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Breakin’ Bags

Pretty excited to Q Day Zero for the first time. Even though I never got the memo earlier this Summer due to some email address “typos”, I got word in plenty of time to put together what I was hoping would be a classic DZ high intensity romp at McAlpine. Perfect size group, 12 Pax including one FNG. Quick disclaimer then off we went…


-Mosey from McAlpine to the adjacent strip mall/construction site/Sunshine House for COP

-SSH x 20 then 5 burpees, IW x 20 then 5 burpees, Low Slow Squat x 20 then 5 burpees

-Warm-up mile run on Bevington Place all way around to bottom of Carswell Ln. Plank for the six.

-Run 7’s From bottom of Carswell Ln., Squat at bottom, Merkins at top of hill

-Run/Mosey to school basketball court. Broke into three groups to run around school path doing exercises in three stations…

20 Thrusters w/sandbags, 10 Merkins, Step-ups on wall (2 laps)

20 Good mornings, 50 LBCs, 10 Derkins (2 laps)

Mary on basketball court: 15 Dolly, 15 Flutters, 15 Rosalita. Hustle to top parking lot for sprints and dips, then AYG back to cars. Total distance approx. 4.35 miles.


Perfect size group of guys today with 12 PAX plus one rambunctious chocolate lab. Radar’s dog got more out of the workout than he did…and almost a mid-morning snack of a poodle during the Bevington run. Once the group was finally assembled, Radar pulling in late parking in the COP, then Finkle (FNG) caught up to us during 7’s on Carswell, everyone worked pretty hard. I bobbled a bit delivering accurate instructions for the laps and station work at the school…it was better on paper and in my head…I just couldn’t verbalize it. Spackler and others made a valiant effort to break my shiny new duct-tape sandbags…aside from a couple minors tears in the tape, no grains were lost on the court. Healthy chatter and a solid workout. Our FNG, Michael Seelin (sp?) who is a football coach at Myers Park was welcomed in as Finkle. Thanks to Buttermaker for asking me to Q and thanks to Purple Haze for the takeout.


Sign up for Southern Discomfort which takes place in 3 weeks, October 22nd and there might still be some Ragnar spots open…tweet someone if you’re interested.

Feel the BURN!

It was a beautiful morning, 78 degrees and only 84% humidity with clear skies. YHC led 16 PAX on a sweaty hour long workout. Since I’m still a novice Tweeter, only a couple saw my pre-blast which contained the following sparse information: we would be running a majority of the time, it would not be flat and we would not be in Raintree. And with a brief disclaimer we set off at 5:15am….


-One mile warmup. Mosey from SCMS up Strawberry left on Hwy 51 left into Davie Park down Windswept to parking lot for COP.

-Low Slow Squat x 15

-25 Merkins OYO

-Mosey out of Davie park, left down Hwy 51, left in to Carey Ridge to the end at Coburn Ct., plank up for the six.

-Run to the other end of Coburn Ct. and back (aka Half Pipe) as many times as time allowed. Regroup at other end of Coburn at 6:05 for some Mary. Flutter x 20, LBC x 20.

-Run back toward school, up Brownes Pond to Rosecliff to Strawberry. Indian Run back to SCMS.


A smaller group for FT this time of year. Everyone worked hard on the hills of Coburn…it was a tough .6 miles each way, everyone got in at least 4 lengths with the faster guys doing 6. Turkey Leg fresh from vacation led the way with Alf and Gerber not far behind. Wasn’t too much chatter, we were all gasping for breath in the warm air. Sundancer was an FNG to FastTwitch, he seemed quite pleased to join the “running workout”. Kudos to PopTart, who despite confusing the post start time, still headed out to Five Knolls and Piper Glen just missing the group #ellobosolo. Thanks to Purple Haze for allowing me to lead these fine men. Thank you to Mermaid for the takeout.


F3 Pool Party this Saturday, August 20th, see web site to sign up, $10/family.

BRR Team still looking to fill a spot, contact Geraldo if interested.

Pre-Blast for Fast Twitch, August 16

YHC will be Q for another warm sweaty romp through the streets off Hwy 51. Here’s what I’ll share:

  1. We will be running the majority of the time
  2. It won’t be flat
  3. We will NOT be in Raintree

Come join the fun…tell a friend!

