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Where did all the mubblechatter go?

E ala ‘oe!!  e holo ana nā kānaka

3rd F:
Thank you Slimfast for taking out the Peak51 and Sparta PAX today.
TAP:  Madison and his family as they continue to work with specialist regarding his eldest daughter’s migraines and back pain
TAP: Dr. Thunder’s father as he adjusts to the amputation of his leg this week.
TAP: For all the brothers of F3 needing a silent pray today

2nd F:
Sign up for a Speed For Need race.  The 2020 calendar has been updated and can be seen here:


1st F:
Nothing much to say about the Sparta workout today other than it was a good ole’ fashion old school Spartan back to basic BEATDOWN. (5 miles of running and plenty of exercises)
Arrived at 5:15 and usual suspects were in attendance plus a few extras. Disclaimer given and away we go.  Time to put in some work.

1st stop is half mile down the road in the parking lot of the United Methodist Church of Matthews.
Quick COP:  Imperial Walkers IC to 30 and slow Windmills to 20

1 Mile of 7’s
They had a perfect sized parking lot for a Run focused Bootcamp version of 7s
At one end of the parking lot we performed standard Merkins, the other side was standard Squats.  (You know the drill 6/1, 5/2, 4/3, 3/4, 2/5, 1/6.)  A little preplanning was required to find the right place in the parking lot to start and stop to make the 6 trips equal exactly 1 mile, but it was identified and the PAX did great with this one.
LBCs for the 6.

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got work to do!

Always face EAST 7’s
We continued down Trade street past Arthur Goodman park to Chaphyn Ln.. Those that are regulars to Sparta know it has a nasty little hill at the beginning with a median we like to run around.
For this one, we were to run up the hill backwards, perform Hand Release Merkins at the top, then run back down the hill to perform Sumo Squats.  WE should have always been facing east, but a few refusniks were starting to show up now and modifications were beginning to be made.  But for the most part, the PAX knocked this 7’s out and we Planked for the 6.

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got work to do!

Karaoke 7’s
WE headed back up Trade street the way we came in and turned into Whitefriars LN (Hampton Green neighborhood)
There is a road that connects Whitefrairs to Fullwood … but its a court that is not a court; Talbot CT ?? that makes about sense as the next called exercise.
This set of 7’s was CALLED for Karaoke right up the hill perform Carolina Dry-docks at the top and Karaoke left down the hill performing Jump Squats at the bottom.
1st trip up the hill and Omaha was called.. YHC forgot how long that hill was.  Modified to Karaoke half way up the hill then switch to karaoke other side to the top and recover run back down the hill.  (You know the drill 6/1, 5/2, 4/3, 3/4, 2/5, 1/6.) Plank for the 6

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got work to do!

Mary time
WE continue back to the United Methodist Church of Matthews for some Mary.
1st exercise: Flutters IC to 30
2nd exercise: American Hammers IC to 20
3rd exercise: Flutters IC to 15
4th exercise: American Hammers IC to 10

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got COT to do!


That was awful and I am not sure it if was the 66 degree temps this morning or if it was the whole: Things look better on paper than in the GLOOM!
Not much to cover in the moleskin today because the mumbblechatter was surprisingly light today.  I thought when I saw my buddies Fault Line, Horse Head and No Regerts in attendance that the chatter would be epic today.. Those 3 guys typically have some interesting things to share.  But today.. it was pretty silent..  maybe my breath stunk extra bad and they didn’t want me responding.
Full House was out killing it again; that dude has gotten fast and I look forward to trying to chase him in the 10 miler this weekend… at least until that stupid hill at mile 8… (i’m walking that one.).
Box Truck is some kind of anomaly:  He take months off at a time from Sparta and come back to 5 miles of bootcamp and still knock it out.  WTH man!!  You are not normal bud!!
Benny:  What can I say bud??  I know you hate the hands on the ground part… but you keep showing up.  I think you hate merkins as much as I hate running … but we both keep doing them.
Retread has to be the most consistent Spartan there is.  I was trying to think of a time that I was at Sparta and Retread was not?  I couldn’t do it.  I’m pretty sure he actually lives in the Matthews Elementary school parking lot and days dreams all week about 5:15 on Thursday mornings.

Anyway… I got RL work to do..
Thank you guys for allowing me to lead today.



