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Frozen Bear

24 Pax joined me for a very cold Dromedary workout.  The night before I had my Wenike all worked out  Goodfella made me second guess myself when he mentioned using rocks…nope, I hate rocks!

The Thang:

15 secs til 5:30 disclaimer was given… Lets mosey! 

Fast .45mile mosey, according to Transporter a 8 min pace.  My goal today was to push the six while making the lead guys work hard. Stop plank for the six

Circle up:

  • 5o SSH IC 
  • Leg stretch – Left/right Right over left/flap jack

Lets mosey – Stop at round about for six. 

Ten body builders OYO (half the pax yells Teeyan) nope 15… Burpee with plank jack at the top of the push up

Pretty sure only a few pax actually did 15…The pace was fast

Let mosey back around the front of the school – Total opening loop approx. 1 mile.

Run 1,2,3 – Partner up – 100 merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Squats

P1 – Run Approx 200 yards (down/back) P2 – Works / flap – Everyone continue until six is in. 

One star and Soft Pretzel decided to stop for Mary… I yelled at them to continue. Sorry guys I was pumped up, forgive me.

Bear Crawl Ladder – 100 yrds – Let the crying begin. 

Two groups – plank head to toe. Pax at back weaves in/out other pax until to the front.  This was no fun.  Many pax folded and didnt make it to the end. Johnny Utah specifically said, “This looked better on paper”.  Nah, it was good, just hard.  Completed bear crawl.

Mosey to parking lot – Circle up (It was a huge circle)

  • Circle burp – Increase by 1 Merkin each time

Easy Button was beside me in the giant circle, we both were dragging and I told him I was calling it at the famous Deadwood Ten.  He thanked me and we recovered. 

Stayed circled up: Circle of Pain (Named by me)

Each pax ran around the circle while calling out an exercise. The other Pax did the exercise.  This took a while due to the enormous circle and 25 Pax.

30 secs to go I called recover. All Pax line up and AYG to the COT.  Of course I ran to the wrong area but finally managed to beat Goodfella in something, but he does have 10 years on me.  

The Moleskin:

Thanks Goodfella for giving me the opportunity to lead this group of guys.  You all worked hard and hopefully pushed yourself harder this time than you did at your last post. Until next time…


Legacy Sports – Christian sports ministry – Looking to grow, check out – Scott Tyson. See Goodfella and Rockwell for additional details

Continue prayers for Huggie Bear as he is in recovery

New Dromedary Co-Site Q – Dana

The Exicon

17 Pax joined me for a pretty good beatdown. Usually when I Q we run a lot but today I wanted to change it up. We only hit 1.8 miles, a new low for me.  I went to the Exicon and pulled out a few new items that I knew would be challenging to myself and the other Pax.  Would be cool if each Q would introduce one new exercise during the workout, I plan to each time I Q.

I arrived around 5:05 to scope out the distances of various parking lots and the Target lot from the front towards Pet Smart was just right.

Dana was already at the AO when I arrived but I wasn’t sure if he was catching up on GroupMe or just excited about the bear crawls, burpees and merkins to come. Pretty sure it was GM.

All the pax rolled in at 5:25 like they were qualifying for NASCAR, I almost thought they boycotted my Q – they probably wished they did! One Star and his clown car posse rolled in as we were making our first mosey. I knew things were going to get hard so I didn’t make them catch us, we turned and ran to them… you’re welcome. Let’s do this!


Short slow mosey to target parking lot.  I wanted to conserve energy for I knew what was coming.  Zin would be proud, I actually planned my Weinke today!!

  • 50 SSH IC – Doughboy came out of the gate doing two SSH to my one… I warned him to pace himself.
  • Runners lunge – Flapjack

The Thang:

  • 10 Bodybuilders OYO – Look it up in the Exicon
  • Run 1,2,3 – Originally Bear 1,2,3 – 100 Merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Squats
    • P1 runs across the lot to the front of Target and Back
    • P2 does exercise. Plank when done.

Jingles, Posse and Knish showed some speed today as they raced me a few times, nice work!

  • ATM’S – This is a good time to look at the Exicon
    • 50
    • 20
    • 10
  • Bear Crawl Snake – Ill give you this one.

Split into two groups. Planked up head to toe in a straight line with about a 4′ gap between each Pax.

