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A Recycled Q

24 men won the fight with their pillow and joined me on what ended up being a brisk 60 degree morning at Nesbit Park. Rubbermaid approached me about Q’ing earlier in the week and I happily obliged. I love commitment. The Friday night alcohol one hour later start time seems to bring out the pax in better moods and also allows the early workers a chance to join.

After being put through a Memorial Day beat down by Popeye, in which he used the fields for a sand bag pull, I decided that perhaps I would go grass and field heavy as oppose to the normal paved areas. The more I thought about what to do this week, the more I though about previous beat downs and one in particular stuck out in my mind. It was my second every Commitment lead by Doc McStuffins. It was after this workout that I decided I better start checking to see who is on Q so I can skip mentally prepare for the tougher ones. While today in no way did justice to the beat down that Doc typically brings, I hope it left some of you breathless and begging for it to end.


Short mosey up to the elementary school parking lot. Circle up and Al Gore while waiting on the 6. Deadwood came in hot on two wheels nearly taking out Jingles and joined us. For a moment I thought Jingles hopped out of the truck with DW, but alas, Jingles was on time today. (I guess my ploy to sneak into his house and set all his clocks ahead 5 minutes is paying off – by the way, whats up with that sex swing in your bedroom Jingles?).

20 T Merkins

15 (maybe 20?) 3-6-9’s

10 Potato Pickers (perhaps I should have added in a calf stretch as well – more on that later).

I intentionally planned for no SSH’s or Imperial Walkers just for Hollywood – but he was a no show.


Carolina Dry Docks and Crawl Bear up a hill. 1-10 count on the dry docks and 2-20 count on the Crawl Bear. Informed the pax to continue until the following had been completed – all pax reach 10 dry docks, and at least one pax mad it to the chain. Thank you to Deadwood and Wolverine for pushing hard to the chain to allow us to stop that awful exercise.

Mosey back to the fork of the park and school and partner up. Partner 1 reverse lunges while Partner 2 runs to a mailbox. Partner 2 then starts reverse lunges while Partner 1 leap frogs past him to second mail box. Continue on until the end of the road. If I do this again, I may have to increase the number of mailboxes as the run wasn’t as long as I had intended (Briarcrest Mailboxes are a little further spaced – shots fired). I look back shortly after reaching the mailbox to see Wild Thing hobbling and Wolverine and Mad Dog checking on him. Initial report was a tore calf, but I am happy to report that Wild Think has since checked in and the ER Doc only think’s its a strain. Otho visit on Monday to confirm.

Once you reach the end of the road, Mary with big boy step ups near the bridge (very high car barrier). Once 6 is in, everyone do 10 more.

Mosey to hill near Mill Bridge playground. This is the first of the Doc recycled exercises. 10 Derkins at bottom of hill, run/walk backwards up the hill, 10 squats at the top. Repeat for 5 total sets. It was at Doc’s workout that I realized walking backwards up a hill is harder than forwards….who knew. It burns the quads.

Mosey down train stopping at trail barriers for squats while 6 gets there. Then mosey again to the first field on the right.

Another Doc recycled exercise. 100 yard field – 10 merkins every 10 yards with a bear crawl in between. 1 problem – we were on a soccer field…..(what a horrible sport Dancing Bear). So I decided 5 bear crawls would be about 10 yards (I was wrong as we finished near mid field). These suck as bad as the sound. I hate doing them, and I think most of the pax would agree that they hated them as well. Its a lot of push ups. Some would argue too many push ups….and they would probably be right.

Mosey to another field for Star Fish work. 5 Squat hops in the center. 15 berishnicoffs in two of the corners (right leg in one, left leg in the other). 30 monkey humpers (complete with sound effects from bread bowl). And finally 30 20 Knee Maktar Jai’s Hydro Jacks (Thanks to Posse for the lexicon correction). As you can see, I modified the count of the Hydro jacks after seeing how long it was taking to do them. Several pax finished early and Married (not my thing, but what ever floats their boat).

Mosey back to the other soccer field for 4 quarters. 2 minutes to sprint the width (short) of the field and back a total of 4 times. For those really good at math, that gives you 30 seconds to run across and back. Hopefully you do it faster than 30 seconds to allow for a quick rest before going again. Deadwood was gracious enough to be our coxswain timer. After the 4th quarter, I decided we needed over time so we did it a 5th time.

We were running ahead of schedule and I was breathing hard so I decided we needed a quick ab workout. Circle up at cul de sac for Jack Webb count of Heels to heaven and LBC’s. I decided to start the count and send it to my left. A couple pax struggled with the counting but Deadwood was there to complain, yell, offer corrective assistance to the pax.

Watch check -3 minutes. Partner Pushes up the hill. Time – Circle Up and Count Off.


Thanks to those that joined today. Past workouts at Commitment tend to over use the paved spots. It was nice to get out in the grass today. I attempted to warn pax twice yesterday with subtle hints that we would be doing a lot in the grass. Moneyball apparently got slightly offended quickly snapping back at my Homer Gif. It was nice to get one last jab in before he rides off into the sunset. (If my Wolfpack weren’t currently losing to Cambell I would rag him about Tennessee losing to Liberty – but after both teams starting hot…we both appear to be in a downward spiral at the worst possible time). Countdown to Dana (Cambel grad) giving me hell on GroupMe….3….2…..1…..

Blades of Glory pushed hard at the end with the partner push. I love that exercise as it gets your heart rate going fast really quick.

Glad to hear Wild Thing’s injury is only a sprain and not a tear. He will still likely be out several weeks and as many here know from calf injuries of your own, its a tough thing to heal completely from. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him.

Keep Damascus and his family in your thoughts and prayers. His Father in Law was given a grim diagnosis of Stage 4 Pancreatic and liver cancer.

Bread Bowl awkwardly making sex sounds while doing monkey humpers might have been the greatest think I’ve heard so far today. I’m not sure who was more upset/offended – Transporter or Dough Boy. I love having bread bowl at workouts. He definitely adds some spice.

Carb Load becoming a regular. Slowly moving towards the front of the pack. He killed the push ups today.

Speaking of Merkins….we did 170 of them today…yikes. That’s too many. On top of 55 carolina dry docks. Sorry guys. Blame Doc.

I called for Carolina Dry Docks and Heels To Heaven in a workout proving once again that you can’t trust a thing I say (Previously I stated I would never do both of those in the same workout since they have the name of my arch nemesis/rival in them). I should have thrown some dying cock roaches in there for Posse to enjoy my pain with me (I doubt many will get the reference so I will explain it….South Carolina’s football stadium is often referred to resembling a dying cock roach).

I wend undefeated in tic tac toe at coffeteria (2-0-1). See what your missing by going straight home?


Apparently Deadwood is now our spokesperson. (Rubbermaid seemed to have concern that he was our face to the community). Nesbit will start locking their gates in the coming months. When that occurs, we will need to shift parking over to Kensington Elementary School. They don’t mind us using the park according to DW – not sure why they will start locking the gates though. In addition, the town advised DW that they will be looking to add some workout equipment to Nesbit. DW mentioned pull up bars. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some dip/supine bars as well. Also, DW stated that he has been working with the town to allow us access to the playground for Floater workouts.

Fix it For Christ is coming up in a couple weeks. Sign up using the link on the news channel and make sure to include that you are with F3. I am gone that weekend, but looking to team up with one (or more) of you earlier that week. Work starts Wednesday so maybe some of the group can get together for a Friday morning work day.

Christ Closet is donating clothes next weekend in Salisbury. They need help loading trucks Friday night. It sounds like they may shift the time up to 6:00 pm. Look for directions on the news channel or contact Shop Dawg, Legal Zoom, Ackbar, or Ice 9 (just to name a few).

Also, next Friday is Money Ball’s going away party. 7:00 to 9:00ish in downtown Waxhaw. More info to come as the date draws near. I highly encourage Money Ball T shirts, baseball cards, and Meme posters be included at the event. Deflated’s Photo Shop and Lawson’s print shop, please get to work.

