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Running on Empty

So the rains flew by in the night leaving wet streets, a few puddles and a decent temperature for running. My plans were simply to venture out a bit…and that we did. Quick disclaimer to some regulars and off we went.

Of course lots of pontificating on what “least popular territory” I was referring to in the pre-tweet. Once the group passed the first mile mark with no sign of stopping, there was an annoyed buzz in the air. Alas we reached Beverly Crest after 2 miles straight of Hwy 51. From there we split up on a lovely wide street ran opposite directions doing 15 merkins at the end then rejoining for 15 jump squats in the middle. Most repeated it twice, some had to cut it short, some did extra. And then with 20 minutes remaining we headed back….(Queue the music)

Personally, I felt pretty good en route to Beverly Crest and not too bad during the back and forth…although the hill on one side snuck up on me. Going back, once we crossed Providence, dodged traffic to get back on the south side of 51, it became a decent haul and my pace slowed. There was lots of chatter along the way both ways directions: Alf was bragging to Pop Tart about his Hokies embarassing the Tar Heels the night before. Rachel, Purple Haze and I were just commenting on the puddles and pace. I didn’t hear much from Margo and ReTread both focused on the long haul. Astro cruised along reminiscing of colder days and his warm beanie. What wasn’t Benny talking about?!

Great group this am. Minimum distance was 6 miles, max was just over 7. Thanks to Haze and Rachel for letting me lead. Thanks to Astro for the takeout prayer.


16 Men 16 Degrees

Okay so talking about the cold weather is already old and cliche, however, I was informed this am that this is the coldest Charlotte (or NC) weather since 1920. Wow. I think it was Cottontail who shared that…thank you. The forecast was 16 degrees, give or take a few. At 5:20am, a car pulled in, then another, and another and another and …. OMG, it was a legit group of motivated PAX…16 total. Godsmack walked up in shorts, short sleeves, no hat, no gloves, no sweatshirt. Since we hadn’t seen him in awhile, I’m assuming he was in a deep sleep and no one told him it was Winter. BLC loaned him some extra gloves #MintHillPrepared.  Orange Whip was channeling old school Rocky Balboa, clad in great sweat pants and sweat shirt. Turkey Leg displayed some Smurf like royal blue gloves that made his hands abnormally larger than anything else on his body. Aside from that it was tough to know who was there because of all the layers and beanies pulled down snug over the ears…except for Sunshine that is, his long golden locks did not disappoint. I gave a quick disclaimer and off we went.

Mosey through Covenant Day to Fullwood and hit the neigborhood next door for a long than normal warm up. COP back at CD parking lot for SSH x 25, Merkins x 10, IW x 25, Carolina Dry Docks x 10. We proceeded the long way around the school as I pointed out designated areas; we arrived at the rock pile where we chose a lifting rock and did 25 overhead shoulder press.

Now back at the start at the side frontage road we began the AMRAP with four (4) stations around the entire campus, 25 Merkins, 25 Jump Squats, 25 Carolina Dry Docks and 25 Shoulder Press with Rock. GO!

Moleskin: The group broke up quickly, TL, Alf and Orange Whip jumping out front with something to prove. I couldn’t really tell where everyone was until the end as we all filed back to parking lot for some mary that had already started when I got there. Stone Cold displayed true class hanging with Godsmack who was pushing hard after some time off. HH found a football and made a side game of Fumble = Burpees as it made its way around the group. I think the minimum distance was 3.5 miles with the fast guys getting in 4 laps and over 4 miles. The goal was to stay in motion to offset the low temps. Mission complete.

Couple announcements, Joe Davis run tomorrow at 8am in Fort Mill, you can still run or just show up, it’s not too late!! New F3 bible study after Kevlar at Panera Arboretum #mancave. Thank you Squid for the takeout. Thank you all for showing up this morning in true F3 fashion.

“10 Runners Running…”

Sorry for the delay getting this out…it seems my employer doesn’t trust our F3 web site security protocols. In any case, it was a bit colder than expected, 29 degrees at 5:15am (compared to the 36 my app told me the night before). So I gave the instructions and a thorough disclaimer and off we went…10 runners running.

