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Rock n Run

Eleven Twelve souls woke up early enough and looked outside to find no rain for the first time in 24 hours.  8 for Chiseled and 4 Mashers.  Diccs given.  Late 90’s early 2000’s hip hop playlist going (clean versions since we are in a church parking lot).  Here is what Chiseled did….


Mosey towards the entran….HOLLY CAR CAR CAR!!!!  Around a corner doing what felt like 40 mph was Centerfold coming in hot.  I didn’t have time to turn the music down so I shielded it behind my body as I yelled back to pax to watch out.  Pax scattered to the sides of the road.  First crisis averted.  Continue to entrance stopping at the top for toy soldiers.  Continue the mosey towards Mt. Chiseled.  Stop for 20 SSH.  Mosey to the next Corner for 20 Merkins.  Mosey again and stop for 20 mountain climbers.  Mosey again past the Mashers to give them a taste of Bone Thugs N Harmony and stop for 20 Dry Docks.  Mosey one last time and stop for 20 In/Outs.  That concluded the 1 mile warm up (and I felt every bit of it).


Mosey to rock pile and avoid snakes and mud to pick up a lifting rock.  Circle up.  We will perform called exercise with a 100 yard run out and back in between each.

  • 40’s.  10 full curls, 10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, and finally 10 full curls again.   Rocks down, Run.
  • 40 tricep extensions and 40 curb dips.  Run.
  • 40 Military Marine Presses and 40 T Claps.  Run.
  • 40 Gobblet Squats.  40 (20 each leg) reverse lunges with back foot on curb (no one opted to hold their rock and I don’t blame them).  Run.
  • 40 Good mornings and 40 curl presses (mumble chatter started getting high about the rep count being too much so I obliged and audibled the 40 curl presses to only 35 – You’re welcome).  Run.
  • 40 Chest Presses and 40 rock weighted LBC’s.  Run.
  • 40 Tricep extensions and 40 curb dips (No run).
  • Curl rock as you go put it back in the pile.

Mosey around mount chiseled and meet in the middle parking lot for a chest burnout.

  • 10 diamond merkins followed by 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 ranger merkins and 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 wide arm merkins and 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 T Merkins and 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 Superman Merkins and 20 mountain climbers.

15 seconds left.  Mosey Walk Crawl towards COT.


  • Great work from everyone today.  I was worried 35 minutes of rock work with high reps might be repetitive and boring but according to Chastain it was good. (He’s really good at lying straight to your face I guess).
  • Smokey is a beast at Asylum.  I was hoping the rock work would slow him down.  I was wrong.
  • Glydah, Smokey, and Tool Time pushing the pace most of the day.  They traded out taking the lead from each other.
  • Nails with a party foul of throwing the rock down in the grass only to see it roll into a mud puddle (Muddy Puddles for you peppa pig fans out there…sorry, I have a 3 year old).
  • Chastain and Smokey calling for a rep count audible.  I almost went with 39, but figured that was too much of an asshole move so I went 35.
  • Recalc came out to ensure no waffling occurred.  I think we made him proud.
  • Rudy pushed hard the whole time.  Having the honor of seeing my winkie in advance, he knew what was coming next and prepared nicely.
  • We finish off the three site Q Q’s at Chiseled next week with Glidah.  After that, Chiseled is needing Q’s in June and July.  Please reach out to Rudy, Glidah, or myself if you have interest in Q’ing.
  • Several pax hung around afterwards for an impromptu coffeteria minus the coffee.  We learned about each others life insurance policies (If Rudy ever goes missing, check his wife for an alibi), Covid Phase 2 talk, and that 84% of statistics are made up on the spot.


  • $100 for 100.  Up to $3,000.  That’s 30 pax.  Not bad, but I figured by now we would be close to 5K.  Get those donations into @F3Waxhaw through Venmo.
  • Q Source – 2 times to choose from.  Friday at Cuthbertson from 7:00 to 7:30.  Shop Dawg leading and they are starting the second chapter this Friday.  I highly recommend going.  A pax that attended this Monday had a profound impact from the discussion and is opening up to do more third F outreach.
  • Christ Closet still accepting furniture.  No clothes currently.
  • Thats it!  Short and Sweet.  Have a good rest of the week guys.

You want me to show him my what?!

Our new pandemic protocols require us to split up into groups 10 or less.  Which means the Q1 has the pleasure uneasyness of sharing his Winkie ahead of time with another man Q2.  All these feelings started to overcome me earlier in the week when JWoww reached out asking what I had in mind.  Would it be long enough?  Would it be hard enough?  Would he laugh when he saw it?  What if he was expecting 4 and I only gave him 3.0 (miles)?  Ok, enough double entendres.

I arrive early to see a group of gazelles heading out.  Damn it, did I screw up the start time?   Nope, they are off to 521 with a circle back from Rubbermaid – wait what?  521?  What the hell?!  Get the music going (and start catching hell from Rubbermaid…checks group me….and still catching hell from Rubbermaid).  See JWoww and inform him that I have audibled the exercise for the second time (first time to make it harder, second time to adjust it slightly softer easier but still harder that originally planned.)  JWoww asks what I was planning to do as the warm up as it looked to him I was going straight into exercises…oh no, there is a warm up, yup that’s it.  Turnbuckle walks up out of nowhere already sweaty and breathing hard.  “TB, where the hell did you come from?”.   “Oh, I’ve already got 1.5 miles in this morning.  Had planned to do three before joining you guys” – TB.  Well ok then, good job.  Other pax started sprinkling in, but it was apparent as we got closer and closer to start that we wouldn’t hit the 10 pax needed to split.  JWoww reluctantly put his phone away and I gave the DICCS1010 speech.  Off we go.



Run to school and Yo-Yo back to the 6 until everyone is at the school.  Circle up for deconstructed burpees (along with audible groans from Popeye – he may have done a few of these with me during our quarantine workouts).  10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 In/outs, and 10 Bobby Hurleys.  I then passed it to my left to Rubbermaid for 9 each.  Around we went 8, 7, 6.  We get to 5 and TB attempts to pass it on to Popeye.  Oh no.  I stopped that idea right in its tracks.  TB – do 5, and he did.  Quite well I might add.  With 9 in the group we got down to 2 and then I asked everyone to do one final burpee on there own to close us out.



