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Cold Bells Warm Hearts

9 men gathered at ELE for the weekly dose of pain and gain known as Olympus. Sure it was cold, but the beastie boys radio courtesy of pandora and a heaping helping of iron warmed things up quickly. Here’s how it went down.
COP – SSH x 25 – 20 swings, IW x 20 – 30 swings, Diamond Merkin x 15 – 40 swings, Wide Arm Merkin x 20 – 50 Swings
Partner up with Like Bells for Catch me Farmer Carry to end of Lower lot with 5 Hand Release Merkins chaser
Plank – then came the 100s
Partner 1 runs to End of lot and back Partner 2 completes kb exercise (Flapjack)
100 Total Snatches
100 total goblet squats
100 total Overhead Presses
100 Crusher Curls
Various plank and core work sprinkled in between rounds
Rack em and Mosey to Playground for Back and Core Work
P1 – 10 Pullup and 10 knees to Elbows
P2 – Upright Row x10 Lawnmowers x10 Each arm
RepeatO with same exercises.
Mary – flutter w press x 20 Russian twist w bell x 10
Two handed swings for the last minute. End
molskin: seeing the forecast for cooler temps, yhc wanted to throw some running at the pax to keep the engine warmed for the full hour. Byron was kind enough to show our fng and site fng proper form for the Kb exercises we performed and everyone in attendance was better for it. Thanks brother. It was a smoker out there this morning, the usuals were going heavy and getting after it. Fng Opie had a strong first post and was asking about week day options afterwards. Glad to have you out here. Squid posted at the rock last week w yhc on Q as an fng and mixed it up with bells this morning. Variety is the spice of life. The pandora station mixed it up w some vanilla Ice and Biz Markee bringing back some fond memories from the pax. If was a pleasure to lead and suffer alongside the pax at Olympus.
We continue to keep our f3 brothers and their families in our prayers.
f3 golf sign up is live
Mud run and brr sign ups

Mixin’ it up at the Rock

With two FNG’s in the mix The pax were fully disclaimed on a beautiful Saturday morning at the Rock. With the sun on the rise the bell tolled on the 7 oclock hour and away we went. But first – a quick loop around the parking lot to allow Runstopper time to finish jamming to his tunes…

The Thang:
Fast mosey toward 51 with side shuffle both ways, high knees, and butt kickers mixed in to warm up the legs. Pick up the pace as we bear right on 51, hang a sharp right into the giant field in front of calvary church for COP. Admire the sunrise in plank to allow the six to join the circle.
SSH x 20, Merkin x 20, IW x 20, Squat x 20, Wide Merkin x 15
Fast Mosey Across field to Base of NorthFace for Hill Work (10 Turkish jump ups (picture TGU’s w a jump- very unsavory) On Bottom – 10 Diamond Merkin on top x 5 rounds (plank on curb)
Run to Rocks (a little slalom between parking signs) and get into groups of 3. Grab 1 “lifting” rock per group
Partner 1 is on the Rocks – performing Squat x10, overhead press x10,Biceps curls x10 until relieved
Partner 2 and 3 head to covered Benches about 200 yards away
Partner 2 cycles through 20 dips 20 derkins until relieved
Partner 3 Runs between the two stations (Complete Cycle 3 times) LBC in cadence x50
Head to Soccer field for Sprint-athon – Stay in teams of 3
From Plank Position in single file
Partner 1 Does 5 merkins and Sprints to Fence (150 yards)
Once partner 1 starts running Partner 2 Does 5 merkins and Sprints to Fence etc
Head to lower lot near 51 for One Round of Reverse Suicides between medians (Sprint to Last median back, Next to last median back etc

Molskine: HAving never q’ed at the Rock I was looking forward to pushing the pace and using as much as the ao as possible this morning. We covered around 3.6 miles with most of that on North face or sprinting. In lieu of Mary we did an epic suicide to finish things off. Stone cold was in the zone on the suicide which was an endurance test for the pax. Strong work from everyone out there today. We will feel the hill work tomorrow – Margo and Runstopper were crushing north face along w the rest of the pax.
Several of the pax were circling back this morning to make sure the fngs had plenty of support thank you men. Join me in welcoming our two fngs: Sal (Squid) a former navy aviation ordinance officer and Juan (Bus Boy) who works in the restraunt industry. thank you Runstopper for taking us out.

