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Sinking Ark

7 dudes came out in the pouring rain to get in a 45 minute calorie burn. Pending a last minute baseball game cancellation; I was able to step up and lead. Brutus begged for low running due to raw nuts, and I obliged.


Quick mosey around back of school

  • SSH x 20
  • Burpee x 5
  • IW x 20
  • Burpee x 5

Run to picnic tables

  • Dips x 20
  • Derkins x 15
  • Jump up x 20
  • Lunges

Run to stairs (partner work-alternating exercise and hot lap)

  • Mike Tyson x 100
  • Drydock x 150
  • Donkey Kick x 150
  • Bear Crawl

Run back to picnic tables

  • Dips x 20
  • Irkins x 15
  • Jump up x 20

Run back to start where Bottle Cap took over the last 5 minutes while I stretched the lower back trying to dislodge the tampon.


It’s good to see new 2.0’s coming out. Wrangler (Birth name Levi aka Chastain 2.0) had a smile on his face the entire time. Not sure how it energy continued to increase throughout the workout. I have been really working on Transporter, and getting him to branch out and try new things. Yesterday it was an evening workout; next week it will be rejoining the playhouse. Welcome Informer; hope you enjonyed your 13 minute boot camp in the rain! “Informer, ya no say daddy me snow me I go blame A licky boom boom down“. Yes I had to google the lyrics.


  • Happy Hour yesterday at Queen South. I am a great source for up to date news
  • Doc McStuffins aka the Chilean Dream lunch on Saturday (3/7) 12pm at Hickory Tavern.


Heavy Lifting

3 Rounds of 1 minute (20 second Rest)


Landmine Row

Pull Downs

Preacher Curls


Ab Rotations

DB Curl

DB Row

Standing Pull Downs


Farmer Carries


When In Doubt, Merkin!

13 pax came out after work and school to get a late day workout. If you haven’t had a chance to post at Clyent Dinner; get out there. It’s a great group of guys and 2.0’s that work really hard. Orange Justice handed me a note after the workout; thanking me for leading. We have this great opportunity to teach our 2.0’s about the 3 F’s in which F3 stands for. Since Cylent Dinner had the highest 2.0 posting; I suggest you get there so they can continue to see and feel what F3 is about.


Warm Up

  • Long run to baseball fields
  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Merkin Ladders (55 in total)
  • LS Squat x 20


Run to rear football lot behind HS

  • Suicides across the parking lot with 2 burpees at each turnaround
  • Paula Abdul the light post up the rear drive – 2 burpees out and 5 merkins at return

Run to HS out cove

  • Air Press x 20
  • Donkey Kicks x 20
  • Jack Webb (1 mike Tyson to 4 donkey kicks) x 5

Run to MS rear benches (Partner Work)

  • Derkins x 100
  • Irkins x 100
  • Dips x 200
  • LBC x 200

Run to launch

Irkins to finish


Great to see the numbers at Clyent Dinner continue to grow. It’s a great opportunity to get new guys out that are scared of waking up at 5am.

Announcements: Christ Closet – Thank you to everyone that assisted.


Swamp, Audible, Swamp

16 Pax got out of bed in hopes of a predetermined low running workout. Little did they know we were going to travel almost 3 miles through swamp like conditions.


Took a hot lap and circled up waiting for the late arrivers:

  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • Squat x 15
  • Merkin x 15

Mosey to tool shed


Partner work – P1 down the hill Burpee x 2, P1 doing called out exercise

  • Staggered Merkins x 200

Mosey to snack shop

Partner work – P1 down to ticket hub, P1 doing called out exercise

  • Dips x 150
  • Derkin x 100
  • Step Up x 100

Mosey through swamp and up a muddy hill to the high school. Apparently, that is frowned upon, and the high school is off limits. So, we left the glorious rock pile and headed back down the slippery slopes and back into the swamp. The complaining in the back brought back memories on the Never Ending Story where Artax dies in the swamp of sadness.

Mosey back to middle school and a couple partner laps


Watchtower Original

Has anyone seen Turtle??? I has been a long time since Turtle and I started Watchtower. It was the forth workout added to the Waxhaw area, and received it’s name because Jimi Hendrix is the GOAT. It has been awesome to watch this area grow into it’s own region. We had 28 at Watchtower and another 10-17 post at Bushwood.

