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“May you live in interesting times”

As I sit down to write this ‘blast, my mind and heart are absolutely churning.  There are so many thoughts and feelings competing for my attention, but more on that after the break:


The Thang: May started, much as April ended.  We were all still under stay at home orders, we were all complying in our own ways, and F3 was still officially “closed”.  The PAX responded incredibly well to the April challenge, and provided many opinions on how to improve the competition should we do it again…. so we did.  Here is how the challenge worked

  1. PAX logged every work out they completed (and I do me all) in a google sheet.  Each workout contained the date, PAX name, Type of workout, minutes, and intensity.
  2. The sheet used super complicated magical excel math to calculate a “score” based off of the intensity and minutes logged.
  3. The sheet then looked at had the individual worked out the day before (and before, and before, and before…) to establish a “streak score”
  4. Finally the Sheet totaled the streak scores into 2 score boards, one based on “raw” scoring and the other modified by a a derivative of the % of days the individual had worked within the challenge.

TL/DR?  PAX got points for working out long, at high intensity, and consistently.  The intent was to give the PAX a level playing field so they could work the way that made sense for them despite their passion (bells, running, rucking etc…).  As before the challenge was intended to give men an opportunity to simulate some of the competitive spirit which keep our workouts “spicy” and engaging.

A few stats regarding outcomes of the challenge:

  • Winner: Cheddar (High Tide 2nd, YHC 3rd)
  • Most Days Worked: 31 (9 PAX worked out every darn day)
    • Editors Note: At least 5 “perfect” PAX were also 100% in April for a total of 61 day streak.  Of those 5, at least 2 where 100% for March Madness for a total of 92 days straight under power… WHAT?!?!
  • Average Days Worked: 24 (655 total)
  • Average Minutes Per Workout: 48 (44,124 total… thats 735 hours)
  • Most Worked Activities: Cardio45 %, Bootcamp 20%
  • Most Common Intensity: Medium 40%, High 27%


Ye Skinny Moleskin:

After April, I really wasn’t expecting a huge response to the May episode, man was I wrong!  What an impressive push from a group of truly exemplary athletes…

Coming into 2020, I was a complete mess. My health, nutrition and mental outlook were probably the worst they’ve been in a couple years.  Today, as I write this, I am in the best shape of my adult life.  I’d hazard a guess that COVID body has a completely different meaning in the F3 Nation than it does anywhere else.  I won’t say the challenges were solely responsible for that, but I believe they were a factor.  Not only is my body fitness in an amazing place, so are my emotional and spiritual fitness.

The isolation introduced to us by the pandemic created a quiet space for me to think. At first, that was NOT a good thing, but once I got done climbing the walls from social withdrawal, it become a place of comfort.  I was able to look inside, and outside, of myself to better understand where I wanted my place in the world to be.  As I have exited isolation and started to reenter the world, I am better grounded in how I want to show up.  I’d love to talk to any and all of you about where I landed if you’d like, but that is NOT why I am writing today, so lets move on…

A titled the ‘blast with one of my favorite sayings.  The story goes this was a blessing, and curse, in ancient China.  “May you live in interesting times” refers to the diversion of life, but also the challenges which can crop up as well.  My, we are living in interesting times!  My heart is saddened by the state of the world today.  Never have I looked at our environment and seen so many chasms blocking our path to solidarity.  People are sad, they’re confused, they’re hurt, and they’re afraid. I include myself among those people.  The world is in need of leaders who put the betterment of their communities and the world at large ahead of their own agendas or aspirations.  The world is aching for a banner to rally behind and for the truth and unity that banner represents.

I will not claim to know what banner to which we should rally, but I know for myself I pray create an environment of compassion, of grace, of tolerance, and of understanding to support those whom I come in contact with in my every day life.  Maybe that will be enough to help them find some answers, and move forward in their own healing and growth.

For each of you reading this (and for those who are not) I offer a simple prayer.  May God place upon your heart an ounce of his wisdom, a measure of his grace, a sliver of his love, and a landslide of his serenity so you may represent him and his love to those in your worlds.  In a world in turmoil, may you be a steady light in the storm so those around you might find a way to safe harbor.

I love each and every one of you, for the man you inspire me to be, and for the examples you provide regarding where I can grow each and every day.




OYO – But Together

How do I start this one, how do I describe what we just experienced in what may go down as the longest April in any of our lives?  I guess I start at the beginning and work my way through it.


