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Simple Yet Effective?

14 guys snuck in to join me before mother nature unleashed yet more rain (Is this how Noah felt?).  I had two sneaky plans for today.  A longer than normal opening mosey, and an abundance of chest and abs.  Some people may argue the title since I kept making this simple workout more and more complicated as we went.   DiCCS, lets go.



Mosey to the High School front doors.  When I first started F3 and through my fat months years, I hated Q’s that would start with this far of a run (Yes, I’m talking about you Dasher and Hollywood).  Lots of internal cuss words hurled their way when they would run that far.   I would arrive often last and so far out of breath I couldn’t jump into the exercise (because of course they had already started SSH’s).  Now thanks to Express (and a little bit of weight loss), that doesn’t seem like that far of a mosey anymore.  I had attempted to bait some Clydesdales in marking that it would be an easy Clydesdale trot today – apparently none took the bait as Doughboy and myself were the biggest of the ‘dales.

Circle up for stretching for which Recalculating offered his unwanted feedback.  I’ve saved the complaint card just in case there’s another run on toilet paper.

  • Jimmy Duggan with some rights and lefts thrown in there.
  • Calf Stretch (thanks for the Damascus impression Ackbar).
  • Downward Dog
  • Glydah/Runners/Can Opener/Pants Splitter stretch.

OYO at the benches, 3 rounds of 20 dips, 20 step ups, and 20 Dirkins.  (This quieted Recalculating down for half a second).  When your finished, run the small loop until everyone is done.



Mosey towards the HS entrance road and form teams of 3.  Two guys on the ends (speed bumps) with a runner in between.  The speed bumps are approximately 50 yards apart though I’m sure those that ran it this morning may dispute that distance.

  • Bottom speed bump: As a team split 150 ranger merkins, 150 wide arm merkins, and 200 chest fly’s (chest fly’s just to give you a break from merkins in case you reach muscle fatigue before you partner arrives back).
  • Top Speed bump: as a team split 300 LBC’s and 200 Gas pumpers

After one time through the ab speed bump many groups were already blowing through the LBC’s, so I graciously pivoted and doubled the LBC’s to 600 reps.  I quickly became enemy number 1.  Because I doubled the LBC, the Merkins were on pace to finish too soon, so I added 50 each.  For those counting along we finished with:

  • 200 Rangers
  • 200 Wide Arm
  • 200 Fly’s
  • 600 LBC’s
  • 200 Gas Pumpers.


Mosey back to the high school.  Time a little tighter than I had hoped so will have to shorten the wienkie a bit.   Groups of three again with exercises in the HS cutouts (No clue what they are called – cutouts seem good appropriate).   Donkey kicks in one and reverse fly’s (chest on ground, arms out, and pinch shoulders together) on the other with a runner in between.   We got through almost 2 rounds before I called it for time (Winkie had us going for three rounds).

Paula Abdul the light poles with a jail break forward for 2 and a slow recovering mosey back for 1.   Again, time was not on my side so I regrouped us at the bus entrance for a jailbreak back to the middle school LED sign.  Regroup again for a slow mosey back to COT.   Aussie burpees while we waited on bread bowl.  (Intentionally called the group Flash but former site Q Recalc didn’t take the bait).   Done.



  • I knew the merkins/Ab section would eat up some time.  Even expecting that it ate more time than originally anticipated.
  • Goal was to completely burn out the chest and abs today and I’m pretty sure that was accomplished.
  • Deflated with a couple good one liners today but no one heard them.
  • Good to see Smithers back out consistently.  Maybe one of these days he will actually bring the fart sacking sign for us to go put on a new Pax’ mailbox.
  • Legal Zoom also a refreshing sight to see regularly this week.  I think he posted at least three times this week and told me no longer had an excuse since covid cases were going down.
  • Dough Boy is a beast at Merkins.  Since teams were uneven I made sure to put myself on his team as their 4th.  LRC – Foundation + Mad Dog tried hard to recruit me to their team but I knew better.  When doing lots of Merkins, don’t get on the skinny guys team.
  • Speaking of LRC – I can’t wait until Foundation gets back out on a regular basis.  By far my favorite back blasts to read are from him.  Apparently he’s off remotely working on an executive MBA which for any of you MBA’ers really translates to an accelerated MBA with more in person school, but executive sounds fancier.  Once you produce that diploma I will invite you to the super secretive F3 Waxhaw MBA channel.
  • Bread Bowl gets a text during the workout and whips his phone out from his pocket.  Apparently bringing his phone with him to get that one last sext in before school.  (I hear lighting is key to adding an optical inch – the gloom probably not the best place to find that optical inch though).
    • Well Maybe GIFs | Tenor
  • Shop busting through and out in front way further than I have mentally have him in my mind.  He continues to amaze with his dedication and push.
  • Chainsaw continues to the be quiet assassin.  Dough and I run up to him asking how many reps.  I’m expecting to hear like 70-90.  Chainsaw goes “147 LBC’s”.   Whoa.  Yall can thank Chainsaw for those extra 300 LBC’s.
  • Mad Dog is another one that just gets after it with no feedback or complaints.  While others are questioning the count, he is already down doing merkins.  Just to be clear – I fall on the complaining/questioning side of that fence.
  • Thank you Ackbar for allowing me to lead today (Where’s the rest of your site Q’s Chatter and Transporter?).  Also thanks for allowing a last minute switch last week with Sledge to allow extra time for my foot to heal.  (My devious plan of not having to Q in the ran worked!).
  • We all somehow were able to keep the form police at bay today.  He must have left his badge at the house.  Good work today Recalc.
  • I think I’ve mentioned everyone by name so far except Ricky Bobby and HoneyComb……way to go guys!   Haha, sorry.  I guess yall will have to step up your mumble chatter next time.  What I will say is yall both beasted the run and never complained (Well I think Honeycomb gave me an extra long stare when I added merkins).



  • Q School March 6th
  • Rooster March 13th
  • Keep Surge’s Niece Lauren in your prayers.
  • Shop’s mom with a positive diagnosis.
  • My co-workers husband goes in for prostate cancer surgery today.  Prayers for Butch.

School Yard Games

25 for a Tuesday Night?!  Awesome!

Arrived early to see if this AO that I’ve seen at morning darkness had some extra fun when seen in the light.  I was able to find a little something extra to add to the back half of the winkie.  (Great Job to Rae View Elementary for adding some fun paintings on the parking lot).

The weather was here and I wish the pax were beautiful (shout out to Jimmy Buffett).  Getting close to launch so quick DiCCS.  Lets Go.



Mosey around the parking lot.  Threw in some butt kickers, skips, karaoke and toy soldiers.  Circle up.

  • 15 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Merkins on my down and up.  Changed up the cadence a couple times to allow for more of a downward hold than the pax are used to.
  • Jimmy Duggan’s (with some mumble chatter from the SOB’ers as to what that was).  Thanks site Q’s for stepping in and helping explain.  Since kids were in attendance I was biting my tongue on the full explanation (AVOID THE CLAP!   ((Pour one our for Moneyball))).
  • 15 Mountain Climbers


short Mosey to the front entrance of the school where I divided us up Dad’s vs kids.  Sorry to the older kids who tried to sneak in with us adults….if  your under 18 your a kid (Deuces barely missing it).  Time for a Scavenger/Trivia Contest.  I would yell out an object.  First group to find it didn’t have to do burpees.  I would then alternate questions to the groups and if you got it wrong…burpees.

