.  Knowing we were expecting heavy showers again overnight, YHC had a different idea.  Keep the feet dry and no planking at all.

5:30: Disclaimer given and advanced warning about the above did bring in some mumbles that the wrong shoes were selected for a “Dry” workout.  (Sorry HairBand)

7 Pax begin the Mosey to the Indian Trail town Hall.

Set of headlights coming around the corner hot.. We all know this vehicle so we modify the run to include a detour to collect the good Shepard… (We leave no man behind at Thrive) … and continue to the Town Hall.

Circle up from some COP

(But 1st we must honor the UC traditions: 5 burpees OYO as down painment for Shepard. 😉 )

  • Low Slow Squats (IC x 20)
  • SSH (IC x20)
  • 5 Merkins (IC x 15)

Reverse Indian Run around the Town Hall front lot circle

  • The pax in the front takes off around the circle catching the back of the PAX setting the next pax in the front off to do the same until all pax have completed.

Leaving the Town Hall with an F2 pace mosey to the steps overlooking the outdoor Volleyball courts

  • Round one
    • 20 box jumps
    • 20 Dips
      • LBC to hold for the 6 (#NOPLANKING)
  • Round two
    • 30 box jumps
    • 30 Dips
      • LBC to hold for the 6 (#NOPLANKING)
  • Round three
    • 25 box jumps
    • 25 Dips
      • LBC to hold for the 6 (#NOPLANKING)

Short Mosey to the Tennis courts.  (Side note… been attending Thrive for almost a year now fairly regular and have never seen the Tennis Courts used in a bootcamp so I was unsure if there was an unspoken rule against using them…Hope not)

DORA 1,2,3:  Partner workout (pax one runs to the far line of 2nd tennis court, performs 2 Burpees and returns as pax two is performing set exercise.  As a team completing the count.  When your team completes final exercise you join in with a team not completed to help finish their sets.)  #NOPLANKING

  • 100 Standard Merkins
  • 200 Squat Jumps
  • 300 LBCs

Short Mosey to “The Wall”

  • Balls to the wall for 25 Hip-slappers (Modify is hold in BTTW for 30 seconds)
  • To the picnic tables: 20 step-ups each leg
    • Repeat

2 mins of Mary

  • Slow flutter kick (IC x 12)
  • American Hammer



Solid Union County PAX today to help push YHC through the workout and I appreciate them allowing me to try out a few new things I have picked up on my gypsy style adventures to other F3 regions. (Reverse Indian run (A51), 1.5 Merkins (Hampton Roads), tennis court Dora (Lexington KY), LBC for 6 vs Planking (Birmingham AL), and slow flutter kicks (Lexington KY).  I encourage all pax to get out and visit other areas to meet the members of F3 Nation that are beyond the confines of your regular AO.  Listen to their stories and see what drives their region.  Then bring it back and share it with us.  If you need a ride to one I will pick you up. 😊

Also:  if you have not read Glass Joe’s BB from his Q on Saturday, you need to!!

I will help you find it: ( )


T-Claps to Lumberjack for taking us out in the COT.



  1. Speed For Need: Patriot Race this Monday.  Come out and support our great Veterans as we jailbreak run these men across the finish line.
  2. Annual A51 Memorial Day Convergence at Rock Zero 5/26 (MOST Saturday AOs will be closed, but review Schedule for more details)

As Always:  Thank you for allowing me to lead today.  Stay Strong!!!




LBCs to catch your breath?? Shenanigans!!!

Homage to Kevlar and Orange Whip for pushing YHC to my breaking point and making me decide which direction I would go on 8/11/2017.. was it back to a sad clown lifestyle of smoking, fartsack, can’t run more than 100 yds, non 3rd F… or take the DRP, power through the 1st month of F3 with Aleve, in bed by 9 pm (or passed out on the couch) and back up by 4:55 am to post.  Since YHC is drafting this BB you can guess which direction I took for the F1 and now find myself at church every Sunday now with some top notch 3rd F individuals.  Hope to see you all at the F2 HH tonight as well.

Short story: 

5 miles at 8:30 pace, 90 Merkins, 40 Bomb jacks, 40 LBCs, 30 dips, 30 Squats, 30 Step-ups, 6 interval Wind sprints and, 3 sets of stairs.

