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The 3 Rs

Let’s keep this one simple. Hard enough to explain things without Hoffa getting angry.

The Thang

Begin with a run around the perimeter gravel path at the park.
Oh yeah, 4 stops for Burpees x5.

COP back at the courtyard
SSH IC x35
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x20

Run to the other side of the park at the bridge.
Grab a rock. Make it a rock your M, significant other or at least your Mom would be proud of.
*Unexpected surprise since some of you grabbed a rock that no one would be proud of, we rotated rocks after each round*

Do Bombjacks x10
Round 1 w/ Rock: Curls x30
Run around the park stopping at the same places as the first run and Bombjacks x10 at each stop

Bobby Hurley’s x15
Round 2 w/Rock: Curls x30, Triceps x20
Run with Bobby Hurley’s x15 at each stop

Carolina Drydocks x20
Round 3 w/Rock: Curls x30, Triceps x20, Good Mornings x20
Run with Carolina Drydocks x20 at each stop

Squats x25
Round 4 w/Rock: Curls x30, Triceps x20, Good Mornings x20, Skull Crusher & Bring your knees up to meet the rock x15
Run with Squats x25 at each stop

Stop at the bottom of the hill.
Backwards run up the hill to the flagpole.
Run to the stairs back down to the courtyard

3 Rounds of Tonawandas (A rail slide with a merkin on each slide down the entire length of the rail)

Rosalita IC En Espanol x25
Backscratchers IC x10


– Notice my BBs get done. Unlike Hoffa’s who claims he lost his weinke or finally washed it. Which raises many more questions actually.
– Strong work by the guys. This had a little something for everyone and by the looks of how many quit during Tonawandas, a little too much for some.
– Some complaining about the discrepancy in rocks. Choose bigger rocks next time and we may not have to rotate rocks.
– Great to have Nekot posting to do what he can….which was mainly mocking us, laughing at us, and some weird hitchhiker movement exercise. Only a shake weight would have made it less inappropriate. Nevertheless, glad to have you posting again.
– Great to have FNG Wet Fly. I’ve known him through a few classes the M and YHC have taught at our church. He’s a great dude who is a fly fisherman. So, we were aiming towards Dry Fly and then Nekot chimes in that there is also Wet Fly’s and well, that will cause him to explain his name a lot more than Dry Fly so we went with it. Pretty sure that was a disappointing head shake from Shepherd over it. #groupmoralconscience
– Hoffa was his normal, lovely self
– Awesome to have Shepherd join us again. Always appreciate his support
– Green Thumb made it back out and is getting ready for the Reserves
– eHarmony looked beat down. HB should take an assist on that one.
– We also got back our Pikachu. Welcome addition to have him back.
– Starting to get some better numbers in Monroe which is great to see. Appreciate all you guys showing up and putting up with me.
– Converging with Outland next Saturday with quite a few of us out with a service project.

Glass Joe

When does the workout start?

Thrive has a great AO with lots of options in a very compact space. But every time I show up, I see that hill and it just draws me in. I can’t resist it. And you guys get to suffer for my ADD.

We had 6 pre-runners this morning. Along the way we cleared up some fallen branches on meth lane then ran up to Monroe Rd and back. And Thurston ran with us even though he is no longer training for the BRR. #solid

The Thang
Mosey around the parking lot passing the dumpsters just to open up your nostrils some. Circle up in the parking lot.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills (Abe Vigoda style) IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x15

Mosey to the side road.
Island #1: Bombjacks x10
Island #2: Burpees x10
Island #3: Bombjacks x10
Island #4: Burpees x10

Burpees at the stop sign until everyone is either finished or passed out. Mosey to the hill

You suckas been calling 7s on this hill. I envision 11s so let’s get after it.

Round 1: Merkins at the Bottom and Drydocks at the top
Round 2: LBCs at the Bottom and Heels to Heaven at the top. Lots of complaining from Horse about the LBCs in the swamp at the bottom but he actually did them.

