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C.R.E.A.M. – 2 for 5’s over here

Cuthberston Rules Everything Around Me – we had 26 Pax for Impromptu and 7 Pax w/ 1 Proctor completing the IPC today. Work started early for the IPC group as they were gathering their blocks and measuring exact distance needed. Deflated and I rolled in 5:15ish offered the speaker as peace offering to IPC group to use if needed. While circling around to parking lot thought about rearranging some of the cones, but figured that would just be not well received.

Over at Impromptu with 1 min before the big show we wrapped up DCCS and went moseying down the path. At bottom of concrete path planned to circle up, but had to Deadwood audible due to incoming cars. Frack thanks for comforting me and letting me know not a big issue for someone on their 1st Q. Go up to circle by football field and circle up there for warmup.


  • 15 x SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Jimmy Dugans
  • 15 Mt. Climbers
  • 15 Merkins

Thang: 2 for 5’s them SOB PAX got garbage down the way, word up

1st 5 (triple nickle)

  • 5 Burpees at the bottom circle
  • 5 supines at the top
  • 5 rounds

When finished circle up and do Mary waiting on the 6. Once complete mosey over to wood benches.

2nd 5

  • 20 Dips
  • Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk around the triangle
  • Run to benches at the school
  • 20 step ups (10/leg)
  • 5 rounds

When finished circle up and do Mary waiting on the 6. Form 2 lines when all complete

Burpee Indian Run towards front of school. Once we reached the school line up along the tree line facing the IPCers. Recalc be careful don’t stub a toe on the blocks left in the grass. Once all in line lets provide the IPC group some encouragement. Turn and face the road and 30 Monkey Humpers in cadence. Unsure if this was the point at which Deadwood spilled the Merlot or not. Will need to get confirmation from Wolverine (Proctor) for validation. Once complete mosey to side parking lot.

Partner up and complete 2 x of partner burpees. P1 goes 1 way around parking lot, P2 goes the other. When you meet complete 5 x hand slap burpees. Complete 2 sets and Fin.


  • Trojan – Good to have you back out in the gloom and seeing the foot is holding up well
  • Dasher – apology that today was “acapella” and we did not have any Ultimate Frisbee. Will be sure to have ready for next Q.
  • Ricky Bobby – Took it to the track today and did not succumb to temptation to say “I love crepes”
  • Sprinkles – Great job out front, it appears that crab walks are not your favorite. Also let your dad know prayers go out to him
  • Loafer – YHC knew it was good Q when I heard the first “Oh Yeaaahh!” during the 2nd 5
  • Fuse – way to push and keep others going as well as adhering to form/rep count. Great work.
  • Appreciate everyone listening as I shared for HOPE challenge. And if anyone dealing with similar situation or ever needs someone to confide in, do not hesitate to reach out.

F3 Waxhaw Launchvergence! 202 Pax

202 #HIM converged on Waxhaw today to officially launch F3 Waxhaw.  We were able to include all 3 F’s into today’s event and appreciate all that were in attendance.  Reiterating what Goodfella said this morning during COT, wanted to share with all to see what can happen when you join a group of men with a mission to Plant, Grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community.  In looking at how F3 Waxhaw came about here is some background:


  • Original site – Commitment started by Ice9 and Snowflake
  • Thin Mint with the idea over a beer (just 1) to “Launch!”


  • Next site – Dromedary added by Bratwurst and Bananas
  • Sites grew from 1 to 2, to 6 and now we have 12+ sites / week


  • F3 Waxhaw has always found a way to serve and give back to community such as
  • Debbie’s House Project, Monroe Men’s Shelter, Cuthbertson MS Career Day, Sandbox Events, Downtown Waxhaw (“Angels”), Waxhaw Elementary Cleanup, Christ Closet, 2 Pax & truck

Thank You:

  • Thanks to Transporter & Doc Mcstuffins for initial leadership and creating the blue print
  • F3 Waxhaw Leadership Board
    • Bottlecap – energy, activity, passion to serve
    • Mad Dog – consistent strong leadership among the pax, quiet strength
    • Posse – weasel shaking and Q School Leadership
    • Goodfella – vision, leadership, and consistent motivation to keep pax going
    • Zinfandel – relentless COMZ, recruitment, social media presence
  • Thin Mint & SOB Board – ability to help get us band of misfits on our feet and endless support
  • Waxhaw Pax – all that contributed to make this a successful event and awesome kickoff
  • Everyone that came out here today and supported this launch

And now that we have covered the official report from Goodfella.  This is Foundation’s report on F3 Waxhaw Launchvergence.  Before going into today’s overview, I think this group we have here has grown to be a strong pax due ability to get after in the morning with 1st F opportunity, find ways to bond both as a group via various jabs taken/given on GroupMe, and through ability to collaborate and support the community in multiple 3rd F opportunities.  As it was said on a recent podcast the biggest thing to remember is  “Don’t forget to out at 5:30 in the morning and be a complete idiot.  Act like a child.  Fart and burp and make fun of the Q and just let loose before you go home and gotta be a grown up.”  So with that said, in typical F3 Waxhaw fashion meow is today’s backblast. 

