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Welcome Godsmack and Gypsy!!

In the height of all this “BRR” run training, I really enjoyed the solid bootcamp Alf threw down on Wednesday at Anvil. I liked it so much, I decided to use it this am at Kevlar. And with that said, 12 PAX (none of whom were at Anvil besides me) took to Covenant Day campus on a beautiful Friday morning to better themselves. Here’s what we did:

COP: SSH x 20, 10 merkins OYO, IW x 20 10 merkins OYO…mosey to covered tennis hut…

20 Dips, 20 Derkins then to rock pile…

With a decent lifting rock, 20 bent rows, 20 overhead press…

Mosey to field, run backwards across, 20 jump squats, then return across running backwards…

Run behind church parking lot for 20 old school situps then 20 heels to heaven…continue to benches near playground…

20 Bulgarian split legged squats (10 each leg), followed by 10 incline merkins…

Rinse and Repeat until 6:10. Done.

Moleskin: Great workout today. HH let me know he received a sign up genius from a James Hundley earlier in the week; a little confused since no one has used that method for anything in quite awhile, it turns our James just wanted to join us for a workout, referred by an acquaintance in Huntersville. His F3 name is now Godsmack. Also joining us for first time is John, who was a bit mysterious, seemed to move around a bit, didn’t share much else…he’s now known as Gypsy. Both guys pushed themselves and the veterans stayed with them to the finish. Strong effort by all with Rhapsody leading the charge early. Squid had plans on defecting to the Brave but doesn’t check slack so after driving around to find no one…he ended up with the regulars at Kevlar and took us out in prayer.

Check Slack or Twitter for upcoming Need for Speed race in September and Golf tourney is coming up as well. Peace out!


Since I’m writing this on behalf of Bulldog more than 14 hours since it went down, please pardon the lack of accurate information including WHO was there and WHAT we did. All I know is that about 18 PAX left Kevlar this am all beat up…thanks to Bulldog. Here’s what I recall…

The best start to a workout EVER!! Utilizing his badass bluetooth sound system, we circle up with the instruction,”Do SSH or IW until you hear the word “thunder” in the song, at which point you drop and do a burpee (or merkin). Queue one of the greatest rock bands of all time…ACDC and Thunderstruck. Please take it in…enjoy before reading on…

So 4 minutes 52 seconds later and a mere 31 burpees (doublecheck if you must)…we move on to some merkins in cadence, then the actual workout.

Partner up, P1 runs the small track, P2 does suicides on field with tires as markers, burpee or handslap merkin at exchange, all that X4.

We all move to Covenant Day outdoor workout arena to find many many stations set up (Bulldog got their really early…huge props to the QIC). Two times around, 40 seconds on 10 second break then 30 seconds on and 10 second break of the following stations:

Dips, Massive Rope wave thingy (whoa!), straight arm plate raise, TRX flys, Kettlebell swings, box jump, jump rope, tire flips, jump rope, medicine ball Russian twists, Kettlebell goblet squats, barbell curls (not sure weight but heavy enough for me), Louganis with plate, deep merkins using blocks, bear crawl w/merkins, decline sit-ups. Holy crap!

Circle up for misc. Mary work…done!

Random observations…I forgot the shovel flag due to a broken garage door nightmare, Turkey Leg actually looked tired today (can’t imagine why), Cheese Curd made showed up for his 2nd workout in all of 2017, due to injury, glad to see you back. Spackler somehow snuck in without any obnoxious sounds or comments…worked hard as always. Cottontail does not like dismounting the decline sit-up equipment, Orange Whip pulled the “locals only” pre-run to and fro, Lex Luthor is a solid partner even though we struggled with partner merkins, and finally Squid is NO JOKE with a jump rope…kind of like this….

If you per chance you’re reading this and weren’t there. If you see Bulldog has a Q somewhere…get your ass out of bed and do it. Thank you Bulldog and all the PAX who proved Kevlar is the real deal. God bless and have a great weekend.


Saitama “One Punch Man” Training Day!

