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Complete Domination!!!

6 PAX, posted for what has to be the greatest comeback and basketball game in F3 boot camp history. More on that in a bit.

When Beaker and I pulled in at 5:25 am we were worried it might just be us. We drove around to see how affected the lay of the land was from the overnight rain… Not bad. Pretty dry. When we made it back to launch 4 more PAX had shown up to get after it. After some hugs and high-fives… We were off…

The Thang:

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 23

Jogged to the corner of Main St and Joshnston – Low Slow Squats x 10

Jogged to the corner of Johnston and Lowry – 14 Imperial Walkers

Jogged to the Pineville Elementary school bus lot basketball goals – We played a 5 minute game of the most epic 3 on 3 basketball game in F3 boot camp history. More below…

After the 5 minute game we each shot a foul shot. If the shot was made we did 20 LCBs (or LBCs). If the shot was missed we did 50 yard wind sprints.

We headed back to launch stopping at each of the locations we stopped at earlier for 20 LCBs.

When we made it back to launch we did an indian run to the baseball field entrance.

At the entrance area we did some Plankers Delight. PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while 1 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. We did two rounds.

Jogged to some rocks for some curls and overhead tricep reps.

Finished up with one last sprint to launch.


Cheddar had our mileage right at 3.0.

The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody. Lots of good Monday morning comradery… At least until we played the basketball game. Teams were me, Costanza, and Cheddar vs Beaker, No Show, and Council Fire. Now on paper you’d think Beaker, No Show and Council Fire would dominate this game. What happened for the next 5 minutes though was really a testament to the saying… “Never judge a book by its cover”.

30 seconds into the game Council Fire tripped Costanza for an early intentional foul. This definitely got the juices flowing… At least mine anyway. Nobody likes seeing a teammate get pushed to the ground. Costanza took it like a champ though. He didn’t even call a foul. When he stood up with bloody hands and wiped the blood on his sweatshirt, it’s like you could see the transformation in his face of going from Costanza to Lebron.

For the first two minutes of the game it was as most would have expected. No Show and Beaker were just too much to handle inside. They were just bigger and stronger than Cheddar and I could handle. I’m of the Roy Williams school of thought that you just play through… Catch the other team off guard but the reality is we’d only been playing with each other for two minutes. So, we called a quick timeout to regroup. We decided to go zone with the two big guys and let Costanza follow Council Fire at the point. We’d force these big guys to have to shoot outside shots. It was as if the basketball fairys listened and for every clanked shot they had, Cheddar was there to tear down the rebound and outlet the pass to me.

From there, I had the easiest job on the court. I kinda felt like Phil Jackson back when he had MJ with the Bulls. Remember back when you’d watch those games on TV? There would be like 5 seconds left in the game. Phil would call timeout. You knew what he was saying. The same thing the greatest coach of all time would say when MJ was at Carolina. The 23,000 fans that went to the game knew what he was saying. The refs knew… the other team knew. The 20 million people watching the game on TV knew. Get the ball to Michael and get out of his way. And over and over and over and over again he displayed his brilliance on the court. We lived it. We saw it time and time again. MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time. Anybody that saw him play would understand there is no questioning it. Not to take anything away from the other greats he played with or came after him. He’s just simply the greatest.

All of that, to get back to what I was saying… I had the easiest job on the court. Get Costanza the ball, and get out of his way. The guy turned into a Larry Bird/MJ McDonalds commercial. You couldn’t stop him, you could only hope to contain him. His range started when he walked on the court. It was rainin’, it was pourin’, Costanza was the one that was scorin’. Needless to say, the good guys won.

Now, I don’t know how many people have played on that court. But, I bet you there are not many who have lit it up light Costanza did… Dominant. Simply Dominiant. I’d also imagine there aren’t many people that have been carried off on shoulders like Castanza was. It was just his day.

Constanza… Cheddar… I’d pick the two of you over anybody… anytime… anywhere. It was a blast!!

The rest of the workout was nice as well. Kinda epic. You never know when you’re going to miss history or the greatest F3 Big House workout ever. Thank you to my dear friend, Council Fire, for giving me the opportunity to lead this morning and thank you for taking us out. Well done!


Richard Sheltra 5k/10k and Fun Run – Saturday, April 28.