In an effort to deviate from last week’s homage to Ratt (see if anyone gets that reference) by Alf. I chose a more direct route straight out of SCMS via Woodfox to Raintree Lane, down and back up to 4 Mile Creek. Break for 25 Merkins. Then out 4 Mile all the way to Ballantyne Commons…25 more Merkins. Back to Raintree Lane intersection 25 more Merkins and back the “home stretch” to SCMS. With a few extra minutes, Alf opted for 25 more Merkins for a solid 100, then we did some COP with IW, Low Slow Squats, Dolly, Freddie Mercury and LBC to close it out.

MOLESKIN: Fun group today, albeit a little quiet at first…I think some were trying to figure out how we could possibly get to Ballantyne Commons and/or do we really have time and/or why aren’t I still in bed where it’s toasty. Others were second guessing their choice of apparel including proper hand protection from the cold and coarse roadways upon which we would embark on a Merkin frenzy (by Fast Twitch standards). Rachel and Turkey Leg took a quick lead and never looked back. Followed by Astro, Alf and One Eye. Solid pace up front. I’ve never met Astro before but he had no problem showing off his speed and vintage snow hat (poof ball and all!). Margo, Purple Haze, Benny, Mr. Brady and YHC kept it human like. I have to tell you I was waiting for Haze to drop back so I could join him but he never did #runforrestrun. At the turn, it broke up a little bit. I think Mr. Brady started to stretch out his Achilles and picked it up more to his natural gazelle like gait. Purple Haze kept in stride and the rest of us were chasing. At the 4 Mile intersection after the Merkins, it turned into a 2nd F with 8 of us trotting down Raintree Lane. Rachel and TL were at the school already discussing their favorite elements on the periodic table and the dynamics of atomic weight.

So we completed 6.4+ miles, 100 Merkins and some much needed Mary. I honestly didn’t think the whole group would do the complete trek but we did, with time to spare. Kudos!!


Thanks Purple Haze for the takeout prayer. And thanks to Rachel and Purple Haze for the oppty to lead this group.

Cornucopia of Kettlebell w/side of Slosh Pipe

My long awaited VQ at Meathead finally arrived. Just so happened to be on Thanksgiving. And with that said, I had a slower than normal work day on Wednesday to research and come up with a creative strategy for the kettlebell intensive workout. Well it turns out, there’s not a whole lot of room for creativity or variations on the classic movements. I considered filling the time with rogue hot laps around the school parking lot; but didn’t want to upset Voodoo or Witch Doctor. So after a thorough disclaimer, here’s what we did:

Warmup: SSH x 10, IW x 10, Merkins x 10

The Plan: Three rounds, do each exercise in order, follow the rep count posted (modify as needed to keep good form). If you finish all three rounds, ladder back down or start over with round one.

Swings – 20, 30, 40

Upright Rows – 20, 30, 40

Goblet Squats – 10, 15, 20

Shoulder Press (each arm) – 10, 15, 20

Lawnmower Pull (each arm) – 10, 20, 30

Snatch (each arm) – 10, 15, 20

LBC – 50, 50, 50

Slosh Pipe – 40 yard carry – Rotate turns throughout workout

Moleskin: Voodoo, Rachel and High Tide joined me for a 3 mile pre-run to get the blood flowing. We re-entered the parking lot with a minute to spare to find 8 others anxiously waiting with their KB’s ready to go. A dozen PAX is a perfect size group, enough idle chatter yet focused enough to get the job done. I didn’t recognize Witch Doctor with his Holiday Beard in full effect. TL brought his brother-in-law Bulls Eye from MN for his annual holiday beatdown. Mad was sporting the rucksack to man up the workout a bit. And while I thought having the workout in writing on a nice sign was cool, I still failed with no workout music. Fortunately, Voodoo earned Site Q points and was prepared with his mini- speaker. It was a rough start with GNR November Rain but picked up with Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins and more. Of course, the 10 foot Slosh Pipe was my way of mixing things up. Always fun to watch PAX weaving and struggling…and it’s good exercise (core, back, arms, etc.). Soul Glow carried the pipe like a boss. Thanks to Witch Doctor and Voodoo for letting me lead. Thank you Young Love for the takeout prayer.

Announcements: Tomorrow, 7am Kevlar (Convergence with Joust), Covenant Day. You know you want to. Joe Davis run in early January, sign up, it’s a great event.  F3 Area 51 Christmas Party, Friday December 8th, sign up link below…

Area 51 Christmas Party 2017!


