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No tricks, no treats, just pain

22 pax, including 1 FNG, chose to take the DRP and get their Halloween started off on the right note. Cheese Curd started talking before the disclaimer, and never stopped. #spacklerreplacement. Proper disclaimer was given, and decision was made that the “moderate” tag on base camp might be somewhat ignored #modifyasneeded. Here’s what went down this crisp morning in the gloom:

The Thang

Quick lap around the parking lot to pick up any stragglers (where’s Adobe?) and then we headed down to the track. Mosey to the far corner for COP:

SSH X 15
IW X 20
Merkins X 10
Low, very slow, squats X 15

At this point, the mumblechatter really started. Some pax didn’t enjoy the “slow” part of low SLOW squat. This particular pax, who YHC couldn’t make out #nolightsdownthere despite excellent vision, is probably the type of pax that would sue Starbucks for too much ice in their ICED coffee. But I digress….. Figure the pax need a wake-up.

4 corners, 5 burpees at each corner. Mumblechatter continues to increase.
Next round, 4 corners, 20 LBCs at each corner

What about merkins? That’s coming next. Mosey back up to the rockpile and pick a friend. Claim a nice patch of grass and plank for Mr. Jack Webb. Rocks were announced to be optional during the air press portion.

1 merkin, 4 presses, 2/8, etc. Made it up to 5/20 and then laddered back down. Most pax kept the rocks with the presses the entire time. Strong work. Don’t know if Curd’s mouth or his shoulders got the better workout. Yes, he was still talking.

Shoulders needed a little break, so head over to Semi-Gloss’ office for a few rounds of People’s Chair. Well, most did proper PC, Fireman Ed looked like he was just leaning against the bathroom.

Round 1: 60 seconds
Round 2: 45 seconds
Round 3: 30 seconds with rock held out in front
Round 4: 30 seconds with rocks held above the head

Circle up for some circuits:

12 Rock curls
12 overhead presses
12 triceps curls
Run a short lap down toward the track, left at the ramp toward the ball fields, and back up the stairs
10 donkey kicks

We did 2 rounds of that. Yes, Curd was still talking.

Mosey to the parking lot for the Sally Challenge, core-style. Hold legs 6 inches, bring them up to 90 degrees every time “bring Sally up” and back to 6 inches for every “bring Sally down.” Lots of groans on this one. Tougher than it looks.

Finish with a few Mary:



I think Curd is still talking. He and Ed were particularly interested in the size of YHC’s rock. Great to have the mumblechatter, though. It’s part of what makes F3 so great. Curd, you’re welcome back most of the time.

This may not have been the most “moderate workout, but oh well. You’re better for it.

Welcome to FNG Tramp Stamp, brought out by White Collar. Artie works for Wells Fargo, but is also a tattoo artist. This one didn’t take long to get, and it was perfect. Please come back. You did awesome for your first workout.


Christmas Party December 2
Joe Davis Run January 7
New AO in Pineville opening: the Out House

Dumpster Fire with the takeout. Thank you all for coming out. It was an honor to lead you.

1 Squat, no burpees, no hills = Ouch

Full disclosure: YHC has never run more than 7-8 miles during an event (Balrog earlier this year) – YHC despises running. Therefore, with Southern Discomfort coming up on Saturday (still time to sign up), YHC wanted to post, but not smoke the leg regions. Therefore, when Pop Tart whimped out had to reschedule his Q for YHC’s regularly-scheduled Wednesday morning, I was all over it. What better way to make sure you don’t overuse one muscle group than to dictate the Weinke?

If we weren’t going to use the legs much, the Pax were in for a good old-fashioned shoulder smoker. Warning posted to Twitter the night before. Disclaimer thoroughly delivered at 5:30, and we’re off into the Weinke that YHC conjured up on the car ride over.