Some how I was the only guy that would agree to have 5 guys send them pictures of their weinkes and agree to give a full review/report.  So here it goes:

  • Bottlecap: Weinke was sent via text.  Initial message was short, but in subsequent text it grew into form
  • Deadwood:  Sent via screenshot the night before and appeared to be long, but day of it he must have been in the pool as we experienced a little shrinkage.  “I was in the pool!”
  • Dasher: Very short and to the point.  In looking at it closer, it appears to provide much discomfort
  • Goodfella: (Insert short joke here), but did seem to cover a good amount of ground
  • Hollywood: Is known to be fast, but believe someone has stage fright and still wont show their weinke.  I will just have to fill in based on what I suspect it looks like.

Pre 7:00 AM Report

  • Parking Lot Attendants at work arrived prior to 6:00 am to direct traffic. 
    • Ackbar would be proud of Wedding Singer for using his son’s Star Wars Light Saber as signal.
    • In typical SOB region fashion – Escobar pulls in to lot and tosses keys to Parking attendant and says be sure keep car up front.  Sorry sir this is Union County we park ourselves.
  • 2nd F area being setup with breakfast spread / plenty of coffee
    • Smart move by the F3 Board to have Recalc (respect) manning the area and ensuring no whipper snappers parking too close to coffeteria area
  • 3 Trucks lined up for donation collection – Big thank you to all that donated and Christ Closet for allowing us to provide support.
    • Will be sure to include update in later backblasts on how much we collectively were able to give
  • Speed for Need training taking place in lower lot
  • Multiple pre-run groups happening
    • Unconfirmed count for Pax needing Rudy’s  Mr. Pinch First Nation Toilet services prior to start
  • Zinfandel has quick costume change and comes out doing his best impersonation of Ringo Starr or would you say George Carling as Mr. Conductor for today’s launch.  This is not what I think your parents were thinking when they said you should be an Engineer!
  • Don’t look now but here comes the Biker Gang from Ft Mill rolling in.  – Oh “biker” ….I’m an idiot
  • Shake & Bake (Darius Rucker) to sing National Anthem  never mind mic check failed


Short mosey to lower lot and circle up.  As always in Waxhaw we are very safe so thank you Bottlecap for wrapping up your DCCS briefing.  If new to Waxhaw before each workout we are sure to cover DCCS (Disclaimer/CPR/Cellphone/Safety Overview for morning workout) briefing to ensure that we always identify who the people that we can turn to in case ever needed in gloom.  Luckily today, each group had a pre-arranged Jock Strap to ensure our DCCS were covered for each group. Now back to the warmup.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Merkins x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • Low Slow Squats x 15

At completion of warmup break into 5 groups.  Each being led by a Q / Wrangler / Jockstrap

Q1 Report: Q: Bottlecap / Wrangler: Zinfandel / Jock Strap: Recalc (decided to go jock sniff Hollywood’s group) so Bottlecap put on fresh chapstick if needed

Mosey to High School Alcove and 5 rounds of:

  • Mike Tysons x10
  • Run to alcove
  • Balls to Wall shoulder taps x 10

Regroup and mosey to front of school and confirmed that today Floater rules apply (Thursday workout in downtown Waxhaw where if train rolls through burpees until train passes).  Train is running through Cuthbertson today so comply with 10 burpees per minute x 3 minutes.

Next up is Jack’s little sister Ab Webb:

  • 1 WW2 sit-up / 4 x Flutters
  • Complete 10 rounds adding 1 x WW2 sit-up and 4 x Flutters each round.
  • Finish with 10 x WW2 / 40 x Flutters

Mosey to stairs and partner up for Dora – P1 runs to bottom of stairs and completes 2 x burpees P2 starts with exercise and switch upon P1 return.  Complete the following:

  • 100 Bomb Jacks
  • 200 Bobby Hurley’s
  • 300 Donkey Kicks

Next head to Double Culdesac loop and partner up.  P1 runs one direction and P2 runs opposite direction.  Each time meet up complete 10xhandslap merkins. Complete 2 rounds.

Head back to COT to meet up with larger group.

