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Tale of two decks

First time out to the waverly ao known as Cerberus and the ao as well as he pax did not disappoint! A strong crew of 16 got to make fresh tracks on the less steep but amply lit parking deck.

After disclaiming the Pax away we went. Fast mosey around the nexus building to new parking deck where cop would begin in a 2 exercise per flight fashion as follows-

Level 1 merkinx20 ic sshx20

Level 2 wide arm merkinx20 Ic – 20 iw Level 3 diamond merkin x15 squatx20

Take it to the top and back down the stairs

4 corners around nexus building x 4laps

C1 10 hand release

C2 10 Jump squat

C3 10 full sit ups

C4 10 tricep dips

Mosey to the other steeper more crowded garage for parking deck suicide Start at bottom with 5 hand clap explosive merkins

5 lunges ea leg at top of ramp

Finish at top w wall sit and arm raises

Head back toward launch to snag paperjam the head toward ale house for some stinky decline plank. Too stinky so we headed back to the new deck. Grab a partner. P1 runs the deck to top p2 20 derkin/20step ups/ 20 dips- flapjack

Head back to launch for 1 may exercise – American hammer

Mole- with this having been my first time to this ao I had planned on a midweek recon, but family and work commitments got in the way. I got to the site 5:15 to see pj in the downward dog pose in the parking lot so I knew i was in the right place. Did a quick warm up loop around the ao- but didn’t see the original parking deck. McGee would later provided much needed direction. Very strong crew out here this morning – seemed like ocho cinco, McGee, Alf, jobe and a few others were out front a good bit. Everyone was putting in some solid work today covering 3.2 miles and amassing ~200 merkins. Good to see Astro and transporter all healed up from p200. Thanks to Johnny Utah for taking us out. Thanks for allowing me to lead – really enjoyed it


4/20 convergence at Stonehenge

4/27 dreddq at da Vinci

Intervals TBD

Walked outside to some cooler than expected temps which prompted a quick scramble for an additional layer and a two wheel arrival at latin. Just in time so away we went. Alf inquired if I had done a drive through of the route to ensure there were several port a jons on the way… have no fear I brought dude wipes just in case.

Warmupish mosey to the original Latin fasttwitch entrance for quick cop to loosen up the hip flexors – Iwx20 Peter Parker x10 Parker Peter x10 Continue Running toward Raintree stop at Whitethorn for first of two Half Mile errr Three quarter mile Interval down Whitethorn 5K Pace – Recover back up. Second Interval was slightly shorter but still at 5K Pace. Recovery Pace to bottom of Four Mile Creek – Run Hill to Raintree x 2 at 2 mile Race pace Head left on Raintree to bottom of hill near bridge Interval 3 – from RT base to wind bluff x2 10k pace (this one was especially brutal) Interval 4 – bottom windbluff to shallow wood x1- 2 mile race pace Recovery pace down shallowwood Interval 5 Middle shallowood to providence x 1 About 6 minutes to get back…Final Interval would be Providence Hill suck at nearly AYG pace or until the wheels fall off. Back to launch by 6:19 as the shovel flag was being loaded in the truck. All in – just under 7 miles at various paces, various distances, and various grade. Tried to keep the legs, lungs and brain guessing.

No Announcements – Astro Took us out in style – thanks brother!

Moleskin – Pretty much went down as expected aside from taking the guys into overtime… apologies gents. Hope everyone got what they were wanting out of this morning. I was beat, just attempting to keep Purell in sight. The Fasttwitch regulars were getting after it very businesslike without any complaints. No observed bathroom breaks and the dudewipe made it home unopened. Enjoyed catching up with everyone during the recovery runs and it looked like everyone was crushing the intervals!

Something is Skunky

6 early birds posted at 5am for the 5k prerun, 2 were expecting below freezing temps. All were sufficiently warmed up upon returning to the AO. There we assembled as a Mighty 22 Pax for the Skunk. Following a thorough disclaimer we moseyed to the slightly damp field for the following:

