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Back to the Shadows

11 guys fought the cold to come lift blocks at a 0.0 workout.  I arrive early to get the playlist set.  New faces so I go introduce myself to.  (Kotters Bookworm after a 2 year hiatus).  DiCCs given.  Lets get started.


10 Atomic Merkins

10 Block Jumps



Jack Webb of Block Jumps as the 1 and chest press as the 4.  Thanks to Posse, Mayhem, and Dough boy for helping with counting.

Line blocks up on the curb and do an assortment of foot release squats, toe taps, and one legged lunges while one pax at a time takes turns wheel barrowing 6 parking spots.  I don’t have a name for this so I will go with Wheel Barrow – but you take two small plates (2.5 lbs) and put your feet on them.  Plank position and bear crawl except you don’t move your feet….you kind of drag them.   (If you were at my last Diesel Q, we did them then).

Line up blocks at the end of the parking spaces away from curb.  30 air presses block presses (thanks Jwoww for the correction), crawl bear towards the curb, and 10 feet on the curb dry docks.   3 Rounds.  I was called out by Posse for “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it”.  More on that in the Moleskin.

Partner up.  P1 does Curls while P2 is the timer with 50 toe taps.   Bread Bowl living dangerously today asking me if 1 is 1 or 2 is 1 (For those that don’t know, when I asked I always respond with 2 is 1).  Do this three rounds.  Mayhem with the tongue in cheek feedback that Diesel is a no cardio site.  I shut that down quickly reminding him that its a no running site, not no cardio.  Now get back to toe tapping.  Posse with feedback that it looks like we were doing some Irish jig and we needed Irish music.  He jokingly asked if Springsteen had an Irish Jig (actually yes – American Land).

That’s it.  Circle up for COT.   Damn it, winkie is done and we have close to 15 minutes left.  How did all that only take 30 minutes?!

Stay with your partners.  P1 does curb dips and P2 is the timer with (licks finger to check the wind) 12, yes 12 In/Outs.   3 Rounds.

(Sill more time???!).  Jwoww asks if he needs to jump in with some special merkins.  Hell No!  I’ve seen your special merkins and they are only possible for people under 200 pounds.

Back on the curb for Hungarian Get ups???  (Thanks Golden Plates for the attempted naming).  So its a Russian Get up, crawl out to do a merkin, crawl back and do another russian get up.    Do 10 on your won.   Posse with the call out mentioning Russian Get up’s have made an appearance at my last 3 Q’s.  Yes…another sign that I’ve Q’ed too much – same stale workout moves (see mole skin below).

Circle up for more curls.   21’s  7 bottom half curls, upper half curls, and full curls.  Biceps aren’t burning yet, lets do 7 more curls.  And while we are at it lets just finish out a second set of 21’s so bottom half and top half 7’s as well.

Watch Check….3 minutes.   10 block jumps on your own.

Watch Check….2 minutes.  Aussie Burpees.  Watch Check….keep doing burpees.   Mayhem tells us we have 20 seconds left….keep doing burpees…..Time.



  • Not my finest work today.  I’ve left some Q’s before and thought “I really kicked their ass”.  I didn’t have that same feeling today.   It was a last minute thrown together Q without much thought to timing.  My apologies guys.
    • On that same note…lets cover the title – Back to the shadows.   I’m typically a 10-12 Q’s a year type of guy.  While preparing for this Q, I was beginning to feel like I was over doing it.  I glanced at the wonderful database Deflated put together to find this is my 26th (is that right???!) Q this year.  What the hell?  Scroll through the names to find I’m in the top 5 and above both Deadwood and Zinfandel….yup, time to slink back into the shadows…I’m Qing too much.  No one wants to be led by the same guy that often.  Time for some of you guys that have only Q’ed a couple times to step up. (Checks calendar to see Draper, Chatter Box, Cat Fish, Schnitzel, High Hat, and Ricky Bobby on the calendar for this next week.  Lets keep it going!).
    • So why volunteer to take Diesel you might be asking (your not, but I’m going to answer it anyways)?  Because week in and week out I look at the schedule and it shows “Diesel – TBD” or one of the site q’s is leading it (yes, there are exceptions).  Are the Diesel Site Q’s bad at asking other people to Q their site, or are the people that go to that site not stepping up to lead (another core F3 principle)?  I actually don’t know the answer to that question.  Maybe my perception is wrong.  Either way, I’m calling out Diesel pax to step up and start leading workouts (Hint, per the calendar no one is scheduled to lead again next week so go get with Brutus and tell him you want to lead.  And Brutus, get off your ass and go find a Q).
  • Welcome back out Bookworm.  Posse has apparently been EH’ing him while seeing him out walking (Sound familiar Drive By?).  Hope to see you out at some more workouts (Mash 6 days a week has no running).
  • And lets give a hand to OG Posse.  Not only EH’ing random guys walking around his neighborhood, but following through to make sure he came to the workout….and also bringing extra gloves just in case he didn’t have any.   Wow.  Way to raise that bar.
  • No Site Q’s today.  Both had semi valid excuses.   Chastain Q’ing another site (is that an excuse though?) and Brutus out with a bad back (is that an excuse though?).
  • Mayhem was near me and giving me plenty of feedback today.  Apparently my constant zingers about mashers being late has been both registering (way to be on time lately guys), but also upsetting.  We learn in Q Source about Candor – graciously telling the truth.  I’m really good about the truth part (or at least giving my opinion) but not the gracious part.  So I will apologize for my communication style, but not for actually telling the mashers to get their act together and be on time to COT (another core principle of F3).
  • So the whole being called out by Posse for “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it”.  (Hint, here is where you can check out because the next paragraph will just be a lot of excuses).  So in addition to the rotator cuff issue that constantly nags me, I have an elbow issue that comes up from time to time.  I hyperextended it playing pick up basketball in my teens and it comes back when we do a lot of bear crawls (or when I play tennis – so I don’t play tennis).  I did the wheel barrow thing at my last Diesel Q and it (elbow soreness) came back with a vengeance.  Its kinda been popping up during bear crawls.  Recently (in the last two weeks, its been hurting more – thus I didn’t do the bear crawls at Watchtower Tuesday).  So after doing the wheel barrow things today, it was really hurting.  Should I have audibled and not called a crawl bear…probably, but I didn’t.  And Posse did the right thing calling me out for asking others to do something I wasn’t willing to do (though in my defense an injury that I had just sustained was preventing me).  Anyways, there’s my defense of violating ANOTHER F3 principle – Don’t Q it if you can’t do it.
  • So I’ve managed to piss off Diesel Site Q’s, Diesel Pax, and Mash Pax in this back blast so perhaps we will just end it here.  I will go back to the shadows to study the chapter on Candor in the Q Source book as obviously I still need to work on my graciousness.


  • Q School tomorrow at Calvary Church.
  • New <SPACE> Town Elementary Clean up at 8:30. (Thank you Posse for clarifying the space).
  • Christ Closet Saturday Give Away.
  • Prayers for JWoww’s wife struggling with brain micro bleeding.

Kohl’s Konvergence (Cohl’s Convergence?)

There was a discussion on the Waxhaw side whether to hold a boot camp today.  Some wanted to keep all boot camps closed to force guys into the running only option.  I’m glad we did as 17 guys who would have otherwise fart sacked came out to get some first and second F in.  We also had 3 FNG’s!

The decision was made on Wednesday/Thursday to close all Waxhaw Boot Camps and converge with Da Vinci at Kohl’s.  C3PO was on Q for Da Vinci and since I was the loudest voice screaming that we needed a Boot Camp option in the Waxhaw region, we decided to co-Q this mornings workout.  C3PO gave me a peak at his Winkie on Friday and it seemed rather long (Damn I love a good winkie joke) at least the running part, so I decided I would keep mine low on running and high on exercises.  DiCC’s given.  C3PO decided to arrive right after I confirmed the C’s of DiCC’s – Cell Phone and CPR.  He had me worried I was going to have to stretch my 30 minutes into an hour.  Hard to stretch a winkie that far (Hey oh!?).  Let’s Go.



