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Oh, The Places we will go

Twenty Pax were crazy enough to show up for me trying to find a way to make them anguish in pain or simply wish that they had fart-sacked like Deflated. As a Clydesdale, most people have come to expect less running when you see a Q who weighs in at 265 lbs. However, it is more fun to surprise the pack and offer a Dasher Q in a Clydesdale package

Let’s Mosey: WThe PAX headed down the path, stopping at every light for a different exercise, starting with 20 side straddle hops, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Potato Pickers, Moroccan Night clubs, Low Slow Squats, and finishing with everyone’s favorite, Mike Tysons. We mosied up to the circle near the high school to plank while the six arrived. They, unfortunately, got to run more as we jogged to the high school parking lot. The PAX was introduced to the Triple T Nickel which consisted of 5 squats at the bottom, run out to the T and perform 5 t-Merkins, and run to the top of the hill for 5 Full Situps. Repeat the process 5 times and you have 2 miles and a lot of complaints. Once we finished at the bottom, Run Flat was appreciative of having to Mosey back to the top of the hill. After a brief 10 count, we did 10 squatting jabs at one light and alternated to a burpee at the other light all the way back to the middle school. Finally, we grabbed some bench for 25 dips, ran a lap, and did 25 more dips. We finished with a plank for the last 60 seconds.

COT: We graduated a few new Gazelles into the group after today’s adventure in running. Great workout and thanks for the patience on the backblast.

Announcements: Fix it for Christ, Show Up at Waxhaw Methodist on Saturday at 7:00 AM, No Signup Necessary- COme Fix a local home to help a family out

F3 Dads is tomorrow as well. Google it for details

Wrong Turn needs help moving tomorrow. Reach out to Legalized to help after Coffeteria.

BB que

let’s Mosey: First, we ran an easy mosey to Chick-fil-a we did 21 side straddle hops, imperial walkers, and potato pickers. After we smelled the beautiful Chick-fil-a air, we moseyed to Target where we did four corners TWO Times 1st corner was 10 merkins, 2nd corner was 10 squats, 3rd corner was 10 burpees, and the 4th corner was 20 LBC’s. After we were done with Target we ran behind Brooklyn Pizza and got into partners while one person was on the ground doing 100 Heels To Heaven the other dude was running to the dumpsters. ( I had to modify from the dumpsters, that was a bad idea). Next, we ran back to Target and did the Circle of Death were one dude called out an exercise to do while he was running 2 times around the circle. After that, we ran to the neighborhood and did a run down the hill and then bear crawl back up the hill. After that, we ran to Petsmart where we did 30 jabbs, 30-foot touches, and then we ran to the middle of Petsmart were I made Damascus do 40 pushups in a vest while we ran in a circle then we went to the middle and went around in a circle 1 and while we were doing squats one person was going into the middle and do 2 burpees and then run back out. We ended with a run back to the start.

He’s Got the Jack

Fifteen Pax showed up with the thoughts of rain and the hopes of shelter. As usual, No shelter is granted in a Doughboy workout. Fortunately, the rain held off for the workout and the only soaking the PAX received was from the continuous callout of Jack Web.

Let’s Mosey: We went for an easy mosey to the Target parking lot via the back side of Petsmart. The PAX circled up for 20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Windmills, 20 Mount Climbers, and 20 Parker Peters. Let’s mosey into the neighborhood to the bottom cul de sac. The call out was for the traditional Jack Web with 10 Merkins and 40 shoulder presses. Zinfandel asked if we were really starting the workout with Jack Web until he realized the entire workout was Jack Web. The PAX moseyed to the top of the hill for a new version of Jack. The exercise consisted of up to 10 squats with up to 40 in and outs which felt very similar to a deconstructed Burpee to kill the legs. The PAX got a 10 count before moseying to the BBT bank for Lieutenant Dan Web work out. This consisted of 10 squats and up to 40 lunges. To be honest, it hurt to run the to next Jack station at the Target parking lot. The callout was our friend Bear Web which consisted of up to 10 dry docks and 40 paces of bear crawl. I am guessing there was some scat in places after this one or at least the feeling of it. Finally, we moseyed back to the start for a finishing session of Ab-Web. This consisted of up to 10 heals to heaven and 40 LBC’s. The PAX and I were all done.

