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Place Your Bets – The House Always Wins

12 Pax came for a chance to bet against the ponies today at Impromptu.


  • SSH
  • Potato Pickers
  • Old Man Stretch
  • Merkins
  • Mt. Climbers
  • Imperial Walkers


Everyone Partner up and began rotation through 3 stations (2 rounds) –

  1. Ponies on the track – One group partners have to run a lap carrying a 45 lb plate and a 20 lb medicine ball
  2. Trainers – Pick random exercise from bag and have to attempt to complete assigned # reps before Ponies return from lap.  (Moneyball/Foundation served as the odds makers for each race and assigned the # of reps)
  3. Crowd on the Rail – Completes exercise along with Trainers at own pace

If ponies returned before # assigned reps completed crowd/trainers have 10 burpee penalty.

Exercises included – merkins, dips, derkins, monkey humpers, air squats, sit ups, step ups

Return to start and completed rotation of plank/handslap merkin chain.

Closed with Mary


Avoided early attempts of Q hijack during warmup and reassured Pax that Co-Q’s Nips were well lathered and protected.  Today’s workout required little longer then normal explanation to start, but once we got through first round or two group picked up the concept.  Think everyone can agree it is no fun running with a 45 lb plate, even though it did not seem to slow down Hollywood much. Think I heard it looked like he was running with a motorcycle wheel.  After being the first group to run, Transporter made quick exit to “Feed the porcelain stallion a brown bone”  Luckily he returned in time to be the Impromptu Paul Blart for today’s work out and question the groups exercise form even across the parking lot while running with a coupon.  Overall, think it resulted in good workout and believe the plank/merkin closer toasted everyone.  Now on to the important stuff for the day – Groupme Chat, and searching the deep dark web for new Memes to have ready to use when needed.



Flash – Quarterly Results are in!

19 PAX were in attendance for the reporting of Flash’s initial quarterly report.  The objective was to establish a baseline on where you stand now in regards, and then we will have an opportunity to check in every 3 months to mark the progress.  As Coach Bo Schembechler said, “Every day you either get better or you get worse.  You never stay the same.”


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Potato Pickers
  • Mt Climbers
  • Calf Stretch


The quarterly report consisted of 5 exercises done in below order:

  • 2 minutes Max Reps Merkins
  • 12 Minute Run around loop in front of Middle School (Count # laps completed)
  • 2 Minutes Max Reps AIr Squats (use benches to measure depth)
  • 2 Minutes Max Reps Sit Ups (you choose specified war version)
  • Short Shuttle

In between completed some Mary as Pax registered # reps

Reults are Posted


Lots of mumble chatter night before concerning pre-run time/directional turning, but it appears it worked out for all in attendance.  Was equally upset that I had put phone away too early and missed the opportunity to join in on the Frack Pole Vaulting topic.  Timing is everything, and I had missed a very opportune time to join in, but did appreciate the Money Ball renaming request – “Magic Mike”.

In all seriousness, today was about trying to establish a baseline for us as individuals and to see the progress we make as we continue to workout every morning in the gloom.  This will give us all a chance to celebrate the small victories related to our individual fitness.  I believe that getting out every morning and having the opportunity to work out with this group ensures that we continue to get better daily, not only physically, but within our communities, families, and faith.  Keep up the good work men!

Leave you with one more gem from Theodore Roosevelt – The Man in the Arena

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Wood you answer the call if Q asked you to circle up and get on all 4’s?

With all the chatter this week on Groupme regarding the track meet that Hollywood brought to Flash on Monday, I figured it was time to go the extreme opposite and try and Q with 0.0 miles of running. So here is how it went for the 10 PAX that showed:

50 ft walk across parking lot (Remind Popeye to slow down as there is to be no running today)
Imperial Walker
Cotton Pickers
Mt Climbers


Split into 2 groups – Group 1 on Jump Ropes Group 2 on Logs   – 1:00 Intervals and flap jack

Exercises included (cannot remember exact order)

Jump Rope Exercises                              Log Exercises

  • Standard 2 foot jump                      Merkins w/ hands on Log
  • Jump left/right over line                  Squats w/ Log
  • Jump front/back over line               Shoulder Press w/ Log
  • High Knees                                     Sit Ups w/ Log
  • Run in place                                   Skull Crushers
  • Backwards                                     Merkins w/ feet on log
  • Butt Kicks                                       Squat and push press w/ partner
  • Single Leg                                      Flutter w/ Log
  • Speed                                             Plank Jacks

Return Logs to resting spot in woods

Circle up on all 4’s for hip flexor workout

  • Single Leg lift
  • Side Leg Lift
  • Fire Hydrant


Was little skeptical how the group would take to the idea of a 0.0 workout idea, but it appeared to not be a complete failure and still provided good workout for group.  Idea was to use the jump rope to get heart rate up and then use the time with the log to actively recover.  Found out that Moneyball is 2 pig tails shy of being the top double dutcher in playground and that Popeye knows how to properly place his log.  Posse was correct in that this workout lead to many great lines that could have easily ended up on @HeardatF3.  Transporter is correct in that if Doc or Frack were there for the final hip flexor workout that I would have been able to not be offended by the chatter to come on GroupMe no matter how much I read of the new book. Great to hear about all the causes and runs the group is participating in – Great Job and way to keep getting stronger.