Lap around the Kohl’s parking lot.  Bad planning.  Lots of cars.  Cut it in half and inside the islands to avoid cars.  Circle up for:

  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • Downward Dog
  • 10 Peter Parker’s
  • Calf Stretch
  • 10 Parker Peter’s
  • Downward Dog into a Jimmy Duggan (Potato Pickers without the Clap for you SOB guys – as Jimmy Duggan say’s in A League of Their Own “Avoid The Clap”.


Short mosey (apparently too short for Brutus as he had his galloping legs ready) to parking spaces for the return of Bruce Springsteen’s (unlike Paula Abdul’s which are two steps up and 1 step back, Springsteen’s are the opposite with 1 step up and two step back).  Bear crawl 1 parking spot for 10 Merkins then Crawl Bear backwards for 10 in/outs.  Repeat until you reach 50 Merkins and In/Outs.

Another short mosey to a parking lot island.   On the overhead map there are islands at each end of parking rows.  On one side do 5 Burpees.  Run across parking lot to opposite island for 10 jump squats.  Zig (or zag) back to the other/next parking lot island.  I believe we got in 30 Burpees and 60 jump squats.   Stopped shorter than I had planned due to parking lot traffic increasing.  LBC’s waiting on the 6.

I had one thing left on the Wienkie, but the watch check indicated still more time to kill before getting to it.   Mosey to back of Kohl’s and get on the wall for 20 seated air presses in cadence.  To the pure joy of all pax, I then called balls to the wall with a couple hand walks to the right and left.  Ok, that killed enough time.  Now time for the final part of the Wienkie.  Mosey to side of Kohl’s and find some elevated curb/sidewalk.  Jack Webb with Russian Get Up’s as the 1 and Squats as the 4.  A Russian Get Up is where you squat down, roll onto you back (thus the elevated sidewalk) and roll back onto your feet and squat/hop up.  So here we go – 1 Russian Get up and 4 squats.  2 Russian Get ups and 8 squats…..I get to 5 Russian Get ups and 20 squats and I start to wonder if we can make it to 10/40.  6/24 – yeah, this is starting to burn.  Brutus suggested we jog to the other curb and back to freshen our legs.  Good idea, lets do that.  Cool – 7/28……and I’m done.  3 minutes to burn so I called a run back to the other curb for 10 Merkins.  Back to starting curb for 10 Dry docks.  Repeato (that ones for you Chastain) and I’m out of time.  Dough Boy was visibly upset we didn’t finish the Jack Webb, but was quickly beaten down by other pax when he asked if we were going to finish it.   Torch handed to C3PO.


(Written from memory by Fuse Box).  Mosey past Starbucks weaving in and out of traffic and marathoners.   Hit a muddy trail towards a pond where we circle up and attempt to count off (attempt as we struggled a little bit here).  Ok, 4 teams picked, lets mosey again…..through even more mud.  (Damn you C3PO!!! – I’m kidding).  We reach a play ground where we separate into teams.  C3PO hands out cones with exercises on them and we get to work.  My group got through 3 of the cones and they included step ups, irkins, dips, inch worms, squat pull ups, a run up a steep wet grassy hill with burpees at top, and lots of other stuff.   Time getting short with a long mosey back to COT ahead of us.  Off we go….BACK THROUGH THE MUD!!!! Dang it!  We arrive to some fake grass and C3PO instructs guys to do some Mary while waiting for the 6.  The 6 arrives and with it brings the realization that that isn’t just fake grass, but a dog pee pad.  (I can laugh because I turned back to bring the 6 in and never got on the grass – suckers!  Proves your better off going back for the 6.).  30 Seconds left so we closed out with a few more Merkins.  Time!



  • A great group of guys this morning. Not much complaining except for the Springsteen’s, and the balls to the wall, and the Russian Get Ups, and the Muddy Run.  Wait, there was a lot of complaining!
  • Loved seeing Popeye and Chatter Box come together to bring out an FNG – Passport.   Passport has lived in 4 countries and visited over 30.  Close contenders were Carmen San Diego and Waldo.  Welcome out Passport!
  • Chatter Box has gone from the pushee to the pusher.  I saw him coaching up Passport several times and even put a hand in his back to get him going twice.  It hasn’t been that long ago since I had my hand on Chatter’s back pushing him.  I might of had a tear toll out of my eye seeing the pupil become the teacher.
  • C3PO drug out his neighbor and the neighbors son.   The son was named first.  He is in the robotics club at Marvin Ridge so we went with Watson (IBM).  His dad then told us he was originally from Scranton, PA and Office names started being thrown out.  Some wanted to go obscure, but ultimately we went with Dwight.  I suggest you get with Waxhaw Pax Dana to help you through the canned explanation of “No, Dwight isn’t my hospital name.  It is my F3 name”.
  • Coffetiera afterwards where we learned that the more acorns that are dropped, the colder the winter will be and that the MMA guy that recently got his face kicked in is actually from Ballantyne (Who’s going to EH him?).
  • A couple guys hung around to cheer on the marathon runners and gleefully talk about how we were glad that wasn’t us.



  • Waxhaw is hosting a CPR class this Monday.  We have 7 spots open.  Not to call anyone out (kind of like southern bless their hearts), but only Waxhaw guys raised their hand when asked who was CPR certified.  SOB guys, come get certified on Monday.  6:00 to 8:00 at Waxhaw Bible School.
  • Area51 is having a Q School a week from today.  I don’t know the details but if your interested, go ask a question on the Area 51 channel.


A call to the bull pen was made last night to swap weeks at Impromtu.  I was supposed to be on next week, but with Chastain seeking to keep Waxhaw in the lead for the passport challenge he decided to post to an SOB workout this morning and swap Q’s with me instead.  Luckily for me (and Chastain), I already had my next weeks Q planned.   Chastain both happy and confused that I plan my workouts a week in advance (I then let him know that yesterday’s Floater was planned out over a year ago which blew his mind).

On to the workout….I really like doing team style workouts in F3.   It builds comradery with some extra 2nd F, plus adds a competitive component.   So here goes for a team amprap workout….TAMRAP if you will.



Hot lap around the parking lot and back down to Rudy’s Poop Palace where Pax gathered along the wall for squat presses as other pax arrived.  I “snake drafted” the pax into 5 teams (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1….).  We did some wall slaps and then started moseying towards the round a bout.  I got half way there and realized the 6 and gazelles were getting separated so I decided to do some stretching earlier than planned.  Calf Stretch, Downward Dog, Jimmy Duggan.   Keep going towards the Round A Bout.



Hub & Spoke workout.  Each team would start at one of the five outer workouts.  Once completing it you would run to the center for alternating 10 fence jump squats or 10 Russian Get Ups (Located near round a bout fence).  Rotate counter clockwise through the outer 5 spokes.  The 5 outer exercises were:

  • 20 Dry Docks (located at bottom cul de sac)
  • 20 Merkins (Located back down path towards Rudy’s Shed)
  • 20 Foot Release Squats (Located at benches near the school)
  • 20 Dips (Located at wooden benches)
  • 20 Heels to Heaven (Located near rock pile at Football parking lot.)

A couple additional rules:

  • If a team ever passed you, your team had to do 2 burpees.
  • You must stay together as a team.
  • Exercise must be performed in some kind of cadence and every pax must lead at least one exercise.

We did this for 30 minutes.  My team got through 2.1 rounds.  We were never passed and I don’t think any other team had burpees so we must have all done close to 2.1 rounds.

I was disappointed to hear that everyone pushed equally hard and no teams were passed for the burpee penalty.  I decided to take care of that by calling 2 burpees per light pole heading from Rudy’s PP back to COT.



