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A F3 Music Bug

As Mike Tyson is claimed to have said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”.  I arrived early, ran through the areas I planned to use, then parked the car.  Started getting the playlist going only to find an urgent email I needed to answer for work.  Once I finish I look up to find a bakers dozen worth of pax giving me grief for having my head buried in my phone.  I get enough of that from the M so lets not start that with the F3 crew.  As others arrive I notice my playlist is only playing the first song and stopping.  Last week I caught wind of a similar technical glitch with Goodfella at Dromedary.  I am beginning to think there is an F3 technical bug making its rounds….keep a look out.  I look up from trying to fix the playlist issues in time to see a 4 deep clown car filled with one star, boytana, lazy boy, and Krusty (more on Krusty later).  Watch check – 5:29, quick disclaimer and then off we go on the pre warned 1/2 mile mosey.


Mosey behind brooklyn pizza, through Chick Fil A parking lot, past the gas station, through BB&T, and back down to target to get our half mile in.  Somewhere around brooklyn pizza the music gave out on me again.  Unfortunately for me, Deadwood was near and decided then was a good time for him to give me a lecture on how to use You Tube to create playlists.  I be honest, I caught about 1/4 of what deadwood was saying but I did hear YouTube and playlist.  He might have given me the secret to life but I was fixated on finishing the half mile mosey without dying and trying to fix my playlist issues.  As we rounded the corner at BB&T heading to target I notice a large looming shadow coming at us at a pretty good pace.  At first I thought we have picked up a late arrival, but then I see the light reflect off the glasses of a much smaller pax behind him and realize that once again, Bread Bowl had to make a pit stop.  God bless the patience of Dough Boy and his ability to wait on his son.  May I suggest a prerun down the driveway at the house as it always hits him in the first 15 steps.

Circle up at Target (while I continue to attempt to fix my music troubles).

  • 30 SSH’s – started hearing some groaning around 25.
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 15 T Merkins
  • 8 Potato Pickers.


Mosey to back of Target parking lot where there are 6 trees located.

  • 5 In/Out Merkins per tree.  Mary at end waiting on the 6.
  • 5 Peter Parker Merkins per tree.  (For those keeping count, that’s 75 merkins so far – goal was 150 after having my legs destroyed by Money Ball at Flash).  It was at this point that Jingles pointed out they did a lot of Merkins with Frack the day before (really?  Frack likes merkins?  I had no idea).  Sorry Jingles….two merkin heavy workouts in a row for you.

Mosey to Pet Smart (I will add that when I scouted the location at 5:00 this morning, Target was dark and pet smart was lit up like Legalized on a trip to Colorado – yeah, that doesn’t make any sense, sorry Legalized).  Anyways, at some point during our opening mosey – target lit up one light and Pet Smart went dark….enough moonlight out that we only had a few run in casualties at pet smart.

Station Work – 4 “weight” stations on the perimeter with a cardio station in the center.  1 min at weights and then meet in the center for 1 minute of cardio.  Pax split up evenly into the four weight stations.  We preformed two rounds of 4 so 8 total.


  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Diddle Merkins (Wide, regular, diamond)
  • Supines
  • Low Slow Deep Jump Squats.


  • Mountain Climbers
  • SSH
  • Lunge/Squat/Lunge
  • High Knees
  • Parker Peters
  • Burpees
  • Jump Squats
  • Station Run

There was just enough time left to do an AC/DC “ThunderStruck” beat down.  Unfortunately my amazon music account still decided it wasn’t ready to wake up.  So what do good Q’s do – improvise.  What do bad Q’s do….plow through, regardless of how bad it gets.  We plowed through with me randomly yelling thunder and Bread Bowl breaking the silence with calls for my head.  Merkins on the word thunder, mountain climbers in between.  Two “rest” breaks to do air presses.  Attempted to mimic the 33 merkins from the actual ThunderStruck song as best I could.  We had about a minute left so we finished out with LBC’s.



  • I learned today that Boytana has the most awkward looking deep squat form I’ve ever seen.  Looked more like a ballet dancers plie (sp) than a squat.
  • Krusty attempted to change his name during name-o-rama.  I let it slide and decided to consult with the F3 elders on the matter.  It was determined that Ass Crack violated the unwritten rule of could you call the name out in public with kids around.  Couple that with the fact that he also hated the name Krusty meant Krusty must stay.  The random name change vote from COT has been voided and Krusty will remain Krusty.  As per F3 rules, you can’t name yourself so if One Star, Boytana, or Lazy Boy can come up with a name that Krusty hates worse than Krusty – he may have a chance at a name change in the future.
  • I need to get to know the boys from the one star clown car a little better.  They fit in well with the Shenanigans of WUC, but I only see them at Watchtower.  Tip of the hat to One Star for growing his crew.
  • Speaking of One Star – he killed it today.  Heard mumble chatter about running from a dump or something as to why he was so fast today….perhaps Bread Bowl needs to show him how to release during the opening mosey.
  • And speaking of Bread Bowl – I made his list today!  I’m so excited.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for awhile and was disappointed my last Q wasn’t tough enough to get there.  I wish I had a better acceptance speech ready, but at this time I just want to thank Bread Bowl for allowing me to push him beyond his limit to the point of his disdain for me.
  • Money ball made it out for the second time this week coming off his torn labia calf injury.  Yes – I stole that joke from Zinfandel, but it was too good not to use again.  Considering I beat Money Ball yesterday (in one exercise and yes he was on my heels) and he appeared to struggle today, I’d say I got him right where I want him for another weighted vest bet.  Got to act quick as he will quickly pass me in stamina again (likely before weeks end).
  • Preciate Eli making it out for a rare appearance in support of Briarcrest.  Good work today.  He must have still been flying high from his Eagles beating “Eli”.
  • Lots of mumble chatter and jokes today during the round.  At one point, the talk between Money Ball and the rest of my weight station group had me laughing to the point that I was having issue completing reps (maybe Frack is right???).  I appreciate the humor this group has and its what keeps some of us returning.  I can go to a gym and stare at a tv on a treadmill all I want, but it gets old quick.  The camaraderie amongst us pax is what drives me to get out of bed.
  • Someone attempted to actually sing ThunderStruck.  It might have been Zinfandel…either way, it was a decent impression.
  • Mad dog and I matched shirts and shorts.  Neither of us made it very far in the game of chicken to check underwear.  I guess I will have to trust Mad Dog that he wasn’t wearing a thong.
  • Dana and Wedding Singer both pushed hard today.  Long over due VQ’s needed for both of them.  If your a site Q and have openings please reach out to them.  I will throw chicken little in that bunch as well though he was not there today (#complimentarypost).


  • Wednesday Bible Study at 5 Stones at 6:15 am.  Bottle Cap will be attending this week and is pushing to get some other F3 folks to stick around after his Chiseled Q.
  • Posse announced something but I forgot what it was (Sorry).  Was it the crane relay?  Please post to Playhouse and News Channel and I can update the back blast to include it.


