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Goodbye World

28 men post in the pre-apocalypse gloom for what could be the last workout on the east coast.

The archives are being searched to determine if this is a new record for #F3hydra which, if validated, I will expect a Jerry Richardson-esque statue to be constructed on the AO in my likeness.


The Thang:

There being no FNG’s the disclaimer was phrased more as a threat, and off we went into the teeth of the fierce hurricane – brave souls as we were.

A slow mosey around the school and we circled up on the grass for COP:


IW x 15 IC – – always

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

SSH x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Low Slow Merkins x 15 IC


Count off by 3 and a short run over to the basketball court


The 3-legged starfish:


Begins with:

6 x 8 count burpee + 10 Heels to Heaven


Run to playground:

10 pullups

10 jump squats

10 Dolly


Back to start point, repeat the burpees and heels2heaven, then


Run to entrance:

10 dips

10 bench steps – each leg

10 flutter


Back to start point, repeat the burpees and heels2heaven, then


Run to light:

10 decline merkins

10 groiner

10 LBC


Each of the 3 groups start at a different station – then we rotate through the series 3 times, at which point the 8 count burpees kind of suck.


That done, we formed into groups of 3 for a few minutes of grinders to loosen the legs.




Great turnout considering we are only 72 hours or so from complete annihilation.

Good solid work by all – leave this world on a high note is what I say.

It was noted that my social media trolling helped amp up the attendance.


Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.


A little soul for my birthday

18 (?  I thought it was 17 but I had 18 names?….dementia) PAX showed for an emotional birthday tribute to YHC…..the gifts, the speeches…..touching.  All my dear brothers posted – – those that did not are now dead to me.


The Thang:

A weak disclaimer given, we did the slow mosey around the front of the building and circled up in one of the crystal smooth parking lots of OP Elementary.

IW x 20 IC

Wide Arm Merkins x 10 IC

Low slow squats x 10 IC


That’s it – – we took a short trot to the basketball court for instructions.

Here’s the real Party:

16’s – sort of – technically we’ll do a Modified Soul Crusher:

16 Burpees

Run to gate opening

1 Merkin

Run to bars:  5 pullups

Run to far gate opening:  5 jump squats

Sprint (?) back to the start.

Then continuous repeat counting down from 16 burpees to 1, and up from 1 Merkin to 16, with the pullups and jump squats being the same.


This we did for a while.


A little Mary as the quitters started to gather on the basketball court.

Mosey back to the launch point…….Done.



Well, that was easy.

This is known as the Modified Soul Crusher – the real Soul Crusher working up to and down from 20….takes about an hour and at about 25 minutes you are wondering what in the world you have begun…..ensuing despair…..Soul Crusher.

But it is a fine workout, don’t you think?  Full body.

Good work out there – – a few pity postings, which I appreciate.  Hate to show up to an empty parking lot (done that).

No announcements.

Still praying for ‘Bout Time, his son Jennings, and family.  God WILL heal, strengthen, comfort.

My cheese is frozen

10 PAX answered the call at Hydra (“Ice-dra”?) to steam up the place.

For fear that my digital watch would freeze during the workout, I kept it in a warm spot (none of your business – and you can no longer un-read that statement – – sorry).


The Thang:

All being grizzled F3 veterans, a quick Disclaimer was issued and we began to mosey through the parking lot(s) – pausing at one corner for:

Low slow squats x 10 IC


And another corner for:

Merkins x 10 IC


At the fence for:

Imperial Walker x 15 IC


And at the pavilion for:

Step ups x 10 each leg, OYO.


Trot back to the playground for a warm up set:

5 pullups

10 dips

15 flutter

3 times through.


Slow mosey across the street to the church to partner up and find a suitable lifting rock.

P1:  Curl & Press

P2: run to end of parking lot – 5 x CDD, 5 x Lunge Jump – run back.


Repeato 2 times through.


Then some mary


P1: SDHP, Curl, Press

P2: run to end of parking lot – 5 x Diamond merkin, 5 x jump squat – run back.


Repeato 3 times through.


Then some mary


P1: Squat and Tricep press (sneaky hard)

P2: run to end of parking lot – 5 x wide arm merkin, 6 lunge paces – run back.