The Thang:

As March was drawing to a close and I realized I was staring down the barrel of a long and gloomless month, I knew I needed to find motivation in a new way.  You see, I suck at motivating myself.  So many alarm clocks have been set with good intentions, but then snoozed and turned off from deep within the grasp of the almighty fartsack.  If it weren’t for the accountability of the HC and the merciless support of the PAX to whom said commitments were given, a chronic sad clown still would I be.

So I thought about what things drive the PAX.  Mumblechatter, competition, achievement, and fellowship.  Leveraging my somewhat more than mediocre excel skills to build a challenge to bring us into contact with each other, to give us a motivating factor to get out of bed each day, or find space in our afternoons to find a beat down, that was the easy part.  I was certain I’d find a few PAX who would lean in and participate and hopefully that would be enough to do the hard part… show up.

I never counted on 30 PAX to jump on the bandwagon, and never in my WILDEST dreams did I think we’d have 8 PAX go a perfect 30 for 30.  Had you told me on 4/1 I would workout every day in April I would have laughed at you, but look who is laughing now.

Here is the fun part, the PAX got into the competition.  We saw streaks building day over day, until one day Wingman shared he had worked out for #fourteen straight days for the first time in his life.  Fredo was coming off of 30 straight days of #marchmadness and was keeping things 100% as well.  Hoover and Brexit came into this thing with a vengeance and by the end of the first week were miles ahead of the pack.  Then ThinMint, Geraldo and Hightide started to put distance between them and the rest.  For the rest of the month we saw those leads build, with a few of us (gypsy, YHC, Unplugged, Voodoo) making cameos, only to be erased by the steadfast grid of these warriors of the OYO.

Then, for YHC at least, it go more fun when PAX started suggesting how we should update the format for “next month.”  Here we are, two weeks into a 30 day competition and already folks are lining up for another month of challenge.  Not only that, but the suggestions were coming from everywhere… so cool, and so Voodoo and I started working on the May challenge before we even knew how the April challenge would end.

So, how DID it end you ask?  Much as it began really, Hoover and Brexit put everyone deeply in their rearview, and made epic pushes with 2 a days in the final week.  Geraldo and HighTide kept showing up and the rest of us watched them draw away, despite our best efforts.  I cannot be more proud of these guys…

Here are some stats:

PAX: 30

Days Worked Out: 669

Average Days Worked Out:22

PAX w/ 30 days worked: 8

Total minutes under power:43,803 (thats 30 days all in)

Average minutes under power: 1460 (thats just over a day)


Finishing Order:

  1. Brexit
  2. Hoover
  3. Geraldo
  4. HighTide
  5. Unplugged

Congratulations to these warriors for their strength, grit and downright badassery… very impressive.


What. A. Month. I have to say the most impressive performance has to go to Brexit who offered a very moving anecdote around his acceleration in the month of April.  After his accident, the challenge presented him with the motivation he needed to get into “the best shape of his life.”  just….wow.

I can share for me, I’ve never worked out 10 days in a row nonetheless 30 straight.  I’ve never felt the need I guess, but wow this challenge lit my fire.  Mission achieved I guess.  But I never expected something I did as a project for me, to be so impactful for others.  To all the PAX who said thank you to me for doing it, I turn that around and say thank you to each of you.  Thank you for helping push me, thank you for playing along with the game, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you all just a little in your own journey through the darkness of OYO.


Leg Busted, Shoulder Broke, But the Show MUST go on!

The “Udder Commit” is becoming synonymous with well intended absence, and RockZero was not in any way impervious to the nippled one’s lack of consistency.  The story told to me was Geraldo saying “remember you have Q this weekend” and Udder saying “awwww crap…”  Thankfully, after driving Mr. Daisey for years, YHC is well acclimated to these shenanigans and thusly able to adapt on the fly.  Truth be told, YHC wanted a January Q slot anyways so this was quite serendipitous, but don’t tell Udder, it will ruin the joke.  To make the long story longer, despite my numerous injuries, I fell on the sword of volunteerism and accepted the mantle of Grand Poobah for the greatest AO in all of southland.

7 Strong PAX gathered thusly under the lightening sky to see about gaining some strength and giving hell to a porpoise.  Following a creative yet nonetheless Mermaid approved disclaimer, the weinke proceeded to unwind….


Mosey down from the cars, around the corner, back up the drag strip and then around into the first parking lot for…



Low Slow Squat X20 IC

Low Slow Merkin X20 IC


Mosey to the grassy knoll courtyard for a series of exercises in various orders but summarily described as a combination of peoples leg lifts, merkins, bear crawls, lunge walks, reverse lunge walks and a hole helluva lot of plank.  This took approximately 20 minutes.  The PAX particularly hated “legs up the wall” crunches and the plank exercise YHC fondly refers to “knee boxes.”


