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23 men showed up to Death Valley in an anti-BRR style workout.

To keep the spirits high I brought 3 of our Charlotte Eagles Wooden crosses, each weighing in about 130 lbs.

We stayed in the parking lot, broke into 6 groups of 4

1st round, 3 of the groups run with a cross (1 lap around the parking lot) while 3 do a called exercise as they wait for the group running to get back and hand it off.

Round 1: Running Group with the cross stops twice at each end of the lap, doing 10 squats each time. Exercise group doing Jack Webbs till the group gets back.

Round 2: Running group with the cross stops and does 10 over-head presses- exercises group doing jack Webbs

Round 3: Running group with the cross stops and does 10 squat thrusts. Exercise groups does burpees until the handoff

Round 4: Running group with the cross stops and does 20 squat thrusts. Exercise group does planks till handoff

Round 5: Running group with the cross stops and does 20 squat thrusts. Exercise groups does jack Webbs.

Finish up with some PAX choice Mary…

I appreciate everyone being willing to try something a little out of the ordinary.

I thought Buttermaker’s group was really killing it, way to push the pace.

Shout out to Fireman Ed on the group of 3, that looked very rough.

Fight gone bad

It was my pleasure to lead joust in headers honor today!

He had to leave soccer tryouts so I was happy to step in, heard his son was injured at the tryout, praying for his recovery!

The thing:

Quick warm-up, side straddle half and Imperial Walker.

Next up was a quick 800 to get the legs ready.

The meat and potatoes with something like this… Five stations each with a different exercise.


Wall sits




Divide up the PAX and each take a turn on every station one minute maximum effort.

Three rounds of that, with a 30 second break in between, and we were ready for some Mary.

All in all, a tough workout.

Always feel so #blessed by this community, guys like stinger, Sky walker making it out to support me is a family better than words can express. F3, we are lucky to have it.

ISI- Dolly

Soccer Calves > Soccer Arms

For this special group of PAX I dug way back to my College soccer days and pulled out a Plyo workout to test the calf strength of all in attendance.

The setup:

Using a regular track, we coned off 30 yards on each straight away, making a rectangle on either side (of the track).

Each Pax chose a lane, inside lanes for the Wiley Veterans (aka slower / bad knees), outside lanes for those wanting to hit a faster pace. I personally found a home in the middle lane and we were off…

To warm up on the exercises we stayed in our rectangle going down and back:

– Side to side across the line, facing forward, hopping back and forth length of rectangle (FLoR)
– One legged hops side to side (FLoR)
– Facing the inside of the track, hop forward and back (FLoR)
– With one foot in front of the line and one foot behind the line, switch feet forward and back (FLoR)
– 2 Broad jumps/ 1 high jump (FLoR)

Now using the entire track with rectangle on both sides PAX jog/run the bends while stopping and repeating above exercises at each rectangle on the straight aways = total of 5 laps.

To finish:
Go back to the rectangle and repeat the warm up doing each exercise once, but each PAX rests by doing LBC’s and Merkins. Total of 5 exercises.

Surprisingly there was very little mumblechatter today… Everyone was pushing themselves, I was very appreciative of everyone’s willingness to try something a little out of the box!

**Brexit did say I have never felt pain in my calves before… Since us soccer players don’t have arms, I guess excelling in calf strength is our home base!

Semi Pro

In the spirit of our hometown Hero advancing to the NBA Playoffs, YHC led a school-yard basketball themed workout but instead of getting letters that spelled P-I-G or H-O-R-S-E played L-E-B-R-O-N

Each letter represented an exercise and one of the PAX shot for that letter to determine how many of them we would do. Example: L stands for LBC. Skywalker shot to see how many LBC’s. Each shot missed increased the # by 20.

Elevens – merkins squats
Bear crawl
One legged burpees

Unfortunately the PAX shot a dismal 4/30 resulting in the following exercises:

LBC’s – 60
Elevens- 4 basketball goals apart Merks & Squats
Bear crawls X2 (4 basketball goals apart)
Run x3 track laps
One legged burpees x 30
Nipplers x 40

Flapjack in reverse up the exercises

Nipplers x 60
One legged burpees x 40
Run x saved by Smoky

Moley Mmoley mmmoley

After watching Curry shoot the lights out in Game 6&7, it is safe to say that I had higher hopes for our squad this morning. But from the word “Go” Skywalker put the ball in the dirt and it didn’t go much better from there.

Top Shooters:
Smokey: 10% – with a real game changer at the buzzer of the workout to prevent another round of running
Fireman Ed: 8% in true Lebron fashion he made a lot, but shot a lot too. Saving the PAX from heavy losses on more than one round.

Puddinpop had a highlight reel moment with a cheeky flick up to his hand using right boot. As a soccer player I can respect that.

Technical Foul:
Tiger Rag: none too amused with the basketball, game face securely fastened, intentionally threw his two shots away resulting in 2 additional laps for the PAX, brutal.

Sweeny Todd: Not only did he let YHC borrow his watch (rookie mistake leaving it on the dresser this morning) but he also had the best form out there this morning while also leading most rounds.

I appreciate the chance to lead. I count it as a blessing each time, I am glad you all were able to have a little fun while putting in some good work.


Roll the dice.

22 men gathered at Skunk this morning for what proved to be a difficult but fun work out.

The clock struck 0530 and the PAX were off. After a quick lap, we circled up and ran quickly through the exercises we would work with the rest of the morning.

– Snatches x10 (5 each arm)
– Jack Webb’s to 3
– Goblet Squat in cadence x10
– Goblet Squat in cadence x15


4 exercises – roll the dice to see how many reps

1. Farmer carry, partner does LBC’s while the other carries KB’s around the track for 1 lap.
2. Snatches
3. Jack Webbs
4. Goblet Squat and press

– Lots of dice were rolled, including close to 20 on the farmer carries and and 20 on the Jack Webb’s.


This was a tough workout. Several “Omaha’s” had to be called to audible out of Farmer carries due to smoked forearms. Kudos to all the PAX, hanging in there, pushing themselves and getting better.

I think the pre-run workout group may have had some regrets, but fletch, header, and the rest, you guys showed no signs of fatigue, great work!