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3 brave men joined me this morning for a wet ignition post. The plan was to clock miles and still get in a few exercises and we did that. Props to Zinfandel and Wolverine (2nd post in a row) for coming out in the rain to chase Hollywood around.

DiCCS mentioned

The Thang:

As we departed the school we saw Centerfold rolling in..late but with the weinke strapped on tight there was no turning back.

Mosey to Lawson clubhouse – square up

10 SSH

10 Merkins

10 Plank Jacks

10 IW

Mosey to playgroud – Pullups/merkins

I intended on partner pull-ups but when I got the “Really Deadwood” look from Hollywood and Wolverine I told them to just knock them out. Zin and I partnered but I’m not sure we even needed to. I didn’t really assist him and I’m not sure how much he helped me…

5 pullups, flapjack – 5 merkins – 4 pull-ups, flapjack – 5 merkins – 3 Pull-ups…you get it. Hit the trail behind the playground.

Stop at PEARMAIN/OXFORD – 2 burpees

Left on PEARMAIN to DEERMEADOW – 2 burpees each Intersection

Right on DEER MEADOW to Cul da sac.. Bear Crawl around island.

Hit the trail – take right – When trail splits stay right to cul da sac.

Mosey to CONGAREE – 5 Merkins – TAKE LEFT

At PEARMAIN – 5 jump squats – TAKE A RIGHT

Each Intersection – Alternate 5-M, 5-JS

Right at DEER MEADOW – Bear crawl Cul da sac

Burpee for 6

Hit the trial – at the split take left and right

@ Lawson Dr – Burpee for 6

Take a right to Clubhouse to Playground

REPEAT pull-up/merkin –  5,4,3,2,1 pullups – 5 merkins each set.

5 – LBC Indian Run Back.

Cross Cuthbertson RD– 10 LBC all the way to Transporters shed.

Suicide from transporter shed – 5, 10, 15, 20 jumps squats each light pole down and back.


Wolverine, you are a BEAST! Hollywood had a big lead and I think Wolverine was feeling sorry for myself and Zin so he was hanging back until he had enough. He turned it on and caught right up with Hollywood with no problem. Zin, my man, nice work today! I keep hearing you say your not a runner…not buying it. Hollywood you killed it as usual and I think next time I Q I will ride a bike so I can give you a better workout.

Thanks for letting me lead guys, I enjoyed it. 5.4miles

Damn it Deadwood!!

For some reason when Pax hear “Deadwood is on Q” their hair stands up on the back of theie neck as if they have heard nails on a chalk board…some Pax. I think its mainly because you really never know what your going to get. The only thing that is a constant is the running. Not today…


1 mile slow mosey. Down the gravel trail, past the club house back around to the school parking lot.

I’m not sure when Bottlecapp arrived, I think he came in Jingles hot, but I could hear him talking as we were a little ways down the gravel trail. I kept the pace as slow as humanly possible, without walking, with hopes of suppressing the anger of the pax due to the long warmup run. Then I hear from the Coke man himself, This IS NOT pursuit! Nope, according to Garmin, we only hit about 3.3 miles.

Circle up!


10 Crab Cakes

5 Regular Merkins,

5 Wide Merkins,

5 Wider Merkins,

5 Diamond Merknis,

6″ plank hold

Single leg toe plank, raise knee 2″ and hold – flapjack – Banjo was volunteered to show us all proper form on this move and what 2″ really looks like.

The Thang:

Black Jack that quickly turned into 11’s.
Did someone say AUDIBLE!

10 Pullups – 1 Merkin 9-2, 8-3, ect. –

Partner up. P1 assists P2 with pull-ups – flapjack. Once complete both partners do merkins. The goal here was for all pax to get all the pull-up reps. The partner holding the feet probably got a pretty good bicep work out as well.

