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Variety Pack

It’s been a while since I’ve Q’d Thrive. Lots of newer guys. Let’s mix it up a little bit.

Oh, nm, there wasn’t one as Nomad needed his beauty sleep. Frankly, he needs a lot more but different topic for a different BB

The Thang
We start on time according to Apple. My iPhone said 5:30 so we launched. Bullwinkle claims we were early. Careful as Apple could get offended and they now run everything along with Google. Tread lightly on criticism.

We ran to a random spot on the road ignoring any possibility of danger. More to come on this…..

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Oh look, there is Bullwinkle….late. 5 Burpees OYO. No sign of Hoffa yet. Nor Turnpike for that matter.
Windmill IC x10

That’s enough so let’s mosey to the field.

Broadjump Burpees across the field: That’s a Broadjump forward and then a Burpee. Repeato across the field. The jumps seemed to get shorter and shorter. Everything is easy for the first 3 but that’s a loooooong field. Not sure Bob Dole and his gimp arm….I mean Horsehead was doing burpees correctly but who am I to judge form.

Once at the other end of the field, we carefully circled around the fence mostly because Hairband is a slow learner and there is a guide wire. The last guide wire caused Horsehead to carry a pen in his gimp arm aka Bob Dole.

At the hill, we do 7s. Burpees at the bottom, Run backwards up the hill. Bombjacks at the top. Run back down the hill. Finish at the top. Seemed to be a sweet follow to Broadjump Burpees. The whining and complaining seemed a little loud. Or maybe just because I had Spidey aka Bernanke and his sweet Spiderman toboggan near me. A toboggan when it’s warm? Way to be creative Bernanke! Sorta like the Fed right now actually.

Finish at the top and we do various planks till everyone finishes.

So, we’ve done Burpees, Bombjacks, hill work. Thus, it’s time to run. Begin with a mosey and at each light pole, increase your pace. Finish at the stop sign.

At first light pole, we do a lunge walk to the next light pole. Rosalita IC while we gather.
2nd light pole to 3rd light pole, we reverse lunge walk. Dolly IC while we gather. It was during this that we had a car come up on us. Not sure who was more scared, the driver or us. Sorta think he must have thought we were doing some kind of block the road protest as he was scared to pull through even after we got off the road. Maybe Hairband was protesting. We had run after all.

After surviving our protest, we cross the road and backwards run from 3rd light pole to 2nd light pole. Flutters IC while we gather.
From 2nd light to 1st light, we crab walked half the way and flipped over and bear crawled the rest of the way. LBCs IC while we gather.

Mosey back to the intersection. Again we do an increasing pace run at each light to the stop sign.

Back to the field for Broadjump Burpees back across. I had planned for a Burpee run with 10 burpees at each Island but HH wanted some more Broadjump Burpees for him to ignore. Planks while we gather.

Along the way, Madison was whining that there wasn’t any arm work. Not sure what he was doing on his burpees but apparently skipped the merkin part. But whatever, he’ll whine and threaten to wear yoga pants if we don’t make him happy so mosey to the parking lot.

Line up on a line and bear crawl to the next parking space line. Increasing number of merkins at each parking space line w/ bear crawls in between.

Then we do 2 spaces forward, one space back run.

Freddie Mercury IC x20
Dolly IC x35


Thanks to Hairband? for taking us out

– Welcome to Shake & Bake. So named as his favorite movie was Talledega Nights. Way to push through and keep going.
– Some mockery that my broad jumps might have an extra skip to them. If you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t trying. Stop your crying Madison
– Lots of movement today though not a ton of miles.
– A little bit of variety for all today. Some burpees, some merkins, some bear crawls (for Lamont), some running and some dodge car. If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball. #lifelessons
– Countertop was there in our memories. As was Turnpike. Shepherd saved us from the Flu. Appreciate that.
– The Count was almost late. So late that he didn’t show up in a bandana. I didn’t realize till midway through the workout that he did end up getting his bandana in. He’ll never let us down.
– That’s about all the mockery I got. Thx for letting me lead.

Glass Joe

Find a hill and run it

We haven’t done many run heavy Qs and I’m behind in some mileage so it’s time to make it up.

EE with 4 miles. Kiefer with 5. YHC with 5.5. Blowout with like 5.75-6.

The Thang
Quick mosey to near the hill leading out of the parking lot

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x20

After a quick question to Blowout about what a certain sign meant (don’t drink the water – bad idea he assures me which I believe), we mosey up and out of the parking lot.