Mosey to the field. Partner up

Wheelbarrows across the field switching as needed. The first switch was on me. Every switch after required the guy about to hand walk to do 5 merkins (really derkins) before he started. This seemed to cause a lot of switching.

As we gather:
Flutters IC x15
Rosalita IC x20

In honor of Countertop, Pepper pods back across the field. Basically sprint until YHC says down and you fall/slide to the ground. Once everyone is down, I call up and you jump up and sprint again.

Back to the hill:
Backwards run up the hill/Forwards run down the hill x5 (last backwards was a AYG). Sorta funny to see the annoyance building as I kept saying backwards run up.

Back to the field:
Pepper pods half-way across
Broadjump Burpees across the other half

Mosey back to the parking lot. Bernanke was the first to stop at the water fountain though a few other turkeys followed him.

Bernanke water penalty (own the blame Brother): Burpees x5

In honor of the mythical Countertop: Backscratchers IC x20
In honor of Zip: Rosalita IC x20
Legs at 90 degrees for 30 seconds
Legs at 10 degrees for 30 seconds


Thanks to Nomad for taking us out
Prayers for Orbit’s cousin.

– Strong work by everyone. I wanted this one to be a grind with a you vs you on the hill and then just a tough wheelbarrow across that field.
– I’m not saying that hill should require 11s but yes, there should only be 11s on that hill.
– Bernanke told me he hated me. That was right before he knew I was about to burpee penalty him for stopping at the water fountain. Great timing Brother.
– Bullwinkle beat Hoffa there. Give yourself an extra minute or two to get to Thrive with all the road closings around the park.
– Because it was you vs you, I didn’t hear many stories to share on the hill. I did hear Orbit skipping ahead. Pretty sure he isn’t a Math major at Wingate.
– We did debate Wingate vs Win Gate. It’s Wingate. One syllable. Embrace the Southern Orbit.
– My voice didn’t crack. #winning

Thanks for letting me lead such a strong group of guys and Hoffa.

Glass Joe

The Grind

Going to keep it simple.  Just a good, long obnoxious grind.


Double E, Hoffa, Shoeless Joe on scooters, Stacks on bike and YHC for 4+ through the hilliest pre-run in UC.

The Thang

Mosey to the courtyard and a disclaimer is given

SSH IC x20
IWs IC x20
Windmills (Abe Vigoda style) IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x15

Mosey to the bottom of Hot Dog Hill
Partner up for BLIMPS
P1 runs up the hill and at the top does 5 bombjacks and runs back down while P2 does exercises. Flapjack
Burpees IC x50
Lunges IC x100 (Lunges with both legs counts as one, no cheap counts here and yes, it’s 200 lunges counting as 100 – it’s like an opposite Shepherd count)
Imperial Walkers IC x150 (Again, anti-Shepherd with both sides count as one so really 300 total – get over it)
Merkins x200
Plank Jacks x250
Squats x300

Quick 1 minute water break in the middle as the guys were looking pretty roughed up thanks to Hot Dog Hill and the high number of reps along with the humidity.

A few teams finished early and did a run around the park as well as started on LBCs x350 until everyone finished

Running low on time but can’t resist an exercise named after the park itself.

Tonawandas three times through. It’s basically rail walk merkins down a very long rail three times.

Extended painful protractor (Don’t you dare drop those feet)



Prayers for Peanut who showed a lot of inner strength to share a personal struggle he is walking through especially as a FNG.
Continued prayers for our recovering brothers in Nekot and Woody

