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I highly dislike wet feet and planks

Tuesday morning…I think it marks 5 straight days of rain and YHC seriously dislikes those boot camps that end up being rolling around the mud or planking in the biggest puddle at the AO just because we are F3 and can.  Knowing we were expecting heavy showers again overnight, YHC had a different idea.  Keep the feet dry and no planking at all.

5:30: Disclaimer given and advanced warning about the above did bring in some mumbles that the wrong shoes were selected for a “Dry” workout.  (Sorry HairBand)

7 Pax begin the Mosey to the Indian Trail town Hall.

Set of headlights coming around the corner hot.. We all know this vehicle so we modify the run to include a detour to collect the good Shepard… (We leave no man behind at Thrive) … and continue to the Town Hall.

Circle up from some COP

(But 1st we must honor the UC traditions: 5 burpees OYO as down painment for Shepard. 😉 )

  • Low Slow Squats (IC x 20)
  • SSH (IC x20)
  • 5 Merkins (IC x 15)

Reverse Indian Run around the Town Hall front lot circle

  • The pax in the front takes off around the circle catching the back of the PAX setting the next pax in the front off to do the same until all pax have completed.

Leaving the Town Hall with an F2 pace mosey to the steps overlooking the outdoor Volleyball courts

  • Round one
    • 20 box jumps
    • 20 Dips
      • LBC to hold for the 6 (#NOPLANKING)
  • Round two
    • 30 box jumps
    • 30 Dips
      • LBC to hold for the 6 (#NOPLANKING)
  • Round three
    • 25 box jumps
    • 25 Dips
      • LBC to hold for the 6 (#NOPLANKING)

Short Mosey to the Tennis courts.  (Side note… been attending Thrive for almost a year now fairly regular and have never seen the Tennis Courts used in a bootcamp so I was unsure if there was an unspoken rule against using them…Hope not)

DORA 1,2,3:  Partner workout (pax one runs to the far line of 2nd tennis court, performs 2 Burpees and returns as pax two is performing set exercise.  As a team completing the count.  When your team completes final exercise you join in with a team not completed to help finish their sets.)  #NOPLANKING

  • 100 Standard Merkins
  • 200 Squat Jumps
  • 300 LBCs

Short Mosey to “The Wall”

  • Balls to the wall for 25 Hip-slappers (Modify is hold in BTTW for 30 seconds)
  • To the picnic tables: 20 step-ups each leg
    • Repeat

2 mins of Mary

  • Slow flutter kick (IC x 12)
  • American Hammer



Solid Union County PAX today to help push YHC through the workout and I appreciate them allowing me to try out a few new things I have picked up on my gypsy style adventures to other F3 regions. (Reverse Indian run (A51), 1.5 Merkins (Hampton Roads), tennis court Dora (Lexington KY), LBC for 6 vs Planking (Birmingham AL), and slow flutter kicks (Lexington KY).  I encourage all pax to get out and visit other areas to meet the members of F3 Nation that are beyond the confines of your regular AO.  Listen to their stories and see what drives their region.  Then bring it back and share it with us.  If you need a ride to one I will pick you up. 😊

Also:  if you have not read Glass Joe’s BB from his Q on Saturday, you need to!!

I will help you find it: ( )


T-Claps to Lumberjack for taking us out in the COT.



  1. Speed For Need: Patriot Race this Monday.  Come out and support our great Veterans as we jailbreak run these men across the finish line.
  2. Annual A51 Memorial Day Convergence at Rock Zero 5/26 (MOST Saturday AOs will be closed, but review Schedule for more details)

As Always:  Thank you for allowing me to lead today.  Stay Strong!!!




LBCs to catch your breath?? Shenanigans!!!

Homage to Kevlar and Orange Whip for pushing YHC to my breaking point and making me decide which direction I would go on 8/11/2017.. was it back to a sad clown lifestyle of smoking, fartsack, can’t run more than 100 yds, non 3rd F… or take the DRP, power through the 1st month of F3 with Aleve, in bed by 9 pm (or passed out on the couch) and back up by 4:55 am to post.  Since YHC is drafting this BB you can guess which direction I took for the F1 and now find myself at church every Sunday now with some top notch 3rd F individuals.  Hope to see you all at the F2 HH tonight as well.

Short story: 

5 miles at 8:30 pace, 90 Merkins, 40 Bomb jacks, 40 LBCs, 30 dips, 30 Squats, 30 Step-ups, 6 interval Wind sprints and, 3 sets of stairs.

