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War Games

Some Q’s just stick with you. Some because they are hard, others because they are impactful. One in particular led by Jingles over a year ago has stuck with me. While at Weddington for Watchtower, Jingles took us near the track and pulled out a deck of cards. One at at time he turned over a card that corresponded with a certain exercise. I don’t remember the all the exercises, but it was something like Hearts are Pushups, Spades are Squats…and so on. The one thing I do remember is Aces were a lap around the track and I hated them. We also got delt a Jack, 9, and Queen back to back to back that resulted in 29 straight push ups. After the workout was over, I was spent…..and we didn’t move from a single spot with the exception of the aces lap around the track.

I found it to be a great Q. Simple, yet effective. And its been nagging at me ever since, how could I take that great idea, and build upon it. Make it better. Make it competitive. What if the Q didn’t deal, but the pax did. What if the pax were competing against each other…..and then it struck me while playing the card game War with my daughter…..we need to play WAR!

So with that in mind, I split the pax into two teams. Ability, size, strength; none of that mattered. Each person on the team was given a role. One was the dealer, one was the winning card collector, and the rest of the pax were given “running pax” titles. It was their job to determine if their team won, where the group was running to next.

Here are the rules and what each card exercises were:

2Merkins2Jump Squats2Dry Docks2Burpees
3Merkins3Jump Squats3Dry Docks3Burpees
4Merkins4Jump Squats4Dry Docks4Burpees
5Merkins5Jump Squats5Dry Docks5Burpees
6Merkins6Jump Squats6Dry Docks6Burpees
7Merkins7Jump Squats7Dry Docks7Burpees
8Merkins8Jump Squats8Dry Docks8Burpees
9Merkins9Jump Squats9Dry Docks9Burpees
10Merkins10Jump Squats10Dry Docks10Burpees
J30 Gas Pumpers + 30 LBC’sJ30 Gas Pumpers + 30 LBC’sJ30 Gas Pumpers + 30 LBC’sJ30 Gas Pumpers + 30 LBC’s
QFour 50 Yard SprintsQFour 50 Yard SprintsQFour 50 Yard SprintsQFour 50 Yard Sprints
K20 In/OutsK20 In/OutsK20 In/OutsK20 In/Outs
ARun 1/4 MileARun 1/4 MileARun 1/4 MileARun 1/4 Mile
JokerPartner Push & PullsJokerPartner Push & PullsJokerPartner Push & PullsJokerPartner Push & Pulls
Same card number, you do both excercises as a triple nickel.
Same card suit, you double the reps of the higher card.
Same color card, you do both excercises.
1/8 mile run in between cards.
Team with most cards at end decides fate of losing team.  Exercise count not to exceed 20 reps.


Lots of lessons learned today. I thought adding a competitive flair would spice things up. But there was really no competition. As Chipolte pointed out several times.

Speaking of Chipolte, he seemed extra ornery today. Several times asking if it mattered that we turned over cards – lets just do some exercises and run. Perhaps not the best person to ask to deal for our team.

Another lesson learned – maybe best to have waited to do this Q when it was warmer. The gloves slowed the dealing down.

I expected more exercises, but it ended up being run heavy. Jingles Q left me sore. This Q just left me tired. Perhaps the next pax can take off from this and improve upon it some more.

The triple nickel sounded good on paper, but the only two times we had “war” (Same card dealt), it was running cards (Aces and Jokers). I had to modify to add some body weight moves in.

Posse showed up 15 minutes late (as usual for Asylum). I’m beginning to think his alarm clock doesn’t have the ability to set an alarm before 5:15.

Thanks to the pax that showed up today and stuck with me. I wanted to try something new and often times new means lots of explanation (not my strong suit) and bugs to be worked out.

Also, thanks to Jingles for that first Q over a year ago that got my wheels spinning.

I’ve got another workout in my head I’ve been wanting to try that combines can jam and ultimate frisbee with cinderblocks (goalee). Anyone with a can jam set want to co-Q with me?

Flu SubstiQ

Apparently a certain pax missed the post that Target will pay you (yes, PAY YOU) $5 to come get a flu shot. I received a text from Carb Load yesterday afternoon saying he had come down with Flu like symptoms and needed to bow out of today’s Q (Hope you feel better Carb). With Rudy recently Substi Q’ing for triple B (bad back banjo), and the likelyhood of Banjo getting out of bed in below freezing temps unlikely, I figured it was my time to step up and take the helm.

I arrive early having planned nothing. I sat in my car by myself in a daze contemplating if anyone will show….thinking of how depressing the COT pic would be with just one person in it…..then, all of a sudden a car. Wait, its just Rudy dropping off the site flag before he bolts to Dromedary. Maybe no one will show……Wait, another car. Dough boy to save the day! Oh no….I’ve sat in my warm car contemplating if anyone will show instead of planning the wienke….ok quick….what can I do….Another car, and another, and another. 5 brave souls in all showed in this 26 degree weather. I had to make it worth there time for fighting and winning against the fart sack monster (I heard today was an especially tough battle). I also wanted to keep us warm…so with that…disclaimer and we are off.


Hot lap around the parking lot stopping along the way for exercises that I knew would get the blood flowing. 15 Jump Squats. 20 Toe Taps. Keep running to the cinder block pile. Grab a block and hold it over your head while you lunge walk towards my car. Seemed closer when we were running there but when you are lunge walking, all of a sudden it seemed really far. Modify half way to cars with curls.


Press and hold 11’s. 10 presses and 1 hold. 9 and 2. Down to 1 press and 10 hold. This burnt the shoulders up quite well.

Cinderblocks on the curb for foot release squats. The 2 inches of curb along with the 6″ of cinderblock makes for just the right height for this. you legs go slightly below parallel so you get a good burn on the up.

It was at this time that I realized the sweat we built up was starting to ice over. Time to get moving. Hot lap around the parking lot.

Back to Cinderblocks for AMRAP. 10 Curls. 10 Presses. 10 Sumo Squats. 10 Bent Over Rows. Hot lap. As may as you could do in 10 minutes. Surprisingly (to me anyways) Doughboy led the pack with Ricky Bobby quickly on his heels. Draper still recovering from Plantar Faciatis cussed me silently from the rear having to run on the still tender foot. But little did he know, I can read minds so I heard everything (Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?).