A Successful Chiseled Launch

15 Pax came out to see what this gear workout was all about.  Thanks for the support today guys.  I was worried what the numbers would look like since there was an already successful site open on Wednesday’s and Briarcrest’s finest (Hollywood) was on Q there.  From what I hear, they had 19 so combined both sites had 34…Impressive for a hump day!

I arrived to the site at 10 til 5:00 not knowing how long set up would take and full of launch day jitters.  I arrived to find Shake N Bake in the middle of the parking lot stretching for his pre run…alone, oh so alone.  I had things set up within 10 minutes and had to decide, do I continue to look busy and wait on pax to arrive or do I suck it up and try and find Shake to join him in on the prerun.  About the time I was about to decide to look busy, up comes Rubbermaid and Tupperware.  Rubbermaid to join in the prerun and Tupperware to help set up equipment.  I couldn’t tell if Tupperware was happy there was not equipment to set up or upset that he now had to prerun…either way, thanks for coming out early to help.  Enough of the preworkout details….lets get to the good stuff.


Lengthy disclaimer given about not dropping equipment on the pavement and not suing the church.  I then explained to the pax that we would be running the last kilometer for Samantha Davis who passed away at a local cross country meet this past Saturday.  A very sad story.  Many schools in the state will be running a last kilometer today in her honor.  Thank you to Hooch for keeping us up to date with that story.  I’m not sure who’s idea it was to run for Samantha Davis today, but thank you for the suggestion.  Hopefully the link below to the map of our run in her honor will show up:

Off we go on a .62 mile (or 1 Kilometer) run.  Headed towards the 5 stones entrance which I thought there and back would get us to the .62 miles….it didn’t.  Leaders circled us out around the side of the church, back to the cars, and then I saw Deadwood (distance keeper) come to a stop and fidget with his watch.  He called out done.

Circle up for ACDC Thunderstruck.  Mountain climbers during the song, merkins on the word thunder.  I read somewhere online that if you were using this as a drinking game, it would be 34 shots.  I mentioned that we would be doing 34 Merkins and halfway through the song was met with several jeers that we had done way more than 34 merkins.   During a long interlude that I knew didn’t include the word Thunder, I called out a modify and we did air presses until Thunder came back into play.  It was just long enough of an interlude to where the air presses were burning.  Good work from the pax as this was my first time trying this and it was much harder than I had bargained for.


The rest of our time would be spent doing station work with equipment.  Being that I made 90% of this up on the fly, it makes it that much tougher to remember what we did for the back blast.  As I’ve already said, gear workouts are so much harder to plan for.  Will we have 6 pax or 26.  The difference in numbers can change things dramatically.  Anyways, I digress.  First round went like this:

  • Military Press with either 20’s, 35’s, or 40’s.  Modify to one 40 pound dumbbell once you were wore out – which for me was after 10 reps.
  • Up right row with a stone paver or 25 pound keddle bell (bring hands up to your chin working your lats).  I think the stone paver weight around 20-25 pounds.
  • Bent over fly with bricks.  Bricks were roughly 10 pounds.
  • Front Raise with Landscaping block.  Block was around 15 pounds.
  • Side Raise with dumbbelle or keddle bells.  15 pounds each.
  • Good Mornings with the large block.  In this exercise you keep your knees relatively straight and bend at the hip.  It works your hamstrings.  The block was around 30 pounds.
  • Supines on the railing.  This proved a little trickier than Weddington’s rails as they went down steps with flat steps on one side and a sloped hill on the other.  We made it work.
  • Partner Pole Squats.  This is a new exercise I introduced to the group that we use to do when I played baseball.  Using a 2″ PVC pipe about 2 feet in length, one partner squats all they way to the ground (seated on the ground) while his partner helps to safely lower him down and help him back up with the pvc pipe then flap jack with the other partner squating.  In theory if done correctly, one partner gets a deep squat workout while the other gets a little bit of a squat and some row action.  Both should have tired forearms from holding the pipe.  In reality…we had a lot of guys lay out on the ground laughing after falling.  In high school we used a smaller broom stick which I’m not sure worked the fore arms more or less, but I know it had a heck of a lot more grip than the slick pvc pipe.  Thanks for being good sports and letting me try something new.  My guess is Money Ball is currently laughing a body part off now thinking what other insanely dumb exercises did my baseball coach have us do – the answer is plenty, but not as much as my football coach.
  • On to the pit of misery as it will now be named.  One legged step ups.  Switch legs however you prefer (ever time or 10 each leg).
  • Foot release squats.
  • Dips
  • Back out of the pit of misery to our timer exercise.  Chariot Runs.  One partner is inside the weighted rope while the other one holds the ends to add resistance.  Run to last island, flap jack and run back.  If done right, it was a killer.  Some pax turned it into a rope carry.  Either because the Q didn’t properly explain, or because they were lazy…my money is on Q fail.  I originally called them partner pulls, so thanks to the pax that renamed them Chariot Runs.

Once everyone completed every station, I gave them a short break to explain our next series of work.  At some point in the station work above we lost Shake N Bake, Bread Bowl, and Hooch.  Was it really that tough???   Nah, just a bathroom emergency and getting kids to school.

  • Curls (20, 35, or 40 pound dumbbells)
  • Tricep Kick Back (Bricks)
  • Good Mornings
  • Supines
  • Diddle Merkins (Wide, Regular, Diamond, Regular, Wide).  Sorry Shake N Bake….you left too soon for your favorite exercise
  • Step ups.
  • Foot release squats
  • Dips
  • Rope work.  1 partner alternating rope waves while the other does 25 LBC’s.  Switch when partner finishes LBC’s.  Timmer when both partners finished LBC’s.

We didn’t quite get through all our final stations before time ran out, but did get more than halfway.


  • Thanks again to everyone that came today.  Hopefully you enjoyed a little change of pace (actually a lot less pace and a lot more lifting).  The quick change out of stations added with the Chariot Run had my heart rate rocking the first round.
  • Thanks to Rubbermaid who made a solid donation towards the site.  Deflated – if you were able to get the weights you posted about I will get you Rubbermaid’s donation.
  • As you can see from the first stations – we have plenty of equipment and space to grow.  I had stations ready to go for 12 groups or 24 total people.  Based on equipment we currently have, this site has no problem supporting 25-30 pax.
  • Thanks to Southern Belle for bringing some “big boy” dumbbells.   He had 20, 30, 25, 40, 45, and 50 pound dumbbells in his truck and made the Q smile when he saw the extra big boy equipment there he hadn’t planned for.
  • Thanks to all those that donated equipment.  Dasher’s weighted rope has been a fixture at the soft launches and official launch and is much appreciated.  Other equipment in the works are pull up bars to hang trx bands, a tractor tire to flip, and some additional weights (keddle bell, dumbbell, and plates).  Hopefully soon we will be able to store equipment on site which will make set up and break down easier for Q’s.
  • And Speaking of Q’s.  If your interested in Q’ing a gear workout, please let Banjo or I know.  I’ve reached out to some directly already and have a few more on the list I’d like to get Tee’ed up.  Don’t wait on me though, if you have interest….let us know.