Legs Routine

4  PAX, posted on a lovely Carolina Blue sky Saturday morning to partake in another addition of Ascent.

I was absolutely energized to see 2 of my favorite F3 buds waiting and ready to roll when I showed up… Council Fire and Costanza. A few seconds before 7:00 Cooter joined us… Good addition. After some hugs and high-fives… We were off…

Warm up Indian Run to Harris Teeter for COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 23

Low Slow Squats x 10

The Thang:

Ran back to OP stopping at ever other power line poll to do 10 LCB’s (aka LBC’s)

25 Balances Lunges each leg – Using the benches in front of the school.

25 Squats

Ran to the back of the school

25 Super Skaters (each leg)

90 seconds of wall squats

25 Step Back Lunges (each leg)

25 Alternating Side Lunges (each leg)

90 Seconds of wall squats – Costanza and Cooter did one legged wall squats

25 Deadlift Squats (each leg)

5 3-Way Lunges (each leg)

20 Sneaky Lunges

2 Sets of 30 second Chair Salutations

25 Toe Roll Iso Lunges (each leg)

20 Grouchos

30 Calf Raises (foot pointed in, out, and straight – total 90)

25 80/20 Speed Squats (each leg)

Our upper body was feeling left out… so we finished up with some Plankers Delight. PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while 1 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. We did two rounds.

Had time to finish up with 10 additional merkins… Costanza’s idea.


The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody. Lots of good chatter. The hour went by pretty fast. My legs and butt hurt so bad it’s hard to do simple things like, get up and down, or sit. Pretty sure the others are feeling it too. A legs workout for the Ascent ages.

It was nice to meet Cooter, Phillip Suggs. He is apparently 1 of 3 F3 Cooters in the area. He brought great energy and is very eager to Q Ascent. He said he has been working on a weinke for months and he has been ready to show the Ascent world that he is truly legit. Word has it, Gullah won’t be able to Q his regularly scheduled Ascent Q on Saturday and Cooter is getting the nod. Going to be epic. If you are in town and get the chance… Go support him. He’s got a great attitude.

I appreciate Dumpster “Council” Fire and Costanza for being there.  Two guys I am grateful to know through F3… Two guys I have seen physically become beasts through F3… Two guys that never have to twist my arm to meet them at a workout. You guys are awesome!!

Council Fire… Thank you for taking us out. Well done!


Richard Sheltra 5k/10k and Fun Run  – Saturday, April 28.

Cooter is on Q next week at Ascent


Brakeman’s Coffee & Supply

6 PAX, posted on a frigid Thursday morning to partake in another addition of Peak 51. With the disclaimer understood, we were off…

Warm up indian run around the track a couple of times and to the school parking lot for COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 23

The Thang:

12 Sets of 50-yard wind sprints. Called exercise after each 50 yard sprint.

Then run over to the school wall for some chair and overhead presses. In between three rounds of chair we did two rounds of Planker’s Delight – PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, one person went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man.

Then back to the track… 6 loops around the track with 10 LBCs at each corner. Sprint the straightaways… Recover in the end zones.

At 6:11 am we ran back to our automobiles. We drove to Brakeman’s Coffee & Supply. We did 20 merkins and finished up right at 6:15. Brakeman’s had our coffees ready and sitting on the counter for us when we walked in.

 The official mileage came in at 3 (pre-run) + 2.20 = 5.20.

The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody today. It was cold but we kept moving. Great group of guys this morning. This best kind of camaraderie… Some of my absolute favorites.

Slim Fast and Tweetsie were out front the entire workout… For the most part we stuck together. No real six today. Nomad and especially Lois kept us current with everything going on in the sports world. I could tell as soon as I made eye contact with Lois (as he was proudly wearing his South Carolina sweatshirt so proudly) in the freezing cold that he was just waiting for the right opportunity to remind me of the Carolina vs FSU outcome last night. If hurting me, helps you, I’ll take it. It was a nice treat to have Lorenzo with us… Home from flight school and got his F3 fix in. Love it. Super guy!

