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A Lovely Stroll Through the Neighborhood

13 goats showed up at the weekly “moderate” running workout.  Some saw the Twitter warning of “BRR Training.”  Some didn’t. Some came because they traveled all week and needed some miles.  Others knew the plan ahead of time and fartsacked (cough, Retread, cough).

Either way, everyone got their money’s worth.  Some took YHC off their Christmas Card list after this one.  Here’s why:

The Thang:

Warm up down Woodfox, left on Rounding Run to Raintree.  Left on Raintree, Left on 51 back to launch.  Dynamic stretching in the parking lot (trying to stay out of the road), and then on to the main event.

Mosey down Woodfox to the bottom.  Woodfox repeats.  When the leaders hit the stop sign at Strawberry, turn around and collect the six for a recovery back down.  We got 5 rounds in.  Head back to launch for some stretching.


Those pax training for the BRR got some good training in.  Those that aren’t just plain hated YHC after this one.  It wasn’t moderate.  Plain and simple – Woodfox is a bear.  It’s about .3 miles of uphill suck.  Check the Strava records – it puts the Murderhorn to shame.  The only other hill that I’ll put against it (limited knowledge, admittedly) is Ben Nevis over at Ballantyne.

Everyone pushed hard today.  Early Bird took off strong out of the gate.  Pro was consistently in first or second.  Slice and YHC were also up there.  Thurston sandbagged the first three rounds because he was pushing Pro and EB on the last two.  Great work!

For those running BRR – hope this helped.  I’ve heard we can’t really replicate those hills, but hopefully you all got a little stronger.  For those not running BRR – what are you waiting for?


Stray Pit Bull = Audible

YHC’s 2-year anniversary Q began in a much more anxiety-filled way than was hoped. To celebrate, the goal was to get in a good 2-3 mile pre-run (something YHC couldn’t fathom doing during the first year of F3, let alone before F3) and then kick some serious @$$ during the workout. YHC made a quick loop down Woodfox, left on Rounding Run, left on Raintree, left on 51, and back to Strawberry at about 1.8 miles. The goal was 2-3, so YHC decided to yog down Strawberry and back to launch. On the way back up, YHC spotted a dog ahead in the street. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t just a stray dog. It was a stray pit bull. Now, some of you may say “they’re actually very calm, nice animals if they don’t feel threatened.” You may be right. However, they’ve also been known to kill people, and I’m not a dog person. Therefore, this whole experience scared the $h!t out of me. Thankfully, YHC went to the far side of the road, and Fido never made a move toward me. However, the Weinke called for some work on Rosecliff and possibly Fairway Downs Ct. That wasn’t happening, not going to put Pax in danger. So, as 12 collected to start their week at Base Camp, on to plan B, or C, or D….. Whatever one it was, it was made up on the fly, not-so-moderate, and painful. It went like this:

The Thang:

Semi-adequate disclaimer given. Pax enjoyed that everything was going to be merely a suggestion. Mosey over to a lot on the other side of SCMS for COP: SSH x 15 IC, IW x 15 IC, 5 burpees OYO (just for MAD), LSS x 15 IC, merkins x 10 IC. Enough of that – to the hills!

Mosey down Woodfox. Left on RR to Rising Meadow. Run up Rising Meadow, 10 merkins at the top. Run back down, 10 LBCs at the bottom. Repeato twice for 3 times total. No triple nickel because more pain is coming. Mary while we wait for the 6 and catch out breath.

Continue down Rounding Run to the half-pipe as you approach Raintree. Nightmares of Udder having us run 3-man grinders on this half-pipe for 30 minutes still haunts the Pax. As you’re running, 10 LBCs at the bottom of the pipe, 10 merkins at the tops (YHC wasn’t very creative on the different exercises this morning). Run to the other side and back twice. Many cars were dodged in the process. None of them were nearly as frightening as a stray pit bull.

Collect the six and head back to the intersection of Rounding Run and Woodfox. Some Mary while we rest the legs a bit for the next challenge: an AYG run up Woodfox to Strawberry. This was pretty terrible. A quarter-mile of uphill suck. Collect on the sidewalk on Strawberry for some Mary while the 6 comes in.

