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What is the sum of the jersey numbers of Jake Delhomme and Mushin Muhammad

13 men awoke from their candy coma to test their luck at Hydra on a humid November morning.    Upon arriving at 5:29, YHC properly disclaimed the group and off we went.  Here is what happened for the next 45 minutes.

The Thang:

Run over to church parking lot and grab a lifting rock.  Perform the following x 10

  • Plank Jacks
  • MC
  • IW

Grab lifting rock and perform the following for 3 sets, 20 reps each

  • Curls
  • Tricep extension
  • American Hammer

Upon completion, jog over to Summerlin Place, facing South.  Run down Summerlin and at each street light perform 50 LBCs.  Upon intersection at Windy Rush, turn East.  At each street light perform 15 merkins.  Upon intersection at Sheffingdon, turn North.  At each street light perform 20 peter parkers.  Upon completion, run back to church /rocks by running back down Sheffingdon, turning right onto Windy Rush, right onto Summerlin, right onto Rea and arrive back at church.  Upon arrival, repeat rock set until time is called at 6:09.  Jog back to AO and YHC tried something new (always a good idea).  Circle up in plank position and YHC asks Pax to elect one spokesperson to answer one trivia question.  If answered correctly, no burpees.  If not, 10 burpees for the group.  While still in plank, the Pax quickly elected Spackler who gladly accepted.  Upon accepting his new responsibility, YHC asked Spackler, “What is the sum of the jersey numbers of Jake Delhomme and Mushin Muhammed?”  Spackler gave the question as much thought as he did on many multiple choice questions at USC and promptly declared, “I have no idea”.  10 burpess for the group.  3 mins of Mary including flutter, heels to heaven, Freddy Mercury.


One Eye and Sprockets were out in front all morning.  Don’t be deceived by Snowflake or Hopper’s age, they have wheels. Caution to all children who trick-or-treat at Semi’s house  as he hands out bags of trail mix and/or raisins.  Good work by all and a good time for everyone.   The answer to the question is 104 (17 and 87, respectively). Gummy properly took us out and we were all better for showing up.


Vagabond on 11/10…13 miles of fun with multiple stops at all your favorite AOs.  See pre-blast from Hoover for details.

As always, an honor and a privilege to lead this group.


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

6 veterans and 1 FNG (Jimmy Dean, more on that later) showed up to RockZero to test their themselves on this seasonably warm September morning.  Here’s is what happened between 7AM – 8AM.

The Thing:

Slow mosey over to Rea Rd library and circle up for IW, arm circles and plank jacks.

Next, we jogged to Davie Park for the main event….Two lampposts forward, one lamppost back.   Run forward to the second lamppost and do called exercise (10 merkins).  Once complete, run backward one lamppost and perform the called exercise (20 parker peters).  Repeat pattern until no further lamppost remain.  Next we knocked out three quick sets of dips and step ups, 20 each.  Following this, we repeated two lampposts forward and one lamppost back with 5 double merkin burpees and 10 (each side) cumberland county viaducts.  At this point YHC was fading so we grabbed some wall until the Pax successfully stated the ABC’s both forward and backwards (harder than it sounds).  With 15 minutes remaining it was time to head back to RockZero with stops along the way for some core work and a few sprints.


Pax pushed themselves hard this morning, and the FNG held his own as well.  And speaking of the FNG, he was 8.  Jimmy Dean is Boerwors’ son, so we thought it best to keep the ‘sausage’ theme in the family.  Welcome Jimmy Dean.   We covered just about 4 miles as everyone kept moving at a brisk pace.  Great work by all and thanks to Sprockets for taking us out.

4 Rounds. Simple.

Fall is upon us and 10 Pax decided to feast on what YHC was serving.  With only 2 minutes to spare, YHC came in hot, disclaimed, handed Old Glory to Nemo and off we went.   Here is what happened for all you who missed and decided to go to the Clemson / Wake Forest game.

The Thang:

Short jog to other side of parking lot and circle up.

