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Stairway to Heaven

Good ol’ KBs.

YHC took the opportunity to go to the stairway to heaven this morning for some partner work.

To get to the stairs we did leapfrog farmer carry. One partner grabs both bells runs for 5 seconds while other partner planks. When he sees the running partner stop he gets up and chases then runs 5 more secs. Repeat.

Once at the stairs it was pretty simple:

1 partner runs up the stairs, 1 does an exercise. Group is done when 100 reps are achieved between the 2 partners.

  • Run / 100 reps of swings

2 mins of Mary

  • Run / 100 reps of double bell squats

2 mins of Mary

  • Run / 100 reps of curls

2 mins of Mary

  • Run / 20 reps of vikings






I love Kb’s – it gives you the chance to get a great workout w/out having to run 5 miles. Arena and Tulip were keeping a decent level of mumble chatter alive… not quite at a busch level but then again who is.

  • Random thought: has the COT ever had Tweetsy come after anyone other than louis?

Caramel Corn and Jockstrap didnt bring Kb’s – I brought a 20lber and they shared – which is way better than my intro to KB’s with busch’s 60 lber my first time… maybe AO leadership could invest in some pink starter bells for the newbies?

Baracus deserves a s/o as well for his pace– I think he is trying to make sure he is in shape for the upcoming F3 world cup – (Check your calendars oct. 27)





Eagle Invasion pt.2

The Eagles invasion continued at DV for week 2 of a 6 part series.

After the normal SSH and IW the men go to the business…


Track Work:

50’s x 6 (merkins while you wait)

100’s x 6 (squats while you wait)

200’s x 6 (merkins while you wait)

Finished with some people’s chair and balls to the wall to smoke the legs!



The Eagles are in part 2 of a 6 week staff challenge was has included bringing all the guys on staff out to a workout!

  • Caramel corn may be the MVP so far… Joe Kabwe (Hospital name) has been crushing it… I think it is the Zimbabwean in him but he never seems to age.
  • S/O to Sparty for being 2 minutes late. That’s not really a thing at F3 (except for floor slapper) but Sweeny was nice enough to wait.


Anyone wanting to welcome these guys in the next 6 weeks are welcome. Jockstrap on Q next week!

Dollywood (on behalf of SwT)


Couples workout

In honor of YHC’s first Post-Baby Q, the PAX did a little partner work.

Started with the regulars:

  • Warm up lap
  • SSH
  • IWalker
  • SSH
  • Merkins on KB
  • IWalker


Partner catch me if you can out to the Gazebo… Once at the Gazebo get with a partner:

  • 10 step-ups
  • 9 flutter-presses
  • 8 SUPs
  • 7 FPs
  • 6 SUPs
  • 5 FPs
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1…

Partner catch me if you can out to the front of the church… Once at the Church get with a partner:

  • 1 partner runs 50 yds…
    • Other partner does curls
  • other partner runs 100 yds
    • curls
  • Partner 1 150 yds
    • curls

Partner catch me if you can around the church to the stairs… once at the stairs get with a partner:

  • partner 1 does deadlifts
    • partner 2 runs the stairs
  • partner 2 does deadlifts
    • partner 1 runs the stairs

Repeat till each partner runs stairs 5 times.


5 minutes of mary


Repeat stairs but hold blank instead of deadlifts.


Mosey back…


Great workout … love getting out to skunk work and some good ole’ farmer carry always leaves my forearms screaming. Circled up at the end and got some great advice on parenting, although the majority revolved around the “recovery period” I’ll leave it there.

**newsflash, no regerts M is getting ready to open a bake shop called made well on Monroe Rd.

Neck scarves and EMOMS

After my usual complaining we started off with the usual warm up, laps around the light pole with some SSH and IW mixed in.

With that we were off to Davie park… one caveat:

Each minute a burpee is done.

1 min: 1 burpee

2 min: 2 burpee

3 min: 3 burpee

So the running was constantly interrupted by an increasing number of burpees leaving less and less time before the next whole minute rolled around!

Then to the playground for a little pull-up/burpee action. 5 sets… on each minute do 5 burpees/5 pullups -> up to 5 minutes

After that, we grabbed a lifting rock did 5 thrusters and ran one lap around the short track (about 100m) and rested. EMOM and repeat for 5.

Run back to the AO same thing… burpees on the minute.

Little bit of Mary, and time!



  • Header had a sweet neck scarf… which I was going to make fun of… but I guess I am the sucker since I order the same one on amazon later.
  • Cage is killing it coming to so many workouts in a row – great to see him.

17 degrees is about my limit. maybe I am soft but holy smokes my face was frozen!


Highway to Hell

Swinging Kb’s can get a little bit boring. So… YHC decided to switch it up a little bit.

We got the pleasantries out of the way and started on to the real business..

The PLAN: Partner up

Stop 1: Parking lot: 100 swings
Transition: Partner 1 carries both bells, partner 2 does 10 merkins and chases them down. Carry bells to stop 2 (approx 400m away)

Stop 2: Church doors: 100 Flutter presses
Transition: Same

Stop 3: Circle in front of stairs: 100 suitcase squats, partner does 2 flights of stairs comes back and switch.
Transition: same

Stop 4: back to church doors: 100 flutters presses

Head back home for 100 Burpees to finish. ****


HERE IS THE CATCH! You can’t let your bell touch the ground for the whole time.

