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Ignition sharted with Recalc and ended without him

Now usually I don’t do this but uh, Go head on and break ‘em off wit a little preview of the remix we got 15 for ignition…

So Recalc give me a toot…toot…and now we got a little more than a fart in the shorts and time to break off and join Flash where the stench will fit in with Doughboys Gloves….And it’s the remix to ignition and we now got 14 pax left…


  • 2nd F pace jog from start to High School Parking and circle up
  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mt Climbers
  • Calf Stretch


Four Corners – Run to 1st corner and do 10 x exercise and return to start and do 10x exercise.  Run around to 2nd corner do 20x exercise and return to start and do 10x exercise.  Run around to 3rd corner and do 30x exercise and return to start for 10x exercise.  Run to 4th corner and 40x exercise and return to start and do 10x exercise.    Each round is approx. 1 mile.

Round 1: Merkins (corners) / Squats (start)

Round 2: Speed Skaters (corners) / Merkins (start)

Form 2 lines for Burpee Indian Run from parking lot to front of middle school.  Last guy in line drops and does 1 burpee and runs to front.  Once passes last guy he drops and does 1 burpee.  Half way through increase from 1x burpee to 2x burpees.

Front of middle school do a lap around parking island and once complete begin individual count of burpees until 6 is in.  Once 6 is in partner up and now complete a catch me if you can lap.  P1 head start is determined by subtracting difference in burpee count of 2 partners.  Q decided to bail on additional rounds due to pax inability to complete simple subtraction without taking off shoes and socks.

Finish with partner work of 200 squats/100 step ups/50 derkins combined while completing laps around the island.

As time winds down circle back for 6 and head to start.

Survey shows we reached right around 5 miles today – Good work men!


  • Ignition really seems to be taking off as 15 arrived early and were ready to get in the designated 4+ miles today
  • Gerber jumping right back in and pushing the pace and catching the lead pax
  • Only time Bottlecap can be referred to as the Hare as he continues to push the pace and pull others to front with him
  • Briarcrest contingent of runners growing and making presence known at Ignition
  • Dancing Bear/Banjo/Deadwood saw making push towards front – must be getting ready for something on Nov 10th
  • Rubbermaid fogometer showed we completed the designated distance so appreciate the assistance as YHC’s watch battery died ½ way through workout. (Nothing worse than not getting credit for mileage)
  • Recalc had a “shart” workout at ignition, but was able to finish at Flash so kudos

My mama says that stupid is as stupid does at Flash – #Respect to Tom Hanks and a Silver Alert

10 men enjoyed a full homage to perhaps Tom Hanks’ best work, Forrest Gump. The 11th wandered in the middle of the “Something Bit Me” scene. Here goes:


Short mosey to front of school. Disclaimer given

20 SSH

Jimmy Dugans Middle/Right/Left

10 Merkins

The Thang:

Scene 1: Magic Shoes- Moneyball says they’ll take me anywhere

In lieu of my lengthy absence, I needed to test out the ol’ calf. Pax had the privilege of joining me. Light Mosey up to entrance of Middle School and Back to Light posts along front drive (approximately .6 of a mile). At this point some of the Clydesdales began to balk at “all the running” and “thought the running group already left”. I paid it no mind as Zinfandel and Dough Boy were flanking me left and right. Dough Boy said, “If I’m up here, it ain’t too fast.” On we went to complete the scene.

Scene 2: Something Bit Me- Forrest Gump takes a bullet in the butt cheek

At each light pole do 10 Speed Skaters. Be sure to touch the ground so you get that real burning feeling like Forrest had when he took the bullet. Do these all the way to last pole just past Moneyball Hill (I like the name, don’t like the hill). It was at Pole 10 we picked up a pax. My Life Alert pager buzzed letting me know we had a Silver Alert. No sooner had it buzzed did Recalculating show up. Turns out the urge to talk to a man about a horse at Transporter’s office came up during Ignition’s opening mosey. Upon conclusion of said negotiations, he decided to join the Flash mob instead. From what I gather in what Foundation put them through, you made a wise choice.

