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Thanksgiving Remorse

With the anticipation of a few others wishing to offset their gluttony from the previous day; a small goup of 14 PAX including a couple converging workhorses from Joust (Header, Chin Music), our favorite South African (Boerewors), an FNG (Smartbomb) and our Nantan (Alf) joined us Kevlar regulars on this fine Friday 6am workout.

We moseyed out of the parking lot to jog around and warm up in the morning cool air giving a couple of stragglers (Semi-Gloss and Joker) time to find us. Circled up in the main quad for some SSH, IW, LSS, RDL x 25 and Merkins. After finding the field locked up tight I audibled to Reid Hall across 51 for a “tripod” run with merkins and squats on either side of the three pronged cul-de-sac. A short plank set and back over to campus, grab a lifting rock, overhead press, curls and chest press x 20 with a sprint in between sets, all that x2. Quickly back over to the main church for some partner work, P1 suicide sprints to 3 islands while P2 does merkins…ouch. Mosey back to launch/mini-track for F3 version of “Duck duck goose”. PAX circles up for various called Mary exercise by the one who sprints around the mini-track. Somehow, burpees entered the equation (thanks Rhapsody) along with a random cornucopia of exercises. We finished with a “Men’s Health get ripped in 10 days” special, I think it was called “rock the boat” or “wobble wobble”…another classic difficult core maneuver by Squid. And done. Solid workout overall, stuck to the basics and covered over a 5k of running…nice!

FNG Matt came out after being invited for the last 4 years…we settled on “Smartbomb” (named after the enemy-clearing weapon from the classic video game Defender…) after we learned of his Dairy Queen clearing gas bomb back in college (thanks OrangeWhip).

Great to see a couple faces from Joust this am, we will converge again later in December around Christmas. Thank you Squid for the takeout prayer. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!

“Time to Thrash!”

Cool enough this am to wear sleeves and hat. I chose my Rat Bones skateboarding beenie which led to an impromptu Bones Brigade / Powell Peralta / Santa Barbara conversation with Puddin Pop. Once Horesehead heard enough, the rally cry rang out, “Time to Thrash” at the 5:30am mark….so off we went.

Leaving to the lower lot, two stragglers were pulling in and caught up to us in time for COP warm up: SSH, IW, Romanian Deadlifts with Merkin variations OYO in between. We continued around the church to the lacrosse field where cones and cinder blocks awaited. As most know, 3-man Grinders are a favorite of mine. Two groups had four, fortunately I had 8 cinder blocks so no one got off easy. We changed exercises intermittently: merkins, squats, squat jumps, curls, overhead press, lunges and good mornings on either sides. Some of those combos required the cinder block to be carried between while others used it for the exercise. It didn’t take long to realize this may have been the wettest field ever…not sure why. We cut it a little short to avoid any real damage. Hopefully all the sunshine today sprang it back to shape (might need to audible next time). We left there for the tennis court hot-box for a quick circuit on the benches: dips, step-ups, derkins, 3 sets of 20 each. That was rough! Back to parking lot for a few quick sprints to stretch it out a bit, then mosey back launch for mary. Various PAX had a turn to choose an exercise with two highlights being Squid selecting something from his Mens Journal magazine collection. We called it the Rockette (but in a reverse crab walk pose…seriously); and Fletch introduced a very slow merkin that no one liked. Other choices were Flutter, LBC, Russian Twist, Freddie Mercury…maybe one more. So not to be called out by anyone, I added 10 merkins OYO to use our full alotted time.

Excellent morning, cool enough but warmed up quickly once we started moving. Thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks to Puddin Pop for the takeout prayer; thoughts and prayers to his friend who went into brain surgery today.

First “Fall Weather” Workout…Kevlar Style

Backblast provided by Fault Line on behalf of Bulldog.

Harley was scheduled but couldn’t make it so he must’ve recruited Bulldog last minute…great choice too, not his first rodeo. After what was some sort of disclaimer while we stood around disorganized in the parking lot enjoying the cooler weather, the first call rang out, “10 burpees OYO!”

We followed that up with SSH and IW and Diamond merkins then off we went to the lower parking lot for some partner work. Run opposite directions handslap merkins then back 10, 15, 20. Do it again but with Ace & Gary’s (squat jump with two hand slap at top…for real), 5, 10, 15. Lunge walk then jog back to workout area, where Bulldog had a cornucopia of exercise stations with equipment set up. Thunderstruck hits the bluetooth and the chime begins for 25 second intervals at each stations (there were a lot of every type, you can imagine).