Sign ups for BRR And Mudrun are now open. See weekly email or website for details.
Q school next Saturday (6 am workout launches from arboretum abc store q school is 7-8.

Area 51 AO Sampler

17 (incl 1 FNG) Early Birds left the comfort of their fartsacks for a brisk run down 51 with a few stops along the way. It was below freezing and 5:15am – it was time to start moving.
It went a little something like this…
Looked like a solid veteran crew this morning – Didn’t see any FNG’s – so a disclaimer was given and away we went.
Mosey from the Parking lot for a very brief warm up (Purple Haze and FNG Si came rolling in at this point in the darkness)
SSH x 25 IC
Run to Davie Park Play Ground at 10K pace(ish)
Complete 10 Pullups and 10 Hanging Knees to Elbows
Run to #TheRock AO via 51 to Rea Rd at 10K Pace(ish)
Complete 20 Dips and 20 Derkins at the covered benches
LBC’s while we wait
Run to #DayZero AO via 51 at 10k pace(ish)
Complete 30 StepUps and 30 Incline Merkins on the benches
Flutter off the curb while we wait
U Turn and head back to therock for 20 dips/20 derkins
Run the rest of the way straight to our Launch Point of South Charlotte Middle.
Circle up for 2 minutes of Mary with LBCs x 25 and the Dolly x 25
total mileage 5.5miles

This was my first post at FastTwitch in quite a while and my first F3 Post since the Christmas Eve convergence where I caught some kind of respiratory virus that got the best of me for two weeks. That being said – it was a great pleasure to be back at FastTwitch and to see so many of this group that have become noticeably faster over the past few weeks. Too many to name, but these guys are getting after it on Tuesday mornings.
Weather was a little on the cool side, but nothing like the polar vortex of last year, so We warmed up quickly and tried to keep it moving the full hour. Noticeably missing from the Davie Park Plankarama was SlimFast who had apparently spotted an FNG in the lineup (who I thought was Dora in the dimly lit parking lot) w/out gloves and took it upon himself to run back to his car and get an extra pair for FNG Si. With the rest of the pax on their way to TheRock, I set out to meet SlimFast and run w/him back to the next stopping point. We high tailed it to the covered benches and joined the pax. Huge thanks to SlimFast who volunteered to run with FNG Si for the remainder of this mornings workout. With a distance of 5.5Miles and some body weight exercises sprinkled in, seemed like mission was accomplished. The Pax were running hard today as many are gearing up to their 5k 10k or double down at the Joe Davis Run this weekend. Based on today’s efforts, area51 will be very well represented.
Looking forward to posting at FastTwitch more frequently in 2015.

Unbroken Movie has been cancelled due to attendance – those that signed up will be reimbursed through paypal – (if you would like to donate your payment to the Joe Davis Run – email purple haze)
Joe Davis Run – Saturday – sing up now! You can all run the 5K and most can run the 10K (or both!)
Joe Davis Coffeteria – donate online to support the F3 coffeteria or bring cash to the event.


Searching for the Christmas Star

clarke -“look kids, the Christmas Star!”
uncle lewis – “that ain’t the friggin’ Christmas Star Griz, it’s the light on the Sewer Treatment Center”

27 of South Charlottes Finest Sprang from their beds to see what was the matter at Kevlar. There would be quite a bit of running today as the Points on this Christmas Star were pretty spread out. Once the Pax was properly disclaimed – Here’s how it went down.

Drop off a few bells in the field to be used later on (thanks to those that provided the bells)

Circle up in field for Warm up In Cadence – SSH x25 – IWx25 – Squatx25 –Merkin x25

Grab a Partner and a Rock for a lap of catch me if you can with 5 Hand Release Merkins

Plankarama – at the end of the Loop

Mosey to center point of Christmas Star for brief description of the THANG. Quite a bit of chatter at this point – folks must have been eager to get started.