Grabbed some weights out of the car for some circuits.

Circuit 1: Curls w 27lb bar. Cinderblock squat jump. Curls with 25 lb dumbbells. Cinderblock foot release squat. Hammer Curl with 30 lb dumbbell. Double Cinderblock lunge walk for the timer (also secretly knew this was going to be a forearm burner)

Circuit 2: 27lb bar press. Cinderblock Row. 25 lb Dumbell press. Cinderblock row. 30 lb dumbell press (yikes). I think we all felt the 30 lb press. Timer was when both rowers hit 20 reps.

Getting cold. Hot lap. Cars coming in for bible study…modify to shorter lap to stay away from cars but do it twice to get same distance. (Ok ok ok, I get it Draper).

Circuit 3: Upright row with 27 lb bar. Cinderblock swings. Upright row with 25 lb dumbell. Cinderblock swings. Upright row with 35 lb keddle bell.

10 minutes left. My mind went blank. What do we do. What do I do….hmmm, I will do what any good Q does…. “Hey pax, do you have a body part you really want to work out?” Ricky Bobby “Abs” Really? Abs. Q overide. Hell no. Its 26 degrees and I don’t want to lay on the cold ground…not to mention Foundation tried his best to reenact the Alien movie on me yesterday at his Q (You know where the alien comes out of the guys stomach – at least that’s what my abs felt like during the final 3 minutes). Dough Boy “Calves”. Calves? I mean, ok…better than laying on the ground. Jack Webb ladder….presses for the 1 and curb calf raise for the 4. Finished with about 2 minutes to go.

Head towards transformer with your blocks and do your favorite exercise. Apparently the pax really love curls. I did a mix of curls and tried doing some overhead tricep presses but learned that’s not easy to do with cinderblocks. Jog back to car just in time for 6:15.


Thanks to those that braved the elements and came out today. If you layer up, its really not that bad. I suggest two layers for legs, feet, and arms. A good pair of thick gloves and a toboggan. I really never got cold today….which is saying something considering we were stationary lifting cold metal weights and cinderblocks for most of the Q. Don’t be a pansy. Dress appropriately and get out to the workouts.

Thanks for Dough Boy for being the first to arrive and jog me out of my day dreaming state to actually start planning.

Chainsaw rolling in with style. We were all impressed until we heard it was his wifes car and he only had it as he was told she needed gas and it was too cold for her to get out to get it.

Cinderblocks were frozen together….that’s a first. Thanks to Dough Boy for stepping in and quickly prying them apart. I was just standing there staring at them thinking my heat vision would magically warm them up.

Until next time….Fuse Box out.

The Wobble


Quick Mosey to the round about with Gazelles returning for the 6 in suicide fashion. Group up at round about and go again for the corner of the Target parking lot with Gazelles returning for the 6 again.

Circle up for:

10 Atomic T Merkins

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 Potato Pickers Jimmy Duggans


Parking lot Suicides. Start with 5 Merkins on the out and go up by 5 until you reach 20 Merkins. On the return 10 In/Outs. Beat the Q challenge. For everyone I beat, group does 10 Dry docks. We did 10.

Another round of parking lot suicides except no exercise this time. 10 more dry docks as punishment – we did 10.

Mosey back to start for a “circuit”. Partner up. 4 Stations: Curls w 27lb bar, Crawl bear up hill, Military Press with 25 or 30 lb dumbells, run straight away, Bent over tricep extension with light dumbells, bear crawl down hill, 5 each leg of 1 legged lunge, 1 legged step up, run straight away. Stay at station until next group arrives (progressive shift). Had planned on two rounds but ran out of time so we did 1 round.

Same partners. Partner 1 Run lap. Partner 2 exercise. 100 foot release squats. 100 50 each leg berishnicoffs. Hats off to Blue Screen and Posse for completing. Less than a minute left…..wall squats again until time.


Good push out of Big Tuna today. He was consistently up front.

Shop Dawg pushed hard on the suicides and beat me the second time.

No site Q’s in attendance. I will assume work had them outside the 28173 zip code.

I think Smokey left something. Swimmers in a full on sprint couldn’t catch him so I guess Swimmers gained something…I don’t know what.


Nov 9th CSUP’s Vagabond and Shop Dawg led West Side Wallop (Christ Closet).

Collecting toys for Christ Closet

Keep ‘Em High

17 guys joined me at the 3 headed dog for a high heart rate workout.

When Swimmers extended the invitation I knew I needed to bring a good workout today. Something that would make my boys proud down on the long and bumpy wagon road ride to Waxhaw. Most that know me know my disdain for running and that I often preach that there are other ways to get the heart rate high than running. So with all that in mind…here is what we did.

I knew swimmers would be there, but I wasn’t sure who else from Waxhaw might answer the Bat Call to come join me. I was presently surprised to see Rubbermaid this morning – and to no ones surprise, he also helped with unloading Christ Closet last night (#HIM). Big Tuna and Chipolte also there early to apparently study my solo stretching techniques before getting out of the car to join me. Shop Dawg coming in hot on Jingles time (speaking of, where has Jingles been). Love me some Shop Dawg.

DICCS given at 5:29. It was a short Diccs and had just enough time for an awkward silence before 5:30 hit to which I asked for someones best joke. Either no one in the group is a comedian (which I know isn’t the case as the PDS’s crew was there) or no one had an F3 appropriate joke. Before I could tell one – 5:30 hit…lets roll.


Mosey past the gladiator workout. Point and snicker as you past was a requirement. Circle up near Taziki’s (love that place – crushed ice on point) for deconstructed burpee ladder. Starting with 10 reps and going down to 1. Squats, In/Outs, Merkins, and Bobby Hurleys. Yes, this was a recycle from my recent Q at commitment – but maybe one other guy was there today and that day so its ok.

Short mosey to the top of the parking lot to find roughly 10 parking spots in a row for a pulse merkin/bear craw fun show. Bear craw one spot, 1 pulse merkin, bear crawl to second parking spot for 2 pulse Merkins. Go until you collapse which for most, having just done 55 merkins during deconstructed burpees, appeared to happen around the 7 mark. I called a recover.