Mosey to the rockpile by the stairs next to Semi-Gloss’ office. 2 sets of 15 bicep curls, 15 overhead press, and 15 tricep extensions. Return rocks and end with 3.5 minutes of Mary and planking. Done.


This is what the Pax gets for putting someone on Q that’s training for the BRR (oh wait, YHC put himself on Q). The Rising Meadow and Rounding Run hills are not fun. Top that all off with an AYG up Woodfox and it makes for a pretty painful workout. The humidity didn’t help – it was soupy out there. Pax got about 2.4 tough miles in.

Base Camp is supposed to be a moderate workout, but this might have fallen outside the “moderate guidelines.” The Pax were killing it, though. Not too much mumblechatter, just hard work. MAD exclaimed at the beginning that he was done with rucking for a bit but wanted to do some burpees. YHC obliged, much to Wolfman’s chagrin. Speaking of Wolfman, he was sporting a brand new aerodynamic look this morning. It worked, too. He was looking faster out there on those hills. Fireman Ed, Simba, Jet Fuel, and YHC led the pax up Rising Meadow. Simba and YHC repeated that effort on Rounding Run. Snoopy was looking STRONG on Rounding Run. For his efforts, he earned a spot in the Base Camp Q rotation. Scrum is only 3 weeks in, yet tackled this workout without complaint. Strong work, brother. Keep it up.

Huge T-Claps to all who donated to Speed for Need this morning. YHC collected $70, which means I owe the Pax 70 burpees during Jello’s Q next week. I told Thunder Road that if he got a donation to me BEFORE the workout started next week, I would count it. That goes for the rest of you, as well.

Finally, a sincere and humble thank you to all of you men of F3. These last two years have been life-changing for me, and every single one of you are a part of it. Please know what a profound influence and positive effect it has had on me, and go find the next guy. Pay it forward.

Base Camp Pre-Blast: Burpees for those who can’t

On Monday, June 19th, YHC will be Qing Base Camp in celebration (who celebrates with a painful workout?) of 2 years of F3.

We hear the stories all the time of how F3 has helped people. For some, it’s as simple as posting one or two times a week and losing a little bit of weight. For others, it has saved lives (see Winston-Salem news story a few months ago on F3). For YHC, there is not one aspect of my life that is not better because of F3 and all of you. When I first posted at Base Camp on 6/22/2015, I was not in a great place. After being fairly active for the first 30+ years of life, I found myself very, very inactive. I was overweight, always run-down, and didn’t have the energy to play with my 1.5-year-old 2.0. Hell, I struggled just walking up the stairs. On top of all that, I was lonely. Yes, I had my M and 2.0, and I love them more than anything in the world. I could not have asked for a better family. However, I was really missing that male bond that we all need. Then I found F3.

Well, now I just want to do a little bit to pay forward all F3 has given me. To help out with Speed-for-Need, YHC will do one burpee for every dollar that’s collected at Base Camp this Monday, 6/19. Burpees will be done at Base Camp on Monday, June 26th (and possibly 7/3 or 7/10 if enough comes in that I can’t do them all in one setting). So, come celebrate and cause some pain with some donations.


Steeper Than It Looks

25 Pax (YHC thinks he skipped one, so sound off if I missed you!) posted to Rebel Yell under ideal conditions. A little crisp, not too humid, a perfect morning for a @$$ kicking. Fredo has become quite the glutton for punishment, having experienced YHC’s brick paver parking deck workout. The non-runners in the pax need to get off MySpace and invest in a Twitter account. YHC promised some miles, and some (painful) miles we got. YHC doesn’t think this is the way that most people start their birthdays, and that’s why we love Market Timer (happy birthday, brother). Disclaimer given. Here’s how each one of the pax in attendance got better:

Mosey to Speed Bump Alley behind HT/Target for a warm up. Do 2 burpees at each of the 6 speed bumps and collect in the lot south of Target and do Imperial Walkers until the 6 arrives. Mosey through the Starbucks parking lot to the lot behind Chick Fil-A. SSH IC, LSS IC, Merkins IC, LBCs IC.

Mosey to the corner of Rea and Ballantyne Commons for the main event:

Triple Nickel. Start at Rea/BC – run to BC/Elm, do 5 burpees. Run back to Rea/BC and do 5 HR merkins. Repeato 4 more times.