  • Find Alaska!  Rocky was out quick on the trail.   High Hat on his tail.  I believe the adults found it first so 2 burpees to the kids.
    • Adults: Capital of Alaska.  Some conferring amongst the Dads.  Juneau and Anchorage were going back and forth.  Final Answer: Juneau.  Correct!  No Burpees.
  • Find California!   Kids find it.
    • Capital of California: (with some help from Banjo – you damn cheater) Sacramento!   Kids got it right.
  • Find New York!   Dads find it.
    • Capital of New York: (I thought this may trip some up but apparently we have plenty of northerners who moved south)  Albany it is.
  • Too many right answers and not enough burpees – everyone do 2 burpees.
  • Find a map of the world!  Adults find it first.
    • Name all seven continents.  (Never have Wrigley on your team.  I believe he gave niner as an answer here).  Dad’s get close but repeat South America twice and no Australia.  Dads do 5 burpees!
  • Kids: Find Italy.  Got it (no burpees)
  • Kids: Find China.  Got it.
  • Dads: Find Lebanon.  Got it (Dang It).
  • Ok, Dads….Find Uzbekistan.  The Geopolitical/Geography major started zeroing in a little too close (and truth be told I didn’t know exactly which one it was) so before it could be pointed out (and I had no idea where it was right or wrong), I called time and Dad’s owed 5 burpees!

Circle up for Simon Says. I call an exercise.  If you do the exercise without me saying Simon Says first, you owe 2 burpees.  I honestly don’t remember all the exercises called and what was and wasn’t Simon says, but lets just say I’m pretty sure at one point or another I had everyone doing burpees.  The last one I said Ok, lets run over here for something else.  Half the group runs with me and Twinkle Toes looks at me a goes “Wait, we are done with Simon Says right?”.  I smile and say “Nope”.  Twinkle did his best Will Farrell mad at Norway impression.    Now “Simon Says run over here against the curb”.  Simon says game over.


Red Light/Green Light bear crawls.  If I catch you moving – 5 Merkins and 5 crawl bears.  I crawl bear’ed with a head start and the pax had to catch me as I yelled green light/red light.  (Note to self, there are some fast bear crawlers).  Twinkle took an early lead so I intentially called a quick red light to catch him moving and slow him down.   I forget who won – Trickle maybe?


Mosey to the Rock pile.  Keep teams split for adults vs kids relay race.   One person at a time runs.  Adults run a big loop (about .25 miles) while kids run a smaller loop (about .17 miles).  I had hoped to give the kids a slight advantage to keep it fair but apparently I underestimated their speed.  While there was one runner, pax alternated between the following:

20 curls, 2o triceps, 20 presses for runner 1

20 Merkins and 20 Squats for runner 2

Back to Curls, triceps, and presses for runner 3…..and keep alternating.


Kids took an early lead, but quickly lost it when Cat Nip arrived on two wheels.   1 Adult added to our team and 3 kids added to their team (Yes!!!).  Don’t get too excited….the kids still smoked us.   So bad that I made them run 3 extra segments….and they still smoked us.

Rocks up.  Spread the kids and Dads out again.  Gave the Dads a 20 foot advantage (that neither knew about).  Find 4 squares with Dots painted inside…..Great job by Trickle…kids do 2 burpees.


I found this on my scout.  4 squares with the exact order of 6 dots in each one.   Hmmmm, that kinda looks like a twister board (light bulb).   We took turns putting 2 kids vs 2 adults while the rest cheered on while doing exercises.  Exercises were plank, LBC’s, gas pumpers, mountain climbers, and Merkins.   I think the Dads did most of the burpees as we were not as flexible as the kids.  I even cheated and gave some of the older kids harder positions….still no falls.

Couple minutes left.  Partner up with someone you are not related to.    It can be kids with kids or adults with kids, but you can’t be related.   Partner 1 starts crawl bearing (backwards) up the hill to the fence.  Partner 2 runs to curb and back and swaps with P1.  Keep going until you are at the fence.  Gather the 6 and then Repeat except for bear crawl down the hill.

30 seconds left.  Burpees.  We got through 5 before it was time.



  • What a wonderful night.  Weather was perfect.  Great group showed up and I think everyone had fun.
  • I’ve got to get my daughter out there more.  She loved it.  Thursday Softball practice kills Clyent Dinner but the Appetizer is squarely in our schedule.
  • Shout out to Magi who I met for the first time tonight.  Apparently the F3 Lawson marketing team is working overtime as he learned about F3 Sanctuary from a sign at Lawson.
    • His son an FNG was named Deuce as he is a tennis player (Bottle Cap getting excited).   Since he was 17, we tried to keep it tame but I really wanted to go Sharapova (maybe a name change when he turns 18).
  • Great Job by Cat Nip finding us and then jumping right in to be our final runner for the relay.  He had a lot of ground to make up for us and…..sorry this isn’t a happy ending…he didn’t come through.   But we didn’t lose any ground either!
  • Great leadership out of the older 2.o’s tonight leading the kids group.
  • My daughter was expecially preturbed at the lack of trivia questions for the younger kids.  “Dad, we haven’t even covered states yet, much less capitals or countries!”.  Dually noted babe.  I’ll do better next time.
  • Always love working out with Rubbermaid.  Great to see him and his 2.0 roll up.
  • The Pack is on and its getting to be bed time for the little ones so I will leave it there.  Thanks again to High Hat for Q swapping with me and dragging me out to Appetizer.  I really enjoyed tonight.

Where’s Slidah?

I picked a nail up in the tire on the way to this mornings workout so I was too deep into trying to find it in the darkness that I didn’t realize that 1) 6:30 had jumped up on us and 2) that the scheduled Q, Slidah, was not in attendance.   Being the seasoned site Q that he is, Cat Fish jumped right in and started DiCCS and off we go.


Mosey around the tennis courts and end up in the concrete circle.  Cat Fish took us through a typical warm up routine of:

  • SSH
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Downward Dog
  • Upward Dog

It was around this time I hollered at him and asked if he wanted help.  Without batting an eye Cat Fish throws the imaginary torch to me and off we go.


Mosey to the short wall between the tennis courts.   Partner up.  P1: short lap around tennis courts while P2 does up and overs the short wall.   Repeato 3 times.   Dips while we wait on the 6.  Dips felt so good I decided two more rounds with one partner running at the other doing dips.

It was hear that Glidah started getting the ticks.  Apparently there wasn’t enough running for him (or not enough burpees) so he tells me he got a peak at Slidah’s Winkie (gross) and could bail me out if I needed it.  Sure.  Torch thrown to Glidah.

4 corner Build-A-Burpees.   (Very similar to deconstructed burpees except you build three parts of the burpee then the 4th is an actual burpee while deconstructed burpees deconstructs the burpee into 4 individual movements….ok enough lexicon talk).  Used the larger tennis court loop which is approximately 1/4 mile.

Corner 1: 20 Merkins

Corner 2: 20 In/Outs

Corner 3: 20 Jump Squats/Bobby Hurleys

Corner 4: 20 Burpess (Really??, I mean really!)

Option was given to continue burpees or circle for the 6.  Much to my amazement, last week’s FNG Draino said he would rather continue burpees (Really?) so I stayed there with him.

