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Artist formerly known as Troylette takes Q at Chiseled

9 Pax made it out to Chiseled for some station work and then we decided to cook the pork belly for the final 5 mins.

Cover standard Diccs and ensure all have signed proper waivers and 8 pax off for quick mosey around Mt. Chiseled. Upon return our 9th pax came in on 2 wheels calm cool and collected into the lot to join the group. But as this pax has sung before in concert…
Alright, Alright.
Yeah its alright.
Don’t need no five star reservations
I’ve got spaghetti and cheap bottle of wine…

Proceed to continue with quick warmup:
Mt Climbers
Calf Stretch
Smurf Jacks

To prepare for the Thang we partnered up with 1 group of 3 and reviewed the stations and got to work.
Below are the stations:
1. Slam Balls
2. 35lb Should raises/steering wheel turns
3. Trip on swinging rope Jump Rope
4. Incline/Decline merkins
5. Kettle Bell Swings
6. Curls
7. Tire Flips
8. Bucket Squats
9. Resistance Bands
10. Run to curb and back with sand bag (timer) switch 1/2 way with partner

Once all have completed all the stations we did a quick mosey around Mt Chiseled and repeated with no sandbag and quicker sprint for 2nd round

Upon completion of 2nd round we huddled up and cooked the Pork Bellys for 5 mins
1. Pistol LBC
2. Freddy Mercury
3. Dolly
4. Toe Touches
5. Freddy Mercury
6. Flutters
7. LBC


  • Great work by group and T-Claps for Fuse & Rudy for running a tight ship with ensuring that prior to Q’ing that you are provided list of equipment and checking to see if anything further needed to bring. Also appreciate Fuse & Brutus for coming early to help setup
  • Brutus – Lots of energy and great to see how much you appreciate the site, do have to say little disappointed we did not see you break out the Jim Harbaugh dad bod on the last set of sprints
  • Schneider – Respect and love the Big Lots shirt as always. You seemed to be digging some of the song collection and believe “let me clear my throat” brought you back to some party days back up in the Northeast
  • Tupperware – as always enjoy the enthusiasm and good to see that you did not let up when Brutus challenged you to sprint in on the mosey around Mt. Chiseled
  • Popeye – appreciate seeing you during the week, and the call out for “Troylette” in COT. Believe you may have shed a tear as today’s group did not feature any true Gazelles and resembled more of a meat factory
  • Spike – great to see you out here during the week and working hard. Enjoyed partnering with you and Brutus today. Keep up the work, it may not get easier but it will certainly suck less.
  • Ricky Bobby – As you once famously said –  Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said…”I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.” Enjoyed having opportunity to work out with you today and look forward to more in future. Appreciate you taking us out as well
  • Fuse – Again thanks for running a tight ship at Chiseled and for bringing the extra gear. Also, way to push Shake and Bake today. As they said in Talladega Nights we can’t have two #1’s cause that would be eleven
  • Shake & Bake – First the Ludacris song was radio edit version so no worries. Secondly, Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end, You get so mad at me When I go out with my friends. Sometimes you’re crazy and you wonder why. I’m such a baby yeah, the Dolphins make me cry. Just wanted to add in one more Darius song lyric. All good always pushing the group and all in good fun – your buddy (Toby)

Follow the music and lets play catch

8 pax joined YHC as we stayed on campus today for Ignition. The goal was to bring some fun back but also get the necessary work in and requisite 4 miles.

DiCCS provided and reviewed. Deflated provided his non-resuscitation orders (before applying proper chap stick). Next step was to ensure proper new D batteries installed on the Lasonic TRC-975 boombox and that duel cassette loaded with proper mix tape for our journey. Lets Go!

Image result for old school boombox
Visual of boombox for those that did not attend Ignition

Indian run towards high school parking with 6 doing a burpee and running to front and grabbing and holding the boombox overhead. Once at high school parking lot put down music and line up.