Mosey back to launch lot, stopping a few times to collect the 6. First time we did Dolly, Rosalita, and Flutter. 2nd time we did Freddy Mercury, merkins, LBCs, and Protractor. Done. About 3.4 miles covered for the leaders.


Strong group out there today. More running than usual for Rebel Yell, and the non-runners in the group really pushed through and gave their all. On the north side of BC, Beaker and Morning After were leading the group, with Heartbreaker, Fredo, Market Timer, and YHC right behind. On the other side, Doc was killing it, as usual. Strong group behind him with Bucky, Tagalong, Shrink Wrap, and Crab Cake.

Heartbreaker likened this to a Murderhorn Triple Nickel. A number of pax commented that they didn’t realize there was as much of an incline here as there is. YHC hand’t noticed it either, until recently, and I’ve been anxiously waiting for the next RY Q to use it. It takes a special sort of suck to make burpees feel like a break. If YHC wasn’t sucking so much wind, I’m sure I would have noticed a number of dirty glares. Ignorance is bliss in this case. This sucked.

Happy birthday to Market Timer. Please keep his family in your prayers as his father begins chemo today for esophageal cancer. Thanks for the take-out today, MT

Fire Marshall Bill and Strawberry are launching a 3rd F each Thursday after RY. More of a discussion group than a Bible or book study. Try it out if you can make it one morning.

Bucky is Qing da Vinci. He was begging pax to come hang out with him. Sounds like he needs a friend.

Until next time: Goonie out.

Who Loves National “Talk Like a Pirate” Day?

Flipper, that’s who. LOVES it. More on that later…

10 of the biggest bad-asses in Charlotte chose to post this morning at the well-oiled pain machine that is the Brave. All the pax that wanted a nice little workout without too much sweat posted a few miles up the road at Centurion. Without a thought of them, these ten gladiators got after it thusly:

Almost adequete disclaimer was given, and we moseyed down Conlan and into the parking lot by Tony’s. This is where Flipper started talking.

COP: SSH x 10 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, LSS x 10 IC, Supermans x 15. Mosey down to Ballantyne Commons and then through what is referred to as “Mount St. Durant” on Strava (further maddening Flipper with all the names of different hills), hitting the parking deck from the back. Mosey to the top.

Long Thang:

Directions given at the top to the direction-challenged pax (turned out to be most today). Grab a coupon (YHC’s brick pavers from a current home project – broken pavers at the end have to answer to Mrs. Goonie) and mosey down to the basement for parking deck suicides. At each turn, pax do 10 merkins on the paver, 10 presses, and 10 flutters (each leg) with the paver held in the air. Run to first turn, do exercises, run back to start. Run to second turn, do exercises, run back down to start. Top of the deck was the 5th station, gathered up there so the 6 (YHC) could catch his breath. Transporter led plank-o-rama and Plank Jacks, which I’ve discovered are the only exercise they know in UC. This all totally sucked, but we still had a half hour left.

Mosey down to Johnston and cross at John J. Delaney, then right at Ballantyne Lakes Dr. toward the Post apartments. Stop at the lake on the left. 2 rounds of:
– 5 muscle-ups on the south side of the lake
– run down and back up the nasty hill on the east side
– 15 derkins on the railing on the north side
– Protractor while Q caught his breath

After that fun, mosey back up to John J Delaney. 20 merkins at each speed bump on the way past Bad Daddies and JJ’s up to Ballantyne Commons where the leaders sit with their hands on their hips and look annoyed that the Q is too slow. Cobains. Cross Ballantyne Commons and run through the Resort parking lot up to the light at Brixham Hill and Johnston. Cross over Johnston and into the lot behind Stone Mountian Grill. 50 lunge walks across the lot and jog it to the end. Had a few more minutes to kill so we did a 6-inch plank and into a sprint. Did that twice, down and back. Moseyed Walked back into the launch lot for 3.5 minutes of Mary (LBCs, Rosalita, Dolly). Finished with 5 burpees OYO. Done. Smoked. Just over 4 miles.


Thanks to Fire Hazard, Thin Mint, and Mario for letting YHC lead the Brave. It is the hardest workout in south Charlotte, so it tends to bring out the crazy in YHQ (See: hairburner mile last time). Always try to bring it here because YHC knows there is an expectation of a soul-crushing workout. That’s what the pax come for.