– This was a brutal grind. Hot Dog Hill is a steep, nasty climb especially on the side we went up it. You likely climbed it 17 or 18 times with 5 bombjacks at the top (85-90 Bombjacks). Add those to the 1,050 reps at the bottom or 1,300 reps if you are counting Hairband style. Add the sun and high humidity levels and it was just a tough one to grind through.
– But we all made it through. Okay, Green Thumb threatened, and it seemed like a legit threat the way he looked, to puke at one point but whatevs, we all made it through
– Great work by our FNG – Peanut. So named as he works for Habitat for Humanity and is from Georgia (Jimmy Carter + Georgia made it too difficult for HH to resist). Appreciate your sharing with us during and keep posting. Just a great group of guys out there.
– It was great to have Green Thumb back out. Not only did he post but he partnered with me meaning he had to probably listen to more #mumblechatter than anyone else. That’ll help build endurance….or something like that.
– Also nice to see The Late Show posting again while EHing Peanut. TLS is who EH’d me into F3 and is a guy I look up to.
– Even Bernanke showed up. Sorta. Once he found the place. Apparently his M handles the directions. But he made it and seemed to really enjoy the grind with a well-aimed ‘I hate you’ thrown at YHC once or twice.
– Hoffa…….#soangry
– Double E even seemed to get worked over with this one. #lifegoals
– HH didn’t break his arm. That’s an improvement from the last time he posted at Monroe. I did appreciate the text later Saturday that you couldn’t feel your legs. #missionaccomplished
– The 2.0s gave up on the grind early in this one.
– Really enjoyed the best coffeeteria in UC at Jud’s afterwards. Lots of food for $5. Lots.
– Thanks for letting me lead. Appreciate the crowd at one of the most unique AOs in UC.

Glass Joe

Ad Hoc Greatness

I heard no one was on Q for Thrive so I reached out to Nomad who told me first to ask means I’ve got it. Awesome. I claim it and immediately the normal FB whiners start to complain that there will be too much running and their ovaries are already starting to hurt. I promise it will all be well by 6:15. Pretty sure BW planned to be late just so we could do ‘The Bullwinkle’ (a set of 5 burpee penalties due to him being late). Pretty sure I’m not playing by those rules.

Guys start to arrive. The Respects used the paper maps in their cars to find the place. Bernanke keeps pretending he’s not a Respect. Bullwinkle is nowhere to be found. Even Hoffa makes it on time. And there is a FNG. Our resident street sleeper is asleep in his truck right beside an area I had planned to take us. Hmmmm, this could get interesting and/or awkward. Off we go.

Quick mosey around the parking lot.

Disclaimer Given

SSH IC x25
IW IC x20 (Bullwinkle suddenly pulls up).
Bombjacks x20 penalty for BWs lateness (not playing by anyone else’s rules so I forgo ‘The Bullwinkle’ for a different source of punishment)
Windmills IC x10 (Shepherd whines about the speed or his back, or his lower legs or something at least)

Mosey to the side road.
I had planned to do a variation of 10 burpees at the odd islands and 20 bombjacks at the even islands. BUT, we have our sleeping friend right beside island #1. Time to do something ad hoc.
At the 1st/3rd islands, Monkey Humpers x20 (Make sure you are pointed towards our sleeping friend’s truck)
2nd/4th islands, Bombjacks x20

Plank at the stop sign while we gather and various plank exercises

Mosey to the Hill for Hills of Sevens:
Round 1: Backwards Run up the hill, Bombjacks at Top, Burpees at Bottom. Rosalitas IC x30 while we gather.
Round 2: Bear Crawl Down the Hill, Merkins at Bottom, Crab Walk up the hill, LBCs at top
During this, I realize I may be a little tight on time so time for Ad Hoc. I call us to mosey to the side of the very long field.

In honor of Countertop who has become a myth at this point, we are all going to run for a 5 count, drop to the ground, Army crawl for 10 count, repeato across the field.
Now, we have to get back across the very long field but let’s switch it up a little. Run for 10 count, drop to the ground, Army crawl for 5 count.
Planking exercises while we gather.

Oh, we have more time than I thought so back to the hill
Backwards Run Up the Hill, Flutters at top, Lunge Walk down the hill, Squats at bottom

Now we mosey back to the field but just going across the shorter way this time.

Up/Downs – Sprint and then I’ll call Down and we all drop down. Once everyone is down, I call up and we bounce up and sprint again. Repeato across the field.