The Long Story (aka:  The THANG)

  • 5:15 Disclaimer given hold for shoes to the tied and time to mosey
  • Right onto Trade Street
  • Left into Stumptown Park
    • 3 laps of Stumptown park walking loop with 10 Merkins and 10 Squats at completion of each lap
    • LBC to hold for 6
  • Out of park and left on Trade St
  • Right on Matthews Station St down to Library
    • 4 laps of Matthew Station St Park with 10 Bomb Jacks and 10 LBCs at completion of each lap
    • LBC to hold for 6
  • Out to Matthews-Mint Hill Rd taking a left
  • Left on Ames Rd and right into Motorcycle shop parking lot
    • 30 wall step-ups
  • Mossey across the street to long parking lot between Ames and Trade street
    • Wind-sprints to jog to Wind-sprints to jog from light post to light post (Repeato to Trade street)
  • The Orange Whip circuit: 3 laps (up the stairs to backside of Seaboards over to Brakeman’s Coffee, turn right, turn right on Trade back to parking lot.)
    • 20 dips on the parking lot wall
    • 20 Declined Merkins with feet on the wall
  • Leave parking lot turning right onto N Trade and straight to Four Mile Creek Greenway
  • Left into the Greenway at an F2 pace Down to say good morning to every Spartan’s favorite Giraffes.
  • Turn around at Giraffes
  • Stop at Bridge.. All you got Sprint across the bridge and LBCs to catch your breath.
    • Yes… LBC to catch your breath. As a Gypsy I post all over F3 Nation.  Learned this one in Birmingham, AL at the Vulcan.  (Scam was on Q) one of the pax there explained to me that if you do LBC and focus on your diaphragm/breathing after sprints you will recover much faster.  Try it next time… it really does work and is a heck of a lot better than planking for the 6.
  • Continue on to the Softball fields turning right onto the path around the school back to the Shovel Flag.
  • Done!! 5 miles and exercises all neatly packaged into a 55 min workout so we could COT with Peak 51.

Love the format of Sparta.. Run until you think your lungs are going to jump out of your body and hitchhike home without you… then stop… give the lungs a break as you beatdown your muscles to just about failure… then stop… and do it all over again for 55 mins.

Its not easy at all..

The name of the AO is perfectly established for the #HIMs that decide to Shieldlock together here and post regularly putting in the work it takes to get better every day.

Thank you Smokey for taking us out at the combined Peak51/Sparta COT.


F3 Nation has a excellent AOs all over the place.  But for those that have read this far, you might want to take note of next week’s A51/UC Q line up at a few choice sites.

  • Monday: The Matrix (not for the faint at heart and you will be sore) Arena on Q
  • Tuesday: Thrive (YHC back on Q.. Christmas killed it this week.. My turn to see if I can turn it up a little more)
  • Wednesday: Gumby (Strange Brew back for Mobility stretching… seriously guys.. you have to try this one)
  • Thursday: Sparta (Thurston is being released back into the lineup after trying to kill us all at his last Q)
  • Friday: Pick an AO (for real… go to the Who is on Q and look at next Friday’s Q list. I mean seriously guys: in one day there is Thin Mint, Bottlecap, Hollywood, Lex Luthor, Spackler, Slim Fast and Nard Dog on Q. How can you go wrong at any one of those???)

SFN: Looking for F3 men to help support the Lake Norman and MECA races on 6/2 (See Exit 54 or Gapper for info)

Shirts:  order your A51 shirts now or miss out.

It’s an honor to be with you all in the Gloom.



Running with Rocks

***Post on behalf for Christmas***

The Warmup

Warmup lap up Chestnut Parkway over to Indian Trail Town Hall

  1. Sidestraddle Hop X 20
  2. Mountain Climbers X 20
  3. Merkin X 15
  4. Hillbilly X 10
  5. Low Slow Squat X 15

The Thang

  1. Laps around Town Hall Loop complete Pain Stations
    1. Lap 1 = 10 Hand Release Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Squats, 40 LBCs, 5 Burpees
    2. Lap 2 = 10 Spiderman Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Squats, 40 LBCs, 5 Burpees
    3. Lap 3 = 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, 15 Squats, 20 LBCs, 5 Burpees
    4. Lap 4 = Sprint one lap, all you got
    5. Lap 5 = Sprint one lap, all you got


  1. Mosey over to Gypsy’s truck to grab a 20 lb coupon and report to the field (Partner up)
    1. Exercise 1:  (Rinse and Repeat until 125 Merkins per team completed)
      1. Partner 1 Grabs Coupon and runs 80 yards, up the hill, and does 10 Russian Twists at too of hill, run back and switch out with partner
      2. Partner 2 Spiderman Merkins until partner comes back
    2. Exercise 2: (Rinse & Repeat until 200 Squats per team completed)
      1. Partner 1 Sprints 80 yards to the top of the hill and sprints back
      2. Partner 2 does coupon squats
  2. Mary > LBC x 20 + Heels to Heaven x 15 + 6 inches hold (1 min 30 seconds)


I wonder if that field is ever dry?

Enjoyed my first Q at Thrive.  I will be back ASAP for more rock running.