Things we learned this morning:

Pop Tart loves running. He has vowed to post any workout that promises 4 miles or more.

Flipper’s favorite “national” holiday (as he described it) is National “Talk Like a Pirate” Day. The way he spoke of this day, you would think he was talking about his own mother. Such amorous feelings. Things Flipper hates: why we give all our hills nicknames. This vexes him like none other. So much so that he has gone ahead and nicknamed a new hill we found today. Other things Flipped said today: I have no idea. I was way behind him and couldn’t hear him above the sound of my own panting.

No one had ever used the hill on the east side of the pond near the Post pool. It’s nasty. It was lovingly described as “North Face’s little sister” after the workout, but has since been dubbed “Goonie’s Demise” by Flipper. Hopefully this one will get some regular usage.

Transporter only showed up because Doc McStuffins said he was posting. Transporter did. Doc did not.

Buckeye does NOT like people who only do “half-merkins”. He also hates taking his shirt off.

Transporter, Soft Pretzel, and Fire Hazard don’t know what “don’t break the brick-pavers” means. Not YHC’s problem anymore – they have to deal with Mrs. Goonie. Feel bad for them. Feel very, very bad for them.

Fredo is a liar about his age. I don’t know why he gets off on making us think he’s a Respect, but it’s a damn lie. Guy showed up for his first Brave and killed it.

Rachel and Squid did what they always do: quietly beasted another workout. These dudes are machines. However, Rachel was actually witnessed breathing heavy for the first time. Mark it, Dude!

YHC took “leading from behind” to a new level today. Thank you for the opportunity – it is always an honor to lead this workout.

Thanks to Transporter for the takeout.


Speed for Need – unless you live under a rock, you’ve seen the marketing for Tolkien’s awesome new venture. Get involved somehow.
F3 Dad’s tomorrow at the entrance to the Bull Ring – 9:00.

We should do WHAT to the guy in front of us?

20 pax enjoyed an extra hour of sleep then joined their F3 brothers for a (mostly enjoyable) sweat this glorious morning. Here’s what produced aforementioned perspiration:

COP: gather around the flag pole that was supposed to have a flag on it, to honor our veterans and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. SCMS fail.

SSH x 25 IC
LSS x 15 IC
IW x 25 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

Split Thang:

Goonie up. Mosey down Strawberry to Fairway Downs Ct. for a round of 7’s. 1 burpee at the start of the street, run to the cul-de-sac for 6 jump squats. Continue until 6/1. Orange Whip led plank exercises while waiting on the 6. Joker did some plank but mostly refused.

Mosey further down Strawberry to calls of “You’re going the wrong way!” Marge pleaded for another round of 7’s on Rosecliff, but time didn’t allow. Cobains, Marge. Gathered on Rosecliff at the bottom of the hill. Backwards run up to Strawberry, mosey back down, 5 burpees, then backwards run back up and gather at the corner. This was sneaky difficult.

Mosey back to launch. Fireman Ed up.

Mosey down to the bleachers. One round of 40 dips and 40 supine pull ups. Mosey to the outfield of one baseball field for a rousing, fun round of Tunnel of Love. Originally called for all the way across the field, but that didn’t happen, as Joker (once again) basically led a mutiny. Got about 61% across the field, and an audible was called. Planker’s Delight on the way back. 2 rounds of merkins and 2 rounds of CDDs.

One more round of 40 dips/40 supine pull ups and then to the outfield of the adjacent field for everyone’s favorite, Mr. JAck Webb. 1 merkin and 4 air presses. Made it up to 8 merkins and 32 air presses before time was called. Mosey back to launch for Name-O-Rama.


Area 51 gear is on sale. I’m sure High Tide will put a link in the comments section.

Beaver’s son just graduated from college and is looking for a job as an IT something. If you’re a computer dork and looking for a flunkie, get in touch with Beaver.


Highlights of the day include:

Wild Turkey and Prohibition running in. Pro wore his nice fancy running shoes because he didn’t think they’d get dirty (no way we’d spend a lot of time in the grass at a convergence!).