Getting up to workout in the freezing cold isn’t so bad when you enjoy and love the company you workout with. The most painful part of this morning’s workout was lots of smiling. My big bugs bunny front teeth were freezing… Hard to keep them covered up. Slim Fast, Lois, Tweetsie, Nomad and Lorenzo… It was a treat to start my day with you guys. I am both thankful and grateful to know these guys. It was an honor to workout with two veterans (Lorenzo and Nomad).

Tweetsie… Thank you for taking us out. Well done!

Sensei… You were missed. We wish you a speedy recovery.

Thank you, Lois and Sensei, for the opportunity to call the shots. It was fun!


Joe David Run – This Saturday.

Kilowatt is on Q next Thursday at Peak.


The Benny and Thunder Road Era Has Officially Begun

18 PAX, posted on a frigid Monday morning to partake in another addition of F3’s finest.

With the disclaimer duly given, we were off…

Warm up indian run down Strawberry Ln and back to the school for COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 23

The Thang:

Suicides using the basketball goals as markers… Then run over to the rocks area where we did the following:

Partner peoples chair tunnel of love style – There was some serious grumbling and displeasure but in the end everybody knocked it out like a champ. You have MMOB to thank for this. Then run down to the track.

2 loops around the track with 10 LBCs at each corner.

On the track we did Planker’s Delight – PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while groups of 2 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. A Thunder Road special.

We then did another Indian Run to the end of Strawberry Ln and back to our original launch.

We had a few minutes left for a little COP.

The official mileage came in at 2.75.

The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody today. Not a lot of chatter but good camaraderie. There was lots of catching our breath. As I was getting ready for the day, I had a hard time lifting my arms to put on deodorant and add the finest juices and berries to style my hair. With 18 PAX the Plankers Delight was tough today. We’re going to feel it for a few days. But for me, today is about Benny. I’ll get back to that.

It should come as no surprise, Purell was out front the entire workout… Always nice to have him out pushing the PAX. I’m so glad Purell moved his family to Charlotte from Chicago. He is a fantastic addition to the City. His positive attitude is contagious and a joy to be around. Marvel, Hanibal, Hammer, and Daisy were on his tail the entire time. Having Daisy with us was a treat.

Good to see Jello back in the game.

Constanzo is not only becoming a regular basecamper but an absolute beast as well.

Smash, Tool Bag, Marge, and Fireman Ed were giving 100% effort as well.

The Mountain Goat/Base Camp/Peak 51 crew was pushing it as usual… Lois, Insomniac, and Adobe.

So… For the big announcement. Let the Benny, Thunder Road, Goonie era begin. Some may think that Simba is still Goonie’s co-site Q for Base Camp. This time last year, Simba passed the baton to me and I think it’s an appropriate time for me to do the same. I love Base Camp and it’s important to me to find a site Q that feels the same as I do.

A couple months back I asked Benny if he would be up for taking over my position as co-site Q with Goonie. I don’t think I finished the sentence before Benny accepted… And that’s no joke. He said he would be honored and was grateful for the opportunity.

A little about Benny… He’s been with F3 for a little over a year. Benny moved to Charlotte from Caldwell, New Jersey. He was EH’d by his uncle, Early Bird. Peak 51 was his first workout… Followed by Mountain Goat. I remember his first Mountain Goat. I’m not sure he could run a 10 minute mile when he started.

Fast forward a year… A lot has changed. Benny and the Jets is an avid runner. He was on the Mountain Goat 9 Man BRR team. He’s done the Charlotte Half and numerous 5k and 10k’s. He most recently finished first in his age group at the Reindeer Romp 5k. He posted a sub 20 time.

Benny is almost always the first person to show up to workouts. Going forward you can expect Benny to be up for a pre-run just about any time. He’ll be the first to greet you and I get the feeling from Benny that he unconditionally cares. That means a lot. For me, Benny is what F3 is about.

3 is not always better than 2 but in this case I think it is. In the recent weeks, Goonie has also asked Thunder Road to be a part of the Base Camp site Q team and he has accepted. Thunder Road introduced Dumpster “Council” Fire to Plankers Delight. Council Fire introduced it to me. I’ve never Q’d a workout without doing Plankers Delight. Thank you, TR!