Repeato 2 times through.


Then some mary


Back across the street to the silky smooth parking lot of the Hydra AO

Get in groups of 3

P1: Run to end of parking lot, 10 merkins, run back

P2:  continuous jump squats

P3:  continuous LBC’s

Keep rotating through until it’s time to depart.


Mosey back to the launch spot….and………we’re done.



Nothing fancy – just keeping warm on a brisk January morning.

Thanks for coming out, it would have been a bummer to workout alone.

Might want to stay in bed on Friday because we lose a few more degrees.


  • Sign up for the 2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery

Thankful for Power Steering

23 PAX posted (1 went MIA as we ended) to begin the joy of the Christmas season with a stroll through the 12 Days of Christmas.  I thought it went quite well?  I am quite proud of Alf’s parting comment that this holiday season he is thankful for the blessing of Power Steering.  Teared up a little bit when I heard that.  (The weinke was a bit heavy in upper body).  Here we go…..


The Thang:

The Disclaimer was issued and we took a slow mosey to the parking lot to circle up for COP lite.



  • IW x 20 IC
  • Slow count merkins. 10 IC

That’s all – we’ll be warm soon.


We mosey past the rock pile and pickup a good size lifting rock – – and continue on to the parking lot.


All lined up and we begin the following, done in 12 Days of Christmas order (as we progress through the days you do the exercise for that day and then all the previous days):


1st Day:  50 backward run, 10 merkin, 10 LBC, 50 forward run

2nd Day:  Squat jack x 2

3rd Day: Ski abs x 3 (military count)

4th Day: Manmaker merkins – 4 each side  [these would prove to be quite troubling by the end]

5th Day:  8ct Burpees x 5

6th Day:  Louganis with Rock x 6

7th Day:  Squat with Rock x 7

8th Day:  Tricep press with Rock x 8

9th Day:  Shoulder Press with Rock x 9

10th Day:  Curls with Rock x 10

11th Day:  Groiners x 11

12th Day:  Off-set Merkins x 12 (6 on each arm)

Then one final round as a refrain.  (I might have heard some mumble chatter when this was called).

I believe we ended up just short of the Merkin Ladder total for merkins


We return the rocks and circle up for a few rounds of Mary.

Then mosey back to the launch point.

So simple.

So beautiful.

So moving.



It all seemed reasonable at the time of authoring, but YHC found a few of the sequential arm exercises to be somewhat challenging.  A little hard to type.  Alas, all part of the Christmas season.  Good work by all.  And to all a good night! (that’s from the Santa Claus book)



Where am i?

16 Pax posted for a mid-week beat down at still the smoothest AO pavement in the land.

YHC made a few stops on Tuesday searching for glow balls so I could lay out a PGA theme (which would have required an extended disclaimer, and maybe a few releases signed) but, alas, no luck, so I had to revert to more standard fair.

Began a bit distracted based on McGee’s aggressive midnight tweet that indicated a Q-jack could be in process.  So I showed up ready to man-up and protect my turf – all that adrenaline made it hard to focus on the task at hand.  But experience and maturity pays off.  Sort of.


The Thang:

Disclaimer issued and off we go on a slow mosey (aka AIG) around the parking lot to circle up for COP.



  • IW x 25 IC – – never enough
  • 4 burpees OYO
  • Man-Maker merkins x 15 IC
  • 8 burpees OYO
  • Bottom Squat x 15
  • 12 burpees OYO
  • LBC x 25
  • 8 burpees OYO
  • SSH x 25
  • 4 burpees OYO


All warm – slow mosey to another unnamed part of the AO.

No merkin ladder.  Today is the merkin sandwich.


Lunge Walk
10 x Jump Squat

Run up the unnamed section of pavement

10 x diamond merkin

Sprint to monument

10 x hand release merkin

Sprint back to center

10 x wide arm merkin

Start over.

3-ish rounds through.


Mosey to parking lot.

4 x strides between light poles


Then over to the rock pile for a lifting rock.

We alternate press, curl, tricep press and squat with various mary (flutter, dolly, LBC, Russian twist), repeating the earlier rock exercise in each round.  Too much to describe, but it took awhile.


Then we do another round, with the rest period being a run around the light pole.