Scene 3: Forrest and Bubba taking fire in the jungle – Deconstructed Burpees in the alcove

All together – 10 Squats, 10 In/Outs, 10 Merkins, 10 In/Outs, 10 Squats – do this progression until complete. Modified to only even numbers because I was gassed conversations were being affected.

10/8/6/4/2 Mosey to parking lot lines

Scene 4: The Jenny’s – Jenny’s life always seemed like 1 step forward and 2 steps back

Start at 2nd to last parking line. Shuffle up 1 line and back 2. Be sure to touch the lines. Turn and face the other way after each touch and go . Up 1 Back 2. I thought it pretty simple, but perhaps not.

Scene 5: “But you ain’t got no legs Lt. Dan…” – Lt. Dan Taylor Time

Think of it as a more sadistic Jack Webb. 1 Squat and 4 Walking Lunges. We made it to 7 before I audibled we ran out of real estate.

Scene 6: Waiting at the Bus Stop – People’s Chair with Jabs and Overhead Presses

Simple as it sounds, chair it up. First 30 seconds jabs, second 30 seconds air presses. 1 minute total sit. Funny thing was, an actual bus driver walked past us while we were doing it. I thought it was funny, anyway.

Scene 7: I Started Running (Admittedly this scene title is a stretch)

Starting at Transporter’s Office, alternate at each light pole, 10 Squats and 10 Merkins back to lot

Scene 8: Ping Pong (Q-Fail) – Squat-O-Rama

Tried to initiate what was in my mind to look like a ping pong match of dueling squats. It turned out to be a disaster. Pax opposite one another. Didn’t work. Worth a try. Audibled to 1 minute of continuous squats as Ignition boys pulled into the garage.



Great effort by the Flash Mob this morning. Minimal (but expected) complaining during some of it. Fuse Box beat me during Scene 2 and Zinfandel beat me during Scene 7. The Clydesdales’ weight loss efforts are having significant positive effects on pace and push. Keep up the great work, men.

Personally, it was great getting back out there with you guys. F3 is good for the soul…at least it is for mine. I hated not being in the mix (as evidenced by my blatant #NoPostNoPost GroupMe violations late last week). Keep showing up. Win that war between the ears today and every day. If you can force yourself to get up to work out at 5:30 in the morning, you can force yourself to accomplish just about anything!

Week 5 Flash Weight Loss News Brief

Week 5 is in the books and the Top 6 continue to push the pace and create separation with remainder.  This week saw some big losses from few, many with no change or afraid to record weight, and few that added some back on.  Either way all those that record a loss this week vs. last are safe from our weekly punishment.  Everyone else who failed to weigh in or added additional weight back in preparing for the fall weather are rewarded with 250 Bobby Hurleys.


Below is overall standings as of 10/8/18

Rank Name Team Total % Lost Lbs Lost Weekly % Lost Penalty (Y/N)
1 Zinfandel Briarcrest -8.95% -22.6 -1.27% No
2 Fuse Box Briarcrest -8.03% -20.4 -0.67% No
3 Chicken Little Briarcrest -7.50% -17.2 -1.11% No
4 Dana Quellin -6.80% -17.3 -1.57% No
5 Doughboy Lawson -6.69% -18.7 0.00% Yes
6 Wedding Singer Millbridge -5.91% -16.4 -0.74% No
7 Run Flat Chimneys -3.82% -9.2 0.00% Yes
8 Damascus Wesley Oaks -3.69% -8.8 -0.43% No
9 Dancing Bear Briarcrest -3.50% -8.2 -2.63% No
10 Southern Belle Briarcrest -3.31% -6.2 -1.36% No
11 Maple syrup Lawson -3.23% -7.2 -0.73% No
12 Tupperware Lawson -2.68% -5.4 0.00% Yes
13 Shake & Bake Millbridge -2.65% -6.0 0.00% Yes
14 Foundation Lawson -2.49% -5.6 0.78% Yes
15 Jingles Millbridge -2.39% -6.0 0.49% Yes
16 Schneider Briarcrest -2.38% -5.4 -0.98% No
17 Posse Lawson -2.38% -5.4 -0.97% No
18 Breadbowl Lawson -2.07% -3.0 0.00% Yes
19 Banjo Briarcrest -1.99% -4.8 0.84% Yes
20 Eli Briarcrest -1.63% -3.3 0.50% Yes
21 Rubbermaid Lawson -1.14% -2.0 0.00% Yes

