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SuperMonday at Matrix

After yesterday’s downpour, had to make some adjustments to the virtual weinke to avoid destroying the soccer fields.  Stayed mostly on terra firma this morning which worked out fine and kept the pax mostly dry.  10 of south charlottes finest resisted calling in sick following the superbowl and punched the clock ready to put in work at the Matrix.  After a moving disclaimer, this is what we did to shake out the cobwebs from last nights game.

run to lower lot for cot
SSH x20 IC
Diamond Merkin x20 IC
Imperial Walker x20 IC
Squat x20 IC
Wide Arm Merkin x20 IC

Run to top lot and Find a Partner (picked up the last two arrivals on the way)

P1 runs around carpool circle (~250 Meters)
P2 completes the following (10 pullup/10 knee raises 20 Triceps dips)

Stay w partner and head to middle parking lot

1 Partner on Each Side (roughly 30 parking spaces between one another)

Heading toward your Partner on the other side of the Lot – 1 Merkin – crawl foward – 2 Merkin crawl forward – meet in the middle around line 15 for 5 Handslap merkins

Jog to the track for Four Corners work

Lap 1 20 squats each corner / Plankaram

Lap 2 20 Carolina Dry Docks each corner / Plankarama

Lap 3 LBC at each corner / Plankaram

Lap 4 Wide Arm Merkins at each corner / Plankarama

Head to Center Lot
Heading toward your Partner on the other side of the Lot – 1 Squat – lunge walk forward – 2 Squat – lunge walk forward – meet in the middle around line 15

Head to Playground
P1 Wall sit with 30 Arm Raises
P2 Inlcine merkins on shacky benches x20
Three Rounds

Down to Lower lot for extended Plankarama
AYG to the Cars Purcell Rachel orange

Mary (Flutter x30, LBC x20, Freddy Merk x20, Side LBC rht x10, lft x10)
Times UP

Moleskin: Having only posted at #theMatrix one time over the past 4 years, honestly had to look up the launch point and make sure I had a google maps view of the AO. In my defense, I typically take Mondays off to give the body a bit of recovery. Turns out that Matrix is chalked full of bada$$’s as evident by the solid group of 10 that posted the morning after Superbowl sunday. Not a ton of chatter today, as my guess everyone was nursing a wee headache and a little less sleep than usual on a sunday eve. Tried to keep things moving with a focus on upper body. Hopefully everyone was able to get something positive out of this mornings 1st F. Strong work out there by all, the group pretty much stayed together for the majority of the workout. The AYG at the end had Purell, Rachel and Orangewhip out front pushing a blistering pace. Thank you for letting me lead.

Announcements: keep an eye out for Speedforneed races


Mission Accomplished

During my Q at Skunkworks this week, I was tapped to substiQ for StoneCold who learned he would need to travel for work on Friday.  Was looking forward to leading out at Joust on Friday hoping for a crowd that wouldn’t mind covering a few miles.  The goal for the bootcamp was 2.5 miles.  After the dislcaimer was given, here is what we took on.

Warm up jog to the center of the Football Field
Diamond Merkin x10 IC
Widearm Merkin x15 IC
Squat x15 IC
Standard Merkins x15 IC

Run a lap

Station 1 on the track (4 corners)
Lap1 (20 diamond merk/ 20 wide/ 20 dry docks/20 merkins)
Lap2 (20 squat/20 lunges/20 calf raises/20 side lunge)

Run a lap

Station 2 football field
Sprint to midfield 25 merkins Jog Back
Backpedal to midfield 25 merkins Jog Back
Sprint to other end 25 merkins Jog Back
Backpedal to end zone 25 merkins Jog Back

Run a lap

Station 3 top of bleachers
25 dips/25 lbc/25 decline/25lbc
Run down and around each staircase (touch em all)

Run a lap

Haul it back to launch point – Enough time for a little Stomach – Pax’s choice
Boat, Freddie merk, lbc, jackknife, American hammer, Plankarama