Did I say 11’s…I meant 7’s

What a perfect day for a morning workout. 25 PAX including two FNG’s showed up for my VQ at Kevlar. Because of the nice weather and history of great workouts at Kevlar, I knew it would be a solid turnout and was not disappointed. After a disclaimer we took off…


  • Mosey across street through campus parking lot back across street toward graveyard, circled up in parking lot.
  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • 10 merkins OYO
  • Mtn Climbers x 25 (I added 5 because they felt good, not because I lost count due to heavy breathing)
  • 10 merkins OYO
  • Mosey across 51 to bottom of Reid Hall
  • 11’s up and down Reid Hall, wide arm merkins at bottom, diamond merkins at top
  • Plank up…mosey down 51 to the pitch at Warner Park
  • Suicide #1 – 10 merkins halfway, 20 squats far side
  • Suicide #2 – 5 burpees halfway, 10 burpees far side
  • Mosey back across 51, plank up at corner, AYG back to launch for Mary
  • Flutter, Dolly, Heels to Heaven x 15 each
  • Eternal Flame Group Merkin – Up/hold around circle, down/hold around circle x 5 approx.


I heard some grumbling, probably a little more running than some wanted, about 3.2 – 3.6 miles. I was told it resembled an earlier version of Fast Twitch. In hindsight, with only 45 minutes to work with, 7’s would have been a better choice, leaving more time for Warner park where I had some more exercises in my bag. Two FNG’s, Sidecar and Brexit jumped into the mix today and now hate the number 11. When they come back, hopefully they get some tire hairburners, weights, bear crawls and more of what Kevlar has to offer. Thank you Squid for the takeout prayer and thanks to Alf and Horsehead for the opportunity to lead these fine men.


  • Sign up for the golf tourney ASAP,
  • F3 Dad’s tomorrow led by Horsehead
  • Talk to Body Bag if you want to play soccer, F3 v. Charlotte Eagles, July 9th.

If Fast Twitch was a tree…

Following some chilly weather the past couple days, pouring rain last night, the air was warmer than normal with no rain as 10 PAX set out at 5:15am to achieve an aggressive hour long workout. Not wet asphalt nor first time cadence jitters would get in our way…let’s do this!

The Thang: Quick disclaimer then off we went up Strawberry, mosey down 51 into Raintree.

COT at Willow Point landing pad: SSH x 20, IW x 15 then the real fun began.

First Branch: Run to end of Willow Point, 20 step-ups on concrete barrier (10 each leg) then run back to pad and do 20 Merkins. Mosey down Raintree to top of Windbluff Dr.

Second Branch: Run to end of Windbluff at Providence, 10 squats then run back and to top and do 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Mosey down Raintree to top of 4 Mile Creek Rd. Plank up.

Third Branch: Run down 4 Mile Creek Rd to light (Whitethorn Rd.), 10 Merkins then run back to top and do 5 Jump Squats.

Indian Run back up Raintree to Rounding Run Rd. Mosey to Woodfox then AYG back to SCMS.

Moleskin: Great tight group today with 10 PAX on a wet but warmer than normal morning. We were missing a couple speedy regulars so Alf stepped up to lead the charge through Raintree. Hairball and About Time also kept a quick pace up and down the hills. Lots of encouragement and teamwork amongst the group. The morning was a success with mileage ranging from 6.5 to 6.9 along with enough reps to loosen the upper body. Thanks to Purple Haze for inviting me to lead this morning. It’s been great getting to know everyone, week after week. It’s not always easy getting up this early and I’m always motivated and impressed by the dedication and commitment of this group.

Announcements: F3 Party at Metro on March 5th, Signups Now Open. Available Bib for Corporate Cup (see Hairball). 10 Mile Run this Saturday at Earthfaire Greenway Loop.

Pre-Blast: Fast Twitch 2/16/16

As mentioned by others in previous weeks, the demand for a Pre-Blast is overwhelming. Since this is my VQ, I’ll try to appease the masses yet flexible enough to accommodate poor road conditions, poor weather conditions, or just plain poor planning and performance pressure by YHC.

We’ll leave SCMS, mosey up Strawberry then down 51 into Raintree and make a stop on Willow Point landing pad for a quick round of exercises…mainly to see if I screw up the cadence. From here the plan is to do four branches of intervals along Raintree Lane, each branch a different road out and back with exercises on each end. The branches are Willow Point, Windbluff, 4 Mile Creek and the last will be finishing Raintree Lane to the end at Providence. I’m going to wait and decide which exercises and how many reps once I get a feel for the vibe of the PAX. Time might also play a factor.

From there we’ll head back via Rounding Run and Woodfox…more than likely AYG. If need be we have Rising Meadow as a fifth branch. Nothing original or fancy guys. I just want everyone to have a strong workout and feel good about it leaving the parking lot. See you tomorrow am.