When On My Own Is Not Good Enough

9 Men came out to Asylum today for what is billed as a tougher bootcamp than most. I knew I had to bring my A game and step up the heart rate for these fine gentleman.

DICCS given and we’re off.


.4 mile opening mosey to the BB&T Parking lot.

15 Side Straddle Hops

10 In/Outs (Posse had issue with my cadence call before we started. On my count is not an acceptable cadence – noted.)

20 T Merkins


Mosey to Traffic Circle for Deconstructed Burpees (apparently Pax didn’t hear me call out circle up as I turn around and they are all right on my heels). I started with 9. Moved to Blue Screen for 8…all the way to 1.

Mosey to Target Parking Lot for a Leg Heavy Star Fish.

Middle – progressive burpee tuck jumps. 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 5 in the middle.

Corners: 15 Berishnicoffs right leg( Spelling?), 15 berishnicoffs left leg, 30 jump squats, 30 monkey humpers. For those scratching your head on berishnicoffs – you keep one leg stationary while the other does a forward lunge, hop into a backwards lunge, hop back into a forward lunge.

I didn’t think I had quite burn out the legs enough (I lie, after the berishnicoffs I could barely get my legs to move to run back to the middle) so I decided to do a walking lunge Indian run back to the start.

T claps to Hickory Tavern then asked Transporter to lead group in 25 t claps in cadence.

3 Teams of 3 for Galleys mixed with lawn mower pulls. 10 Rows followed by 5 lawnmower pulls then group runs the loop. Repeat until everyone had a chance to row.

Repeat minus the lawn mower pull and run – so 3 quick rounds of galleys.

Stay in teams of three for station work. Partner one runs the brooklyn pizza/hickory tavern loop, partner 2 dry docks, partner 3 crawl bear/bear crawl up the hill. (Yes this was a repeat of Chiseled, but it was too good not to bring out again). 2 rounds. Clock check 2 minutes left.

Mosey to start. Shop Dawg led us in Heels to Heaven – 15 I think? Then I ended it with 20 windshield wipers.


Great group of guys there today. All pushed hard.

Transporter said it best. I hate that its 15 minutes early – but I love it when we finish at 6:00 instead of 6:15.

Posse being the ever present and mindful leader that he is reminded me that on my count is not a cadence call. Put me in the camp that doesn’t really mind if someone misses a count or calls out the wrong cadence (some in this group think its the end of the world), but I do understand why its important so thanks to Posse for calling me out and correcting me.

Average heard rate today was 149 with a max of 171. Impressive average heart rate (I usually average 130 to 140). We kept it moving today. Mileage was a little low at 2.2 miles.

I hadn’t seen burishnicoffs called in awhile and it was nice to bring them back. It really kills the legs. When I went to run after the first round I felt like I had dead leg for the first couple steps.

Please pray for Blue Screen and his family as his Father-in-Law passed away unexpectedly over the weekend while driving to Florida.

Enjoy your week Fellas. It’s a travel heavy week for me so I hope to see some of you towards weeks end. Stay safe.

Banjox? Fusjo?

Many of the horrendous nut job hollywood actors celebrity couples get crappy couples nick names. Brangelina. Beniffer. Ect. What will the pax call Banjo and I after our dual beat down Q at Chiseled. Banjox? Fusjo? Or perhaps just ass clown SOB’s great american patriots.

6 men decided they were too cheap to take their family to the beach for spring break and decided they might as well show up for a workout. Here is how it went.

Banjo led us off. I told him take as much time as he wanted and I would fill in the rest. Full disclaimer – I forgot most of what Banjo actually did so below is what I remember. Just know what ever I write doesn’t do it justice and it was a lot of lifting that sucked.


Short mosey around the islands stopping in the middle parking lot. No bible study so lots of open room. Some Plyometrics to get warmed up. Butt Kickers. Toy Soldiers, Slow Mosey, little bit faster mosey, and a faster mosey. I asked Banjo if we then had to do a faster faster mosey, but apparently not.


Mosey to Cinderblocks. 20 Curls, 20 Presses. Burpee Indian Run to Mt. Chiseled. Bread Bowl pushed hard during the Indian Runs.

20 Curls with weighted Bar. 20 Tricept press. I think we did this twice. Burpee Indian Run back to cinder blocks.

20 Thrusters. 20 Goblet Squats (maybe?). Burpee Indian Run back to Mt. Chiseled Bars for the worst thing ever. Jack Webbs with Burpees as the single count and a weighted press. If you think 40 air presses sucks…do it with a 20 lb bar. Luckily Banjo had mercy on us and he alternated the weighted bar exercise to throw in curls and triceps presses to give our shoulders some relief.

At about this time where my heart rate was peaking at 175 and I felt like my lunges were ready to collapse, Banjo informs me its my turn. Great. Quick Mosey around Mount Chisled so I can figure out what the hell I’m going to do, so I can catch my breath, I have no idea why we ran around Mt. Chiseled, just to piss Bread Bowl off.

Groups of 3 for Galley’s with my own personal touch to it. Tip of the hat to Bonhoeffer who introduced these at Outland last week. One person on the ground with other two partners standing on either side of them. Standing partners lock hands with the guy on the ground. Guy on ground does 10 rows (no assistance from standing guys, they just hold). After 10 rows, guy on the ground dead hangs while both standing partners do lawn mower pulls. Clear as mud? Once finished, run to curb and back and rotate until everyone has been in each of the three positions.

Quick Mosey to the back front side of Mt. Chiseled (where the slope isn’t as bad). Keep groups of 3. Partner 1: 25 Heels to Heaven. Partner 2: 25 Dry Docks. Partner 3: Crawl bear up the hill and bear crawl down the hill (always facing down hill). Rotate until you hit each station.

Galley’s again except no lawn mower pull. 3 rounds at each position for a final total of 30 Rows (40 if you count the original Galley/Lawn Mower combo).

Just enough time left for one more round of Heels to heaven, Dry Docks, and Crawl Bears.

3 Minutes left….what to do…..Grab weighted bars and run them to the cinder blocks. Got half way and my forearms were burning. Used Bread Bowl as an excuse to rest my forearms and called for pax to put down bars and Al Gore while Bread Bowl caught up. Back to weighted bar run to cinder blocks. Fore arms on fire…..bars down. 6:15.


Thanks to the guys that showed up today. It was a last minute thrown together Q by Banjo and I. Hopefully you felt it was a good workout. A couple new moves introduced by both Banjo and I. Anyone want to sign up to show us some more new things?

I’ve been really wanting to figure out a way to do more Supines/Rows at Chiseled. The railings there are not ideal for supines, though they can be done. I went so far as to attempt to build portable supine bars out of 2″ PVC, but quickly realized that while it worked for the 180 lb mens health model, it didn’t work as well for a 235 guy. Then I attended Outland and Bonhoeffer brought out the Galley’s. Wow. My back was sore for 3 days. Its a portable move that we can employ at any site. I love it! I decided to add in an extra lawn mower row. They proved to be more difficult that I had anticipated (and put more pressure on the back than I liked) so decided to nix them after round 1. Hopefully we will see Galley’s added in some more at other workout sites. Banjo sung high praises so if they get his stamp of approval, I’m hoping others liked them as well.

Swimmers becoming a regular at Chiseled (ready to Q?)

We found out who wears the pants in Shake N Bakes relationship this week (sorry Shake, I had to).

Proud of Bread Bowls push this morning. Especially the Indian Runs.

Xerox once again wants to kill me after a shoulder heavy workout at Chiseled.

While I lamented during warm ups that I wished I was Bread Bowls age again, we learned that Dough Boy (oddly enough) wishes he was a fetus. I suggested perhaps not a good idea in today’s age. We got dangerously close to a political discussion. Thankfully Banjo had us running fast and we all lost our ability to hold a conversation. (Pax don’t worry, no serious discussions were had or political positions traded).

