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Muchisimo Chesto

27 men showed up at Flash this morning, no FNGs this time.
I had no plan other than go heavy on the upper body, and I think at succeeded……..

Ran around the parking lot at the front then went back to the starting point for COP.
Plank waiting for the six.
SSH IC x 30
Imperial Walkers

The thang:
Decided to introduce the UC Pax to Plank Webb’s it went like this:
Pax gather in small circle holding the plank for the entire exercise. Start with plank position, do 1 merkin and 4 shoulder taps, then 2 merkins and 8 shoulder taps, then 3 merkins and 12 shoulder taps……..all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 shoulder taps. Noticed some reluctancy in the beginning of this exercise which it grew into a chorus of grunting, not sure if was a hit or not, may need to try it a few more times to see.

Mosey to the front parking lot run to each light and do 5 merkins to go all the way around then sprint back to starting point and gather pax, did some flutters while waiting on the six, did about 50 reps.

Mose to the front of the high school and grabbed some bench Planked it out with head close to bench for a 6 position move: hand on the bench, other hand on the bench, bring first hand down back to the ground, other hand to the ground and do a merken, we did this IC x 15.
Then we turned around with feet facing the bench, one foot on bench, other foot on bench do a push up, back to plank repeat IC x 15.

Mosey to the Hill to the side of the high school, do 10 merkins, 10 wide arm, 10 diamond, run up the hill 5 times, going around trees, rock, power boxes and doing 2 burpees the first time back down, increasing by one burpee working all the way of to 6 burpee then repeat the 10,10,10 merkins from the beginning. Did Hills to Heaven waiting for the PAX.

Mosey to grassy area in front of the middle school for some Jack Webbs to finish killing the shoulders and pecks.

Went back to launch for COT.

The Moleskin:
Thank for the opportunity to lead this group of men, was good to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while as well as new faces among the PAX. Solid effort by everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed the workout. I think we did over 260 Merkins, will definitely feel this one, and I hope everyone comes back to F3 and we don’t have any Orvilles.

Sanctuary every Monday 7:30 pm at Brooklyn Pizza Parlor in Wesley Chapel.
Posse is helping Shake and Bake move on April.

Thank you Moneyball for taking us out.

Have a great week brothers,


Sand bags a parking deck and a plan.

This morning I truly didn’t know what to expect in terms of attendance, there were some strong Qs all over south Charlotte, leaders who I respect and when they Q I try not to miss them because they can put together some epic beat downs. At the same time I felt pressure to put together something special for whoever showed up so they didn’t regret their decision to post to my Q at Cerberus.
Talking about Cerberus, what a perfect location, right on the boundaries of 3 of the best regions of F3 land, a place where Area 51, SOB and UC blend together and we become one region to support each other and push through the pain to better ourselves.

We had 9 men show up this morning to try to tame the three headed dog from hell. The fight went like this:

Mosey and run a lap down and passed Whole foods to the end of the parking land, then going back toward launching spot, where each PAX picked a 50 pound sand bag, then mosey to the parking deck for COP:
SSH IC x 20
Plank Jacks IC x 20
Merkins IC x 20
Squats Civilian count x 20

The thang:
Grab sand bag and run to top of parking deck using the ramps, at the top do 5 sand bag burpees, instead of a jump at the end of the burpee bring sand bag over head instead. Then do SSH IC while waiting for the six.
Use stairs to go back down to first level with sand bag.
Grab sand bag run again to top of parking deck using the ramps, this time doing 10 thrusters with sand bag, once again bringing sand bag over head. People’s chair and did 40 jabs IC while waiting on the six.
Stairs down to first level with sand bag.
At the bottom of the steps do OYO 10 Merkins, 10 Wide Arm Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Staggered Right Merkins, 10 Staggered Left Merkins, grab sand bag, up to top level again this time using stairs, et the top do 5 over the bag burpees, and 5 sand bag thrusters. This time did some Mary while waiting on the six.
At this point I decided to introduce Cerberus to an exercise that I recently adopted, is kind of a Jack Webbs variation, where you hold the plank the entire time you are doing the exercise, start with 1 merkin followed by 4 shoulder taps increasing by one merkin and 4 shoulder taps each cycle until completing 10 Merkins and 40 Shoulder Taps, by the end of this chest and shoulders were on fire. Interestingly during this part of the workout some of the PAX where begging to go back to run the ramps with the sand bags, which I took as positive feedback for this exercise, so definitely a keeper.