Similar to an Indian Run, the last Pax did a weaving bear crawl in and out of the Pax to the front of the line. Continue until last Pax completes.  Rinse/Repeat in the other direction. We used about 1/3 of the parking lot, enough to get a good burn.

  • Black Jack – I called an audible on this, it burned a lot of time.
    • 1 merkin – Run across the lot, 20 LBC run back.  2 Merkins then 19 LBC keep increasing Merkin and decreasing LBC.  When I called recover I was at 10 LBC.  Shout out to Bottle Cap, he killed this exercise, nice work.
  • Circle Burp –
    • All Pax circled up – BIG Circle –
    • Pax chopped feet/ran in place.  One by one each Pax would say “Down” and all would do a burpee.  All the way around the circle…

Thanks, Doughboy for double Down!  I didn’t need that extra burpee.

  • Circle of Pain – I made that up
    • Each Pax called out an exercise and ran around the circle.  The Pax did the exercise until the runner was back.  All the way around.

This is a great exercise with a large group. With 18 Pax it took us 15 mins to complete the Circle Burp and the Circle of Pain…Not bad!

40 secs to go, AYG back to COT!  We didn’t really have much left in the tank but Dana decided he would turn it up so we were in almost a dead sprint back.  Nice work Dana, time for you to Q again.


The Moleskine:

Planning this workout last night I knew it would be tough.  Thanks a ton for the hard work today and zero complaints. I did get reprimanded by Cylent Dinners Don for high jacking the Circle Burp… I was beaten and the Bobby Hurly lover decided to pause on the Down and make us run in place, in my mind too long!!! I think the burpees were making him a bit foggy.  Nice work Recalculating!

Side Note:  We need to make a name tag for Krusty, he never remembers his name.


Clyent Dinner – Waxhaw Food Lion parking lot Thursday night 6:30-7:15 followed by Happy Hour. BC will be Qing in 2 weeks – Bring a headlamp

Prayers for Hooch and his family as his son undergoes surgury today.

EFFEES (Spell check that) Friday night Briarcrest Club House 8:00.






You’re not serious, right?

18 Pax joined me for my first Flash Q and seemed to go pretty well.  Its all fun and games until burpees come out.


Log slow mosey around the front of the school to the parking lot.  Plank for 6. – Circle up


15 MC IC

15 PP IC

Leg stretch, left, right

Runners Lunge, Left, Right


The Thang:


Note: I learned about this terrible idea from a fellow Pax… no name mentioned.  When I told him that it was about to happen he said,” Are you serious?”  – Yep!


10 Minutes of Burpees

  • 10X10 – 10 Burpees a minute for 10 Minutes – Yeah…ZERO mumble chatter

High Knees/Butt Kicks

  • Butt Kicks across the parking lot – Goodfella ” we just did burpees” – No Q jacking!
  • High Knees back parking lot – Plank for 6

Fours Corners x 2 – Running out of time

  • 1st corner 20 squats
  • 2nd 10 merkins
  • 3rd 30 squats
  • 4th 20 merkins – Pick up 6 – Plank until in.

Fast Mosey to Transporter Shed – Plank for 6

Air Punch

Every other light along the concrete trail back to AO – 50 air punches while holding a squat

And Done!


The Moleskine:

All Pax worked super hard today! Big shout out to any who posted and is not a “runner”, our workout was hard and you made it!  Although you only ran 2.5 miles, the 100 burpees made up for it. I mean the Ignition guys only did 105!! Big shout out to Wedding Singer and Posse, they were completely exhausted but managed to hang with the burpees circle.  I think Posse did all 100, nice work.  Welcome Airdrop!  It’s nice to have another (the only other) local boy posting!  Thanks for allowing me to lead!  I will see you all at Watchtower tomorrow… I’m on Q again!


See Ignition BB for announcements.


No more super man!

5 pax joined me for my first Ignition Q which turned out to be pretty good except for one casualty. Knowing that only the elite choose Ignition, I was a bit intimidated to lead the Pax but the Q juice helped me through it and the fact that Bottle Cap finally slowed down.  To quote the Ignition man himself, Hollywood, “We are so badass we don’t need a back blast” – well here you go anyway.


Pretty long Mosey around the school – Circle up

  • 20 IW IC
  • 10 Merkins CC my down
  • Potato Pickers – Turned into lunges and leg stretches.

