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The Journeyman AO Challenge: Preblast

Here is a challenge where size and speed do not matter, and where only inner strength, determination to beat the fart sack and the ability to set an alarm clock and follow Waze directions will help you.

With the dog days of summer approaching, the challenge is on to keep pushing towards your fitness goals while mixing up the scenery a bit. The Journeyman AO Challenge will kick-off this coming Friday, June 1st running thru Saturday, July 28th.

The challenge is simple; hit as many of the SOBland AO’s between June 1st – July 28th. Official 2018 Journeyman AO Challenge Dog Tags awarded to those hitting ALL AO’s.

We will be using a Googledoc (link below) to keep track. Simply enter in your F3 name and keep track of your attendance at each AO by entering the date that you attended that AO. You can reference my row (General_) as an example.

The Journeyman AO Challenge Google Doc

Get out and post!


Fishing for FNG’s, Netted a Bunch of Kotters Instead

Quarterly the SOB region has been putting together a workout meant to attract and retain FNG’s while bringing back some of the Kotter folk. YHC & Transporter wanted this to be a workout that would be somewhat FNG friendly, while still making it worthwhile to the tuned up PAX that woke up ready for a challenge. This was my first rodeo at the newer Cerberus AO, thus the 4:50 arrival time to do some recon where I ran into Bunker and Meat Loaf heading out for a pre-run appetizer. Cars began filling up the lot, PAX jumping out of vehicles and making their way over and with 530 on the dial YHC exclaimed “Do we have any new guys, aka FNG’s”….Crickets….more Crickets….scanning familiar face after familiar face…still Crickets…Boom, got 1…and only 1. 1 token FNG stepped forward and was the sole focus of my disclaimer.

Warm-up (General_)

  • Buzz over to the lot where the “Gladiator” crew was working out, and circle up
    • My strategy here was to try and attract some attention to F3, possibly draw out a FNG. Realized this was a backfire once there were females spotted amongst the “Gladiator” crew…
  • 20 SSH
  • 10 LSS
  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 MC

The Thang (General_)

  • Mosey back to Viva Chicken lot and line-up for Progressive suicides:
    • Run to 1st island and back + 20x merkins + 20x Bombjacks = (20x each)
    • Suicide using 1st & 2nd islands +15x merkins + 15x Bombjacks each time reaching start line = (30x each)
    • Suicide using 1st, 2nd & 3rd islands +10x merkins + 10x Bombjacks each time reaching start line = (30x each)
    • Suicide using 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th islands +5x merkins + 5x Bombjacks each time reaching start line = (20x each)
  • Mosey to the Parking Deck & partner up:
    • P1 Burpee broad-jump 15yds, bear crawl back to P2
    • P2 doing Merkins
    • Flapjack with goal equaling 100 total merkins
    • Repeato w/ 100 total CDD

The Thang-a-lang (Transporter) 

  • Donkey Webb
    • 3:1 Ratio of Donkey Kicks to Mike Tysons, 7 sets total (21 DK’s, 7 MT’s) = FNG barely alive and majority of PAX totally wrecked
  • Split into 4 groups with the goal of moving a 45lb from the bottom of the parking deck to the top of the parking deck…Hairburner style
    • 1 PAX moving plate thru Parking Deck
    • Rest of PAX doing 10 American Hammers, 10 lunges than catch up to Hair Burner PAX and switch
    • PAX finishing Hair Burner run to nearest stairwell and double back to team
  • Mary at the top until last group finishes, down the stair well and back to COT finishing up some Mary until the 6 is in


Well, to briefly summarize:

  • Thank you Squid for the take out
  • There was 1 FNG who felt damn special. Welcome “Teacher’s Pet” and great work Cheddar on bringing out your Professor. I owe you a Chik-Fil-A biscuit
    • Runners up in the name department were: Hot4Teacher, Sheldon
  • There were a strong number of Kotters…you know who you are and great to see you. Come back anytime, admission is free
  • Even if you are a seasoned F3 vet, Transporter’s portion alone was worth getting out of bed for. Pretty sure I lost 2lbs of sweat in the parking deck
  • Don’t let FNG day be the only day that you try to bring out FNGs…or not bring out FNGs. Plenty of solid AO’s scattered throughout the week that would make a difference in someones life so keep pushing to bring ’em in.