20 Two Handed swings OYO Imperial Walker x20 IC 10 Cleans Each Arm OYO Merkins on Bell x10 – IC 10 Single Arm Presses Each Arm OYO Low slow squat x15 IC 5 Snatches each Arm OYO Partner up farmer carry to lower lot near benches with 5 Merkin chaser Plankarama to allow all to arrive P1 Runs around Far Median while P2 Performs KB exercises x 2 rounds Each Exercises were as follows: Kettlebell swings Goblet Squat Bent over Rows Stay with your partner and head to Benches P1 does exercise on bench X called number of Reps – P2 is on the bell performing called exercise P1 Jump Ups on Bench X20 – P2 Cleans Flapjack x2 Rounds P1 Derkins on Bench x25– P2 Chest Press with Bell x 2 rounds P1 Bench Dips x30 P2 Overhead Tricep Extension x 2 rounds Head to Hill for Partner Work Total reps to be counted at bottom – P1 on Bell/P2 on Hill 5 burpees and return 100 Swings in Aggregate 100 Curls in Aggregate Farmer carry Back to LOT with 5 Merkin Chaser 4 minutes of Mary inclusive of the following Flutter press x25 Lbcx20 Freddie Mercury x20 Announcements – Joe Davis Run Moleskin: Just about perfect conditions for both the prerun and the kettlebell beatdown du jour. Hopefully everyone got their monies worth. Tried to get a little bit of running mixed in both the focus would be on KB work. I am pretty sore typing this backblast so I believe it was mission accomplished. Great crew this morning, My partner Tackling Dummy was getting after it as were the dynamic duo of Header and Red Card. Something tells me we could put together a pretty formidable lineup for the pitch with those in attendance today. Lots of former futballers throwing around the iron, good stuff. Rumor has it TR may be joining us soon, so I got the curls in today – your welcome FiremanEd. Enoyed the opportunity to lead this great group. Take care. Fletch

six minute abs

Only a handful of hearty strong men were ready and willing to put in the Post Valentine Day work at Joust. Following a thorough disclaimer here is what we did this morning.

Warmup jog over and across the top parking lot down the stairs to the center of the football field (circle up for Warmarama – all exercises were completed in Cadence count) Merkin x20 (gummy began groaning in disapproval around 16) Imperial Walker x 20 Peter Parker x10 Parker Peter x10 Squats x15 5 stations throughout the campus with 6 minutes of work each (Rest would occur as we move to the next station) Stations as follows: 1 Track – 4 corners 25 merkins each corner x 2 Laps 2 Football Field – end zone to end zone 20 squats every 20 yard down 20 lbc back x 2 rounds 3 Bleachers – run stairs 30 incline merkins at top 30 dips bottom repeat 4 Playgrounds – run to top playground 10 pull-ups run back 10 knee raises 5 The Hill – 5 burpees at bottom run the hill for 6 minutes Mosey back the long way to launch for 3 minutes of Mary Flutter x 20 and lbc x20 Announcements: Joe Davis Run March 9 Moleskin: Was hoping for a bigger turnout today given the great weather, but many of the usual players must have had the late night reservation at melting pot or decided the 2nd bottle of wine was a better decision. Alas, we started with a strong 5 and were soon joined on the pitch by Mr Brady and a mighty 6 completed the circuits. Not a ton of chatter this morning given we were moving around a decent amount. Strong work by all of the guys. Six minutes doesn’t seem like a very long time until you staring down the base of the hill after 4 other circuits and that’s when it hits you. Legs were burning at the end and a lot of us were looking forward to the burpees at the bottom as a much needed break. All in all a great morning w/some great dudes. 2.4 miles were covered and plenty of merkins and squats. Enjoyed it gang.

why are your shoes so muddy?

When Squid reached out to me last week to see if I could take a Matrix Q, I was all in and took the next available option. I typically use Monday as a rest day, but knowing we’d be cooped up all weekend at 2.0’s volleyball tourney – hard committing to a Monday Morning workout was sounding too good to pass up. Pretty sure the last time I was at matrix was also my Q. Need to get out there more often though, it is a great AO, with a strong group of regulars under solid leadership. Plan for this morning was 2-3 miles but mostly focus on upper body. Lots of merkins and burpees with some pullups thrown in. We wouldn’t completely neglect the legs though as we covered 2.3Mi with some squat varieties thrown in. Following a thorough disclaimer, here is what went down. Warm up jog to Lower parking lot for extended COP – (Pro was regretting his no glove choice as the pavement down there is reminiscent of the Day Zero AO (RIP)) Sshx20 – 5 burpees Merkinx20- 5 burpees Iwx20 -5 burpees Widearmx15 -5 burpees Squatx15 Diamondx10

Mosey to upper Mini track for Triple Nickel Hand release Merkins at Turn 1 / ground touch squats at Turn 3 5 Reps of each exercise for 5 Laps around the Mini-Track 5 rounds 5 reps LBCx30 to allow time for all to complete

Dash over to the Playground for a 10x10x10 Circuit of the following: Pull-ups / knee raises/ dips X 3 Rounds

Head down to the lower lot and approach Soccer field for four corners. At this point – nearly everyone was hesitant about heading onto the pitch as apparently this particular field lacks proper drainage and is subject to gooey-cake-batter-like conditions. We audibled and used the parking lot instead for the following.