The Thang

Mosey to the other corner of launch parking lot for a little COP:

SSH x 20
IW x 21
MC x 20
Windmills x 10

Mosey to the plush grassy area next to Elm, by the northernmost entrance to Stonecrest for a visit from our old friend Jack Webb. 1 merkin/4 air presses laddering up. Pax were instructed to bring their arms all the way down (Fireman Ed special) before starting the next air press. Went all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 AP.

Mosey around the hill to the rocks behind the dumpster for some rock sets through a number of sprinklers, see that the workers had removed the rocks (!#&$), and proceed to yog over to Firebird’s while figuring out what the hell to do now. Take a page from Pop Tart’s book that was a page from Champagne’s book and do some sets:

Round 1 (2 sets)
10 incline merkins
10 dolly IC
10 dips

Between sets, pax run down the parking aisle and back up to give the upper body a short breather.

Round 2 (2 sets)
10 derkins
10 flutter IC
10 skull crushers

Pax run down the aisle and back between sets. A little Mary to recover: LBCs, Rosalita, and American Hammer

Mosey to the parking lot next to Smoke for the grand finale: merkin ladder. 13 pax – Cheddar started with the call of 13 merkins. Run across the short area of the lot, and Big Tuna led 12 merkins. Went down the line until Loogie finished everything up with 1 squat (modify as necessary).

Mosey back to launch lot, pick up Tolkien who was segment-hunting the Murderhorn (allegedly), and finish with 15 box cutters, 15 H2H, and about 40 seconds of 6-inch hold. Done.


YHC had forgotten how awful the merkin ladder was. Glad there wasn’t more pax. Everyone beasted the Jack Webb. Usually you get some guys trailing off once you hit about 6/24 and 7/28, but every single guy was still knocking it out on the 10/40 set. T-Claps to you all. Cobains about the rocks. Paco and Tito didn’t inform YHC that they had removed them. Oh well, it was only a little bit of water. Felt good.

There wasn’t enough running for Heartbreaker and Yogi – they were pushing it between the Firebird’s sets. Mic Check decided to push it on the final run, after everyone else was tired. BTW – great to see Yogi back visiting us from Florence, SC.

Kotters to Loogie. YHC had to apologize at the beginning and disclose this was going to be a lot of upper body workout. Loogie, as always, was a great sport about it and modified as he needed. Everyone is thrilled you’re back out in the gloom, Loog. Great to see you.

What is there to say about JRRT that hasn’t already been said? Dude is sitting there humping stretching against his car as we’re moseying back to launch at the end. YHC thinks he doesn’t want to do the workouts, but he wants to be included in the BB’s. So needy….

Awesome job today, boys. It was an honor and privilege to lead you. T-Claps to Commish and Cheddar for the great leadership week-in and week-out at the Maul.

Omaha! Omaha!

Up until about 5:16, YHC was excited and confident about the Weinke. Then, the doubts crept in…. What if….?

Let’s go back: there were 2 primary goals for this morning’s suckfest: get in some miles, and do some pull-ups. YHC has been trying to do more pull-ups to work out the soccer arms (not Cheddar-level soccer arms, but I digress…..). Have also wanted to work on the endurance, so the goal was 3+ miles. The original Weinke called for a good bit of running off the bat, and I ran the risk of losing some of the slower pax right immediately. Being the HIM I aspire to be, the first 2/3 of the original plan was scrapped and an audible called as my whip pulled into the Stonecrest parking lot around 5:24. At 5:29 a proper and thorough disclaimer was recited. At 5:30 on the dot, we were off to do the following:

The Thang

Mosey toward the outskirts of the strip mall. Wait, in the distance, YHC spots that ugly cursive “A” on the back of a dark grey car. Could that be a tardy site-Q? Stop for 12 SSH IC. Yup, it was Cheddar, sprinting to catch up. Once he’s close enough, mosey out to Elm, turn left, then turn right on Ballantyne Trace. At the bottom of the hill, circle up for 15 IW IC, 10 Windmill IC, and 10 merkins OYO. If. You’re not warmed up by now, it’s your own fault.