Everyone in, Glidah grinning from ear to ear.  In my mind ” Don’t do it…..Don’t, yup He’s going to do it”.  Glidah: “Repeato!”.    Me (this time audibly): “Damn it!”

Glidah was gracious enough to cut the reps to 10.   As we gathered at the burpee station for the 6 (and Draino once again kept doing more burpees) Glidah got that $H!t eating grin again.   Glidah: “If you don’t want to continue doing burpees someone bet…”   Me: “Lets Mosey!”

Its all I needed.  He cracked the door and I busted through.  In my mind other pax were appreciative, probably not.

Mosey to bollard lights were we collected the 6 by doing way to many LBC’s.  Mosey again to the front of the middle school (I think) where we once again collected the 6 with Gas Pumpers and then American Hammers.

Different partners this time for incline burpee jumps while the other partner ran.

Followed up by 50 (yes Change Order FIFTY – his hearing aid apparently can’t hear reps over 20) foot release squats.   It was around here that Cat Fish and Glidah both claimed they needed to leave early.  Pax mumble chatter heated up wondering where they were going.  The leading theory that they were under the bleachers together was soon squashed when Cat Fish came ridding by us blowing the horn.

Short Mosey and Al Gore’d while waiting for the 6.   5 Turkish Get Ups on the curb, bear crawl to other curb for 10 Carolina Dry Docks, Crawl Bear back.  Repeated that twice.

Short mosey to bollard lights were we alternated 5 each leg one legged Romanian Dead Lift.  Merkins waiting on the 6.

Gave the pax an opportunity to take over.  No one took it.  Warned them we would run the final 6 minutes if they didn’t take it….no one took it.   Off we go.  Moseyed about 50 yards, stopped for SSH’s collecting the 6.  Repeated that about 6 more times until we ended up at COT right on time.


  • Big shout out to Cat Fish who was ready to lead the entire workout.  I felt bad for him and offered to help.  Big up’s to Glidah as well for jumping in and adding some suck.
  • Seeing big improvements out of the FNG’s who have been coming out.  Crayola has been getting faster with his Mosey’s.   Draino freaking killed it today.  (Who picks burpees over a short mosey to grab the 6?).
  • There’s nothing like getting passed by a double respect…and Cage does it every time I see him at Clean Slate.  I made a point to not let him beat me last week and stayed in front of him about half the time….but guess who was first to COT – him.   Good push today Cage.
  • Bulwinkle joined us at the 6:35 mark.  A good push out of him today.  I may have called him a sandbagger at Chiseled this week and apparently sandbagger is the right word to piss Bulwinkle off just enough to help him find that extra gear.  Good work today.
  • Redistrict continues to try to push through a nagging plantar fasciitis injury which through the workout ends up creating a cramping injury on the other leg due to overcompensation.  That leaves the pax guessing what else is he overcompensating for…..(only kidding).    I can’t wait to see your speed once your healthy.  You look like a chained up dog ready to get after it.
  • Gave Change Order a hard time about his accent today telling him I always thought he was from Boston.  (If you know Change Order then you will get the joke and being a native North Carolinian myself I felt like I had free reign to give him a hard time).  The dude pushes hard and circles back for the 6 which is near and dear to my heart.   Site Q’s at clean slate have done a great job of instilling F3 culture at this new location.  No man left behind, but no man left where you found him.  Great job guys.  Keep it up.
  • If you haven’t checked out Clean Slate yet, you should.  A great AO.  Three campuses (High school, middle school, and elementary).  Short walls, benches, play ground equipment (for pull ups).  The only thing I haven’t found there yet is a rock pile.


  • Good luck to the Waxhawians running today’s CSAUP.
  • Change Order on Q next Saturday at Clean Slate.
  • Don’t forget there is another AO at Porter Ridge on Monday’s.
  • Bring an FNG!

Extreme Ownership – Check The Ego

After doing F3 Q Source for 2 years on Mondays, the Monday post Asylum crew decided we still wanted to hang around for some fellowship with some learning sprinkled in.  We decided to venture out to a different leadership books with Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin being our first one to tackle.  So why a 2nd F backblast about it?  Because Shop Dawg challenged us a few weeks go to create more FOMO to help draw some guys in.  He said “Guys need this, whether they realize it or not, and it is our job to help them realize it”.  So without further ado….Check the Ego.


For those unfamiliar with Extreme Ownership, the book’s chapters are basically broken down into three parts.  A War Story that tee’s up a principle, then the principle is explained, and then a business example where that principle wasn’t used.   The war stories are great – and I cringe saying that.  But the writing is phenomenal and it really puts you right there in the middle of the battle field.  Whether its a tank ready to unload on what they thought was an enemy position only to find out they were friendlies, or its a mission to capture high level targets in the middle of one of the highest casualty cities during the Iraq War.  The book really does a good job of putting you in the battle field and setting the table for the lesson that is about to be taught.

The book also has several familiar Q Source principles as well.  Mainly pass praise and take the blame, but today we also covered the need to be accelerating and why staying stagnant is bad (decelerating).  Any way, here are my notes from leading today along with some of the examples given.


  • What is Ego? (Examples given by the group)
    • Cocky.
    • You think you’re better than everyone
    • Can’t take constructive criticism
    • Your too good to fail or slip up
  • The war example dealt with an special forces unit tasked with training new Iraqi soldiers.  They arrived to the joint army/marine base with an ego and cockyness that quickly went south.  They didn’t conform to base culture.  They talked down to other soldiers.  They wouldn’t share battle plans or positions.   In short, their ego’s were in the way.  And eventually it cost them their jobs.  They were sent packing by the base commander as they were doing more harm than good.  Task Force Bruiser (Jocko’s Navy Seals) did the opposite.  They cut their hair, made sure uniforms were pressed and neat, and intentionally built comradery with fellow soldiers.   The result was an elite base, a better trained Iraqi unit, and an eventual turning of the war.
  • A quote from Jocko that I found impactful “But I tried to temper that confidence by instilling a culture to never be satisfied”.  I tied this in with F3’s always be accelerating point from Q Source.
  • Traits of those who check their ego:
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Humility and Mutual Respect
      • I gave my personal example of having to call on folks from the warehouse level all the way up to the Senior VP level and how the Warehouse guy can cost me just as much business as the Senior VP can give me.
        • Further discussions involved Walt Disney and how he connected with his employees and was willing to do it all around the park – including helping to clean toilets.
  • Don’t let your ego take precedent over doing what is best to accomplish the mission.
    • Lots of discussion around this.  Sometimes as men we let our pride or our own goals get in the way of the greater team mission.
      • Loafer with a couple Kohls examples.
  • The business example given in the book centered around a mid level manager and a supervisor who worked for him on an oil rig.  The supervisor made a spur of the moment decision to change the process which cost about 2 days of work.  In the oil industry 2 days equals hundreds of thousands of dollars.   The manager was dreading the confrontation that was going to happen when he went to this supervisor.  But Extreme Ownership reverses the roles.  The supervisor is not to blame.  It is you as the manager that did not equip him with enough information to make the right decision.  When you go to the supervisor and explain how you failed, how you will be better about giving him the right information and tools to make the right decision, it changes the conversation.   It is a conversation instead of a screaming match.
  • Summary: Extreme Ownership requires checking ego, admitting mistakes, and having humility.
    • Confident not cocky, never too good to fail, and never complacent.