Lets Mosey:

The Thang:

Head out towards the stop light at the top of Money Ball hill.  Hooked a right up the grassy/half dirt/filled with ruts and rocks hill.  Slowed for all pax and lit the way with my trusty headlamp.  Money Ball’s body language led me to believe he was not happy with the detour up the hill but once he saw the light he was good to go.

We crossed Cuthberson Rd and headed down the dark Waynewood Dr.

Every other house:

  • 5 Merkins
  • 10 speed skaters

My directions were cloudy, Bottle Cap wanted extra credit and did both exercises at the first house.  Nope, one at each house…alternate. I wanted to clock miles. Once he was clear on the directions we were off to the races! BC led the way all morning.

All pax pushed and at the intersection we caught BC. – Turn around and mosey back to the first house.

Every other house – All the way to the end of Waynewood Dr.

  • 10 Merkins
  • 20-speed skaters

Triple Nickel:

  • 40 squat jabs at bottom
  • 5 burpees at the top

On the third round, someone said is this it, oh yeah we are done.  BC, “I thought we were doing a nickel”… sorry, 2 more guys!! Thanks, BC, a real pal.  Finished the nickel

During the TN, Chunder injured his knee but being the young man that he is thought it would be wise to run it off.  Here he comes up the hill half skipping…we all told him almost in unison to stop and Marry or head back.  He took our advice and did some Marry and Merkins as he walked in an attempt to keep up…the dude is a worker!

We started Paula Abduls to stick with Chunder. We continued the 5 burpee/40 jabs back and forth, light pole to light pole.  Finally, MB made a great observation, “Hey Chunder, we are about 2 miles away, you might want to just head straight back”.  He did. We continued to the stop light at Cuthberson Rd.

I was gassed and asked BC to call the next exercise.  SUPERMANS! Following along like good Pax, we all were face down flailing around IC.  Chunder limped in and we moseyed to the last intersection where we would make a left and arrive at the stop light.

With Chunder gaining on us, Halfback called flutters, for no one was going to do the superman’s again until a few potholes were found.  Let’s just say, the road is rough and grinding on the pavement with thin shorts is like polishing a peach with 20 grit sandpaper.

Chunder now ahead of us, we approached the light.  Safely crossing the street we headed slowly back down the eroded mess of a hill.  Now named “Sprained Ankle”

At this point, I reminded Chunder that he had 4 minutes to get back… The energetic pax started running and his injured leg looked as if he had it strapped to a board.  It flew out to the side with each step, it was kinda funny.

As we approached we heard the cry of Posses theme music.  Ignition doesn’t Marry (much), MB – “suicides” We got in two and rolled up the COT.

The pax pushed very hard today, nice work! We cut up a bit but killed it all morning. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead you guys. We clocked 5.65 miles, nice work!


To come in Posses BB – HA




….and 5 more burpees.

15 pax joined me for “modified” workout this morning at commitment. I wanted to limit running as we welcomed back Dancing Bear, who is coming off a calf injury, and was accompanied by his 8yr old 2.0 Gummy Bear.  I have participated in a lot of yoga and thought it would be much easier to keep the workout moving for an hour but it was super hard. Moving forward count on the normal Deadwood Q, stretch on your own time!


The disclaimer was given…I think twice.

Slow Mosey to elementary school – Circle up (Little did they know we would be here nearly the entire time)

  • 25 SSH IC
  • 20 or 25 MC IC

The Thang:

15 min Deadwood version of a Vinyasa Flow: All the typical Downwards dog, plank, right arm high, warrior 1 & 2, left arm high…. etc etc

The first 15 mins all the pax were ready to revolt and leave the AO. Recalculate (R) was concerned of the low heart rate his crapple was registering.  I had to reel this in and fast, a Q jacking was about to take place.  (Audible)

Mosey playground and partner up.  Half the group runs a lap around the parking lot. The other half start pull-ups.

  • Partner assisted pull-ups – 10 reps each – flapjack

As I was running the first lap I thought…You know what, I’m going to finish this yoga regardless of massive mumble chatter.  I have something that will silence that.

After both groups finished one round we moseyed back to the upper lot to continue the yoga.

The chatting and comments continued momentarily…until “5 burpees OYO” then right back into high plank once completed.  The Deadwood version of yoga continued.  The poses were held much longer and the “5 burpee OYO” called more often.  Quickly the talking ended and the fear of mutiny went away momentarily.

