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Delta’s Injured-Q

15 Gathered at Rebel Yell for Delta’s triumphant return after he flew through the air and rolled in the gravel while moaning in pain only 9 days prior at Bag Pipe as his ankle gave out under the weight and pressure of 44 year old body.  But of course, Delta didn’t move much from one spot, but that didn’t stop him from making everyone else run.


One-legged side straddle hops, Merkins, Potatoe pickers, Mountain climbers and few other warms ups

Main event – Delta stayed in one spot excercising while makin the Pax run a lap around the parking lot. This was followed by more merkins, mary and some yoga moves.  This was teh method for another lap. Then 11’s on the hill of squats and merkins while Delta did the same without running, but added extra squats and merkins for making up for not running the hill.  Back the the circle where more mary and yoga was completed. This was followed by the BearCrawl 100’s where the modifiers did lunge walk. Then more mary and yoga followed with the final parking lot run (or another set of BearCrawl 100s depeding on the person). Then finished out with some burpees and mary to close out the morning.


There was a lot of moaning and groaning while in the multiple plank and six inch planks throughout the morning.  I did see some bellies resting on the ground, but I am confident the Rebel Yell cores were stronger the next day after this workout.


Culdesac shared his recent experience with Sumaritan’s Purse giving great praise to the organization and mentioning that our fellow Carolinians out east still have a long way to go before things get back to normal.


The Suicide Squad

19 PAX gathered at Dromedary for Delta’s version of Suicide Squad combined with Serpentine of Doom.  Delta’s recent body fat measurement came in a little high, so I decided to take it out on the grinder (blacktop for non-veteran participants).

The Thang:

Warm up run around the main parking lot dodging the barricades set up for Marching Band.

Followed by: 30 Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, Down Dog and Up Dog to get the muscles stretching.

Next we did the Merkin Inch Worm Partner Relay. One partner was inch worm merkins and the other running to the other end of the parking lot. Flap jack and continue until half of the parking lot was covered with inch worm juice.

Then we moved to Partner Burpee Suicides with the runner doing burpees at each turnaround and the partner staying back doing squats.

Then we did the partner bear crawl relay. One partner running a small loop the other bear crawling to the other end of the parking lot.

Then some dips followed by the Serpentine of Doom figure eight style with 10+ incremental mountain climbers at each cross walk.  By this time the PAX was done and we ran back to the finish.

Moleskin:  I heard that as we age it is harder to get off of the ground, so today’s exercises were based on the muscle groups necessary to lift oneself off of the ground.  There will be no, “I have fallen and I can’t get up” stuff going on in the Western UC. So burpess, inch worms, mountain climbers and bear crawls were the name of the day.  However, as I was keeping my form and focusing on the task at hand, it appeared that there was some serious modification going on.  So next time, I will have to add some more in.

Epsilon 2nd Que

It was a Great morning out at Commitment. Great weather and an amazing breeze. Big Ten decided to show not knowing it was an hour workout.

My Thing:

  • Run to parking lot with speed bumps – did a quick warm-up and the pain started right away
  • Ran through the whole parking lot and did 5 jump squats at each speed bump. After this we did the cheddar shredder which most of the people didn’t like. We ran through the parking lot twice more doing 10 squats and 10 lunges at each speed bump, also doing the cheddar shredder at each one.
  • We ended up staying in the same spot and everybody grab a rock. We got in a circle and everybody did 10 bicep curls at each rock. What was good was that each rock was a different size so it either got easier or harder. ‘
  • Next we ran over to Transporters House/The bathrooms near the track and did Jack Webs with 1 Donkey Kick and 4 wall sit shoulder presses.
  • After that we ran to the big brick pile and everybody grabbed to bricks except the 2.0’s. We did 4 different weight lifting exercises and I decided that “I” needed a break.
  • We ran to the small bleachers ran those and came straight back to the Brick pile.
  • After we did the same thing we did earlier we ran back to the start while Damascus waited on bread bowl to finish with the bathroom.
  • We did LBC’s until Damascus came back and that was it.


Frack was surprised that he was in the front most of the time. I guess that’s what happens when you work out with a bunch of Clydesdale’s. My dad, Delta, ended up just being a Chauffeur this morning. Drove me to the workout slept in the truck and drove me back. He was sick so I let him do that. Big Ten actually stayed for the whole workout even though he didn’t know it was an hour. Of course he had to leave right after.