Grab sand bag, go down the stairs to the first level for some Mary, still had about 6-7 minutes left, so decided to finish with another sprint to the top with the sand bag and as in the first round do 5 burpees at the top.
Head back down using stairs and head back to launch point for COT.

The Moleskin:
Honored to lead this group today, I was proud of every single one of the PAX, we run almost 2.5 miles with a sand bag up and down the parking deck and not a single time anyone put the sand bag down while going up or down the parking deck.
Alf had a strong lead throughout, followed closely by Transporter and Turkey Leg, YHC was somewhere there in between. Prohibition also had a strong performance pushing though, Das Boot the late arrival got to Cerberus just in time to grab a sand bag and do some work. Snowflake strong performance as always. Kirby and Cheddar stuck together and showed those sand bags who tha boss is.

Brolympics coming February 24th, sign up, as competitor or volunteer.
Run Jen Run 5 K March 3rd at Symphony Park.
Richard Sheltra 5K-10K March 15th Pineville.

Thank you Transporter for taking us out.

No beer=small crowd :(

9 of SOBs finest resisted the temptation to go drink beer with Mr Bean before breakfast. Happy Birthday Mr Bean!. I had expectations of a small crowd this morning since there was a B-Day bash for Mr Bean at Stonehenge, and he did quite an effort last night to lure people to post at stonehenge offering cold beer, cigars and dry meats (not sure what he meant with the latter).

It went like this:
Mosey and crossed Rea Road to the water fountain, then run all the way down the parking lot behind the fountain to Kids are Kids Academy and there did COP:
30 Squats
30 LBCs
10 Merkins

the thing:
From Kids are Kids to the other end of the parking lot just before the water fountain is a distance of about 1600 feet.
First round:
Partnered up and run towards the fountain, stopping between buildings (9 stops) and do partner merkins at each stop with both partners doing 10 Merkins with feet on partner’s back then switch repeat and move to next stop. Half way through YHC realised that was being too ambitious and decided to cut back to just 5 merkins at each stop.

Second round:
Gather Pax.
Run back to other end of parking lot, same distance same stops this time doing Squats.

Third round:
Gather Pax
Again same distance same stops this time doing 10 LBCs at each stop.

Fourth Round:
Gather Pax
Repeat this time doing forward lunges 5 each leg.
Gather Pax and do recovery jog back stopping on parking area just before the water fountain.

At this point decided to try something new, not sure if has been done before, everybody knows Jack Webb’s, Jack Wabs, etc. So decided to try something that could be named Plank Webb’s? unless someone knows a name for this, it went like this:
Pax gather in small circle holding the plank for the entire exercise. Start with plank position, do 1 merkin and 4 shoulder taps, then 2 merkins and 8 shoulder taps, then 3 merkins and 12 shoulder taps……..all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 shoulder taps.
Everyone loved it, definitely a new pax favorite.

Mosey to water fountain, OYO:
5 Derkins
10 step ups
20 Triceps dips
run to the closer end of parking lot, approximately 350 feet
5 Burpees and run back to fountain.

Looked at watch, still had more time to kill so decided to do the long parking lot run, again stopping at the space between each building, this time doing 5 diamond merkins at each stop.
Gather Pax at the end, then recovery jog back to the water fountain.
Did 40 triceps dips.
Mosey to start point for some Mary (Bicycle, flutter, dolly, rosalita, LBCs)
And done.

Thank you Bucky and Fredo for the opportunity to lead the PAX today, it was good to be back in the gloom after being sick for a while. Solid effort by everybody.