COT: The PAX made it through a tough workout like a champ. I am sitting here sore from my own workout and know it wont be fun in the morning. Zinfandel and the group mentioned doing a Spartan race in July. We were joined by a Memphis F3 member, Halpurt, who is in town for work. Swimmers headlocked Tyler Hahn to the group from Kansas. Tyler made it off easy with the nickname Toto. Welcome to the group.

Knish on Q at Chiseled

Buckets Dough

The days have been long with a new job so sometimes you get a back blast written at the last moment that shares the pain and torment that was dealt out for the day. This morning, 11 people came to Chiseled to get more cut and build some muscle. What most didn’t realize is that my substi-Q for Recalculating was primarily focused on the 45 pound buckets of concrete meant to cause as much fatigue as possible.

Let’s Mosey,

Run to the entrance of Five Stones Church and back to get the legs warm. Do 25 side straddle hops to loosen up. Stretch the arms across each side because we are going to wear them out. Perform 25 Merkins to warm up the chest. Overhead stretch to finish out loosening up the arms.

Exercise #1- Bucket Brigade Line up in a single line, hold a squat while passing the bucket down the line and the last person run it up to the front. Repeat until everyone has run the bucket 3 times and find a way to stretch out the legs.

Exercise #2- Partner Up and choose a bucket. One partner performs the exercise with a 45 pound bucket while the other runs to the end of the parking lot. Complete two rounds per person for each exercise. The series consisted of curls, squats, shoulder press, alternating elevated merkins, and bucket swings. The group did 5 burpees between each exercise and filled the time waiting for the six doing Mary.


Everyone did a great job hanging in for the workout. What I can say is that we did a chiseled workout at Chiseled, not some portable version of another Site Q. Zinfandel was kind enough to remind me that Watchtower was worse last Tuesday so I will have to find a new threshold of pain. I was thoroughly worn by the end of the workout and had to make a trip to the Chiropractor. Welcome @Joe Selitto – Snooki to the PAX. Great opportunity to start with the group.

Upcoming Events

  • March 9th- Briarcrest Bridge 5K to raise funds for the swim team
  • Need for Speed March 29th- Reach out to Rubbermaid

Sour Dough

Let’s MOSEY:

This morning was exceptional for a great workout. The weather was warm, the shorts came out and everyone was excited for less running and more bear crawl. However, it is always the task of every Clydesdale to deny our instincts and run for fun. It was a late arrival of some of the PAX that resulted in the start of the workout. Post all DICC’s announcements, we started with 5 burpees and lets Mosey. We jogged to the divider on the way to Petsmart for some inclined Merkins along the curb. It was Merkin, Slide, Merkin until you reached the end of the curb. Some people were in wonder given we had not even begun the warmup. That was ended with the addition of 5 burpees on the way

  • Circle Up
    • Jog to the Target Parking lot
    • Side Straddle Hop X 20
    • Mountain Climbers X 20
    • Squats X 20
    • Mosey to the Neighborhood

The Thang- 

  • The Triple Nickel
    • 5 Jump Squats at the bottom
    • 5 Double Merkin Burpees at the Top
    • Repeat 5 times
    • Do some Mary while waiting for the 6
  • Mosey to the parking lot at the side of Target
    • Bear Crawl till the 6 arrives
    • 5 Burpees
  • Run back to the start
    • 3 burpees
  • COT

The PAX completed 3.6 miles and 43 burpees to represent for my 43rd Birthday Friday. The combination of the Triple Nickel and the hill was brutal. One Star go tired of running so he added in some Dry Docks for extra effort half way. It is always a great group of guys supporting and pushing each other. I know I needed to stress relief with the re-orgs I was dealing with at work.


  • Chiseled- 5:30 Wednesday
  • Dromedary- 5:30 Wednesday
  • Check out Mark this Moment for the Upcoming Father Daughter Dance
  • Reach out to the Sad Clowns, Bring People Together, Help Before it is too late!

