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PICK UP THE @&#%* 6

For my 46th Q and 1st one of the month in the newly formed F3 Waxhaw, I had Ignition. I use to HATE ignition mainly because the first time I posted Hollywood was on Q and he ran us into the ground and we did a million burpees. The next time was when Money Ball was fast (love you man, don’t be jelly DB) and we ran uphill both ways the whole time. I love the site now and plan to be a regular attendee.

Today I went weinke free for the first time since the convergence back in 2018! I admit I was a little nervous but I had some good stuff in mind. Lets go!

The Thang:

DiCCS given let’s mosey!

Semi slow mosey considering we had a mix of speed today and I did advertise it would be a Clydesdale friendly morning. Stop at high school parking lot and circle up.



Merkins – 10 Reg. Wide. Reg. Dia. Wide

Various legs stretch

Mosey to the side of high school and grab some wall. Ignition is meant to be a hard AO so today I tried a couple of new variations of already hard web routines starting with donkey kicks.

1 DK hold..Walk feet up and hands back for ball to the wall/ 5 pulses while holding BTW.

Audible #1! I think at 5 I yelled recover. It was a smoker!

Side note: No pre-planning was done so these exercises are probably completely out of order.

Mosey to middle school the long way around.

Ab web:

10 hands up crunch/40 Flutter, no hands flutter, Dolly and Rosalita

Lets Mosey:

Back around to the High School parking lot…Audible #2. Gerber and I were pulling away pretty good. That man is back, the calf is good and he’s ready to run! As Gerber and I approach the stopping point that was actually picked so the 6, who was 100 yards back, could catch up we hear this raspy deep almost whinny barking noise…Zinfandel is turning green ready to destroy all Gazelles not picking up the 6 who is in plain sight and approaching! I mean, we won’t leave anyone behind but we arent hold hands either. Some AO’s picking up the 6 if they get a little back is necessary due to short streets, darkness, or safety. These guys were in a lit parking lot making there way to us. LMAO. HEll, I have one eye and I could see them. Simmer down, big boy!

Was he really mad? No. His intentions were on point. We all should have circled back for the six. But at some point, I want the 6, especially if they choose to post at ignition on a regular basis to push harder and try to catch up. Back to the action.

Mike Tyson/Dry Dock web!! What? Seriously? Yep!

We barely made it to 5 MT/ 20 DD…Probably the hardest web next to Doc web that I’ve done. As Zinfandel stated… It wasn’t doable. If you did a true MT and a true DD you couldn’t finish. I challenge anyone that thinks they can!

AUDIBLE (This was #3) Switch to Speed Skators… so final round 10 MT/40 Speed Skaters.

After Zin and I sprayed 8 gallons of round-up all over the worst site in the F3 nation, I made a 2hr drive to Greensboro for a 20 min meeting…Let’s just say it took my legs a min to function properly!

Mosey towards Transporters shed, Gerber on his own mission said Ill be meet you there. A quick check of the Gramin and we needed more mileage. We ran by the shed down the trail back around to the front of the middle school.

OYO: 1 burpee run around traffic loop at middle school back in front and around parked cars at AO and back to start. That’s 1. Repeat x 2

When Bottle Cap heard OYO he was gone! We finished up those two laps and my weinke was shot! I turned to my fellow runner Gerber…”Man, I have nothing else, what do you want to do?” He said light poles..DONE!

Mosey to light poles in the parking lot behind parked cars.


Each pole down and back add a burpee 5 total

Run: Run 50% to the first pole, 75% to 2nd and AYG to last x 2

1.5 mins left. Let’s do it one more time! Done!

The Molskine:

Great group today and good numbers! At the end of the day, we all bust balls and at some point might even get a little butt hurt but we are brothers, we have each others back and I know I can count on most of you to help me out if I ever need it. Thanks for following me today even some of the exercisess were super hard. I didn’t check any form. If you tried to hold good form, you know how hard it was. Thanks again, guys! Cerberus on Friday, I’m putting the SOB boys through the exact same workout!!! HAHA


Hopefully, Old McDonald recorded them. Heres what I remember:

Christ closet this weekend. See Ackbar for details

Waxhaw adopt a block Saturday after Coffeteria 8-10 should only take an hr-ish

Spartan Race Oct 6th (Sprint) Nov 23rd (Beast) 4 Pax officially going to the sprint.