Stick to the Basics

Whether it’s running, gym workouts, or boot camps; sometimes trying to be too creative just doesn’t makes sense. Barefoot running…really? Crazy hip flexer movement with a barbell on your lap while bending over a bench (yes, I’ve seen that), or coming up with random, combo exercises that take too much time to explain and never really work that well. So…we did none of that today…instead 11 men embarked on the following journey:

Mosey to lower parking lot for COP: SSH, IW, Low slow squat x 20 each with 10 merkins OYO in between (regular, wide arm, diamond)

Mosey to lacrosse field…(Doh… sprinklers, sloshy wet grass, “Omaha!” to middle lot). Sprint to each light, 5, 10, 15 burpees at each light.

Mosey to kindergarten area, partner up, P1 exercises, P2 runs around circle lot and flapjack: Dips, step ups, derkins x 30

Mosey to rock pile, everyone grabs a legit lifting rock: Bicep curls, overhead press, tricep extensions, Thrusters x 25, run to back lot and back (near graveyard) between each set. Plank work waiting for six.

Mosey down to main sanctuary lot, three (or 4) man grinders, squats on one side, merkins on opposite, run 40 yard between, repeat approx. 7 times through.

Mosey up to main lot, AYG sprint backwards on fire lane back to start. Circle up for Mary, protractor, freddie mercury, rosalita, LBC (until it burns) and finish with burpees. DONE.

Unfortunately we had yet another miscommunication on the Q schedule, this time just a bad email address. So Cottontail showed up not knowing he had the lead today. No worries, the Kevlar site Q’s keep our feathers numbered for just this sort of emergency. Hence YHC stuck with what I know and what feels good around the Covenant Day campus. Hopefully everyone got something out of it. We will get Cottontail back on the schedule very soon. Thank you everyone for showing up. Thank you Horsehead for the takeout prayer.

Couple announcements: Good luck to all those running in Charlotte Marathon tomorrow with F3 and Speed for Need. Convergence at Kevlar with Joust the Friday after Thanksgiving. Also, 3rd F will be converging at ChickfilA with other sites, including Shore for support. Please see web site and more info from Bulldog.

And Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served in this fine country’s military. Thank you for your service. Have a great weekend!

9 Servings of Goulash…coming up!!

Gou·lash (ɡo͞oˌläSH): a mixture of heterogeneous elements
Credit to Gummy for describing our workout; but that’s exactly what we did this am. It wasn’t just beef and vegetables and paprika, we added a whole lot more and kept moving for an entire 45 minutes (except for Fletch who did more running to and fro the AO). Here’s the breakdown…
Mosey around campus to center cross for COP:
SSH, IW, Low slow squat, mtn climbers x 20; wide arm merkins, merkins, diamond merkins, all x 10.
Mosey to East Lot, pair up each runs opposite direction through lot, 5 burpees, run back 10 hand slap merkins, flapjack.
Mosey to lacrosse field, 3-man grinders, jump squats & merkins x 20 (two loops), LBC & good mornings x 20 (two loops).
Mosey North, each team grabs a rock, mosey to tennis hut. P1 runs , P2 press, curls, tricep x 10, P3 flutter, dolly, rosalita x 10. Rotate through each station x 3.
OYO, using bench, dips, derkins, merkins x 20 each. Mosey…return rock…mosey back to starting lot.
Run around mini-track: Lap 1 then 10 jump squats, Lap 2 then 10 merkins.
Circle up for Heels to Heaven x 20, then Carolina dry docks x 10.
Pretty solid bootcamp today, hitting as many areas as possible, moving fast in between. We started to leave the lot with 8, then Cottontail came in with his F250 on two wheels. Fletch made a return to Kevlar today, running in strong, welcome back. Joker represented today as usual, running fast and was rewarded with a little extra flesh from YHC…you’re welcome! Strong regulars out there, Tackling Dummy, BLC, Gummy, Witch Doctor. Drive By has a teach work day so he showed up for a good workout. Lots of healthy chatter and encouraging banter out there, everyone pushed hard. It was in fact a lovely day.
Couple announcements: F3Golf, DeSantos race, Southern Discomfort….look it up, sign up.

No Boom Town Rats at The Matrix!