The massive amounts of blood to my brain caused me to forget that this was Saturday this workout was an hr long.  With about 15 mins to go, we started a slow mosey back to COT. Doughboy said are we stopping early? Huh?? NO!!… He suggested Lt. Dans and I agreed.

Circle up around cul-de-sac for Lt Dan. 1 squat/4 back lunges progress up. – Yeah no fun

Mosey back for COT

Great work by all Pax today, thanks for sticking it out and allowing me to lead you guys!  You will never admit it, but you are sore today!  A big shout out to our 8yr old 2.0, Gummy Bear! I think he holds the WUC record as the youngest Pax.


Please continue to gather soap/shampoo for the Shampoo Crew – See Dancing Bear for Details

Briarcrest 5K for swim team fundraiser – More details to come

Spartan Race – Asheville July 27th – 2019





Beers on me!

3 pax joined yours truly for simple little mosey  tonight.  On arrival, Rubbermaid wanted to run a 5K and then pound some beers…no Q jacking today!

The Thang:

  • Half mile mosey
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 IW IC
  • Potato Pickers – stretch those legs guys!

Mosey to playground:

  • 50 WWII sit-ups
  • 100 dips
  •  100 squats

P1 runs P2 did  the work, flap jack. Mary for 6

10 burpees OYO

Run back to Foodlion (.5) around the back, down 16 to #keithjonghill’s brother (need to name it) and hit a triple nickel.. burpees at the bottom (I lied, we did burpees) LSS at top

50 merkins OYO – 25 and run up hill and back until complete

Inside Gazebo: 50 dips, 50 step ups…

Mosesy back to AO

The Moleskin:

Great work tonight guys! We put in some miles and had some fun.  So I take us out …we are approaching Queens South… all Pax IC, except me… “I forgot my wallet”.  Glad I could buy you guys a beer and give you half my food!



OCR Bone Frog – Got Mud?

6 pax (7 in spirit) came together and crushed the Bone Frog!  The morning started out great for Deadwood as he gained a near concussion stepping into Blue Screens car, the short compact jeep suits the pint sized beast but not taller pax. We took two wrong turns, heard some banjo music but finally made it to the race.


No warmup just some lite stretches.  We did see racers doing burpees and thought they were warming up but we were wrong…we would soon knock out 31 burpees of our own.

The Thang:

OCR with tons of mud, cold creeks, tons of muds, free beer and great fellowship.

Quotes from the Pax:

Blue Screen:

“I tried to view this Bone Frog  race in the life of my two testicles today. First they get packed by pressure into tight spandex pants that Made them look like a baby bird and two nest eggs that was run over by a steamroller. Thank goodness for outside shorts. And if it’s not bad enough running around in cold temperature with spandex? They are then involuntarily plunged into 18° rushing frigid stream water and quick frozen like two jolly Green Giant green peas. In fact at this point in the process…they’ve probably shriveled up to about that same size. 😳

But then they go through the experience of being a beaten wife in an abusive relationship. Every crossing of the wall that’s climbed results in them getting squished like pancakes when the body propels itself from one side of the top of the walk to the other. I had to readjust them at one point today and it felt like I had two flat US currency silver quarters in my sack.

They made it through though. Not sure if they’ll work after this trauma for their original intent. Sadly get only 2-3 chances a year to see if they can work for the pleasure which they were intended for as part of married life – personal pocket pool.

Also, I think I figured out why I felt nauseous the second half of the race. First I thought it was Dana’s farts because I was behind him. But I realize that when we tried to get over those tires at the start of the race I did some bruising or damage to my abdominal section the three times I tried it. and I think it caught up to me at the end of the race. Danas farts actually smelled good towards the end of the race – better smelling than the cow crap/mud mixture all over my clothes.”

Blue Screen hung (figuratively) with all the young pax and scored 1st in his age group. His description of crossing the obstacles, especially the walls, was spot on.  Oh, and after the race the Respect drops us off and goes to the gym…really?


”“If you weren’t at The Bonefrog Run this morning you missed out!! From running in the mud to creeks, jumping over walls, swinging monkey bars, and climbing up ropes in rather chilly temperatures totaling a whopping 6+ miles for a casual Saturday workout. Next year, be there or be square!!”

He set the pace all day, nice job!


”I ran a race, I got muddy…I finished. The End.” Buzz kill this guy.