Wet Shoes and a Bear Crawl 100

Warm Up:

  • Short Run
  • 25 Side-straddle hops
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Low Slow Squats
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Potato Pickers
  • 10 count Down Dog
  • 10 count Up Dog
  • 10 8-count Body Builders – Navy Style


The Thang:

  • Partner up with opposite fitness levels
  • First station: The courtyard with the runner being the timer, each partner does two sets of dips and then two sets of Bobby Hurleys. Plank it out when done
  • Second station: The Hill for Partner 7s Burpees at the bottom and handslap merkins at the top, pace with your partner and push each other.
  • Third Station: The Back of the School courtyard where one partner runs up to the school and does 20 derkins while other does Mary of their own choosing; two set each.
  • Fourth station: The bridge and straightaway for lunge walk across the bridge and then 100 bear crawl steps. Try to do the bear crawl all at one sequence, but if not, then alternate with additional lunge walks.
  • Fifth Station: Concession Stand Step Ups and the Wall as Partner 1 does step ups and partner 2 runs to bleachers and back; two sets each. Followed by the People’s Chair and some arm presses. Goodfella added his modification of lifting one leg.
  • Sixth Station: Moseyed to the rock pile for some lifting. 20, 10, 5 Curls, Presses, Triceps and squats. Between each set we did one-hand-on-the-rock merkins and moving to the next rock for total 20 count.
  • Station seven was the dreaded Serpentine of Doom with ascending four count mountain climbers at each speed bump. Normally a starting exercise. However, before we could finish we hit the time limit and went for a quick mosey back to start.

MoleSkin: We were all a little surprised to see Bottle Cap out so soon after his fateful Monday injury, but although we were encouraging of his quick heeling, we might have made some additional comments in support (or not).  A lot of complaining was going on while doing sevens on the hill.  Feet got wet and shoes got heavy early in the sequence of events. Bearcrawl 100 had the PAX asking questions, so my instructions of “bearcrawl to a step count of 100” must not have been clear enough.  All in all, we had a good mix of speed, a few 2.0s and one FNG to share the not-so-humid Saturday morning.

FNG came out with Fuse Box and lasted the entire workout.  It was tough be he stuck it in there to the bitter sweet end.  Welcome to the group Zinfandel.


  • Sunday mornings, 3rd 5, 0700 at Five Stone. Bible study with no preparation necessary.
  • Church on Streets first Sunday of every month – August 5th is Western UC turn.
  • Sand Box project 7/21 with Shop Dog for sanding and painting pallets.

Epsilon’s First Q

Title: Epsilon First Que

Opener: Get ready to see more of those Cheddar Shredders in the future, I know you guys loved them.

The Warm Up:

20 side shuttle hops

15 Potato Pickers

20 Mountain Climbers


The Thang:  After Warm-up we teamed up. One partner would run around the buses while the other would do a combined total of 100 pushups and 150 squats. We then moseyed to the parking lot and did the serpentine of DOOM! We snaked through the parking lot doing 5 burpees at each of the speed bumps. We did a new workout called the Cheddar Shredder. Inspired by the Gladiators. Everybody line in a row in plank form shoulder to shoulder. Someone would face each person and do a hand slap merkin and move to the next person in line. I only got negative comments directed at me 5 times during this one.  Next, we went to the side wall where the buses were and did wall sit/ arm raises and donkey kick Jack Webs. We ended up going back to the serpentine of DOOM and did 5 jump squats at each of the speed bumps. After this we ran to the bridge and lunge walked across. We partnered up and wheelbarrowed to the bathrooms. Even though everyone ended up walking it turned out to be a tiring choice. We moseyed to the tall bleachers after a couple Mary’s.  We ran the bleachers or walked them. We had like 7 minutes left so we ran back to the railing and did supine and flutters Jack Webs. We ran out of time so we ran back to the beginning and that was the end.

The Moleskin:
Thank You everybody for supporting me all the way through the workout. I love queuing and you guys made it even easier for me. Also, Good Fella is now supposed to double up on burpees.

Announcements: On 7/21/2018 ShopDog has a Sandbox woodworking project and needs about 10 able bodied participants who can use a paint brush and power sanders.  Contact him for details or watch out for announcements on Slack.

In Honor of our Fallen Heroes of the Carolinas

For our Dromedary July 4th Celebration we performed themed work out.  25 PAX showed up; although 2 were an hour early, worked out on their own and decided not to do round two.  A little different format, but bare with me as we tell the story.

Warm up was performed by our very own Navy Officer Hero Popeye. And then we moseyed to different stations with a historical reading at each station (not found here).  Our moseys although looked haphazard, ended up in a shape of a star in honor of our 13 original colonies.

In honor of the Battle of Camden, SC August 1780 where 900 Killed or wounded & 1,000 captured Patriots we did 12 burpees and 33 cockroach flutters, then run up and around the world in honor of the Shot Heard Around the World (different battle) and then did another 12 burpees and 33 cockroach flutters (24 and 66 in all).  The run is the multiplying factor of 10 and our defeat in the battle as the Patriots ran off the field.