Beginning at the intersection, we are going to suicide run the hill going over the railroad tracks. There are 5 light poles so run up and back down each one. Running repeats up a hill? Is this Fastwitch or Monroe? Plank hoping to not get hit by any cars while we gather.

Now we are going to lunge walk up the hill to the top. At each light pole, I call out stop and we did the following exercises (started at the first pole so only four poles #merciful):
LBCs OYO x20
Merkins OYO x20
Low, Slow Squats x20
Burpees x10

Mosey across the bridge. Gather near the firehouse for Flutters In Cadence while some catch up

Mosey to the rails near the Gov’t building. At the top of the rails, we all do rail holds while the person at the top bear crawls under us. When he gets to the last one doing rail holds, the next one at the top then bear crawls under. Basically, an Indian Rail Hold Bear Crawl.

Once the first guy gets to the end of the rails, we then go back up the rails but this time, do crab walks instead of bear crawls moving up.

And just to ensure we wreck our shoulders, we do rail slides all the way to the bottom.

Mosey to the stairs at the gov’t building and then we go up the stairs and a fast pace run on the walkway around the building. We get deposited onto a brick walkway.

Oh look, it’s lined with trees. Run between the trees and at each tree, do 10 merkins OYO. Total of 7 crape myrtle trees. LBCs in cadence while we gather.

Now we are going to mosey down to the Railroad Depot. At the RR Depot, there is a line of 8 trees. It’s uphill to the top tree. This is good for us. Tree suicides where we run backwards up the hill to each tree and then a normal run back down. Some talk that our #SundaySix run might be a #SundayFour run as this sucked.

Now we have to get back to the parking lot. A sort of quick Indian Run seems right.

Stop at the top of the hill going into the park. Run down, run back up and then run down again. Because, hills and running.

Mosey to the end of the parking lot for 2MOM:

Rosalita IC En Espanol x30
Dolly IC x10
6 Inch Leg Holds


Prayers for family in Unionville who lost a Wife/Mom this week
Prayers for family whose house burned down in Unionville area
Thanks to Espresso for taking us out

– Welcome to FNG Mr. Crabs. Real name is Alex and brought out by Espresso. Got to Mr Crabs because someone, for unknown reason, said SpongeBob but that seemed to easy. He barely avoided Hillary and/or Bernie. #toosoon Great work out there this morning. Hope to see you back.
– This was a lot of running. Stairs, uphill suicides and just a lot of goodness. I had the mileage at 3.6. Add in the pre-run of 5.5 and that put me over 9 for the morning. #solid
– Hoffa seemed pleased with the running. Pleased in the sense he was ready to kill me at several moments.
– Great work by Nekot. He enjoyed it so much that he wants to join our #SundaySix apparently.
– Some comments on my lunge walking (at least I know Pikachu was chiming in). You short guys get easy merkins so only fair I use my long legs for lunge walking.
– Blowout was beasting both the pre-run and workout today.
– All of this is really Kiefer’s fault since he always asks for hills.
– Honored to lead this group of really solid guys.

Glass Joe

Hairburner Recovery

Some past complaints that my gear workouts are gearish at best. I reject these complaints as my definition of gear is just more broad than you meatheads. Nevertheless, you want gear? I got your gear alright.

The Thang
Lunge Walk w/ KB from in front of school to far end of parking lot. Yay long legs

Mosey to middle of parking lot.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10
Mountain Climbers IC x20

Mosey to the other side of the parking lot where the guys see the plates. Some groaning but last I checked, plates are definitely gear.

Split up into teams of 4. One hairburns while the other 3 do called exercises and then flip-flop as needed. Hairburn around the perimeter of the parking lot to where the KBs are.

At the KBs,
2 Hand Swings x20
Goblet Squats x20
Skull Crushers x20
Triceps x20 (???)
1 Hand Swings x10 (both hands)

Once everyone is done, start the hairburners around the perimeter again.

We did repeato for 3 circuits. On the 4th, we dropped off one plate.

After the 4th round of KBs, we press and walked the KB back to in front of the school. Switch hands half way.

As Billy Mays would say, ‘But wait, there’s more.’ We still have a plate to get back.

This time, we do everyone pushes for a 10 count and then switch. Called exercise for those not pushing.

Plate delivered to my truck.

Rosalita IC En Espanol x20
Dolly IC x50 (winner)


– Posted so I won’t get in trouble. At least 14 hours to spare until the next Overdrive.
– Apparently this one hurt. Bad. The Count was still complaining on Monday. You can thank EE as they are his plates
– You want gear? You got gear!