  • I was the odd man out today as everyone had an even 3 people on their team.  I decided to join the team of Ackbar, Banjo, and the FNG (now named Back In The Day).
    • The second F goal was achieved.
      • It was great catching up with Banjo (truthfully, I really had missed him and I hadn’t realized it until I saw him this morning).
      • I always like hanging with our ultimate optimist Ackbar.  He reminded us several times to enjoy the downhill runs (the ultimate pessimist in me kept thinking “But we have to run back up them”).  I may have made a masturbation joke in Ackbar’s direction (a preacher!) when he picked up the cone to head back and made reference to playing with cones.  That will be fun reliving that one at St. Peters gate.
      • Back In The Day got indoctrinated quickly today.  I think we had him counting cadence by the second exercise we got to and he picked it right up.  I heard him mention the runs were killing him (he and My Pleasure were pax 1 and 2 on the opening seeding run so I don’t believe that for a minute).
  • The back to back to back leg exercises killed me (10 fence squat jumps, 20 foot release squats, 10 Russian get ups).
    • And speaking of Russian Get Ups, boy did they start to suck the further we went.  By the last two rounds, I was using one arm to help push me up as my legs were dead.
  • To no ones surprise, the three man respect team of Recalculating, Shop Dog, and Ricky Bobby (I think?) missed one of the five outer exercises.
  • Didn’t see or hear much out of the other groups as I was struggling to keep up with my own group but I think everyone pushed hard just by the observance of no burpees.
  • Earlier in the year I set a goal for myself (some may call it a new years resolution but I don’t, I hate those) to be more proactive about reaching out to people I think of.  In the past a name would pop in my head for what ever reason.   “Oh, I haven’t seen Showgirl in awhile”.  “I wonder how Moneyball is doing in Tennessee” “How much longer will Dancing Bear blame his vaginitis on a seasonality disorder”.   I’ve done a pretty good job year to date on reaching out and checking in when those names pop in my head.  But Banjo was one that I’ve thought about a couple times and hadn’t reached out.  Shame on me.  It was good to hear today that he has landed on his feet – new home, new job, and now more time to get back with us out in the gloom.
  • FNG Back In The Day was named due to his statement of “back in the day, I played…”   All I heard was back in the day as there was an uproar from the pax that we had found his name already.   Welcome out and kudos to My Pleasure for EH’ing him.  Since yall both work at Chick Fil A, how about asking Gavin Newell aka Tupperware when the hell he’s going to man up and come join us again.   Damn it, I just thought of another name….looks like I will be reaching out to Tupperware today.


  • Makeshift Marathon tomorrow at Kohls.  Several road crossings so be careful!!!
  • C3PO and myself and converging at Kohls for a bootcamp workout starting at 6:30.  It is the only Waxhaw bootcamp open so don’t go to Commitment, Homecoming, or BlackHawk.
  • CPR class openings for this Monday.  Sign up.
  • Reminder by Chastain who posted in SOB to wear reflective gear and headlamps.

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

Would you believe me if I told you I use to be a site Q at the 87th worst site in Waxhaw?  This was before it was known as the 87th worst site.  Would you also believe that after leaving Floater 2.5 years ago to start Chiseled, I was never asked back to Q The Floater again (technically I wasn’t asked this time, I volunteered….but lets not get facts get in the way of a good come back story)?

So here I am, rain threatening, lights flickering on the old water tower, and nothing but mashers in the parking lot.  It was quite the scary site.  Then slowly but surely a few started trickling in.  All but the two site Q’s that is.

DiCCs given.  Special mention of crossing Providence Road twice.  Slippery Bridge.  And cars can’t see you, but they especially can’t see you in the rain.  I reminder for gazelles to go back and get the 6.  Announcements first because we thought it was going to pour on us right at 6:15….Posse ran long so I started the mosey and asked him to keep announcing as we went.



Mosey down to the vet (circling back for 6).  Circle up for:

  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Ranger Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Wide Arm Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 T Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Hands to the sky Merkins
  • 20 MOuntain Climbers

(For those that skimmed that was 50 merkins and 100 mountain climbers).

Some stretching and we are off.


Across Providence to that long road to Dream Chasers with lights for 25 merkins as each light I’m kidding.  You should have seen the look on Posse’s face.   (That SOB has been needling me the last few workouts so it was time for my revenge – evil laugh).  For real, alternating 10 jump squats and 10 speed skaters (2 is 1) until you get to stop sign.  Pick up 6.

Mosey to bridge and get into teams of 3.    P1: alternate 10 Derkins/Irkins.  P2: Runner/bear crawl.   Crawl bear backwards up bridge incline round 1.  Straight bear crawl flat part of bridge round 2.  Bear Crawl down the bridge decline round 3.   P3: alternate 10 Foot release squats/step ups.    Once relived, run long way around and take over for P1 doing Irkins/Derkins.   It sounds really complicated, and apparently to some pax it was as I found Baio and Chatterbox doing dips at some point???

Once everyone has done three rounds we cross Providence together again and do three different sprints with collector exercises in between until we are at the bottom of Keith Jong Hill.   About 7 minutes left (less time that I expected) so we closed out with suicides up the hill.   Recover for a short walk only to Jail Break back to COT.


  • Great work by everyone.  Thanks for joining me for what was supposed to be a soaking wet workout.  We proved once again that the weather man person is the only job you can be horrible at and still keep your job.
  • Baio and Zinfandel out front early.
  • Leading with 50 merkins seemed to quiet the mumble chatter down.
  • The crawl bears/bear crawls seemed to be a crowd favorite.  I’ve had that in my mind for awhile thinking how awful it would be to have to use gravity against you on that bridge (craw bear up the incline and bear crawl down the decline).  It was nice to see that it was as bad as I had pictured in my head.
  • Ran out of time, had planned a quick 4 corner loop to close us out after the hill suicides.   Had no idea that light pole run and 3 partner circuit would eat that much clock.
  • I promised 3 miles and I only got 2.5.  But I’m pretty sure sure Baio came close to 3 with his circling back so that counts.  And since he is as quiet as Chatter Box, he will never speak up to let us know otherwise….so on that, I heard Baoi got close to 4 miles in actually….
  • Great push by Dilbert.  Hollywood almost broke him his first time at Floater.  Glad you gave it a second try.  I’m pretty sure mine was much easier.  It at least had less running.
  • Love seeing Ex Lax out there pushing to his limit.  Dude is dropping some serious LB’s and its showing.
  • Chatter box wouldn’t shut up today.  On and On….   At least I think.  He was in front of me most of the time.
  • Thanks again for the Floater Site Q’s for allowing me to lead.  Lets not let 2.5 years go by before you invite me back again.
  • I’d call out more people but I have to get to Raleigh and I have to get to the point of the title as I’m sure most are scratching their heads trying to figure it out.
  • A Touch Of The Master’s Hand is a poem that was life changing for my Great Uncle.  Its often circulated in AA meetings, but has meaning outside alcohol addiction.  It was important enough to my family that my Grandad asked that I memorize it in fourth grade and recite it at our annual family reunion.  I decided to recite it today instead of a prayer.  Little did I know that all these years later emotions would overcome me as I read it and thought about both my grandfather and great uncle towards the end (sorry to those in attendance).  Hopefully you will have time today to read it and think about the words.

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

By: Myra Welch
‘Twas battered and scarred, and the auctioneer
Thought it scarcely worth his while
To waste much time on the old violin,
But held it up with a smile.
“What am I bidden, good folks,” he cried,
“Who’ll start the bidding for me?”
“A dollar, a dollar. Then two! Only two?
Two dollars, and who’ll make it three?””Three dollars, once; three dollars, twice;
Going for three…” But no,
From the room, far back, a grey-haired man
Came forward and picked up the bow;
Then wiping the dust from the old violin,
And tightening the loosened strings,
He played a melody pure and sweet,
As a caroling angel sings.

The music ceased, and the auctioneer,
With a voice that was quiet and low,
Said: “What am I bid for the old violin?”
And he held it up with the bow.
“A thousand dollars, and who’ll make it two?
Two thousand! And who’ll make it three?
Three thousand, once; three thousand, twice,
And going and gone,” said he.

The people cheered, but some of them cried,
“We do not quite understand.
What changed its worth?” Swift came the reply:
“The touch of the Master’s hand.”
And many a man with life out of tune,
And battered and scarred with sin,
Is auctioned cheap to the thoughtless crowd
Much like the old violin.

A “mess of pottage,” a glass of wine,
A game — and he travels on.
He is “going” once, and “going” twice,
He’s “going” and almost “gone.”
But the Master comes, and the foolish crowd
Never can quite understand
The worth of a soul and the change that is wrought
By the touch of the Master’s hand.