  • Private Pool party in the Lawson neighborhood coming up the 2nd Weekend in June. All you can drink brews + food for a very reasonable price. Proceeds are going to help fund current and future “SandBox” projects. If you haven’t gotten involved, check out the SandBox channel on Slack. MORE INFO to come surrounding the pool party. Be on the look-out via Slack and Tweeter.

Over & Out



2 Teams Enter, 1 Team Leaves…The Cave

Yeah, F3 prides themselves on workout rain or shine, sweltering or freezing, yada yada. Yesterday, the forecast looked a bit rocky and YHC was craving a gear based workout and really any excuse to throw the change-up and hit shift Blackhawk to The Cave. Being out of the game for a week after a gnarly ski accident and sick kiddo, YHC wanted this one to be a smoker, a true grinder if you will. The best way to make said grinder a bit more enjoyable is to pit 2 teams against one another in some unfriendly competition working towards the same end goal…with music of course.

5.5 brutes (Dark Helmet joined late) took part in a 2.5mile pre-run, which did not include music unless you count Bounty Hunter crying “Why are running outside” and “I’m getting wet” repeatedly during the run.

630 hit the watch and we had 7….hmmmm the predicament of an uneven number. Boom, problem solved as Transporter came running up to even out the teams:

Team 1

  • Ringer
  • Transporter
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Fallout

Team 2

  • Copay
  • Atlas
  • Dark Helmet
  • General

The exercises were presented and the rules were simple…Be the 1st team to finish all of the Exercise Reps. YHC proceeded to struggle with technology in getting the music situation handled. T-claps to Dark Helmet for taking the reigns of the warm-up portion.




(look at General…still messing with music)

Mountain Climbers

(look at General…still messing with music)

Another exercise

(look at General…screw it let’s just start. YHC will figure this out while doing squats)


The Thang (be the 1st team to complete the grinder below):

  • 150 Pull-ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 50 Laps (around inside of parking deck)
  • 50 Hairburners
  • 300 KB Swings
  • 20 Bucket Carries
  • 150 Incline Merkins
  • 150 Decline Merkins
  • 200 Jump Rope

Each team started out with a different approach, which at the end of the day all came together in basically organized chaos. Team 1 chose to start off with knocking out the laps. Team 2 hammered out the pull-ups and squats to start.

The teams were very evenly matched and separated by 30sec or less with team 2 (deuces) taking home the W…although we are all winners (sike)

15min remain, so we finished with something light…I mean something that really sucked:

  • Mosey to the bottom level – All you got to the top
  • Mosey down to bottom level:
    • regular plank into 6inch plank, repeato for 10sec count around the horn
    • All you got to the top
  • Core Shredder Circuit
    • Pistol Crunch (10x each leg)
    • LBC x20
    • Box Cutter x15
    • Flutter x20
    • 6inch LBC aka The Crowd Pleaser x10
    • Superman’s (Lean right, lean left, hyper speed x2)
    • 6inch Plank, 10sec hold and back to regular plank around the horn



Solid group of dudes today for the grinder. Competitive juices were flowing and everyone was getting after it and talking bleep to the opposition. First and foremost I would like to thank Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, TI and a handful of other artists for providing the musical inspiration during the grinder. I could see tears flowing down Ringer’s face as Extraterrestrial by Katy Perry came on…get’s him every time. Transporter made it out of the bed in which he only slept for a broken 25 minutes the entire night due to a 6 girl sleep over in which he stated “They were all wearing concrete boots.” Way to get after it man, everytime I looked over and tapped out from hairburners, you were starting another set. Fallout got out of bed without knowing what was in store, and was better today because of it. Solid work man, way to shake-off the rust after being in fantasy land for 2 weeks. Copay, the Twitter sensation…I mean a guy fresh of getting his Twitter handle dis-banded crushed through the pull-ups for Team 2 and proved that those jet engines still work on the uphill sprints. Bounty Hunter, although you complained during the entire pre-run you got after it in the grinder competition and also showed off the jets in the 1 of 2 sprints that you competed in. Atlas, good call on taking the lead on The Cave audible. Always good to change it up and appreciate you donating some gear to the cause. Solid work man, you were looking P200 ready on the laps. Dark Helmet, appreciate the lead on the warm-up as I struggled through tech setup. Single-handily conquered the bucket carries for Team 2 and made the War-Daddy’s proud…also the self proclaimed Fat Daddy.