Want to see who your friends are? Call Burpees post COT

Spoiler, I was the only one who did burpees.  Details in the Moleskin.

18 Pax came out for a beautiful morning (any time its above 40 and not raining its perfect weather in my book).  DiCCS provided and a couple pax with nervous laughter when I told them we would not be crossing the railroad tracks or Providence Rd.


Mosey to the other church – not sure the name but its about a .2 mile mosey away.

15 SSH’s.

Attempted to do the active stretching I hinted about in Monday’s BB.  Trying to figure out ways to stretch with out the heart rate plummeting.  Jury’s still out as I wasn’t thrilled with how it went…any who…

Calf Stretch Right over left with Merkins.  Flap Jack for more Merkins.  I believe we did 12.

Downward Dog with Dry docks mixed in… I think we did 10.

I got bored and knew time was of the essence so ended the warm up early.



Mosey back to launch for Progressive 4 5 corners.   Stop to do exercises on the out, run without stopping on the way back.  For purposes of this BB, I will break it up into the “rounds” we did.

  • 5 Turkish Get Ups, Run to Corner 2 for 10 Merkins, Run back to Corner 1.
  • 5 Turkish Get Ups, 10 Merkins, 15 Jumping Lunges.  Zinfandel confirming 2 = 1…Yes, why would we do an odd number?  Apparently Chastain wasn’t on the same page and attempted 1 is 1 until being corrected.    Run back to Corner 1.
  • 5 Turks, 10 Merkins, 15 J Lunges, and on to Corner 4 for 20 Dry docks.  Run back.
  • 5 Turks, 10 Merkins, 15 J Lunges, 20 Dry Docks, and 25 Curb Shoulder Up Up Down Downs (???  no clue what to call them).   Run back.

I scouted the distance before and this got us 1.3 miles.  I wasn’t intending on the jumping lunges to hurt that much and I expected the shoulder curb things to hurt more.  Lessons learned.  Moving on.

Mosey to the bottom of Keith Jong Hill and partner up with someone your same ability.

  • P1 does 100 reps as follows: 25 LBC’s, 25 T Claps, 20 Jump Squats, 15 Merkins, 10 In/Outs, 5 Burpees
  • P2 Does light pole suicides up the hill (three light poles on the right).  If the runner finishes before P1 does – everyone stops there, no matter what rep they are on.  If P1 finishes the 100 reps before the runner gets in, the team must do a 5 burpee penalty together.

I specifically picked out some easier exercises for the 100 reps as I intended it to be more of an active recovery from the hill run and I wanted to make the runners work to make it in on time.  I also didn’t see many people doing penalty burpees (my partner didn’t seem too keen on doing them) so I let it slide.

2 Rounds of this.  As we finish up we hear the train coming.

Backwards run up the hill.  Short recover to regroup everyone and then jailbreak to the stop sign.   Look over to Ice 9 and ask him for a 10 count, he then proceeds to attempt to have us do burpees….NOPE.  Jail break to COT.  As we are collecting at COT, we have reached 6:15, but we still hear that train whistle in the distance.  Quick Count, Name-O-Rama, and Announcements.  Train is getting closer.   I took us out with a prayer and the train was on us.  Burpees!  I look up after burpee number 1 to see the backs of everyone.   Some gentle coaxing and name calling and no one is turning around (Really?  Not even one “I don’t agree with you but I won’t make you do them alone” guy?).  Picture is taken and I’m still doing burpees.  I think I got to burpee number 11 by the time the train had “passed” (who knows).  I’m not mad.  I’m not even disappointed.  I’m more surprised.  It wasn’t the reaction I suspected from this group.  Sure I figured pax wouldn’t like it.  But I figured one or two would fall in with me and the pressure would get to the rest.  Instead, 17 guys took the easy way out from a group that typically prides itself on going beyond.



  • Apparently the burpee train rules need to be revisited and clearly stated at this AO.  A couple weeks ago we had a Pax attempting to claim if  you cant see the train you don’t do burpees (that’s never been a thing).  I’ve been there before where we have done burpees before 5:30.   So if we will do them before the workout, why not after?
  • Chastain towards the front of the group most of the day, though after hearing he attempted 1 = 1 jumping lunges, we now know why.
  • Ice 9 Dry heaving as he was running towards me might be the scariest thing that’s happened to me in 2021.
  • Easy Button stepping up to chat up the new Pax Hot Tub and make him feel welcomed.  Nice job.
  • Zinfandel on point all morning being the Anti Damascus.   Correcting counts, helping pax remember what exercises to do, and reminding guys of the penalty burpees.   Thank you.
  • I wish I had High Hat’s energy this early in the morning.  He almost scared away hot tub talking about a time he played in a reggae band and why one of the guys had the nick name bone.  I did a double take when he told me he was in a reggae band.
  • Zinfandel pointing out that Banjo and I had matching Rocky Suites on.   Banjo and Hot Tub also commiserating on the West Virginia connections.   Discussions included what holler they were from and which cousin they married.
  • Thanks for Carb Load for the invite.
  • Some end of workout watch comparisons had mileage from 2.9 to 3.5.  With mine being the highest at 3.5 miles, many pax were skeptical…as am I.
  • I didn’t get a no out of Shake this morning (that I heard at least).  Much like “Oh Yeah’s” from Loafer, I look forward to making shake say “No”.  I guess its back to the drawing board for increasingly more difficult or stupid stuff for the next Floater Q.



  • Blood Drive Jan 30th at Five Stones.    Sign up and get people signed up.   Additional slots recently added.
  • CSAUP Waxtravaganza Feb 6th.  13 Miles of First F and beers at the Tap House afterwards for 2nd F.
  • Centerfold organizing a group for next Wednesday for Rice and Beans in uptown.

Where’s Ralphie?

5:14 struck and Loafer joked that he hoped the Q showed.  5:15 and there was no Ralphie so I jumped in and started the disclaimer hoping he would arrive on 2 wheels.  5:16 we took off.



Mosey around Pet Smart over to the Target parking lot.   Pax got a sneak peak at a dynamic stretching warm up I have planned for the Floater.  Glad I tested it on them as I was able to work out some kinks.  I was trying to figure out a way to keep heart rates up during the much needed stretching portion so this was my first try (since the Workout I debuted it at – Black Hawk didn’t count since there was only 2 of us).

Circle up in plank position.  Calf stretch right over left with a merkin circle.  Four rounds then we flap jacked for an additional four rounds.

Downward dog with a Carolina Dry Dock circle.  I think we did 5 rounds.  Lets go.



Mosey into the neighborhood up the hill to what I consider the road leading to the main road.   Alternating 10 Ranger Merkins and then 10 Wide Arm merkins until you reach the “main road”/ stop sign.  Swimmers, Smokey, and Sugar Daddy leading the way and doing a good job of circling for the 6.

Cross “main road” and alternate the following exercises at light poles:

  • 10 Monkey Humpers & 10 Jump Squats
  • 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s & 5 (each leg) Russian dead lifts.

Clarification question from Swimmers – so 20 total at each light.  Yes sir.

I was worried throwing this many exercises at the pax along with a different number on one of them would throw them into a tail spin.  But Kudos to the group as everyone jumped right it and nailed it.  I think it helped that Damascus continues to fart sack.  Speaking of Damascus….where in the hell is he???  Several pax have heard from him an excuse about coming out once he gets new shoes.  Are they still on a slow boat from China???

