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What the Funky is a Baby Plank?

16 PAX pitched for a good mix of full body bell workout and cardio.


Warm up jog to rock and back…



IW X 10 IC




The Thang

Partner 1 Swings while partner 2 runs loop around church & Flapjack x 2

Partner 1 Tricep Extension while partner 2 runs loop around church & Flapjack

Partner 1 Curls while partner 2 runs loop around church & Flapjack

Partner 1 Lawnmower while partner 2 runs loop around church & Flapjack

Partner 1 Shoulder Press while partner 2 runs loop around church & Flapjack

Partner 1 Teabag Squats while partner 2 runs up stairs and back & Flapjack

Partner 1 Lounges while partner 2 runs up stairs and back & Flapjack

Partner 1 Deadlifts while partner 2 runs up stairs and back & Flapjack

Partner 1 Reverse Lounges Extension while partner 2 runs up stairs and back & Flapjack

Back to Launch…

Baby Plank and touch right elbow then wrist with right knee, then alternate x 15 IC




  • Christina Latini Memorial 8k and 2 mile walk – March 30th. In memory of our brother, Olive’s daughter. Sign up here.
  • Get Your Rear In Gear 5k – March 30th. YHC is friends with Joe Miller, who has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Feel free to join team Miller Time if you’d like to support. Sign up here.
  • Craft Beer Half Marathon and 5 miler – March 30th. A few pax plan to run this race (not win it, just run it). Feel free to sign up if you like running and/or craft beer or just want something to train for during the cold winter months. Sign up here.
  • Around the Crown 10k – September 1st


  • We discovered Bulldogs new favorite plank is the baby plank
  • Some mumble chatter out there between the huffing and puffing
  • It was an honor to be with and lead the men of Skunk Works
  • Thanks Dollywood for taking us out!

Frisbee, Fun, Friday

55 degrees and no rain! It’s Friday, we have a Frisbee and pinnies thanks to Stone Cold and Header, which can only mean one thing. Confessions from the Q… I learned this week that pinnies are NOT spelled ‘pennies’. Can’t say that’s a first! Q says disclaimer and we are off with 11 PAX to take a warm up lap around track then COP at 50 yard line. 2 more PAX (won’t mention names) show up to make it 13 PAX (good math)… one at the end of COP and one at beginning of Ultimate game.


Side-straddle Hops x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

1 and only Thang

Lots of good ole ultimate Frisbee! Q divides the teams and gives quick refresher on the rules. After every score both teams have to do 10 Merkins. Losing walks. One team walked 5 times and the other 2 times. We think Tebow secretively is a professional ultimate player on his free time. Header made an unbelievable diving catch, where he somehow came up with it pinned up against the back of his head. Way to use your head Header. After putting in close to 2.5 miles of running around we mosey back to launch for COT.


Ductwork took us out in a solid prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity Ductwork! Always a joy to be with the men of Joust.


Joe Davis run next weekend. Duckwork has some entries if anyone interested. 

Mr. Brady’s favorite workout of the week (Fun Friday!)

Q proposes to Site Q… Ultimate every 1st Friday?

Was that a Scream?

Nice cool morning in the gloom. YHC was laughed at for wearing pants. Smokey rocks up wearing shorts and a T somehow thinking we were going to play Ultimate 2 weeks in a row. Slim 7 PAX… did the 42 degrees or no ultimate have anything to do with it? Stone Cold and 49er weren’t scared as they got some extra credit with pre run up Horsey.  YHC asks 49er the time… “I’ve got 5:30″… Disclaimer and we are off…


Side-straddle Hops x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Hillbillies x ??? IC (YHC started doing IC like a hillbilly and got ahead of himself)

Mosey over to bleachers above football field.


Thang 1

Big loop around CC campus with 4 pain stations along the way…

Station 1: Dips x 20 OYO

Station 2: Jump Squats x 20 OYO

Station 3: Wall sits with air presses x 20 OYO

Station 4: Merkin x 20 OYO

Rinse and repeat, except for audible for x 15 Jump Squats OYO

Rinse and repeat again…. that was the plan until the detour began. One of the PAX said “Did you hear that?” “WAS THAT A SCREAM?” Then we heard it a second time coming from the woods beyond the football field. The investigation ensued, mainly due to Smokey’s big heart and courage. In the end we are pretty sure it was some wild animal making a very eerie sound. Smokey prayed and we got back to business….


Thang 2

Ran a lap around the track to clear our head then to center of football field.

4 corners with a partner begins. After each corner to center for partner hand slap merkins x 10

Stomich first then Round 2 Upper and Lower body

Corner 1: Dollies x 20 / Burpees x 10

Corner 2: Flutters x 20 / Dry Docks x 20

Corner 3: Freddies x 20 / Lounges x 20

Corner 4: LBCs x 20 / Squats or Monkey Humpers x 20

Mosey out of stadium to playground where we did 10 pull-ups OYO

Mosey back to launch where we did 10 burpees OYO


Slumdog took us out nicely before sharing an encouraging update on a PAX who’s wife had a severe heart attack recently… they thought several times they were going to lose her. Many were praying for her. Doctor is saying it is a miracle that she is still alive. Testimony of the power of God through prayer. Let us love deeply and hold tightly this weekend those closest to us.


YHC was glad he gave a full disclaimer when we found ourselves all running towards the woods and scream (so we thought)

Was good to have 49er two weeks in a row, although he had to exit early….. “because he’s a trader or something” Stone Cold comments.

Was great to see all the PAX that were present and put in a good workout together. Great to hear all the mumblechatter, especially among Yeti and Smokey.

Wild 45 mins. I’m sure YHC missed something.