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And just like that…….. the streak is over

What can I say, I’ve had a long week and forgot all about Qing the Floater and definitely forgot about the BB. Thankfully Carb Load reminded me the day before or audibles would have been flying!!

Warmup: With about 45secs until launch, in the distance, we hear it.  You know that low chug chug chug….chug chug chug.  The damn train.  We finally spot it with about 30secs until go time and my eyes are fixed on my watch as if it would speed up the train.  5:30 hits. Let’s go, boys, pace yourself and get after it. About 5 mins in we were all spent. Nonstop burpees take a toll on you. I think it was about 6.5 mins and the train was out of sight.

Let’s mosey!

Mosey to the B-Ball court and circle up, I mean we just did like 50+ burpees….we were warm.

SSH x 5 IC

Calf stretch

Merkins – Wide, Regular, Diamond x 5 IC

The Thang:

I referred back to past BB and a simple yet effective exercise. I remember that last time I tried it I audibled (SHOCKER) so we didn’t finish.  Today there would be no audible.

7’s on Bad Idea – blahhhh

Recalculating was behind me and I overheard him say..Yep, this is going to be a running work out.

The 7’s felt like they would never end! We ran up and down that hill for around 20-25 mins, roughly 2 miles. TERRIBLE!

At the top 6 MH’s

At the bottom 1 squat – 5-2, 4-3

Even though Recalculating yell out OMAHA  OMAHA as we met each on the hill I was going to finish. Done!

Mosey to the wall for some Donkey Kick holds. We didn’t have time for the entire web thanks to the 7’s. We also skipped the b-ball court, I had some fun stuff planned! Let’s mosey.

At each intersection, not side paved driveways Carb Load, knock out 3 burpees. At the BBQ restaurant, we held for the 6 that was already pulling in. We crossed the street and ran over the bridge. At this point, some of the pax got a little worried. A founding member on LRC was upfront leading and almost took us down Providence Rd N. I yelled LEFT, LEFT. He turned, that was close. Some of the pax would have been able to hold a 7:30 pace and make it back on time and I definitely wasn’t going to Hooch it.

We pulled into COT with 2 mins remaining. On your six.

20 Flutters IC


20 Pretzel crunches IC….DONE!

The Moleskine:

Thank you for enduring Bad Idea with me. It sucked but we got through it. Keep your eye on O-69 he is getting fast, he was jogging up Bad Idea. Thanks for letting me lead and my apologies for killing the streak. It had to happen at some point. haha.

I took us out.


100 Pax Challenge

Spartan Race June 27th – all skill levels welcome



Man down!!!!

I was reminded on Thursday that I had to Q Friday morning at the Swarm and I was not looking forward to it. Normally I would take any and every Q but this week with lack of sleep, missing workouts  and getting crushed at Clyent Dinner (no oxygen in the air) I wasn’t about it.  Plus our Waxhaw Express team has a 10k race Saturday morning. Ugh

Let’s see how it went down!!

At 5:44 Gerber says “1 min”. He didn’t need to yell, there was only 4 of us.

At 5:45 we start a slow mosey (7:45p) down the path towards the Rudy’s house of horrors, hang a left towards the stadium/traffic circle.

At 5:48.51 MAN DOWN!! This wasn’t a laughing matter or is it now.

Gerber was running along fine with the group and said he felt a small pain in his back but pushed through it. Dasher and I were chatting it up up front and I told him we were doing an opening mile…slow.  We have a race tomorrow.  “Deadwood, you know when we do an opening mosey mile we go the opposite direction to avoid the hill, that we were currently  approaching.  I’ve been know to cave to complaining pax but he did have a point, we needed to take it a little easy, we have a race.


We circled up, well it was more like a square, at the corner of the lot.  Damascus this next one was for you but you won’t post. “wink”

“First exercise….Side Straddle Hop….IC.Exercise” is what I should have called, why fix it when it isn’t broke?

What I actually said was calf stretch (told you Damascus) so we all started stretching. I think this was around that point during the runners lunge when Gerber knew he was hurt.

