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Hairspray with some ET and FAA

E.T returned using his special powers brining 2 FNG’s to the Valley.  Boom!

Here is what we did:

– Cruise to Greenway

– 30 x sidestraddle hops

– 20 squats

– 10 merkins

– 20 mountain climbers

-10 windmills

– 10 imperial walkers

– 10 burpees OYO

Run 1/2 mile along Greenway

3 rounds

20 lbc

5 balls to wall

20 jump ups

when passing partner to 10 hand slap merkins

Run 1/4 mile to BurnMill Hill

Partner up for partner carries

Indian run back to school

20 dolly’s

20 rosalitas


THE MOLESKIN:  A solid 8 or 9 seems to be the average at THE Valley these days, we will take it. Strong core group with even better fellowship and Coffateria afterwards.  Really nice to welcome FNG’s hairspray and FAA to the group and bring them into the nation right with Shovel flag and mission statement.  And for good measure we through a disclaimer in there right before the partner carriers.

Peace on your week fellas.  Always a pleasure to Q.  Hope everyone had fun at F3 Dads camp!


The Valley Heats Up!

SSH x 25
Mountain Climber x 10
Merkin x 15
Imperial Walker x 10
Squat x 10

The Thang
Run down Ramblewood Lane to the oval parking lot
Parntner up and head in opposite directions:
Run around parking lot to meet partner, then 10 handclap Merkins
Then backwards run around parking lot to meet partner again, then 10 handclap Merkins
Repeat x 3-4

Mosey to tennis courts
4 corners – Lunges in between corners
Burpee x 10
Rosalita x 10
Plankjack x 10
WW2 situp x 10
Repeat x 2
Plank exercises

Bataan Death March (Indian Run / Burpee “Catch me if you can”) to bleachers near Burnt Mill Road

Dips x 10 in cadence
R leg step-ups x 10
L leg step-ups x 10

Run back to Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School

LBC x 25

It was a beautiful morning in the Valley.  A hardworking group of men broke sweats with a mix of running and upper/lower body and ab workouts.  YHC’s cadence could still use some work, but the pax were, as usual, quite generous.

F3 Dads on Saturday at 9am
Gravedancer QIC at Black Widow on Tuesday 7/17


Scratch and Sniff

What a treat to sweat and laugh it out this morning with these fine, ridiculous group of men.  Welcome back kotter Tilda and his FNG neighbor, Skimmer.  Evidently he has a pool and will be hosting a #VLY pool party sometime soon.  Thank you in advance.  Welcome to the crew.

Run warmup lap around track and pick up the LIFO.  Head down to the valley near the greenway for the warmup.

50 x side straddle hops

25 squats

15 imperial walkers

10 windmills

20 mountain climbers

Run to greenway bridge

Bear crawl x 3 over bridge with planks in between mixed with a few J-Lo’s and Mac tars

Run 1/4 mile to pick up pee soaked rock from drainage

3 rounds of:

10 skull crushers

10 squats

10 overhead presses

10 burpess


6 inches

Run to bridge for more bear crawl

Sprint 1/4 mile up Burnt Mill strava segment

Mosey back to AO

Rosalitas, Dollys, low slow flutters

1 minute of silence



Several #VLY mainstays and we are keeping an average of 8 pax weekly.  Strong, tight group with even better cafeteria afterwards.  Becky took the leader board on the strava segment being his stomping grounds, not to mention he runs like the pro footballer Beckham.  Speaking of football…… What’s up with the German coach and all his scratch and sniff antics?

Keep it clean boys.

Grateful for each of you,



Abba’s Christmas Cheer!

Feeling blessed this season and this morning came together nice with some unexpected visitors to cap off the welcome party.  Nice to have Carrier, Cracker and Abba at The Valley.


Circle up

30 x SSH’s

20 x squats

10 x windmills

20 Burpees OYO

Mosey to four corners for clock rotation of merkins

Cruise to Greenway for 1/4 mile jog to basketball court

2 rounds of

lunge walks and raccoon crawls

1/4 mile run to hill

300  yard partner carry

Indian Run back to AO

Partner up:  People’s chair and High steps for 3 rounds

1 minute of Mary



Grateful for this men!  Thanks to Abba for taking us out.  Reminder of the reason we celebrate this season.  Peace men!

In him,



Solid group of 4 this am as I filled it for Crowe’s Nest.  Here is the shakedown.


