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Lost Ray Completely

Or at least I think that’s what LRC stands for now. Foundation is fast (but apparently only when running for long distances)  and smoked the rest of us. My hatred for Strava grows as my running results had me running straight triangles through houses at an incorrect pace. I also managed to lose a shoe which only confirms Zinfandel’s belief that just running is stupid.


Smithers was also there. That is all

Safe Distance Lawson Club

With the F3 sanctioned sites closed down a few brave souls decided to workout of in a reasonably safe proximity join together for a workout. The plan was simple, meet up at 6 AM noon at the Lawson Mill House. Everyone keep your distance, follow the SDLC as illustrated below:



Not a lot to tell beyond this, the ground was wet so Smithers begged to get on it so the running would be awkward  we did the following exercises in between precisely measured 1/4 mile sections so as to keep to boot camp workout rules   sections of running:

  • Lunge walks
  • Merkins
  • Dry Docks
  • Squats
  • Bobby Hurleys

How many you ask? Well this is unsanctioned territory so we don’t do DCCS and we don’t do COUNTIN’. It was do them until I ran away from the group.

During our last stretch, 3 of the 4 of us completely broke the rules. Went racing into an old man’s home to save his life  change his smoke detector battery because the lady next door was afraid he was a gonner getting annoyed by the sound. They probably subjected this poor shut in to community spread and  Then we were on our way.

Once again this is Marshall Law territory, no high fives, foot taps, prayers, or passing glances as we finished. Amazon yard sticks are on order for proper distance measurements next time

I guess I’m Pinky

Today’s workout was brought to you by the iconic video game Pac-Man developed in 1980  where an 8 bit pizza shaped character was to maneuver around a puzzle board eating up little dots without getting eaten by ghosts. I’m sure none of you have ever heard of it, but trust me it was a thing. Anyway, if you look overhead at the New Town parking lot you can almost make out a simplified version of the board which inspired me for this particular Q. Plus it was threatening to rain so I wasn’t trying to wonder off and find puddles and the like.

The Thang

We warmed up with a half lap, circled up for SSH’s, Jimmy Dugan’s, Imperial Walkers, Calf Stretches, and Dry Docks. From there the plan was simple, there were four entrance points to the main parking lot where we would do an exercise of some sort then snaking around to the next entrance point. Once complete, we’d do a full lap around the exterior and repeat.

  • Round 1 – alternate monkey humpers and dry docks
  • Round 2 – alternate speed skaters and merkins
  • Round 3 – alternate squats and lunges
  • Round 4 – alternate squatted air presses and jabs
  • Round 5 – alternate speed skaters and dry docks

Lastly, run around like dummies for a minute and half because we didn’t get to 45 yet.


I think it’s safe to say the Gerber was our Pac-Man with the rest of us trying to catch him and to figure out who was Inky, Blinky,Pinky and Clyde. I happened to be in a bright pink shirt so I guess I’m Pinky.

That was my first non-Cuthbertson Q, tried to come up with ideas to get us covered but a scan of the grounds proved otherwise. The rain held off so life was good. Thanks to Smithers for the invite to Q, take a note my friend: WE DID NOT LIE DOWN ON THE GROUND WHEN IT WAS SOAKING WET. 


  • Folding party at Christ Closet this Thursday


One is the loneliest number

Yeah I’m writing a backblast for multiple reasons:

  1. The LRC is a real thing, just check the tags sucka. So what if I’m the only one who showed
  2. I still ran 4.5 miles so I’d like to receive credit
  3. I felt like two reasons weren’t enough

I assume only Bottlecap and Zinfandel will read this so “Hey guys”

You run until you die, or an hour is up whichever comes first

Well that was my first Pursuit, not sure why I was surprised that we ran so much. There was a course and we ran until the time ran out. I hate Foundation and Smithers and their stupid quest to do marathons. No one lapped me so that was nice.

Could this be a thing?

In the spirit of keeping track of group workouts (in this case unofficial), I’ve put together a little app that pulls all the backblast data and let’s you see what you’ve done. It’s pulling all the F3 South Charlotte BB’s so if you attended you’re in the app. Feel free to check it out at


Oh and since I’m writing this backblast we’re also exploring the idea of making the LRC (picture pursuit but in Lawson) a thing. This past Wednesday Smithers, Foundation, and I ran it. We’ll probably do it again next week and maybe at some point it will be official.

Wacthaw Workout Monday

I’m going to start this backblast with an apology, typically I try to be amusing (at least to myself) in my backblasts but I believe today was pretty lame I exhausted my creativity in preparing for the effees. Speaking of which, we had a strong showing and it was a really fun night. I suggest any of you who didn’t make it, do so next year. I assumed the cold December morning and the rust associated with Saturday night would result in low attendance. Turns out between ignition and flash we had 37 men show up, pretty impressive. The PAX tagged are all 37, but I can only speak to what we did at flash. I’ll give you 4:1 odds that you don’t see a backblast If I were a betting man, I’d say you’re unlikely to see a backblast from ignition. If you’ve ever read one of my back blasts before it a whole bunch of stuff followed by ….then mosey. I’ll keep it short and I won’t tell you where we were, I’ll just stick to the facts this time.

