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Back in the Saddle Again

Exchanged a few messages with co-site Q Harley yesterday and as it turns out there was a open slot in the Skunkworks schedule for today. Having missed the last two weeks due to nagging back issue, I was a little hesitant to pick it up but decided to give it a go and break out the lighter bell. 4 of us arrived bright and early for a 5k pre-run, nice to shake out the cobwebs and loosen the joints.
This close to a holiday, with many of the pax traveling or taking the day off – it was nice to see a few more cars in the lot when we returned from the pre-run. With a total of 9, the disclaimer was given and we did the following:

Ssh x20 IC
20 swings OYO
Imperial Walker x20 IC
10 cleans each arm
Merkin right Hand on bell x20 IC
10 Shoulder presses each arm
Merkin left hand on bell x20 IC
10 snatches each arm

Partner up similar bell-
Farmer Carry Walk to lower lot Near Benches
P1 carry walk
P2 10 merkins flapjack

Partner work at benches
P1 On Bell P2 runs loop around median – flapjack until total reps
100 Goblet squats
100 Cleans
200 Swings
200 Overhead presses
200 Dips (bell on lap bonus)
100 Chest press pullovers on bench

Farmer carry walk back to top lot 10 Merkin or diamond (if you got it) chaser

Moleskin: Great group of regulars this morning – eager to get to work. Plenty of reps and a decent amount of running to allow the pax to feel like it was well worth getting up at the crack of dawn this morning. Several of the pax were multitasking this morning, catching up with pals and finding out what everyone got for Christmas. The attempt of traveling tunes was met with some comments when nickelback kept popping up (thanks pandora workout radio). Thankfully the bluetooth speaker died w/a few minutes remaining.
No way to hide from the partner rep combos – you either do the work or your partner pays for it. Seemed like everyone was pulling thier fair share of the combined weight out there this morning. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves out there this morning. It was nice to get out there and move the bells around.

Announcements: Joe Davis run 1/7/17

Layer Up

Not paying much attention to the weather, I suited up this morning with the warmest baselayer I could find, packed up the Bluetooth speaker and rolled up to ELE. Most of the regulars were already ready and limbering up when I started unpacking the Bells and Music. SoulGlow rolled in as 5:30 struck and following a thorough disclaimer, we got right to it.

SSH x 20 IC – 10 swings
Stagger Merkin x 10 Lft – 20 swings
Stagger Merkin x 10 rt – 30 swings
10 Burpees OYO – 40 Swings

5 Snatch Each Arm – 10 Merk
5 snatch EA/5 Clean EA – 10 Merk
5 Snatch EA/5 Clean EA/5 Presses EA – 10 Merk
5 Snatch EA/5 Clean EA/5 Presses EA/5 High Pull – 10 Merk
5 Snatch EA/5 Clean EA/5 Presses EA – 10 Merk
5 snatch EA/5 Clean EA – 10 Merk
5 Snatch Each Arm – 10 Merk

Core work including Flutters/LBC/English Hip Flexor while waiting on the six

10 Goblet Squats – 10 Merkin
10 Goblet Squats/10 Good Morning – 10 Merkin
10 Goblet Squats/10 Good Morning/10 Thrusters – 10 Merkin
10 Goblet Squats/10 Good Morning – 10 Merkin
10 Goblet Squats – 10 Merkin

Core work including Flutters/LBC/English Hip Flexors while waiting on the six

Partner up for doubles 7 reps x 3 rds x 3 exercises
Double Swings x7 x3
Double Cleans x7 x3
High Pulls x7 x3

Flutter press x25 IC
Lbc x 25 IC
50 swings OYO

Time is UP. COT

Holiday party – Friday Night (bring unwrapped toys or hygiene products for Operation Sweet Tooth)
Joe Davis Run
Be on the lookout for F3 Flag Football (coming in January)

Several of us were way overdressed for the 65 degrees that awaited us this morning. As the layers of exercises mounted, the pax began removing layers YHC included. Hightide got a prerun in this morning and commented that today’s KB routine was not MAF Freindly. Tried to keep the heart rate up from the warmup, hopefully it was mission accomplished. Time flew by out there with the tunes and commercials keeping the pax cranking through the work. Alf was apparently taking short arm advantage on the first set of Layers, blasting through the exercises at a rabid pace. Strong work all around by the guys, the shoulder presses (3rd layer) provided most difficult for YHC as fatigue started to set in pretty early. You can thank Witch Doctor for the many swings in today’s warmup – picked that one up from his Skunkworks Q earlier this week. A keepeer that you will feel for a few days.
Can’t go wrong with a few sets of doubles once sufficiently warm. Kind of like Icing on a layered cake. Couple of colorful comments and visuals from Brown – woudln’t be meathead with out it! If I missed anything – please post up in the comments. Thanks for letting me lead – always a pleasure.