Break-up into 5 groups – each heading to a different point on the star

Return to center for 25 merkins at center of star before moving to next starpoint clockwise -25 Merkins before heading on your merry way

1 runs to rocks for 25 squat press with rock

2 runs to covered benches near tennis court for 25 dips

3 runs to Parking lot Field for 25 swings

4 runs to playground for 25 knees to elbows

5 runs to benches for 25 jump ups

Mary exercises performed while waiting for everyone to finish round 1 – The Flutter x25 In Cadence – hold it six inches – The Dolly x25

Begin Second round Christmas Star this time with 10 reps – Most completed 3 points before time was called.


Moleskin – The objective today was to keep moving around the AO with plenty of strength training exercises mixed in. Hopefully the mission was accomplished for the Pax this morning. TR decided to bring his Gary Fisher to cut down on the running while nursing a sore calf…thank you for keeping guard of the KB’s. The rock collection process before the catch me if you can went slightly awry – but things seemed to settle in after that point. Great effort from the Kevlar Pax as usual. I saw a great mix of KB’ers and Fast Twitchers out there this morning – strength and cardio is what we were after with today’s workout so there should have been something for everyone. Not including COP or Partner Chase – we completed roughly 200 Merkins and covered nearly 2.5Miles during the Christmas Star. A pleasure to lead such a strong group of men this morning. Thank you Sussudio for taking us out with a prayer that really hit the mark as we enter the holiday season.

Announcements –
Two upcoming convergences – check weekly emails
12/24 at Anvil – 6am
12/26 at Charlotte Christian – 7am

97% Humidity with 100% Chance of a Sweatfest at FastTwitch

13 of South Charlottes early risers threw caution to the wind and posted for the Power hour that is FastTwitch. With the BRR planted firmly in the rearview – FastTwitch set its sights on the next event to be absolutely dominated by F3 – The MudRun. Seemed like a common theme this week but with only a few short weeks to prep, it’s time to get after it. So here’s how we spent our hour.

The pax was properly disclaimed with one Site FNG Butter in attendance from (Wintson-Salem). Welcome Butter – now follow us.
Head out Hot down 51 towards Davie Park. Circle up in Bottom lot near playground for quick COT to get us properly warmed up for the next 45 minutes of pain.

Grab a partner
Partner 1 – Runs to top Lot and back (appox .4mi each way) while going up/over/or around the two closed gates
Partner 2 – Completes 10 Pullups, 20 Hand Release Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 LBC – then Plank until Partner 1 Returns
Flapjack and Repeato for 45 minutes.
Complete 4 circuits Each
Grab all of the Pax and head back to South Charlotte Middle for COT
+/- 5 miles, 40 Pullups, 80 HandRelease Merkins, 120 Squats, 140 LBC all in for this mornings edition – an hour Well Spent

Announcements – had a voice memo malfunction during the announcements but here is what I recall from this morning.
Tutoring Opportunity to begin in October at Matthews Elementary – Frasier has details
1 Mile Fun Run and 5K Looking for F3 to assist with Fun Run – this Saturday Morning – See Header for Details
Greensboro NC expansion upcoming – see Starfish for details

Excellent effort by the pax this morning. Cooler temps were a welcomed surprise, but the near 100 percent humidity had the sweat rolling right out of the gates. Not a lot of flat ground out there during the run portion today and it was great to see folks tearing up the pavement – the BRR training has really paid off for many. Frasier and Turkey Leg paired up and were running like they stole something with the rest of the pax giving chase for much of the morning.
YHC wanted to keep it moving today with plenty of running while mixing in some exercises designed to help with the demands of the MudRun. Not a ton of chatter out there this morning aside from a discussion revolving around the scent being omitted from Spackler’s wicking Tshirt, must be the fabric. Continue to keep our Pax dealing with Family Illnesses in our thoughts and prayers. It’s always a pleasure to lead and sweat with the pax at FastTwitch.

