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Back to School, Very Un-Moderate, Beatdown

14 men including me this Monday morning, I was VQ
-Slaughter Starter (modified – 10 burpees versus 20)
-Ran to William Davie Park (approximately .5 mile) and assaulted the artificial turf field
MERKIN LADDER – Back goal line launch to line in front of goal, 20 merkins, run back to starting point, 19 merkins, run to next line, 18 merkins, continue to do this countdown until it’s just 1 merkin
RED BARCHETTA – Back goal line launch to other side of field back goal line. Perform 100 SSHs. Run back to launch point.
-do the same for approx. 75 yds then 75 mountain climbers
-do the same for approx. 50 yds then 50 imperial walkers
-do the same for approx.. 25 yds then 25 merkins
-do the same for approx. 10 yds then 10 burpees

Listened to constant heckling & complaining throughout workout. Sunday School kids don’t complain as much as this…
-Ran back to AO (approximately .5 mile)
-Circled up and worked on our ABCs – 6 inch leg lift while writing out the alphabet in CAPITAL LETTERS (each man sounding off a letter(s) in alphabetical order.

End of Story

Goonie Edit: the merkin ladder was an @$$-kicker. Very un-moderate. Sardine may never be allowed to Q Base Camp again.

Convergence – Labor Day
Crane Relay – Oct 26th

Quarter Pounder for Breakfast

(Posted on behalf of Thumper)

8 Men woke up early on a Monday morning to start their week off right…even though it was Thumper’s VQ!
Imperial Walker x 10
Low Slow Squats x 10
Anne (Plank w/Arm Circles) x10 each arm
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10
Calf Stretch
Jog to an open field at William Davie Park. Insomniac made the wise suggestion to use the artificial turf soccer field…so, a little extra mosey.
The Thang:
Morning breakfast consisted of a Quarter Pounder made up of:
Merkins x 25; Squats x 50; 75 Mountain Climbers; 100 SSH. Sprint to the respective ‘yard line’, do exercise, backpedal back to start.
Mosey down the hill to find a rock and partner up.
Partner (w/Rock): Curl, Press, Tri-extension.
Partner (no Rock): Run to soccer stands and perform exercise. Round (1) – 10 decline merkins; (2) – 10 Step-ups each leg…Compliance might need to find another occupation as he did 10 total..Round (3) – 20 Dips.
Attempted to do pull-ups on swing sets (Sardine constantly bitching about no pullups at this AO) but morning rain made bar slippery…Chalk it up to Thumper’s VQ.
Mosey back to Base Camp. Carioca on field; Plank along the way for PAX to gather.
Not-so-Lazy Boy (middle, right, middle, left, middle ~ 10 sec each)
LBCs x 20
The End
Convergence – Labor Day
Crane Relay – Oct 26th
Paint Ball – Sept. 15
Sardine VQ next week
Thanks to Smash for taking us out!

Proper Disclaimer: Don’t get hit by a car

10 were on-time. 1 came in on two wheels. 11 total showed up for this week’s episode of Base Camp, which featured the return of site-Q Benny from the 180-day Disabled List. Thankfully, F3 runs on guaranteed contracts, so his compensation as site Q was paid in full. Overly-CYA disclaimer was given, and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey to David Park. En route, do 5 merkins at first street light along 51, 5 squats at the second, and alternate each streetlight down to the Park. When everyone arrives, turn right at the fork in the road toward the lesser-used part of David Park, heading toward the dog park. On the way down, 3 burpees and 8 merkins at each of the 7 street lights down to the back parking lot.

After a little Mary in the parking lot to rest the chesticles (Dolly, Rosalita, LBC’s), we proceeded with a little Paula Abdul along the parking spots. Bear crawl 2 parking lines, do a merkin. Back up one line, and repeat. There was about 20 lines, so we got the blood moving. More Mary to rest before we begin the long slog back to launch. 3 dry docks and 8 monkey humpers at each street light on the way back. Mary to wait for the six. Stopped for Mary a few more times on the mosey back to launch. Rolled in about two minutes early, so we ended with one minute of People’s Chair and one minute of plank. Done-ski.


