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Rinse and Repeat

I was pulled from the bullpen around 9:30 last night and gladly accepted. I already knew what we would do….


Long Mosey around school back to middle school, circle up

20 SSH IC variable speeds

10 merkins, slow count IC

Calf Stretch lets mosey

The Thang:

Many of you may know where the 200m and 400m are marked but all the guys today, that have never been a part of a speed workout, will not forget it.

Start at the stop sign for 200m (75%) once you hit the 200m mark job the rest of the way down just past the high school to the large crack in the road.

400m back to the stop sign and mosey around the circle in front of the middle school…REPAT…All morning!!

For the last 400m, we kept jogging all the way to the shed for a cool down. Audible…One more 400m back up the yellow brick road to COT.  I’m sure no one broke a record, we were smoked.

The Moleskine:

Hard workers these guys were today. I only had to break up the baking group once and then they started pushing harder. The runs we did today are designed to get your mile time down and help with endurance for long-distance running. The goal, for most of us Gramin wearers, is to keep the splits very close every 200m and 400m. We maintained that pretty well but each time seemed to be a bit faster than the previous run. Dasher, myself and Wolverine tried to catch Gerber all morning and were successful…once…sorry none!  We did find out the KY actually likes his name and all the guys trying to change it should let it ride. You can buy it at the grocery store! Ask Dasher what you can buy at Walgreens….. I can tell that a lot of guys are getting faster and posting at the WE workouts will continue to help. At the end of the day it’s up to each pax if they want to work hard, go through the motions, or just chat about warm apple pies grandmaw used to make.  Well done guys!


WTF is May 1st. $10 buy-in for food and other items. There will be a t-shirt order going around soon, shirts will be $8-$10

I took us out.


I took the Ignition Q last minute and was pretty excited to lead it again.  See below.

The Thang:

Head straight to Lawson clubhouse, pick up the 6, and circle up.

  • calf stretch
  • SSH x 10
  • IW – Kidding, you’re welcome Hollywood
  • and one more


Head down the concrete trails and hang a left into each cul-da-sac along the way, do an exercise, and back to the trail to the next stop. At the end of the trail, we ran into the cul-da-sac and hit some abs. Around the block, we went to the next cul-de-sac that had a trailhead. On the way back we hit each trail to the right all the way back to the clubhouse.

Trail exercises 10 of everything:

10 merkins

10 drydocks

10 squats

10 Dry docks

Some abs, mixed variety

Once at the clubhouse partner up. P1 held a plank while P2 ran around the big island back to the start. Rinse/repeat x3

Back to school

As we mosey back to the AO, I noticed Deflated was moving pretty good, I think the LRC has actually been working a bit!

Once at the school, we did a few sprints along the parking lot to kill the last two mins.  Done!

The Moleskine:

I figure out one thing today if you want to slow hurry down off-campus just run slow! Without a headlamp hes crippled in the dark and that speed diminishes quickly.  As soon as he could see if was off to the races.  Good group today and I think we covered 5.5m but some got more.

You never know what you’re going to get…..

Coming into this morning I was going to do the torturous 1-mile opener with piles upon piles of running but I changed my mind mid prerun.  At Flash the audience comes in all shapes, sizes, speeds, and abilities, so only running is not going to make them faster…they/we need to get stronger.  Here’s what went down.

5:29 DiCCS given, let’s mosey!  At this point, Mad Dog had his shoes laced tight ready for the opening mile…AUDIBLE! Mosey to the middle school and circle up.

The Warmup:


Calf Stretch

10 Merkins IC

10 Plank Jacks IC

10 Mountain Climbers IC

5 Merkins IC

Lets Mosey!

The Thang:

Mosey to grass field beside BB court.

  • Deadwood Ab Web

1 AH/4 V-ups @ 5/20 keep AH’s and switch to Back Scratchers… This burned pretty bad but I think I got points for finding some nice dry soft grass to use.

Mosey to Transporters Shed

  • Donkey Kick Web – no merkins (those come later) 1 squat/4 DK’s – I truly forgot how terrible this is…..well done for all who completed!
  • Burpee Mile! 10 Burpees at each end of the path x 4 – Meet at shed when completed.

Mosey to the BB court – Circle up –

  • The wave of Merkins – Pax plank and hold, Merkins in sequence around the circle until the count is reached.  We had 17 guys and I called out 300….do the math. Well done guys!

Line up on sideline –

  • Bear Craw across the court and run backward back
  • Broad jump across the court and job back
  • Bear Crawl and jog back – Let mosey!

