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***** Happy 4th Birthday to the Original UC AO – The Outland *****

15 PAX enjoyed the Sweet Celebration of the 4th Anniversary of what has come to be known as The Outland!  What better ingredients for a kickin’ party than a Lot of Heat, Humidity and Sweat! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!


4 & 5 Miler Pre-Runs – Madison, GJ, EE, Shake’N’Bake, Stacks (on Wheels)

** Disclaimer Clearly Given **

HairBand Half Miler Mosey around Hill to Bus Lot including forwards, backwards, Karaoke R/L, Shuffle R/L, High Knees, Butt Kickers, LSS while 6 catches up


25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO
25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO
10 x IW IC
Single Bus Cheese Weave Run & Back (1 bus in lot, had to use it!)
25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO
10 x Slow Windmill IC
25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO

The Main Event

Indian Run to Elementary School Playground
Along the way PC @ 1st Elementary School Wall w/ 50 AP
Lunge Walk entire length of chain linked fence

At Playground
1 Set Includes:
5 x Pull-Ups
10 x Merkins
20 x LBC’s
Repeato x 3
Run Full Lap around track
Repeat Sets x 3

Start Mosey back to Middle School
Lunge Walk Length of Fence
1 min Water Break
Stop by wall for PC w/ AP x 50
Mosey to MS Parking Lot Island Starting Line
4 cones approx 20 yards apart
Start at Island, run to cone #1
@ Cone, perform 5 x BombJacks, 5 x Burpees, 20 x Flutter (each leg one)
Backwards Run to island
Repeat for Cones 3, 4 & 5

5 Minutes of Mary

PAX Call!
Can’t remember all, but included
20 x Back Scratchers IC (CT Favorite)
20 x LBC IC
20 x Roselita’s (en espanole)
20 x Freddy Mercury

25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO



4 Years Ago A Few Good Men ventured from the inner loop of I-485 and traveled South-Easterly for what seemed like thousands of miles looking for a site suitable to begin a F3 Expansion site capable of transforming the lives of hundreds of Men.  Tired and Exhausted from the Journey, Counter Top and Zip-A-Dee ended up settling on a plot more suitable for a landfill that actually includes a County Dump on site.  Nice Job Guys!  Fast Forward 4 years and the Men of UC still seem to enjoy the land of the Misfit PAX and continue the rich tradition of the planted shovel flag, the sweat fest of the workout in Sun, Rain, Snow and Fog, and the land that has transformed hundreds of men into better leaders, better fathers, better friends and just better Men!!  Aye!

I think HH is probably the closest to the original group today followed by YHC by a few weeks.  Some talk and “Fake Hype” by Madison of a possible showing by the Founding Father CT, but all for not.  Madison was feelin the Pre-Run today and kept the pace brisk!

Great to see Happy back in Action after a new job has kept him away for a few months!  Drop Thrill as well!  DT has moved South of the Boarder but still made it for the AO-iversary!  And Great to see you and Bullwinkle trucking through the entire workouts! Injuries happen so it is great to see you overcoming them brother!  Shake’N’Bake has released the inner-runner and has lost nearly 40 lbs since beginning F3!  True Inspirational Beast transforming right before our eyes #Motivation.  GJ was Loud…. again!  HH continued his traditional Refusal of 90% of the workout but did not get injured which is key!

Shepherd is getting older (Respect), and I think along with that we need to give him a little leeway for total reps counted vs total reps completed!! Lumberjack is super tall and has to work harder to reach the ground!  Arsenal and EHarmony have been knocking out these workouts and putting in work!  Dr. Rhythm has excellent form and brought his FNG 2.0 today to one day become a F3 Ninja-Warrior!  It is great when we have a bunch of kids (2.0’s) out working with the men! Hey one day they will be the ones changing our diapers!



  • F3Conviction Wednesdays – Need Q’s – Need PAX
  • Prayers for The Count who is heading to Arkansas today
  • Prayers for the family of the little girl killed in the car accident

Shout Out Anything I missed!

Great Take out by DT!

I am always Grateful for the Men around me that help make me better.  You are many of those men!