“Once Deadwood convinced me into upping from the Sprint 3k to the Challenge 10k it was time to head to the start. (Yes, I convinced him today) We all stood there watching 10 or so runners completing burpees. We all thought hey they are warming up. Then the race started and so did the slip-n-slide in the mud. While trying to stay out of the mud and crossing a stream we came to the first obstacle. I’m thinking to myself ok a bunch of tires on a pole how hard can this be? Looks can be decieving. After we all conquered that one we ran over a stream and up a hill to a fantastic place where we were given the ability to do 18 dips, 31 burpees, and 7 pull ups. We then ran down some more obstacles ran did some more obstacles. Then we got to the stream. No way around it we had to wade through knee high water for about 100 yards. But hey our shoes were clean. By this point we were about 1.5 miles in. One of the vertical walls to climb over the first or second one some ways down the course I think my balls were pinched off. Then ran some more, did some more obstacles. All obstocales were attempted and most were conquered.

Then we got to the last obstacle 4.75 miles later. Never ending monkey bars hanging about 20’ in the air with a net under. Banjo started, got most of the way across and went down. I started,  got a ways across and went down. After rolling around on the net I made my way to the other end and proceeded down then a jog to the finish line. Banjo looked at me as my back was in full spasm and said i heard a crack when you hit the net. Yep that was my lower back saying what did you get me into.

All in all ot was a great time. I learned some things about myself and the other Pax in the process. I am glad DW and Banjo pushed me to sign up. At that time I could not run a 1/2 mile more or less 6, glad I did it with this group of guys. We started together and finished together. 

This was a great time and we will get more Pax for Bonefrog October 19, 2019, yep my birthday


”My balls got pinched on obstacles 15-28. They hurt really bad until I fell in the creek around mile 4, then they went numb. The beer afterwards helped with the pain but next year a jock strap will be utilized.“


“I had a blast but the rain the day before made the entire course a slippery mess that was nearly impossible to run. Some of the walls were 8’ high and we managed to scale them. Blue Screen, being slightly vertically challenged, required a boost on some of the obstacles. On one wall we gave him an assist that nearly killed him.  Either myself and Sleeperhold or Banjo boosted him up at the same time and basically tossed him over the wall…luckily he caught the wall and landed.  Close call!

The Pax really pushes today.

Dana, thinking he could barely handle the 3miler, crushed the 6.5 miler and almost all the obstacles.

Banjo took a nice knock on the kneee and finished the race bloody.

Blue Screen was a beast but the tall obstacles gave him some trouble.

Halfback breezed through the race and led most of the day… Mad Dog, you have a good son in law, he’s a solid dude!

Sleephold scolded me a few times for not circling back on obstacles to help pax over. Those incidents happened only because the breath was taken from my body thanks to the walls crushing my balls. All other obstacles I made sure to assist.

Thanks for going guys, it was a fun day!



Hills, Hills, Beautiful Hills!

DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

15 Pax joined me at The Floater for a journey around Waxhaw that would mainly lead uphill.  I promised a solid workout and I think all Pax would agree that it tested their endurance.  Other than Zin hating the Merkins, there was zero complaining which was refreshing and partly because no one could breathe!


Run around block back to start and circle up – Foley came in hot at 5:30 but we started our Mosey without him but I changed Weinke to pick him up.

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Merkins CC
  • Calf stretch – Flap Jack
  • 20 Potato Pickers

The Thang:

DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

Mosey to the bottom KeithJongHill.

  • 10 squats at the bottom and 5 merkins at the top x 2
  • Al Gore waiting on 6  – The road was muddy, no Mary.

I pulled a fast one on the Pax.

Mosey back up KeithJongHill – Pax almost in unison…We just went that way!

Stop at the second stop sign. Mary until 6 was in.  Chainsaw, give me a 10 count.  10…………….9……………8………………………………..7…………………………….6…… Lets Mosey!

Mosey toward train tracks.  At the tracks, we all were almost taken out by a semi that just so happened to be making a Long Island Left directly at us (Pulling out my inner Yankee). Safely across the street we ran to the bottom of the hill and stopped…Zinfandel said, “Let me guess…Merkins”. How right you are! This guy is in a challenge and needs to get some numbers. 10 Merkins OYO.

Lets Mosey! We start our journey to Bad Idea.  On the way, we stopped a few times to knock out some Merkins and wait on the 6.  At the church near Bad Idea, we grabbed some wall to catch our breath.