Thanks again to all that came. Apologies to Banjo for not remembering half his workout. Again, just know it had me breathing very hard right at the time that it was my turn to take over.

A WUC (SWARM?) Record

14 men won the battle over their bed this morning and joined me at Chiseled though one pax had an especially long fight and showed up 4 minutes late.


Informed the group that today’s workout would be weights intensive and very low mileage. Bread Bowl with a rare smile from ear to ear – I believe I’m his new favorite Q.

5:30 – short mosey over to 10 & 12 lb dumbells already laid out.


10 In/Outs over the weights

8 Merkin/Row/Row with dumbells

6 Frog hops over weights

4 Burpees with a side jump over weights

2 Man Makers (Merkin, Row, Row, Stand Up, Curl, Press, Lunge, Lunge)

Run to Curb and Back

Repeat for time (initially said 5 minutes but it ended up being about 8 minutes). I think most got in 2 rounds. A few of the gazelles may have reached 3 rounds.


Circle up with small dumbells for a deltoid burn out. 20 front & side raises. 20 sunshines (might have been 15, it was burning). 20 rear delt flys. Repeat for round 2 with lower reps (15, 12, and 12 I think).

Bicep Star Fish – 4 bicep stations with 10 In/Outs in the middle. If there is a log jam – merkins until equipment free’s up. Stations:

20 Hammer Curls with dumbells (25, 30, and 35 lb)

30’s (modified to 21’s) with 27 lb bar. Bottom half curl, top half curl, and full curl.

20 Curl press with 20 lb slam balls.

20 Reverse Curl with 20 lb bar.

Tricep Star Fish – 10 Merkins in the middle. Merkins while waiting for equipment.

30 Dips on curb

20 overhead ticep press with heavy dumbells (25, 30, and 35 lb)

20 45 degree presses (works more shoulder and bicep than tricep)

20 overhead tricep press with slam ball.

Grab small dumbells for quick tricep burn out doing two rounds of tricep kickbacks. I think we did 15 and then 12 reps

Four Corners – 20 Shoulder Shrug with buckets, 20 Military Press with heavy dumbbells, 20 Curls with 27 lb bar, and 20 slam ball with…the slam balls. Merkins while waiting for equipment.

Bread bowl finished early and led Mary. I believe it was Posse (or perhaps Jingles – you know they look similar) that decided that after the 40 heels to heaven, perhaps bread bowl shouldn’t lead mary again.

Back to the small dumbells to finish out the workout.

Military Press Ladder down along with a hold ladder up. 10 presses, 9 presses and 1 hold, 8 presses and 2 hold….

20 Up Right Rows. 15 Up Right Rows.

Posse lead 20 Thrusters since he chose the exercise.

30 seconds left – closed it out with 20 merkins on your own.


Peak heart rate of 164. Average heart rate of 122. 524 calories burned. So whats the record you ask? We did all that without hitting a mile. Yes, for the first time (that I know of) WUC history a workout was done where a mile was not reached. Now some of you may scoff at that achievement – and perhaps may not call it an achievement at all; but I for one am proud to have been able to burn over 500 calories in 45 minutes while only hitting .94 miles.

Site FNG and new WUC member Open biscuit came out for his first WUC workout. He got his name while on a lake retreat with Bottle Cap, Mayhem, and Old McDonald last weekend. Open Biscuit because he works in IT (Open Ticket) for Bojangles. Once I learned he worked for corporate Bojangles – I began sucking up hard in hopes for dollar off BoBerry coupons – but alas it didn’t work.

Mayhem out for the second time and dragging Open Biscuit with him. Nice job.

Xerox just about took a 27 bar to my knee when I called out the final 20 merkins. Sorry for all the Merkins from one bad shoulder guy to another.

Posse rolled in 4 minutes late having barely won the fight with his snooze button.

Nails having lost the alarm clock fight several times in the last couple weeks finally over came and showed today.

Recalculating gave a grunt of displeasure during one of the star fishes which I took as a badge of honor. Good push today. You were one of the faster guys during the warm up.

Tupperware rolled in without head lights and without Rubbermaid. Perhaps the gif jokes were true. Whats the over under on number of workouts Rubbermaid misses now that Gavin has his license – 2.5 per week?

Jingles dropping my motto smoothly today. “If you have to ask, do the harder one”. Nice to see I’m rubbing off on you Jingles.

I love having bread bowl out to workouts. I don’t know why, but I do. I think its both seeing a young man push to be better and grow right in front of us mixed in with the fact that he has the comedy chops of a seasoned vet. Good work today. I believe we can all agree that we hated your 40 heels to heavens.

Rudy stepping into his site Q duties quite well. Arrived early and stayed late to help load/unload. Thanks also to the rest of you guys that assisted. Lots of help today which was much appreciated.

The Chicken was rocking the large lots shirt. I can’t wait to see what Lawson has in store for us as revenge. Good work today.

40 Pax across two sites today. Very impressive. I can remember (and not that long ago) being at a dromedary workout (before there was Chiseled) where there were only 12-14 guys. Now Dromedary is consistently hitting 20-25 a week with Chiseled numbers growing as the weather gets warmer (apparently some pax don’t like holding metal weights during below freezing temps – I will keep your names anonymous). Keep pushing and EH’ing friends and neighbors to come out.

And with that – I’m out. Enjoy your day fella’s.

Let The Competition’s Begin

20 Pax decided to skip Saturday morning sex with their wives to join me for a day of fun and games. I was hoping to add something different in today that would add a sense of competition to the workout and push the pax just a little bit harder. I put the call out that there would be teams of three….some decided to team up early and wear costumes…..more on that in the moleskin.

Shop was first to arrive and said he came because he knew we wouldn’t be doing 5 miles. I hinted to him that the opening mosey would be our longest run of the day and that the workout was filled with HIIT sprints. He smiled in approval.

6:28 DCCS Given

6:30 Mosey around the loop and up to the entrance of the middle school.


Stop off at the entrance and hold Al Gore while we wait on pax to fall in. Zinfandel coming in hot. Decided to do a longer warm up in order to let the “Jingles” of the day catch up.

Potato Pickers. Hold Center, Right, Left.

T Merkins in Cadence. Attempted to slow count the 2 in order to get a good burn in the back delts and back muscles, but the pax in my direct vision didn’t seem to grasp the concept so I assume no one else did either. Fast counted the last 5 for a total of 20.


Jack Web Carolina Dry Docks (counting down) and Bear Crawl/Crawl bear (Counting up). I wanted to take advantage of the sloping down and up hill there going to the school while also flipping the counting (one ascending and one descending) so that it hurt all the way through. We did bear crawl going down the hill to put extra load on the shoulders. We hit the valley right around 5 and 20 so I stood everyone up for a break and then changed the bear crawl to a crawl bear (again putting more load on the shoulders and changing the movement into a push backwards). Lots of grunts and groans. Honestly I couldn’t finish the crawl bear myself so hats off to those that did all 40.

Mosey to back of the school and team up in groups of three. I got this idea from Banjo at his Chiseled Q a few weeks back. I decided to tweak it a little bit by adding distance, adding merkins, and adding some competition to it.

Two partners spaced approximately 60 yards apart with a runner in between. 5 Merkins while you wait on the runner to tag you out. Once everyone has run 5 times, you are done. First place team does 0 burpee tuck jumps. Second 2 Burpee Tuck Jumps. Third – 4 BTJ. Fourth 6 BTJ. Fifth 8 BTJ. Sixth 10 BTJ.

Grab two slam balls and line up against school in two teams. Wall sit while passing 20 lb slam ball down and back, down and back for a total of 4 times. Losing team does 15 merkins. The losing team apparently had issue with my explanation of four times (a common theme with me is that I struggle getting whats in my head properly explained to the pax – it doesn’t help when my heart rate is coming down from 170.). Round 2 was a “sunshine” pass. Taking the ball from your side, over your head and back down to your side where you pass to the guy next to you. Again 4 times. The other team lost and did 15 Merkins.