Bratwurst Medium Rare Warm up:
High Knees 1/2 way and stride out rest
Butt Kickers 1/2 way and stride out rest
Carioca 1/2 way and stride out rest
Backwards run 1/2 way and stride out rest

Partner up – P1 goes one way around outside parking lot, P2 goes other way. When you meet 20 x merkins. Do 5 x and then meet by speaker

Complete another Bratwurst Medium Rare set for rest
Repeat laps around parking lot another 5x with 20 squats this time
Complete final round of Bratwurst Medium Rare warm up

Indian Run again with speaker to bottom of circle by baseball fields. This time with partner P1 goes to top and begins squats along fence. P2 does 10 burpees OYO and then go to top and meet P1. Complete 5 sets

Indian Run back towards field along concrete path. Split up into 2 teams shirts (YHC team) and skins. Lets play a little Canadian Ultimate Frisbee (due to extended length of end zone). Caveat – any time frisbee hits the ground everyone stops does 5 squats. Very tightly contested low scoring due to defense lack of atheltic ability with catching throwing a frisbee. But at one point skins were up 2 -1. Due to YHC being competitive sore loser, lets take a quick break and do some Mary on the grass/dirt. Maybe this will disrupt the skins momentum. Continued to play for few more minutes, but did not appear to disrupt them enough so lets call for Mary again this time:
Big boy sit ups
Back Scratchers (Dasher appeared to be big fan as he showed me that I was #1 from across the field). Time is running down so game ends with Skins winning 3-2. Mosey back to start and meet up with Flash masses for COT.

Image result for howard stern frisbee
Replay of pax playing today

Moleskine (Soap Box Time)
Overall good work and smaller crowd worked to our advantage. Goal was to get the work in and not forget that we can have fun. Believe it was a good change of pace for many that participated.

Mumble chatter:
Shake & Bake did not appreciate when I showed that the BoomBox has its own wheels and did not need to be carried over head

Deflated may have been more embarrassed with having to carry with choice of music playing, but was relieved when Hypnotize by Biggie came on

Dasher again likes to roam the middle like the late great Sean Taylor any chance he can in Ultimate Frisbee or Flag Football.

Hooch & Rubbermaid will be signing up for the next challenge on how to catch/throw a frisbee in 42 days.

Gerber made adjustments to his frisbee game and took full advantage of the Canadian endzones

Hollywood did his best Hunter Renfrow impression with being shifty and making some big catches on the field while also showcasing the dad bod

Bottlecap hopefully we passed our corporate inspection

We ain’t missing you….

Every time I think of B&C Boys
I always catch my breath
And I’m still standing here at Chiseled
And you’re miles away in bed
And I’m wondering why you never showed
there was no storm raging this a.m.
My gloves were not even frozen
I used to hear your names in certain circles
And it always made me smile

I spend my time
Thinking about you fartsackers
And it’s almost driving Recalc wild
And that’s Zin’s heart that’s breaking
Down his long distance driveway today

We Lawson Boys  ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter
What my  Millbridge/Quellen friends say

There’s a message in the backblast
And I’m sending you this signal today
You don’t know how desperate I’ve become
And it looks like B&C is losing this fight with Lawson

In your fart sacking world we have no meaning
Though I’m trying hard to understand
And it’s my heart that’s breaking
Down Fuse’s long distance driveway today

We Lawson Boys  ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter
What my  Millbridge/Quellen friends say

And there’s a backblast that I’m sending out
Like a telegraph to your soul
And if you can’t cross the bridge and drive the distance to Chiseled
Stop this GroupMe posting overload #nopostnopost

We Lawson Boys  ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter
What my  Millbridge/Quellen friends say

We ain’t missing you (We ain’t missing you)
No way
Since you’ve been fartsacking today (I can lie to myself these days)
We ain’t missing you

And there’s a storm that’s supposedly a raging
Through  Banjo/Fuse’s AO today
But they decided to stay away

And Recalc/Draper/Ol Mcdonald/Foundation at missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone away
We ain’t missing you
No matter what my Millbridge/Quellen friends say

Now to the Workout Overview

Now that we got that off of our chest, let us proceed with what went down today at Chiseled. Still revealed our DCCS to ensure we are in compliance. 4 Pax showed for a gear workout in the rain , cold, dry, nice morning for a modified station workout. Partner up (Draper/Ol’ Mcdonald and Recalc/Foundation). We setup a bunch of stations and would rotate with partners doing 1 station while others did a lap. Upon return flap jack and proceed to next station.

Stations Round 1:
1. Jump Rope
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Battling Rope
4. Tire Flips
5. Sandbag Squats
6. Halos with Cinderblock
7. Lat Raises
8. Slam Balls
9. Cement Bucket Shrugs

Stations Round 2:
1. Jump Rope
2. Incline Merkins
3. Battling Rope
4. Jump Ups – Tire
5. Sandbag Burpees
6. Tricep Extensions with Cinderblock
7. Side Lat Raises
8. Slam Balls

Overall we got our work in and clocked 3.5+ miles.


