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1980’s Clydesdale Picnic (Chiseled In Disguise)

22 Pax came out to enjoy one last day of early spring before winter makes one last push. About 11 months ago we had a similar situation with a warm week and I decided to launch a “Clydesdale Picnic” workout that included Picnic Table runs, lifting rocks, and a 90’s rock playlist. I wanted to do a similar workout this year except with an 80’s playlist and a little more running as well as a new exercise thrown in.

5:28 DCCS given. 2 cell phones, 3 CPR certified in attendance.

5:29 Get into Groups of 4.

5:30 Lets Mosey.


Run to the front of the middle school and circle up.

15 SSH

Jimmy Duggans Middle, Right, and Left

Walk out into Downward Dog then calf stretch right then left.

Al Gore while I attempted (very poorly) to demonstrate a new move I came up with (more on the origin of the new move in the Mole Skin).


4 Stations for the Groups of 4. Go until all pax have done each station twice.

Sushi Roll – Start in plank position. Down into Superman. Roll to your left (on to your back). If you can, do it without touching your knees, feet, elbows, or hands to the pavement. V Up (hands still above your head bring your feet and hands together). Roll to your right. Merkin. Back down into Superman. Roll Right. V Up. Roll Left. Merkin. That is 1 set. I decided to name it Sushi Roll as I figured most of the pax would resemble a Sushi Roll with the fish egg roe (gavel) stuck to them when they are done.

Up and Overs on the bench. Its a mix of a step and a skip.

Heels To Heaven.

Run Half Lap.

Mosey back to the start where I have 12 stations and equipment set up.

Curls with a 27 lb bar

Front raise with a 22 lb bar

Curls with a 25 lb dumbbell

Military Press with a 30 lb dumbbell

Up Right Row with a 30 lb keddle bell

20 lb weighted ball partner slam

Side raises with 10 lb dumbbells

Reverse Fly with 12 lb dumbbells

Partner Push for 20 yards up hill (Timer)

Partner Pull for 20 yards uphill (Timer)

Elevated Step Ups (Picnic Table on edge of curb for extra height)


In between the weighted pain stations we did some sort of Cardio. Cardio listed below:

100 Total Mountain Climbers

Run Loop

20 In/Outs

Run Loop

50 Parker Peters

Run Loop (Cut it short to just around cars for time so we could all do each station)

25 Jump Squats

Run Loop

25 Side Straddle Hops (With a Q modification due to Rotator Cuff Flaring up)

Run Loop

20 Jumping Lunges

Run Loop

We got in 13 Stations (repeated the station we started at) before I called a recover.

Circle up at the start for a minute of Heels to Heaven.


I was a little disappointed at the turnout at Chiseled this week (5 Pax on a beautiful morning), so I decided to sneak a Chiseled style workout into Impromtu to allow guys that haven’t given Chiseled a try a chance to experience a gear style workout. Banjo made a good point after the workout. Hoping to see some new faces or some old faces return as we have Recalculating on the schedule for next week.

Sushi Roll – Thanks for bearing with me and allowing me to try something different. Very little mumble chatter on during this (which was surprising). Biggest complaints was that it was hurting pax hips. My obliques were sore which was my goal so hopefully others enjoyed as well. Regarding my inspiration for this new move…..In football, my coached twice made us lay down on the goal line, grab our facemasks, and roll to the other goal line for punishment. It was timed with the threat of repeating it if we didn’t make it in time. Typically the lineman started spilling merlot around the 40 yard line. Tight ends and line backers might make it to the 30. A lucky few made it the entire way with out spilling wine. If you have never had to do the 100 yard body roll, count yourself lucky. The main thing I remember (other than puking through a facemask) is that the next day my abs were killing me. So I attempted to replicate the roll, but also added merkins and V Ups in to break up rolling (and keep pax from getting sick). If you hated the new move – sorry. But I think its nice to throw something new in from time to time. If it sticks, great. If it doesn’t, maybe it inspires a pax to come up with something better. Anything to break the monotony of the same ole same ole.

Dana flew by me with break neck speed several times today. I bit my tongue when he walked up wearing a smedium F3 shirt (I’m trying to get better), but at speeds I saw today, he may actually fit into that shirt by second spring (likely coming to Charlotte in three weeks).

Add Zinfandel to the Gazelle clan as well. Pushing hard lately. Unfortunately, that means I see more of his back than I want. And according to my wife, his weight loss has caused him to have a “hank hill” butt. I guess that means its flat. Still questioning why my wife is taking note both before and after mental pictures of Zin’s derriere.

Gerber (My Partner) pushed hard today. I asked him how his hip was doing on the partner pull. He said “The hip is fine, but my quads are burning”. Good….the exercise is working.

I arrived at 5:00 to find Deadwood sitting in his car starring at his phone. Most would be worried about a middle aged man parked alone in a Middle School parking lot in the dark, but at F3….we encourage it.

Lots of Gazelles this morning. Good push by the boys up front.

Jingles with the reassuring voice when I started questioning if I was explaining things bad or the pax just really suck at listening. For the second time in my recent Q’s, Jingles comes in soft and low stating things were clear, people just don’t listen. Thanks bud.

Relatively low mileage when compared to recent bootcamps (we got 1.94 miles by my watch), but we kept moving the entire time and I certainly was breathing hard.

Too many pax to name, but good work out of everyone.

Strong showing from Briarcrest. 6 by my count.

Music at F3 workouts is much like Q’ing the workout. No matter how great a playlist (or workout) you think you have, someone will have issue with it. Hopefully most of the pax enjoyed the 80’s playlist today. Here it is for those that are curious:

Lido Shuffle – Boz Scaggs

Hit me with your best shot – Pat Benatar

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

Two tickets to paradise – Eddie Money

Take me home tonight – Eddie Money

Rich Girl – Hall and Oates

Shadows of the Night – Pat Benatar

Easy Lover – Phil Collins

Cherry Bomb – John Mellencamp

Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie

Hurts so good – John Mellencamp

The Motown Records – Rod Stewart

Jenny – Tommy Tutone

Valerie – Steve Winwood

Livin’ on a prayer – Bon Jovi

Young Turks – Rod Stewart


MarkThisMoment.Com for Father/Daughter Dance info and registration

Zinfandel on Q at commitment. Wrapping up a 4 in a row Briarcrest week. Q source and coffeteria following the workout.

Open Door on Sundays at Five Stones

A Soaking Wet Leap Frog Game

18 Pax came out in nasty conditions to get one final end of year calorie burn in. I had offered the night before to potentially keep us dry if it rained. Unfortunately for the pax, when I arrived it was barely a mist which gave me all I needed to do the full workout. Of course less than 5 minutes in, the sky’s opened up and continued with mixes of drizzle to light rain the rest of the workout.

I had hinted on GroupMe that if the rain held off, I wanted to get in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. Basically its moving fast with periods of rest in between. When I’m on the treadmill at the gym I typical incorporate some or all of HIIT into my treadmill workouts with some variation of 45 to 60 sec sprint (7.5 to 8 mph) and 15 to 20 sec off (jump on rails to rest). I was hoping to incorporate a similar workout in but with the added benefit of body weight exercises.

Several pax were there early. Thanks to Foundation for the Chiseled sand bag donation. Ignition came strolling through the parking lot at 6:25. Was this going to be a convergence that I wasn’t aware of? No, they were just dropping off Dead Weight Wood (THIS IS A JOKE. MAKING SURE SOME OF YOU REALIZE THIS IS A JOKE SINCE RECENTLY FEELINGS (NOT DEADWOOD’s) WERE HURT – PANSIES).

Posse gave an impassioned speech about safety that was so moving, he couldn’t continue on with the workout. In all seriousness, it was a good message to have at least one cell phone with us at all times, Q’s to give a proper disclaimer, Q’s to notify pax ahead of workout of potential hazards they might face and how to minimize risks (for example: we are crossing the road, please keep an eye out for cars and make sure head lamps are turned on).

Posse was 4 minutes into what appeared to be a 10 minute speech and my clock said 6:30. I was getting worried and anxious. I think Posse saw the strife on my face and decided to cut it short. Foundation returned from his car with a phone strapped on. Disclaimer given. Quick mention of HIIT and how all mosey’s need to be at a faster pace (3/4 speed and minimum). And away we go.