Double E

The Hills Are Alive, With the Sound of @#%$^!#$%@!$##%

Burpees & Hills & Burpees & Hills.  Who could possibly hate that Amazing combination of workout splendor!  I know because over the last 3.5 years of hanging with my F3 homies, that is the question I have received the most.
PAX:   Hey Yo EE, “Burpees & Hills?”
EE:   Why “Sure thing (Insert PAX Name here)! That sounds like a Phenomenal Idea!”
Shepherd must have ESP’d on my  wavelength because although we did not discuss the Strategic Q-Split plan verbally, we KNEW what the 9 PAX that overcame the #Fartsack to Participate today were craving, like a 3am Waffle House All Star Special!  Let’s Dig In!

Pre Thang
5+ miler to get the chills out for GJ, Kiefer & EE.  Good Hills through the downtown track of Monroe

The Main Event

0.4 mile Tonowanda Trail Loop warmup alternating Karaoke R/L, Shuffle R/L, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Backwards and 4 stops for 5 x Burpees or 5 x BombJacks along the way

Circle up for COP
50 x SSH IC – That’s how we roll
10 x IW IC
10 x Windmill – Big Stretch, nice & slow
10 x Low Slow Merkins – 3 slow count down & up

Mosey about 15 feet (it was epic)
To EE’s Mountain to Valley course.
Eight cones are set up about 20 yards apart heading away from Hot Dog Hill(?), starting at the base of the hill.  And 1 Extra Credit Cone about 50 yards past those.  The idea is to run up the hill and do 5 x Bomb Jacks.  Run down to the first cone and perform 1 x Burpee.  Back up the hill for 5 x Bomb Jacks. Down to the 2nd cone for 2 x Burpees.  Repeat until you have finished all 8 cones #lotsofburpees.  If you are needing a little extra credit, repeat and go to the very far extra credit cone + 10 x Burpees.  Pick up the Six and continue on! #Grinder

Partner up for EE’s Sled-Burner Delight!
Using 4 plastic snow sleds and the same cones from the M2V course, P1 Sledburns approx 40 yards & back while P2 performs called exercise until P1 gets back.  Then Flapjack.
R1:  LBC
R2:  CDD


Mosey to picnic tables for Step-ups x20 (#really40) and Dips x25
Run half the track around to the end

Time for some Deconstructed Burpees x 5

Mosey over to the baseball field for some “steep” hill work:
R1: Backwards walk up, Bear crawl down
R2: Crab walk up, Crab walk down
R3: Bear crawl up, Bear crawl (or slide) down.

Mosey back across the street to the park.

Grab 2 rocks and plank up for the Tunnel of love!

3 Minutes of Mary
20 x Rosalitas
15 x Dollies
14 x LBC’s


Prayers for Pikachu’s Job Search
****** Posse came today to let us know about an upcoming F3 service Project to help a family in Monroe who’s house is literally sinking.  Apparently the lady living there is a grandmother that is taking care of neighborhood kids and recently lost her husband who she was taking care of. The plan is to basically Rebuild & Firm up the house in 4 days and WE NEED YOU!!  We need anyone & everyone that can walk upright to step up on President’s weekend February 17, 18, 19, 20 to “REBUILD THIS HOUSE”!!  Any time that we can help out will make a huge difference in her life and the kids she is taking care of, even if it is only a few hours!  Posse (Brian Stephenson – Twitter @bridgeofbrian ) has the details about this service project and can answer any questions.  He will send details about this in case I misremembered any information!  EVERYONE NEEDS TO HELP OUT – ANY AMOUNT OF TIME CAN AND WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THIS FAMILY!! Helping Others is what we are all called to do.  Step Up, Step Out and be One of the One’s that says YES I WILL!!
Thank you for taking us out GJ!!