As promised the workout was filled with mild running and primarily focused on body strengthening. Remember Train to go into battle and not to run away from it. I appreciate Zinfandel showing up in his Yankee’s attire with World Series tickets in his back pocket from General Custer signed by the Great Bambino.

  • Warm up trot around the lot.
  • Circle up for SSH, Merkin Ladders, and IW (20,10,20)
  • Bear Crawl and Sprint alternating pole lights with 10 Merkins.
  • Sprint around the parking lot and partner up.
  • One partner was always running while the other was performing an exercise. The exercises were as follows:
    • Merkin x 300
    • Squat x 300
    • LBC x 300
    • Burpee x 100
    • Drydocks to complete.

I appreciate ya’ll letting me lead you this morning. We only covered about 1.8 miles running but we still put in work.

Announcements : Convergence this Monday 9/2/19; Please arrive early to assist in setting up and if you have not signed up for a duty check GroupMe for sign up genius.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

19 Pax posted this morning to a possible Frack rebirth. It was no surprise that an F3 advocate like myself showed up with a FNG. As expected we didn’t cover much ground but none the less everyone put in some work.

Warm Up:  A quick mosey to circle up for SSH x 20, Burpees x 10, IW x 20, Merking x 15, Peter Parkers x 15.

The Workout:

Partner work with 1 person running around track and other performing Merkins (combined 300).

1 person bear crawling across football field and sprinting back and other performing Squats (combined 500).

Partners grabbed a rock/cinder block.

Partner work with 1 person running with friend over head while other partner did 2 burpees and chased. Flap jack until we went down and back twice.

Partner work with 1 person sprinting down and back and other performing tricep pushups (combined 300).

Ab work mixed in during the workout.


Welcome FNG’s Garbage Plate and Fric. It’s always a privilege to lead this awesome group. Shout out to Goodfella for getting back to F3. There are still a few spots open for the SOB F3 Christmas party on 11/30 at PDS club house starting at 7pm with Hickory Tavern catering. $25 per person. Bottle Cap is collecting business and winter attire for church in the streets. Prayers for Johnny Utah’s wife that is struggling with back issues.



The Smell Of Burning Metal In The Morning

I want to rewind to my Sunday morning strolling thru Harris Teeter searching for all available protein; when I received a text at 9:45 am stating on was on Q tomorrow and it’s a gear workout. Kinda funny because I didn’t agree to this. It sorta felt like that one time my name among others were hand written on piece of toilet paper titled Q Schedule, and posted on GroupMe. I did what any man in my position would do, and ignored it. Fast forward to 3:45 pm. I received a second text requesting my presence at Asylum? Realizing this problem wasn’t going to disappear easily; I agreed. So here we are 5:15 am on this crisp Monday morning and 7 men are ready to work; but wait the guy trolling me from Sunday in MIA, and he has the gear. Out of nowhere there was a screech of  rubber and there is Transporter coming around the corner on two wheels, hot off the porta-john, with a truck full of metal plates to save the day. Now the 8 pax in total were all there and ready to put in some work.


Warm Up:

We started off with a little SSH x 25, and moved to some IW x 2o. I pulled the Cherry Pickers x 1 out just for good measure, and finished it off with Merkins x 30.

The Workout:

Partner up and mosey with the plate to the large parking lot. I grabbed a 35lb’er; but some feeling super macho grabbed the 45’s which hopefully turned into your biggest regret of the week.

Partner 1 (P1)- 1/6 mile run while Partner 2 (P2) started with Front-Delt Raises. Combined goal of 250. I knew what was ahead so I quickly choose Goodfella as a partner to take the brunt of the workload. Jingles has been running in his spare time; he was nipping at my heels the entire time.

Next exercise was P1 – Dips and P2 Worm Burners with the plate. Total count 250.

Next was Worm Burners across the entire parking lot while your partner did 3 burpees and chased you down. Flap jack until complete. It was my first time meeting Smokey; but after I called this exercise I learned what his hatred face looked like. It was Transporters first reference to puking; but not his last.

Next P1 did Bear Crawls while P2 worked on Tricep extensions. Once again our combined goal was 25o. Shop banged these out rather quickly; pretty confident we found his wheel house.

Final exercise was P1 – Decline Merkins and P2 – did lunge walks with plate over head. Is it possible the Doc’s merking form is worsening with age. Your suppose to have day light between your pelvis the ground; I hope the concrete burn doesn’t set you back any.

Mosey back to start for the signature Merkin Ladder and some Dry Docks.