For those of us around in the early 80’s, you might remember Bob Geldof who starred in the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall and also was the driving force behind the philanthropic song “Do They Know it’s Christmas” which led to the dual-continent fund raising concerts Live Aid in 1985 to help feed the starving people in Africa. Well before all that, he was merely the lead singer for the UK based Boom Town Rats whose only well known song was called “I Don’t Like Mondays”; a little ditty inspired by one of the earliest school shootings that took place in San Diego, CA in 1979. Being a proud child of the 80’s, I was crooning “Tell me why….I don’t like…” that tune en route to the The Matrix at 5am. However, upon arrival, I  vanquished all soreness and grogginess and replaced it with a desire to give the men of F3 what they deserve on a beautiful September Monday morning. After a disclaimer, here’s what we did:

  • Mosey to lower lot for COP: SSH, IW, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parker, Low Slow Squat (all x 20). Merkins x 10 OYO in between.
  • Mosey behind school around to front mini-track: Plank Jacks, Carolina Dry Docks, Romanian Dead Lifts x 25 with a lap in between.
  • Mosey across front of school to soccer fields; break into three groups, do called exercise and run to next station then rotate:
    • Station 1 – Jump Squats x 40 / change to WWII (old school) situps after 3 rotations
    • Station 2 – Cinder blocks, bicep curls and tricep extensions x 20 each
    • Station 3 – Thrusters x 25 using 40lb sandbags / change to chest press after 3 rotations
  • Circle up for Mary: Freddie Mercury, Rosalita, Heels to Heaven x 20.
  • Done!

Great group of guys today. I haven’t been to The Matrix in awhile, great to see the regulars (OT, Madison, Smokey, Crabcake, Huggy and others) pushing each other hard. I took a quick lap around the AO to set up, the soccer field was in the best shape I’ve ever seen. I think we got in 6 loops, so that’s a lot of reps of cinder blocks and sandbags #getswole. I thought I heard No Regerts was new to The Matrix, hope it didn’t disappoint. Poptart didn’t make it out this am, but Squid assured us he did survive his first BRR. A few announcements; F3 Golf, signup soon. Susan Komen race coming up, F3 doing Speed for Need. Please check Slack, Twitter and email for more information.

Of course today is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Thank you Squid for the takeout and words of encouragement as we go out today, think of all those who were affected and all the men and women who work to protect us and help us when tragedy strikes. God bless America.

“It’s a shortcut…”

Following an epic Solar Eclipse, 22 motivated PAX took it upon themselves to improve their fitness/cardio by embarking on yet another Fast Twitch adventure. Some many are “training” for the upcoming BRR, others just like to mix up their routine with a good run, while still others just enjoy camaraderie and August humidity. So here’s what we did…

THANG: After a quick disclaimer, we went out via Strawberry, hit Hwy 51 toward the Arboretum, crossed over 51 at the McDonald’s onto Arboretum View, quick left on Bon-Rea past the barricade, then right on Swan Run Rd. Took a right on Amanda Lane (aka Swan Meadow) and circled up at Lammers Lane loop for quick COP and instructions.

SSH x 10, IW x 10, 15 merkins OYO. Instructions were then given to run the Lammers Lane loop, stopping for 15 merkins each time around. Go!

Mid-way audible to swap LBC for merkins. Regroup for some mary (plank variation and LBC), head back via Springs Drive to Arboretum View then up 51 back to school.

Q-COMMENTARY: Although a bit sluggish from a relaxing weekend at the beach, I had to show up prepared since 7 of my 9-man BRR team were going to be present #gominions. Once we took off and didn’t stop near the three quarter mile mark at Arbo, the razzing and idle chatter started. “Where are we going?”, “I need some Imperial Walkers”, “He doesn’t have a plan yet” After crossing 51, the group fell into a nice cadence along the flat quiet stretch before the barricade. One Eye was getting choked up and nostalgic thinking we were going to visit his old AO of Sofawib. After the barricade, we were disappointed to see the Red Light district was not operational today…perhaps closed for repairs. The loops went really well, some were nervous about the 1.95 mile return run and whether there would be enough time. Tukey Leg and Rachel seemed to lead the charge with several others on their heels. After 4 loops for most, Runstopper says there’s a “shortcut” the cuts right through down at the corner. After a little confusion due to the group being spread out, we managed to converge at the far end of the loop. After some planking and LBC, we cut across the dead end, passed the well-used mattress near the dumpster to what can only be described as the perfect place to disappear and never be found again due to murder, poisonous creatures, injury or just plain confusion in a 40 yard length of creek crossing, loose footing, sticks, uneven trail, low branches and total darkness. BUT….we all made it to the other side safely, a couple twisted ankles, a little mud on the shoes and some spider webs in the eyes. Alas we made it back to the school with time to kill….so we stormed the track to scare the RFYLers for a couple laps. All good, fast guys were in the mid-6 total miles, most were above 5 miles…not bad.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 Golf Tourney October 27th. Charlotte marathon team relay November 11th, group effort, short legs, pushing Speed for Need carts and kids…see Slack or Twitter to sign up.