Kettle Bell Mania

21 Men answered the Bell this morning at Skunkworks ready to do work.

The Thang: Following the disclaimer it went something like this…
25 Merkins OYO – Rackem and Mosey
25 Merkins OYO – Rackem Right Arm High
25 Merkins OYO – Rackem Left Arm High
25 Merkins OYO – Mosey to lower Lot for COP

SSH x 25IC
MountainClimbers over Bell x20IC
Stagger Merkin Rt on Bell x 15
Stagger Merkin Lt on Bell x 15

Set One:
Halos x20
Figure 8’s w/Biceps Curl x20
One Arm Swings x 20 Each Arm
Run the Loop around to Stairs

Set Two:
Snatch & Press x 20
Overhead Triceps Ext x 20
Squat Jerk x 20
Run the Loop

Set Three:
Good Mornings w/Bell x 20
One Arm Rows X20 Each Arm
Crusher Curls x20
Run the Loop

Repeato sets 1 thru 3

Set Four:
Merkins x25
Goblet Squat x 20
Two Handed Swings x20
Run the Loop

Rack em and Mosey back to start
25 Merkins OYO – Right arm High
25 Merkins OYO – Left Arm High
25 Merkins OYO
Cirlce up for 2 minutes of Mary – Flutter with Kettlebell Press x 15IC

Thank you to Harley for the opportunity to Q Skunkworks – one of my favorites. The goal today was a total body workout, keeping the heart rate elevated w/very little running. Since many of the pax enduring the 10K merkin challenge, thought it was a good idea to knock out 200 or so in the midst of lots of kettlebell work. Not sure about everyone else but my merkin muscles have been shaking all day. Guys were killing it out there this morning with too many Larry Birds to name. I will point out that Fireman Ed and Radar seemed to be completing their Kettlebell Routines well ahead of the pax which led to discussions of whether or not they were weilding Hollow or Carbon Fiber Kettlebells. Nice work gents. Solid effort by each and everyone this morning. It is incredible to see how strong many of the A51 pax have become this year – the hardwork is really paying off.
There was some chatter early on in the workout which seemed to taper off as the swings, presses, merkins and squats began to mount. One of the gems that I heard had something to do with the pax remaining in a circle while completing squat jerks…I’ll let you decide where it went from there.
Thank you Busch for taking us out this morning and for reminding us of what is truly important.
New Kettlebell Workout launches this Thursday at 5:30am from Elizabeth Lane Elementary.

Twin Peaks Rising in RainTree

17 answered the bell this morning for another full hour of FastTwitch. Many of the pax suffered a beatdown yesterday at the MuthaShip but you wouldn’t know it the way they handled the endless hill cycles this morning. Pretty simple plan today – get in as much hill work as possible with some strength training to serve as “active recover”. Here is how it went down
At 5:15am Sharp – mosey to lower to parking lot to avoid the crowd of clipboarders about to convene at the track.
Circle up for proper disclaimer and allow time for a few folks to join us in the COP.
SSH X 30
Peter Parkers x 20
Hold it
Parker Peters x 20
Time to Run – Toward 51 – Right on 51 to Raintree – Right on Raintree – Left on SmokeRISE Hill Drive (plank until everyone arrives). Thanks to skywalker to making sure everyone made the left on SmokeRISE.
Hill Circuits: Run from Bottom to top of SmokeRISE around culdesac and back (complete 20 Merkins, 20 Squats 20 LBC) – Complete 5 circuits
Plankarama until all complete thier 5 circuits
Head left on Raintree – right on Rounding Run – Stop at RISING Meadow
HIll Circuits Part Deux: Run from Bottom to top of RISING Meadow around culdesac and back (complete 20 Wide Arm Merkins, 20 Alternating Lunges 20 Russian Twists) – Complete 3 circuits
Indian Run back to Parking Lot – w/no time to spare. Namarama and COT
Chelms took us out to begin our day Right.
– F3 MudRun Sign Ups Deadline is Today
– A51 High Vis Running Shirts will be coming soon