We pause for a minute and see if he’s ok, he tries to push through, but has already slowed to a “insert pax” level. This wasn’t looking good. I’ve injured my back before and it hurts.  When the pain hits it’s sharp as a knife and direct.

We all mosey over to the other corner to start the workout. I’m asking Dasher on the way over if we should go grab a car? I let every know what we were about to do and Gerber is in obvious pain. BUT STILL WONT STOP!

We take off and we get to the bottom of the first of the four corners and as we are heading back Gerber tells us he is done. We asked if he needed anything, he didn’t.  We moved forward.

We did the normal stuff you do at swarm, post and you will see.

After the workout, myself and a few pax checked on Gerber… he was down. I have tens unit (google it) and I dropped it by his house.

When arrived I was greeted with a slow moving Gerber. I think he hated being hurt, but knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to run in our last Waxhaw Express race hurt way more.  If you know his competitive edge you would agree.

This afternoon Dasher checked in on the team and Gerber isn’t ready to race tomorrow, we already knew this but had to hear from the former triathlete himself.

Under Dashers lead, we agreed, that if Gerber can’t run then none of us will run. Noble call Dasher, well done. Secretly I was DREADING the 10k.

Gerber, we all wish you a speedy recovery man.



Going into today I already knew what I was going to do. I shared my Weinke with Bottle Cap so we would be in different areas and it seemed to work out pretty well. We did pass them one time but we kept moving so it was cool.


Quick mosey around the island to middle school (7 min pace) with two laps around the island.



5 Merkins IC

Calf stretch

Runners Lunge

I knew what was coming so I kept the warmup low in reps.

The thang:

At the middle school grab some wall:

Donkey Kicks (11’s)

10 DK’s w/ wall hold 1 merkin. 9/2 8/3

Mosey to the side parking lot at the high school

Captin Therkin w/ 1 merkin each time

American hammers, no hand flutters, pistol LBCs

Mosey to parking lot entrance.

5 merkins are each entrance all the way to the roundabout at the stadium.

At roundabout Lt. Danger

1 squat/4 jump lunges or Monkey humpers, Back lunges. 1 burpee after each set

Compass- each turn do 1 merkin

Our legs were shot at this point, let’s mosey! Head to Transporters shed.

Doc Web

1 Dry dock/4 bear crawls to 10/40 – Smoked

Mosey back to COT

two hot laps around the island at each end do 3 burpees. DONE!

the pax worked hard today! The workout wore my out. Counting on some of those exercises seemed to make it harder. It was great seeing Shake and Bake. Well done guys!!


100 Pax challenge – We are working to get 100 pax to donate $100 each. See Foundation, Bottle Cap, Centerfold, or Posse for more info. To Donate use Venmo or Paypal. Both are @F3Waxhaw.

400’s at 58 mins in, really?!”

Ignition.  What can I say about that AO? Come to work, the pace is fast and you might dry heave (more to come on that). One thing I know is that the AO seems to be faster.  The pax showing up are quick!  There hasn’t been any circling back for pax in the last few weeks and it’s nice.  I’m not saying slower Pax should avoid the site but it is nice to progress forward and not wait around. Ignition will and does accommodate all speeds. 

I was still tired from the previous week due to the high mileage Waxhaw Express maintained but I was up for the challenge. I roll up and see Ice 9 pumped and ready to go so I knew I would have to really push to get that guy puking so would feel he got his moneys worth.

DiCCS was given, or was it??

I didn’t do a very good job relaying the message and the Px came a little empty-handed. Not passing the buck, but if you’re told we will be going off-campus and that a headlamp (which about 90% of us have) is highly recommended I would say that’s on you. We are adults and we should heed warnings such as wear a headlamp. It was getting light outside but it was pretty dark on the trails.  Site Q’s have discussed and pass the info to the Q’s and/or be at the workout to further reiterate or audible the weinke if its deemed unsafe. We don’t want anyone hurt and we know you don’t want to get hurt. Let be diligent about safety, it’s getting lax and I’m just as guilty.