Leg Day Part Deux?

17 guys today at Asylum.  Great turn out!  For a site that I feared was dyeing a couple months ago after back to back numbers of less than 4, there has been a steady stream of new guys out to Asylum.

At my last Q at Flash, I brought out leg day after several pax complained after IPC that it was painfully clear we don’t do enough legs.  Since Asylum missed out on that fun (and since I literally heard those exact words uttered again after Popeye’s Q on Saturday), I decided it was time for round 2 (part deux for you Charlie Sheen Hot Shot fans out there).

WARM UP  (I love occasionally skipping the warm up to keep the pax on their toes)


Mosey to the CVS for Paul Abdul Bruce Springsteen’s – 1 step up and 2 steps back (Yes, its a deep track.  Like most deep Springsteen tracks its a depressing song that will leave you wishing you hadn’t ventured that far out of the mainstream.  Here you go if you’ve never heard it…. ).  Ok, back to the workout.  Springsteen’s for a bear crawl forward one parking space for 10 merkins and a crawl bear backwards two spaces for 10 In/Outs.  Repeat 5 times for 50 Merkins and 50 In/Outs.  This was a crowd favorite.

Short mosey to Payless Shoes wall.  Partner up.  P1: Dry Docks.  P2: short mosey to curb for 5 Russian Get Ups then come back to relieve your partner.  Do this 3 times total.

Mosey to Target parking lot for Star Fish.   Progressive Burpees in the middle starting with 1 and finishing with 5.  The four corners were:

  • 10 Russian Get Ups
  • 15 each leg 1 legged lunge (back foot on curb)
  • 15 each leg Baryshnikov’s
  • 30 Monkey Humpers with the instruction to point your butt towards those you hate (or love).

Mosey towards Hickory Tavern grabbing a new partner along the way.  P1: LBC’s.  P2: mosey to stairs and crawl bear up the stairs then run back to your partner.  Because these suck so bad, I told pax in advance we would only do it once.  Even knowing that, there was still some grumbling and attempted hijacking discussions.

Same Partners: P1: Run to short brick wall and back.  P2: one legged side step ups.  I ran first to return to see the entire group doing regular step ups and chastised Chastain the most for doing it wrong.  He tried to claim he didn’t hear the directions – not a valid excuse.   4 rounds total (2 per leg).

About 2 minutes left and I’m out of Winkie…lets do a Jack Webb.   Russian Get ups are the 1 and squats are the 4.  Made it to 5 Russian Get ups and ran out of time.  Note to self: this was hurting really good at 5…perhaps we go the whole 10/40 at the next Q.

Jail Break to COT where we find for the first time ever MASH has beaten us there (THANK YOU FOR BEING ON TIME TO COT MASH!!!).



Lots of chatter today, well except Chatter Box – but that’s to be expected with a name like Chatter Box.

Posse telling me he gets “Giddy” when I’m on Q.  I think we all know its not because he likes my workouts, but because he enjoys poking (and then twisting that knife).   If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting back and watching him at his finest, you really should come join a Q of mine and watching him work.

Chastain with a rare Damascus moment.  Tighten up!

Flanders and I have gotten into a superstitious rhythm of him asking me how many points I’m willing to give for the Wolfpack Thursdays at Floater.  I respond with some insane number (I believe it was 20 points against Pitt) only for the Wolfpack to win outright.  We have decided to keep the tradition alive until the Wolfpack lose (spoiler, I’m out of town this Thursday so put all your money on Duke).

Good to see Sledge pounding away back at the workouts.

Ex Lax making a conscious effort to get out of his comfort zone to some running boot camps here lately.  Always pushing hard.

Chatter has gone from me hanging back to encourage him to me now seeing the back of him.  I can’t remember the last workout I turned around to join him.  Now I’m having to push to stay with him.

Loafer let out a few “Oh Yeah’s” today so I know I at least had him working hard.

JWoww with a fly by testing out the legs.  He’s hoping to to get a good Dr’s report tomorrow and be able to Q Saturday.

Great discussion at Q Source post workout about Courage.  I will leave the chapter for you to read if you would like, but as usual, the discussion at Q Source far exceeds what the book is teaching.    Monday’s Q Source will be getting into the 4th quadrant next week: Leave Right.  This was the chapter that I started coming to last year and gave me enough gut punches and thought provoking questions to keep me coming back for over a year now.  Its never too late to jump in.

Hanson was our FNG today.  Named after the boy band Hanson because Posse’s suggestion of Jonas Brothers was too easy (his first name is Jonas).  Hanson moved down here from Minnesota so he was able to see how bad F3 Waxhaw Geography is with suggested names of Cheese Head and Cheese Curd being thrown out.  Weezer was a close second.  Great job by Schnitzel bringing him out.

Always good to see Radar.  Even if he has to slide out early.  Still waiting on Yella to drop me off some Cheerwine (I’m kidding).

Both Bypass and Hanson wore grey shirts so I can’t remember who I was giving hell to about their loud running at the end.  Either way, they will never sneak up on anyone.

Shop blew past me on the final mosey to Hickory Tavern.  Posse was close by to make sure I noticed (bastard).

We learned as part of the 6th man movement that Mayhem doesn’t have a belly button (How in the hell did that not come out while naming him?), that in Fayettnam (as Mayhem called it and where he’s originally from) belly rings are like tattoos – everyone has them, and that despite his better judgement – he’s a Tar Heel fan.

Thanks to those who went yesterday to help Legalize load up and stat heading out west.  Hopefully the Oregon Trail is kind…careful on those river crossings.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know you Legalized.  Best of luck to you and the family in Colorado.

Need to get some Asylum Cotter’s back out.  Big Tuna/Chipolte, Flow, and Psycho just to name a few.  Beat the Fart Sack and come join us boys!



  • Blood Drive is this Saturday.  Yes,  you read that right.  This coming Saturday.  Pleas sign up here:     Please post to your neighborhood facebook page.  Please post on next door.  Please mention it to the neighbor who walks his dog past your house every day (and lets him take a dump in your yard – Posse/Popeye).
  • Surge working on securing a location for another CPR class.  Once things are finalized/firmed up he will be announcing the dates.  Keep an ear out.
  • Super Secret workout happening this Thursday.  Listen to the in person announcements post workouts this week or visit Group Me for more info as we can’t post the details publicly (insert evil grin emoji).
  • Ackbar’s Thursday Night Food Pantry in need of size 2 diapers.

Leg Day At Flash

18 guys didn’t heed the warning that Leg Day was coming to Flash.  I had hoped my warning marketing would have sent a few pax over to support Chatter Box for his VQ, but apparently only Mad Dog’s heart strings were tugged.  The rest of you are cold heartless bastards (I’m joking).

FNG introduced.  Neither of his EH’ers decided to post with him (though Glidah was leading Ignition so he gets a pass.  Where were you Catfish?!!).

DICCS discussed.  A couple headlamps atop heads.  Lets go.


Hot lap around the parking lot over to the middle school.

  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Peter Parkers
  • 10 Parker Peters
  • Calf Stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • Walk hands up into Jimmy Duggan.



Groups of 3.   Partner 1 does up an over’s on the benches.  Partner 2 is the runner (half lap to partner 3).  Partner 3 does Russian Get Ups on the far Curb.  Runner reliefs Russian Get Up and that person then finished the other half of the lap to take over for the up and overs.  Had originally called go until team has done 100 up and over’s, but we have some fast guys this morning so we went until everyone completed two rounds.  The Russian Get Up’s were too much for 1 Star’s lower half and he rushed off to Rudy’s Poop Palace.

Mosey to the road pausing to do backwards lunge walks while waiting for a bus to clear the road.

30 Speed Skaters at each light heading towards/past the high school (360 total for those keeping track).  Chicken led mary waiting on the 6.

Mosey towards the football field.  Pausing at the corner for squats waiting on the 6.

Backwards run towards the traffic circle.  Heard a couple guys compliment my choice of exercises here tell me these suck.

Back to your team of 3 at the traffic circle.   Partner 1 grabs fence for deep jump squats.  Partner 2 runs.  Partner three at the bottom circle for dry docks with feed on the curb.  Two rounds each.

