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2nd Chisel

15 Pax braved the cold to participate in my 2nd Q.


DICCS given

The warmup:

Opening mosey to front of church entrance

Circle up to main parking lot for stretches

15 imperial walkers

15 moracan night clubs

calf stretch

downward dog

can opener


The thang:

Return to COT to pick up coupon

rifle carry to Mt. Chiseled

stop and do 5 curls continue

stop and do 5 swings

Partner up and start pain outlined on whiteboard:

  1. weighted squats w/ coupon
  2. kettle swings w/ coupon
  3. durkins
  4. overhead press w/ coupon
  5. LBC’s
  6. Curls w/ coupon
  7. Stationary Lunges with coupon
  8. Bench press with coupon
  9. Rows Block to chin with coupon
  10. curb dips

Timer has option to run around Mt. Chiseled or do murder bunnies up Mt. Chiseled.  Surprisingly the only person to do murder bunnies was Sledge who had just returned from knee surgery.

After completion return to COT for a game of make it stop. Many checking watches hoping time was up.  We did manage to get 1 blocky in before the bell rang.


Rice and beans postponed due to recent required relocation

Flanders took us out

The moleskin:

Appreciate the opportunity to Q.  I do not always fully appreciate the thoughtfulness that many of the Q’s have when designing a workout.  It seems simple when you are participating but, when laying it out on paper it is much more difficult.  Cheers to the guys who Q regularly and manage to keep it exiting and challenging.


No Virgin jokes

The Warmup:

Mosey to entrance and gather around  mysterious parked car

SSH (bad count); Imperial Walkers, Moroccan night clubs, Downward dog transition to upward dog.  Move to calf stretch then Jimmy Dugans

The Thang

Return to COT to get coupon

Partner up and rifle carry to Mt. Chiseled.  Partner serves as timer and runs around Mt. Chiseled or Bear crawl up Mt. Chiseled (no one choose this adventure)

Mt of pain workouts

  1. Weighted Squats
  2. Kettle Swings
  3. Durkins
  4. Overhead press
  5. Bobby Hurleys
  6. Curls
  7. Stationary lunges
  8. Bench Press
  9. Rows
  10. Curb dips

Return to COT with coupon and time for a Chastain favorite “Make it Stop”—Turnbuckle started with curls,


This was my VQ and appreciate the push by Posse , Fuse Box and Chastain to lead.  What I lacked in originality I made up for in excitement.  It was fun experience not being in the back of the pack for the opening mosey,  not sure if it was Q adrenalin or others struggling in the cold or me not giving clear instructions on where to go.  I did not fully appreciate how challenging it can be to call the cadence while working out and recovering from the run.

Everyone worked their butt off and some said they were exhausted which is very full filling.

Appreciate the crew that braved the cold to support me today.  It was so cold my speaker did not work properly.  This has been an incredible journey and everyone needs  a push to get out of their comfort zone.   While running through my Q in my head yesterday I came to the discovery that most of the frequent Q’s have a signature move that they incorporate into every workout.  Example Fuse box workouts almost always has a bear crawl involved and Chastain has the donkey kick / monkey humper double punch.   I need some time on what will be my signature move for my next Q.


–          Five stones wood clearing next weekend bring shovels, chainsaws and other implements

–          Christ Closet is now moving to virtual- Please contact them to schedule a drop off or pick up clothes

–          TB and Shopdog are working on helping a family pain the rented house they just moved into.  If you are available to help please reach out to TB or Shop dog for additional details.  Christmas list for this family was also posted on group me