Great work by all the PAX today and great to have Posse with us!  I have not been to #F3Monroe in a few months and if it weren’t for GJ being to lazy to drive to #F3Outland every now and then for the Pre-Run, I probably would have missed a great opportunity and experience with the PAX of Monroe that we shared today.  Many of these guys originated in the gloom of the Outland and wanted to share the experience with others in Monroe #ExpansionTeam.  Monroe is a great AO and I would encourage regulars of any AO to go visit sometime!  That being said here are some observations from the workout today:
– The mountains to valley Burpee/BombJack Hill combo is nothing more than a Grinder.  There is no shortcuts, no cheats and no easy way out.  It was hard work and you just have to put one foot in front of the next and keep on churning.  I think it took 20 – 25 minutes to get through it all and it was no doubt a #smoker!  Much complaining normally =’s a great workout!
– I saw a few PAX including myself go head first into the ground on the sled burners.  The uneven ground can cause the plastic saucers to respond oddly sometimes while you are pushing them but it was a tough addition.
– Shepherd found a 89,9 degree hill to do some work on.  Yes it was insanely steep but no one was severely injured.
– Hoffa was a prior president of the Marlboro Adventure Team and had to smoke 642 cartons of Marlboro Reds to save up enough Marlboro Miles to get the sweet action Jacket he wore today. His lungs may never heal but he sure was warm!  Strong work in the red jacket for sure!
– This is the first time I have seen Espresso make it an entire workout without spilling Merlot!  I think your sweet action NC State Beanie had something to do with it… somehow. #GoPack
– Pikachu can predict the stock market and is looking for a new challenge as a financial analyst.  He IS the man for the job so we can get his contact info to anyone in need of the second coming of Warren Buffett.
– Great to have Posse with us from #F3Commitment and we all need to step up BIG to help with this service project.  He will have a Sign Up Genius coming out and will be providing more details of the plan very soon. Come back anytime!
– I am predicting a very important decision from Nekot in the near future.
– Kiefer is the engine that could and pretty much dominates with a prerun and main even post nearly every week.  And he can fly airplanes!  #STRONG!

Missed the men of #F3Outland today, but it was great helping Shepherd Q at #F3Monroe.

Always a Pleasure leading and being lead with the PAX!

EE and Shepherd

FNG’s + Burpees = Makin’ Outland Great Again!

What do you get when you mix a Joke with a Rhetorical Question?

That Thang
Disclaimer thoroughly given at SVMS parking lot
Mosey to Disc Golf Basket for a little:

SSH x 25
IW x 15
3 Count Merkins x 15
20 Burpees (10 x 2 FNG’s)

Indian Run to SVHS Track only to be locked out.
Turn around and Pin Ball Run using Lightpoles back near start.
Mosey to football practice field to get a combo rock (running + lifting) w/ Karaoke R/L, Shuffle R/L along the way.

Line up along End Zone Line and partner up
P1 performs called exercise with Rock while P2 carries their Rock ~ 60 yards to tower and back.Then FlapJack
R1 – Flutter w/ Rock Bench Press
R2 – Bicep Curls while P1 runs away / Tricep Extensions while P runs back
R3 – Ground to OverHead Presses
R4 – Rock Squats
R5 – Uneven Merkins with one hand on Rock & Switch hands after each 10 merkins

Partners Back to Back and perform Rotation Rock Twist Handoffs to the other partner 1 minute.
Reverse direction 1 minute.

Drop Rocks & notice an open gate to SVHS Stadium! Mosey to stadium.
PC with 50 x AP while everyone catches up.

Head to Stadium stairs for a little Stairway To Heaven:
This rendition included the following:
1 Round = Run Stairs to Top
5 x Bomb Jacks
Run Down Stairs
5 x Burpees
Run Up Stairs
10 x CDD
Run Down Stairs
20 LBC
Run 1 lap around Track (0.25 miles)

PC with 50 x AP while everyone catches up.

Repeato 2 more Rounds of Stairway to Heaven

Mosey back to Rocks to redeposit them back in rock pile!

Mosey back towards SVMS for:

15 x Flutter IC
15 x Rosalita IC
15 x Freddy Mercury IC
Protractor w/ Multiple PAX angle 10 count callouts


Sign Up to Q!  We need Leaders to step it up!