Joe Davis Run – Sign up

Holiday Parties – Sign up


Not a huge crowd today at Joust, but those in attendence had thier game face on and were prepared to get after it.  Had plenty of upperbody planned today and wanted to get a minimum of 2.5 miles in.  Joust is a great site with a lot at the Q’s disposal.  Avoided the massive hill today, but got in some stair work.  Laronda, Yeti, and Smokey were crushing the sprints.  Ductwork looked smooth on all of the laps on the track and Hoover was moving swiftly as well.  It looked as though Bueford T was taking everything in stride this morning after only a short time in F3.  Always a pleasure leading out at Joust.  Get out there if you’ve never been to that site – its prime real estate.  Take care,



Hills are alive with the sound of Kettlebells

4 of the heartiest, sleep deprived souls arrived for the 3 mile pre-run only to be met in the lot upon thier return by 13 other hearty souls for the main event.  For all of you math guys, that would be 17 of south charlottes finest for Skunkworks this morning.  A little chilly, but about perfect once the blood was flowing.  Following a thorough disclaimer, here’s what went down:

Warm up lap around the rutted out Gravel Track

Circle up


20 swings OYO


20 single arm Right swings OYO

Merkinx20 IC

20 single arme Left swings OYO

Diamond merkin x10 IC


Partner up for farmer carry to hill (walking, not running to work on the grip and allow time for the merkins)

20 merkin chaser

Cumulative partner work for several rounds

R1 – 100 2 handed overhead presses

-P1 on bell / p2 up hill + 10merkin – FLapjack

R2 – 150 squats

-p1 on bell/ p2 up hill + 10merkin

R3 – 150 cleans (originally planned for 200, but mutiny occurred around 100 so I audibled down)

-p1 on bell / p2 up hill +10merkin

R4 – 200 swings

-p1 on bell /p2 up hill + 10 merkin

Plankarama (to work on the stomach)


Farmer carry back to top lot

20 lbc chaser

KB/Sprint Ladder on field (sprint length between exercises)

10 snatch/ 20 clean/ 30 press / 40 swings


Announcements:  NewWorkout at Socrates academy new running bootcamp 5:15 on Thursdays 

Thank you to Smokey for the Take out, reminding us of all that we have to be thankful for.


Moleskine:  Enjoyed catching up with everyone today at Skunkworks.  Chinmusic and Blazing Saddles have been doing a fantastic job keeping up the site over the last few months.  If you haven’t doubled down with a pre-run prior to the main event, I highly recommend it.  You’ll be nicely warmed up by the time you start swinging the icy bell this winter.  Not much time at work today for a clever backblast, but if I missed anything comment worthy, please feel free to chime in.  Going to be a wee bit sore in the hammies and glutes – lots o swings today.  Take care!


Return to the Skunk

Great morning to be back Q’ing Skunkworks for the first time in a while.  Seems like the new site Q’s have been doing a great job while I was away nursing a dodgy back and training for BRR.  The quantity and quality of regulars at Skunkworks has to be one of the best around and I was glad to be back in the mix.  It was a beautiful cool morning and heres what the 22 of us did:

Disclaimer was given to the pax of 22 at 530

Ssh x20

10 swing OYO


10 swing OYO

Merkin rt hand on bell x15

10 swing OYO

Merkin lft hand on bell x15

10 swing OYO

Run to tennis pavilion 25 dips/25 incline merkin

Partner up – size, speed, bell size do not matter and line up on the sidelines

P1 runs to far end of field for 25 merkins

P2 alternating swings (flapjack x4)

Both run to pavilion  25 dip/25 incline merkin


P1 runs to end 25 squats

P2 clean and press (flapjack x2)

Both run to pavilion  25 dip/25 incline merkin

Flutter in cadence x20

P1 runs to end 25 lbc

P2 snatch (flapjack x2)

Both run to pavilion  25 dip/25 incline merkin


time was called

Moleskin:  Lots of chatter early on which was silenced after the first hundred or so merkins.  Spack went out hot on the first lap to the pavilion, jury is still out as to whether he was able to maintain that pace for the remainder of the morning.  Smokey and Dollywood were pushing the pace with Tullip on thier heels.  Tweetsie was getting after it along with several others in the darkness.  Enjoyed the prerun with Bulldog, Chin Music and Header.  If you want to take your Tuesday to the next level, join those guys for the pre-run.  Not sure about the rest of you, but I had a blast out there today.  Wanted to keep us moving and I think we clocked 2.25 miles and plenty of upperbody.  Little lighter on the bell work than I would usually throw at you guys, but hopefully everyone got something out of it.  Great catching up with you guys today and look forward to the next time.

