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Let’s Get Famous

10 guys at Commitment with a teaser of a local news guy getting some film of us for a video blog.  Apparently chickens don’t like being on video as our resident chicken scurries over the boarder to Black Hawk.   No Mashers so Turn Buckle joined us.  FNG present so made sure to give the full DICCS at 6:29.  6:30 lets role.



Mosey around parking lot, towards the school, and back down to the circle for a game of would you rather.  Would you rather……

  • Do a ladder of deconstructed burpees or…
  • Do 50 Merkins and 100 mountain climbers

Much to my surprise, two pax quickly spoke up and said they would rather do Merkins and Mountain Climbers.

Broken in to 5 sets of 10 Merkins and 20 Mountain Climbers.  Variation of Merkins along the way.

Quick Jimmy Duggan round to catch my breath loosen up the Hammy’s.  And were off.



Yo Yo Mosey to the bridge and back circling behind the 6 and returning to the bridge (thus the yo yo part).

Lunge Walk Bridge then Yo Yo mosey to Mill Bridge Pool and Back.

Squats at bottom of pool hill while one at a time takes turn backwards running up the hill and then doing squats in the parking lot.  That was fun….lets do it some more.  Head to the hill behind the playground for 5 sets of 5 burpees at bottom of hill, backwards run, and 10 squats up top…..Audible…Hill too wet.

Meet back in the Parking lot for Four Corner Suicides.  On the out, 10 Merkins.  On the back, Four count of Jump Lunge, Jump Squat, Jump Lunge, Jump Squat (thats 1).  Do this 5 times.   This proved to be a cardio killer for me.   Shout out to Sprinkles and Tanyatine for killing it here.

Grab a parking spot and Inch Worm Dry Docks from curb to curb.

Recover with 50 overhead claps

Two lines for Indian Runs past the covered bridge to the first road (Gazelles struggled with where to go here).

Partner up for leap frogs.  P1 Reverse Walking Lunges with P2 runs to mailbox.  P1 then “leap frogs” and runs to next mailbox.  Continue for about 1/4 mile.  Return for the 6.  Quick 10 count…nope, too slow lets go.

Grab a lifting rock for 11’s.  10 overhead press and 1 overhead hold.  Down to 1 press and 10 holds.  Had to stop halfway as my rock was rather large (thats what she said).  Rocks up and mosey to Elementary School.

In a square, Slow mosey one side, fast mosey 2nd side, sprint third side, and recover/walk the last side of the square.  We did this four times (apologies to those that actually believed me when I said we would only do it 3 times).

Back to the Rock Pile grabbing your same Rock for slow four count curls.  We did 20, 15, another 15 (who knows, I just did it until it burned).  Mad Dog giving me a hard time about my counting not matching my curling.  Touche.  I was worn out – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Watch check, about 3 minutes to kill.  Finish with 5 more curls, 15 tricep extensions.  Another 15 ticep extensions followed by curb dips.   How many curb dips?  Well that’s a point of debate.  In an effort to get a little Gazelle Clydesdale competition, I said we would go until the fastest guy got 50 dips or our slowest guy got 30 dips.  Sprinkles hit 50 around the time I was at 35…looks like we are stopping.

Less than a Minute, lets Jail Break and return for the 6.  Brick asks what a jail break is – “Imagine you broke out of jail and are running from the cops…Run that fast”.   Brick “But I don’t want to run from the Cops, I’d rather just wait for them to catch me”.   Haha, ok.

Everyone reached COT right before we turned over to 7:31…lets call it 7:30:58.



  • Great effort by everyone today.  Depending on how much you circled for the 6, we got somewhere between 3.5 and 3.8 miles.
  • A couple audibles on the winkie due to conditions.  Last time I tried that hill it was icy.  Apparently there is never a good time to hit it.
  • Turnbuckle pushed hard today.  He was going to Mash but apparently Masher’s take Saturday off so he reluctantly joined us.  He tried to wiggle out saying he would just walk but I wouldn’t let him.  He hung with us all morning on a very heavy run workout (at least for me it was).
  • Thanks to Mad Dog for hanging back and helping.
  • Drive By with a grin when Mad Dog called me out on my curl counting.  I “helped” him post VQ with his counting struggles so I’m sure he enjoyed seeing the teacher being scolded.
  • Sprinkles and Tanyatine killed it all morning.  Consistently out front.
  • Deep Dish brought out his son. We went with the lay up and called him Thin Crust.  Thin Crust is a junior at UNC Charlotte studying finance and a myriad of other things in hopes to work with a commercial developer one day.
  • Brick pushed hard for workout number 2.  Somehow he was able to dry off his hands enough to get a few video’s and pictures in of us.
  • Thanks to J-Woww for the invite to Q.  I’m wore out.
  • Nice dual coffeteria after the workout with Blackhawk going to 6:30 they were able to join us (I didn’t realize they jumped to 6:30).  I’m pretty sure we will end up on the What’s Up Waxhaw page at some point today giving a Karen something to complain about.   (How dare we sit outside and drink coffee).   It was good to get a larger group together though (Don’t worry, we were under 25).



  • Cuthbertson Rd clean up today.  Meet at dentist office near Walmart at….well now.
  • Blood Drive planning coming together.  Location secured this morning at the American Legion on 75 in Waxhaw.
  • Surge leading the charge for CPR certification.  Look for more info on that (we had no one today at Commitment CPR certified…yikes).
  • Its Saturday….go spend time with the fam.  I’m out!

So This Is 37?

I’m not big on birthdays.  I tend to keep it simple with a small celebration with the family.  But this year, I saw The Body Shop had an opening on my birthday and I thought “Why not make some guys miserable on my birthday”.  And so here it is:


Mosey 10 Aussie Burpees where you stand.

Mosey about 100 yards for another 10 Aussie Burpees.

Mosey about another 100 yards for another 10 Aussie Burpees.


After a short mosey around the parking lot, we circled up for:

  • 10 Ranger Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Wide Arm Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 T Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 7 Arm to Heaven Merkins (Tried looking at lexicon to get official name.  3 pages into 9 total pages of Merkins, I gave up.  F3 really needs to clean up the exicon….its gotten too complicated to become useful).
  • 20 Mountain Climbers.  NOPE.  Sorry Das Boot (who begged for them).


Quick mosey to parking spaces to avoid Covid sweat pile crossing.   Jack Web of Carolina Dry Docks and Crawl Bear.  Somewhere around 4 and 16 I screwed up the counting.  Being the idiot that I am, I decided we needed to start over (Bad Idea).  Some pax groaned…others laughed.  Several suggested I needed to go back to Q School – touche.   Approaching the last round I had intentionally planned on ending at 37 since perhaps the pax didn’t quite register why we did 37 merkins earlier….but Posse decided it was his turn to Q Jack the count.  Nope!  I just kept repeating 37 over top of his 38, 39, and 40.

Quick Mosey to the rock pile for rocks.  Partner up.  Partner 1 Jail breaks 100 yards, takes a 10 second walking recovery, and jail breaks back 100 yards.  Partner 2 does a lifting exercises.  Keep rotating through.