Mosey to the wall.
Airpresses x 50
Arms Straight Out Hold x 100 count

Mosey back to the parking lot
Dolly IC x51 (bunch of pansies whining about this)
Rosalita IC x30

Thx to HB for taking us out in a strong prayer

– Where do I begin with this one?
1) We did monkey humpers in front of a guy sleeping on the job
2) The Bullwinkle penalty was ignored so Bullwinkle gets no satisfaction from being late but still caused the rest of us a penalty
3) Lots of whining on the Bear Crawl/Crab Walk piece. Pretty sure Bernanke said his pulled uterus wouldn’t allow him to crab walk. Might have been about his back. Not sure so I’ll go with a pulled uterus.
– Lamont brought up a great point that you should never be at the back of a 19 man pile of monkey humpers. Good call Brother
– We had a new FNG who joined this hot mess. Mike T and we nicknamed him eHarmony. Why? Because he gave us the line ‘I found you guys online.’ Christian Mingle and Farmers Only were missed opportunities. Either way, great job pushing through and glad you joined us. Keep posting!!!
– Saw lots of guys sweating and didn’t hear a ton of chatter. Other than me. And Bullwinkle some.
– Bullwinkle claimed the day before he would Q Jack. Better luck next time.
– Got to the end of the Arms Straight Out x100 count and saw a few guys stand up. As if the Q had said recover. Q said no such thing. Back on the wall boys.
– Dolly IC xInfinity is always awesome. Lots of groans, a ‘YES’ or two, and not enough legs still going at 40. Maybe your Ms could teach you some endurance.
– We had lots of guys and at first the circle for prayer was too large. Hairband couldn’t put his arms around the guys beside him. Being the thoughtful guys we are, we tightened up the circle so his 6 inch long arms could be accommodated. #obligatoryshortjoke
– Great work by everyone. The humidity has set in, the sweat was flowing and good work got done.

Think I’ve mocked most of you. Appreciate you letting me lead.

Glass Joe

Hairburning Some Gear

There are still lingering anger issues that my last Overdrive Q involved shoes as gear and using the gear the SkyQ created known as earth. You know who you are Hairband. Of all things short, you don’t have a short memory. And the threat of perma-banning Overdrive Q privileges was verbally given earlier this week. You want gear, I’ll give you all the freaking gear your short little heart desires.

Quick mosey around the parking lot and then circle up for
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10

Instructions given which are to pair up, go to one of the 7 stations around except for Espresso and YHC. We take the plates and we do hairburners to the first station. Those guys then take the plates and do hairburners to station #2. Espresso and I stay at Station #1 until the plates make their way back around the parking lot to us. So the only time you switch stations is when it’s your turn to do hairburners. If you make it through the exercises before the plates get back around, go back through them. I don’t think most guys did especially as we got further into this one. And hope you like your partner as you are stuck with them the entire time. Poor Espresso got stuck with me. #blessings

Here are the stations (In no particular order):
Station 1: KB Swings x50, Goblet Squats x30, Cleans x10 each arm, Burpees x10
Station 2: Snatches x20 each arm, Lawn Mowers x20 each arm, Flutter press w/KB x40, Burpees x10
Station 3: Clean & Press x15 each arm, Triceps Extensions x25, LBCs w/ KBs x30, Burpees x10
Station 4: 1 Hand Swings each arm x20, Curls x40, Skull Crushers x20, Burpees x10
Station 5: Squat/Curl/Press x25, Good Mornings x25, Plank KB Pull Throughs x30, Burpees x10
Station 6: Cleans x20 each arm, KB Press x35, Russian Twists w/KB x30, Burpees x10
Station 7: Supine Rows x20, Dips x25, Decline Merkins x25, Burpees x10

Dolly IC x41 (Just to hear additional groans at 40)
Backscratchers IC x20
10 Burpees OYO


COT: Thanks to HB for taking us out

– New AO beginning May 31st at Stallings Elementary at 5:30 AM. It’s a Moderate workout with name TBD. It’s really a great AO as well.
– New running workout on Thursdays at Cuthbertson.
– T-Shirts are opening back up. There will be some new colors beyond Blue/Black. But no #smurfblue. There will be a runners Hi-Viz (sp?) shirt with the UC logo but we need to get at least 12 orders for this specialty shirt. For the rest of the colors, just 12 orders between all of them. Look for the announcement on orders opening back up soon.