Thank you Smokey for taking us out, appreciate it brother.



Exceptional foundation 5K at Covenant Day November 4th

10 Days left to sign up for Golf

Be on the Lookout for Southern Discomfort


Ripping off the BRR Bandaid

It had been several months since I’ve posted (let alone Q’d) a Bootcamp style workout.  It’s been all BRR for Team F3 Freerange.  But alas, the race has come and gone and its time to get back into some kind of bootcamp shape.  Thankfully Yeti had me tee’d up right after BRR, so the timing was just about right.  A little sorness lingered in the legs, so we crushed the upper body today.  Here’s what we did – after the disclaimer of course.

Warm up (in cadence) after lap around track – circled up in the center of the Charlotte Christian Football field.


Wide arm merkins x15


Diam merkin x15

Squat x20

Regula Merkin x15


End zone to end zone suicide (stopping at each marked yard line (10,20,30 etc) and performing that quantity of reps of the called exercise.

First round we did Merkins (A lot of them).  To faliure over and over again.  Strong work men.

Second Round we did Squats ( much more manageble in those quantities)

Grab a Partner for a little Hill work

P1 up Hill

P2 merkins


P1 up Hill

P2 hold plank six inches


P1 up hill

P2 hold regular plank


Stay with your partners as we Head to bleachers

P1 runs up one side down far side

P2 25 dips/25 incline merk

P1 run down one side up far side

P2 10 pull ups/10 knees to elbows

Run the long way Back to lot for LBC x 30 IC until time expired.

Really enjoyed being back out to Joust.  Great group of regulars and it was excellent catching up a bit before and after the workout.  Got a few jeers about it not being particularly fun on fun friday, but I hope you all still had a good time.  Stone Cold even said it was hard, so that is saying something.  Thanks again Yeti for letting me lead.

Announcements – Be there for the Wednesday Convergence at Calvary (Header said you don’t want to miss the special guest speaker)

Take care,



All together now

4 for the Prerun broke am early sweat and were greeted by 19 others ready to swing some iron. 23 in total enjoyed perfect conditions this morning for a little running and a lot of bells. After a disclaimer – here’s what we did.
Warmup in cop consisted of
10 diamond merkins on bell
10 diamond Merkins on bell
20 swing oyo
Merkins x20 ic
10 diamond merkins on bell
20 swings
30 overhead presses

Partner up like bells
Farmer carry catch me if you can the long way to lower hill lot
10 Jump squat chaser


P1 on bell/ P2 runs to end lot and back
Round 1 Single arm swings switch halfway
Round 2 cleans
Round 3 lawnmower rows
Round 4 single arm press
Round 5 snatches

Round 6 included All of the above in one consecutive set

Mosey To the hill
P1 runs hill 3x
P2 two handed swings
round 2
P1 runs hill 3x
P2 squats (goblet/teabag/goblet)

Fast mosey to lot for mary
Flutter w press x25
Hold it
Dolly w press x10
Freddie Mercury x20 ic

Namarama etc
Announcements: Saturday before Memorial Day convergence at location tbd (more details to follow)

What’s better than a little running mixed with strength training? Not much on a morning like today. Nice temps to break a nice sweat and get the blood flowing. Heard someone say that the farmer carry gets the heart rate up, definitely agree. That and it brings about grip failure and general fatigue. Strong work out there men. The main thing was a build up with the final round being a continuous effort to work on endurance – both running and muscular endurance. Got a few grimaces from the pax, but skunk pax always meets the challenge. Wrapped it up with a little leg work on the hill and 5 min of Mary to work on the gut/stomach/abs etc. I may have missed some goings on over in the top lot, but on our lane we had smokey and stone cold crushing the run. Hoover was making the big bell work look easy. Looked like Dollywood and bulldog were both getting after it as well. Enjoyed it fellas. Until next time…

Return to Davie Park?