  • Keep Samantha Davis’ family and friends in your prayers.  They are going through a difficult time in the sudden and unexpected death.
  • Keep the 6 year old boy from Gastonia who has been missing since this weekend in your prayers.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

8 pax showed up to Commitment on a day of slightly changed location (Kensington Elementary) and with Q School also going on.  Thanks to those that decided to come out.  Those that went to Q School, I expect you to put what you learned to work soon.  Come visit one of the site Q’s for a day to Q….don’t wait on us to come to you.  (Dana – I’ve asked you several times now….no more excuses).

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I warned Mad Dog before we started that I was ripping his Q from two weeks prior since I liked it so much…with what I hoped was a little added Fuse Box flair.  Most of the pax picked up on the part I said about making it better.  Poor Mad Dog got ragged on for 2 minutes straight….my bad.  Lets get this 90’s rock alternative party started.


Run around the school parking lot…only to find out the chain blocked off an easy path….through the grass to circle up.

  • 20 SSH’s
  • 20 T Merkins
  • 12 Peter Parkers
  • 12 Potato Pickers


Run down to the rock pile to grab lifting rocks.  Walking curls back to the cars (so I can grab my speaker playing 90’s rock).  At the cars switch to walking shoulder press to the basketball courts.  Near the end Damascus comments that he wished his shoulders didn’t burn out so easily.  I think that’s everyone’s shoulders as mine where burning as well.  Find a cone (8 cones total and 8 pax made for the perfect number) and drop your rock.  Meet in the middle where I left the speaker to explain exercises.  First round – different exercise at each rock with cardio exercise in the middle.  Timer whistles 70 seconds for rock work and 60 seconds for cardio.  Cones were spaced roughly 30- 40 yards from the center running to the rocks or back to the center each time you hear the whistle.  Trust me when I say its much easier to understand and explain when you are there vs the back blast which is making this sound very difficult. Rock Exercises:

  • Military Press
  • Front Raise (2.0 rock)
  • Curls
  • Triceps press
  • Goblet squat
  • Explosion merkins on the rock (which for most lasted about 2-3 times before it became one hand on rock merkin then switch hands).
  • Front Raise (2.0 rock)
  • Good Mornings.  Legs straight, bend over with the rock slightly touching the ground and then raise up.  Targets hamstrings.


  • Mountain Climbers (Mad Dog was polite enough to let us know we “only” had 20 seconds left…..Bread Bowl politely told him where he could stick those 20 seconds…ok, maybe not that harsh but that’s how I would like to remember it).
  • Jump Lunge, Jump Squat, Jump Lunge.
  • 3, 6, 9’s
  • SSH
  • In and Outs
  • High Knees
  • Cone Suicides (Run to your cone, run to middle, run to next cone, run to middle…..until you have touched all 8 cones.

Round 2: Same Rock exercises but abs in the middle.  Stressed the importance of running to and from rocks on the whistle in order to keep heart rate up.


  • LBC’s
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Right Side Crunches (At least three pax were on their left side)
  • Left Side Crunches (Bread bowl claimed he couldn’t do these yet when pushed to do them, he did them.  Classic mind getting in the way of what your body can really do – a problem I have as well).
  • V Ups
  • Russian Twits American Hammers – thanks to the pax for reminding me…and no, I’m not a Communist or involved in Russian Collusion as some then suggested.
  • Wind Shield Wipers – Arms out, legs up in the air, and twist legs to the left and right.  I offered the modification of bending your legs which I then quickly took.
  • Ended with Cone Suicides again.

Put the Rocks up.  Glad to see some of the stronger pax run with the rocks over their heads.  I hung back because I was wore out to check on the 2.0’s.  Meet back at the cars….pax finished SSH’s just in time for me to let them know that we had 2 minutes left and we were going to spend them doing T Merkins.  A lot of audible groaning, but we finally got it going.  With 30 seconds left I informed the group that we wouldn’t stop until Spinach did 3 T Merkins.  Good work to push through those last 3 young man…..We Done!


  • Thanks to Mad Dog and the other pax for not giving me too hard of a time for repeating a workout.  Hopefully yall felt I improved on it slightly, and if not…keep your opinions to yourself.
  • I believe I heard we got in just under 2 miles today which was very surprising to me considering we didn’t cover a lot of ground today.
    • A good reminder that you don’t have to run 4 miles to get the heart rate up.  Running is only one of a plethora of cardio exercises you can do to get the blood pumping – shots fired at Ignition.
  • I was surprised to see Half Back there but he was a welcomed addition.  Mad Dog let it slip that he picks and chooses his workout sites based on who is on Q – only going to Q’s he things are tough.  I had assumed I would never see him at one of my Q’s since I was a Clydesdale, and today’s visit was more likely due to Commitment being the only open Q in the area than it was his desire to be led by me.  Hopefully he felt he got a good workout in today.  He pushed himself hard (as usual).
  • Speaking of Mad Dog….I’ve given him a hard time lately but he is such a great dude and I’m glad he is there to push all those around him to get better.  Thanks for your leadership in our small F3 world.
  • Bread Bowl continues to shed weight.  Keep it up dude.
  • Dough Boy pushing hard as usual.  He was behind me in the cone suicides and I had to push a little harder to keep him from passing me.  Looking trimmed down as well.
  • Spinach showing up while his brother fart sacked.  Nice work today bud!  Half the battle is getting out of bed.
  • Popeye working hard as usual while also yelling coaching his boy to work harder.  Same can be said for Dough Boy and Bread Bowls F3 relationship.  I’d love to get the 2.0’s in a circle sipping on chocolate milk one day.  I bet bread bowl has some good dirt stories on his dad.
  • That leaves Damascus….another pax I enjoy giving a hard time to….mainly because he will give it back.  Dude works hard for a Clydesdale.  I keep threatening to take his Clydesdale card away.  After everyone left today he stayed back to complete a burpee challenge – I believe 30 or 40 more burpees after an hour long workout…..crazy.


  • Damascus starting a new site on Oct 1 (Mondays) at 5:15 (that’s 5:15, not 5:30) at Brooklyn Pizza.  Advertising it as a medium to hard bootcamp class.  Get with Damascus for more details.
  • Chiseled – Officially launching this Wednesday at 5 Stones Church at 5:30.  The site is being billed as a gear workout, but more importantly we are pushing it as a muscle addition class.  Focusing on building muscle, proper form, cardio via movements (and not always the running kind).  Please join us for the Launch this Wednesday.  I’m still looking for equipment donations please (either temporary or permanent).
  • Damascus spoke about Alf’s recent back blast where we found out his 22 year old babysitter committed suicide.  Several pax spoke out about how important it is to talk to someone if  you are going through a rough time.  Damascus challenged us all to ask each other how we are doing.  To get past the trivial “How are things” question and get deeper.  How’s the wife?  Job going well?  Kids driving you nuts?  If your having issues, please reach out….either to the group or to one of us individually.  Popeye made a great point that sometimes just talking regular stuff (sports, work, ect) over a beer can be as impactful as a full sit down therapy session.  Don’t be afraid to ask…..or offer! (I love beer!).