Mosey behind Taziki’s for supine ladders. 10 down to 1. In my head I had the above taking us about 30 minutes…..I was wrong. We were only 15 minutes in….Great!!! I get to use the full Winkie today instead of cutting it short.

Mosey past Whole Foods and split into two teams for a “race”. 5 benches line both sides of the street. One at a time do 10 up in overs covering all 4 benches for a total of 40. While you wait, perform a cardio exercise. I called out In/Outs, but switched to jump squats halfway through.

My team lost by a hair – though based on a comment from One Star a have a suspicion that they had an Ace up their sleeve that they may have played. Either way, my team for 5 burpee penalty. To my surprise, the other team joined in – apparently feeling guilty from cheating winning.

Time to play a game me and the wife do in the bedroom (Hey Oh!). One Star without missing a beat asking if it was Just the Tip (Nice). Would you rather: Run the stairs or do a .3 mile lap with pain stations. To my surprise, the answer was stairs. My legs were already feeling it from the earlier work so I was shocked to hear the rest of the pax wanted more leg work….but ok…here we go.

Mosey to parking deck stairs. Wall sit at the top waiting on the 6. Once 6 was there everyone in wall sit with wall hand slaps for a 30 cadence count. I tried giving up the counting around 18, but the pax apparently thought it was a joke….oh no, I’m tired…someone else count. Swimmers finally caught wind and picked up around 22 (thank you).

I was concerned about the effort on the way up the first round so I split the group into two teams again and once again we raced up different stairways with burpees again as the penalty. Again to my surprise the winning team joined in on burpees.

Wall sit/slap for another 30. Rinse and repeat for a last (third) time.

Mosey over to other side of Porterhouse for the .3 mile loops. 5 Big boy sits ups at corner, 10 jump squats at round-a-bout, 15 gas pumpers and second round-a-bout. Repeat as many times as you can in the final 10 minutes. Clydesdales got two rounds. Most Gazelles got in 3. Jailbreak back to the start. Finito


Its always fun to get outside of the comfort zone from time to time to meet new people. This was only my third (maybe 4th) time at Cerberus, but it really is a great AO with lots to do as well as a great concept of bringing 3 regions together.

When I do get around other regions I realize the Waxhaw COT is slightly different with us going Hospital Name, Age, F3 Name while other regions go Hospital name, F3 Name, age. It really screws with my repeating the name back since I’m use to repeating the last thing I hear. The name-o-rama video I took today has a lot of me repeating ages. While I fully am aware Waxhaw is likely doing it wrong….I do think the way we do it makes more sense….for what its worth (and thats absolutely nothing).

Good to put a face with a name today with Alf. His wife and daughter have been taking my wife’s classes at the YMCA and I keep hearing about another F3 guy from my wife. I had heard the name Alf inside the F3 community for awhile but our paths hadn’t crossed yet. Hopefully I made my wife proud and you can tell your wife the husband is just as hard??? (probably not).

Big push out of the Clydesdales today. Not to many long runs (until the end) but enough work to keep the heart rates high. Clydesdales got in about 2.2 miles in. Gazelles likely got in 2.5

Ever since we lost Weddington HS as a site (old man fist shake at the AD), I’ve missed doing supines. I was able to find some rails today to take it back to the ole Weddington days of Supine ladders. I forgot how much those hurt and I’m looking forward to a sore upper back tomorrow (in a good way).

Love having some good mumble chatter at workouts and the PDS guys didn’t disappoint. Always enjoy having them at workouts.


2 CSUP events coming up on Nov 9th.

VAGABOND – starts at Hickory Tavern near Rea Farms. 13 miles with stops at sites along with way for 15 min boot camps. For the Clyesdales, if you dare to try it, may I recommend lots of runners glide and Vaseline.

West Side (Wallop?) I forgot the name Shop used today but it was good. 6 miles with BBQ and Christ Closet give away.

“Stay Together” – Rev. Al Green

Today’s Q was lightly modeled after the great Reverend Al Green’s song “Lets Stay Together”. I highly recommend playing that in the background as you read this…not because any of this backblast is timed (like Far side of the moon and wizard of oz), but mainly because I find that if you play this loud enough for the M to hear, things tends to work out well. (Oh, you didn’t know white boys can have a little soul too?!)

So I put out on GroupMe that today I would attempt to allow the Gazelles enough room to roam for 3 miles while also giving the Clydesdale’s enough pain stations to tune the muscles up. I “think” both were achieved though I never heard a final mileage count from a Gazelle.


Gazelles run long way around the school. Clydesdale run short way around school. When a Gazelle tags a Clydesdale, 180 around and run back to the 6. This seemed to work out pretty well as most everyone converged as the 6 was entering the Kensington parking lot. Circle up in the middle.

Deconstructed Burpee Ladder. Staring with 10 and working down to 1. Squats, Merkins, In/Outs, and Bobby Hurleys. Somewhere as we were going around the circle having different pax lead counts, the Bobby Hurley counts became “on my touch”. That greatly concerned and stressed out Recalculating (which made me smile internally). Any time we can get the grouch/grumpy old man to come out of Recalculating, it warms my heart a little much like the Grinch.


Run a 5k in under 30 minutes – take long way around the school towards the bus lot, around the school and back to the bus lot. Run a 5k in 30-40 minutes, hot lap around the parking lot then to the bus lot. 5k in over 40 minutes – head straight to the bus lot. Last person to reach causes that group 20 jump squats. Q Fail, Pax Fail, Everyone Fail. T claps to the few that did this right (Posse and a couple gazelles, Turnbuckle, Radar, and myself. The rest of the clydesdales went straight to the bus lot and half the gazelles did half lap around the school. Normally I would blame you and say you can’t follow directions…but Popeye approached me afterwards and confirmed that the directions were a little confusing….ok we can all share the blame. Since we all failed – we all did 20 jump squats.

Partner up with opposite abilities (gazelles & clydesdales). P1 does 15 merkins and supermans until tagged out. P2 runs to pull up bars for 10 jumping pull ups. 3 sets.

P1 does 5 big boy sit ups and 10 gas pumpers. P2 runs to pull up bars for 10 jumping pull ups. 3 sets.

P1 does inch worm dry docks towards the pull up bars. P2 runs to pull up bars for 10 jumping pull ups. 3 sets.