Thank a Vet

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka

3rd F:  32 HIMs (18 Fast Twitch and 14 Hawks Nest) joined in a ball of man where the cool temps allowed for the visible steam to be seen by all as Hopper took us out.

2nd F: 
Sign up for the A51/SOB Holiday party at:

1st F:
I find it tricky to lead a running workout when you know you are going to be one of the slowest in the PAX.  But lucky for me I have gotten use to it over the past few years and have a few WIBs ready to go.  Today was no different as I introduced the PAX of Fast Twitch to the 5 Beaches of Normandy.  Its pretty easy to explain and goes something like this:
The THANG: (modified)
1 mile warm up jog to a half mile inclined hill

  • 1/2 miles all you got to the top
  • 30 of a called exercise (we used LBC)
  • recovery jog back to the launch
  • 20 of a called exercise (we used Merkins)
  • Rinse and repeat 4 more times.
    (5 intervals in total)

1 miles cool down jog back to AO.

For those at the workout today, imagine doing that with 100lb of gear on and entrenched men shooting at you as you ran your heart out up a sandy beach to take cover.  If you think that last hill we hit today was rough.. consider what those young men had to do ensure we have the freedom to even read this Backblast today.  Next time you are sucking wind to do one more burpee, merkin, mile, etc… dig deep inside and thank a VET for giving you the opportunity to even freely suck that wind…aye!

Great push and work by all.  I look forward to seeing you in Gloom soon…  if you are looking for a LSD over the weekends between now and December, look in Slack under the Run channel.  Lots of options and YHC has 20 milers almost every week now that will be listed.

Thank you for letting me lead this morning


New toy for A51 runners

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka

3rd F: Besides all the cries out the great Sky Q from the workout being awful today, I want to give T-Claps to Jello for taking out both the Spartans and Peak51 guys this morning.

2nd F: Lots of opportunities coming up for you to be part of Speed For Need.
Please check the official Speed For Need website for race date details.
One locally sponsored by Area 51 and the South Charlotte FiA team on 10/12.
Let Them Soar 5k. 
This is a family friendly run. October 3rd we have a gear workout at

Woody’s house to help load up his moving truck and send him off to TX. Good luck bud!

1st F: The Thang
Really nothing much to say for this morning except 7 pax plus and YHC drug tires around Matthews for roughly about 3 miles.
I saw this crazy idea online about how to simulate the middle of a long distance race feel when you have limited time or short distance.

  • Ingredients:
  • Take a small car tire
  • Drill a hole in the tread wall
  • 10 ft of braided rope: placing one end through the drill hole, loop it back and secure with a rope clamp so it cannot come back out.
  • Other end of rope, make a loop for a belt to fit through.

    Presto change-o.. You have magically converted a thrift store belt, section of rope, and a dead tire into the most painful run training device ever created.

I had not planned on stopping on the 1.5 mile run to the Matthews Sportsplex and back.
I mean, come on.. This is SPARTA!!
We have worked our way up to 5,6,7 miles at this AO now.. Only 1.5 miles should be nothing..
WRONG!!!! I watch every single Spartan have to stop and walk today at least once over a simple 3 miles.. I have never seen that happen. We had to incorporate in some exercises just to take a break from that dang tire that was tied to us.
We got back to the truck, tossed the tires in the back and finished with a ¾ mile cool down run around the library and back to the AO. (it felt like you were 100lbs lighter all the sudden)

Seriously: All you non-runners like me out there. If you want a good way to change up your training plan, DM me on Twitter or Slack. I can give you one of these drags. It was an amazing running work out.

Welcome to site FNG Box Truck. I promise buddy.. Not all Sparta workouts are like today. Come on back next week for Madison’s Q if you want to clock a few more miles than today.

My buddy Arena kinda missed the point of the drag part in the name “tire drag”. I looped back for him and he was running with the tire above his head. 🙂 Hey.. whatever… Modify as needed right.

Solid-ish work by Madison as he is battling back a cold he has had for a week… except he found a creative way to roll his tire beside him as he ran. Really man?? Really? Its a D_R_A_G…

Christmas had the right idea until he was caught. Putting his tire on Funky Colds.

I finally found a way to slow down Funky Cold to a normal person’s pace.. Even still, he was trying to sprint … yes SPRINT with a tire tied to him… over a road hump to: “See if the tire would catch some air” WTH!!! Dude.. you are not human.