In 2 years at Base Camp, we’ve never used the Fairway Downs section. Not a bad little route. Add that to the rotation.

Pax did NOT like it when YHC headed for Rosecliff after the round of 7’s. It wasn’t that bad. Suck it up.

Fireman Ed was not very popular after the workout. A lot of pax are going to have trouble working the spatula or lifting their 12-oz. curls today.

During the Planker’s Delight, Ed called out “Go down with the person in front of you.” A lot of guys thought he said “On.” ‘Nuff said.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day. Keep our vets and fallen heroes in our hearts, as they allow us the freedom to do wonderful things such as F3. Goonie out.

Passing off the Q …. to a set of dice?

Inspired by the Weinkes of some other esteemed pax (MT, Wild Turkey), YHC decided to switch it up a bit and see what would happen. This was either going to be a fun, thorough beatdown or an unmitigated disaster. Let’s be honest, though, the pax of F3 enjoy both (there’s a reason CSAUP is a thing).

YHC arrived around 5:00 to get everything set up: 11 signs posted throughout the AO with different exercises on each. Pax broke up into 4 teams (speed mattered – partner with pax who will go at a similar pace as you). Each team was given two dice and a list of locations around the AO. Simple instructions: roll the dice, find the number on the map, mosey to that place, find the sign, complete the exercise. Tried to make it as idiot-proof as possible. Exercises were:

Hair burners
Double-merkin burpees (15)
Hand release burpees (10)
Down Murderhorn and AYG back up (more on this later)
Up and down Stone Mountain hill 3x
25 Derkins and 25 incline merkins
Run speed bump alley, 10 merkins at each speed bump
Jack Webb: start with 1/4 and go up to 5/20
50 LBCs
10 prairie-fire Mary
25 pistol crunch, each leg

Get to as many as you can, meet back at launch at 6:15. Done.

The goal was to switch it up and keep pax moving at a comfortable pace. YHC’s team had an unfortunate habit of rolling the Murderhorn, so we had the “pleasure” of hitting that three times. After that, the burpees were a breeze. We got in over 4 miles, another team had 2.75.

Milton (re-named FNG) is a beast. Watch out for him at your next workout. He was killing the MH and taking no prisoners. Sound off below on observations from your different teams.

Hope you guys enjoyed the change of pace. It was an honor to lead you fine men.

Thanks to Tiny Dancer for the takeout.

A Chile Morning for Nickels

10 pax made all the fartsackers look FIA-ready by posting this cold-ass morning. We needed to warm up, so we got right after it.

The Thang:

Mosey to the lot in front of Smoke (who doesn’t like the smell of smoked meat in the morning?) for COP. I could say this was an homage to Brisket and Pulled Pork, but I’d be lying.

Merkins x 15 IC
SSH x 15 IC
IW x 15 IC
LSS x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to the bottom of our favorite hill #murderhorn for the first triple nickel to the first street on the left: 5 werkins at the top, 5 diamond merkins at the bottom, 5x.

Once that fun was over, mosey to the rockpile, grab a rock, and continue moseying to the pool parking lot for the second triple nickel: 5 curls with rock at the bottom, bear crawl halfway up the lot, sprint the other half to the top, 5 merkins. Run back down, rinse and repeat 5x. Active recovery with some Freddy Mercury x15 IC.

Next triple nickel: 5 pull-ups (6 for those needing to get 30 in for the pull-up/merkin challenge) at the playground, run to the covered pool area for 5 step-ups each leg, 5x.

Next: 5 merkins at the top of the parking lot, run down to your rock for 5 overhead presses, run back up to the top, 5x. Time running low, so we headed back to the base of the ‘Horn for an AYG to the top, followed by active recovery with LBCs. Once we collected the six, moseyed back to launch for 10 merkins IC, 15 Dolly, and another 10 merkins IC. Done.


How the hell did Dear Abbey and the Centurion crowd get 5 triple-nickels in recently? I read that BB and thought it was a great concept for Stonecrest with all there is to do. We might have been able to get 5 if we stayed on campus, but I wanted to give the Challenge pax a chance to get in their pull-ups. Totals were 25-30 pull-ups and 190 merkins.