The Thang

Opening mosey, stretch, merkins, imperial walkers…….then mosey

50 dips….20 Mike Tysons….20 Speed Skaters….Bear Crawl….20 Squats….20 LBCs….20 Big Boy Situps….25 Step ups…..

All of that done while running in an amrap like pattern behind the middle school, we then repeated it until the LBCs where we broke left towards the high school

20 LBC’s…..30 Calf Raises….RUN…..30 Calf Raises….25 Air Presses…..20 Air Jabs

From there we ran back towards the middle school to the portico closest to the buses

Bear Crawl the length of the portico…..10 Mike Tysons…..repeat

Run to the front of the middle school and grab some bench

10 Derkins…half lap….10 incline merkins (why aren’t these irkins?)….repeat

Back to the parking lot where we started for a couple of sprints and then back to COT


I made up something completely different on the fly We finished with a slightly different workout than I originally planned, you could say Deadwoods audibles were made. For those of you that know me, you know I prefer a stick man running type of workout with exercises sprinkled in along the way to keep us moving and the heart rate high. We still almost got to 3 miles while keeping everyone close. Thanks for letting me lead


  • Posse wasn’t here today so you’ll need to check slack/groupme/Asylum BB for the CSAUP or 5K that’s likely coming up in a place somewhere reasonably close to hear in a time frame also close by
  • Gladiator – a black diamond workout for those looking to workout on the weekend test themselves. This month’s Gladiator will be this Saturday 0630-0730 at Rea Farms (across from Waverly). 9855 Sandy Rock Place. Park near Improper Pig at large open grass field.
  • Downtown Waxhaw cleanup – this Saturday after the non-existent workouts. Waxhaw will provide bags but if you can bring Rakes, Shovels, Brooms, Blowers, Mulchers that would be appreciated

But we already did Mike Tyson’s

Picture this:

Three clowns driving away from Watchtower after a pretty solid beatdown.
Clown one: “Man, this knee injury isn’t all bad, I told Chicken Little I couldn’t commit to Q’ing because I’m not sure if it will hold up.”
Clown two: “Aren’t you Q’ing Impromptu on Friday?”
Clown one: “What are you talking about? Wouldn’t I know if I were Q’ing?”
Clown two: “That’s what I read.”
Yada yada yada……..clown one checks back through groupme and his text messages to find out he committed to Q’ing back in like June. And here we are. I am Clown One. From that moment on, I spent my time preparing a weinke like no one had ever seen. By that I mean I moved on with life and forgot about it again. Good news, crazy rain coming through I’m sure not many will show. Have some ideas on how to keep dry………No rain? Like a hundred PAX pulling up one by one….what could possibly go wrong? DiCCS given, we got what we need and I’m going to keep us out of where they’ll be traffic alive? moving.

The Thang

And they’re off, the three horse is in the lead with Gerber and Deadwood right beside him. Opening mosey at a 7 minute mile pace….oops….circle up at Rudy’s Rumble Room the bathroom house…..not enough room….do better

Circle at the circle, imperial walker, Jimmy Dugan, calf stretch, and dry docks…..mosey

Head to the stadium parking lot, LBC’s ……mosey

First alcove, grab some wall. Air presses in cadence and Mike Tyson’s on your own……mosey

Front of the high school, dips on the benches…..mosey

Now let’s run around the high school drop off with parents and their children walking up right to where there’s no path and it’s either wet grass (uh oh Moneyball) or jump in front of cars to the side gym entrance. We’ve got calf raises then more Mike Tysons……mosey

Heading back toward Rudy’s Poop Palace the bathroom we stop for LBC’s again and squats until the 6 and Zinfandel because he always circles for the 6, why can’t you all just get this part right? We’re here for ourselves and each other so circle back and be a better person catches up. We do the squats in cadence then….mosey

Head toward the middle school, grab some wall and do air jabs. Heading towards the front of the school we stop at the alcove and…..MORE MIKE TYSONS. Yes, Banjo I under stand we’ve done these already….thank you …..mosey

Step ups at the picnic table then LBC’s until we’re all done…..mosey

Out to the front of the building we find some bench for incline merkins, ok and more dips. Ugh forgot there were a thousand of us and there clearly isn’t enough benches. Channel your inner Deadwood, AUDIBLE …..mosey

Head towards COT, a sharp right into the alcove closest to it. Let’s do some air presses and you guessed it more Mike Tysons note to self, maybe come back to this because I’m not sure it’s true I may have blacked out by this point of the Q

Back to our original starting point for a variation of the Paula Abdul going three lights forward and one light back three steps forward because opposites attract on the way to Rudy’s Stool Saloon the bathroom we did speed skaters and on the way back LBCs is that right? are people still reading this?

This brought us back to COT with a minute or two to spare. And that was for all of us because here in Waxhaw we circle for the 6. Why do I have to keep telling you people this?