Glass Joe

Year End Review

In typical banker fashion, it’s time to review the highlights (or lowlights) of the last year. Fortunately, no HR required though all complaints will be HR-esque ignored. Hey, look, it’s a Thrive Site Q. Didn’t know those actually existed. Now that we are all ‘Happy’, let’s go.

My #F3Greensboro guy fart-sacked on me so I was late for the run. Nomad and YHC still managed to get 2 solid miles in.

The Thang
Mosey to the lot beside Carolina Courts near the Trash Dumpster. Helps to clear the senses.

Hoffa is late but a respect so Burpees OYO x5
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmill IC x10

Fast Paced Indian Run around the backside of Carolina Courts to the Intersection

Mountain Climbers IC x20

Along the road, we are going to do a increasing pace run. Each tall light (lit or unlit), you will increase your pace until in a full out sprint from the last light to the intersection. HB appreciated this. Plank exercises while the PAX gathered

Along the back road, run to each light (tall or short) and 10 bomb jacks at each light. Yes Nomad, each and every light.

Backtrack slightly to the hill. Burpee 7s with Burpees at the bottom and the top of the hill. Run backwards up the hill. #greatcombo

Mosey back down the hill to the field. Partner up.

Wheelbarrows across the field. Flip Flop as needed. As a merciful Q, the first flip flop is on the house. Every time after though requires 5 merkins and then you can start the wheelbarrow across. Heels to Heaven as the PAX gather

Mosey to the steps by the sand pit. We are going to do shoulder taps in cadence with feet advancing on the steps. Basically, feet on first step, Shoulder Taps IC x10. Then move feet to second step, repeato. Third step (for those tall enough), repeato. Then work back down. Nice followup to the wheelbarrows. So much so that the Q called it on the way back down. #HRignoresallcomplaints

Mosey over to the wall. The People’s Chair w/ Arm Raises and Donkey Kick combos

50 ARs/10 DKs
75 ARs/15 DKs
100 ARs/20 DKs
125 ARs/25 DKs
150 ARs/30 DKs

Mosey back to the parking lot for 4 MOM:
The Flag has fallen. Happy places it back up and we pay the penalty:
Burpees OYO x10
Rosalita En Espanol IC x25
Freddie Mercury IC x20
Flutters IC x20

Prayers for Posse’s job search.
Reminder of The Sanctuary on Monday nights at 7 (???) at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel for any guys who can make it. Check Twitter @F3UnionCo for times/books being discussed.
Thanks to Shepherd (??) for taking us out.

– Great work by all. Sort of a year end review of some of my great ideas over the last year. Some borrowed, some created. All enjoyed.
– Great to have Posse and Ranger out with us. Posse is half the man he once was in that good F3 way.
– Glad to have Happy back out with us as well. Know it’s been a tough road with what you are battling through but try not to be a stranger to the Gloom. It’s got it’s own healing properties (#notaprofessional). Way to tough it out!
– Thx to Shepherd for the non-stale cookies. Santa Glass Joe suffered through some stale week old sugar cookies is the story behind that. The bite and spit method was used but still was rough (not a sugar cookie fan to begin with)
– Hoffa joined us….late but he still joined.
– Nomad pushed hard throughout though I noticed the last light attempt to skip some Bomb Jacks. I’ll call it a sugar rush confusion but the Q had no mercy and called him back.
– HB seemed to really enjoy the running. No actually, he’s healthy and can run with us so I think he really did. #solid
– One last note, HB/Shep/YHC went for some coffee afterwards and discussed the problem we continue to grapple with at F3. The lack of meaningful male friendships. The challenges accomplished together as men. The stuff that makes F3 what F3 is. I know with the 2016 I’ve dealt with that the problem was magnified in my life. Facing my Ms medical issues that could be life lasting and potentially affecting my kids has made me realize how crucial F3 has been in my life. From the mentorship of Shepherd, the friendship with the PAX and the prayers from many even those who haven’t ever met my wife, I’m not sure how I would have handled 2016 ten years ago but it wouldn’t have been as good as it was with F3 in my life. I can’t repay my gratitude so I’ll make sure you suffer through some workouts with me. And through that suffering, we end up solving the problem over and over. #F3secretsauce

Thanks for letting me lead!

Glass Joe

A Walk in the Park

Knew a few guys were out. The cold surely didn’t help. But a few brave men ventured out into it.