Dredd is Qing Cerberus on Friday 8/17
Beer Run on Saturday, 8/18
Crane Relays on 10/26 – sign up in the next two weeks
A51 vs. SOB paintball match on 9/15

Kotters to Benny as he’s back at it. Good to see him back out in the gloom. His return brought out Mr. Brady, who didn’t remember how to do a merkin or burpee. If you missed it (as most of you did), I think Brady is next scheduled for a boot camp in 2026. YHC is glad he was around to explain the difference between a street light and stop light (Q fail).

Semi-gloss also made it out and was looking strong. Always great to have Strange Brew join us, as well.

Thumper was near the front, as usual. He’s got his VQ at Base Camp next week, so hopefully we can get a good crowd and heckle him properly.

Great work this morning by everyone. Probably wasn’t as “moderate” as Base camp is supposed to be, but it was a strong group and everyone got ‘er done.

Burpees make the best party favors

13 pax showed up to celebrate YHC’s birthday. Cake, ice cream, and candles were nowhere to be found. Here’s what the pax received as party favors:

The Thang:

Mosey west on Ardrey Kell to Blakeney Professional Dr. Turn into the office park for a quick COP. ISW x 10 IC, PP Merkins X 10 IC, Windmill x 12 IC. Mosey over to the fountain area and partner up for Burpee Partner Hell. It’s a horrible name, I know, but it hasn’t been properly named as far as I know. P1 starts doing one burpee in each parking spot along the line. P2 runs to the end of the line, turns around and relieves P1 when they meet up. Flapjack. Continue until you reach the end of the line. Line of parking spots was about 150 spots, 1/3 of a mile long. Comments heard included “that’s a lot of burpees” (Ocho Cinco), “Goonie’s officially gone crazy (Cheddar), and multiple pax had different versions of “Goonie, you suck” and “F$#! You, Goonie.” All were relevant and deserved.

After that tomfoolery, we headed back across Ardrey Kell to some coupons that were strategically placed behind the Old Navy. Each pax grabs a brick paver.

Round 1: 5 reps of curls, overhead presses, tri extensions, and bent-over rows. Run with the paver to the corner of the complex, behind the large shopping strip.
Round 2: 10 reps of each. Run to the end of the Target building. A few rounds of Mary with the paver held above us.
Round 3: 15 reps. Run back to the corner.
Round 4: 20 reps. Run back to behind Old Navy.
Round 5: 25 reps. Grab all coupons and start heading back to launch. Arrive at 7:30. Done.


Thanks to Bucky and Fredo for the marketing. Great group of pax showed up and got after it. The burpee thing sucked. Plain and simple. The legs were feeling it a good deal the next day. Pax don’t show up for an easy workout, though. When you’re Qing, make sure you bring it.

Ocho Cinco, Teddy, and Bucky were flying the whole time. Mighty Mite was right behind them, aided by some questionable form. Real strong work by everyone grinding out a bear of a workout.

The coffeeteria was second to none. That always gets YHC through the tough Saturday workouts.


Beer run on 8/18

Crane Relays on 10/26

Dredd is Qing Cerberus on 8/17

A51 vs. SOB Paintball on 9/15

Moving Heavy Things

Thursday evening at the Goonie household:

M: Are you working out tomorrow
YHC: Yeah. I’m leading the workout at Catholic
M: What are you going to do
YHC: (proudly) We’re going to push weight plates and carry pavers up a parking deck
M: (with a look of disgust) You’re an idiot. You’re going to hurt yourself (again)

Probably. Here’s the idiocy that ensued when 14 pax showed up to Charlotte Catholic this morning for this week’s episode of Centurion:

After a quick pre-run with Purell (YHC ran about as fast as I can, Purell didn’t even break a sweat), the pax were disclaimed and we headed out of the launch lot to Little Ave. Left on Little, left on Walsh for a little warm-up run, left into CC and up the Tartarus stairway closest to Walsh. At the top, the calls for Imperial Walkers were promptly ignored and we were going to warm up with the Death Crawl:

Partner up. P1 begins to bear crawl while P2 runs to the end of the deck, turns around to meet P1. Flapjack. Continue doing this until you reach the far wall. Mosey down the ramps to the bottom floor, where 6 pavers and 4 plates greeted the pax.