By the time I pulled into an eerie empty parking lot, the rain stopped and it was a cool 58 degrees…perfect running/bootcamp weather. I was joined by 8 strong PAX who wanted to start the day off right. I attempted a quick disclaimer but had to wait on Rachel pulling in tardy and then his car alarm as he fumbled with his keys to assemble with the others. Alas, little did they know what was coming…

YHC shared the vision as we left the school toward Hwy 51, then West, then onto Carey Ridge. At that point I provided more details. Saitama, the “One Punch Man”, trains by doing 100 push ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10k run every day! My goal was just to get the PAX started and let them decide if they wished to complete the 3 year journey toward Anime Superhero status.

We quietly circled up at the cul-de-sac on Colburn for the “kickstart”, in cadence 50 squats, 30 merkins and 40 LBC. From there it was each man for himself running the full distance of Colburn (0.6 miles) aka “Half Pipe” back and forth, doing squats on near end, merkins at the valley, LBC at the far end. Reps per set can vary as long as you completed 100 of each exercise. And off we went with Alf, Turkey Leg and Rachel quickly jumping up front and never looking back. The rest of us spread out with PopTart reluctantly embracing his inner BRR-self, Semi-Gloss consistently kicking ass with a smile and Margo breaking in his new kicks the real man’s way…running hill repeats over 5+ miles…badass. Utah, Mermaid and YHC took our position in the back of the pack where we can talk about family flu bug and poor sleeping habits.

At 6:05 we made our way from Colburn up Rosecliff to Strawberry for the classic Indian Run back to the school. Maybe one of the toughest I’ve ever been a part of…ouch! The faster guys broke the 10k mark with everyone else just short…Saitama didn’t mention hills…ugh. And of course with a few minutes left we had to sneak in a couple parking lot sprints while Semi-Gloss toweled off by his car. He made up for it with a nice takeout though…thank you. And thanks to everyone who made it this am. Tough workout, felt good. Enjoy the video.


#StPatricksDay #MarchMadness #FakeNews

I had several themes to choose from, but opted not to choose one, rather went for the essential elements of a Friday bootcamp style workout. Being a little chilly this am, I wasted no time with a quick disclaimer and 13 of us mosey’d from the parking lot, this is what we did…

The Thang

Mosey’d down to lower lot for COP – SSH, IW, Merkins, Mtn Climbers x20. Continued around parking lots up to new sports field where sandbags awaited, apparently left by Leprechauns. We broke into groups of 3 for grinders over the full length of the field. Bag side – Overhead Press, curls (briefly), tricep extensions, flutter press while far side was Jump squats and Romanian deadlifts. After about 8-10 full sets we ran back to main lot sharing bag carries along the way.

Once back at the mini-field and track, circled up for a group exercise while one PAX named the exercise then ran the mini-track carrying the slosh pipe. Exercises were burpees, 8-count body builders, heels to heaven, full sit-up, merkins, 6 inch plank, flutters, Turkish getups and others I can’t recall. Finally, we lined up for mid-field suicide sprints and full field sprints. Done.


Overall solid workout, not too much chatter, we logged a few miles, threw around some weight and gutted through some sprints. I’m always fan of grinders, seemed like everyone pushed hard, the sandbags were especially heavy today. Bulldog asked me to  “race” him the last leg. I felt like Clark Griswold chasing Rusty to the entrance of Wally World. Only half the PAX were able to experience the novelty and difficulty of the slosh pipe because Turkey Leg decided it was much easier if you just bang one end on the ground, knock the cap off and dump the water out. We audibled with sand bags so it all worked out. In conclusion, thanks to everyone for coming out, I was impressed with the numbers considering the NCAA tournament was going all night and it was 27 degrees this am. Poptart mumbled some announcement about Savage Race, just look it up. Thank you Squid for the takeout. Have a great weekend!