EE and I frosted over for 4-5 miles.

The Thang
Gloves gathered as YHC knew what was coming. #mercy
Mosey to the bridge.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Low, Slow Squats IC x20

Grab a rock. Not too small. Not too big. Make it good for tossing. Mosey to the field with your rock

Squat, grab your rock, curl it up, press and toss the rock. Going all the way across the field to Hot Dog Hill.

At Hot Dog Hill, 7s.
Round One: Merkins/Squats
Round Two: LBCs/Lower Leg Lifts

Back up Hot Dog Hill
Bear Crawl down steep backside of Hot Dog Hill
Run back up and repeat

Back to our rocks for a walk around the park with some stops for exercises.

Lunge Walk with Rock to benches
At benches, Dips x25 & Step Ups x25
Walking Rock Press to tree
10 burpees OYO
Upright Row walk with Rock to Wall
Flutters w/ Rock Press IC x20
Walking Rock Curl to Bicycle
Skull Crusher w/ Leg Lift IC x15
Squat/Curl/Press/Toss w/ Rock to Concrete
Finished with the walk

Squat Thrust IC x15

And let’s put the rocks back. Nekot complains his arms are useless and I’m cold so let’s run

Run up the entrance to the park and continue up to Railroad Hill Bridge and then back down.

Flutters IC x20


YHC took us out. Thanks for prayers for Paige

– YHC always has extra gloves in his truck. For good reason this morning as it was 20 degrees and we are using rocks.
– The rock walk was long and terrible. Arms were useless by the end.
– Bear crawling down the backside of Hot Dog Hill is terrible on core.
– Good push in the cold.

Thanks for letting me lead.

Glass Joe

Whine and Cheese

Warm-up run around Carolina Courts.

– SSH (X21 IC)
– LSS (X20 IC)
– WM’s (X20 IC)

The Thang:

Mosey to Shelter:
– Donkey kicks (X20 OYO)
– Dips (X20 OYO)
– Step-ups (X20 OYO)
Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to side street, then IR to next corner:
– Dollies (X20 OYO)
– Bear crawl to 2nd lamp post
– Lunge walk to next lamp post
– 7’s on the hill:  Carolina DD’s at the top, LSS’s at the bottom

Mosey down to bottom of hill – side of soccer field:
– LBC’s (X20 OYO)
– go across quarter of the field, 5 Burpees (OYO)
Rinse and repeat, add 5 to each exercise, half-way across, 3/4 across, then to far side.

Mosey to the wall:
– Peoples’ Chair with 50 air presses
– 5 Burpess (OYO)
– Repeato with 100 air presses
– Burpee fake out, then mosey to parking lot for a little Mary:
– Dying cockroaches (X20 IC)
– Rosalitas (X20 IC)
– Dollies (X15 IC)

The PAX offered plenty of whine with the rain, but Shepherd was serving up no cheese! Nothing like a few good exercises on your six in the puddles on the road and on the wet soccer field!

Uptown or Downtown

#F3Monroe doesn’t take vacations even if it’s close to Thanksgiving.

Blowout, FNG and YHC for a nice 5 mile pre-run around Uptown/Downtown Monroe.

The Thang
Mosey to the start of the parking lot

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10 (Slow variety to the chagrin of Shepherd)

Run out of the park to the intersection.
Lunge Walk up Railroad Hill. Slow and terribly long lunge walk uphill.

Mosey on to the Train Depot parking lot.

Parking Space Suicides. 2 spaces forward, 1 space back.
Reverse Parking Space Suicides. 2 spaces backwards, 1 space forwards

Mosey to the lower side of the parking lot.

Tree Suicides. 8 trees. Oh yeah, it’s uphill. Well, only one way.

Mosey to some more parking spaces.

Bear crawl across the space, burpee at each line. This finally helped Shepherd get warmed up.

Cross the street to the courthouse.

DORA 1/2/3. Partner combined 100 merkins/200 lbcs/300 squats. Partner one runs up to the top of the steps and does 10 bomb jacks while P2 does the exercises. Flip Flop until done.

Mosey to the courtyard in front of the courthouse.

Feet on the steps, 10 shoulder touches. Move feet to the next step up. 10 shoulder touches. Feet up and 10 shoulder touches. Feet down and 10 shoulder touches. Feet down and 10 shoulder touches. Done with this. Lots of grunting.

Mosey over to do some rail slides. Was going for the shorter rails when Blowout mentioned the rails over to the side which wrapped around a walkway. Great call out. #hegetsit Rail slides down and around.