Keep your same partner, form 2 teams of 4, 1 team of 6 (YHC was expecting more than 14 to show up).

1st set of partners pushes the plate up the ramps. Push the plate on the inclines, carry the plate on the flats. Trade off with your partner when you tire.

2nd set of partners does a CMIYC with a brick paver. P1 starts running with the paver. P2 does 5 merkins and sprints to catch up to P1. 2 pax, 1 paver. Do this twice, meet the first pair at the top of the deck.

3rd set of partners does one lap around the football stadium and meets their team at the top. At the top, do team burpees (teams of 4 do 20 burpees, team of 6 does 30 burpees). The first pax up to the top have the option to start knocking out the burpees as they see fit.

Once done with the round, the partners who pushed the plate go to CMIYC. CMIYC partners run around the stadium. Partners who ran around the stadium go to hairburners. We got through 4 rounds before we grabbed all the coupons and headed back to launch. To appease Purple Haze and others, we did 2 Imperial Walkers in cadence and called it a morning.


Great job this morning by everyone. The Weinke might have been a bit aggressive with the complication, but I figured the Centurion pax could handle it (no way those guys at the Brave would have processed everything). The goal was to keep everyone moving for the entire 45 minutes, and YHC believes that goal was accomplished. According to Strava, most pax got in about 2.5 tough miles.

Glad to see Purple Haze and Mermaid shun Planet Fitness for the morning and post. They’re probably trying to avoid something like this:

Margo was my partner this morning. He was faster carrying a brick paver than YHC is without one. Awesome job this morning, Margo. Thanks for the push.

We partnered with Brilleaux and Thunder Road, who were knocking the rounds out like champs. They had the “honor” of doing two rounds of hairburners, and were still knocking out the partner burpees before YHC and Margo could catch them. Way to kill it, guys.

Ickey and Haze were doing whatever the hell they wanted. #modifyasneeded

Multiple people commented that they felt sorry for Shrinkwrap, having to partner with Purell. Observation showed that the timing on the different circuits was fine for everyone but the Flash Purell. YHC did notice Purell “checking in” on Shrinkwrap toward the end of the workout to make sure he was still breathing.

YHC swallowed a fly on the trip around the stadium and gagged.

This workout sucked, yet everyone was putting their work in like champs. Sound off with any additional observations below. YHC hopes you all got your money’s worth.

Thanks to Margo and Udder (does he ever even post at Centurion?) for the opportunity to inflict pain this morning. It was my pleasure.



Haywoodstock at 24 hours of Booty. Supposed to be a great time. Ran into Lorax at Panera about an hour ago and he’ll be riding, along with some other pax.

Crane Relays on October 26th. Sign up by end of August. Ickey can’t wait for this one.

“It’s gonna be a lot harder to flip people off today”

YHC sent Hannibal, the scheduled 7/23 Base Camp Q, an email Sunday morning to confirm his Q make sure he didn’t forget he had volunteered to Q Base Camp the next day. Hannibal’s response:

“Yes, sir. I’m not a big tweeter, so fee free to put anything out there that you might want.”

Eh, no need. Hannibal is sure to draw a crowd. 8 pax showed up by 5:30 this morning. Hannibal was not one of them. Ooooooookay. Who wants to share a Q? Fireman Ed volunteers and was accepted. Probably should have waited for someone else to volunteer. Ed promised upper body, so YHC decides to give the pax some time on their feet.