  • Realized that YHC was only attendee not considered Respectable
  • Draper will be ghost writing Ol’ Mcdonalds biography based on the dialogue that Recalc and I overheard from their moseys. Believe they left off at Chapter 7 – When Karry Left for College
  • B&C Boys – (chirp) (chirp) (chirp)
  • AO Q’s – (chirp) (chirp) (chirp)
  • Overall solid work from group and provided opportunity to get to know a fellow pax better

Time to Rock & Roll at Ignition

9 Pax joined came out to Ignition and got used to carrying some rocks around campus.

Grab a “running” rock from pile. Chatter starting already that pax afraid it will be like crossing the Delaware River as we heard Deadwood’s Q included Saturday. But low and behold everyone stayed dry.
With rock in hand continue to mosey down concrete pathway towards HS parking lot. Along the way alternate with rock in right, left, and both hands doing shoulder press.

Once in parking lot put rocks down and line up along line. Do multiple running warmups back and forth. Unfortunately, just did not feel right to do A or B skips without Brat in attendance, so those were saved for another day.

Stacked 4 Corners:
Run to corner 1 do exercise, return to start. Run to corner 1 do exercise, run to corner 2 do exercise, return to start….

Start: 10 Merkins
Corner 1: 20 Squats
Corner 2: 30 Mt Climbers (15/leg)
Corner 3: 40 Curls w/ Rock
Corner 4: 50 LBC

Upon completion. Get with group and do burpee indian run to all are completed. Once all completed everyone grab a rock and burpee indian run around parking lot. Upon running to front Pax at front hold rock over head until next Pax arrives. Continue to 2 circles by Football Stadium

Partner Rock Run:
Partner Up and P1 run one way around circle w/ rock over head. P2 run to bottom circle and around. When meet partner complete 5 hand slap merkins. Trade rock and continue. Complete 5 rounds

Once complete Rock Burpee Run to Transporter Shed – Wall Sit and 20 x Jabs IC

Once complete mosey with rock up concrete path to 2nd light from COT lot.

Curl/Tyson Suicide Run:
All pax walk and do curls to next light with rock. Drop Rock and run to Transporter’s Shed and do 100 5 x Mike Tysons (This was not Recalc/Hooch’s AMRAP). Return to rock and repeat – curl to next light and run to Transporter Shed…


  • Great work from all. As we were getting close to 5:15 YHC and Hollywood surprised by high # of attendees for Ignition. Not sure if due to Hollywood not Qing or YHC Qing and expecting low mileage. Either way it worked.
  • Hollywood decided to get the excavator out for his running rock this morning. Still was not large enough to drag him back to the 6
  • Bottlecap put in the work and did best Big10/Longhorn impression of leaving before Name O Rama
  • Deadwood nipping on the heels of Hollywood/BC for lead. Was thinking about jumping ship to Moneyball Q when initally saying YHC plan was to set all time mileage low at Ignition. Appeared to appreciate staying on as he completed 5.7 miles today.
  • Fuse making 2nd straight trip out to Ignition. Was promised if he continues to come out he will have opportunity to spend quality time with Gisele…Unfortunately we fused it and meant spending time with Gazelle. Oops our bad.
  • Deflated – leading the mumble chatter all day, unfortunately none of us were able to hear it
  • Banjo – strumming along all day until end when it was time to see a man about a horse. With dilemma of being accused of Hooching it, we decided to head back to COT. Luckily he was able to complete his duty and make it back to us in time for Name O Rama
  • Rubbermaid continues to push the mileage every week and unfortunately appeared to be upset with YHC decision to take cliff notes from Q school and stacking exercises and doing a burpee/overhead rock/indian run
  • Gerber – appears to have called Jiffy Hip and is fully healed andback at it and quickly moving up through the ranks
Image result for funny broken hip jokes

A Dry Barn Burner Today

9 Pax came out to Ol’ 87 and were surprised that we would avoid any running in the rain today. In fact the whole workout was scheduled to be completed under the portico. Now, what is the reasoning for this:

1. Did not want to hear complaints from MB regarding running around in rain
2. Saw that Posse, held the group at Chiseled to just over 1 mile of running yesterday, and figured hold my beer as YHC will further reduce the mileage today much to dismay of Deadwood. (Double Win)
3. YHC was not sure how bad the weather was going to be and already decided to keep contained to avoid wet sneakers

At start with 2 mins to go, YHC began going through DCCS, and look who comes strolling in but Recalc with a hat similar to below. Appears he has taken safety to whole new level when talking about wet DCCS.