Two Sided Weinke

Posted on behalf of Arena

Started things off with a little warm up:
Imperial walkers

Headed down to the main parking lot for the main event.
Groups of three rotated through two stations. Partner one at station one, partner two at station two, and partner three running between stations as the timer. Once a partner three got to station two, partner two took off running to station one and partner three stayed at station two to do the exercise. Continued rotating through stations for the remainder of the time.
Each station had a list of five exercises to work doing one exercise each stop at each station. Once the list was completed then rinse and repeat.
Station 1:
1. Snatch
2. Clean and press
3. Two-handed swing
4. Alternating swing
5. Two-handed curls
Station 2:
1. Squats
2. Lunges
3. Good mornings
4. Lunges with a pass through
5. Squat and press

Mosey back to lot

It didn’t take long for gents to start losing layers. Except for Cotton mouth who showed up in khakis and a turtle neck. I found out later he had bible study immediately following and he didn’t have time to go home and change. Things started off swell but after completing a rotation the questions of “are we done yet” started flying! For some reason the Pax were fine with doing the rotation of exercises once. But there was time so we pushed through . . . . most of us. By the end Lex was on his back “doing” LBCs but we all knew his was just slacking and getting a good back scratch in. All in all, we got a good sweat in on a muggy Tuesday morning.

1.Joe Davis – signup
2.Christmas Party – signup by Friday! (11/18)

Five reps… should be easy enough (WRONG)

Haven’t posted at Meathead in a while (running got in the way a little bit) and I have missed it dearly. Great site and regulars out there week in an week out getting stronger. Being a 0.0 site gives plenty of time for quality and quantity bell work. We would focus on quality and quantity this morning with a 5x5x5 routine designed to kick up the heart rate and keep it elevated for maximum impact! Here is how things went down when the clock struck GO TIME.
Warmup consisted of
Ssh x20IC
20 alternating swings OYO
Merkins x20IC
20 overhead presses OYO
IW x20IC

Warmup over – tunes commence for the main event as follows:
5x5x5 (5 reps of 5 exercise for 5 rounds)
5 swings EACH ARM
5 cleans EACH ARM
5 snatch EACH ARM
5 high pull EACH ARM
5 shoulder press EACH ARM
25 merkins between Each Round
Cycle back through these five exercise including the merkins 5 times
Grab the tailgate and LBC’s to allow all to finish.

5 good mornings
5 two handed swings
5 goblet squats
5 thrusters
5 reverse lunge Each Leg
25 jump squats between rounds (modified to 15 jump squats for rounds 2-5)

Find a partner with a similar Bell
5 reps x 5 rounds of dubs (three exercises all we had time for)
Double Swing
Double Clean
Double Rack Squat


Christmas Party – December 2nd – sign-up
Joe Davis Run – January 7th – sign-up
Be on the lookout for a TurkeyDay Football game

The guys at Meathead never cease to amaze. Tried to put a smoker together this morning and the pax handled it without any complaints. Lots of reps today and all of the meat and potatoes kb moves were employed. Should be feeling the reverse lunges and double squats right about now. First morning cool enough for a hat today, but it warmed up quickly over the course of the 5x5x5 kb circuits. I was gassed for a good portion of today’s workout, so if I missed anything comment worthy – please post up. If you haven’t been to Meathead – I highly recommend it. Great for runners too!

footballers paradise

21 of South Charlottes Finest descended upon SCMS ready to rumble. As the clock struck 5:30 a disclaimer was given and away we went.

