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What a day to be alive, sixty some odd degrees and not a bit of humidity. Sounds like the perfect day to run around like an idiot and see if twenty some odd men will follow. No more than a quarter mile of running at a time, everyone knows the rules of a boot camp workout……

The Thang

  • Off from the parking lot to Transporter’s shed for some SSH’s (15)
  • Mosey on up to the traffic circle before the stadium plank it up, stretch, and merkins (10)
  • Mosey on down to the parking lot. Grab a partner and let’s do four corners with alternating squats (10) and merkins (10). Meet your partner after one completes a full lap and add 10 hand slap merkins. X2
  • Mosey on over to the quad. Dips (50) on the wooden bleachers then steps ups (50). X2
  • Mosey to the main high school gym entrance, alternating with your partner Mike Tysons (??) while the other went to the stairs and did calf raises (50). X2
  • Mosey on over to the middle school portico on the bus side of the building. alternating with partner again Air Presses/jabs while the other bear crawled through the portico. X2
  • To the front of the middle school where we finished up the partner work. Partner one doing derkins while partner 2 did a half lap for time. X2
  • More time left, do it again but with speed skaters
  • Run the front parking lot backwards and finish up at COT


Another opportunity to get out and lead, thanks to Hooch and Recalculating for the invite. We got north of 3 miles and mostly stayed together with a fair bit of mixed body exercises.

Glad to report that there wasn’t a whole lot of mumble chatter so I didn’t have to sick Deadwood on yell at anyone. Watched the video of name-o-rama and there was a lot of sweat going on. Appreciate everyone’s effort and willingness to follow me around.

Your usual suspects led the way, but really impressed by the turn out and performance of the B’s and C’s. Welcome to Ricky Bobby, but remember; “If you ain’t first, you’re last”.


  • Annual Nali family father’s day 3 on 3 basketball/cookout this Saturday. Sharpen up your elbows, make a dish to serve BBQ style, and BYOB.
  • Fix it for Christ – happens next week. The event runs from Wed June 19th to Saturday June 22nd.
  • Adding a new twist to future workouts. After workout post parties to allow some of us old guys to stretch out a bit after the regular beat down. 10-15 minutes of stretching
  • Tupperware on Q tomorrow at Commitment and Zinfandel Q’ing Outland (?? Is that right? I’m pretty sure we don’t do weekend workouts so do with that information what you will.)

That was boring, sure if you want to be a DiCCS about it

14 men showed up to a beautiful darkness drenched day for what was sure to be both a mental and physical test. Well maybe the only mental exercise was on my part trying to figure out how to keep the Kenyan national team somewhat close to the rest of us. T

Here’s the workout, buckle up there’s A LOT of stuff:
– Run around the outside of the campus, run up three light poles and back one. Do an exercise and repeat. This was broken up into sets of two exercises once the second one is done, run up three lights do a burpee and come back for the six. Sets were as follows:

  • Squats/Speed Skaters
  • Jump Squats/Monkey Humpers
  • Big Boy Situps/LBC’s
  • Merkins/Dry Docks

-We did that twice then stopped and bear crawled under the portico and ran to the front of the middle school. Once there we did some dips and step ups with laps around the front parking lot in between.

All in all I think it was a success, no one ever seemed to be waiting too long and we got the required mileage in. Important note: I read the ignition bylaws prior to my Q, it never specifically says that no Mary is to be done (just a fun FYI for you future Q’s).

I appreciate the invite from Hollywood and hope I didn’t break any other ignition rules.

Special thanks to Moneyball for taking us out with the Gloria Turner version of the Pledge as well as prayer.

-kegger at Old McDonald’s next week. (Bring your green hat, we’re going streaking). This description may be inaccurate but he’ll post details
-Open door continues to get great numbers every Sunday morning. Doesn’t matter where you are in your religious journey you’re welcome.
-Dancing Bear still collecting travel soaps, shampoos, and donations in general to help support the homeless and less fortunate in the greater Charlotte area

You can’t be cold if you don’t stop

20 Men showed up to a brisk Impromptu, to me they all looked a little cold. Why were they so cold? I think it’s because they were standing still and we needed to do something about that. The goal was to keep moving without losing the 6.

Warm up:

Standard stuff: Mosey, Cirlce, SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Jimmy Dugan left, right, and straight back. Out to a plank stretch the calves and finish with Merkins


Just assume after everything there was a (less than 1/4 mile) mosey in between every bullet point

  • Plank Jacks
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Mike Tysons
  • Layups or skip to my Lou’s as a team
  • Merkins
  • Up the stairs, Air Presses until the 6
  • Partner up – Prison Squats, Run and 1 Burpee for the timer
  • LBC’s
  • Merkins
  • Partner back up – Dips and Step ups (kind of, it’s a whole thing)
  • Air Jabs and Mike Tysons
  • And now some running, two lights towards COT and one light back then burpee. Continue until the cars
  • Mary for the last 2 minutes


Thanks again for the chance to lead this group. I finally headed out this morning with a bit of a plan, but it failed me when I couldn’t explain a partner activity well enough for a UT education. Then only to find out that I could never solve the puzzle of how to get the Fox, Hen, and bag of feed across the river when I could only fit one in my boat……but I digress, we kept moving clocking 3+ miles for all PAX, we worked the whole body, and we stayed warm (I think).


There really weren’t any aside from EVERYONE rooting on the Patriots this weekend, so here’s two that I stole from Moneyball’s BB from Monday

Joe Davis March 9th- See Posse

Mark This Moment Daddy Daughter Dance March 1st- See Fuse