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A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle
In keeping with HB’s musical themed backblasts for Overdrive, I’ll call this ‘A Perfect Circle’. Not sure anyone noticed but we did the same basic exercises going and coming back just in reverse (railslides up the ramp and bear crawl down the ramp the first time and crab walk up the ramp and railslides down the ramp on the way back). Only variation is I had extra time so I threw in a Road Less Traveled with a jailbreak but even then, we ended up looping back to where we began so still a circle. As my 8 year old daughter reminds me constantly, nobody is perfect.

The Thang:

COP (after a mosey to the bus lot)
SSH x 20
IW x 20
LBCs x 20

Mosey to the tri-level rails going up the ramp to the school. Sorry about taking you through the wetness to get there. #QFAIL
Rail Slides Up all three levels of the ramp with lunge walks on the turns as only Barney is tall enough to do those.
Bear Crawl back down all three levels.

Mosey to the Elementary School.
The People’s Chair with 40 air presses x 2

Mosey to the playground.
4 Rounds of pain stations:
Step-Ups x 25
Mule kicks using the swing x 25
Dips x 25
Run around the track

Mosey back to the Elementary School.
The People’s Chair with 40 air presses and then 50 air presses.

Got extra time so off we go for the Road Less Traveled along the back road:
10 lunges
10 merkins OYO
10 lunges
10 seal sit-ups…at an increasing rate of speed
10 lunges
10 low, slow squats in cadence
10 lunges
Backwards Run for a while
10 lunges
Jail break run back to the point we started from

Mosey back to the tri-level ramp
Crab walk up all three levels
Rail slides back down to the bottom

Mosey back to parking lot

Dolly x 15


Great work by all. This was not your traditional Glass Joe-led workout. Pain stations are not my norm and CT seemed a little confused: ‘Who is this guy and what did you do with Glass Joe?’ Great to have Ice9 out pushing us to go harder while we all were humbled by The Late Show’s technical form.

Joe Davis Run
Outland tomorrow with CT/TLS on Q
FNG Friendly workouts next week

Thanks to CT for taking us out.

Honor to lead men who pushed me harder than I think I pushed them.

Bassackwards 5K


A disclaimer said even though everyone is a F3 veteran. You can just tell this one will be interesting. But in keeping with safety first, I did tell everyone to make sure they put their hand behind their head if they started to fall. Better a hand than a brain hemorrhage. And with that, let’s get going……

The Thang

GJ on Q!
Let’s start with a Hairband Mile at which point the PAX are told that all running during this workout will be backwards unless told otherwise which would only be due to safety concerns. So, it’s a backwards Hairband Mile. Hey, where is Hairband BTW?

SSH x 20 (Oh look, there’s Hairband)
In honor of Hairband’s late arrival, 10 burpees OYO
IW x 20

To the hill and partner up. Partner 1 does merkins. Partner 2 runs backwards uphill and Dolly x 20 at the top and then run backwards downhill. Now partners switch up. Keep at it until your group has combined for 200 merkins. Plank when finished.

Backwards run to the bus lot. 10 low, slow squats.
Backwards run with a little bit of karaoke mixed in.
Backwards run and then plank at the entrance to the back road to keep the PAX together.
Backwards run. 20 seal situps.
And now a long, grueling backwards run that is slightly uphill and no stops so we can enjoy the fullness of the climb. Let’s plank at the gate. Um wait, there’s a car coming so let’s backwards run a little bit more into the parking lot (wonder if that looks weird for him to see 8 guys running backwards for no good reason).
10 Burpees OYO.
Backwards run to the football field.
Hey, I have two minutes, protractor and now it’s Double E time.