To look at those arms on Bottlecap, you would never think the guy could many pull-ups but he killed them!! I had to help some but not much, nice work! We know who actually did the pull-up challenge! I didnt see how the other pax did but from what I could hear they need, myself included, to do more pull-ups. Exercise completed, lets Mosey

Mosey to circle near the baseball fields:

Failure to Launch:

All pax hold Lt. Dan and on jump we all jump and go right back into Lt. Dan. We did this until we couldn’t launch. Lets Mosey! Pretty hard getting the legs moving after failure to launch but I picked up the pace a bit on this mosey.

We took off down the gravel road towards the clubhouse once again. Banjo and myself arrived and married for a few mins…6 is in.

7’s – Splinter Master and LBC

Zinfandel had this awesome idea of adding a bomb jack to the end of the mater splinter… we call it the splinter master. A burpee with a hand release merkin, with shoulder taps, then up for a bomb jack…thats 1.

Start at one side of the parking lot, 1 LBC, bear crawl to the other curb (maybe 40-50′) 6 Splinter Masters, run back. 2 LBC, BC, 5 SM’s….

This was a complete smoker!! I’m pretty sure I didn’t complete all the SM’s. Bottlecap and Tupperware were the top finishers. The jury is still out if Tupperware was doing the entire SM. Zin pulled ahead of me and we were killing it but I think Tupperware lapped us… you tell me??

We all finished and I felt half dead. Lets mosey! We headed towards the covered bridge and stopped at the intersection. Lets get in some running!

Long Suicide:

Headed back to the school there were to side roads along the way and then an intersection that we will call road 3.

Run to 1 road do 1 merkin, run back to intersection do 1 merkin. Run to road 2 do 2 merkins, run back to intersection do 2 merkins, AUDIBLE AUDIBLE… The plan was to run to road 3 do 3 merkins and run back to the starting point.

We were running out time and some of the pax were falling behind on the run, plus I had a few more items on the weinke I had to get to! Hold at road 3 for 6. Marry for a min. 6 is in, let’s mosey! Head back to circle near the baseball field and circle up!

Circle Burp:

YHC yells 1, all pax do a burpee with one merkin. Next pax yells 2, all pax do a burpee with 2 merkins… This continue all the way around to the 15th person. Total 15 burpees and 120 pushups. Im hurting today! Time for one more!

Circle of Pain:

Still circled up, each pax calls out an exercise while they run around the circle. 45 secs to go we recovered and AYG back for name o roma. DONE!

The Moleskin:

I would like to welcome Deliverance to the group! You did very well for your first work out and I hope to see you back out!

On the opening mosey YHC decided to take us off road in hopes of cutting down the run by a few feet as we approached the school. I was just looking out for all the pax, I swear! It slipped my mind that it had been raining a day or two before. There were only a few pax that actually followed the “light” down the hill and the other, wiser, pax stayed on the road and ran around. As I crossed the 1′ ditch I yelled “water” but it was too late. I think Recalculating was the first pax to hit the water about 15′ before he even got to the ditch. DAMN IT DEADWOOD followed by a few other words from him and about 4-5 other pax. Chainsaw lit into me… DAMN IT PHILLIP! You know he’s mad when he calls me by my birth name at a post! LMAO. May I add it was about 26-27 degrees as well!! Coffee is on me!

All the pax killed it today and left everything in the gloom. Its an honor to lead all you men! Until next time….


Casino night at B and C – The Don of Briarcrest didn’t show.

Stayed tuned for more Q Source info…


A fellow Pax decided he wanted to relive his college days and pull an all-nighter to see his man crush JT in concert. Zinfandel He sent me a text wondering if I would switch Q’s with him, I had the following week, of course, I will! With my new and improved weinke armband I started prepping. The entire goal of the co-op switch was to keep it under wraps from certain Briars and Crest Biglots residents who do not seem to show with yours truly is on Q, first surprise. I’m not sure if the cat got out of the bag or the entire neighborhood except Chicken Little (who killed it today) fartsacked do to the the beat down from young Tupperware the day before, the jury is still out. Let’s go!