Mosey towards school entrance for a slight modification (two times apparently if you refer to earlier in the BB) of progressive 4 corners (5 corners for JWoww cause he’s fast).  At Corner 1 do 10 Baryshnikov right leg and 10 Baryshnikov left leg (yes I had to google how to spell his name).  For those wondering, that is a front lunge, then hop into a back lunge keeping one foot planted (so not a Mary Catherine).  Once Corner 1 is done run to Corner 2 and repeat.  Run back to Corner 1 again for Baryshnikov’s then out to Corner 3.  Keep that pace doing the exercise at the next corner and then again at the starting point (corner 1).  Everyone got in 4 corners except JWoww.  He was so far ahead I told him to do Corner 5, but I saved him the long run back.

Mosey to bus lot and line up on the curb for Suicides (I hate this name, isn’t there a better name for this?).  At the curb do 10 T Merkins.  At the different points to 10 In/Outs.  The 4 points were the 3 basketball goals and the light at the end of the parking lot.  JWoww once again killing it so I made him do an extra.

Quick recovery lap around the parking lot and find your sweat pile again for another suicide.  This time with 20 T Delts on the curb and 10 superman’s on the out.  T Delt is the bottom half of a T Merkin.  Lay on the ground, hands out and pinch shoulder blades together.  This one got the rear delts burning…mission accomplished.

Mosey to Rock Pile and grab lifting rock.

  • 30’s 40’s.  10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, 10 full curls….and another 10 full curls as I wasn’t quite burning yet.
  • Run to the school curb (about 1/8 mile) and back.
  • 11’s.  Military Press for 10, hold for 1 down to a 1 press and 10 hold.  (Having previously worked out with Popeye and having to hear him say he never did presses in the Navy so they couldn’t be called Military Presses, I now rename them Marine Presses – just to piss Popeye off :).
  • Run to school.
  • Tricep extension until you burn out then curb dips until you burn out.  (Chainsaw beat us all.  Yes, you read that right).  I won’t mention who put his rock down first but I will tell you he’s an asshole that writes way too long back blasts.)
  • Run to school.
  • 11’s with Rows and a hold.
  • Curls while you walk to put your rock up.

Meet on the curb.  Rubbermaid reminds me we have less than 2 minutes (yes I know, I have a watch too).  With only 1.5 gazelles in our midst, I had to reassign Gazelles today.  I had the Clydesdales sprint back to Cot with about a 5 second head start.  If Rudy, JWoww, Rubbermaid, or myself caught anyone, we all had 10 burpees to do.  It came down to me and Chainsaw.  I was on his heels the entire time and let off the gas as Cot was in site because I was beat and didn’t want to do burpees he found an extra gear to beat me.


  • Great work by everyone today.  The plan was to get at least 3 miles in for the Clydesdales and allow the Gazelles to get over 3.5.  Both were achieved.
  • Was it the new found heat and humidity or was that workout that hard?  I got back to cot drenched in sweat and breathing hard.
  • Turn Buckle turning up the heat on his workouts lately.  Over 9 miles in the last 24 hours.  He has a goal to hit of losing 50 total pounds by the end of May and he has about 7 pounds to go to do it.  If you see him walking in Mill Bridge cheer him on, or better yet, grab your shoes and go join him and push him to walk faster.  Don’t worry, there is another goal of 100 pounds by the end of the year that he has his sights on as well so we have more work to do.  Good push today TB!
  • Chainsaw claimed he had a knee problem and would be in the back of the pack.  In my best Maury Povich impression “We determined that was a lie!”.  I had to find extra gears to catch up with him on the Baryshnikov’s.  Great work.
  • Rubbermaid apparently hates Tedeski Trucks Band.  I would expect as much from a Buckeye.  You damn yankees didn’t grow up listening to southern rock like us natives.
  • Rudy pushing hard today as well.  Got ahead of me on the suicides which made me work harder to catch up to him.
  • Popeye working through a nagging knee injury pushed hard today.  Can’t wait until your back to true form and I can start giving you hell again (and he now asks him self “Wait, you stopped?”).
  • Sledge has been pushing hard lately at the workouts.  I’m seeing an improvement on speed and endurance.  Keep it up big guy!  (And perhaps you need to hone your singer song writer skills at the next happy hour since all the bars are closed?)
  • Deep Dish has left the leg/calf issues in the dust and was working hard today.  So hard that he lost grip of his coffee cup during Coffeteria.  (Thanks Rubbermaid for the coffee and drinks….when is your Co Site Q going to show up and help out…((Cough cough Run Flat)))



  • 100 for 100 to raise a million dollars and retire funds for local charities is underway.  Donations can be maid to F3Waxhaw Venmo or paper checks for you double respects (I thought Chainsaw was going to punch me when I looked at him).
  • Shop Dawg starting a new Q Source on Friday’s after the Cutty workouts.  I highly recommend.

A VQ during Quarantine?

I haven’t been posting back blasts for my daily solo workouts in order to stay near the top of a fictitious post count challenge (cough cough Gerber), but felt like a VQ needed a back blast.  Wild Thing has been off and on F3 for almost 2 years.  His last stint saw him going hot and heavy for two weeks before a slight torn calf muscle (initially believed to be a blown Achilles) at Commitment sidelined him (I was Qing that day, whoops!).  He’s a guy that likes the comradere and workout style that F3 brings but hates the form policing and negativity.  Which generally leads him back to working out at the YMCA having been burned out of F3 a couple times.

He reached out over the weekend about getting together for a workout.  We met on Sunday for what I called mailbox hell.  It ended up being close to 3.5 miles (would have been 2 miles in Lawson) and a burner having used the hill near my house.  We both retreated to running on our own due to conference call conflicts on Monday.  With two big back to back running days (and 4 miles on Saturday from Legalized Nuclear Hell), I was glad to see some weights when I met him at the club house (and Clorox wipes).