The Chickens have Hatched

I’m happy to confirm 14 PAX showed up for a Friday bootcamp at Covenant Day this am. Since I now understand the #51counts should only come AFTER the workout, rest assured for 14 motivated souls, the world is a better place. And with a thorough disclaimer, off we went…

THANG: Mosey to parking lot for COP n the parking lot, SSH x 20, 10 merkins, IW x 20, 10 merkins, Mtn Climbers x 20. Mosey across Fullwood into new neighborhood. Partner up, each runs opposite direction of the big outer loop, meet up for 10 handslap merkins, continue around and do 10 deep squats. Repeat x3. Mosey back over to new field at Covenant Day. Run 7’s with burpees on far end and plank jack on near end. Plank up for group. Mosey across campus to far East side. Triple nickel with derkins (feet up on wall) x 5 run across field, 5 squats, then back x 5. Mosey out of campus then AYG crossing the street and back to the cars for some Mary; Freddy Mercury, Flutter and LBC x 15 each. Done.

MOLESKIN: Pretty basic bootcamp today. Had a little confusion by half the PAX as to which outer loop to run in the new neighborhood. All good though. Lots of new manhole covers and some thick mud to deal with. YHC called an audible to the field to help clean everyone’s shoes. Great group, not too much chatter, we kept moving for 45 minutes. YHC took us out in prayer.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check out iTunes F3 podcast today at 11:30am as Witch Doctor is talking about nutrition. Having been the recipient of his prescriptions and advice at BRR last year, I think you should listen. Reminder to be sure to check with a site Q if you’re leading a workout and plan to attend a location on a different day than normal as these schools and churches are usually only aware of our presence on specific days and times.

Thank you everyone for coming out this morning and have a great weekend.

100 Burpees and Extra Miles

Beautiful cool weather rolling into the parking lot this morning. Everyone seemed to arrive at the same time. After a little banter, I woke up Van Pelt from his customary drivers seat nap and 15 PAX rolled out after a quick disclaimer.

The Thang:

We shot out on Strawberry to 51 and into Raintree. Circled up on the pad at Willow Point for COP for a brief overview of the plan. In honor of McGee who suffered the loss of his mother, we would fulfill his commitment of 100 Burpees this am. So we started off with 10 burpees. From there we did suicides on Willow Point with three points of 10 burpees each. Some planking to wait for the six then moved down Raintree.

After that quick mozy we hit up dreaded Windbluff out and back to Providence x 2 with 10 burpees at each end. Plank and come back for the six. Then mozy down Rounding Run to Woodfox. 10 more burpees. Then back to the school to finish the remaining burpees to total 100. Done!!


Going into day two of back to back Q’s for the first time, YHC wanted to make sure I didn’t get lazy. I had a loose plan with mild exercises and various lengths and hills in Raintree. Fortunately, Prohibiion reached out with the 100 burpees idea out of respect for McGee. Thanks Pro, solid idea, the execution was brutal. We covered 6+ plus miles on top of the 100 burpees…rough combo.

Thank you to the site Q’s for the opportunity to lead this elite group of men. Thank you Duct Work for the moving takeout.

Annoucements: Savage obstacle race coming up in May. See Poptart or check online for details. CSAUP this Saturday at McAlpine at 7am.

Leave Your Shoes in the Garage!!

Yea, so it rained a little bit. I checked out the AO yesterday afternoon, it was already soggy, so you could imagine after the deluge last night. So 17 PAX learned to navigate puddles and a full-on bog while conditioning their minds and bodies this am. Good size crowd this am, I gave a disclaimer which included knowledge of the rain-soaked terrain and off we went.

Workout: Quick warm up with SSH and IW x 20, then started a warmup lap around the school giving instructions at four different stations. 10 Burpees OYO to complete the warm up then we split up into two groups to spread out and began the AMRAP.