Mosey back to the launch point and finish with some side crunches and Freddie Mercury.


And that’s about it.




That was a tricky hard workout and my arms are starting to get sore as I author this.  Good continuous work by all the pax.  I think there are now a few memo’s in my permanent file.  Lost my mind out there.  Shame.  Or not.



  • F3 Golf Tournament coming up Oct 27.
  • Big push to raise funds for #Give2Give to support LEAP into cities beyond the driving zone.
  • SPEEDFORNEED race coming up in South Charlotte.
  • Also an AMRAP event – details uncertain.


The Thang:

15 Pax posted on the last day of May to get the guns in shape for the summer trips to the pool.

Part of the disclaimer was YHC’s litany of old man injuries we would be working around….thus low on mileage, high on pain.

We wandered through the baby-butt-smooth Calvary parking lot and circled up in the front entrance.


  • IW x 20 IC – – so beautiful, we will do a whole workout of IW some day.
  • Low Slow Squat x 15 IC.
  • Mt Climber x 20 IC.
  • Arm circles (missed Van Pelt’s name for these) x 10 IC – flapjack x 10 IC

Off we go to the nearest parking lot.

Yes, the fan favorite, Merkin Ladder – – –

  • Run across the parking lot – 20 merkins
  • Run back – 19 merkins
  • Run across – 18 merkins.
  • You get the idea – – down to 1.

This was fun.

Plank while the 6 finishes.

Circle up for some continuous Mary (LBC, Dolly, Flutter – 2 times through)

Back on our feet and we mosey to the soccer field hill.


  • 1 jump squat at bottom
  • Run up all the way to the road – 10 burpees.
  • On we go until you get to 10 jump squats and 1 burpee.

This felt harder than expected – possibly smoked arms from the merkin ladder?


Taking advantage of our position on the soccer fields, we get in groups of 3 for a few minutes of grinders.  You can’t coach height – or speed.

Slow mosey up the hill into the pavilion.

2 rounds of:

  • 10 bench step ups
  • 10 dips
  • 10 LBC’s


Then it is the long, slow trot back to the start point where we circle up for some final Mary:

  • Side crunch
  • Flapjack
  • Freddie Mercury.

Annnnnnnnd, we’re done.


Good work out there by everyone this morning – quite humid – a taste of the next 2 months.

Champagne got his grinder fix.  All good with that.

My arms hurt a bit as I type this – – all to the visual satisfaction of the babes at the pool.  Soak it up girls, soak it up.


Stone Man has offered up a $2k match for donations this week for SPEEDFORNEED.  Please help the cause.

Return of the Ladder

After a 1 week rain delay, YHC gets the gavel at Hydra.  Last week YHC and Witch Doctor went solo after the weak souls tapped out due to rain – – we pounded through a 45min workout in YHC’s pain cave, a mere walk from the Hydra AO.


The Thang:

7 Pax posted in spite of the angry texts from YHC over the past week.  A chill in air as the snow-pocalypse approaches Charlotte.  We take a slow mosey around the front of the school and circle up at the basketball court for COP:

  • IW x 20 IC – – ahhhh so good.
  • Slow merkin x 5 – – – more on that later
  • Mt Climber x 20 IC


Mosey to the small field for the much requested, YHC trademarked Merkin Ladder  You’re welcome.  To lighten the load we add a rest period of LBC’s to the usual protocol:

  • Run 60 yds – 20 Merkins, in Cadence + 20 LBC’s in Cadence.
  • Run 60 yds – 19 Merkins, in Cadence + 19 LBC’s in Cadence.
  • And so on, down to 1 rep. (LBC cadence stopped at 17 as YHC was losing his breath.


This was fun….i think.


We notice that Puddin Pop is dragging a leg through some of the runs.  YHC thinks that Hop’s groinoidal perturbulence may be catchy (a virus?) – – but I’ll leave that thought where it lies.


Mosey back to the basketball court for some recovery Mary:

  • Dolly x 20 IC
  • Side crunch x 15 IC; Flapjack x 15 IC


Split in 2 groups

  • Group 1 run to concession stand for:
    • 10 dips + 10 step ups
  • Group 2 run to playground for:
    • 5 pullups + 10 squats
  • Back to basketball court for 5 burpees

We did that 3 times through (or 2?)