  • 37 Curls
  • 37 Tricep Extensions
  • 37 Military Presses
  • 37 Rows
  • 37 Chest Press

It was at this point I noticed I was getting lapped and the angry elf in me called for those fast bastards to keep going until I was done.  Once the 6 finished (me) we joined back together for 37 sumo squats accompanied by Form Police Posse reminding us to keep our backs straight (mine wasn’t straight and almost never is during squats so feel free to call me out – it takes me back 20 years ago to my football coach yelling the same thing at me – I’ve never had good squat form).

Lunge Walk back towards the rock pile.  Apparently some pax heard mosey…I quickly nipped that one in the bud and had everyone lunging.  Rocks up and circle up for a final 7 Aussie Burpees  (Haha, I made y’all do my birthday burpees with me…suckers).  It was at this point that the first light headed moment took place.  Very quick and passing.  (Serves me right for making yall do my birthday burpees with me I guess)  Lets mosey to the speaker near COT.

5 minutes left, just enough time for Thunder Struck….damn it, black out coming again.  This one a little stronger.  Faked a music hick up to give myself a little extra recover time (I’m not sure we covered that at Q School – “What to do when your passing out”)….there we go, I’m back.  Ok, AC/DC Thunderstruck…Mountain Climbers until you hear Thunder then do a Merkin.  During instrumentals we stood up and did air presses.  It’s a fan favorite.  Every pax wishes we did this more often.  Ended right on time depending on your definition of “On Time”.  I’m never on Hooch time (a guy that use to do F3 (shots fired) in Waxhaw that typically ended his workouts 3 minutes past time), but sometimes I do like to apply Clemson Football Coach Danny Ford’s famous quote “Hit through the echo of the whistle” to F3 (Posse is grinning from ear to ear seeing that I mentioned Clemson Football).  We ended at 6:45:35 instead of 6:45:00 as some pax apparently feel is required.



  • What the hell is going on with me.  Since giving blood my cardio has plummeted.  I nearly passed out during my own Q today (has that ever happened in all of F3 before?!).  And my resting heart rate has jumped 10%.  But we saved a lot of lives so….that’s good I guess.
  • Posse pushing hard on the runs.  Apparently had races with pax who didn’t even know it.  JWoww and One Star….did you know you were racing Posse?  Well if you didn’t, did you know you lost?
  • Masher’s killing it as always.  Bunyon straight of his VQ on Monday stepped up to lead again.  Joined by Legalized and Damascus (Kotters).  Mashers still slow to get over to COT which results in screwed up counting.  You get a pass this time since Legalized was on crutches…but I’m looking at new Site Q Mayhem to clean that up under his new reign.
  • Chopper roped me into a Mile Prerun before we started.  He asked a group of us and no one volunteered to join…and I can’t let a guy go prerun on his on…so I left the music playing and off I went….Damn it, I hate preruns.
  • Lots of other pax I could name about working hard (Because pretty much everyone passed me on the runs), but I will leave it at good work everyone.
  • Soap Box Time!  Another year passed which has me reflecting on my time with F3.  I often used the example that the workouts were the bait, the fellowship was the hook, and the third F was the IMPACT – the life changing impact that you can have on others lives in our community that ultimately has impacting change on your life.  Almost 3 years into F3 and I’m to the point that I feel I’m impacting others enough for it to in turn impact me.  Life seems more meaningful now.  The sad clown has been left in the dust.  Much like giving Christmas gifts is more joyful than receiving them.  That being said, you don’t move from First F to Second F to Third F and leave the others behind.  You have to continually push in all three areas.  Some of us are more active in some areas than others.  My social anxiety usually means I struggle in the 2nd F.  Thanks to F3 I’ve openly admitted my issues there with a push from Lazy Boy last year who opened up about his own social anxiety issues.   Take note of where you can grow within F3.  If your a 5 workout a week guy but have never helped at Christ Closet or any of our other Third F opportunities, maybe its time for you to jump in.  If your a Sanctuary guy that has never come to a workout – guess what, we are waiting for you with open arms with plenty of guys willing to circle back to pick you up.  Where are you heavy, where are you light, and what can you do to improve.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching the pax in Waxhaw, I can always do more.  Some of yall amaze me.  Lets do more.  Lets impact our community.


  • Hey, speaking of second F….looks like the 2nd F’ers are getting together for socially distanced beers tonight.   Lawson (Small Pool?) parking lot.  No clue the time…look to GroupMe calendar for more info.  And after my soap box rant above…I can’t make it tonight due to Birthday Time with the family.
  • Blood Drive # 2 cooking in Waxhaw.  Turnbuckle and Rudy taking the reigns and looking at early October.  If you are interested in helping day of or helping them recruit, reach out to them.
  • Prayed for pax, their wives, and a couple dads going through surgeries, recoveries, or hard times now.


A Backblast For A Blood Drive??! YUP!!!

A huge thank you to everyone that came out today yesterday to give blood.  Another thank you to those that brought kid friendly food items for Ackbar’s church.  An even bigger thank you to those that donated your time as well today.  What a full day of Third F, but also quite a lot of Second F.  76 donors showed up with a final unofficial total of 72 pints of blood.  I say unofficial because those that gave Power Red actually gave more than a pint so the totals will be calculated later today.  Lets guesstimate an even 80 pints.



So about 4 weeks ago, I saw something on Slack in passing about F3 wanting to donate 10,000 pints of blood by their 10 year anniversary.   Again, it was in passing and didn’t really stick to me.  Then while driving to one of the few customer call’s I’ve had since COVID, there was an ad on the radio that the Red Cross was desperate for blood during these pandemic times.  Normally I would have said “Somebody needs to do something”.  But thanks to Q Source (and F3) I’ve mentally turned that corner that “No, I need to do something”.  The wheels started spinning.  I reached out to the Red Cross through their general website (the special link and contacts for F3 had not been developed yet).  I received a call from a Red Cross rep with the minimum qualifications:

  • Must be at least 20 people
  • They require 1000 sq ft of air conditioned space with access to bathrooms (due to Covid, buses are discouraged)
  • A couple tables and chairs are needed for registration, canteen, and waiting areas.


Sounds easy enough.  So off I went.  I had decided that I wanted to find a location first, then I would lock down a date.   After a few swings and misses I contacted my church, Weddington UMC, who graciously let us use their facility.

Lets lock down a date.  I would need time to recruit folks to donate….but how long would I need.  (Licks finger, holds it in the air to test the wind.  Grabs some dirt and sifts it through fingers).  How about 3 weeks.  After conferring with both the Church and Red Cross, it was settled….July 23rd.  I received a link to a donor page that afternoon and we were off and running trying to recruit donors.