Station 1: Run with sandbag around mini-track in front of school. 20 Merkins or Burpees before or after depending if a sandbag was available

Station 2: 20 Box jumps or step ups on the tree stumps or picnic table at the rear playground

Station 3: 20 LBC and 20 Carolina Drydocks in the lower parking lot

Station 4: 20 overhead press and 20 curls using the cinder blocks at the edge of the sports field

AMRAP until 6:10 approx. Quick mary with flutters and dolly x 20. Done

Moleskin: Site Q Poptart was diligent reminding me last Friday of my duties this am, hope he’s pleased. Solid group and I hope the workout delivered since we were so spread out, I couldn’t read the vibe. I heard some breathing and saw some sweaty brows during COT. Slight grumbling about all the nasty puddles, YHC took a slightly more wet than necessary route in the beginning to get everyone’s feet wet early. The field was really bad, at that point, your socks are wet…deal with it. Total lap is approx. 0.75 miles so everyone got in 3+ laps…not bad. With McGee present I had to make sure we had some Burpee options, which he took advantage of and knocked out his 100 for the day #impressive. It wasn’t my intention but this was a nice prequel to a couple announcements: Sandbags = CSAUP this Saturday at 7am, McAlpine. Soaked feet = Mud Run and Savage events upcoming, ask somebody or look on F3 site for info.

Lastly, thanks to Poptart for the oppty to lead this am. Thanks to Squid for the takeout. And this morning yet another reminder of how precious and short life is and how we need to cherish every minute with loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with McGee and his family, as his mother passed away this am.


Sloshed on New Year’s Eve!

I’m a fan of tracking activity, clean slates, fresh starts, etc., so with much anticipation, I was excited to lead on the last day of the year. Buttermaker had me scheduled well in advance so I had time to prepare. And with that knowledge I wanted to come up with something memorable. So one by one, 11 PAX reluctantly left the comfort of heated seats to end the year right. And with a standard disclaimer…we took off.

The Thang: YHC led 10 PAX out of Calvary Church down Rea Rd. into the Trader Joe’s parking lot for COP. SSH, IW and Romanian Deadlifts x 20 with 5 burpees OYO after each. We continued right on Bevington up to Elm Lane north back up to Hwy 51 and back to Calvary Church next to hot box/field. Quick plank to let the six catch up then moved on.

Five pain stations with gear were set up with the PAX paired up at each. P1 uses the gear while P2 does a different exercise, flapjack until rotation to next station.

Station 1 (Timer): P1 has 10 foot slosh pipe, zercher carry (jog, walk) out and back approx. 100 yards total while P2 does jump squats.

Station 2: P1 runs parking lot around light post carrying a 10 lb. dumb bell in each hand while P2 does merkins.

Station 3: P1 does two hand kettle bell swings while P2 does step ups in hot box.

Station 4: P1 runs down sidewalk and back uphill carrying sand bag while P2 does LBC (any mary)

Station 5: Both P1 and P2 do squat thrusters with sandbags.

Following two rounds at each station we mosey’d to the “suicide lot” to do just that, burpee suicides at each island. Mosey’s back to cars for a few minutes of mary: flutters, Freddy Mecury, LBC. Done.

Moleskin: I felt a little more at ease with this Q knowing we have a huge AO, a full hour and a group that is typically up for anything…including some decent running. I’m sure the sub freezing temps kept a few people home but I was hoping for a solid group to break in the slosh pipe…and I got my wish. It’s clearly more difficult than anyone expects, supposed to really work the core along with your back and pretty much every other muscle in your body. Maybe the best part was how the other four stations would watch the PAX carrying the slosh pipe to find an “easier” way. Nope. Size, strength and technique all matter. I think McGee found a new favorite toy and is probably at Home Depot right now gathering the materials. Hops manned up with the shoulder carry. I was impressed with Nemo toughing it out. Everyone was struggling the second round but all succeeded. Chatter was light, we covered 3.4 miles approx., lots of reps, awkward loads to carry and enough burpees for most, although Alf challenged McGee to finish his December Burpee pledge which some others joined in as we wrapped up. Hard work by everyone. Thanks to Hops for the takeout. Happy New Year everyone!!

Announcements: Joe Davis run next Saturday, convergence on Monday at Matrix and another convergence somewhere else, watch twitter or ask a friend where to go on Monday.