Preliminary Notes:

  • Zin continues to breakaway from pack and is looking like Secretariat determined to win.  He gained further ground on his counterpart Fuse who joins Zin in the -20 lbs club.  Good job fellas.
  • Chicken Little is out of the coup and has been sneaking in some pre-running to hold onto 3rd position.  Rumor has it that he is planning on joining Ignition next Monday to chase around some of the gazelles with hopes of dropping few more LBs.  Stay tuned as we look to confirm with our own Bottlecap as to if these rumors are true
  • Dana who was on trade block and was previously shipped to Briarcrest,but failed to report and has returned to his former squad Quellin is in 4th and had impressive week with almost a 4lb reduction
  • Doughboy is away in Cali this week and failed to register a weight. But continues to hold firm in Top 5 and leader among Lawson contingent
  • Wedding Singer has let us know that we are not going to discuss this and it’s over.  And it is time for me to get his Van Halen t-shirt out before I jinx him and this whole competition
  • Run Flat – remained flat for week and earned some Bobby Hurley’s
  • Damascus – Looks like you need to cut your left pinky toe, but appears that Asylum kept you safe this week from further punishment
  • Dancing Bear – is our weekly winner with biggest drop of the week, must have something to do with Ravens being on bye week
  • Southern Belle – Steady progress and made big leap in standing this week from #17 last week to top 10.  Continues to be sleeper pick to be in Top 5 by end
  • Maple Syrup – without aide of active particiaptoin on weekly basis holding steady to diet and seeing progress week in/out.  Side bets on who will have better ranking Maple or  his UM end of season?
  • Tupperware – sorry no estimates taken.  Continue to serve the Queso and avoid the consumption and you should be in for quality finish
  • Shake & Bake – Mr pre-run has hard time reporting weights on time, but when he does usually includes a loss
  • Foundation – Charleston with wife for weekend…Enough said.  Now has entered zone of using slim fast diet to try and avoid end of comp burpee penalty
  • Jingles – giving back some this week but focused on commencing a big loss for next week
  • Schneider – avoids penalty, and believe may have caused YHC to get few strange looks in office as I had to pull up scale pic on desktop to record weekly # as people look at screen in my cube.  Carry on people, nothing to see here
  • Posse – Ragnar rehydration plan reduced loss some, but keeps away from weekly penalty.  Good work on both fronts
  • Breadbowl – calling on Breadbowl?  have we seen him lately?  We all know Zin is currently afraid of Breadbowl reappearing at his VQ this week.  Will it be enough to shake up competition, time will tell
  • Banjo – must of fell trap to the food porn being delivered on Clydesdale channel this week.
  • Eli – Fly Eagl…oh wait must of had to over eat to deal with Vikings win yesterday
  • Rubbermaid – Return from WC not beneficial to individual results.  Good thing this was only a weight check this week and we are not using the USADA testing leading up to final weigh in


Team results

Community Total Top 4
Briarcrest 15
Other 25
Lawson 42


No surprise as Briarcrest has Top 3.  Lawson may cause Union County to lose active community designation unless further losses are found in upcoming weeks.


Quite Riot and Katy Perry… Not!

As I type this I’m already over 24 hours late on getting this back blast out. (As I post this on behalf Rockwell we are now over 48 hrs late)  I’ll make it short and sweet.

Let’s jump right in.

Here’s what went down:


SSH x 20

Potato Picker x 10

Plank Jack x 20

Mountain Climber x 10


Run down to the end of sidewalk.  Stop at each light pole for 5 Merkins

Partner up and get a lifting rock (1 rock per group)

Curls – Partner 1 Curl / Partner 2 run to the crosswalk do 3 Burpees then flap jack – 15


Tricep Press – Partner 1 Tricep Press / Partner 2 run to the crosswalk do 3 Burpees the

flap jack – 100 combined

Shoulder Press – Partner 1 Shoulder Press / Partner 2 run to the crosswalk – 3 Burpees

then flap jack – 75 combined

Mosey to the benches – Dips then run on sidewalk to the tables for Step Ups — 20 of each, the

10 of each.