Recruiting was by and far the hardest part of this.  Early on I had a lofty goal of 100 pints that had to be tamped down by the Red Cross.  They didn’t have the staff to support 100 pints (and apologies to those that donated towards the end today, it showed as we were running behind – It also didn’t help that I almost passed out and took up a table for 20 minutes recovering).  Three days into recruiting and I didn’t have the 20 pax needed to even make this happen.  I quickly went from asking to begging (and it worked!).  So now that we have enough to have it, how do I get to 100 (I wasn’t told I was going to be capped at 75 until the end).  I reached out to Posse for ideas.  He suggested traveling to other regions to spread the word and fold them in to our drive.  So I did.  Off to Hawks Nest in Area 51 and Rebel Yell in SOB (Both had 5:30 start times – which really sucks when your use to 6:00 and you’re a 25 min drive from both sites).  The pax were really welcoming and several were willing to step up.   Awesome.  Before I knew it, 23 grew to 37, and then 45.  But then I hit a road block.  Donors quit signing up.  The repeated announcements after workouts were starting to sound like Bone Frog.  Back to Posse for Possevice (new lexicon?).  Posse “You need a co site Q for this, and its not me”.  So out went the call (threat) asking for a co site Q for the blood drive.   The original call for help got me some volunteers, but not a Co Site Q.  Then Chastain reached out “Still needs some help?”.   “Yes I do; Congratulations you are now Co Site Q”.  I told Chastain in our opening discussion “I’m stuck at 45.  I don’t see a path to 100”.  We developed a plan to broaden our reach into the neighborhoods of Waxhaw through Neighborhood Facebook posts and the next door app.  Donors started pouring in again.  52, 67, 72.  We would market late afternoon/evening and I’d check our portal the next morning to find we were full.  We were constantly requesting more donor slots from the Red Cross (adding slots means adding staff so they had to get that approved/scheduled which took time.  It wasn’t an automatic add).  We made a final push inside F3 for pax to individually reach out (not mass market) to draw in our final numbers.  Then word came back from the Red Cross….”I think we are close to being full.  I will see if I can get you one final group of slots, but we need to cap you at 79”.  And there it was, the first time I realized I wasn’t going to get a chance to hit my original goal.  I was bummed, but I was quickly reminded by Chastain what an accomplishment 79 was.  I then received an email from some higher up red cross folks as well as F3 Metro guys stating how excited they were with our drive and how much of a big deal that large of a drive is.  Ok, got my head back right.  Lets do this thing thang.



The thing thang about F3, is that when a brother asks for help, people show up.  Hard commits.  People you can count on.  I was amazed at how many people arrived early to help,  asked me what they could do, brought tons of food for donations, or just showed up to give blood.

I won’t bore you with the details, but about an hour before the first donation slot, 4-5 guys where there helping to move tables, redirect traffic to the right door, learning the scan in system, and helping the Red Cross unload (when they would let us).

About an hour in, a higher up Red Cross person arrives and starts telling us that F3 Metro made it a competition at their drive and kept track of how long it took to fill the pint bag.  Before she could finish, Chastain had a marker in his hand going around collecting times and keeping track on the white board.  Loafer with an early 3:27 jumped out to the lead and tamped Bottle Cap’s bragging down quickly.  Deadwood arrived and heard competition only to light up with joy.  (I swear you could set up a dog turd eating contest and he would try and win it.  The guy thrives on competition).  In the end, no one could catch Loafer.  Congrats on being the one that would bleed out the fastest if you were ever stabbed.

The guys just kept pouring in.  Tons of Waxhaw guys, but I was surprised how many Area 51 and SOB guys came too (when hospital names are used to register, its hard to know if they are F3 until day of).  We also used this as an opportunity to EH some new folks.  20 pamphlets were printed telling people about F3 (all three F’s) as well as a schedule of all three F’s.  I thought I would be taking extra pamphlets home…nope.  We ran out with over an hour left in donations.

Final tally was 76 donors showed up.  Four were deferred (meaning they wouldn’t take their blood that day for various reasons) for a total of 72 pints (Wow).  The final tally will happen in a few days and will only grow as the Power Red that was donated by some actually counts more than a pint.  We are likely close to 80 pints.



There is a lot to say here, and I will attempt to keep the back patting and soap boxing to a minimum.

  • Thank you so much to the guys that came out. 72 pints will save approximately 216 lives in our community. It also means that Van Winkle and Doe Re Me out of F3 Metro are doing 72 Burpees, Squats, and Merkins today.
  • A special thanks to three people who came and stayed all day helping out. Chastain, Mayhem and Posse.
    • Early on Posse was my sounding board for lack of registering frustrations. He is wise beyond his years (which is saying something because he’s old as dirt).  He really helped me to get outside of the Waxhaw bubble and draw more folks in.
    • Chastain jumped on board about halfway through recruiting, but was a big help in pushing us over the finish line.  He was also a huge help for helping things logistically the day of.  Apparently he is a great baby sitter as well (he watched Ice 9’s daughter while he gave blood).
    • Mayhem, despite being a Tar Hell, is a high impact man. He jumped in the day off and started helping right away.  Within two minutes he had built rapport with the Red Cross staff (and even secured a lunch date).  All day he was moving from table to table checking on donors and staff, bringing juice boxes, and keeping spirits up.  Thanks for your help today.  I wish I had the ability to build report that fast with people.
  • Thanks also goes out to our other volunteers. Surge, Das Boot, and Chainsaw all stepped up to volunteer some extra time today.  Thank you!
  • Late in the planning of this thing I thought “There is a lot of people that will be coming to this one location. It would be great to collect things as well while we are gathered.  My first thought was to reach out to Ackbar for his Churches food pantry.  “What do yall need”.  The call comes back that kid friendly food is always in short supply; so the call went out…bring donations when you come to donate blood.  I was worried at first that I was asking too much of the pax all in the same day.  Those fears were quickly calmed thanks to Posse who said we were doing six F (two 3 F’s?).  Thanks to everyone that donated food.  I hesitate to call anyone in particular out here, but two guys brought so much food that I think they need to be recognized.  Rudy brought in what felt like 20 lbs of bags.  And Brutus had so much food in his car that I send him directly to the church to unload.  Huge thank you guys and to everyone that donated food today.
  • Speaking of Ice 9 (from Chastain’s kid sitting story); My mother-in-law (who’s a Nurse Practitioner) warned me that red heads have a higher probability of passing out when giving blood so I needed to eat a big breakfast.  With that in the back of my mind I closely watched Ice 9 this morning to see how it affected him.  Would he pass out?  Would he need help?  Would he let out a weird grunt like when he works out?  The answer is no to all three (disappointingly on the bear grunt).  I’ve decided that perhaps Ice 9 may not be a true red head.  We may need to check with his M to make sure the carpet matches the curtains.  Who dye’s their hair red?
  • Well its my turn to give. Still nervous with what the Mother-in-law has planted in my head.  I finish up (not bad) and go have a seat at the canteen with a juice box and nutter butter and some second F with a few guys that had donated as well (Prohibition and Wolverine).  Finish both snacks and realize in sweating.  Things are getting foggy.  Finch comes over to say hi and I’m trying to keep it together as best I can.  Apparently I’m fooling nobody.  Prohibition asked if I’m ok.  “Yeah I’m good”.  Wolverine quickly answers “No your not”.  My head feels like its 50 pounds and things are getting darker.  I go to lay my head down just for a second then try and lift it and a feeling of “don’t give a $h!ts” hits me.  I could hear people asking me questions and talking, but I didn’t want to answer them – which is really weird.  About that time Ice hits my neck and chest and I can feel a fan on me.    Don’t give $h!ts goes away and I’m back.  Juice box makes me feel a little better.  They finally get me to a bed to lay down and recover some more.  So why am I telling this long story about me (almost) passing out?  Not to scare you from giving blood.  And certainly not to make me look like a weak pansy.  Men are weird.  We fight help with tooth and nail, even when we know we need it.  I knew something was wrong.  Wolverine and Prohibition knew something was wrong.  Yet I kept saying I was ok.  Why?  Why can’t we accept help?  Take this as a lesson.  If your gut tells you to ask and they tell you they are fine….stay with them.  They likely need help and they are pushing it away.  Thanks Prohibition and Wolverine for sticking with me even though I said I was fine.
  • So whats next? Well if you do the math, 72 pints is a long way away from 10,000.  I’m not sure how many F3 Regions there are, but I’m going to guess its somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-150.  So lets assume its 100 for a good round number.  Each region would need to get 100 pints donated for Freed To Bleed to hit their goal.  So that spurs two questions for me:
    • 1) Who from SOB, Area51, and Union County will pick up the torch and run with it for your region? I’ve got the blue print for you to use.  And I made plenty of mistakes and can show you how to avoid them or improve upon them.  If you want to take the next step; If your tired of saying “Someone should do something”; If you have realized that F3 is about developing community leaders and you are ready to step up and do something….Contact me at or contact Ashley at  (Please don’t sign my email address up for weird fetish mailings).
    • 2) We need another blood drive here in Waxhaw. 72 pints isn’t enough.  We can all give blood again in 57 days.  Who can I pass this torch to here in Waxhaw?  Who wants to step up for round 2.  I can be your Co Site Q or I can help in the background.  But I’d love for someone to step up and run with this thing.  Make it bigger and better than I did.  Connect with me and lets start working on this thing….like today – right now.