Thunder Road has been around F3 for a while. He may have the coolest F3 name. Maybe it’s so cool for me because Thunder Road was my favorite roller coaster at Carowinds as a kid. It was actually the first roller coaster I ever road. I buried my face into my dad’s back down that first hill. A few years back, and before the coaster was torn down, my daughter was finally tall enough to ride it. She buried her face into my back down that hill. It seems like yesterday I was riding it with my dad and crazy that I’m old enough to have had that memory come and go again with my own child. Good times…

Thunder Road is a Base Camp regular. You can be sure to catch him at Anvil on Wednesdays as well. His endurance and strength has become stronger and stronger. Good family guy and a nice addition to the team.

I’ll be around. Base Camp was great before me and I’m optimistic it’ll get even better after me. You’re in good hands. For the last couple of months, Benny’s asked me at least once a week when he can take over. And so Benny, your time has come. I know you will continue your greatness with Thunder Road and Goonie. I appreciate you guys… your friendship and your willingness to lead.

Adobe… Thank you for taking us out. Well done!


Joe David Run – January 6th.

Goonie is on Q next week at Base Camp

Audible to run for the hills and keep the mumble chatter low


11 Men showed up to BaseCamp this week… Q woke up to pouring rain and had to make a decision to continue with the football field “crawling” winkie or pull a quick audible to keep the Pax, and more importantly the Q out of the mud.  Since I occasionally give the Q a hard time trying to add fun to our morning rituals, I was expecting a lot of mumble chatter from the Pax this AM.  So the game plan was to take off quick and worked hard to keep that noise at a minimum.  #Shock&Awe

The Thang:

  • Left SCMS 1 minute late as the last of the Pax was rolling in dropped in the disclaimer during the  mosey out of the parking lot
  • Headed up Woodfox into raintree with a warm-up pace, at this point a few of the Pax complained that this wasn’t Mountain Goat…  So I promised some burpees so they would know I didn’t forget what a bootcamp was.  Seemed only right with #OverDoBurpeesOct in effect
  • Left onto Rounding Run and slowed for toe and heel walks before hitting Rising Meadow
  • Rising Meadow hill for running 7s with Squats at the bottom and Burpees at the top
  • Realized the Pax, was awful quite at this point.  I did get some complaints when I called elbow planks as we waited for the six to wrap-up.  #U2ShouldHaveWornSleevesSuckers
  • Time to find a bigger hill, as we took off to find Windbluff
  • Stopped for a few planks to keep the Pax together (it is basecamp) and found the bottom of Windbluff
  • Time to run 7s on Windbluff, Jump-squats at the bottom and LBCs up top
  • At this point there was 1 or 2 comments about the BRR being over, but it was once again quite on the hill
  • The Pax completed the hill and we began our run back to SCMS with some planking along the way ensuring we finished as a group #TWSS
  • One last call for a backwards run up the Woodfox hill back to SCMS, as the Q planned to do that on Rising Meadow, but 45 min bootcamp goes a lot quicker than a 60 min weekend or running Q
  • 3.4 miles in the books boys


It was noticeably a little lighter in the attendance this AM… not sure who saw the rain and decided to stay home…  but you know who you are!  The rain stopped right as we arrived at SCMS and didn’t return before we parted for the day. #BlessedWeAre

The Pax was working hard this AM, not sure what they expected… but I hope they got their money’s worth!  Purell was leading the Pax as normal, he seems to be the extra strength version of that germ free solution.  Great to see BOG out more often and his continued strong recovery.  Benny remained upright for all his running this day and took a spot up front intermittently (#SpeedKills it’s a 45 min workout #PacingWinsEveryTime).  Lois, Drano, Tweetsie, and Retread were strong as always #MountainGoatFridayCrew – it Works, you should be there.  Fireman Ed is recovering from a “broken wheel”, but him and Smash adjusted the mileage as need and still kept the HR up.  Strong work… hope you are 100% soon. Thunder Road was crushing the hills…  Not sure if he has the old Thunder Road ½ on his radar next month, but he should.

Thanks to Smash for taking us out, and to the fine group of men who let me lead them this AM.

  • The Mouth


Purell on Q next Monday in place of Simba

F3 Golf this Friday

No Time to Spare… 3.35

12 PAX, posted on a perfect Monday morning to partake in another addition of F3’s finest. The mix between wind and temperature was about as good as it gets.