4 corners on lower lot 1 20Merkins at each corner 2 15 dry docks 3 10 jump squats at each Corner 4 5 burpees

Head back to Playground for 10x10x10 x3 rounds Reverse Grip Pull-ups / incline Merk/decline Merk Lap around dark side of campus to home base – merkin plankarama (aka core work for the last 2 minutes)

Moleskin: A solid 13 for a cool Monday morning w/more than half pulling into the lot on two wheels along with the Q w/a few seconds to spare. No FNG’s present, but plenty of grizzled veterans and PopTarts return to the gloom. Having just had a cortisone shot, it was a test run for PopTart this morning. By the looks of it, things must have held up pretty well as it looked like he was getting after it today. As usual, Purrell, OrangeWhip and Mcgee were up front chatting like they were heading to their middle school lockers between class. Gents have strong motors. O’Tennanbaum was right on their heels along with Prohibition, Christmas and several others. Squid knocked out every rep with impeccable form as is his MO. Pro saw my nearly unrecognizably muddy trail shoes and wondered out loud why I’d be wearing such muddy shoes. Looking down at his own brand new running sneakers, looked like he nearly audibled back to the car. Despite not having gloves either, he manned up and decided to see it through. We decided to keep it clean and avoid further damage to the muddy pitch – I don’t think anyone minded that decision. Really enjoyed it this morning guys. Good to get out of our comfort zone and post at places we don’t normally on days we don’t typically post every so often. Thank you Squid for asking me to Q. Take care.

Announcements: Joe Davis Run – Registration is open – Race is 3/9/19 (5K and 10K Options) Gypsy Qing speed for need training in Lexington Kentucky 2/9 (clown car option if you are so inclined)

Triple Nickle x 2 + 4×4 is still 0.0

PAX  HighTide, Bloomber, Voodoo, Bulldog, Fletch

What we lacked in numbers, we more than made up for in grit.  5 Strong decided to leave the safety of their warm bed and swing some iron in the slightly above freezing gloom.  We started at an 11 and and took it to about a 15 REAL QUICK.  Here’s what went down in the ELE Parking lot following a thorough Disclaimer.

Warmup: SSHx20IC – 30 Two Handed Swings OYO – merkinsx20 IC – 20 Overhead Presses OYO – IWx20 IC – 10 Goblet Squat OYO

Triple Nickle Meathead style 5x5x5 (5 reps 5 exercise 5 rounds)

5 swing Rt Arm 5 high pull Rt Arm 5 clean Rt Arm 5 snatch Rt Arm 5 press Rg Arm – Switch and DO the Left Arm 25 merkins between rounds –

Complete 5 Rounds of the above

Next round of the Triple Nickle would be completed w/two hands on the Bell as follows

5 two Handed Swings, 5 goblet Squats, 5 Good Mornings, 5 Upwright rows, 5 Thrusters (25 LBC’s between each round)

Complete 5 Rounds of the above

Partners up w/like size bells or a giant single bell for doubles 4x4x4

P1 Completes 4 Dub Swings, 4 Dub Cleans, 4 Dub Rack Squats, 4 Dub

Overhead Presses. FLapjack – Each partner does the above 4 times through.

Partner Swing/Merkin Combo starting at 20 each and reducing by 2 – made

it to 16 before we ran out of time.

Moleskin:  It has been a while since I’ve q’d Meathead given that running has taken up many of my mornings over the past year or so.  It was great to get out and push it with a pretty tough workout this morning.  Doubles were a nice throwback as well.  Bulldog, Hightide and Voodoo all veterans of Meathead were crushing it as usual with HT and VD taking in a few miles PreRUN – solid gents.  We did have a relative newbie this morning in Bloomer who made it through a tough one.  Hope he keeps coming out! 

Only had to suffer through a handful of commercials with the Pandora radio, but they seemed to come right as we were transitioning to a different set of exercises.  I had a blast this morning  – hope you guys did as well. 

Announcements – F3 Paintball announcement will be coming soon.  Bulldog

is looking at suitable dates (likely to include 2.0s 10+).

Please keep Destiny, HuggieBear and Cooter in our Prayers. 

Please keep Destiny, HuggieBear and Cooter in our Prayers. 