Mosey to high school steps for 5 calf raises on each step.  Not enough time, audible.

Mosey to Rudy’s Palace.  3 minutes left.  2 burpees at each light all the way to COT.   At COT we continued burpees until the 6 arrived.  Mash and Ignition looked on in relief that they were not a part of Flash and didn’t have burpees to finish out.



  • Great job by everyone.  I thought a leg heavy day coming off of 300 merkins for some of you would be just the thing you needed.  I was then reminded by Popeye that there was also 250 squats in the IPC workout….oh yeah, my bad.
  • FNG Tik Tok named because he is in IT and gave us some sort of dance move while telling us about himself.  A close second was glitch.  Welcome Tik Tok.  If you post again this week it will be 2 more times than I’ve seen Catfish all summer.  Tik Tok proclaims while doing deep jump squats on the fence that this was his first time doing legs in 5 years….yeah, your going to be hurting tomorrow.  I suggest you go to Watchtower to help get the soreness out.
  • Magnolia, Chicken Little, and I had about a minute before the workout started to lament about a Wolfpack win.  They don’t happen often so we better take advantage of them while we can boys.
  • Magnolia telling me he’s going to feel those speed skaters tomorrow to which I replied I’m looking forward to getting cussed at each time a pax goes in for the bathroom squat.
  • Rockwell and Chicken doing a great job at their site Q roles picking up the 6.  Thank goodness for Covid (you don’t hear that too often) because I was ready to grab bread bowl and throw him over my shoulder.  I will be glad when he finally pushes through the mental side of the workout.  He has the ability to keep up, but his mind isn’t allowing him to try.  Continue to push him to help him break that mental barrier.



  • Bottle Cap gave a sappy speech about Goodfella’s leadership along with a ugly colored shirt.  Goodfella responded by warning about too much 4th F keeping you from workouts.
  • Blood Drive is less than 3 weeks away (Oct. 17th).  It is time to get signed up.  Less than 30 are currently signed up and the Red Cross gave us 94 slots.  This is M friendly.  2.0’s can donate as long as they are 16.  This is not relegated to just F3.  Please push this in your neighborhood facebook pages, next door app, and continue spreading the work via word of mouth.  Lets push to get to 50 by end of this week.  Go sign up and sign people up.  Sign up here:
  • Christ Closet folding parting this Thursday.  Not sure the time, but if I had to guess I’d say 7:00.

I Got 99 Problems, But The IPC Ain’t One

(Thanks to Posse for the title).  IPC came out on Sunday and after 1 look I decided it was time to pull the rip cord.  As my shield lock knows, I despise CSUP’s.  When the risk outweighs the reward, I’m out.   I was on the fence with last weeks shoulder heavy workout, but I did it anyway.  But 300 Merkins reached the risk to high point for me (Or as Rudy so eloquently said on twitter as he was giving Greenwood two middle fingers “IPC has jumped the shark.  Why not make it 1000 merkins.”).   Having completed 250 merkins once at a Hooch q (where we split 500 merkins with a partner) which caused me to miss 8 weeks of upper body work as my shoulder recovered, I knew 300 couldn’t happen for me.  So with that I reached out to Blackhawk Q’s to have a valid reason not to do IPC (because I know my personality and the Fomo would eventually get to me Friday night and I would end up trying IPC against my better judgement).

So with that I decided….what can I do that will suck as much as the IPC, but will be safer and less injury prone.   That’s when I decided it was time to dust off the ole’ 1000 rep challenge Q.  I stole this from my wife a couple years ago and end up running it occasionally.  Rudy has done it a couple times as well with much success.  It’s fairly easy to explain….1000 reps broke out into 10 different exercises with 3 miles in between.  Ok, lets go.



Lap around the parking lot.   Then a second lap around the parking lot stopping at all four corners for 25 Side Straddle Hops in cadence and 12 3-6-9’s (a variance of in/outs).  By the time we were done we completed 100 SSH’s (or 200 according to Wrigley) and 48 3-6-9’s.  Because the 3-6-9 include a hop up on the 3 and the 9, we counted that as 96 reps.  Posse took exception when I went past 12 on our 4th corner to 14, but I reminded him that 12×4 doesn’t equal 100.  He gave me a funny look and I remembered I forgot to tell them we were doubling those reps…..anyways, a lot of words to say we are now 200 reps in.


Another lap around the parking lot (got to get 3 miles in too!) and I ask the pax to find a line.  Paula Abdul’s.  Bear Crawl up two parking spaces for 10 merkins, Crawl Bear back one space for 10 Mountain climbers.   From doing this previously I knew getting to 100 of each would be too taxing on the shoulders and my math had us reaching 100 bear crawls around the 60 mark.   Once everyone reached 60 Merkins, 60 Mountain climbers, and 100 bear crawl/crawl bears, we ran another lap.

To finish out our 40 merkins/mountain climbers we went back to the four corners with 10 at each.  For those keeping count, we are now at 500 reps and about 1 mile in.  Ahead on reps, behind on mileage….lets go fix that.

Mosey through the traffic circle pausing for a quick stretch to let a car clear the round-a-bout (Wrigley took issue with what he thought was too fast of a stretch break).  Instructed pax to stop at each intersection for 12 Dry Docks, 12 right leg pistol LBC’s and 12 left leg pistol LBC’s.  It would be 8 stops in total and about half a mile.  We returned to were we started for a 9th round of 12’s to put us over 100 each.   Now at 1.5 miles and slightly over 800 reps.

Watch check and I see we have 25 minutes left.  I need to get some more mileage in before we move on to more reps.   I thought about parking lot sprints up and down the hill, but at the last minute I decided to go 4 corners with sprints on two sides and recovery jogs (or walk) the other two sides.  I called out that we would do this 4 times total or 8 sprints.  About halfway into our first lap, I decided we needed something to hold us accountable so I decided to make it a beat the Q challenge with 5 burpees per pax I beat on the line.  Wrigley apparently took issue with me changing the rules mid run…too bad, its for your own good.  I ended up beating 1 pax, while on the heels of two more by cheating sprinting the entire last lap in an attempt to catch up.  This made them sprint as well and we all were out of breath at the end.  I’m pretty sure Wrigley was looking for a rock to throw at me when I said we had 5 aussie burpees to complete.  I then made each of us do two more to take the 4th pax burpees while we waited on him to join us.

Mosey to Rock Pile.  2.4 miles at that point and still slightly over 800 reps.  Only 15 minutes to go.  I knew we would do Rock work, but I had to figure out some way to get some running in.  I had pax grab rocks while I was still working on that running part.  Ok…..100 reps each of curls, overhead press, and tricep extension.  When you stop or need a break, you must run to the shed and back (about .2 miles).  40 reps into my curls I saw the other pax were smarter than me.  Instead of taking a break between exercises and going for a run as I had planned, they were switching right into the other exercises without a break.   So instead of doing 40 curls and then running, they were doing 30 curls into 30 overhead presses, into 30 tricep extensions (slick bastards).  Nope, that ain’t gonna work.  We need more miles to hit 3.  Added a new rule….you can only do one exercise at a time.  When you get tired, rock has to go down and you go run…you can’t switch and no taking breaks…you have to go run.  Wrigley took issue with me changing the rules again (and made sure to let me know it).   This meant more running, and more pushing through the lactic acid burn to avoid extra running.   We finished all 300 reps (to get us to 1100) and my watch had me at 3.4 miles.  Short mosey back to COT.  With a minute left we did LBC’s to bank some extra reps just incase my counting was off.  Time.  I proudly announce our 1100 reps and 3.4 miles only to be met by two pax who’s fancy watches say we only got in 2.89 miles.  Well guess what, lets go run boys.  Another lap around the parking lot got us back to COT about 1 minute past and over 3 miles for them and over 3.5 for me.  (Either my watch is inaccurate or I ran more than Atlas and Posse – which I highly doubt).