5:45 and we take off headed to the Lawson clubhouse. Almost immediately we are at a 6:45/7:00 pace and pretty much held it all the way there. Ice 9 will push the envelope if you let him and I can’t just let him take off without me! Arrive at the clubhouse. We had to wait about 15-20 secs and Wolverine came hobbling in looking like an old man in a young man’s body! Apparently he was on his 5th workout of the day and he crashed his mountain bike.  Although he was gimpy he still kept up with no problem, really! Nice work.

The Warmup: Circile up


15 IW IC

Merkins-sets of 5 IC

Wide, regular, diamond

Calf Stretch (Damascus stop fartsacking)

Runners lunge

Lets mosey!


The Thang: *pull out a map and follow the directions

1. Make left out of main Lot

       a. First L on trail

       b. First L

       c. At next left (Bridge) 20 DD

2. Cross Bridge, Take R

      a. Stay R on trail until Cul da sac RINGTAIL DR

3. 10 Merkins Each intersection L on DEER MEADOW to Culdasac

4. ABS – @ Culdasac

        a. 25 Vups

        b. 20 Pistol – Each

        c. LETS MOSEY – TAKE R on Trail

5. First L to Bridge

       a. Bear Crawl Bridge

       b. 15 DD

6. TAKE L on Trail


       a. 5 Squat each Intersection

       b. L on PERIWINKLE

       c. L on BLUE STONE to Culdasac

       d. @ Culdesac – 10 DD – Hit Trail

        i. Mosey STAY LEFT

       e. Take R at End-STAY straight

8. At Road – Hang L Stay To End

       a. 5 Jumps Lunges All INTERS

9. L on Lawson DR

10. L at the school entrance and stop at an intersection near COT.

       a. 400m run w/ 3 burpees each intersection.              

.          pause at the end of the 400.

       b. 400m back AYG

Back to COT…DONE


The Moleskine:

I like Ignition, I like the push and the speed. If you have never tried it and have enough competitive drive to want to keep up then you should definitely come out and try it. You WILL NOT get left behind. Nails, Nails, Nails…I was really impressed at how well you kept up today! 20-30 lbs lighter really makes a difference when running. Nice job.  Tool Time! The dude came into F3 on fire. First new Pax, since Wolverine I’ve seen that has come into the fold, hits all the running workouts and has zero problems keeping up, not sure if I’ve ever heard him breathe hard during a work out… well-done man and welcome.

The rest of the speed demons nice work but of course you are always super quick not even burpees slow you down. Bottle Cap didn’t like the idea of doing 2-400’s the last couple of minutes of the workout but he outran me so there you go. Rubbermaid the only Respect present today, well done. You might be the fastest but your endurance is great, some may not know that he completed a 30 or 50K ultra last year. Beast!

Let talk about Ice 9. My goal today was to clock miles. Low rep counts and go. We arrived after the opening mile and started dry heaving towards the end of the warmup.  What is it about running hard that makes you puke?? Its happened to me. We run the long stretch of the trial and at the end he’s heaving again! Up the road we go and on one of the stops he finally lets it fly!! I think Bottle Cap witnessed the crime scene and I heard it…. If you’ve never been to a workout with Ice 9 when you do you will see what I mean. He goes hard to point of sickness. Well done Ice 9, You may need a rename.


Thanks for letting me lead Gerber and Hollywood always a pleasure.  I took us out.


100 Pax challenge. The goal is to get 100 Pax (we are at 25-28 pax) to donate $100 and donate the money among a few charities.

To donate:

Venmo – @F3Waxhaw

Paypal – F3Waxhaw

Old 87 and Audible free!!!

It felt good to Q today! I can’t even remember the last I Qed the floater much less any other site. I rolled in super HOT almost late even though I was up an hr early, don’t ask.  Let’s go!!!!!!


Zin gave the DiCCS…


Long mosey around towards Pizza Hut and circle back around to Dream Chasers. Circle up at the usual spot.

  1. 10 SSH
  2. 10 IM
  3. 10 Merkins
  4. 10 Plank Jacks
  5. Leg Stretch

The Thang:

Mosey to Providence rd west – Paula Abdul

  • 5 Squats Alternate
  • 5 Merkins

Called recover as all Pax were finishing. Let’s mosey to KJH.