The Thang:

14 Pax joined me for what be the launch of a few new exercises as well as some eye opening safety issues.

Disclaimer – Longer and more details than normal, this site is a bit dangerous. I mentioned sticking together crossing the street, paying special attention to cars, and always assume they are not going to stop, they fly! Needless to say the worst of the cars seemed to be on Bad Idea. Frankly after this morning, this site deemed more dangerous than Watchtower.

Lets Mosey:

We had two Fng’s (Trojan and Show Girl) and the traffic seemed to be at an all-time high so I took the mosey a little slower so we could stick together. We ran by Dream Chaser’s across the bridge to wait for six. We crossed the road and headed towards the basketball court, Recalculating’s eye would have lite up. I took a quick glance at Bad Idea on the way, I will see you in a few… Little did I know we would be dodging cars the entire time!



10 Crab Cakes IC- Get into the crab walk position and kick right leg out/up and left arm up at the same time, flap jack. Rubbermaid may have taken a spill on this one, the guy has no balance.

Merkins IC – 5 regular, 5 wide, 5 wider, 5 close, 6″ HOLD IT.

The fire hydrant – This burned bad. In a tabletop position, extend one leg straight back, raise the opposing knee about 3-4″ so that all the pressure is on the toes. Hold it. Flapjack

Failure to Launch- Hold Algore until I say jump, then right back into Algore. Rinse and repeat until jumping is impossible. BURN!!

BBall Court Suicide – 4x’s

Duck walk to half court, run back. Run to the other end and do two Merkin Wipes. A regular Merkin but while you’re down move your head and touch your nose to each hand.


1 Smurf Jack run to other side of court – 10 Alternating merkins (regular or wide or close) then 2/9, 3/8 etc

Bad Idea

Start at the intersection at the bottom, two Mexican jumping Bean at the top. These turned into jump squats.

One burpee at the bottom and increase by one burpee each time down.

Dana held strong with me, BC and Easy Button 2x’s up and down Bad Idea. Then he noticed a few lagging behind. He did a great job picking them up. We all arrived back at the AO at 5:16.26, not too bad.

Run hill 3x’s

Grab some wall for the six – This was my least favorite part of the morning.

Bottecap brushed off his exercise manual and pulled one out I haven’t done before. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes! Hated it, it burned…but it was great! Nice BC, we need more variation!

Six is in, time to head back, we had about 8-9 mins and were about 1/2 mile out. Will we make it back on time? On the run back, on my down do a burpee. We did about 4-5 of those and I checked the time…3.5 mins and we were still pretty far out. Straight mosey back.

I hear Doughboy on my heels (nice push), “Ummm Deadwood, we have like 2 mins.” Yes, I know sir. Run faster. Easy Button and myself arrived back near the bridge. The six was a good ways back, looked like a train coming!

We all crossed the street together and hustled across the next street… This is when the sandbaggers came out!! The main one I believe, was the only representative from B and C.

To all the sandbaggers that posted today and the ones that fartsacked, why not work harder during the entire workout? Going through the motions or modifying at will and then blowing everyone out in a sprint?? Getting up at 4:30 – 4;45 each morning should make you want to kill yourself when you post (not literally). #donewithsoapbox

We all arrived back at the AO at 5:16.26, not too bad. We hit just over 3 miles.


The Moleskine:

Welcome Trojan and Show Girl, we are glad to have you. From what I saw you both pushed hard today and never stopped, you may have been faster then some of our pax that post regularly.

I would go through and call you all out by name but no need, you all crushed it today. Zero complaints, not much chatter that I heard and everyone gave it 110% which is very refreshing to see.

After my last Q my goal was to introduce different exercises. I skimmed through all 27 pages of the Exicon and pulled a few pretty good ones. And as I type this, I am feeling the soreness set in!

With new exercises and crazy names comes a lot of demo’s. I felt like I had to “sale” each move to the pax. I chose exercises that were pretty easy to demo and explain.

We were completely safe from cars all morning then my weinke called for Bad Idea, for the new guys, Bad Idea is that long big A@# hill we ran up and down. We headed to the hill with about 20 mins to go. As usual, the pax were scattered along the route like ants and the cars just kept coming. Not too safe. In the future, it would be best to hit it first to minmize the risk of an accident.