Mosey to the hill in front of the school – Clock Merkins – 12:00 / 3:00 / 6:00 / 9:00 / 12:00 – 5

Merkins in each position

Mosey to the front of the middle school for some Mary before heading back to start.


It was a great morning for a workout with perfect temperatures and a great group of guys working har

With Ignition starting 15 minutes before us and the start of Asylum I was impressed to still see some

good numbers.  I’m convinced it was the guarantee that we would be motivated by hair band music

throughout the morning!  Lots of hard work!

I always enjoy seeing guys push themselves and encouraging their brothers.  It was an awesome effort

by all and it’s an honor each time I get to lead this group of great men.


Thank you for the Shampoo Crew donations!  Keep them coming!

Opportunity to do Career Day at Cuthbertson Middle School.  October 19th.  8:30-12:00.  See

Bottle Cap if interested.

Week 4: Flash Weight Loss Recap

Week 4 is in the books and as a group the total weight loss is over 176 lbs.   THis week penalty for those who are required – 200 Smurf Jacks

No change in the Top 5 this week as Zinfandel continues the push with a strong outing this week.  He is quickly closing in on the 20 lbs down mark.  No penalty this week for our leader.

Fuse is hot on his tail, but is facing an uphill challenge this week due to travel at work.  Will he have the will power to order the salad and abstain from the extra calories via cocktails only time will tell.

Doughboy checks in as the top Lawson participant and is within striking distance, unfortunately does not have a drafting partner from neighborhood to help him as he seems boxed in between the next set of Briarcrest boys.

Chicken Little is manning the #4 spot and is ready to go.  Based on scales pics he is “all in” as he even removed the socks for this latest weigh in.  (note to self delete scale pics from phone as my groupme chats are starting to look like Rex Ryan Love Bunyon’s chatrooms).

Coming in at #5/6 are Dana (Briarcrest) and Wedding Singer our first non Briarcrest/Lawson entry and the last of the double digit weight loss group thus far.  Wedding Singer made big push this week and is safe from penalty, but unfortunately Dana is our 1st victim who has to perform this week’s penalty.

#7 – 9 features Run Flat, Damascus, and Foundation all who had slow weeks this week and also are victims to this week’s punishment.  If this group is not careful they will quickly be surpassed by Jingles/Banjo who are in 10th and 11th and have commenced a late rally to get into the top half of the group.

#12 is the first of the 2.0 Tupperware who we have recently found out does not run for charity or weigh in for competitions.  For this you are to serve this weeks penalty.

#13 Shake & Bake with yellow jersey for this week.  Must have been the Speed for Need event that you ran in that caused the big improvement.  Great job

#14 Maple Syrup even while in IR continues to participate and working to help Lawson in group competition

#15-16 Eli/Breadbowl – unfortunately did not record weights for them this week so will serve penalty.  Even with no weight do not sleep on these 2 as they have ability to sneak up on others in upcoming weeks.  We have them noted on our Sleeper Report ready for breakout week #5

#17-18 Schneider/Southern Belle – after attending Asylum and putting in work, these 2 are silent killers ready to strike.  Schneider will have to serve penalty due to no weight this week.  With Southern Belle’s Dawgs easy win this week over UT  he did not have to stay to end to watch and drink/eat at the tailgate.  See if the Dawgs are challenged in weeks to come if that impacts his chances to compete here.

#19 Posse – avoided the penalty and lives to fight another day.

#20/21 – Rubbermaid/Dancing Bear must have enjoyed the weekend as they reveresed the trend and needed to use the expandable waist band this week.  But I guess after watching OSU squeek by PSU and Dancing Bear enjoying his Ravens win last night it is to be expected.  Just sets up for layup in week #5 for weekly.