We finished with quick mary session, P1 runs while P2 exercises, flip flop. Finally Bulldog pulled out the Eternal Flame circle merkin….what a classic. We ran long and didn’t do a formal count or name-o-rama; so thank you everyone who showed up, it was 18 at least. Thanks to Joker for the takeout prayer.


Let them Soar 5k is November 10, 8am at Covenant Day, Matthews. Sign up under team name Speed for Need use the code TEFSOAR for $10 discount.


Please email Gypsy at if interested in pushing a Chariot. We desperately need some F3 volunteers so our presence is felt. This is for a great cause, The Exceptional Foundation…great time of year for a great race.

Code Brown

Received an email from the MIA Fault Line that he was looking for a Q.  My Site VQ was long overdue so decided to give it a woo.  Here’s what we did:

Warmup lap: left out of the parking lot, right onto the long driveway and went around the entire parking lot.  Stopped somewhere in the rain to circle up and:

  • SSH x 20
  • Hil billy x 17
  • Merkins x 20
  • Mountainclimber x 20
  • Burpess x 10

Mosey to the sheltered picnic tables behind the rock pile just in time for the rain to stop and temperature to rise 20 degrees.

Alabama Slammer (think this is what its called)

o    Grab a partner

o    P1 does 20 merkins while P2 does 20 squats

o    Switch

o    P2 does 20 merkins while P2 does 20 squats

o    Drop down to 19,18.17 -10


Mosey to Rock Pile

  • Everyone grabs their own lifting rock
  • 25 overhead press, 25 curls, 25 flutter presses then sprint to bus (40 yards)
  • 20 same thing
  • 15 same thing

Mosey over to track near parking lot

Reverse Indian Run (ended up being a bad idea with some major hot laps)

Mosey to parking lot and partner up

  • P1 runs lap around track, P2 does burpees – Flapjack
  • P1 runs lap around track, P2 does low slow squats – Flapjack
  • P1 runs lap around track, P2 does CDDs – Flapjack 15 same thing
  • 10 Burpees OYO





I think Pop Tart does an hour long Pre KB workout prior to every Kevlar workout while listening to 90s boy bands.  It was a weird site to see.

Fault Line – Missed you out there but thanks for choosing me as Q this week.

Be on the lookout for September 15th Paintball vs. SOB.

Great work today guys.


45 Minutes of Pleasure

After missing way too many Kevlar workouts this summer, I learned our scheduled Q could not make it and offered to lead. Orange Whip reluctantly agreed, especially after I disclosed I consumed Ilios Noche last night. Knowing this has been the most consistent successful Friday post for our F3 brethren; I knew I’d have to step up a bit. So with that said and a little pleading from a few Ghost Runner’s the night before, 13 of us embarked on a classic strength based bootcamp.

Basic mosey onto campus only to see several cars driving around for some odd reason. Circled up for SSH, IW and LBC x 20 with 10 merkins OYO in between (regular, wide arm, diamond). Mosey over to LAX field for grinders; jump squats on one end, merkins on the other, running in between switching up; about 6 times through. Mosey to rock pile for lifting rocks, overhead press, tricep extension, bicep curls times 20 (all three exercises, thanks Bulldog) and then run down road and back. Three full sets. Plank/recover. 10 Thrusters x2 with run down road and back. Plank/recover. Mosey to hotbox for three sets of dips, derkins, step-ups x 20. Ouch. Mosey back across street to parking lot. Final sprint, backwards then turn halfway and knock it out. Mosey back to launch for some mary provided by various PAX. Flutters, Slow old school sit ups, Backscratchers, Freddie Mercury…and then Squid brought out the Men’s Journal page 31 summer workout special. Not sure if we agreed on “tip toe” or “plank baby step” or whatever; but it was stretching and core. Done.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to get back out there. Between a nagging injury, family vacations and just stuff, I’ve missed a lot of workouts. We were greeted with beautiful weather and a solid group of guys. Some idle banter, strong encouragement and everyone worked hard. As mentioned, mostly veteran regulars out there. Orange Whip and Fletch pushed the pace making the old guys look bad. Hanni has become the youngest regular, and quite speedy, great to see Pavarotti bringing the pain along with lowering the average age. Wham-O first timer at Kevlar (and new neighbor of mine I just learned), just started F3 on Monday with a Magee Matrix beat down and still came back for a Fun Friday with us. Glad to have you out there!!