With the disclaimer duly given, we were off…

Warm up jog down Strawberry Ln and back to the school for COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 30

The Thang:

Suicides using the basketball goals as markers , then run over to the rocks.

20 rock curls, then run down to the bleachers for 20 dips.

Head to the track. 1 loop around the track with 5 LBCs at each corner.

Return to the start for round two

Suicides using the basketball goals as markers , then run over to the rocks.

20 rock curls, then run down to the bleachers for 20 dips.

Head to the track. 1 loop around the track with 5 LBCs at each corner.

On the track we did Planker’s Delight – PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while groups of 2 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. Major thanks to DF and the originator TR (who was present).

 Then a recovery loop around the track.

Followed by 1 last loop around the track with 5 LCBs at each corner.

With no time to waste, and in an effort to hit at least the 3.0 that was promised in mileage, we finished up with 200 meter sprints down Strawberry Ln and an Indian Run back up Strawberry Ln to our original launch.

Finished up at exactly 45 minutes.

The official mileage came in at 3.35.

The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody today. Not a lot of chatter but good camaraderie. Lots of catching our breath. The last two times I q’d basecamp we finished up a biscuit under 3 miles and was determined to get there today. Practice does make perfect (or more efficient).

It was nice to have Lorenzo out today. He heads off to pilot school for the next 3 months. We’ll look forward to having him back when he is an official twin engine pilot or as Lorenzo would say a fixed wing aircraft. He already pilot’s helicopters.

Chin Music was out front all day. He brought his first real six-string with him today. The one he bought at the five-and-dime.  Always nice to have him out pushing the PAX. Hammer, B-B-B-Bennie (and the his Jets), Adobe, Early Bird and Goonie were on his tail the entire time.

Thunder Road, Abba, Simba and Snoopy were at 100% effort as well. There was no real 6 today. Everybody did a nice job of pushing each other and staying together.

It’s always great when you get 100% effort from the PAX. I’m pretty sure driving to work today each of the PAX had a nice sense of accomplishment to start the week. Most are in bed or just getting started while we’re dripping with sweat… 3.35 miles and smoked shoulders. It was an honor to lead you guys.

Hairball. THANK YOU!!! Even though you’re on daddy duty and probably won’t see this I am very thankful for getting introduced to the world of F3 a year and a half ago. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. To all of you that see this, EH guys as often as you can. It’s a game changer for lots of folks. You can make a tremendous impact for somebody.

Simba… Thank you for taking us out. Well done!

Oh… and Goonie, thank you for not rubbing it in this morning. Perhaps you didn’t because you knew basketball practice starts this Friday. Or perhaps because beating a team that is 1-4 is not worth the effort of discussing. GH!


Joe David Run sign ups have started.

Goonie suggested checking out the video’s put out for Speed for Need. Very cool!!

Slim Fast, The Mouth, and Simba will round of the next 3 Basecamp Q’s for October.

Rain, but not Delay


13 PAX assembled at 0530 hrs in the South Charlotte Middle School Parking lot at Base Camp despite a soggy forecast.

After the usual preamble, which included the welcome, disclaimer, and plea not to sue F3 or the Site Qs, first-time QIC Adobe led the group around the parking lot for a warm-up lap.

Fireman Ed wondered out loud how “virgin” Q Adobe had managed to get by without Q-ing until now, some two years after his first post. It was attributed to a mix of schedule conflicts and stealthiness—but his cover is now blown.

The exercises started with:

Side Straddle Hop  x 25

Imperial Walkers     x25

Mountain Climbers  x25

Merkins                   X25 (in cadence, so 50 merkins)

A few of the PAX thought that x 20 merkins were enough and started to call out “Halt,” which was promptly ignored by the QIC.

Next, the group ran a half mile in the dark to Rosecliff, stopping at every speed bump to do 5 burpies.

At the entrance to Rosecliff, Pax had the “privilege” of doing a Ladder workout: burpies at the top of the hill and low slow squats at the bottom. This is when it started raining in earnest. Undeterred, Base Camp PAX pushed on.

Divided into two groups, the PAX huffed it back to the SIX doing Indian Runs. The idea is that each group stay tightly together, but the train looked more like an accordion, expanding and contracting with irregularity. Finally Deep Dish had enough of the nonsense and picked up the pace. There was some discussion about which group was the fast one and which was the slow one.