90 jumping pull ups. Asked every pax to finish 10 full pull ups to complete the 100. Yes, every pax. That includes our new FNG 2.0 Velvetta J16 as well as Turnbuckle. Velvetta J16 got help from pax getting his 10. Turnbuckle attemped to slide out of the pull ups saying he couldn’t do them….oh no…..everyone is getting 10 in. 4 pax come over to help turnbuckle knock his 10 out. He later said it was the first time he had done pull ups since he was his sons age. Awesome job.

Progressive Corners with Deconstructed Burpees. Race the Q Challenge. Ran out of time so skipped it.

Meet at the rock pile circling back for 6 along the way. Turnbuckle digging down deep to keep the pace a mosey and not a walk.

Partner with someone your same size and grab 1 lifting rock per team. (Damn it Popeye, rock not boulder). P1 Curls. P2: Gazelles run to the last (2nd) neighborhood road and back. Clydesales run to the 1st neighborhood road and back. 2 sets.

P1 Tricep overhead extension. P2 Run. Ran out of time. Skip it.

P1. Overhead Press. P2 Run. Ran out of time. Skip it.

P1. Row. P2 Run. 20 Tricep Dips as the timer. Go until time runs out (roughly 3 sets).

Put rocks up. Jailbreak to start, 1 burpee, come back for the 6. Repeat jailbreak burpees until 6 is in. Time.


Great turn out today. Even better once I realized there were 4-5 guys who ran the trail on their own and another 4 guys who went to scout a new location at Weddington Middle. I “think” that puts us at a final count of 27? (19 at Commitment. 4? Trail Runners – Deadwood, Hazmat, Deadwood’s brother? – didn’t catch his name. 4 at Weddington).

Rubbermaid found us halfway through the pull ups after running 4 miles on the trail.

The fact that my back sweat stain resembled mickey mouse ears was a hot topic today and noticed by two different pax.

The pull ups took longer than I had hoped causing me to remove the progressive 5 corners I had planned (and where some significant mileage was supposed to come in at). Maybe next time. We probably did enough deconstructed burpees during the warm up. I doubt the pax felt they were cheated.

Turnbuckle brought his 2.0 out. Named Velvetta because he likes Mac and Cheese J16 from his gaming name. Good work today from that young man (6 years old). Solid work running and several pull ups in today.

Posse, the ever present 6 whisperer was out pushing men to get better today and leading by example with the 2.0. Several times correcting form and taking the time to show the fng 2.0 the proper way. As a Q trying to remember the workout in his head, keep the group together, and do my own workout, it really helps to have other men step up and help the 2.0’s. Thanks Posse.

Great job by Turnbuckle turn the walking into moseying today. I told him not to be mad at me for pushing him, but that he could walk on his own and that while he is with us, he should push to run when possible. He stepped up to that challenge today.

That’s all I got. Hopefully you are not still reading this and the Reverend has your wife asking you to put down the phone. If not, play it on loop until she does. Have a good day gentlemen. I’m off to have a boys morning with my 3 year old and cheer the Pack on.

Sadism and Masochism

Why this title? For a gear workout none the less? Because today we felt the burn and enjoyed it (Enter joke here).

11 guys got scared off from a second Hollywood Q this week. thought they needed to get a little extra tone just in case their wives decided not to fake a head ache tonight. decided they needed to get pumped up heading into the weekend.

Yesterday as I sat at the ball field waiting for my daughters baseball game to start, I checked who was on Q. I had planned to do Impromtu to get a little extra running in, then I saw Hollywood was on Q. Normally that wouldn’t scare me off; however, I had already taken his Q Tuesday at Watchtower and I’ve got a 5K tomorrow where I will be pushing 100 lbs of kids in a stroller uphill half the way…. Perhaps a day off from running wasn’t a bad idea. Ok, who’s on at Diesel….nobody. Text Brutus to see if he needs me to lead….Yup. Ok, lets do this. Baseball game over. Back home for quick dinner and NC State game. Syracuse down year, should be over by half time (Nope), too invested in the game to plan a workout….looks like I will have to wing it tomorrow. Throw a bunch of heavy weights in the car and start planning as I head to Five Stones.


With 35 lb Coupons.

20 Atomic Merkins on Coupon

20 Peter Parker Merkins on Coupon

20 Jump Squats on Coupon

THE THANG (all exercises performed in a circle with rotation in between sets)

CHEST (rotated through about 10 stations):

Chest Press using some form of weight (Coupons, 30 lbs dumbells, 25 lb dumbells, 27 lb bars, 35 lb keddle bell)

Mountain Climbers on Coupon.

Continue for about 6 rounds before I changed things up. Added a horizontal overhead pull over. Added fly’s with 10 lb dumbells. Continue with chest press with rest of weights and Mountain Climbers.

Biceps (rotated through about 10 stations):

Three 27 lbs bars spaced out in group. 30’s with 10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, and 10 full curls. This was the timer. Several commented that bars were heavier than they looked.

25 lb dumbell curls

30 lb hammer curls

35 lb hammer curls

Coupon Curls

No cardio this round.

TRICEPS (rotated through about 10 stations.

Overhead Extensions with heavier weights

Skull Crushers with Bars (timer for 20)

Bent Over Tricep Extensions with 10 lb dumbells.


Military Press with 25 lb dumbells, single 30 lb dumbells, and 35 lb keddle.

Front Side raise with 10 lbs dumbells

Coupons were rows and timer for 20 reps.

1/3 way through I changed 35 lb dumbell to upright row and 10 lb dumbells to “sunshine raises”. Last 1/3 way through I changed 30 lb dumbells to upright row and dumbells to revers flys.

4 minutes left…what to do. Rotate between Jump squats on coupon and Dry docks. Rep count varied based on how much I was hurting (starting with 20 jump squats hurt a lot).

1 Minute left……Gas Pumpers.


Brutus was extra chatty today (wife must have not had a headache last night). We learned he touches deadwood every morning which I think was a joke/reference his morning “activity” and not about touching the actual pax deadwood. We were all as grossed out as you are currently reading about it. That plus Brutus’ proclamation in a very loud porno type groan that he loves to feel the burn sparked the tittle for today’s back blast. Good work today Brutus.