  • IW x 10
  • Low, slow squats x 10
  • Mountain climber x 10

Now that everyone is warmed up, we grabbed Old Glory and raced toward the legacy Day Zero site.  Upon arrival, the Pax attempted to perform the following:

Round 1

  • 50 merkins
  • 10 pull ups
  • 25 squats
  • 10, 4-count parker peters
  • 10, 4-count peter parkers
  • Run 2 laps around soccer fields

Round 2

  • 10 burpees
  • 35 carolina dry docks
  • 25 hand release merkins
  • 50 LBCs
  • 20, 4-count mountain climbers
  • Run 2 laps around soccer fields

Round 3

  • 15 diamond merkins
  • 15, 4-count freddie mercury
  • 15 heels to heaven
  • 15 old time sit ups
  • 15, 4-count flutters
  • Run 2 laps around soccer fields

Round 4

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 pull ups
  • 15, 4-count J-LOs
  • 20 walking lunges
  • 25, 4-count American hammer
  • Run 2 laps around soccer fields

We were running short on time, the Pax was grumbling, families were beginning to arrive for their Saturday morning ritual of screaming at their son/daughter to kick the ball, so YHC called an audible and Jet Fuel grabbed Old Glory for a final lap around the fields.  Upon conclusion of our lap, we headed back to Rock Zero.


Classify this workout as one that looks better on paper than in reality as we covered approximately 4.5 miles.  While YHC struggled, BLC (respect) brought his “A” game and was out front most of the morning.  The Clemson duo of Hammer and Marge were unfaltering. Spackler and Jet Fuel questioned their decision regarding the amount of adult beverages consumed last night.  Hopper was the fan favorite given two cars honked at him as he was running down hwy 51, apparently 45 and gray is attractive.  Dingo and Hoover were relentless and never stopped moving.  Nemo, while last to arrive at 6:59:45, was never last at anything for the remainder of the workout.  Jet Fuel properly took us out as we remembered Las Vegas and prayed for healing.


  • F3 Golf
  • Southern Discomfort is coming on 10/21….get ready for some fun
  • 5k on November 4th….see Tackling Dummy for details

Humping Down Memory Lane

9 manly men heard the call on this crisp morning and decided to do some ‘humping’ down memory lane.  Back in 1997, YHC bought his fist house off of Summerlin Place, approx. 1 mile from the AO.  Given there are 5 road humps between YHC’s first house and Hydra, YHC thought it would be a good idea to take a jog down memory lane while stopping at each road hump and perform certain exercises.   At 05:30, a proper disclaimer was given, here is what happened:

The Thang:

Two short laps around elementary school track, stopping back at launch site to pick up Scratch-n-Win who was coming in hot and circle up.

  • SSH x 10
  • IW x 10
  • Arm circles – forward, backward

As a group, run down Summerlin Place and perform the following at each road hump

  • Merkins x 20
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Staggered-arm left merkins x 20
  • Parker Peter x 10
  • Staggered-arm right merkins x 20

When we reached YHC’s first house (6319 Summerlin Place), perform 5 burpees.  Run back up Summerlin and perform the following at each road hump

  • Big-boy sit ups x 10
  • Widearm merkins x 20
  • Freddie Mercury x 10
  • Diamond merkins x 20
  • Heels to heaven x 10

Upon completion, AYG back to gym equipment at OP elementary.  Plank up (six inches, right arm high, left arm high, six inches).  Next complete 3 rounds of the following:

  • Pull ups x 5
  • Derkins x 10
  • Squats x 15

After three rounds of the above, run a lap around the elementary school track.  Rinse and Repeat.

With time running short, circle back to the launch point for some Mary and a modified ‘ring of fire’.  We wrapped it up with some flutters, heels to heaven, hand-release merkins, and a 1 minute elbow plank.


Was a good break from the summer heat this morning and given the rain the past couple of days, running Summerlin and staying on the playground seemed like a better alternative than using the football and baseball fields.  Approx 2.5 mi covered with plenty of hard work out there today, especially Frosty Paws.  While Marge led most of the morning, Harley crushed the pull ups.  Queen and Padre can hold an elbow plank longer than the average man.  Nice to workout with Tacking Dummy and Sleepy. Thanks to Scratch-n-Win for taking us out with a powerful prayer.

Announcements: F3 Golf tourney scheduled for Oct. 27 at 1:00 pm at Old Sycamore, Isabella Santos, BRR.

Fun Facts

Ten men showed up in the rain to experience Rock Zero ‘light’ with no weights, rocks, or medicine balls.  Properly disclaimed, off we went and here is what happened:

Run to the front of the church and circle up for COP:

  • SSH x 10
  • IW x 10
  • Low, slow squat x 10

From there, run to the front parking lot.  During the mosey, find a partner and share a fun fact about yourself.  The Pax was a little confused by this, but it will come into play later on during the workout.