  1. Collecting supplies for Donut Hole & his unit
  2. A51 Convergence!!! Saturday 5/26, the annual Memorial Day Convergence at Rock Zero. Led by Purple Haze, Prohibition, and Rachael.  Great workout that will incorporate the citations for heroes killed during combat.  That last part will help get your mind right.
  3. Conviction is still on Wednesday but moving to Shiloh Elementary, regular boot camp
  4. Gypsy on Q for next week @ Thrive (5/22)

The route does not look the same in the dark

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  YHC ran the Sparta route twice in the last week to make sure I knew where all the pain stations were going to be along the 4.5 mile mossy… However, those were during the day and you could see everything around you.  Come to find out, the 4 mile Greenway trail in Matthews is a REALLLLLY dark trail at 5:15 AM and not all the pain stations were found.  But since none of us are professionals and we declare so that the start of each work out, improvisation is expected from time to time.

The Thang

  • 5:15 launch from Matthews Elementary side lot
  • Left on Trade St
  • Left into the Four Mile Creek Greenway
  • Softball fields
    • SSH
    • Lunges
    • Dips
  • Mosey to the Giraffes
    • Inclines Merkins on the benches
  • Mosey to next animal… YHC forgot what it was and ran right past it
    • Entrance to Squirrel lake (I’m sure the PAX was ok skipping this one)
  • Mosey to the Butterflies
    • LBCs
  • Mosey to the Sea Turtle
    • Merkins
  • Mosey to the long bridge
    • Sprint bridge to John st.
    • LBCs in cadence at John St to catch your breath

Return trip

  • Mosey to 1st set of benches
    • NEVER found the 1st set of benches
  • Mosey to 2nd set of benches
    • Squats
  • Mosey to 3 set of benches
    • LBCs
  • Mosey to 4th set of benches
    • Set ups
  • Mosey to bridge
    • Sprint the bridge
    • LBC to catch our breath
  • Mosey to 5th set of benches
    • Decline Merkins
  • Mosey to the Softball fields (nope.. sorry Peak 51 not joining your Burpee-fest see you at COT)
    • LBC to hold for 6
    • Bench work (Step-ups)
  • Mosey back to Matthews Elementary for some stretching before the Peak 51 PAX arrives for COT

Total of 4.5 miles with pain stations along the way.  (The Mosey pace was at an 8:06 min mile)

This is an excellent location for a morning run.  Deer and Rabbits are out in abundance and the Spring smell of flowers was amazing.

The long bridge before John St is much longer in the dark than it appears in the day light, so if you are going to sprint it, be ready to sprint a little longer than expected.

Was expecting a few more today but the text messages from 2 unnamed pax both indicated the Alarm did not go off….  All good.. next week we get to do it all over again so I am sure they will make it then.


  1. SPN Patriot Race on 5/28
  2. Open seat to clown car to Lexington KY Launch on Saturday
  3. Open seat to clown car to Virginia Beach Post on the 19th
  4. Cerberus FNG day tomorrow at Waverly AO
  5. F2 Lunch on 5/16 in Downtown Matthews (See Slack for details or contact Gypsy)



Stay Strong.  It was an honor to lead this morning.



Seriously?!? Dumpster diving for a workout??

Back story:
Tuesday I woke up to post at Thrive in Union County and realized I was out of coffee. Not Good!!  Everyone knows that gypsies must have coffee to get the caravans moving and my trusty neighbor Christmas is traveling this week so I cannot steal any from him either.  So…… after a solid beatdown;  during the COT, there was a request for fill in Q at Overdrive…  and still suffering from lack of caffeine… yup.. tag.. I’m it..  (#FriendsDontLetFriendMakeCaffeineFreeDecisions)

Now that I grabbed the tiger by the tail… what to plan for a Gear workout??

It is my VQ at a Gear site (officially if you don’t count an impromptu Q fartsack).. how hard can it be?? Qed Bootcamps, Running, Events.. Gear should not be too bad. Except YHC needs to now find enough “Gear” to accommodate the fluctuating UC PAX numbers that could be anywhere from 2 to 20 on any given day.

Fast forward to today (May the 4th be with you!!)

Arrive at AO 5AM to start looking for some quality Gear to lead the PAX this morning…
Lo and behold, 3 industrial sized Dumpsters sit right on the edge of the AO parking lot and I think that would be a perfect place to look.  Let’s see what’s been thrown out that we can reclaim.

  1. 25 ft of 5in fire hose weighing 55 lbs… NICE start!!
  2. Look at that … I think those are Glass Joe’s 17lb kettlebells (#SoccerArms)
  3. 4 left over solid 20lb Concrete Bricks
  4. OK… that’s not the basketball from Madison’s Q.. 20lb Slam ball but it will work
  5. WOW: not one, but 2 Canvas bags filled with sand… SCORE!!! (#TY_Transporter)
  6. A seriously scratched up on just one side 45lb plate… What in the world would have caused all that damage to just one side of a plate??