The Long Story (aka:  The THANG)

  • 5:15 Disclaimer given hold for shoes to the tied and time to mosey
  • Right onto Trade Street
  • Left into Stumptown Park
    • 3 laps of Stumptown park walking loop with 10 Merkins and 10 Squats at completion of each lap
    • LBC to hold for 6
  • Out of park and left on Trade St
  • Right on Matthews Station St down to Library
    • 4 laps of Matthew Station St Park with 10 Bomb Jacks and 10 LBCs at completion of each lap
    • LBC to hold for 6
  • Out to Matthews-Mint Hill Rd taking a left
  • Left on Ames Rd and right into Motorcycle shop parking lot
    • 30 wall step-ups
  • Mossey across the street to long parking lot between Ames and Trade street
    • Wind-sprints to jog to Wind-sprints to jog from light post to light post (Repeato to Trade street)
  • The Orange Whip circuit: 3 laps (up the stairs to backside of Seaboards over to Brakeman’s Coffee, turn right, turn right on Trade back to parking lot.)
    • 20 dips on the parking lot wall
    • 20 Declined Merkins with feet on the wall
  • Leave parking lot turning right onto N Trade and straight to Four Mile Creek Greenway
  • Left into the Greenway at an F2 pace Down to say good morning to every Spartan’s favorite Giraffes.
  • Turn around at Giraffes
  • Stop at Bridge.. All you got Sprint across the bridge and LBCs to catch your breath.
    • Yes… LBC to catch your breath. As a Gypsy I post all over F3 Nation.  Learned this one in Birmingham, AL at the Vulcan.  (Scam was on Q) one of the pax there explained to me that if you do LBC and focus on your diaphragm/breathing after sprints you will recover much faster.  Try it next time… it really does work and is a heck of a lot better than planking for the 6.
  • Continue on to the Softball fields turning right onto the path around the school back to the Shovel Flag.
  • Done!! 5 miles and exercises all neatly packaged into a 55 min workout so we could COT with Peak 51.

Love the format of Sparta.. Run until you think your lungs are going to jump out of your body and hitchhike home without you… then stop… give the lungs a break as you beatdown your muscles to just about failure… then stop… and do it all over again for 55 mins.

Its not easy at all..

The name of the AO is perfectly established for the #HIMs that decide to Shieldlock together here and post regularly putting in the work it takes to get better every day.

Thank you Smokey for taking us out at the combined Peak51/Sparta COT.


F3 Nation has a excellent AOs all over the place.  But for those that have read this far, you might want to take note of next week’s A51/UC Q line up at a few choice sites.

  • Monday: The Matrix (not for the faint at heart and you will be sore) Arena on Q
  • Tuesday: Thrive (YHC back on Q.. Christmas killed it this week.. My turn to see if I can turn it up a little more)
  • Wednesday: Gumby (Strange Brew back for Mobility stretching… seriously guys.. you have to try this one)
  • Thursday: Sparta (Thurston is being released back into the lineup after trying to kill us all at his last Q)
  • Friday: Pick an AO (for real… go to the Who is on Q and look at next Friday’s Q list. I mean seriously guys: in one day there is Thin Mint, Bottlecap, Hollywood, Lex Luthor, Spackler, Slim Fast and Nard Dog on Q. How can you go wrong at any one of those???)

SFN: Looking for F3 men to help support the Lake Norman and MECA races on 6/2 (See Exit 54 or Gapper for info)

Shirts:  order your A51 shirts now or miss out.

It’s an honor to be with you all in the Gloom.