I feel good, hope everyone else does also and uses this to kickstart into the weekend. Be safe. Hug your family members. Call those not close by (don’t just text or DM them). Thoughts and Prayers for Destiny and Good Hands. Thanks to Squid for the takeout.

Sandbags and Cinder Blocks…AMRAP Style

Let’s cut to the chase…despite all the rainy weather lately including a Thursday night deluge, 22 PAX vowed to make the most of Fun Friday at Kevlar and were greeted with perfect weather…perfect for running around a big church and picking up heavy objects repeatedly. So here’s how it went down:

Mosey out of the lot clockwise into Covenant Day and around the entire campus where I pointed out 4 exercise stations identified with two orange cones (Walmart $5) and provided guidance what to do there. After one full lap, we circled up for SSH x 20, IW x 20, LS Squats x 20, Wide Arm merkin x 10, Diamond merkin x 10. From there we divided into two groups to spread out and began an AMRAP adventure.

Station #1: 25 Merkins

Station #2: 15 Thrusters with 40# sandbags

Station #3: 25 LBC’s

Station #4: 20 Curls and 20 Overhead extensions with Cinder Blocks ($1.72 each at Lowes)

(Meet back at launch, do some mary while you wait).


So I’m pulling cinder blocks out of my car in the lower lot when a truck pulls up and asks me where the Kevlar start is…didn’t recognize the truck or the guy. I pointed him in the right direction and thought, “Cool, someone new.” I found out later is was Grave Dancer. Upon arriving at the official launch…whoa!…the cars kept coming in…22 PAX is a huge group for Kevlar…and lots of new faces (or maybe I just don’t remember them) like Godfather, Nuke, Minor League, Pickle, Pavarotti, Pleats, Ramen…thank you for showing up. Great age mix which has become the norm, 18 to 49. Lots of regulars and seasoned veterans out there also (Coldcuts, Busch, Bulldog, Harley, Turkey Leg, Puddin Pop and Luthor, et al…). Last week, Orange Whip told me to “bring it” so I wanted to push hard and I like the AMRAP format. And with a group that big…it works out to spread out that many PAX. I was a little iffy/vague on how many reps, didn’t want to wimp out but the sandbags get really heavy real fast. I was making sure we’re all coming when I was a little surprised to see OW leading half the group in perfect marching formation…not sure if they ever spread out or not, my half of the group dissolved after one station…or at least I fell back pretty quick. I think the group averaged three full laps maybe with an extra station or two for a few go-getters. Total mileage around 3 and change. Shoulders and hamstrings…check!


F3 Dads at Col. Francis Beatty park Saturday am…check Twitter or Slack for details.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout prayer.

“Old School” Windbluff

Upon learning of my upcoming Q the night before (thanks Alf), I knew I had to stick to what I enjoy and knew best. Despite the new AO, I wanted to go old school FT and hit some Raintree hills. So that’s what we did. After admiring everyone’s winter wear, gloves and hats required at 32 degrees, I gave the disclaimer and off we went, here’s what we did…

Mosey out of the parking lot and turned left to enjoy the brief slight decline followed by the uphill to the 4 way intersection on Raintree Ln and 4 Mile Creek. Circled up for COP: SSH, IW x 20 followed by 10 merkins OYO. Mosey down Raintree to the top of Windbluff. Instructions were to run down Windbluff to Providence and back x2, with 10 merkins on Providence side and 10 jump squats on Raintree side. Be sure to get the six meet back here….go!

Upon completion we moseys back up Raintree to the 4 Mile intersection. Did a quick sprint down to bottom of 4 Mile Creek (500 yards) for 10 merkins then back up. Mosey back toward AO but wait, there’s more. Quick run backwards up Whitethorn Rd. Then AYG back to Latin lot.