Run around the parking lot to the middle school. Circle up and partner up. Picking late arriving pax up along the way.

25 SSH’s – Picked up an additional 2 pax here.

25 civilian count merkins.

Warm up over, lets do some work. Mosey to road that connects middle and high schools (right in front of middle school.


Leap Frog? No real name for what we did today, but leap frog sounds as good as any. Partner one lunge walks. Partner 2 runs to first light then starts lunge walking. Once partner 2 reaches light, partner 1 stops lunge walking and sprints past his partner to the second light where he then starts lunge walking again. Repeat until all pax were at the end of the road (approximately 12 lights). This was successful in getting the heart rate up.

Toe taps while waiting on the 6. 10 count by zin who decided it would be cute of him to count down as fast as he could. I imagine the 6 had words for him, but ok…lets go.

Mosey down the hill towards the parking lot near the football stadium. Meet at center light pole.

Deconstructed Burpees Starfish? Square? Degeneration X? Some kind of shape. Start with 1 burpee at the center pole. Run to one corner for 25 squats. Run back to pole for 2 burpees. Run to another corner for 25 Merkins. Run back to pole for 3 burpees. Run to 3rd corner for 25 in and outs (some had trouble with this and since Q didn’t explain, potential Q fail here, though Foundation bailed me out saying I gave proper explanation). Run back to center pole for 4 burpees then 4th corner for 25 bobby hurley’s. Finish up with 5 burpees at the center pole. Not going to lie….that one wore me out. Asked for another 10 count. But better speed. Mosey to the bottom of….are we calling it Money Ball hill? Really???

Run to top of hill for 50 merkins at top and 50 carolina dry docks at the bottom. Split the reps up how ever you want as long as you get 50 total in 3 rounds. (I did 20, 15, 15). Some (Deadwood), found that it was better to do all 50 at once and just run the rest of the time. Honestly hadn’t planned on that kind of push so I did the only thing I knew to do when he asked what he should do….keep running and keep doing exercises until the 6 is in….that’s what you get for over achieving.

Asked pax to recover at the bottom of the hill. We arrived just in time to see Ignition approaching from the south. I suggested our next exercise was to grab arms and run full speed at them red rover style. None of the other pax were up for it. So instead we went for another round of leap frog, except this time with squats instead of lunges. The lack of solid markers (trees vs light poles) made for difficult start and stopping points, but the pax settled in and got it done.

Back at the main road that connects the middle and high school we leap froged again. This time with the exercise being inch worms. I asked running pax to call out their partners name when the reached the light so inch worm pax could keep their head down and focus on grinding out some reps. Abs were pretty sore by the end. Looked up to find about half the group marrying. I didn’t want ab work for mary today (in case you couldn’t tell) as it would get the heart rate lower than I wanted it to. I yelled a couple times for the pax to circle back for the 6. Either they didn’t hear me, or decided to Q jack me. Oh well….heart rates too low, lets go running up the road towards the entrance of the middle school to get the blood pumping again. Half way up the hill that was much longer than I thought, I audibles and asked for another 10 count. Zinfandel just happened to be the closest and wouldn’t you know it….that son of a gun did a speed count even faster than his first one. At this point I had to hold off the clydesdales from coming after him with a pillow case full of batteries. I leaned on Dana for a better ten count in which he just kept repeating TEYUN, TEYUN, ten times. It was better than Zin’s counting so I guess I can’t complain.

Called for an all you got jail break back to the bottom of the hill. We did 50 tee clamps while we caught our breath. Around 35 my shoulders were burning and based on the mumble chatter, I wasn’t the only one hurting. Watch check: 4 minutes left. Run the parking lot loop with half speed for half of it and full speed for the other half. Turned the corner only to see Rudy speeding past me. Love the push lately. Not sure if its a mindset change, just better shape, or extra propellant from his famous merlot and taco truck date nights (his poor wife).

2 minutes left. Asked pax to do ab work while I grabbed my phone. Rain on the car door made inputting the code into the touch screen keypad a little trickier so by the time I got back to the circle the pax were finishing abs and Ignition was huffing and puffing in. 6:15 – Time.


Thanks to those that attended Flash today. Working out in the rain sucks (hey, at least it wasn’t bitterly cold!). The rain held off just long enough to where I could blame that were were too far out and too wet to turn back for cover…but who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have let halfback have that on me that they worked out in the rain and we didn’t….we were doing this HIIT workout outside even if it was raining sideways.

I had 2.96 miles and 717 calories. One of the high burn 45 minute workouts I’ve done I’m sure the guys up front pushed over the 3 mile mark.

Welcome to our new FNG KaBoom. I didn’t catch all the details, but from what I remember he works with explosives in the army. He is Rockwells nephew. Rockwell was given the chance to name him and wisely said that he didn’t wan to piss anyone off that works with bombs. Good call Rockwell. Had a few other names come up but we settled on KaBoom. Welcome and good push today.

Hollywood brought out his duck taped 50 lb sand back. Said it was wrapped in 4 rolls of duck tape and could handle a slam. Yikes, it was heavy. Perhaps a Chiseled gear addition in the future. I will put Banjo in charge of the duck tape.

Deadwood, Banjo, and KaBoom led the charge today. Great work out of them. Rockwell was up front a lot today as well.

The 6 stayed close. Great push from my Clydesdale brethren today. A lot of running (probably more than you were expecting out of me), but yall hung tough.

Too many pax to call everyone out, but good to see Reaper out again. Honey Comb becoming a regular (bout time to Q). Akbar working hard. Zin and Dana still out in front of me. Love seeing the father son duo out in Rubbermaid and Tupperware (grow a pair and ask her out).

I’m not sure how the Flash/Ignition back blast works, so I just included Ignition in here. Halfback led ignition with Hollywood, Goodfella, and Stub Hub in tow. They ran a lot, got wet, and arrived to COT in time. The end.


Watchtower is holiday hours tomorrow. 6:30 Brooklyn pizza with Chick-Fil-A Coffeteria afterwards (Thank god its not Dunkin).

Big convergence also happening at Freedom Park. I don’t know the details but I’m sure one of the OG’s on GroupMe can hook you up with details.

Reminder from Goodfella about Posse’s message this morning. Safety is on all of us.

Rock Hill CPR postponed.

Balls, Balls, and more Balls….

I am ghost writing this back blast for Bottle Cap since he is traveling and I have time to kill before football starts.

19 men showed up even after a warning from Bottle Cap that Slam Balls would be used. Several Pax jumped on a deal bandwagon to grab $10 $26 20 lb slam balls from Hibbet Sports. In total, there were 7 balls at today’s workout. I brought 4, Bottle cap brought his 15 lb ball, and he stopped by Five stones early to grab the two that were there. Bottle Cap thought I pulled a “fuse” and gave him the wrong code to the F3 gear box at Five Stones, but alas he was able to get in to grab the two remaining balls.


Teams of 4 grab one ball then mosey to the baseball circle.

20 SSH

10 Imperial Squawkers

20 Slow Count Merkins (with a call out in my direction from BC)

5 Reverse Burpees (candle stick to some, but I like reverse burpee better). Squat down into a heels to heaven then get back up on to your feet for the jump up. (I found my forearms to hurt the worst from these as I was using my arms/hands to help “pop” back up.)


Indian Run Slam Ball Burpee. Person in the back takes the slam ball and runs to the front. Drops slam ball and person in back does a burpee, grabs slam ball and runs to the front. This was incredibly difficult to grasp for some (including the crew I was with). It turned into the fastest person grabbing the ball and us all running to catch up with the lead group. Indian run to the school parking lot.

The Beast – 6 trees, 6 reps. Each partner takes turns carrying the ball.

Knee Ups (sucks when you are recovering from a back injury). Marry for 6

Dolly’s 10 count 4 times. Each partner had a turn holding the slam ball.

Reverse Burpees. (you thought they sucked we we did five of them, wait until you do 6 of them 6 times!). Shoulder taps waiting for the 6.

Bomb Jacks. Back pocket plank waiting on 6.

Indian Run Slam Ball Burpee Run back to cars…no wait…keep going…all the way to the club house (Slamming brand new balls in wet muddy gravel???!! Really BC???)