  • Get off your ass and make a difference.  Area51, SOB, Union County….get to work on your first blood drives.  Waxhaw – lets get to work on our second.  Lets go be High Impact Men that fulfills F3’s purpose – to invigorate and develop male community leaders.

A Relocated Chiseled

A call was put out Tuesday that Five Stones sites would need to be relocated this week due to a Day Camp there.  (Insert Gif of me balling up the Winkie and throwing it in the trash).  A quick decision to relocate to Cuthbertson (I mean we only use it for 5 workouts a week and multiple convergences, whats one more day).  I struggled with what to do to keep it a gear bootcamp – something different that what is always done at Cutty.  What’s a gear bootcamp you ask?  Well its purposefully using gear to increase strength, while still getting the heart rate up through either running or cardio exercises.

I went to bed last night with a plan to do an Amrap.  I woke up early and decided to throw it out (2nd workout I scrapped for those counting).  Amrap’s have been done at Cuthbertson before.  There isn’t enough rocks spaced out to do a good Amrap.   So what to do….what to do.  I decided to pull my first winkie out of the trash and give it my best go.  It would require some rock running (which I hate), but its a better Chiseled Winkie (more lifting) than the Amrap I had planned.   90’s alternative playlist on…..lets go!




Mosey down the path and grab a rock from the rock pile about 3 lights in.  Circle up for 30 curls (counted on my up just for Posse).  Rocks down.  Go grab another rock from the secondary rock pile closer to the fence/pond.  Run with your second rock down to the double light/sidewalk jut off to softball fields.  Circle up for 30 overhead tricep extensions (on my up).   Rocks down.  Repeat for 2 more rounds: 30 curls, 30 tricep extensions, with a run in between.  Finish once you’ve completed 90 curls and 90 tri’s.  Mary waiting on the 6 (Wrigley led Am Ham’s).

Round 2: 30 chest presses, run, and 10 staggered rock merkins.  Repeat until you’ve completed 90 chest presses and 30 Rock Merkins.  Mary for 6 (LBC’s and Gas Pumpers).

Round 3: 30 Overhead Presses, run, 30 Rows.  Repeat 3 times for 90 and 90.  Mary waiting on the 6 (Dough Boy led big boy sit ups)

Round 4: Partner Up.  Partner 1 Lunge Walks about 20 yards (down sidewalk towards fields) and run backwards back up the hill.  Partner 2 does Sumo Squats (or goblet squats if you prefer your rock in a different location).  Repeat until everyone has completed both 3 times each.

Watch check – running out of time.  Had planed to do Rounds 1-3 (just once, not three times) again back-to-back-to-back as a grand finale.  Oh well.


Sent half the group towards the shed to redistribute rocks (that pile has been looking thin lately) while the other half went back to put there rocks back at the original location.  Meet back up at your other rock to do 30 curls and put that rock up.

Some Pax got a little antsy being that there was only 1 minute left and started taking off to COT.  I called everyone back.  Ricky Bobby time checked me again being ever so concerned that we might be 1 minute late.  “Its cool, I got this.  I’m no Hooch”.  Jailbreak to COT.  Give it all you got.   As I reached COT the watch said 6:45 (since I don’t have a seconds counter, I have no clue how long it had been 6:45….).



  • Thanks for coming out today and still showing up with the change in locations.
  • This was also a SubstiQ as the original Q couldn’t make it.  I look forward to what a month of planning means for his VQ in August.
  • Chastain asked if I had anyone at Five Stones redirecting pax.  I didn’t.  He asked if he should go.  I said no, I made two posts about it.  Everyone knows to come here.  I’m glad he didn’t listen as he picked up Flow.  Thanks for being a leader Chastain and not taking the easy way out.  Add that as an example to your upcoming Site Q School of what to do (you) and not do (me).
  • Also thanks to Chastain, Schneider, and the rest of you that picked up the 6 instead of Marying.  I’m a pick up the 6 guy, but feel I can’t do it while Q’ing.  Thanks for circling back.
  • Cutty Site Q’s, you now have more rocks at the shed pile.  Your welcome.  Now use them.
  • I wasn’t sure if the look on Sledge’s face was a look of determination or just hatred towards me.  Dude pushed hard today through some running.  There were not many breaks for him and he kept at it.
  • Flow with a return to the mix after some time off.  Good work today.
  • High Hat, Rudy, Dough Boy and I were grouped together often today and pushing each other to catch each other (does that read right?).  Good work boys.
  • Wrigley and Ricky Bobby were slightly ahead of me today.  Chastain and Schneider were well out in front.
  • 0-69 still logging those miles and looking slimmer and slimmer for it.  Nice job.
  • Xerox didn’t throw his rock at me after the Rock Merkins so I’ve got that going for me today.  Good work pushing through some not so shoulder friendly exercises today.
  • Loafer with plenty of “Oh Yeah’s” this morning.  My new found barometer for judging a good workout.  Its infectious and I tend to repeat if when I see him…except in a much more midwestern twangy way…. that sometimes slides into a bit of what I could only describe as what I think a midwestern orgasm sounds like.  (haha, sorry I’m laughing as I’m typing it and I hope you go around the rest of the day trying to say “oh yeah” in your head sounding like a midwestern orgasm).