Start the mosey back to the park.

At the bridge over the railroad tracks, it’s time for some more lunge walking. Because, why not?
Once over the bridge, reverse lunge walk down to the road sign.

Mosey back to the park and to Hotdog Hill. Hadn’t originally planned to do this but with Shepherd doing his first visit to #F3Monroe, I had to add it in.

Backwards run up Hotdog Hill. 7 Bombjacks at the top and run back down. Repeato for 6,5….2,1. Backwards runs up Hotdog Hill start to be really fun around the 3rd time up. Shepherd fell in love with Hotdog Hill. At least I think he did.

Mosey back to the cement area

Rosalita IC x20


YHC took us out

– Welcome to FNG Ramslayer. So named because he’s a NCSU grad and we just whooped some UNC tail in football the day before thus Ramslayer. Not only did he push through the workout but he pushed through after joining us for a pre-run. Great job!!!
– And I see the champagne colored truck pulling in and it looks like Shepherd but he hadn’t pre-warned me on a #F3Monroe visit. Nevertheless, it was great to have him and show him the sights and sounds of Uptown/Downtown Monroe as well as the experience of backwards up Hotdog Hill
– Is it Uptown or Downtown Monroe? A question only Horsehead could really answer if he wasn’t refusing to come to #F3Monroe. #elbowintwo
– The Train Depot parking lot was very useful. Perfectly lined up trees for suicides that require a climb. Almost like a Taxpayer funded dream for me.
– I saw those stairs when Hushpuppy Q’d and been thinking about them ever since. They were in fact as useful as I thought they would be.

Until next time!!!

The Day After

BB posted before the following week’s workout. #winning

The Thang
HB Mile

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills (slow variety) IC x10
Mountain Climbers IC x20

Mosey over to the plates where the plan is given. Hairburners to one end of the parking lot. At one end were KB swings, Skullcrushers, Jump Rope and Micah Tyson Punch Out. At the other end were Skull Crushers, Goblet Squats, Good Mornings and Curls (maybe). Do each exercise for 1 minute and then rotate to the next exercise. After everyone has done each one at least once, we do hairburners to the other end of the parking lot. Push till you collapse.

Repeato ad nauseam until about 3 minutes remaining

Rosalita IC x20
Flutters IC x20


Thanks to Shepherd for taking us out

– Great work by all.
– Hairburners as active recovery just seems wrong.
– Knew it would be a small crowd the day after Turkey indulgence but glad to have Good Luck with us vising from Asheville.

Glue Factory

Horsehead is Q at Monroe. Shortly after his Q begins, he is sent to the glue factory. The gloom can be dangerous when you can’t see a wire strung across. And it’s dangerous when HH is your Q.

EE joined Kiefer and YHC for a solid pre-run. Kiefer claims he didn’t know he could run that fast. My bet is he can be even faster. EE quickly jets off to #F3Outland

The Thang
HH was going on some sort of recon mission. He apparently missed the booby trap wire strung across. He comes back complaining about elbow pain. I wave it off as normal HH refusal excuse. #compassion

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Mountain Climbe…..Nevermind, HH nearly puked due to pain.

Ignoring sanity, he decides to press on. We grab two sandbags and carry them over to the bottom of hotdog hill.
Partner up and do Sandbag squats while partner runs up to the top of Hotdog HIll and does 5 merkins. Flip flop and then repeat.

At this point, HH bows out as the pain is too much. We take the sandbags back to his truck and he heads off to the glue factory.

YHC takes over and off we go.

Mosey to the softball field across from the Farmer’s Market
Ark Loader x3
Round 1: Bear Crawl to First. Crab Walk to Second, Lunge Walk to 3rd. Frog Hop to Home
Round 2: Duck Waddle to First, Lunge Walk to Second, Panther Walk to 3rd, Bear Crawl to Home
Round 3: Bear Crawl to First, Frog Hop to Second, Lunge Walk to 3rd, Crab Walk to Home

Legs are shot so let’s do stupid stuff

The Softball field is in a nasty hole. And the hill is literally almost straight down at the point I took us too.
Bear Crawl up/Bear Crawl Down. The down is simply nasty. Great core work to keep yourself from falling down the hill.
Repeato but this time, Nekot’s arms do a refusal so he slides down the hill. Great work brother.