– I’ll be honest that I don’t have a lot of material mainly because I was with Espresso the whole time. He isn’t known for being a proficient #mumblechatterer so I tried to fill the awkward quiet with conversation. Pretty sure he tuned me out but what a true sacrifice.
– One part during the Station Hairburners is poor MindCrime got introduced to Hairburners for the first time today. Don’t let it get you down. Hairburners kick all of our tails even when you’ve been coming for a while. It’s basically a put your arse into it and push with all you got and then collapse when done. Not to mention these are EEs plates which he has sprayed with a special epoxy to make them harder to push.
– My voice, as normal, cracked today. Mockery was had. My revenge was the 10 Burpees OYO at the end. Mockery stopped. #satisfaction
– Kotters to Tonawanda and Hoodie

Let me know if I missed anything else. Thanks for letting me lead!

Glass Joe

Variety Pack

It’s been a while since I’ve Q’d Thrive. Lots of newer guys. Let’s mix it up a little bit.

Oh, nm, there wasn’t one as Nomad needed his beauty sleep. Frankly, he needs a lot more but different topic for a different BB

The Thang
We start on time according to Apple. My iPhone said 5:30 so we launched. Bullwinkle claims we were early. Careful as Apple could get offended and they now run everything along with Google. Tread lightly on criticism.

We ran to a random spot on the road ignoring any possibility of danger. More to come on this…..

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Oh look, there is Bullwinkle….late. 5 Burpees OYO. No sign of Hoffa yet. Nor Turnpike for that matter.
Windmill IC x10

That’s enough so let’s mosey to the field.

Broadjump Burpees across the field: That’s a Broadjump forward and then a Burpee. Repeato across the field. The jumps seemed to get shorter and shorter. Everything is easy for the first 3 but that’s a loooooong field. Not sure Bob Dole and his gimp arm….I mean Horsehead was doing burpees correctly but who am I to judge form.

Once at the other end of the field, we carefully circled around the fence mostly because Hairband is a slow learner and there is a guide wire. The last guide wire caused Horsehead to carry a pen in his gimp arm aka Bob Dole.

At the hill, we do 7s. Burpees at the bottom, Run backwards up the hill. Bombjacks at the top. Run back down the hill. Finish at the top. Seemed to be a sweet follow to Broadjump Burpees. The whining and complaining seemed a little loud. Or maybe just because I had Spidey aka Bernanke and his sweet Spiderman toboggan near me. A toboggan when it’s warm? Way to be creative Bernanke! Sorta like the Fed right now actually.

Finish at the top and we do various planks till everyone finishes.

So, we’ve done Burpees, Bombjacks, hill work. Thus, it’s time to run. Begin with a mosey and at each light pole, increase your pace. Finish at the stop sign.

At first light pole, we do a lunge walk to the next light pole. Rosalita IC while we gather.
2nd light pole to 3rd light pole, we reverse lunge walk. Dolly IC while we gather. It was during this that we had a car come up on us. Not sure who was more scared, the driver or us. Sorta think he must have thought we were doing some kind of block the road protest as he was scared to pull through even after we got off the road. Maybe Hairband was protesting. We had run after all.

After surviving our protest, we cross the road and backwards run from 3rd light pole to 2nd light pole. Flutters IC while we gather.
From 2nd light to 1st light, we crab walked half the way and flipped over and bear crawled the rest of the way. LBCs IC while we gather.

Mosey back to the intersection. Again we do an increasing pace run at each light to the stop sign.

Back to the field for Broadjump Burpees back across. I had planned for a Burpee run with 10 burpees at each Island but HH wanted some more Broadjump Burpees for him to ignore. Planks while we gather.

Along the way, Madison was whining that there wasn’t any arm work. Not sure what he was doing on his burpees but apparently skipped the merkin part. But whatever, he’ll whine and threaten to wear yoga pants if we don’t make him happy so mosey to the parking lot.