  • Right leg up
  • Left leg up
  • Hands up


DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

The Triple Triple (the nickel wasn’t happening although it felt worse than any triple nickel I’ve ever completed!)

First stop sign 5 Merkins – your welcome Zinfandel

Second stop sign at the top of what seemed to be a mountain… 5 merkins. Repeat x 3.  Pick up the 6.

Mosey back down Bad Idea to the stop sign.  Zinfandel, “If I have to do one more Merkin”… Audible.  10 Burpees OYO. Your welcome.

Start the journey back. Stop along the way for Speed Skaters (20 per leg).

Stop at the stop sign across from the wooden bridge.  I throw the headlamp in strobe mode and a few of us grabbed orange flags.  Cross the bridge and grab some curb..6 mins ish to go.

  • One leg lunges – 20 each leg.

Mosey across 16 back towards AO.

Grab a bench

  • 100 dips OYO – pretty sure Zinfandel said “you suck” or something to nature…I love it! HA

Mosey around the block towards AO…I was quickly reminded by Zinfandel we had 1.5 mins left.  Thanks buddy, I got this.  All you got back to AO… 30secs to spare.

The Moleskin:

DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

ALL PAX KILLED IT TODAY and didn’t get scared off knowing there would be some running involved..nice work guys!

The morning started out with Shake and Bake ending his pre-run with glass embedded in his foot.  We hope for a quick recovery

Deflated, Moneyball, and Easy Button, set the pace while  Recalculating, and Rockwell were hot on our heels.  Heading to Bad Idea I took a wrong turn and all Pax that attended Chiseled the previous day said…here we go again.  Sorry guys, even with a bright headlamp, I still am a one-eyed guy. Money Ball guided us to the fun that was about the transpire. Everyone that posted today should thank me for the solid cardio, chest, leg and tricep workout…hold the applause.

Some Clydesdales, if you will, are gaining on Gazelles.  It is great to see how hard all you guys are working…keep it up!  Thanks for letting me Q, tomorrow should be even more fun!!

Thanks, Moneyball for taking us out.


DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.


Bone Frog Saturday

Turkey Christmas Weight loss challenge: Each post is 1 pt – see Zinfandel at AO’s to weigh-in

December 7th Briarcrest drawbridge will be lowered. 3FF33 awards – be there if you dare!

Christmas party Nov 30 – $25 per head – Banjo may burn a couch




ILL Prepared

20 men joined me at Chiseled for what started out as a hot mess and some may say ended as a hot mess.  I spent the night before working on my Weinke as well as a planning a playlist to get the party started, they both fell short.  I overslept, forgot my Weinke and the CrossFit soundtrack that was playing on my speaker almost caused Old McDonald to destroy the speaker!


Lets Mosey: Jog 25′ and circle up.

  • 50 SSH IC
  • 20 Merkins CC
  • 20 IW’s IC

The Thang:

Things get messy – I made it all up as I went and it was obvious!

  • Mossey to gear storage area and pick up bricks.
  • Run one-half lap around the parking lot while doing air presses with bricks.

Split into 2 groups, groups partner up:

G1 – Partner up

  • P1 – Run half parking lot and back
  • P2 – Start sets
    • 150 Brick Squats
    • 150 Curls
    • 100 Dry Docks
    • Mary until 6 is in

G2 – Tire Flip – Even more of a mess – not prepared for pax numbers

  • One pax flips tire while other Pax do various exercises. Bear Crawl, Merkins, Squats, Planks
  • Groups switch once G1 sets were completed.

Groups Switch

G1 seemed to have a much more organized tire flipping. Mostly because yours truly was not leading the group.

They ran a short distance and back while one pax flipped the tire. G1 and G2 done.

Groups come together and keep the same partner.

P1 – Run to the halfway mark in the parking lot and back.

P2- Plank – All but one Pax planked, he did LBC’s.  Complete 2 rounds. Mary until 6 is in.


P1 – Run to the halfway mark in the parking lot, complete one Burpee (most pax did a burpee) and back.

P2- Hold Al Gore while P1 runs. Mary until 6 is in.

Run bricks back to the storage area.

The Moleskin:

All Pax worked hard today and didn’t ask too many questions, my plans were so jacked up questions didn’t matter.  Wedding Singer is no longer a 6 that’s for sure. He killed it today.