Brolympics 2.Bro coming February.

2018 BROlympics 2.bro


Private Benjamin mentioned something about a race on February, can’t remember what it was.
Thank you Transporter for taking us out.
We did a sad beerless coffeteria afterwards.

Have a great weekend brothers,


Impromptu 2 year anniversary

12 men posted on this cold December morning for the 2 year anniversary of #F3Impromptu.
This workout originated in my garage while I lived in Lawson, It started by being a gear only workout, using various free weights, as well as rower, pull-up bar, jump box, slam balls, sand bags, etc, we started with Transporter, Dasher and Frack, then more wanted to join to the point that I couldn’t fit any more guys in my garage so we decided to move it to Cuthbertson Middle School and make it an official F3 workout, soon we had between 10-15 guys, shortly after we had a solid 20 guys posting for a gear workout that transitioned to a boot camp due to the number of people posting that made it challenging to provide gear for all.
This morning I pulled out of my garage and noticed there was a gentle drizzle on this 40+ degree weather, as I drive into the Cuthbertson campus I don’t see any cars in the usual parking spot, instead I see a few cars parked as close to the front entrance awning as possible and see a few guys running from their cars for cover as it was raining acid.
After a short disclaimer we did COP, it went like usual, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins (At this point probably I already commented on somebody’s bad form), Plank Jacks, I think some LBCs were done too, some more plank jacks.
The Main Event:
Cant really remember what we did since I usually do no planning before my Qs (There you have UC’s best kept secret), and also for the fact that I did the first paragraph of the BB, my ADD kicked in and then forgot about it/ ignore it on purpose due to BC constant harassment asking for the BB. I recall the workout was brutal, we did a lot of chest and shoulder exercises , heard a lot of grunting, also some complaining about running exposed to the elements in between sets (At this point there was no precipitation and temp was close to 50 degrees). I think at this point I called somebody a P***y, commented again a few more times about someone’s poor form probably BC or Foundation. Then 6:15 am arrived and we were done.

The Mole Skin:
Thank you again for the opportunity to lead this group of men, thank you Bottle Cap and Hollywood for your leadership at Impromptu and all the effort that you put making this a great AO. I also appreciate our site Qs from our Western UC F3 Posse, Gator Cub and Foundation I guess Frack too (He was absent this day), and talking of leadership I cannot forget to mentionTransporter, I met him at my first F3 workout and he has become quite the leader of our group. Recalculating is a regular, I think from the guys I EHd he is the one that posts the most and not just on Group Me (RIP). Rockwell strong performance as always, he also doesn’t miss many workouts. Dough Boy I am glad he joined F3, I tried to EH him a few times a while back and he politely ignored me, I am glad he found someone with better marketing for F3. And Radar, this guy drives from Monroe to workout with us, proud of you brother, maybe we should learn from him and try to every one in a while post at AOs beyond the 2 mile radius from your house.

There were some announcements, probably Christmas Party, something about Posse pushing a convergence….