BROLYMPICS 2.BRO is right around the corner, 2/24. Make an effort to be there and also pre-register using the link below to help the set up crew figure out the gear quantities:



Over & Out


Five Swingers Tag Teamed

If you are reading this, you probably exhaled a sigh of relief that the title link didn’t take you to a site most likely blocked by your office computer. Actually, let’s be honest you probably clicked the link with such haste just to be dismayed to see that it indeed is just the link to a Foxhole backblast detailing the happenings of our Monday morning regimen.

Fire Marshall Bill was set to Q, even though he wasn’t aware until Sunday evening. YHC offered to split the Q and that was enough to close the deal.

Warm-Up (Fire Marshall Bill)

  • Mosey with Bell to seek shelter from the rain – 50yds
  • 25 SSH
  • 10 Squats
  • 15 CDD
  • 20 American Hammers
  • 5o Swings…yes unfortunately, you heard that correctly

The Thang (Fire Marshall Bill portion)

  • 20 Tea-bag squats, alternating bell wielding arm
  • 20ttl Tea-bag squats, 15 clean and press (each arm)
  • 20ttl Tea-bag squats, 15 clean and press (each arm), 10 overhead Core Blasters (lean to side w/ bell overhead)
  • Put it all together for a combo move (10 each side):
    • Clean into squat
    • Squat into Press
    • Press into Core Blaster
  • Tag off to General

The Thang (General portion)

Mosey back over to the PL as the rain had subsided for KB/Sprint/Merkin sets:

  • Set 1
    • 20 Swings
    • 40yd sprint
    • 20 Merkins
    • 15 Swings
    • 40yd sprint
    • 15 Wide Arm Merkins
    • 10 Swings
    • 40yd sprint
    • 10 Diamond Merkins
    • 5 Swings
    • 40yd sprint
    • 5 Dive Bomber Merkins
  • Set 2
    • 5 Curls
    • 40yd sprint
    • 5 Dive Bomber Merkins
    • 10 Curls
    • 40yd sprint
    • 10 Diamond Merkins
    • 15 Curls
    • 40yd sprint
    • 15 Wide Arms Merkins
    • 20 Curls
    • 40yd Sprint
    • 20 Merkins
  • Set 3
    • Deep Goblet Squat Hold 20sec
    • 40yd sprint
    • 20 Merkins
    • Deep Goblet Squat Hold 15sec
    • 40yd sprint
    • 15 Wide Arm Merkins
    • Due to time constraints, combine 10 and 5 sec set into 1 set: Goblet Squat 15sec hold, 10 Diamond Merkins, 5 Dive Bomber Merkins.

Finish up with COT, YHC on the takeout.


Less than ideal conditions today with a cool breeze, nagging rain, 530 on a Monday morning and I’m sure some pain from the weekend activities still lingering. However, with the clock striking 530 all 5 were ready to get after it with Frehley’s Comet leading the charge as we all stood around “Well, let’s do something.” Great push by all the PAX today with Wild Turkey setting the pace on the FMB strength portion of the workout. Soft Pretzel came back from a week Neverland although his fairytale continues as he prepares for a Super Bowl trip up to MN. Welcome back FMB, bringing something fresh with him on his return back to The Hole. Frehley’s Comet continues to get it done at 53, soon to be 54 – – – MORE DETAILS in the announcement portion.


  • Frehley’s Comet keeps the Birthday Bonanza train rolling, this weekend as he ascends to 54 years of age as your Stonehenge Q. While beer is a solid go to, there may be something a little higher proof in store this coming weekend.
  • BROLYMPICS 2018 is inching closer and closer, February 24. More details in the pre-blast, so check it out and sign up to help give us a head count for planning purposes BROLYMPICS PREBLAST
  • Soft Pretzel and Transporter working on establishing a F3 assistance program with “Sand Box”. More info to come with tentative initial info session in early March but looks to be a great way for PAX and family to get involved in helping some of the area families dealing with terminally/chronically ill children.