At the front parking lot, line up abreast.  There were three flags planted at three different medians.  At each flag perform the following:

  • 20 hand release merkins
  • 20 diamonds merkins
  • 20 wide are merkins
  • After each set of merkins, return to start and perform 10, 4-count peter parkers

Repeat a second time with the following:

  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 CCDs
  • 20 squats
  • After each set return back to start and perform 10, 4-count parker peters

Next, run to playground for three rounds of the following:

  • 5 pull ups
  • 25 donkey kicks
  • After each round run to first basketball goal

Mandatory water break….

Now that everyone is fully hydrated, grab some wall for people’s chair.  Remember the fun fact???  While the group was holding the chair, each individual pax came before the group and performed the following:

  • hold six-inch plank, tell Pax who your partner was and their fun fact, then do 10 merkins

Next, off the the finest fields in all of A51 for some four corners.

  • Run to fence on far side of field and do 10 merkins
  • Run along side fence until it runs out and do 10 merkins, 10 regular sit-ups
  • Run parallel to highway 51 to backstop and perform 10 merkins, 10 regular sit-ups, 10 CCDs
  • Run back to start and perform 10 merkins, 10 regular sit-ups, 10 CCDs and 10 LBCs
  • Repeat, but in reverse order

Mosey back to parking lot for 10 rounds of 30-yard sprints.

Return to start for 4 minutes of Mary: Rosalita, Russian Twist, Fredy Mercury x 2, Protractor, Merkins, Protractor.



Great veteran group this AM.  YHC thought 24-hours of booty might keep the numbers low, but as it turned the numbers were perfect. A lot of chatter about the rain, and this being a “light” workout. However, Flipper will tell you that ‘light’ doesn’t mean easy. Many fun facts were leaned, some were a little disturbing.   Hope everyone got their money’s worth.  Thanks to McGee for taking us out.


Nemo, Marlin, McGee are starting a new Friday workout at Kohl’s. More details to follow.

Good Day Thursday

It was a beautiful Thursday morning and 8 of South Charlotte’s finest gentlemen decided to post to Hydra.  For those of you who failed to show due to calf cramps, hang nails and other creative excuses, here’s what you missed.

Following a brief but effective disclaimer…..Short mosey around the parking lot and circle up for COP:

  • SSH x 10
  • LSS x 10
  • MC x 10

Run to the Harris Teeter, plank up, and run back to launch point.

Main Event:

Four stations provided the morning’s fun.  Here’s what we did, using the concession stand as the center point for the remaining three stations.

  • At the concession stand, perform 25 merkins, 10 jump ups / step ups, 10 peter parkers
  • Run to the small tree near the football field and perform 10 jump squats
  • Run back to concession stand and perform 25 merkins, 10 jump ups, 10 peter parkers
  • Run to playground and perform 10 pull ups
  • Run to the small track and do a lap running backwards
  • Once lap is complete, run to playground and perform 10 pull ups
  • Run to concession and perform 25 merkins, 10 jump ups, 10 peter parkers
  • Repeat until 6:05

At 6:05, grab some wall for people’s chair.  Each individual pax performed AMRAP merkins, as remaining pax did the same number of air presses while holding people’s chair.

4 minutes of Mary:

  • Freddy Mercury x 10
  • Dolly x 10
  • Side crunch (each side) x 10
  • Jack – knife crunch (each side) x 10


The Skinny:

Excellent work by a small, veteran crew who covered just over 3 miles. There was a little chatter around the sequencing of stations at the beginning of The Main Event, however, given the pax is smarter than the average bear, were able to figure it out.  Great hustle by Jet Fuel, Arena and Iron Sides.  Gummy ran in / ran out. Pudding Pop, Queen and Pop Tart showed us they can still knock out 50 merkins at the end of a workout. I enjoyed my assigned Q, hope you did as well.


  • BROlympics – 6am Saturday, Community House Elementary
  • Substrata: Tuesday night, 7:30.  Hops led discussion. Fight: Winning the Battles that Matter Most. Vitner’s at Arbo.  Beer served.

Shiny Happy People

9 happy souls took the challenge this morning despite the hot, humid conditions and decided to improve their abilities.

The Thang:

Jog over to ‘muscle beach’ for COP. Perform SSH, IW, arm circles, MC and 10 monkey humpers with your backside facing muscle beach.  I’m sure our Schwarzenegger-like brothers appreciated the view.