Thank you again for your support brother, SYITG


Redemption at The Brave

12 of SOBs finest gather this morning for a workout led by YHC. I spent some time the night before looking at some previous BBs, looking for ideas, and decided to do a combination of some of the previous The Brave workouts I have attended as well as other SOB and UC workouts, targeting to fulfill the 3-4 mile requirement but also be able to do some challenging work.
It went like this:
COP (Abbreviated version)
30 Mountain climbers IC
Mosey to the pond by Rushmore Dr., gather at the bottom of the hill, start with 10 Merkins, 10 wide arm Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins, run a round the pond, return to the bottom of the hill run to top and touch the bushes behind first tree, run back down to bottom of hill and do 5 burpees, repeat for the next 3 trees, doing 5 burpees at the bottom each time, once finished run around the pond again and finished with 10 Merkins, 10 Wide Arm Merkins and 10 Diamond Merkins, then do some Mary (flutter) while waiting for the PAX to finish.
No rest and mosey to the Bull Ring, stop at main entrance, plank while waiting on the pax, partner up, run around the Bull Ring stopping at each building entrance partner 1 planks, partner 2 planks by putting feet on partner 1’s back and do 20 Merkins, switch and repeat, finishing back at the entrance. (80 Derkins per PAX total)
Did some more Mary while waiting on PAX to finish.
Mosey to Loch Ness, gathered at first building then:
Run 1 lap around Loch Ness, then stop and first building and do 10 Derkins, run to second building do 10 Step ups/box jumps, run to benches and do 10 Dips.
Run 2 Laps then at first building do 20 Derkins, run to second building and do 20 step ups/box jumps, run to benches and do 20 Dips
Run 3 Laps around Loch Ness, then at first building do 30 Derkins, run to second building and do 30 Step ups/ box jumps, run to benches and do 30 dips.
At this point we were running out of time so we gather the PAX at the first building, then mosey back to start point, still a couple of minutes left did some flutter, Dolly, Hills to Heaven and……DONE!.
Thank you gentlemen for the opportunity to lead, this is my second Q at The Brave and felt that I had to redeem my self from the previous Q I did, since at the time I didn’t quite grasp the concept of a workout at The Brave, and people didn’t really appreciate the Burpee Fest.

Everyone pushed hard, Mario and Laronda were at the front through out the workout, strangely Thin Mint, Frasier and Haggis were at the back for most of the workout I think saving the legs for the Isabella Santos the next day, although Thin Mint took the lead at Loch Ness and I am pretty sure he lapped me and then some more. Fire Hazard strong as always stayed with Frasier I think also conserving energy to push a chariot the next day.
Lex Luthor and Fallout strong performance pushing through.
Madam Tussauds, Nardog and Soft Pretzel my BRR buddies showed their legs are still strong from all the BRR training.

Isabella Santos 5K next day.
Susan G Komen 5K Next Saturday morning
SOB Christmas Party December 16th, save the date.
Something about Poker.
Can’t remember anything else.

Coffeteria afterwards at Einstein’s Bagel

Friday the 13th burpee special

13 men weren’t not afraid of this Friday the 13th workout and posted at The Brave.
Mosey to the Parking lot behind Einstein’s Bagels
Short COP:
15 Merkins IC
30 Imperial Walkers IC

Mosey to the bottom level of the parking deck at the Ballantyne Village, 10 merkins at each recess, alternating running forward on a ramp then backwards on the next, till we made it to the top level.
At that point broke the news that we were not going to do an AMRAP which I believe is a staple at The Brave, there was some mumbling among the PAX and MT was mentioned a few times. Then we got to work. Did a mini Burpee Marathon doing 12 Burpees every minute for 13 minutes, with a total of 156 burpees in the 13 minutes, was aiming for 15 minutes but decided to stop at 13 since this specific exercise didn’t seem to be a crowd pleaser. I got this idea from Ice9, the first time he made us do this in UC I thought that it was so simple yet effective yet brutal.

Mosey through Ballantyne Village got on Ballantyne Commons and ran to the intersection with Ballantyne Place and used one of the parking decks, at each recess 20 LBC, alternating running forward and backwards at the ramps until making it all the way to the top.

Did some Mary:
15 Flutter IC
15 Sit Ups IC
15 Dolly IC
15 Sit Ups IC
15 Bicycle IC
15 Sit Ups IC

Planked it out facing the wall and did a 5 position exercise it went like this: hand on the wall, other hand on the wall while holding the plank, hand to the ground, other hand to the ground, then do a Merkin = 1 rep, did this 15 times IC
Peoples Chair, and did 30 air presses IC
Plank facing away from the wall and did donkey kicks followed by a Merkin, did 10 reps IC.

Mosey down to the ground level and headed back to the starting point, caught up to Mario and Stump Hugger that had a head start, did some SSH at the 521 intersection while waiting for the light to change, then mosey back to the Vine Restaurant for COT.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead, what a great AO and group of men. This was my first SOB Q, and to be honest I was little nervous, since this are the common grounds for some of the F3 beasts I worked out with in the past.
Thank you Thin Mint for the invitation, and SOB men for your support.
Also I appreciate the support of my UC brothers Goodfella, Hollywood and Stump Hugger that showed up for my Q, I guess I should also include Argonaut in this group since he has become a little more UC lately.