Mosey to Playground for pull ups in your teams of 3. Partner one does 10 pull ups. partner 2 holds feet (if needed). Partner 3 does LBC’s. Rotate until everyone has gone 3 times for a total of 30 pull ups.

Separate again into two groups at either end of the parking lot with each Group getting a basketball. Someone rolls the basketball down the parking lot while two pax chaise after it. Losing pax (no ball) does 5 jump squats). Return ball to other group so that it moves in a circular motion. Once again, easy in my mind but didn’t get explained to the pax that well. We finally got the hang of it and I saw some hands on knees trying to catch breaths so mission accomplished.

Mosey to the equipment. One group does some variation of a curl using equpment (27 lb bar, 20 lb bar, 25 lb dumbells, 30 lb dumbells, 35 lb keddle bell, 20 lb slam balls). Other group runs to the school, does 2 burpee tuck jumps and runs back to switch out. Go until everyone has done a weight 5 times.

Round 2 of Equipment – shoulder presses, sunrises using 12 lb dumbells, 20 lb medicine ball toss against backboard, and triceps dips. The cardio side did 15 In/Outs. Switch when both you and your partner had done 15 weights and mountain climbers. (My shoulders were smoked at the end). Deadwood claimed lifting the weights was easier than the In/Outs, though that was early on. Both killed me.

T clamps (Top half of a SSH) as we walk to pick up my speaker. I asked pax to get 50 in. I only got 35. Several pax appeared spent so I audibled and called for a mosey back to the front.

Arrived with 6 minutes left…..Recalculating called it correctly as I asked pax to circle up. AC/DC Thunderstruck. Mountain climbers until you hear “Thunder” then do a merkin. Two short stoppages to do air presses in the middle before getting back after the mountain climbers & Merkins. Someone made the comment that they have never been so glad for air presses only to find they were hard after the shoulder workout. I agree. If I remember correctly its 33 “Thunders” in that song. About halfway into the song we picked up a new pax – Twinkle Toes, who arrived to run and saw the F3 flag and decided to join. He normally post with SOB but sounds as if he may join us for some workouts as he lives closer to nesbit.

7:30 – count it off.


A lot of “old timmers” today mixed in the the new guys. I always enjoy hanging with the guys that I started Commitment with back when it was at Weddington. Good to see Shop Dawg, Run Flat, Posse, & Dough Boy today.

A big thanks to Wolverine who offered up some additional dumbells last night and also returned to help me get my equipment cleaned up. May have also EH’ed him into a Chiseled Q. As hard as that dude pushes during workouts – I can only imagine how bad a workout let by him will hurt.

I think as we Q we all have things that we know we can improve upon. My Achilles hill has always been getting whats in my head out to the pax in a way that’s clear and understandable (though some may argue my real issue is relying on gear too much and not doing enough running). The usual suspects who always ask for clarification were not there today so I know it was bad Q explanation and not just pax not listening. Thanks for bearing with me. I know its a weakness and I will continue to try to improve.

Zinfandel, Deadwood, and Dana came dressed in a team costume. I can only describe it as the uniform I would imagine attendants at a gay bath house would wear (according to Dancing Bear – not my own experience). Cut off Flannel shirts with a jiz rag towel cape attached. Cudoz for going above and beyond and dressing up for the Q. Zin consistently goes all in on these types of things and I figured he had something planned when I put a call out to wear Large Lots shirts and he didn’t seem 100% on board. Nice work guys.

Love the addition of Honey Comb and Centerfold. Guys always show up with a great attitude and a smile on their face. They are solid “pick you up” guys. Lord knows we need those kind of men with the likes of myself and Recalculating around.

Large group and I got to get to baseball so that will be it for the moleskin. Solid work today from a great group of guys. Enjoy your Saturday.

WUC Brings DCCS To Outland

“Excuse me while I whip this out”. “I’m about to slap you with my DCCS”. “I got a little DCCS message this morning” Now that I have your attention (haha), I enjoy skimming through the back blast channel on slack. Occasionally I will read a BB that is out of my Western Union County region if it catches my attention. Perhaps those first few quotes peaked some interest and you are still reading. If you don’t know what DCCS stands for…its coming in chapter 3 of this back blast. But first…a little introductory as to why in the hell a WUC guy is at Outland and why is he bringing DCCS there….

Madison through up at bat signal on Slack a couple weeks ago that they needed Q’s in Outland. I had previous seen the call and also where one of our very own, Posse, accepted the challenge. Posse had stayed on the WUC group about how great a site Outland was. Large, expansive, lots of benches, just a great site. When Madison asked for help, I felt the tug that it was time to step up.

I decided that Q’ing at Outland having never been there before was probably a bad idea, so I decided to join the crew the Saturday before my scheduled Q. A guy named Christmas was on Q. I believe another pax said it best that day when he said “there is only a reordering of letters separating Satan and Santa, and I believe you have the letters out of order today Christmas”. Dude put on a beat down that day. Kudos.

I knew going into today that the crowd would be light. The week before was a convergence. There was also the F3 heavily supported Joe Davis run that pulled some regulars away. I put in a plea to my F3 neighbors of Briarcrest to come join me. My sell was that it was closer than our normal Saturday workout at Nesbit, and was a larger site. As I went to bead I had no takers…..what would tomorrow bring.

I arrived early (6:42) to an empty parking lot. I decided to jump back in the car and go check out the football field to see if there was a gate open. Not only was the gates locked, but there was huge puddles along the route to get there. I decided an audible was needed. There would be no stadium stairs or 4 corners using the track.

Arrived back to the parking lot in time to see Chicken Little attempting to fly out of the coop. I was able to corral him back in. He was worried it was going to be just me and him….and as the clock struck 6:55, I was beginning to have the same fears. Then at 6:58 a stream of cars (well 3) came in. Thanks to Bonhoeffer, Lumber Jack, and Bullwinkle for joining us. It would have been a weird workout with just two guys.

So DCCS. What is it, Why DCCS, all those other type questions. Shortly after a FIA accident in Lexington, SC that took the life of Digits, WUC pax started pushing safety as a big initiative. We didn’t want the same thing happening to our fellow pax. If you know about the accident down there, you know Digits did everything right – which makes it so much more scarier. She had a reflective vest on, a head lamp, and she was crossing the street in a cross walk. The safety push turned into an abbreviation DCCS. To which all sorts of double entendre jokes fly, but at the core it grabs the attention of pax and focuses towards the intended message.

Disclaimer – typical F3 Disclaimer

Cell Phone – We require at least one pax to carry a cell phone though we hope for at least two. Often times we can be as much as 2-3 miles from the start which means even our fastest guys are 12-15 minutes away from calling 911. When seconds count – minutes kill.

CPR – We hope to have a couple CPR certified guys with us at every workout. A fellow F3 Brother, Gremlin, went down over a year ago from cardiac arrest. Again, there was a big push internally at WUC to get PAX CPR certified just in case. Even with that Cell Phone in hand, the rescue squad could be 10-15 minutes out. CPR can be a life saver.

Safety – A general guide of what to be aware of for the day. In WUC – that sometimes means street crossings or watching out for buses leaving.

Ok – enough preaching. Yall get the idea. I wanted to make you aware of what we do in hopes that some best practices can be translated. If yall have something you do well (or better than us) please come join us in a work out (or lead one) and share with us.

7:00. Lets go. I had already in my mind decided to audible from the football stadium so we head out towards the road and hooked a left towards the middle school bus parking lot. I turn the corner to see no buses and a lot of cones…hmmm. Drivers ed training? I also notice a fellow pax lagging so I had the group return for the six. Back to the Middle School bus parking lot and circled up.


20 Side Straddle Hops

20 T Merkins – this is a four count hand release merkin with your arms stretched out in a “T” pinching your shoulder blades together. It’s now how the Army does push ups so I figure if its good enough for the Army, its good enough for F3.