Pretty simple yet effective workout. Since I’m lacking any speed, I wanted to stretch the group out, let the gazelles do their thing while the rest of us can tempo the distance. 6.2 miles, not bad. Strong group today. The handful of merkins were enough to please Pop Tart. We learned Purple Haze MUST wear gloves due to his “sensitive fingers”. We were pleased to see Astro daunting his red beanie. I hadn’t seen Uncle Rico in awhile…and only saw him a little on the course, he’s fast! Margo kept me company down the stretch with a strong pace. Good to see Cheese Curd again, but he ditched us early to see if he could be the lucky caller on his favorite morning radio show. Duct Work, One Eye and Retread worked hard, kept the merkins legit. Purell led the squad with Rachel a close second, only because of his unplanned “pit stop” behind the Arbo pond #eww.

Back at the lot we met up with Hawk’s Nest led by Header, another great turnout for that post.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Jennings, Bout’ Time’s 3 year old son, who’s scheduled for his marrow transplant (from his sister) this Thursday. Hug your kids, kiss your spouse, call a family member, be thankful for everything, take nothing for granted.

Hannie’s VQ at Kevlar

(Written by Fault Line on behalf of Hannie)
Pretty excited to get some new younger talent leading Kevlar. Orange Whip had prepped Hannie earlier in the week so we knew he was ready to go. Unfortunately OW would miss it because he went back to his ex-girlfriend Joust, for one more tryst. Whatevs…
Upon arrival I see Hannie and the Covenant Day XC team stretching in the parking lot (as it’s become a familiar ritual). He was pacing a bit and forgot who I was, but that’s okay…I look like just another Dad trying to hold on to his youth. So it was me and Cottontail and 10 Covenant Day students and faculty. And with a quick and mediocre disclaimer….off we went. Below is what Hannie provided for the BB. My personal commentary in (italics):
Friday’s bright and early VQ started with a quick COD (he meant COP…or he’s spending too much time ordering merchandise from TV ads) of merkins, SSH, squats, and LBCs. (Pretty solid cadence count, one slip up, more of a caesura “pause” really. Oh and he forgot to mention 10 burpees OYO). 
Partner wheelbarrowed across the Cov Day track field (The goal was 4 lengths, we barely got in two…)
 Ran (around the campus) and lunged to the lifting stones where we performed 40 shoulder presses and 10 LSS (Low Slow Squat) holding the stones.
Moseyed over to the neighborhood across (51) from the tennis courts where we did a round of 7’s up the hill (burpees at bottom, jump squats at top) followed by planking exercises.
Retracing our steps, we arrived at the lifting stones where we did another 40 shoulder presses.
We ran back to the school where we did some wall sits (with air presses), slo-mo merkins, more LBCs, Russian twists, and old school sit ups.
We finished the morning off with some all-out sprints across the field with a buy in of merkins or squats. (5 merkins rd1, 10 merkins rd 2, 15 merkins rd 3, 20 squats rd 4 before sprint) (Definitely a great way to end the workout…lots of chatter and spirit out there)
It was a solid workout and VQ by Hannie. We hit most of the AO, worked different muscles and got in some cardio. We seemed to have lost some Kevlar regulars, might be the new rival workout Cerberus (which is like 10 miles away on Providence somewhere, lots of traffic) or maybe they’re just intimidated by all the new young guys at Kevlar. Speaking of which our FNG was none other than Hannie’s 16 year old younger brother who we named Cliffhanger. As long as we have a strong dozen out there, we’re good. But with the warmer weather, the workouts will be tough, come join us. Thank you to Cottontail for the takeout prayer. 

Bring Out The Bricks

So it took a couple days for Tebow to get me the backblast (because he didn’t know my real name)…and a couple more days for me to post it. Sorry. Just know it was a a great Site VQ from Tebow who brought out XC team to workout. Here you go….