Mosey 1/4 mile and return to basketball courts where a speaker was awaiting us.  He asked if I’ve ever done Roxanne.  The look on my face apparently answered the question.  I said “ok, what are we doing on Roxanne and what are we doing on red light”.   His eyes got big.  “Yall do something on red light too?!”  Damn it.  Stop giving him bad ideas……”No, no, no, we don’t”.     Roxanne warm up with Merkins.


1/4 Mile Mosey returning to Basketball Courts.

Weighted Walking Lunge length of the court and back.

Bear Crawl length of court and crawl bear back (he originally called crab walk but Omaha’ed due to a lingering shoulder issue – hey, we have something in common!).

Using 30 lb dumbbell we did 30 curls each arm switching hands only to relieve the lactic acid burn out.

Alternating squat/clean/press for 30 total (15 each arm)

Short mosey to tables for 10 jump ups, 30 step ups, 15 each leg 1 legged step up, 50 dips, 15 derkins, 15 each leg step ups again, and 15 derkins.

1/4 mile mosey to hill near Wild Thing’s house.  3 Mailboxes.  Mailbox 1 = 1 burpee.  Mailbox 2 = 3 burpees.   Mailbox 3 = 5 Burpees.

Mosey back to basketball courts for distance partner work.  P1 runs suicides while P2 does curls up to a total of 200 100 (Used separate dumbbells).

Round 2.  P1 Runs suicides while P2 does presses.  150 total.

50 calf Raises.  15 more 1 legged step ups.  15 more derkins.

Mosey back to basketball courts for ab work to close out remaining 3 minutes.  50 flutters.  20 heels to heaven.  50 LBC’s.



I greatly appreciated the low mileage.  Watch said we did just shy of 2 miles, but still managed a 600 calorie burn (which is about average for me for a 45 min workout).  Doug killed it today for his “VQ”.  Kept us moving, had more planned than we could get to, and gave us a good sweat.

Everyone stay safe out there.  Glad to see small groups forming while still staying at safe distances.  The large groups scare me.  I know they say we can do under 10, but more than 4 feels like we are crossing paths too many times….just my opinion.

I’m hoping Gerber doesn’t leave a cinderblock in my window after that opening sentence (all in good fun).


A Backblast For F’s Sake

As most know, workouts are closed.  Daily workouts are being published and groups of under 10 are getting together (mostly neighborhoods) at yelling distance to still get what little bit of second F we can get in.  It felt good to be standing on a curb and greeted by cars arriving this morning.  While it had only been Monday since my last official F3 post to a workout, in this environment, Monday felt like forever ago.

The Chicken and Schnieder (who arrived together) stayed in their car a minute too long for my taste – comparing winkies perhaps (the joke never gets old).  Chicken pops out with a paper being the smartest of the group and realizing there is no way in hell any of us could remember 12 exercises without it written down.  Since he came prepared, and already scoped out a half mile loop, looks like he is in charge.  Ricky Bobby pulls up right before time to launch.  Looks like it will be just us four.  Quick warm up lap and exercises and then we get after it under the direction of Chicken Man.

7 minutes into the workout here comes Deadwood.  5 it is.

I wont bore you with the workout.  Honestly it was tough and got me sweating hard, but I can sweat by myself.  Call me one of the rare ones that enjoys F3 the most for the second and third F.

The reason I felt moved to write this BB wasn’t for the first F, (though I did want to be counted) it was due to Chicken Little opening up in COT about his absence the last 3 weeks.  While its not my story to share, I do want to share what I walked away this morning thinking.  Don lost his best friend recently at the hands of Alcohol.  A HIM in the truest definition.  FBI, counter terrorism, sounded like a real bad ass.  But an on the job injury derailed him.  In today’s climate of opioid addiction, he decided to skip the pills for pain and found refuge in a bottle.  And thus started the tail spin.  He hid the pain, the drinking, the feelings away from friends and family.  The dreaded sad clown crept up on him.  The thing that scared me most about the story this morning was how well his life was going, and then boom; its off the rails.

Don went above and beyond for his best friend.  Again, its not my story to share, but as I heard what Don has been doing these last three weeks I couldn’t help but to think what a great man he is.  His friend was lucky to have him.  I pray I never need another man to look out for me in the way Don did with his friend, but if I do – I hope they react the way Don did.  You’re a really good dude Chicken.

We’ve talked a lot in Q Source the past few weeks about getting right.  Getting your boat heading in the right direction.  Getting your guard rails built.  Shield locking with other men.  You never know what is coming for you; what could derail you and send you into a tail spin.  A job loss, car wreck, unexpected health issue, you name it.  Will you be ready?  Do you have a support system in place to weather the storm, will you open up to those around you that you need help, or will it be your knock out blow?

What I truly love about F3 isn’t the workouts.  Its the second and third F that act as the guard rails.  The guys around me that keep me straight on life’s path.

Keep hunkering down out there boys.  We will get through this virus.  Until then, keep your heads down and keep plowing forward.

Oh Hill’s Yeah!

So many workout titles to choose from.  Two Wolfpack ACC championships yesterday (Women’s Basketball and Wrestling -or raslin’ for us back woods folks) coupled with a full moon had “Howling at the Moon” as a close second title.  Another consideration was “Why the hell did I sign up to Q a 5:15 workout the day after Daylight Savings Time”; but alas the title was too long.

10 Brave souls showed up having already won the hardest battle of the day with their pillow.    Diccs given, and quick heads up that we will be hitting four unique hills and we will knock out the first one with our opening mosey.  A perfect number 9 for what I had planned.  We head out on our opening Mosey and, damn it Chastain!  Rolling in late and screwing up my perfect number.  Oh well, lets keep going.  He’s a Gazelle, he will catch us.