As always; it is a privilege to lead this group of awesome men. Akbar is like a silent assassin. You never hear him but he is always there putting in the work.

Announcements: Sanctuary tonight at Brooklyn Pizza.

Frack Out!

Watchtower On The Move

Conditions: 75F and Humid like the Amazon Jungle

19 Pax accepted change and posted to first Watchtower workout at the new location (Brooklyn Pizza – Wesley Chapel). The name Brooklyn is fitting for today as we remember the devastation of 9/11. If you have 10 minutes free today; watch this link


Warmup: None

The Thang:

Light Run, SSH, and Merkins

Burpee Suicides – (30 in total)

Partner Work – 100 jump ups and 200 decline merkins

Merkin Ladder (50 in total)

Bear Crawl With Merkins (50 in total)

Mixed in LBC and Heels To Heaven while waiting on the 6


Moleskin: Always appreciate the opportunity to lead. There are several members of the PAX that are steadily getting better, and some that choose to carry on conversations during the workout. We all have different goals? I was always told people lose their filter in old age, and recalculating was living proof of that this morning (Dude Is Mean). It’s no surprise that Half Back and Cha Ching lead the pack; they are like 22 years old with testosterone counts exceeding 1200 ng/dl. Blue Screen is a beast at 59 years old, always at the front. Please stay safe during Florence.

Announcements: None that I remember.

New Workout Monday’s Ignition @5:15am (Cuthbertson) – it’s geared towards running 4+ miles


No Football Players Here!!!!

9 brave men got out of bed with high expectation for a low to moderate amount of running.

Mosey to tennis courts and circle up:

SSH x 15, Burpee x 10, Merkin Ladder x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15, Squat x 20

Mosey to top of the hill:

Partner work – 150 merkins, 200 shoulder presses, hill runs and burpees mixed in.

I was trying to figure out what happened to all the cinder blocks and pallets; but quickly learned recalculating has been smashing them to pieces during workouts. Now we have no toys to play with, and I had to call an audible. Luckily I saw some some football sleds in the distance.

Hot lap around the track. This was way out of my comfort zone and possible the first time I have entered a track at my own will. On a side note; no one passed me.

Mosey to the football fields where the slacking bar was raised to an all-time high. We did 10 minutes worth of sled pushes in 2 groups. 1 group would push the sled and the other would perform 3 burpees and catch the sled. No burpees were done; but in defense of the group the sled was awful.

Mosey to bleacher and full length up and downs.

All in all the pax worked hard and really focused on the “modify if needed” part of my disclaimer. It was great to see everyone and mix a little F3 into my full-time shaker weight routine.


Raining FNG’s

Last night brought everyone back to the early 90’s. You’re going to the MLB autograph day, and you plan on getting Jose Canseco’s signature but it could possible be Ozzie. Lucky for everyone at Commitment it was the Real Frack in attendance, and he was throwing around FNG’s like dollar bills at a bachelor party.

12 PAX bravely ignored the rain to see if Frack would actually show up to Q and/or bring a FNG. I was planning on doing my typical fat guy lifting routine; but had to alter it when Corporate aka Bratwurst aka Professional Runner was in attendance.


SSH x 25

Merkin x 25

IW x 20

Squat x 20

Cherry Pickers x 0

Mosey to brick and pallet pile

Partner work with exercises and hill runs

Brick Merkins x 200

Pallet Presses x 200

Partner run with Pallet and burpees. Bottle cap killed this exercise, not sure how those tennis biceps held up so well.

11 up and downs on bleacher in which Dasher smoked the pack with Delta not far back from the lead.

Back with the Pallets

Pallet Tri Extension x 200

Stairway to 7 with hill, squat, and burpees.

Mosey back to start with some dips and air presses.


Welcome FNG Sriracha (Bryan Goux) who did an awesome job on his first workout. Finch was a beast all day. Fusebox is steadily getting stronger; must have been my constructive motivation. Great to have Deathcon out here; representing Northern HotLanta. Recalculating was pushing hard and would have burned 955 calories if his crapple watch did let me down with 5 minutes to go. Side note Bratwurst burned 47 calories.

Always an honor to lead this group. Thanks to Mad Dog for forcing me into it.


Some awesome gents are helping shake and bake move into Millbridge. Posse in always helping others, and is the true meaning of what F3 is all about. Bottlecap is organizing a F3 booth at a lawson event. Prayers for Hollywood and his Dad.