Q2 Report: Q: Deadwood / Wrangler: Foundation / Jock Strap: Chastain

2 Line Burpee Indian Run around front of school to Soccer Field  (DW was trying to channel inner Damascus, but quickly set straight by his Wrangler) so we setup by Transporter’s shed for

Captain Therkin:

  • 1 Big Boy Situp / 4 American Hammer / 4 Merkins
  • Do 10 rounds increasing Big Boy Situps and American Hammers each time until reach 10 /40 / 4

Give a 10 count and the Q/Wrangler confer and complete audible #1.  In my mind all while reciting – “Baby (DW) seems we never ever agree, You like to run, and I like to circle up.  You take things serious, and I take ‘em light.”  So in end we settle on:

Paula Abdul:  

  • 2 lights up / 1 light back burpee at each light. 
  • Complete the entire Moneyball trail and end up in Middle School Parking lot. 

A little mumblechatter from Dasher and his group that we encroached upon their area, but as the pirate says in Captain Phillips – “Look at Me!  I am the Captain Now!” so we claim our area and begin next exercise:

Mike Tyson Webb:

  • 1 Mike Tyson / 4 squats …..2 Mike Tysons / 8 squats and so on up to 10 Mike Tyson
  • In Cadence?  (I’m Ron Burundy?)  Note: For reference in case needed here is link to how to count F3 style –
  • Few audibles with Speed Skaters / Monkey Humpers thrown in. 

Hot Laps:

  • 2 laps each P1 run lap around islands / P2 complete exercise and trade upon entering pit area
  • Exercise include SSH / Merkins

Moesy to Alcove and bypass Burpee Train

Donkey Kick Holds

  • 10 Donkey Kicks and hold at top for 10 sec count
  • Decrease by 1 until reach 1 Donkey Kick and 10 sec hold

Mosey back to COT and circle up

Q3 Report: Q: Dasher / Wrangler:  Damascus / Jock Strap: Das Boot

Mosey towards front of school and at each light pole – 10 x t-merkins. 

Check in at High School entrance and unfortunately Waxhaw train still rolling through town.  Complete 3 mins of burpees until train passes by. 

Continue back on path following light poles with 10 x t-merkins to middle school parking lot. 

7’s on Hill

  • Squats at the bottom
  • Lunges at the top (added twist with up/over 5 picnic tables)

Paula Abdul (Note: She is a big hit down here in the country we call Union County)

  • 2 lights up 10 x Carolina Dry Dock
  • 1 light back 10 x Speed Skaters

Mosey back towards High School and do 2 rounds  (Q provided in best Mike Tyson voice while describing next series and ended with quote “I could feel his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It’s ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.”

  • 10 Mike Tyson’s
  • Run 20 yds and back

Mosey back to COT with approx. 3 miles complete for group

Q4 Report : Q: Goodfella / Wrangler: Dana   / Jock Strap: Rudy

All aboard Goodfella Pain Train (including Rocky the stone) with speaker in tow (Note: Special occasion as he paid for the non-ad subscription of Pandora for today)

Burpee Train

  • Train is still crossing for another 3 minutes – 10 Burpees/Minute for 3 mins.

Mosey to stairs for partner work.

Yogi Berra Partner Station

½ group down path, ½ down stairs, other ½ do exercise  never mind stick with the 2 groups and just be sure to stay to the right and switch once you reach your partner.

  • P1: 150 x LBC / P2 Run Loop
  • P1: 150 x Heals to Heaven / P2 Run
  • P1 150 x American Hammers / P2 Run

Mosey to Middle School wall

Merkin Ladder

  • 10 Rounds: Start with 1 rep, increase to 2 reps….End with 10 reps

In front of MS partner up and complete ½ laps alternating with partners doing:

  • P1: 150 x dips / P2 run
  • P1: 100 x step ups / P2 run
  • P1: 150 x knee ups / P2 run

Run up driveway to hill and at each light – 1 burpee.  Finish with mosey to alcove for:

Pain MeDDS

  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 Derkins

Mosey back to start for COT

Q5 Report: Q: Hollywood / Wrangler: Gerber / Jock Strap: Rubbermaid

Official report is not in but, based on group leaders I imagine it went like this.

Do some basic moves – oh let’s run.

What should we do next – I know “Let’s run”   Ok, think we should do something to gather the 6, lets do some burpees to sound of the train.

Here is a new exercise we can try – Run!

Let us see if we can run in circles.

We will be sure to update further once official report is provided back

Entire Group

Bear /Carolina Dry Dock Webb

  • Bear Crawl 4 Count / 1 Dry Dock ….Bear Crawl 8 Count / 2 Dry Dock
  • Complete in circle until reach 10 Dry Dock / 40 Bear Crawl
    • At this point Ice 9 was either complaining due to # of bear crawls or was singing 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite “I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might Kryptonite, yea”
    • Since it was only heard once, twice, three times from Italian Job “Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should”  Wanted to be sure to include on the official record for our Corporate TPS report.  Again appreciate all of the help of the TRUEbadour Pax and efforts going in to the expansion of F3 globally! Big things to come.