Just about perfect weather greated the 17 south charlotte pax that made the decision to post at Death Valley this morning. Joker emerged from the track after a prerun soaking wet from windsprints in the furry vest. Disclaimer was given at oh 5 thirty and off we went. Here’s what went down.
Two Quick Laps around lot w high knees side shuffle butt kickers to get loose

Run Down to Davie for Warm up (dodging the donut runners eager for that post run boston creme)
Grab the six if you arrive at the park early, or circle up and Plank to allow everyone to get in.

COP consisted of
Sshx25 IC
5 hand release burpee
Merkin x25 IC
5 hand release burpee
IWx25 IC
5 hand release burpee

Partner up

P1 Hot laps around the median
P2 10 pull up 20 dips
Flapjack X Five laps

Haul arse back to Davie, I mean SCMS (grab six)
LBC’s and Flutter to allow everyone to get back

Head to track for 4 corners (sprint the straightaways)
Lap 1 25 merkins at the corners
Lap 2 10 squats at corners

Head back to the lot for 3 minutes of mary –
Dolly x 25 IC
Cross LBC x15 each side


Announcements – None or out of breath.
Always enjoy leading at DeathValley, a great group of guys show up willing to put in a great midweek effort and the site has a ton of options. Today was no exception. Everyone put in the work and we managed to knock out over three miles and plenty of upper body work as advertised in the tweet. I’m particularly fond of mixing in Pullups whenever given the opportunity when I Q, so that was the reason for running to Davie this morning. There was some confusion during the return trip when I mistakenly told the pax to run back to Davie while planking in the Davie parking lot. Aside from that, I had a great time leading.
Strong efforts out there by many, Chin Music was flying back to SCMS, Spackler likes the short track racin’ banked turns around the median, Sweeney todd was smoking the sprints at the track – just to name a few. In the event I missed any interesting commentary, please chime in. Thank you Dollywood for allowing me the opportunity to lead.


Layer down

Nice warm morning awaited us at the #DeathValley site. Some of us were dressed accordingly, shorts and short sleeves or even a long sleeve base layer. Others (JOKER) came prepared to snowmobile accross Antartica. Either that or he is cutting weight to wrestle in a lighter class. Regardless, he would shed several layers of clothing by the end. There were shirts hanging on bleachers, hats on hand rails and sweatshirts in trees. Hopefully everything made it home.
After a thorough, some would say longwinded disclaimer – we launched into the not so dark Gloom

Run to daycare lot for warm up
Ssh x 20IC
Diamond Merkin x15IC
Iw x20IC
Widearm Merkin x15IC
Squat x20IC
Regular Merkin x15IC

Run to the area between the baseball fields and plank it up

Partner up
P1 exercise would complete reps of the three exercise – P2 Run to the track for a Hot lap and back
Round 1 – 40 dips/40 supine pull-ups/40 decline merkin (LBC’s)
Round 2 – 40 squats/40 step ups/40 incline merkins (Rosalita)
Round 3 – 40 dry dock/40 mountain climbers/40 Regular merkins (flutter)
Round 4 -40 Lunges/40 Diamond Merkin/40LBC (Plank)

Run up to the main lot for mary consisting of 25 Regular Merkins in cadence (or to failure)

Debbies House Service Project 2/17-2/20 (see weekly email for link and details)
Charlotte Eagles Youth Soccer Club – Meeting to raise awareness 2/22 7-9 at Tiger Rags Place evite link provided below

Strong & Fast crew out there today – no newbies and plenty of Veterans. Loved to see the push out on the track – everyone was crushing the lap this morning. Have to call out SemiGloss for consistently coming finishing with the top 3 of his group this morning. He’s been running quite a bit lately and its paying off. Frasier and ThinMint were flying, throwing down some top strava times on the track – thanks for coming out to DeathValley this morning gents. Bulldog/Alf/Mermaid/Busch/Joker/Smokey/runstopper and others were also pushing the pace. Nice meeting Lightfoot today, relatively new to F3 but looks like he is fitting in nicely running right along the swift footed Dollywood this morning. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves this morning – I most certainly did. Got in somewhere between 2.5-3 miles and a couple hundred merkins over various types. Have a great rest of your week,