Big Ten rolled in about 10 minutes late – fairly quiet and inconspicuously vs his normal entrance. Something about Hollywood yelling at him at Impromptu so he decided to join us. OK……. If there is one thing I know about Hollywood….he doesn’t yell. Calmest most even keel guy I’ve met. I’m sure there is more to that story. Either way, it was good having Big Ten out there with us. I especially enjoyed watching the pain in his eyes during curls. (Is that the S or the M coming out in me? I don’t know what each one specifically refers to).

Jump Squats on the Coupons is always a favorite of mine. Its spikes my heart rate almost as high as the hill runs at the floater. Hoping more pax start to incorporate those into workouts as a form or cardio that isn’t running. Catfish almost ate it on the first round of these. Good recovery.

I had originally intended to keep a good balance of cardio and weights today, but the cardio kind of dropped off after the chest round. That’s what I get for trying to do something on the fly.

Thanks to Foundation who let me borrow his boom box. He said he had it in the car from a work party. When I turned it on, I could barely hear anyone so that must have been one hell of a work party last night – though he showed up today so maybe not.

Lots of good chatter out there today. Too much to remember or put in the backblast. I do like the fact that the close proximity of folks at Diesel allows for a little more mumble chatter. I’ve heard some gold nuggets the two times I’ve gone.

Should be lots of sore muscles tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks for allowing me to lead on such short notice and with lack of plan. Everyone jumped right in without much slow down for explanations.


Lots of talk about how great Posse’s Chiseled Backblast was. High Hat asked that Q’s clue pax in before or during the workout so we can experience the Q with them vs learning about it after the fact. I tend to agree, but understand that its easier to share it in the back blast.

Let them Soar Speed for Need still looking for runners tomorrow (I think?). Get with Gypsy or Rubbermaid ASAP if you want to run.

A Glutton For Punishment

A rarity for me, I’m writing the backblast a day in advance. I’ve got to rush out to Raleigh early tomorrow (today) so there won’t be much time to reminisce or ridicule. For those that enjoy my hour long diatribes, sorry for the brevity. For the other 120 of you, your welcome for my one short and to the point backblast.

The title of today’s backblast comes from the fact that I am returning from a 3 day mini-vacation that saw lots of pool lounging, beer drinking, kid throwing, marco polo playing, eat everything in site three day blowout. Unfortunately, I pay for it today. 18 guys decided to join me.


Mosey around the front of the school towards the basketball court. Planned for half mile mosey, arrive to find its only .4. Circle up for:

Jimmy Dugans

15 Mountain Climbers

15 Peter Parkers

15 Parker Peters

10 Atomic Merkins

Potato Pickers (Move to the top and switch to Jimmy Dugans. Out of breath, need a quick breather without counting.)


Partner up. Partner 1 runs to the play ground for 10 jumping pull ups. Partner 2 stays on the court for 15 slow merkins. Partner 1 returns to court to tag out. Repeat until everyone has completed 50 jumping pull ups and 75 merkins.

Mosey to small hill behind the school. 10 dry docks on top, bear crawl down the hill, 10 dry docks at the bottom, craw bear up the hill, 10 dry docks, bear crawl down, 10 dry docks, crawl bear up, 10 dry docks. 50 dry docks total. (Allow 10 secounds to allow pax enough time to complain). Warned that we may modify this. Found that it hurt something fearce, but everyone pushed through and finished. I felt like Shake was staring daggers though me when we were done.

Audible (for more work as we were running ahead of time). Wall sit for wall slaps (above head and at the hips). 25 on your own. Posse started counting them. We still have time, lets do it again except with Posse counting – because his voice sounded so sweet the first time.

Mosey back to the front parking lot. 4 5 corners using the outside lanes. Do exercises on the out, run back to start on the return. The run will equal just shy of a mile (.96 to be exact – yes I did the math). Corners are:

5 Burpee tuck jumps

10 Dry Docks (sorry).

15 Jump Squats

20 Merkins

25 LBC’s in cadence

I’m assuming this will take us until the end, but if it doesn’t, there will be some form of beat the Q sprints or abs to finish us out. And….it didnt. Mosey to the cars for 30 gas pumpers…..TIME!


Obligatory everyone worked hard, great group of guys goes here. I was going to leave it at that, but there were a few that stood out today.

Posse absolutely killed the 5 corners. Dude was out front with the gazells the entire time. Noticeable weight drop the last few weeks. Whatever your doing, its working. Keep it up.

Smithers consistently out in front of me during 5 corners as well. Pushing hard today.

Shake the ever consummate form professional. I wish I could video his merkin form and study it to improve upon mine.

Dough Boy and I were each other rabbits today. I’d pass him running and he would pass me at the stations. Neither one of us ever really gaining an edge on the other one. Thanks for the push – whether you realized it or not.

Special shout out to Rubbermaid. I arrived early to find out that (probably to no surprise to those that know him) Rubbermaid stepped up to the call for help yesterday for Chastain’s neighbor. If there is ever a call for help, that guy drops what he’s doing to lend a hand. Really proud of being in a group with you Rubbermaid. For those at COT, my prayer was partly directed at me but also others. We can always do more. Rubbermaid is that example.


Hopebuilders 5K benefiting Levine Children’s Hospital. Oct 12th at 8:00.

Susan G. Komen race this Saturday uptown. Speed for Need and Heathers Hero’s looking for runners/support.

Dana helping with Christ Closet organization. Get with him for details.

Christ Closet next give away is in November.

Heavy Weights/Heavy Cardio

14 men came out on this extra gloomy morning to remember the fallen and make themselves better men.

Tags appear to be messing up (I’ve added them 3 times and they keep disappearing) so in case they don’t show up: Fuse Box, Credit Score, Rockwell, Cat Fish, Glydah, Swimmers, Gump, Ricky Bobby, Schneider, Xerox, Old MacDonald, Spike, Banjo, and Twinkle Toes.

I wanted to go heavy today. The bricks are good – but candidly when I envisioned this site, it was always with heavy weights. The bricks were brought in while we searched for heavy weights and just for shoulder exercises. That’s not to say we haven’t been beaten down by the bricks a time or two; but I wanted to bring back what I had originally envisioned Chiseled to be – heavy weights (to pack on dense muscle) mixed with high intensity cardio.


