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“Pick your partner to the right” at The Maul

After warmups, YHC asked everyone in a circle to partner up with the person to your right. Think about that for a minute…I obviously didn’t. Anyway, after a stumble at the start, we did manage to partner up for most of the workout and ran just over 2.3 miles mostly at the Murderhorn and the top parking lot with the shed cover and pull-up bars.

Warmup: Mosey from launch around the parking lot in front of movie theatre and back to the side lot in front of the grass hill.  5 burpees + SSH x 15, 4 burpees + Hillbillies x 15; 3 burpees + Squats x 15 + 2 burpees + Mountain Climbers x 15, then 1 burpee.

The Thang:

Station 1:  Partnered at bottom of grass Hill. Parter 1 stays in plank while partner 2 runs the grass hill with 5 jump squats and returns to bottom of hill for 10 hand slap merkins. Partners flap jack. Repeat 3 times for each partner. Mosey to Murderhorn.

Station 2: Mosey to the first right near top of Murderhorn to run the loop. Partners run opposite directions and meet in the middle for 10 hand slap merkins. Return to top. Mosey down Murderhorn and up to parking lot on left.

Station 3: Partners split and flap jack between the picnic tables for 2 exercises and the pull-up bars. 3 sets of incline merkins (15 reps) + dips (15 reps) and then cross over between sets to pullups (10 reps). Between each of the 3 sets, partners meet in the middle for 20 LBC (6 sets total). Mosey to rock pile.

Station 4: At rock pile, gathered lifting rocks for 4 sets of 15 reps each. 1-Squat/curl/press, 2-Good-mornings, 3-tricep press, 4-bicep curl. Mosey to bottom of Murderhorn.

Station 5: Run up Murderhorn stopping at each light post on right (3 total) for Merkins x 10 – wide-arm, diamonds, regular. Mosey back to movie theatre wall.

Station 6: On the wall preacher sit for 30 seconds, balls to wall for 30 seconds, then scale down into a plank for 10 slow 3-count merkins. finshed with some Mary on the curb – 15 knee-ups, 15-H to H, and Protractor for 1 minute.


Fishing Hole is No Country for Old Men

For all you young whippersnappers who think the Fishing Hole is for old farts…think again!!  The initial launch led by Chelms and the 2nd one led by Yours Truly has firmly established THE FISHING HOLE as No Place (Country) for Old Men (picking up from the movie title).  14 of us covered about 1.8 miles – most of which was vertical or uphill. We mixed in a ton of reps for various Merkins, Burpees, and other F3 favorites.  So the Fishing Hole has an open invitation for those who want to give us a try with the theme of low mileage and high variety of station to station boot camp workouts – and no 10 counts allowed!

Warmup:  SSH, Merkins, Squats, Hillbillies (modified Imperial Walker), 5 Burpees. Mosey to Station 1

Station 1 (Acquatic Center): Lined up at the bottom and performed multiple exercises (approximately 8 sets including Merkins, Mary, Jump squats, Burpees, etc) and ran to the top in between each set. The run to the top was something different each time…(high knees, backward run, shuffle, sprint, etc).  5  Burpees. Mosey to Station 2

Station 2: Picnic tables on the side of Charlotte Catholic. 3 sets of step-ups (10 each leg) dips (15), and incline Merkins (15).  5 Burpees. Mosey to Station 3.

Station 3: Parking lot between football field and parking deck. Partnered up. 10 partner Merkins with both in plank. Partners run up opposite staircases to top of garage and switch Merkins in plank. Return to bottom and meet up. 10 hand slap Merkins at bottom and 10 hand slap Merkins at the top of the deck. Return to bottom and repeat again for 3 total up and down the stairs and 6 total sets of Merkins. 5 Burpees. Mosey to Station 4.

Station 4: Parking lot at the end zone away from the school building. Mary Merkin ladder. 10 reps then 9, 8…down to 5 of various Merkins and Mary exercises. Mosey to Station 5.

Station 5: At Launch, finished Mary Merkin ladder and cycled back up to 10 (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) of various Mary and various Merkins.


Bagpipe Backblast

Shout-out to Haggis for posting at Bagpipe and Frazier for Swift after running the Palmetto 200+ this weekend. Of course Frazier says, “Anyone can do it, you guys should sign up next year!”  I’ll be sure and mark may calendar..

Warmup: Mosey to parking lot by the Marriott. SSH X 20, MC X 10, Merkins X 20

Workout: Run to fitness trail. 2 sets of dips X 10 and Pullups X 10. Plank and 6 inches hold for 10 count. Run across wooden bridge and parking lot to the street. 15 Merkins. Run to top of hill and hold preachers chair on bridge for 1 minute. 25 count arm raises. Run to parking deck (beside helicopter pad) and run the staircase – 5 Burpees at bottom and run 2 levels of stairs, 10 Merkins. Return to bottom for 5 Burpees and run the steps to the top and 15 Merkins. Return to bottom.

