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Bi-Lo, High Five

Men across the land woke early this morning with a primal urge to do something manly: the high five. Men in Canada woke with the urge to play hockey. For 14 PAX, Rebel Yell combined both of those urges into a big ball of workout today to celebrate National High Five Day and the 20th anniversary of Wayne Gretzky’s final NHL game.


  • Nancy Kerrigan x 20
  • Steve Earle x 20
  • Plank Jack x 20
  • Peter Parker x 20


Mosey to the main Elm entrance to Stonecrest and partner up.

  • Run down Elm toward Ballantyne Commons, stopping at each small walkway light for 5 hand clap merkins, but the hand claps need to be higher than normal to celebrate the high five.
  • Continue the mosey to the (formerly) Bi-Lo parking lot for 19 merkins in cadence. Total of 99 merkins. #GreatOne

At the (formerly) Bi-Lo parking lot, the PAX split into 2 groups and one group circled the vertical pairing of islands/parking spaces while the other group did Bonnie Blairs. Just like a complete line shift, once the entire group was back, the other group ran the same area. This went on for the length of the parking lot, or 8 vertical lengths. The middlemost parking area has a double-sided double shopping cart return and PAX were encouraged to jump the cart return either OCR-style or like entering the ice from the bench.

After completing the first length of the lot, repeato but with Angry Al Gore air punches instead of Bonnie Blairs because someone asked when the fighting part of hockey would come into play.

Mosey (or haul it) back to COT.


YHC has not posted often at Rebel Yell but thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate manly things with manly PAX. Now more PAX know that YHC likes a good theme to a workout, digs deeeep into the Exicon for a change of exercises, and is a poor judge of time, as evidenced by running the workout long by 2 minutes and still only getting through half the Weinke.

YHC started off by tossing out the number 2,857 — the career points total of The Great One — and setting that as the merkin target. The groans indicated that YHC was also relieved from such a stupid goal in a 45-minute workout.

The PAX were open to new exercises today and everyone agrees that starting off with Nancy Kerrigans at 5:30 AM is a little early for a test in balance. One Star must have played some serious Blades of Steel on NES or is a huge closet Cutting Edge fanboy because he has serious Bonnie Blair skills and entered the ice on the shopping cart return like he was the one who laced up the skates 1487 times in the NHL. Boitano had some strong punching moves, but no one wanted to ask if he was a goon in his pro days. And Wild Turkey beat out Happy Meal as the one who had the most fun surmounting the shopping cart return. Turkey rolled under and even took the highest route possible over the 8-foot signage railing, giving YHC a momentary fear of a Jim Cornette-Starrcade ’86 situation. Fortunately, that was not the case.

Good times at Rebel Yell and maybe YHC can finish the Weinke sometime soon.


  • Saturday SOB/UC convergence 4/20 at Stonehenge @ 6:30 AM. Double pre-run options available.
  • Church on the Street (COTS) is available first Sunday of each month. Fantastic experience. Contact Billy Goat or Strawberry.
  • Olaf welcomes anyone looking for a church to attend on Easter. Reach out to him on Slack.

Thanks for the take out, One Star.

Are you watching YouTube videos for weird exercises?

16 PAX brought their VD memories and unknowingly joined YHC for his first Qventure outside of Dromedary. Few of them had any idea how much YHC enjoys scouring the depths of the Exicon… but now they do.

Disclaimer x 1

Cell Phone x 1

CPR Certified x 2

Dog Poop bags x 2


Mosey away from Waverly, across the quaint Providence Road and to the perfectly dark Arby’s parking lot area for COP. Who doesn’t want to start their day off at Arby’s where, “We Have the Meats”?

  • IW x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 20 IC
  • Annie x 24
  • Copperhead Squat x 20 IC


Mosey to the green area near the giant video board for some quality Paula Abdul work…

  • Go 2 trees forward, Merkin x 5
  • Take 1 tree back, Superman x 5
  • 16 trees forward and then some Mary till the Six was in

More Paula Abdul? YES! Return the other way, but only to the midway point of the green…

  • Go 2 trees forward, Merkin x 5
  • Take 1 tree back, Good Morning Abby x 2
  • 6 trees forward

Mosey to the hill on the east side of the Harris Teeter…

  • Merkin Clock; Each PAX with Merkin x 5

Mosey back to Waverly to the COT…

  • Global Warming where ~half the PAX chose an exercise
  • Monkey Humpers x 5 OYO to finish off a special morning


The PAX of Western Union are familiar with YHC’s penchant for less frequently used exercises and, honestly, today was supposed to be different. But apparently not all are familiar with the great Paula Abdul, Annies, or Good Morning Abby. “Huh?” “What?” were frequent refrains of mumblechatter, but one of the best comments came afterwards from One Star who spent much of the workout going through a limited Paula Abdul discography in his head only to miss the classic “Opposites Attract.” “So why is that called ‘Paula Abdul’? I can only think of ‘Cold-hearted Snake’.”