Line up on a line and bear crawl to the next parking space line. Increasing number of merkins at each parking space line w/ bear crawls in between.

Then we do 2 spaces forward, one space back run.

Freddie Mercury IC x20
Dolly IC x35


Thanks to Hairband? for taking us out

– Welcome to Shake & Bake. So named as his favorite movie was Talledega Nights. Way to push through and keep going.
– Some mockery that my broad jumps might have an extra skip to them. If you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t trying. Stop your crying Madison
– Lots of movement today though not a ton of miles.
– A little bit of variety for all today. Some burpees, some merkins, some bear crawls (for Lamont), some running and some dodge car. If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball. #lifelessons
– Countertop was there in our memories. As was Turnpike. Shepherd saved us from the Flu. Appreciate that.
– The Count was almost late. So late that he didn’t show up in a bandana. I didn’t realize till midway through the workout that he did end up getting his bandana in. He’ll never let us down.
– That’s about all the mockery I got. Thx for letting me lead.

Glass Joe

Find a hill and run it

We haven’t done many run heavy Qs and I’m behind in some mileage so it’s time to make it up.

EE with 4 miles. Kiefer with 5. YHC with 5.5. Blowout with like 5.75-6.

The Thang
Quick mosey to near the hill leading out of the parking lot

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x20

After a quick question to Blowout about what a certain sign meant (don’t drink the water – bad idea he assures me which I believe), we mosey up and out of the parking lot.

Beginning at the intersection, we are going to suicide run the hill going over the railroad tracks. There are 5 light poles so run up and back down each one. Running repeats up a hill? Is this Fastwitch or Monroe? Plank hoping to not get hit by any cars while we gather.

Now we are going to lunge walk up the hill to the top. At each light pole, I call out stop and we did the following exercises (started at the first pole so only four poles #merciful):
LBCs OYO x20
Merkins OYO x20
Low, Slow Squats x20
Burpees x10

Mosey across the bridge. Gather near the firehouse for Flutters In Cadence while some catch up

Mosey to the rails near the Gov’t building. At the top of the rails, we all do rail holds while the person at the top bear crawls under us. When he gets to the last one doing rail holds, the next one at the top then bear crawls under. Basically, an Indian Rail Hold Bear Crawl.

Once the first guy gets to the end of the rails, we then go back up the rails but this time, do crab walks instead of bear crawls moving up.

And just to ensure we wreck our shoulders, we do rail slides all the way to the bottom.

Mosey to the stairs at the gov’t building and then we go up the stairs and a fast pace run on the walkway around the building. We get deposited onto a brick walkway.

Oh look, it’s lined with trees. Run between the trees and at each tree, do 10 merkins OYO. Total of 7 crape myrtle trees. LBCs in cadence while we gather.

Now we are going to mosey down to the Railroad Depot. At the RR Depot, there is a line of 8 trees. It’s uphill to the top tree. This is good for us. Tree suicides where we run backwards up the hill to each tree and then a normal run back down. Some talk that our #SundaySix run might be a #SundayFour run as this sucked.

Now we have to get back to the parking lot. A sort of quick Indian Run seems right.

Stop at the top of the hill going into the park. Run down, run back up and then run down again. Because, hills and running.

Mosey to the end of the parking lot for 2MOM:

Rosalita IC En Espanol x30
Dolly IC x10
6 Inch Leg Holds


Prayers for family in Unionville who lost a Wife/Mom this week
Prayers for family whose house burned down in Unionville area
Thanks to Espresso for taking us out

– Welcome to FNG Mr. Crabs. Real name is Alex and brought out by Espresso. Got to Mr Crabs because someone, for unknown reason, said SpongeBob but that seemed to easy. He barely avoided Hillary and/or Bernie. #toosoon Great work out there this morning. Hope to see you back.
– This was a lot of running. Stairs, uphill suicides and just a lot of goodness. I had the mileage at 3.6. Add in the pre-run of 5.5 and that put me over 9 for the morning. #solid
– Hoffa seemed pleased with the running. Pleased in the sense he was ready to kill me at several moments.
– Great work by Nekot. He enjoyed it so much that he wants to join our #SundaySix apparently.
– Some comments on my lunge walking (at least I know Pikachu was chiming in). You short guys get easy merkins so only fair I use my long legs for lunge walking.
– Blowout was beasting both the pre-run and workout today.
– All of this is really Kiefer’s fault since he always asks for hills.
– Honored to lead this group of really solid guys.