  • F3 Waxhaw Blood Drive.   Then search F3.    July 23rd at Weddingington United Methodist Church.  I really need more donars to sign up.  We have 15 as of this morning.  I need at least 20 to keep the date.  If you plan on donating but haven’t signed up yet….please sign up asap.   If your on the fence about donating: 1) Its free.  2) It helps save up to three lives per donation.  3) They provide free Covid antibody testing.  4) It re-enforces what F3 is all about.  Living Third.  Making our communities better.  Leading by example.  Believing there is something bigger than yourself.
  • Q School: July 25th.  Site Q School July 18th.  There is an event on the News Channel where you can click a link to sign up.
    • If you have Q’ed less than 3 times, please go to Q school.  If you have Q’ed multiple times but still can’t figure out how to count an imperial walker – go to Q School.   If you don’t have back blast posting abilities….go to Q school.  Start EH’ing some new guys to go.
    • If your interested in stepping up to lead more, go to site Q school.  If your a current site Q school but have never been to site Q school….go to site q school.  Start EH’ing some guys you think are ready to lead.  Unfortunately, as much as we preach leadership in F3, most of us won’t step up unless asked (me included).  So lets start asking.
  • 100 for 100 Recliner Raffle.  See Centerfold for tickets.  We are close to reaching the goal.  Need some more pax to step up and buy some tickets.


Brutal Sweat Pit

Via Tool Time (for his VQ):

Had the honor to VQ today thanks to @Glidah, @Fusebox, and @Brutus for
marketing such a large group.  What better way to have your first VQ then with such a
big group!

Warm up time:
Started with a light mosey to warm the body up.
20 x Side Straddle Hops
Then 20 x Imperial Walkers
Then 20 x Toy soldiers
Then Calf stretch
Followed by Back stretch
Following our lite warm up we would mosey to our first stage out of 3 stages, on the
way to Stage one the heat started with @Brutus and @Glidah talking smack about
my counting, sure we may have missed 1,2,3 a few times but we got the job done.
Continuing our Mosey @Brutus kept talking so I decided we had to pick up the
pace/workout reps to keep him quiet. 😉

And the sweat begins:
Each PAX grabbed a medium weight rock (what a medium weight rock now I think to
5 x sets of the Following: Working from 10 reps each down to 5
Each set consisted of 10x Curls, 10x shoulder press, 10x triceps (working each round
down from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5)
Each set was followed with a faster than jog pace up and down the Five Stones
entrance (if I had to guess a ¼ mile maybe)

After complete, rocks were put back in the rock pile and a “slow mosey” (@Ice9
doesn’t know what slow is so we moved at a good pace to the next stage).  The next
stage (Stage 2) was at the backside corner lot of the church/school.  Each of the
PAX would start at one side of the parking spacing working head on to the next
parking space.
3 x sets of the Following:
30 x squats
The PAX would then move to the opposite parking spot doing a Bear crawl/ Merkin
Thanks to @Ice 9 we now call this the “Bearkin” (If this has been named already
please call me out on it and its all yours!)
Once on the opposite side the PAX did the following
20 x Bombjacks

So now that we have completed Stage 2 it was onto Stage 3 for the finish line, the
PAX now would Mosey to about where we all parked in the main parking lot for the
final push.
The following were completed at stage 3
Run at a quicker than job pace to the first island (about 30 yards out)
Then 5 x burpies and run back to start
5 x big boy situps and run to second island (about 40 yards out)
Then 10 x burpies and run back to start
10 x big boy situps and run to third island (about 60 yards out)
Then 15 x burpies and run back to start
Finish with 15 Big boy situps

And….we were just about done but we still have 4 min on the clock.
The following was done to cool down
Mosey around Mt. Chiseled.
Last two minutes consisted of planks with the PAX!

This completed our workout, everyone was soaking wet by the end with no rain in
sight! Good job everyone keep up the hard work!

Q School – July 25 th (sign up if you have not done so already)
Blood Drive – Fuse Box has enough people now to get the drive going but will need
volunteers to setup and run the drive.  Two 2 hour shifts with 2 men at each shift (He needs 4 volunteers)
Pax Challenge- About 8K raised, raffle going on for Laz-Boy Furniture don’t miss your
opportunity for a new couch for the man cave!
1776 Challenge this Sat at Black Hawk.  All other Saturday AO’s will be closed to converge at Walnut Creek Park.
Men’s group meeting Monday night to start a new series meeting at Ackbar’s church
(Pizza and Beer)

A Backblast for F3 Dads?!

Sure, why not.  Lets create a little FOMO.  Lets spread the word.  Lets build some excitement.

10 pax showed up this morning at 9:00 am at Newtown Elementary for the weekly F3 Waxhaw Dad’s.  Its open to kids and their dads roughly age 4-14 but the prime ages are 5-12.

So what do we typically do at F3 Dad’s?  We’ve done obstacle courses, relay races, played soccer, treasure hunted, capture the flag, and water gun tag.  Sound fun?  Well it is.  My 2.0’s love it.  Its 45 min to an hour of them getting to do what Dad does every morning, build comradere with other kids, and see their Dad taking an interest in his and their fitness.

So what did we do today?  I’m glad you asked.


Funky Mosey.  (Whats a funky mosey?)  Well its where the Q runs randomly all over the place.  Grass, trees, left, right, change direction.  You name it.

Circle up in what little bit of shade New Town offers.  Handed the keys to the Q to the kids to let them decide what warm up exercises we did:

Little Biker Girl: 15 Side Straddle Hops

Spinnach: 10 Big Boy Sit Ups

The Great Bambino: 10 Dad Merkins (kids ride dad’s back while dad does push ups.  A kids favorite….Dads, not so much).

The Meg: 50 Merkins (yes you read that right).  I attempted to audible but the Meg was having none of it.  With a little help, he knocked out all 50.  Great job.  (The rest of us just watched after we did 10).

Cheddar: Toy Soldiers

Flat Foot: Butt Kickers (with a snicker from some of the 2.0’s)

Little Biker Girl: Kereoke Right

Little Biker Girl: Kereoke Left



Find the hill at the back of the school.  Section off into family groups.  As a family, you have to go up and down the hill 10 times (Up and Down is 1).  But the catch is that you could only go down and up the same way once.  So if you ran down the hill once, you couldn’t run back down the hill a second time, you had to be creative.  Some of the creative ways to traverse the hill were:

  • Dad carry you
  • walk hill backwards
  • Bunny Hop Hill
  • Bear Crawl
  • Dad Bear crawl with 2.0 on back.
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Slide
  • Flip
  • Roll
  • Moon walk
  • Shopping Cart Dance
  • Frog Hop.