At this point in the workout, ALL the buses were nice and warmed up. As we moseyed by we were instantly punched in the lungs with the thickest exhaust fumes I believe I have ever experienced while running at Cutheberson…It was terrible. Stop at benches

  • 10 Derkins
  • 20 dips
  • 10 steps up – 2 MINUTE WARNING

Jailbreak to the end of the parking lot towards COT….mosey the rest of the way back.


The Moleskine:

Good job guys! After today I realized that we have some STONG Pax amongst us! Some are runners, some are not…and that’s ok.  Post, work hard, and get stronger! Thanks for letting me lead and I look forward to the next time!



New AO – Fullmoon @ 5;15 Waxhaw Elementary – Video died – See Chastain for details

CPR – See Surge

New AO – April 1st – @ 6pm – Walnut Creek Club House –  Mountain Biking the Carolina Thread Trail – See Rockwell for details


Is this really happening???

YHC totally forgot about this Q until EB gave me a quick reminder. Awesome, every time I Q it seems to be bad weather….fingers crossed.  My plan was to keep it super simple and I did, but with the floater even simple can be hard.
2 min warning snd DiCCSahfjenkd given. Let’s mosey.

pretty quick pace straight to the BB court at Bad Idea, circle back for the 6.  As the 6 came strolling in carrying on a conversation I thought, damn these guys are in shape and I need to step it up! I was wrong..they like to talk and not work.  The floater is no place for that.



Calf stretch

runners lunge

Let’s mosey! I’m looking for miles not imperial walkers!! but if Holloywood would have been present I was goin g to call those just for him! Ha.

The Thang:
Bad Idea…Bottom  (near school) 10 Mary  Catherine’s

Top (near cemetery)  10 merkins

down and back is one….x3

Cemetery loops… run large loop around cemetery.

Start with 1 burpee and increase by 1 each lap and stop at 5

Finish up cemetery loops and mosey straight to Another Bad Idea.

Bottom of ABI 10 dry docks…top 10 big boys

time was running out and I never said how many times we would run this loop… so the gazelles kept rolling and with 3mins left I had to call it. Quick pace around the block back to COT! Done.

The Moleskine:

I’ve been in and out of F3 over the past year but now realize I need it and the pax need me more than ever! When did the 6 stop working and start sharing baking recipes while at the floater? Smh…  for those of you at the rear and busting your a$$ I commend you, well done! For the rest of you slackers, lock that up! Maybe you only show to chat, great….but go do that at pursuit.

Quick Highlights:

BC has always been fast but he made the hills his biocth today! Crushed it!!

Ice as usual killed it and I even got a dry heave out of him!

Shake continues to get back into his Pre run shape…soon sir, I will be calling on you for Preruns!

EB/ Chastain pushed each other today and it was great! I hope all the Betty Crockers took note of how that works! You push each other and you get faster and then you can talk while at the front and working hard. It’s Amazing!

Much Respect, Respect for Blue Screen. I think he said he has only posted at #87 once…hopefully he will be back!

I think everyone that posted worked hard in their own mind and that’s great! We all know you have more and would appreciate you pushing harder (safely) and making other men better..share your best cup cake recipe at coffeteria!!

love you guys, well done!


New AO launching at Waxhaw Elementary on 10/29?? @ 5:15


New Mountain Bike group starting up (insert name) see Rockwell for details… possible April 1st for first ride!

I took us out.





Knock off the dust….

5 pax joined me a for at Watchtower that even Damascus would understand. Sometimes simple is better.


We moseyed in front of the school down the sidewalk and hung a right to the bus lot.

10 ssh

10 merkins

Calf stretch

10 low slow squat, let’s Mosey!

The Thang:

We moseyed towards the neighborhood connected to the school except we took a left and went into the neighborhood hood across the street.


Each driveway on the right knockout 5 merkins (15 driveways downhill)

On the way back knock out 1 burpee ( 17 driveways uphill)

Let’s mosey- cross the street and stop at the first intersection.


Mike Tyson at the top and Bobby Hurleys at the bottom. Done.

Speed Skaters

From the top of intersection mosey deeper into the neighborhood, at each light knock out 20 speed skaters. Roughly 8-9 lights.  Your legs will thank me!

Ab Web

Normal 1/4 count. Around 6/24 Mad Dog informs me have 7 mins left. Roomie move Deadwood, know your pax and make sure you have ample time to return…don’t  Hooch it!