Take a Lap

Despite the cooler temps, we had a strong showing of 18 at Joust this morning, including a 17 year old FNG (Gunnar). It was cold, so off we went after the disclaimer. Here’s what we did:

Head to Center of the field for warm up
Ssh x20 IC
Merkinx25 IC
Iwx20 IC
Squat x20 IC

Take a Lap around the track

Partner up and Head to the top of stands
P1 10 pull up 10 Hanging Knee Ups – Run around press box up stairs
P2 30 dips 30 incline 30 sit-ups
Flapjack x 3 rounds

Take a Lap around the track

Stop at the base of the Hill
10 diamond Merkins on bottom – 20 lbcs on top x 5 rounds

Take a Lap around the track

Stop at the Bottom Bleacher for some Leg work
20 step ups each leg – 20 Bench squat
Run up stairs and around press box 20 wide arm merkins
X3 rounds
Inverted plankara on Bleacher

Take a lap around the Track

Head back to the lot for 30 Flutters IC

Time is up.

Charlotte Eagles Youth Soccer Club – Meeting to raise awareness 2/22 7-9 at Tiger Rags Place evite link provided below

Perfect morning to keep the pax moving around to avoid frostbite as temps were in the upper 20’s at the start. It warmed up quite nicely by the end. Puddin kept me in check during the warmup – counting each and every cadence count. Hopefully everyone got a little something out this morning. Great group of regulars and a few new faces. Joust is a great campus – almost need more than 45 minutes to take advantage of everything there is to offer. That hill alone could occupy half a workout. Got a couple miles in and plenty of merkins. Should have some sore legs later courtesy of hills, stairs, and step ups. Gotta break down to get stronger. Best wishes and safe travels to ChinMusic as he launches for a weeklong mission trip to spread the good word. Great Take out this morning by Busch, thank you for lifting us all up in prayer – much appreciated.

Back in the Saddle Again

Exchanged a few messages with co-site Q Harley yesterday and as it turns out there was a open slot in the Skunkworks schedule for today. Having missed the last two weeks due to nagging back issue, I was a little hesitant to pick it up but decided to give it a go and break out the lighter bell. 4 of us arrived bright and early for a 5k pre-run, nice to shake out the cobwebs and loosen the joints.
This close to a holiday, with many of the pax traveling or taking the day off – it was nice to see a few more cars in the lot when we returned from the pre-run. With a total of 9, the disclaimer was given and we did the following:

Ssh x20 IC
20 swings OYO
Imperial Walker x20 IC
10 cleans each arm
Merkin right Hand on bell x20 IC
10 Shoulder presses each arm
Merkin left hand on bell x20 IC
10 snatches each arm

Partner up similar bell-
Farmer Carry Walk to lower lot Near Benches
P1 carry walk
P2 10 merkins flapjack

Partner work at benches
P1 On Bell P2 runs loop around median – flapjack until total reps
100 Goblet squats
100 Cleans
200 Swings
200 Overhead presses
200 Dips (bell on lap bonus)
100 Chest press pullovers on bench

Farmer carry walk back to top lot 10 Merkin or diamond (if you got it) chaser

Moleskin: Great group of regulars this morning – eager to get to work. Plenty of reps and a decent amount of running to allow the pax to feel like it was well worth getting up at the crack of dawn this morning. Several of the pax were multitasking this morning, catching up with pals and finding out what everyone got for Christmas. The attempt of traveling tunes was met with some comments when nickelback kept popping up (thanks pandora workout radio). Thankfully the bluetooth speaker died w/a few minutes remaining.
No way to hide from the partner rep combos – you either do the work or your partner pays for it. Seemed like everyone was pulling thier fair share of the combined weight out there this morning. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves out there this morning. It was nice to get out there and move the bells around.

Announcements: Joe Davis run 1/7/17