That should be plenty. (I hope) Now what to do with it all when not knowing how many will escape the fartsack to join me in reclaiming all these wonderful new toys. I’m sure we can figure something out.

  • 5:30AM: eHarmony and I standing there alone in the dark… OK.. do we make the workout putting everything back and F2 over to McDonalds.. It’s an option.
  • 5:31AM Bernanke messes up that plan… (but I honestly appreciate him showing up to hold eHarmony and YHC accountable) quick mossy around the front of the school parking lot… Look!! there is another set of lights pulling in. PERFECT!!! Edison now as well. I needed a minimum of 4 BEASTS (ok 3 BEASTs and me: but figured VQ-drenalin would get me through)

Give disclaimer


  • Low Very Slow Squats: 10
  • SSH: 20
  • 10 seconds of little arm circles forward
  • 10 seconds of little arm circles backward
  • 10 seconds of big arm circles forward
  • 10 seconds of big arm circles backward



Grab your bells and mossy over to the dumpsters to discovery all the new Gypsy toys to play with. 🙂

2 stacks of index cards.

One has the timer exercise and the other has 3 listed exercises with the piece of gear to use getting in AMRAP while timer is putting in some work.

1 pax randomly selects the timer exercise and a 2nd pax selects the AMRAP exercise

Timer Cards: Starting from dumpsters to edge of parking lot and back

  • 45lb plate Hair Burners
  • Fire hose drag
  • 17lb KB Farm carry style deep lunges

AMRAP Cards: (each pax performs 1 of the listed 3 until timer pax returns then rotate exercises until all have had turn at timer)

  • Kettle Bell upright row/20 lb Slamball WW2 sit-ups/ 20 lb Brick curls
  • Kettle Bell Squats/ 20 lb Slamball WW2 sit-ups/ Sandbag over head press
  • Kettle Bell Curl/ 20 lb Brick curls/ Sandbag fireman carry squats
  • Kettle Bell Swings/ Flutter kicks with 20 lb brick chest press/ Slamball
  • Kettle Bell Good Mornings/ 20 lb brick overhead press/ Sandbag Squats
  • Kettle Bell Lawn Mower/Dead lift Sandbag/ Slam ball


  • Mubblechatter was limited today.. although there was much laughter watching Bernanke royally get his #&$ handed to him by a 45lb plate during Hair Burners. (BTW… what the heck is a Bernanke anyway???)
  • eHarmoney killed it as lead timer on each round… proving to the rest of us that each exercise could be done (regardless of what my #Respect pax were arguing about the plate not “sliding” right.)
  • Edison is a BEAST….. Seriously!!! you don’t hear much out of him.. but man.. that pax puts in some work at these beatdowns.
  • Bernanke needs some assistance on the physics of how to do Hair Burners. That much is true.. but he more than made up for it when YHC looked over and he was using 2 bricks vs the one for all the AMRAP exercise. T-Claps for taking us out in prayer this morning.


  1. UC will be hosting/posting every other Wednesday F2 lunches at various locations over the coming months.
  2. Site location moves for Sparta on Thursdays to Matthews Elem and Conviction from Stallings Elem to (TBD)
  3. SpeedForNeed looking for UC involvement. We have how many runners in our Region that are posting 1000 miles a year?? (HINT HINT) Get your miles in and come out to support a great cause while doing it.
  4. THRIVE needs Qs.. Sign up or you are stuck with Nomad and Bernanke over and over again… so no complaining allowed when they beat you down. Step up guys!!

As always: It was an honor to lead this morning. STAY STRONG!!!


YHC (Gypsy)

It’s always sunny in Stallings

Rain snow sleet or hail… it does not matter to BullWinkle or I.. in fact, for some crazy reason, BW typically comes out in the worst weather possible: so, I was surprised to see him this morning when the weather was so amazing for F3 standards, but glad he posted to hold me accountable today.

(52 degrees, low humidity, and cloudless morning allowing YHC to enjoy seeing the dawn stars)

Limited audience this morning for a partner workout made it really quick and easy to explain what was going to take place.  Called out the Disclaimer and we took off on a Circuit workout geared to enable all fitness levels the ability to push themselves as well as partnering up to create accountability.

Together, Bullwinkle and YHC completed 5 laps of the below circuit around Stalling Elementary School for a total of 2.04 miles.