Made it almost to the end of the road before I decided that was enough legs.   Found a slightly up hill cul-de-sac for 7’s.  Burpees and Dry Docks.  Only got two rounds in before I realized we only had 20 minutes left and it will take us as long to get back as it did to get where we were.

Quick Mosey to another intersection before partnering up Gazelles and Clydesdales for Leap Frog.   P1 Reverse lunges backwards while P2 Jail Breaks to a mailbox.  P1 then “leap frogs” by sprinting to the next mailbox while P2 is reverse lunging backwards.   Continued back to the “main road”.

At each light post up to the stop sign stop for 10 dry docks.  Swimmers (I think) lead Mary.

Short Mosey to the hill leading out of the neighborhood back to Target.  Run backwards up the hill and jailbreak back down.  We completed twice with the Gazelles Squatting up top waiting on the 6.

Divided group into Gazelles and Clydesdales (sorry to the two guys that identify at Gazelles that I pulled in as Clydesdales… I needed even numbers).  Clydesdales got a 2 light pole head start.  If Gazelles catches them before COT – Clydesdales have 10 burpees.  If no Gazelle Catches a Clydesdale – Gazelles have burpees.  Apparently 2 light poles was not enough of a head start.  Clydesdales did burpees with Sugar and a few other (but not all) gazelles jumping in too.   30 seconds left when I finished my 10 so I had everyone continue burpees until time.



  • The Gazelles were able to take the reins off today and scamper….and scamper they did.
  • Smokey was begging for Ralphie to show up mid workout so I guess I will take that as a compliment.  However….
  • I didn’t hear any “Oh Yeah’s” out of Loafer today so I’m assuming it was a bad Q.  I judge my Asylum Q’s based on the number of Loafer “Oh Yeah’s” (again in that midwest accent in which apparently Loafer has never lived).
  • Ex Lax putting in some serious effort today on the runs.   He’s getting faster with a 2021 goal in mind and I love seeing the progress.   Keep pushing.
  • Schnitzel was his usual silent assassin self today pushing hard with zero complaints.
  • By Pass gave me a dirty look when I pulled him into the Gazelles with me.  He was in front of me the entire day so yes it was unfair….and no, I don’t care.
  • Per the Mash Channel, it appears Penalty Box put quite the beat down on Bunyan.
  • Sledge still rehabbing the knee tore off on a walk on his own only to be seen again at COT.
  • Great discussion afterwards at “Q Source” where we are covering the book “Extreme Ownership”.   This weeks discussion focused around the idea that there are no bad teams, only bad leaders with both a military example (Seal Team Hell Week Training) and a corporate example (A CTO that constantly pushed the blame on others).  Join us next week for Chapter 3 – Believe where Loafer will be leading us.  Sugar Daddy with a great example pulled from his peach basket days on the hardwood.



  • Blood drive is January 30th from 9:00 until 1:30.  Use the link below to sign up and post it across your social media channels (I’ve found in the past that neighborhood facebook pages tend to bring in the highest number of signups).  If you haven’t seen this posted in your neighborhood, take a minute to go post this up now please.
  • During the prayer I asked pax to take some time today to reflect on Dr King’s message.  What can we do to be a light in the darkness.  How can we improve our community.

The Waffle (Mini CSAUP)

So shortly after the Five Stones trails were cut, Posse had this horrible idea that we should combine three workouts and two locations into a single workout.   I took off with that idea and came up with today’s “mini” CSAUP.   Mini because it was only 90 minutes (though I feel the guys that joined today may take issue with me calling it “only 90 minutes”).   The original idea from Posse also included a way to tie together all the Waffle talk from last year into a “lets come together” workout where Impromptu and Diesel join hands and workout together.  Unfortunately, that idea quickly fizzled with the Friday Site Q’s decided 90 minutes wasn’t welcoming to FNG’s and Kotters (and they were right).  But the name and idea lived on anyways.  So how exactly will we accomplish 3 workouts into two locations?   Here’s how:

Start with a 30 minute Boot camp (Impromptu).  Then Run 1 mile to Five Stones Church (Swarm) for a 30 minute gear workout (Diesel).  Once the Friday Site Q’s backed out, I decided to turn the Diesel portion into an Iron Pax Challenge.    And finally a 1 Mile run back to COT (second dose of Swarm).   So there was the plan.   Here is what we actually did.



Mosey to lower bus parking lot for Side Straddle Hops and various stretches.  Then Mosey to the round a bout for an AMRAP workout.



Hub and Spoke.   5 outer exercises and 1 inner exercise.  The inside exercise was 10 Fence Squat Jumps (Posse was pleased the Russian Get Up’s had been removed from the previous Q I had recycled this from).  The outer excercises were:

  • 2o Dry Docks
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Step Ups
  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Heels to Heaven


We made it through two full rounds.   This is where Hurry left us to go join the 8:00 am workout.   Indian Run towards the entrance stopping at the middle school drive for a quick calf stretch since Drive By has apparently barrowed Moneyball’s calves for the winter.   Reverse Lunge walk up the hill for 20 yards and the turn to mosey to the light.

Safely cross Cuthberson together then run to the four way stop stopping at lights on both sides for 5 jump squats.  Collect everyone at then head left towards the pool.   Quick right on the trail and gather folks at the concrete bridge.   This is the closest point that the Five Stones trail comes to the Champion Forest trail.  Its about 20-30 feet of walking through the woods.   Five Stones trail were slick so we carefully mosey’ed to pick up blocks and gather in the gravel lot for Iron Pax.

For the Iron Pax portion, I attempted to combine two Iron pax workouts from this past fall into one workout while sprinkling in my own suck as well.  It was designed to be an out and back workout with stacked exercises on one side and increase rep exercises on the other.  Here is what we did:

  • 1 Blockee and 10 Block Hops.  Murder Bunnies for 25 yards.   10 Block Merkins.   Riffle Carry back 25 yards to start.
  • 2 Blockees and 10 Block Hops.  Murder Bunnies for 25 yards.  10 Block Merkins and 20 Curls.  Riffle carry back.
  • 3 Blockees and 10 block hops.  Murder Bunnies.  10 Block Merkins, 20 Curls, and 30 overhead presses.  Riffle Carry back.
  • 4 Blockees and 10 block hops.  Murder Bunnies.  10 block merkins, 20 curls, 30 OH press, and 40 Rows.  Riffle back.
  • 5 Blockees and 10 block hops.  Murder Bunnies.  10 block merkins, 20 curls, 30 OH press, 40 Rows, and….just to be an ass hole two 50’s.  50 foot release squats on your block and 50 chest presses.   Riffle back to start.
  • Finish with 6 Blockees and 10 jumps.

This sucked on paper and I can assure you it was worse in real life.  My timing worked out well here as we had just enough suck to fill the 30 minutes I intended.   15 minutes to make it back to COT.