An Almost Q Fail

With Q school quickly approaching (This Saturday), I pose the question – What is the biggest Q fail?….easy.  Over sleep and miss the workout entirely.  And since I almost did that very thing today, I deserved some punishment…unfortunately for the pax, they endured it with me.

I woke up this morning, rolled over and saw 5:23 staring at me…..Oh no!!!   Jumped out of bed, quickly dressed and out the door to the car only to realize…..I forgot my keys, wallet, and phone back in the bedroom.  After sprinting up the stairs, and surely waking the entire house up, I was back in the car by 5:26 and on the road.  Quick detour through Damascus’ neighborhood will get me there right on time….NOPE!  Gates closed.  5:29.  If I drive around I will be late.  If I hop out and run I may just make it…..I run.  Leaving all the equipment I had planned to use behind.  I get within eye site of Brooklyn Pizza to see the last group of pax take off around the loop and a faint murmur of trash talking about yours truly.  I meet the pax on the other side of the loop, apparently to some pax’s surprise and others disappointment.




Continue moseying to Target parking lot and circle up.

  • 25 SSH – just kidding, lets make it 50.  I had intended to do 25…but I felt good so I kept going.  We got to 40 and we were too close to 50 to stop.
  • Reach for the sky Merkins – 4 count, no 8 count, no….just count on your own.  I asked the in shape pax to do 20 and the rest of us to do 15.  Someone asked how you know your in shape….I will leave the answer off of this Back Blast….had to be there as it is not repeatable.  Thank goodness for the 50 SSH or the mumble chatter would have been way worse (most pax were still breathing hard).  Posse did have enough lung capacity left to remind pax of Q school coming up.
  • 10 Peter Parkers
  • 10 Potato Pickers


Mosey to rear corner of Target and alternate 5 Merkins and 5 jump squats at each tree.  50 LBC’s at the end and then bringing it back for alternating merkins and jump squats back to start.  Halfway in….(in my best Joe Dirt voice) “dang that’s a lot of trees”…may need to modify.  Get to the end and holler out the modification….no return trip.  Apparently Mad Dog didn’t have his hearing aids turned up this morning as he started back.

Mosey to my car parked behind the gate to grab bricks and rope.  Presses while we waited on equipment gathering.  Run back to Brooklyn pizza.  At this point I realized there were way more pax than I had planned for which severely inhibited my plans (I also left two keddle bells I had planned to use).  That mixed with Shake N Bake’s constant “I Hate You”, “Did I tell you I hate you?” talk made for an interesting mosey.

Split into two teams.  1 team ran the loop while the other team performed brick exercises and rope work.  2 people from the bricks did rope work and we rotated rope work through out the rotations.  Switch out when the runners returned.

  • Presses & 2 people rotate out squat hold with rope waves (hands out front lifting ropes back and forth to create wave motions)
  • Curls & 2 people on rope
  • Tricep kickback or press & 2 people on rope
  • Bent over fly (Reverse fly) & 2 people on rope
  • Presses & 2 people on rope.

Once everyone had their turn on the rope we caught our breath with some ab work.

  • 25 4 count LBC’s.
  • 10 each side side crunches.
  • 20 Heels to Heaven

Back to team work.  Bricks & rope for one team and run the loop for the other.

  • Presses & 2 people did low slow squat into a jump squat with a rope slam
  • Curls & rope
  • Tricep & Rope
  • Bent over Row and Rope.  By this time enough people had left early that we didn’t need a 5th round to get all the rope work in…..and it was 6:15.  We done.


  • My apologies to the pax for running late.  From what I understand I gave Doughboy a little scare that he may have to run the workout.  I set the time, but failed to set the alarm on my clock.  My lateness mixed with the number of pax required several audibles this morning.
  • Chicken Little called himself Dancing Bear during COT.  Dancing Bear was nowhere near him which promps the question….why was Dancing Bear on Chicken Little’s mind?  Hmmm…….
  • My plan was to keep us moving so the Gazelles didn’t get upset, while also incorporating some gear.  I believe based solely on that very limited goal, I achieved it.
  • The Rope was a nice adder today.  I’ve got a lot more planned for it at Chiseled.  Big thanks to Dasher for that donation.
  • Good work by the group today.  I through some new stuff at you and you kept up.
  • Legalized becoming a regular and his endurance is improving.  Keep up the work.
  • Briarcrest contingent was strong (as usual).
  • Shake N Bake has been working his tail off and somehow talking deadwood and Rubbermaid into joining him.  Good work on the pre run guys (I can only assume yall preran since I was late).
  • Doughboy thanked me for showing up and preventing him from having to Q on the fly.  Thank you Doughboy for allowing me to Q.  Sorry to give you a scare this morning.
  • Almost a swamp round 2 this morning with Bread Bowl, but unlike his brother…he found a portajon close enough to avert disaster.
  • 19 pax at watchtower is impressive.  I love that we as a group are growing and bringing in new blood.  Lets keep it up as we begin expanding the number of workouts in our area.  Ask your neighbor, your co worker, the baseball dad that sits near you at games and doesn’t judge that you cracked a cold one at 10:30 on a Saturday.


  • Q School this Saturday at Cuthbertson at 6:30.  If you are looking to get better, learn how to Q for your first time, learn how to write a Back Blast, get credentialed to write a back blast, or just want to go give Money Ball a hard time…I suggest going.   This is a once a 6 month event so don’t miss it.  I would include a link to sign up but Posse’s link is to a used car site.  I guess he is sick of the Prius.
  • Chiseled is starting a week from tomorrow (Sept 26th) at Five Stones Church.  This is a gear focused workout intended to add some muscle on the pax.  We have a lot of skinny pax running around from boot camps…not its time to put some muscle on those frames.  There will still be running at this site, but reduced as compared to a typical boot camp.  Looking to to 1- 2 miles vs 2-3 miles at a typical workout.  Banjo and myself are Site Q’s.  If you have gear you would like to donate to the cause (either temporarily or permanently), please get with myself or Banjo.  We can never have too many plates, dumb bells, or keddle bells.  Sandbags, large stones, weight ropes, ect. are also welcomed.

Break In The New Banjo

19 Pax showed up on a nice and breezy morning to break in the new VQ Banjo.  The Pax took it relatively easy on me for reasons unknown.  Possibly because of the name and fear of being led down a dark alley to where banjo music was being played abundantly………


Run to Dreamchaser and circle up.  Dana then announced that if things start to go really south with this this hurricane bearing down on Charlotte he would take refuge in Dreamchasers!  Love where his head is at.

15 SSH(Big Ten’s)

15 Mountain Climbers with calf stretches at end, walk it up to Jimmy Duggans

15 Imperial Walkers

10 LSS


The Thang

Mosey around downtown Waxhaw to sidewalk at Bike Depot and grab a partner

Station 1:

Partner 1 mini suicide runs, while partner 2 does dips (rounds 1 and 3)

Partner 1 mini suicide runs, while partner 2 does step ups(rounds 2 and 4)


Station 2:  Dean Smith 4 corners

Merkins, jumping squats, LBC’s and SSH’s at each corner, 20 reps each time

4 laps, pick up the 6 when done

My first negative backlash came from Recalculating as he mentioned we do AMRAP’s at the end of the month not today.  My Q had begun.