The Thang: (LBCs as the 6 hold exercise vs plank… I really dislike planks)
Station 1:
15 dips at the outside lunch room tables (Run to next station)

Station 2:
15 partner leg throws (doing you best to ensure your feet do not touch the ground through entire set) (Run to next station)

Station 3:
Catch your breath with a People’s chair up against back wall with 15 civilian count air presses (Run to next station)

Station 4:
15 WW2 sit-ups at front left corner of school (Run to next station)

Station 5:
Plank walk hand-over-hand down 2 curb sections straight into 10 burpees at front entry of school. (Run to next station)

Rinse and repeat until 6:10am

Like all other AOs I am sure the challenges at Conviction are the same.  As the Q, creating a Boot Camp beat down ahead of time that can accommodate an unknown number of variables from weather, to PAX size, to PAX condition, to last minute AO modifications.  Yet at the end of the Boot Camp, no matter what, as a Q or Site Q’s you make sure to have left no man behind, challenge leaders to push themselves just a little bit harder, strengthened our shield bonds, and always end with the COT.  As an F3 gypsy, YHC has been to 6 different Regions this year and I can tell you that all the Regions have their own flavor of COT.  However, I have recently seen some AOs that have decided to “Skip” this part and F1 until the last minute.  After church this past Sunday, YHC had an excellent conversation with Dredd and Borland on the foundations of the COT to conclude the F3 workouts that I wish I could have recorded. (to sum it up for you)  As leaders, we need to make sure we are not reinforcing this action.  The foundation of Fellowship and Faith are part of the 3-legged stool that make up the 3 F’s for us.  If you are allowing just F1 at your AO then you need to ask yourself why and it may be a good time to review the Foundations of F3.  Here you go… I will help you with the link:

MAJOR T-CLAPs to BullWinkle today on pushing himself through the Leg throws. You killed it brother!!!


  • Announcements:
    Union County F2 Happy hour Thursday 4/19/2018: 7pm to 9pm Hickory Tavern, 6400 Weddington Rd, Wesley Chapel NC
  • SPN events are lining up quickly. Visit: to pick a race that is calling to you.  SPN needs F3 and F3 needs SPN.. let’s do it together.  Please reach out to SPN if your locations need training on the Chariots and YHC will do my best to help.
  • Sunday OTB tweet and meet F2 pace Running occurring around the Lack Park City and Stallings area around noonish weekly. (you may end up getting in a conversation about Agony’s weekly message)

See you all in the Gloom real soon!!



F3 Speed for Need: The SARCOMA STOMP 5K

The 2018 racing season for Speed for Need is off and running.

Carrying the momentum from two extremely successful events thus far (Joe Davis and Run Jen Run), the F3 Nation PAX is set up to PUSH 6 races in April, spread out over 5 regions, culminating with a final weekend on April 28th with our friends at The Paula Takacs Foundation for their signature fund raiser the Sarcoma Stomp!

A truly amazing event; it will take participants on a 5k loop course through the beautiful neighborhoods of Mammoth Oaks and Landsdowne in Charlotte NC. This family friendly occasion is perfect for all ages. As the men of F3 are out pushing 6 Speed for Need,Inc customized racing wheelchairs, your family can share in a fun and uplifting morning!  Your 2.0’s will love the face painting, tattoos, games, snacks and visits from our favorite mascots!

The mission of the Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research is to raise funds that will directly benefit the fight to end sarcoma. By supporting local, innovative research with a relentless commitment to excellence, we open a pathway for scientists and other research professionals to develop and offer cutting-edge treatment options to more sarcoma sufferers. Thus helping to expand our global hope for a cure.

The Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research was born out of Paula Takacs’ love of life, love of family, and love of her circle of friendship. This circle continues to grow through the work of this foundation, the people whose lives we touch, and the differences we strive to make towards finding cures, for patients locally and throughout the world.

The Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded in Charlotte, NC.




Who Pushes Who

The mission of Speed for Need, Inc is to raise awareness and foster inclusion of those with a special need through participation in fitness events supported by the men of F3 Nation. Simply put, our goal is to help people get to the finish line and finish the race… their race.

At our core, we push track commanders (riders with needs that are special) in customized racing wheelchairs to help them participate and complete fitness events such as 5Ks, 10Ks, or marathons. Our goal is to give them an experience that they would not otherwise be able to have on their own accord. Inevitably, our track commanders are the ones that are actually pushing us though. They are inspiring us to step up, engage, and lead. They are motivating us to become better people, better servants, and better leaders. Our track commanders lead the way in every Speed for Need, Inc event. It is that unique, symbiotic relationship between the track commanders, the drivers, and all of those people running and spectating that help to raise awareness for social causes, foster inclusion, and connect the track commanders to the overall fitness community.

So the question stands…Who Pushes Who?

Contact(s): Twitter @F3SPEEDFORNEED or @JRRTolkienF3 or GypsyFit_F3


JRR Tolkien & Gypsy

Sleep is over rated.. just ask the P200 teams

1201 AM:  When the day of Q starts with you still 90 miles away from home, you know it is going to be rough.  As I ponder the various ways to explain why I fartsacked my Q for Sparta, I kept coming back to the realization that no valid reason short of my Truck driving off this ridiculously curvy interstate 26 in the mountains of TN would work considering the Site Q participated on an Ultra team in the P200 only days before.  (seriously though… the TN DOT must have some crazy law on the book that interstates can’t be straight for more than a half mile before a curve is randomly placed in it. Smokey can you confirm this idea?)  After way to much coffee to get me home, I had the dreadful realization that what kept me awake for the drive home was now keeping me awake while I’m trying to sleep.. !@#$%&.