Quick lap around the parking lot.

Circle up for a quick warm up (perhaps too quick I learned). 10 Merkins, 10 second 6 inch hold, 10 more merkins.

Line up against the curb for beat the Q. Down and back. For every person I beat – 1 burpee. Off we go. I cross the “finish line” and count 5 guys I beat. As I finish my fifth burpee I get up to see two respects on the ground stretching and in pain. I hear Schneider say “he didnt stretch….too hot outta the gate”. My bad guys. Quick stretch on your own. Hamsting, calf….whatever you want. Repeat 3 more times except changing from 1 burpee per pax I beat to 5 jump squats per pax I beat. I believe round two we did 10 jump squats. Round 3 – 5 jump squats. And the fourth round we did 20. Everyone was gassed. Great – that was my plan. Mosey over to the gear and partner up.


While guys were partnering up (and gasping for air) I laid out the pain stations. Heavy weights separated by some cardio move (or body weight move)

27 lb bar curls

Jump squat on Cinder blocks (Fast for cardio)

22 lb bar reverse curl


Hammer curls 25 lb dumbells

Get Ups with 20 lb medicine ball


Partner Sprint down and back. 5 exercise penalty for losing. Winner picks losers exercise (5 burpees, 5 jump squats, 5 lbc’s, ect.)

Military Press with 50 lb dumbell

Atomic Merkins (In/Out with a merkin)

Tricep Extension with 30 lb dumbell

Curb dips (add in reverse in/out if you want more cardio)

Tricep kick back 12 lbs

Chariot pull (Clydesdale pull?) with the heavy rope.

I had planned to do two rounds of this and call it a day, but I was gassed. I looked around the last set and it seemed as if I wasn’t the only one. I felt like a recover exercise to get our heart rates down a little bit followed by one final push at the end would be good. Time for a Deadwood Audible.

Circle up for Ab Webb. Heels to Heaven and LBC’s. Got to 6/24 and felt like it was time to lift again.

Grab heavy weight and do 20 curls. Rotate to new heavy weight for 20 curls. Rotate again for 15 curls.

Rotate again for 20 tricep presses. Rotate 20 tricep presses. Rotate 15 triceps presses.

Rotate 20 Military Press. Rotate 20 Military Press. And finally rotate and 15 military presses.

3 Minutes left. Lets finish the Ab Webbs. 7/28, 8/32, 9/36. Out of time. 6:15. I decided to call it short.


Swimmers stepped up and answered the call for the Hope Challenge speaking of his early on marriage struggles (surprisingly, at least to me anyways, in front of his 2.0 Gump). It wasn’t until voicing their issues at Church did they find a path to help them with the tools needed to make their marriage better. Get with simmers if you want the name of the camp they attended.

Guys crushed it today. Rockwell partnered with me. We have partnered a few times together at Chisled and the dude consistently takes it to another level dragging me along with him. Good work today.

Spike is becoming a regular out there and has been putting in some hard work.

Gump got me on the sprints. I thought I had him and dropped it down a gear heading into the finish line. He accelerated past me to prevent an additional 5 jump squats. Nice work young man.

Catfish and Glidah out there killing todays workout. Proud to announce Catfish is still smoke free. I think we are approaching a month now. Awesome job. Add the fact that he has been attending all our workouts coming from Unionville is unbelievable. Glad to have you as part of our rag tab bunch of misfits.

Many others worked hare as well, but my time is getting short and I still want to touch on the elephant in the room today….

A discussion regarding this date – 9/11. Where you were and how it altered your life and those around you. I spoke of being a freshman in college and how this year is a little different knowing there are freshman now in college that were my age that were not alive when this happened. My path was already set, but I had friends still in high school that these events altered their planned path. They either skipped or delayed college to join the military. I’m not going to say I would or wouldn’t have taken the same path. Perhaps I would have still ended up in school – likely I would have; but I’ve always wondered what if. What if I was a senior in high school instead of a freshman in college. Would I have been led to step up and serve? Its crazy sometimes looking back on life seeing the path that has got you were you are and wondering what if I went left instead of right.

Xerox shared that he was supposed to be in one of the towers that day. He didn’t elaborate on what kept him away, but I’d love to hear that story one day.

Another pax’s had a family member unfortunately directly impacted by the events to passed away.

We all have stories of were we were that day. Its a sad day for all Americans. Prayers to the families that lost loved ones. Prayers to the lives that were altered that day.

During COT we took a moment of silence to reflect on where we were, what the country went through, and to think about those that lost their lives that day.


Prostate 5k this Saturday. Still looking for need for speed runners. Get with swimmers for sign up info.

The Weather Is Here; I Wish You Were Beautiful

7 guys braved the very slight threat of Hurricane Doren to join me at Clyent Dinner. The weather tonight was awesome. Overcast so no sun. 15 MPH breeze that helped keep us cool. Maybe 80 degrees but the breeze and clouds made it feel much cooler. I wish every workout was as nice.

In keeping with the title, 6 of the seven guys that joined tonight definitely out kicked their coverage. The 7th (the lone teenager) is still trying to find the field.

I took a last minute Q after Bottle Cap begged and pleaded for help. Mostly because early on at the inception of Clyent Dinner I had committed to him that I would help Q when I could. 6 months in and this is my first Q at this site….whoops.

I had promised on Group me to keep it to 30 minutes of cardio and 25 15 minutes of gear. #FusedIt. Arrived 8 minutes early to find Honeycomb riding in on his bike. No, not a bicycle. His tricked out motorcycle that he only flashes at Clyent Dinner. Jingles arriving on Jingles Time EARLY?!! Tupperware rolled in. Out of nowhere Finch strolls up. I realize Honeycomb had never met Finch so I explained that when I started F3, Finch was the boarderline gazelle I was always chasing. Deceptive speed and endurance. Glad to see you back out at workouts Finch! 2 minutes to go here comes site Q Bottlecap with the cut off sleeves. Warns of a last minute Jingles entrance for Centerfold.

DICCS Given.