Mosey to kindercare lot for warmarama and to allow for a few late arrivals to join the fray.
5 burpees OYO
Merkins x20IC
5 Burpees OYO
IW x20IC
5 Burpees OYO
Carolina Dry Dock x15IC
4 Burpees OYO
Head to Davey Park at a less than pleasant pace
Plank and FLutter by the entrance gate to allow the six time to arrive

Head up to the top of the Lane – Stopping at each Light for 10 Squats – Plank at the TOP
Down the same way Stopping at Each Light for 10 Carolina Dry Docks – Plank at bottom

Get in Groups of three – size/speed of no matter

P1 heads to Playground Circuit for -10 Pull UPs, 20 Squats, 30 TRi Dips, 40 LBC’s
P2 Heads to top of lane – 10 Diamond, 10 Wide, 10 Reg Merkins, 10 Drydocks (FLutters or assorted corework)
P3 Laps the Lot then relieves P2 – FLAPJACK
Complete as many rounds as Possible – stop at 6:05 (only managed 1 and change cycles due to the distance of the run)

Return run to SCMS as a less than enjoyable pace – Early finishers Lead Mary
COP namarama etc

Skin: Unseasonably warm this morning – Puddin had soaked his Gray Tee by the time we wrapped up the warmup as he took the early lead toward Davie Park. Swiper made the pass and never turned back – he was on a mission. Following close behind were Bodybag and Ringer, who no doubt are getting in playing shape for the upcoming soccer arms cup! Speaking of Footballers, Death Valley has enough talent to fill the pitch with some elite players. Co-site Q Dollywood must be fielding tryouts and scouting on Wednesday mornings. Great to see Busch out there this morning as well.
Managaged to get in 3.4ish miles this morning, so a little more running than I had anticipated but everyone out there seemed to handle it with ease. Everyone was pushing themselves on the runs, great stuff men.
Short backblast today, so if you recall anything noteworthy – please post in the backblast

Southern Discomfort this weekend – Preblast –
Charlotte Eagles Fundraiser November 1 at Calvary Church – please see bodybag or dollywood for details

Take the long way home

Posting on Behalf of Bounce –

26 Pax showed up this morning with crisp air and great weather to sweat. Here’s what happened.
Began with quick disclaimer, thanks to Fletch for filling in most of the details. Had the PAX circle up for some warm up exercises. Exercises included: Side Straddle Hop x 20, Mountain Climbers x 14, and (OYO) Merkins x 20.
Partner up with x1 KB and mosey to start of Pleasant Hill (church loop). Partner 1 runs to first curb cut (see link below) with KB, Partner 2 follows and takes KB to second curb cut and then does Merkins waiting on Partner 1. The plan was to run the Pax with the KB around Pleasant Hill but it was very apparent that Google Earth was wrong and the QIC needed a quick audible at the line. Ran x2 curb cuts and proceeded to make a fast right into the church parking lot to finish the exercise, stopping at each break in the parking islands to swap KBs and perform Merkins.
Mosey to church with same partners to start x5 rounds of partner work:
• Round 1: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Overhead Press
• Round 2: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 High Rows
• Round 3: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 KB Merkins
• Round 4: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Goblin Squats
• Round 5: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Partners Choice
Had Pax plank for several exercises while waiting on six to finish. Capped off the church laps with 20 Merkins (OYO).
Proceeded back to school with same Partner for a Farmer’s Carry. The Pax took the long way home, over the hills, through the parking lot to Covenant Church Lane we go. Stopped at Pleasant Hill and Covenant Church Lane to Plank and wait on the 6. Performed multiple Plank exercises capped off with 20 Merkins (OYO).
Mosey up to field at school and line up on sideline. Six rounds of additional partner work:
• Round 1: Partner 1 run width of field and back, Partner 2 curls with KB
• Round 2: Partner 1 run width of field and back, Partner 2 right handed lawnmowers with KB
• Round 3: Partner 1 run width of field and back, Partner 2 left handed lawnmowers with KB
• Round 4: Partner 1 run width of field and back, Partner 2 two-handed swings

• Round 5: Partner 1 bear crawls to mid field, Partner 2 lunge walk with KB to mid field, swap to sideline

• Bonus Round: both Partners run lap around track and finish at parking lot
I was a little concerned last night trying to plan for Skunkworks, there are endless exercises one can perform with a KB. I decided to reach out to some intelligent, physically fit F3 veterans but unfortunately not one answered texts or my phone calls. Without a plan in place I decided to call Spackler (Mr. F ½), My backup plan panned out and Mr. Octoberfest answered his phone and told me to oversimplify the beat down and keep moving while performing KB exercises. It worked and the Pax was smoked! We were able to get in 2.7 miles and a solid body beat down. Thanks to Simba for taking us out and thanks to Harley and Fletch for this opportunity to lead!