Mosey towards Hickory Tavern, left towards 84, left back towards Chick Fil A so that we can take full advantage of the hill heading towards Wesley Oaks.  Peel off at the last minute to the back of the Target parking lot.  Circle up – I join the circle.  Chastain keeps trying to keep me in the middle and I explain I’m going to be part of the circle on purpose.  Posse doesn’t get the explanation (or doesn’t care) and proceeds to continue to get behind me to ensure I’m in the circle.  I back up and Posse is right on my 6.  Ok, this is just getting weird.

Deconstructed Burpees.  Starting at 10 then passing them off (9, 8, 7…) until we get to 1 rep.  So here we go….10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 In/outs, and finally 10 Bobby Hurley’s.  Chastain for 9, ect…    At around the 6 mark I realized this was taking longer than expected.  I had a long winkie and with each passing tick of the clock it was getting cut off (ouch).  I had a thought of cutting it short, but my heart rate was high and I was reminded of what a great opening warm up this is so we kept going.  Finished on Posse’s 1 deconstructed burpee in which he fought the temptation of just calling out a burpee and kept the deconstructed party going.



Mosey to our second hill in Wesley Oaks.  Berishnicoffs right leg on the bottom of the hill, run backwards up the hill, berishnicoffs left leg on the top of the hill, and run back down.  Repeat for five 3 times due to time.  Legs are burning now, lets go run some more!

At the bottom of that hill, take a left and head down to the cul de sac.  Due to time, I changed the count to 20 merkins at bottom, run up the hill and 20 merkins at the top.  I had planned for 10 and 10 for 3 rounds, but again time was limited.  When your finished find the 6 and get them up the hill.  Group stayed together so no 6 pushin’ needed.

Fourth Hill – we are at it.  No need to mosey to it.  Split the group in half – 5 and 5.  (This is where the original perfect number came into play of three groups of three).  Light pole suicides.  10 dry docks at the light poles.  Two rounds of 10 rep Galley’s at the start.  Lots of confused looks on this one so I demonstrated.  Its basically a row with two guys holding you up – or in this case three guys holding two.  Two rounds so that at least 4 guys row each trip up….ok enough explaining, lets go.  Down to first light pole and back up.  Wait, we only have 4.  Damn it Nails!  Get over here.  Ok, smooth sailing from here on out.  Wait, that third light sure is awfully far away.  Nails to the rescue….”Guys, there’s a pole here, the light is just burnt out”.   Good recovery sir.  You are welcomed back with open arms after that save.  Our time was quickly running out.  After our 4th light pole and galley’s, I told my group to mary while we waited on the other group to get in.  Having asked Posse to lead Mary, I let him get two reps into American Hammers before jumping up and proclaiming “This sucks, lets go”.  This left most in my group stunned.  As I turn around at the bottom of the hill, I’m not sure whether I will be greeted by pax or by nothing.  (I mean lets be honest, I was just a complete ass to Posse even though I didn’t intend it to come out that way – see Moleskin for apology).  To my surprise, we have a slow trickle of pax behind me.  I start to hold Al Gore waiting on them to arrive and then we “take the hill” once more just as the second group is finishing Galley’s.

4 minutes left….need to kill time….looks like I’m going to have to break a promise.  I said 4 unique hills.  Looks like it will be 5 hills with only 4 being unique….to the short second hill.   10 Crawl Bears and 20 reverse lunge walks.  After two rounds changed the third round count to 20 crawl bears and 10 reverse lunge walks.  Recover to the top of the hill.

Gazelles on the fence (Damn, did Nails just line up with the Gazelles…hell yeah brother), Clydesdales 15 yard head start.  Jailbreak to the start.  At least one gazelle must beat a clydesdale and at least one clydesdale must beat a gazelle (thank god for Big Tuna).   Reach Cot just in time and all breathing heavy.



  • Thanks to those that joined this morning.  5:15 after losing an hour of sleep isn’t easy.
  • I EH’ed a guy on Saturday to come today.  I felt like his “yeah, I will come” wasn’t strong enough so I tightened the grip of that headlock on Sunday evening with a text.  I was glad to see him out there this morning.  He’s a good dude whose travel schedule keeps him away from us most weekdays.
  • Pax found out Zin and I have something in common this morning.  We both vote Republican.  Deadwood is our best friend.  We both hate Mary.
    • Apologies to Posse for cutting his Am Ham’s short.  I could feel the heart rate coming down and thought we could use out time more wisely.  Like most things I do, I have good intentions behind them….they just don’t always come out the best way.  I felt the public apology was necessary because we all know Posse likes to bottle up his emotions and carry grudges.  (I’m still looking over my shoulder expecting a club to the knee for choosing the site name “Chiseled” over “Not Today Satan”)  All jokes aside, I didn’t mean to come off as an ass today and if you felt I did, my bad.
  • Chipotle and Floppy Disk still playing tricks on Asylum pax minds.  Several pax have referred to Floppy as Chipolte the past few weeks.  It hasn’t helped that neither of those guys decide to show up on the same day which only strengthens the myth that they are in fact one in the same guy.
  • Thank you Big Tuna for the all out sprint at the end.  Chastain and Swimmers were coming hard after you and you were able to keep them at bay.
  • Shop with another strong effort today.  For those that haven’t worked out with him in the last couple weeks, he has found another gear.  Actually, he and Posse both have.  I’ve accused both of them of having rockets shoved….well, never mind.
  • Ackbar was quiet today.  Perhaps it was the stagecoach robbery mask drowning out the preacher cuss words towards me or perhaps he was day dreaming of catching another driver passing a school bus and starting another $**t storm on “Whats up Waxhaw”.  Either way, its always great having him out.
  • Mentioned it COT today that a Briarcrest family lost their teenage son over the weekend.  Another unfortunate reminder of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.  Prayers to his family during this very difficult time.
  • We failed at COT to protect against the Coronivirus.  Perhaps we can do better tomorrow.  Habits die hard I guess.


Christ Closet folding party this Thursday.  See Third F guys for times/locations (I think its 7:30 at Ackbar’s church but I may be wrong).

Another Q source starting up on Fridays at McDonalds in Curenton.  First launch will be first Friday in May (May 1).