Mosey to Ballantyne Commons, take a right toward the Village. Left on Stonebriar and up the hill for the suck to really start. Triple nickel on this hill back down to B’tyne Commons. HR merkins at the bottom, 5 lunges each leg at the top.

Once done, head back down to BC and hang a left toward the entrance to Thornhill. Stop at the entrance and do LBCs while we wait on the 6. As we mosey into the neighborhood, Mighty Mite, in a very proud-of-himself tone, claims “this is the back way to the Murderhorn – you can’t fool us!!” No fooling was intended – the Murderhorn sucks even more when you know it’s coming.

Hang a left on Elmstone and grab a lifting rock. Head up to the parking lot between the covered area and the playground for some 3-man grinders:

P1 – (timer) does 10 pull-ups. Mario insisted on doing more because, well, he’s Mario.
P2 – step-ups in the covered area with the rock pressed above your head
P3 – flutters in the parking lot. Pax were instructed to keep their hands out from under their @$$e$.

Once he does 10 pull-ups, P1 relieves P2, who relieves P3, who goes to do pull-ups. AMRAP for about 9 minutes. 6:08 – time to head back up the ‘horn.

Collect at bottom of the MH. Pax instructed to do 10 merkins at every cross-street or streetlight and at the top (40 total). Mario had the segment-hunting look in his eye, so he was given a special pass. 51 seconds and 2nd place in Strava – boom. Major T-Claps. Mosey back to launch. Hit it just at 6:15.

Ye Old Naked Moleskine

Mario had us clocked at 3.4 miles, so that goal was accomplished. Pull-ups done – YHC is 2-for-2.

I was smoked after this one. Stonebriar is no joke – nasty place for a triple nickel. Grinders lived up to their name. In hindsight, kind of glad we didn’t have more time for them. It might’ve put YHC into the ground.

Mario hit 51 seconds on the ‘horn AT THE END OF THE WORKOUT. Beast, or did he dog the rest of the workout?

Marlin and Marconi (welcome to SOB-land – you’re welcome anytime) kicked major butt on the triple nickel and throughout the entire workout. These Respects deserve every bit of that term.

Commish and Chippy – way to push through. A lot of running today, but you guys stayed strong.

Snooki is getting stronger every workout. Like the rest of us, he is completely addicted now. Personally, it’s awesome to see a guy you EHed get into it and benefit as much as you do. Pay it forward, Snooki. Go find an FNG.

Heartbreaker, Cheddar, Mighty Mite – you guys killed it as usual. Hopefully I gave MM some new ideas for the next BD which is tomorrow.

Thanks to Commish and Cheddar for the opportunity to lead. Always an honor.


Southern Discomfort – 10/22 – check email
Ragnar is Friday and Saturday. Even if you’re not running, come out to support.
SOB Search and Rescue – check the BB from Paper Jam
Commish is collecting donations for Relative. Ask him about it – great cause.

Marlin with the takeout. Make sure we all go out and make the world a better place today.

Hairburner Mile at the Brave

Light showing at the Brave this morning. The rundown of a few regulars and failed to show:

Madame Tussauds – drank himself silly after tax season at the Zac Brown concert
Flint – #flintcommitted
Bunker – Trying to validate his manhood by running a personal best at Kiawah, and has therefore given up all boot camp workouts. Fails to realize that no one cares about his marathon times.
Frehley’s – Frat brother weekend of golfing, boozing, and watching Clemson not beat a team by as much as they should #awinisawin. We all feel very, very sorry for the brothers that have to smell Frehley’s in the morning after a long night of boozing #weunderstand
Fahvra – sick of being a mile ahead of everyone, so he probably ran a marathon this morning, by himself, in under 2 hours. Bunker heard about it, got jealous, and his heart rate spiked all the way to 47.
Market Timer – had to work late because his clients have been losing more than they normally do.
Pebbles – declared his sabbatical from Slack, and must have forgotten about the workout. That, or it was too warm for his hoodie.
One-Niner – I don’t have anything to make fun of him for. Damn – I’ll have to work on that #backblastfail

For the unlucky 10 that did post, here’s how things went down:

Horrible disclaimer given (Mermaid would have given YHC a stern scolding, I’m sure). Mumblechatter begins. We’re off.