WARM UP – quick mosey around the parking lot (hoping I gave Centerfold enough time to join – I did not). I’ve got the late 90’s/early 2000’s Hip Hop playlist going. I lean over to Tupperware during the run asking if he recognizes the song (Its Outkast – So Fresh and So Clean). He think’s its Biggie. Kids (eye roll).


Light Pole Suicides. 5 Pulse Merkins on the out. 10 In/Outs on the return. I “think” we did 6 light poles before I called a recover. Somewhere during this work Centerfold decided to join us. I previously asked Tupperware and Bottlecap to run with the 20 lb medicine ball in hopes it would slow them down enough to allow the Clydesdales to keep up… did not.

Back at the start I called out Deconstructed light pole burpees. 20 each. First light pole 20 squats. Second light pole 20 merkins. Third Light pole 20 in/outs. 4th pole 20 Bobby Hurleys. Called a modify for the second set of light poles with a 15 count instead of 20.

Line up against the wall at transporters shed in Rudy position wall sit position. Group does below and above wall slaps while the first person does to medicine ball raises over their head. Then pass the ball to the right. Continued wall slaps and medicine ball raises until all 7 had done the medicine ball raise. I think we were all glad when that was over. My legs were burning and my shoulder unfortunately was too.

Line up back on the path for beat the Q. Sprint to the light pole. For every pax I beat, 5 jump squats. Jingles was on IR with limited sprint ability, yet still managed to beat me a couple times. Honeycomb gave it all he had several times to beat me but I did get him at least twice. Finch put in some work and beat me a couple times as well. I had to cheat get creative to beat bottle cap once. For those that have done this with me before, the point of it is to obviously get some extra work in. So I tend to handicap it as we go along – either starting before the pax or calling fake signals getting pax to go to soon and then sprinting past them as they walk back. Is it unfair – of course – but I’m the Q. We started out the sprint telling the group that the key word is “Go”. I proceeded to keep on telling them about the importance of only going on Go, not other words. After about the 4th or 5th time of me saying “Go” (and me slowly walking towards the next light pole) Tupperware caught on. “Wait – you said go” followed by a sprint. Other slick calls included “On your mark, Go”. “Ready, Set, Gopher”. And last but not least, another one Tupperware caught on to “Go for her” (instead of gopher). Anyways, I digress…we did a lot of sprinting and no more than 10-15 jump squats in between. Bottle cap hated my tricks (have we found his kryptonite?)

We arrive back to the car just in time for 15 minutes of gear. It was apparently too much for Tupperware who bounced early.

Grab a weight out of the back of the car (while we were serinated by Biggie). 30 lbs dumbells, 25 lb dumbells, 35 lb keddle bell, and 20 lb medicine ball were the weights.

10 single arm rows (right hand Finch) rotating weights each time for 4 sets.

10 single arm rows left hand rotating weights for 4 sets.

Military press ladder down mixed with a hold ladder going up. 10 presses, 9 presses and 1 sec hold, 8 presses and 2 hold. Down to 0 presses and 10 second hold. Apparently the 1 press and 9 second hold followed directly by a 10 second hold was too much for people. A lot of weights were dropped.

Triceps – several tricep extensions 10-12 each, 2 dip stations (20), and a 12 lb dumbell kick back (10-12). Pax did all 6 stations.

Biceps – 25 lb dumbell double curls. 30 lb hammer curl. another 30 lb hammer curl. 12 lb double curl. 35 lb curl. 20 lb medicine ball curl. I think we got 4 rounds in before time. Everyone got 10 reps in and rotated.



Cuthbertson is fun to lead at while lit. Adds a whole new element to the campus when you can see where you are going. An unused hill near where we part makes for some horrible hill sprints (which I didn’t use today but considered).

Not a bad workout considered 80% of it was made up on the spot. I had a rough plan – 30 min cardio focused and 15 of straight gear; but had no clue exactly what I was going to do to eat up time – other than the suicides that we started off with.

Thanks for sticking with me with the wall sit medicine ball thing. I had not even considered it would be down there with us and when it was, I decided we needed to use it somehow. It sucked worse than I would have thought it would. My bad.

Big push out of everyone. Finch giving it his all during sprints. Jingles going for sextuplet (wait, that’s what they do in Millbridge – pineapples or something right?) this week. Jingles kicking it into extra gear during sprints even with an injury. Bottlecap and Centerfold leading the charge – no surprise there. The big surprise for me tonight was that Honeycomb overtook Tupperware for third place during suicides. Apparently one to many queso’s while closing down Moe’s this summer (or in reality, some huge work put in by Honeycomb lately).

Hope Challenge. Bottle cap lead into this months challenge to share something you have or are struggling with and how you overcame it. I don’t know why, (maybe it was the small group) I felt compelled to speak up. I spoke of addiction. Not addiction of alcohol, tobacco or drugs; but of a lesser known thing that likely affects more people….Food. I’ve been big all my life. I was 145 lbs in 6th grade. 225 lbs going into 9th grade. At my peak before joining F3 I was 255. I’ve struggled with weight all my life. For some people, they eat food because they need it to survive. I eat because I enjoy it. I eat because I’m bored. I over eat. I eat bad foods and I eat too much of them too often. I have very little will power and often find myself grabbing a twinkie (or oatmeal creme pie) and coke on car trips that are over 2 hours. Exercise has never been an issue for me. Before F3 I was at the gym 5 to 6 times a week – lifting and running. I joke that I work out not to be a mens health cover model, but to not be 300 lbs. Why do I make these bad decisions when I know they are bad. I don’t know. I would argue I’m primed for weight loss success more than anyone. My wife owns a successful nutrition coaching company, shes a personal trainer. I literally have all the tools and knowledge right in front of me….yet I still grab that hamburger and fries instead of a salad (guess what I had for lunch today). Weight gain for me is the sad clown that is always waiting to jump on my back. In the past I have yoyo’ed as much as 30 lbs in a year. This past year after completing the weight loss comp I committed to trying to stay under 235 for a year. I have about 2 more months to go, but I am close to reaching that goal (though right on the line at 234.8 – that hamburger and fries for lunch may have done me in). As many may have figured out, I don’t do well at being “coached”. Many of you that attempt to constructively criticize just piss me off and come off to me as ass clowns that yell instead of motivators (I’m working on getting better at that by the way). Many of you have silently encouraged me throughout the year without knowing it. Seeing a guy run past me that I know I should be ahead of motivates me. I have Shake N Bakes external dialog internally all the time (If you have never worked out with shake, he calls himself fat boy a lot and yells at himself). So I’m not sure exactly what you or I are to get our of the Hope Challenge. I hope exposing a struggle I am going through (and have and will likely always go through) helps some of you. The gazelles have all checked out by now, but perhaps there are a few clydesdales like me that constantly battle that may get something out of this. If you ever want to talk about it, I’m game. Just know as Posse wrote in his 4 year anniversary back blast….the sad clown is always there waiting. You can’t put work in and then scale back. Its constant effort to keep that SOB at bay. If you see me struggling at a workout – feel free to give me an encouraging line….but better yet – run past me with all you got.