Picked a tough day to start swinging bells again

Got a friendly reminder from ChinMusic that I was due to lead Skunkworks last week after being missing in action for the last few months. Glad to be back in the gloom with the metal slingers and soaking with the prerunners this morning. Temperature and dew point led to less than pleasant conditions and a heck of lot of sweat, but 14 folks got after it nevertheless. Here is what we did.
Quick disclaimer was given to the pax and after a brief warmup run we circled up for a warmup

IW x 20 IC – 10 swings OYO
Merk x 10 Lft – 20 swings OYO
Merk x 10 rt – 30 swings OYO

Grab a partner and farmer carry catch me if you can to the hill – 10 merkin chaser
P1 up hill – P2 1 handed Swings (Flap) x 2
P1 up hill – P2 Cleans (Flap) x 2
P1 up hill – P2 Snatch (Flap) x 2
P1 up Hill – P2 Press single (Flap) x 2
P1 up Hill – P2 highpulls (Flap) x 2
P1 up Hill – P2 Teabag Squats (Flap) x 2
P1 up Hill – P2 Lunges (Flap) x 2

Farmer Carry back to Track 10 diamond chaser

5 Snatch Each Arm – 10 Merkins
5 snatch EA/5 Clean EA – 10 Merkins
5 Snatch EA/5 Clean EA/5 Presses EA – 10 Merkins
5 Snatch EA/5 Clean EA/5 Presses EA/5 High Pull – 10 Merkins
5 Snatch EA/5 Clean EA/5 Presses EA – 10 Merkins
5 snatch EA/5 Clean EA – 10 Merkins
5 Snatch Each Arm – 10 Merkins

MARY flutter press, LBC, dolly press, bicycle

Moleskin: One would find it hard not to start sweating just walking to the car this morning, needless to say the Skunkworks pax did a lot more than walk to thier car! It was a tough one, especially not having been doing KB’s regularly for the past few months. It was great to be out w/the Skunkworks crew and nobody was taking it easy this morning. Baracas and Stonecold took the bait and joined YHC for a 5k prerun since there would be minimal milage during the main event (not sure about them, but I was completely drenched after the run). The goal today was to keep it moving while doing a “manageable” number of reps of a variety of movements. Hopefully everyone got what they came out for. Had another lower body ladder lined up, but after feeling pretty depleted after coming back down from the upper body circuit I was really glad we ran out of time. Great time as always! Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of july.


No charge for the Sauna

12 cool dudes didn’t stay cool for long at Kevlar this morning. Sweat puddles all over campus and YHC picked a bad day to forget a towel and seatcover. Cloth seats in the truck soaked up this mornings sweat like Puddin Pops “wicking” tees. After a re-introduction to many of the pax whom I have not seen in a while a dislaimer was given and away we went.

Run to lower lot near the hill and circle up for COP
Diamond Merkin x20IC
Merkin x15IC
Widarm x15IC

Run up hill to rock pile – grab a partner and a lifting rock

P1 runs accross the street around the island and back while P2 Performs Rock exercises (FLAPJACK)

R1 – 20 squats w rock/20 press/20 thrusters x3rounds

R2 20 dips/20 triceps extens/20 curls x3rounds

Put the rocks down and run to the field near the parking lot

Line up abreast –
Run the field – 10 merkins run 20 merkins run 30 merkins
Run 10 squat/20/30
Run 10 lbc 20/30

Put the above all together run 10 merk/10 squat/10lbc run 20 merk/20 squat/20lbc run 30 merk/30 squat/30lbc

head over to lot for Mary consisting of the following:

Left/right crunch x 10 each side
Plankarama till everything shakes

Moleskin: Admittedly, it had been a few months since I’ve been over to kevlar (been trying to get healthy from various ailments and been a little lazy). Definitely missed the AO and those that attend regularly, I’ll have to make it a point to be more regular in my own attendance. It was brutally hot in the pavilion, it was a welcome respite to be the runner during those rock exercises. The only breeze this morning was the one you could create by moving swiftly. Speaking of Swiftly, Purrell, Rhapsody and Orange Whip were crushing it on the field, running up front the whole time and chatting along. Looked like everyone was peacefully enjoying their own paincave this morning and there was not a dry spot during mary. Horsehead dazzled the crowd with some active recover Hulahooping when we made it back to the field, he is man of many many talents. Sounded like many were heading to the beach this weekend, hope everyone travels safely and has a great weekend. As always, it was a pleasure to lead this morning. Take care,


F3 dads MR Brady q 9 at Beatty softball fields
Speed for need on the 4th

Track Day at Joust

The plan for this morning came to me after watching several of my 2.0’s middle school track meets. The kids were only allowed to participate in 3 events, so figured it would be a great idea for the Joust Pax to complet all of the track events w/30-60 seconds of plank as the rest/recovery. It was marvelous. After a disclaimer was issued, Kirk arrived from the Run In, and Gummy finished tying his shoes away we went. here is what went down under clear skies.