Over & Out




The Bagpipe Herald: 11 Degree = Perfect Conditions for FNG

I was expecting a cold morning. I looked at the temps the night before to see just what we would be up against in the morning…much to my dismay (womp womp woooomp) it looked to be close to a record setter for the coldest workout that I had attended…Making my goals for this workout pretty simple:

  1. Keep moving
  2. Get in the daily Pull-ups & Merkins for the January Challenge…and maybe a few extra

The Thang – YHC pre-determined route with pain stations along the way focusing on different muscle groups

  • Warm-up
    • Mosey to parking lot by Loch Ness for
    • SSH x20
    • Merkins x10
    • Mountain Climbers x20
    • Wind Mills x10
  • Station 1 (Pull-up Bars on Fitness Trail – Focus on Form)
    • Partner up, P1 on pull-ups, P2 providing support and flapjack
    • 2 pull-ups x2 sets
    • 3 pull-ups x2 sets
    • 4 pull-ups x2 sets
    • 20 civilian ct Merkins
  • Station 2 (Leg Work – Bagpipe Hill)
    • 10 slow squats (3sec down, 3sec up)
    • Jump Lunges x20 each leg
    • Sprint up Bagpipe Hill
    • 20 civilian ct Merkins
  • Station 3 (Heating up the Chesto)
    • 5 Diamond Merkins
    • 5 Wide-Arm Merkins
    • 5 Stagger Right Merkins
    • 5 Stagger Left Merkins
  • Station 4 (Explicit Shoulder Work – Parking Deck)
    • Balls to the Wall for Shoulder Press x5 (2sets)
    • DiveBomber/Magic Mike/Friday Night Merkins x10 (2sets)
  • Station 5 (Tricep Time – Ballantyne Resort PL)
    • Curb Dips x20
    • Plank into Tricep extension x10
    • Repeato
    • 10 civilian ct Merkins
  • Stations 6 (Down to the Core – Launch Point)
    • Pistol Crunch x10 each leg
    • Flutter x20
    • Hello Dolly x10
    • 6inch LBC x10
    • 10 civilian ct Merkins
    • 10 Burpees OYO
  • COT


First of all T-claps to Paper Jam for being able to produce an FNG on an 11 degree day. I’m not sure what kind of blackmail you have on Olaf to get him out of bed on a morning like this. Which leads to me to the next piece of business in welcoming Olaf who was already cleverly named on Slack yesterday evening by non-attendee Tuck. Epsilon proved to be the manliest of men amongst us, shedding his gloves during the pull-ups.

Paraphrasing a tweet from Dredd which was then translated by Dark Helmet “If you make it about you, the weather is a deterrent. If you make it about your brother, the weather is an invitation.” T-Claps to the Bagpipers and Swifters that made it out this morning!

Appreciate the invite from One-Niner and Tagalong and hopefully I abided by your instructions “Don’t screw this up!”


Joe Davis Run is this weekend. If you have not signed up and are in town, make an effort to sign-up and run it as it is a great event for an even better cause. Hey, and guess what? Even if you are not in town (General & Bratwurst), you can donate and register as a ghost runner/fartsacker/ you name it.

Sneak Peek at a NEW AO this Friday 1/5/18. 500 pre-run, 530-615 main event at The Waverly Shopping Center. Meet next to Viva Chicken. FYI, we are still working on a name for this AO. Leader in the clubhouse right now is Argo’s Wave Palace

Over & Out


Pre-Blast: January Pull-up & Merkin Challenge

Before I begin, let me share with you a brief excerpt from the diary of Tuck (Joe) in 3rd person to help spark some motivation towards your swole start to 2018:

“New Year, New YOU. That’s right, a new YOU, Joe. Holiday season compounded with Old Man Winter rolling in have you down and out? Remember how strong you were Joe? The 2017 March Pull-up & Merkin Challenge had you looking so swole. Others could only gawk at your strength whether it be on the Salmon Ladder at Kinetic Heights, or The Sawtooth at the Savage Race. What happened to you, Joe? After that, you never did another merkin, pull-up or even a side straddle hop…Your time is now Joe, right now. Your thinking at this very moment that you really hope General will come up with something for January to help kick-start your 2018 Swole Campaign and bring you back to the Joe you want to be…”

Strong words there. Now I can begin.

