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I went blank…

10 pax joined me For Clyent Dinner.  For some pax it was their first workout today but 4 were at our second.

At around 5:25 I received an urgent message from Gerber. “I’m running late…where will you be”.  I call the pax so he’s not texting and driving. We confirm the plan and all is well.

5:28 Zinfandel mentions..”well looks like Gerber is out”. 5:30 we mosey!

We moseyed around toward the middle school and after rounding the parking lot we are heading back towards the start and here comes Gerber!

I wanted to pull Speed Bump aside and ask him how fast were they driving, but I forgot. Circle up!

First exercise….the calf stretch.  A truck was running near by and someone mentioned to eat bout for the truck.  That’s all I could focus on..that guy backing and hitting someone.

Next exercise…. CRICKETS!! I could not think of anything. Zin had been talking about the Peter Parker  version that they had to complete at the gremlin  (I think it is the correct form of the move) and I ran with it.

Peter Parker but each time you bring a knee up you do a Merkin… yeah it’s fun. X 10.

MC x 10 IC …that enough let’s mosey!

I changed my weinke on the fly and made a hard right to head to the basketball court.

Deadwood Suicides

Hit the main 4 lines on the court in normal suicide fashion.  Each time you get to half court on the way down do the exercise.  Zin and BC at this point are barking from the other side regarding my a la carte menu.

After  each round we hit the abs pretty hard…the briarcrest pool will be open before I we know it.

2 rounds with merkins and abs

2 rounds with squats and abs…it turned out better than I thought!

Moseg to Rudy’s pool palace aka Transporters shed  and grab some wall.

Donkey Kick hold/w Merkin web so much fun!

Mosey to the stairs by the bus lot.

5 calf raises every other step/ lunge walk to top abs run lap around back to the bottom of steps/ ab work.

Rinse and repeat x3

Mosey towards front of middle school.

Bear crawl covered cat walk and then mosey to the benches.

OYO. 20 dips and run the short lap. X 3

Mosey back for COT!

Well done guys! Everyone pushed and we had a some good laughs. There would be more but I wrote this on my phone and was about to hit publish and the site crashed!


Rain tomorrow and the PH will be so quiet…

going away party for Wedding Singer Saturday @Queens South 3-5 M and 2.0 friendly.

Lets stay warm…

Going into today my goal was to just keep moving and keep moving we did! Most pax clocked at least 3.5 miles some (Gerber) clocked closer to 5, nice work. Weinke was thoughtless but when the goal is the mileage you gotta keep the reps low and keep moving.


We ran down the sidewalk in front of the school to the back of the bus lot, circle up.  YHC decided to prerun with ski gloves on which kept my hands super warm, so warm in fact that when I took off one of the gloves it was nearly impossible to get it back on.

SSH x 10 or was it 20? IC

LSS x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Hand release Merkin and pause at top x 10 IC

Calf stretch – flapjack

I honestly have no clue of the rep numbers but we did do those moves.

The Thang:

Mosey to the neighborhood and stop at first intersection for the 6 – Al gore

Starting at stop sign run up the hill to the next intersection on the left x 3 – down and back is one.

10 merkins at the start and 10 duck walks at the intersection. End back at the start

Next, starting at the stop sign run down the other street to the first light pole do 10 Carolina Dry Docks, run back to the start 50 LBC’s. Continue suicide with the same rep count to each light pole and back. Time expired before we all made it to the cul da sac but two pax pushed hard. Gerber and Carbload great work!

Mosey back to the school and pause for the six at the entrance – Al Gore while we wait. Mosey long way around the back of the school back to COT. Gerber led 1 min of Marry. Done!

The Moleskine:

25 degrees on a Tuesday morning and 22 guys showed up! Well done men! To all the Pax that think they cant do Ignition/The Swarm…guess what, we basically did it today and you crushed it. To all Pax that are capable of running and walked today…lock it up! Thanks for letting me lead and Ill see you all at Clyent Dinner on Thursday where we will get the miles in again!


Going away party for Wedding Singer this Saturday @ Queens South from 3-5. 0.0 Heineken on the menu. Thanks Schneider!





Yes I was passed by kids and girls…..

I confirmed a 7:45am meeting time with Recalculating last night but as I was driving I noticed a missed call from Dasher and the Recalculating.  Did I have mittens on my hands when I was texting him, was I late or did the Respect have another forgetful moment? Please enter your response in the PH. I rolled into Lowes parking lot at 7:44 with the Pax eager to go. We were off! As we were heading down Providence Rd. Dasher makes a quick stop at the gas station at 84/providence…was he afraid of a porta jon?