  • Count off and we have 1…2….3…50….60…80….100…120…140…160…180…199…202  (based on few that left and others who came for Coffeteria)
  • Name O’Rama
    • Veteran move by Brat to remove the hospital name and age to speed up process.  Cheers to you sir!
    • Plenty of FNGs, 2.0, Respect, and Respect/Respect in attendance
    • Lost my $5 bet with Deflated on whether or not Frack would last through all announcements or be in corner doing some crunches.  But did hear he had difficulty holding the camera throughout COT as he had to fully extend elbows vs. holding camera only ¼ from chest.
  • Announcements
    • Goodfella ensures to thank the founders who brought F3 initially to Waxhaw
    • OG’s that helped to make group grow in our area
    • SOB Region who showed us how to prosper and help to see us stand on our own
    • Current Waxhaw Board Members that have continued to set the path for our region
    • F3 TRUEbadour – quick message and  
    • FNG naming to occur at Coffeeteria , Corporate quick to ensure that F3 Waxhaw turn in TPS reports on time and complete naming prior to Ball O’ Man.  Thank you Corporate Auditor Dark Helmet

Ball O’ Man

  • Continue to encourage us and encourage other men to join F3
  • Help us be better leaders, husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, neighbors
  • Keep us safe, put a hedge of protection around hour homes/communities/schools/country because we know there is a lot of darkness out there but you call us to be the Light, and we know that Darkness cannot exist in Light.

For any that would like to come back and workout with us clowns from Waxhaw, below provides some details on where you can find us:

Image may contain: text

Foundation (Toby) – Out!

A flute with no holes is not a flute, a donut with no hole is a danish. An Impromptu Q with no Backblast is Bushwood

17 Pax joined YHC were on the tracks for a train ride around Cuthberston. With Pax showing up Zin sees the portable speaker and shrugs shoulders knowing we will be toting around campus this morning. With few minutes to go before 5:30 quickly review DICCS and also remind pax that for today’s round we will be observing Floater rules meaning you hear a train you start doing burpees.


Form 2 lines and Burpee Indian Run around the front of the school down to the baseball fields. Front of the line carries the speaker overhead and passes to new leader of line. Once all pax complete in one line pass speaker to other line to carry.

Quick circle up

  • Smurf SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins


7’s along on the hill by the field. Fence squats at the top and Merkins at the bottom by circle. Part of the way through series we had our 1st train roll through Cuthberston. Stop and do burpees until train has left, and continue with 7’s.

Once pax completed series recover at top of hill and circle up for quick ab series.

  • Laying on back leg swings left, right, center x 10
  • Boat/Canoe

Recover and back to 2 lines for Burpee Indian Run to football field parking lot. On way over train crossing gates light up and time to burpee until train has cleared the tracks. Run to 1st corner and do 10 x Freddy Mercury, run back to start. Run to 2nd corner 20 x Freddy Mercury, run back to start. Do all four corners of parking lot.

Recover and form 2 lines burpee Indian run to stair case. 1/2 way through 3rd train comes rolling through Cuthberston. Continue burpees until tracks are clear. Once arrive at stair case everyone find a spot on the stairs.

Continual calf raises for 1 song (Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit). Alternating between feet forward, toes pointed in, toes pointed out, single leg.

Recover and burpee indian run run with speaker alternating who carries it to front of middle school. Once there partner up. 1 Pax goes to right around island, 2nd pax goes to left around island. When you meet alternate each time between 5 x handslap merkins and 5 x handslap burpees. Complete 2 sets of each and recover. Just about that time is when final train came through the station for the morning and last round of :30 sec of burpees. Once tracks are clear jog back to start.



While on hiatus YHC had plenty of time to stand on the bridge downtown Waxhaw and use his bionic ear to capture the optimum train sounds to include in music selection for optimal burpee output for his August Q.

Related image
  • Believe Chainsaw may have paid the young whipper snapper Sprinkles to change the music and put on AM radio station on the old transistor radio during initial indian burpee run.
  • Heard Posse say that our corners were slowly turning into a tighter spiral on each round (modify as needed)
  • Bottlecap was sure to flex(??) for post pax picture


  • September 2nd Convergence to kick of new region – F3 Waxhaw. Expect to have massive participation from many regions and is a can’t miss event. 7 am at Cuthberston (park by football stadium) with onsite Coffeeteria to follow at 8 am. More details to be provided and assistance needed from Pax to make this an Epic Event. Check GroupMe to see how to get involved
  • Christ Closet preparing back to school giveaway on Aug 16/17. Ackbar to provide more details
  • August Q challenge continuing on. If you are not signed up and interested see a AO Q to get on schedule. Still need few more to complete roster
  • Bushwood officially open on Tuesday’s at Marvin Elementary. Backblast are optional – So I got that going for me, which is nice