In honor of the Battle of Sullivan’s Island, SC June 1776 where there were 12 killed and 25 wounded Patriots we did 12 burpees and 25 Four Count Peter Parkers (there was a Peter Parker in charge of the loyalists – really, look it up). Note, this is also where the Palmetto on the flag comes from because it was the fort built from sand and Palmetto trees that was able to absorb the pounding blow of the British Navy. Huge victory for the patriots and a punch in the nose to the world’s strongest navy at that time.

Then we moseyed to the practice fields where our esteemed Marine Core Hero Mad Dog lead us the Crossing of the Delaware using the football sleds in honor of General Washington and the heroic men who served with him on that cold and snowy day.  Some relived their glory days of high school football as they yelled out, “even the sled, right side push harder…”  Others remembered why they joined the marching band (me). But in the end, I think we all got a good workout on this one.

Moseyed to the benches where we honored the Battle of Kings Mountain October 1780 where 28 Killed 61 wounded in a great Patriot victory. We did 28 Dirkins and 61 dips.

Moseyed to the rocks and in honor of the Battle of the Waxhaws May 1780 – 113 Killed and 150 wounded. In honor of our 263 slaughtered and injured neighbors. We did 50 curls 50 presses, 50 triceps, 50 squats, then three sets of 20 rows with a single burpee in between for a total of 263. I warned the PAX to get a repetition lifting rock and that we weren’t going to rotate. Just like in a real battle, some people don’t listen to orders and they pay for it with their lives.

And finally, the Battle of the Cowpens – 20 Killed and 60 wounded (heavily debated numbers). Cherokee County, SC January 1781. This is where the hated Banastre Tarleton (Waxhaw Massacre Fame) was finally and soundly defeated and his army left in shambles. In honor of our heroic Carolinians we did 20 Merkins and 60 LBCs.

With the time left we gave honor to all who served and who gave us our freedom with 1 minute of silence (hardest exercise of the day). Then rallied around the flag for our Pledge of Allegiance, count off and prayer.

Happy 4th of July.

The Waffle Iron or Cindy Lauper’s 80’s Hair

Who said that the Dromedary crew weren’t runners because today they were.

Warm Up – run one lap around the large parking lot then 49 side shuttle hops, some low-slow squats, mountain climbers, merkins and potato pickers. Then mosey halfway around the parking lot for some good old fashion Navy Boot Camp 8 Count Body Builders and the whining already started as this exercise forces form over speed. Then another half lap to the starting point. Huffing and puffing was already heard.

Then we moved to the main course. The Serpentine of Doom and Crazy Eights. Serpentine of Doom was 1 burpee then running up the parking lot to the other end for 2 burpees.  Circle around and come back for 3 burpees. Then across again (the long way) for 4 burpees.  Back and forth until 9 burpees were done and then do in reverse order to pick up the six which was only about half way done.

Then we moved to the Crazy Eights which is effectively making an 8 pattern across and around the parking lot with the person who gets to the side or corner first picking an exercise to do 8 of and then everyone else follows suit.  Of course we had the usually show offs up front leading the way.

Then we did a zombie lunge walk to get back to the start. Followed by some plank walking, bear crawling and crab walking that finished us up, well those that were still exercising at that time.

Moleskin: It might have been a bit more running than most of the crew was up for, but it was a no so humid morning so we might as well use it for some leg and lung work.  About 2.7 miles in all and we never left the main parking lot.  The mapping look likes a waffle iron as Bratwurst says. Or for those of us who remember the Goonie’s Movie soundtrak on MTV (when MTV played music) Cindy Laupers Hair.

Serpentine of Doom II

Second Q and went for Serpentine of Doom II, six went in and six came out.

Made a half lap around the school to warm up the legs from yesterdays leg work out. 30 side shuttle hops, 10 Peter Parkers, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Potato pickers combined with leg stretch. 10 count merkins and 10 burpees to finish it out.  Mosey around the parking lot loop and headed to the Serpentine of Doom followed by 9 burpees.  10 speed bumps in serpentine pattern with first lap doing 11s (jump squats and push ups) first to the end do some Mary and then 8 burpees.  Then Serpentine lap II starting with 6 then 12 then 18… up to 60 mountain climbers at each speed bump.  Then 7 burpees.   Mosey back around the school again stopping for 6 burpees then 5 burpees. Partnered up for running the parking lot circle with other partner exercising per the following: two sets of single leg dirkin and stand up, two sets of dips and two sets of step ups pretty much done us in.  Mosey a few feet back to start for four last burpees.

Moleskin – There wasn’t much chatter going on so either Frack and I were too far out front or we were all winded. Either way the temperature was right and the company better.