Mosey to portico and then begin running laps around outside of picnic benches
Circle up
40 x SSH
15 x Imperial Walkers
20 x Low slow squats
20 x merkins

Break up into 2 teams and walk through competition that would include using the 45 lb plates so kindly provided by Bottlecap in various relay races to 25 laps.

Round 1: Pinch Grip around cone while pax does step ups
Round 2: Hair Burners and derkins
Round 3: Pinch Grip around cone while pax does in/out on benches
Round 4: Overhead Plate run to parking lot while pax does squats/derkins

After each round losing team had to do 10 burpees. Kudos to team of Zin, MB, Deadwood, Recalc winners of all 4 rounds. They were able to not only win with YHC holding them down in first 2 rounds. But after making an in season trade of YHC for a future player to be named later, continued to crush it.

Doughboy – makes the 45 lb plates look like 25 lbs in those big old paws.
Deadwood – YHC felt like a cowboy wrangling a colt by keeping him in the barn and not allowing him to reach minimum of 3 miles for 2nd day in row.
Bottlecap – good push and way to keep the team competitive. Reverse effect when BC is holding those 45 lbs weights with those tennis arms – looks like he is holding some circus weights today
Loafer – good to see you 2x this week. Way to push the pace and get back into this week.
Zin – good chatter today from you today, and way to double down with a Clyent Dinner Q tonight
Recalc – enjoyed the hat choice today, look forward to first AMRAP tomorrow. Will there be birthday cake in celebration of 51?
Moneyball – way to get after it, but watching you do hair burners is like watching Sid the Sloth from Ice Age pushing a weight
Easy Button – unfortunately was not able to be on the winning side today, but great effort. YHC sure that he will be looking to stack the team next time we have a relay competition

Come on out to Clyent Dinner tonight for a Zin led Q. Be sure to have photo id, and wristbands will be handed out starting at 5:30. Should be a fun go!

Continue to keep Lynn Marie in prayers, and please say prayer for George YHC father-in-law who goes in for heart valve replacement surgery tomorrow and for Hooch’s son Carson who is also undergoing surgery tomorrow as well.

Just keep moving

With the temperatures supposed to reach a high of 37* in Western Union County, a group of 10 strong showed up for the first iteration of Flash expecting to be kept warm. The goal was to just keep the heart rate up and keep moving.

Warm up:

  • 37 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Plank to stretch back to plank
  • 10 Merkins

The Thang: like I said, just keep moving

  • Mosey on down halfway to Transporter’s shed, toe tap LBC’s
  • Squats, mosey to the shed
  • Air Presses and Donkey kicks, mosey to the stairs
  • Calf raises, mosey back to the back half loop over near the football field
  • Partner up, jump squats, merkins, and speed skaters. Mosey some more
  • Fence squats, mosey
  • SSH’s, mosey
  • WWII situps, mosey
  • To the side of the high school and more Air presses, mosey to the next opening
  • Air jabs, mosey
  • Bear crawl to the rock benches
  • Partner back up for dips and step ups, mosey
  • Middle school bus side portico and do squats, mosey
  • Front of the school for incline merkins
  • Mosey back to the COT


We finished just north of 3.1 miles and never stopped moving while keeping the 6 close by. Old MacDonald looked like young MacDonald and Jingles is a sandbagging son of a biscuit. Someone say biscuit? Well done Boberry way to get back out there and press on.

For the other guys who didn’t get mentioned specifically great job. Way to fight off the fartsack. I appreciated the opportunity to lead you fine gentlemen and look forward to future workouts.

2019 WUC Challenge Update

So the 2019 challenge has been more challenging then many can imagine, due to YHC having to be at corporate have not had much time to dedicate to tracking, reviewing scale pics (many need some pedicures), and sending out update. But have decided to schedule a “conference call” to get out first round of updates.

Note: Current scoring excludes unofficial weight loss #’s will try to get a good update from all next week to include.