The Impromptu Thang:

Mosey a lap around the parking lot to see if Hannibal is just running a bit late. No dice. Head south on Strawberry. 15 merkins at each of the first three speed bumps. This was apparently not “moderate enough” for Gummy. Circle up for a quick COP in the middle of the street (that was smart):

IW x 15 IC (to keep it moderate for Gummy)
LSS x 10 IC
MC x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10IC

Mosey over to Fairway Downs Ct., a very under-utilized cul-de-sac with a gradual incline, for a triple nickel. 5 HR merkins at top, 5 werkins at the bottom, 5X. The pax started dropping like flies during this. Thumper did something to his leg. He tried to run it out, but couldn’t, so he called it a morning and bolted. Hammer got called on a code brown from behind, and headed back to SCMS. We headed back with a 200m AYG up Strawberry and YHC turned it over to Fireman Ed in the parking lot.

Ed’s Tomfoolery:

Mosey to the ball fields to see how many pax can get bitten by red ants this morning. 2 rounds of utter stupidity Planker’s Delight. Mosey to the benches for 20 step-ups, 20 supine pull-ups, and 20 dips x 2. For those that didn’t get bit the first time, mosey to the other ballfield for 2 rounds of Tunnel of Love. We followed that up with Ed’s go-to, Jack Webb. Started 1 merkin/4 arm presses and got up to 6/24.

Mosey up to Gloss’ office for some People’s Chair while holding arms straight out. About 3-4 minutes of this with a short break in between. That hurt. Done.


We covered about 2.3 miles, but pax got a good dose of both lower and upper body. Ed eloquently stated the title of this BB at COT. We probably should have spent more time praying for his soul.

Hammer was leading the pax on the triple nickel before he had the runs to run. Can’t imagine how much faster he would have been AFTER dropping the kids off.

Gummy and Ed were having a leisurely conversation during the run. Gummy was trying to make it as moderate as possible. You vs. you, bro. The two of them may have been circle-jerking each other over Clemson’s 2018 defensive line, but who knows?

Thumper – hope you’re okay, brother.

Great to see Young Love out at BC again. You should come more often!

For once on a Sunday, the Yankees didn’t play the featured night game (they were scheduled, but it was a rainout), so Steinbrenner was able to make it to BC. The higher-ups over at ESPN don’t think the Yankees and Royals are worthy of a Sunday featurette this coming Sunday, so we’ll look forward to seeing you again on 7/30.

Thunder Road – the mastermind behind the Planker’s Delight: you deserve to be publicly flogged every time it’s performed. It’s horrible. Keep your sadistic crap to yourself next time (or, at least, when YHC isn’t present).

Great to see you all this morning. Have a wonderful week.

Do you hate yourself right now?

19 pax (including 2 2.0’s) arrived (really) early at Stonecrest for the Incredibles 2, so they decided to do a workout. Painstations just happened to be set up, and it went something like this:

Mosey to the newly re-paved parking lot in front of Target. It’s lovely. Great place for a quick COP:

Imperial Squat Walkers x 10 IC
Peter Parker Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to the back of Target and partner up for the Death Crawl. P1 starts bear crawling, P2 runs to the last speed bump and turns around. Once P2 gets to P1, flapjack. Continue until both pax reach the last speed bump.

After that warm-up, mosey to the bottom of Stone Mountain for the start of circuit:

Pax are to run up Stone Mountain twice. Then head down the main road through Stonecrest. At the first three speed bumps (these are plentiful at this AO), do 10 merkins and 10 plank jacks. After the third speed bump, head to the fountain area for 15 derkins and 15 dips. After that, head to the small lot next to Cantina 1511 for hairburners. Push the plate to the cone (20 yards) and back. Do 15 incline merkins and 20 LBCs on the ledge between Cantina and Firebird’s, then mosey to the narrow parking lot west of Firebird’s for bucket carry (buckets with 3 large brick pavers in each). Carry to the cone (35 yards) and back. Mosey to the base of Stone Mountain. Rinse and repeat. All pax got 2 rounds in. The leaders led Mary while waiting for the 6, then we headed back to launch, arriving right at 6:15.