  • 7’s @ KJH
  • 1 burpee @ bottom/6 squats @ top. 2/5, 3/4

I was SO close to pulling the famous DW audible but I powered through. Foundation was really my main motivator. The guy was a complete animal and never slowed down the entire morning, much respect to him and his work effort. That hill is awful and stretching the run out to the laundry mat made it even worse!

Mosey to top of hill for the start of 4 corners. We had like 6 mins to go.

  • 5 Mike Tysons
  • 5 Carolina Dry Docks….Time expired and I think we made 2 laps.


There was literally zero mumble chatter today because we were putting in the work. Everyone left it all out on the proverbial field and killed it. I may or may not have had questionable form on the first set or merkins but I was getting serious pressure from Carbload, the dude can move. I will be glad when all this distancing is lifted!! This is the first time I have Qed during the new format and the COT format bothers me. Maybe it shouldn’t but it does.

(Temporary Fuse moment coming) If all Pax can circle up at the beginning of a work spaced 6-10′ apart why can’t we do it at the end of the workout in COT? 10′ is 10′, Should we continue splitting into 2 groups absolutely, maybe even when all the restrictions are lifted. Small groups are more intimate, you talk to more guys, you build faster relationships during the workout, crossing the street is safer… the list could go on. Splitting COT at the end today felt like we were driving a wedge down the middle of the pax….it felt wrong.  If the “rule” is no gatherings 10 or more, then maybe we rethink all AO’s, there were at least 18 guys standing in a circle when I pulled up. Do we follow part of the rules or all the rules? I don’t have the answers, just asking the questions…there seem to be some serious gray areas.


Where were you?

This Q fell into my lap because Zinfandel’s schedule had a conflict. After attending a Swarm Q that Bottle Cap did a few weeks ago and a Gladiator workout that Gerber Q I knew I had to push the Pax. It was about 24 this morning with a lot of frost on the ground, it was cold! The Pax had an over/under bet going on the number of audibles (I’m kinda famous for that) I would have but I typed it up and strapped on my Weinke.

11 Pax rolled into Cuthbertson ready to work! 6:30…..Lets Mosey

Semi fast mosey to the traffic circle near the stadium – Circle up!


10 SSH – IC

10 IW – IC

10 Merkins – IC

Calf stretch – Damascus got moist

Runners lunge – Flapjack

10 LSS – IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the track. Bottle Cap did an Indian run mile at the Swarm and it was terrible. Rinse and Repeat!

3 groups of 4 – we crushed that or did it crush us?

Pullups and Merkins – The weinke was foiled due to icy/cold bars. – Audible 1

Burpee Mile:

5 burpees at every turn…. for you math guys that’s 80 burpees. This did crush us.

Lets mosey!

4 corners out and back around the big parking lot beside the stadium.

Start – 10 merkins

Second corner – 10 MT’s

Third corner – 20 Monkey Humpers

Fourth Corner – 20 squats

I told the pax to rinse and repeat and changed my mind….Audible 2

Mosey to the road in front of the school. At this point, Recalculating is talking smack…”We just did this yesterday” Yes, I know and it sucks…

Paula Abdul – 2 poles down and one back.

5 burpees down and 5 merkin shredders back…. Nope! We did this a few rounds and I committed my 3rd Audible. My shoulders were gone. Merkin shredders are out…. 20 monkey humpers are in.

We made it all the way to the end and with about a minute to go we did a jailbreak back to COT.

The Moleskine:

All Pax pushed hard… Everyone hit about 4.5 and Gerber and Hollywood hit 5m. Others may have hit 5 as well but they aren’t on Strava so I have no clue. Welcome Squeege, Wolverine’s youngest son? The kid is fast! Thanks again for letting me lead and for the record…sometimes audibles are needed. Wink.


Open Door Sunday @ 7:00 at Five Stones – Wolverine on Q





Split Q

Banjo asked me if I want to split the Q and of course, I said yes. Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to Q at one of the 4 workouts at Cuthbertson should get on the list, its a great campus.

Banjo’s weinke:

Run to towards Transporters shed – Butt kicks and Russian kicks on the way. Continue to the traffic circle near the stadium.

Circle up:

Normal warmup exercises.