FIRST THANK YOU GLASS JOE FOR FORGETTING TO BRING MY PLATES TO THE PRE-RUN THIS MORNING. The PAX I am sure were probably as upset as I was to not have to push those little circles of death around!
Madison threw down the gauntlet to bring some FNG’s and he would do 10 Burpees for each FNG that came out. At some point Hair Band agreed to participate so I figured why not have everyone participate!  No man left behind! 20 Burpees for all.
Madison is doing a great job as a newbie Site-Q for Outland and EHing FNG’s.  We all need to follow his example.  He even provides shuttle service for anyone that would like to try all the Outland has to offer!
Horse Head continues to break his lofty #Refusenik records on a weekly basis.#NoMeansNo
Bullwinkle looks like Zach Galifianakis.  There’s no doubt there is some blood line going on there.  He posted for the first time ever Friday @ Overdrive and came back Saturday for a beatdown @ Outland.  Great to have you brother!  Keep coming out!
HB was doing a great job hanging and encouraging the FNG’s #HIM! I could tell he wanted more running during the workout.  Bernanke should do voice overs and even makes all the weird noises sound pretty cool #BeastMan!
Great having 2 FNG’s out today! Sling Blade (Carl) was putting in the work! Great Job Buddy! Magic Attic (Joe) is going to be a force to recon with during the workouts!  I hope you both come back and keep pushing each week.


Always Awesome to Lead this Great Group of Men!

Double E

Smokey’s 12 days of January ladder on the 14th of January

The temperature was right, but the date was wrong!  11 men showed up for the pain this morning.  It was the 12 days of January on the 14th of January.  Don’t be confused it was horrible.

The Thang:
It all began with a mosey to the elementary school.  Halfway there, to let the hard breathers to catch up, we did 20xSide Straddle Hop and 20xEmperial Walker.  The mosey continued to the wall for a short BTW and then it hit the fan….

Think 12 days of Christmas:
1. Lap (1/8 mile)
2. Burpees
3. Air Squats
4. Pull Ups
5. Lunges
6. Dollies
7. Merkins
8. Monkey Humpers
9. Lunges
10. Flutters
11. Dips
12. LBC’s

This sucker built.  So, one lap and then 2 Burps.  Followed by another lap 2 Burps and 3 Air Squats.  Followed by another lap 2 Burps, 3 Air Squats, and 4 Pull Ups.  I think you get the picture.  Once you got to 12, we started to go back down.  We moseyed back to the middle school for COP.  Did a little Mary (LBC’s).  Had a minute left.  Because of a sharp comment by HairBand, the PAX finished up with 5 Burps OYO.

Over 3.5 miles of running with a lot of pain in between.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Pain is really not that far away!

A little HB mile to get us warmed up.


No FNGs, but disclaimer provided.
SSH x 25 IC
Slow Windmill X 10 IC
IW x 25 IC
Slow 3-count Merkins x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Mosey to the picnic tables on the side of the school

Main Event:

A few rounds of pain-stations:
1st round – 30 x Step-ups, Derkins & Dips
Cheese-weave through the buses & plank until PAX is all there.
2nd round – 20 x Carolina Dry-Docks, Mountain Climbers & Flutters
Cheese-weave through the buses & burpees until PAX is all there.
3rd round – BTTW with 15 shoulder touches, 15 donkey-kicks, then lunge-walk length of the awning (heading downhill)
Run to the end of the bus-line, around the final bus and then backwards run the length of the buses.

LBCs until PAX is all there.


Rosalitas x 25
Dollies x 25
Feddie Mercuries – nice & slow x 20
Protractor – with PAX calling degrees – 2x through

Mosey to the hill.

Stairway to 9’s: Burpees at the top/ Bomb-jacks at the bottom (each set totally 9)

Now time for some wall – People’s Chair with 100 air presses
Back in the chair for another 150 air presses
Back in the chair for another 200 air presses
Not time to recover yet – stay in position with arms straight out for an additional 2-minutes

Around to the hand-rail for some supine pull-ups, nice and slow with holds at the top x 10 IC
Roll-over for 10 slow-count Merkins IC

30 more step-ups

Circled up for a ‘Call your own shot’ session:
Shepherd – LBCs x 21 IC
Smokey – 10 Burpees OYO
Bonhoeffer – LSS holding in the squat position for additional discomfort x 10 IC
EE – another HB mile
The Count – SSH x 25 IC

And that’s a wrap!

Few announcements:
Joe Davis Run, GJ’s Wife, Horse’s Arm, Christmas Party, pray for Count’s M-i-L and especially the family as they determine the best care-decisions, pray for our country and all of the unrest.