Mosey across the lot towards the hotbox to retrieve 2 previously stashed 60 lbs. sandbags (insert mumble chatter regarding surprise that Flipper brought coupons) for various pulls, lifts, and throws interspersed with more planking and air chair.


Mosey to hotbox wall for peoples chair and 40 lbs. slam balls for “pass the heavy object” including overhead presses and slams.  Work in some balls to the walls and call me in the morning.


Mosey into the hotbox for Little Hazes, shoulder taps and some elevator merkins.


Pick up the coupons and share the pain as we moseyed back to the cars.  Circle up for some ‘Merican Hammers and done!



YHC is always grateful for an opportunity to lead the PAX of A51, especially at this venue.  This week I am doubly grateful for the patience and understanding these 6 men had for my low mileage bootcamp absurdly focused on core and lower body.  Seems with a bumb leg and a bumb shoulder, YHC forgot how to Q anything else?

Hopper took the disclaimer to heart and modified aggressively, as did YHCs favorite Chicagoan.  That being said, somebody needs to show his jumpiness proper air squat form, pretty sure it doesn’t involve a 90 degree bend from the waist…

Donkey Kong showed up with very strong verbal fitness, spouting nearly belligerent mumble chatter any time he could get his breath under control.  Also, he continues to posses the most uncannily fluid bearcrawl YHC has ever seen (sorry Dear Abby.)

Geraldo and Ductwork did as they always do, strong silent types no longer need apply as the job is amply filled.  Geraldo even completed his “peoples burpees” with nary a complaint.

OT, where to start, the man is a rock of sarcastic wit.  Also, he has a sore hamstring.  Just ask him.  He’ll tell you. At least 20 times a workout. Seriously…


At the end of all of this silliness, I do want to share something a bit more serious.  This time of year is a struggle for all of us (well the human PAX anyways).  The weather is crappy, the temperatures are often on the down right cold side, the days are unreasonably short.  So many excuses to stay in the fartsack.  So many socially acceptable reasons not to post.  As I shared with the PAX during COT, don’t let the excuses win.  Find a PAX to hold you accountable.  Make a commitment, and keep it.  If you’re one of those inhuman PAX who works out consistently even within the arctic circle, be an accountability partner and offer your shield lock to those who are less consistent.  And when somebody Udder Commits to you, be tolerant and understanding, but roast him mercilessly in your back blast so he knows he is on notice, and then invite him to commit again, and again, and again.


Men, I love what F3 means to me, and what it means to each of you.  I see the power in my life each and every day, and its because of the support and friendship of the PAX who make this amazing family what it is.  I love you guys, and I am not afraid to say it.


Flipper Out

Sometimes Smack Must Be Talked, its Saturday in SOBland after all

YHC may be compensating for something, an observation which was made within 30 seconds of my joining the PAX at the launch this AM.  After 4 months of all the running, all the time, I’ve been concerted in getting back into the boot camps throughout southland.  When the turkiest of all site Qs offered up today’s beat down I didn’t think twice.  I was, as they say, “down to henge.”  They don’t say that? Oh, well, you get my point either way, back to the workout…

The PAX were a bit restless as YHC jogged up to the launch point… why jog and not drive? Keep reading and you’ll see.  A brief yet Mermaid approved, disclaimer was given (its ok SOBs, you don’t have to get the reference, just stay with me) then off we moseyed.  Down across the Ballantyne corporate and into the hotel parking lot for COP:




5 Burpees OYO

20 IW IC

4 Burpees IC

15 Low Slow Squats IC

3 Burpees OYO

10 Low Slow Merkins IC

2 Burpees OYO

1 Burpee OYO

Walk the 50 feet to the back of YHC’s M’s Jeep (which was riding low as observed by multiple PAX) and withdraw coupons as follows; 2-80 lbs. sandbags, 2-60 lbs. sandbags, 2-40 lbs. slam balls, 2-20 lbs. slam balls, 1-120 lbs. sandbag.

PAX aided in distributing coupons around LochNess (80s at the near porch, 60s at the close porch, 40s at the point where the path heads down to the fit trail, 20s right by the entrance.  Pair up and stations were as follows:

Near Porch: Bent Over Rows with 80# X10, Wall Jump Burpee X5 -Flapjack Repeato

Far Porch: Clean to front squat with 60#, Peoples chair 10 count with right leg up, then left for 10 count, Flapjack Repeato

Fork in the Road: 40 lbs. slam ball reps X10, mosey to pull-up bars for pull ups X5, Flapjack Repeato

Entrance: Ballover Merkins X20, Jump-Squats X10, Flapjack Repeato

With 4 stations one pair was free to carry the 120 lbs. bag around LochNess, oh joy!  PAX carried the bag from one station to the next, handing off the bag to whoever was there and commencing to work until the bag came back around.  This averaged 3 full sets or so.  Pairs started carrying the 120 by the handles between them, but soon progressed to fireman carries as the preferred method.  We made it one full rotation then returned the coupons to the heavy laden jeep and moseyed back to the cars for 3 minutes of Mary.  FIN.