Doc was freaking beasting all morning long. His home country (Chile) would have been proud. I was 2nd place on the first triple nickel on the MH and almost got lapped. I think he did an extra round on every Nickel. Great work. We love having you out to Rebel Yell every Thursday to make the rest of us look really slow. He does, however, need to work on his bear crawls. It’s very awkward and “hoppy” looking. I’m sure I could call it cheating but then I would just sound jealous.

Morning After and Fredo were with YHC most of the morning behind Doc, pushing hard. MA just quietly gets after it every post, and Fredo is getting strong in a very short period of time. I still don’t believe the dude is a #respect.

Everyone worked hard today. Because of the cold, YHC wanted to keep everyone moving. Thank you all for showing up and pushing through. You’re better for it and we’re all better for having done it beside you. #ISI

Thank you to HB and Strawberry for letting me lead.


Bucky’s neighborhood is holding a Brewfest/fundraiser for an orphanage in Kenya on 4/29. If you like beer, go.

Providence Presbyterian Church wall project is this Saturday morning, 3/18, between 8-12. Come if you want to get yelled at by an ornery Scot.

Savage Race is 5/13. Sign up if you’re not a pansy. If you are a pansy, still sign up and get better #ISI

Watch out for those curbs

What happens when a site FNG gets to lead? In YHC’s case, he trips and falls flat on his face, non-metaphorically speaking. More on that later……

24 pax knew the greatest Q in the world was leading Peak 51 today woke up bright and early, took a breath of fresh air, and said “damn, I want to go sweat with a bunch of dudes in the gloom.” They chose Peak 51, and sweat was created in the following manner:


Mosey up to Trade St., hang a right, hang another right into a strip mall parking lot for COP

SSH x 24 IC (YHC’s method of counting the pax for planned weinke)
Merkins x 10
IW x 20
LSS x 15

Mosey down Trade, hang a right on John St. Cross over John when coast is clear, into the Post Office parking lot. Mary while we wait for the six:

Freddy Mercury x 15 IC
Rosalita x 10 en Espanol cadence

Meander on over to the hill for a round of Jacob’s Ladder. Didn’t know if the top was big enough for burpees, so pax did burpees at the bottom, ran up the hill and back down. Started with 1 burpee, went up to seven burpees. Plank when finished. After a few 10-counts, mosey back over John St. turn left to run through the townhomes, back around to the strip mall, with supposed residences on the second floor.

At this point, YHC had probably the most embarassing moment of my F3 life. As we were turning the corner to head to the strip mall, YHC caught a bump in the road and just bit it. Thankfully, the only thing hurt at that point was my dignity and pride #thankslongsocks. T-claps to the pax for not giving me very much crap about it #exceptsmokey. YHC definitely deserved it. It was funny. YHC has a feeling that if that happened at my more routine workouts, I wouldn’t have lived it down for a while. But I digress…..

At this point, “responsible” site-Q’s threw a wrench in the weinke. The plan was to do three-man grinders where the runner runs up the stairs, across the building, and back down. However, YHC was informed that those were residences up there and we shouldn’t mess with the stairs. Well, damn. We did not-as-good grinders across the retail shops in the building, LBCs at one end, tempo merkins at the other #formmatters

Since no stairs were involved, YHC got bored with this rather quickly, so we moseyed to the little track to finish off the morning. Did some prolonged protractor while we waited on the six. Partner up, P1 runs, P2 does called exercise.

Round 1 – squats
Round 2 – CDDs

Mary: Flutter, Dolly, American Hammer, Heels 2 Heaven, Box Cutters

Mosey back to launch, and we’re done.


Big thanks to Booyah and Sensei for having me out. It was a lot of fun Qing a site I had never posted at. Supposedly, they’ve never used the hill by the post office – hopefully it will get into the regular rotation. It’s not huge, but it will do the trick for a moderate workout. Hopefully they’ll have me back out again sometime.

Burpees at the beginning are always effective in getting the heart rate up and warming up. Grinders would have been better with the stairs, but hopefully they kept the HR up for most pax. The little track was a nice quick loop, right up until the backstretch when it was a bit uphill and dead into the wind. Altogether, it was a pretty simple weinke, but hopefully all pax got their money’s worth.

Booyah and Sensei run a great show. Excellent turnout and everyone was really supporting one another – the definition of what F3 is. Keep up the great work, gentlemen. Thanks, again, for turning the keys over this morning.