Name Team Total % Lost Lbs Lost Weekly % Lost Penalty (Y/N)
1 Zinfandel Briarcrest -7.77% -19.6 -1.52% No
2 Fuse Box Briarcrest -7.40% -18.8 -1.26% No
3 Doughboy Lawson -6.69% -18.7 -0.68% No
4 Chicken Little Briarcrest -6.45% -14.8 -0.92% No
5 Dana Briarcrest -5.30% -13.5 -0.50% Yes
6 Wedding Singer Other -5.19% -14.4 -2.08% No
7 Run Flat Other -3.82% -9.2 -0.43% Yes
8 Damascus Other -3.27% -7.8 -0.09% Yes
9 Foundation Lawson -3.25% -7.3 -0.32% Yes
10 Jingles Other -2.87% -7.2 -1.05% No
11 Banjo Briarcrest -2.81% -6.8 -1.34% No
12 Tupperware Lawson -2.68% -5.4 0% Yes
13 Shake & Bake Other -2.65% -6 -2.65% No
14 Maple syrup Lawson -2.51% -5.6 -0.91% No
15 Eli Briarcrest -2.12% -4.3 0% Yes
16 Breadbowl Lawson -2.07% -3 0% Yes
17 Southern Belle Briarcrest -1.98% -3.7 -0.54% No
18 Schneider Briarcrest -1.41% -3.2 0% Yes
19 Posse Lawson -1.41% -3.2 -0.89% No
20 Rubbermaid Lawson -1.14% -2 0.58% Yes
21 Dancing Bear Briarcrest -0.94% -2.2 1.75% Yes


Group Scores:

Briarcrest cruising out in front, with the “Others” passing Lawson for #2.

Community Total Top 4
Briarcrest 12
Other 21
Lawson 38

Weight Loss Challenge Returns After Bye Week

Returning after the bye week we have a new leader of the pack.  Zinfandel has taken the yellow jersey with an impressive 6.34% and 16 lb loss and appears to be determined to continue to push the pace even if it means mockery from the family when he orders tofu for dinner.  Not far behind is fellow Briarcrest member Fuse Box (6.22% and 15.8 lbs) who we believe has no more layers of clothing to shed and has kicked the weight loss into high gear.  From rumblings at Flash it appears he is looking to chase down the lead.  Rounding out the top 3 is Doughboy (Lawson) who has the highest total lbs lost at 16.9 and is within striking distance at 6.04% loss.  Could the Q juice push a few extra lbs out this week time will tell.

Additionally, we have Chicken Little and Dana who both have reached double digits in lbs loss in  3 weeks.  Great job fellas!

In the team rankings Briarcrest has taken a commanding lead with a 12 to 35 advantage based on overall ranking of the top 4 from each.  Could Briarcrest crew continue for the entire race or will Lawson make a late push to close the gap.  Time will tell, but right now it does not appear close.

Overall the group has lost a combined 144 lbs and approx 2.77% – so great job by everyone.

Now for the weekly punishment which is based on the performance of only this past week vs. the previous weigh in recorded.

The following are all safe and do not have to perform additional 150 merkins at their next post.

Name % Loss week
Chicken Little -2.88%
Dancing Bear -2.65%
Eli -2.12%
Damascus -2.10%
Dana -2.04%
Run Flat -1.99%
Foundation -1.91%
Wedding Singer -1.87%
Rubbermaid -1.71%
Tupperware -1.68%
Banjo -1.49%
Schneider -1.41%


The following are below the 50% line and must complete the 150 merkins at next posting:

Name % Loss week
Zinfandel -0.79%
Jingles -0.64%
Fuse Box -0.51%
Shop Dog 0.00%
Wrong Turn 0.00%
Southern Belle 0.00%
Maple syrup 0.00%
Shake & Bake 0.00%
Doughboy 0.57%
Posse 1.50%
Breadbowl 2.35%