We merge onto 485 and about 5 secs later Dasher passes up like we are sitting still! We arrive at the race, get our packet and have around 40 minutes to kill and it was chilly. Recalculating has a brilliant idea…Let’s sit in the car for 30 and then head to the start line, say no more, I’m in!! Time is up. We get out of the car and we both need to take a leak. The Respect, with no shame, whips it out right beside his car (See video) and nearly scares multiple kids and spectators…lock it up Recalc!

The horn sounds and we are off! Forrest (Carson, which is Hooches son) takes off and I decide to try and keep up…not wise. Around mile 2 I hear “on your left” from what sounded like a couple of 12 yr old girls…I WAS PASSED BY A COUPLE OF 12 YR OLD GIRLS! Oh well…I guess I need to work harder!!

We cross the finish line and I’m gassed! As Recalc and Hooch are approaching the finish line Recalc may or may not have grabbed Hooches shirt to take the lead and win the race by seconds…Rules don’t apply to Jersey guys we all know that! haha.
Dasher 2nd place AG – Deadwood 7th – Rubbermaid 3rd (13 miler) – Wolverine 2nd (13 miler) – Forest 1st – Recalculating 1oth – Hooch 13th

Great job everyone! Be on the lookout for other races and events… No announcements!


The rain fused my entire weinke today.  A burpee mile, triple nickel along the hill at the first school entrance and Foundations infamous 4 corner suicide near the the stadium….all squashed do to rain and myself trying to appeal to the masses. You’re welcome! We still managed to get 2.5 in while remaining mostly dry.


Money to portico, you’re welcome Dasher…circle up!

Totally threw the pax off opening with a toe touch/back stretch. It felt great.

Right over left.. I ouch you’re toes and listen to that hamstring scream at you. Flap jack

Someone mentioned yoga…ok, I’m game.

Upward dog hold; transition to downward dog hold; then 5 merkins x 3

IW x 10 IC

LSS x10 IC

The Thang: Partner up

Combined 100 squats 200 merkins 300 speed skaters (you’re welcome shake)

P1 runs half lap P2 puts in the work. Flap jack

Burpee run x 2

P1 runs P2 does burpees until they get back. Flap jack

Inch worm run

P1 runs full lap ( it stopped raining) P2 does inch worm flap jack

Plank run

P1 runs P2 planks Flap jack

Jump lunge/bear crawl web.

1 jump lunge/4 bear crawls. This was a crowd pleaser.  The pax crushed it.

Modified Ab web web

10 v-up / 4 AH’s 10/8 10/12 etc. this hurt!

Grab some wall.

Shoulder press/jam web 1/4 2/8

The last round on the jabs we went hard.  Nice work guys.

Mosey back for COT.

The Molskine:

Great work today guys! All mumble chatter was at a low only because the best group was kicking a#% and taking names! Thanks for letting me lead, next time we run!


Mad Dog has promising interview this week. Keep him in your prayers.



Watchtower BB

This will be my first to the last Q in the Waxhaw area.  I’ve grown a lot over the past few years and thankful for all you guys. I’m going to keep this short before I get something in my eye but the battles we have faced in the gloom will forever stick with me! Come out to CO anytime and visit, we would love to have you.


The Thang:

MT/Ab Web – 1/4 2/8 etc

Suicides using light poles in the front with merkins and squats down and back…We hit around 3 miles and I made it all up as I went. If you were there you know it sucked! Thanks for letting me lead.


Announcements: NONE

The Floater

Will the streak ever die? Probably but not today! 15 men joined me at the worst AO in Waxhaw to burn 500 of the 5000 calories they probably consumed during Christmas dinner.

I arrived in Waxhaw around 5:00 to set out a few cones and scope out some uncharted territory. At 5:22 the Christmas dinner started talking as I made a dash to the convenient store only to find both restrooms out of order!!! Porta Jon!! I knew there would be a few at the new apartments in the heart of downtown.  PJ found and crisis averted but I rolled up to the AO at 5:14.59! I hopped out of the car yelling out DiCCs and let’s mosey!!

We took off towards the tracks as 2 more cars rolled in….AUDIBLE #1 circle back for the late guys. Gerber and I led the way back to the AO to pick up the lone Pax only to discover they were not pax and were headed inside a building with Yoga mats… We gone!


Mosey from AO, down Another Bad Idea and along the back streets of Waxhaw to our final resting place at Pizza Hut. Circle up!