The floater should require 100% usage of safety vests, lights are good but vest are much more effectrive. Today a few had them on and I could see them better than any of the guys coming at me with headlamps. Look for the Site Q’s to send out more info regarding this.

Announcements: Clyent Dinner @ 5:30 today – Cuthbertson Middle – Hollywood on Q.

The Gremlin race will be January 26th at UNCC. See slack or contact me.

The results are in…

…and I know what im doing now!!

We had a diverse (Respects, injured, sick, slow, medium, fast) crowd of 12 devoted and hard-working soldiers that joined me for a wet and rainy post.

It turned out to be a decent morning, the rain was super light and the pax pushed harder than I expected considering the weinke that I had prepared.

I think a few pax thought I was bluffing when I said we would be in the rain for we all parked and met at the front of the school under the covered area. 5:29 – Disclaimer given. 5:29.50″ a car comes creeping in slowly and we all kow its not Jingles. 5:30 the car is still deciding on a parking spot, we mosey.

First audible of the day called as I forgot my gloves and circled back. This gave the two tardy pax a chance to catch up.

The Thang:

Slow Mosey to stadium  – A few pax were trailing pretty far and BC circled back for them, thanks BC.

Circle up:


15 Merkin – (Eye Contact) – Used an idea from another Pax (rymes with bunny crawl) thinking this would get the pax to push themselves on the merkins and get them to use good form. No police present today so this was the next best thing without verbally calling them out. No one likes to be called out publicly especially if the caller has bad form.

The EC Merkins started out ok but two merkins in a lot of heads dropped. After seeing my shirtless selfie I think the pax felt awkward staring down their opposing neighbor. Maybe next time guys.

15 IW IC

15 Planks Jack IC

20 shoulder taps OYO

Traffic circle – 7’s

1merkin – 6 Master Splinter 2-5, ect

The Master Splinter (compliments of MB) was a hit but I forgot to add the hand release in my demo, next time we will channel our ZIN and complete them as the creator intended.

Shout out to all on this exercise, it was not easy and running back up the incline was no fun. Bottle Cap led the charge, nice work.

5 Burpees OYO Once the 7’s were completed

Indian Run to top at Cuthberbon Rd – 2 lines

Lets face it, no one likes an IR.

Triple Nickel (5x’s) – (This was my least favorite of the day)

10 Jump Squats at Top

10 Merkins at bottom

Indian Run back to AO – Burpee @ Back

What worse than an IR? An IR with a burpee!! (got this from Foundation)

This would be the second audible of the day. 2 minutes prior I told MB we were heading back towards the stadium to the start. He took off ahead or us. BC made a great observation when he mentioned the distance (I forgot we parked at the covered area and not the regular spot) and time… Audible!!

We ran around the front of the school and MB was own his own, sorry MB. I knew you wouldn’t complain and could handle yourself at the scary Middle School in the rain! We all arrived at the same time, worked out great! Thanks BC, good call.


Shout out to all the Repects that posted today (5 men), the injured Moneyball and the sick Zin. For the rest of you no posters….I have nothing.

Today’s push by the respects, led by Recalc was incredible! MB, with his hurt leg, managed to be in the top three all morning. The TN slowed him a bit, but showing up hurt, in the rain and still competing is huge!

Zin and Dana took it to a new level today. First, let me say Zin posted in the rain halfway sick and they both crushed the TN. Realizing they both stopped before completing the last leg of the nickel, Dana said, “DW do we have time for one more?” Fly little bird, and they were off. Zin wasnt pleased…HAHA

Banjo welcome back! I guess the journey from the Briars and Crest has been more than you can manage lately. Either way, he was all over me on the TN, nice work man!

To the rest of the unnamed Pax, way to kill it, really, thank you for not complaining when I took you in the rain or when we ran our asses off. Glad to call you my friends and brothers. Until next time… DW out!


Lou had great things to say about the group and is very appreciative. Thank’s Lou, we appreciate you as well.