It was an absolute sweat bath out there today. The puddles that were forming at the bottom of SmokeRISE and RISING Meadow starting to merge together and run downstream. Great deal of iron sharpening out there this morning with many of the pax pushing themselves and others to complete the hill circuits. Not much chatter along the way this morning aside from the near mutiny that broke out when it was announced we were to do more hill repeats on Rising Meadow. T-claps to the pax that went back to back Muthaship/FastTwitch – you’ve each earned a much deserved midweek fartsack if you so choose. There were many of the pax pushing themselves to the limit to stay at the front of the pack – Mr Brady, Turkey Leg, Alf, HairBall, Splinter and Gummy to name a few. Haze got a second wind on Rising Meadow and was leading the pack for the final circuits. Chelms was grinding it out on a sore ankle and MallCop put in an herculean effort after getting there just as the pax were leaving the parking lot. Proud to be part of Area51 with so many of the pax getting stronger each week. It was an honor to lead at Fast Twitch.
All in we racked up 5 miles of ups and downs – 100 Merkins, 100 Squats, 100 LBC’s, 60 wide Merkins, 60 Lunges, 60 Russian Twists.

Time Runneth Over at Fast Twitch

14 Pax were properly disclaimed as the watches hit 5:15 so off we went…Bugeater rolled in on two wheels for our 15 as we circled up for a quick warm up before we hit the road for a full hour of fast twitch fun.



Run along 51 to Mcalpine Elementary Lot (appox 2.25) miles at or around 5k Pace. In order to keep the group somewhat together everyone heads to the back of the line at four intersections along the way.
Once at McAlpine – commence with failure inducing upper body, Core, and Lower Body circuit training. No rest for OF wary



Run back to SCMS with same 4 stops along the way.

Having run this course back in January during the polar vortex 8 degree morning I thought we should try it again having a full hour. We went a few minutes over last time around, but that must have been the 4 layers giant puffy coats and 20 mph winds. Surely we’d have plenty of time to throw in a few extra circuits…turns out I went over again. Sorry guys for taking it into OT, but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The pace down to McAlpine was blistering and I’d say folks are ready for the MudRun at this point. Frasier, an incognito HBee, Intel, Jamboree and others were really pushing the pace this morning. TR, Chelms, Soul Glow, Bug, Slim Fast, Cheese Curd, Runstopper and Hannibal were flying up and down 51 as well. We had an FNG in our midst for a not so FNG friendly workout this morning – welcome Steve Thompson – WATERSEAL. I’d like to thank Purple Haze for partnering up with Waterseal and making sure he reached our destination t claps brother. Serious iron sharpening going on out there this morning. The circuits were brutal as muscle failure was occurring almost immediately on the upper body sets and the Pax was nudging for an audible on the 3rd set. I conceded only to add the final set of upper body before we headed back up 51. The pax racked up anywhere between 5 and 5.5 miles today.

Slimfast announced a new Moderate Intensity workout to begin soon on Thursdays at Matthews Elementary – details to follow on the weekly emails.
Best of luck to all participating in the MudRun. As always, an honor to lead and a pleasure to workout with the men of area51.

Back to Basics

13 Men answered the early bell for a SemiGloss led KettleBell Tabata that left little room to recover prior to the main course. As the Iron Dropped, 8 more men were eager to get after the Friday morning beatdown known as Kevlar.

The Thang

Circle up for a brief Warm up consisting of the following:
5 Burpees OYO – Side Straddle Hops x 30 IC
5 Burpees OYO – Peter Parker x 15 IC
5 Burpees OYO – Parker Peter x 15 IC – 5 Burpees OYO

Grab a Partner and head to the Outside loop around the campus. Stopping along the way for the following:
Hand Release Partner Hand Slap Merkins x 20
Partner Plank Decline Merkins x 20 (Flapjack)
Swap w/your Partner between Bear Crawls and Crab Walks along the hedges (200 Yards)
Partner Wheelbarrow from End of Hedges to Buses near base of Hill 250 yards (audible to half the distance)