Station 3 Kim Jon Hill:

Partner back up, Partner 1 runs while Partner 2 does LSS

Everyone back up the hill and pick up 6 on the way

People’s Chair with air press while we wait for 6 at the top

One last light pole suicide sprint to finish us up



Had a lot of fun leading this group around Waxhaw this morning.  Briarcrest came out strong to support the vQ so I really appreciate that as well as all the others even Lawson.  I’m sure the next time you guys won’t take it as easy on me but until then don’t go down any dark alleys that have Banjo music playing.



Dancing Bear thanked everyone for the great response to his charity

Fuse Box needs supplies for new start up spot at 5 Stones

Ghost Writing a VQ

I was asked in advance by Southern Belle if I could ghost write his first Back Blast due to an early morning trip to Wilmington.  I warned him that as I’ve said in the past, if I have to ghost write it….I’m bringing the pain as to deter others from not writing the BB.  He agreed and said go do it because otherwise the BB wouldn’t come at all.  So here goes….

17 Pax showed up to see if an old man could make it through his own workout.  Many were disappointed to find out he could.  Southern Belle stepped out of the car with a determined look on his face and a head band that looked similar to what the ski bunnies (or maybe honeys?) wear on the slopes.  As with most VQ’s, it started with some questionable counting and flubbed exercise names.  Well – actually he got the exercise name right….I think the pax just didn’t want to do it so they pretended to question the name.


Mosey to the….wait…..what, no mosey?  Has this guy lost his mind.  We always start with a mosey.  Even Big Ten did a 10 foot mosey.  This Q has lost his mind.  Is he going to skip Side Straddle Hops too?????

  • 10 Side Straddle Hops (I saw the tip of the hat Southern Belle gave Big 10)
  • 10 Potato Pickers. We almost lost Frack.  The yoga comments started flying.
  • 10 Imperial Squawkers.  Wait what?  An imperial what?  Many of the pax appeared to be confused – or just put on a really good show.  Q actually had this exercise right though.
  • 10 Merkins (I think.  Remembering the counts when you didn’t develop the workout is surprisingly tough)
  • 10 Mountain climbers
  • Calf Stretch



Mosey to Main Street area.  Not sure the road name but its the one Mary O’Neil’s is on.  Q called out a light post workout.  5 Burpees at the first 5 light posts, 10 Q Jacks at next 5 light posts, 10 Mountain climbers at last 5 light posts.  Q was near the front….q juice was strong this morning.

Lunge Walk past dream chasers then alternating 10 merkins and 10 squats at the lights.  Go to end of the road and then bring it back.  This was a variation of a transporter workout in which we did 10 merkins at each light.  I initially thanked Southern Belle for adding squats in as it didn’t make it feel as bad….though now as I’m writing this I am realizing the doubling back part means we did just as many Merkins as transporter….but also that many squats.  You ole’ sneaky B****** (Insert what ever B word you wish there, I for one like the 7 letter one).  Q doubled back past me way faster than I was expecting.  Mary waiting on me the 6…..they appeared to be waiting awhile.  Probably because most of the Clydesdales were talking about how we could Q jack the workout and do keg stands at dream chasers instead.

Light post work again.  10 Plank Rotations at first 5 lights, 5 jump squats at next 5 lights, followed by 5 hand release merkins with a bear crawl in between the lights.  For me, the plank rotations are a deceptive ab workout.  I could feel my obliques tightening up towards the end.  Made some ground up on the jump squats….probably because I had bad form and not because I was faster.  Got to the hand release merkins and decided the heck with this to modify most of the bear crawls.  By this time there was lots of complaining from the pax about hands hurting and rough asphalt.  Southern Belle seemed to have a gleeful smile listening to the whining, or perhaps he was just glad that someone finally through out rubber maids gloves (by the way, mad love to the person that did that.  We all owe you one).  Southern Belle called out dips and step ups to mary as we waited on the 6 (which for once wasn’t me).

5 minutes left….what to do, what to do.  Southern Belle decided we would mosey back to start for abs.  Frack took an early lead and never looked back.

  • Southern Belle started us off with flutters…25 maybe?
  • He then passed the baton to Shake N Bake which I believe we can all now agree was a mistake.  I think we did 40 dollies?  I blacked out lost count.
  • Someone did Freddy Mercuries…I forgot who.
  • Rubber Maid did protractor and threw it to me… I was confused as to if he wanted me to continue counting protractors or do a new exercise….either way I kept doing protractors for a sneaky 10 count down then up.
  • Southern Belle attempted to shorten his own Q by 30 seconds but I wasn’t having it.  The newest Pax Eli closed us out with an attempted 10 back scratchers.  Southern Belle rudely interrupted him at 8, though I must admit they felt more like back scrapers that scratchers on that asphalt.



  • Great first Q for Southern Belle.  He had a plan and stuck to it.  Nice work.
  • Eli staying strong for only his second post.  Good meeting you today.
  • Chicken Little and Zinfandel stayed ahead of me most of the day which is depressing for me.  I thought I’d enjoy not being the 6 for a little while longer.  Good work.
  • Dana battled through a back injury….or apparently was floating that as an excuse to modify today.
  • Lawson vs Briarcrest battle was a tie today by my count….4 vs 4.  We would of had you beat but Dancing Bear decided to fart sack claiming he had an injury.
  • I think all the pax were in agreement that they paved downtown Waxhaw with a mixture of asphalt, rocks, and glass.
  • I really tried hitting Southern Belle in this bb….but its hard to.  He’s too nice of a guy and I have relatively little dirt on him.  His Dawgs are coming off one of their best seasons in years, kids are well behaved, no embarrassing stories.  Other than the fact that he is old, only slightly taller than Goodfella, and occasionally wears head bands; I don’t have any other ammo.
  • Frack continues to show he has turned over a new leaf.  I lobbed a couple softballs his way today and he didn’t hit back.  Stayed strong during stretching exercises, and even cracked a beer drink during announcements.  I kinda miss being called fat and slow by the new joyful Frack.  (Yeah, i’m kidding – thank god Frack has turned over a new leaf)
  • Rubbermaid and Shake N Bake on a 3 mile pre run.  Both sheding some weight recently and looking cut.  Good work.
  • Damascus was abcent….I guess he is still drinking cleaning up the spilled wine on the dog.


  • Sandbox looking for volunteers to mow the Commodores grass in Indian Land.  They have someone for this weekend but still need help through the fall.
  • No takers on the Hope Challenge.

90’s Rock Party

24 pax came out to partake in a 90’s rock party.  The music was good, but the rocks sucked.

This was my first time Q’ing Dromedary and only my third time at this AO.  Most of the workout was planned via googlemaps which made for some longer runs than I had expected.