Short Mosey to Track for a relay race.  Stay in Families.  One person at a time run across the field to the other side of the track.  Once entire family is there, one at a time run back.  We found some competitive juices in Olive Oil on this one.

Oh look, there’s a half deflated soccer ball in the middle of two goals.  Lets audible and play soccer…kids vs parents.   Kids won 1-0, but parents had two shots on goal with wide open misses from Olive Oil (shes fired).  I’m pretty sure she stiffed armed her youngest in order to get the open net shots.

Kids starting to complain about the heat.  So lets head towards the cars to take a water break.  Lunge walk up side walk.  Frog hop in each sidewalk square.  Mosey toward school stopping at the wall for 50 jabs and 25 presses.


Next was capture the flag water tag.  Bailey’s vs everyone else (Fuse & Drive By + 2.0’s).  There is a cone at each end of the parking lot along with a cooler full of soap water to use to refill (and kill corona germs).  Object is to shoot the other teams cone with water.  If they shoot you with water, you had the option to do one of these 4 things to be unfrozen: 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats, or run back to your base.

Team Fuse & Drive by took an early lead employing a “goalie” and four attackers strategy. But the Bailey’s came storming back once they started implementing their diversion strategy.  Final score was 4-2 (I think?) good guys win.

Finish off with a quick game of dueling water guns.  Any one can challenge anyone to a dual.  Parents vs parents, kids vs kids, or kids vs parents.  Line up head to head in opposite parking spaces, on go, jump up and start shooting.  Lots of fun here. Too many good battles to recount, just know everyone was soaked afterwards and loving it.

Return to car for one final WATER BREAK, COT, Prayer, and DOUGHNUTS!  Oh, I didn’t go the easy route this week.  Oh no.  I passed two Dunkin’ Doughnuts on my way to the glory of all doughnut shops – Krispy Kreme.  2 Dozen original glazed and a dozen patriot doughnuts (highly recommend a box of patriots for your 4th of July celebration…they were awesome).   Lots of fun had by all.  If you haven’t tried F3 Dad’s and you have a 2.o aged 3-13, come give it a shot.  Its a great way to spend the Saturday morning with your kids.


Crazy 8’s

8 Watchtower’s and 6 Masher’s (including a Kotters welcome for Beltway), met in a parking lot to do weird stuff together.  After seeing a steady weight decline (and by steady I mean I lose 2-4 pounds during the week and gain 1-3 pounds over the weekend) over quarantine, my family decided they really liked the old me and fed me pizza for fathers day lunch, BBQ for dinner, and 3 helpings of peach cobbler and ice cream in between.  To say I felt sluggish during yesterday’s workout was an understatement…and the dreaded scale and FUPA measurement confirmed my suspicion, I was dangerously close to heading towards fat boy territory again.  The good news (or perhaps bad news if you were a Watchtower pax today) is that I could do something about it being on Q today…so with that…DICCS, lets go.



Fairly fast opening mosey pace towards the bus lot.  Turn around to find a much smaller group than we left out with (8 in total).

  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 20 Back Scratchers (I think that was the name, maybe tick pullers????)  Arms out wide and attempt to scratch your opposite trap.  Try it, its not easy if you have been going to chiseled, diesel, or a mash workout.  (In my best Arnold voice) For the rest of you puny men, perhaps not so hard.
  • 15 dry docks
  • Calf Stretch
  • Jimmy Duggan


Mosey to neighborhood stopping once to let the 6 catch up.  While trying to figure out what to do I did a satellite view of the campus and found that the neighborhood streets make an “8”.  So I decided we would take advantage of the 8.  At each corner we will do a called exercise then run at a faster pace than a mosey to the next corner.  Mountain Climbers waiting on the 6.

  • First Intersection: 10 Ranger Merkins on my down  (Some guys got some extras in as they started merkins before I finished explaining what we were doing)
  • Second Intersection: 10 Diamond Merkins on my down
  • Third Intersection: 10 Wide Arm Merkins on my down (starting to get tired of counting)
  • Forth Intersection after that nasty hill: 5 T Delts and 1 Merkin up to 10 Merkins.  On Your Own (sorry posse – who wasn’t there to chastise me).
  • Fifth Intersection: 10 Superman Merkins
  • Sixth Intersection: 10 Ranger Merkins
  • Seventh Intersection (swap over to speed skaters waiting on the six since we have double back through the middle of the 8 and don’t want to cross contaminate sweat piles).  10 Mary Katherines (2 is 1).
  • 8th Intersection: 20 Jump Squats
  • 9th and final Intersection: 12 Berishnicoffs each leg.

Mosey to the cul-de-sac near the front entrance for a Triple Nickle.  10 Dry Docks at the top, Run, 10 Jump Squats at the bottom (first light post).  Do those three exercises 5 times for the triple nickle.  (Yes, we had a OG try to tell me I was doing a Triple dime – Come on Foundation….you know better!). A quick watch check and I get wide eyed to see I have much more time left than I thought.  Some days time moves so fast but today it just crawled.

Quick sprints back towards the school   First spring to front of neighborhood.  Second sprint to school bus entrance.  Third Sprint to School wall.  Smithers, Mad Dog, and Foundation all pushed hard here trying to beat each other.

On the wall waiting for the 6.

  • 50 Air Presses on my up.
  • 15 wall slaps in cadence (you welcome posse).
  • 15 over head claps in cadence.

Continuing our springs until time was up.   Sprint to other end of the school.  Lunge waiting on the 6.  Sprint each of the 4 corners of the parking lot again waiting on 6 before starting off to the next corner.  Reached final corner and hurried over to COT.  A few pax kept moving to get their even (odd) number of 3 miles in.  Finitto.


  • A little bit of mumble chatter about that one being an ass kicker.  It hurt me, but I figured it was just the cobbler talking.  I love hearing the complaints….that means it sucked…which means you got your money’s worth.
  • Happy to announce the weight is headed back in the right direction after this mornings workout….I may also be ready to pass out from Dehydration so I guess I better go take Goodfella’s advice and hydrate up after that sweat fest.  Sorry to the pax that had to endure today’s pain in order to get me back on track.
  • Foundation and Smithers have apparently dropped Deflated out of the threesome as they both pre-ran together this morning and were seen holding hands and skipping during the triple nickel.
  • Ackbar came about as close as I’ve ever seen him to cussing someone out today.  He shot some very angry looks my direction during the workout.  Sorry bud! (I’m kidding of course – I’m not sure that guys has had an angry thought ever….well except for when cars pass school buses)
  • Chainsaw was out there kicking ass and taking names as usual.  Great work from a double respect.
  • Mad Dog and Smithers constantly circling back for the 6.  Thanks guys!
  • Foundation doing what was actually called instead of circling (Mountain Climbers or Speed Skaters).  Thanks for sticking to what was called out and setting an example for us slower guys that were coming in later and forcing us unknowingly to fall in line.
  • Schneider out front most of the morning and chirping the entire time.
  • Popeye may slash my tires over night after that one.  Thanks for sticking with it. Lots of talk from him about vaginitis after the workout.  Looking forward to you poping a Viagra and busting ass at Chiseled tomorrow (wait, that came out wrong).
  • Great seeing Beltway out again (Kotters).  Mash unit continues to grow and get some guys out of the bed that would normally fart sack.  Great leadership by the Mashers to keep it going and growing.
  • Mentioned posse a few times in the BB without him actually being at the workout.  He was in my head during today’s workout as I reached out to him to see if he learned anything new from his Atlanta F3 workout and what feedback he had as it compared to Waxhaw.  One of the things he said is that they did a lot of On Your Own counting which apparently Posse hates.  So today, I decided I would not OYO as much as possible.  That lasted about 5 intersections in before I could hardly catch my breath long enough to lead a count.


