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No Casio?

As the Q stumbled into the parking lot with out his Casio. 10 men headed to the Gloom unsure of the time.

Warm up:

A brisk run through some of downtown Matthews then to back behind the school.

20 X SHH
15 X IW
15 X squats
10 X slow merkins

Time for suicides with exercises run to each of the three lamppost on left and back. At each lamppost do the called exercise.

First round 15 merkins each lamppost
Second round 5 pull-ups
Third round 10 squats
Fourth round 20 mountain climbers

Mosey over to the baseball field time for jack Webb
1 merkins then 4 air presses up to 8 merkins and 32 air presses

I was told it was 6:13 so we had to mosey back to the launch point upon arriving the time became 6:10 so we did a couple rounds of Mary, Nomad, Strange brew and Mad picked the Mary.

Moleskin: better late than never with the backblast sorry about that. Great job everyone. Thanks again for Sansei and Lois for letting me clue. Q fail for forgetting the Casio. Way to crush it with the Ruck Mad. Mad respect to the respect crowd Nomad, Lumberjack and Semigloss. At the end we ran into a couple dog walkers with backpacks full of bricks Dora and Geraldo


CPR Training two hours for your actual certification

The Three Hills of Merkins

17 men headed out into the gloom for a little bit of running, some merkins and whole lot of Kettle bell reps.

Warm up
2 laps around the track
20 X SSh
15 X IW
15 X Squats
10 X Low slow merkins

The Thang:
Partner up and mosey to the church parking lot
Partner 1 will run the three hills up to the road while doing 5 merkins after each hill
Partner 2 will do a set kettle bell exercise until partner 1 returns,
then flip flop until you reach the total repetitions, plank or LBCs until everyone is done

Round 1 200 Swings (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 2 200 curls (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 3 150 deadlifts (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 4 150 Squats (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 5 150 overhead presses (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)

Return to school parking lot, extra credit  farmer carries and merkins

Then the legendary Stone Cold led us in the flutter to finish off the workout.


Thank you, Chin Music and Blazing Saddles, for the honor of letting me lead this workout. Great job pax hope everyone had a good workout. My 5-dollar Casio watch said we had 6 miles but the salesman who sold it to me told me “It don’t work so good outside or inside”. Smokey thanks for taking us out and being my partner. Next time we need to start on the other side of the lot where the hill is smaller. I know Tweetsie and Lois feel the same way. It was hard to see the whole pax today with us so spread out but pretty sure it was Yetti and Country Living sprinting over the hills nice job. Night Court great too see you out again keep coming out. Mad respect to Cage who took the honor of the oldest and wisest, even with a bad wheel. Tulip one day the Jets will have a good quarter back. It will happen.

It had to be “Goat Yoga”

10 souls headed out into the gloom for a good old fashioned beat down. Except when the Tennesseans started bringing up Goat Yoga and telling us too google it. Not really sure about all that.

Warm up:

Jog over to the other side of the school and circle up.
20 X SSH
15 X IW
15 X squats
10 X merkins

The thang:
Little baby jog over to the bleachers in the middle of the baseball fields
Start by running to the play ground do 10 pull-ups then run back to the bleachers and do 20 step-ups 10 each leg. Back to the play ground 9 pull-ups, next back to bleachers 18 step-ups. Continue with this format until one pull-up and two step ups. Took a lot longer than I thought probably because of me. Even Bug Eater made it out for the first time in a few years. Queen was probably planking for 10 mins before I caught up. Great job.

Mosey over to the baseball field circle up
Couple rounds of Mary
20 X Freddie Mercury
20 X LBCs

Then begins the Jack Webb seem to be new to a lot of people at this AO, especially the Tennesseans, more used to Goat Yoga right Scratch and win.
Jack Webb
1 merkins followed by 4 air presses up to 10 merkins and 40 air presses nice and slow.

Mosey back to play ground

Run to benches at the front of the school for 10 incline merkins then back to the playground for 10, next round 9 and 9, then 8 and 8, wanted to keep going but was told we were out of time so we headed back to the launch point

Thank you Queen and Marge for letting me Q always great full for the opportunity. Welcome Trolley he was in town for work and does F3 in Tennessee, scratch and win is also from Tennessee, reference to the Tennesseans above. Good to see the Leprechaun made it out again just started F3 this week and is drinking the Koop-aid.
Welcome back Bug Eater looks like you added the Freshman 15. Keep coming out! scratch and win thanks for taking us out. I apologize for any errors typed this on my iPhone. If anyone was offended it was definitely the IPhones fault.