The Thang

For those of you who joined us last year, you know what you’re in for and this is may be a chance for redemption or a chance to build upon your accomplishments in the 2017 challenge. For those of you that are new to the challenge, Welcome! You are now part of a sick group of individuals.

A daily (yes, every single day) challenge that accelerates in reps throughout the month, incrementally building strength, endurance and confidence.

Wk 1 (Jan 1-7): 10 Pull-ups / 100 Merkins per day

Wk 2 (Jan 8-14): 20 Pull-ups / 150 Merkins per day

Wk 3 (Jan 15-21): 30 Pull-ups / 200 Merkins per day

Wk 4 (Jan 22-28): 40 Pull-ups / 250 Merkins per day

Wk 5 (Jan 29-31): 50 Pull-ups / 300 Merkins per day

We will be tracking our progress on this Google Doc for shared accountability and motivation.  Sound off in the comments if you’re interested or shoot YHC an email ( and you’ll be granted write access to the doc.

Don’t think about it too much.


There Is A Light…..

YHC was all over an invite from Thin Mint to Q SOBland’s toughest workout, The Brave. In my eagerness to bolt out of the house before the baby stirred, YHC forgot the Garmin watch. Really bad move when the plan is to be a decent distance away from the launch point and when you have a minimum mileage target to hit. YHC made due and hit up the CVS for a non-numero dos transaction for the first time, in search of a timepiece. No digital in stock so I had to settle for the “Sport” edition which featured  your standard clock hands and nothing else except the velcro band…I had never seen a watch with hands be referred to as the “Sport” edition, but it must have been the velcro band…Nonetheless, the watch was in the ballpark of the correct time and the plan was to run the piss outta the PAX so, achieving the 4 miles seemed like an easy assumption to make. 12 Pax assembled + 1 that took off for an hour long mosey in marathon prep and The Brave commenced.


  • short mosey over to the Tijuana Flats/Duckworths parking lot
  • 25 SSH (General Pace)
  • 20 MC
  • 15 Squats

The Thang

Assemble the Pax at the first stop light down at the intersection of Ballantyne Commons and whatever the other road is, where YHC provided the instructions:

“There is a light, at the top of this hill. We are running up to that light. First one to arrive, start up some Mary until the 6 is in.

  • Just shy of 1 mile up Ben Nevis to the end of Ballantyne Commons
  • 2 rounds of Mary
  • As promised, a chesticle beating:
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Wide-Arm Merkins
  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Right Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Left Merkins
  • 10 Dive/Muff Bomber Merkins

PAX mosey back down the hill about .25 shy of where we initially launched

  • 5 Merkins
  • 5 Wide-Arm Merkins
  • 5 Diamond Merkins
  • 5 Stagger Right Merkins
  • 5 Stagger Left Merkins
  • 5 Dive/Muff Bomber Merkins

“There is a light, at the top of this hill. We are running up to that light. First one to arrive, start up some Mary until the 6 is in. Up the hill we went and for when we reached the top:

  • 2 rounds of Mary
  • As promised, a chesticle beating:
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Wide-Arm Merkins
  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Right Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Left Merkins
  • 10 Dive/Muff Bomber Merkins

PAX mosey back down the hill to the Parkview Apartments entrance, about .15miles shy of previous round:

  • 5 Merkins
  • 5 Wide-Arm Merkins
  • 5 Diamond Merkins
  • 5 Stagger Right Merkins
  • 5 Stagger Left Merkins
  • 5 Dive/Muff Bomber Merkins

“There is a light, at the top of this hill. We are running up to that light. First one to arrive, start up some Mary until the 6 is in. Up the hill we went and for when we reached the top:

  • 2 rounds of Mary
  • As promised, a chesticle beating:
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Wide-Arm Merkins
  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Right Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Left Merkins
  • 10 Dive/Muff Bomber Merkins

PAX mosey back down the hill to the Gateway Academy entrance, about .1miles shy of previous round:

  • 5 Merkins
  • 5 Wide-Arm Merkins
  • 5 Diamond Merkins
  • 5 Stagger Right Merkins
  • 5 Stagger Left Merkins
  • 5 Dive/Muff Bomber Merkins

“There is a light, at the top of this hill. We WILL NOT be running to that light, rather we will be running to the light at the bottom of the hill from where we launched initially.