  • F3 Spartan this Saturday at Cuthbertson at 7:00 am.  Park near buses/Rudy’s Poop Palace (I think).  All other Saturday sites will be closed so converge on Spartan.
  • F3 Dads is this Saturday at Newtown Elementary at 9:00 am.  Bring a cardboard box for the kids to slide down a hill on and a water gun if you have one.
  • 100 for 100 Pax Challenge just over $8200.  In order to push us over the finish line, the 100 for 100 team are working on a raffle.  Lazy Boy (the pax, not the store) is donating a leather recliner to be auctioned off.  Second prize is a $100 amazon gift card donated by Nails (who knew he had extra $ to spend after all the recent tattoo work).  More details to be sent out by the 100 for 100 team.


“Is This Loud Enough?!!”

Via email from High Hat:


DICCS out got the fun started with I nice 1/2 mile Mosey to the entrance of 5 Stones then to the Warm-UP
25 SSH
25 Squats
25 Merkins
25 Big Boys
20 Mtn Climbers

Thing (2parts) Asked thte PAX to partner up and get married to a rock, both will be with you the entire AM.

Part1 Rock n Mosey
1 partner mosey to keep clock, other partner dances with Rock
Dance Moves
Keetle Swings

Part2 Climb Mt Chilsed
1 partner Climbs Mt Chilsed w/Rock to keep clock, other partner dances with Rock
Dance Moves
Man Makers
Big Boy
COT out
Saturday 6/27, 7am Spartan Course, come get some..
Out with Prayer, Please God give everyone compassion and understanding, THE WORLD NEEDS..
Always a Pleasure, God Bless..
Fuse Box additions:
  • No one can ever accuse High Hat of being quiet or not projecting.  I think both Champion Forest and Lawson heard his cadence counting in the opening warm up.
  • I had asked him a few times to come lead us at Chiseled and had always been met with a no.  Much to my surprise, when I saw he put himself our there to Q, I contacted him right away.
  • A great workout.  Thanks High Hat.

Double Tap (Asylum and Q Source BB)

Five, no six, no make that 7 guys came out to Asylum this beautiful morning.  While we launched with 5, we finished with 7.  I was doing some GroupMe marketing for my Q Source Q on Sunday afternoon when I received a text from Damascus saying he was in a pinch and needed a Q for Asylum; No Problem, I will perform my first two Q’s in a day (Deadwood is jealous now – I can hear phones already pinging at Floater and Clyent Dinner).

Hence forth to be referred to as double tap instead of double q (which has a much different meaning in zombie movies), here is back-to-back backblasts for Asylum and Q Source (You won’t run out of reading material on the john today).

Beautiful morning – DICCS given (More on that later in the Q Source BB).  Lets Go!  Wait on shop to get out of his car, ok now lets go!


Mosey to rock pile where I stole borrowed from both Nails and Smokey.  Rocks to warm up?  Why yes, yes indeed.

  • 40’s Curls.  10 regular, 10 bottom half, 10 top half, 10 regular.
  • Use rock for Jimmy Duggan Center, right, left.
  • 30 tricep extensions followed by 30 curb dips.
  • 30 Chest Press, Run 50 yards for 15 Merkins.  Repeat for three rounds (chest feeling extra tight after this one and a repeat from a recent Chiseled).

Rocks up and form a line for lunge walk Indian run.  Went approximately 50 yards before I called it and we mosey’ed to Pet Smart.



Progressive 4 5 Corners with Deconstructive Burpees.  Doing exercises on the out 1 round at a time and coming back to the start (burpees).

  • Corner 1: 5 Burpees
  • Corner 2: 10 Squats
  • Corner 3: 15 Merkins
  • Corner 4: 20 In/Outs
  • Corner 5: 25 Bobby Hurley’s


Grab shopping cart corral railing for Supine Ladders 10 to 1.  Finished with a 10 second hold.

(Check watch, 10 minutes left).  Lets go to Hickory Tavern like we always do and so something there to close out.  Lets line up on the curb of pet smart to repeat a previous Q.  Parking Space Suicides.  20 T Delts on the in and 5 Dry Docks on the out.  Shop Dawg with the obvious quote “Oh, is today shoulders day?”.

2 minutes left.  Jail Break to Hickory Tavern.  Then final Jailbreak to COT with Clydesdales getting a 5 second head start.  Burpees for everyone if a Gazelle beats a Clydesdale – and one did.  So we did 1 burpee as we already hit 6:45.



  • Posse trying out the broken toe for the first time today.  I expected to see him in the back of the pack but he beat me on a couple of the runs.  I still don’t understand how you don’t run for 6 weeks and then come right back out to push to the front like he did.  Mind over Matter I guess.
  • Shop Dawg still chugging along trying to prove a point.  We talked about it today in Q Source – you can’t give away what you don’t possess; and Shop has taken on a new attitude this year blazing past the Clydesdales into Gazelle territory in an effort to walk the walk.  Great job and leadership.
  • Blue Screen arrived 2 minutes late, but it took him 11 minutes to find us so he enjoyed a nice 32 minute workout today.
  • Loafer attempted to EH someone, but the times tripped him up and he couldn’t make it.  Plenty of more opportunities to get him out Loafer!  Hopefully he wont spill merlot like your son.
  • TB getting in his morning walk joined us afterwards for Q Source.
  • Swimmers left us all behind much of the morning with a short SOS call from home being the only thing to slow him down briefly.
  • To no one’s surprise, Damascus showed up at the wrong site to Mash and quickly high tailed it over to Cuthbertson only to return back to Brooklyn Pizza later for Q Source.  (Thanks for asking me to lead).


  • Shop thanked everyone for all the help this weekend in getting shelving built for the new Christ Closet Building.
  • Prayers for Loafers Dad who is struggling with three huge health set backs.  A stroke last year.  Pneumonia this year which then caused him to contract COVID.  Prayers for him.