All workouts with Champagne require grinders, so we mosey to the parking lot to check that box.  We did a few minutes of pleasant grinders.  Then mosey’d to the front lot for a quick set of flutters and that was a wrap.



Good work by all.  I found the LBC addition to the Merkin Ladder provided a nice extra break in each repeat – – so we’ll need to take that out next time.  Best of luck to Puddin’ in getting that leg back in shape – – check with Hops for the recovery protocol.


  • Joe Davis Run is postponed to January 14, 2017 due to a milk shortage…I mean, snow.

Peace out.

Stay on the high ground

A few Advil and it’s on to Day 2 of the AARP roadshow.  Pondered repeating the Ultimate Relay Q from Anvil the day before, but still working on modifications – and healing.  Was quite surprised to find a full parking lot waiting to honor me (?) upon my arrival.  Puddin Pop and Good Hands are driving the numbers!  Even Flutie Flakes booked a flight from Boston JUST to attend the “Week of the Aged Q” – heartwarming.  The numbers did divert me from the intended weinke, so we’ll have to save that one for later.  Great morning.


The Thang:

The 20 gathered Pax take the slow mosey around the front of the school and circle up in the parking lot for COP:

  • IW x 20 IC
  • Mt Climber x 20 IC
  • Groiner x 20 IC
  • LBC x 15 IC
  • [at this point there is an unsavory and extended sound from the pax.  down-wind doesn’t worry me – i’m hoping i’m not downhill from that]
  • Dolly x 15 IC
  • Flutter x 15 IC

I think that’s it.


Mosey to the center of the field and count off into 4 groups for some Starfish(y).  T-claps to Champagne for being aware and noticing that we did not have an adequate exercise for the head of the fish – good catch.

Rotate through the following stations with 5 burpees in the center between each:

  • G1: 10 supine pullups + 10 decline merkins
  • G2: 5 pullups + 10 merkins
  • G3: 10 burpees + 10 donkey kicks
  • G4: 10 step ups + 10 dips


Nothing too grueling but we stay in motion.

After about 3 rounds we do a bit of plank-o-rama until the groups form up.


Slow mosey to the parking lot to cool down:

  • Freddie Mercury x 15 IC
  • Diamond Merkins x 10 IC
  • Side Crunch x 10 IC – flapjack
  • Staggered Merkin-Right x 10 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 10 IC
  • Staggered Merkin-Left x 10 IC (that one hurt)


And……………………..we’re done.




Great to be back at Hydra – still one of the best AO’s in A51.

Strong group – in hindsight I think I should have turned it up a notch – I think I noticed some boredom and a little too much idle chatter.  Need to up my game a bit.

Had a hard time keeping up with Spackler.  Is he fast? – or – maybe because his participation in the exercises was …… random.

YHC almost wandered off into the dark but was called back by the group – – “no man left behind”.  Touching.

Great to see the alumni returning – Kotters to Flutie for posting while visiting from Boston.



  • Southern Discomfort (Part Deux) on October 22. Sign up link below:
  • South Charlotte Christmas Party which includes A51, SOB, Indian Land & UC is Friday December 2nd, 1900 at Firethorne Country Club
  • Joe Davis Run is January 7, 2017

It’s all in the weekly email.

Great takeout from Grapevine – watch for someone hurting or in need and reach out.  Good word brother.

Ultimately it will be painful – i promise

15 Pax posted in the gloom for a test-weinke known as the Ultimate Relay.  Some tweaks to be done for future versions.

We take a slow mosey across the parking lot, and then we circle up.



  • Squat x 15 IC
  • IW x 15 IC.
  • Merkin x 15 IC
  • Side Crunch x 10 IC, Flap jack, Side Crunch x 10 IC


Partner up, and mosey past the rock pile (pick up 1 rock per pair) and gather up at the parking lot light pole.  We carry the 2 puke buckets to the far light pole for further instructions.

Here’s the deal:  Each bucket includes ~20-25 exercises – partner 1 draws an exercise, sprints (!) to the far light pole, performs the exercise, and returns.  P2 repeats the cycle, and then they begin the next round with a newly pulled exercise.