3rd F opportunity at Five Stones Sunday mornings @ 7:00 AM

Share all F3 social media when possible. Our goal is to continue to grow the group and change lives.

The Silent 6

5 pax joined me for my recovery Q as the rest were afraid they would melt, out of town, on IR or couldn’t handle the new and improved DW weinke! Either of which was smart considering this was more of an ignition style workout and not for the faint of heart.

After my massive amount of audibles last week I assured the site Q’s of The Floater #87 that I would continue the streak of tough workouts that the site is known for, mission accomplished…I think. I was ready!

The Thang:

Mosey to Dream Chaser


10 IM

10 Merkins

10 Plank Jacks10 SSH

10 Mac ti jar (spell check)

Mosey past Animal Clinic to Long Side Road –  Paula Abdul

Long Suicide – All Light Poles stop at stop sign.

20 Squats Alternate

5 Merkins

Mosey to around Dream Chasers back to AO – 4 Corners x 4

5 Shredders

5 MC


5 mac ti jar (spell check)

10 burpees OYO once complete

Run to stop sign and back.


Today there was no 6. No one was last. The entire group kept moving the entire time with zero mumble chatter, form policing or complaining. Oh, and zero rain!

Dana took the lead on circling back early on the 4 corners, even though he was on my heels, to make sure others were not running alone. You’ve come along way man, keep up the good work and keep pushing. Don’t let others discourage you, you got this!

Recalculating as always went hard and killed it, the only Respect of the group. As we approached DC for the warmup a smell worse than Dana’s gloves combined with hot garbage filled the air…I almost gagged. This must have sparked something because it wasn’t teeyynn minutes later Recalc was off to transporters shed.

Doughboy pushed hard as his self and Dana stayed close on the suicides. Good work, if your keeping with Dana on those long runs then your both ready for ignition or pursuit. We all missed BB, maybe next time.

Legalized… Ok I did form police him one time but not like you think. He and I did marry for about 30 secs one time and it happened to be HTH. I told him that if he lifted his back off the ground as his feet were up he would feel it more. I only said this because I know he wants to see changes in his self and gives it 110% each time he posts. Good work sir!

Last but not least Wedding Singer. For someone to show up at 5:30 and do what we did today and have a brand new baby at home I take my hat off to you. I would have fartsacked and caught up on much needed sleep. You pushed hard like you do each time you post.

I was thoroughly impressed by the effort today and that you showed up! Thanks for letting me lead you guys!! I audible was called but only changed the order of my weinke so insure pax safety. Otherwise went smooth.

No announcements:

More like….Conver-Audible-Hot-Route-Utah-gence….am I right

35 men joined yours truly for what would turn into one of the biggest clusters this side of Union County. I did have a solid Weinke planned today (I did Zin) but underestimated the number of PAX that would show.

Tons of gloom outside but no rain so I was ready to get it. Q Juice at 11 and it was time to rock. 

Disclaimer Given… I doubt half the guys heard it.


Mosey to First Watch – Big gap between front and back Pax. This was when I realized things were about to get hard. Missed the left turn to First Watch which was sad considering myself and Chainsaw cruised around for tenyyyn minutes prior.

Anyways lets circle up:


20 Merkins CC

20 Potato Picker IC

10 – 6″ plank jack IC

Plank – Calf Stretch Left over right, flap jack

Let’s mosey – The initial plan was to do 150 supines (sets of 25) and run around the building, half way around hit 50 squats – until all were completed. However it seemed a few were afraid to get a bit wet. I wasn’t sure how anyone would get wet during a supine but I’m used to the mouths during all of my Qs. Then mumble chatter about being able to get out of the actual space for the lap and….. AUDIBLE #1

Everyone knows my love of running so I shot out of a cannon due to the Q juice coursing through my veins.

Mosey to Traffic circle and the group was pretty spaced out by this point. Mountain climbers waiting on the 6. Thought I would be able to get the train back on the track at this point but things deteriorated a bit more. I attempted:

First traffic circle 5 merkins

First road to left (turns out the first “road” was an entrance not a road) 20 speed skaters each leg. Done properly this exercise will destroy the glutes.