Mary for the 6…which was awhile, because as mentioned earlier….lots of groups either don’t understand the concept of an Indian run, or just like being dicks to the people trying to run to the front and continue in a full sprint.

The Beast round 2. 6 reps, 6 islands. Each partner takes turns carrying the ball.

Merkin Shredder – Hand release merkins with a shoulder tap. (I’ve heard for a week now how bad these were, but didn’t find them to be that horrible. Perhaps they did a lot more of them in Transporters workout.) Curb plank jacks waiting for 6

Flutters. 10 reps, 4 rounds, each pax holding the ball once. For whatever reason, my team decided to take forever to get to the ground. We never quite learned that it would be easier for a guy on the far end to start and just pass in one direction. Some how a guy in the middle always started. I blame Blue Screen and Xerox, they are the oldest wisest of the bunch and should have kept us straight.

Bomb Jacks with bunny hops in between. Lets be honest – bunny hops sucks. Makes us all look like idiots. I didn’t do any of these until the last island. I used carrying the ball as an excuse, but I really didn’t want to do bunny hops. Unfortunately, Blue Screen caught up with me and asked for the ball the last island so I was forced to hop…like an idiot. Curb Peter Parkers waiting on 6.

WWII (Big Boy) Sit ups. 10 count, 4 rounds, each partner holds ball for a round.

Indian Run Slam Ball Burpee back to start. Plank movements waiting on 6.

3 team members squat in a circle and pass the ball while 4th team member runs to light and back. Rotate out until all have run. I was last to go and met up with Rudy. Both of us were confused about which light to run to (first or second). Since we appeared to be the only ones still running I decided it would be first. I challenged Rudy to race me and was not quite prepared for how quick Rudy ratcheted up the speed. I turned on the burners but it wasn’t enough. Nice push Rudy.

Circle up. One at a time give a one word goal for the year and a brief description of why. Words like leadership, work, courage, better, wife, nice, and organized were use. After a word is said and explained, the group does a merkin. Briefly interrupted by a car, but quickly back on track.

Jail Break back to start. Again, I find Rudy near me. Another Race? Yup, lets go. Rudy sprang to an early lead, but faded towards the end just enough to allow me to pass. Again, good push.

Circle up and count em off.


From Bottle Cap: We are a great group of guys, but we are also a group of guys in need. As evident (BC typed evidence) by some of the words during the new year merkin circle, each of us needs help. Lets build each other up and hold each other accountable in 2019. Happy New Year Fella’s.

Good to see Blue Screen and Eli Back

Squirts made another appearance

Hate to see Mad Dog not out there (Prayers for you my friend)

Rubbermaid with a strong 2.0 showing in Tupperware and Ziploc

From Fuse Box: A nice change of pace today with the slam balls.

Some recent new faces and some pax that have had extended absences. Keep coming out.

Squirts hates his name as much as Southern Belle but has already caught wind that a name change likely means a worse name.

Good push by Rudy today. If you’re near me during a jail break – fair warning, I like to race to make myself push harder.

Good discussion at Coffeteria today. Zinfandel taught those with Crapples how to use the space bar to zoom in on the exact place to delete or add letters. Also found out that Dunkin charges for tea refills (REALLY???!!!) I continue to be baffled that pax choose that place for coffeteria.

The usual’s were at the front of the pack today (Posse, Dana, Rudy, and myself) while the habitual slackers were the consistent 6 (Bottle Cap, Dasher, Goodfella, and Deadwood). Come on guys, you really have to step it up and work harder out there.

Thoughts and prayers with Mad Dog as he words to get his puny, Grinch sized heart fixed.

A call to action for all pax. Its the time of year for resolutions. I am blessed that for my second year in a row since joining F3, losing weight is not my resolution (I’m pretty sure for the previous 20 years it was). That being said, a lot of guys have losing weight on the list. Now is a good time to reach out to friends, family, and/or neighbors to invite them out.

Low Miles + Pain Stations = Soreness

12 guys showed up to Chiseled this morning to see what I had in store for them.  Predictably two left early.

I arrived (or arroved if you graduated from Carolina) early to the site to get the gear set up.  It was a sleepless night mostly because of work, which gave me plenty of time to plan today’s pain stations.  Because I’m constantly criticized for my music (though in all fairness I believe everyone is), I decided to add some Christmas Music to the playlist with the likes of Darlene Love and Bruce Springsteen.  After rolling a 200 pound tire about 200 yards (though it was mostly downhill) I get to the where I want to set it only to find Damascus parked there.  I attempt to kindly ask him to move, but quickly have second thoughts (“Was I a dick to ask him to move?  I could have worked around his truck.   Maybe I need to be nicer.  Ok…I’m going to apologize”).  Shortly after the apology, Damascus did what any good friend would do….he gave me a hard time for apologizing for something so stupid.  Thanks for the reality check.

Dough boy walks up with about 8 minutes until start and asks me the last question I thought a pax would ask me…but especially Dough Boy.  “Wanna pre run?”  The easy answer was no, but I had no excuses.  Gear was set up, music was playing, no one standing around to joke with.  You got me Dough Boy, lets go.  A quick parking lot mosey and return to a few pax gathered near the shovel flag.

Close to start time.  Pax slowly settling in, I decided I would give disclaimer early.  Made sure to reiterate the modify portion and how only you know what your body is telling you so don’t strain yourself.  Ok, enough Mr. Sensitive….lets go.


Quick mosey to the end of the parking lot.  I see Shake N Bake finishing out his pre run.  He runs by us, doesn’t acknowledge us, almost like he has horse blinders and ear buds in.  I say “Shake, this way”.  No response.  I let out a loud “SHAKE!”.  Still no response.  Oh well….quick U turn back towards the church office where I have gear located.  I was pleased to see Shake caught up with us once we reached the gear.  I asked Pax to partner up and we had just enough for 6 stations (which caused me to eliminate one station on each round I had planned).


Round 1: Arms and Chest

21’s (Except they were 40’s)  10 full curls, 10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, and 10 full curls again with a 27 lb bar.

Tricep kickback with 12 lb dumbbells.

Hammer curl with a 25 lb dumbbell

Tricep extension with either a 30 lb dumbbell

Chest Press with either  40 or 35 lb dumbbells

Timer: Chariot Run (or Santa pull).  Partner 1 runs with heavy rope around him while partner two gets down in squat position and provides resistance.  To me, this was much harder than a partner push.  There was more resistance, but the rope around the waist allowed arm movement so you could replicate more of a sprint movement vs holding a partners shoulders in a partner push.

Round 2: Legs

Goblet squat with 40 lb dumbell

Foot release squat

1 legged lunge (though some claimed it was more of a squat than a lunge).  Do both lets alternating when the timer alternates

1 legged step up.  Doing both legs alternating when the timer alternates.

Tire Flip

Timer: Reverse Chariot Run.  Partner one puts rope around back of waist and faces partner 2.  Partner 2 back in a squat position providing resistance.  Again, this one was surprisingly hard.  Lots of comments about quads burning.

Round 3

Sun rise with 12 lb dumbell.  (I’ve also seen this referred to as a overhead windmill).  With palms facing out, touch dumbells together below your waist and then fully extend to the side until they touch again over your head.

Military Press with 30 or 35 lb dumbbells.

Front Raise with 22 lb bar

Military Press with one 40 lb dumbbell

Upright row with 25 lb keddle bell or two 15 lb keddle bells.

Timer: Run to end of parking lot and back. 

It was during this round that we lost two pax which caused us to speed through this round faster than expected.  I had 7 minutes to kill…..Oh, I have just the thing to do that with.

AC/DC Thunderstruck.  Mountain climbers until you hear thunder, then do a merkin on thunder.  Somewhere in the middle during the instrumental we did air presses.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, its a tough one.  Somewhere around 33 merkins, a lot of mountain climbers, and enough air presses to feel a burn.

Watch check – 3 minutes.  I started the pax out with 25 heels to heaven.  Gave up to control to recalculating who called out catalina wine mixer.  Two issues – 1) I asked for an ab excercise and he gave me a tricept excercise.  2) Recalc developed this exercise but apparently forgot how to do it.  Catalina Wine Mixer is combination of Mahtar Djai and Merkins….yet all Recalc did was Mahtar Djai.   Ok, time to take back control, finish out with 15 (maybe 13? I couldn’t hear the pax count) LBC’s.  Time.