Prostate race is free! Sign up and push, I forgot the date. See Swimmers

Shampoo crew came out of Retirement today and is collecting again

Schinder VQ tomorrow at Watchtower.

Thanks Goodfella for taking us out! HYDRATE!!!!!

The Streak lives!!

Zinfandel and I are both resting up for the Spartan race this Saturday so we both were absent at the Floater. Many Pax thought for sure the streak was ending…not so fast! Kid Rock came through and the stream lives!! I only messaged him 18 times and threatened his life twice. His words below.

Damn you boys at Floater are pretty serious about these back blasts! Well, let’s get to it.YHC has gone through some personal struggles including injury and some 30+lb weight fluctuation over the course of a couple of months. I felt pretty set back since about September of last year. Needless to say, I’ve been feeling back on track and wanted to do my first Q in over a year. I reached out to Damascus who contacted Deadwood who gave me the nod. (Hindsight I realized it was only because he never planned on joining us in the first place. He said he needed more beauty rest for the weekend) Either way, I wanted to get a good Q in. The idea was a cardio circuit- Disclaimer was given and YHC gave some information and suggestions for the moleskin. Heart Rate focused training- no stopping and no downtime. Keep the mosey easy and the stations hard. Modify rep count if needed… And we were off.

The Thang:

1/4 mile group jog to stop sign

  • 1 Alternating wall step-upsDipsDerkins
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 2BurpeesSide straddle SquatsMountain climbers
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 3Sqaut hold to jump squatMerkinsSki abs1/4 mile group jog to stop 4People’s chair with overhead pressMike Tyson’sDonkey Kicks
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 5Carolina Dry docksMary Katherine lungesLow Plank Obliques
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 6LBCs Flutter kicks American Hammer1/4 mile group jog to stop 7 People’s chair alternating legs lift (while passing the well-placed rock)Balls to the wall
  • 1/4 mile group jog to stop 8Parker Peter MerkinsSupine press Picnic table jump-ups
  • 1/4 mile jog to stop 9Plank Jack’sFreddy Mercury’sSuicide Jumps
  • 1/8 mile group jog to stop 10
  • Jailbreak to finish

The Moleskine:

All in all- good workout and the PAX did a nice job of keeping the six close and staying on task. We got to see about 2.5 scenic miles of downtown Waxhaw utilizing any objects we could. I appreciate the opportunity to lead some great HIMs today and look forward to the next.


Speed for Need race coming up

Ragnar team signups- message YHC for details

Good luck in Asheville this weekend to those taking on the Super!

Record Low mileage

Recently I pulled my calf muscle and was a little skeptical of my upcoming Q. What would I do to prevent myself from further injury? Could I still provide the Pax with a solid Q? Would Pax think it was a trick and not show up? Well, I think it was a success! I didn’t injure myself, the Pax got smoked and today’s mileage was a record low for all of my 39 Q’s.. 1.06. Mission accomplished!! Heres how it went down.


Mosey to the bus parking lot – Circle up!

  • 20 LSS – IC
  • 5 Merkin – IC
  • 6” Hold
  • Calf Stretch
  • 11 IW – I forgot to stop at ten


The Thang:

  • Captain Therkin to 10/40
    • 1 SU/4 American Hammers/4 Merkins
  • MT’s/Squats Web to 10/40
    • 1 MT/4 Squats
  • Donkey Kick Offs/Squats
    • 10 Kicks/10 sec/ 10squts – 9/9/9
  • Partner up – Ladder – Knee Ups/Squats
    • 25 Kneeups/25 Squats – Switch
    • 4 Rounds
  • Partner Up –11’s Merkin/Pullup Ladder
    • 10 Pullups/1 Merkin
  • Wave of Merkins
    • 10ish rounds
    • 3-4 rounds 6”
    • 2 Burpees OYO

Coming into this I knew it would be a smoker but man… I’m spent! I would love to call out Pax individually and congratulate but there was zero mumble chatter except for Zinfandel when I called out squats again! You’re welcome. All pax were pushed to their limits today and did very well. Dough Boy did give his 2.0 a hard time during the pull-ups. “Come on Bread Bowl, don’t just stand there, DO SOMETHING!!” Rudy didn’t have to do any paperwork and made it through the entire workout. Bread Bowl, however… As we were running back to COT, we see him standing in the middle of the road with napkins all around him on the ground…its still a mystery as to what went down.