Illiterate only afterwards shared that during the Merkin Clock he nearly went face first into a sizable clod of horse manure — the rest of the PAX merely continued in ignorant bliss. Kudos to O’Tannenbaum who found us on the green after a late start — no clue how he found us that far from the COT. YHC was not the only one to introduce PAX to a new move: Shop Dawg called one of his favorites, Boat-Canoe, during global warming and it was called again moments later.

The effort was strong all around this morning and the mumblechatter entertaining. The PAX met the Swole Challenge for merkins for the day and did a decent job on the plank requirements. YHC appreciates the opportunity to lead a strong group in a new location and the willingness to experiment with the buried moves of the exicon. Poop bags were not needed by anyone.


  • Taco Stand and M got the news back that there’s no cancer!  

Consider the Lilies

15 PAX paid no attention to the forecast of 64% chance of showers at 5 AM and descended on the best high school the Village of Marvin has to offer for the best workout they attended before 6:15 AM all day.  There was also a solid Emotional Support Animal ready for the morning’s pain.

Disclaimer x 1

Cell Phone x 1

CPR Certified x 4


Mosey through the parking lot until reaching a suitable area for COP.

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Goofball (by request) x 20 IC
  • Plank, then Merkin x 20
  • Mountain Climber x 20 IC
  • Steve Earle x 20


Mosey to the main drag…

  • Run the drag with 5 Bomb Jacks at each light post, 30 total

Mosey to the single benches between the tennis courts…

  • Rockette Dips x 20
  • Standard Supine pull-ups under a bench x 20 IC
  • Flip the grip for Supines with a chin-up grip x 20 IC
  • Supine pull-ups x 20 IC
  • Supine chin-ups x 20 IC

To the hill behind the soccer field…

  • Triple Nickel – (5 Travolta Merkins at the top / 5 Pointer Dogs at the bottom) x 5

Mosey to the baseball diamonds…

  • Angry Al Gore while waiting for the 6
  • Grab two bricks for Jack’s Comfort Animal, Peacock Webb: 1 Merkin followed by 4 peacocks (t-claps?) with bricks in hand.  Went to 8 Merkins, but jumped to 40 peacocks following the 7 x 28.

Mosey to the Cave

  • People’s Chair with 20 IC calf raises
  • People’s Chair with 20 IC toe raises
  • Six 2.5 Minutes of Mary

Mosey back to the COT


There are a few things one can count on when YHC is on Q.  First, there will be some strange exercises pulled from the depths of the Exicon.  Today was no exception – the Goofball was placed in the warm-up by request, there was the Steve Earle and the Travolta Merkin.  The Pointer Dog looked downright normal.

The second requirement is to overthink and over-plan the workout.  YHC watched the forecast for several days leading up and was quite concerned about the high likelihood of showers – not just rain, but showers.  How to fill 45 minutes under a shelter?  YHC prepared two workouts, though the rainy day version was much less refined.  Then YHC beat the alarm, even lay in bed wondering how wet it was outside before finally peaking outside to see… bone-dry streets. 

After the initial relief, the one thing that has continued to stick with YHC throughout the day is the scripture in Matthew 6:

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

While perhaps not on the same level of significance, YHC shouldn’t stress out for Q’ing, especially among this strong group of HIMs.

Back to the workout… Travolta Merkins are nothing to laugh at.  The PAX discovered that Jack Webb’s Emotional Support Animal is a peacock, the animal-like move making an appearance throughout the UC and SOB-land lately.  Huge kudos to Goodfella for knocking out the peacock when all others gave way to the weighted feathers.  YHC’s poor time management skills only left time for 2.5 minutes of Mary which was a disappointment, but it will be continued.  Unfortunately, YHC also has a tendency to tune out any mumblechatter during the workout, especially when there’s a focus on avoiding the Weinke.