Wolfpack Headache Leads to Pax Headaches

(Thank you Posse for the BB title).  I woke up this morning with a headache likely caused by me silently yelling at the TV last night at 10:30 while the rest of the family slept.  My Wolfpack decided to lay another egg against the Cheats Tarholes baby blues.  To make matters worse, after setting out eqiupment (thanks again to Posse for the help) I arrive to the shovel flag to find Mayham proudly sporting those awful baby blues.  Touche Mayham.  If you win, you got bragging rights.  So with all that said, I had some built up frustrations that unfortunately got taken out of the pax.  Here’s how it went.


Mosey to front entrance.

Hamstring stretch waiting on the 6.

Toy Soldiers 1o each leg.

20 Dry Docks per light pole heading to mount Chiseled.  I’m assuming we did around 100.



Partner up.  10 stations

  • 27 lb Bar curl
  • 22 lb bar reverse curl
  • 35 lb or 25 lb keddle bells for tricep extensions
  • 10 lb dumbbell tricep kick backs.
  • 30 lb or 25 lb dumbbell military presses
  • 10 lb dumbbell reverse fly
  • 40 lb buckets for shoulder shrugs
  • 35 lb cinder block rows
  • Foot release jump squats using  cinder blocks on the curb as the bench
  • Hair burner and Wheelbarrow pulls (Timer)

In between each round I called out a different thing to do before rotating.  They were:

  • 20 merkins
  • Run backwards up mount Chiseled then bear crawl down back side and half lap back to start. (Not a Pax pleaser)
  • 15 Merkins
  • Full lap around mt chiseled
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 In/Outs
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 In/Outs
  • Lunge Walks to Curb and Reverse Lunge Walk back
  • Run A lap
  • 15 Dry Docks
  • 4 Sprints

We got 1.5 rounds before time got the better of us.  Put equipment in my car.  If no equipment in your hand, run a lap.  Heisman was holding one of the long bars so I graciously took it from him so he could run a lap.  Catfish called me out that it was just so I didn’t have to run a lap.  Yup.

All equipment up, meet the pax that started running laps and head back to the shovel flag.  The 6 arrived just as the clock hit 6:15.


Thanks to everyone coming out.  20 pax are strong numbers for Chiseled.  (I guess it was the weather).  I loved the mix we had today.  Some new guys.  Some respects.  Stronger guys.  Some Gazelles.  A great group.

Thanks again for Posse for arriving early to help with equipment.

FNG – Sledge-o-matic.  His name is Jim Galliger and I led with an opening Melon Smasher but Glidah came in with the perfect name at the end.  Another strong consideration was Sweet Caroline as he dabbles as a singer/song writer.   Great push today for your opening workout.

Thanks to Mayhem who partnered up with Sledge-O-Matic and helped decipher our exicon for him.

Strong push out of the regulars today.

I think we all learned it may be best to not allow me to Q after a Wolfpack rivalry loss.  Sorry boys.  We can beat Duke by 22, but then get swept by the worse Carolina team since the Dohrtey (there is an H in there somewhere) years.  Thanks to my Wolfpack bud Chicken Little who gave me his feathery shoulder to cry on listened to me lament about how bad we are and thanking God that we at least have a good baseball team to watch.

It was great having all three site Q’s out today.  Its been tough with my travel here at the beginning of the year and I appreciate Rudy and Glidah stepping up to fill in while I’m gone.

Good push by Flow.  Glad to see he is becoming a regular.  With our resident youngin’s (Halfback and Stub Hub) taking time off to raise youngin’s of their own (I assume), I’ve been in the predicament of being the youngest guy out there.   I’ve got Flow by a year so keep coming out so you can catch all the Millennial jokes instead of me.

Legalized pushed hard with me today.  We locked eyes a couple times while attempting to catch our breath.  I knew then I had a good workout going.  Sometimes whats in your head (or on paper) doesn’t always translate well to the actual workout.  Today was as rough as I had hoped it would be when planning it.

Brutus work trip prevented him from leading today, but have no fear pax….you can experience a Brutus beat down in April.



Father/Daughter Dance.  March 6.  Ballentyne Hotel to register.

Pray for Blades of Glory as he takes 33 HS kids on a mission trip to Guatemala

Keep praying that Posse’s time our of work will be brief and that he will land a dream job soon.

Christ Closet folding parting this Thursday at Akbar’s church

Mayhem (dang I’ve mentioned him a lot) is leading a mission trip to Nicaragua in September.  Akbar is a HC.  He is looking to get additional F3 guys to join.


The Dave Ramsey Workout – One on One

I figured with the snow and sleet yesterday it would be low numbers today.  I wasn’t even sure when I woke up that the roads would be passable.  I opened the garage to find the driveway almost dry…not even wet for ice.  Quickly loaded up the gear and headed out to Five Stones to find Brutus waiting in his car.  After getting gear set up, we had 20 minutes to chat waiting on other pax to arrive.  5 min until start….hmmm.  2 Min…still no one.  I warned Brutus that if no one showed up, I was going to give him an ass whooping of a workout as I knew he could take it.  Time and no other pax.  DiCCS given.  Lets go.



Broke the workout into muscle groups.

Biceps: Three stations.  27lb bar curl.  22 lb bar reverse curl.  25 lb dumbbell hammer curl.  Do 300 reps each.  Do 150 Reps Each.  Do 100 Reps each.  Go to exhaustion at each station and do that three times.

Shoulders: Three Stations, Three times.  Military Press with Dumbbells (25 and 3o lbs).  One hand Clean, snatch, and press with one dumbbell alternating hands.  27lb bar reverse grip press.

Triceps: Three Stations Three times.  25 or 30 lb dumbbell overhead extension.  10 lb dumbbell kickbacks.  Dips.

Shoulders Round 2: Four stations, three times. 10 lb dumbbell Lateral raise.  10 lb dumbbell reverse fly.  22 lb bar front raise.  10 lb plate wheelbarrow walkers??? (Not sure what to call these but you put your feet on two small plates, keep legs straight and use your hands to walk/pull your body.  Went three parking spaces out.