If I recall the pairs were Billy Goat with One Niner, Market Timer with Frehleys, Fire Hazard with Wild Turkey, and Kirby with Happy Meal.  YHC took the double red pill and worked solo this time around.  Whoa, that was a workout.  Shoulders will be burning well into the second half of the late game today.

Speaking of games, Frehleys wore more orange than I’d thought possible for an F3 workout, not a stitch of black to be seen.  My eyes are still bleeding.

One Niner crushed his reps and fireman carrying the 120, despite a bad shoulder.  Great work brother, heal up soon.

Kirby may have the absolute worst squat form YHC has ever seen, but as mentioned at Coffeteria, bad form may be better than no form at all… maybe.  He’ll undoubtedly benefit from all those waist squats at some point.

Wild Turkey was perspiring heavily by 30 seconds into the workout, but thats probably due to his pre-run which commenced at 0530, strong work my man.

Market Timer may have a stronger verbal motor than workout motor… but its a close thing.

FireHazard… never change my friend

BillyGoat learned today showing up to a dolphin Q without gloves is a bad idea, but solved that problem by solo carrying the 120 for the rest of the workout.  Talk about making worse of a bad situation!

Happy Meal gamely carried the 120 despite it being at least as big as he is, truly a fete worthy of exclamation.  He was certainly ready to ditch it tho when YHC arrived to relieve him on the final carry.

All joking aside, this may have been YHCs first post at Stonehenge, but hardly my first with this group of guys.  Everyone dug deep and crushed a gnarly gear workout for ~45 minutes or so.  I suspect they may have even enjoyed it, but what do I know?

As my last Q of 2019, this was a good end note by my own judgement, hopefully the PAX felt the same.  As we move ever closer to 2020 I find myself incredibly grateful yet again for the role F3, and the PAX of southland, have played in my life this year.  I end 2019 stronger of body than ever before.  More importantly, I feel supported in a way I didn’t feel possible in all of my life’s endeavors.  There are insufficient words to express how blessed I’ve been this year and that manifests as incredible momentum heading into 2020.

As I write this missive, I extend an offer to all who read (and many who don’t.). If there is an opportunity in 2020 for me to pull in alongside you and your challenges for a bit, to share the load, or just offer encouragement, please share that need.  It would be such a blessing for me to be able to share 1 10th of what was given to me in 2019.

Thanks to all the PAX and I’ll see you in the gloom.


Because somebody thought this was a good idea

When the decision was made to converge the great SOB/A51 hybrid sites for the weeks around Christmas and New Years, YHC thought “hey thats a neat idea.”  Then somebody mentioned that a “swifter” should Q the FT workout today to which I thought “gee that’d be swell.”  Then Purrell suggested YHC should do it…well the trend ended there, but he thought it was a good idea and so we found ourselves in the gloom embarking on a bit of an adventure.  You see, YHC had never posted at Latin prior to this morning.  Complicating things further, this would be the first time I’d attempted to Q a running workout… so… here goes.


The Thang:

Gather round the parking lot and at the tick of 0515 wait for Voodoo to clamber out of his soccer-mom-mobile and tie is shoes so we could commence warming up at 0516.  Mosey around the big new building adjacent to the track, around behind same building and back down to the track (much to Haze’s protestations.)

Partner up with a PAX about your speed for AMRAP running work

Partner 1: Commence 400 intervals with 200 recovery

Partner 2: Run the same loop as during warm up (about .4 miles)

Flapjack. Repeato. The partners figure out the right way to switch out, but quite a few “I’m halfway through the 400” happened. By YHC’s math, the faster pairs completed 13-14 400s before I called everyone back to the gate.

Divide the group of “partner 1s” and “partner 2s” into 2 teams

Team 1:Flipper, Turkey Leg, Wild Turkey, Purple Haze, Woodson, Alf, Rosie

Team 2: Taco Stand, VooDoo, Laronda, Citgo, Astro, Wolverine, Purell

4 PAX from each team walk over to the far corner for a 7X200 relay as outlined above with a bit of a wrinkle (more on that later.)  It was quite the event, ending in a narrow margin victory by team 1.