  • Brolympics this Saturday – check out the preblast online or sent by Hollywood/Doc – Should be great event and would be good to have representation by Union County guys.
  • Family Day Workout scheduled for May 6th, be sure to bring entire family for workout
  • Commitment is still on fr Saturday
  • Official FIA launch this Saturday at Cuthberston Middle School 7:30 – Let the M’s know
  • Couple of Races around area this weekend – TuckFest (Whitewater Center), Sunshine 5K
  •  Q School next week see pre-blast on website for anyone interested
  • Union County F3 shirts to begin pre order in next week or 2 if interested

It’s Not You, It is Me -Oh Great Thanks

Just what every Q wants to hear as someone is putting on the weighted vest prior to start.  “It’s not you, its me”  I want to ensure I get a solid workout in this morning.  So with that said, here is what we did:


  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Imperial Walker
  • Merkins
  • Climbers



Partner Up:  P1 start with jump rope and do called exercise,  P2 start with lifting rock.  P2 complete called exercise and sprint to light and back (timer), Flapjack with partner for 3 sets each per round

  • Round 1: Double Unders w/ Jump Rope & Curls w/ Rock Increase # curls each set (10, 15, 20)
  • Round 2: High Knees w/ Jump Rope & Skull Crushers w/ Rock( 10, 15, 20)
  • Round 3: Single Leg skip w/ jump rope & Shoulder Press w/ Rock (10, 15, 20)

Go to Soccer Goals and use towels for 2 x 10 pullups

Meet back up and complete Lazy Dora:

Partner up. Partners perform 100 Merkins, 200 Flutters, & 300 Squats as a team.

  • P1 starts with 10 Merkins while P2 planks, then switch. Continue switching between Merkins and plank until 100 total Merkins reached.
  • Next, while P1 does 20 Flutters, P2 performs a 6″ leg hold until P1 is finished, then switch. Continue switching until all 200 flutters are completed.
  • Finally, P1 does 30 squats while P2 does squat hold, then switch. Continue switching until 300 total squats are completed (Cut short due to time – completed 3 x 30 squats as group).

BottleCap w/ closing prayer


Good work out and looks like we were able to get the heart rate up a bit today.  Early chatter this morning – Doc providing a common phrase I heard throughout High School – “It is not you, it’s me” as he puts on the weighted vest for workout.  Just what the Q wants to see before we start. So needless to say my sensitivity was elevated at start. Not sure though if Doc can blame the weight vest  for lack of coordination with jump rope. Decided to bring out towels for some pull ups to increase grip strength – Duck Dad took some extra notes and plans to pass along to Oregon Basketball team in hopes of securing rebounds next year.  Also another thought – I think Yeast and DuckDad are the new powercouple of F3 Union County. (see new groupme post to follow)  BottleCap asked about Legal Zoom quietness after this weekend, but he was quick to point out that South Carolina are National Champs this year – Women’s Basketball.  Could this be why Goodfella was out today?  Is he heading to Columbia for the championship parade?  BottleCap and Recalculating squared off in sprints today with BC winning on 3rd and final race.   Race looked like to angry ostriches running from my angle.  Additionally, it looked like Jingles found another gear today on sprints. The contingent of AARP members…I mean Respect Club – Shop Dog, Gator Cub, Foley show us young whipper snappers what old man strength is all about.  I think Foley just said, “Well La-Dee, Frickin Dah!” and for me to ” Shut your big yapper!”  Rockwell appreciate the assist with counting during lazy dora, as I think I would of had mini stroke if needed to count all 200 flutters.  Posse – Thanks for being best hype man in F3 and for carrying back the laundry and jump ropes.  And Shampoodle always good to see you.  I think next time Doc comes to Union County for workout instead of weight vest we have him just carry you in an ergobaby swaddler for entire workout.  Again, all in good fun, and I continue to enjoy every minute of F3.  It is true that the workout is only the magnet to bring you in, and then it is everything else that comes with it that makes it great.



Only a FRACKtion of UC know of the potential of this AO called – Watchtower

A 4 PAX showed up for the workout at Watchtower today.   Based on previous day scouting, tried to utilize some of the great site options to diversify the workout.