To all Pax I apologize for the lack of preparation and the mass confusion today, I will not disappoint tomorrow at The Floater.

To all Pax that plan to Q Chiseled, plan to spend extra time on your Weinke, this is not an easy site to Q!

Thanks for asking me to Q Banjo, you may be regretting it… Ha. Thank you Old McDonald for taking us out!


Grab shampoo and soap for Dancing bear.

Queen South in Waxhaw is now open for business!

Bottle Cap is collecting men’s dress clothes for Charlotte Men’s Shelter – Bring Friday to Impromptu if possible.

Bible study at Five Stone Wednesday mornings 6:15-7:15, all are welcome and breakfast is included.

Christmas party Nov. 30th – See Union County Slack channel for sign up. $25 per head.

Last but not least…Bone Frog this Sat.







This isn’t Ignition Deadwood!!!

13 pax joined me for a Commitment work out that quickly turned into Ignition!  Planning my Weinke for a few days, I knew I wanted to add in some running but honestly did not expect to clock this many miles and it came to my attention from other Pax that this AO has had a lot of “easy” workouts… Not today.   In Q school they tell you to make the workout challenging for the fittest while still allowing slower Pax to keep up. Furthermore, I’m NOT going to be thrown into the category of Q’s that “go through the motions”. I also had to make sure I honored Fuse’s request earlier in the week to help him shed a few pounds for the final weigh in…

Warm up:

0.75 mile run from the park toward Kensington elementary school to Millbridge Clubhouse.

Circle up!

  • 20 – Potato Pickers (IC)
  • 15 – Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 15- Merkins (civilian on my down -Fuse Q jacked the count = more running)

The Thang:

Remember, I have at least 7 solid Clydesdales in front of me but I wasn’t thinking about that.  I was thinking of how much I could get Fuse to cuss me during and after the workout.  Little did I know Rudy would throw a few 4 letter words my way!! Let’s do this!

Starting at clubhouse mosey toward first traffic circle (0.5m one way).

  • Alternate each house – 5 burpees, 10 squats.  Stop at traffic circle for mary – Pick up 6…or Fuse will yell at you!
  • Run back to the clubhouse – Mary and pick up 6.

From clubhouse run to second traffic circle (0.9m one way).

  • Alternate each house – 5 Merkins, 10 LBC’s. Stop at second circle for Mary – pick up 6
  • Moesy back to the clubhouse – Mary and pick up 6

Mosey from clubhouse down the trail (Jingles lead) that leads to the ball fields and circle up for some last minute Mary.

  • 20 – Heels to Heaven (IC) – 6 is in…

The workout was solid and pushed every single pax to their limit.  Many of the Clydesdales have never hit the number of miles we did today.  I was extremely impressed no one quit or jumped me!  Double Stuffed and Banjo hung with me at the front most of the morning, nice job guys…   Again, there were around 6-8 Clydesdales (I don’t classify you, you classify yourselves) and we ran 5+ miles with pain stations, I am still amazed!!  We were all so exhausted that in COT we didn’t give South Belle respect… Respect Southern Belle!

Rudy and Fusebox were conspiring to kill me the entire time…at least I told myself that.  I picked Fuse up a few times and he was as mad the last time as he was the first.  Many times he said, If I knew we were doing this much cardio I would have went to the Y instead…comments to come on GroupMe I’m sure.

Rudy….my man Rudy, yes he was the 6 most of the morning but he did not stop.  Did he cuss me to my face a few times…yes but I loved it.  He was completely out of his comfort zone and improving the entire time.  He probably would have never imagined he could run 5 miles.  DO you think he or any other Cylesdale would post for Ignition or Pursuit? If they won’t come to Ignition I will bring Ignition to them!!

To Doughboy, Chainsaw, Jingles, Rockwell, Southern belle and the rest of the guys not mentioned…GREAT JOB!

Oh, and many of you made comments about me wearing a headlamp… How many of you hit that enormous puddle and soaked both feet? Not this guy… Knish for sure hit it.

Thanks, guys.



Banjo mentioned a pretty important announcement that I think we all really need to think about. bonefrog nov10.

Unofficial Workout: Thursday 6:30 Food Lion parking lot Waxhaw

F3er’s who can’t get up early, that have fallen off the wagon, or have missed a work out that day.

Shampoo Crew (Fartsackin for day two)

Collect any extra shampoo while traveling for Dancing Bear