Solid 2.5 hrs of sleep and time to get the Speed For Need (SPN) Chariot trailer loaded onto the Gypsy-mobile.  Again, thinking trough how much crap I would get if I FartSacked, YHC decides that the Great Q in the sky has placed me in this situation for a reason and I committed to the PAX a SPN training post… So off I go.

WE all know the Great sky Q has a since of humor at times… but today this day was not one that I really wanted to be tested… however, YHC was for sure being tested as to if I would follow through with the commitment or not.

430 AM:  Headlamp on trying to get the dang key into the trailer hitch lock and the tummlers are not working…  Way to sleepy to think of something simple like use WD40 to help… many choice words and various 4 letter ones were used to describe this inanimate object at 430 in the morning and yet for some reason it still did not work.  (Could have been a very easy reason to cancel the post and go back to bed)

445 AM Time to improvise…pull 2 Chariots out and load them into the back of the truck.

455 AM Thank goodness I have been doing F3 for a while now… although the chariots are not heavy, they are awkward to lift solo into the back of your truck.  All those morning random coupon posts have finally paid off…Send a message to the Site Q and let him know I’m on the way.

515 AM pull in right on time to start.  The intent was a Chariot training post meaning the wienke was short.

The Thang:

Show how the Chariots work.

  • How to adjust the handles
  • How to put on the front tire and which side it goes on
  • How much air goes in the tires
  • Where the break is
  • ETC

Pair up by height so the handles are set properly and time to roll.  Release the break and off on a F2 pace 5K+ run with very limited exercises to retain the “Boot-Camp” tag for the AO.  (A few merkins, Hill-Billies, Low Slow Squats, and SSH.)

My choice for where we were going to the get the kilometers in was a reallllly bad idea due to the steepness of the hills. Time to call an audible and mosey around the neighborhood (Thank you Madison for taking lead on the directions for this) until we get back to the AO.  Finish up with some stretching, circle up for COT, load Chariots back in the truck, and time to place this post in the history books!!


Lots of lessons for YHC on this one.

  1. Make sure to look at family calendar BEFORE signing up for a Q
  2. Prepare the equipment the day before (including the coffee)
  3. Shake-N-Bake in a Chariot as you push up a hill is one hell-of-a workout
  4. Christmas and Madison would make a stellar two-man SPN team (Hint-Hint)
  5. Two Chariots will fit in the back of a Standard truck bed regardless of what Tolkien tells you
  6. HANG on tight when pushing down hills…your pace will pick up, but let it cuz you will need it for the momentum up the next hill
  7. Sleep is not needed when you have Q-drinaline

As Always:  Thank you all for everything you do every day


YHC Gypsy


Why do you F3?

BackBlast for Sparta (Typos and all)

YHC is not a prolific orator like the great Demosthenes of Athenia who would tell stories and spin tails to incite the most passive of Greeks to defend the great lands.

No…. I am but a simple servant for the Great Q in the sky and this is SPARTA!!!  Where talk is cheap: Sweat, Dirt, Cold, and Pain are what sets us apart from those with the gift of Mumble Chatter.  Merkins, LBCs, IWs and long Moseys are our common language shared by ALL the PAX members that take up the battle against the morning gloom locking shields to help one another drive accountability.  Today just such a glorious battle occurred that defeated most my fellow noble PAX members, but not all.  3 HIMs of great fortitude took up the call of Sparta this perfect morning to help urge the sun to rise and stars to set as we started off on a cold Spring morning.


The Thang:
Our Q for the mission today had an obligation that occurred last minute and at least one of the Site Qs had already indicated he would not be able to attend as well.  Arriving at Socrates Academy the concern became real that I may be not only taking leading today’s Post but also rolling solo.

5:15 time to start:

Ok.. real question here… if you post alone and you have on a F3 shirt but there is no one around to hear you recite the declaration of you can not sue anyone, the site, F3, etc… does it still count or is your non-F3 persona (Hospital name) allowed to agree for you??

“I’m Gypsy, I am not a professional, work out at our own risk, cant sue yourself or anything… yada yada yada.. Understood Gypsy, I’m John, lets get to work its cold so stop all the talking and run..”


After having an extremely intelligent conversation with some guy named John that obviously had not had any coffee yet, I was headed out to run as many laps around the academy as possible… but wait.. what are these lights pulling in!! 2 cars and its way to early for anyone except fellow crazy pax members that also want to run around in the dark at 5:15 (ish) in the morning while it is 33 degrees with made up names, compression running pants, and frequent stops to lay on the cold asphalt to do LBCs..  There is something seriously wrong with us when you actually read that out loud?!??!??  Or is there more to it??