Thanks Smokey for taking us out!

Great job by entire crew today!


A 2.0 Mutiny!

Squiddie started us off with a HB mile that quickly turned into the HB marathon!



No FNGs.
SSH x 25 IC
IW X 25 IC
5 Burpees on your own
Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Line up for an Indian run to the high school track

Main Event:

4 stops around the track –
1st round – Squats x 5, 10, 15, 20
Run another lap
2nd round – Merkins x 5, 10, 15, 20
Plank until the PAX catches up
3rd round – CDD x 5, 10, 15, 20
Again plank until the PAX catches up

The Count tried to remind Squiddie of his Weinke – at which point, he reminded The Count it was his Q!

Now time for some wall – People’s Chair with 50 air presses
Back in the chair for another 75 air presses

Hand off to Goofy Foot to continue the pain-cycle.

Line up for a little Indian run to the elementary school – as mentioned above, this was a mutiny and the full HB marathon was in play!

Once at the elementary track, the PAX paired up:
Round 1 – partner 1 does merkins while partner 2 completes a lap, flap-jack and repeat
Round 2 – partner 1 does flutters while partner 2 completes a 2nd lap, flap-jack and repeat
Round 3 – partner 1 does burpees while partner 2 completes his 3rd lap, flap-jack and repeat
Round 4 – partner 1 does step-ups while partner 2 completes his 4th lap, flap-jack and repeat

Goofy’s weinke included additional rounds of pain, but thankfully we were running short on time and had to call an audible.  Unfortunately there was  time for 1 more Indian run – back to the COP!

Count off and Namerama!

Once circled up, we realized we had gone 3.6 miles – a true HB marathon had been completed!  Great job 2.0’s – excellent beatdown!  Smokey and The Count were both proud of their 2.0’s leadership today!

Growing Strong Everyday PAX, Watch out!

Squid Ward & Goofy Foot

2.0’s OUT – MIC DROP

Well Hill-O Monroe

7 PAX Overcame the Fartsack for the 2nd edition of #F3Monroe.  With the hurricane away, the PAX wanted to play, or so they thought.

0610 – GJ, Barney & EE met early for a 4-Mile warm up run through the City streets of Monroe

Warmup Hairband Ultra lap from parking lot under bridge and back up hill from farmers market.
Circle Up Fellas!
Burpees x 10
SSH x 50 IC
IW x 15 IC
That’s Enough!


Burpee Trail Lap
As a Group, Ran the 0.4 Mile perimeter trail, stopping every 100 yards or so for 5 x Burpees
Karaoke R/L, Knee Highs, Butt Kickers, Shuffle R/L, Backwards Run thrown in during the run as well.

Mosey to Hotdog Hill
Start at Playground and Run up the hill to the Flagpole at top of Hotdog Hill for 5 x Bombjacks
Run down the hill back to the playground for 5 x Pullups
Repeato x 5

Mosey to parking lot entrance collecting EE’s Famous Epoxy Plates for some Team Hill Hairburners
Split into 2 teams
1 member Pushes plate up the entrance hill and remaining team members rotate between exercises
Round 1 – 15 x Merkins, 15 x LSS

Mosey to cones for Suicide Merkin Sprinters
4 cones about 25 yards apart each
Sprint to each cone, 10 x Merkins @ cone, Backwards Sprint to start line

Mosey back to Entrance for Team Hill Hairburners
Round 2 – 15 x Merkins, 20 x LBC

Mosey back to cones for Round 2 Suicide Merkin Sprinters
BUT Start w/ 10 Merkins and Add + 5 @ each cone #GoodLuckRequest

Mosey to Parking Lot for 3MOM
15 x Flutter
15 x Dolly
15 x LBC
50 x SSH


– Continued Prayers for GJ’s M (Paige) and Family
– Others?
– EE with the Super Inspirational Take Out!