Mosey to Johnston and B’tyne Commons (taking the long way to get in some mileage). Cross the street. SSH x 15 in front of Mellow Mushroom. Up the stairs, through the parking lot to that other street, past the parking deck to the fountain area. Merkins x 10 IC. IW x 15 IC. Mosey up that unknown street to B’Tyne Commons. Cross and hang a left to the picnic areas around the pond. 20 dips. Mosey a bit more to the benches for 15 derkins. Mosey a bit more for 15 jump squats next to the other building. Repeat that circuit once more after running through some mud.

Head over to the parking lot between two buildings off that one road for hairburner mile. Break off into 2 teams of 5. 3 times around the parking lot. Pax who aren’t hairburning run to the second cone, do 10 derkins, and then meet back to the ‘burner. Switch. Repeat that sequence until 3 full laps completed. It sucked.

Circle up for some quick Freddie Mercury. Q catches his breath.

Head over to building south of Loch Ness. 20 dips. 10 hip-slappers. 20 dips. 15 incline merkins. Mosey back to launch for Mary.

All IC x 15:

American Hammer

Finish off with some protractor and 30-second plank. Finito.


The hairburner mile is awful. Nothing more needs to be said. I was lucky that I got on a team with some hair-burning beasts of Thin Mint, Mario, Outback, and Fire Hazard. I definitely did not pull my weight. Everyone should have gotten in 3.5 – 4.5 miles.

Hope you all are as sore as I will be tomorrow.

Thanks to BT for the takeout. Have a great and safe weekend, boys.

Where’s the McDonald’s?

As the dog days of summer wind down, 14 pax woke up for their DRP and chose the Maul as the place they will get their sweat on. With the shovel flag planted, proper and thorough disclaimer was given at 5:29. At 5:30, we did this:

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot next to Wendy’s for COP:

SSH x 15
Shoulder tap merkins (sherkins?) x 15
Supermans x 15
ISW x 15

Mosey to the Chick Fil-A parking lot for a round of bear crawl suicides. BC to the 3rd line – 5 merkins, and run back. BC to 6th line – 10 merkins and run back. BC to the 9th line, 15 merkins, run back.

Mosey to the grass at the south end of Stonecrest. 25 squats OYO. Because we’re next to the road, 20 monkey humpers OYO. Find a nice cush piece of grass for a cameo by our buddy Jack Webb. 1 merkin and 4 air presses, 2 and 8, … so on and so fourth up to 9 and 36. Moans and groans from the pax were widespread.

Mosey to the corner of Elm and Ballantyne Trace for a round of 11’s. Start with 10 in-and-outs at the top, 1 HR merkin at the bottom. Keep running up and down like a bunch of idiots until we hit 1 and 10 or until Q decides we don’t have any more time. At 6:07, Q decided we didn’t have any more time, and proceeded to mosey back to launch lot. Pause in front of the movie theater to collect the six. All you got back to the launch lot.

Dolly x 15
Flutter x 15
Rosalita x 15
Freddy Mercury x 15
American Hammer x 10

Naked Moleskin

Altogether, we got in about 2.4 miles. I was hoping for a bit more, but we ran out of time on the 11’s. Solid work by everyone this morning. Pop Tart and Squid were setting the pace on the 11’s. PT has gotten noticably faster since he started posting at some of the running workouts/beer mile. T-Claps. Also terrific performances by Mic Check, Nard-Dog, and Marlin. Even as a respect, Marlin is a freaking stud. Keeping being an inspiration, brother. Pop Tart also had the line of the morning, when he said “1 in-and-out and 10 hand releases reminds me of my honeymoon.” He’s here all weekend, fellas, make sure to tip your waitresses. Great job, also, by Muenster and Bisque. Relatively new pax, yet they were putting in some very strong performances. Great job, guys.