10 In/Outs. (bottom half of a burpee).


Short mosey to the short brick wall/benches. Split group into two (3/2). Group 1 does exercise, group 2 runs the parking lot loop, then flap jack. Exercises were :

Right leg step up

Left Leg step up

Right leg lunge (with left leg on brick bench)

Left Leg Lunge

Foot Release Squats

Up and Overs (kind of a skip over the bench with only one foot on the bench at a time.)

I was teamed up with Bonhoeffer. On the first step up I kept asking if he was feeling the burn or if his legs were hurting. Based on the pain I was feeling I wasn’t hearing much out of him which had me worried. Then we went to run and we both almost face planted. It took about 4 steps for our legs to “wake up”. Yup – he felt what I was feeling.

Once finished we did a slow mosey towards the Elementary Schools. Once there you had option to SSH or run back for the six. The guys must really hate SSH’s as they all went back for the six.

Regrouped for High Intensity Sprints. Picked a land mark about 40-60 yards out. Asked for 80% – 100% effort to that point where we would then get a 10 second break. Repeated for around 6 to 7 sprints total. That got us to the high school parking lot where we were greeted with some great painted parking spaces. Hats off to the students who painted them as some of them were true works of art while others just made me laugh – for example “If your reading this, I’m late”.

4 corners with a run return to start.

5 burpee tuck jumps (regular burpee with a tuck jump added at the end) then run to next corner for 10 jump squats. Return to start.

5 burpee tuck jumps, 10 jump squats, and 15 merkins. Return to start

5 burpee tuck jumps, 10 jump squats, 15 merkins, and 20 speed skaters. Lumberjack made the mistake of clarifying the count. “Each leg is 1 or both legs are 1”. When asked in WUC workouts I always pick the toughest one – so I asked for 20 each leg or 40 total. Chicken Little was in front of me the entire time and I arrived to this station to his pleads that it needed to be 20 total not 40 total. I agreed. Return to start.

5 Burpee tucks, 10 jump squats, 15 merkins, 20 speed skaters, and finally 25 Carolina dry docks. (is anyone still reading this excessively long back blast?). Because of time I cut the return run out and asked everyone to meet back at Start. Had anyone who hadn’t completed 25 CDD to do those while the rest maryed. Watch check 12 minutes…better start heading back.

Many of us (me included) were breathing hard from the running so I decided we would start an active recovery with a fast walk back along with 50 overhead claps. About 15 in Bonhoeffer asked “you said 15 right, not 50”. Apparently he was feeling the burn as well. I heard another pax say “who would have through something this simple would hurt”. We all got 50 and now it was time to get the heart rate up again.

High intensity sprints heading back. Again roughly 6-7 of them. Bullwinkle was starting to fall behind. I asked for a little more from him and he gave it to me. Good push.

Back at bottom of middle school bus lot we did 10 inch worm merkins. (For my WUC brethren reading this, yes my shoulders held up for most of the merkins today…though I did modify the burpees).

2 minutes left. A quick call for the pax to attempt to catch me as I ran backwards. I asked for another “gear” out of Bullwinkle and he gave it to me. Other pax that caught me I asked them to go back to brick bench for step ups. Gathered the pax there at the benches and asked for a jail break to the start as time expired.


Great group of guys this morning. Love the site. Lots to do there. I’ve been twice and still feel there are unexplored areas (by me) that can be used.

We finished with 3.61 miles by my watch. A little more than I had planned for, but a good workout none the less. I did have a bunch of gear in the back of my car loaded and ready to go but we ran our of time. For those that were curious – we were going to do curls with 25 lb dumbell, tricep press with 25 lb dumbell, 30 pound military press, 35 lb keddle bell goblet squat into an upright row, and finally a 20 lb ball slam. It would have been fun to end on. I guess you will have to invite me back out for round 2 to experience it.

It was great getting to know Bonhoeffer during the partner stuff. Good luck on the acting. Solid push from you on the sprints today. You beat the feathers off the chicken a couple times which is no easy task.

I appreciate Chicken Little coming out to support me. He is a fellow Briarcrestian(?) and its always nice to have a familiar face at a new workout.

That begin said – thanks to the Outland usual’s for welcoming me in.

We were able to get Bullwinkle to dig a little deeper today and find that second gear (and 3rd gear on some of the sprints). Thanks for pushing today. It was a pleasure having you there.

Lumber Jack pushed hard. A respect that I didn’t realize was a respect until the COT Name-O-Rama. I guess that’s the ultimate compliment that I didn’t realize you were a respect until you called your age. Good push today.

That’s all I got. Congrats if you made it this far. I suspect its about 99% of the pax didn’t make it this far down the back blast. You get no prize…only an attaboy.

A Clydesdale Leading Ignition?!

I wasn’t sure what today would bring with a Clydesdale leading the hardest workout in WUC (according to Ignition Site Q’s). Would the fact that a Clydesdale is leading get some of those that were on the fence to take the plunge? Or would a Clydesdale cause the gazelles to push out to find greener faster pastures?

I arrived a little early (5:07) to an empty parking lot. I was a little worried, but it was still early – wait, this thing starts at 5:15, its not THAT early. Soon there after Banjo came bouncing in (his air ride suspension is gone so its like riding in a rough roller coaster when you clown car with him). Noticed our meeting light was out so I jumped out to report it to Union Power. I turn around to find a line of cars streaming in. Hollywood proclaimed it was the largest ignition crowd ever. About the time I was getting the big chest he followed up with “I guess some of the slow guys think it won’t be as hard as usual”. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth Hollywood.

The plan today was for the Clydesdales to get at least the site minimum of 4 miles with the hope that the faster gazelles would get upwards of 5 miles in.

5:12 – DCCS given. 5:14 a second more abbreviated DCCS given for some last minute folks that showed. 5:15 Lets Mosey

WARM UP (Kind of)

Mosey to middle school entrance and grab a bench. 20 Up and overs. Side Straddle Hops when your done until the 6 is finished.


Mosey to side road that connects the middle and high schools. Dodge cars along the way – a great way to sure up the reflexes and fast twitch muscles (I’m kidding). Paula Abdul’s (2 up, 1 back). 20 Speed Skaters on the up, 10 jump squats on the back. 3/4 of the way through my legs were burning. It was around this time that Bottle Cap decided he had had enough and headed to Flash (actually he was kind enough to support me for 15 minutes having already committed to support Rockwell at Flash). I asked the Gazelles to come back for the 6 when they finished so that they would get additional distance in.

Mosey to bottom of entrance road (the one that connects the main entrance and the football field). 10 Incline Merkins at bottom of hill. 10 Decline Merkins at top of the hill. 3 rounds. Clydesdales go to the middle school side road. Gazelles continue on further to the top speed bump. I attempted to do Merkins the first round and was met with more pain that I had hoped for. Shoulder still giving me problems. I did find however that if I go all the way down (similar to a hand release merkin) it didn’t hurt as bad. There is something about that transition from down to up that gets me. I typically feel it more during burpees (thus why I usually modify the push up) and I’ve always assumed my shoulder just doesn’t like 230 lbs quickly changing directions. For some reason, Foundation decided to pull back the reins and run with me during this time. At first I thought it was because my breathing was so hard that he was scared I was about to drop dead. Instead he asked about the shoulder and we talked about how client dinners are a weight loss killer. I appreciate you checking in on me and the shoulder. There have been a few to ask and it means a lot, especially when typically all I hear is grief from the pax about modifying (I guess they think I’m faking it???).

Mosey to center light pole for deconstructed burpees. 1 burpee at center. Run to a corner for 20 squats (I asked the gazelles to do 25 to handicap them a bit). Run back to center for 2 burpees. Run to another corner for 20 Merkins. Back to center for 3 bupees. Run to another corner for 20 In/Outs. Back to Center for 4 burpees. Last corner for 20 Bobby Hurley’s. Return to center for 5 burpees. I modified the Merkins here as well as skipped the last round of 5 burpees all together. Shoulder had developed a dull ache (which has since gone away), but I didn’t think I should risk it. Alright – enough about my 14 year old girl shoulder.