Mosey back around the building for a final cool down and back to the cars for COT with HawkPipe.


Today was much more of a success than I could have possibly hoped, with the PAX getting into the variety of format and grinding out some very aggressive turns during the 400 intervals. By 45 minutes in I was completely smoked and called the unplanned race segment as a way to camouflage the state of my flagging legs.

The relay was truly Epic, with TacoStand getting Team 2 off to a great start and opening close to 100 meter lead out of the gate.  The margin opened and closed intermittently over the following legs with Woodson bringing team 1’s deficit down to about 25 meters right at the end.  YHC was running to catch Wolverine (and hand off to Rosie who was the team 1 anchor) but the respect is strong and my legs were as mentioned before.  Upon reaching the opposite corner imagine my surprise to see the bald greatness of Purrel, rocking his wife’s tights yet again, awaiting the tag from YHC.  Off he went, and dang that man is FAST.  Little did YHC know, Rosie is nursing a bit of a bum foot and Purrel convinced him to flop teams when the lead continued to be significant for team 2.  Purrel, not to be beaten by his own artifice, blazed through 200 meters in what looked like 30 seconds flat to edge Rosie by a thin margin.

Also, Thin Mint and Polly were around somewhere doing the rogue thing… see them for details

Today’s workout was targeted at friendly competition, both in the pairings and the race.  Having an adversary who can challenge us to put that next little bit into our performance encourages us to stretch, dig deep and develop performance in a way our internal motivation often can’t.  Find somebody who tests you, and beat them, rinse then repeat.

YHC is reminded this time of year how much I am blessed by my strength of body and the strength of support I receive every day from the PAX.  In year 6, YHC continues to be amazed by the power of this thing we call F3.  Thank you to Purell for letting me be a part of FastTwitch, and to my brothers for being a part of your lives.

I truly hope each and every one of you has an amazing holiday week and enjoys time with your families and friends for Christmas.


Flipper Out

Up ‘N Over, From a Dolphin’s Perspective

Truth be told, this is not a backblast in the purest sense, yet YHC hopes these words fulfill the intent of the ‘blast in conveying the actions, the emotions and the motivations of a merry few PAX.  The following words share but one perspective of an event witnessed by hundreds of PAX from across the nation, yet the words in this heart need be shared, so here goes…

To provide full context of this past race weekend and the impact it had on YHC, we have to go back nearly 4 months.  2018 has been less than kind to YHC, especially in the 3rd quarter.  Much of the travails would be non-sequitur and have more business in a 3rd F event than in these pages, yet suffice it to say I went into the weekend at emotional, spiritual, and physical low points.  This year was supposed to be the year of the 3:30 marathon, the 1:30 half and the sub 30 BRR.  2018 was to be the year of personal and professional successes unmatched by prior pinnacles.  YHC had decided to make this 18th year of the century an unprecedented confluence of prowess and success, yet the big man had different thoughts…

The dominoes began to fall ~6 months ago and have been falling ever since.  Motivation has evaded me with mornings becoming chores left undone, then changes at the office resulting in long days and labors often going unnoticed.  Ten weeks ago my right achilles tendon started plaguing me, tightening during runs and often hobbling me the day after.  The following week the left calf started to misbehave as well.  Mileage flagged, and motivation sunk even deeper.  YHC told his team he couldn’t take on a Mtn. Goat position and stepped into the #2 spot… still high miles but without the extreme challenges presented by Grandfather and “The Nipple.”  Then six weeks ago the hardest challenge I’ve ever had as a father and husband began, sleepless nights and emotional challenges abounded.   As if all this wasn’t enough a chest cold set in 4 weeks back which has yet to abate.  More than once I considered dropping from the team, giving in to the pile of troubles… yet for some reason I didn’t.

Entering this weekend I was undertrained, under the weather, and wholly depleted of spirit.  Yet I arrived ready to bring what I could to the mountains, a gasp of defiance daring the world to keep me down.  I was joined by eight men of indomitable spirits and questionable decision making.  Together we would take on the highways and byways of southern Virginia and western North Carolina with the long standing bogey of a sub 30 hour BRR in our sights.  In the back of my mind I knew how much of a challenge that would be, even if I ran the race of my life… for that is one hell of an achievement (talking to you Minions, great job!). Yet we believed if we willed it, we could rise to the challenge and so we set forth.

Over the next day and a half I watched those men stretch themselves mentally in physically in an event designed to break you. The lack of sleep, the exhausted muscles, the questionable nutrition and many other factors which strain the mind and body were same as ever, but for YHC something was different.  I began to realize the support, the camaraderie, and the common belief that spirit and brotherhood can overcome the worst of obstacles was filling a void in my soul.  Where there was heartache and suffering before, the shield lock of my team and the drive to defeat the mountains together where a healing salve on so many open wounds.