Deadwood / Tupperware12
Rudy / Recalc10
Foundation / Rubbermaid10
Zin / Dancing Bear9
Banjo / Jingles6
Wedding Singer /Knish1

Deadwood /Tupperware – it appears in week 1 they do what they know best and that is Q. Unfortunately points for Qing are capped, so Deadwood will not be able to Q himself to victory here. But he has taught the young jedi how to gain points by Qing at Chiseled last week and have started off with a solid 12 point posting performance. Also – Kudos for bringing along a FNG

Rudy/ Recalc – appears that Recalc is going to lean on the Golden Domer to bring home a victory in this competition. Rudy not only timed up his VQ correctly, he was consistent in posting even if it meant coming in at Jingles time to make Chiseled. Recalc went MIA for a bit during week and was off normal posting schedule but was able to still break out the Karate Kid headband for a 4 pt performance. We will see if Coach Hurley will inspire a better performance in upcoming weeks

Foundation /Rubbermaid – Unfortunately Help Desk was hit with injury bug, but thankfully Rubbermaid has stepped in. Get better soon Help Desk and look to see you back out there soon. YHC has tried to come out gate strong and maybe counteract the late night cookies by attending extra workouts and ensuring a Q mixed in. Excited for opportunity to work with the Lieutenant and finish in the money

Zin having to carry the weight by attending workouts, but Dancing Bear doing best to send others to workouts while catching a few extra Zzzz’s in the morning. Dancing Bear – way to work the loop hole and still collect points from comfort of bedroom.

Banjo / Jingles – have split duties with Banjo attending workouts and Jingles on the mend for few he has resorted to starvation to collecting points. Jingles has unintentionally assisted YHC with losing appetite by sending scale pic with those gnarly talons in focus

Wedding Singer / Knish – started in hole this week and Knish/Commish has been MIA, but we expect to see a resurrection in the coming weeks and rumor has it that Wedding Singer has resorted to only baby formula until competition is over to further slim down.

Overall – good week it appears with many ensuring to attend workouts and push beyond comfort zone. Look forward to seeing results in upcoming weeks.

DCCS, Pair of 7s, and visit from the Webbs

19 Pax showed up at Watchtower this morning for a gentle uplifting workout. But before we get into the particulars we made sure to have a little discussion about DCCS.

DCCS – is something that all Q’s and Site Q’s should concentrate on for 2019.

  • Disclaimer – Ensure disclaimer given
  • CPR Certified Recognition – dibs on BC as he had on the cherry lip balm this morning
  • Cell Phone – ensure at least 1 pax has cell phone on them – we have 3 this morning (thank you)
  • Safety Brief – quick overview of plan and to wear vests if you have them

With that out of the way lets mosey

  • Warmup:
    • 15 x SSH
    • 15 x Imperial Walkers
    • Old Man Stretch (got you MB – welcome back)
    • 25 x Merkins


Pair of 7’s
Partner up with someone and P1 runs one way around 4 islands in Target parking lot P2 runs the other way around.
When you meet up start with 6 x Handslap Merkins.
Continue going in opposite directions.
When you meet again 1 x Handslap Burpee.
Continue going this time 5 x Handslap Merkins and 2 x Handslap Burpees.
Finish when complete 1 x Handslap Merkin and 6 x Handslap Burpees.
When finished join the Burpee Indian Run

Deadwood Webb
Run to island and back to cart return
4 x incline merkins at cart return
Run 2x island and back to cart return
8 x incline merkins at cart return
Lead group completed about 5 rounds before moving to next exercise

Double Barrel Indian Run:
Create 2 lines and Burpee Indian Run around Petco to Hickory Tavern
Back 2 pax in each line drop for burpee and sprint to front.

Frack Webb:
Starting at 1 derkin and 4 dips
Go up to 10 derkins x 40 dips
(Frack would have been impressed with the complaints on this one)
Based on Fuse math we completed 55 Derkins and 220 dips

Dana Webb:
Heels to Heaven/Flutters
Start at 1 Heels (intentional “Heels” just to get Wolfpack fans warm under collar) to Heaven and 4 flutters
Go up to 10 Heels to Heaven x 40 flutters
Completed 55 Heels to Heaven and 220 Flutters

Hooch Time:
Just to ensure we ran over time completed 20 x toe touch LBCs to dismay of Zin