The 2nd offering of #F3Monroe was a #crowdpleaser for sure!  Awesome to have Barney out #SuperKotters for a Single Scoop of the Pre-Run but he went for the Double Scoop Waffle Cone beasting out the main event as well.  All this after coming off of a 12 hour shift keeping us all safe with the UC Sheriff’s Office #bigknucklesbrother!  Good Luck came all the way from @F3Asheville to see what Monroe had to offer and all indications are he was well pleased!  T-claps for Hoffa representing @F3theFort as well and we definitely hope to see you back out when you can make it!  Hoffa gets the #TenderheartCareBear award as the sweat on his shirt forms a huge heart shape #yesitwasamazing!  Awesome Job by last week’s FNG Bundy for coming back out and getting into the F3 Monroe swing. Bundy is Young and Strong so I see a future Q in the making!  GJ is loud.  Espresso certainly lived up to his name as the second round of Suicide Merkin Sprinters brought up his breakfast… yet again!  1st Post – Violent Coffee Hurl = name Espresso. 2nd Post, 2nd Hurl fest – Thought about renaming DoubleShot. This past Saturday he went for the Hat Trick!  Keep posting brother!  Good work by all today. The workout was tough but we are better because of it!

– F3 Union County here to please – Come out to Thrive (Tuesday 0530 Chestnut Park) / Come out to Overdrive (Friday 0530 Sun Valley Middle) / Come out to Monroe (Saturday 0700 Belk Tonawanda Park) or Outland (Saturday 0700 Sun Valley Middle)

Thank you all for making the gloom a healthier place!

Double E

Oompa Loompas at Outland???

After 2 weeks of low numbers, 14 PAX decided the summer was nearly over and needed some Outland to kick their Saturday mornings off the right way! Shepherd & EE were splitting Q, so after a 2/3 Rock/Paper/Scissor throw-down, Shep decided to take the first half and throw the hammer down!!  This is how it went:

Sunrise Pre-Run w/ GJ and EE!  Keifer comes jogging in as well at some point.



Hairband mile around front of the Middle School.
Stop for 5 burpees OYO to welcome Turnpike joining late!  Indian Run to Elementary School.

IW (X21)
SSH (X21)
Merkins (X21) OYO
LSS (X21)
(What’s with the 21’s?)
Burpees (X5) OYO

Indian Run up to the gravel road. Stop for Marine Sit-ups (X21).
Then, mosey to the Practice field and partner up!

– Partner 1 sprint to mid-field and return, Partner 2 do LBC’s (flapjack)
– Plank it up!
– Partner 1 sprint to mid-field and return, Partner 2 do Burpees (flapjack)
– Plank it up!
– Partner 1 bear crawl to 1st white line, then sprint to mid-field and return.  Partner 2 do the Dying Cockroach. (flapjack)
– Plank it up!
– Partner 1 crab walk to 1st white line, then sprint to mid-field and return.  Partner 2 do Merkins.  (flapjack)

EE on Q

EE warned of a Q-O-Rama earlier and to be thinking about what each man would like to lead the group in doing!  We need more/new Q’s so let’s get it going!

1st Up – Hair Band
All PAX Grab a #Manly Rock and Push it through the Tunnel of PAX

Mosey to Stadium – EE Calls Stairway to Seven
Squats at top of stairs, BombJacks at the bottom #smoker

2nd Q – Shep (or Smokey) takes us on the Football Field for some Lt. Dan
Go from End Zone Line to 50 Yard Line
R Lunge, L Lunch, Squat.
Each time increase the number of each exercise by 1

3rd Q – Glass Joe takes us to the Stadium Wall for some PC w AP
PC w/ AP x 50
15 x Donkey Kickers
PC w/ AP x 125
15 x Donkey Kickers

Mosey Back to Middle School for Mary
Stop at Bottom of Hill for Jail Break to top of hill Disc Golf Basket for:

Woody – Double Leg Circles laying down clockwise/counterclockwise (whatever those are called)
Others calling Flutters / Dolly’s / Protractor / Bicycle


Get signed up to Q! We need Qs for all East UC workouts!

Pray for HB Job
Pray for GJ, M, Family
HH’s Back
Pray for Woody’s Mom

Get signed up to Q! We need Qs for all East UC workouts!