Rough numbers: 87 Merkins, 55 Mike Tysons, 100 Kneeups, 375 squats, and should have been 55 pullups but somehow we started dropping by 2 but time was short and we were spent so I’m good with that. One audible called during the knee-ups I changed from squats to speed skaters. Again, nice job guys way to push!! I’ll see you on Saturday at Commitment!!


F3 Dads Saturday at Dogwood Park – 9:00 am

September 14 prostate run with Need for Speed

Brutus on for VQ tomorrow at Chiseled

Patriot Games

23 men joined myself for a grueling patriotic themed workout. I called a quick audible and we did the 76 burpees before the 1 mile run. All Pax agreed this was a good call.

Hollywood and Kid Rock crushed the circuit and seem like they wanted more. Let’s talk about Damascus for a second. If you ever Q and call “recover” before he finishes his reps he will whine…A LOT. Its a holiday and Pax have schedules to keep, next time buddy.

Solid push today by all. Kid Rock said he heard a few police out there today? I think if you actually had enough in you to call someone out on form you need to work harder. Chances are you’re slacking trying to pay attention to everyone else. Worry about you.

Well done guys! Happy 4th and stay safe out there.

Thanks Damascus for taking us out and for the bony hip in my thigh during your photo op…


Spartan Race July 27th

The region logo is underway…again so look for that some this year. Hopefully

WWZD – What would Zinfandel do?

PreBlast: All weekend it was just me and 3 kids…M went to Charleston for the weekend. When it’s just me and the munchkins we BALL. We hit 4 different pools in 3 days, ate chocolate pancakes both mornings, went shopping a few times, and purchased 5 containers of Breyers ice cream. Side Note: Everyone in my house is sensitive to or allergic to dairy so my wife always buys coconut-based ice cream…..

I polished off an ENTIRE BOX of the Take-Two (half Vanilla half Chocolate)! Only about an hour after did I realize that may not have been a good idea.

3 other Pax joined me at Brooklyn Pizza for what would be an interesting morning. The humidity was among us as I started sweating immediately as we took off.. Was it the humidity or was something brewing!!

DiCCS given and we were off!


Mosey to Target – Circle up!

  • 5 SSH – IC
  • 5 Merkins – IC

5 LSS – IC

  • 20 Burpees – OYO – Sorry Damascus, the burpees were a late addition so I went with it!!
  • Mosey towards the Wesley Oaks neighborhood pool.

At this point, I may have to start ranking all the local pools. I’ve been to the B & C (still a front runner) Lawson (Very fast slide) Chainsaw’s (I’m working on a party – coming soon) and lastly Wesley Oaks.

After today Wesley Oaks holds a special place in my heart. Let’s keep moving!!

  • Stop at the intersection near the main entrance for the 6. 5 burpees OYO
  • Finish Mosey to Club House
  • 11’s – Pull-ups/Merkins

One the last leg of the mosey it hit me and hit me hard… Not not a turtle head.. This was going to be an EXPLOSION!!

During the Mosey I inquired about the facilities. “Damasus, you think the bathroons are unlocked?” “Yeah probably, but theres a 6′ fence to get over.”

Fence…psshhhh…… a fence wasn’t about to slow down the murder scene to come.

We arrived at the clubhouse. I called out the 11’s and headed to the see about scaling this fence and if it was even possible. Damascus yells out, “Go over to that side they have cameras over there!” Hope they don’t have good audio….haha. Put it this way… a sock has been used in the past but this would have taken both socks, underwear, and shirt!!

Scaled the fence with no problem and went for the door….. F&#%……it was locked up tighter than ( insert here). Think. Think. Think.