Back: Cinderblock Rows.  Reverse Fly’s again.  As many as you could do in 2.5 minutes.  TIME’S UP.



I enjoy the camaraderie that Diesel brings.  The extra mumble chatter.  While two may sound like an awful workout number,  I actually enjoyed it today.  Brutus was great company (the dude wont shut up), and is a great yin to my yang (I won’t speak).

Its amazing how many reps you can do the first round when you say go to exhaustion, and then by round three you are barely doing half the reps you started round one with.  Lots of tired tight muscles today.

Lots of good idea’s shared around plans to pay houses off early.  I’ve got a one year plan (was five years in total and I’m in year 4), Brutus has a 2 year plan (no clue how long he has been working on it).  I like his thought process better so if your curious, pull him to the side and listen to his thoughts on saving mortgage interest.  There are lots of tricks/secrets to paying a house off early, but however you do it, it takes disciplined saving and extra money going towards that principal.  Akbar is also a good one I’ve heard speak on the subject if your looking for a resource.

Other topics of discussion included home life, bridge design, both of our shoulder injuries, ways to make our F3 region better, and how we can’t wait until spring weather so the rest of you jack clowns will get out of bed and come join us.


ANNOUNCEMENTS for father/daughter dance registration.  March 6th at Ballentyne Hotel.  This will be my third year taking my daughter and she looks forward to it every year.  Yes the schools do one too, but I find this one to be much more impactful and time well spent with my daughter.

Christ Closet Giveaway this Saturday at Akbar’s church (corner of Newtown and Cuthbertson).  9:00 – 2:00 is the giveaway hours but they need pax earlier than that to help set up.  Trucks needed to haul furniture.


Flash Forward

12 guys pulled themselves out of bed after a late night of watching the Super Bowl.  Apparently two of them missed the start of ignition as they had no business hanging with us Clydesdales.

I got there early to enjoy some of the Super Bowl banter and Monday morning quarterbacking.  However, what I got was a lot of talk about the half time show, the amount of grinding, and the comment that I guess we all know now that J LO gets a Brazilian wax (Respects may have to look that one up) after seeing her crotch in the camera for 10 strait minutes.  Please keep in mind, none of these were complaints.

Alright, lets get this started.  DICCS.



Figure 8 mosey around the middle school and back to our starting point.  Circle up for:

  • Jimmy Duggans (no clap or count this time)
  • Calf Stretch (again no count)
  • Parker Peters in Cadence (just to show I do know how to count



Mosey to path behind schools stopping at each light for an increasing number of Pulse Merkins (that’s a merkin and a half).  If you finish early, wall sit.  Last light (by my count) was the 8th light.  I’ve got to be honest, I could barely crank out those last 8 and they looked more like hand release merkins than they did pulse Merkins.  By the sounds of the grunting it sounds as if that whipped almost everyone.

On the wall for a quick round of wall slaps in cadence.

Mosey towards traffic circle stopping at the bottom path to wait on 6.  Once 6 arrived we did 10 reverse lunge walks and then 10 crawl bears up the hill/path.  Keep going until I say recover.  (I recovered after the second round).  Mosey towards traffic circle and team up in groups of 3.

P1 Top of the hill: grab fence for low slow squat hops

P2 Bottom of hill: Atomic Merkins (in/out merkin)

P3: Runner in between.

Completed three sets.  Asked if anyone needed a 10 count.   Someone did.  Very quick 10 count and we mosey towards football parking lot stopping at the center pole for Star Fish.

Center pole increasing burpees starting with 1 and ending with 5.

Corner 1: 15 Berishnicoffs Right leg. (front lunge hop into a back lung.  Keep one leg planted while other leg is moving)

Corner 2: 15 Berishnicoffs Left Leg.

Corner 3: 30 Monkey Humpers

Corner 4: 15 Fire Hydrant squats??? (I’ve called them Mok Tar Jai’s for legs before but was corrected that Shop Dawg had done them before and called them Fire Hydrant somethings).  Find grass, lunge down to knee then other knee then stand up.  Switch legs.

Legs were burning after this so what do we do….Mosey!   Head back towards the traffic circle.

50 bear crawls down the hill then recover at the bottom.  Easy Button (or Glidah, I’m not sure who) led Mary with 20 AmHam’s (American Hammers) in cadence.

Mosey to shed.  10 dry docks at each light heading back to start.  Easy’s Button’s wife came strolling down the path just in time to see 12 sweaty dudes with their asses in the air.  Easy Button and the M disappeared into Rudy’s Poop Palace for 5 minutes (not really but why spoil a good joke on the truth) though many pax agree is was less than 2 minutes.



  • Thanks to Rockwell for asking me to lead.  He gave me several options warning me that today was after the super bowl and he was having trouble getting someone willing to take it.  So of course I took it.
  • I wanted to keep us moving today keeping the heart rates high.  I have to admit, today got me.  I was out of breath much of the Q.  The Pulse Merkins had my chest the sorest I’ve been in awhile.  I definitely went to exhaustion on that one barely being able to knock rep 8 out at the end.  Just shy of 2.5 miles and a lot of calories burned.
  • Easy Button and Glidah stayed out front all day.  I guess that slept in from the super bowl and missed ignition.
  • Chainsaw pushed hard today.
  • I don’t know premature that well, but dude flew by me a few times.  Good work today.
  • I almost lost Xerox on the second bear crawl.  My bad.  Not an easy workout for guys with shoulder issues, I know.
  • Dough Boy was right there pushing me the entire workout.  Thanks for always being my accountability partner whether you know it or not.
  • High Hat walking on sunshine to the workout today.  Be on the lookout for lots of closet Chiefs fans today.  Since High Hat doesn’t do social media, here is a public call out (which I normally don’t like doing).  Its time for  you to step up and lead a workout.  Chiseled is waiting with open arms if you ever want to bust your cherry there.  Glad to hear you asking about Q school in COT.  Hoping your brother attends your VQ so you can wear him out and hang that over his head for awhile.  Love having you at workouts.  Your positive attitude is a breath of fresh air and can’t wait to see it in action as a Q.
  • Merlot and Slow Pitch getting stronger.  Both seemed interest in Q School.  Looking forward to seeing what your first workouts looks like as well.
  • Legalized even with all he has going on in his life is out consistently pushing.  Thanks for showing up today and pushing us all to get stronger.