Gingerly navigate the mucky Five Stones trail and collect on Champion Forest concrete bridge.   Jailbreak back up the trail (fairly steep incline) to the road.   Slow mosey to 4 way stop.   Team up for leap frog sprints.  Team 1 sprints to first driveway, then team 2 leap frogs them to driveway 2 and so on.   We did this all the way up to Cuthberson Rd.   Crossed safely together then short mosey to the middle school road.  Another Indian Run to the bus lot entrance and the all you’ve got to the middle school entrance.   About 2 minutes left so I called for 10 burpees on your own and then we caught up with the group (that exceeded the governors mandate of 25) to finish their Jack Webb of 10 Merkins and 40 presses.   90 minutes, three workouts, two sites….Done.



  • Posse was right.  It was dumb, it sucked, but I’m glad I did it.   It felt great starting the year a little outside of my comfort zone.  As my Shield Lock knows, and those that attend Q Source with me.  I think CSAUPs are dumb.  The risk outweighs the reward for me.   But I may be on board with these mini CSAUPs.
  • Thanks to Honeycomb and Drive by for joining.   Honeycomb crushed the Iron Pax.  He was in the lead the entire time.   Drive by pushed through a calf issue to complete the workout (and talked my ear off the entire time – but in a good way that kept my mind off how bad iron pax was).
  • Posse was stuck coming regardless.  It was his brain child, I only took his idea and brought it to life.
  • Have a good New Years Day.  I can’t wait to see the groupme trash talking between our Clemson (Posse), Ohio State (Rubbermaid and Dasher), and Notre Dame (Rudy) fans.  I can’t think of any Bama guys.
  • Doughboy, I’m coming for you and your KY Jelly Wildcats tomorrow at the Gator Bowl.  (Nevermind that our D Tackle ((#1 in the country) is skipping the bowl against a team that prides itself on its running game).   Go Pack.

A Wolfpack Win = A Happy Q

I had no other title ready…so why not continue to crow about my Wolfpack beating the Tar Holes.

Heard from Posse that Coco Crisp was visiting from Raleigh so I connected with him on Twitter yesterday for the personal invite to Chiseled (suck on that Dromedary).  After seeing the Sloberin’ Wolf on his tire cover, I knew he was a good dude.  Later found out we were both Unicorns (business majors instead of Engineers from NC State).

Any who….DiCCS covered.  Warned of no warm up.   Lets go.




Mosey towards the rock pile.  Audible.  Few late stragglers with no blocks.  180 back towards the blocks.  Apparently we will warm up while stragglers grab blocks (Shout out to Loafer for the assist here).

25 SSH

10 Merkins

5 T Merkins

That killed enough time for everyone to locate a block.  Mosey to the rock pile.  Grab a lifting rock and do Curls while waiting on the 6.   Line rocks on one curb (with our blocks being at the other end of the parking lot).   Run to blocks for 30 chest presses.  Run back to Rocks for 10 staggered Merkins.  Repeat 3 times.  (It was around here that Posse decided to join us).  Once done, circle back for the 6 (Dang, Coco is fast) and gather on the rock side.

20 tricep extensions with Rock and 20 curb dips.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  Posse started channeling his inner Damascus here questioning counts.  This theme continued through the rest of the workout.

Rocks up and In/Outs while waiting on 6.  Mosey back to blocks and get in groups of 3.   P1: Curls.   P2: Block jumps.   P3: Runner (timer) half lap around the lot.    Repeat for 3 rounds.

30 Block presses, crawl bear (roughly 10 crawls), 10 Dry docks.  Repeat 3 times.   Several pax started getting angry about the reps here.  I clearly remember Posse and Ice 9 questioning but there was more mumble chatter that I didn’t quite pick up.

Watch Check, a few more minutes.   Groups of 3 again.  P1: Block Squat.   P2: Row.  P3: Half Lap.   We had enough time for one time through.

Quick Mosey back to COT.   Finito.



  • Great work today by so many.
  • Turn Buckle continues to push through and run at his pace at the workouts.   Great job.
  • Chainsaw, the double respect, putting most out there to shame.  He is leading next week and we should all be scared of what pain he has in store for us.
  • Coco was out front all day today.  Learned that he is the 3rd F Q in Raleigh.
  • Posse continues to the the stick poker at my workouts.  Since he showed up 5 minutes late I was able to poke back today.
  • I thought I was going to get a dry heave out of Ice 9 today, but he was able to get it under control.
  • Welcome Pennywise brought out by Ice 9.  There was a long reason why we went with Pennywise….but I forgot it.   Something about his writings and travels.   He is a Lawsonite (like we need any more of those guys).
  • Banjo arrives to a site he use to Site Q asking if we needed gear and if so where was it.   Really???   Has it been that long?
  • I had the Christmas playlist going starting with one of my favorites – Clarence Carter singing Back Door Santa.   If you’ve never head it, I highly recommend a quick listen as its only a 2 minute song.   (Yes, the same Clarence Cater who sings “I get the women saying Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, ooooh shit, Clarence Carter).
  • Ex-Lax continuing the finance discussions with me after the workout.   Love the Finance channel.
  • O-69 pushing through a severe leg cramp earlier in the week out there getting steps in.
  • Last minute substi-Q while Transporter recovers from his back injury (who says you cant get injured while rucking).  Hoping he recovers quickly and comes back out to deliver a Chiseled beat down in 2021.
  • Thanks to Posse for last minute organizing a 2nd F breakfast at Stacks.   Coco, Posse, Radar, Surge, and myself were there.  It allowed us to grill ask Coco Crisp to share some experiences from Raleigh as well as pass on some unique culture from Waxhaw.   Some things he added to his list was DiCCS (once we got the spelling right for him), 6th man, and our use of FOMO (backblasts, family photo’s, and Groupme meme’s/call outs.  Being the 3rd F Q for Raleigh was interesting hearing all they have been doing and are doing.  For those that don’t know, Raleigh organized trips down to the coast to help with Hurricane Florence clean up for over a year after it hit (that’s right over a year).   They truly led during this time when leadership and help was needed.   They’ve also held several fundraisers, most recently an over night half marathon through Oakwood cemetery (creepy).  I must have heard the number wrong because I sear I think I heard him say they raised over $70,000 dollars.  They’ve also combined the Q source and a third F alternating weekly between the two (It would be like if we combined Open Door and Q Source).



  • 3rd Waxhaw Blood Drive.   January 30th at Five Stones Church.   Sign up here:   Scroll down to the Five Stones location.
  • Rice and Beans feeding the homeless in uptown Charlotte continues on into next year.   Get with Centerfold for details or to sign up.
  • Turn Buckle collecting gifts and Food Lion Gift cards for the Monroe family until today at 4:00.   He is going over there later this afternoon to deliver.
  • Client Diner shut down tomorrow.   Floater wear a Christmas sweater.   Rea Farms Convergence at 6:30 near Improper Pig Field.


F3 Scavenger Hunt (#2)

TLDR (Posse taught me that).  Gerber’s team won.  Gerber, Speed Bump, Orkin, FNG Hot Print, and C3PO beat Wrigley, Double Dribble, T1000, Drive by, and myself.


I enjoy the night time Q’s.  Mainly because it allows the Q to spread their wings and think outside of the box.  The 2.0’s add another mix that tends to make to Q’s fun.  With that in mind I decided to dust off a Q from about 2 years ago.  I changed up some of the clues to give a wide age range from Elementary level questions to some more advanced questions.  As Gerber put it, if you enjoy the Facebook trivia questions, you would have loved this Q.   So here was the Scavenger hunt.  Try and run though it and see if you were able to get some of the questions correct.