Thanks to all those that joined today and those that have joined and Q’ed Chiseled in the past.  Its been amazing to see this site location grow from an idea to a steadily attended workout.  I had hoped for a change of pace location that reduced running and focused on more lifting (preferably with heavier gear).  I think I accomplished that today with 1.2 miles and lots of pain stations.  We (Banjo and I) are continuously on the lookout for gear and hope to upgrade the site in 2019 to allow for more gear stored on site to assist Q’s with set up.  

Chainsaw made it out again today to my Q which marks the second time he has attended my Q without his son-in-law.  I normally have something witty snarky to say….but honestly its been a long day year and I’m spent.  It was good seeing the old man kill it out there today.

Thanks to those that helped stay after to get the gear put up.  Shout out to Damascus who rolled the tire 200 yards UP hill.  Great one-on-one conversation with Damascus after everyone left.  Good dude…even if he parks his truck in the way of the workout.

Some new Q’s coming to Chiseled in 2019.  Looking forward to what Rudy, Tupperware, Posse, Knish, and Foundation have in store for us in January.  But first, you must endure one last Zinfandel Chiseled workout.  He has promised gear (real gear, not the 5 pound bricks).

Still getting use to the new backblast format.  Hate that there is no bullet option (there probably is but I havn’t figured out where it is yet).


Keep Digits (FIA from Lexington, SC) and her family/friends in your prayers.  She was tragically killed during a workout earlier this week.  She had a head lamp and runners vest on and was crossing in the cross walk.  Hopefully a wake up call to our group to always stay vigilant with both you and your brothers safety.

Prayers for the young girl Damascus mentioned who was hurt in an accident and attends Arborbrook Academy.  

Dough Boy offered an open invite to visit his house Christmas Eve if you have no where to go.  He claimed unlimited egg nog and bourbon.  I imagine a few pax may challenge him on that unlimited part.  But a good reminder that this time of year can be hard on some.  Thanks to Dough Boy for opening his home up to pax in need that evening for some fellowship.

1000 Rep Challenge

12 Pax decided to join me on a cold (45 degrees) wet day to see what this 1000 rep challenge was all about.  I rarely steal workouts from my wife who is a personal trainer at the YMCA, but this one I thought would be good to adapt to F3.  The goal is to do 100 reps of 10 exercises for 1000 total reps.  For her classes, they only have 45 minutes to do this, and typically only the elite athletes get to all 1000 reps.  I wanted to incorporate more running into this challenge and put out on GroupMe that we would do 1000 reps and 3 miles.  Apparently that peaked some pax interest to the point that one of them bet me that if we hit 3 miles – he would do 15 Burpees.  Challenge accepted Money Ball.


Mosey up to the Kensington School.  Reclaculating reminded me not to shoot my wad too early.  (Thanks for the reminder).  Backed off my pace halfway through.  As we approached the school doors, Recalc again reminded me that we had 2.0’s in tow (3 of them) and that the separation was getting pretty far.  I audibled the plan and had the pax turn around to pick up the 6.  We then found a light to circle up (which as soon as we did, the light went out).  Proper disclaimer given.


50 SSH’s (calves burning towards the end)

Mosey down past the cars to the baseball circle.  Squats while we wait on the 6.

25 SSH’s

Jimmy Duggans

25 SSH’s

Mountain Climbers in sets of 25 with the count 2 = 1 (only count your right foot).  25 at the start, 25 at first light, 25 at second light, and 25 at the Park/school drive entrance.

Partner Up for rock work.  Partner 1 rock press, Partner 2 Run to school curb and back.  Each Pax does 100 presses on their own.  Keep going until last person has completed 100 (Some got way over 100 presses)

Partner 1 – 20 curls.  Partner 2 – 20 slow tricep dips for 5 rounds (until you reach 100 of each exercise).  Rocks up and squats while waiting for the 6 to finish.  

Short mosey to Millbridge neighborhood road.  Group 1 run two mailboxes up then start lunges.  Group 2, Lunge from the start until you see group 1 start lunges then run two mailboxes in front of them.  (I was worried that I would’t be able to explain this properly or that pax wouldn’t understand.  I was pleasantly surprised by how the group quickly picked up on this).  During this stretch I looked down at the watch to check time an mileage.  6:56 and 1.28 miles.  Yikes.  For the first time that day I had doubts that we may not get to 3 miles.  We reached the end of the road and I asked for the lowest count of lunges.  I heard 75, so as a group we did 25 lunges towards the Clubhouse.  Once you this 25, you jail broke.  It was towards the end of my sprint that I found a small lake.  I believe I scared Chainsaw as I was scrambling to get out of the middle of said lake.  I may have attempted to climb up him to get dry.  As my feet hit dry land, I hear Recalculating (who was ahead of me) say “oh yeah, watch out for that huge puddle right there”  Perhaps a little earlier next time recalc?

Find curb and do 100 toe taps on your own.  Squat while waiting for the 6.

I had planned to do the next exercise going up the incredibly steep and long hill at Millbridge, but with the number of 2.0’s we had along with having to dodge cars last time, I thought it best to stay in the parking lot.  10 Merkins at one island, sprint the parking lot, and 10 jump squats at the far island.  10 rounds for a total of 100 each.  Watch check….7:15 (ALREADY???!!!!).  I was running out of time.  I called an audible and asked everyone to meet up at the first island and knock out remaining merkins and squats without the run.  Most had gotten 7 to 8 rounds in already so it didn’t take long to knock out the remaining reps.

Quick mosey to the wooden bridge where I was hoping to find a dry spot.  I was worried about cars coming through, and saw an over hang that appeared to cover the sidewalk so I relocated the group the the sidewalk for 100 LBC’s.  It was not dry.  In fact, it was soaking wet.  As I did LBC’s, I kept hearing this strange suction noise my back was making against the wet concrete.  It sounded gross (Much like the sound I picture when Zin tells the story of the 400 pound girl he had the one night stand with in college.).  I think I lost a lot of the Pax confidence at this point as the mumble chatter got hot.  We did 50 civilian count with a 5 second Bread Bowl count break followed by 50 civilian count again.

Quick mosey back to “lunge” road.  Time check.  10 minutes left, but wait….what is this…..2.79 miles.  Oh, we can get 3 miles in 10 minutes.  Mosey to top of hill, turn around for 6.  Mosey to end of street, turn around for 6.  Shout out to Rudy for pushing really hard here.  Dude was at the front (yes FRONT) of the pack for this part.  Awesome job.   Quick watch check.  5 minutes and 2.9 miles.  Lets mosey some more…back past the cars to the circle.  Watch Check.  7:26.  2.99 miles.  Mosey back to cars picking up 6 along the way.  

3 Minutes left…needed an exercise we could do 100 of in 3 minutes.  Peter Parkers on your own.  When I hit 100 I went to grab my phone and asked the pax to do air presses once they finished.  Got back to the circle right as Recalculating called time.  Watch Check – 3.06 Miles!  Oh crap, I better stop the watch so the GroupMe haters can’t claim I got to 3 miles by going over time……and boom, workout watch time came in just under 60 minutes at 59:40.

Quick Summary of 1000 reps: 

100 SSH, 100 Mountain Climbers, 100 Rock Presses, 100 Curls, 100 Tricep Dips, 100 Lunges, 100 Toe Taps, 100 Merkins, 100 Squat jumps, 100 LBC’s, 100 Parker Peters.  For those good at math you will note that is actually 1100 reps.  Yes, I may have not been keeping up with how many exercises we did, plus we had 3 minutes to kill at the end.


Great job today Gentleman.  Lot of hard work put in.  Really impressed by Rudy’s push today (was it because his son was there???).  

Always good having the 2.0’s out there.  I try my best to put together a workout that all fitness levels (and age levels) can do while keeping it hard for everyone.  That is often times easier said than done, especially with 2.0’s.  That being said, I think its great getting them out there and exposing them to our values (maybe not our culture, but our values are great).