  • Q School this Saturday.  6:30 at Cuthbertson Middle.  Get with Posse for sign up link (and I will ask that he post it in GroupMe)
  • March is a 1 Q month (Someone check on Deadwood).  Looking for your guys that have never Q’ed or don’t Q often to step up.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Be proactive.
  • Rockwell with the every indecisive Site Q speech.  He has been at Flash for a year.  Willing to roll off if someone wants to step in, but will also stay if no one will step up.  Goodfella in the same boat at Dromedary.  Reach out to them if you have interest.

Ultimate KanJam

14 guys decided to pull themselves out of bed to throw a frisbee in an empty parking lot.


I arrived early to the site to set up in a completely dark parking lot.  I knew the lights would turn on by the time we started, I just couldn’t remember which ones so I set up the two “goals” under what I thought were the two areas that would be lit the most (spoiler, I was wrong).  Grabbing frisbees from Posse the day before, all that I was missing was the KanJam can’s.  I had no worries, Swimmers is a dependable guy….but just in case I brought back up cones for us to throw at.   7 minutes to start, no swimmers.  I begin to worry.  Perhaps I better go set up my back up plan just in case.  2 minutes – DICCS…and still no swimmers.  5:15.  Time to go, no Swimmers.  Lets Mosey!


Mosey to round about then around the target parking lot.  Smokey up front turning back saying he wasn’t sure where to go.  I said I would give him a heads up when it was time to turn…..or better yet..take your gazelle butt to the back and pick up the six for some extra running.  He smiled instead of scowled (thank god) and took off to the back.

Circle up under a light (at which time I notice is not of the the lights I put a goal under).  I also turn around to find Blades of Glory on my heels as I yell to circle up.  I see that weight loss is helping you to gain to more speed.

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

20 Side Straddle Hops

Jimmy Duggan

Calf Stretch for the Site Q (Who wasn’t there).



Mosey to hill at entrance of neighborhood for triple nickle.  10 Atomic Merkins at bottom of hill.  Run up hill.  10 Jump Squats at top.  Repeat 5 times.  To no ones surprise, Smokey and Transporter killed this part.  Because they were so far ahead, I asked that they keep going.  Smokey’s smile turned into a scowl this time…uh oh.  Posse asked if we would recover at top or bottom of hill.  I told him top, but it was a lie (sorry Posse).  I wanted everyone to finish out and meet me at the bottom and if I said recover at bottom, some would skip that last hill sprint.  Marry at bottom of hill with In/Outs (no Merkin and I expected pax to be vocally happy about that considering we just did 50, but they weren’t).  Give it all you got to light pole – oh wait….there’s swimmers with KanJam!  Awesome.  Grab KamJam as we sprint to light to divide into teams.



For those that don’t know what KanJam is….its a game played with a frisbee in which you score points with a partner through a variety of ways.  Being that this was ultimate kanjam with multiple players, we modified the rules to the following:

  • hit can = 1 point
  • put frisbee in top of can = 2 points.  (figured there would be no other way of scoring than this)
  • Each team had their own frisbee.
  • Goalies had a cinderblock in hand and performed 20 each of Curls, Presses, Dips, Rows, and Side Squat Hops.  Rotated Goalies once 100 reps were done.
  • Goalies couldn’t use hands to block goal and had to have cinderblock in hand and only use body to defend.
  • If you drop the frisbee or it gets knocked down – entire team does 10 Carolina dry docks and you start back over from where the frisbee is.  (This became contentious later).
  • If the team intercepts your frisbee – the entire team does 10 atomic merkins and goes back to their goal to start over.

As with any sport, rules are broken and modified.  Defending teams started chucking dropped frisbees back towards the other teams goal.  Transporter (and rightfully so after Swimmers threw their frisbee a mile) protested and we modified the rules to no more than 10 foot throw if dropped.  Teams quickly adapted and started covering the frisbee before performing dry docks to prevent the other teams 100 10 yard throw.



Fuse Box, Nails, Bounce, Smokey, Loafer, Posse, & Swimmers


Transporter, Akbar, Big Tuna, Chipolte, Blades of Glory, Rebuild, & Shop Dawg



As with anything you try, there are always lessons learned.  I attempted to balance the amount of rules against the time we had and the comprehension of pax.  I didn’t want so many rules that it was hard to remember or that it took 10 minutes to explain.  Thanks to the pax for modifying on the fly.

Nails is a stone cold defender.  Two interceptions by my count.

Bounce, myself, and Posse had quite the rally going downfield.  Quick moving passes had us in striking distance quick.

Shop Dawg can throw a pretty mean hip check.  I caught a couple.

The Big Tuna/Chipolte tag team was tough to defend back at our goal.

Akbar was also sneaky good near the goal moving stealthfully between defenders.

Posse almost decapitated Rebuild, followed by several “I’m Sorry’s, are you ok?!”

Apparently Smokey had some good battles near the goal as well.

Transporter is a stickler for rules and a hard nosed competitor.

Blades and Loafer were active on both ends.  I tried several times to split the D for a can hit but blades kept blocking the goal.  Loafer doing his own defending as goalie several times blocking shots with the cinderblocks in hand.

Teams started strategizing at the end and pulling defenders to go all offense when the other team’s frisbee was intercepted.  Teams also realized that a dropped frisbee by the other team left an opening to quickly advance the frisbee downfield.

Teams kept trying to figure out the magic number of offense to defense ratio.  It started out as 4 offense and 2 defense (plus goalie).  Then as one team got up, they dropped a defender back to protect the lead.  I would imagine another game would bring more strategy to the mix now that we have a game under our belts.

I was surprised by the final mileage.  We didn’t move very far – basically staying around the target parking lot, yet I logged 2.2 miles.  Max heart rate of 174 with an average of 129 means we kept moving.  When time was up I was breathing hard;  which was the goal.  Competition brings out more in us.  I ran more than expected and had one of the higher heart rates I’ve had in awhile.