What would Zinfandel do? We all know he is the king personal hygiene and has been known to give a bidet to a fellow pax…haha THIS GUY…

I see a rolled up water hose while I was still on the inside of the fence – you with me – It was dark and I couldn’t tell if it had a removable on/off valve. I was literally in a panic…

I hopped the fence and grabbed the valve…SCORE!!! I’m not out of the woods yet! Where will this all take place?? I was about to destroy something… The hose was about 20-25′ long.. I made it two feet and blew up the pine needle bed almost shitting on my shoes!!

Thinking ahead, I had already turned the water on before I nuked the needles… Apply a small amount of thumb pressure to the end of the hose, you have an instant Bidet!! Morning saved!!!

  • Back to the 11’s – Finish up – Lets Mosey
  • Take a right and go deeper into the neighborhood. Damascus yells “wrong way” NOPE… deeper we went into Wesley Oaks.
  • At Culdesac 10 Burpees OYO
  • Head back towards AO – Burpees at top and bottom of Paxsaw Ridge.
  • Bear Crawl halfway from the bottom of heal to the electric gate.
  • Crawl Bear the other half – Audible! We almost made it and got smoked out.
  • Pause and catch a breath at the gate.
  • All you got back for COT! Damascus and Brutus thundered behind myself and Chastain… Chastain, next time I won’t yell for the entire sprint… Good push!

All pax worked hard and it was a good workout. Well done with the vest Damascus! Do us all a favor and burn the vest and buy a new one. Joking…not for a second am I joking. BURN IT.


See Swimmers for upcoming race – Totally forgot the name of it!


Coming in fresh from vacation I was feeling great! Basically after a week of recovery, with a few runs, and relaxation I was ready to get it this morning and so were the rest of the Pax!! Let’s do it!

DiCCS given.

That Thang:

XY’s – 20?? IC (Exicon) Need to work on the cadence.

  • Rosalita 1 & 2
  • Flutter 3 & 4

Burpee mile-ish (1.4)

  • 1 Burpees Every other light
  • Down/Back x 2

Lunge/Squat/Run (LSR)

  • Lunge Walk to next Parking Lot (160′)
  • 40 Squats at Lot
  • Run to Traffic Circle by Staduim

MT’s/Squats Web – Kill me now!

  • 1 MT/4 Squats – 10 MT’s/40 Squats
  • enough said

Wave of Merkins – What was I thinking?

  • Pax plank in a circle facing in.  YHC does a Merkin, the Pax beside him does a Merkin and so on. Looks like the wave but with merkins.
  • 5-10 rounds of that (Forgot how many)
  • 2-3 round of 6” – Pax hold 6” and go to the up position and back down to 6” all the way around.  Once Pax started dropping, including myself, I yelled recover.

Donkey Kick Offs/Squats – Drag me to my truck….

  • 10 Kicks/10 sec/ 10squts
  • 9/10/9, 8/10/8

2.5″ left…RECOVER! Mosey to back for COT

The Skine:

All Pax left it everything they had at Cuthberson today! Personally, I thought the workout was grueling and everyone nailed it! Burpees, to lunge walks, to squats, to run, to mike Tysons/squats, to Merkins, to Donkey Kicks/squats may have not been a good idea but everyone hung in there and finished strong. My legs and chest are feeling it pretty good. We lost Moneyball at some point during the burpee mile but I’m not sure when. Calves are wrecked! Shout out to Shake N Bake for the push at the end. He ran by me trying to motivate me to run faster and I wasn’t having it. He dropped back, physically pushed me and I dug a little deeper and sped up!! We need more of this kind of encouragement. Thanks, Shake! 3miles, 24 burpees, 305 squats, 55 MT’s, 40ish Merkins, 45ish Donkey Kicks…probably missed a few reps! #hadtobethere

Well done men and thanks for letting me lead you! Thanks Dana for taking us out!!


Damascus on Q @ Watchtower and The Floater! The man is back with a vengeance!! #TheStreakWillLiveOn

Webs and Ladders, and more Webs and Ladders

28 Pax joined me at Dromedary for a web/ladder workout. 65 degrees and breezy, it was a perfect morning for a beatdown. Last time I Qed this site my opening mosey was a mile long and it killed hurt a few people. I promised Goodfella I would keep it “chill” today and keep the mileage low. We hit 1.75 according to Zinfandel…I have failed to stop my watch all week! Let’s go!