SSH x 10 IC

Merkins x 5 IC – Regular, Wide, Diamond


I think I skipped the calf stretch!! Sorry Gerber

The Thang:

Partner up:

P1 runs around the building, P2 walking lunges – Down and back 600 yards


#1 Burpee at each of the 7 cones increasing by 1/ 5 squats at the start – Stop at the end

#2 Alternate Carolina Dry Docks 5/10/5/10 at each cone/10-speed skaters at the start

Capt. Therkin 1 BBSU / 4 random ab exercises w/ 4 merkins 2/8/4 etc.

Partner up:

P1 inchworms across the lot, P2 runs a lap Audible #2  YHC decided the inchworm was too easy and changed to bear crawl. When you reached the end crawl bear back. RECOVER

We headed straight back to the AO and arrived at 5:15.10ish

Solid work by all and it felt great to Q again, and thanks for letting me lead! Merry Christmas fellas!!! Thanks to Mad Dog for taking us out.



Legal Zoom on Q @ Clyent Dinner





Not the norm

Typically when I Q I try and get the most mileage possible, I like to run. Starting back into F3 I absolutely hated to run, I despised it, but now that all I want to do. I really want pax that are not comfortable running to get out of their comfort zone and try new workouts that include more running. Post at a workout with a Q that you know will run quite a bit, they will pick you up if you fall behind. Today I wanted to focus on other things besides running. I did a 5 mile prerun so I was good to go.

Warm up:

Jog to traffic circle near baseball field. Run a few laps around the circle. Again, my goal was to stay together. Circle up!

10 low SLOW squats IC

15 merkins IC

Calf stretch

10 mountain climbers IC

10 plank jacks IC

Hold plank

5 Diamond merkin IC

The Thang:

Mosey to school- circle for the six

Line up on bus parking line

Parter up

P1 start bear crawl across parking lot

P2 runs across parking lot and back to P1

P1 picks up where P2 left off. Continue across entire parking lot

Pax stay on line

P1 starts Inch worm across lot. P2 runs across lot and back to P1..flapjack until the end.

Jog over to side walk get on your six…

Captain Therkin w/ 4 merkins… vups and shoulders off the ground d SUCK!!

Mosey to playground (like 20’) same partners

11’s – 1 burpee / 10 pull-ups 2/9 3/8 no fun

mosey back to trafficircle – circle up

Lt Dan- Mad Dog was very excited about this one.

1 squat 4 back lunges. I switched up the lunges a few times to monkey humpers and speed skaters.
we stopped at 10/40

circle of pain:

Pax called out exercise and ran two laps around circle. Of course Mad Dog called out burpees, thanks MD!!

mosey back to COT

Great workout by all! There was virtually no six, they kept up well and that was my intent. A lot of pushed hard on the pull-up ladder and finishes before myself and chainsaw…that was a little suspect. We hit about 1.9 miles which is a record low for me but it was still a solid workout…I mean hell peopled clapped in COT and that never happens when I Q!!!

Well done guys and thanks for sticking with me! Sorry Gerber, I’ll make up the miles next time I Q!!


Christ closet Nov 9. See Dana or shop dawg

Vagabond Nov 9

Prayers for Centerfolds friends family. Dad fell asleep at the wheel, died and left 3 kids and wife behind.


It seems like most of the time I attend Ignition we run Champion Forest or stay on campus. Hollywood did take us through some trails once. I studied the Lawson trails a while last night and was a little worried I may get us lost in the dark. 8 pax joined me and kept up well.

The Thang:

DiCCS given 15 secs before the launch. Lets roll!

We headed straight to the Lawson clubhouse. We were holding about a 7 min mile pace on the way, I felt good! Hollywood asked if that was my half marathon pace…yeah no!

Arrive at the clubhouse, pick up 6 which were almost there. Circle up!

Calf stretch – flap jack

Merkin – 10 IC

Plan jack – 10 IC

Pigeon stretch – flap jack (google it, its good)

Let mosey!

  1. Make left out of main Lot
    • First L on trail
    • First L
    • At next left (Bridge) 20 DD
  2. Cross Bridge, Take R
    • Stay R on the trail until Cul da sac RINGTAIL DR
  3. 10 Merkins Each intersection L on DEER MEADOW to Culdesac
  4. ABS – @ Culdesac
    • 25 V-ups
    • 20 Pistol – Each
    • LETS MOSEY – TAKE R on Trail
  5. First L to Bridge
    • Bear Crawl Bridge
    • 15 DD
  6. TAKE L on Trail
    • 5 Squat each InterSection
    • L on BLUE STONE to Culdesac
    • @ Culdesac – 10 DD – Hit Trail
      • Mosey STAY L
    • Take R at End-STAY straight
  8. At Road – Hang L To End
    • 5 Jumps Lunge All INTERS
  9. L on Lawson DR
  10. Stop at school entrance – on your 6 on the island
    • 50 shoulder up only for some ab work
  11. Mosey to main entrance near COT
    • 3 burpees oyo
    • Jailbreak around the parking lot to COT