We did some Mary and called it a day.


Thanks for letting me lead. Strong push by all involved. Welcome to the FNG, Flip or Flop. And thank you to Dough Boy for taking us out.


And now we run…

Welcome to North Carolina, before you enter please note between June 1 and August 31st it’s oppressively hot . Like 5:15 in the morning in the 70’s with thick humid air hot. Picture taking a hot steamy shower and putting your clothes on without drying off hot. Not today though, today we reaped the benefits of some weather that came through this weekend and were able to workout in some cool dry air. So what should we do? We should run…..

And run we did:

The Thang

Mosey on over to the front of the high school and do some stretches, SSH’s, and merkins for good measure. For those keeping score (15 SSH, 10 Merkins, Jimmy Dugan and calf stretches)

Fastest way out of the complex requires a wet grass hill much to the dismay of today’s special guest. Cross the road over to Champions Forest.

Alternating at each light do 10 merkins, 10 dry docks, then 10 Mike Tysons.

We then cut over to the best of Waxhaw’s subdivisions. Good news B&C’s, you’re still #1 in Mineral Springs. Lawson. Headlamps on, it’s time to go. We did stuff and ran. There were 14 stops for those keeping score, stop keeping score we only stopped so the 6 could catch up. I had some exercises that we would do but they were only to kill time, most were uphill out of the trails. There were merkins, BB situps, dry docks, speed skaters, and squats interchanged.


It’s always good to work towards a plan and have a plan ahead of time. This can cost you at times, we barely made it back in the allotted time but we made it none the less. Unfortunately this came with some consequences so special thanks to Bottle Cap for hanging with the six through out Champions, no Lou still no “s” as we pressed on for the last mile or so to make it back in time.

Welcome back Pyrex Money Ball, looking like a pile of dog poo as he comes in coughing and hugging on healthy people fresh and WITHOUT so much as socks that are covering his calves. There must be some magic juju in that Tennessee water we know it’s not thanks to the Coke products

Also, we tried to keep it quiet for the most part as we were running by people’s houses until Dasher started going door to door like Smokie in Friday trying to drop heat. All the PAX did great and we got around 5.5 miles in.


Next Monday is the official launch of F3 Waxhaw with a huge area convergence. The convergence launches from the football stadium parking lot. Help will be needed as we expect Posse to single handedly HC everyone from South New Jersey down to Boca Raton, FL a huge turnout. Here’s the link to sign up!/showSignUp/8050849afaa28a6fe3-f3waxhaw

There might of been more but I was focused on getting back home to finally get rid of my kids after a grueling summer of “I’m bored” help get the kids on the bus for the first day.

Really Clever Title here

What a day to be alive, sixty some odd degrees and not a bit of humidity. Sounds like the perfect day to run around like an idiot and see if twenty some odd men will follow. No more than a quarter mile of running at a time, everyone knows the rules of a boot camp workout……

The Thang

  • Off from the parking lot to Transporter’s shed for some SSH’s (15)
  • Mosey on up to the traffic circle before the stadium plank it up, stretch, and merkins (10)
  • Mosey on down to the parking lot. Grab a partner and let’s do four corners with alternating squats (10) and merkins (10). Meet your partner after one completes a full lap and add 10 hand slap merkins. X2
  • Mosey on over to the quad. Dips (50) on the wooden bleachers then steps ups (50). X2
  • Mosey to the main high school gym entrance, alternating with your partner Mike Tysons (??) while the other went to the stairs and did calf raises (50). X2
  • Mosey on over to the middle school portico on the bus side of the building. alternating with partner again Air Presses/jabs while the other bear crawled through the portico. X2
  • To the front of the middle school where we finished up the partner work. Partner one doing derkins while partner 2 did a half lap for time. X2
  • More time left, do it again but with speed skaters
  • Run the front parking lot backwards and finish up at COT


Another opportunity to get out and lead, thanks to Hooch and Recalculating for the invite. We got north of 3 miles and mostly stayed together with a fair bit of mixed body exercises.

Glad to report that there wasn’t a whole lot of mumble chatter so I didn’t have to sick Deadwood on yell at anyone. Watched the video of name-o-rama and there was a lot of sweat going on. Appreciate everyone’s effort and willingness to follow me around.

Your usual suspects led the way, but really impressed by the turn out and performance of the B’s and C’s. Welcome to Ricky Bobby, but remember; “If you ain’t first, you’re last”.


  • Annual Nali family father’s day 3 on 3 basketball/cookout this Saturday. Sharpen up your elbows, make a dish to serve BBQ style, and BYOB.
  • Fix it for Christ – happens next week. The event runs from Wed June 19th to Saturday June 22nd.
  • Adding a new twist to future workouts. After workout post parties to allow some of us old guys to stretch out a bit after the regular beat down. 10-15 minutes of stretching
  • Tupperware on Q tomorrow at Commitment and Zinfandel Q’ing Outland (?? Is that right? I’m pretty sure we don’t do weekend workouts so do with that information what you will.)