Disclaimer given as a few pax rolled in on two wheels.  Mosey up the hill towards the school and circle up for:

  • 25 SSH (I decided to do an extra 5 just to piss off Big Ten – who I then realized wasn’t there).
  • 20 T Merkins
  • 12 Mountain Climbers
  • 12 Peter Parkers
  • 12 Parker Peters
  • 20 LBC’s
  • 10 Potato Pickers


Beat the Q to the rocks with burpees on the line.  I ended up beating 4 (by my count) so after getting a lifting rock we did 4 burpees on your own.  Quick audible by Goodfella to go to upper parking lot to spare us a car scramble.  Rock Exercises:

  • Military Press & Hold Ladder.  Military Press staring at 10 going down.  Hold staring and 1 and going up.  10, 9 hold for 1, 8 hold for 2, down to 1 hold for 9.  Got to the end and decided we need another 10 presses to end on.  Not going to lie….my arms felt that one.  Rocks down and move to the right. (Heard some mumble chatter about rock choice at this point.  Apparently some peoples lifting rock choice was the equivalent of a 5 pound pink hand weight (Cough Cough Zinfandel).
  • Squat & Row Ladder.  Squat for 10 Row 1, Squat 9, Row 2……….Squat 1, Row 10.
  • Curls.  10 Full Curls, 10 Bottom Half Curls, 10 Top Half Curls, and 10 Full Curls.
  • Tricep extensions.  With the different rocks this was was hard to do.  I wanted people to go until they burned out…but that would have taken forever with some of the 5 pound rocks out there.   Rocks up and Mosey to the front of the school (My apologies to the Clydesdales….it didn’t look that far on Google Maps)

Partner Up.  Partner 1 does inch worms (no push up) towards the Globe.  Partner 2 runs to the globe and back.  (Again, Q fail here as the globe was a lot farther than I had imagined).  I attempted to modify by placing the speaker on the sidewalk but had Q fail number 2 when I ran back to my partner which was out of range of the speaker.  Some very confused pax returned asking where the speaker was they were modifying to.  My bad.  After everyone got 2 rounds in, I audibled due to time and we mosey’ed past the globe for the next round of work.

Arrows were 5 jump squats.  Crosswalks or speedbumps were 10 Merkins.  Continue around the snake parking lot to middle school entrance.  Dancing bear attempted to skip some merkins.  I called him out (Bread Bowl would be proud).  Another pax asked if it was double (20) merkins at the crosswalk/speed bump combo.  Normally when I Q and get asked these questions I am a real dick and tell them to do the harder of the two….in this case I didn’t know the guy well so I was nice and told him only 10.  As usual, Dasher was leading the charge and I and several Pax were struggling to stay within ear shot.  I had everyone behind me modify to catch up then did a time check and realized we needed to speed up.  I had everyone meet at the middle school just in time to watch Dasher and Nutter Butter finish.  Nice work Gentleman.  Next time I Q I will make sure to bring a 50 pound ruck sack to handicap you.

Goodfella lead us to the buses were we played a quick game of would you rather (insert your favorite inappropriate f3 joke here).  Would you rather:

  • Do a burpee at each bus while your partner runs to the end and back alternating until the end or…..
  • Partner push to the end of the buses.

Surprisingly more people chose burpees.  I would have though it would be the other way around…..or perhaps this AO just pushes hard and doesn’t take the easy way out.  My partner shop dawg gagged on some diesel fumes, but other than that…no casualties.

Quick time check and it was time to go.  Another beat the Q with burpees on the line.  Rockwell attempted to channel foundation and hold me back but it was a weak attempt.  Perhaps he felt how sweaty my shirt was and wised up.  By my count I beat 7……7 burpees on your own.  I heard a lot (I mean a lot) of groans at this point….I wonder why….Oh yeah!!!! 3/4 the group just finished doing a load of burpees….whoops.

2 minutes left for marry.  Posse let us in dead cockroaches (I think he likes that exercise because it resembles his rivals Stadium – gamecocks).  Jinles lead us in protractor…..and we’re done.


  • Good work today by all the pax.  Some people pushing their bodies to the limits today.
  • Good to see Dirty Bird out again.  I imagine with football cranking back up he will be out more for trash talking about Georgia.
  • Shop Dawg working hard and noticeably loosing some LB’s.  Good work.  Thanks for not puking on me.
  • Dancing Bear’s merkin form is improving each week.  He looks less like a wounded cat on the ground and more like a man doing push ups.
  • Good to meet a few of the Dromedary guys that I don’t see at my normal Western union AO’s.
  • I enjoy the Clown car rides back to Briarcrest after workouts.  Lot of trash talking going on in those cars.  Its how I found out Zinfandel’s choice of rock was more of a paper weight than lifting rock.
  • Shake N Bake killing it even with a 3 mile pre run in advance.  Dudes been killing the Pre Runs lately.  I guess he’s trying to get in shape for a late season bathing suit calendar or something.
  • Glad to see two Wolfpackers out there supporting me today in Chicken Little and EHarmoney.  Keep it up guys.
  • Some good comments on the music today.  Glad yall (or some of yall) enjoyed the music selection.  It was extremely awkward carrying that speaker around so I’m glad to hear it was worth it.  It was a tip of the cap to Goodfella who always seems to have a playlist going during his Q’s.  Good or bad, the music helps break up the monotony (or mumble chatter about how slow I am).
  • Thanks to Goodfella for allowing me to Q.  We did a Q trade off with him leading at The Floater recently.  Which speaking of…..If you are interested in leading a workout in downtown waxhaw on Thursdays….get with me or Money Ball.   And with that…..I’m out!


  • Soft Pretzel gave some of the new guys some insight into the Sandbox charity we have been supporting.  A reminder that they are still looking for Security help for their big prom event which is the Friday of Labor Day weekend.  Also a reminder that they still need volunteers to cut the yard in Indian Land, SC.
  • No hope challenge takers today, but there have been some good ones the last few weeks at the AO’s I attend.  If you need some one to talk to, but don’t want to talk to an entire group, reach out to one of your brothers here in F3.  We all go through things and guys tend to bottle emotions up (me included), but I do think it helps to talk things out sometimes.  I offer my ears to any that need them….and I will even buy the first round of beer.

A Trip To The Playground

15  Men and 2.0’s rolled out to play at the Playground.


The Thang:


Mosey, Circle up: SSH x 20; 10 Merkins; 15 Potato pickers, 15 imperial walkers


Pick a parking lot Rock.  At for serpentine of death, at each speed bump do 10 curls alternating to 5 Merkins when you finish option to steal a rock.  No one tried to steal Frack 10 commandments tablet rock! Return rocks


Mosey through the woods to the practice field.  Bear crawl across turf that was soft and manicured to the call we know we are not at Cuthbertson!!!


Mosey to the middle school office area.  Partner laps one runs while other does Merkins , squats and LBC’s the runner is the timer.


Confused Indian run to the playground at the playground; break into teams of three, Zinfandel some how worked into two teams.   Timer is 10 durkins with feet on swing switch out with dips and LBC’s


Much more organized Indian run to the stadium to run the whole set of bleachers.