The Moleskine:

We hit about 5.5 miles and all pax pretty much stayed together and we circled back when needed. Creating this weinke I thought we may struggle to get through it but we had a bit of time to kill towards the end which was good. Hollywood, Dasher, and Gerber remain fast and pushed hard as usual. Legalzoom was consistent as usual and it was good to see Dana posting at ignition. Rubbermaid was holding his normal pace and could have probably run forever, I think he needs to be named the energizer bunny. The man has some short strides but never stops! Its good to see Sprinkles posting at Ignition and actually pushing his self, keep posting! Well done all and thanks for following me through trails and trusting I wouldn’t get us lost. Today the Weinke holder was key!

Announcements: See Flash BB for details

Slow Burn

Rolling into the lot today I see ignition Pax ready hanging out waiting to launch but they were Qless.! 5:16 still no Q so The pax were off. About that time, Wolverine was “coming in hot” up the side road riding all over an unnamed pax! Hollywood circled back for him and they were off.

My goal today was to stick together and not turn Flash into Ignition although it was very hard to retrain. Here we go!

DiCCS given along with the promise to Big 10 that there would be no SSH’s. Later he may have thought just running was a breeze. Let’s see.

The Thang:

  • Quick lap around the parking lot and head to the front of the middle school, circle up.
  • IW IC x10
  • Merkin IC 5 wide 5 regular 5 diamond (we were about to a lot more, no point in burning out.)
  • skipped the calf stretch – sorry Gerber. I was super shocked as well.
  • Low slow squat IC x 10

Partner up! I just broke my first rule.

P1 runs laps for 6mins. Partner 2 does excise

1st round. Speed skaters – squats – stepups

Rinse and repeat.
Its seems like the pax work much harder with a timer vs a certain number of reps. It did seem much harder.

Mosey to Back towards AO and stop on the sidewalk. This exercise was renamed by Banjo this morning as he was groaning in pain. Deadwoods abs from hell! Ha! Trust me Banjo, we were on on fire!

Captain Therkin

1/4 – 10/40 an routine

Big boys each time with 2 merkins and:

  • American Hammer
  • Flutters
  • No Hand flutters
  • Half crunch’s
  • AH
  • V-ups. If you make the mistake and add V-ups to this routine around 7/28 or 8/32 you are in for a world of hurt. I can do the regular Big boy/AH/4 merkins no problem…I had to audible this!!!!! #AWFUL!

Mosey back around to the front of the school the long way. As we approached the bus parking lot we see ignition doing their version of Captain Therkin…Did you in guys hit the merkins In between sets? Wolverine is good but my money is that he left that one out.

Pass them and pull back up to the island parking lot. Let’s do that run partner thing again!
this time only a hot half lap. Even better!

I would call a new exercise more often and we really got some work in. I didn’t time anyone running but it probably takes about 25-30secs.

We did: burpees, merkins, bear crawl, And something else.

I love webs and ladders so let’s try a new on. We’ve done the MT/DD web and its tough. Today we did merkin/dry dock web and I thought it was harder! Audible around 4/16. Form was going out the window. If I can’t do it, I yell recover and move on.

We finished that as ignition was jogging back to COT. We ran to the corner of the building g and stopped. AUG back to COT. We roll up and the ignition guys are doing abs again!!! SMH

Great job by both groups! #flashworkedharderthanignition


Gladiator will launch 10/26. Kid Rock will have more details.

Hero Run 5k 7:00? Saturday morning. – see the PH or reach out tan Mad Dog

Christ Closet folding party! Shooting for Thursday but more pax are interested in Saturday…make a poll!!!

Social for Pax photo.

  • Instagram F3Waxhaw
  • Facebook……………………
  • Twitter……………………….

Change up

Yes, Deadwood is on Q again… is what some of the pax were thinking as they rolled in or saw it posted on GM. Once this rotation of AO Q’s is complete I plan to simmer on the Qing and let some of you newbies step in and up! Qing is great but lately, it feels a bit repetitive so today I wanted to change that. We did zero webs, not one ladder and we kept it right at 2.5 miles. I hate partner work (Pax can’t count) so I knew that was out. I started looking at the campus on Google and I noticed the tennis courts…BINGO.