Witty Commentary

A lot of mumbles and grumbles from the Pax this morning. It started immediately with the combo moves for COP, grew distinctly louder during the Death Crawl, and then, all of a sudden, changed to downright adoration during the circuit (at least, in my head it did). Billy Goat eloquently asked if YHC hated myself during the circuit. Of course I did. If it’s easy, the Q isn’t doing his job. Guys come out for a beatdown, not an easy stroll through a parking lot.

There was a distinct stench behind Target, near the dumpsters. A lot of lively debate among the pax about whether or not it came from the dumpsters or from Frehley’s.

Fredo is a beast on bear crawls. YHC was lucky enough to partner up with him.

Mic Check, Cheddar, Das Boot, and Fredo were leading the way on the circuit.

Cheddar asked if YHC was trying to hurt people. No, just make you stronger.

It’s amazing how much the pax enjoy hairburners. We should do those more often.

Thanks to Paper Jam for leading the pax in Mary at the end, and for the takeout.

Hope y’all enjoyed that. YHC sure didn’t, but it got the job done. Now time to watch some British Open before meetings begin for the day.

Hairburner Choose Your Own Adventure

Snot Woggle: A Workout that shuts down Mumble Chatter and leaves the PAX looking backwards half-unconscious from the pain
– As described in the F3 Lexicon

Hills and hairburners have a tendency to do that. Here’s how it went down for the 18 pax at the Maul this morning:

The Thang

Disclaimer given. Immediate call for Imperial Squat Walkers (x10 IC), right where we stood. A few reactions:

– “What, now, here?”
– “He’s in a hurry”
– “I don’t think this has ever happened before”

We didn’t have time to mess around, and that was all the warm up the pax were getting. Mosey to the top of the ‘Horn.

Murderhorn suicide:
– 2nd streetlight, 10 werkins, back to the top, 10 diamond merkins
– To Summit Tree Ct, 10 werkins, back to the top, 10 diamond merkins
– To bottom of the ‘Horn, 10 werkins, back to the top, 10 diamond merkins

This didn’t take as long as YHC thought it would. The pax had come to work today, and that was pretty much all the running we were going to do. Mosey to the side of Firebird’s, get into teams of 4 or 5 (size, speed, IQ did not matter), continue to mosey to the front of Cantina, where cones/buckets were set up and 4 beautiful plates were laid out for the pax.

Hairburner Choose Your Own Adventure

3 sets of cones. First set is about 4 parking spaces (25 yards total there and back, 2nd is 8 (50 yards), and 3rd is about 11 (85-ish yards). Cones or buckets have pieces of paper taped to them with 2 different exercises. The first exercise is done by the team when the guy pushing the plate gets back. The second exercise is done by the team while the next guy is pushing the plate. The pax pushing the plate has the choice to go to the shorter cones (more difficult reps) or the further ones (furthest buckets had the easiest reps). Called exercises were:

1st cone: burpees, HR burpees, double-merkin burpees
2nd cone: Plank Jacks, Diamond Merkins, HR merkins, Monkey humpers
Far buckets: lunges, merkins, squats, CDDs

Each pax went about 3 times. Called this madness around 6:11 to mosey back to launch. Finished up with 45 seconds of plank.

The Skinny:

Just blame Purell. He did a similar set with his firehoses at da Vinci, and YHC’s sadistic mind thought “this would be great with hairburners.” By “great,” I meant “absolutely terrible.” YHC was smoked, as hopefully the rest of the pax were, as well. Only clocked about 1.9 miles, mostly in the first 12 minutes of the workout. If you did all the called exercises, you probably maintained a pretty high heart rate the entire 45 minutes. Mission accomplished.