This weekend I had genuine laughter (both with and at the expense of myself and my team mates).  In the middle of the night I had conversations of deep moral standing, and insignificant banter.  In the heat and the bugs I experience solidarity and profound peace.  I didn’t realize how depleted I was, until I wrung myself out upon that course and was replenished by the strength of others.

At the end of it all, we came in to Asheville at 31 hours, almost to the minute.  We missed our target again, but at least for YHC, the completion of the task was a profound victory.  I am so grateful for my brothers from both this year’s Up ‘N Over squad and the years before.  I cannot say how moved I am writing these words, how appreciative I am for their love and support.  As I wipe some dust out of the corner of my eye, I swear thats what it is, I am humbled by their acceptance and by the opportunity I’ve had to be part of this team.

For the PAX who swear they’ll never run, YHC encourages you to consider my story.  Its not about the miles, or the hills, or the vans or the pancakes.  Its about what each man brings into the weekend, and the wealth which can be brought away.  The Blue Ridge Relay is what F3 is all about.  Its about strength, its about community, its about fellowship and the faith in each other and something which is beyond all of us.  This is why we post, this is why we labor, this is why we CSAUP and this is why we are all F3rd.

To the start Gentlemen, See You In The Gloom…



Tour Of The AO, Plus Really Bad Instructions

My slack notification goes off on Wednesday night, its my beardless bro Tuck saying he forgot to correctly operate a calendar and get Qs scheduled more than 2 days in advance.  I said no problem, I had an evil plan I was already concocting which I would try out on the unwitting PAX of TheBrave because its the best damn AO south of 485 as everyone knows.

The Thang:

Mosey up to the stoplight by N. Community and Ballantyne Commons then head west on ye olde commons up the hill to Ballantyne Forest Drive, circle up in the first parking deck for COP:

IW: 0 in cadence cause this is a real workout 🙂

Merkins: 10 IC

Mountain Climbers: 15 IC
Slow Merkins: 10 IC
Peter Parker: 10 IC

6 Inch Plank: Hold for 10ish


Mosey along to the 2nd parking structure and assume peoples chair.  Conduct various versions of the chair and other calisthenics including donkey kick merkins while Pax conducted a running lap around the bottom of the structure (including Thin Mint’s general wandering… something about a bruised breast.)

Mosey over to the 3rd parking deck and run upstairs, around the top and gather on the wall in chair for air presses.  Mario found it necessary to advise there were more stairs available at the next garage down, very well…

Mosey to the final garage and run the stairs to the top.  Proceed to run down the ramps with 5 burpees at every other turn all the way to the bottom.  Back up the stairs and mosey back to the launch for….


Sandbag “tug – o – war”

We divided the group into two teams approximately related to speed so we didn’t have all the “fast guys” on one team.  5 coupons were procured and cones placed on the parking lot.  The plan was to run a lap around BOTH medians (Mario can’t listen to instructions and broke the game out of the gate… well broke it more anyways) keeping the teams together.  Upon returning to the start ONE member of the team can move any coupon 4 times towards their end of the “game board.”  Each move requires a bag-over burpee and then progress to the next cone with a “win” coming when all 5 bags reach one end or the other.  While one player moves bags, the rest of his team conducts merkins (or other moves deemed necessary)  Clearly YHC did not do a good job conveying the concept because the whole thing devolved into chaos within 30 seconds of starting… But burpees happened, laps were run, bags got moved and there was plenty of good natured ribbing (although I think Madam might still be pissed…)  After about 1.5 miles worth of laps we called the silliness off for Jack Webb to 7/28 and scene.


Ye Olde Moleskin:  Today was a stretch to be sure, an idea which sounded great on paper, but was too complex for a 5:15 start time it seems.  YHC enjoyed the fun, and the mumble chatter it caused however I believe the PAX went home underworked… I’ll make up for it next time.

Paper Jam posted TheBrave for the first time because Commish promised to meet him there, which Commish did about 45 minutes into the workout… Something about a plumbing issue.  Great to see you today PJ and come again, however I warn you that “carrying heavy things” occurs often in addition to all the running.

Bunker and Frasier were very vocal about how the Crossfitters must be making fun of our free workout as we ran about the parking lot.  Its cool bro’s, you too can pay 150 a month to cause irreversible damage to your knees and back if you want!

Mario never change my friend

Thanks for letting me lead my friends, see you in the gloom again soon.