Next road 10 burpees, maybe I said 5?

Second traffic circle 30 squats

Rinse/repeat 4x’s

The mumble chatter from the guys I didn’t really know by this point was not the typical banter. It was legit bitching and complaining. One guy said, “yes I heard you!” and another said “who picked this guys to lead?” #priceless

I had the idea to increase the number of reps after each round hoping the PAX would shut up reduce mumble chatter but it just got more confusing because of how spaced out everyone was. Regardless by round 2 we just kept it moving and powered through rounds 3 & 4. 

Finally for the love of all things holy, 4 rounds were complete. Some form of planking yoga was completed while waiting on the 6. I spaced out for 10 seconds and awoke to everyone yelling, “7 minutes left DW!” Damn it. 

Mosey to parking deck. I could feel several of the SOB guys light up as we approached the safe haven from the wet asphalt. It was scary out there….

Run to the top of the deck and do 5 burpees… twice. Alf made a great point by saying we didn’t have enough time to complete 2 rounds… he was right. One round complete…recover.

Head back to COT…watch out for the puddles, I would hate for anyone to get their feet wet. (Moneyball was working vicariously through the PAX today). 


Welcome Speedo to the group…as for everyone else I hate you. I’m mostly kidding. I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t just completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of PAXs there today. I had specific plans for the morning but all of that was thrown out the window when several people complained about getting moist during supines. Weak!!

Hell of a showing from my brothers in WUC, I appreciate you. Also you all probably saved me from a potential mutiny at different times with wise cracks and complaints suggestions. While we saw some confusion, that workout should have still kicked everyone’s tails. If you put the effort in you burned over 800 calories.

Any PAX in SOB or WUC that has not Qed and post often…its time to step up and see what you’re made of! It ain’t easy and sometimes down right awful…but it makes for a learning experience. We are all in this together. 

See you all at my next Q, I think I have 13 in January alone. Lots of learning to be done. 


Q Source 6:30-7 on Thursdays at Egg Up Grill – See Alf for details of

The Widow Maker

5 brave men joined me for a cold wet workout this morning.  I have started venturing out to other AO’s to post as well as Q and I’m glad I did, this is a good site.  Yesterday I rode by the site and did some recon and found some good hills through a quiet neighborhood that would make for some good running.  Little did I know the local pax already had a name for one of the nasty hills… The Widow Maker.

The Thang:

Disclaimer given: General had to change shoes since I assured him and the Pax we would stay on the pavement. 

  • 2 slow laps around parking lot
  • 50 SSH IC
  • 10 Merkins

Lets Mosey – Headed across the street to the quiet neighborhood.  Approx 2 miles total

  • Top of every hill 5 merkins
  • Bottom of every hill 5 squats

On the way back I called a squat/merkin ladder Triple Nickel on the widow maker, it was not fun. 

Back to the school and head to bus parking lot

  • 5 burpees at first building
  • Lunge walk to next
  • 5 more burpees
  • bear crawl to last building
  • Merkin Suicides from start of lot to the start of the baseball field.  Atlas said, “we are running that far, do we really need merkins too?” why yes, yes we do and increase by 1 each time. Our last suicide we were at 10 merkins total and around 4.5miles in.  I promised 5+ miles and we had about 8 mins left, no problem!

Run back to baseball at top of bus parking lot. 

  • 20 Monkey Humpers (I dont even like typing that) at left field
  • 30 speed skaters (each leg) center field
  • 30 Monkey Humpers right field.

Start mosey back – 5 mins to go…

  • First light pole 1 burpee, second pole 2 burpees, third pole 1 burpee, back to 2 burpees……

One min…jail break back – Count off! 5.12 miles

Everyone pushed hard, stayed together and still managed to talk a bit.  Thanks to the General for the opportunity to lead. 

No announcements. 