Twas The Morning before Christmas

Twas the morning before Christmas, when all through the house
An F3 Q was stirring, as PAX began to rouse
The cones were set out by the lights with care
In hopes that buckets of concrete will get them there

Jingles was nestled all snug in his bed
While visions of warmth danced in his head
And Fusebox in his ‘kerchief, and Breadbowl in his cap
The Q for the day yelled, get out of your sack

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the bed to gather all that matters
Away to the window I flew like a flash (well a Clydesdale type flash)
Tore open the door and drop some boys at the pond

The full moon Gave the lustre of mid-day on the path
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But 39 PAX ready to go, no matter rain nor snow

With Doughboy on Q, so lively and quick-ish
I knew in a moment it must be 6:30
More rapid than gazelles his coursers they came
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

“Now Dasher! now, Doughboy! now, Popeye and Zinfandel!
On, Catnip! On, Carebear! on, on Das Boot and Bottlecap!
To the back of the school! to the top of the path!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

As dry heaves that before the wild gloves fly
When they meet with obstacles, praying to the sky
So up to the circle the coursers they flew
With the sleigh full of weights, and Shop Dawg too

And then, in a twinkling, I heard toward the end
The Santa and Santa of each huff and puff
As I drew in my head, and was turning around
We started the final mosey in leaps and bounds

We sprang to the front of the school, to the PAX gave a whistle
And away they all drove to McD’s for Coffeeteria
But I heard everyone exclaim, as we drove out of sight
“Recover, Happy Christmas, and to all a good-night!”

Let’s MOSEY:

We started with a warmup run to Christmas in Hollis to the back of the school to the shouts of get a bigger speaker for Christmas

  • Side Straddle Hop X 36
  • Merkins X 36
  • Imperial Walkers X 36

The Thang- 

  • Twelve Days of Christmas
    • First Day- Burpee
    • Second Day- T-Clap Merkins
    • Third Day – Parker Peters
    • Fourth Day- High Knees
    • Fifth Day- Merkins
    • Six Day- Monkey Humpers
    • Seventh Day- Bobby Hurleys
    • Eight Day- Shoulder Presses
    • Ninth Day- Mountain Climbers
    • Tenth Day- Lunge Squats
    • Eleventh Day – Plank Jack
    • Twelfth Day- Dry Docks
  • Mosey to the Circle Behind the High School
    • Hold Plank the Entire Santa Clause Song
    • Do a Merkin every time you hear Santa
  • Run back to the Start
    • Hold a Squat Pose
    • Raise up when you hear Baby from Baby its cold Outside
  • Mosey Back to the circle near the beginning
    • Plank Indian Run
    • PAX Planks it up While the End runs a lap around the circle and falls back in line
    • Repeat 2 times
  • COT

The PAX completed a little over 4 miles trying to complete the 12 days of Christmas and a quick tour of the campus to hear Santa Claus


  • Chiseled- 5:30 Wednesday
  • Dromedary- 6:30 Wednesday
  • Check Groupme for Service opportunity to fix a home to help a father make a better life for his kids
    • Wednesday to Sunday- Any Time to Help
    • Ask Bottlecap for Details
  • Shampoo Crew is Still Collecting items
  • Welcome Reaper, Squirts, Slider, and My Pleasure to the PAX

Where is BreadBowl?

I believe the joy of every Q is figuring out what kind of different exercise will bring out the complaints within the group or absolutely silence everyone because what you call out is either excruciating or  crazy.  The goal is to find something hard enough that it pushes us all but not crazy enough that you quit trying.   The goal today was to see how many miles we could put in without getting told we run too much while finding ways to bring a smile or grimes out of the PAX.  My trusty analog watch said it was time and we were off the explore the Wesley Chapel venue.

Let’s MOSEY:

We started with a warmup run along the normal path around the AO until we reached the island of curbs.  Plank walk the length of the island and then Al Gore until the six finished.

We then ran to the Target parking lot and circled up for some exercises.