His Thang:

Three-Way: Run from the traffic circle to school back to traffic circle then down to the cul da sac beside the stadium.

At the school – 20 step-ups

Traffic circle – 10 merkins shredders

The cul da sac – 10 burpees

Each time you run through the traffic circle do the 10 merkin shredders.

My Thang:

Mosey around the stadium to the bottom of the long hill. Triple Nickel and stop at the top of the hill past the island. Out and back is 1 – repeat x 5

5 MT’s at the top

5 squats at the bottom

Paula Abdul

Moesy to the light poles along the front of the school. Run two lights down, do two burpees. Run one light back, 10 monkey humpers. We made it to the last light pole and had time to cut one lap around the front on the middle school.

The Moleskine:

Thanks, Banjo for splitting the Q and as always thanks to the Pax for following my lead. We ran a lot for an Impromptu workout, I think about 3.7m It was a solid workout.


Open door Sunday @ 7:00 at Five Stones




Smooth isn’t exactly the word I would use…

18 pax joined me for a tour around Marvin Ridge with a few puddles along the way.

I didn’t have a super elaborate Q planned this morning but I think it still turned out well. One pax ranks it up there with the worst Q he’s attended. The jury is still out.  Either way,  Saturday you will witness a masterpiece!!  Gladiator will be held at Cuthbertson Middle @ 6:29, same parking location as Ignition/Swarm…..wait, some of you will not post at either of those, does Flash or Impromptu ring a bell??? Park there.

The first rule of Gladiator is that you don’t talk about Gladiator..shhhhhhhh.

5:30, Lets Mosey! We ran around the back of the school to the big globe and circled up…

SSH x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Calf Stretch flapjack

MC x 15 IC

PJ x 15 IC


We ran suicides along the front of the school to each light and back… 5 merkins down and 5 drydocks back. I didn’t realize that would so quickly, but it did.  Stop at the end of the school and recover. Mosey around the school again and hold at the first parking lot as you exit the concrete path.

Hair burners (We had way too many people for this, I should have audibled)

Alternate pushing the plate back and forth while you wait on it to arrive. Squats while you wait… That sucked, so while you wait….this typing….is about… smooth this portion…of … the Q…….went. Recover.

Same groups. Overhead weight carries while walking/running fast walk w/ a burpee at the back.  This would have worked great on a 4 lanes road but we were on a 6-8′ wide path. I was over it.

Stop at the parking lot. Captain Therkin. You guys should have abs of steel by now.  2.5 minutes remained so ran the parking lot down and back with burpees in the middle both ways. Back to COT.

Good work today guys and thanks for letting me lead. I’ll see you all Saturday at Gladiator.



Christ Closet Give away Saturday – See Dana for details

Connect with Posse (Brian Stephenson)




Low mileage!

5 Pax joined me for a plethora of webs! I like Qing The Arsenal and love the campus at Indian Land, many options! 5:30 hit and we mosey and as we are running away a few pax pull up. My opening mile was quickly audibled to wait on the tardy Pax.


SSH x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Lets Mosey! Mosey to the big parking lot near the high school for Captain Therkin w/4 merkins. The Indian Land guys need more ab work, Pax struggled to get through this. Let’s mosey!

Run towards high school and circle up for Lt. Dan. Shake N Bake knew how bad this was gonna suck but the other Pax didn’t until we hit 5/20…They quickly realized that their a&%## would be pretty sore in the days to come.

Mosey back to the big parking lot for Doc Web… 1 Dry Dock / 4 Bear Crawls stop at 10/40.  The first time I experienced this exercise was with Doughboy at Watchtower and I couldn’t get through even half of it, now I can call the whole routine out and do it! Embrace the suck! (insert joke). mosey back for COT.

Great work guys and thanks to Happy Meal for reaching out and letting me Q.



You can thank Gerber!