Watch checks: Recalc over 4 miles.  Southern Belle and I’s Fitbit had us just over 3 miles with 801 (SB) and 853 (mine) calories burned.  Popeye had us a a freckle past a monkeys @$$, and Dough Boy laughed at us for having watches.

Interestingly enough, both Southern Belle and I had a max heart beat over 200 (I had 207 and he had 206).  Previously my highest heart rate had been 182.  Impressive.

Lively discussion at Coffeteria – which I always enjoy.  A few of the pax learned a new work term today – Ghosting.

We all need to say a prayer for Bread Bowl as he dropped Dough Boy’s large coffee (filled to the top) in the parking lot walking to the cars.  All I heard from Dough Boy was “Really Bread Bowl???!!!”  Poor kid.  It was a good 11 years Bread Bowl.  I will miss your insults hurled Zin’s way.


I just recently learned of one of our brothers that went (and may still be going through) a hard time.  Shame of me for it taking 3 months to realize this.  I don’t know what they do or don’t want shared so I will leave it at that.  I urged/challenged the group today to reach out to other pax, especially this time of year which can be hard on some, to make sure they are doing well.  If you are having a hard time, let someone know.  I’ve offered it before and I will do it here in writing….I will buy the beer if you need to talk.

Not You Father’s Chiseled Workout

Closed my eyes at 9:34 pm and reviewed my checklist: Weinke-check, ride-check, gear-check, flag-check, workout clothes set out-check, scratch my balls for 30 minutes-double check. I then fell into a deep sleep. 1:13 open my eyes as I thought I heard my alarm. False alarm. I fall back to sleep. 2:33 am awake again. This time I start to question myself: Did I have a good plan? Would we have enough gear? Would it be challenging? Wonder what Moneyball is wearing right now? (Awkward) Fall back to sleep. 3:47 wake back up. No turning back now. The Q juice was flowing. I laid in bed like a kid on the night before Christmas until the alarm sounded at 4:25am. I sprang out of bed and was ready for Southern Belle for a 4:40 pickup. We are off!!

16 PAX posted for Chiseled today. A handful came for a prerun, and 1 said, “It looks like you set up for Soccer drills” Oh if they only knew the pain they were about to endure.


The warm up:

Was a mosey to each set of pain stations. 4 corners with 3 pain stations at each one. Disclaimer was stated at the beginning.

The Thang

We broke it into 4 corners. Each corner had 3 pain stations. PAX would hit one pain station and then run to another corner. You could not choose the same one again until all pain stations were hit once.

Corner 1:

Rope-go as long as you can

Pit of Misery-20 dips and 20 step ups

Steps-Good Mornings-20 reps



Corner 2:

2 merkin ladders with a bear crawl after each one

Overhead rock walk-walk with rock overhead down to island and back

Tricep extensions: choice of two different weighted dumbells-20 reps

Corner 3:

Run up Mount Chiseled with weight-10 times

Bent Rows 2 choices of weight-20 reps

Front arm raises light weight-20 reps

Corner 4:

Military Press single dumbbell, two choices of weight-20 reps

Curls two choices of weight-20 reps

Weighted Squats two choices of weights-20 reps



We kept to our roots of using gear at Chiseled. We mixed in more running and added music to the corners. 2.29 miles covers along with some serious reps at pain stations.

Welcome Keith Burnette aka Short Circuit.

Favorite Station-Merkin Ladder with Bear Crawl. Some quotes included-“I hate you” “That sucked” “You brought the pain with that one” “That was terrible” SUCCESS!!! Thanks Southern Belle for that one.

There was not a whole lot of talking today as the PAX pushed really hard but when they mustered enough strength to actually say something, it was usually a complaint. (see quotes above) You know it was a tough workout when you get complaining from Hollywood and Old McDonald.

It truly was a pleasure to lead this group of misfits today. We had ages 16 to 59 represented today which was simply amazing to see. It appeared everyone left sore and sweaty.

Thanks Old McDonald for taking us out.



  •  eFFee’s Black tie affair Friday night-8pm @The Estates at Briarcrest
  • Bible discussion Monday Night-730 @Brooklyn Pizza
  • Collect Hoodies and Jeans and Give to Bottle Cap for Church on the streets
  • Briley (Dancing Bear’s daughter) will be at eFFFe’s at the beginning to collect donations for Shampoo Crew and thank those who have donated. Please consider bringing socks, gloves, hats, scarves etc.

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…

or is it Dana’s freshly washed gloves.  I arrived early today to find the Christmas Tree lot up and lit which provided some nice lighting for the typically dark Pet Smart lot.  Southern Belle rode with me and was gracious enough to allow me to borrow some of his dumbbells for the umteenth time for one of my Q’s.  (Thanks again SB).

The plan today was to do exactly the opposite of what it appeared Ice 9 did last week at this site.  I read that the group last week got 3.6 miles in 45 minutes. (Wide Eyed Emoji).  So instead, I wanted to keep our heart rate up via small bursts of runs mixed with weight exercises.  I also wanted to throw in some new moves to spice things up.  5:15….lets go.


Mosey towards the traffic circle then sling shot around it towards target and circle up in the back parking lot.  Our dislaimers have been lazy and non complete lately so I wanted to make sure I did a full and complete disclaimer.  For your reading pleasure:

“Welcome to F3, my name is Fuse Box.  What I ask you to do today is only a suggestion.  Please workout at your own pace and modify as needed.  Do not sue me, the stores, or the developer of this shopping center.”

We only did one exercise for the warm up….but it was a good one.  Thanks again to Money Ball for bringing this one to the group as it has quickly become a favorite of mine to warm up with as it hits multiple body parts, gets the heart rate up, and gives the Q a chance to collect his thoughts.

Deconstructed burpees starting with the Q.  There was 9 of us so we went 9 rounds with each pax calling out a round.

9 Squats, 9 merkins, 9 in/outs, 9 Bobby Hurley’s.  Then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.  Zinfandel had some trouble with the initial counting but he recovered well.  Knish lucked out and only had to count to 1.  Being a West Virginia guy, I wasn’t quite sure of his counting skills so I made sure when I started that we went to me right to allow him only a 1 count.


Quick mosey to Pet Smart partnering up along the way.

One partner does inch worm merkins towards the Christmas Tree Lot while the other partner runs to the cart holder for 10 supines and then back.  Initially thought we would to to the tree lot and back to the cart holder, but saw that would bee too much.  Modified to 3 rounds.

Quick Mosey to Hickory Tavern where Gear was waiting on us.  I had intended to do a minute of toe taps on the curb before we started, but forgot (I hate Winkies).

Partner 1 does Scorpion Derkins into a one legged lunge (One Legged Derkin then moving the one leg into the air down to the ground to perform a lunge).  Partner 2 runs the loop around Hickory Tavern.  It was shortly into round two that I noticed some of the pax were way faster than me….wait a minute, they weren’t doing a full loop!  One pax said, well you said run around Hickory Tavern.  Well, yeah…but that’s not what I meant!  Yall aren’t mind readers?  Quick further explanation of instructions to include a run around Hickory Tavern AND Brooklyn Pizza buildings.  This exercise always reminds me that I have poor balance and if done enough, I tend to have sore obliques the next day.  Unfortunately, because the Q poorly explained the running portion, I don’t think we got enough in to make the abs sore.

Next Round of Partner work included a lap around the parking lot while partner two did one of the following exercises.  Went until each pax completed two rounds of each weighted exercise.

  • Military Press with 30 lb dumbbells.  (Drop one dumbbell and press the single 30 when the two together got too heavy)
  • Flamingo reach for the stars (I had no name for this but Zinfandel called it this and it sounds as good as any I could come up with).  With either a 15, 20, or 25 lb dumbbell in right hand, reach the weight down to the left foot then do a one legged good morning into a one handed press.  This tests the pax balance probably more than any exercise I know.  More on the balance part later….
  • Upright row with two 15 lb keddle bells
  • Bent Over Row with Sand bag

Final round of partner work was a sand bag step up (Sand bag across your shoulders) while your partner runs to the stairs and crawl bears backwards up the stairs then runs around the short parking lot back to hickory tavern steps.  Several pax compared the crawl bears to the movie American History X claiming they were about to eat pavement.