Artist formerly known as Troylette takes Q at Chiseled

9 Pax made it out to Chiseled for some station work and then we decided to cook the pork belly for the final 5 mins.

Cover standard Diccs and ensure all have signed proper waivers and 8 pax off for quick mosey around Mt. Chiseled. Upon return our 9th pax came in on 2 wheels calm cool and collected into the lot to join the group. But as this pax has sung before in concert…
Alright, Alright.
Yeah its alright.
Don’t need no five star reservations
I’ve got spaghetti and cheap bottle of wine…

Proceed to continue with quick warmup:
Mt Climbers
Calf Stretch
Smurf Jacks

To prepare for the Thang we partnered up with 1 group of 3 and reviewed the stations and got to work.
Below are the stations:
1. Slam Balls
2. 35lb Should raises/steering wheel turns
3. Trip on swinging rope Jump Rope
4. Incline/Decline merkins
5. Kettle Bell Swings
6. Curls
7. Tire Flips
8. Bucket Squats
9. Resistance Bands
10. Run to curb and back with sand bag (timer) switch 1/2 way with partner

Once all have completed all the stations we did a quick mosey around Mt Chiseled and repeated with no sandbag and quicker sprint for 2nd round

Upon completion of 2nd round we huddled up and cooked the Pork Bellys for 5 mins
1. Pistol LBC
2. Freddy Mercury
3. Dolly
4. Toe Touches
5. Freddy Mercury
6. Flutters
7. LBC


  • Great work by group and T-Claps for Fuse & Rudy for running a tight ship with ensuring that prior to Q’ing that you are provided list of equipment and checking to see if anything further needed to bring. Also appreciate Fuse & Brutus for coming early to help setup
  • Brutus – Lots of energy and great to see how much you appreciate the site, do have to say little disappointed we did not see you break out the Jim Harbaugh dad bod on the last set of sprints
  • Schneider – Respect and love the Big Lots shirt as always. You seemed to be digging some of the song collection and believe “let me clear my throat” brought you back to some party days back up in the Northeast
  • Tupperware – as always enjoy the enthusiasm and good to see that you did not let up when Brutus challenged you to sprint in on the mosey around Mt. Chiseled
  • Popeye – appreciate seeing you during the week, and the call out for “Troylette” in COT. Believe you may have shed a tear as today’s group did not feature any true Gazelles and resembled more of a meat factory
  • Spike – great to see you out here during the week and working hard. Enjoyed partnering with you and Brutus today. Keep up the work, it may not get easier but it will certainly suck less.
  • Ricky Bobby – As you once famously said –  Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said…”I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.” Enjoyed having opportunity to work out with you today and look forward to more in future. Appreciate you taking us out as well
  • Fuse – Again thanks for running a tight ship at Chiseled and for bringing the extra gear. Also, way to push Shake and Bake today. As they said in Talladega Nights we can’t have two #1’s cause that would be eleven
  • Shake & Bake – First the Ludacris song was radio edit version so no worries. Secondly, Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end, You get so mad at me When I go out with my friends. Sometimes you’re crazy and you wonder why. I’m such a baby yeah, the Dolphins make me cry. Just wanted to add in one more Darius song lyric. All good always pushing the group and all in good fun – your buddy (Toby)

Follow the music and lets play catch

8 pax joined YHC as we stayed on campus today for Ignition. The goal was to bring some fun back but also get the necessary work in and requisite 4 miles.

DiCCS provided and reviewed. Deflated provided his non-resuscitation orders (before applying proper chap stick). Next step was to ensure proper new D batteries installed on the Lasonic TRC-975 boombox and that duel cassette loaded with proper mix tape for our journey. Lets Go!

Image result for old school boombox
Visual of boombox for those that did not attend Ignition

Indian run towards high school parking with 6 doing a burpee and running to front and grabbing and holding the boombox overhead. Once at high school parking lot put down music and line up.

Bratwurst Medium Rare Warm up:
High Knees 1/2 way and stride out rest
Butt Kickers 1/2 way and stride out rest
Carioca 1/2 way and stride out rest
Backwards run 1/2 way and stride out rest

Partner up – P1 goes one way around outside parking lot, P2 goes other way. When you meet 20 x merkins. Do 5 x and then meet by speaker

Complete another Bratwurst Medium Rare set for rest
Repeat laps around parking lot another 5x with 20 squats this time
Complete final round of Bratwurst Medium Rare warm up

Indian Run again with speaker to bottom of circle by baseball fields. This time with partner P1 goes to top and begins squats along fence. P2 does 10 burpees OYO and then go to top and meet P1. Complete 5 sets

Indian Run back towards field along concrete path. Split up into 2 teams shirts (YHC team) and skins. Lets play a little Canadian Ultimate Frisbee (due to extended length of end zone). Caveat – any time frisbee hits the ground everyone stops does 5 squats. Very tightly contested low scoring due to defense lack of atheltic ability with catching throwing a frisbee. But at one point skins were up 2 -1. Due to YHC being competitive sore loser, lets take a quick break and do some Mary on the grass/dirt. Maybe this will disrupt the skins momentum. Continued to play for few more minutes, but did not appear to disrupt them enough so lets call for Mary again this time:
Big boy sit ups
Back Scratchers (Dasher appeared to be big fan as he showed me that I was #1 from across the field). Time is running down so game ends with Skins winning 3-2. Mosey back to start and meet up with Flash masses for COT.