Glass Joe

Hairburner Recovery

Some past complaints that my gear workouts are gearish at best. I reject these complaints as my definition of gear is just more broad than you meatheads. Nevertheless, you want gear? I got your gear alright.

The Thang
Lunge Walk w/ KB from in front of school to far end of parking lot. Yay long legs

Mosey to middle of parking lot.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10
Mountain Climbers IC x20

Mosey to the other side of the parking lot where the guys see the plates. Some groaning but last I checked, plates are definitely gear.

Split up into teams of 4. One hairburns while the other 3 do called exercises and then flip-flop as needed. Hairburn around the perimeter of the parking lot to where the KBs are.

At the KBs,
2 Hand Swings x20
Goblet Squats x20
Skull Crushers x20
Triceps x20 (???)
1 Hand Swings x10 (both hands)

Once everyone is done, start the hairburners around the perimeter again.

We did repeato for 3 circuits. On the 4th, we dropped off one plate.

After the 4th round of KBs, we press and walked the KB back to in front of the school. Switch hands half way.

As Billy Mays would say, ‘But wait, there’s more.’ We still have a plate to get back.

This time, we do everyone pushes for a 10 count and then switch. Called exercise for those not pushing.

Plate delivered to my truck.

Rosalita IC En Espanol x20
Dolly IC x50 (winner)


– Posted so I won’t get in trouble. At least 14 hours to spare until the next Overdrive.
– Apparently this one hurt. Bad. The Count was still complaining on Monday. You can thank EE as they are his plates
– You want gear? You got gear!

Glass Joe

Year End Review

In typical banker fashion, it’s time to review the highlights (or lowlights) of the last year. Fortunately, no HR required though all complaints will be HR-esque ignored. Hey, look, it’s a Thrive Site Q. Didn’t know those actually existed. Now that we are all ‘Happy’, let’s go.

My #F3Greensboro guy fart-sacked on me so I was late for the run. Nomad and YHC still managed to get 2 solid miles in.

The Thang
Mosey to the lot beside Carolina Courts near the Trash Dumpster. Helps to clear the senses.

Hoffa is late but a respect so Burpees OYO x5
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmill IC x10

Fast Paced Indian Run around the backside of Carolina Courts to the Intersection

Mountain Climbers IC x20

Along the road, we are going to do a increasing pace run. Each tall light (lit or unlit), you will increase your pace until in a full out sprint from the last light to the intersection. HB appreciated this. Plank exercises while the PAX gathered

Along the back road, run to each light (tall or short) and 10 bomb jacks at each light. Yes Nomad, each and every light.

Backtrack slightly to the hill. Burpee 7s with Burpees at the bottom and the top of the hill. Run backwards up the hill. #greatcombo

Mosey back down the hill to the field. Partner up.

Wheelbarrows across the field. Flip Flop as needed. As a merciful Q, the first flip flop is on the house. Every time after though requires 5 merkins and then you can start the wheelbarrow across. Heels to Heaven as the PAX gather

Mosey to the steps by the sand pit. We are going to do shoulder taps in cadence with feet advancing on the steps. Basically, feet on first step, Shoulder Taps IC x10. Then move feet to second step, repeato. Third step (for those tall enough), repeato. Then work back down. Nice followup to the wheelbarrows. So much so that the Q called it on the way back down. #HRignoresallcomplaints

Mosey over to the wall. The People’s Chair w/ Arm Raises and Donkey Kick combos

50 ARs/10 DKs
75 ARs/15 DKs
100 ARs/20 DKs
125 ARs/25 DKs
150 ARs/30 DKs

Mosey back to the parking lot for 4 MOM:
The Flag has fallen. Happy places it back up and we pay the penalty:
Burpees OYO x10
Rosalita En Espanol IC x25
Freddie Mercury IC x20
Flutters IC x20

Prayers for Posse’s job search.
Reminder of The Sanctuary on Monday nights at 7 (???) at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel for any guys who can make it. Check Twitter @F3UnionCo for times/books being discussed.
Thanks to Shepherd (??) for taking us out.