Office Workout

22 men made it out of bed and headed out into the gloom for an office workout. Very little running with Qs bad wheel but a good full body workout.

20 X SSH
15 X IW
15 X squats
10 X low slow merkins

The Thang:
The standard office workout with running in between, that is not normally part of the office workout because my office is not that big
Round 1
Once through the exercises
10 X Merkins
10 X Swings
10 X squats
10 X Curls
10 X overhead presses
10 X Highpulls
10 X Lawn mowers each side
10 X Romanian Deadlift
Run to the rock and back then plank
Round 2 through the exercises 2 times then run to the rock and back
Round 3 3 times through, rock and back
Round 4 4 times through, rock and back

20 X LBCs
15 X Freddie Mercuries
5 X slow merkins

Ole moleskin:
Great job today pax, sorry not much running. Thank you to Chin Music and Blazing saddles for letting me Q. Even though I am pretty sure it was Harley who signed me up. Always an honor. Queen great job even beat out Kosar and Dollywood who were also very strong. Header and Bulldog good job doing half the workout. Bulldog said he was really hurting, his jaw from yapping the whole time. Welcome FNG Urkle excellent name and good performance today. Header thanks for taking us out.
Remember cheating on form is the gateway cheating especially at Christian School, next you will be cheating when playing games, then at work, then in relationships. Don’t succumb to the gateway cheating with bad form.

Q fail on the announcements post in comments.

Around and Around We Go

15 men avoided the Fart Sac  and headed out into the gloom for a nice moderate workout!

Warm up
Mosey around the course while stopping doing
20 x SSH
10 x merkins
10 x squats
5 x burpess

The Thang
Today we did a little station workout in about 1/3 of a mile loop.
Station 1 10 x merkins behind the school
Station 2 10 x pullups over in the playground
Station 3 10 x squats far side of behind school parking lot
Station 4 5 x burpees basketball court
Station 5 10 x dips built in benches
Station 6 10 x step ups picnic tables between the school buildings
Station 7 5 x times up and down the two flights of stairs, next to the parking lot we started in
Station 8 10 x CDD lower parking lot
Repeat this for 30 min
The grapester dominated this, he almost completed 4 rounds right behind him were two half century club members Stay Puff and Nomad excellent job.

Pick up cones and meet in the back field

20 X LBC  while we wait for the whole pax to arrive

Then time for the finally slow jack webb

1 merkin 4 air presses, 2 merkins 8 air presses up to 8 merkins 32 air presses

The pax loved and begged for more but time was out and we mosey back to the launch


First of all I apologize for the delayed back black posting. It was an honor to Q this pax great effort by everyone.  I hope the slow jack webb wasn’t too easy for everyone.  I also tried to give everyone a full body workout with the stations hope you enjoyed.    Thanks again to Lois and Sensei for letting me Q.   Nomad thank you for taking us out.


F3 Golf Tournament

Plugs for other F3 workouts

Also a race that happened after the workout on the Saturday that already has went by

Slow Webb

25 men forbid themselves to fartsac and headed out into the gloom for a beat down.

Warm up:
Mosey to the back-left lot
20 X SSH
10 X Slow Merkins
20 X Imperial Walkers
20 X Slow Squats

Mosey around the front of the building and then back to the left side parking lot behind the school.

The Thang:
Today we are doing the starfish, exercise in each corner then back to the middle each time for 5 burpees
Corner 1. 5 regular pullups or 10 supine pullups
Corner 2. 10 merkins
Corner 3. 10 jump squats
Corner 4. 10 Carolina Dry Docs

After we did a few rounds each time to mosey to the baseball fields
Mr. Jack Webb showed up, I think everyone stood up and started clapping
1 slow merkin and 4 slow air presses, then 2 slow merkins and 8 air presses etc ….
Up to 8 slow merkins and 32 slow air presses

Finally, some Mary
20 X LBC, 20 X bicycles, 20 X Rosilitas, 20 X Dollies
Jail break back to the launch point and Sheldon leads plank until everyone gets there

Today was one of those workouts what you put in you get out. Great job today pac pushing yourselves. I know you thought the slow jack webb was too easy, a good exercise to catch your breath with lol. Always an honor to Q, thank you Sensei and Booyah (no show). Smokey with the strong take out.