Image result for howard stern frisbee
Replay of pax playing today

Moleskine (Soap Box Time)
Overall good work and smaller crowd worked to our advantage. Goal was to get the work in and not forget that we can have fun. Believe it was a good change of pace for many that participated.

Mumble chatter:
Shake & Bake did not appreciate when I showed that the BoomBox has its own wheels and did not need to be carried over head

Deflated may have been more embarrassed with having to carry with choice of music playing, but was relieved when Hypnotize by Biggie came on

Dasher again likes to roam the middle like the late great Sean Taylor any chance he can in Ultimate Frisbee or Flag Football.

Hooch & Rubbermaid will be signing up for the next challenge on how to catch/throw a frisbee in 42 days.

Gerber made adjustments to his frisbee game and took full advantage of the Canadian endzones

Hollywood did his best Hunter Renfrow impression with being shifty and making some big catches on the field while also showcasing the dad bod

Bottlecap hopefully we passed our corporate inspection

We ain’t missing you….

Every time I think of B&C Boys
I always catch my breath
And I’m still standing here at Chiseled
And you’re miles away in bed
And I’m wondering why you never showed
there was no storm raging this a.m.
My gloves were not even frozen
I used to hear your names in certain circles
And it always made me smile

I spend my time
Thinking about you fartsackers
And it’s almost driving Recalc wild
And that’s Zin’s heart that’s breaking
Down his long distance driveway today

We Lawson Boys  ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter
What my  Millbridge/Quellen friends say

There’s a message in the backblast
And I’m sending you this signal today
You don’t know how desperate I’ve become
And it looks like B&C is losing this fight with Lawson

In your fart sacking world we have no meaning
Though I’m trying hard to understand
And it’s my heart that’s breaking
Down Fuse’s long distance driveway today

We Lawson Boys  ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter
What my  Millbridge/Quellen friends say

And there’s a backblast that I’m sending out
Like a telegraph to your soul
And if you can’t cross the bridge and drive the distance to Chiseled
Stop this GroupMe posting overload #nopostnopost

We Lawson Boys  ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter
What my  Millbridge/Quellen friends say

We ain’t missing you (We ain’t missing you)
No way
Since you’ve been fartsacking today (I can lie to myself these days)
We ain’t missing you

And there’s a storm that’s supposedly a raging
Through  Banjo/Fuse’s AO today
But they decided to stay away

And Recalc/Draper/Ol Mcdonald/Foundation at missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter what my Millbridge/Quellen friends say

Now to the Workout Overview

Now that we got that off of our chest, let us proceed with what went down today at Chiseled. Still revealed our DCCS to ensure we are in compliance. 4 Pax showed for a gear workout in the rain , cold, dry, nice morning for a modified station workout. Partner up (Draper/Ol’ Mcdonald and Recalc/Foundation). We setup a bunch of stations and would rotate with partners doing 1 station while others did a lap. Upon return flap jack and proceed to next station.

Stations Round 1:
1. Jump Rope
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Battling Rope
4. Tire Flips
5. Sandbag Squats
6. Halos with Cinderblock
7. Lat Raises
8. Slam Balls
9. Cement Bucket Shrugs

Stations Round 2:
1. Jump Rope
2. Incline Merkins
3. Battling Rope
4. Jump Ups – Tire
5. Sandbag Burpees
6. Tricep Extensions with Cinderblock
7. Side Lat Raises
8. Slam Balls

Overall we got our work in and clocked 3.5+ miles.


  • Realized that YHC was only attendee not considered Respectable
  • Draper will be ghost writing Ol’ Mcdonalds biography based on the dialogue that Recalc and I overheard from their moseys. Believe they left off at Chapter 7 – When Karry Left for College
  • B&C Boys – (chirp) (chirp) (chirp)
  • AO Q’s – (chirp) (chirp) (chirp)
  • Overall solid work from group and provided opportunity to get to know a fellow pax better

Time to Rock & Roll at Ignition

9 Pax joined came out to Ignition and got used to carrying some rocks around campus.

Grab a “running” rock from pile. Chatter starting already that pax afraid it will be like crossing the Delaware River as we heard Deadwood’s Q included Saturday. But low and behold everyone stayed dry.
With rock in hand continue to mosey down concrete pathway towards HS parking lot. Along the way alternate with rock in right, left, and both hands doing shoulder press.