Warning to all members of Retread’s BRR team.. He said he now has a new training idea for next year. 😉

Full House??? Did i hear you pre-ran a running AO? What were you thinking brother??

All-in-all, i think the new Area 51 toys were a success. There was much complaining, sore muscle texts, a couple “glad I skipped that one” notes, and 8 pax got better today because of it.


From 10 to 65 years old: ALL men are welcome at F3 Outland

3rd F:
If you all have ever read one of Horseheads backblast then you know he has the gift of gab with words to make you want to read it even if you have not post to a beatdown in 12 months…and if you have posted to an AO when he Qs you know he does not say much and moseys off in random directions mumbling things.. but what you may not know is how up lifting he is in COT when he is taking us out in prayer. Thank you Horsehead for leading us on the prayer.
~TAP for multiple pax as they heal themselves to join us back in the gloom

2nd F:
SOB is hosting a Speed for need event on 9/14: Swimmer on Q for this one
Zero Prostate Cancer 5K

Happy 10th Birthday Gump.. you killed out there today. Great job

Great showing at the Coffeteria this morning with 10 pax as we found how small the world is when Swimmers and Double E discovered the house E is living in was sold to him by Swimmers, Cams hair is crazy, super humans exist and run 50 iron man in 50 days, and that Horsehead and Boondock LOVES butter on there bagels…. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of butter.

1st F:
6am launch of 1st 3 mile pre-run: Fault Line, Horsehead, Boondock, Gypsy, Double E
6:30 am launch of 2nd 3 mile pre-run: Fault Line, Horsehead, Gypsy, Chastain, Double E
7 am Disclaimer given and brief description of the beatdown today and waters offered out. Its gonna be hot and YHC knows we are about to put in some work

The Thang: The Ole’ Glory
YHC’s favorite WIB. A high intensity workout that covers upper body, core, and lower body in 40 mins bookended by a 1 mile shovel flag run.

  • 1 mile run finishing at Small track
  • 2 x 400 relay (Partner up)
    • Partner 1 runs a lap while partner 2 is doing called exercise then swap perform last called exercise until the 6 is in.
      • Sumo Squats
      • Lunges
      • Bomb Jacks
    • Rinse and repeat
  • Mosey to basketball court
    • Star Fish (2 Burpees in the middle) LBC for the 6
      • Corner 1
        • 20 Wide Arm Merkins
      • Corner 2
        • 20 Dry Docks
      • Corner 3 
        • 20 Ranger Merkins
      • Corner 4
        • 20 Hand Release
    • Rinse and repeat but with 10 for each vs 20
  • Mosey to AO launch
    • F3 Suicides Sprint across the Parking lot and do called exercise. 
      Sprint backward to starting line with American Hammers for the 6
      • Called exercises
        • 25 WW2s
        • 25 Heals to heaven
        • 25 Flutters (count right leg)
  • 1 mile F2 pace run finishing with the Pledge of allegiance

Miles ranged from 3 to 10 miles today from the pax.. The age spread was even more impressive with a 10yr waking up to celebrate his birthday with us and FNG Ah’Stare at 65 joining us from Memphis TN. 14 pax in all joined in on the fun and determined that this morning might have been better if Faultline and Horsehead had left me behind on my FNG day 2 years ago. But I for one and glad they did not. As some of you may know, the day I started F3 is the same day I stopped smoking and I owe my health to this rag tag group of men I now call brothers.

Keep up the great work all and I look forward to seeing you in the Gloom.


Pre-Blast Fast Twitch: Those women should have maced me

I have unfinished business to attend to:
This one goes back a ways, but has continued to remain in the back of my mind.  On December 4, 2018, I posted to Fast Twitch for the 1st time and quickly realized I was surround with guys that have obviously run these roads many many many times.  I had never heard of Raintree Ln and for sure had no idea it was a connector between Providence and 51.   This being said, When the directions were given for the morning route I simply figured there was no need for me to know the way because we all know only the guy out front needs to know and the rest of us try to mindlessly follow.