Mosey back to the park to Hotdog Hill on the steep side.
Backwards Run Up with Bombjacks at the top and then run back down. 7 Bombjacks first round all the way down to 1 Bombjacks. #smoker

Now Lunge Walk to the covered area. Much complaining at this point. #success

At the covered table, we put our feet on the table bench and do 10 shoulder taps each shoulder. Without resting, move your feet to the top of the table and do 10 more shoulder taps each should. Then repeat back on the bench.

After losing HH and Boondocks, we have 4 remaining and I see 4 swings. Mosey down to Swings for Donkey Kicks IC x15

Now we lunge walk again across the field to the bottom of Hotdog Hill.

Back at Hotdog Hill, we run up to the top and do the Pledge in honor of upcoming elections.

And then I see the backside of Hotdog Hill is also really steep. I mean, really steep. Bear Crawl Down and Bear Crawl Up. After Round 1, Nomad seems to be wanting a Round 2 and you can’t just do something once, so Repeato. #awfulcore

We run down Hotdog Hill and again, Nomad reminds me we can’t do something once so we ran back up Hotdog Hill to the flagpole and then back down.

At the bottom, TPC x50 against the vertical poles. Again Nomad says we can’t do something once so we do repeato with TPC x150

2 MOM:
Rosalita IC x21 (Your Espanol is terrible except for Kiefer)


Prayers for HH and Paige.
Thanks to Nomad for taking us out.

– So HH really did end up breaking his elbow. Sorry to hear that brother! Hope it heals quickly. Way to try to tough it out.
– The Ark Loader was a spectacular start for your legs. Only went downhill from there.
– Downhill Bear Crawls on steep descent were also spectacular. Well, Nekot’s slide down was spectacular.
– It was all on the fly but managed to smoke some legs. Nekot threatened to kick me on social media but then he was so hurt that he couldn’t lift his legs. #Qwisdom
– The backwards up Hotdog Hill is one of Kiefer’s favorites. He pulled it out again just for him.

Thanks for letting me lead (or well, letting me take over once we put HH down).

Glass Joe

Rocking The Anger

Originally, this was supposed to be Viper’s Q. Then I sort of stuck him with my three daughters (Viper is my Dad for the unknowing) so he wisely backed away leaving this one to me. And I pull in for the pre-run and Kiefer asks if I saw the sign saying Park was reserved and closed to public. Nope. I didn’t see that. Hmmmmm. So my late Q now needs a new Weinke as my plan is shot as I’m worried if we leave the park, we might get towed. Fortunately I have a pre-run to figure it out.

Pre-Run with Kiefer. It was pretty much all uphill.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmill IC x10

Mosey to the covered tables.
Dips x 20
Step Ups each leg x20
Squats x 20


Mosey to Hotdog Hill on the steepest side for a different sort of 7s:
Backwards run up Hotdog Hill, Bombjacks x7, Run back down
Backwards run up Hotdog Hill, Bombjacks x6, Run back down
Backwards run up Hotdog Hill, Bombjacks x1, Run back down

There was complaining and maybe some anger. I encouraged or mocked. One of those two. It was great either way

Mosey to the gravel loop around the park.

10 lunges, 10 seconds of running. Repeato around the loop until we get to the bridge.

Once to the bridge, go grab a rock. Make it one your wife would be proud of. Carry your rock to the field.
5 exercises, 20 reps of each exercise, after each exercise run to the pole and back.
Exercises: Curls, Triceps, Squat Thrusts, Flutter Press, Upgraded Skull Crushers (Bring your knees up to almost meet the rock lifting from the ground above your face – because safety first of course).

Repeato with 15 reps each exercise
Repeato with 10 reps each exercise

Then we held our rocks in front of us for a GJ 20 count. Starmount criticized the slowing down of my cadence. Just doing what I can to make it burn Brother.

Mosey to the cement pavilion area

Run up and down steps 5 times each

The People’s Chair with back against the bar with 100 air presses

Dolly IC x20
Rosalita IC en Espanol x21 (mostly to see how bad you were on 20 in Spanish)
Flutters IC x20


– Smallish crowd but we got work done.
– Starmount got to experience his first bit of backwards uphill running. The belief is it’s really good for you. No clue if that’s true but any steep hill needs to be run up…backwards. Just seems right at this point.
– I think the sign about reserved was a lie. Still, it was wise to hang around just in case.
– Kiefer and Starmount actually met a year ago. And Kiefer tried to EH Starmount then. Only took a year to make it happen. #results
– Nice to get some rock usage in. I’d been eyeing them for the first few weeks. They will be used again. Just too tempting.

Thanks for letting me lead

Glass Joe