Signup for Southern Discomfort is on the F3 website
Please reach out to F3 leadership if you have friends / family in other cities that would be interested in launching F3 into additional markets

The Hill looks a little slippery…Perfect lets get started

Must have been the evening showers or the Debate that kept the Prerun attendance numbers low, YHC showed up to an empty parking lot and embarked on the prerun Solo. Ran into Swiss Miss getting warm with a run upon returning to campus and the Parking Lot was starting to fill up. It would be a great morning to get after it for the 23 in atttendance at Skunkworks. With one pax new to the site, but no true FNG’s a thorough disclaimer was given and away we went.

Circle up for Warmarama
SSH x20 IC
Two Handed Swing x20 OYO
Merkin on Bell x 15 IC
IW x15 IC
Cleans X10 Each arm
Snatch x10 Each Arm
Shoulder Press x 10 Each Arm

Partner up with Like Bell for a Slow Paced Farmer Carry with a 10 Diamond Merkin Chaser (working on the grip)
Farmer carry to the base of the hill

Quick test of the hill to check its suitability following last nights rain – it would prove to be Perfect conditions for about a mile of Hill Repeats

Partner work with Hill Run
P1 Runs the Hill with 1 Burpee on Top
P2 Works the Bells _ Flapjack until you reach the total Reps
200 Two Handed Swings (LBC’s when done)
100 Squats (LBC’s when done)
100 Cleans (Flutter when done)
80 Snatch (recover when done)

Double UP
P1 Runs Hill
P2 Completes Double Bell Exercise x 3 Rounds Each
Double Swings
Double Cleans

Farmer Carry with 10 Diamond Chaser to front LOT for Mary.

Moleskin: Was looking forward to getting back to basics at Skunkworks today. Plan was to have high reps of 3 core KB exercises and lots of hill work followed by some doubles once everyone was sufficiently warm. Saw a few folks embracing the “recovery LBC breaks”, so I feel like it was mission accomplished. Great to see so many familiar faces this morning – such an amazing group of guys at Skunkworks with some new faces sprinkled in each week. Harley and I can’t thank this group enough for your support and willingness to do a hard workout week in and week out. Our rotation of Q’s are some of the best in the region and we really appreciate everyone stepping up to lead. For those that haven’t come out early for a few miles, give the prerun a try sometime. You’ll have an elevated heart rate the entire workout and be completely smoked by the end.
Probably should have brought some tunes down for the main event since we were parked at the hill for a while. Next time, I’ll plant a speaker and we’ll have the benefit of musical distraction/motivation. Kind of had tunnel vision during my very own paincave, so if you saw anything noteworthy this morning, speak up in the comments section. My Partner Harley was crushing it as were several of the groups around us. Enjoyed the neighborhood flag football trash talk between Bulldog and Sidecar this morning – #friendlyrivalry. Dollywood celebrated a birthday this morning and managed to get out of there without the celebratory burpees, but he was flying up the hills during the KB work and took us out with a very thoughtful prayer for our city this morning. Looked like Smokey and Joystick were cooking up the hill and Bulldog was doing the burpee at the top regardless of whether it was called.


Southern Discomfort on 10/22/2016. 6 AOs and ~ 11 miles. Pre-blast with sign up link here:
Soccer Arms Cup coming soon with 3 teams
New Workout – Gumby – flexibility “workout” – launches this Wednesday, 9/28, 0530-0615, Matthews United Methodist Church in the Scout Hut – bring a yoga mat or beach towel
New 3rd F Tuesday nights, every other Tuesday F At Rusty Onion

Endless Farmer Carry

Posted on behalf of Blazing Saddles – following a thorough disclaimer – this is what went down:

The Workout:

20 Murkins
20 Swings

Partner up:
Lap 1: partner 1 takes both KB for 1 lap, partner 2 does Murkins- Flapjack

Lap 2: Partner takes both KB for 1 lap , partner 2 does LBC’s-Flapjack

Lap3: Partner 1 takes both KB for 1 lap, partner 2 does low slow squat-Flapjack

After this warm up:

5 exercises then 1 lap for 5 rounds:

20 Swings
20 Upright rows
20 Squats
20 Cleans(10 each arm)
20 Lawnmowers(10 each arm)
Take 1 lap

Repeat 5 times

Cool down:

50 LBC’s

Moleskin: Grip was really tested on this one, felt it in the forearms for days. Excellent work by all during the circuits. I believe everyone took advantage of the Lap around the track as the grip was nearing failure throughout.