I was wrong and after getting to the turn around point at Rea and 51, I soon realized there was no one in sight for me to follow. At some point (what I now know as Strawberry ln) I did see 4 blinking lights off in distance and figured it was the PAX, so I followed and continued to follow as the group seemed to be getting faster and faster. By time I caught up on this unlit dark road I was panting uncontrollably and must have looked like a crazed crack head running from the cops. This obviously was a great way to suddenly come to the realization that the 4 blinking lights were actually 4 ladies out for a jog and being pursued down a dark road by the above said crack head to the end of a dead-end road. I have no idea how I was not maced on the spot and then pummeled to death by them (although at that time I would have taken that vs. continue to run aimlessly attempting to find the AO.) After turning back, I saw a path on the right so I took it thinking maybe I cut a corner and find my way back to Providence.. nope.. I ended up in the middle of a golf course. Now the brilliance of why I need coffee kicks in.

OH YEAH.. I have a phone on me.. Google Maps to the rescue. Make my way to Woodfox Dr over to Raintree and finish with an AYG to the AO just in time for COT to wrap up.

The above was all reference to say.. I never finished the actual route we were supposed to run on 12/4.
So tomorrow we will try to make sure everyone makes it this time. 🙂

The Routes:

4 miles:
Left out of Latin School Dr onto Providence Rd.
Left onto Raintree Ln
Right onto Pineville-Matthews rd(51)
Right onto Providence Rd.
Right onto Latin School Dr.

5.5 miles:
Left out of Latin School Dr onto Providence Rd.
Left onto Raintree Ln
Left onto Pineville-Matthews rd(51)
Turn back at Strawberry Ln
Right onto Providence Rd.
Right onto Latin School Dr.

7.3 miles:
Left out of Latin School Dr onto Providence Rd.
Left onto Raintree Ln
Left onto Pineville-Matthews rd(51)
Turn back at Rea Rd
Right onto Providence Rd.
Right onto Latin School Dr.

7.3+ miles:
Left out of Latin School Dr onto Providence Rd.
Left onto Raintree Ln
Left onto Pineville-Matthews rd(51)
Turn back at Rea Rd
Right onto Providence Rd.
Turn back on Latin School Dr. for the 6

Juno, Utah, Omaha, Gold, and Sword: Tribute to our GREATEST Generation.

E ala ‘oe!!  e holo ana nā kānaka

Codenamed Operation Neptune and often referred to as D-Day, it was the largest seaborne invasion in history. The operation began the liberation of German-occupied France (and later western Europe) from Nazi control, and laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front. As our brave men stormed the well entrenched German forces they had no choice but to advance from the water line and sprint up the 5 beach fronts (Gold, Sword, Utah, Omaha, Juno) against heavy fire, land mines, and obstacles all while wearing everything they needed for the coming months. Before the battle ended: casualties were at least 10,000, with 4,414 confirmed dead.

3rd F:
We at F3 put in hard work every morning for 45 mins to an hour. But all of that pales in comparison to what our Greatest Generation did before us on the beaches of Normandy to end the spread of a tyrannical dictatorship and allow freedoms that would have otherwise been lost. Today’s Spartan Beatdown was a memorial to those brave men that ran the beaches and never quit.

Thank you Horse Head for taking us out today

2nd F:

  • 1st Friday Lunch in Uptown on 6/7 at Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill 11:30 in Overstreet Mall
  • Beer Mile on Friday Evening. See F3 social media for details
  • F3 Dads has an event on Saturday at Colonel Francis Beatty Park: See Horse Head of Details

1st F:

The Thang: Ole’ Glory (Spartan Style)

9 Pax arrived this morning for their daily dose of the DRP. Knowing today was going to be a grinder YHC brought bottle water and offered each pax member one to carry with us. Most took me up on the offer and others later wished they had.

With the Spartan Shovel flag in hand we started on a 1 mile warm-up run to the launch point of our 5 beaches assault.
Right out of School parking lot
Right down E Charles
Stopping at Cresdale Rd.

Quickly explain the workout and the goal was to complete it 5 times in memory or those that fought and died on the 5 beaches in Normandy on June 6th.

1/2 mile AYG sprint up the road (beach) to Matthews Mint Hill rd
(Optional 30 LBCs at the end)
1/2 mile Recovery back to launch point
(Optional 30 Merkins at the end)
Rinse and Repeat 4 more times.
Time called at 6:05

With Shovel Flag standing tall: 9 exhausted pax pledge allegiance

I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Flag in hand to lead the way with a 1 mile run to go, we head back to the AO.
~5.75 to 6.75 miles with up to 150 LBCs and 150 Merkins for a Spartan style Ole’ Glory WIB.