Savage Race in May, Tolkien’s madness has spread through the SOB land, and it seems they are all replacing the Ultimate Mud Run for The Savage, but some may be doing both?. Since this is the first time some F3 PAX will officially participate in this race is not clear yet how everything is going to go down in terms of competition, Teams, individual, etc. Also discount coupons for F3 will be coming in the future.
Saturday January 21st, Convergence for the one year anniversary of DaVinci, multiple AOs will converge there including Stone Henge and Commitment, DaVinci starts at 6:30 am at the Chick Fil A in Blakeney, intersection of Rea Road and Ardrey Kell.

Thank you Mario for taking us out.

Chest/Triceps meal with a side of burpees

6 Brave men didn’t fear the 22 degree weather and got out of their warm cozy fart sacs to post in the gloom at Weddington High School.
It went like this:
5 burpees
30 Imperial Walkers IC
5 Burpees
40 Mountain climbers IC
5 burpees
20 Squats IC
5 Burpees
15 Merkens
Mosey around the school to the first court yard:
20 Step ups
20 Derkens
20 Dips
Rinse and repeat
5 Burpees on your own
Mosey to the second courtyard
Peoples Chair Right leg up and 20 shoulder presses IC
Peoples Chair Left Leg up and 20 shoulder presses IC
20 Step ups with high knee at the top with right foot on bench, the switch and repeat with left foot on bench.
20 one leg squat with one foot on the bench IC, repeat with other leg.
Mosey to the back of the high school stopped at the bottom of the steps, the PAX asked if we were doing Sevens or Elevens, YHC had in mind something a little different:
Run to the benches at the top of the steps do 50 Dips, run back to the bottom and do 25 Merkens.
Run to the top again and do 50 Dips, run back to the bottom and do 15 Diamond Merkens.
Run to the top once more and do 50 Dips, run back to the bottom and do 10 Wide arm merkens.
5 Merkens on your own.

Mosey to the snack shack plank it out facing the wall and did a 5 position exercise it went like this: hand on the wall, other hand on the wall while holding the plank, hand to the ground, other hand to the ground, merken = 1 rep did this 10 times IC
Peoples Chair, and did 30 air presses and 30 jabs IC
Plank facing the wall again and repeated the exercise 10 reps IC
Did some SSH IC to see if would help me feel my fingers again… it didn’t.

Mosey to the rock pile and did peoples chair while waiting on the PAX, too cold for rocks, at this point I had no sensation of my fingers, mosey to the front of the school for some Mary:
50 LBC, 30 Bicycle, 20 Heels to heaven.
5 Burpees
Ran a lap around the parking lot
Grabbed some short wall and 50 dips IC, then did high knee step ups again 20 each leg IC and followed with 30 DIPS IC.
More Mary:
30 Flutter IC
20 Bicycle IC
Ran another lap around the parking lot
And then did Burpees IC for the last 2 minutes left, I think we did about 17 of them.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead again, it was a great workout with quite a bit of emphasis on chest and triceps, definitely going to feel it for a few days. Everyone push hard today, besides some frozen fingers I think we managed to stay pretty warm. I have to say that I was surprised by Shop Dog’s speed today in one of the sprints around the parking lot, when he turns on the jets that man can move fast!!, but actually I am not surprised since this is not the first time I have seen him move this fast, in the past YHC had to get out of the way a few times for fear to get ran over, while Shop Dog flies by with his “Yell of war”.
Popeye has been regaining his speed, he has been spending most of his time recently lifting heavy, sacrificing some speed in the process, but if I ever get in a bar fight I want him by my side, also today when YHC’s hands were freezing he offered his personal warming “space” which YHC kindly declined since I really like my gloves and don’t want to have to burn them.
Bottle Cap always pushes hard throughout the workouts and his gains in speed and strengths are evident. And I think he was inclined to take Popeye’s offer to keep his hands warm.
Good Fella is one of the newer additions to F3 but he is fast and strong and looks like he has been doing this for years.
Snowflake was a beast as always, could hear some deep grunting coming from him while he was pushing his way though the workout, he also declined Popeye’s offer but I think I heard him say “not today”, which is smart since winter is coming you never know how cold it will get.
Thank you BC for taking us out, did some Cafeteria afterwards.