Once the 6 is in, 5 Burpees OYO and continue mosey back to COT.

Arriving at COT, YHC received notification that there was still 1 minute remaining that his fancy CVS watch was unable to pick-up…basically leg and brain dead by this point, the creative juices called for 5 more burpess OYO….and then COT.


A lot of speed out there this morning, providing a good push and solid pace both up and down Ben Nevis. Very limited time spent waiting for the 6, good push from that end as well. Appreciate the attendance from our Raleigh friend, Water Wings. Solid effort today and brave decision to spend your Friday morning with this group of characters. YHC was really surprised about the lack of complaining taking place during the Merkin sets. It appeared all of the PAX where getting after it and trying to push through the entire sets, thus limiting the chatter/complaining. We have an awesome group here in SOB and it’s always a good surprise to see who the participants will be each morning. Winter attendance tends to start falling off as we approach the holiday season. This is when we need it the most…atleast when my waistline needs it the most. Not only from the 1st F perspective but from the 2nd and 3rd as well. Continue to push our F3 brethren to come out whether it is at this site or any other. Definitely enjoyed the morning with you fellas.

Over & Out


Are You Afraid of the Dark?

430 on a Saturday and yes, YHC was awake loading up Buckets, Sandbags an agility ladder and other gear into the Camry which was draggin’ tailpipe all the way down to Blackhawk. 540 arrival to the Blackhawk site, and yes this is a very strange hour on a Saturday morning for a car to be rolling up to a bunch of baseball and soccer fields and so I received a greeting from 2 of Lancaster’s finest inquiring about what I was doing unloading a bunch of buckets and sandbags out of my car at 540AM. No charges pressed and questionable looking subject test passed, I carried on setting up the gear portion on the OCR themed workout for the day. 6 on the dot as YHC was joined by Atlas, Ringer, Erector and Jingles for the Trail pre-run. Headlamps fired up and we were off.


  • Cobbler joined us as Atlas opted to warm-up the bowels
  • Short mosey around the lot for the PAX to re-warmup the legs
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Merkins (Civilian count)
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Moroccan Night Club
  • 20 Hallelujahs (basically air presses given a jazzy name by Atlas, who had rejoined us after his poo by this point)
  • 20 Monkey Humpers, for the sake of doing something called Monkey Humpers…I will grow up one day


In the mood to mix it up a bit, I created a circuit utilizing gear and a very dark trail, which shook out to be all and all about a 1.5mile circuit. Going through the disclaimer and different points of the circuit, YHC noted that we would be staggering the start to avoid clusterf*cks out on the course and that yes, there would likely be times where you would be alone…in the dark…by yourself…and very alone…and scared. YHC looked around to see many unnerved looking faces and at this point Cobbler opted to go try and outdo Atlas’ work on the can. Here is the course outline:

  1. 10 pull-ups on playground
  2. mosey to parking lot for 30 yd bucket carry out and back
  3. mosey to soccer fields for 50 yd sandbag carry out and back
  4. mosey to opposite end of soccer field for agility ladder merkins
  5. hit the dark and scary trail
    • .25miles in marker for 10 Burpees
    • .50 miles in marker for 20 Burpees
  6. Reverse it back hitting the 10 Burpee marker
  7. agility ladder merkins
  8. 50 yd sandbag carry out and back
  9. 30 yd bucket carry out and back
  10. Finish w/ 10 pull-ups

To close out, the PAX circled up on the playground and YHC awarded the freedom to lead…maybe too much freedom…as we did dealers choice around the circle, in which the instructions were “Do anything that you want.”