That Thang


  • Short mosey around outer parking lot and circle up.
  • 10 SSH
  • Merkins IC – Regular, Wide, Diamond, Regular
  • 10 IC 6” Plank Jacks
  • 10 Low Slow Squats
  • Leg Stretch



  • 1 Sit Up / 4 American Hammers / 2 Merkins



  • 10 kick/10 sec hold – 1 Merkin2,3,4… This was a crowd favorite!

Mosey to back to PL


  • 1  squat/ 4 Jump Lunges/ 1 Burpee
  • ** @ 6/24 Squats/ Monkey – 7/28 etc – Not sure which Pax tried to skip a number but this triggered me to start the count over…no Q jacking today!

Mosey back to parking lot near COT


  • Burpee/extra Merkin each round – AUDIBLE – Things were going good until we came to a few Pax that had a solid conversation going while standing there watching us do burpees. I could care less if Pax talk, modify or walk…be a slacker you do you…but at least pay attention. The 2nd F is where you need to be. This audible caused YHC to get little fired up.  I split the group in half, we ran the opposite direction and did 5 burpees OYO and 10 when we ran back. Let’s try this again, shall we?


  • One Pax calls out an exercise and runs while the Pax do it.  I started and called out burpees, I was still a little pissed fired up..have some more burpees guys, you’re welcome.  Zinfandel thought he would be cute and make the circle smaller thus doing fewer burpees…AUDIBLE – 2 laps instead of one – Sorry Not Sorry Zin, I wanted everyone to suffer work hard. The opening Cpt. Therkin wasn’t enough for some Pax, I think we did 2-3 marry exercises in a row, I’m good with that!! Time was running out and I wanted to get he heart rates back up and the circle of pain doesn’t really do that.


Start at curb down and back – 6 runs total

15 sec break Rinse/Repeat



Welcome High Hat and Hey Wang. I’ve known High Hat for a few years, great guy and an excellent drummer. I hope to see both of you again soon!

Even though I mentioned a few Pax “doing their own thing” for one exercise, they still worked super hard, everyone did! I love seeing the 2.0’s post as well. It’s really funny when the 2.0’s outwork Pax that post constantly. Well done Flash, Hawk-Eye, and Blue Steel!!

Everyone knows that when I’m trying to kill it at a workout that I’m not going to do a ton of talking unless it’s during a mosey. If Pax want to talk to each other or slack, Feel Free. Personally, I don’t get up at 4:45 to half-ass slack during posts. But like Goodfella said, guys, post for different reasons and I’m good with that…Just know I’m here to work! I love you yall and wouldn’t be where I am without you, but I will call you out. 😉 You need anything just ask, I have all your backs!! Thanks to everyone that kept me straight on my counting…


3 on 3 Basketball Tournament at Bottle Caps crib – $5 entry per person 4:00 on Saturday – Reach out to Bottle Cap for questions/details

An additional AO is possibly forming in the Marvin area. No location or day of the week has been picked at this time. Goodfella is coordinating.

YHC is on Q at The Floater, mileage is the goal.

Change Up!!

I thought I would be helpful and drop something on the Playhouse about the upcoming Q at the worst site this side of HWY 74, The Floater. Little did I know it would turn into my 1782 Q. Recalculating tweaked his back a bit and graciously past the baton to YHC. Without hesitation I accepted! I love this AO!

I pulled up the last four Weinkes that I used at #87 and they were all very similar so it was time for a change up! Fuse said I did suicides at my Commitment Q but I didn’t see it…I think he is ConFUSED. 😉

Arriving at #87 I see Kid Rocks truck and someone said they saw Damascus?? 5:29.59….Let Mosey, no sign of the two lone Pax.

Di Cell Cpr Safety

  1. Mosey to Pizza Hut – CIRCLE UP!!

First Exercise, Banjo under his breath “Side Straddle Hop”, AUDIBLE… Merkins!

  1. Warmup
    • 50 SSH
    • 5 Reg Merkins
    • 5 Wide Merkins
    • 5 Dimond Merkins
    • AUDIBLE- One more round!!
    • 5Reg Merkins
    • 5 Wide Merkins
    • 5 Dimond Merkins
    • 6” Plank
    • 20 SSH
    • 10 Low Slow Squat
    • 10IW
    • Toe Touch-Recalculate backstretch

The Thang:


1 Squat/4 DW 10/40

This duck walk was terrible! I didn’t hear a single Pax talking! Did my last BB sink in? Or was the exercise that bad…it was that bad!! I intentionally did this before the suicides to cause more leg burn!! You’re welcome!!