As Bread Bowl and Doughboy walked up I ask the half-pint man child if he was ready…”You’re on Q?” “Dads lets go”. Haha. Last week we covered a lot of miles at Watchtower which only about 2% of us enjoyed. Bread Bowl you’re off the hook today.

Quick DiCCS and a pic to follow! Lets mosey

Sloooow mosey to the front of the middle school and back around to the parking lot. I was mid-pack, and Chicken Little and a couple of others took off, I let them know the plan so they were good to go. Running in the middle of the pax allowed me to pick up the 6 and then run back to the steer the front. I got in some killer running!

The Warmup: No weinke today so I may forget a few.

Low Slow Squat IC x 10.. and I counted slow! Legs are still tight from the IPC

SSH IC x 10

IW IC x 10

Merkins IC x 20

Calf Stretch – Flapjack

Wide Merkins – CC x 10

Diamond Merkin CC x 10

6″ Hold

Recover – Let’s mosey

We took off towards transporters shed and I already let the gazelles know were headed to the tennis courts. Still running mid-pack I noticed Chicken Little we moving, I yelled circle back. We picked up the 6 and headed to the courts.

A quick lap around the TC and find a spot on the line.

1st round – Across and back x 2. One side 10 MT the others? No clue but we did something.

2nd round – hit 5 lines total for suicide. One burpee on the return. Slow mosey for one lap and back to the line.

3rd Round – Suicide bear crawl. Run to half court, bear crawl back. Full court, bear crawl when you reach half court back to start x 2. When complete do slow mosey for one lap…back to the line.

4th round – The 5 line suicide again but this time 5 burpees when you return. Slow mosey for one lap. Back to the line

5th round – Hald court suicide – 50 LBC at middle and 100 AM at the end…SMOKER. Slow mosey for one lap.

6th and final round. Full 5 line suicide on the final back AYG! mosey back towards Transporters Shed.

Time for one more suicide. To the paved trail on the right and back. 20 Dry Docks. then run all the way back for COT. Myself Chicken Little and a couple of others got to the Dry Dock quicker than most. I handed out more DD for the gazelles. We did DD until the 6 was in and they picked up the cadence and we were off.

Back to COT with 2.5 mins remaining… Circle up! Speed Skaters until 6:15!! Done!!

The Moleskine:

Great job guys! The goal was to get the heart rate up and back down and continue this the entire workout. I rarely will call a 10 count..I think I have maybe twice but after Qing the convergence with Foundation I realize that the 10 count is actually a very important part of recovery for some Pax. I think I called 4 today! Bread bowl give me 10, Sprinkles 10, Chainsaw 10, Old McDonald 10… Wow, Who am I???? What happened to Deadwood? It was weird.

I have to make a big shout out to Bread Bowl and Shake n Bake. Although Bread Bowl was the six on the moseys to and from the TC he pushed his self very hard on the court. Each lap he ran with me or past me. Little man can handle short distances. He is the pax that needs a 10 count. It allowed him time to catch his breath and push hard for another round. Made me feel pretty good.

Shake, you are the most encouraging Pax I know. When I first started we preran a lot, I think the first time you pushed me so hard I spilled Merlot and the pax then had to run right over the pile… gross. We trade the push. On days you struggle I’m right there to give you what you need to continue on. You see potential in pax and know that with a little push here and there they will grow, get faster and at the same time build confidence.

Today that we Bread Bowl. The mosey from Transporters shed back to COT whooped him. I circled back with you and witnessed you talking it up and encouraging him the whole way! Without that, we would have 100% stopped and started walking. You told him 50 times..Just keep those feet moving, while you had one hand on his back for the literal push! It worked, he moseyed all the way back and didn’t stop. Well done my friend

Its guys like Shake n Bake that me proud to be a part of this group. All pax push hard, but when I see a pax encouraging to that level I notice it.

Find a guy during a workout that is struggling..Slow down and stick with him, encourage him. Your already fast and one slower workout won’t kill you. I guarantee an FNG that is encouraged and not just left behind praying he can keep up, will return. And eventually, hopefully, he will pay it forward and keep the encouragement going for the next FNG or pax that is struggling.

The workout today was for all speeds. Gazelles could push the limits on the suicides and Clydesdales didn’t feel abandoned and had time to recover. I liked it. If I want to push hard and run more Ill hit another AO or the trail. I will keep the workouts hard but will keep the 6 in mind! YW!


Tubbing this Sunday (9/15) @ Pump House – See Doughboy for details

Prayers for Boitano

Bread Bowl is working towards the Octopax Challenge…No beer Bread Bowl! Complete the challenge within 2 months and Ill personally make sure its worth it! You got this!!

Thanks, GF for taking us out!