We paused the Ab Web and started the mosey back and we all arrive right on time.

The Molskine:

Hard work by all this morning and thank for following me into the gloom.

Swarm BB

So…. I wasn’t necessarily forced to Q but when an OG asks and you haven’t posted in a few weeks just go with it. Here we go.

The Warmup:

  • Mosey around the front of school back around to the shed, the long way. Circle up
  • 10 SSH
  • 10 IW
  • 10 LSS
  • 10 Merkins (IC)
  • 10 MC

The Thang:

I was so rusty and didn’t have my Weinke that we almost skipped to the second item on the list…but we didnt.

  • Mosey to the bollards near COT. This was a version of 7’s.
  • 1 burpee at the start and 15 Monkey Humpers at the end…7 times. Finish at the bollards near COT.

Mosey to the intersection near the traffic light.

  • Indian Run back around to the big parking lot…Don’t leave the 6 which was me all morning… I only dry heaved a few times.

At parking lot

  • 10 Bear Crawl/10 Squats across the parking lot

Mosey to the normal 4 corners starting location.

  • 5 merkins
  • 10 dry docks
  • 15 squats
  • 20 BBS
  • Hit each exercise on the way out and none on the way back.

Moesy to the bottom of the long hill beside the drivers ed cars.

  • Backward run-up the hill to the main road that goes in front of the school.
  • Hit the first alcove for 30 DK oyo.
  • Mosey back to COT.

The Moleskine:

I hit 5 miles and thought I wasn’t going to make it a few times… But this is F3 and fellow Pax are always there to push and encourage you to dig a little deeper and keep going. No need to mention anyone, they are all fast.  Thanks for letting me lead, I’ll try to get out more!

See Chastains BB for announcements.

Embrace the Suck!

The Floater. I have to say this is my favorite AO of all. Each time I Q this site I try and think of ways to make it harder and harder.  I’m not sure how today ranked overall but I think it was in the top 5, at least it felt like that to me!!

5:29, DiCCS given, let’s mosey. Ice 9 was trying to push the pace early on but I didn’t take the bait. Mosey to Pizza Hut and circle up.

SSH – 20 IC

IW – 20 IC

Maroccan Niggt club – 10 IC

Calf Stretch

runners lunge

The Thang:

Duck walk web – You should try it….terrible

1 squat/ 4 Duck walks – 10/40

we made it to 6/24… AUDIBLE!!

Head from Pizza Hut to Another Bad Idea. At each intersection along the side walk do 5 merkins…alternate between wide and diamond.  Easy Button loved this one!! Ha.

From the top of ABI, do one burpee and run to stop sign near the skate park, do two burpees and run back to the top of ABI, do one burpee, back and do two….. Six is in, let’s mosey!!

This is where I took a gamble… we ran from ABI down the sidewalk all the way to Waxhaw Elementary… We all made it and had time to knock out one exercise at the school

Surpentine- Burpee/ Diamond Mike Tyson’s

2-3 each at the end of each line…time was running out.

We knocked that out and headed down Arbor Dr straight to Bad Idea.  I couldn’t not hit that hill, it sucks but it’s good!!

We had about 8-9 mins left and I got reassurance from Easy that we enough time to go down and back twice. Easy Button and Carb Load ran pretty hard, ahead of me easily but my fancy watch said I beat them by 5 secs!! LMAO  If you are any kind of runner, Strava is your jam.  You look at it, compare runs, maybe have the paid version (guilty, Gerber guilty)…it matters. Sorry EB… Gerber May have a solution for you???

After hitting BD we had only about 4-5 mins to get back…we moseyed pretty hard and made it back to COT maybe 30secs over and 4 miles later… On arrival I yelled Congratulations, you all just did ignition!!! 😉

well done guys! We had all three Respects leading the charge today! Recalc may be real close to his fighting weight! The man is working!! Surge and Sugar Daddy (I don’t like saying that or tying it, no clue why) crushed it as well!! I hope I’m in their shape when I’m their age!!!

Everyone that posted today needs to post at Ignition and/or swarm.  You basically did it today and made it….

The Moleskine:

There were no slackers today. If you slacked today you got left in the dark…we kept moving. Thanks Easy Button for picking up Sha..I mean the 6. (Wink)




I hear there is a blood drive coming up? See the news channel, playhouse, Christ closet, IPC, prayer, and any other channel I missed for details…..

Please keep Twinkle Toes neighbor in your prayers.