  • Side Straddle Hop X 30
  • Plank Jacks X 30
  • Imperial Walkers X 30
  • Merkins X 30

Insufficient Running has occurred so we ran to the side of Target and performed Burpees until Bread Bowl performed five himself

Run along the path to the corner and perform squats until Breadbowl performed 5 squats

Run back around to the Target parking lot.  On a side note, Bread Bowl accused me of lying when I said we would stay in the Target Parking lot.  He simply didn’t realize we would be leaving and returning along with some extra pain stations along the journey.

The Thang- 

  • Bear Crawl from Hell
    • Bear Crawl to the first line, do one Carolina Drydock
    • Bearcrawl to the second line and increase the number of Drydocks by one
    • Go as far as you can across the parking lot repeating and increase drydocks by one at each line
    • No one was talking- Call Recover and onto the next exercise
    • I died at 16 lines and 16 dry docks.  That was 136 Dry docks in total
  • Four Corners- The Long Way
    • First Corner, Side Straddle Hop X 20
    • Second Corner, Squats X 20
    • Third corner, Merkins X 20
    • Forth Corner, LBC’s X 20
    • Repeat 3 times
  • Run back to the island around Petsmart
    • Plank Walk with your feet on the curb
    • Plank waiting for the six
  • Mosey Back to the circle near the beginning
    • Plank Indian Run
    • PAX Planks it up While the End runs a lap around the circle and falls back in line
    • Repeat 2 times


The PAX completed 2.6 miles while forging through a tough Bear Crawl and and a lot of should workout.  No one quit so we will have to kick it up a notch next time.


  • Convergence on Thanksgiving
    • AG Middle School- 6:30
    • Spring Hill Elementary- Fort Mill- 6:30
    • Stonecrest: 6:30
  • Convergence at Outlands on Saturday a 7:00 AM
    • Sun Valley Middle School
  • Millbridge and Lawson Turkey Trot

No Girls Allowed

17 PAX were ready for an Impromptu workout in the rain not knowing whether Deadwood or BreadBowl was on Q.  The rest Fartsacked the morning away dreaming of fairy tales instead of showing up for a verbal dress down by Bread Bowl .  Air horn and whistle in hand, the PAX asked for shelter while Bread Bowl pronounced, stop being a girl.  Even dad got a lecture for not charging his phone to play music for the workout.  Deadwood brought a jar to collect fees for any cussing in front of Bread Bowl given he is 11 years old but thinks he is 35 and can bring out the best in each of us.

Let’s MOSEY:

Bread Bowl was off to the races with a fast lap around the parking lot at a speed not previously seen before given Bread Bowl snowbirds at the back of the PAX.

  • Potato Pickers X 20
  • Moroccan Arm Rotations X 20
  • Imperial Walker X 20
  • Parker Peters X 20

The Thang- 

  • Mosey to the lights on the path
    • At each light, 10 jump squats and 10 Peter Parkers
    • SSH at the end while waiting for the six
    • Grab a brick because it was too muddy to get to the rocks
      • Enter the after workout lecture by Bread Bowl to Doughboy that it was just mud and why can the PAX just suck it up and get dirty.
    • 10X Curls and 10X Shoulder Presses at each light on the way up the path
  • In the parking lot, do 20X Tricept Extensions and run two lines, run back
    • Add two lines to each run and back for tricept extensions
    • Go until you have finished the entire length of the parking lot
    • Realize you still have the bricks
  • Back to the Path
    • Do 10, I mean 5X burpees at each light back down the path.
    • Bread Bowl tried to audible to skipping lights but the PAX refused and finished out the path
  • Find Some Wall
    • 50X Jabs in Cadence
    • 50X Air  Presses
  • Mosey to the front of the middle school
    • 50X dips, one leg out for some of us.
    • $20 bet from MoneyBall to Bread Bowl if he could beat him to the front.  Unfortunately, Bread Bowl was seen huffing air about halfway there.  Maybe someday.
  • Jail Break to the start of the workout
    • Bread Bowl was warned about the time but said he had ideas for the end.  Q Jack was denied.
    • Protractor with the strangest count possible.  Lots of 1 to 10 degrees to torture the abs
    • Lieutenant Dan to finish out the time.
      • Went from one to 6 normally, then directly to 10 to finish out the torture.