Indian Run to the traffic circle. Gazelle partner up with a Clydesdale. 1 partner runs to the cul de sac while the other partner does an exercise. 300 Parker Peters, 150 fence hold deep jump squats, 50 supines. I had expected the supines to take longer, but many of the gazelles were knocking them out on their own before the clydesdales returned. Someone led marry while we waited on the six (I believe it was foundation, though it was dark – insert deflated/foundation joke here).

We had about 7 minutes left and by my watch we still had a half mile to go to reach 4 miles. Quick mosey to transporters shed. 20 donkey kicks on your own.

5 Carolina Wolfpack Dry Docks at each light heading back to start. Circe back for the six me.

Arrived back at the starting parking with 4 minutes to go and I still had 1/4 mile before I hit 4 miles. Several Gazelles spoke up (almost begging me not to call our a run) saying they were well over 4 miles. Too bad, the Q was not. Circle the parking lot. Got back to start and we still had a minute and a half and I still needed a tenth of a mile…..reverse it and run the parking lot again. Arrived back to COT’s just in time for the 6:15 call. Checked my watch and was thankful to see 4.01 miles. Glad I won’t have to get that verbal reprimand from Half back for not hitting the minimum.


Thankful for the guys that showed up today. It was a good group.

Thanks for allowing me to lead from the back and not giving me too much hell for my shoulder modifications (which are starting week 5 now). My first F3 shoulder injury took 2 weeks to heal. My second one took 4 weeks. So based on that, I’m hoping (fingers crossed), I will be back to doing merkins in another 2 weeks. I’m about 90% sure the bad shoulders (yes its both, just one is hurt currently) came from football. Was I just hitting with bad form, or do I have naturally week rotatory cuffs? On my first shoulder injury I went to the doctor (this was about 18 months ago), and found out I had a collar bone dislocation and relocation. Unbeknownst to me, my collar bone was broke at the shoulder joint and reattached about 2 inches lower than it should have. When the doctor told me this, I knew exactly when it happened – senior year LB intercepted the ball and I met him shoulder pad to shoulder pad at almost full speed in what was the second biggest hit I took (the hardest being my sophomore year on kick off return). I remember running off the field hurting, but not enough to tell the coach. I always wondered why when I did shoulder shrugs at the gym, my right trap was way bigger than my left. The doctor said it was because the reattached collar bone pushed my trap higher….and here all this time I though I had hulk hogan traps. Football was hell on my body. Would I do it again….years ago I would have said yes without hesitation. Today I say yes with hesitation. There may come a day when I say no. (sorry for using the backblast as my own therapy session)

Thanks for Hollywood for giving a Clydesdale an opportunity to lead a 4+ mile site. The plan was to keep it as much in the bootcamp style as possible, while still running. I think that was achieved. Not sure what they gazelles reached, but I’m hoping at least one of you touched 5 miles.

My legs are smoked. There was an audible grown when I called out 150 fence squats. I guess I wasn’t the only one hurting.

Wolverine giving Hollywood and Halfback a run for their money. Was at the front most of the day today.

Halfback and Stub Hub doing their best to hold the average WUC F3 age down into the high 30’s. Together they help to cancel out Chainsaw.

Dana continues to amaze with the drive and push he has.

Chicken Little was flapping his wings towards the front as well. In his words he “popped his ignition cherry today”. Nice job.

I asked deflated for a 10 count…he gave me 6. I would make a joke about the New England education system, but he would counter with the fact that he was simply counting championship rings.

1980’s Clydesdale Picnic (Chiseled In Disguise)

22 Pax came out to enjoy one last day of early spring before winter makes one last push. About 11 months ago we had a similar situation with a warm week and I decided to launch a “Clydesdale Picnic” workout that included Picnic Table runs, lifting rocks, and a 90’s rock playlist. I wanted to do a similar workout this year except with an 80’s playlist and a little more running as well as a new exercise thrown in.

5:28 DCCS given. 2 cell phones, 3 CPR certified in attendance.

5:29 Get into Groups of 4.

5:30 Lets Mosey.


Run to the front of the middle school and circle up.

15 SSH

Jimmy Duggans Middle, Right, and Left

Walk out into Downward Dog then calf stretch right then left.

Al Gore while I attempted (very poorly) to demonstrate a new move I came up with (more on the origin of the new move in the Mole Skin).


4 Stations for the Groups of 4. Go until all pax have done each station twice.

Sushi Roll – Start in plank position. Down into Superman. Roll to your left (on to your back). If you can, do it without touching your knees, feet, elbows, or hands to the pavement. V Up (hands still above your head bring your feet and hands together). Roll to your right. Merkin. Back down into Superman. Roll Right. V Up. Roll Left. Merkin. That is 1 set. I decided to name it Sushi Roll as I figured most of the pax would resemble a Sushi Roll with the fish egg roe (gavel) stuck to them when they are done.

Up and Overs on the bench. Its a mix of a step and a skip.

Heels To Heaven.

Run Half Lap.

Mosey back to the start where I have 12 stations and equipment set up.

Curls with a 27 lb bar

Front raise with a 22 lb bar

Curls with a 25 lb dumbbell

Military Press with a 30 lb dumbbell

Up Right Row with a 30 lb keddle bell

20 lb weighted ball partner slam

Side raises with 10 lb dumbbells

Reverse Fly with 12 lb dumbbells

Partner Push for 20 yards up hill (Timer)

Partner Pull for 20 yards uphill (Timer)

Elevated Step Ups (Picnic Table on edge of curb for extra height)


In between the weighted pain stations we did some sort of Cardio. Cardio listed below:

100 Total Mountain Climbers

Run Loop

20 In/Outs

Run Loop

50 Parker Peters

Run Loop (Cut it short to just around cars for time so we could all do each station)

25 Jump Squats

Run Loop

25 Side Straddle Hops (With a Q modification due to Rotator Cuff Flaring up)

Run Loop

20 Jumping Lunges

Run Loop

We got in 13 Stations (repeated the station we started at) before I called a recover.

Circle up at the start for a minute of Heels to Heaven.


I was a little disappointed at the turnout at Chiseled this week (5 Pax on a beautiful morning), so I decided to sneak a Chiseled style workout into Impromtu to allow guys that haven’t given Chiseled a try a chance to experience a gear style workout. Banjo made a good point after the workout. Hoping to see some new faces or some old faces return as we have Recalculating on the schedule for next week.

Sushi Roll – Thanks for bearing with me and allowing me to try something different. Very little mumble chatter on during this (which was surprising). Biggest complaints was that it was hurting pax hips. My obliques were sore which was my goal so hopefully others enjoyed as well. Regarding my inspiration for this new move…..In football, my coached twice made us lay down on the goal line, grab our facemasks, and roll to the other goal line for punishment. It was timed with the threat of repeating it if we didn’t make it in time. Typically the lineman started spilling merlot around the 40 yard line. Tight ends and line backers might make it to the 30. A lucky few made it the entire way with out spilling wine. If you have never had to do the 100 yard body roll, count yourself lucky. The main thing I remember (other than puking through a facemask) is that the next day my abs were killing me. So I attempted to replicate the roll, but also added merkins and V Ups in to break up rolling (and keep pax from getting sick). If you hated the new move – sorry. But I think its nice to throw something new in from time to time. If it sticks, great. If it doesn’t, maybe it inspires a pax to come up with something better. Anything to break the monotony of the same ole same ole.

Dana flew by me with break neck speed several times today. I bit my tongue when he walked up wearing a smedium F3 shirt (I’m trying to get better), but at speeds I saw today, he may actually fit into that shirt by second spring (likely coming to Charlotte in three weeks).

Add Zinfandel to the Gazelle clan as well. Pushing hard lately. Unfortunately, that means I see more of his back than I want. And according to my wife, his weight loss has caused him to have a “hank hill” butt. I guess that means its flat. Still questioning why my wife is taking note both before and after mental pictures of Zin’s derriere.