Mosey / Run to cross Ballantyne Commons and run to Harris Teeter shopping center to knee wall / fountain near Bad Daddy’s. 2 sets Derkins X 10, Dips X 10, Jump ups X 10. 3 sets Mary LBC X 15, Dolly X 15, and Scissor Kicks X 15. Mosey to cross Johnson Road and into the parking garage for a series of sprints and exercises at the top of each ramp including Merkins, Mary, Jump Squats, CDD, LBC. Return to launch.

Covered 2.8 miles. No 10-count rests. Brisk pace. Thanks to all for coming except for Nard Dog who “says” he was there but couldn’t find us. Nardy, any witnesses?

Big House Beat-Down

This was my (Frehleys) first post and first Q at the Big House but certainly not the last.  Great AO and really good participation from the PAX. A shout-out to Tag Along for bringing out an FNG so named Carmen San Diego which not surprisingly was lost on me (the F3 “name”). I don’t get out much apparently.

Also a special shout-out to Amtrak for showing up after having food poisoning all weekend. He decided to continue his weekend bodily expulsions by fertilizing a patch of grass near our suicides on the rear parking lot.  Amtrak continued the workout and was certainly an inspiration !!

Warmup by “the Rock”: SSH X 20, Low-slow-Squats X 10, Merkins X 10, Mountain Climbers X 10. Mosey around both baseball fields to the recreation area.

Workout: On the knee wall and playground area: 3 sets of 4 exercises: Derkins X 10, Jump-ups on Wall X 10, Dips X 20, Pullups X 7 – 10 reps. Mosey to bridge. Bear crawl across bridge to parking lot for suicides with 12 different exercises performed at every other parking space. The first exercise is performed and then back to start. Then the 1st and 2nd is preformed and back to start followed by the 1st. 2nd, and 3rd exercises and back to start…and so on for 12 different exercises as follows:

Burpees X 3, Merkins X 10, Squats X 10, LBC X 10, Diamonds X 10, Mountain Climbers X 20, Dolly X 20, Carolina Dry Dock X 10, Jump Lunges X 10, Wide Merkins X 10, Heals to Heaven X 10. The results is that the first exercise is performed 12 times and the last only once. Frehleys and MT completed all 12 and then the PAX finished with some Mary. Mosey back to the parking lot finishing with 3/4 pace and then sprint. Closed with a 1 minute plank. Total running was around 2 miles.


Orange-Out at Bagpipe

In honor of Rivalry Week (that means football guys, basketball hasn’t really started yet!!!), YHC was wearing his true colors – orange of course – including Tiger Rags in front and back. Thankfully the rags were only for show and had no functional use this time!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and safe travels!!!

Warmup: SSH X 15, Imperial Squat Walker X 10, Merkin/Mountain Climber 10X9X8X7X6 (10 merkins + 10 MC then 9, 8, etc). Mosey to Lock Ness Lake for stations:

Workout: 3 stations (both knee walls and fitness trail): 3 exercises of 10 reps at each station repeat 3 times (run between each station).

1st station: step-ups with kettle bells, derkins, dips

2nd station: jump ups, dips, derkins

3rd station: dips, pull-ups, squats

Finished at station 1 (1st wall) for Mary 15 reps each of LBC, Dolly, Flutter, Heels to Heaven, and then Protractor). Merkin Mountain Climbers 5x4x3x2x1 plus 10 burpees.  Mosey to parking lot for bear crawls and merkins at every other line (2x4x6x8x10 reps). Then lung walks with jump squats every other line (2×4…x10 reps). Then knee ups + burpees at every other line (x2 reps). Finished with Merkins/Mary Ladder (merkins + LBC – 10 each, 9 each, 8, each…..5 each).

Rebel Yell Old School

Thankfully, the F3 Golf Outing is the Friday 8 days later and not Friday the 22nd – this workout definitely would have restricted golf swings the next day:

Warmup: Mosey to parking lot next to BBQ place. SSH X 20, Squats X 15, Peter Parker Merkins X 10, Imperial Walker x 10

Workout:  Partner up: 10 hand-slap merkins, each partner run to opposite end of building for 10 squats. Repeat 3 times (add jump squats, and jump lunges). Mosey to Murderhorn Hill and meet at the circular street (1st right on Murderhorn). Each partner run around the circle in opposite directions and meet at the top for 10 hand-slap merkins. Flapjack.