Thank you for the chance to lead. Always an honor.

Christmas party on December 2

There’s something going on this weekend, but I don’t want to steal High Tide’s thunder (pool party)

Bunker can’t get rid of his soccer arms

14 pax decided soccer arms aren’t sexy (cough….. Devil’s Turn…… cough) and therefore showed up to Stonecrest for this week’s episode of Rebel Yell. Pain was distributed as follows:

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot in front of Smoke for COP:

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkins x 15
Supermans x 25

4 Corners – at each corner do:

5 squats
5 merkins
5 lunges each leg
10 LBCs
3 rounds of this. Fahvra and Rachel overachieved for 4 rounds.

Mosey down the Murderhorn to the rockpile. Pick a nice, friendly-looking rock that you don’t mind moseying with. Head up to the covered area next to the pool. Partner up. P1 does 20 step-ups with the rock pressed over his head, P2 does LBCs. 2 rounds of this. Several pax regretted their choice of rock around this time. Mosey to the bottom of the pool parking lot.

Round 1: P1 runs to playground and does 10 pull-ups. P2 does squats with rock.
Round 2: P1 bear crawls to end of parking lot. P2 does curls.
Round 3: P1 lunge walks to end of lot. P2 does overhead presses.
Round 4: Didn’t have time. Was going to be backwards bear crawl. Pax not unhappy.

Mosey back up the ‘horn and back to launch. El finito.


Everyone pushed hard this morning. Fahvra, Rachel, and Heartbreaker set the pace on the 4 corners. Great job, also, by Torpedo. Big man is getting faster. He’s looking for a BRR team if anyone has a spot. 777’s was smart enough not to wear his Michigan hat this go-round #dontangertheQ. Good to see Tuna join us from Club Wed #slummin’. T-claps to Van Pelt for running in.

Thanks to HB and Strawberry for giving me the honor to lead.

Pool party August 20th
Convergence this Saturday with a service angle – check the email
Convergence on September 13th for Bounty Hunter’s brother who is about to be deployed
Christmas party December 2nd at Firestone CC.

Pele must be in Brazil

When 5:29 rolls around and the scheduled Q is nowhere in sight, what’s a site Q to do? Look for the co-site Q, of course. Wait, Simba wasn’t there either. Fartsacks must have been very strong on this lovely morn. Scheduled Q Pele probably has a much better excuse, though, with all that’s going on in Brazil these days. He may even have been the culprit that placed the submerged couch in that kayaker’s path (I hope this story is true – much funnier in that it only happened in a practice round and not an actual competition). Well, 5:30 rolled around, enough shenanigans. Brief but effective disclaimer given, and we were off.

The Thang

Mosey once around the parking lot so YHC could come up with a game plan. Mosey down to the track for a warm-up lap because YHC hadn’t quite finalized said gameplan. Cirle up on the track for COP:

SSH x 20
Merkins x 10 IC
IW x 20
LSS x 15
MC x 20
Supermans x 25

Partner up – run in opposite directions to the end lines of the football field, run back to the middle for 10 hand-slap merkins. 4 rounds.

Mosey up towards Semi-Gloss’ office. Quick detour down the ramp and back up the stairs (get the legs burnin’). Partner up and grab a lifting rock.

Round 1: P1 does curls, P2 runs down to the bleachers between the baseball field, does 10 LBCs, and runs back. Flapjack. Pax told to complete 200 curls.
Round 2: P1 does overhead chest presses, P2 runs to the rail by the fields, 10 supine pull-ups, and runs back. Flapjack. Thanks to some pax compromising form for speed, audibled 2 rounds instead of a certain # of reps.