  • General – Pistol Crunch (surprise, surprise…) 10 each side
  • Ringer – Choose your own adventure picking 1 of 3 exercises to do for 30sec
    1. Plank
    2. Merkin
    3. Plyo/In-Out Merkin
  • Cobbler – When I said anything…I really meant anything but this…BURP BACK Mountain
    • 1 PAX does 2 hill sprints while other PAX do burpees, 100 aggregate burpees between the PAX made for some interesting early morning math where someone managed to do negative burpees…ATLAS…and so glad that the number was 100 instead of 200
  • Atlas – Squats…yes, the boring, uninspiring, plain Jane, average Joe Squats…but 50 OF THEM! That’s how you throw some seasoning onto dish and make it a winner
  • Erector – short on time, but not on pain as he dealt out the 20 OYO Diamond Merkins


YHC will keep this brief as it has already started to turn into a Lord of the Rings length novel. Beautiful morning for a UvU style workout utilizing the best traits of the Blackhawk site. Solid work by all of the PAX to get out there, push themselves and manage not to soil their pants whether due to their fear of the dark or the Taco Dinner and Bourbon shots the night before. Jingles, way to get after the pre-run and OCR course and make it all the way through the course before you had to peel out, appreciate you coming out and look forward to getting you on the Q schedule soon. Erector gutty performance after logging 12+ trail miles the day before and absolutely destroying the legs, YOU CAN AND WILL CONQUER THE BEAST! Ringer as always killin’ the pre-run pace and appreciate you coming back for YHC on cone pick-up duty to make sure I hadn’t been claimed by any of the wilderness creatures. Atlas & Cobbler dropped the deuce and you were both full tilt and boogie afterwards and delivered the most punishing of the dealers choice for sure.



Check out the Pre-Blast for the SOB Holiday Party on 12/16

Also, for an entrepreneurs out there I have an opportunity for you. Open up a diner in Indian Land. Yes, just a casual breakfast diner. No need to put in a fancy bar and 36 tvs. Only requirement is some sort of business acumen and maybe some experience with maintaining a bank account and/or checkbook. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel will all of the geriatrics in Sun City right in the area + a group of sweaty greaseballs on a Saturday morning…the last owner just couldn’t figure out how to pull the trigger.


Over & Out


Full Body Foxhole

YHC arrived at 450AM to the Foxhole lot praying that no other PAX would show for a pre-run as my legs were still somewhat destroyed from the Ragnar. Argo’s 2.0 did me a solid and decided to wake up during the wee hours of the night afraid of a monster that most likely somewhat resembled myself…My prayer was answered and I got and extra 20min of sleep + ESPN radio as I awaited the main event.

530 painted the clock and 4 took to the ‘Hole starting off with a short mosey around the parking lot where we ran into another fearsome foursome that was headed to the turf fields for what looked to be light calisthenics.

The Thang (KB / Merkin Sets)

  • 20 KB Swings / 20 Merkins (called variety) / Sprint (or move as briskly as possible somewhere between a sprint and a mosey…spawning the new term “Sposey”)
    • Trad Merk
    • Wide Arm Merkin
    • Incline Merkin
    • Decline Merkin
  • Mosey to monkey bars for negative pull-up sets
    • 5 Negatives
    • 4 Negatives
    • 3 Negatives…the PAX figured out the pattern (Mathletes) on down to 1
  • 20 KB Swings / 20 Merkins (called variety) / Sprint (or move as briskly as possible somewhere between a sprint and a mosey)
    • Diamond Merkin
    • Dive Bomber Merkin
    • Stagger Right/Stagger Left Merkin (10 each)
    • Plyo Merkin
  • Mosey to monkey bars for negative pull-up sets
    • 1 Negative
    • 2 Negatives
    • 3 Negatives…the PAX figured out the pattern (Mathletes) on up to 5
  • 20 KB Swings / 20 Merkins (called variety) / Sprint (or move as briskly as possible somewhere between a sprint and a mosey)
    • Spartan Merkin (Plyo/Stagger Combo)
  • Line up on Parking Lot Lines for Squats w/ Bell (PAX choice on Squat type)
    • Line 1 = 1 Squat
    • Line 2 = 2 Squats
    • Line 3 = 3 Squats all the way up to Line 10 = 1o Squats
    • Work back down the later from 10 Squats down to 1


It was a strange October morning, being that it was unseasonably warm and humid and that we ran into yet another odd group of characters in the mean streets of Elon Park. 4 men who “Have Re-Committed to Foxhole” showed up and knocked it out. With small numbers, there is nowhere to hide and none of the PAX showed up expecting to hide.