Wall build at Providence Presbyterian Church no new dates set check with Freehlys Comet
Carmel Christian Joy Prom need 200 host see Little Mike

More Shoulders?

7 brave souls headed into the gloom this surprisingly warm winter morning.

The warm up:
20 X SSH
20 X IW
15 X squats
10 X Merkins

The Thang:
Mosey to the fountains and partner up

Round 1
100 Merkins between the partners then run in opposite directions around the buildings meet at the other side and do 10 hand slap merkins.  Then run back around to starting point

Round 2
200 squats between partners run to opposite side and do 20 burpees

Round 3
100 Dips 20 hand slap merkins

Round 4
100 step ups 20 burpees

Round 5
100 CDD 10 hand slap merkins

I forgot we had a couple shoulder injuries

Mosey to the lawn in front of fountains

Some Mary Break
30 X LBC
20 X bicycle 

Time for everyone’s favorite Mr. Jack Webb with a twist

1 merkin 4 air presses, bear crawl 20 yards, 2 merkins 8 air presses

Continue until 6 merkins and 24 air presses with bear crawl in-between each round

A little more Mary
20 X Rosalita
10 X Lemon Squeezers

Mosey back over to shopping center

Two rounds of peoples chair abruptly stopped see moleskin

Mosey back to launch point

Great job everyone sorry it was probably a little moderate.   I hope everyone’s shoulders get better, it looked like only a few could do CDD.  Q fail!  Cheddar ended up bloody after this workout he fell on one of the runs.  New shoes he cited.  Probably just trying to make Mr. Bean feel better after he tripped him and broke his arm.  Frehley’s pulled off a feat I have never seen before in a workout.  He got everyone, even the Q to stop an exercise immediately.  During the last round of peoples chair he pooped himself.  Everyone stopped and ran off.  I am not even mad at you just impressed at the level you took it too stopping the exercise.  Goonie and Heart Breaker were leading the way in the early rounds.  I also found out that during their beer mile challenge.  Goonie has set the record for the fastest mile while drinking Blue Moon or pretty close to it.  I guess they have times for every type of beer.  No light beers allowed though. Loogie it was good to see you out there take it slow with that shoulder recovery.  Commish and Cheddar thank you for letting me Q always an honor.  On another note be sure to congratulate Cheese Curd on his promotion in the F3 ranks to twitter troll.  As he keeps saying I don’t post back blast every time I Q but I never see him at the workouts.
Joe Davis Run

The Gerkin Gag

28 Men headed into the gloom for a Tuesday before Thanksgiving beat down.

The warm up:
20 X SSH
20 X IW
20 X slow squat
15 X slow merkins

The Thang:
Partner up, partner one lays on the ground face up with hands in the air partner 2 gets on top with his hands on partners performing merkins.

Had you all worried with the inbred Merkins, Bulldog was about to quit F3. Someone else threatened to band me from Q’ing forever
The real Thang:

Everyone one line up on the sideline

Round 1. Start with 5 swings run to the other sideline and do 3 burpees
Then 10 swings and 3 burpees. Continue by 5 until up to 25 swings then run and 3 burpees

Plank until everyone is done, even the people standing around chatting

Round 2. Same concept with curls and 5 merkins on the opposite side between each KB round increasing KB exercise by 5 each round. From 5 to 25

Round 3. Romanian Deadlifts and 3 burpees

Round 4. Squats and Lemon Squeezes (I stole from the former F3 goer Busch)
Was trying to get someone to lead us in jay low (better way to spell) but no one would step up, Hops tried but it was several mins after the request was made.
Round 5. Overhead presses and merkins

Round 6. One handed bent over rows starting with 5 each side up to 25 each side and 5 merkins on the opposite side of the field. Not two handed highrows, also you do not swing when you do high rows. I heard the comment Tiger rag says you should swing your back every KB exercise. Now how is his back? Stonecold I will give you credit F3 calls them lawnmowers but I also heard you say your kettle bell was too heavy for you to do 25 each arm or something like that.

Hops did get to lead some slow flutter but it was pointed out we were already past time.