Audible for benefit of all

Got the call to lead day zero earlier this week and was more than happy to throw down a run intensive “high intensity” boot camp. Hopefully those in attendance for their money’s worth this morning.
McGee head locked a high school buddy at the gym yesterday so a very thorough disclaimer was given before we started.
It was hot and humid already and it wasn’t going to get any better so away we went.

Warm up jog down past playground
Circle up at BBALL Court. – SSH x20 IC, Merkin x20

RUN to HILL #1 (Hemmingford) – 3 Rounds (10 Squats at Bottom 10 Diamond merkins at Top)
Lbcs x25

Head out towards Rea past trader joes (left on Rea to 51) circle back at each light to grab six
Flutters x25 at 51

RUN back to AO along 51 and Russian twist to wait on the six

Back to School for 3 Rounds of Bench Work
Derkins/DIPS/incline merkins x 20 Each
Mosey to playground for back and core circuit
10 pull up / hanging knee raises x 2 rounds
5 min of Mary
The dolly x 25
The Freddie Mercury x25
Flutter x20
-q was ready to throw in the towel – McGee wanted more core so he led
The pax in rosalita x 25 and protractor

Mole- it was a soaker this morning. When Fng payback rung his shirt out at the end it dropped a gallon of sweat. This was not Fng friendly since we kept it moving and put in a quick pace nearly everywhere we went. My watch had us at a little over 4.5 miles. Swiper and McGee were flying up and down Hemmingford. The young guns Nemo and Drago were pushing the pace up rea and 51, while Marlin was steady throughout impressing those nearly half his age. Strong work brother! Fng payback hung in there despite admitting to working out hard at the gym yesterday. Keep coming out.
Appreciate the opportunity to lead at day zero!

You can close the road, but you can’t stop Skunkworks

Despite a last minute change of starting location due to a road closure we started with a decent crowd of 15 – after the disclaimer we gained 5 more for a total of 20 Including 1 FNG Josh – (Hard Hat). A second disclaimer was given once all were accounted for.

Here’s what went down in the lower lot of Covenant.

Leave the Bells and head up the stairs and around the loop

Circle up For COP in Lot facing the HILL

20 Two Handed Swings OYO
20 Goblet Squats OYO
Diamond Merk x15
10 Cleans EA
Widearm Merk x15
10 Snatch EA

Turn and Face the hill for a Hill 10x20x30 Ladder
consisting of the following exercises:

Hill Ladder: 10x20x30
Grab Some Hill for a Swing Ladder
10 swings – Run the hill
20 swings – Run the Hill
30 Swings – Run the hill
Same with Goblet Squats
Same with Two Handed Press
Plankarama between each rounds/LBC/Flutter

Run the long way around the parking lot loop

Partner up with someone with Like Bell for Double Bell Work.

P1 on the Bells
P2 will be the timer (20 Regular Merkin/ 20 Wide Merkin/ 10 Diamond Merk/ 20 LBC )
Exercises Performed: By 3 rounds Each
Double Swings
Double Rack Squat
Double Clean
Single Snatches

Despite a Couple of last minute notices of a Road Closure and Substi-Q, the pax showed great resolve and a strong sense of direction finding the proper starting point for today’s workout. We weren’t going to cover much ground this morning, but there would be more than enough bell work to keep everyone on their toes. Got a nice warmup in, took a run, then went right at the hill for 20 minutes of live action. Everyone seemed to be in the zone, blasting through the reps and flying up the hill. The goblet squats in round 2 were the equalizer and I for one was feeling those for the remainder of the time. Not a ton of banter out there as the sweat was flying and the double bells were clanking. There were enough Futballers to field a squad out there this morning – no chance for soccer arms after this one. Thank you all for being flexible with location. Hopefully everyone got their money’s worth. In the event I missed any backblast worthy material, please comment below.

Circle up for COT – Younglove took us out this morning. Thank you

– Sign up for Golf
– Kevlar converging with Joust at Charlotte Christian on Friday