  1. Suicides – Cone to Cone
    • Each Cone down – 1 Merkin
    • Each Cone Back – 5 Squats
    • Round 2 – Add 1 Merkin at each cone/5 squats at start
  2. Partner Up – Lunge/Run
    • P1 starts Lunge
    • P2 runs around building
    • Switch – Rinse & Repeat until end of the lot – Approx 300’
  3. Mosey to circle at Park
    • Every road/driveway/sidewalk crossing – 5 merkins

This turned out to be more than the original 45 Merkins I calculated last night! I guess I should have used street view…I think we did around 65-70 in about 2 mins.

  • Ab Web
    • 1 Big Boy Situp Mix the second set.
      • American Hammers,
      • Freddy Mercury,
      • Flutters, Roselita,
      • No hands Flutter

On the start of this Rudy walked off…walked back and then just disappeared! He was trying to walk it out to keep it in but with no luck! We finished up and still no Rudy, we thought he was in the restroom nearby… Lets Mosey!

As we approached the AO parking lot on our way to KJH I yelled to the 6, “Do you see Rudy?”, Rudy said hear I am as he popped out of a Porta Jon up ahead..haha.

We had 5 mins to go and the 6 started stretching out. AUDIBLE!! Wait…What is that in the distance?? A pink shirt coming at us up KJH…It was Damascus! The lonely warrior had been running around Waxhaw (5+ Miles) in search of his band of brothers. HERE WE ARE!

5 Burpees OYO at the top of KJH. Head back grab some wall…Wait, we have another Pax in our presence…Kid Rock! Apparently, Damascus and Kid Rock did a prerun together and stop by Bojangles to do some paperwork and couldn’t make back the AO before the 5:30 launch!

2 minutes of Donkey Kickoffs – No merkins. We made it from 10 to 5 and recovered! Mosey back for COT!


The Skin:

Welcome FNG Creeper! Damascus EHed him and Damascus was now where to be found all morning. Creeper standing roughly 6’6″-6′-7″ did well and held his own for his first post. He and I share a commonality, we hate talking during workouts…My man! Nice work!! Please post again and maybe this time Damascus will join you…HA

All Pax pushed hard with little chatter. The only feedback I received was regarding the Merkins on the way to the park. My count of 45ish was way off and Banjo let me know!!


Mad Dog is orchestrating something to help Radars family. Food drop off or other help during the time of morning of his father passing. Lets discuss on GM.

Pre Murph

So I’ve Qed Commitment the last 3 out of 5 weekends. This AO is good but hands down my favorite site is ranked 87th of all AO’s. My goal for all these Q’s was to prepare us for the upcoming Murph challenge on the 27th. I am now broke from paying Rubbermaid to bump Q’s in order to get on the books as much as possible! Mad Dog sealed my fate today in COT as he assigned Q’s until the end of time in hopes he would never have to do another pull-up or Cpt. Therkin. Well played!!

Zinfandel had a great idea when he mentioned we should complete “Cindy” at Commitment this weekend. I already had pull-ups on the weinke and thought his idea was great..AUDIBLE!


Di Cell Cpr Safety

  • Mosey to Cul-da-sac – Circle up
    • 5 SSH
    • 5 Merkins
    • 5 IW
    • 5 Low Slow S
    • Leg Stretch
  • 1 MILE RUN
  • CINDY – AMRAP – 20 Mins
    • 5 Pullups
    • 10 Pushups
    • 15 Squats
    • 1 STR8 ARM SU / 4 Protractor 5/45
      • 2 Merkin
    • 10 Kicks/10 Hold/1 Merkin 9/10/2
  • Lt. DAN – but shorter
  • 1 Squat/4 Jump Lunges – We made it to about 7 and skipped to 10/40
  • 10 Merkins OYO
  • Jailbreak to COT


The Moleskine: #soapboxversion #sorrynotsorry

Welcome Vegas and Brutus to the group! Both did fantastic for their first post. Looks like Lawson may have to step up the recruiting game!!