Stat of the day this might be the first workout that I did not do jack webb in, Q fail. I also can’t believe high tide ran before the workout no wonder he had issues with his KB. Need to rip that 0.0 sticker off the jeep runner. Spackler I expect some witty comments and what happened on your side of the work out. Harley and Fletch thank you for letting me Q always an honor. I saw some people blazing through the workout Fletch, Arena, TD, Cotton Mouth. I couldn’t really see everyone at the far ends but I am sure there were many other strong performances. I am guessing Yeti and Dollywood the 20 year olds. Hops thank you for taking us out, you excelled at that part of your workout. Thank you Bulldog for the workout name. If I missed anything sound off in the comments.

F3 Dads Thanksgiving day 9-10:30 McKee elementary See Lex Luther for additional info

Fletch for operation Sweet tooth, reach him on Twitter

Joe Davis run sign up

Christmas party Text Mr. Bean

Kevlar and Joust converging Friday mass text Bulldog for details, he loves them

I am sure you have seen it several times but call High tide if you would like to order F3 cold gear

Jumbo Moon

14 was the lucky number this jumbo moon morning that were able to head out into the gloom.

The warm up:

One lap around the parking lot

20 X SSH
20 X IW
10 X low slow squats
10 X slow merkins

Mosey down to the football field. Sad memories of this weekend for Simba, Chin Music and myself. Happy memories for the Wolfman!

Center of the field count off by 4s
Time for a little starfish
Run to each corner do exercise then come back to the middle do 5 or 3 burpees. Then onto next corner and back to middle
Corner one ten merkins
Corner two 20 squats
Corner three 20 CDD
Corner four 20 lunges

Repeat 3 times

Mosey to the end line and spread out
One suicide using the fifty yard line and opposite end line

Now for everyone’s favorite Mr. jack Webb with running, again spread out along the end line

Start with 1 merkin then 4 air presses after run 50 yards, 2 merkins 8 air presses run 50 yards. Continue this pattern until we get to 7 merkins and 28 air presses. Kurd was so excited he wanted to do another and took off running.

We decided to stay in the same spot and do some Mary
Round one LBCs
Round two the bicycle, Simba had a kids bike with a very low seat

Mosey over too the baseball field bleacher
Two rounds of 20 decline merkins, 20 supine pull-ups and 20 dips. Planking in between

The end

Great job today pax! Sorry about the names and delay on backblast. Actually wrote this in 4 different states. Goonie and Simba thank you for letting me Q, always and honor.


Christmas Party

Joe Davis run

Slow Merkins and Air Presses

21 pax made it out of bed for the first sub 40 degree workouts, proud of everyone who headed into the gloom.


Mosey to the parking lot in back to left of school

20 X SSH
20 X IW
15 X Low slow Squats
20 X MC
10 X Merkins

Mosey to Main Parking lot behind school

First round of exercise start with 5 merkins and 3 burpees run 200 yards back to lower parking lot and do 5 merkisn 3 burpees. Repeat until you have done a total of 6 sets.

Next round Partner up
Partner 1 runs to play ground and does 10 pullups or what they can (Mouth did 1) and partner 2 runs to basketball court and does 20 Carolina Dry Docks. Then meet in the middle for 5 hand slap merkins. Next each partner does the opposite. Repeat 2 twice

Mosey to field and circle up
Mary time
10 X dolleys
10 X dolleys/Flutter whatever ammo for pax
10 X bicycle

Now time for the main event everyone loves Mr. Jack Webb

1 merkin then 4 air presses nice and slow LOL, then 2 merkins and 8 sir presses up to 6 merkins 24 air presses. Mumble chatter at the beginning high mumble chatter at the end low

Mosey to the hill behind baseball field

A little ladder 5 squats at the top and 1 lunge at the bottom continue until 5 lunges at bottom and 1 squat at the top

Head over to the school for Peoples chair

3 rounds, round 1 normal, round 2 – 51 air presses, round 3 hands out in front

Mosey back to launch point

The end

The ole Mole skin:

Great job today pax or yesterday sorry a little slow with the back blast. I enjoyed the morning banter and hope everyone got a good workout in. Thank you Booyah and Sensei for the honor of letting me Q. Remember to practice your slow Merkins for the next Fireman Ed Q, happens to be Monday at Base Camp see you there.

Joe Davis Run
Christmas Party contact Mr. Bean
Fireman Ed Qs Base Camp Monday