Gerber (My Partner) pushed hard today. I asked him how his hip was doing on the partner pull. He said “The hip is fine, but my quads are burning”. Good….the exercise is working.

I arrived at 5:00 to find Deadwood sitting in his car starring at his phone. Most would be worried about a middle aged man parked alone in a Middle School parking lot in the dark, but at F3….we encourage it.

Lots of Gazelles this morning. Good push by the boys up front.

Jingles with the reassuring voice when I started questioning if I was explaining things bad or the pax just really suck at listening. For the second time in my recent Q’s, Jingles comes in soft and low stating things were clear, people just don’t listen. Thanks bud.

Relatively low mileage when compared to recent bootcamps (we got 1.94 miles by my watch), but we kept moving the entire time and I certainly was breathing hard.

Too many pax to name, but good work out of everyone.

Strong showing from Briarcrest. 6 by my count.

Music at F3 workouts is much like Q’ing the workout. No matter how great a playlist (or workout) you think you have, someone will have issue with it. Hopefully most of the pax enjoyed the 80’s playlist today. Here it is for those that are curious:

Lido Shuffle – Boz Scaggs

Hit me with your best shot – Pat Benatar

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

Two tickets to paradise – Eddie Money

Take me home tonight – Eddie Money

Rich Girl – Hall and Oates

Shadows of the Night – Pat Benatar

Easy Lover – Phil Collins

Cherry Bomb – John Mellencamp

Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie

Hurts so good – John Mellencamp

The Motown Records – Rod Stewart

Jenny – Tommy Tutone

Valerie – Steve Winwood

Livin’ on a prayer – Bon Jovi

Young Turks – Rod Stewart


MarkThisMoment.Com for Father/Daughter Dance info and registration

Zinfandel on Q at commitment. Wrapping up a 4 in a row Briarcrest week. Q source and coffeteria following the workout.

Open Door on Sundays at Five Stones

A Soaking Wet Leap Frog Game

18 Pax came out in nasty conditions to get one final end of year calorie burn in. I had offered the night before to potentially keep us dry if it rained. Unfortunately for the pax, when I arrived it was barely a mist which gave me all I needed to do the full workout. Of course less than 5 minutes in, the sky’s opened up and continued with mixes of drizzle to light rain the rest of the workout.

I had hinted on GroupMe that if the rain held off, I wanted to get in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. Basically its moving fast with periods of rest in between. When I’m on the treadmill at the gym I typical incorporate some or all of HIIT into my treadmill workouts with some variation of 45 to 60 sec sprint (7.5 to 8 mph) and 15 to 20 sec off (jump on rails to rest). I was hoping to incorporate a similar workout in but with the added benefit of body weight exercises.

Several pax were there early. Thanks to Foundation for the Chiseled sand bag donation. Ignition came strolling through the parking lot at 6:25. Was this going to be a convergence that I wasn’t aware of? No, they were just dropping off Dead Weight Wood (THIS IS A JOKE. MAKING SURE SOME OF YOU REALIZE THIS IS A JOKE SINCE RECENTLY FEELINGS (NOT DEADWOOD’s) WERE HURT – PANSIES).

Posse gave an impassioned speech about safety that was so moving, he couldn’t continue on with the workout. In all seriousness, it was a good message to have at least one cell phone with us at all times, Q’s to give a proper disclaimer, Q’s to notify pax ahead of workout of potential hazards they might face and how to minimize risks (for example: we are crossing the road, please keep an eye out for cars and make sure head lamps are turned on).

Posse was 4 minutes into what appeared to be a 10 minute speech and my clock said 6:30. I was getting worried and anxious. I think Posse saw the strife on my face and decided to cut it short. Foundation returned from his car with a phone strapped on. Disclaimer given. Quick mention of HIIT and how all mosey’s need to be at a faster pace (3/4 speed and minimum). And away we go.


Run around the parking lot to the middle school. Circle up and partner up. Picking late arriving pax up along the way.

25 SSH’s – Picked up an additional 2 pax here.

25 civilian count merkins.

Warm up over, lets do some work. Mosey to road that connects middle and high schools (right in front of middle school.


Leap Frog? No real name for what we did today, but leap frog sounds as good as any. Partner one lunge walks. Partner 2 runs to first light then starts lunge walking. Once partner 2 reaches light, partner 1 stops lunge walking and sprints past his partner to the second light where he then starts lunge walking again. Repeat until all pax were at the end of the road (approximately 12 lights). This was successful in getting the heart rate up.

Toe taps while waiting on the 6. 10 count by zin who decided it would be cute of him to count down as fast as he could. I imagine the 6 had words for him, but ok…lets go.

Mosey down the hill towards the parking lot near the football stadium. Meet at center light pole.

Deconstructed Burpees Starfish? Square? Degeneration X? Some kind of shape. Start with 1 burpee at the center pole. Run to one corner for 25 squats. Run back to pole for 2 burpees. Run to another corner for 25 Merkins. Run back to pole for 3 burpees. Run to 3rd corner for 25 in and outs (some had trouble with this and since Q didn’t explain, potential Q fail here, though Foundation bailed me out saying I gave proper explanation). Run back to center pole for 4 burpees then 4th corner for 25 bobby hurley’s. Finish up with 5 burpees at the center pole. Not going to lie….that one wore me out. Asked for another 10 count. But better speed. Mosey to the bottom of….are we calling it Money Ball hill? Really???

Run to top of hill for 50 merkins at top and 50 carolina dry docks at the bottom. Split the reps up how ever you want as long as you get 50 total in 3 rounds. (I did 20, 15, 15). Some (Deadwood), found that it was better to do all 50 at once and just run the rest of the time. Honestly hadn’t planned on that kind of push so I did the only thing I knew to do when he asked what he should do….keep running and keep doing exercises until the 6 is in….that’s what you get for over achieving.

Asked pax to recover at the bottom of the hill. We arrived just in time to see Ignition approaching from the south. I suggested our next exercise was to grab arms and run full speed at them red rover style. None of the other pax were up for it. So instead we went for another round of leap frog, except this time with squats instead of lunges. The lack of solid markers (trees vs light poles) made for difficult start and stopping points, but the pax settled in and got it done.

Back at the main road that connects the middle and high school we leap froged again. This time with the exercise being inch worms. I asked running pax to call out their partners name when the reached the light so inch worm pax could keep their head down and focus on grinding out some reps. Abs were pretty sore by the end. Looked up to find about half the group marrying. I didn’t want ab work for mary today (in case you couldn’t tell) as it would get the heart rate lower than I wanted it to. I yelled a couple times for the pax to circle back for the 6. Either they didn’t hear me, or decided to Q jack me. Oh well….heart rates too low, lets go running up the road towards the entrance of the middle school to get the blood pumping again. Half way up the hill that was much longer than I thought, I audibles and asked for another 10 count. Zinfandel just happened to be the closest and wouldn’t you know it….that son of a gun did a speed count even faster than his first one. At this point I had to hold off the clydesdales from coming after him with a pillow case full of batteries. I leaned on Dana for a better ten count in which he just kept repeating TEYUN, TEYUN, ten times. It was better than Zin’s counting so I guess I can’t complain.

Called for an all you got jail break back to the bottom of the hill. We did 50 tee clamps while we caught our breath. Around 35 my shoulders were burning and based on the mumble chatter, I wasn’t the only one hurting. Watch check: 4 minutes left. Run the parking lot loop with half speed for half of it and full speed for the other half. Turned the corner only to see Rudy speeding past me. Love the push lately. Not sure if its a mindset change, just better shape, or extra propellant from his famous merlot and taco truck date nights (his poor wife).

2 minutes left. Asked pax to do ab work while I grabbed my phone. Rain on the car door made inputting the code into the touch screen keypad a little trickier so by the time I got back to the circle the pax were finishing abs and Ignition was huffing and puffing in. 6:15 – Time.