Once in parking lot put rocks down and line up along line. Do multiple running warmups back and forth. Unfortunately, just did not feel right to do A or B skips without Brat in attendance, so those were saved for another day.

Stacked 4 Corners:
Run to corner 1 do exercise, return to start. Run to corner 1 do exercise, run to corner 2 do exercise, return to start….

Start: 10 Merkins
Corner 1: 20 Squats
Corner 2: 30 Mt Climbers (15/leg)
Corner 3: 40 Curls w/ Rock
Corner 4: 50 LBC

Upon completion. Get with group and do burpee indian run to all are completed. Once all completed everyone grab a rock and burpee indian run around parking lot. Upon running to front Pax at front hold rock over head until next Pax arrives. Continue to 2 circles by Football Stadium

Partner Rock Run:
Partner Up and P1 run one way around circle w/ rock over head. P2 run to bottom circle and around. When meet partner complete 5 hand slap merkins. Trade rock and continue. Complete 5 rounds

Once complete Rock Burpee Run to Transporter Shed – Wall Sit and 20 x Jabs IC

Once complete mosey with rock up concrete path to 2nd light from COT lot.

Curl/Tyson Suicide Run:
All pax walk and do curls to next light with rock. Drop Rock and run to Transporter’s Shed and do 100 5 x Mike Tysons (This was not Recalc/Hooch’s AMRAP). Return to rock and repeat – curl to next light and run to Transporter Shed…


  • Great work from all. As we were getting close to 5:15 YHC and Hollywood surprised by high # of attendees for Ignition. Not sure if due to Hollywood not Qing or YHC Qing and expecting low mileage. Either way it worked.
  • Hollywood decided to get the excavator out for his running rock this morning. Still was not large enough to drag him back to the 6
  • Bottlecap put in the work and did best Big10/Longhorn impression of leaving before Name O Rama
  • Deadwood nipping on the heels of Hollywood/BC for lead. Was thinking about jumping ship to Moneyball Q when initally saying YHC plan was to set all time mileage low at Ignition. Appeared to appreciate staying on as he completed 5.7 miles today.
  • Fuse making 2nd straight trip out to Ignition. Was promised if he continues to come out he will have opportunity to spend quality time with Gisele…Unfortunately we fused it and meant spending time with Gazelle. Oops our bad.
  • Deflated – leading the mumble chatter all day, unfortunately none of us were able to hear it
  • Banjo – strumming along all day until end when it was time to see a man about a horse. With dilemma of being accused of Hooching it, we decided to head back to COT. Luckily he was able to complete his duty and make it back to us in time for Name O Rama
  • Rubbermaid continues to push the mileage every week and unfortunately appeared to be upset with YHC decision to take cliff notes from Q school and stacking exercises and doing a burpee/overhead rock/indian run
  • Gerber – appears to have called Jiffy Hip and is fully healed andback at it and quickly moving up through the ranks
Image result for funny broken hip jokes

A Dry Barn Burner Today

9 Pax came out to Ol’ 87 and were surprised that we would avoid any running in the rain today. In fact the whole workout was scheduled to be completed under the portico. Now, what is the reasoning for this:

1. Did not want to hear complaints from MB regarding running around in rain
2. Saw that Posse, held the group at Chiseled to just over 1 mile of running yesterday, and figured hold my beer as YHC will further reduce the mileage today much to dismay of Deadwood. (Double Win)
3. YHC was not sure how bad the weather was going to be and already decided to keep contained to avoid wet sneakers

At start with 2 mins to go, YHC began going through DCCS, and look who comes strolling in but Recalc with a hat similar to below. Appears he has taken safety to whole new level when talking about wet DCCS.

Mosey to portico and then begin running laps around outside of picnic benches
Circle up
40 x SSH
15 x Imperial Walkers
20 x Low slow squats
20 x merkins

Break up into 2 teams and walk through competition that would include using the 45 lb plates so kindly provided by Bottlecap in various relay races to 25 laps.

Round 1: Pinch Grip around cone while pax does step ups
Round 2: Hair Burners and derkins
Round 3: Pinch Grip around cone while pax does in/out on benches
Round 4: Overhead Plate run to parking lot while pax does squats/derkins

After each round losing team had to do 10 burpees. Kudos to team of Zin, MB, Deadwood, Recalc winners of all 4 rounds. They were able to not only win with YHC holding them down in first 2 rounds. But after making an in season trade of YHC for a future player to be named later, continued to crush it.