  • Thanks to those that showed up today.   Smaller groups allow a bit more mumble chatter and there was plenty of it today.  From Posse once again questioning several parts of the Q to Wrigley threatening me due to my rule changes to Atlas…well Atlas didn’t really say much other than to call me a sadistic SOB.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m on Wrigley’s sh!t list now.   Sorry bud.   IPC week 2 gave him some shoulder issues (as I suspected it would for some – I had feared possibly me) and today’s upper body workout didn’t help.  He’s also not a fan of the rules being changed to make the workout more challenging halfway through.  He apparently also had issue with my SSH rep count.   All in all I did a pretty good job of pissing him off today.
  • Posse continued to work hard and be the safety accountability person (and rep accountability person).  Headlamp and lit vest wore throughout the workout.  Good push today.
  • I’ve gotten to know Atlas through our daughters playing softball together so I wanted to make sure today was hard enough for when I saw him again he would say good job (or your an asshole which I also take as a complement).
  • For those that did the IPC today, I hope you didn’t get hurt.  It looked like a workout that would lend itself to some hurt shoulders or pulled pec muscles.  I really hope I’m wrong.
  • Quick shout out to Carb Load for getting the Waxhaw Softball fields playable for today’s games.  Great HIM leading by example on a Friday night.  Awesome job.
  • According to the calendar I’m leading Flash on Monday.  I didn’t realize that until this morning.  The calendar also says Chatterbox has his VQ at Asylum so I would like to take this time to ask the regulars of Flash to actually skip Flash and to attend Chatter Box’s VQ (Sorry Flash site Q’s).  Chatter has put forth an incredible amount of work in a short period of time.  He has stepped out at Q source and revealed some vulnerabilities about his personal life and his struggle to meet friends here in Waxhaw.   Please go support him Monday at 5:15 at Brooklyn Pizza.  If you have time, stay for Q source.  If you stay for flash I will make sure it will suck (take that as it will be really hard if you hate hard or be really easy if you hate easy).

Who’s To Blame?

We will save the blame game for another time.  Regardless, use today as a reminder: If you are asked to Q, put it on your calendar.  If you are a site q, check in with your scheduled q to make sure they remember and are good to go.

So at 5:14 we are standing around…no Nails.  I look around, no site q’s either.  As we progress through the check downs, I start looking around the circle and lock eyes with Transporter.  He looks hungry to Q – Oh hell no.  5:15 I jump in before he has a chance and start leading DICCS.  5:16 Lets Go (yes a minute late as we were holding out hope our Q would arrive on two wheels).



Mosey around back side of parking lot doing a quick fly by of COT to see if the Q arrrived.  Nope, but there is at least 1 site Q…Damascus limping over to the mashers with a cinder block.

Continue on with Transporter flying by me.  Through my huffing and puffing I attempt to tell him to circle up in Pet Smart parking lot.  After his second time asking me what I said again I decided it would be best to show him.  I went from a 10 minute mile to an 8 minute mile (don’t worry, it only lasted 30 seconds ((that’s what she said))   and here’s that final).

  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Merkin position for…..20 Mountain Climbers (I tricked ya).
  • While where here, 20 T Merkins in Cadence
  • Jimmy Duggan


Short mosey (literally 20 feet) to the middle of pet smart parking lot where we partnered up to get 100 Merkins and 100 Supines combined.  Good eyes from Transporter getting Radar to avoid the dip plug left near the cart corral.  Apparently you get bit once by fire ants and you develop eagle eyes.

Posse asking if I need an idea – Nah, I got this.

Mosey to hill entering the neighborhood.   10 Jump Squats at the top of the hill, 10 in/outs at bottom of the hill.  Do it 5 times.  It was here that Transporter reminded everyone this is called a Triple Nickel.  Thank you Master Yoda.  Circle back for the 6 which allowed most of us to get 6 laps in.

Mosey to bottom cul de sac where I learned along the way that Blue Screen doesn’t have an early morning whisper voice.   40 Speed Skaters at each light going to the other Cul-De-Sac.  Oh dear god this sucks.  Audible – make that 30 speed skaters (instant sigh of relief from the pax).  LBC’s while waiting on the 6.

Strategically placed headlamps at front, middle, and back of the back as we navigated our way through the wilderness of Wesley Oaks until we reached light again near BB&T.  If the pax hadn’t figured it out yet, yes I’m making this up all on the fly.  Keep moseying to the wall, no not that wall, yes this wall.

Partner up with different partners for 100 Donkey Kicks and 100 Dry Docks.  After Sugar Daddy knocked out 50 Donkey’s in the first round, I thought perhaps my count was too low.  Quick look around, nope…other pax are struggling we are still good.

Split up into two groups and Indian run back to COT.   Fast group took off too fast and it was all I could do to catch up to put on the breaks.  Once again Sugar Daddy is to blame.   We did Burpees waiting on the 6.

Watch check, 3 minutes.  Well we are already doing Burpees so lets just keep doing that.

1:30 left.  Burpees suck.  On your 6 for Heels to Heaven.  Got to 30 and decided that was enough.  No second hand on the watch but felt like we only had seconds left so I called have a nice day.  Ended up being about 20 seconds.



  • Thanks for the grace from the pax today as I pulled this work out of my came up with today’s workout on the fly.
  • Chipotle was in no joking mood when I cracked on him and Big Tuna not riding together.  I guess I won’t be joking about him and Big Tuna rolling out of the same bed anytime soon will continue to poke a sore spot.
  • Rolled over to do LBC’s only to find I was awkwardly positioned right in front of shop dawg as he finished speed skaters.  Thanks shop for looking away.
  • Love having Radar out at workouts.  He pushed hard today.  Time to get Yella out to more workouts as well.  Have him bring me a 6 pack of cheerwine when he comes to 🙂
  • Transporter, Sugar Daddy, and Blue Screen all taking turns out front today.  Good push guys.
  • Great to see Legalized out today though I didn’t get any time to talk with him.  I had worried that I’d missed his move to Colorado already as he hadn’t been at any recent workouts I’ve been at.
  • Damascus, Turn Buckle, and Legalized all did stuff at Mash.  Small Mash group today but it looked like they worked hard.
  • Still getting to know Bypass and Schnitzel but they both pushed hard today.  Bypass almost took me out of the dark hill triple nickel.  Thanks for jumping out of the way at the last minute….I never saw you.


  • Prayers for Cash’s family
  • Blood Drive – sign up.  We are a month out and we don’t have enough to even hold the event yet!  Yes, I’m talking to you…get out of this back blast and go sign up at:    Scroll down to American Legion Post on 10/17 and sign up.
  • Christ Closet needs volunteers to help get bins down, clothes folded, and given away on Thursdays.  See Shop Dawg, Turn Buckle, or another CC’er.
  • If you looked at 300 Merkins and thought this is stupid, come see me at Blackhawk this Saturday at Walnut Creek Park at 6:30.  We will do stupid stuff, but it will be less stupid than 300 Merkins.

It’s Good To Be Home

Commitment @ Weddington HS was my first post almost 3 years ago.  I can’t tell you the exact time but I’m pretty sure it was in September.  Unlike most pax, I brought myself to F3.  Snowflake was the Q that day and it was just hard enough of a beat down to want me to come back for more.  Unfortunately Doc McStuffins was my second Q and he almost broke me…but I digress….

Saturday workouts was where I met my fellow Clydesdale bretheren of Posse, Popeye, Run Flat, Finch, Dough Boy, Jingles and a host of other good dudes.  Its where I also learned to hate seeing certain gazelle names on Q (Transporter, Hollywood, Doc, and Dasher just to name a few).  The call came from Posse during a Q Swap conversation that he would finally allow me to come out to lead (after several pokes and hints that I had never Q’ed there and would love to).

I had a great plan in the works for months, but it was tamped down when Posse told me the gate by the bricks had been locked for some time.  I arrive early and decide to dart down the gravel path in hopes that someone forgot to lock the gate, and much to my delight, I see it wide open.  Much like a kid in a candy store, I’m beaming with delight as I text Posse “Gates Open!” with a huge gif grin.  Posse arrives and we start worrying that it may be all for not.  Its just he and I in the parking lot with 5 minutes to go….then the cavalry arrives…car after car starts streaming in.  Wait, is that Yella?!  Heck yeah!  Wait, if Yellah is here then Radar must be coming (because apparently neither can post without the other one?!).  Yup, here comes Radar!  SANTA! for those that were lucky enough to be there at the original watchtower that crisp winter day before Christmas for his VQ.