You say its cold? Nah, thats just inspiration to work harder

YHC hates, no loathes, the cold.  Its a simple fact that, much like the mighty bear, the irreverent porpoise prefers to hibernate during the winter and save his posts for the warmer months.  As such, it was good he had to Q TheBrave today, else it would have been fartsack central in light of the 27 degrees.  Also, thankfully, the downpainment was accelerator AMRAP style, so getting and staying warm wouldn’t be an issue…

The Thang:

-Mosey from launch point around to the circle past Duckworths and then to the courtyard parking lot for COP:

-IW x20, Low Slow Merkin x15, Low Slow Squat x20

Mosey to the path around the pond, find party favors thoughtfully staged for use prior to launch.  Commence Team AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in groups of 3 as follows:

-1st lap around the pound, hoist a sandbag (weighing between 50 and 100 pounds) and run the circuit stopping at the first patio for 5 step ups each leg, the second patio for squat thrusters, and by the picnic tables for row burpees.

-2nd lap, team CMIYC with 40# slam balls

-3rd lap, 8 cones, stop and do burpees at each in a climbing then declining count of 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1

-4th lap was just run the circuit

Due to a light turnout, multiple trips for party favor clean up were needed, so we called it after the teams achieved 2 full rounds (8 laps) then carried the favors back to the vine in 2 trips.

With 7 minutes remaining (and only 3.9 miles covered) split the group and half, first 3 run to the stop sign across from Stone Mtn. then back while 2nd three elbow plank-a-rama, flapjack

having run the requisite 4 miles to satisfy the site Qs we completed some Mary and a late 10 burpees (thanks ThinMint for that suggestions) before calling it.


Ye Olde Moleskin:

It really was very cold as we waited for launch, and that showed in the 6 PAX including YHC who posted.  As Mario later twittered about, the ratio of Site Qs to PAX was 1:1.  Thankfully the coldness lasted about 4 minutes before everyone was working hard through the circuit, which proved more challenging than planned as we had enough sandbags that we didn’t need to split carries amongst the teams… legs are KILLING me.  That being said, the PAX of TheBrave, as always, killed it.  While YHC is not in top shape, I’m also not used to being the 6 which I clearly was throughout this workout.  While Mario kept our trio out in front with his strong CMIYC runs, I was clearly outclassed in this one.  Just inspiration to work harder!  Hysterically, the fastest of the group also did the least work due to… ahem… intestinal issues.  Some things never change.  Every time I post TheBrave I say to myself I should post more frequently, something I aspire to do in 2018 for sure.  I did, however, notice YHC is getting a reputation at TheBrave as Wild Turkey commented before launch that he wanted to run with something heavy in the cold… apparently I am getting predictable and we just cannot have that.  Something to ponder.

Thank you again to Mario, Fire Hazard, and the rising ManTan Thin Mint for trusting me with their site (and their lives,) as always a great place to Q.  YHC is already planning his next downpainment for the PAX of TheBrave.




No Kick-Lines To Be Found

In The Big Apple, every year Radio City Music Hall hosts a show called Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and what a spectacle it is.  With a splendor and gravitas which can only be achieved on Broadway, every commercial element of the holidays is trotted out accompanied by music, dance and the delighted applause of thousands of fans.  YHC alongside co-site Qs Boerewors and Hoover hoped to bring every bit of the holiday cheer to RockZero but with less glitter and fewer kick-lines…

The Thang:

Mosey from the launch point over to the fake grassy knoll, accompanied by only the best Christmas soundtrack curated by yours truly, a joy which continued throughout the following 60 minutes.  Upon arrival at the knoll circle up for a Hoover led COP:

SSH x2

Merkin x20

LSS x20

Mosey to the hotbox and assume peoples chair for slam ball overhead presses (both 20#  slammers down to the end and back.) After handing off the 2nd slammer PAX ran into the parking lot for a 5 line merkin suicide run then over to the sidewalk where party favors await. Line up and perform “ball-over” merkins, walking hand over hand down the line sideways (2 40 pound slammers and 6 sandbags, so 10-15 merkins depending on how you did them.)

Upon completing the circuit return to the wall and repeato.

After completing the 2nd circuit the PAX divided into groups and played some catch me if you can with the sandbags (ranging from 50-100#).  First circuit, 10x merkins, Pax ran out to the church along the road parallel to 51, across to the road which terminates near the kitty litter and back to the wall.  Assume the chair, this time slam then press each of the 4 slammers (plenty of whining about the 40 pounders).

Repeat CMIYC this time with jump squats.