The typical Moleskine consists of “everyone pushed hard” and all that fluff. I will say a lot of people worked hard..they did. But a few Pax (no names mentioned) would not shut up! Look, if you want to post and talk non-stop you can meet us at McDonald’s or Duncan Doughnuts around 7:30…otherwise stop all the mumble chatter and bust your ass. DO NOT try to carry on a conversation with me while I’m trying to take my body through a terrible workout and need all the mental focus I can muster up to make that happen. Don’t do it! You want to chat during a mosey I’m all for that…you just have to keep up.

I know people post for different reasons…I get that. If you can’t do the reps and have to modify no judgment here at all…DO YOU! But standing around trying to interact during an AO when others are literally killing themselves isn’t what you need to be doing…just sayin’. We have a place for that…see above.

Let me also add, I’m by far not the strongest or the fastest Pax…not even close but I give it my all! I know when its time to talk and a time to work. If you have a fellow Pax and you know he will stand around and talk with you during an AO I encourage you to find him and embrace…possibly join FIA…Don’t come to me…I will not embrace.

To all the Pax that didn’t stand around and chat…WELL DONE!! To all the Pax that attempted the pullups, the whole 20 mins and didn’t chat the entire time…WELL DONE!! A few of us almost got the full 20 rounds!! Damascus well done wearing the vest and getting 20 rounds…the real Murph should be a cake walk!!

I recorded the entire 20 mins mainly to see myself and how I did. Has zero to do with anyone else. If you would like to see how you did and not use the video as ammo to degrade anyone else I will send you the link. Let me know. As always, thanks for letting me lead all of you today! I love all you guys…some of you just need to zip it up a bit… 🙂


Chastain needs site Q’s at Outland – The AO is a good one and ranked higher than #87

The real Murph is one week from Monday – Bring your A game… @ 6:30 Nesbit Park…Coffeteria to follow.

I’ll see you all at Flash Monday… Im on Q…SHOCKER!!!

Anyone that knows me in F3 knows I love to Q!! If I could Q everyday without having to write a back blast and could handle it physically I would do it. When Chastain, site Q of Outland, sent out a request for Q’s I had to seize the day! I Qed that AO two weeks in a row last year and brought a decent beatdown. Now almost 40lbs lighter and in probably the best shape of my life I was determined to bring much more than last time and I think I succeeded.

A total of 9 Pax including myself posted, 5 of which were Pax from The Swarm…Can we get this name in place and finalized already???


Di Cell Cpr Safety

  1. Mosey to Elem. School PG – Circle up
    • 5 SSH
    • 5 Merkins
    • 5 IW
    • Leg Stretch
    • 10 Merkins – 1 Pullups
    • 1 STR8 ARM SU / /4 No Hand Flutter
      • 1 Merkin
  5. FOUR CORNERS x4Increase reps x5
    • Hip Slap
    • Merkin
    • WWII
    • Dry Dock
  6. Lt. DANGER w/ Burpee
    • 1  squat/ 4 Monkey Humpers/ 1 burpee
  7. HANGS/LBC x 4
    • 25 LBC/Hang
  8. Knee ups/Merkins
    • 10 Knee ups – 10 Merkins x 4
  9. 7’S – Start at Bottom
    • 5 Merkins Top & Bottom
    • OR Burpees to finish


  • 6 burpees at bottom and 1 Dry Dock at top – AUDIBLE!!

4 mins left and we would never finish so we ran back to COT and most of us did 10 or more burpees OYO.


The Moleskine:

Solid work today guys! The moseys were over 1/2 mile and killed my time so I was unable to get in all of my planned pain. Four corners killed most everyone but they made it.

Wolverine must have felt sorry for me because he stayed at the front with me the entire morning but we all know he could have easily pulled away!!

Outland is a great AO! Tons of room to run, playground for pull-ups (I love some pull-ups) and starts a bit later if you need some extra beauty sleep! I would encourage pax to sign up a Q this site.


Murph is May 27th at Nesbit Park

Chastain is looking for Q’s at Outland…

Probably more but I didnt record!!

Treat your Moms like Queens today (5/12/2019)…and everyday!!