Thanks to Purple Haze and Rachel for the opportunity to lead. Thanks to Semi-Gloss for the takeout.

Welcome Godsmack and Gypsy!!

In the height of all this “BRR” run training, I really enjoyed the solid bootcamp Alf threw down on Wednesday at Anvil. I liked it so much, I decided to use it this am at Kevlar. And with that said, 12 PAX (none of whom were at Anvil besides me) took to Covenant Day campus on a beautiful Friday morning to better themselves. Here’s what we did:

COP: SSH x 20, 10 merkins OYO, IW x 20 10 merkins OYO…mosey to covered tennis hut…

20 Dips, 20 Derkins then to rock pile…

With a decent lifting rock, 20 bent rows, 20 overhead press…

Mosey to field, run backwards across, 20 jump squats, then return across running backwards…

Run behind church parking lot for 20 old school situps then 20 heels to heaven…continue to benches near playground…

20 Bulgarian split legged squats (10 each leg), followed by 10 incline merkins…

Rinse and Repeat until 6:10. Done.

Moleskin: Great workout today. HH let me know he received a sign up genius from a James Hundley earlier in the week; a little confused since no one has used that method for anything in quite awhile, it turns our James just wanted to join us for a workout, referred by an acquaintance in Huntersville. His F3 name is now Godsmack. Also joining us for first time is John, who was a bit mysterious, seemed to move around a bit, didn’t share much else…he’s now known as Gypsy. Both guys pushed themselves and the veterans stayed with them to the finish. Strong effort by all with Rhapsody leading the charge early. Squid had plans on defecting to the Brave but doesn’t check slack so after driving around to find no one…he ended up with the regulars at Kevlar and took us out in prayer.

Check Slack or Twitter for upcoming Need for Speed race in September and Golf tourney is coming up as well. Peace out!


Since I’m writing this on behalf of Bulldog more than 14 hours since it went down, please pardon the lack of accurate information including WHO was there and WHAT we did. All I know is that about 18 PAX left Kevlar this am all beat up…thanks to Bulldog. Here’s what I recall…

The best start to a workout EVER!! Utilizing his badass bluetooth sound system, we circle up with the instruction,”Do SSH or IW until you hear the word “thunder” in the song, at which point you drop and do a burpee (or merkin). Queue one of the greatest rock bands of all time…ACDC and Thunderstruck. Please take it in…enjoy before reading on…

So 4 minutes 52 seconds later and a mere 31 burpees (doublecheck if you must)…we move on to some merkins in cadence, then the actual workout.

Partner up, P1 runs the small track, P2 does suicides on field with tires as markers, burpee or handslap merkin at exchange, all that X4.

We all move to Covenant Day outdoor workout arena to find many many stations set up (Bulldog got their really early…huge props to the QIC). Two times around, 40 seconds on 10 second break then 30 seconds on and 10 second break of the following stations:

Dips, Massive Rope wave thingy (whoa!), straight arm plate raise, TRX flys, Kettlebell swings, box jump, jump rope, tire flips, jump rope, medicine ball Russian twists, Kettlebell goblet squats, barbell curls (not sure weight but heavy enough for me), Louganis with plate, deep merkins using blocks, bear crawl w/merkins, decline sit-ups. Holy crap!

Circle up for misc. Mary work…done!

Random observations…I forgot the shovel flag due to a broken garage door nightmare, Turkey Leg actually looked tired today (can’t imagine why), Cheese Curd made showed up for his 2nd workout in all of 2017, due to injury, glad to see you back. Spackler somehow snuck in without any obnoxious sounds or comments…worked hard as always. Cottontail does not like dismounting the decline sit-up equipment, Orange Whip pulled the “locals only” pre-run to and fro, Lex Luthor is a solid partner even though we struggled with partner merkins, and finally Squid is NO JOKE with a jump rope…kind of like this….

If you per chance you’re reading this and weren’t there. If you see Bulldog has a Q somewhere…get your ass out of bed and do it. Thank you Bulldog and all the PAX who proved Kevlar is the real deal. God bless and have a great weekend.