Grab some wall for People’s Chair.

Round 1 – 75 seconds
Round 2 – 60 seconds
round 3 – 45 seconds with 20 air presses IC

6 MOM – H2H, American Hammer, Rosalita, Can Openers, Protractor. Done.

Had 2 FNGs this morning. Welcome Jello and Bunny. Jello was EHed by Mermaid, who distinctly forgot to tell him the cardinal rule of the naming ceremony – keep your mouth shut and nod. We came up with something, to which he exclaimed “yeah, that’s cool.” Said name was immediately discarded for the one that he said “Please no, I’ve heard that all my life.” Welcome also to Bunny, who was EHed by Balk.

Other fun tidbits:

Fireman Ed can count in a really creepy voice when he wants to

Heartbreaker can only count up to 14 in Spanish, after which it becomes “fifteenio, sixteenio, seventeenio” and so on.

Thanks to all for being out there this morning. We all push each other and make each other better people. Don’t ever underestimate the impact your just showing up has on the other pax.


Swimming party – August 20th. See Champagne for details or the newsletter.
Christmas party December 2. Someone needs to find Mario (Tolkien is taken).

Conquering the Inferno

YHC was handed the keys to the toughest workout in SOB land and told to bring it. The 16 pax that joined YHC for the Inferno could tell you if it was a success.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Ballantyne Village parking deck. One quick run through the deck to point out the 5 different stations, along with SSH x 5, IW x 10, LSS x 10, and merkins (IC) x 5. Run down the staircase to the ground level to inform the pax what they’ll be doing at each station (all sets done at each of the 5 stations during that round):

Round 1: 3 Burpees
Round 2: 3 Burpees, 8 Merkins
Round 3: 3 Burpees, 8 Merkins, 13 Squats
Round 4: 3 Burpees, 8 Merkins, 13 Squats, 18 LBCs
Round 5: 3 Burpees, 8 Merkins, 13 Squats, 18 LBCs, 23 CDDs
Round 6: 3 Burpees, 8 Merkins, 13 Squats, 18 LBCs
Round 7: 3 Burpees, 8 Merkins, 13 Squats
Round 8: 3 Burpees, 8 Merkins
Round 9: 3 Burpees

Pax were instructed to head back the Vine around 6:10 if they hadn’t completed the ladder. Back at the launch lot around 6:13. 2 minutes of Protractor and we were done.


Most pax got in 7 laps, which equates to 105 burpees, 240 merkins, 325 squats, 270 LBCs, and 115 CDDs. Some of your typical teacher’s pets overachievers (Fahvra, Fire Hazard, Bunker, One-Niner) got in laps 8 and 9 and therefore a little more. Others (cough…Pebbles….cough) just did one and went for a cup of coffee. I’ll give him as much $h!t as I can because I know I can’t beat him in anything fitness-related or geology.

So where did “the Inferno” come from? YHC figured it’s about time to let the creative juices flow and conjure up an original, very painful, workout plan. The name comes from One-Eyed Willy’s ship in the movie Goonies, and I thought it was quite appropriate. If you worked hard today, your muscles should have been burning by the end.

Other things we learned today:

Flint actually does show up to some workouts to which he has committed #flintcommit

Fahvra is fast. Okay, we learned that a few weeks ago when he first started posting #collegeathlete. I think I kept up with him for 2 sets and then didn’t see him again until he lapped me. Dude’s jumps on his burpees in round 6 were higher than mine in round 1. I should’ve made him bring his son and have him put his sons shoes and socks on – that’s the only thing I’ve ever seen slow him down.

Fire Hazard kept up with Fahvra for a good bit, and still ended up finishing all 9 rounds. Awesome work. #leadingbyexample. Strong showing by the Site Q. #wheresmadame?