Keep the country in your prayers as well as police officers. It’s a hard time for both!! Show some acts of kindness, buy a stranger a coffee in line, hold the door for someone….it could change the out come of someone’s day and put them on a positive path!!

No webs….

Wax I was NOT looking forward to Qing today but I didn’t want to let the Chicken man down. On arrival, all the pax were mixed in with the Mashers and not in the normal location under the light pole and I thought, “there is no way we have 20 pax that are injured? Did they know I was Qing and didn’t want to run? So I yell, “Flash is over here” and most of them headed over. Quick DiCCS and let’s mosey.


Slowish mosey to the parking lot beside the stadium.

Circle up!


10 IW IC

10 Marocain NC IC

Calf Stretch

10 Merkins CC

10 Plank Jacks IC

10 Peter Parker IC

10 Mountain Climbers

6″ hold

I think we did one or two more but I can’t remember.

The Thang:

Mosey to the top corner of the large parking lot.

4 corners – Deadwood style – Corners #1 -5 burpees #2 -5 Dry docks #3 -5 Squats #4 -5 burpees

Run to the first corner do the burpees and run back to the start.

Run to the second corner but do the burpees at the 1st corner on the way.

Run to the 3rd corner and do corners 1 and 2 on the way and then back…you get the idea.

Quick ab work

40 pistol lbc IC switch legs at 20

Mosey to the center of the lot and circle up

Merkin Wave.

Pax hold a plank until it’s their turn to do a merkin and each pax counts out loud. We had about 18-20 guys so we went to 400. The pax killed it!

Circle of Pain

Stay in the circle. One pax calls an exercise and runs while the pax do it. I called Burpees. #sorrynotsorry

We made is all the way around with about 5 mins to go but I didn’t take into account the 6. They got back about a minute late. I Hooched it or did I?

The Moleskine:


Well done guys! Thanks for following my lead into the gloom and working hard! Shake N Bake pushed extra hard at the end and earned the “Chain of Pain”. Nice work man!


And just like that…….. the streak is over

What can I say, I’ve had a long week and forgot all about Qing the Floater and definitely forgot about the BB. Thankfully Carb Load reminded me the day before or audibles would have been flying!!

Warmup: With about 45secs until launch, in the distance, we hear it.  You know that low chug chug chug….chug chug chug.  The damn train.  We finally spot it with about 30secs until go time and my eyes are fixed on my watch as if it would speed up the train.  5:30 hits. Let’s go, boys, pace yourself and get after it. About 5 mins in we were all spent. Nonstop burpees take a toll on you. I think it was about 6.5 mins and the train was out of sight.

Let’s mosey!

Mosey to the B-Ball court and circle up, I mean we just did like 50+ burpees….we were warm.

SSH x 5 IC

Calf stretch

Merkins – Wide, Regular, Diamond x 5 IC

The Thang:

I referred back to past BB and a simple yet effective exercise. I remember that last time I tried it I audibled (SHOCKER) so we didn’t finish.  Today there would be no audible.

7’s on Bad Idea – blahhhh

Recalculating was behind me and I overheard him say..Yep, this is going to be a running work out.

The 7’s felt like they would never end! We ran up and down that hill for around 20-25 mins, roughly 2 miles. TERRIBLE!

At the top 6 MH’s

At the bottom 1 squat – 5-2, 4-3

Even though Recalculating yell out OMAHA  OMAHA as we met each on the hill I was going to finish. Done!

Mosey to the wall for some Donkey Kick holds. We didn’t have time for the entire web thanks to the 7’s. We also skipped the b-ball court, I had some fun stuff planned! Let’s mosey.

At each intersection, not side paved driveways Carb Load, knock out 3 burpees. At the BBQ restaurant, we held for the 6 that was already pulling in. We crossed the street and ran over the bridge. At this point, some of the pax got a little worried. A founding member on LRC was upfront leading and almost took us down Providence Rd N. I yelled LEFT, LEFT. He turned, that was close. Some of the pax would have been able to hold a 7:30 pace and make it back on time and I definitely wasn’t going to Hooch it.

We pulled into COT with 2 mins remaining. On your six.

20 Flutters IC


20 Pretzel crunches IC….DONE!

The Moleskine:

Thank you for enduring Bad Idea with me. It sucked but we got through it. Keep your eye on O-69 he is getting fast, he was jogging up Bad Idea. Thanks for letting me lead and my apologies for killing the streak. It had to happen at some point. haha.

I took us out.


100 Pax Challenge

Spartan Race June 27th – all skill levels welcome