Little Mike with the inspirational takeout.


Keep Fix-it-Felix’s friend in your prayers as he is dealing with a cancer issue
Richard Sheltra race in Pineville on April 29
Savage Race on May 13th in Concord. Area 51, SOBs, and surrounding regions are supporting this CSAUP in lieu of the Columbia mud run.

AMRAP and Merlot

After staying up and watching the terrible ending to that Super Bowl, YHC was tempted to channel his inner Haggis and bring an angry Q to this week’s rendition of Base Camp. However, after picking up Tiny Dancer (FNG Mike) in the morning, YC realized that an angry Q probably wouldn’t be the best way to welcome him to F3. YHC has been EHing him for a while, and wanted to make sure he “enjoyed” himself. There was no need to make him spill merlot the first time out – bring him along slowly. Silly Q……

Proper and thorough disclaimer was given. Liability removed, and we were off:

The Thang

Mosey to the day care parking lot for COP:

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Plank position – YHC called out a Pax to recite the mission of F3.

As an aside – after reading another BB that did a similar bit, YHC realized this was something that hadn’t been done at Base Camp in a while (if ever). All pax should be aware of the mission of F3, and YHC wanted to help that endeavor along.

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 3 pax got it wrong. 5 merkins after each. We had a lot to do, so YHC recited it and we were off.

Mosey to the corner of Strawberry and 51. Head to the park – do 10 merkins at the first lamp post, 15 LBCs at the second. Keep switching back and forth at each lamppost until you reach the park entrance. YHC headed back for the six, Fireman Ed led Mary. I’m surprised he didn’t bust out the Jack Webb.

Once we were all together, we moseyed to the playground parking lot where YHC took them through a circuit that looked like this:

Station 1: 10 flutters
2: 10 pull-ups
3: 10 cock curls and 10 step ups with rock pressed overhead
4: 15 LBCs
5: 10 merkins

We did this circuit AMRAP for about 12 minutes. Wanted the Base Camp pax to get a little taste of AMRAP and push themselves. Once we collected everyone, we did a little Mary (Dolly x 15 and Freddy Mercury x 10), then moseyed back to launch with a few stops to collect the six and an AYG up the last hill on 51. Got back about a minute late. #cobains.

Holy Moly

Everyone was really pushing out there today. Kotters to Drano, who’s been fighting a bug, and thanks to him for keeping an eye on the six all morning. #siteqhazing. Sheldon and Fireman Ed were pushing it hard today. Ed can really move when he wants to (which isn’t often). I think he was just determined to stay up with me so he could critique my merkin form. I could do the most perfect merkins on the planet, and he would still critique my form. Was super impressed with Sheldon’s performance, and then found out he was 22 #agematters. Way to push it, Sheldon. Keep coming out.

Want to give props to Costanza. He’s getting stronger every week. Soon enough, YHC is going to convince him to Q.

Welcome back to Niles, as well. Was an FNG last week and showed up again this morning. After almost 3 miles, he may question his choice of foot apparel, but we hope he keeps coming out. He was wearing what looked like hiking boots.

For the first time in, well, ever, both Adobe and Insomniac showed up ON TIME. YHC was questioning his watch when they both showed up in time for some pre-thang BS. Pretty sure this won’t happen again until 2018.

Welcome to FNG Tiny Dancer. He just moved down here from NYC and moved in Smash’s neighborhood. Now he has less excuses to post as there are multiple pax that can pick him up (until he figures out where the hell he’s going). In all honesty, TD is one of the nicest guys YHC has ever known, so get to know him. He’ll be a great addition to our brotherhood. YHC feels a little bad that he made TD spill merlot this morning.


Savage race on 5/13. Can run as an individual or as a group of 4. Get your team and sign up. Will be great 2nd F among the A51, SOB, UC, IL, and Fort pax.

As always, it is an honor to lead. YHC is humbled you all chose to follow. Remember to be a beacon of light as you go out into our community this morning. F3’s mission to “invigorate male community leadership” is a mission that all pax should take to heart. With all the vitriol in our world today, let us be an ever-shining example of what can happen when individuals come together and collectively choose to make a difference in the community.