– Shep – We proved that the PAX are all like sheep needing a Shepherd, and all good shEEp have a “EE”!
– The threat of an Oompa Loompa Takeover at Outland was not even enough to get CT out of the #Fartsack.  Come on Back out buddy!  The Outland needs your Core Strength!
– Jabberwocky needs to revisit his dream to play MLB. After a few failed attempts to play a little toss and catch Pre workout with a wall and tennis ball, let’s just say his fielding would have made Tom Hanks Cry in A League of Their Own #watchoutcars #actuallytherecanbecryinginbaseball
– Not sure why The Late Show kept talking about some scar on his butt the entire workout and Glass Joe so interested in hearing all about it #Awkward #hottopic
– Shep is like the Usain Bolt of Outland – HIs warmup mosey could bring home the Gold Medal!
– Welcome Tulip to the Outland (HH buddy).  He is a strong addition to the Outland PAX for sure!
– Bonhoeffer is getting stronger each week.  Keep posting and soon you will be surprised how quickly you get quicker!
– Good to see Turnpike back out in the gloom!  Apparently his Jobs get him up early ~3isham and keep him up very late.  And still he comes out to represent!  What’s your excuse again? 3 hours of sleep is not much buddy! Make sure you #Knap!

Get signed up to Q! We need Qs for all East UC workouts!

Sound Off with anything noteworthy!

Always an Adventure in the Outland Gloom!

Shep & EE

Get signed up to Q! We need Qs for all East UC workouts!

Livin’ In a Van, Down By the River!

9 PAX woke up early to attend EE’s Motivational Metal Beatdown Seminar.  What a great way to start your Friday morning.  Let seminar begin!

Disclaimer Given – We are not professionals, This workout is all on you, GO BUY KETTLEBELLS, You are stronger than you think!


Hairband Ultra Marathon over Hill and around bus lot back to SVMS Parking Lot mixing in Karaoke R/L, Shuffle R/L, Backwards Running, Backwards High Knees, Butt Kickers, High Knees

Circle Up For COP
25 x SSH IC
15 x IW IC
10 x Slow Windmills (Get a Good Stretch)  IC
15 x Eiffel Tower Crunches IC
15 x 3 Count Slow/Hold Merkins IC

Mosey to Flag Pole where Kettle Bells / Dumbells Await!

Main Event – The Matt Foley
20 x Two Handed Swings
Run Hairband Mile Stopping Halfway for 15 x Merkins
Repeat for 19 Swings/Run, 18 Swings/Run, 17, 16.

Stop for some plank work

Form 2 Teams each with 25# KB
Line Up and alternate Over/Under (Just like Elementary School Gym time) with 25# KB
Man in the rear runs to front when they receive the bell and start again
We did this about 15 times through each team
Circle Up facing outside circle and Pass the Bells to the man to the right
Continue until Reverse is called and pass the bells around the circle the other way

Head to EE’s Famous Epoxy 44.5# Plates
In Teams, one man pushes plate #plateburner around Hair Band Mile parking lot while team members alternate between exercises, switching with the pusher after each exercise
Round 1:
20 x Crunches
20 x Merkins
7 x Burpees

Go back to Bells
15 x Ground to Overhead Thrusters
Run Hairband Mile Stopping Halfway for 15 x Merkins
More Plank-O-Rama

Back to Team PlateBurners
Round 2:
5 x BombJacks each time then switch pushers

15 x Flutter IC
15 x Dolly IC
15 x Eiffel Tower Crunches IC
Protractor Holds


– Continued Prayers for GJ’s M
– Continued Prayers for DT and his move South of the Border
– Continued Prayers for the Count’s Family
– Continued Prayers for Donut Hole’s Move

Big Thanks to Woody for taking us out!  Great Words Brother!