Doughboy – makes the 45 lb plates look like 25 lbs in those big old paws.
Deadwood – YHC felt like a cowboy wrangling a colt by keeping him in the barn and not allowing him to reach minimum of 3 miles for 2nd day in row.
Bottlecap – good push and way to keep the team competitive. Reverse effect when BC is holding those 45 lbs weights with those tennis arms – looks like he is holding some circus weights today
Loafer – good to see you 2x this week. Way to push the pace and get back into this week.
Zin – good chatter today from you today, and way to double down with a Clyent Dinner Q tonight
Recalc – enjoyed the hat choice today, look forward to first AMRAP tomorrow. Will there be birthday cake in celebration of 51?
Moneyball – way to get after it, but watching you do hair burners is like watching Sid the Sloth from Ice Age pushing a weight
Easy Button – unfortunately was not able to be on the winning side today, but great effort. YHC sure that he will be looking to stack the team next time we have a relay competition

Come on out to Clyent Dinner tonight for a Zin led Q. Be sure to have photo id, and wristbands will be handed out starting at 5:30. Should be a fun go!

Continue to keep Lynn Marie in prayers, and please say prayer for George YHC father-in-law who goes in for heart valve replacement surgery tomorrow and for Hooch’s son Carson who is also undergoing surgery tomorrow as well.

Just keep moving

With the temperatures supposed to reach a high of 37* in Western Union County, a group of 10 strong showed up for the first iteration of Flash expecting to be kept warm. The goal was to just keep the heart rate up and keep moving.

Warm up:

  • 37 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Plank to stretch back to plank
  • 10 Merkins

The Thang: like I said, just keep moving

  • Mosey on down halfway to Transporter’s shed, toe tap LBC’s
  • Squats, mosey to the shed
  • Air Presses and Donkey kicks, mosey to the stairs
  • Calf raises, mosey back to the back half loop over near the football field
  • Partner up, jump squats, merkins, and speed skaters. Mosey some more
  • Fence squats, mosey
  • SSH’s, mosey
  • WWII situps, mosey
  • To the side of the high school and more Air presses, mosey to the next opening
  • Air jabs, mosey
  • Bear crawl to the rock benches
  • Partner back up for dips and step ups, mosey
  • Middle school bus side portico and do squats, mosey
  • Front of the school for incline merkins
  • Mosey back to the COT


We finished just north of 3.1 miles and never stopped moving while keeping the 6 close by. Old MacDonald looked like young MacDonald and Jingles is a sandbagging son of a biscuit. Someone say biscuit? Well done Boberry way to get back out there and press on.

For the other guys who didn’t get mentioned specifically great job. Way to fight off the fartsack. I appreciated the opportunity to lead you fine gentlemen and look forward to future workouts.

2019 WUC Challenge Update

So the 2019 challenge has been more challenging then many can imagine, due to YHC having to be at corporate have not had much time to dedicate to tracking, reviewing scale pics (many need some pedicures), and sending out update. But have decided to schedule a “conference call” to get out first round of updates.

Note: Current scoring excludes unofficial weight loss #’s will try to get a good update from all next week to include.

Deadwood / Tupperware12
Rudy / Recalc10
Foundation / Rubbermaid10
Zin / Dancing Bear9
Banjo / Jingles6
Wedding Singer /Knish1

Deadwood /Tupperware – it appears in week 1 they do what they know best and that is Q. Unfortunately points for Qing are capped, so Deadwood will not be able to Q himself to victory here. But he has taught the young jedi how to gain points by Qing at Chiseled last week and have started off with a solid 12 point posting performance. Also – Kudos for bringing along a FNG

Rudy/ Recalc – appears that Recalc is going to lean on the Golden Domer to bring home a victory in this competition. Rudy not only timed up his VQ correctly, he was consistent in posting even if it meant coming in at Jingles time to make Chiseled. Recalc went MIA for a bit during week and was off normal posting schedule but was able to still break out the Karate Kid headband for a 4 pt performance. We will see if Coach Hurley will inspire a better performance in upcoming weeks

Foundation /Rubbermaid – Unfortunately Help Desk was hit with injury bug, but thankfully Rubbermaid has stepped in. Get better soon Help Desk and look to see you back out there soon. YHC has tried to come out gate strong and maybe counteract the late night cookies by attending extra workouts and ensuring a Q mixed in. Excited for opportunity to work with the Lieutenant and finish in the money

Zin having to carry the weight by attending workouts, but Dancing Bear doing best to send others to workouts while catching a few extra Zzzz’s in the morning. Dancing Bear – way to work the loop hole and still collect points from comfort of bedroom.

Banjo / Jingles – have split duties with Banjo attending workouts and Jingles on the mend for few he has resorted to starvation to collecting points. Jingles has unintentionally assisted YHC with losing appetite by sending scale pic with those gnarly talons in focus

Wedding Singer / Knish – started in hole this week and Knish/Commish has been MIA, but we expect to see a resurrection in the coming weeks and rumor has it that Wedding Singer has resorted to only baby formula until competition is over to further slim down.

Overall – good week it appears with many ensuring to attend workouts and push beyond comfort zone. Look forward to seeing results in upcoming weeks.