Below are the overall rankings after Week 3

Overall standings after Week 3
Name Community % Loss Lbs Lost
Zinfandel Briarcrest -6.34% -16
Fuse Box Briarcrest -6.22% -15.8
Doughboy Lawson -6.04% -16.9
Chicken Little Briarcrest -5.58% -12.8
Dana Briarcrest -4.83% -12.3
Run Flat Chimneys -3.41% -8.2
Damascus Wesley Oaks -3.19% -7.6
Wedding Singer Millbridge -3.17% -8.8
Foundation Lawson -2.94% -6.6
Tupperware Lawson -2.68% -5.4
Dancing Bear Briarcrest -2.65% -6.2
Eli Briarcrest -2.12% -4.3
Breadbowl Lawson -2.07% -3
Jingles Millbridge -1.83% -4.6
Rubbermaid Lawson -1.71% -3
Maple syrup Lawson -1.61% -3.6
Banjo Briarcrest -1.49% -3.6
Southern Belle Briarcrest -1.44% -2.7
Schneider Briarcrest -1.41% -3.2
Posse Lawson -0.53% -1.2
Shop Dog Lawson 0.00% 0
Wrong Turn 0.00% 0
Shake & Bake 0.00% 0

Week 1 Standings Flash Weight Loss Competition

The 1st week is in the books.  We have already seen a bunch of guys shed a whole lot of clothes weight resulting in some impressive week 1 numbers.


  • Doughboy representing Lawson out in front for individual standings but being chased by 2 of Briarcrest finest
  • Briarcrest taking early team lead over Lawson by 4 pts (16 to 20) after week 1 based on combined score of Top 4 from each neighborhood.
  • Appears that the Maul’s (Doughboy/Breadbowl) pantry is seriously depleted or has transitioned from cookies to celery sticks as we have Doughboy with early lead with a 18.5 lbs drop and Breadbowl sitting in the Top 5 with 6.4 lb drop.  Will the travel this week allow Doughboy to keep the lead or will he drop stay tuned
  • Pair of Briarcrest boys are looking to make a charge for the top slot.  Time will tell how many more layers Fuse will shed before he needs to put down the ice cream at night and begin losing actual weight.  Zinfandel sent pic of scale and much not much more to me this morning for registering his weight.  Either way disturbing video to say least
  • Looks like Dana/Chicken Little were able to excel even coming off week 1 of football – Good work
  • Unfortunately even though he led a solid Q this morning, Damascus leads the pack of those who did not make the Top 12 and therefore qualify for our week 1 punishment of 50 Aussie Burpees
    • All Pax that are in 13th place or lower will need to pay their dues at next post.
  • Tune in next week to see the shake out and we will then provide further updates on standings for each of the

Below are the preliminary standings.

Week 1 Standings Total Loss
Name Neighborhood Lbs. %
1 Doughboy Lawson -18.5 6.6%
2 Fuse Box Briarcrest -14.5 5.7%
3 Zinfandel Briarcrest -14.0 5.5%
4 Breadbowl Lawson -6.4 4.4%
5 Dana Briarcrest -7.1 2.8%
6 Chicken Little Briarcrest -6.2 2.7%
7 Posse Lawson -4.6 2.0%
8 Maple syrup Lawson -3.6 1.6%
9 Southern Belle Briarcrest -2.7 1.4%
10 Run Flat Chimneys -3.4 1.4%
11 Wedding Singer Millbridge -3.6 1.3%
12 Jingles Millbridge -3.0 1.2%
13 Damascus Wesley Oaks -2.6 1.1%
14 Foundation Lawson -2.3 1.0%
15 Tupperware Lawson -2.0 1.0%
16 Schneider Briarcrest -0.3 0.1%
17 Rubbermaid Lawson 0 0.0%
18 Dancing Bear Briarcrest 0 0.0%
19 Eli Briarcrest 0 0.0%
20 Banjo Briarcrest 0 0.0%
21 Shop Dog Lawson 0 0.0%
22 Wrong Turn 0 0.0%
23 Shake & Bake 0 0.0%

F3 Flash Weight Loss Challenge

All right fellas we will begin our weight loss competition this week and it will run through end of October.  The finial initial weights must be received by end of day Monday.  We will have the scale Monday at Flash (Reminder: 6:30 AM Start) on 9/3.  If unable to make it – send initial weight to me via GroupMe