20 Pax were warned that we would run today and we did.  The 2020 Deadwood is trying very hard to be more sensitive to some of the snowflakes we call Pax.  When I started back to F3 almost 2yrs ago I quickly noticed who was upfront, who was in the middle and of course I noticed the 6.  The competitive drive in me said, “you need to work hard each time you post and catch Dasher, Bottlecap, Easy Button, Gerber and Hollywood (still working on that). Eventually, I made my way from mid-pack towards the front. Now I am not being pushed.  Yes, you probably could care less what I think of them, which is ok. But I care what the Zinfandels, Transporters, Dashers, Gerbers, Hollywoods (yes there are others but they come to mind) think of my intensity, workout ethic, and improving performance. Why don’t you care? Where is your drive? I will never respect a Pax (not that you care) that shows ups and hides in the corner, while reps are happening, so the other Pax can’t see them skip half of every exercise. I will never respect the “talking Pax”…talks a big game but never delivers.  I will never respect a Pax that Q’s a workout and cant do their own Q…Join FIA or work harder and get stronger. If you Q it, you should be able to do it. I’m done… I love you all but some of you need to take a hard look in the mirror. Some guys have physical limitations and are working their asses off…I’m not talking to you guys. It’s the guys that have been posting over a year and are still skipping through workouts…YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!  Lastly, if the paragraph above bothers you or speaks to you, you’re welcome! I called you out without actually calling you, that’s new 2020 Deadwood.  Now you have an opportunity to step it up during workouts without everyone looking at you.  All I want is for all the Pax that have the potential to push themselves to their fullest potential.


DiCCCS given: Lets Mosey

Long Run around the school, I wanted a mile but settled for 0.80. Circle up

SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 20 IC – We clearly need to do more of these. It was a total of 40. Men that can do 40 consecutive pushups in a minute are 96% less likely to have cardiovascular disease..Google it.

Calf Stretch – Damascus howled when I called this!

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Lets mosey

Parking Lot

Long run down and back

4 Rounds 10 Dry Docks down – 10 Merkins back – A few pax got 5 rounds, nice job!

Mosey around to entrance – YHC placed 6 cones along the road on the exit side and 6 along the entrance side.  Starting at the bottom of the hill on the exit side, run up towards the main road all the way around the entrance down the entrance road to the very last cone…One burpee and run back to the start. Repeat to the next to last cone, One burpee…THIS TOOK FOREVER! I couldn’t even keep count of the number of OMAHAS I heard from BC as we passed each other! Haha.  I was not going to wavier from the Q. Then Recalulationg started grumbling, I’m not wavering!! About halfway through I notice Gerber was really pulling away from everyone… The newly found Vegan seems to be getting even faster!! My plan was to call recover once Gerber finished! He did and I yelled recover.

Partner up! – P1 runs one direction P2 runs other direction around parking lot circle at the front of the school

Round 1 – 5 burpees

Round 2- 10 Dry Docks

Round 3- 35 Monkey Humpers

Round 4-35 Monkey Humpers

Meet under the owning for Cpatian Therkin w/ 4 merkins…Done Mosey back to COT 4.8 Miles – Gerber got over 5 I’m sure.

The Moleskine:

Most pax pushed hard today, I didn’t.  I could have 100% pushed myself harder. Was I still out front? Yes. Is that good enough, should I post and not go 100%? No, it’s not good, I should post and go hard. But today I wasn’t feeling it. I did all the reps, I ran, I led, and I told guys good work in passing. That’s all I had. I’ve been sick, I’m still coughing and the cold air hurts. I will own it.

Were you like me today? Or were you pushing yourself to the edge of puking? Did you give all you had on the run, could you have pushed a little harder?  Have you ever pushed so hard at a workout you’ve actually puked? What do you actually want from a workout? Why do you show up to workouts? Is it to get healthy, chat with a pal, or skip getting the kids ready for school? I’m merely asking. If you are happy where you are physically and don’t want to push harder at a workout, great, I’m happy for you. But if you are a Pax that talks a big game, and is still in the minors you should think about going a bit harder when you post.  Or if you are in shape and can go hard…..F&*^%*($ go hard! WORK! IMPROVE!  All I got.


Welcome, Fife! He’s a guy from the Briars and Crest and for his first post he ended up with me on Q! He killed it! Well done man!


March is a one (DUMB) Q month – 67ish workouts and we will need 67 single Q’s

Rooster Race – 5 man team, each member runs 5- 1-mile loops and the team runs the last mile together Feb 29th 6-10