Decided to skip the SSH and circle up warmup – instead did

  • Short mosey to front of school
  • Lunges on the sidewalk paw prints
  • Two legged hops on next set of paw prints
  • Mosey to Hill by Baseball field

The Thang:

  • 7’s on the Hill w/ Squats & Merkins

Mosey to side of school

  • 12 Column Merkin Suicide
    •  Run to 12th column and back to start do 1 merkin,
    • Run to 11th column and back to start do 2 merkins
    • Continue down to 1 column and 12 merkins

Mosey to Loading Dock back of School

  • 2 Rounds of
    • 5 x Jump Ups onto Loading Dock
    • Derkins
    • Dips
    • Foot Fire

Mosey to Playground

  • 2 Rounds of
    • Walking Pushups across rock wall
    • Supines on playset steps
    • Step Ups on Bench
    • Run to Tree Across Playground and back (Timer)
  • 2 Rounds of
    • Calf Raises on balance beam
    • Jump Over High Hurdle
    • Knees to Chest on Dip Bar
    • Run to Tree Across Playground and back (Timer)

Mosey to Swingset

  • 3 Rounds of 5 Pull-Ups using towels
  • Finished with Mary in Parking Lot


Group stayed together and hopefully enjoyed my attempt to use some different obstacles today.

WatchTower an AO started by Frack/Turtle and now has the best hype man of Union County involved Posse has plenty of potential and different offerings available to break up the normal routine.  Looking for an AO that has access to bleachers, playground equipment, track, benches, hills, rocks, trails, etc.  then come out to WatchTower. This is a site that we need to get more UC guys to attend on a regular basis as it is still a hidden gem.  Based on mileage report from Hollywood WatchTower is 0.1 miles further then Dromedary for Lawson Crew, so we should have no excuses for fart sacking.

As spoken by the best Hype Man on Groupme- It was Burpee-licious. Concrete Flavored

6 to start… no wait here comes Foundation’s Manager – the man infamously known as the Louisville Slugger or the  manager of The Midnight Express – Jim Cornette….no wait I meant Posse, we have 7  who came out for morning of fun at Watch Tower.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Windmill
  • Mt Climber
  • Merkins


Mosey to Visitor Bleachers at Football Field

4 Rounds of bleachers with exercise at each entry:

  • Rd 1: Low Slow Squats x 5
  • Rd 2: Low Slow Squats x 10
  • Rd 3: Merkins x 5
  • Rd 4: Merkins x 10

Body Bag Agility Drills

  • Rd 1: Shuffle Side to Side  & Body Bags – Plank
  • Rd 2: Shuffle Front Back & Body Bags 6” Plank
  • Rd 3: Bear Crawl & Body Bags Flutter
  • Rd 4: Hop Over & Body Bags 6” Plank

Suicides w/  10 Merkins each time back

Partner Up Burpee Countdown:

  • P1 Start with 10 Burpees P2 Squats –  Flap Jack (P2 10 Burpees/P1 Squats)
  • P1 9 Burpees / P2 Squats – Flap Jack (P2 9 Burpees/P1 Squats)
  • Countdown all the way to 1 Burpee

Dip/Step Up Countdown on Bleachers:

  • 10 Dips/10 Step Ups
  • 9 Dips/9 Step Ups
  • Countdown to 1 Dip/Step up

Mosey back to parking lot for COT

Closing Prayer – Transporter


Group of 7 came out to in the cold and did variety of exercises at Weddington Football Field which felt like Lambeau Field due to the cold. Transporter – FYI Lambeau Field is where the GB Packers play football.  Today the PAX figured out that Transporter did not voluntary move from Wisconsin but had been forced out of the state based on his hatred for cold and lack of football knowledge.   Once my new Hype Man Posse ala Jim Cornette arrived we knew it was time to get to work.  Believe we had a first on Form Policing by Recalculating as he called out Frack for his Squats which he compared to LBC’s of squatting.    Legal Zoom showing great strides and consistent improvement and of course Shop Dog not willing to give an inch and allow anyone to take his 2nd place money away.  Good work men.


Rock Out with your Tabata Out

11 showed up for an opportunity to Rock Out with your Tabata Out despite the cold weather.