  • A great group of men today.  It is so much easier Q’ing a smaller group so today was a nice change of pace from Q’s past were there were 20 plus.  Still a solid 9.
  • Thanks to Damascus for the invite to come out.  We did a Q swap at each of our sites and after I heard he killed ’em at Chiseled, I knew I needed to try to bring something special today.
  • Speaking of Damascus, I complemented him on how well he was keeping his balance on the Flamingo reach for the stars exercise.  He proclaimed that it was because of his wide, Fred Flintstone Feet.  I said tongue in cheek that it likely has more to do with dick size and that its like a tale on animals…the larger ones can use it to balance better.  It was shortly after I floated this joke/theory that I lost my balance and had to go to two feet…..I will pause now to let the laughter and jokes subside about my lack of balancing parts.
  • Southern Belle was the unlucky one that got me as a partner today.  Good work SB.
  • Zinfandel and Dana appeared to crush it today.
  • First time meeting Chastain.  Fast Gazelle that kept Damascus moving all day.  Good work by you both.
  • A favorite Respect of mine Shop Dawg pushed hard today.  Always good seeing Shop.
  • Akbar working hard as usual and teamed up well with Knish today.  Those two got after it.
  • While running the parking lot loop I did stop (in my head, not literally) to smell the Christmas Trees.  Nice to see decorations going up and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the season.
  • According to Zinfandel’s $500 watch, we got 2 miles in today.  Good work by everyone.  My Q’s tend to be less running but still getting the heart rate up.  About the time you get comfortable with a low mileage Q I will throw a Gazelle 3 miler in on ya.  I’d say we are getting close to that Change Up Pitch.
  • As usual, I had much more planned but ran out of time.  We will save the sand bag farmer carry relay for another day.


  • Christmas Party Nov 30th
  • Effee Awards Dec 7th, Briarcrest Club House @ 8:00.  Those that arrive early are welcome to pregame tailgate.
  • Zinfandel’s Jingle Jangle Beer Exchange Dec 15th in his driveway.  A favorite of mine every year so make sure you attend if you can.  Bring a communal six pack, throw it in a huge ice tub, and start trying new beers.  Drinking games and corn hole are there to help get the beer down quicker.
  • Dancing Bear’s (Fart Sacker) Shampoo Crew Charity is collecting gloves, hats, and socks on top of the toiletry items for the homeless.  For those unaware, once the shelters are full, they hand out socks, hats, and gloves to the over flow folks to help them survive the below freezing temperatures.
  • Wedding Singer has a VQ tomorrow at Watchtower – 5:30 Brooklyn Pizza.  Solid guy that has been coming often.  Make sure you come out to support his first Q (I will be out of town).

Ladder Work

7 pax decided to join me for a cool crisp fall workout.  I knew today’s numbers would be low with some of the usual Saturdayer’s participating in Need for Speed and Bone Frog (thank god we won’t have to hear anymore announcements).

The general theme of today’s workout was ladders – both count and actual ladders.  I had the speaker on and ready to go.  6:30 – lets get it.

Warm Up

Mosey around the parking lot down towards the cul de sac.  Circle up.

  • 20 Big Ten’s (SSH)
  • Deconstructed Burpees (Complements of Moneyball) in ladder count down.  I started with 7 squats, 7 merkins, 7 in/outs, and 7 bobby hurley’s.  Went to my left with the next pax counting 6, then 5, all the way to 1.  I enjoyed passing off the count to help me catch my breath to allow some of the newer guys a short opportunity to lead.  (Knish is slatted for a VQ at Chiseled in January – but I challenge the other site Q’s to get him leading before then.  Chainsaw is another one I’d love to see a VQ from in the coming weeks).
  • Jimmy Duggans – center, right, then left.

The Thang

Partner up for Partner Pulls up the hill to the parking lot entrance switching out as you are tired.  Since there were 7 I played odd man out and lunge walked.

Partner Push from the parking lot entrance to the Elementary School Entrance.  I jumped in with Popeye and Jingles to do a 3 person round robin.  Legs were burning pretty hard by the time we reached the school entrance.  Recalculating and Knish killed it and beat us there so I had them Mary with SSH’s to keep the heart rate up.

Rock Work

  • One Partner curls while other partner runs up the hill to the main road and back.  2 times (no curl count).  After running to the top of the street I decided it was a little far and asked the pax to modify to the second neighborhood road to cut off a 100 yards from the first run.  Mary waiting on the 6
  • One Partner does overhead tricep extension while the other partner runs up hill towards the school.  2 rounds.  Put rocks up.

Grab curb for tricep dip ladders.  I started count with 7 and passed the counting down to each pax  until we reached one.  I challenged to pax once we started not to go down and try to hold.  I made it to 2 before my arms gave out.  Good work from those that lasted until the end.

Mosey to the bus parking lot where I had weights and ladders waiting on us.

Circle up for LBC’s and Pull Ups.  Two pax perform a minimum of 10 pull ups (more if you can) while the rest of the pax start LBC’s.  Challenged those that couldn’t do a pull up to do a modified jump pull up.  Goal was to do 100 LBC’s in the time it took all pax to complete 10 pull ups.  Timing was just right.

Weights and Ladder Work.  One Partner does weights while the other runs to the other end of the parking lot for a ladder exercise then returns to switches out with weights partner.  Asked pax to try and stay together at the ladder and run back together so that the two groups don’t get separated.

  • Weights (Dumbbells):
    • Chest Press with 30 lbs
    • Hammer Curl with 20 or 25 lbs
    • Tricep extension with 40, 25, or 20 lbs
    • Front raise & side raise with 15 or 10 lbs
    • Upright Row to chin with two 15 lb keddle bells
    • Military press with one 40 lb dumbbell
    • Goblet squat with 50 lb
    • Good morning with 50 lb
  • Ladder – two rope ladders put together.  If you ever played football, these exercises should be simple to follow.  Unfortunately I learned several pax today didn’t play football.
    • SSH’s with feet going outside ladder and then inside ladder
    • High knees – Chop each foot inside each square with high knees
    • Heisman – hard to explain, easier to show.  Start with left foot outside left ladder, chop both feet inside ladder, then end with right foot on right side of ladder.  Key is to keep your arms moving.
    • Bunny Hop – Outside left, inside, outside right, inside…….
    • Up Up Down Down – Facing side of ladder, chop feet in each square and back below each square the length of the ladder
    • Plank Jack hand walk – Plank Jack feet outside ladder and then inside each square.  (Found it easier if I did it mixed with a bear crawl?
    • Plank hands right – plank position and move hands to the right.  No Merkins
    • Plank hands left

Finished the 8 round weights/ladder work with only minutes to spare.  Lets mosey back to the start.  We arrived at the start right at 7:30.  I had planned to finish up with AC/DC Thunderstruck but ran out of time….or did I?  I left it up to the pax….do you want to end on time, or do you want to go 5 minutes over and fulfill my promise to get 100 Merkins in.  Vote was almost unanimous…Thunderstruck it is.   Pax do mountain climbers until you hear the word Thunder at which point you do a Merkin.  There are two points in the song that give opportunity for air presses.  We took advantage of that.  Appropriately 33 merkins performed.  I was gassed, and  by the look of it, so was everyone else.  Zinfandel got it on video.  I’m sure social media team will use it against me soon, be on the look out.