Double E On Q!
Mosey to the SVHS football field for the 2nd Ever – 100 Yards of (Backwards) Kamikaze Suicides
Slightly modified – All running backwards and pain as follows:
Start at Endzone Goal Line A w/ 20 LBC’s
Backward Run to opposite Goal Line 100 Yards – 10 Burpees / 10 Low Deep Squat Jumps / 10 BombJacks
Backward Run to Goal Line A w/ 20 LBC’s
Backward Run to 90 Yard Line – 9 Burpees / 9 Low Deep Squat Jumps / 9 BombJacks
Backward Run to Goal Line A w/ 20 LBC’s
80 YD Line (8/8/8), backwards to GL 20LBC
70 YD line (7/7/7), backwards to GL 20LBC
60 YD line (6/6/6), backwards to GL 20LBC
50 YD line (5/5/5), backwards to GL 20LBC
40 YD Line (4/4/4), backwards to GL 20LBC
30 YD line (3/3/3), backwards to GL 20LBC
20 YD line (2/2/2), backwards to GL 20LBC
10 YD line (1/1/1), backwards to GL 20LBC
Flutter while all PAX finish
Backwards mosey to Track for ¼ Mile Backwards Sprint /Run around track!
Mosey to Bottom of hill for What??? How about a little Backwards Jail Break to PSV
The Bassackwards 5K is now complete!!

Joe Davis Run
Unbroken viewing Signup
Prayers for DT and Electric Slide
Workout convergences???
Thanks to Shepherd for taking us out.

Great work by everyone for what was a real crowd pleaser. Thanks to Double E for the 5 miler to kick things off at 6 AM. Though it was a forwards run so did it really count? We did not know coming into this that we’d do 3 miles….backwards. That is like realizing you have a gift remaining under the tree when you thought you were done. And now when someone asks if you’ve ever run a 5K backwards, you can answer ‘Yes I have actually’. #bucketlist
A Bassackward workout seemed like a great idea when GJ and I were discussing it during a long O2 deprived run. But it seems all the PAX thoroughly enjoyed the F3 workout experience in Reverse! The Kamikaze Suicides never get easy and there was not much mumblechatter during the workout, except when CT started singing some Pirate song #THINKHEWASLOSINGIT. Great Job by all the PAX for sticking it out and finishing the beatdown in a new direction!

Always an Honor Growing with such an Amazing group of Men!! And appreciate all of the guys going over to help Turnpike with his move into his new house. Minimal bungee cords and maximum loads are a #F3Outland tradition at this point.


Random Cadence or not so Random


*Posted by Glass Joe on behalf of The Late Show

‘Helluva dog… He sure likes to run.’

Good morning!
Two Hairband miles to get the blood moving. Circle up.


(14) Imperial walkers (which I forgot to have us do!)
(12) SSH
(11) Low Slow Squats

And off we go….

Stop at the elementary school for some people’s chair and banana over coconuts.

At the playground…
EE planning to knuckle down on form so let’s get some practice in around the track.
(5) good form merkins – eyes forward, chest to deck, slow and steady.
Run to next corner.
(10) good form squats – proud papa chest (congrats to Donut Hole and the M by the way… baby DH coming in March?), knees tracking with toes, butt back, lower back not hunched over.
(5) good form supine rows – good plank position- don’t arch that back, squeeze the shoulders, use your foot placement to modify weight as needed.
Run to next corner.
Good form lunges till we stop – eyes forward, feet and knees tracking in line, knees tracking with toes, knee barely kissing the ground.

Then off we go back to Middle School.
Stop at the gate for some plank work (shoulder taps and wallet grabs)
Mosey towards the bus area.
Stop for (5) burpees on your own and then (10) carolina dry docks just cause we were there.
Mosey along the gravel drive behind the MS.
Glass Joe spots the rails, so off we go hoping to do some rail slides.
Frost warning, so we swap the rail work for some bear crawl action up the ramp!
Stop at the top, look around, and lunge back down the ramp.

In the enclosed courtyard, back on the wall for some boc, then catch our breath with some one leg straight leg air deadlifts, (5) each leg.
Mosey to the bus courtyard for some Hairband work:
(10) Plerkins (elbow plank, hands tracking below shoulders, press yourself up to burn those triceps!)
(6) rounds of Jack Webb… we stop b/c of *cough* time constraints, yeah, that’s it…

Back to the covered railing at cafeteria for some Mary mixed in with supine rows.
(25) LBC’s, row work, some protractor work, row.