Jog over to the soccer fields where YHC had conveniently placed flags in a similar shape to a regulation size football field.  At each flag perform the following exercise while sprinting the length of the field and mosey the width. Increasing reps at each flag until complete and lunge-walk to next flag after each round.

Round 1: Merkins: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Round 2: LBC: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Round 3: Burpees: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Run over to rock pile. Grab a lifting rock to be proud of and perform the following for 3 rounds:

  • 20 curls, 20 triceps extension, 30 American Hammer with rock

Jog/mosey/walk as YHC is beginning to wane over to the playground and perform the following:

  • 10, 10-second decline pull-ups with forward facing grip
  • 25 donkey kicks
  • 10, 10-second decline pull-ups with underhand grip
  • 25 donkey kicks

Walk/Mosey to the side parking lot where the roundabout is located for the Stack.

  • Run to roundabout, perform 5 HR merkins. Run back to starting point
  • 5 HR merkins, 10 V-ups, run to roundabout.
  • 5 HR merkins, 10 V-ups, 15 squats, run back to starting point
  • 5 HR merkins, 10 V-ups, 15 squats, 20 LBCs

Undo Stack in reverse order.

  • 20 LBCs, 15 squats, 10 V-ups, 5 HR merkins.  Run to roundabout
  • 15 squats, 10 V-ups, 5 HR merkins. Run back to starting point
  • 10 V-ups, 5 HR merkins. Run to roundabout
  • 5 HR merkins.

Mercy.  Return to cars.

Moleskin: The heat and humidity took a toll on the Pax from the very beginning.  However, the Pax was strong and pushed forward with great attitudes.  Nothing fancy today. Running, merkins and core work. Some mumblechatter regarding the pullups, but then again, no one likes doing pullups.  Good time was had by all.  Thanks to Brew for taking us out.  Well done gentlemen, enjoy your afternoon nap!!

Station Work

6 Pax answered the bell this morning and decided to improve their physical and emotional well-being.  After opening with a brief prayer, here’s how we spent the next 60 minutes.

Short mosey to middle of parking lot for COP

  • 10 SSH
  • 11 IW
  • 10 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to top of North Face for station work where the Pax performed said exercise at each station, run to next station and perform one less exercise down until the count was down to 1. Here are the stations:

  • Station 1: Top of North Face: 10 burpees.  Run to Station 2
  • Station 2: Benches by front entrance: 9 jump ups/ step ups.  Run to Station 3
  • Station 3: Bottom of North Face: 8 squats.  Run up North Face and back to Station 1.
  • Repeat until the count is down to 1 repetition.  Plank when done.

Lunge walk / mosey to center of lawn in front of church for a modified starfish that turned out to be a triangle.

  • Station 1: 20 hand release merkins.  Back to center for 20 LBCs
  • Station 2: 20 wide-arm merkins.  Back to center for 20 LBCs
  • Station 3: 20 diamond merkins. Back to center for 20 LBCs
  • Repeat each station with 30 Cumberland County Viaducts (left), 30 CCVs (right) and 20 v-ups while performing 4 man-maker merkins at center after each station.

Now that our shoes and clothes are water-logged, mosey to playground / swingset.

  • 5, 10-second declining pull-ups with front facing grip
  • 25 donkey kicks
  • 5, 10-second declining pull-ups with underhand grip
  • 25 donkey kicks
  • 5 pull ups

Mosey to pavilion and grab some wall

  • People’s chair — we tried to say the alphabet backwards while holding the chair position.  Epic failure
  • Balls to wall
  • Repeat

Mosey to side of parking lot where the roundabout is located.  Run to roundabout, perform exercise, run back. We measured it out at 1/4 mile round-trip.

  • 15, 4-count Peter Parker
  • 15, 4-count Parker Peter
  • 50 LBCs

Return to cars where the Pax advised we were .05 mi short of the 3-mi goal.  As such, run to end of parking lot and sprint back.  3+ mile objective now complete.

2 minutes of Mary:

  • 10, side crunches X 4
  • 15 flutter kicks


Moleskin:  Great job by the Pax today as we covered 3+ mi without leaving the site. Hoover had the idea to pray before we began, so we did.  Flipper did 3.2mi prior to the anyone showing up.  Safe Lite and Boerewors put in maximum effort and we learned in South Africa saying the alphabet backwards is not protocol for a field sobriety test.  Gummy is a heavy breather although he was out front on most exercises. Thanks for Flipper for the closing prayer.