Warm up jog down to track – circle up for warm up (no SSH’s because we know Gummy doesn’t do them)
Merkins x20
Close grip merkin x15

1 lap warm up
W Regular, butt kicker, high knees and a little lunge walk back to start
Track work done at or near 5k pace
100 meters – regular plank
200 meters – elbow plank
400 meters – left arm high right arm high
800 meters – plank 6 inches (walk the curve to recover)
1600 meters -Plankarama

Partner up for upper body circuit at top of bleachers
P1 runs down stairs around bleacher and back up
P2 merkins flapjack
Rd 2 decline merkins
Rd 3 incline merkins
Rd 4 dips

Core circuit
P1 20 hanging knee raises
P2 lbc flapjack
Rd2 flutter

Run back to launch point for Freddie Mercury x20 IC. That was a wrap.

Announcements –
F3Dads starts this Saturday at Beatty Park –
Speed for need 4 miler on July 4th

Moleskin: Spending a good bit of time on the track this morning probably wasn’t what most wanted to do on Fun Friday, but you could tell Chinmusic was all over it. His quest for sub 5min miler is in full swing and a little track work certainly couldn’t hurt. He was flying on each of the distances. Great to meet Seaworld and Beaker, strong work by both. Hope everyone had a good time out there and thank you for letting me lead. Happy Early 30th bday to the site Q Yeti – and thank you for letting me lead. Till next time,


South charlotte Super Soaker

A solid crew of 14 15 for a super soaker at Fast Twitch (initial count had Uncle Rico as part of the Hawksnest crew – second round of audit proved that he was crushing the hills w/the rest of the Fast Twitch crew the entire morning). Thankfully Purell dropped me a map over the weekend so I had no trouble finding the launch point for my first visit to the new AO at Charlotte Latins vast network of mini parking lots. Having relatively fond memories of Ghostrunner, thought it would be a good idea to reprise some of the favorite sections of that route this morning w/a bit of a Fast Twitch twist. After introducing myself to the pax (old and new) a thorough disclaimer was given and away we went in search of hills. Here is how it went, more or less…

Head out Northbound (mostly downhill) on Providence until you reach Messiah Lutheran (bout a mile) – this would serve as the warmup. We would plank for a moment then circle up in one of the nicest parking lot south of 51 for an abbreviated COP. Since it is a running workout we would do IWx20 IC, Merkin x20 IC and Squat x10 IC to fire up the large muscle groups. It was then declared that we would be heading southbound up Providence to the intersection of Raintree (mostly uphill). That hill is a monster and it pretty much tore out the soul of YHC somewhere near the top. Pretty sure Thinmint and Purell put themselves near the top times on the strava segment. 50LBC’s awaited the pax at the intersection of providence and raintree before the route would be unveiled for the remainder of the hour. From the intersection of Raintree and Providence we would take a left on Whitethorne, right on Four mile Creek, Right on Raintree to the Intersection of Raintree and Providence 25 merkin/25 squats – then complete the route counterclockwise. The level of suck on both laps was pretty high given the temperature this morning, not sure I can pick a favorite direction. I’ll let the pax decide which one they liked the least. Rolled into the Joint COT right at 6:15 and it was a wrap. Mileage varied slightly, gazelles out front got a tick over 7, most everyone else slogged 6.5mi.
Really enjoyed being back to FastTwitch, I’ll be sure to spend some time there this summer during BRR training. Couple of new faces in the crowd, but all the guys were putting in the work up and down the hills of south charlotte. Got a chance to catch up with Haze today who introduced himself as Keith this morning before we got started. He is certainly going to crush the New River Half. Purell & ThinMint set the pace out front this morning following closely behind by Rachel, Astro and Uncle Rico. Those in the middle of the pack (YHC included) kept on chugging along up the seemingly never ending collection of rollers along four mile and Whitethorn. We had a few folks chart their course preferring to go clockwise over switching it around. We thought we lost PopTart toward the end, but he was further up Raintree than we expected. He’s keeping the momentum Fresh off of his Age group victory in the Beer mile this past weekend.

Pool Party for F3 to be held in Waxhaw benefiting the SandBox (see slack for invite and additional information).
Always looking for volunteers for Church on The Street (see slack or Strawberry for sign up details)