Warm up:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Windmill
  • Mt Climber
  • Merkins

Grab a rock from pile and mosey to school benches by track


Tabata Time – 22 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest.  Each round included 5 exercises x 3 sets

Round 1

  1. Merkins on Rock
  2. Curls w/ Rock
  3. High Knees w/ Rock overhead
  4. Low Slow Squat w/ Rock
  5. American Hammer w/ Rock

Run Lap

Round 2

  1. Derkins on Rock
  2. Tricep Exentsions w/ Rock
  3. Ground and Pound w/ Rock
  4. Step Ups w/ Rock
  5. Flutter w/ Rock

Run Lap

Round 3

  1. Push Press w/ Rock
  2. Skull Crushers w/ Rock
  3. Burpees
  4. Calf Raises w/ Rock
  5. Plank Jack on Rock

Run Lap

People Chair w/ Rock 2 sets of 10

  1. Lat Raises w/ Rock
  2. Overhead Press w/ Rock
  3. Drive Car w/ Rock

Return Rocks to pile


Group put in solid effort despite poor music choice and cold weather.  Shocked to see Posse was there right before start of warm up at 5:30, but then realized he was looking to join the pre-run at 5:15.  Bouchet decided not to grab a lifting rock, instead he found a lifting boulder.  No matter the size of the rock it still looks like a pebble in The Grease Monkey’s mitts.  Amazing to see how he dominates the strength part of workouts.  Was hoping Shop Dog would have fart sacked today, but he showed and earned his point for weight loss challenge and keep a hold of 2nd place and in the money.  Bottlecap’s mission to #MBCGA is going strong as he continues to push the pace. Early chatter from Enron and Bratwurst is that if Q goes unclaimed they are ready to serve a run only workout.  Frack shows his western NY roots by wearing shorts even in sub 30* weather.  Rockwell & Gator Cub are like a well-oiled machine that continue to churn and hammer out reps.


Help rebuild the stone wall on Saturday morning at Providence Presbyterian.  Welcome to bring 2.0’s as well to assist.

New AO (Fortitude) on Tuesday’s  at Charlotte Men’s Shelter go check it out, great opportunity and they are continuously looking for donations – workout gear, men’s clothing, etc.

Foundation VQ – Remember when you don’t have a key to the lock, bolt cutters work everytime!

Warm Up:

  1. Quick Mosey to start of walkway behind school
  2. High Knees/Butt Kicks
  3. SSH
  4. Imperial Walkers
  5. Cotton Pickers
  6. Merkins


  • At the rock pile:
    • Run down hill, grab a rock and at top on sidewalk do Overhead Tricep Extension x 15 & Lat Raise x 15
    • Drop the rock.
    • Rinse and repeat until 3 rocks at the top.
    • Once the 6 is in, grab a running rock and then quickly trade with a partner and mosey to Transporter’s Office
  • At the office:
    • All grab a spot on the wall and do people chair and 5xoverhead should press with rock. (At this time is where Foundation VQ showed, and did not think through process of how to rotate through properly and leave rocks behind) After few sets quickly drop the plan, leave rocks behind
    • venture to next hill down the path.
  • At the hill
    • Bear crawl up, run down around trees and 10 x donkey kicks on wall. Complete 3 sets
    • Mosey to bull ring circle down by Football fields.
  • Bull Rign
    • Complete 3 laps around bull ring with set of 10 merkins each time reach the sign
    • Mosey to visitor bleachers at football stadium, and go through open gate (disregard bolt cutters in Q’s car) and go through round of bleacher run. At completion of round 1 – perform 3 more rounds with each time getting back to start doing 10 dips and 10 merkins. Mary unitl the 6 is in
  • Complete 2 rounds of double leg hops up section of bleachers and sprint bottom platform and around.
  • Mary until the 6 is in.
  • Jog back to bullring and do 1 lap with merkins and head to Transporter’s office to grab a rock and return to pile. Return all rocks to bottom and back to parking lot for COT.


  • Good work by the PAX, and it felt like a VQ for sure. (Note for next time, maybe have Madonna “Like a Virgin” on playlist.)
  • Tried to cover some new ground around campus.
  • Good to see Popeye back during the week – He was the man who originally bestowed upon me the name Troylette, so good to have him hear now with my new identity as Foundation
  • Rockwell – Was a beast on the bleachers and continued to push each round
  • Loafer – Great work being back on a Monday and pushing through
  • Posse – Kudos to you for the best zinger of the week in my opinion on the whole Doc cold finger saga – “Gotta be Anna. Elsa said the cold never bothered her anyway.”
  • As always appreciate the group, and enjoy all the banter/memes that come along with it.


  • 5K or 10K Race on 3/25 “Laps for Lancers” includes Pancake and Sausage breakfast after the race – Lancers
  • Watchtower – Thurdsays at 5:30 Weddington Middle School
  • Opportunity to help rebuild wall at Union Presbyterian Church on 3/18 if interested see Doc or Transporter for more details.
  • Launch of FIA workout this Saturday at Cuthberston @ 7:30, help support new initiative and allow the M’s opportunity to have a good workout and make new connections
  • F3 Picnic and Family Workout on 4/22, more details to follow shortly will include a BBQ and activities for the 2.0 and whole family. Planning on having a family workout in the morning , followed by BBQ and in the afternoon.
  • 2 Weeks left for weight loss competition – Interesting to see if anyone can either catch and pass Doc or find a way to sabotage him over the final 2 weeks to claim the top prize.