Mosey around parking lot mixing in some dynamic stretches
High knees
Butt kicks
Walking lunges
End at ContainIt parking lot for COP. All exercises IC
25 SSH
10 Merkins
10 Stump jumpers
10 Rock Hoppers
20 LSS
Every man grab a brick in each hand from the brick pile. Keep them in hand for all exercises, especially running!
Mosey to A/B/CLC convergence (pavers cross!) People’s chair air presses (with bricks of course)
Partner work
Partner 1 burpees (with bricks in hand!)
Partner 2 runs up emergency exit steps, 10 air presses at the top (you guessed it…with bricks)
Flapjack and repeato until each man has scaled the steps 3 times. Plank on bricks when finished. S/o to Faultline for the 20 count.
100 LBCs (IC) bricks on chest #halfwaythere
Mosey with bricks to C building benches, by way of around the CLC and B building)
More partner work…
Partner 1 stays for called-out exercise
Partner 2 laps around CLC and B with bricks (duh)
1st exercise DIP (hands on bricks)
2nd exercise STEP UP (bricks in hand)
3rd exercise back to DIP (hands on bricks)
Mixed MARY with air presses
1st = Freddie Mercury (bricks by head)
20 air press bricks
2nd = Peter Parker (plank on bricks)
15 air press bricks
Mosey to HS building for People Chair with Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (last exercise with bricks)
Stack bricks neatly in the Aquaponics area #service
Mosey back to MS lot for COT
S/o to myself for the takeout
Crisp morning out at Kevlar on the 2nd of March. The average age was a solid 1/3 of a century with a group of Respect-worthy men and Young Bucks of adolecent age. Hope the bricks were a nice addition to the Boot Camp this AM. Director of Sustainability at CDS mentioned he needed most of them moved to the Aquaponics area a few months back, so I figured Kevlar could exercise the 1st and 3rd Fs in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, those particular bricks cannot be grafted into our regular workout routine, seeing as how the Aquaponics team is going to use them to build a nice pavers path inside the complex.
Thankful for each one of you men. God bless you all and God bless F3.

Sandbags and a Fountain

We probably use this word too much (usually with sarcasm), but it actually was balmy this am. Warmer weather with a little humidity made for a nice February Monday morning. Similar to last week (even though I wasn’t there), the fields were still quite soaked so I decided to venture off-campus. I did a little homework the night before while watching the Olympics (male figure skating has changed a lot since Blades of Glory left the ice). Pop Tart showed up early with the shovel flag, a bunch of cars came in at the same time, I provided a disclaimer and off we went.

After a quick mosey to lower parking lot to loosen up with some shuffle sidestep and running backwards, one straggler (Pro…ahem) joined us as 14 PAX circled up back at the cars for some SSH, IW, Merkins and Mtn Climbers x15.

Finally, I ended the suspense and asked  the group to grab the 3 newly duct-taped sandbags and share the load as we ran down the sidewalk along McKee to our first stop, Glenmore Garden Drive. We gathered at the Fountain, dropped the sandbags, split into two groups. Group 1 does the called exercise, Group 2 runs a short loop through the townhomes. Deep Squats, flapjack, LBC, flapjack.

Next we circled up around the Fountain with the Sandbags kind of evenly spread around. Those with the sandbags did Thrusters x10 then hand off to your left, CLOCKWISE. Those without alternate between Derkins, incline merkins and dips until another Sandbag catches up to you. Keep going for 3 full rotations. Then…same thing, but Chest Press with sandbags (add flutter combo if you feel my plan is weak…Rachel). No bags, box jumps or step ups on short wall around Fountain (try not to fall in).

Then we move on with Sandbags, sharing is caring. Quick trip back toward school but STOP at Fred Gutt Dr. (not making it up). Bags down. Run down to end and back stopping at all 4 roads, alternating Jump Squats and Merkins x10. Quick Mary for the quick guys as we, the 6, caught up.

Back at McKee Elementary, we split into 3 teams, each with a Sandbag, the call was run back to the cars across campus, as a team, sharing the load. Ready GO…chaos ensues, zigging and zagging, curb jumping, full race adrenaline kicks in and I’m pretty sure only 6 out of 14 guys touched a Sandbag, in fact I think Magee carried his sandbag with a guy on his back holding his own sandbag. Everyone else just ran behind in admiration…and chuckling a little. Once back to the cars, we circled up for some Dolly, Flutter, Heels to Heaven, Merkins and Romanian Deadlifts, all x10. Done.

I haven’t been to Matrix in a few months (just a scheduling thing). Felt like a homecoming, great to see the regulars. Thanks to Pop Tart and Squid for the opportunity to lead an awesome group of strong men. Thanks to Magee for the takeout prayer.

Announcements: Sign up for CPR class…it’s a good idea. Bro-Olympics coming in two weeks. GoJenGo, or RunJenRun is coming up, Speed For Need is pushing chariots, kudos to Tolkein.