Bread Bowl always delivers a healthy dose of adult humor to go along with every workout.  The PAX is very welcoming to an 11 year old leading a group of amazing men.  Sometimes the counting and form are suspect but they keep going knowing he is pushing himself each moment.  The workouts are legit for an 11 year old who is not shy from trying to bring on complaints and it is amazing to experience as a father.  To this, I say thank you to the PAX for it being more than just a workout and the ability to grow each of us, no matter the age.


  • F3 Christmas Party November 30th
  • F3 Effee awards December 7th
  • Deadwood will be boning frogs this weekend
  • Keep you prayers out for Mad Dog as he goes through some medical tests as an outcome of the colon cleanse.

Bucket Brigade

17 PAX had no idea what they were getting into at Chiseled this morning.  I always find it fun to think of new ways to stretch ourselves as a PAX.  With Zinfandel holding the record of least used gear in a gear workout, I thought I would go the other direction with the introduction of 40lb buckets full of concrete.  According to Deadwood, the back of my truck was dragging from all the extra weight that was about to be hauled around Five Stones Church for the shear enjoyment of a great workout.

Let’s MOSEY:

Take a lap to the front Entrance of the Church and all the way back to the start to ensure we were nice and warm on a cold morning

  • Side Straddle Hop X 20
  • Potato Pickers X 10
  • Calf Stretch for a 10 count on each leg
  • Merkins X20
  • Mountain Climbers X 20

The Thang- 

  • Mosey to the buckets and pair up
    • Bucket Run – Partner Run the Length of the parking lot while handing off the bucket at each line in the parking lot
    • Plank at the end of the parking lot waiting for the six
    • Repeat Trip Back to the Beginning transitioning buckets every other line
    • Plank while waiting for the six
  • Bucket Squats
    • One partner squats while holding the bucket while the other partner runs half the parking lot X 3
    • One partner Bucket Curl to Press while the other Runs half the parking lot X 2
    • One Partner Deadlift the bucket while the other runs half the parking lot X3
    • One Partner reverse lunge to bucket lift while the other runs half the parking lot X2
    • One Partner does elevated hand merkins on  the bucket while the other runs half the parking lot X2
    • Finish with Bucket Curl Burnout while your partner does LBC’s.


At the end of the workout, the buckets became Phuckets with 2.5 miles of running and plenty of muscle work with 40 lbs of concrete.  There was substantial whining about the required lifting and the finger pain from those who usually lift a wine glass.  Fortunately, I have stored the buckets at the Chiseled site for anyone who wishes to add the weight to future workouts.


  • We didn’t win the MegaMillions so we all had to report to work
  • I am sure there is a 5k going on in the near future.  Get with Posse if you want to run.
  • Five Stones if hosting a Men’s Bible Study every Wednesday at 6:15 in the morning
  • Welcome Big Baller (Nate Mills) to the group
  • New Workout Thursday Evening at Food Lion Parking Lot at 6:30
  • Thursday Q for Thanksgiving at 6:30 now in downtown Waxhaw

Target Red Ball Crawl Challenge

19 Pax started the day with a bear crawl in the Target parking lot with a slalom between the LARGE RED BALLS ! No one thought I was going to show, but I pulled a Jingles by sneaking in at the 2 minute mark! Everyone was ready and rearing to go!

The Thang:

Mosey from Brooklyn Pizza alongside of PetSmart parking lot. Agility drills to warm up legs by exercises on the curb along the way. Mosey around the back of PetSmart to Target lot for warm up. Circled up and gave disclaimer. 10 SSH (for Big 10) 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Potato Pickers, 20 Moroccan Night Clubs, 10 mountain climbers, 10 plank jacks

Mosey to Target for the crawl. Slalom between the red balls to the end, circle back to parking lot. Mosey to Target lot for an end to end run. Start at one end, at each tree and each light post do an exercise. 10 merkins, 10 jump squats. Back the other way LBC’s and Smurf Jacks

PetSmart – 4 corners with burpees in the middle. WW2 sit ups, American Hammers, Peter Parkers, Merkins. Broke team in 2 teams…shoulder press, donkey kicks, wall squats, etc. while partner runs in the PetSmat lot. Mosey back to start and agility drills on the return curb. Back to B. Pizza.