  • We will have weekly weigh ins each week at Flash.
    • If you cannot attend Flash during one of the weeks, weights can be sent to me via GroupMe (need pic of scale weight – nothing more please).  Must be sent before noon or will be considered as DQ for week
  • Rankings will be based on overall % lost
  • We will crown winners for following:
    • Overall Individual Winner
    • Top Individual by Neighborhood
    • Top Combined Neighborhood (Based on combined score of Top 4 from each neighborhood)
  • Each week we will have extra credit provided for those that finish in bottom 50% of Pax
    • Week 1 – 50  Aussie Burpees
    • Week 2 – 100 SSH (Courtesy Big10)
    • Week 3 – 150  Merkins
    • Week 4 – 200 Smurf Jacks
    • Week 5 – 250 Bobby Hurleys
    • Week 6 – 300 Carolina Dry Docks
    • Week 7 – 350 Speed Skaters
    • Final – 400 Burpees (Need to complete by end of week)

Below is link where we will keep track of weights and weekly rankings:

Feel free to make any side wagers or challenges.


Attention F3 Shoppers – Flash is now offering 2 for 1 Specials on Q’s

We had small group of 33 Pax come to Flash for the exclusive 2 for 1 special today.  Participants were told to choose their checkout lane wisely with promise of emphasis on  Group 1: Running or Group 2: Lifting (empty promise based on below).  With that we started the dual Q at Flash with Bottlecap and Foundation.
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Various Merkins x 5
Lunge knee dips

Side leg squat taps

Double wide Burpees – Abort
Hot lap to split into 2 groups
Group 1:
Thang 1:
Hill work
Indian Run to tennis courts
Partner up
P1: Double wide Burpees x 100
Double-wide Burpees = 2 wide squats + 2 wide Merkins + 2 knee ups + Confused PAX
P2: Run hill 5 side squat leg taps each leg
Indian run to columns
Slow donkey kicks x 10
Various planks
Partner Mike Tyson hand slaps
Air Presses
Rinse and Repeat
Indian Run to stairs
P1 One legged hops to top of stairs
P2 Knee ups
Rinse and repeat 5 times
Indian Run to COT
Group 2:
Thang 2:
Mosey towards Football Practice Field few stops along way for exercises to regroup
Find spot on fence and do 30 fence assisted low squats
Then use gates for 15….er 20 Supines
Mosey further and find fence again for additional 30 fence assisted squats
Arrive at Football Practice Field
Make 2 groups  – 1 on sled and 1 doing Mary (timer)  then flapjack
Round 1  – Speed Punches / Heels to Heaven
Round 2 – Top/Bottom Punches / Freddy Mercury
Round 3 – Steering Wheel Punches / Dolly
Partner Up on Field and for 30 yards do:
Round 1 – Lock Horns and Push
Round 2 – Partner Pulls
Round 3 – Switch Partners and Lock Horns and Push
Mosey back to Parking Lot and partner up again for 2 rounds of mirror drills – from football squatting position mirror side to side as partner moves back and forth
and Mosey….
and Mosey…
and Mosey back to Start to rejoin Group 1, completed few exercises along way to regroup

Thanks Goodfella for taking us out.