Chiseled Comes To Outland

I attempted to make a go at this octuplet thing. 7 workouts in a week and one second or third F event.  Unfortunately, my daughters baseball practice got in the way of both clyent dinner and f3 dad’s.  Alas, I will have to settle for the septuplet instead.  6 workouts and q source.  

Why do I tell you all this? Because I was completely exhausted and knew that touring all that Outland had to offer would not end well for me.   So instead, I decided to bring Chiseled (gear workout) to Outland.  

Brutus and I arrived early to unload equipment.  At 6:50 it was just us; concerning, but perhaps a ton of last minute guys will come streaming in.  6:56 – Chastain arrives.  6:58 Smokey.  

DiCCS given (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety.  Playlist going (late 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop).  Chastain looks at me and taps his watch.  Yes I know it’s 7:00, I was just hoping we would have a last minute guy come in on two wheels….nope….ok, let’s go.  


Lap around the parking to to below the buses.  Circle up (Square up as Chastain called it) for 15 ssh, 20 mountain climbers, and 13 Peter Parker’s.  Why 13?  Easy, I was breathing hard and tired of counting. The beauty of leading, I can stop when I’m tired.


Crawl bear (backwards bear crawl) up the hill stopping at every bus line to do 5 dry docks.  I originally called out a Posse special- go until either the 12 gets 12 or the 6 gets 8.  I then realized half way in that 8 is a long way and 12 is almost impossible.  When I (the six) was at 6, I decided to call one more.  Everyone was breathing hard and cussing me so I know it was a well placed audible.   10 sec count then into bear crawl down hill with pulse merkins (1.5 merkins – down, half way up, down, all the way up) at each bus line starting at 1 and increasing by one each line.  Side note: bus parking lines are further apart than car parking lines.  That would have been good to know before those two exercises.   We were going to go 8 lines, but Chastain was complaining so much that I cut it to 7 lines.  Truth be told, we were all spent.  

Over to the side of the parking lot for a quick game of four quarters beat the q.  Run the width of parking lot and back.  For every pax the q beats, it’s five burpees.  Either the group really wanted to avoid burpees, or I am really slow (probably the latter) as we did no burpees (even after repeated attempts by me to gain an advantage to force burpees on the group).  Good push. 

Quick mosey to side of school with the brick benches for the weights portion of the workout.  We would start with legs. 


Three stations and a runner for timer.  Up and overs the brick bench, Turkish get ups with 20 pound medicine ball toss at top, and foot release squats.  Two rounds and then finished with 10 one legged step ups per leg, 10 one legged lunge (foot on bench), and 30 foot release squats.  

Hot Lap – kind of, legs were spent

Biceps – four stations.  40’s (timer) using 27 lb bar (10 full curls, 10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, 10 full curls).  30 lb dumbell curl, 22 lb bar reverse curl.  35 lb keddle bell curl.  It wasn’t until I went third on the 40’s that I realized 40 was too much.  Too late to change.   Ended biceps with 10 reps at each station

Hot lap. Smokey remarked that he felt like his arms were pulling him forward.


Four stations – skull crusher 27 lb bar, overhead tricep extension w 35 lb keddle bell, bent over extension with 12 lb dumbells, and 25 dips (timer).  Two rounds.  Finished with 20 dips together.

Hot Lap


Four stations – 20 medicine ball squat/wall throw (timer), 30 lb upright row, 25 lb military press, 35 lb keddle bell press.  Ended with 10 at each station to close out shoulders. 

Hot lap


Four stations of heavy weight (35, 30, 30, and 25 lbs) for lawn mower pulls.  Forty reps right, forty reps left alternating weights every 10 reps.


15 Heels to heaven

25 lbc in Cadence

10 windshield wipers.  And then 10 more as Chastain didn’t want to be short changed.   Time.  


I am always appreciative when asked to lead a workout. Thank you for Chastain for asking me to come out to Outland to join.

I was a little bummed at the turnout, but I know F3 dads was going on this weekend as well as last minute vacations and sports starting to crank up. Outland is a great site if you haven’t visited it. Its actually four schools all grouped together on one campus. Get with Chastain if your interested in Q’ing.

I attempt to bring something new and fresh to every work out I do. I have to be honest though, I felt like I mailed this one in. I was tired after a long week. Stayed up late last night with a fantasy football draft, and decided I’d just introduce gear to eat up some time. It must have not been as bad as I thought as both Brutus and Chastain complemented the workout and suggested Outland incorporate more gear in the future (maybe once per month?). Not a bad idea. maybe help increase turnout as well.

Smokey pushed hard today (as always) and was in the lead on the first bear crawl exercises.

Brutus was a beast on the weights. His bicep vein after the curls could put an eye out. His correction on form a couple times to another pax almost brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for my fellow Briarcrestian for coming out to support my Q.

Chastain, the ever consummate leader, made sure I started on time and finished on time (I tried to cheat us out early a minute as I had to rush to get my daughter to baseball practice). You would think a HIM like that would remember to shut his car door the night before a massive storm comes through – Hey Oh! Sorry Chastain. I sounds as if your car is starting to smell worse than us after an F3 workout.


F3 Waxhaw name change update and official launch. Sept 2 at Cuthbertson High School football field Parking lot. 7-8 is workout, 8-9 coffeteria.

Swimmers Prostate Cancer Run. Get with him to sign up. Speed for Need still looking for pushers.

Waxhaw clean up next Saturday after Commitment/Coffeteria.