No Moleskin today. Just thank a Vet for his/her service allowing you to read this in a free country.


To boldly go where no man has gone before

3rd F:

  • Thank you Shepard for the excellent take out.
  • Thoughts and prayers for numerous pax this morning. Many remained publicly silent but need your thoughts.

2nd F:

  • Multiple F3 out reach programs are needing your assistance. Step up and help out.
  • Union County PAX are hosting the Speed For Need: Parks 5k race. come and and support Glass Joe and crew as we push 4 track Commanders across the finish line.

1st F:

Disclaimer given and in typical backward fashion, YHC confuse the PAX and start with the name-o-rama. (Its all good Bullwinkle… you are on time.. you did not miss the beat-down.)

13 HIMs took the DRP this morning.

B​​urpees: 5 OYO
L​​unges: 10 each leg OYO
I​​mperial Walkers: 15
M​​erkins: 20 Civilian Count
P​​lank Jacks: 25 OYO
S​​quats: 30 OYO

(Quiz time) Bernanke (aka Henry) is 1st up. I figured this one was an easy one since we just did the name-o-rama. What is the 1st name of all the members in the PAX today? OK… we need to work on this one guys.. lets roll the dice and see what the payment is for not knowing. 20 Plank Jacks
Mosey to Crossing Paths park

Mosey to Crossing Paths park (lots of mumblechatter on this one.. WHOA now wait a minute we never go left out of parking lot.. always straight or right.. wait wait wait.. what is this .. this sign say private property we can go there.. this is a new park back here this is not where we go.) I love taking PAX out of their comfort zone. Far to often as men we get stuck in a rut and some times we need someone to encourage us to go left vs. right.

(Quiz time) Hair Band (aka Keith) is next up. With the dice of pain in hand he waits for the question. Name two F3 outreach programs. Nailed it.. Starts with Speed for Needs, calls out the Leap program, we add in Mission trips, Disaster Ops, etc. The point is, F3 is far more than just an early morning 1st F beat-down. Get involved, or as a good buddy of mine says all the time when I ask about an event: ” You gotta show to know”

Time for 100’s ​Partner up: Pax 1 does called exercise as partner 2 runs a lap stopping for one burpee at the entry to the park
● 100 Bomb Jacks
● 100 WW2s
● 100 Merkins
Join the 6 to complete..all pax should be doing Merkins by the end.

Time to mosey down the creepy path though the woods next to the railroad track to the Indian Trail town center. (I mean why not right.. what could go wrong.. just because every horror story out there says not to do it.. why not, I got 12 other HIMs with me and if we hear a chainsaw, growling, or banjos; i think i’m faster than at least half of them. #DontOutRunTheBearJustYourFriend)

As we gather up in the parking lot of the Government center…figure its (Quiz time). Glass Joe your up. What are the 5 core principles of F3? 4 out of 5 is not bad for 6am. But we still need to roll the dice of pain for missing it: 20 Freddy Mercury IC.

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust

Time to mosey. Guys … What are you sitting around for.. we got work to do.. get up. Lets go find a Rock pile.

Gypsy rock (Yes Bullwinkle.. I gave you credit for the naming of it… buuuuuut, you had not finished your mosey to us yet to hear that part. )
Called exercises to 20 count and pass your rock left. (OK.. i could really put in a few lines about a certain someone not doing these exercises and walking back and forth to the rock pile to find the perfect rock as he blames other for rock sizes.. but whatever.. modify as needed and when you are a Respect, who am i to judge. Although, it was one of the more creative ways i have seen to get out of a beat-down and YHC might have to use it one day. bahahahhaha )

  • Curls
  • Overhead press
  • Squats
  • Tricep extension

Repeat twice

Mosey back toward the AO (Quiz time) Shepherd, your turn: What is the Mission of F3? Very close but a little help needed and roll of the dice for it.
The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

15 Romanian Dead-lifts each leg

Ladder 7s
1 Wojo Squats run to far end of lot 6 Dry Dock
2 Wojo Squats run to far end of lot 5 Dry Dock
Ect… 6 Wojo Squats run to far end of lot 1 Dry Dock

Short mosey to the launch area for 60 seconds of American Hammer.