Gloomy chest/shoulder work

17 PAX posted in the gloom for glorious
The work went like this:
30 Mountain Climbers IC
15 Merkens IC
30 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Squats IC

Mosey around the left side of the school stopped at one of the lights did 5 Merkens, sprint to second light did 10 Merkens, sprint to next light and did 15 Merkens, plank it out waiting on the PAX, did it on reverse, starting with 15, 10 and 5 Merkens at each light, repeated again this time doing 5 diamond merkens at first light, 10 diamond merkens at second light and 15 diamond merkens at the third light.
Mosey to the back of the school, started at first light did 5 wide arm merkens, sprinted to second light 10 wide arm merkens, sprinted to the third light and did 15 wide arm merkens, planked it out waiting on the PAX.
Mosey to the alley on the back of the school and did some wall work:
Planked it out with head close to wall for a 5 position move: 1 hand on the wall, 2 other hand on the wall, 3 bring first hand down back to the ground, 4 other hand to the ground and 5 do a merken, we did this IC x 10.
Then we turned around with feet facing the wall and did 10 donkey kicks each of the followed by a merken IC x 10
Peoples Chair for air presses 30 IC.

Mosey to the cafeteria of the middle school, grabbed a bench and did:
20 Step ups, 20 Derkens and 20 dips on your own then ran a lap around the track.
Did some SSH while waiting on the PAX.
15 Step Ups, 15 Derkens and 15 Dips on your own then ran a lap around the track.
Did some more SSH while waiting on the PAX.
Then we did some Mary and Mosey to the parking lot for COT.

The Moleskin:
Thank you again for the opportunity to lead this group and I look forward to meet you again in the gloom. I am sorry we have some casualties on the stairs leading to the first part of the workout but I am glad was nothing serious.

Real men play with Frisbees

14 PAX showed up this morning for a workout, before we started Snowflake told us that a few days ago was the two year anniversary of Commitment, and recently was YHC one year anniversary with F3. Thank you Snowflake and Ice9 for bringing F3 to Union County, and Thank you again to Ice9 for EH me into F3.

The work went like this:
30 Mountain Climbers IC
10 Plank Jacks
10 Merkens IC
10 6 inches Plank Jack
20 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Squats IC

Mosey around the school to the first court yard:
20 Step ups
20 Derkins
20 Dips
15 Step Ups
15 Derkens
15 Dips

Mosey to the Bottom of the steps behind the school and did Seven’s, starting with 1 Burpee at the bottom and 6 Derkens at the top, working or way up to 6 Burpees at the bottom and 1 Derken at the top.

Mosey to the snack shack and grabbed some wall, did air presses IC x 30, then 20 donkey kicks IC, then did some plank work using the wall, not sure how many reps, since YHC was keeping the cadence and the crowd grew quieter and quieter until nobody was longer counting, I think this move was a little more challenging that they were expecting.

Mosey to the small wall in from of the shack and did over the wall burpees, burp on one side jump over the wall burpee on the other side= 1 rep, did 10 reps, then did some Mary while waiting on the PAX to finish.

Mosey to the track, sprint to the opposite goal did 10 Burpees and then sprinted back to the first goal, the moved to the field for some frisbee fun.
Divided into 2 groups, one person would start on plank position with both feet on frisbee and use arms to move forward while rest of the group would do 10 Merkens then catch up to the first guy and switch, at every switch the PAX would do 10 Merkens and continue to do this all they way to the opposite goal, then Frack had the diabolical suggestion of tracking back to the first goal by doing hair burners.