Some observations:
– Shrinkwrap either a) loves burpees, b) hates hairburners, c) hated his teammates, or d) didn’t care because he “modifies” everything anyway. He was the only one to hit the short cone twice. Some people take a little longer to learn than others.

– No Show might be the fastest on the hairburners that I’ve ever seen. Let’s set up a race one day of that. Tuck – add this to the event list for next year’s Brolympics.

– Everyone thought we were running late because Cheddar and Marlin were on time

– Purell is slow. Whoever recruited him for their BRR team is in trouble. He was well ahead of everyone on the suicide and didn’t even look like he was breaking a sweat.

– This was one post where Escobar might have actually wished for more running.

– YHC found Squid’s kryptonite: hairburners. Much respect to him, though, as he went multiple rounds to the far bucket.

– Good to see Clark Griswold Madame T back from his west coast RV trip. His beard is looking fuller than ever. He didn’t appreciate the slightly slanted lot YHC picked for the morning’s festivities.

– T-Claps to Mighty Mite for rucking one of the 45-lb plates back to launch, in prep for the ruck he’s got coming up.

Strong performances by all this morning. It was a grind, but YHC never noticed any pax sitting it out. Everyone was giving their all.

An honor to lead. No doubt you’re all looking forward to YHC’s next Q (next Thursday at Rebel Yell).

Tour de Toringdon

Thin Mint sent out an APB for a Q yesterday afternoon. YHC figured the best way to return to the Brave after a hiatus (avoidance of Room 101) would be to have control over the workout. The Brave is the toughest workout in all of F3, so a painful plan had to be put together on short notice. The following is what 5 “lucky” pax experienced:

After some early-morning recon and a quick slack message to Purell at 4:56 am that he wouldn’t have to pre-run a workout if he chose the right one (he went to that lesser boot camp named after the 3-headed pooch), YHC rounded up 4 other pax, briefly disclaimed the confused-looking one (Fire Hazard) and set off for a mile-long warm-up yog north on N. Community House.

The Thang

Yog Up Community House, left before the new fancy-schmancy apartment complex (“The Lowrie”), past the parking deck that Pop Tart didn’t want YHC to see, left around some building tagged as “Toringdon (some random number), and into the parking lot beside it for a quick COP:

Windmill x 10 IC
IW x 15 IC
LSS x 10 IC

Walk behind the hedges to the rockpile no one else knew existed (Fire Hazard: how the hell did you find this?), let the black cat scurry away, and grab a rock you won’t like moving with. Mosey to the aforementioned parking deck, base of the ramp.

Round 1: 5 reps of 4 rock moves (curls, OH press, tri extension, and bent over rows) at each of 4 points up the ramps. Down the stairs to the base again.

Round 2: 10 reps of all 4 moves

Round 3: 15 reps of all 4 moves

Mosey back to the rockpile, drop off your coupon, and over to the southern most row of parking spots along Toringdon.

Time for parking spot partner burpees (or whatever Tuck dubbed it when he made it up). P1 starts doing one burpee in each parking space while P2 runs to the end and back to meet P1. Flapjack until all spaces have been burpeed. 100 parking spots. This was painful and stupid.

With about 15 minuted left, we started to mosey back to launch. Stopped once to plank for a minute while Q caught his breath. With a couple minutes left and not quite at the Brave’s 4-mile requirement, we did 25 LBCs and run to Which Wich and back. That hit 4.01 miles and we ended with a minute of plank. Finito.


Pop Tart is going to swim in a big rubber suit this weekend to prevent getting struck by lighting. YHC pictured him in a big condom (a la “The Naked Gun”) and haven’t been able to get the visual out of my head.

Fire Hazard’s figure is looking quite chunky. Next time you see him, encourage him to eat a few more salads.

One Niner chose to go shirtless this morning. He didn’t appreciate the idea of carrying a rock up parking deck ramps, so he just chose not to. No one will mistake Niner and Fire Hazard with their shirts off.