Frozen Bear

24 Pax joined me for a very cold Dromedary workout.  The night before I had my Wenike all worked out  Goodfella made me second guess myself when he mentioned using rocks…nope, I hate rocks!

The Thang:

15 secs til 5:30 disclaimer was given… Lets mosey! 

Fast .45mile mosey, according to Transporter a 8 min pace.  My goal today was to push the six while making the lead guys work hard. Stop plank for the six

Circle up:

  • 5o SSH IC 
  • Leg stretch – Left/right Right over left/flap jack

Lets mosey – Stop at round about for six. 

Ten body builders OYO (half the pax yells Teeyan) nope 15… Burpee with plank jack at the top of the push up

Pretty sure only a few pax actually did 15…The pace was fast

Let mosey back around the front of the school – Total opening loop approx. 1 mile.

Run 1,2,3 – Partner up – 100 merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Squats

P1 – Run Approx 200 yards (down/back) P2 – Works / flap – Everyone continue until six is in. 

One star and Soft Pretzel decided to stop for Mary… I yelled at them to continue. Sorry guys I was pumped up, forgive me.

Bear Crawl Ladder – 100 yrds – Let the crying begin. 

Two groups – plank head to toe. Pax at back weaves in/out other pax until to the front.  This was no fun.  Many pax folded and didnt make it to the end. Johnny Utah specifically said, “This looked better on paper”.  Nah, it was good, just hard.  Completed bear crawl.

Mosey to parking lot – Circle up (It was a huge circle)

  • Circle burp – Increase by 1 Merkin each time

Easy Button was beside me in the giant circle, we both were dragging and I told him I was calling it at the famous Deadwood Ten.  He thanked me and we recovered. 

Stayed circled up: Circle of Pain (Named by me)

Each pax ran around the circle while calling out an exercise. The other Pax did the exercise.  This took a while due to the enormous circle and 25 Pax.

30 secs to go I called recover. All Pax line up and AYG to the COT.  Of course I ran to the wrong area but finally managed to beat Goodfella in something, but he does have 10 years on me.  

The Moleskin:

Thanks Goodfella for giving me the opportunity to lead this group of guys.  You all worked hard and hopefully pushed yourself harder this time than you did at your last post. Until next time…


Legacy Sports – Christian sports ministry – Looking to grow, check out – Scott Tyson. See Goodfella and Rockwell for additional details

Continue prayers for Huggie Bear as he is in recovery

New Dromedary Co-Site Q – Dana

The Exicon

17 Pax joined me for a pretty good beatdown. Usually when I Q we run a lot but today I wanted to change it up. We only hit 1.8 miles, a new low for me.  I went to the Exicon and pulled out a few new items that I knew would be challenging to myself and the other Pax.  Would be cool if each Q would introduce one new exercise during the workout, I plan to each time I Q.

I arrived around 5:05 to scope out the distances of various parking lots and the Target lot from the front towards Pet Smart was just right.

Dana was already at the AO when I arrived but I wasn’t sure if he was catching up on GroupMe or just excited about the bear crawls, burpees and merkins to come. Pretty sure it was GM.

All the pax rolled in at 5:25 like they were qualifying for NASCAR, I almost thought they boycotted my Q – they probably wished they did! One Star and his clown car posse rolled in as we were making our first mosey. I knew things were going to get hard so I didn’t make them catch us, we turned and ran to them… you’re welcome. Let’s do this!


Short slow mosey to target parking lot.  I wanted to conserve energy for I knew what was coming.  Zin would be proud, I actually planned my Weinke today!!

  • 50 SSH IC – Doughboy came out of the gate doing two SSH to my one… I warned him to pace himself.
  • Runners lunge – Flapjack

The Thang:

  • 10 Bodybuilders OYO – Look it up in the Exicon
  • Run 1,2,3 – Originally Bear 1,2,3 – 100 Merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Squats
    • P1 runs across the lot to the front of Target and Back
    • P2 does exercise. Plank when done.

Jingles, Posse and Knish showed some speed today as they raced me a few times, nice work!