F3 Scavenger Hunt

After teaming up, start with a mosey around the parking lot.  Keeping your head on a swivel to avoid cars look for the booklet of clues.  Once your team completes a lap, go grab the booklet of clues and start……no one saw them.   After what felt like minutes I started giving hot and cold clues until finally Drive By picked off a set on a beautiful ANSI green transformer.  From here on out is the booklet as written:



As soon as you are handed this paper the scavenger hunt begins.  Please keep an eye on time.  No matter where you are on campus or where you are at in this Scavenger Hunt, at 6:10 please start heading back to COT.

Please read through the rules and then turn to page 2 to view your first clue titled Clue # 1.

Because it would be too difficult and time consuming to place clues at various spots around campus, all your clues are contained in this document.  While it would be pretty simple to cheat…..don’t.  Don’t look ahead for correct answers, play the game fairly.  Ultimately, we are here to get a good workout and cheating defeats that purpose.

Other teams will be traveling the same path as you along the way.  I suggest keeping your answers a secret so you don’t give away correct answers to other teams (or perhaps you can intentionally shout out wrong answers?).   There are questions to be answered along the way that if answered incorrectly, will take you on further or harder routes.  Just because you see a team in front of you going a different way, it doesn’t mean they are right.

Phones, especially google, are not allowed.

No matter where you are, when it gets to 6:10 please stop what you are doing and return to the starting parking lot.  I’ve made it longer than likely we can finish so the winning team will be the one who is at the furthest clue as of 6:10.

Because I developed the scavenger, I will not be allowed to answer or help any teams.  I will be traveling with a team but only to get a workout.  Because most people skim directions and don’t completely read them, I am putting in this extra sentence that negates the start below.  Look at the very last page for an easier start than the one on the next page.


Clue # 1

In order to start the scavenger hunt, your team must do a combined number of Merkins that equal the following riddle.  Split the merkins how ever is best for the team.


John does 10 merkins a day.  Sam does 5 merkins a day.  Dave does 100 merkins a week.  Sam and Dave only work out 6 days a week.  How many Merkins do the three guys do combined in a week?




Once you have completed the proper number of Merkins, please proceed to the place where Rudy prefers to squat.  Stop at each light pole for 2 Burpees per light pole per person on the way there.












If your team started off splitting 200 Merkins.  Congrats you were correct.  If your team was smart enough to read the entire first page of directions and you skipped to the last page for an easier clue and only did 10 Merkins – Great Job!  If you did neither, please to a 10 burpee penalty each before moving on to Clue # 2.




Clue # 2 – Rudy’s Poop Palace

Please answer as a team the question below.  The answer will direct you to do an exercise and then take you to your next location.

Which of the following movie character names is not a named Star in the night sky?

Beetle Juice (Movie: Beetle Juice) – Do 10 each (on your own) Mike Tyson’s then Run to Baseball Field as a team (Lower Round A Bout).  Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.

Maximus (Movie: Gladiator) – Do 20 each (one your own) Donkey Kick’s then Run to the wooden bench amphitheater as a team. Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.

Castor (Movie: Gone in 60 Seconds) – Do 10 each arm (on your own) balls to the wall shoulder taps then Run to the High School Stairs.  Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.

Pollux (Movie: Gone in 60 Seconds) – Do 30 wall sit air presses then Run to Football Field Fence where the Cavalier mascot is in the fence.  Read clue # 3 only after your team arrives.



Beetle Juice (spelled Betelgeuse) is part of the Orion’s belt constellation.  It is the Orange Star in the shoulder region.  Castor and Pollux are from the movie Gone in 60 seconds.  Both are the two brighter stars that make up the twins in the Gemini constellation.  Maximus is not a star and is from the movie Gladiator.

If you are not at the wooden benches then you answered incorrectly.  Please proceed to the wooden benches at the Amphitheatre.  (Your penalty is the extra run).






Clue # 3 – (Wooden benches).

David Thompson is widely considered the greatest collegiate basketball player of all time.  Do a combined number of team dips on the wooden benches for the year his NC State basketball team won the National Championship (If you think they won it in 1933 then do 33 dips).   Once you are finished doing dips, turn the page for the answer and penalty if you were wrong.





David Thompson won the National Championship in 1974.  Close but no cigar award if you chose 83 (That was Jimmy V’s Championship).   If you did not do 74 dips, your penalty is to bear crawl around the triangle in front of the wooden benches (All three sides).  If you were correct (or once you finish your bear crawls), proceed to Clue # 4.







Clue # 4

Find the parking spot in the football stadium parking lot that equals the following formula:


Don’t turn the page until you are in the parking spot.









PEMDAS – Parenthesis first, then multiplication, then left to right addition & subtraction.

If you are not in parking spot 250, then perform in cadence (4 count) 25 side straddle hops and then 15 mountain climbers in cadence.  Run to parking spot number 250 once done.

Once you are in parking spot # 250, do 50 LBC’s & 20 Heels to Heaven each.






Clue # 5

Once you are finished, decide as a team if you want Door number 1, Door number 2, or Door number 3.  Once you have made your decision, turn the page for Clue # 6.  Choose wisely.








Door Number 1: What is the Little Mermaid’s name?  Please proceed to Rudy’s Poop Palace before checking the next page for the answer and penalty if you are wrong.



Door Number 2: Name the two sisters from the Disney movie Frozen.  Proceed towards Rudy’s Poop Palace and then turn the page to see the correct answer and penalty if you are wrong.



Door Number 3: What is the nick name of the little girl in Monster’s Inc.?  Please proceed to Rudy’s Poop Palace and then turn the page to see the correct answer and penalty if you are wrong.










Door 1: The Little Mermaid’s name is Arielle.  If you answered incorrectly, please grab a rock and do 30 curls each.  If you were right, proceed to Clue # 7.

Door 2: The sisters from Frozen are named Anna and Elsa.  If you answered incorrectly, please grab a rock and do 30 curls each.  If you were right, proceed to Clue # 7.

Door 3: Sully and Mike Wazowski called the little girl Boo.   If you answered incorrectly, please grab a rock and do 30 curls each.  If you were right, proceed to Clue # 6.









Clue # 6 – Rudy’s Poop Palace.

Add the digits of the famous phone number in the song below together to get a total number.  For example, the phone number 123-4567 would equal 28 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8).  Once you think you have the correct answer, each person does that many overhead rock presses.  Check the next page for the answer only after you have completed your overhead presses.


  • Tommy Tutone – Jenny









  • Tommy Tutone – Jenny. 867-5309 = 38


If you did not do 38 presses, you must do an additional 38 presses as a penalty.


TIME CHECK – if it is 6:10, return to COT.  If not, proceed to Clue # 7, but keep an eye on the time.



Clue # 7 – Middle School Cafeteria Benches

Run to the middle school cafeteria benches and do the following exercises on your own.

40 dips, 30 foot release squats on the bench, and 20 Derkins.



Once you’re teach is finished, answer this last question in order to proceed to the finish line:


The longest living mammal can live up to how many years?


Once you have an agreed upon answer from your team, turn to Clue # 9 to see if you are correct.


The Bowhead Whale can live up to 200 years old!


If you answered incorrectly, do 200 Squats as a team.  If you finish early, start taking reps from your teammates to help them out.  Once your team finishes, jail break to the finish line (COT) for your final clue.