  • Cold pillow next to YHC this morning as Deflated was MIA, waited outside his other home until 5:18 before carrying on without him
  • As 5:30 approaches, YHC trying to do best braveheart impression and hold the group back from going waiting on either the Jingles entrance or One Star/Lazy Boy/Krusty/Boitano clown car to arrive – but again disappointed. The Mini must be in the shop getting a tune up
  • Glad to see Rip Van Winkle Blue Screen made it off the Nali couch this morning and came to workout with us
  • Welcome back Money Ball and liked your cute Little Tykes Deadwood headlamp. Looks like a Mad Dogg colonoscopy scope coming at you when it approaches
  • Strong effort by Fuse on the Webbs and appreciate the math calculation. Look forward to the new exercise to be broken out at next Q
  • Trojan/Inspector Gadget – continue to show up and put forth great effort. Well Done!
  • Ice 9 – always appreciate the superb counting and way to push Deadwood during the 7’s


  • Collective Prayer request for Longo Family on Wednesday 1/16 from 7 – 8 pm. Where ever you are, please take a moment to pray for the family so we can join our hearts together to pray for this family
  • Gremlin (CSAUP event) this Saturday if interested get in contact with Recalc, Dana or Deadwood
  • Q School next saturday hosted by Posse/Moneyball if interested reach out to them – great refresher for all and a excellent program for anyone who has yet to Q

2019 WUC Competition

Competition Info:

  • $25/person to enter (payment can be made via PayPal or Venmo)
  • Each person is randomly assigned a teammate (accountability partner)
    • Selection will be made at Flash on 1/7/19
  • Initial weigh in from 1/3/19 – 1/7/19
  • Competition Runs from 1/7/19 (final initial weigh in) – 3/1/19 (final weigh in)
  • Weekly weigh in between Friday am – Monday am

Points System:

  • 3 pt. per each pound loss of team’s combined total weight
  • 1 pt. per attending F3 sanctioned workout (ex: Flash, Clyent Dinner, Floater, AO in other areas)
  • 1 pt. per Q (max 1 pt. per team per week)
  • 1 pt. for bringing FNG

Bonus Points:

  • 1 pt. for each 10 lbs. lost by team
  • 1 pt for reporting team results by Monday before Noon
  • 1 pt. for VQ
  • 1 pt. for FNG coming back for 2nd workout within 7 days of initial post
  • 1 pt. per person for valid CPR certification


  • Top 50% qualify for distribution of pool money
  • Payout based on Team’s % of points among qualified teams

Example of Payout below:

Pool $500
TeamPts Earned% of Top 5Payout
Team 110032%$158.23
Team 29028%$142.41
Team 36019%$94.94
Team 43812%$60.13
Team 5289%$44.30
Team 6200%$0.00
Team 7200%$0.00
Team 8180%$0.00
Team 9160%$0.00
Team 10140%$0.00

Station Workout as we listened to Sound of Silence

Feels good to be back on normal schedule (including Jingles with the 5:32 am arrival) and looking forward to seeing where 2019 brings the WUC pax. 17 pax (even though YHC wanted it to be 15 as I tried to exclude Zin/Banjo from the Name-O-Rama) came out to a gear/station workout today at Chiseled.

Mosey around Mt. Chiseled
15 x SSH
15 x Imperial Walkers
15 x Low Slow Squats
15 x Merkins
15 x Plank Jacks

Station Work 3 rounds total
2 Rounds x 45 sec work/10 sec break
1 round 30 sec work/10 sec break

Station 1: Bicep Curls using resistance bands
Station 2: Jump Rope
Station 3: Merkin Cinder Block Pyramid
Station 4: Agility Ladder
Station 5: Sandbag Burpees
Station 6: Smash Balls
Station 7: Partner Push/Pull
Station 8: Cinder Block Swings
Station 9: Tire Flips
Completion of each round complete 1 lap around Mt. Chiseled

Return all gear to locker and circle back up for Mary.


  • Not too much mumblechatter could be heard over the music this morning….
  • Recalculating looking to make big transformation early in 2019 and drop few lbs. In preparation has decided to wear the Karate Kid – Daniel Son head band as he takes on the Cobra Kai at the Dojo
  • Zin quick to call out that Q fail for lack of music provided as part of station work this morning.
  • Hollywood was seen twitching due to very low mileage output today, but did provide a nice Double Under during jump rope station
  • Strong showing by our Respectable Elders today – FYI Chainsaw is set to Q Monday at Flash. Be prepared for a good ol’ whippin’
  • Fuse appreciate the assistance with getting the gear out this morning
  • Weight Loss Comp details to follow later today. Finalizing the rules and will send out preblast for everyone to read through