  • Great work today.  Everyone worked hard.  There was very little complaining (even by the Q).
  • Thanks to Southern Belle for allowing me to use his dumbbells and ladders.  He was a last minute scratch as a pestering cold has got him down.  Briarcrest currently has several on the IR list.  Beckham (knee), Dancing Bear (calf), Southern Belle (cold), and Schnieder (bar).  We hope to get our strong Briarcrest numbers back up to normal soon.
  • It was great seeing Popeye out there today.  Guy is always a ball full of positive energy and love having him out at workouts.  Just a genuinely good dude.  Glad to hear his wife is recovering well from knee surgery.
  • Jingles and Zinfandel passed me several times on the up hill runs.  I may have let out a cuss word in their direction.  My apologies boys.  Just my own frustration at myself coming out and being manifested towards you.  Great work today out of both of you.
    • Jingles has always had sneaky speed when it came to running.  At what point do I realize this and it is no longer sneaky speed?
    • Zinfandel’s hard work has been showing results.  When he first started he was the six….like the kind of six that stops running 1/4 way through the workout and modifies everything.  Dude is killing it and has passed me in cardio ability.  I believe I’m ready to hand over my form police badge and whistle to him as well.
  • Knish worked hard today along with Recalculating.  Love seeing the new guys come out and stick with it.  Adds new elements – oh who am I kidding, it just gives me fresh meat to pick on.  Keep it up!
  • Recalculating was his normal “get off my lawn” grumpy old guy self.  I’ve been accused of being a younger, much more out of shape version of Recalculating lately – scary.   Good work today and thanks for keeping the Q’s accountable.  You push us to work hard and work the pax harder.
  • Chainsaw worked hard today.  Cut a couple jokes at his son-n-laws expense which of course I enjoyed.  Glad to have him a part of the group.  He’s jumped right in and become one of us.
  • We burned 685 calories while only covering just over 2 miles.  I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but I will take this time again to remind the pax that there are other ways to burn calories than running.  Be creative with your Q’s.  Some of us (me) hate running and the reason we do bootcamps is to sneak our cardio in through other means.  We burned 685 calories in 2 miles while the 5+ mile Q only burned 650.  Ok, enough soap box.


  • Thoughts are with Mad Dog as he goes through additional tests this morning.  Apparently the overnight nurse saw something she liked last night according to his GroupMe post.
  • Dancing Bear dropping off toiletry donations to the Charlotte Homeless Shelter on Monday.  Get your last minute donations in at Flash or Ignition.
  • Christmas Party Nov 30th at Providence Downs South Clubhouse.  Look to GroupMe News Channel for more info.
  • WUC Effie awards at Friday, Dec 7th at the Briarcrest Club House.  If you can make it, I highly recommend it.  Its a great opportunity to laugh with pax over a beer.  I got a fairly good ab workout in from laughter at last years 1st annual Effie Awards.
  • Dunkin Doughnuts for Coffeteria.  Unfortunately the Wolfpack lost on Thursday night so no free coffee (Wah Wah).
  • Thanks to Zinfandel for taking us out.


A F3 Music Bug

As Mike Tyson is claimed to have said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”.  I arrived early, ran through the areas I planned to use, then parked the car.  Started getting the playlist going only to find an urgent email I needed to answer for work.  Once I finish I look up to find a bakers dozen worth of pax giving me grief for having my head buried in my phone.  I get enough of that from the M so lets not start that with the F3 crew.  As others arrive I notice my playlist is only playing the first song and stopping.  Last week I caught wind of a similar technical glitch with Goodfella at Dromedary.  I am beginning to think there is an F3 technical bug making its rounds….keep a look out.  I look up from trying to fix the playlist issues in time to see a 4 deep clown car filled with one star, boytana, lazy boy, and Krusty (more on Krusty later).  Watch check – 5:29, quick disclaimer and then off we go on the pre warned 1/2 mile mosey.


Mosey behind brooklyn pizza, through Chick Fil A parking lot, past the gas station, through BB&T, and back down to target to get our half mile in.  Somewhere around brooklyn pizza the music gave out on me again.  Unfortunately for me, Deadwood was near and decided then was a good time for him to give me a lecture on how to use You Tube to create playlists.  I be honest, I caught about 1/4 of what deadwood was saying but I did hear YouTube and playlist.  He might have given me the secret to life but I was fixated on finishing the half mile mosey without dying and trying to fix my playlist issues.  As we rounded the corner at BB&T heading to target I notice a large looming shadow coming at us at a pretty good pace.  At first I thought we have picked up a late arrival, but then I see the light reflect off the glasses of a much smaller pax behind him and realize that once again, Bread Bowl had to make a pit stop.  God bless the patience of Dough Boy and his ability to wait on his son.  May I suggest a prerun down the driveway at the house as it always hits him in the first 15 steps.

Circle up at Target (while I continue to attempt to fix my music troubles).

  • 30 SSH’s – started hearing some groaning around 25.
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 15 T Merkins
  • 8 Potato Pickers.


Mosey to back of Target parking lot where there are 6 trees located.

  • 5 In/Out Merkins per tree.  Mary at end waiting on the 6.
  • 5 Peter Parker Merkins per tree.  (For those keeping count, that’s 75 merkins so far – goal was 150 after having my legs destroyed by Money Ball at Flash).  It was at this point that Jingles pointed out they did a lot of Merkins with Frack the day before (really?  Frack likes merkins?  I had no idea).  Sorry Jingles….two merkin heavy workouts in a row for you.

Mosey to Pet Smart (I will add that when I scouted the location at 5:00 this morning, Target was dark and pet smart was lit up like Legalized on a trip to Colorado – yeah, that doesn’t make any sense, sorry Legalized).  Anyways, at some point during our opening mosey – target lit up one light and Pet Smart went dark….enough moonlight out that we only had a few run in casualties at pet smart.

Station Work – 4 “weight” stations on the perimeter with a cardio station in the center.  1 min at weights and then meet in the center for 1 minute of cardio.  Pax split up evenly into the four weight stations.  We preformed two rounds of 4 so 8 total.


  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Diddle Merkins (Wide, regular, diamond)
  • Supines
  • Low Slow Deep Jump Squats.


  • Mountain Climbers
  • SSH
  • Lunge/Squat/Lunge
  • High Knees
  • Parker Peters
  • Burpees
  • Jump Squats
  • Station Run

There was just enough time left to do an AC/DC “ThunderStruck” beat down.  Unfortunately my amazon music account still decided it wasn’t ready to wake up.  So what do good Q’s do – improvise.  What do bad Q’s do….plow through, regardless of how bad it gets.  We plowed through with me randomly yelling thunder and Bread Bowl breaking the silence with calls for my head.  Merkins on the word thunder, mountain climbers in between.  Two “rest” breaks to do air presses.  Attempted to mimic the 33 merkins from the actual ThunderStruck song as best I could.  We had about a minute left so we finished out with LBC’s.



  • I learned today that Boytana has the most awkward looking deep squat form I’ve ever seen.  Looked more like a ballet dancers plie (sp) than a squat.
  • Krusty attempted to change his name during name-o-rama.  I let it slide and decided to consult with the F3 elders on the matter.  It was determined that Ass Crack violated the unwritten rule of could you call the name out in public with kids around.  Couple that with the fact that he also hated the name Krusty meant Krusty must stay.  The random name change vote from COT has been voided and Krusty will remain Krusty.  As per F3 rules, you can’t name yourself so if One Star, Boytana, or Lazy Boy can come up with a name that Krusty hates worse than Krusty – he may have a chance at a name change in the future.
  • I need to get to know the boys from the one star clown car a little better.  They fit in well with the Shenanigans of WUC, but I only see them at Watchtower.  Tip of the hat to One Star for growing his crew.
  • Speaking of One Star – he killed it today.  Heard mumble chatter about running from a dump or something as to why he was so fast today….perhaps Bread Bowl needs to show him how to release during the opening mosey.
  • And speaking of Bread Bowl – I made his list today!  I’m so excited.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for awhile and was disappointed my last Q wasn’t tough enough to get there.  I wish I had a better acceptance speech ready, but at this time I just want to thank Bread Bowl for allowing me to push him beyond his limit to the point of his disdain for me.
  • Money ball made it out for the second time this week coming off his torn labia calf injury.  Yes – I stole that joke from Zinfandel, but it was too good not to use again.  Considering I beat Money Ball yesterday (in one exercise and yes he was on my heels) and he appeared to struggle today, I’d say I got him right where I want him for another weighted vest bet.  Got to act quick as he will quickly pass me in stamina again (likely before weeks end).
  • Preciate Eli making it out for a rare appearance in support of Briarcrest.  Good work today.  He must have still been flying high from his Eagles beating “Eli”.
  • Lots of mumble chatter and jokes today during the round.  At one point, the talk between Money Ball and the rest of my weight station group had me laughing to the point that I was having issue completing reps (maybe Frack is right???).  I appreciate the humor this group has and its what keeps some of us returning.  I can go to a gym and stare at a tv on a treadmill all I want, but it gets old quick.  The camaraderie amongst us pax is what drives me to get out of bed.
  • Someone attempted to actually sing ThunderStruck.  It might have been Zinfandel…either way, it was a decent impression.
  • Mad dog and I matched shirts and shorts.  Neither of us made it very far in the game of chicken to check underwear.  I guess I will have to trust Mad Dog that he wasn’t wearing a thong.
  • Dana and Wedding Singer both pushed hard today.  Long over due VQ’s needed for both of them.  If your a site Q and have openings please reach out to them.  I will throw chicken little in that bunch as well though he was not there today (#complimentarypost).