Erector is getting ready for his big move to TN. He’s not happy that they don’t have any running workouts in Knoxville. No, Erector, they don’t. They’re not nearly as stupid as we are.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for letting me lead.


A51 vs. SOB paintball on September 15th. Pop Tart and Madame T figuring details. HC for that one.

3 Years of F3

9 pax showed up. 9 pax got their money’s worth. Here’s how:

COP: (all IC) SSH x 25, merkins x 15, IW x 25, Peter Parker x 15, LSS x10, Parker Peter x 15

Mosey down to the track for some 4 corners:
Round 1: 25 merkins at each corner
Round 2: 25 dolly
Round 3: 25 CDDs
Round 4: 25 LBCs
Round 5: 25 Plank Jacks

Head back up toward the parking lot, stop along the steps to grab a lifting rock:
Round 1: 25 overhead presses, 25 tricep extensions
Round 2: 25 curls, 25 bent over rows
Round 3: 25 overhead presses, 25 tricep extensions
Round 4: 25 curls, 25 bent over rows

People’s chair against the bathroom walls accompanied by 2 rounds of 25 overhead presses.

Mary: 6-inch crunches x 10 IC
Box cutter x 20 IC
Rosalita x 15 IC
Hourglass x 20
American Hammer x 15
LBC x 20 OYO

Burpees x 5. Done.

Ye Ol’ Moleskine

I can’t really say anything about the impact of F3 on my life that hasn’t already been said. You have all made me a better man, and those closest to me: the M, my 2.0, my family, my clients, have all benefitted, and I can’t thank you all enough. 3 years = 1,095 days. This morning, we all did 1,095 reps. It was kind of crazy how the timing worked out perfectly (much like my finding this glorious brotherhood) and we did those last 5 burpees with about 3 seconds to spare. I guess the workout lasted 44:57, then. #cobains. Some observations:

Abba, once again, needed a ruck or a weight vest to be slowed down. He was out front all morning. Keep him and his family in your prayers as he embarks on a missionary trip to Thailand for the next 2-3 years #HIM. Big, muscular dude in Thailand? Yeah, he might stand out a little bit.

YHC has never had the pleasure of meeting Stalker or Spanxx, but it looks like they attended to send Abba off right. Hope to see you guys out at Base Camp again. Strong performances by both of you.

Glad Fireman Ed showed up. He Qed YHC’s first post, and was lucky to not get charged with attempted murder that day. To a fat, out-of-shape YHC, it was absolutely brutal, but it was exactly the kind of kick-in-the-ass that was needed. Thanks for always being there the last 3 years, Ed!

Spinner, Thumper, and Sardine are becoming Base Camp regulars. Always glad to see them out there putting in work!

Thunder Road was his typical silent killer. Keeps his mouth shut and just gets the job done. YHC thinks he was the only one that wasn’t struggling with the lap of 100 merkins #beast.

I’m sure the high schoolers that came to do whatever they were doing had some choice thoughts about the old dudes running around a track doing crazy sh!t. If YHC had been thinking clearly, we would have done monkey humpers on that last lap.

Fireman Ed sounds like a female tennis player when lifting a rock. I think he woke his neighbors. He’ll just claim his rock was so much bigger than everyone else’s #sizematters

Pax were NOT happy when YHC called burpees for the 4th round of 4 corners. That was never going to happen – YHC isn’t that crazy #maybeIam #moderateworkout

I don’t know what or where I would be without finding F3 3 years ago. Give it away. Pay it forward. Think about the impact it has had on your life and drag your friends, co-workers, and family (kicking and screaming if you have to) to a workout. They WILL thank you for it. It is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another person, as it is the gift of strength, health, confidence, leadership, etc., etc.


Some prayers needed – Abba and his family, Dumpster Fire and his family (loss of brother), Mic Check and his family (son suffered a bad head injury this weekend playing rugby), ‘Bout Time and his family (son). Remember that we are a light of hope for our brothers, sometimes when they need it the most.