On the way back to the parking lot Tweetsy and Insomniac showed off their BRR pace.

Next, the PAX did some Balls-to-the-Wall. Insomniac gave a strong 10-count, but later complained about scratching himself on the brick—he might have taken “balls-to-the-wall” too literal. Only he knows.

Smash also gave a strong 10-count.

Some Arm Raises finished out the wall portion of the workout.

With a few minutes left, Base Camp PAX partnered up and headed down to the slick track for “Catch Me if You Can.” Partner 1 starts off running, and Partner 2 does 10 LBCs and then sprints to catch Partner 1—then switchorama.

The group only had time for once around the track, then it was moseying up to the SIX for some MARY.


Heels to Heaven

Freddy Mercury

0615 hrs: By this time the rain was pretty steady, but was almost welcomed after the PAX pushed themselves.


The Namorama revealed that it was Jello’s 1 year Anniversary. Congrats!

New to F3 was Isaac VanDyk, son of Smash (VanDyk). Multiple name options were thrown out, but the group eventually settled on “Chim Chiminey.” Welcome!

Soggy, but happy to start out the week with a post, Base Camp PAX delivered a solid workout, despite the rain.

Old School Bootcamp

Due to credential issues I (Drano) am posting Snoopy’s written out BB. Copy and Paste…

The Thang:

Disclaimer Given

Mosey around the parking lot and down to track. SSH X 30, IMPERIAL WALKER X20, ½ LAP AROUND THE TRACK, THEN MERKENS X 10, ½ LAP AROUND TRACK, PARKER PETERS X 10. We then mosey to the concession stand where the morning’s breakfast menu was posted as follows: JUMP SQUATS X 10, IMPERIAL WALKERS X 20, PETER PARKERS X 15, MONKEY HUMPERS X 20, BERPIES X 10, FREDDY MERCURY X 20, NC DRY DOCKS X 15, FLUTTER KICKS X 20, DIAMOND MERKENS X 15, LBC X 20, MERKENS X 15, SSH X 20. In between each we ran from concession stand down 3 flights of stairs to the bleachers and back up. We moseyed over to the parking lot where we did: LEG LIFTS X 20, DOLLY X 15, ROSALITA X 15 AND PLANK 6 INCHES FOR 60 SECONDS. Grand Finale… 5 BURPIES


To my surprise, Fireman Ed had also been booked to Q for today. It’s a good problem to have. Great to see Cocktail come out to his first Basecamp. Only my second Q so I screwed up the cadence a few times but no one seemed to mind. Great effort by all.

Is this Mountain Goat?

17 PAX posted on a pleasant somewhat muggy morning to partake in YHC’s Maul Q.

With the disclaimer duly given, we were off…

Warm up jog around the parking lot and COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 20

IW (Imperial Walker) x 10

The Thang:

Sprint the length of the backside of the strip mall. At finish line we did as many “LCB’s” aka LBC’s as we could fit in until the six was in.

Mosey to St Matthews where we did 20 Curls, 20 overhead triceps, 20 overhead pushups using a rock x 2

1 loop around the church with 10 merkins or “LCB’s” at each corner.

Mosey to the upper parking lot where we did wind sprints to each of the speed bumps. 10 count between each sprint. We did this 10 times. Dumpster Fire made the comment that it felt an awful lot like Mountain Goat. I agreed.

Indian Run back down Elm Ln.

We used the median on Elm Ln to do a little Plankers Delight. PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while groups of 3 went down the line doing two hand slap merkin’s with each man.

 Then run back to the parking lot.

We had enough time to do two more wind sprints the length of the Regal Theater parking lot.

Done. Official mileage 2.86 miles.

The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody today. I’m not a runner but I’d like to be. Did you know that if you are 40 and over and can run under a 9 minute mile it reduces your cost for life insurance? Naw, I really don’t think that is necessarily true but it couldn’t hurt. I turn 40 this year. I’ll let you know.

Fire Hazard was up front all morning. Cheddar and Private Benjamin were right with him on the wind sprints. The time seemed to fly by. We were pretty stinkin’ close to 3 miles. Next time.