  • Great way to begin the week after a great showing by the PAX at Mackenzie’s Princess Parade yesterday.  Thanks again for such a great turnout.  Nice job leading your families and communities by example. Thanks to Jingles for bringing the posters/signs he stole, err, were donated by some fellow parade attendees.  We will get those to the family for sure.
    With such a large group, Foundation and I decided to split the group to ensure all smack talk was heard and documented.  Plus, if you get over 30 PAX, it is difficult to corral unless you are doing a VQ like Big 10 last week.
  • Mumblechatter started early as usual.  It was tough to hear myself counting in warmups over the chatter.  The usual suspects chimed in, especially when we got to the Side Leg taps.  Then Damascus’ and most PAX minds were blown when I introduced the double-wide Burpee.  Good thing we split into 2 groups divided by IQ, err, running speed, as YHC would have to demonstrate those again.
  • Running Group:  Lot of hard work put forth. It was apparent on the Indian Runs, that the PAX are either of high IQ or ready for school as there were perfect single file lines.  Impressive sprinting by Maple, Ackbar, Rubbermaid, Deadwood, Damascus, and Dancing Bear especially considering some of the gazelles in the group like Hollywood, Easy Button, Moneyball, Cha Ching, Deflated, Banjo, Goodfella, and Mad Dog (yes, you are sneaky fast).  The tennis court Hill is a sleeper; actually smooth grass (Moneyball even approved . . . Somewhat) and there is pavement at Top and bottom to do exercises.  Going up the hill backwards and the 100 double-wide Burpees weren’t approved by too many however.  The Mike Tyson partner slaps were a bit of a fail as Goodfella couldn’t reach his partner across the aisle while Banjo and Deadwood were touching the top of their heads.
  • Lifting Group (Other Running Group) – Great work by group was hoping to have more chance to include some additional O-Line football drills, but underestimated the distance to practice field.
  • Mumblechatter during moseys was extensive of course as group expected 0.0 miles to be logged, next time we will just grab some Bojangles and watch the flatbellys run the hill from distance
  • Strong effort by Jingles on the partner push/pull drills – Took little extra effort to get him moving, must not of heard the “Commence”
  • Many of Clydesdale thought that football 2 a days were over, but every August YHC gets the bug and wants to at least relive for 45 mins of what it used to be like, it appears that some of the PAX still have it.
    • Today was good chance to get some pre 2018 turkey bowl draft grades in for the O/D-Lines.  Will keep that filed away for the draft


  • Sanctuary:  7:30pm Monday nights at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.  Beginning a new book tonight
  • Open Door:  7:00am Sunday mornings at Five Stones office (1117 Cuthbertson Road)
  • Hope Challenge:  Accepted by Damascus.  Great job sharing his struggles with such a large group.  Very cool to hear how a couple other F3 brothers poured into him and didn’t let “guy talk” takeover but rather got uncomfortable/vulnerable and talked about real stuff.  Well done.  NOTE TO OTHER PAX:  Share your story/struggles.  Whether it be in a large group or with just 1 or 2 other PAX.  And be sure to reach out, check in, and ask uncomfortable questions to your fellow PAX if you sense something is bothering him.
  • FNG (Brent):  Welcome BeltBuckle.  Originally from Texas.  Wife is from Jersey.  Had to quickly give him a Texas nickname before the Jersey shore boys named him Snookie (and we would never see him again).  Thanks (and Kotters) to Deadwood for bringing him out.  Hope to see both again soon.  Thursday in downtown Waxhaw at 0530 is a close one to you

New Floater Calorie Champ?

16 PAX showed up today ready to work and attempt to beat the calorie count record.  Unfortunately, we were missing Recalc, so we do not have an official measure on the crapple watch.  But, based on Rubbermaid’s analysis (more mileage and equivalent elevation change), we will deem that the record was broken today.


  • SSH with 15 pax
  • Potato Pickers with 16 pax (Big10 steps out of the woods to join group)
  • Old Man Stretch
  • Calf Stretch



At the hill we did  16 intervals of 1:30 of up/down hill and 0:45 of called exercise

  • For the 1:30 portion we did (no particular order)
    • Run Up/Down
    • Backwards Up/Forward Down
    • Shuffle Up/Run Down
    • Bear Crawl Up/Run Down
    • Crawl Bear Up/Run Down
  • For the 0:45 portion we did (no particular order)
    • Merkins
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Freddy Mercury
    • Burpees
    • Calf Explosions
    • Pistol LBC
    • Squats
    • Smurf Jacks

Headed back to start scraped Deflated off of the ground and completed:

10 x SSH

10 x SSH

and then said goodbye to Big10


  • When YHC woke up this morning was nervous about potential of rain and having to come up with workout for under the gazebo, but luckily the rain held out and we were able to use the hill to our advantage
  • Quickly called out for warm-up being directly out of Moneyball’s playbook
  • Fuse Box told me at one point that all this was for nothing as we did not have Recalc’s crapple watch to record record, but YHC still stands by the backup timer of Rubbermaid for determining the crown
  • Deflated successful in not getting lapped today by the jackrabbits of Bottlecap/Dasher
  • Shake n Bake a machine as he completed prerun and then full work out
  • Awesome job of Fuse with recruitment and all of the new guys out there in gloom and the participation on GroupMe
  • Welcome back Jingles, just in time for shirt order