After a late start: it went like this. (no Weinke so we are winging it)

  • Circle around the school to the back for 20 dips on the benches.
    • Note the Playground is flooded from yesterday’s rain so they are out. Audible to proceed to Colonel Beatty Park.
  • Half mile to the Park entrance ran at a F2 pace.
  • Pick up the pace slightly to end of the section dividing the 2-lane road.
  • Quick round of lightning Q for warm up exercises
    • SSH, IW and Low Slow Squats x 15 each
  • Run to back of park stopping at each light post along the way completing 10 Merkins at each.
    • 17 posts (170 total Merkins)
  • Turn around and time to run back as we alternated LBCs and Squats at each pole stopping at the section dividing the 2-lane road.
  • ¾ All you got to park entrance.
  • F2 run back to the Academy
  • One lap around the Academy with 20 dips back on the benches
  • Finish up with some stretching.


Great work by Shake-N-Bake and PopTart today.  Having PopTart out front most of the way kept S-N-B and I pushing ourselves even harder to keep up.

S-N-B:  Glad to hear that your pending move is still going well and I look forward to helping on moving day.  (Chappa and M coming as well)

PopTart:  Enjoy the new coupon.. Tons of ways to help motivate the PAX into getting stronger with that one.  Good luck tomorrow Cerberus PAX!!

The Naked Moleskin

Yup, its ugly.. Although most will see it as someone else… Kinda like nobody thinks their own baby is ugly (but lets face it, we have all seen an ugly baby before)

However, 1st I want to thank everyone in this great F3 Nation for everything you do every day.  YHC hears of amazing Opportunities, Stories, Fellowship, and growth as I have traveled the country posting at different AOs.  But I have to ask each of us to look inside and ask “why do I F3?”  and YHC is not casting stones in a glass house here.  I realize I need to step up my game and get better every day to help lead, support, and encourage those around me.

Conversations about the way F3 use to be with all AOs having shovel flags and close bonds, or mumblechatter about it being to cold/ or wet/ or early, AO Site Qs not holding Qs accountable for the simple things like opening declarations/COT/ or heaven forbid a Backblast.  If these are items you have seen, fix it.. You are free to lead.. but don’t propagate the negative and darn sure don’t support it if you are the site Q.  F3 helps to invigorate male community leadership.. so be a leader.  I promise: YHC will intentionally work at getting better at this.

F2 events:  You may be surprised how many of your peer pax actually look completely different when it’s not 530 am in the dark and they have actually brushed their hair.  Get out and talk with your F3 nation brothers.  Yes.. I know I know.. you use to.. but how many members are new, do they have 2.0s, what do they do for a living, do they need any help with anything?  Attend the Saturday post beatdown coffee from time to time.  So.. you don’t drink alcohol and I respect that, but showing up to a monthly Happy Hour is more than a beer.  Pax member needs assistance:  Show up or at least respond.  Is it always convenient to take time out of your day to help others?  Of course not.. but if all you are looking for is a morning workout?  Why F3 at all?  The theme is… “Show up”

I had a real hard lesson a few months back when we had a convergence at Conviction with the Mint Hill Pain Academy.  That following Saturday a pax member that was at MY AO site, at MY Q beatdown, in MY COT, that sweated with me for 45 mins died that following Saturday and I had no idea who he was.  I was informed by a fellow pax that his last bootcamp he attended was the Convergence that YHC co-Qed and I never took the time to actually recognize he was there in a shield lock with me.. I F1ed hard… but glanced right past the glue of F2 to actually “see” him as my Brother until it was too late.  Don’t make the mistake I did.. F2 guys!! and include with your 2.0s and Ms where and when possible.

Enough of a Naked Moleskin.  I think anyone that actually read this far understands the point.  Lets lock shields and help all get a little better every day.  Whether you have been here since day one or FNGed today.. you are what makes F3… so help make it the best you can.



  • YHC will be back at Sparta next week with 2 of the Speed For Need Chariots. This workout will be a F2 5K pace and does fill the requirement by SFN to have practiced with chairs before being allowed to push at an event.  (to ensure we meet the AO boot camp requirement we will add in a few Merkins along the way.)
  • Thoughts and prayers for all of the F3 Nation brothers (and families) participating in the P200 this weekend
  • Lots of events coming up. Check your favorite Social Media outlet for details (Twitter, Facebook, Slack)
  • PopTart on Q at Cerberus tomorrow. (sorry guys… have fun with his new coupon)


I ask each of you to hold YHC accountable and I in return will do the same for you.


Gypsy (John)

Mary interrupts Mary

The looooooong way around how the Conviction PAX finally met Mary

Slight back story:  Spent the weekend driving down to Huntsville AL then to Birmingham AL for my daughter’s LAX games.  In the back seat of the truck was my 2.0 (Choppa) hacking away with a mild end of Winter cold.