Finish up with
(14) back scratchers
(12) dolly’s
(11) flutters


Last Friday during Overdrive (and for the last few months) pain increased in my heels during and after running intense w/o’s. So much so last Friday that I wore the walking boot on one foot and would have worn them on both if I could have. Short story: I shaved my legs and got an appointment with the therapist at Monroe Aquatic & Fitness Center. Got worked on and kinesio-taped up and ran pain free for the first time since I remember. So this morning as I ran the HB mile I realized that it still didn’t hurt. I tossed out my original plan and we took off all over campus. Just for the joy of running.

As evidenced by the above training session I am not a fitness professional… However as a “professional” man of faith I offer this in explanation of the seemingly random 14.12.11 rep scheme at the beginning and end:

On 2014.12.11 Mama DropThrill passed away.

And so many F3 brothers will gather together to pay last respects to a greatly loved woman this coming Monday – Mama Drop Thrill. I dare say none of us knew her personally, but we will share the comfort of the Lord with her family and friends.
Because a time of parting is hard even when you know it’s coming.
And so we share God’s comfort because He offers it for any and all who turn their hearts toward Him. It’s hard to say a final goodbye to one who is loved, but that’s not all we will gather for… We will gather in a Christian service of worship. In our Presbyterian tradition this service is called not a funeral service, not even a memorial service, it’s called a witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. And brothers that is the focus of what we will do. It will be a celebration of a mutual hope of all believers in Jesus, that for us too there is life beyond the grave.
And so with love for her friends and family, with memories of Mama Drop Thrill, with sorrow over a final farewell, and with a celebration of Christ’s victory we can boldly pray:

As the ever present and ever loving Father, give us your comfort.
As one who came to live with us just as we are, share our burdens.
As the living word, speak to us of eternal things.
We ask in the strong name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Should we converge?  Heck no!  After a Thanksgiving day filled with TurDucKen, the PAX are greeted with a GJ special serving of TurRunKen.

The Thang

2 HB miles around the parking lot to shake off the frost.

SSH x 20
IW x 20

Mosey to the hill for a Bent Jacob:
Backwards run up the hill to 10 burpees.
Run down the hill to 5 squats.
Repeat 5 times reducing by 1 burpee and increasing by 1 squat each time for a finish of 5 burpees and 10 squats.
Plank when finished

Let’s mosey to the back road. Little karaoke along the way and HB wasn’t there to tell us we were doing it backwards. Hey look, a line of buses. Let’s run in between some of them since we’re here.

Back Road Running:
Run along the back road to the gate by the baseball field at your normal running pace (approx 4 tenths of a mile). Plank when finished until everyone arrives.
Run back to the back road/parking lot entrance pushing yourself at a faster pace. Plank when finished until everyone arrives.
This time let’s run along the back road the other way behind the elementary schools to the main road at your normal running pace (approx a quarter of a mile). Squats when finished until everyone arrives.
Interval running: Sprint for 60 seconds. Jog for 60 seconds. Continue pattern until we make it back to the gate by the baseball field along the entire back road.
Mosey along the back road back to the bus parking lot. Some mixed backwards running in this part.

Oh look, those buses again. This time, we will run between all the buses (20 approximately) doing all out sprints in between the buses and slowing down to make the turn around a bus.

Mosey back to the parking lot

Moleskin: Great job men! With bellies full of turkey/duck/chicken/whatever, it was a great day for a lot more running than normal at Overdrive. I was at approximately 3.5 miles. Not bad considering the Bent Jacob at the beginning took a decent portion of our time. Always fun to run backwards uphill leading to burpees as a warm-up. Great to have Green Thumb out for his first time at Overdrive and only second time ever.

Announcements: Outland tomorrow morning with CT on Q and maybe 5 minute Q blasts from each of the PAX for the second half to mix it up a little.

Prayers: Still praying for Momma DT that this surgery will be the solution and she can go home soon. Continuing to pray for Electric Slide’s M. Thanks to DT for leading us out in prayer.