Frehley’s, MM, and Burnout were setting a pretty great pace behind Fahvra and Hazard. Frehley’s form on his squats needs a lot a little bit of help, but I guess we can cut him some slack #grandpasquats

Nard Dog sweats more than any human being alive.

Tolkien didn’t Q so he didn’t post. Oh wait, we already knew that, too.

Bucky is a gazelle. His gait is just as effortless in the last minutes of the workout than it is in the beginning. He is either a freak of nature or he needs to push himself more #youvsyou

Bunker doesn’t give a damn how you got your F3 name. However, his wife cares very much (too much for his liking). Email her at with the story of your nickname. She’ll fill him in.

Sound off with anything else you saw. YHC was sucking wind so much that all the other senses were giving out.


Good luck to Mario, Tolkien, Thin Mint, Squid, and Kid Rock in the Spartan tomorrow. Hopefully the sounds coming from Mario and Tolkien’s tent don’t keep the other guys up all night.

GORUCK in the Fort on May 5th

Convergence on September 13th for Bounty Hunter’s brother-in-law who is about to be deployed. BIL will be Qing.

F3 Dads this Saturday – last one of the year. German Sausage is on Q and is requesting water guns.

Frehley’s with the takeout.

An Hour of #Crowdpleasers

7 pax joined YHC at da Vinci on a very soupy July morning. After getting a half-hour warm-up at Stonehenge #doubledown, YHC was ready to make sure these men left their mark on one of SOB-land’s best AOs. At 7:00, the Weinke was bulging out of the pocket and we were off.

El Thang

Mosey about 8 feet for COP next to the fountains between Brixx and Bravo. SSH x 20, IW x 20, LSS x 20. We saved the merkins for….

Ascending curb crawl – 1 derkin on the fountain next to Brixx. Bear crawl to the adjacent fountain next to Bravo for 2 derkins. Bear crawl back to Brixx fountain for 3…. up to 10 derkins. I don’t know if Frehley’s had ever done this before, but the look on his face when I described it was priceless. #Crowdpleaser #1.

Shake out the arms with a little mosey toward the building with the stairs. Pax were given a choice: 7’s or the Beast. Being the great leader that he is, Strawberry emphatically yelled “both!” I didn’t think we’d get both in due to time constraints (I had other fun planned), but sure, we’ll give it a try. Run up the stairs of the building – 1 squat. Run across the upper level, past my wife’s favorite yoga studio, and down the stairs at the other end – 6 burpees. Run around the building and repeat until you hit 6 squats and 1 burpee. A little Mary while we wait for the six.

Mosey out to Blakeney Heath. Right on Blakeney Heath, right on Knightsdale, left on Mitchell Glen, left on Scottish Kilt Ct., and through the walkway to the best rockpile in all of south Charlotte. Pick a lifting rock. Kid Rock was instructed to pick the largest one anyone could find (gotta slow him down somehow and give him a challenge).

Round 1 – Jack Webb with 1 merkin and 4 rock presses. Laddered up to 4/16 and back down. Had to get this in. #Qfavorite
Round 2 – 15 squats with the rock. Carry the rock up the slight hill to the dock area with benches – 10 step-ups with each leg, with the rock pressed above your head. #Crowdpleaser #2. Carry rock back and do 15 more squats. Lots of groans and mumblechatter when this was instructed.
Round 3 – 15 curls, drop rock, run to dock and do 10 derkins. Run back to rock for 15 more curls.
Round 4 – 15 overhead presses, drop rock and run to dock for 10 step-ups each leg. Run back for 15 more presses.

Mosey back to Blakeney for the grand finale: the Mini Murph. #Crowdpleaser #3. Deafening groans when this was announced. 50 dips, 100 merkins, and 200 squats OYO, in any order you want.

Pax killed it, leaving about 9 minutes of Mary. Too much time, especially after 200 squats, so we mixed some plank in, as well. Ended up doing (I think) H2H, Flutter, Freddy, Protractor, Rosalita, and maybe some other stuff. The clock hit 7:59:40 and YHC couldn’t take it any more. Done. Smoked. YHC with the takeout since, as I was told, I was already in the middle.