Final Clue

How many triangles are in the picture below?  Answer correctly and you are done.  Answer incorrectly and face the penalty on the next page.  Check the next page for the answer.









There are 27 triangles.   If you answered correct – Congrats!  You are finished.  If you answered wrong, run to the closest rock pile (down the yellow brick road and down the hill around the third light) for 27 curl presses.  Once complete, return the rocks and run back to COT.










Easier Clue # 1

If you have reached this page, congrats…you read the directions.  Instead of doing 200 merkins as a team (which is what everyone else is doing that didn’t read all of page 1), you only have to do 10 merkins each.  Once completed, head towards Rudy’s Poop Palace stopping at the light poles on the way to do two burpees at each light pole.  Once at Rudy’s, start with Clue # 2.




  • Its painful to watch your team pick wrong answers time after time, especially when you know they will lead to extra work.  But true to my word I offered no help.  In fact once, I stepped in to make us do more (Wrigley skipped over the 2 burpees per light pole start).
  • Drive By started off reading the entire first sheet of rules.  (Yes, I was thinking in my head).  Then Wrigley stepped in and said “We ain’t got time for this, skip to the first clue!”.   Damn it.  That means 200 merkins split 5 ways instead of just 10.
  • I learned tonight Wrigley needs glasses to read – or at least that was his excuse after he cost us extra merkins/burpees.
    • In all fairness, I think all four of the team members got a question wrong so no hard feelings Wrigley.
  • I slipped in a special NC State question just for Gerber who then acted surprised to learn State has 2 national championships.  While its a distant memory, yes NC State was a powerhouse basketball program, a founding member of the ACC, and started what later turned into the ACC championship basketball tournament (Everette Case started the Dixie Classic Tournament) which was then copied by other leagues.  I digress…
  • Team Fuse Box took an early lead but we quickly relinquished it when PEMDAS tripped up our robotics wiz kid.
  • We came roaring back and caught back up to Team Gerber at the next to last station and the retook the lead after knocking out 200 suspect squats (thank God Zin or Recalc wasn’t there).
  • However in what can only be called the come from behind victory of the century, we squandered the lead guessing 21 triangles which caused us a 21 curl press penalty and left the door wide open for team Gerber to swoop in.  Much to our disbelief amazement, team Gerber correctly guessed 27 triangles for the win.
  • Hot Print got named by the 2.0’s.  Its their grandpa (pop pop?, Poppa?) so its only fitting they got to name them.  He is the one that printed the F3 shirts so thats how it correlates.  He is from Baltimore and had the 2.0’s not been there (and had he not been Gerbers dad) I was ready to blurt out Baltimore Handshake as the name….not sure what that is (urban dictionary it).  Then ask me at a site the story of the first time I heard that used by a customer…its a good story that involves Banjo’s home state.
  • Thanks for the invite Wrigley (was it an invite….I think I kinda crow bar’ed my way in saying you cant cook dinner with out oven fuses since I was screwing up you food theme).



  • CSUP coming Feb 6.  More details to come
  • Waxhaw clean up this Saturday
  • F3 Blood Drive #3 coming Jan 30th.  More details to come.  Looking for someone to work with TB or take the load off him and run it.



We had two Pax at Blackhawk today.  Not 2 plus me, but 2 total.   Low numbers due to all the third F things going on in Waxhaw today?  Low because two site Q’s are out?  Low because Blackhawk pax have failed to EH new Walnut Creek FNG’s?  Or I could go real dark, turn it internally and say it was low because it was I that was on Q.  None the less, I am thankful for Atlas showing up.  For if not for him, it would have been a one man workout.  Original winkie crossed out as a workout planned for 8-12 doesn’t work as well when its just 2.


Mosey around the parking lot for a lap and end up at the small circle near the fields.

I had hoped to try a new variation on stretching where we combine stretching with a merkin circle to keep the stretching somewhat active and heart rates up.   Calf stretch then 1 merkin when its your turn up to 100.    20 Merkins.

Continue the circle theme with Jimmy Duggans and dry docks when its your turn.   20 Dry Docks

Jimmy Duggan

Calf Stretch



Mosey past the pond to the other circle for another circle with mountain climbers and merkins when its your turn.  20 Mountain Climbers followed by 20 Slow Peter Parkers.

Using intersecting roads as our stopping points, we do 5 Gas Pumpers, 10 Merkins, and 15 Speed Skaters down Pennington drive.  7 stops in total.

Intended to continue that back but felt like we needed a change of pace (needed to run more and stop less).   Going back up Alston Dr. we stop at each intersection for 20 15 make that 10 squats.  Also stop at each Christmas decoration for burpees.  White lights = 1 burpee.  Colored Lights = 2 burpees.  Blow up = 3 Burpees.  Thankful again most decorations were on a timer that had them already turned off.   The roughly 25 burpees we did was enough.  Another 7 stops and legs feeling tight.  Currently 1.8 miles done and about halfway into the workout.  Pacing well as I wanted to get at least 3 miles in today.

Found a bar that we could use for rows.  Partner up (Again thankful for Atlas).  P1 10 Merkins.  P2 10 Rows.   5 rounds until everyone has done 50 Merkins and 50 Rows.

Mosey around the pond.  Stop at the hill for reverse walking lunches up the hill.  Mosey some more until we found a fairly high rock wall to do step ups on.  It was there that I realized the high step wall for me was much higher for Atlas (sorry dawg).  10 one legged step ups each leg.

Mosey to Rock Pile for a Chastain Make it Stop special.  Curls until someone puts their rock down (we got close to 40 curls in) then mosey behind ball field to the paved shed area for 3 Atomic Merkins.  Back to Rocks for make it stop Tricep extensions (about 45) mosey and changed up to 5 in/outs.   Military (Army? since Popeye claims they didn’t do these in the Navy) Presses (around 40) mosey for 5 In/Outs.   Rows (Close to 50! before we stopped) Mosey to Shed for 50 LBC’s.    Got about 5 minutes.  Back to Rocks to quickly knock some reps out.   21 Curls…that wasn’t enough, lets keep curling the full curl until we break.  We broke around 25.  30 Tricep Extensions.  30 Presses (Ouch, lots of lactic acid burn on this one).  30 Rows.   Mosey back to COT for 50 more LBC’s.   Watch check…3.18 miles.  7:30.  Done.



Again, thank you to the lone other pax (Pack?) that decided to beat the Fart Sack today.  I will be meeting him and a few other dads later today for an impromtu girls softball practice so perhaps I can tell him in person because I know he won’t read this back blast.

Biting my tongue fingers to avoid the soapbox blast about poor attendance and lack of Indian Land/Walnut Creek EH’ing.  Again, maybe its me, not them.

Hating that I can’t participate in the third F things today.   My folks are going to be here any minute for a late, driveway covid free birthday celebration for my daughter.  I was looking forward to clearing some trails for my own AO’s use today.  Thank you to the guys that are showing up to do that today.

Today is Army vs Navy.  It usually is the only game on this time of the year but do to Covid, several games will also be played today.  I always enjoy watching this game.   I saw a poster that read its the only game where both teams playing are willing to die for the ones watching the game.  Thanks for all of you that have served.  I’m sure today is a special game for you with lots of trash talking.  Wish we had a few more army folks in our ranks so we could see some army/navy level trash talking in the Playhouse today.


CC Now.

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