*** For every group of 2 that does not let their bell touch the ground… you get to subtract 10 burpees from the final exercise of 100 burpees.



WE actually had EVERY group make it through the whole exercise without dropping their bell. It was a cool workout. Major bonding happened. Forearms are still sore.

Shoutout to Fireman Ed for knowing how the Mary Circle is supposed to go… but catching crap for it anyway.

Yeti was gaming the system, good for him… use the brain not the brawn.

Smokey is timeless. I think he said hes like 47 or something. Thats ridiculous. I hope I look like him at 35.

Love the group out there at skunk, grateful to lead!

September Convergence (preblast)

Big thanks to Skywalker for the May convergence and talk. He shared about suffering in silence and I know that it touched many that attended.


This month we are converging on Sept. 20.

Location: Anvil AO – @Calvary Church

Date: Sept. 20

Time: 530 workout – 630-7am talk (Starbucks Coffee provided)

Q: Header

Speaker: Bliss Steele

If you have never heard Bliss speak, it is an incredible experience. Do not miss it! We have been averaging 30-40 guys a month – be on the lookout for guys to EH, this is a great event for FNGs.


Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

What does Meat and Potatoes really mean?

YHC is a young F3’er (just celebrated my 2nd anniversary with the Nation). I have heard once or twice the words Meat & Potatoes… frankly, it was usually accompanied by more PAX showing up… in a little preblast tweet I threw it out there. Full disclosure – no idea what it actually means.


Anyway here is what we did:


4 sets of 5 steps lay in the middle of the AO. This winding staircase was at the center of all things DV today.


Little warmup – blah blah.

Find a partner.

Partner 1: goes up the stairs runs 30 yards returns down the handicap path. Repeats.

Partner 2: Other partner runs to the baseball field does called exercise returns.

Partners switch.

4 rounds: 2 sets of 25 each of Supine pullups. Dips. Burpees.


Next, 5 rounds up the stairs:

  • two feet each step x2
  • One foot every other step
  • One footed hops right leg
  • One footed hops left leg



Everyone- up the stairs around the track back down the handicap path x2.


All in all, a little over 3 miles. Does that count as Meat and Potatoes . . . I dont know. But what I do know:

  • Purrell can run. I shamelessly got a head start in the final round so I didnt suffer the shame of losing to him.
  • Cheese curd and header are having relational issues… but I think they made up post workout. Nothing like a little shared misery to bring people together.
  • The convergence next week will be AWESOME. Bliss Steele will be speaking and it is something you do not want to miss.
  • Convergence @Anvil AO. Workout @530-615. Coffee/Talk @630-7.


CCC: Death Valley / Anvil

The next speaker in our convergence series is (SkyWalker) Jim Fagan!

August 23:
Workout kicks off – 5:30 am
Workout ends – 6:15 am
Coffee/Talk – 6:30-6:50am 

Coffee will be served under the pavilion at Calvary by the soccer fields. Meet for the workout by the glass entrance doors.

Dollywood will be on Q!


Mother Day EMOMs

Yeah yeah – this workout happened three days ago, my bad.

Pretty simple format:

Knock some IWalkers and SSHops out of the way to loosen the legs… even threw a Hillbilly in for good measure.

The meat of the workout was, start the watch

200m at about 40 seconds.. then rest the remaining seconds in the minute. Repeat.

0-40 seconds running, 40-60 resting. Run again.

We did that 10 times.

Next, we went to Grandma Mountain and did the same thing:
Up the hill and back down (took about 25 seconds) but this time do 1 burpee before you plank to rest.
Each consecutive trip you add a burpee. 2nd trip 2 burpees then rest etc. We did 45 of those.

Last, we finished with some circuit work:
3 groups, dips pullups stair climbs, working 45 seconds/ 15 second transition.

And Time.


In general, I think Joust is pretty loaded with talent.

– Yeti is pretty much the king of Charlotte Christian. Don’t believe me? They had to take him off carpool line duty because of the mayhem his dashing good looks cause in the parking lot… 1 too many fender benders.

– Smokey just finished his Masters in Divinity and he did it taking night classes. For real like 3am-430am night classes. What have you done lately?

– Lightfoot is a Skywalker protege, with less talking and more action but 100% as lovable. (Love ya SW, that’s for skipping!)

– Chin Music is crushing a marathon training program and still managing to come out to Joust to see the PAX

– And Header is such an impressive delegator I haven’t seen him in weeks at Joust!

TBH, Header has created an amazing community at this site (which nobody is shocked by) and it really makes me never want to miss. The fellowship, the intentionality of older leaders pouring out and mentoring younger guys is worth the price of admission and then some. I hope Yeti doesn’t mess it up.


Hello glorious PAX of Area 51,

I am writing you today to inform you that there will be a Convergence on April 12th with Anvil @Calvary Church.

But wait, there is more!

Immediately following the workout we will be heading inside (or staying under the pavilion depending on weather) to fellowship, drink delicious coffee, and hear from an absolute legend: the Bill Grier aka JEDI.

This is the man that F3 Co-Founder DREDD considers his first Mentor and credits with bringing him to Jesus.

He will be sharing his testimony and highlighting the importance of male community in our lives.

We will start @630 sharp and be finished @650, but feel free to stick around for the fellowship!

Convergence @Anvil 4/12
Coffeevergence to follow 630-650

See you there,