Mosey to bottom of Murderhorn and up to the playground area. Remain with partner. Complete 15 pullups each, 15 derkins, 15 dips, 10 hand-slap merkins – 3 sets of each. Meet in the middle for Mary: LBC, Heels to Heaven, Flutter, Dolly, Bicycle – 20 cadence count each. Mosey to rock pile near bottom of Murderhorn. 3 sets X 10 Squat/Curl/Press with rock. 5 merkins between each set. Run up Murderhorn stopping at each lamp post for 10 Merkins (40 total). LBC’s at top while the PAX gathers. Mosey to launch and finish with 10 hand slap merkins

Modified Mini Murph at Bagpipe

A year or 2 ago, “The Murph” was sweeping through F3 like a tornado in Kansas. Not many sightings since then so I thought I’d re-introduce it with some significant modifications. Some may recall that “The  Murph” was named after “Murphy” from Lone Survivor whose notorious workout included 100 pullups, 2 merkins, and 300 squats as quickly as possible and in addition to running – I think it was a mile but could have been more. The modifications this morning were several: 1) broke out into partners – teams of 2 and 1 team of 3,  2) added burpees and dips, and 3) changed the rep count and included them as the team total (ie; so 100 meant 50 for each partner).

Warmup: SSH X 20; Imperial Walker X 20, Peter Parker and Parker Peter X 20 total, and Merkins (20). Mosey to fitness trail and broke into 2 groups at the pullup bars on opposite sides of the bridge.

Workout: “The Modified Mini Murph” (reps are team total):

Pull-ups X 50, Burpees X 75, Merkins, X 100, Dips X 150, Squats X 200.  Complete 3 laps around the lake for each person on a team. The teams mixed in laps with reps of exercises as they deemed necessary.

After completing, the PAX stayed at the knee wall above the lake for Mary (Flutters X 20, Bicycle X 20, Heels to Heaven X 20, and Protractor for 2 minutes). Between each set, completed 5 slow merkins – each with a “slow” 5 count).  Ran 3 laps around the steps leading up to the parking lot and returned to the Start.


da Vinci “on the fly”

This was my first Q at da Vinci and my previous post at this AO was for a Haggis beatdown in the snow where we didn’t stray very far. So I wasn’t familiar with the site and as a result, this workout was made up “on the fly” after doing a quick drive-around pre workout. Great AO with lots of options and we took advantage of it !

Warmup: Mosey around the parking lot next to BB&T a couple of times and circled up for warmups – all reps in cadence: SSHx20, Squat+ Imperial Walker X 10, Merkins X 15, Heels to Heaven X 20, 8-count burpees X 10.

Workout: Mosey to playground area for 4 corners – 4 exercise stations and 2 rounds at each station: Wall step-ups X 20, Derkins X 20, Dips X 20, Pull-ups X 10. Mosey across parking lot toward back of the shopping center. Stopped to run up and down stairs twice and  continued to the back of the buildings beside the block walls which are chest high. Partnered up for 3 sets of hand-slap merkins X 10 and squats at the top of the wall X 10.

Circled up for Mary with all reps in cadence: LBC X 20, Dolly x 20, Flutter X 20, Bicycle X 20. Mosey behind buildings for sprints and stopped for merkins X 10 at 4 light posts. Repeated sprints for 3 more sets with variations of karaoke, backward run, butt kicks, high knees, skips (all led by Bratwurst!).

Mosey to parking lot: Bear crawls between parking spaces. Every second space: Merkins X 2x4x6x8x10. Returned with lunges and squats x2x4…x12.  Returned to launch with about 5 minutes of Mary without legs hitting the ground. Finished with 20 Merkins

Saved by the Truck

The PAQ could have taken on an 18 wheeler which was in our path near the grass hill but we decided that was not a good idea. Hence the silly name of this workout.

Warmup:  SSH X 20, Imperial Walker X 20, Merkins X 15, Mountain Climber X 20.

Workout: Mosey to church across Ballantyne Commons Parkway for some speedbump fun. Run around the church stopping at each speedbump for merkins. 1 at the 1st, 2 at the 2nd…to finish at 10 burpees at the 10th speedbump.  55 burpees total.   LBCs while waiting on the PAQ.

Mosey to fountains and the knee wall. Partnered up – 1 partner runs a loop around both buildings while other partner completes minimum reps of 25-50 depending on the exercise. Repeated until both partners completed exercises. Step-ups (25), Dips (50), Pistol Squats (25), Incline merkins (25).

Mosey back to parking lot and counted off into 4 groups for some 4-corners. 10 merkins in the middle and run to 1 corner (about 50 yards) and complete exercise of 20 reps. Return to middle for 10 more merkins and then to next corner Repeat for all 4 corners. Corner exercises x 20: Jump squats, heels to heaven, LBC, burpees.

Finished with Mary: LBC, Dolly, Flutter, Russian Twist, Bicycle. Hard run back to start and avoided the grass hill finish due to time constraints (and the truck).