VOODOO – strong work as always, setting the pace on the KB Swings and a majority of the Sposeys

FREHLEY’S COMET – a man committed to the Foxhole, great push on the negatives and holding yourself accountable to knock ’em all out

ARGONAUT – Started out as a beast before succumbing to the weight of the Liberty Bell. Beast mode nonetheless to tote that monster.

With that, I retreat back up to my Man Cave for Football, Baseball, a few beers and continued icing of my destroyed legs.


Over & Out


Blackhawk: No Show Turns into a Show

YHC threw the invite out to Fallout to Q on this crisp September morning but was shot down due to family visiting town. Totally understood, so YHC put together some ideas…over a few Friday Night brews. 3 took part in the pre-trail run and despite some near falls and twisted ankles we were all participators in the main event. 6 gathered in the parking lot….make that 7 as Fallout rolls in pulling the reverse “Flint-Commit”. YHC gave him the opportunity to take over the reigns but after suggesting 60min of running, reigns rescinded for fear of mutiny on behalf of the other 6 PAX. Quick disclaimer given and off we went:


  • Short mosey around the parking lot and back to launch
  • Butt Kickers to opposite end of parking lot
  • High Knees to opposite end of parking lot
  • Lunge Walk/Backwards lunge walk to opposite end of parking lot
  • Toy Soldier to opposite end of the parking lot
  • Mosey to the pond

The Thang (Partner Theme)

  • Rd1 (Mucho Chestoish)
    • P1 take a loop around the pond (0.25miles)
    • P2 does exercises below, flapjack w/ P1 upon return
      • 100 regular merkins
      • 100 wide arm merkins
      • 100 diamond merkins
  • Rd2 mosey to field (Get Wet)…yes, the ground was soaked
    • P1 Burpee broad jump 20yds to soccer goal, mosey back
    • P2 does exercises below, flapjack w/ P1 upon return
      • 200 Flutters
      • 200 Pistol Crunches (100 each leg)
      • one other one that escaped me..
  • Rd3 mosey to pond (Swole @ the Watering Hole)
    • P1 take a loop around the pond (0.25miles)
    • P2 does exercises below, flapjack w/ P1 upon return
      • 200 dips
      • 100 DEEEEP Squats
      • 200 Turbo Leg ups (100 each leg)
    • Partners alternate Pull-up Negatives (5ct down)
      • 5 pull-ups each
      • 4 pull-ups each
      • 3 pulls-up each….they finally figured out the pattern down to 2 and then 1.



Awesome morning for a workout and YHC managed to make it through the trail run without gaining a new spider web sweater as the web breaker. Fallout, you fooled me but glad to have you out to the BHAWK. Bodybag won the stamina award during the merkins as YHC could only sit there and watch as he belted out what looked to be 5o merkins alternating between Diamond and Regular, STEERONG. Solid work by my partner Ringer as I believe we set the pace on the Burpee Broad Jumps trying to get them over as quickly as possible. I robbed you of the opportunity to do one more set as a lollygagged back to the line just as you were finishing up our aggregate core exercise. The guy that really through off my day was Jingles…or should I say Jingle-LESS. The day just didn’t feel right and it was announced that Jingles did not transition over his bells to the new kicks. That needs to happen so that the world can rotate properly on it’s axis again. Glad to see Mysterio back out in the gloom as he was able to help me exchange some un-pleasantries with Atlas on the way out.

Freebirds new hours at 8:00 combined with Gert as our opening act for breakfast was not ideal. Appreciate the fellowship but damn, we were all about to eat our arms off. Will re-evaluate in a couple of weeks to see if our 7:45 early arrival is still acceptable.


Over & Out