Final Score?  No clue.  It wasn’t so much about the score.  I can tell you my team had 5 points (I think).  No idea what the other team finished with, but last I heard we were up.  We all had fun (I think), and I’d say based on that it was a success.  Who can take this version and build off of it to make it better?


Site Q school this Saturday: 6:30 at Cuthbertson Middle.  Sign up in advance (Posse to post a link).  Sign up now before Posse nicely taps you on the shoulder – or worse clotheslines you like Rebuild today.

Q School next Saturday (Feb 8th).  Same deal.  Sign up ahead of time.

Q Source Monday’s at Asylum.  Glad to see some new faces over there this year.  Blades and Nails adding some additional perspectives has been great.  Rebuild joined for the first time this morning as well.

3rd F opportunity with Christ Closet.  Twice a month folding party on Thursdays (I forget which Thursdays – maybe second and forth?).  See Shop or Dana for more info.

Sloppy Seconds

11 guys braved the elements to come join me in running around in the rain.  Being that we were the second group to take off from the same launch point today, and it was raining…seemed like an appropriate tittle (misspelled just for you Chelms aka Tatertot).

Site Q Recalc checked in with me the day before to make sure I was good.  I confirmed I had two wienke’s ready depending on weather – a dry and a wet one.  When I arrived this morning, the rain could be best described as between a mist and a sprinkle.  Just light enough for me to throw the dry wienke out….lets get wet boys.




Mosey around parking lot to Middle School portico for a dry warm up.

  • 20 Merkins
  • 10 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Merkins
  • Jimmy Duggans
  • 10 Merkins
  • Calf Stretch
  • 5 Merkins



Mosey to middle school benches and partner up.  P1 Run half lap.  P2 Up and over the benches.  Lots of moaning and groaning about it being wet but no refusniks.  Two times total.

Mosey to road that links the middle and high school.  Keep partners for Leap Frogs.  Partner 1 reverse lunge walk while partner 2 jail breaks to light pole.  When Partner 2 gets to the light pole they begin reverse lunge walking while Partner 1 sprints one light pole ahead of them.  Continue leap frogging each other until the stop sign.  Many pax seemed confused at the opening.  Being this was at least the 4th time I had done this at one of my Q’s, I realized some may have been skipping my Q’s on porpoise (fused intentionally), or perhaps they have the attention span and memory of Damascus.

Bust up the partners and reform groups of three (odd numbers meant two groups were 4’s).  Top of hill is low slow squats.  Bottom of hill is Dry docks.  Runner in between.  On the run down the hill, Posse suggested the run might be too long causing the exercisers too much time/resting heart rate.  I agreed.  Shortened from bottom of hill to light pole near speed bump. 3 rounds.

Groups of 3 (with one group of 5) for Spanish Galleons(???). I honestly forgot the name, but tip of the hat to Bonhoffer who did these at a Q in Outland (bugle playing taps in the background) this summer.  This exercise is basically a row with the center partner rowing while being held up by the two outside guys.  You need three people do to this exercise and if the numbers are off….you can adjust and do a group of 5 with two rowers and three “holders”.  Stop at each light pole on the way back to the middle school to do Spanish Galleons.  I was partnered up with the group of 5.  We were a little slow out of the gate trying to figure out how to make 5 people work, but we figured it out and recovered nicely.  After dogging way to many cars, we finally met up with all the groups and moseyed over to the middle school benches again.

5 minutes left.  Lets end on a high note.

  • 10 right legged 1 legged lunge (no Shake, lunge…not step up)
  • 10 left legged 1 legged lunge
  • 20 foot release squats.

Repeat until I say stop.

1 minute left, jailbreak to start.



Thanks to everyone that showed up today.  You never know what the numbers will look like in this kind of weather (39 and raining is about as miserable as it gets, 33 and raining is the worst by the way).

Shake – the ever consummate form police reminding me to keep my head up and back straight on the squats.  I believe Posse form policed me on the low slow squats as well.  My squat form has always been terrible, but thanks for reminding me today guys!

Merlot and Slow pitch continue to show up and get better.  Nice work today guys. (I’m assuming there buds?  Every time I’ve seen them they have been together so I can only assume much like Deadwood and Zin, Foundation and Deflated, or Banjo and his copper still, they roll over to wake each other up for the workout.

Ricky Bobby was killing it on the running today.  Apparently throwing up a big middle finger to that new respect title.

And speaking of Ricky Bobby and Shake n Bake….we had the tag team there today.  Its a rare occasion to get both together so its always special when we do.  (Did I see a Ricky Bobby/Shake N Bake fist bump at one point?)

Slipped in a Wolfpack sign just for Chicken Little during COT picture.  I’m not sure he has even noticed yet.

Ackbar’s attitude is infectious.  I love it.  I’m always glad to see him at a workout.  He made a soaking wet workout halfway pleasurable today.

Thanks to Recalc for checking in the day before and offering to help set up if needed.  Glad to see more site Q’s actively reaching out and checking in.  Keep it up boys.



Feb 1st is Site Q School @ Cuthebertson Middle at 6:30.  If you are a recent site Q (Ackbar and Glidah), an older site Q that has never attended (Transporter and Rubbermaid), or someone looking to get more involved and step into a leadership role (too many to name here) it would be a good idea to come out.

Feb 8th Q School @ Cuthbertson Middle at 6:30.   If you have never led a workout, cant keep count during Imperial Squakers, cross the street in front of cars during your Q, Call audibles consistently, fail to do a workout that keeps the gazelles pushing without leaving the clydesdales behind, or keep getting Q jacked….then Q school is for you.  I’ve done if a couple times and learn something new each time.

Wedding Singer Final Q tomorrow at Commitment.  I expect he will give us a tough workout to help work off the beer calories from his going away party.

Speaking of going away party…..Wedding Singer Going Away Party is this Saturday from 3:00 – 5:00 at Queens South.