  • Wednesday Bible Study at 5 Stones at 6:15 am.  Bottle Cap will be attending this week and is pushing to get some other F3 folks to stick around after his Chiseled Q.
  • Posse announced something but I forgot what it was (Sorry).  Was it the crane relay?  Please post to Playhouse and News Channel and I can update the back blast to include it.


A Successful Chiseled Launch

15 Pax came out to see what this gear workout was all about.  Thanks for the support today guys.  I was worried what the numbers would look like since there was an already successful site open on Wednesday’s and Briarcrest’s finest (Hollywood) was on Q there.  From what I hear, they had 19 so combined both sites had 34…Impressive for a hump day!

I arrived to the site at 10 til 5:00 not knowing how long set up would take and full of launch day jitters.  I arrived to find Shake N Bake in the middle of the parking lot stretching for his pre run…alone, oh so alone.  I had things set up within 10 minutes and had to decide, do I continue to look busy and wait on pax to arrive or do I suck it up and try and find Shake to join him in on the prerun.  About the time I was about to decide to look busy, up comes Rubbermaid and Tupperware.  Rubbermaid to join in the prerun and Tupperware to help set up equipment.  I couldn’t tell if Tupperware was happy there was not equipment to set up or upset that he now had to prerun…either way, thanks for coming out early to help.  Enough of the preworkout details….lets get to the good stuff.


Lengthy disclaimer given about not dropping equipment on the pavement and not suing the church.  I then explained to the pax that we would be running the last kilometer for Samantha Davis who passed away at a local cross country meet this past Saturday.  A very sad story.  Many schools in the state will be running a last kilometer today in her honor.  Thank you to Hooch for keeping us up to date with that story.  I’m not sure who’s idea it was to run for Samantha Davis today, but thank you for the suggestion.  Hopefully the link below to the map of our run in her honor will show up:

Off we go on a .62 mile (or 1 Kilometer) run.  Headed towards the 5 stones entrance which I thought there and back would get us to the .62 miles….it didn’t.  Leaders circled us out around the side of the church, back to the cars, and then I saw Deadwood (distance keeper) come to a stop and fidget with his watch.  He called out done.

Circle up for ACDC Thunderstruck.  Mountain climbers during the song, merkins on the word thunder.  I read somewhere online that if you were using this as a drinking game, it would be 34 shots.  I mentioned that we would be doing 34 Merkins and halfway through the song was met with several jeers that we had done way more than 34 merkins.   During a long interlude that I knew didn’t include the word Thunder, I called out a modify and we did air presses until Thunder came back into play.  It was just long enough of an interlude to where the air presses were burning.  Good work from the pax as this was my first time trying this and it was much harder than I had bargained for.


The rest of our time would be spent doing station work with equipment.  Being that I made 90% of this up on the fly, it makes it that much tougher to remember what we did for the back blast.  As I’ve already said, gear workouts are so much harder to plan for.  Will we have 6 pax or 26.  The difference in numbers can change things dramatically.  Anyways, I digress.  First round went like this:

  • Military Press with either 20’s, 35’s, or 40’s.  Modify to one 40 pound dumbbell once you were wore out – which for me was after 10 reps.
  • Up right row with a stone paver or 25 pound keddle bell (bring hands up to your chin working your lats).  I think the stone paver weight around 20-25 pounds.
  • Bent over fly with bricks.  Bricks were roughly 10 pounds.
  • Front Raise with Landscaping block.  Block was around 15 pounds.
  • Side Raise with dumbbelle or keddle bells.  15 pounds each.
  • Good Mornings with the large block.  In this exercise you keep your knees relatively straight and bend at the hip.  It works your hamstrings.  The block was around 30 pounds.
  • Supines on the railing.  This proved a little trickier than Weddington’s rails as they went down steps with flat steps on one side and a sloped hill on the other.  We made it work.
  • Partner Pole Squats.  This is a new exercise I introduced to the group that we use to do when I played baseball.  Using a 2″ PVC pipe about 2 feet in length, one partner squats all they way to the ground (seated on the ground) while his partner helps to safely lower him down and help him back up with the pvc pipe then flap jack with the other partner squating.  In theory if done correctly, one partner gets a deep squat workout while the other gets a little bit of a squat and some row action.  Both should have tired forearms from holding the pipe.  In reality…we had a lot of guys lay out on the ground laughing after falling.  In high school we used a smaller broom stick which I’m not sure worked the fore arms more or less, but I know it had a heck of a lot more grip than the slick pvc pipe.  Thanks for being good sports and letting me try something new.  My guess is Money Ball is currently laughing a body part off now thinking what other insanely dumb exercises did my baseball coach have us do – the answer is plenty, but not as much as my football coach.
  • On to the pit of misery as it will now be named.  One legged step ups.  Switch legs however you prefer (ever time or 10 each leg).
  • Foot release squats.
  • Dips
  • Back out of the pit of misery to our timer exercise.  Chariot Runs.  One partner is inside the weighted rope while the other one holds the ends to add resistance.  Run to last island, flap jack and run back.  If done right, it was a killer.  Some pax turned it into a rope carry.  Either because the Q didn’t properly explain, or because they were lazy…my money is on Q fail.  I originally called them partner pulls, so thanks to the pax that renamed them Chariot Runs.

Once everyone completed every station, I gave them a short break to explain our next series of work.  At some point in the station work above we lost Shake N Bake, Bread Bowl, and Hooch.  Was it really that tough???   Nah, just a bathroom emergency and getting kids to school.

  • Curls (20, 35, or 40 pound dumbbells)
  • Tricep Kick Back (Bricks)
  • Good Mornings
  • Supines
  • Diddle Merkins (Wide, Regular, Diamond, Regular, Wide).  Sorry Shake N Bake….you left too soon for your favorite exercise
  • Step ups.
  • Foot release squats
  • Dips
  • Rope work.  1 partner alternating rope waves while the other does 25 LBC’s.  Switch when partner finishes LBC’s.  Timmer when both partners finished LBC’s.

We didn’t quite get through all our final stations before time ran out, but did get more than halfway.


  • Thanks again to everyone that came today.  Hopefully you enjoyed a little change of pace (actually a lot less pace and a lot more lifting).  The quick change out of stations added with the Chariot Run had my heart rate rocking the first round.
  • Thanks to Rubbermaid who made a solid donation towards the site.  Deflated – if you were able to get the weights you posted about I will get you Rubbermaid’s donation.
  • As you can see from the first stations – we have plenty of equipment and space to grow.  I had stations ready to go for 12 groups or 24 total people.  Based on equipment we currently have, this site has no problem supporting 25-30 pax.
  • Thanks to Southern Belle for bringing some “big boy” dumbbells.   He had 20, 30, 25, 40, 45, and 50 pound dumbbells in his truck and made the Q smile when he saw the extra big boy equipment there he hadn’t planned for.
  • Thanks to all those that donated equipment.  Dasher’s weighted rope has been a fixture at the soft launches and official launch and is much appreciated.  Other equipment in the works are pull up bars to hang trx bands, a tractor tire to flip, and some additional weights (keddle bell, dumbbell, and plates).  Hopefully soon we will be able to store equipment on site which will make set up and break down easier for Q’s.
  • And Speaking of Q’s.  If your interested in Q’ing a gear workout, please let Banjo or I know.  I’ve reached out to some directly already and have a few more on the list I’d like to get Tee’ed up.  Don’t wait on me though, if you have interest….let us know.


  • Keep Samantha Davis’ family and friends in your prayers.  They are going through a difficult time in the sudden and unexpected death.
  • Keep the 6 year old boy from Gastonia who has been missing since this weekend in your prayers.