Running with Rocks

***Post on behalf for Christmas***

The Warmup

Warmup lap up Chestnut Parkway over to Indian Trail Town Hall

  1. Sidestraddle Hop X 20
  2. Mountain Climbers X 20
  3. Merkin X 15
  4. Hillbilly X 10
  5. Low Slow Squat X 15

The Thang

  1. Laps around Town Hall Loop complete Pain Stations
    1. Lap 1 = 10 Hand Release Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Squats, 40 LBCs, 5 Burpees
    2. Lap 2 = 10 Spiderman Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Squats, 40 LBCs, 5 Burpees
    3. Lap 3 = 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, 15 Squats, 20 LBCs, 5 Burpees
    4. Lap 4 = Sprint one lap, all you got
    5. Lap 5 = Sprint one lap, all you got


  1. Mosey over to Gypsy’s truck to grab a 20 lb coupon and report to the field (Partner up)
    1. Exercise 1:  (Rinse and Repeat until 125 Merkins per team completed)
      1. Partner 1 Grabs Coupon and runs 80 yards, up the hill, and does 10 Russian Twists at too of hill, run back and switch out with partner
      2. Partner 2 Spiderman Merkins until partner comes back
    2. Exercise 2: (Rinse & Repeat until 200 Squats per team completed)
      1. Partner 1 Sprints 80 yards to the top of the hill and sprints back
      2. Partner 2 does coupon squats
  2. Mary > LBC x 20 + Heels to Heaven x 15 + 6 inches hold (1 min 30 seconds)


I wonder if that field is ever dry?

Enjoyed my first Q at Thrive.  I will be back ASAP for more rock running.


  1. Collecting supplies for Donut Hole & his unit
  2. A51 Convergence!!! Saturday 5/26, the annual Memorial Day Convergence at Rock Zero. Led by Purple Haze, Prohibition, and Rachael.  Great workout that will incorporate the citations for heroes killed during combat.  That last part will help get your mind right.
  3. Conviction is still on Wednesday but moving to Shiloh Elementary, regular boot camp
  4. Gypsy on Q for next week @ Thrive (5/22)

The route does not look the same in the dark

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  YHC ran the Sparta route twice in the last week to make sure I knew where all the pain stations were going to be along the 4.5 mile mossy… However, those were during the day and you could see everything around you.  Come to find out, the 4 mile Greenway trail in Matthews is a REALLLLLY dark trail at 5:15 AM and not all the pain stations were found.  But since none of us are professionals and we declare so that the start of each work out, improvisation is expected from time to time.

The Thang

  • 5:15 launch from Matthews Elementary side lot
  • Left on Trade St
  • Left into the Four Mile Creek Greenway
  • Softball fields
    • SSH
    • Lunges
    • Dips
  • Mosey to the Giraffes
    • Inclines Merkins on the benches
  • Mosey to next animal… YHC forgot what it was and ran right past it
    • Entrance to Squirrel lake (I’m sure the PAX was ok skipping this one)
  • Mosey to the Butterflies
    • LBCs
  • Mosey to the Sea Turtle
    • Merkins
  • Mosey to the long bridge
    • Sprint bridge to John st.
    • LBCs in cadence at John St to catch your breath

Return trip

  • Mosey to 1st set of benches
    • NEVER found the 1st set of benches
  • Mosey to 2nd set of benches
    • Squats
  • Mosey to 3 set of benches
    • LBCs
  • Mosey to 4th set of benches
    • Set ups
  • Mosey to bridge
    • Sprint the bridge
    • LBC to catch our breath
  • Mosey to 5th set of benches
    • Decline Merkins
  • Mosey to the Softball fields (nope.. sorry Peak 51 not joining your Burpee-fest see you at COT)
    • LBC to hold for 6
    • Bench work (Step-ups)
  • Mosey back to Matthews Elementary for some stretching before the Peak 51 PAX arrives for COT

Total of 4.5 miles with pain stations along the way.  (The Mosey pace was at an 8:06 min mile)

This is an excellent location for a morning run.  Deer and Rabbits are out in abundance and the Spring smell of flowers was amazing.

The long bridge before John St is much longer in the dark than it appears in the day light, so if you are going to sprint it, be ready to sprint a little longer than expected.

Was expecting a few more today but the text messages from 2 unnamed pax both indicated the Alarm did not go off….  All good.. next week we get to do it all over again so I am sure they will make it then.


  1. SPN Patriot Race on 5/28
  2. Open seat to clown car to Lexington KY Launch on Saturday
  3. Open seat to clown car to Virginia Beach Post on the 19th
  4. Cerberus FNG day tomorrow at Waverly AO
  5. F2 Lunch on 5/16 in Downtown Matthews (See Slack for details or contact Gypsy)



Stay Strong.  It was an honor to lead this morning.