Breakin’ Bags

Pretty excited to Q Day Zero for the first time. Even though I never got the memo earlier this Summer due to some email address “typos”, I got word in plenty of time to put together what I was hoping would be a classic DZ high intensity romp at McAlpine. Perfect size group, 12 Pax including one FNG. Quick disclaimer then off we went…


-Mosey from McAlpine to the adjacent strip mall/construction site/Sunshine House for COP

-SSH x 20 then 5 burpees, IW x 20 then 5 burpees, Low Slow Squat x 20 then 5 burpees

-Warm-up mile run on Bevington Place all way around to bottom of Carswell Ln. Plank for the six.

-Run 7’s From bottom of Carswell Ln., Squat at bottom, Merkins at top of hill

-Run/Mosey to school basketball court. Broke into three groups to run around school path doing exercises in three stations…

20 Thrusters w/sandbags, 10 Merkins, Step-ups on wall (2 laps)

20 Good mornings, 50 LBCs, 10 Derkins (2 laps)

Mary on basketball court: 15 Dolly, 15 Flutters, 15 Rosalita. Hustle to top parking lot for sprints and dips, then AYG back to cars. Total distance approx. 4.35 miles.


Perfect size group of guys today with 12 PAX plus one rambunctious chocolate lab. Radar’s dog got more out of the workout than he did…and almost a mid-morning snack of a poodle during the Bevington run. Once the group was finally assembled, Radar pulling in late parking in the COP, then Finkle (FNG) caught up to us during 7’s on Carswell, everyone worked pretty hard. I bobbled a bit delivering accurate instructions for the laps and station work at the school…it was better on paper and in my head…I just couldn’t verbalize it. Spackler and others made a valiant effort to break my shiny new duct-tape sandbags…aside from a couple minors tears in the tape, no grains were lost on the court. Healthy chatter and a solid workout. Our FNG, Michael Seelin (sp?) who is a football coach at Myers Park was welcomed in as Finkle. Thanks to Buttermaker for asking me to Q and thanks to Purple Haze for the takeout.


Sign up for Southern Discomfort which takes place in 3 weeks, October 22nd and there might still be some Ragnar spots open…tweet someone if you’re interested.

Feel the BURN!

It was a beautiful morning, 78 degrees and only 84% humidity with clear skies. YHC led 16 PAX on a sweaty hour long workout. Since I’m still a novice Tweeter, only a couple saw my pre-blast which contained the following sparse information: we would be running a majority of the time, it would not be flat and we would not be in Raintree. And with a brief disclaimer we set off at 5:15am….


-One mile warmup. Mosey from SCMS up Strawberry left on Hwy 51 left into Davie Park down Windswept to parking lot for COP.

-Low Slow Squat x 15

-25 Merkins OYO

-Mosey out of Davie park, left down Hwy 51, left in to Carey Ridge to the end at Coburn Ct., plank up for the six.

-Run to the other end of Coburn Ct. and back (aka Half Pipe) as many times as time allowed. Regroup at other end of Coburn at 6:05 for some Mary. Flutter x 20, LBC x 20.

-Run back toward school, up Brownes Pond to Rosecliff to Strawberry. Indian Run back to SCMS.


A smaller group for FT this time of year. Everyone worked hard on the hills of Coburn…it was a tough .6 miles each way, everyone got in at least 4 lengths with the faster guys doing 6. Turkey Leg fresh from vacation led the way with Alf and Gerber not far behind. Wasn’t too much chatter, we were all gasping for breath in the warm air. Sundancer was an FNG to FastTwitch, he seemed quite pleased to join the “running workout”. Kudos to PopTart, who despite confusing the post start time, still headed out to Five Knolls and Piper Glen just missing the group #ellobosolo. Thanks to Purple Haze for allowing me to lead these fine men. Thank you to Mermaid for the takeout.


F3 Pool Party this Saturday, August 20th, see web site to sign up, $10/family.

BRR Team still looking to fill a spot, contact Geraldo if interested.