Alright, enough reminiscing, DiCCS given, lets go.



Run up the hill to the top of the street.

  • Jimmy Duggans
  • Downward Dog
  • Calf Stretch

Mosey back down to the front entrance parking lot.



Paula Abduls (Sorry Posse and Chastain who got round two of these from yesterday).  I changed it up slightly with 10 Merkins forward, 10 In/Outs backwards up to 50 total for less bear crawls.  Apparently Chastain would rather do less reps and more bear crawls to get to 50.  I got to 40 and saw almost everyone on their knees and Chastain chirping in my ear that this sucks so I decided that was enough.

Mosey by the football fields (Posse chirping that this would be the last homecoming since I was going to get us thrown off campus) towards the practice fields only to find the gate lock.  Posse jumped in with “I thought you scouted and said the gates were open”.  No, I said THE gate was open.  Had no idea they closed off the practice field too.  What the hell?  Audible to a longer run to a different cross country trail that would get us to where we needed.  Pop out by the High School parking lot.  Stop along the way for collector squats to allow the 6 to catch up.  Posse starts giving me a hard time that this is basically a ten count.  (I will use that against him later).

On Monday Mad Dog did a tip of the hat to OG Delta and his serpentine of Doom.  I decided to one up him and take the pax back to the original serpentine of Doom.   Alternating 10 dry docks and 10 in/outs at every speed bump.  I “think” there were 10 speed bumps.  It might have been 8.

We ended up down by the rock pile (but can you really call it a rock pile when there is 100 yards worth of rocks).  Pick out a heavy lifting rock for 20 curls.  Rocks down, run 50 yards to other staircase where we picked up another rock for 20 overhead presses (where apparently I wasn’t getting my rock down low enough according to posse? – are you catching a theme here?  Posse was a gnat in my ear all morning).  I then advised the pax that that was just practice, and we would repeat that set of 20 curls, run, 20 presses 3 times.  Chastain protested that we had already done a round.  Damn, am I going to have 2 gnats today?  Overruled.  3 rounds + practice round = 80 curls and 80 presses.  Rocks up.  By the way, this was a tip of the cap to a Dough Boy workout there about 2 years ago that included a lot more curls than 80 with runs in between and left my biceps sore for a week.

Mosey to benches under the cover by the buses.  Posse already knows whats coming as he calls it “My specialty” and starts complaining.  Partner up.  P1 does up and overs on the benches.  P2 runs the bus loop.  Do that 2 rounds.

While we are there – 50 dips (More chirping from Posse).

Run to the front of the school and grab curb for 50 toe taps.  Take in all that is the original Commitment COT.  The air really feels fresher right there.  Ok, back to the workout…

Mosey down to the side of the high school for 50 more toe taps.  Then off through the cross country trail, over the creek, and up to the brick pile.  I ask Posse for a collector 10 count and you would think I just told him I backed his car into a river – with the windows open.  Chastain saved him and suggested squats and started counting them.

Over at the bricks, the chirping continued when I found we had two options on bricks – one that was too small (roughly 5 lbs) and one that was too big (roughly 15 lbs).  Of course Posse had something to say.  Grab the small brick for 25 rear flies, 25 tricep kick backs.  Repeat those two again.  Bricks down, pick up the big bricks for 25 Rows.  Had thought we may do some more presses here but a lady walking her dog spooked me….that and I wasn’t sure how much longer it would take us to get back.

Mosey to back of the baseball fields where the gravel road starts (confirm gate is still open).  Ask pax “Would you rather do something that is really going to suck.  Like, your going to hate me for making you do it and hate yourselves for choosing it….or run back to COT for Mary exercises.  Posse – “The sucky one”.  Anyone else?  Please!  Radar what do you want?  Radar – “I guess the one that sucks?”.  Damn it.  Ok.  Run down the hill and back up around each tree.  There are 7 trees.  Lets go.  I slip going down the first time and decide this is stupid and someone is going to get hurt.  Audible.  Run to the gate, collector squats.  Run to the front road.  Collector SquatsRun to the entrance of the school.  Indian Run to the entrance of the school.  Collector squats.  10 Wide Arm Merkins.  That was fun, lets do some more.  10 Ranger Merkins (with more chipping from Posse).  Mosey back to front parking lot with about 5 minutes left.

4 Corner Sprints.  Walk short stretches on the end.  Sprint the long stretches on the sides.  2 rounds which equaled 4 sprints.

About 2 minutes left.  Would you rather, do more merkins or do dry docks.  “Dry Docks”.  15 Dry docks, 10 Dry docks, 5 slow count dry docks.

About 30 Seconds.  T claps while we walk to the Mashers about 40 yards away.  I can faintly hear Posse still chirping something about T Claps not being allowed.  Reach Mashers right on time as they are finishing dips.



  • It was great to be back where it all started.  I had this Winkie planned from the moment Homecoming was announced as a new site.   It only took Posse 8 months to finally invite me.  I gave him 2 months to get who he wanted out of the way, then I made subtle jabs about how I had a great workout planned….still no invite.  Apparently all it took was 8 months in and a suggested swap Q with Chiseled to get him to graciously force him to ask me to Q Homecoming.
  • I was worried about time and how much I could get done at the high school before heading back to the middle school.  I would have loved to have gotten a third round for the partnered up and overs on the benches.  I also had a little devil on my shoulder that wanted to drag the pax over to Dough Boy’s supine railings but I knew I would be over time if I did.  That would have also have taken me past a certain hill which I ultimately decided wouldn’t be good.  I  still have nightmares about that hill where Doc broke my spirit with 11’s on the hill with burpees at the bottom and merkins at the top.  I think I left part of my soul on Burpee 10 there and I’ve never wanted to return to collect it.
  • Posse was extra chipper today.  Perhaps because I called him out in my Diesel backblast yesterday.  It was like a gnat in my ear.  At first its just a little noise.  Then it becomes a slight annoyance.  By the end I was ready to tell him to shove the big brick where the sun doesn’t shine.  It was all in good fun.  Once we circled up in COT I found it funny.
  • Chastain was no help and only egged Posse on.
    • We (Posse and I) attempted to see with our own eyes the weird running form mentioned in Zinfandel’s back blast but it wasn’t as weird as I was hoping.  More like an old school full back looking to take the head off a line backer in the hole.  Which I guess is kinda weird considering Chastain weights about a buck 60 and would never be mistaken for a full back.
  • Radar put in some hard work today.  Always love having him at workouts and wish he would post more in Waxhaw.  SANTA!  I will never forget carrying around Santa’s Sack that day of your VQ.
  • Yella questioning what Posse’s problem was when it was just him and I doing up and over’s.  I clued him in on the joke that Posse was attempting to play, but really missed a chance to turn the joke around on Posse and have Yella call him out.  With Yella in the Parkwood HS area, we pushed him at coffeteria to get out to the 87th worst site in Waxhaw.
  • Mashers included Recalc and Legalized led by Centerfold.  Must have been a good workout based on the chatter in the Mash Channel.
  • Recalc not letting an injured knee keep him from posting mashed and got stronger today.  For some reason, he also enjoys giving Posse a hard time about his knees always being dirty post workouts.  I should have let the onslaught continue based on hearing Posse poke me for an hour, but jumped in and reminded Recalc that between the two of them, only Posse had two good knees currently.
  • Early Picture for Cash.  4 of the 8 remembered to wear black.
  • Coffeteria at Chick Fil A where we discussed Soda distribution channels, the over bought stock market and whether now is a time to reposition portfolio’s before spikes and closures at colleges and schools, and turned the screws on Yella to come out more often.
  • Just finished F3 Dads so I’m soaking wet from water balloons/guns and full from doughnuts.  Great job leading by Drive By.  Zinfandel with a supreme life hack using a blower to gather all the water balloon chards into a pile.
  • I don’t do much right, but I can write a long ass back blast….they may not be good, but I vow to write the longest of backblasts possible.
    • I’m Out.  Enjoy your weekend.  Good luck to those of us with kids as we navigate the upcoming start of school



  • Blood Drive.  Link went live this morning.  TB to post soon.  They started us with 93 slots.  Yes you read that right….get to work helping TB and Rudy get them filled up!
  • 1 year Launchvergence.  3 options – MASH, Boot Camp, 5K.  Labor Day Weekend.
  • Keep Cash in your prayers form F3TheFort.