Thanks to those that attended Flash today. Working out in the rain sucks (hey, at least it wasn’t bitterly cold!). The rain held off just long enough to where I could blame that were were too far out and too wet to turn back for cover…but who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have let halfback have that on me that they worked out in the rain and we didn’t….we were doing this HIIT workout outside even if it was raining sideways.

I had 2.96 miles and 717 calories. One of the high burn 45 minute workouts I’ve done I’m sure the guys up front pushed over the 3 mile mark.

Welcome to our new FNG KaBoom. I didn’t catch all the details, but from what I remember he works with explosives in the army. He is Rockwells nephew. Rockwell was given the chance to name him and wisely said that he didn’t wan to piss anyone off that works with bombs. Good call Rockwell. Had a few other names come up but we settled on KaBoom. Welcome and good push today.

Hollywood brought out his duck taped 50 lb sand back. Said it was wrapped in 4 rolls of duck tape and could handle a slam. Yikes, it was heavy. Perhaps a Chiseled gear addition in the future. I will put Banjo in charge of the duck tape.

Deadwood, Banjo, and KaBoom led the charge today. Great work out of them. Rockwell was up front a lot today as well.

The 6 stayed close. Great push from my Clydesdale brethren today. A lot of running (probably more than you were expecting out of me), but yall hung tough.

Too many pax to call everyone out, but good to see Reaper out again. Honey Comb becoming a regular (bout time to Q). Akbar working hard. Zin and Dana still out in front of me. Love seeing the father son duo out in Rubbermaid and Tupperware (grow a pair and ask her out).

I’m not sure how the Flash/Ignition back blast works, so I just included Ignition in here. Halfback led ignition with Hollywood, Goodfella, and Stub Hub in tow. They ran a lot, got wet, and arrived to COT in time. The end.


Watchtower is holiday hours tomorrow. 6:30 Brooklyn pizza with Chick-Fil-A Coffeteria afterwards (Thank god its not Dunkin).

Big convergence also happening at Freedom Park. I don’t know the details but I’m sure one of the OG’s on GroupMe can hook you up with details.

Reminder from Goodfella about Posse’s message this morning. Safety is on all of us.

Rock Hill CPR postponed.

Balls, Balls, and more Balls….

I am ghost writing this back blast for Bottle Cap since he is traveling and I have time to kill before football starts.

19 men showed up even after a warning from Bottle Cap that Slam Balls would be used. Several Pax jumped on a deal bandwagon to grab $10 $26 20 lb slam balls from Hibbet Sports. In total, there were 7 balls at today’s workout. I brought 4, Bottle cap brought his 15 lb ball, and he stopped by Five stones early to grab the two that were there. Bottle Cap thought I pulled a “fuse” and gave him the wrong code to the F3 gear box at Five Stones, but alas he was able to get in to grab the two remaining balls.


Teams of 4 grab one ball then mosey to the baseball circle.

20 SSH

10 Imperial Squawkers

20 Slow Count Merkins (with a call out in my direction from BC)

5 Reverse Burpees (candle stick to some, but I like reverse burpee better). Squat down into a heels to heaven then get back up on to your feet for the jump up. (I found my forearms to hurt the worst from these as I was using my arms/hands to help “pop” back up.)


Indian Run Slam Ball Burpee. Person in the back takes the slam ball and runs to the front. Drops slam ball and person in back does a burpee, grabs slam ball and runs to the front. This was incredibly difficult to grasp for some (including the crew I was with). It turned into the fastest person grabbing the ball and us all running to catch up with the lead group. Indian run to the school parking lot.

The Beast – 6 trees, 6 reps. Each partner takes turns carrying the ball.

Knee Ups (sucks when you are recovering from a back injury). Marry for 6

Dolly’s 10 count 4 times. Each partner had a turn holding the slam ball.

Reverse Burpees. (you thought they sucked we we did five of them, wait until you do 6 of them 6 times!). Shoulder taps waiting for the 6.

Bomb Jacks. Back pocket plank waiting on 6.

Indian Run Slam Ball Burpee Run back to cars…no wait…keep going…all the way to the club house (Slamming brand new balls in wet muddy gravel???!! Really BC???)

Mary for the 6…which was awhile, because as mentioned earlier….lots of groups either don’t understand the concept of an Indian run, or just like being dicks to the people trying to run to the front and continue in a full sprint.

The Beast round 2. 6 reps, 6 islands. Each partner takes turns carrying the ball.

Merkin Shredder – Hand release merkins with a shoulder tap. (I’ve heard for a week now how bad these were, but didn’t find them to be that horrible. Perhaps they did a lot more of them in Transporters workout.) Curb plank jacks waiting for 6

Flutters. 10 reps, 4 rounds, each pax holding the ball once. For whatever reason, my team decided to take forever to get to the ground. We never quite learned that it would be easier for a guy on the far end to start and just pass in one direction. Some how a guy in the middle always started. I blame Blue Screen and Xerox, they are the oldest wisest of the bunch and should have kept us straight.

Bomb Jacks with bunny hops in between. Lets be honest – bunny hops sucks. Makes us all look like idiots. I didn’t do any of these until the last island. I used carrying the ball as an excuse, but I really didn’t want to do bunny hops. Unfortunately, Blue Screen caught up with me and asked for the ball the last island so I was forced to hop…like an idiot. Curb Peter Parkers waiting on 6.

WWII (Big Boy) Sit ups. 10 count, 4 rounds, each partner holds ball for a round.

Indian Run Slam Ball Burpee back to start. Plank movements waiting on 6.

3 team members squat in a circle and pass the ball while 4th team member runs to light and back. Rotate out until all have run. I was last to go and met up with Rudy. Both of us were confused about which light to run to (first or second). Since we appeared to be the only ones still running I decided it would be first. I challenged Rudy to race me and was not quite prepared for how quick Rudy ratcheted up the speed. I turned on the burners but it wasn’t enough. Nice push Rudy.

Circle up. One at a time give a one word goal for the year and a brief description of why. Words like leadership, work, courage, better, wife, nice, and organized were use. After a word is said and explained, the group does a merkin. Briefly interrupted by a car, but quickly back on track.

Jail Break back to start. Again, I find Rudy near me. Another Race? Yup, lets go. Rudy sprang to an early lead, but faded towards the end just enough to allow me to pass. Again, good push.

Circle up and count em off.


From Bottle Cap: We are a great group of guys, but we are also a group of guys in need. As evident (BC typed evidence) by some of the words during the new year merkin circle, each of us needs help. Lets build each other up and hold each other accountable in 2019. Happy New Year Fella’s.

Good to see Blue Screen and Eli Back

Squirts made another appearance

Hate to see Mad Dog not out there (Prayers for you my friend)

Rubbermaid with a strong 2.0 showing in Tupperware and Ziploc

From Fuse Box: A nice change of pace today with the slam balls.

Some recent new faces and some pax that have had extended absences. Keep coming out.

Squirts hates his name as much as Southern Belle but has already caught wind that a name change likely means a worse name.

Good push by Rudy today. If you’re near me during a jail break – fair warning, I like to race to make myself push harder.

Good discussion at Coffeteria today. Zinfandel taught those with Crapples how to use the space bar to zoom in on the exact place to delete or add letters. Also found out that Dunkin charges for tea refills (REALLY???!!!) I continue to be baffled that pax choose that place for coffeteria.

The usual’s were at the front of the pack today (Posse, Dana, Rudy, and myself) while the habitual slackers were the consistent 6 (Bottle Cap, Dasher, Goodfella, and Deadwood). Come on guys, you really have to step it up and work harder out there.

Thoughts and prayers with Mad Dog as he words to get his puny, Grinch sized heart fixed.

A call to action for all pax. Its the time of year for resolutions. I am blessed that for my second year in a row since joining F3, losing weight is not my resolution (I’m pretty sure for the previous 20 years it was). That being said, a lot of guys have losing weight on the list. Now is a good time to reach out to friends, family, and/or neighbors to invite them out.