Mosey to the field where the weights (plus a couple 35# plates courtesy of Hoover) were loaded into the waiting wagon.  Turns out one of the wheels was very flat, just make the next part harder.  In teams of three the PAX pulled the wagon around an equal sided triangle (with one PAX riding, the other two pulling using the affixed battle rope).  Those not participating in the sleigh ride completed team 15s on the hill (jump squats at the bottom, merkins at the top), with the team element meaning only one of the 3 was running at once, the other two waiting in plank at the bottom of the hill for their turn.  After all the teams completed their sleigh ride we proceeded to Boerewors delight.

PAX line up abreast, perform a called exercise, then AYG for about 15 yards, line up again and repeat.  5 burpees, 10 diamond merkins, 10 LBCs then for the last run to the fence and return.

PAX gathered all the weights and returned to the cars for some Mary of various types for about 5 minutes until time.



YHC, Hoover and Boerewors felt festive and wore various seasonal attire, including a fearsome representation of the wild South African Reindeer.  A disturbing number of antler jokes were made but thats this group.

Hightide clearly had no clue what was in store as he was seen completing TGUs and pull-ups in the parking lot for a significant period prior to launch… T-Claps sir.

The great McGee actually appeared for the first time in a bit and resumed with equal strength of  mumble as the last time he graced us with his presence.  Nice to know a second mini-mcgee hasn’t dampened his spirit at all…

While many RockZero regulars were missing, it was great to share the suffering with some no often seen faces.  Purell and Squid Twin (Costanza) did a great job despite hailing from a “moderate” home AO, Sony would have been proud.

Kotters to Dora, don’t think we’ve seen him since this AO was known as TheRock, evidenced by his attempt to park his big red truck in the wrong parking lot.  Also falling into the Kotters category was DropThrill, great to see them both despite the long absence.

As always, its an honor to lead, to suffer and to celebrate with this great group of High Impact Men.  Thanks to Iron Horse for the send off and Merry Christmas to all!


PS- There was almost a Purple Haze sighting, a rare thing indeed, but it was across the street from coffeteria as he stretched for an apparent run with a mystery fellow nobody recognized.  Mumblechatter shouting occurred and off he went… c’est la vie.

Flipper Leads a Gearless Workout?!?!?

YHC hadn’t Q’ed in a a while, hell I haven’t done much but run since before BRR.  #SoccerArms. I knew I wanted to Q in November, but today was a light day… so what to do?

The Thang:

-Mosey from Launch point to the parking lot across from the hotbox where somebody had thoughtfully placed cones for suicides.  Divide into two groups.

-Group 1 Mosey back in front of the church to the launch point, then down to the big rocks, past the bball field and the playground to return to the suicide line.  Meanwhile group 2 assumes high plank while 1 member at a time completes merkin suicides (run to each cone and back in succession, completing a chest to ground merkins at each cone.  Add one Merkin to count at each cone so 1 at first, 2 at second etc…) Return to plank after completing your suicide circuit.

-Group 1 takes their turn on suicides while Group 2 does the ~1/2 mile mosey.  Repeat above but this time elbow plank and start at 2 merkins at cone 1.

-Upon Group 2’s 2nd Mosey, AYG to to cones staged in parking lot near family life center for Heels to Heaven and American Hammer X20 in Cadence.  Then AYG to cones under basketball goals for Rosalita and Dolly X20 in cadence then return to suicide line.

-2 more circuits with Peoples Chair and Donkey Kick Plank.

-AYG to cones for Mountain Climber and Low Fast Flutter X20 in cadence, AYG to other cones for High Slow Flutter X20

-Mosey back to the bottom of the launch point parking lot and line up abreast.  All out sprint to cars and done


Ye Naked Moleskin:

It was GREAT to be back out in the cold doing something other than running.  The Merkins hurt, as did the sprints, yet I got a lot of grumbles when I set mosey pace.  It was awesome to have Runstopper and TheShore join us today.  RockZero tends to have a “younger” group of PAX so when true OGs join us, its a treat.  Abba graced us with his 2nd to last Saturday in CLT before he heads to missionary training in the ATL before engaging in missions work in THAILAND with his SIX KIDS?!?! Bold man, very bold.  Also I’ve never had a PAX run out on one of my workouts until today… allegedly Hammer had a wrestling tournament to get to.  Although Cheese Curd attempted to use the same excuse so…



-A51 Christmas Party 12/8 and SOB party on 12/16 (as a hybrid I would resent the separate parties but for the fact my schedule prevents me from attending either.)

-Sign up for Joe Davis 5k or 10k, RockZero will be CLOSED 1/6 in support of pushing Pax to go be part of this amazing event.

-Prayers for Abba and family as they embark on their new adventures.