Hillwork 100’s – Partner 1 Runs hill + 5 Turkish Get ups at top – Partner 2 Performs Called Exercise and Flapjack until 100 reps are completed
Round 1 – Diamond Merkins
Round 2 – Squat Jumps
Round 3 – Wide Arm Merkins
Round 4 – Speed Skater 1 legged Squat
Round 5 – Carolina Dry Docks
Round 6 – Calf Raises on the Curb
Wide Variety of Plank exercises were called between rounds to keep the pax together at each round

Mosey to Pavillion for Dips – Partner 1 Dips While Partner 2 does 25 LBC’s – Flapjack until 200 total Dips

AYG to the Parking lot for – 5 Burpees OYO – Flutter x 30

Semi-Gloss was all business this morning during the 30 Minute Kettlebell Tabata pre-Kevlar. Great variety of exercises with very little rest. The popularity of the pre-KB work is really taking off – particularly with the nicer weather. If you haven’t tried it – get up a little earlier and swing some Iron. It will make the boot camp which follows that much more challenging. Brown had to depart following the KB routine – hope it wasn’t anything serious and gets better soon.
The plan this morning was to get back to basics and utilize many of the core exercises that make F3 workouts unique. The partner work makes each partner accountable for pulling their weight especially during the aggregate rep exercises. Witnessed some great partner work out there this morning with many of the pax pushing themselves and their partner to their limits. The hand release partner hand slap merkins were a crowd pleaser this morning. Not only does this exercise put form in the forefront, it requires a good bit of coordination as well. Audible was called pretty early in the Wheelbarrow – the called distance we were to cover was far less on paper than in reality.
The pax made quick work of the first few rounds of hill work – but as the repetitions mounted the Turkish Get ups at the top of the hill became more and more unpleasant. Didn’t hear too much chatter out there this morning beside a few calls for time and one “is it 9 oclock yet?”. I would say mission accomplished when 45 minutes feels like a lot longer. No 10 counts today gentlemen, hope everyone enjoyed and has a great weekend.
Thank you Sussudio for taking us out this morning – strong work this morning and an equally strong prayer.

Trips for Kids Mountain Bike Ride – 3/8 9am – See PreBlast for All details (Contact Far Side to sign up)

Right Turns Only in RainTree

Nine of South Charlottes Finest entered the friendly confines of South Charlotte Middle School ready to hit the ground running. It was obvious the pax wanted to get moving as the winds began to whip so we launched right at 5:15 grabbing 2 of the Pax from their Cars on the way out. YHC led the pax through a tempo warm up lap to unveil the 1.75 Mile course through Raintree which was to be our track for the morning. The plan was to do called exercises at each Right Turn during the warm up Lap so if we got separated during the interval work all would know the route. That would not become an issue as all of the pax worked hard to stay within earshot of the leaders. Warm up lap consisted of 10 merkins, 20 squats, 25xSSH IC, 15 merkins, IWx25 – Warm up Done.
The 2 laps of Intervals would begin with the long stretch along 51 to Raintree – Work was to be done at 5K Race Pace – Recovery Jog from Turn to turn – Repeat for 2 Laps. Brief Plankarama to regroup following second interval and then dash to the parking lot for 2 minutes of Mary – LBC x25 The Flutter x25
All in Mileage 5.12 miles

Namarma and COT Followed the Workout (taken out by Chelms) – Lifting up your brother in our Prayers

Very Strong group of Runners out there this morning. With 3 site FNGs (Hannibal, Gummy and Swiss Miss) the pax was pushing it during the 5K pace interval work. Keep coming out guys. Not a ton of mumblechatter out there that I could hear – again the wind was whipping and at 5k Race Pace YHC was trying to keep the breathing regulated. If i missed any backblast gold – please post below in the comments. Turkey Leg, Frasier and 49er were bringing the heat during the intervals with the rest of the Pax pushing the pace to keep them close. Solid effort by all – we’ll revisit this course, possibly running it the other direction Nascar style.
As Always – an honor and a pleasure to lead the men of F3.

Announcements –
Sign ups for BRR are ongoing – contact Baracas if interested
See Weekly email regaring Mud Run Time Trials 2/15 at Outland site