– Great work by all. Sort of a year end review of some of my great ideas over the last year. Some borrowed, some created. All enjoyed.
– Great to have Posse and Ranger out with us. Posse is half the man he once was in that good F3 way.
– Glad to have Happy back out with us as well. Know it’s been a tough road with what you are battling through but try not to be a stranger to the Gloom. It’s got it’s own healing properties (#notaprofessional). Way to tough it out!
– Thx to Shepherd for the non-stale cookies. Santa Glass Joe suffered through some stale week old sugar cookies is the story behind that. The bite and spit method was used but still was rough (not a sugar cookie fan to begin with)
– Hoffa joined us….late but he still joined.
– Nomad pushed hard throughout though I noticed the last light attempt to skip some Bomb Jacks. I’ll call it a sugar rush confusion but the Q had no mercy and called him back.
– HB seemed to really enjoy the running. No actually, he’s healthy and can run with us so I think he really did. #solid
– One last note, HB/Shep/YHC went for some coffee afterwards and discussed the problem we continue to grapple with at F3. The lack of meaningful male friendships. The challenges accomplished together as men. The stuff that makes F3 what F3 is. I know with the 2016 I’ve dealt with that the problem was magnified in my life. Facing my Ms medical issues that could be life lasting and potentially affecting my kids has made me realize how crucial F3 has been in my life. From the mentorship of Shepherd, the friendship with the PAX and the prayers from many even those who haven’t ever met my wife, I’m not sure how I would have handled 2016 ten years ago but it wouldn’t have been as good as it was with F3 in my life. I can’t repay my gratitude so I’ll make sure you suffer through some workouts with me. And through that suffering, we end up solving the problem over and over. #F3secretsauce

Thanks for letting me lead!

Glass Joe

A Walk in the Park

Knew a few guys were out. The cold surely didn’t help. But a few brave men ventured out into it.

EE and I frosted over for 4-5 miles.

The Thang
Gloves gathered as YHC knew what was coming. #mercy
Mosey to the bridge.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Low, Slow Squats IC x20

Grab a rock. Not too small. Not too big. Make it good for tossing. Mosey to the field with your rock

Squat, grab your rock, curl it up, press and toss the rock. Going all the way across the field to Hot Dog Hill.

At Hot Dog Hill, 7s.
Round One: Merkins/Squats
Round Two: LBCs/Lower Leg Lifts

Back up Hot Dog Hill
Bear Crawl down steep backside of Hot Dog Hill
Run back up and repeat

Back to our rocks for a walk around the park with some stops for exercises.

Lunge Walk with Rock to benches
At benches, Dips x25 & Step Ups x25
Walking Rock Press to tree
10 burpees OYO
Upright Row walk with Rock to Wall
Flutters w/ Rock Press IC x20
Walking Rock Curl to Bicycle
Skull Crusher w/ Leg Lift IC x15
Squat/Curl/Press/Toss w/ Rock to Concrete
Finished with the walk

Squat Thrust IC x15

And let’s put the rocks back. Nekot complains his arms are useless and I’m cold so let’s run

Run up the entrance to the park and continue up to Railroad Hill Bridge and then back down.

Flutters IC x20


YHC took us out. Thanks for prayers for Paige

– YHC always has extra gloves in his truck. For good reason this morning as it was 20 degrees and we are using rocks.
– The rock walk was long and terrible. Arms were useless by the end.
– Bear crawling down the backside of Hot Dog Hill is terrible on core.
– Good push in the cold.

Thanks for letting me lead.

Glass Joe