Thanks to those that attended.  Today we discussed Positive Habit Transfer, but before we jumped in, we finished on Shops homework from last week. Identifying your dolphin (unique gift or skill) and daffodil (the people are drawn to help) in order to help you better answer the question: What ultimate life problem are you uniquely qualified to solve?  That last question hit me like a load of bricks when I heard it last year at Q source.  Up until then I had dabbled in Q source.  Attending a couple times, but not a regular.  But when asked a life changing question that I couldn’t answer, I felt it was time to take Q source more seriously.  To attend more, listen deeper, get vulnerable, and ask questions.  To make it a positive habit that would eventually turn into a brick for me.  After assembling a few of these bricks together, now I’m developing a guardrail to keep me on the road and out of the ditch.  (If any of this sounds foreign, like another part of the secret F3 language you’ve never heard, and it interest you –  please join us.  Mondays at Brooklyn Pizza or Fridays at Cuthbertson.  There is a lot to be learned from F3 and like Bottle Cap said in his Saturday back blast, if all you are getting is the first F, you are missing out.  We have a free (virtuous) leadership course at our disposal that corporations would pay thousands of dollars for their employees to attend….again FOR FREE.)

And in case that wasn’t enough soap box for you, I will share this last thing.  We discussed today this passage: Through Positive Habit Transfer we stand on the shoulders of giants.  The example was given that a flight check list was developed to correct deadly mistakes other pilots had made.  That example didn’t resonate with me so I attempted to shift it to driving as an example: seat belts, turn signals, ect.  And much like Shop does at Q Source, he hit me with a sledge hammer out of left field when he took it even closer to home.  DICCS.  F3 has developed its pre-launch safety message because we have had brothers to die while working out.  We ask that at least one cell phone be carried with you at the workout so that if someone was to drop 2 miles from the cars, it wouldn’t take 15 minutes for someone to run get their phone and call for help.  We ask for head lamps, reflective gear, and caution while crossing the street because we have had a FIA member die while crossing in a crosswalk.   We often gloss over DICCS, who has a cell phone, who knows CPR, and other site safety elements; but remember we do it for a reason.  Positive Habit Transfer.  We stand on the shoulders of giants.

For those that made it this far, thank you.  I’m sorry if it was too much soap box.  I’ve tried to be better about limiting those moments.  Come join us at Q Source sometime.  And stay safe out there.

An Impromptu Impromptu

13 guys joined me today for a tour of Cutty (I’m trying to make that the cool way to say Cuthbertson, mostly because Cuthbertson trips me up 8 of 10 times and makes me feel like I’ve suddenly developed a lisp to go along with my poor spelling).  Ackbar reached out Wednesday to see if I would lead today.  Its not quite the shortest window I’ve been given to lead – that distinction goes to Glydah at a Chiseled workout where we decided to split the group 30 seconds before launch; but it is the second shortest.  Two days to get PREPARED (also the discussion today at Q Source), lets do this.  Disclaimer given and promised to keep pax out of each others sweat piles.  This lead to some foreshadowing from Mad Dog – “Oh great, I guess that means lots of mosey”

WARM UP (kinda)

Mosey to parking lot behind Rudy’s poop palace.  Jimmy Duggan when you arrive.  20 jump squats.

Mosey to traffic circle.  Calf stretch waiting on 6.

5 rounds of 5 different merkin exercises broken up by 20 mountain climbers in between:

  • 10 Diamond Merkins/20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Ranger Merkins/20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Wide Arm Merkins/20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 T Merkins/20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Superman Merkins/20 Mountain climbers

Much respect to the guys that made it all the way through without going to their knees.  I’m still working to get there.


Grab some near by fence for 30 deep jump squats then mosey to bottom traffic circle cul-de-sac.  Find some curb for 20 scorpion dry docks.

Mosey up the hill back to traffic circle for 15 berishnicoffs each leg.

Mosey to Football parking lot and find your own parking space next to the curb.   Parking space suicides (no not lines Bottle cap).  On the out to 10 T delts and 5 Merkins.  On the back to 20 curb dips.  For those counting there were 9 parking spots heading out.  I had thoughts of audibling 3/4 the way through, especially when my shoulders were starting to ache, but figured we were close and I didn’t hear enough complaining so we pushed through.

Mosey to one of the corners for 4 corners (no, not progressive four corners Mad Dog….you can breathe a sign of relief).

  • Corner 1: 20 Soccer Heels (at least that’s what the M calls them).  Think of a standing Parker Peter where you jump and touch your opposite hand to opposite heel.  Mixed reaction on these – oh well, nice to try something new every now and then.
  • Corner 2: 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • Corner 3: 20 Jump Squats (Bottle Cap lobbied for Bobby Hurly’s but since Duke is currently fighting with UNC to see which is the dirtiest basketball program in the state ((Zion)), I said no).
  • Corner 4: 20 Mary Catherines.

Checked the watch, had more time than I thought….lets do that again.  Repeato.

Mosey up the hill towards the middle school road.  Divide into two teams – Clydesdale’s and Gazelles for Indian Runs.  I had to regroup a couple guys (cough cough: Ackbar and One Star).  Gazelles started out slow, much to the Clydesdales surprise, but quickly gained ground on us.

Bottle Cap with a slight Q Jack with sprints for the gazelles before I could get everyone circled up at COT for Abs.  Dough Boy let LBC’s until there was no time left.


  • A much more pleasant day today as the front pushed some of the humidity out.
  • Thanks for asking me to lead Ackbar.  Always a pleasure.
  • Great work from everyone today.
  • Bottle Cap slept in and decided to join Impromptu instead of chasing down Swarm.  Hopefully he felt he got his money’s worth.
  • Blue Screen going out of his way to help pick up the 6.  He also threatened me with a hug when Covid was over….I hate man hugs.
  • The respects and double respects of JWoww, Shop Dawg, Chainsaw, and Blue Screen kicked our asses today.  Boys were consistently towards the front.  I hope I’m still in that good a shape when I’m THAT old (shots fired/backhanded complement).
  • Mad Dog with some awkward moving SSH’s.  He looked like a baby bird flapping his wings for the first time trying to take the leap out of the nest.
  • We finished with 2.8 miles which was surprising to me – I thought my wienke had a solid 3 in it.
  • I missed the fact that Gerber was taking the family photo so I can be seen squatted butt towards the camera trying to set my camera up in the family photo.  Make sure you like, share, and blast away the marketing post to further embarrass me.



  • Christ Closet looking for help in building shelves this Saturday at the new red building on corner of Byrum and New town.  Bring tools to build shelves (powered drill/screw driver, tape measure, ect.).  Meet after workouts (so roughly 8:15).
  • F3 Dads Waxhaw is launching again this Saturday.  New location of New Town Elementary.  Bring your 2.0’s for a fun field workout geared towards keeping kids active while still having fun.  Roughly 3-15 years of age both boys and girls.   Juice box and doughnuts afterwards provided by Gerber.
  • F3 Dads SOB doing a 5 mile hike with 2.0’s on Saturday as well.  I didn’t catch the details other than they were meeting at a Harris Teeter (no clue which one).  Check F3Dads channel on Slack or get with One Star if you want more info.
  • F3 Mint Hill Converging to celebrate their 5 year anniversary this Saturday.  Meet at the Veterans park in Mint Hill at 7:00.  (Homecoming, Commitment, and Black Hawk all staying open, but some F3 Waxhaw guys are going to Mint Hill to return the favor of them joining us for our anniversary).