  • ATM’S – This is a good time to look at the Exicon
    • 50
    • 20
    • 10
  • Bear Crawl Snake – Ill give you this one.

Split into two groups. Planked up head to toe in a straight line with about a 4′ gap between each Pax.

Similar to an Indian Run, the last Pax did a weaving bear crawl in and out of the Pax to the front of the line. Continue until last Pax completes.  Rinse/Repeat in the other direction. We used about 1/3 of the parking lot, enough to get a good burn.

  • Black Jack – I called an audible on this, it burned a lot of time.
    • 1 merkin – Run across the lot, 20 LBC run back.  2 Merkins then 19 LBC keep increasing Merkin and decreasing LBC.  When I called recover I was at 10 LBC.  Shout out to Bottle Cap, he killed this exercise, nice work.
  • Circle Burp –
    • All Pax circled up – BIG Circle –
    • Pax chopped feet/ran in place.  One by one each Pax would say “Down” and all would do a burpee.  All the way around the circle…

Thanks, Doughboy for double Down!  I didn’t need that extra burpee.

  • Circle of Pain – I made that up
    • Each Pax called out an exercise and ran around the circle.  The Pax did the exercise until the runner was back.  All the way around.

This is a great exercise with a large group. With 18 Pax it took us 15 mins to complete the Circle Burp and the Circle of Pain…Not bad!

40 secs to go, AYG back to COT!  We didn’t really have much left in the tank but Dana decided he would turn it up so we were in almost a dead sprint back.  Nice work Dana, time for you to Q again.


The Moleskine:

Planning this workout last night I knew it would be tough.  Thanks a ton for the hard work today and zero complaints. I did get reprimanded by Cylent Dinners Don for high jacking the Circle Burp… I was beaten and the Bobby Hurly lover decided to pause on the Down and make us run in place, in my mind too long!!! I think the burpees were making him a bit foggy.  Nice work Recalculating!

Side Note:  We need to make a name tag for Krusty, he never remembers his name.


Clyent Dinner – Waxhaw Food Lion parking lot Thursday night 6:30-7:15 followed by Happy Hour. BC will be Qing in 2 weeks – Bring a headlamp

Prayers for Hooch and his family as his son undergoes surgury today.

EFFEES (Spell check that) Friday night Briarcrest Club House 8:00.






You’re not serious, right?

18 Pax joined me for my first Flash Q and seemed to go pretty well.  Its all fun and games until burpees come out.


Log slow mosey around the front of the school to the parking lot.  Plank for 6. – Circle up


15 MC IC

15 PP IC

Leg stretch, left, right

Runners Lunge, Left, Right


The Thang:


Note: I learned about this terrible idea from a fellow Pax… no name mentioned.  When I told him that it was about to happen he said,” Are you serious?”  – Yep!


10 Minutes of Burpees

  • 10X10 – 10 Burpees a minute for 10 Minutes – Yeah…ZERO mumble chatter

High Knees/Butt Kicks

  • Butt Kicks across the parking lot – Goodfella ” we just did burpees” – No Q jacking!
  • High Knees back parking lot – Plank for 6

Fours Corners x 2 – Running out of time

  • 1st corner 20 squats
  • 2nd 10 merkins
  • 3rd 30 squats
  • 4th 20 merkins – Pick up 6 – Plank until in.

Fast Mosey to Transporter Shed – Plank for 6

Air Punch

Every other light along the concrete trail back to AO – 50 air punches while holding a squat

And Done!


The Moleskine:

All Pax worked super hard today! Big shout out to any who posted and is not a “runner”, our workout was hard and you made it!  Although you only ran 2.5 miles, the 100 burpees made up for it. I mean the Ignition guys only did 105!! Big shout out to Wedding Singer and Posse, they were completely exhausted but managed to hang with the burpees circle.  I think Posse did all 100, nice work.  Welcome Airdrop!  It’s nice to have another (the only other) local boy posting!  Thanks for allowing me to lead!  I will see you all at Watchtower tomorrow… I’m on Q again!


See Ignition BB for announcements.