This Isn’t Mash

So I reached out to Chastain to see if we wanted to Q Chiseled and he said sure, if we did a swap Q and I Q’ed Diesel.  Deal.  I decided after hearing Thursday that Mash outnumbered the Body Shop Pax that perhaps the Mash numbers were getting too high and we needed to remind the pax that Diesel isn’t Mash.  Having said that, I may not be asked back to lead Diesel.  Here’s how bad it sucked…


  • 20 Mountain Climbers (with a wimper from a pax, “Oh that’s how we are going to start?  We’re just going to jump right into mountain climbers?”).
  • Downward Dog
  • 10 Dry Docks
  • Calf Stretch (Hadn’t planned on it since there is no running at Diesel, but I asked and a Pax wanted it so we did it).
  • 10 Side Straddle Block Jump Squats
  • Grab your block to assist with Jimmy Duggans.
  • 10 more Side Straddle Block Jump Squats.


Mosey fast walk while doing T Claps over head just so we are doing something more than walking to the first island for Paula Abdules.  Bear Crawl up 2 parking spaces for 5 Merkins and Crawl Bear back 1 parking space for 5 In/Outs.  The plan was to do this 10 parking spaces up for a total of 50 Merkins.   Based on how much I was sweating after 5 spaces and the complaining I was hearing, I wasn’t sure we would make it….but I was determined to push forward so we did.

Circle back up for 11’s with your Coupon.  10 Presses and 1 hold down to 1 press and 10 hold (Yes, I just did this at Commitment…there is a news clip with video proof).

Grab Dumbbells for 4 Corners.  Walk between corners with dumbbells held over your head.

  • Corner 1: 20 Front Raises.  Walk to next corner with dumbbells overhead.
  • Corner 2: 20 Side Raises (lots of complaining so I audibled to 15 here).  Walk dumbbells overhead.
  • Corner 3: 20 Reverse Flies (no audible on count even though pax requested it).  Walk dumbbells overhead.
  • Corner 4: 10 Combo.  Front Raise/Side Raise/Reverse Fly.  Walk dumbells overhead back to start.

Lots of pax complaining about the amount of shoulder work.  Got it.  I will cross the 100 Dry Docks off the list (kidding, or am I?).

25 coupon curls followed by 25 dumbbell curls.  Had planned to repeat but was running out of time and had a few more tricks up my sleeve and it seems like the go to at gear sites is Curls so if I’m going to skip something, lets skip curls.

3 sets of 20 dumbbell tricep kick backs & 20 dips

Line up on curb with block on the curb.  Pax did foot release squats on the coupons while taking turns doing wheelbarrow walk with feet on two 10 pound plates.  This was a crowd favorite.  Saw some pax standing around, thought they were board so I threw in some 1 legged lunges to break up the monotony.

100 Coupon Chest Presses and 50 Side Straddle Block Jump Squats broken out into 3 sets (how ever many reps you wanted to break it).  Yes, I realize 3 doesn’t go into 100 and 50 evenly.  That was by design and it started some lively conversation of how many reps each pax was going to do each set.  Showing the wizardry of a business degree from NC State, I indicated I would be doing 25, 20, and what ever was left of the jumps.  Site Q’s Chastain and Brutus were quick to pile on.

5 minutes left…what to do, what to do….lets do the wheelbarrow thing again, lots of complaints on that earlier.  1 Pax wheelbarrows while the rest do the following:

Coupon overhead press

Dumbbell curls

Tricep kick back

Brutus begging for 6:15 to get here and is gleeful when it hits…except 2 pax hadn’t completed the wheelbarrow.  KEEP GOING!  I wish I captured the disappointment in Brutus’ eyes.  Finished out at 6:15:35 (I don’t have a second counter on my watch so no clue, but it was definitely not 6:16 – take that Hooch!).



  • Thanks for roping me into Q Chastain.  I tend to lean towards Impromptu/Swarm on Friday’s to get the running in opting only for Diesel if I wasn’t able to get my lifting in from Chiseled.  The extra 15 minutes added to Diesel allows some fun extra work.  Chastain threatened his revenge as his Chiseled Q in September.  Make sure to attend to see if he whips me.
  • A couple pax apparently don’t like the extra 15 minutes as they have defiantly showed up at 5:30 instead of 5:15.  I had hoped to save the difficult stuff for them when they arrived, but alas we were already done with Paula Abdules when Legalized and Centerfold showed.
  • Sledge was quiet but worked hard today.  No complaining even though I gave plenty of reason to.
  • Baklava killed the wheelbarrow today.  Dude was moving.  He’s another no complainer, head down, and work guy. (I’m an oxford comma guy).
  • Turn Buckle put some good work in to what I would consider a harder workout.  Some new moves that required muscle strength and positions he hadn’t done before.  No complaints from him.  He tried to do everything even if his body physically wouldn’t allow it.  Keep pushing forward.
  • The chatter started out strong today, but I think I broke some of the pax with the Paula Abdules.  That being said, I’m not sure a dirty sock and duck tape can keep Brutus from talking.  The jabbering conversation kept the monotony of the quiet air at bay (Chastain, add make sure your speaker is charged to the Q school documents).
  • Legalized showed up late and parked as far away as he could while we were doing bear crawls.  Which is interesting since he should have handicap parking access with his foot.  Was it because he was avoiding us?  Did he need the long walk as an excuse to not join us?  Did the edibles having him feeling light on his feet?  No one knows.
  • Centerfold getting back into the fray after an extended vacation and apparently itching to paint some more blocks.
  • Posse has gone from Q whisperer and Q school leader to “lets see how much I can distract and question the Q”.  I’m thinking we may need to rename him Needler if this keeps up.  Quotes from Posse this morning:
    • “We’re starting with Mountain Climbers?  Really?”
    • “I think 20 is too much”
    • “Interesting that your able to work your neck also while doing curls Fuse.”
    • “Wow, squats for 10 minutes is so much fun!”
  • I had planned a completely no touching Q, and both Brutus and Posse completely ruined it when they picked up the 10 lbs plates to mistakenly walk them back.  All other pax correctly only touched plates with their feet so if there is a Diesel Corona Virus outbreak, only Posse and Brutus are in the cross hairs.
  • Longing to get back to using gear.  I had originally thought about using hair burners as the timer but thats out due to Covid (Was Bottle Cap really going to do hairburners as Cerberus???).  Next option was the wheelbarrows which worked out pretty good.
    • We now have two tires on site at Five Stones and I really wanted to use them in a relay race today…but ultimately decided with Covid it was too risky.  There’s also a long fire hose on site that is great for power runs (don’t you sneak over and steal it Waxhaw Express).  So many other gear things I want to get back to doing…..hopefully soon.



  • 2nd blood drive in October.  Sign up sheet going live soon.  Charleston currently has 45 pax signed up 1 week into recruitment.   SOB/Area 51 combined drive is gunning for us.  Lets make number 2 bigger than the first.  Reach out to Turnbuckle or Rudy if interested in helping.
  • Cash from The Fort (Fort Mill/Tega Cay area) has terminal cancer.  The Fort has asked that pax wear all black when posting tomorrow and take the fort in the COT photo with the hashtag #CASH.
  • I’ve got Homecoming tomorrow (another q swap with Posse).  I can’t wait to see what hell Posse gives me tomorrow.  Perhaps I will open with burpees and a mile run to shut him up.
  • Deep Dish has his VQ over at Homecoming.
  • No one knows what that lawless AO in SC has in store for tomorrow, but I did finally put two and two together that Atlas’ daughter and my daughter have been on the same softball teams since the spring so there’s that.
  • Carb Load’s daughters Batmispa (Southern boy spelling) is happening….oh, now.  No need to announce I guess.