Mosey to the rock pile and grabbed a friend:
10 Curl Ups IC
10 Shoulder Press IC
10 Curl Ups IC
10 Shoulder Press IC
20 SSH
5 Curl Ups IC
5 Shoulder Press IC
20 Elbow Plank Jacks
Finished with:
10 LBC
10 Flutter
10 Heals to heaven

Mosey to the front of the school for COT

Really enjoyed leading today, didn’t hear any mumble chatter throughout the workout which tells me was a good one.
What a great group of men, It is amazing the progress that I have seen in every one of this guys over the past year, getting stronger and faster #FlyOrFight

Sanctuary every Monday 7:30 pm at Brooklyn Pizza Parlor in Wesley Chapel, Third F, Pizza and Beer.

Sled fun, compliments of Doc McStuffins

6 men, decided to leave the fart sac and posted this morning at Commitment. I was surprised by the low number and absence of many of the regulars, some mumble chatter I heard that many are hesitant to post when I am Qing, not sure why is that, maybe because my workouts are boring?, not challenging enough?, or too challenging for some folks?, the thing is that every time I Q I always want to get the most out of everyone in the group, from the fittest men to the guy that just started, with that being said I also always make sure nobody gets dropped. You can always “modified as needed” and no body will judge you if you are the last of the pack, or modifying the exercises (Unless you modified/half rep every single one and then brag that you beat everybody else). Anyway….feed back is always welcome to make my workouts a more pleasant and rewarding experience.

The work went like this:
20 Merkins IC
30 Mountain Climbers IC
30 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Squats IC

Mosey around the parking lot to the right of the school and then back to the front, stopped at my car, got 2 100 pound loaded sleds. Divided in two groups of 3 men.
First round , while 1 PAX dragged the sled the other 2 did 10 hand release Merkens and ran to catch up the sled guy and swap, repeating until completing 2 laps around the parking lot at the front of the school.
Second round, same thing but replacing the Merkens for 5 Burpees until completing two laps.

Mosey to the back of the school, cross the bridge doing lunge walks, Mosey to the Track, ran around the track and did 4 sets of 15 Merkens at equally distanced spots, finished at the staring point with 10 Burpees.

Mosey to the short wall and did:
30 Dips IC
10 Derkens
Step ups with a high knee at the top IC 20 each leg
30 Dips IC
5 Merkens
One legged Squats with one foot on the wall IC 10 each leg.

Mosey to the Hill behind the school:
Started at the bottom, run to the top do 5 Hand release Merkens, run down hill, and run backwards back to the top do 4 HR Merkens, repeating to work until one HR Merken is done.

Mosey to the front of the school for some more sled fun.
Two groups again, 1 PAX at each end of the parking lot are doing an exercise while the other PAX is dragging the sled from one end to the other then swapping with one partner. Exercises were Carolina Dry Docks, American Hammer and Merkens.

Mosey to the short well at the front of the school:
………….and done!

Thank you again for letting me lead, everyone got a good workout , what a great way to start the weekend.
I was very impressed with Maple Syrup, he was flying with that sled, I think must be all the practice since I don’t think he has missed a single one of my sled appearances. Bottle Cap was pushing hard today I heard him yelled a few times. Birthday boy Popeye was a beast with the sleds as always, at one point he said “I feel bad for Hollywood he is pulling his body weight on those sleds” and I reply “I don’t feel bad he is moving faster than any of us” definitely the sled didn’t slow him down much. And what to say about Argonaut, he is becoming a regular at Commitment, the man is a beast and his Qs are fierce, happy to have him around.

Ragnar needs a few men to fill some spots, if interested reach out to JRR Tolkien, we can put you in contact with him if needed. From our side of the woods Transporter, Dasher and myself are running it, we are looking forward to it and would be awesome if some of the UC guys fill the available spots.
Ended with 38 Burpees in honor of Popeye’s B-Day.

Thank you Bottle Cap for Taking us out.