I’m guessing Plankers Delight has never been done on the center median on Elm Ln. There’s a first time for everything. You can say you were there and felt the burn.

When I Q it’s important to me that the PAX get their money’s worth. I judge by how hard guys are breathing throughout the workout and how sweaty everybody is at the end. Mission accomplished today. It wasn’t all fun at the time but I hope you are thankful for it and glad you pushed yourself. It gives a sense of accomplishment… Makes that drive home at 6:21ish (while most of the world is still asleep or just getting up) so refreshing. One thing checked off the list.

It was an honor to lead you guys. I appreciate Cheddar and Commish for giving me the opportunity and look forward to posting with all of you again, soon.

Dumpster Fire… Thank you for taking us out. Well said. I predict DF to be the next Mayor of Pineville. Just remember where you heard it first. DF for Mayor!! He’d be a great one.

Play hard, play smart, play together… Carolina Way.


Speed for Need. This is a good week to contribute. Absolutely AWESOME idea!! I plan to contribute today. Consider contributing yourself if you can. They welcome any size donations. It all adds up.

Chocolate Chip Cookies this Friday for Pineville Fire Department. In honor and memory of Richard Sheltra. His birthday is June 2 and favorite cookies were chocolate chip cookies. His parents organized a chocolate chip cookie drive where people from every state are asked to give a plate of store bought chocolate chip cookies to your local Fire Department, Law Enforcement or First Responders Unit.

The Arsenal 5:30-6:15 – Indian Land Elementary School… Thursdays. Nard Dog leading tomorrow. Lots of miles.

The Maul needs Q’s. Contact Cheddar or Commish if you are interested in Q’ing.

Monday Morning Delight

18 PAX posted on a chilly Monday morning to partake in today’s installment of Base Camp.

With the disclaimer duly given, we were off…

Warm up jog down Strawberry Ln and back to the school for COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 10

IW (Imperial Walker) x 10

Low Slow (or fast) Squats x 10

The Thang:

Suicides using the basketball goals as markers, then ran around the baseball fields to the bleachers.

10 step ups for each leg, then to up to the rocks.

20 Curls and 20 overhead triceps using the rock, then ran down to the track.

1 loop around the track with 10 LBC’s at each corner, then ran to the goal line.

50 yard sprint to mid field where we then lined up for some Plankers Delight. PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while groups of 4 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. Always nice to have Thunder Road amongst us for PD.

With no time to waste, and in an effort to get more mileage in, we finished up with an Indian Run down Strawberry Ln to Rosecliff and back.

We had time to run around the parking lot about 3-4 times.

The official mileage came in at 2.6. Unless you were Goonie. I’m pretty sure he got in pretty stinkin’ close to 3. He was like the energizer bunny at the end… extra credit. He put in a few more laps around the lot during COT.

The Moleskin:

Solid crew this morning. Everybody brought their A game. It was nice to see some newer guys along with the regulars. Especially good to have Simba back. Thank you for the excellent take out… So eloquently put together. I get the feeling Simba has had a lot of practice.

There really wasn’t a whole lot of mumble chatter this morning. In large part because there was really no time. Today seemed like one of those workouts that just flew by. Nobody seemed particularly enthusiastic about doing Plankers Delight but if we had done nothing else, it would have been worth the price of admission. It is sooo bad, yet it is soooo good.

Amongst many others, Jello and Costanzo are two guys that are living proof that F3 can be such a blessing to a guy’s health and stamina. I happen to be at both of their first workouts. These guys figure out how to get to a few workouts a week and the progress they have made is awesome. You put in the effort and every week get stronger and stronger. You should be proud of yourselves. If you haven’t had a chance to meet these two guys, you should make the effort.

Have a great week everybody! I hope to see you at The Maul on Wednesday (unless I change my mind and do the donut run for the first time), Mountain Goat on Friday (Slim Fast makes MG amongst one of the best hidden gem workouts in town), and either Ascent or Rock Zero on Saturday.



Saturday, April 29, 2017: Richard Sheltra Memorial Run – Pineville, NC. Preblast: Bring a shovel flag and let the PAX know your pace. Looking for groups who want to run with shovel flags. One Rule: each member runs with the flag for a section of the 10k or 5k.

Colon Cancer 5k this weekend at Independence Park

Savage Run May 13