Done!! 2 miles and few exercises

Great job by all.
I appreciate the accountability today and Thank you guys for allowing me to lead.

Coming back home

  • 3rd F:  Thank you Faultline for taking us out this morning
  • 2nd F:  Announcements
  • 1st F:  The Thang (14 men took the DRP this Friday morning and joined YHC for a brief 2 part workout.)
    • Warm up: 1 BLIMPS
      • Burpees:  5 OYO
      • Lunges:  10 each leg OYO
      • Imperial Walkers: 15
      • Merkins: 20 Civilian Count
      • Plank Jacks: 25 OYO
      • Squats:  30 OYO
  • Mosey to the lower parking lot
    • Partner up: DORA 1,2,3
      • Pax 1 perform exercise as Pax 2 runs to far end of parking lot and returns to switch out
        • 100 Superman Merkins (a few questions as to why we are not doing standard Merkins…)
        • 200 WW2 sit-ups (Mubblechatter seems to be dying off)
        • 300 Sumo Squats (some complaints heard about something around OW punishing someone.. Oh well.. Did not hear it all.. and we got more work to do.)
          • LBCs to hold for the 6

Get everyone off the ground and time to mosey to the hut by Tennis court

  • Go to hut for 2 rounds of 30s
    • 30 Decline merkins run to bus lot and back
    • 30 Dips run to bus lot and back
    • 30 step-ups run to bus lot and back
  • Mosey to the AO launch site
    • 1 minute American Hammer

DONE!!  2.8 miles and a few exercises to start the morning off.


Not gonna lie.. It is a bit intimidating Qing at your FNG location where you once contemplated if a swift death was better than finishing the workout that you were positive was gonna kill you slowly.  But after 2 years of surviving some of F3’s worst beatdowns, I figured it was time to step up when I saw OrangeWhips request for a subti-Q today. Kevlar in my mind will always remain the AO that can break you.  I am sure other regions claim to have their own location that delivers the toughest workout across F3 nation….But your FNG location is the one that sticks in your mind over the rest. Not to mention, I have been to well over 15 regions now and A51 does have some the toughest beatdowns across the nation and those that disagree I have invited to a few AOs and they quickly agreed.  I would put any running AO across the nation up against Swift, Fast Twitch, or Sparta. There is not a KB site out there that can toss coupons around like Meathead, Skunkworks, or Overdrive. Heck, we even have a swimming AO where if you think your too fit to go run for a hour you can instead sprint laps for a hour on M/W/F in a pool with your face underwater while holding your breath trying not drown in the deep end. Lets not even start on Bootcamps.. For that, all I have to say is go do one of your standard Qs in another region outside of Charlotte metro area and watch how many pax spill the merlot.

Enough about all that…. Great work by all and I appreciate those 13 guys that joined me today to help keep me accountable for sticking with it and allowing me the opportunity to lead.



NO Frills.. just what we did

5:15 and no Q… but Spartans are not worried about that..
We know the drill..
Run til you think you are going to pass out … then run some more.  Add in a little boot camp along the way and you have a 1 hr Area 51 Sparta workout with 5+ miles of running.

No frills or thrills in today’s Back Blast..

Give the disclaimer, set the watches, turn on the head lamps and off we go to the green way.

Stop ½ mile in for COP: all at slow cadence to stretch out a bit before the workout begins

Run to 1st bridge at ¾ 5k race pace (about a half mile)
LBC to hold for the 6
10 Merkins then sprint the bridge holding at far end
10 Burpees then ¾ 10k race pace to last bridge on Greenway…about a mile and half
LBC to hold for the 6
30 WW2 sit ups
Sprint the bridge
Air squats for the 6

Time to return

10 burpees then sprint the bridge
LBCs for the 6
10 Merkins then ¾ race pace to the 1st bridge..about a mile and half
LBCs for the 6.

Leave the greenway to Country place drive.

AYG up the drive to Trade street (uphill ½ mile)

Return to picnic tables in Country Place park
20 dips run to Trade and back
20 decline merkins run to Trade and back
20 Step ups run to Trade and back

Mosey to Stumptown park

2 rounds of 30 WW2 and run the park lap

Return to AO to join Peak 51 PAX

Thank you Lois for taking us out today

No announcements mentioned in COT

Honor to lead Sparta..