El Skin del Mole

Thanks to Tuck and Mic Check for handing over the keys of this kick-ass AO. If you haven’t posted here yet, you’re missing out. So much to do. When I discovered the rock pile during some Friday morning recon, it was if a light shone down upon it from the heavens. Best one in south Charlotte, period. I felt like Tolkien and Mario every time they’re able to convince a bunch of half-naked dudes to join them in their hot tub.

T-Claps to 777’s and Cheddar for doubling down with YHC. I know we all earned whatever fun we had for the rest of the weekend.

Bevo – awesome to meet you. Hope to see you again soon in the gloom. Don’t hate me after September 4th.

Kid Rock – great to see you in the gloom. It’s been awhile. Congrats on smashing your July goal and good luck in the Spartan on 8/6.

T-Claps to Strawberry for the pre-run in on a bum foot. You’ve always supported YHC and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. #ISI. Just know I try to pay that forward to other pax.

Goodyear – keep coming out, brother. We don’t see you enough.

Frehley’s – #respect says it all. You’re an inspiration to all of us. Thank you, as well, for all of your support.

An honor to lead you men. Go make the world a better place.

Gettin’ Our Rocks Off

YHC promised a painful one for this week’s celebration of the Maul. 15 pax showed up to see if he could deliver:

Tha Thang:

SSH x 20
IW x 20

Let’s get straight to the fun – bear crawl suicides. Start at one line – bear crawl 2 parking spaces and do two merkins. Run back to the starting line. Bear crawl 4 parking spaces and do 4 merkins, run back. Went up to 10 parking spaces and 10 merkins. #crowdpleaser

Give the shoulders a rest (they’re going to need it) and mosey down the Murderhorn to the rock pile. Pick a rock that you’ll become intimate with over the next 30ish minutes (numerous questions of “a lifting rock or a running rock?”). Just pick one.

Jack Webb – 1 merkin, 4 presses with the rock. Laddered up to 5/20 and back down to 1/4. This really hurt by the end. Took a breath with some LBC’s, Dolly, and Rosalita (all x15).

Pick up the rock and head to the pile. Don’t throw the rock back – more fun awaits. Triple 7’s on the Murderhorn’s wicked stepsister (this thing needs a name). At the top, 7 full body squat, curl, and press with the rock. At the bottom, 7 American Hammer/Russian Twists with the rock. Carry the rock the whole time, 7 times up and down. Heartbreaker led some Mary while waiting on the six.

Need to head back for the grand finale. Run up the Murderhorn – 10 lunges at each lamppost along the way (10 x 3). Catch our breath and wait for the six – time to mosey back to the parking lot.

Tight circle for the Sally Challenge. This is an awesome/horrible way to end a workout. Everyone gave it their all, for most of the song, at least.

Time – well done, men. Squid with the takeout.

Skinny of the Mole:

This was my anniversary Q, and I tried to bring it as much as I could. Might throw in some burpees next time, just to make it more fun. My arms and shoulders are definitely feeling it.
– Great job to Heartbreaker, Strawberry, Cold Cuts, and Squid for leading the way on the Triple 7’s. They were moving faster with a rock than I normally do without one.
– Paper Jam killed the Sally challenge. His upper body strength is ridiculous.
– Cheddar and his soccer arms hated me the entire time. That’s what you get for your Alabama shirt, brother.

Thanks to all for coming out. It is an honor to lead.


F3-only Ruck being put together by the guys in the Fort. Talk to Bounty Hunter. It will be sometime in spring of 2017.

Whetstone program – sign-ups are still going on

F3 Dads this Saturday – Francis Beatty Park and the bull ring at Stonehenge. 9:00 am.

F3 Golf – July 29th

Southern Discomfort – October 22nd