50 squat

50 SSH

Mosey to the clock

Plank walk with 20 second plank hold 4 times

Run 1/4 with 10 hand release merkins at each lamp post

Head to forest hill prayer sanctuary

20 dips

20 second prayer warrior squat

20 dips

20 second prayer warrior squat

Yoga Tree pose

Head to Forest Hill hill

Jacobs ladder to 5 with turkish getups bear crawl up hill

Suicide parking lot

1/2 mile run with increasing effort each quarter 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

THE MoleSkin:

Nice cool morning.  Beautiful workout weather and nice tunes compliments of Sloppy.  Prayers go to Crowe’s Nest from the car accident.  Hope you recover quick and get back out.

Funny farm for the take out.

Peace to you brothers.  Always a pleasure sweating in the gloom with you men.

Brick layers guild

Grabbed 2 bricks each and headed to the parking lot for the warmup.  Entire workout incorporated the brick.

SDH x 30

Squat x 20

Curls x 50

Tricep kickbacks x 40

Run to the “clock” 3 push ups on every quarter hour.  Plank walk between

Run down the farm to the park for some four corners

1st corner – 10 burpees

2nd corner – 20 squats

3rd corner – 20 merkins

4th corner – 50 speed curls

Bear crawl to next corner


Bearcrawl to next corner


Sprint to the flag

Announcements:  Let me Run is starting up at Huntington Farms Elementary.  It’s the boys version of “girls on the run”.  Volunteers needed


Topless kind of morning


30 x SSH

30 x imperial walkers

20 squats

10 windmills

Mosey to hill.  Run the hill x 4

Run down the hill 15 squats

Run up the hill 15 merkins

Mosey to greenway playground.  Run the parking lot.  Partner lunges around play set x2

Gone away run to COT.  Topless worked hard on this one


Toasty August morning with a slight breeze.  Nice welcome to Topless who old stomping grounds are in the The Valley.  Good to see becky on the mend show up with a bum knee and treat everyone to cafeteria at Mugs.

Congrats to Wojo and his family for their first child.  God bless this family.

Peace on your week,



The Dude Abides

Awesome first Q for Funny especially with fighting a shoulder injury the last few months #persistence.


50 x SSH

30 x imperial walkers

30 x windmills

10 minute abs (1 minute pulse crunches, 1 min bicycle, 1 mountain top, 1 min top taps, 1 min alternating jackknives, 1 min reverse crunches, 1 min oblique crunches left, 1 min oblique crunches right, 1 min reclined punches, 1 min toe crunch.

Run to Forest hill church 1/2 mile

People’s chair x 30 count 4 times

light post run and squat 10 squats at each post suicide style

Indian run to 1/2 mile to COT

The MOLESKIN:  It’s about time we posted a backblast, seems to be the hardest part of the workout for us #accountability.  Thankful to have Snowbird in the mix before he moves to Greenville to link up with the Nation down there.  Grateful to be able to explain and share the shovel flag with this brother and others.  Peace on your week.

This week Meru takes his first Q!


A Tiolet bowl beatdown

After installing a new toilet that my 2 year old destroyed I had no time to pre-blast or think up a routine for the Pax.  Sloppy helped put the final touches on the install and proceeded to inform the crew The Valley was going to be a GOP toilet bowl beatdown.  I don’t think anyone left wanting more.


Warmup 30 x side straddle hops 15 squats, 10 windmills, 10 merkins

Run to 1/4 mile to greenway

Burpee broad jumps 200 yards

Bear crawl 200 yards

200 yard sprints x 10

Mosey to hill

1/4 mile sprint to top of hill

People’s chair x 30 count

Jack-la-lane x 20 count

People’s chair x 30 count

Mary filled with LBC’s, Rosalitas, and Dolly’s

The Moleskin:

Stoked to have Talkbox make a surprise cameo coming to this side of town.  Good small core group of men to have fellowship with and share a beatdown.  Thankful for each of them.

Sorry for the delay on the backblast, definitely my goat for Q’ing a workout.

Peace on your week,


It was a Wojo kind of day…

Grateful to have 2 FNG’s, Smores and Frisbee.  Welcome to the nation.

Warm up:  20 side straddle hops, 15 squats, 10 merkins, 10 lbc’s

Colonel Troutman:  partner up:  1st partner runs 20 yards for 5 pull-ups, 2nd does 10 merkins to plank, then switch; 5 sets each

1/3 mile run

2 sets – lunge walk/jog for 30 yards each

5 minutes of mary:  15 lvc’s, 20 flutter kicks, 15 rosalitas, 10 russian twists, 15 WWI sit ups, 10 dying cockroaches

1/3 mile run

3 sets of:

10 merkins, 10 side straddle hop, reverse bear crawl, hill sprint

1/3 mile run

Dan Taylor:  1:4 ratio of 4 lunges to 1 full squat… UP to 32 lunges/8lunges

1/3 mile run to COT