Be Still…

Third F
Be still, and know that I am God….” Psalm 46:10
I appreciate multi-tasking. Although it’s a recently added word to our lexicon, the feat of being able to do several things at one time didn’t begin with this generation. Millennials who text, type, and talk at the same time have nothing on the mother who balances a baby on her hip, puts in a load of wash, and instructs her 3-year-old not to run on the just-mopped floor, all while consuming a half-eaten sandwich. I’m afraid all the multi-tasking is making it harder to appreciate the beauty found in a singular accomplishment. It’s getting difficult to focus on the moment. What might happen if we took the time to not just hear what someone says, but pause to listen. Not methodically check items off our to-do list, but engage them. Not rush through obligatory morning devotions, but wait upon the Lord. No one accomplished more in his brief span on earth than Jesus. And no one was more fully present. Jesus said he did nothing but what he saw his Father doing (John 5:19). Constant communication with God taught Him how to value every single moment. He experienced no conflict between the stillness of knowing God and the efficiency of working His plan. If we hope to be more present in the present, I don’t know a better place to start than through emulating Jesus’ ongoing communion with God — of letting His presence infuse our present. Father, forgive us for rushing through our days without pausing to invite You in. Please help us be more aware of Your presence, whether we find ourselves in the mundane or spectacular. Be with us. Amen. Take Action Right now…let’s pause…be still…know He is God…and savor it…..

2nd F
Joe Davis race on March 9th
Dash For Down Syndrome March 23rd (Rubbermaid and Exit 54 on Q)

1st F (The Thang)
Dynamic Stretching Vinyasa Flow increased hold intervals
15 Seconds each:
•Start in Full Plank
•Move down to Chaturanga Dandasana (AKA 6 inches)
•Move into Up dog
•Move into Down dog
•Walk the dog

30 Seconds each:
•Start in Full Plank
•Move down to Chaturanga Dandasana (AKA 6 inches)
•Move into Up dog
•Move into Down dog
•Walk the dog

45 Seconds each:
•Start in Full Plank
•Move down to Chaturanga Dandasana (AKA 6 inches)
•Move into Up dog
•Move into Down dog
•Walk the dog

Tree pose

1 min each:
•Right arm across with left hand pulling in toward body
•Left arm across with right hand pulling in toward body

Mountain pose, Full fold, Half back up ,Full fold, Plank, Up dog, Down dog, Full fold, Half back up, Full Fold, Mountain

•Right arm up over should reach back Left hand on elbow pulling back further
•Left arm up over should reach back right hand on elbow pulling back further

30 seconds each:
•Frog pose
•Lizard right leg forward
•Warrior one pose
•Elbow Plank
•Child pose
•Frog pose
•Lizard Left leg forward
•Warrior one pose
•Elbow Plank

On your 6
1 min each
•Right leg in left leg straight reaching out to foot
•Left leg in left leg straight reaching out to foot

Get a Strap or rope
1 min holds each
Both legs flat on the ground rope around both feet as you stretch forward. •Laying flat Right leg down left foot in rope move left leg straight up at 90 degrees pulling resistance against your foot.
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg out away from your body trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle.
•Back up to 90
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg over you right leg trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle
•Back up to 90 Both legs flat on the ground rope around both feet as you stretch forward.
•Laying flat Left leg down left foot in rope move left leg straight up at 90 degrees pulling resistance against your foot.
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg out away from your body trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle.
•Back up to 90
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg over you left leg trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle
•Back up to 90 Both legs flat on the ground rope around both feet as you stretch forward.

Finish with loose Butterfly and into corpse.

It is “Free to Lead”… not “Free to Follow”. 
When asked if I could take lead on Gumby this week, my first thought was hesitation.  YHC had not ever taken a Q lead at this AO and was more than slightly intimidated by the idea.  However, with no valid reason to decline and having attended more than once at this AO my hesitation gave way to Q planning. 

F3 would not be what it is, if we as pax did not step up and take LEAD.. even when you are out side your comfort zone. 

This message needs to ring true for all of us.. Requests from Site Qs to the regular attending pax to take a Q have far to often been met with silence.  For those that do not step up, I simply ask you..  Are you free to Lead.. or do you simply Follow?

Swissmiss and Tweetsie:  Thank you for the opportunity to lead your AO this morning.