Fast forward 5 days:  Alarm goes off at 4:45 and the last thing I want to do is get up after spending all night coughing thanks to 2.0, but YHC has the Q and telling this PAX in the UC that I fartsacked a Q for a little cough is not something I was willing to take harassment for.  (I will hold that card for one of those 40-degree nasty raining mornings) Any way, pour some coffee, grab the weinke, I load up the Gypsy-truck with the gear (yup gear for the boot camp) collect Christmas and off we go.

5:30 time to make announcements. In recent conversations regarding moderate AOs, if the attending pax are all long standing F3 members with no injuries, the site modification is converted from a “moderate” to a standard F3 Boot Camp.  Looking around I take note that all members in the PAX have Qed at some point and as such, I declare the site is not moderate today.  This was perfect because it was cold and extra running added in would help keep everyone warm.

Time to mosey:

It did not take much time for the PAX to realize I was a little out of it from not feeling well when I pointed the direction we were going to run and took off the other direction.  Whatever, I knew in my mind we were circling around, but words were not working yet for me after about 3 hrs total sleep.  Finally getting where YHC pointed, we circle up for warmup as we hold for whoever that was that came screaming in on 2 wheels.


  • SSH: forgot the number, just kept doing them until who ever that was pulling in caught us.  (Look, here comes Woody.)  He indicates the light at the intersection of 74 and Stallings held him up, so in UC fashion of course we had to do 5 Burpees in honor of such a wonderful delay.
  • Low Slow Squats: x 15
  • Michael Philips x 10 seconds
  • IW: x 14

Mosey around the school to the back bus lot where the YHC’s truck is waiting for us with some fun coupons in the back.  Each pax picks their chosen coupon after being told they will be for lifting and not running.  (we had concrete blocks of 3 sizes and few different weighted kettle bells).

The Thang: Deck of Death (WIB)  PAX divided up into 2 groups


Clubs = Hand Release Merkins

Hearts = Squats (with coupon)

Diamonds = WWII sit-ups

Spades = Over head press(with coupon)

Number = number of reps
Jacks = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13
Ace =14

  • Draw card and perform said exercise
    (Exercises are performed as a PAX in Civilian count)
  • PAX mosey to designated location and return to draw next card.
  • pax can begin performing said exercise, but count as PAX does not begin until the 6 is back from the mosey

Mubblechatter was very light with the constant movement by everyone.  Not much to discuss on this one as the PAX got to work knocking this card game out with the only general complaints that YHC did not shuffle the deck very well.  However, I deflected to Bullwinkle since he cut the deck before we dealt out the 2 stacks.  😊 Ended the card game at the awkward time in the beatdown where it is not enough time to repeato  (although I mentioned it and the PAX declined) but too much time to start Mary.

Not a problem… because YHC may not be a Professional as declared at beginning, but I am a Professional at not being a professional and this ain’t my 1st Q, so we mosey over to the playground for some impromptu.  Not enough time for finding Dora, but the tables look great for a quick round of DIPs, Derkins, and step-ups.  15 each.  Finish up and mosey back to the flag from some classic core burning Mary.


  • Hold legs at 6 inches for the 6 to arrive. (mubblechatter starts on this one wondering if the six was out looking for Dora)
  • Dollies
  • Rosalittas
  • Heels to Heaven (IC on this was all over the place… oh well.. just do them)
  • Protractor (in comes Mary) Imagine this if you will: Here we are at the end of a Boot Camp beatdown counting out cadence as we laying in the middle of a parking lot and out of the Gloom comes a lady’s voice (Mary) asking what school we are at?  . I stated at the start I was not feeling well so it might be a hallucination.. Nope.. its real….  After all this time doing F3, YHC finally gets to meet this Mary person every Q always talks about and she is lost.  She is looking for Butler High School and we are at Stalling Elementary.  Bullwinkle tries to give her directions but wow.. ummmm.. lets just say YHC will not be asking Bullwinkle for directions unless I’m looking to go the looooooong way.. at least now I know why he will not run a 5K.  If he gave the directions it would be a 15K instead.  We get Mary headed to Butler and finish up.


Naked Moleskin:

Thanks to the PAX for helping through this one.  It was a tough one for me since I literally went home after and drank some Nyquil went back to sleep for the day.  Solid work by all. YHC trialed a new technique for the Conviction AO with extra exercises for the PAX while holding for the 6 vs. ping ponging back to collect.  Since we stay on campus for this AO and YHC informed the PAX where our next stop point was, I felt like we were adhering to the Credo of leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.  This approach appeared to work well and YHC will continue to incorporate it into the weinke.



  • Woody (R) as of 3/15 (HAPPY Half Century BIRTHDAY!!) has Conviction Q 3/21
  • Sparta AO on 3/29 will have Speed for Need Chairs for race training
  • Eleventy billion March Madness brackets for F3. Check Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Twitter to pick which one you want to be part of.
  • Union County Happy Hour at Hickory Tavern: 6400 Weddington Rd, Wesley Chapel, NC 28104


YHC Gypsy