– Solid Work today by all that showed up.  Good to see Spielberg back out from the #Fartsack to come swing and push some metal around for 45 mins!  Keep on coming out brother.
– Madison was in beast mode this morning and lead the Swings/Run most of the time.  But I guess he felt guilty swinging the #Lollipop that was available and pressured by the Q’s disclaimer, so he went and bought a couple #Mansized bells to bring to the workouts! Great Job and everyone needs to go out and Buy a KB – recommend 35#+.  Again, you are stronger than you think and we have plenty of smaller bells to start out with!
– Good to see Hoodie back out and Bernanke and Shepard both were smoking the plateburners.  Shep muscles them around like they are #dimes!
– Woody’s northern accent is awesome.  He even grunts and breaths in a northern accent.  Don’t lose it or let it become southernized!
– PLATES – They are awesome and always bring out the best in the group! The best Grunts, Moans, Complaints, whininig etc. These are never easy but the PAX stepped up when it was their turn and gave it all they had!
– GJ misses HorseHead and needs his buddy to heal up and get back out in the gloom.  They both have tweaked their backs and need each other for a helpful deep tissue massage.  This also helps us to realize that although injuries will happen, stretching is mega important and make sure we practice good form during warmup and COP.  Windmills can be a great back stretch warmup and as with most exercises we do, FORM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN JUST SPEED.  Drink Milk, brush your teeth and Practice good form daily!

OUTLAND (Saturday 7:00 – 8:00)
OVERDRIVE (Friday 5:30 – 6:15)

Thanks for allowing me to shift into Overdrive!

Double E

HEY FARTSACKERS – GET UP & Los Quatro Amigo’s Conquistar La Tierra

I had a feeling on the way to the gloom of #Outland today may be a light numbers day.  Double E’s on Q so everyone thinks we are going to run 50 miles #wedid.  It looked like it would be a solo workout until about 4 minutes till 7 when Dio from #F3ChapelHill shows up ready to go.  Wait a State guy and a Chapel Hill Guy alone in the gloom?  Two in and One out maybe?  Luckily, the Count shows up with his 2.0 to mediate and with no time to spare, time to roll out!

Advertised 0600 Pre-Run went smooth, Solo Run, Normal Bo stop #FasterAfter

Warmup Hairband Half around Hill to Bus Parking Lot
SSH x 25 IC
IW x 15 IC
10 x Burpees
Slow 3 Count Merkins x 15 IC w/ 6″ holds

Burpee / Broadjumpers length of Bus Lot at each line x 21
EE Left his phone at the beginning so have to head back to start
Bear Crawl / 3 x Merkins @ every other line back to start

Indian Run to Elem Playground
Along the way Karaoke R/L, Backwards Run
Long Lunge walk along entire length of Fence

At Playground 2 Rounds of:5 x Pull-Ups
20 x Merkins
20 x Dips
20 x Merkins
5 x Pull-Ups
Run a Lap around Track

25 x Swinging Donkey Kickers

Mosey back towards PMS but stop at Elem School for Wall Time:
PC w AP x 50
15 x Wall Donkey Kickers
PC w AP x 100
15 x Wall Donkey Kickers

Mosey to Cinder Blocks area and Grab a Block:
15 x Bicep Curlers
15 x Overhead Triceps Extensions
15 x Block Squats
15 x Ground to Overhead Thrusters
Replace Blocks

Run Back towards school
UP/Down Stairs
Stair Rail Crawl Up – Repeat Other Facing other Direction Up
Run to front of School for:

25 x Flutter IC
20 x Dolly IC
20 x Freddy Mercury IC
Protractor with lots of counted holds!


– Continued Prayers for GJ’s M
– Continued Prayers for DT and his move South of the Border
– Continued Prayers for the Count’s Family
– Continued Prayers for Donut Hole’s Move

– WHERE HAVE THE OUTLANDERS GONE?  I thought I was going to have a Solo Sweat Fest until a couple of minutes before the workout.  WHERE ARE YOU GUYS HIDING?  TIME TO GET OUT OF BED AND BACK IN THE GLOOM!
– Great to have DOI (Dad of Iceman) come visit the Outland from #F3ChapelHill today.  Apparently his son (F3 Iceman) is a beast and is trying out for the Junior Checkers at the Extreme Ice Center nearby #WatchOutGretsky!  Doi pushed hard today and we resolved NC State vs. Carolina issues by midway through the workout!! #Strong
– The Count was beastin’ through the workout and never quits.  It was not easy today for sure, but he just works and works and works, dry heaves, and works some more!  Not sure the McDonald’s will ever be the same as he went MIA from 2nd F for about an Hour and 45 minutes in the #Single Stall at the Golden Arches.  I know when he finally came out, the man was ready to tackle the Big Breakfast!! What happens in McD’s Mens Room stays in McD’s Men’s room!

Always a Time in the Outland!

Double E