Mosey to the bridge for some Jack webs up to 10 sea pines 40 flutters.


Mosey to the side parking lot partner run with dips, run is the timer. Mosey back to the lot finish up with plank





Good work out with a bit of Mosey Got VQ out of the way before Rubbermaid although he tried to steal the Q a couple of times!!!


Had 2 FNG’s to name although Pogo 2.0 wanted to name himself and had some good names in mind different ideas were kicked around but the Pax favorite was on his shirt Show time.  The other FNG was Mitch Newell 23 and many ideas were kicked around maybe a little too long as Frack was getting hungry. The name landed on was Scab as Mitch started working at ESPN around the time of layoffs at ESPN.




Church on the streets 8/5/18 talk to Bottlecap for detail


Bible study at 5 stones Sunday

F3 Scavenger Hunt

26 Pax including a Briarcrest FNG came out to see what the Scavenger hunt was all about.  The wining team was Foundation, Rockwell, Brexit, and Old McDonald.  Apparently age and wisdom trumped young and fast at today’s hunt. (I cant figure out how to post pictures in the BB so I will post on GroupMe).  While some might say they mis-counted reps, I for one think they only cheated slightly more than the rest of the groups.  Good work today guys.

My attempt today was to give us a good workout, while adding some competition to it, and a little bit of trivia.  About halfway through I realized there was more running involved than I had planned for….or maybe that’s because my group chose the wrong answers and had to run more.  Win or lose today, I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the change of pace.  Thanks for Foundation to allow me to lead today.  His leadership last Monday with Ultimate Frisbee is what gave me the idea to try something new.

Also, welcome to our new FNG Dancing Bear.  Mark Shaffer is president of the Waxhaw Soccer league and has been involved in soccer his whole life.  Halfway through telling us all about soccer, I noticed he had a grateful dead teddy bear kicking a soccer ball….dancing bear it is!  I especially enjoy the hell that Beckham gives Dancing Bear on Facebook with regards to soccer.  I’ve finally found someone (Beckham) who hates soccer more than I do (sorry Dancing Bear).

The Scavenger hunt is posted below.


F3 Scavenger Hunt


As soon as you are handed this paper the scavenger hunt begins.  Please read through the rules and then turn to page 2 to view your first clue titled Clue # 1.

Because it would be too difficult and time consuming to place clues at various spots around campus, all your clues are contained in this document.  While it would be pretty simple to cheat…..don’t.  Don’t look ahead for correct answers, play the game fairly.  Ultimately, we are here to get a good workout and cheating defeats that purpose.

Other teams will be traveling the same path as you along the way.  I suggest keeping your answers a secret so you don’t give away correct answers to other teams (or perhaps you can intentionally shout out wrong answers?).   There are questions to be answered along the way that if answered incorrectly, will take you on further or harder routes.  Just because you see a team in front of you going a different way, it doesn’t mean they are right.

Phones, especially google, are not allowed.

No matter where you are, when it gets to 6:10 please stop what you are doing and return to the starting parking lot.  I’m attempting to put together a scavenger hunt having no clue how long it will truly take.  I’ve made it longer than likely we can finish so the winning team will be the one who is at the furthest clue as of 6:10.

Because I developed the scavenger, I will not be allowed to answer or help any teams.  I will be traveling with a team but only to get a workout.  Because most people skim directions and don’t completely read them, I am putting in this extra sentence that negates the start below.  Look at the very last page for an easier start than the one on the next page.


Clue # 1

In order to start the scavenger hunt, your team must do a combined number of Merkins that equal the following riddle:

The number is 50 more than 100 times 5 minus 300.

Once you have completed the proper number of Merkins, please proceed to the place where Transporter prefers to squat.  Stop at each light pole for 20 Aussie burpees (no push up) per team (not each) on the way there.


Clue # 2 – Transporter’s Shed

Once you have made it to Transporter’s shed, please answer as a team this question.  The answer will direct you to an exercise and then your next location.

Which of the following movie character names is not a named Star in the night sky?

Beetle Juice – Do 10 each (on your own) Mike Tyson’s then Run to Baseball Field as a team.  Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.

Maximus – Do 20 each (one your own) Donkey Kick’s then Run to the wooden bench amphitheater as a team. Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.

Castor – Do 10 each arm (on your own) balls to the wall shoulder taps then Run to Softball Field as a team. Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.

Pollux – Do 30 wall sit air presses then Run to Football Field as a team. Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.

Clue # 3 – (Wooden benches).

If you are not at the wooden benches then you answered incorrectly.  Please proceed to the wooden benches at the Amphitheatre.

Answer for Clue # 2: Beetle Juice (spelled Betelgeuse) is part of the Orion’s belt constellation.  It is the Orange Star in the shoulder region.  Castor and Pollux are from the movie Gone in 60 seconds.  Both are the two brighter stars that make up the twins in the Gemini constellation.  Maximus is not a star and is from the movie Gladiator.

Exercises at wooden bench amphitheater area: 1974 and 1983 were good years in NC State sports (Two Basketball National Championships).  As a team do 83 dips on the wooden bench then bear crawl on the concrete to the picnic tables and do 74 step ups as a team.  Once you are finished, proceed to clue # 4.


Clue # 4

Find the parking spot in the football stadium parking lot that equals the following formula:


Don’t look at Clue # 5 until you are in the parking spot.







Clue # 5 – Parking spot # 250

PEMDAS – Parenthesis first, then multiplication, then left to right addition & subtraction.

If you are not in parking spot 250, in cadence (4 count) do 25 side straddle hops and then 15 mountain climbers in cadence.  Run to parking spot number 250 once done.

Once you are in parking spot # 250, do 40 LBC’s, 20 Heels to Heaven, 10 side crunches each side, and Protractor starting at 10 degrees, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and then 1.

Once you are finished, decide as a team if you want Door number 1, Door number 2, or Door number 3.  Once you have made your decision, move onto Clue # 6.  Choose wisely.













Clue # 6

Door Number 1: Partner Push towards the high school hill.  Try to allow everyone at least two partner pushes before you modify and run.  Go until you are gassed then switch out.  Again, two pushes per person.

Door Number 2: Partner Pull towards the high school hill.  Try to allow everyone at least two partner pulls before you modify and run.  Go until you are gassed then switch out.  Again, two pulls per person.

Door Number 3: Answer this riddle – name an object that you throw away when you need it and retrieve it when you don’t.  If you can’t answer the riddle you must each do a partner push and a partner pull towards the high school hill. (each pax will both partner push and partner pull at least 1 time).  The answer to the riddle can be found at clue # 7.  If you answer correctly, simply run to the hill at the high school.












Clue # 7 – High School Hill

Answer to door number 3 riddle: A boat anchor.

Once you are at the high school hill, choose one of the songs below and add the digits of the famous phone number together to get a total number.  For example, the phone number 123-4567 would equal 28.  Get it right, do 1 hill run.  Get it wrong or can’t come up with the phone number, do 5 hill runs each.