The key to this workout is pushing the run throughout the time period – if you’re bored waiting for your partner to return, you’re not pushing the run hard enough.


This continues …. Forever.


As time closes up we mosey back to return the rocks, and stop enroute to circle up and go through the cards one more time – with no running in between.  Easy.


That’s all we got.



Was fun to test a new format….working at speed…presumably.

Disappointed that the pain level was not what I had hoped.  Old Man anger has not been quenched.

Stole this idea from a camp in California I attended/observed this summer.  A group of D1 athletes did this across a football field for a little over an hour – there was much delirium, crawling, gagging, a few KO’s.  I thought to myself: “Brilliant idea for F3”.  Have had it in my purse ever since.  Will need some tailoring to recapture the pain I witnessed in CA.   Be patient.   Since I was in a triple, I had to try to keep up with Cane on all the runs – not good.



  • Southern Discomfort (Part Deux) on October 22.  Sign up link below:
  • South Charlotte Christmas Party which includes A51, SOB, Indian Land & UC is Friday December 2nd, 1900 at Firethorne Country Club
  • Joe Davis Run is January 7, 2017
  • All this, and more, on the weekly email.  Get some!

Good clean fun

13 men posted at Day Zero to enjoy the crisp, chilly, first days of summer.  A timely Friday email from Prohibition (apparently unable to post????) reminded YHC that he was in the queue to Q – I feigned a sharp memory but without that wake-up call there would have been a lot of blank stares in the parking lot.  With the A51 Q-school going on just down 51, YHC was reminded of one of critical Q principles: “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it.”   Various old man ailments would need to be navigated.  I think we can still keep things lively – – it went down like this:


The Thang:

A slow, chatter-heavy mosey around the track and circle up on the basketball court.  Disclaimer delivered.



  • 15 x Merkins in cadence, holding at the bottom
  • IW x 20 IC.
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC
  • Bottom Squats x 15 IC


YHC is sensing the youthful cockiness and a shocking lack of respect during COP, so we take a little diversion to aq favorite snobberlocker to lower the energy level, the Merkin Ladder:


Line up on the track

Run across soccer field – 20 merkins

Run back – 19 hand-touch-jump-squats

Run across – 18 merkins

Run back – 17 jump squats

Continue down to 1.


Everyone really liked this.  You’re welcome.


Mosey back to the basketball court – on your 6:

Flutter x 5 IC

Dolly x 5 IC

LBC x 5 IC

5 rounds continuous – no feet touching.


Mosey up to the parking – partner up – grab a sandbag (Hate!) out of Radar’s car.
P1 runs to the cone in the middle of the field – 8 count burpees x 5, then return

P2 does continuous sandbag squats.

Rinse and repeat x 3 rounds.



Mosey to the rock pile. Same partners – grab a lifting rock.

P1 runs to the cone in the middle of the field – 8 count burpees x 5, then return

P2 performs 10 curls, 10 press, 10 tricep, rinse and repeat until P1 returns.

Rinse and repeat x 3 rounds.

Gratitude from the pax is building.


Mosey to far corner of the track.

P1 runs to the cone in the middle of the field – 8 count burpees x 5, then return (did you need to ask?)

P2 performs 10 groiners, 10 Sister-Mary-Catherine, rinse and repeat until P1 returns.

The gratitude and admiration has turned to insubordination and YHC sees a lot of standing around, so we break off after 2 rounds.


Mosey to the Filmont MEMORIAL (where ya at brother?) pull-up bars

P1 runs to the cone in the middle of the field – 8 count burpees x 5, then return (did you need to ask?)

P2 performs 5 pull-ups, 5 dips, rinse and repeat until P1 returns.

Pretty sure we did 2 rounds.


Mosey to Basketball court – on your 6:

Side crunch x 5 IC

Flapjack x 5 IC

Freddy Mercury x 5 IC

Continuous sets – 3 times through.


That’s it!



Great to be back at Day Zero – been avoiding it since they decided to carry large weights down 51.  First morning in the nasty humidity for YHC – – not much done the rest of the day.  Good work by the pax – tried to keep continuous motion (Champagne impact).  Thanks for letting the oldness call the plays.