  • Tommy Tutone – Jenny
  • Wilson Pickett – (The phone number is the song tittle)

The answer can be found in Clue # 8.  Once you have done the hill runs, proceed to the front of the middle school.














Clue # 8 – Middle School Benches


  • Tommy Tutone – Jenny. 867-5309 = 38
  • Wilson Pickett – (The phone number is the song tittle). 634-5789 = 42

At the front of the Middle School, do the following exercises on your own.

60 foot release squats on the bench, 40 dips, and 20 Derkins.

Once you are finished, answer this last question in order to proceed to the finish line:

Having participated in countless Name-O-Rama’s, you have heard Fuse Box give his age several times….but were you paying attention?  How old is Fuse Box?

Once you have an agreed upon answer from your team, turn to Clue # 9 to see if you are correct.










Clue # 9

Fuse Box is 34.  If you answered correctly, as a team Jail Break back to the finish line (starting parking lot) for your final clue.

If you answered incorrectly, do 34 merkins each.  If you finish early, start taking reps from your teammates to help them out.  Once your team finishes, jail break to the finish line for your final clue.


Clue # 10

How many triangles are in the picture below?  Answer correctly and you are done.  Answer incorrectly and as a team, you must run to the rock pile at the bottom of the hill at the third light, do 40 curl presses each and run back to finish line.


Image result for triangle riddle


Clue # 10 Answer

There are 27 triangles.





















Easier Clue # 1

If you have reached this page, congrats…you read the directions.  Instead of doing 250 merkins as a team, you only have to do 50 merkins as a team.  Once completed, head towards Transporters Shed stopping at the light poles on the way to do as a team, 20 aussie burpees (no push up).  That is a team count of 20 p

Oh, you thought this was going to be easy?

I arrive with a strong clown car of 4 from Briarcrest.  Bottle Cap acknowledges the strong Briarcrest presence and starts getting worried.  Up pulls Rubbermaid and Tupperware…numbers are back in Lawson’s favor and Bottle Cap breathes a sigh of relief.

As we are circled up waiting for everyone to arrive, Shop Dawg asks who’s on Q.  I respond that its me and I get an odd reaction from him…..he was happy.  I wasn’t sure whether to take that happiness as a sign that he enjoys my workouts, or a sign that he thinks I’m much easier than others and that he might have an easy workout in store today.  Shop Dawg responded that he didn’t want to take another “flat bellies” workout again.  Fair enough….6:30….time to bring some pain so that I’m not on the easy Q list (Big 10 approved).


Long run around the back of the school to the bench/rock area.  Lots of mumble chatter on the way that there was a short cut.  I wanted to start off with a long run as I knew there wouldn’t be much “running” today, but a lot of movement.

Circle up for disclaimer.  Give disclaimer again as Shop Dawg comes limping in hacking up a lung.  Apparently he did some presanding and forgot to wear a mast for today’s Sandbox pallet project.

30 Side Straddle Hops

20 T Merkins – I caught some grief on my cadence…apparently I was going too fast for some.

10 Potato Pickers

10 count quad stretch on your own each leg.  There was some mumble chatter around this being the excercise that I allowed OYO counting.


Grab a rock and circle up.

  • Military Press – 10 count ladder with a hold (10, 9 and 1 hold, 8 and 2 hold, down to 1 and 9 hold).  Rocks down and move to the right.
  • 40’s Curls – no one got the joke…perhaps I didn’t ever give the punch line, but I thought 40’s curls would be enough for those to get the joke….it wasn’t…apparently this group prefers 12 oz instead of 40 oz curls.  10 Full Curls, rocks down and move to right.  10 bottom half curls, rocks down right. 10 top half curls, rocks down right.  10 full curls for a total of 40…..well we are so close to 50….lets do 10 more full curls.  Rocks down & Partner Up.
  • Partner 1 Up & Over on the bench; Partner 2 triceps press.  Repeat each exercise twice.

Mosey to rails for ladder supines.  I asked everyone to listen for a special count.  Apparently I skipped 8, but no one told me until we were at 4.  That was not the special count.  At 3, 2, and 1 hold the last rep for a 5 second hold.  Pax joked about going back and doing 8, but I was worn out…lets move on.

Lunge walk the bridge and bear crawl to trash can….get to end of bridge…check that, bear craw to concrete pillon.  10 count to catch our breaths before a short mosey to the bleachers.

Partner up again at bleachers.  1 Partner runs bleacher while other partner does an exercise.  Derkins, Dips, Step Ups, Right Leg 1 legged lunge, Left Leg 1 Legged Lunge.  Repeat each excercise twice.  10 total times running the bleacher…..this one wore me out.  Based on the faces of the pax, I don’t think I was the only one.

10 count to catch our breaths followed by a On Your Own count of 40 foot release squats.  At 15 I yelled out a modify of 30, but Bottle Cap shamed me into completing the 40.  I think most of the other pax did as well.  Legs were burning pretty good at this point.  Mosey back towards the school with a pit stop on the way for abs.  30 LBCs in cadence, 20 Heels to heaven, 8 each side side crunches.  Mosey to side parking lot.

Partner up for Partner Pushes.  Lots of groans.  Not sure if its due to man touching or hating the pain this one puts you in.  For me its a great way to get me out of breath in a short distance.  Partner push to the speed bump, flap jack, then run around the loop and repeat for 2 rounds.

Partner Pulls to the end of the parking lot….10 second count and partner pulls again towards front of school.  10 second count.

Beat the Q back to front of school.  For every person I beat, we all do that many burpees.  Some got an early start.  Bottle Cap channeled foundation and got in front of me and hit the breaks….much like a grandma driving in the left lane.  Since some started early and I was slowed down by bottle cap, I decided to cut the corner to at least get 5 burpees in.  I slowed down until I thought there were 5 behind me….nope there were 6.  6 Burpees on your own.  Quick watch check thinking it was 7:30…nope 7:28.  25 LBC’s in cadence.  Then Posse let Dolly’s while i grabbed my phone.  7:30 on the dot.


  • Good work today.  I was worn out at the end.  Hopefully hard enough not to have Shop Dawg excited that I’m on Q again….but probably still not as hard as Half Back’s Q – or as Shop calls them….Flat Bellies (I love that term by the way).
  • Set out to get plenty of upper body rock work in which I believe we succeeded.  I intended to get some legs in as well but not as much as it ended up being.  Southern Belle said he hopes he can walk tomorrow….I’m in agreement….very leg heavy today.
  • Not very far distance wise, but we kept moving.  I figured the Stadium round was going to be tough….and I was right.
  • Good seeing Snoop Dog out today.  First time I’ve met him and I believe his first time being out in quite some time.  I heard 4 years but wasn’t sure if that was an exaggeration or not.  Good work today.
  • Southern Bolt killing it as usual.  Need to get him a VQ soon.  I think he may have some surprises in store for us and its always nice to get the 2.0’s some leadership experience.


  • Shop Dawg leading a sand box project today.  Good luck to the fine folks that make it out there today to help.
  • I’ve got a special Q planned for Monday.  Scavenger hunt that will require strength of mind and body.  Come out for something a little different – yet still a good workout.