YHC enjoyed the opportunity to lead today and needs to do so more often.  If you’ve read to the end of this rambling discourse and need a Q sometime, reach out.


  • Q School this Saturday, 1/26, at Cuthbertson Middle School.
  • Q Source following Commitment this Saturday at around 7:45 AM.
  • Prayers for the family of a young Swim Mac member who left this life over the weekend.  Hug your family, consider the lilies.
  • Prayers for Goodfella’s longtime friend and his children whose wife and mother recently passed.  Hug your family, consider the lilies.  

Dropping a Deuce

With more than 6 billion people in the world and a solid 600 years of recorded history (plus much more spotty history on hand), there is so much to commemorate on a daily basis.  On this fine morning, 19 men came together at the Marvin Ridge High School parking lot to celebrate several amazing events.  Or perhaps more likely, 18 fine men showed up for a workout led by a PAX belatedly celebrating his 2nd anniversary as a member of the F3 Nation.

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of the landmark Miranda vs Arizona decision which produced “the Miranda Rights” that hopefully few or none of the PAX have had delivered to them.  In honor of those famous words, YHC gave a poorly worded and rambling disclaimer that would have served very little benefit in a court of law.  And then they were off!


In honor of Flag Day eve…

  • 4 Corners mosey lap around half the parking lot, stopping at each corner for 10 merkins and 3 burpees
  • PAX headed to the center of the rectangular lap area for 10 more merkins and 1 more burpee

(That makes 50 merkins and 13 burpees.)

In honor of school being out — or just because the buses were nearby…

  • PAX did a weave run between the buses, stopping at high school-side of each bus and doing x merkins, with x being the ones digit of the parking space of the bus
  • While waiting for the Six, PAX did Angry Al Gore (Al Gore + air punches)
  • For the Deuce Special, PAX weaved back through the buses, stopping at the middle school-side of the bus to do Supermans, to the number of parking space ones digit
  • Protractor while waiting for the Six

Mosey to the rockpile to pick up 2 cinder blocks and 2 running rocks.  PAX split into 2 teams and an individual ran to a cone with the cinder block to pull a card from the cone.  Run back with the block.  Team does the main exercise on the card.  Once that was completed, another PAX ran the block to the cone of his choice to pull a card.  While he ran, the team did the secondary exercise listed on the previous card.  Repeato until all PAX had carried the block.

For Deuce on cones, once all PAX had completed the carry and exercises, the team ran suicides to each cone and one PAX grabbed a card for a main exercise once the team returned to the starting location.

To finish, PAX completed half of a Captain Thor.  Time did not allow for sets 6-10 and PAX were quite saddened by this.


Huge props to Purell who unknowingly shared a variation of the cone idea with YHC on Saturday.  Several PAX need to adjust the alarm clock by a couple of minutes, but other than that, it was a great showing today.  YHC took to heart some suggestions — Posse on the Flag Day Eve and Bratwurst’s reminder for IC count was followed by completely avoiding any IC work except for the brief Angry Al Gore (which was probably butchered).  Kotters to Honeycomb and YHC did not know Boitano but looks forward to crossing paths again.

Another huge shout out to the men of F3 Nation.  YHC recently hit the 2-year mark and it has been a great experience.  The PAX are examples in the workouts, making him want to push himself more in the gloom, but also — and more importantly — setting the reminder each day to go out and be a HIM.  Your examples are motivating and don’t doubt that you can have a positive impact wherever you stand.


  • Q School this Saturday, 6/16, at Panera Bread.  YHC not entirely sure how eating cinnamon rolls at Panera is Q School, but may have to investigate.
  • PAX brother Loafer felt slowed down by his appendix and decided to burst it in order to free up space for more muscle.  Keep him and the family in your prayers and you can help them in the kitchen by taking a meal.



The Miseducation of StubHub


The PAX of Union County do not fear the Polar Vortex, nor an AMRAP, nor a Holiday Jukebox, but only the 9 toughest wake themselves early during Spring Break in order to endure the mentally demanding workout YHC brings as he tries to incorporate new and strange activities from the Exicon.  One of those fine men is StubHub who revealed that he – well, more his M – is less than three weeks away from blessing the world with a tiny new ticket vendor.  The rest of the PAX warned him that he should be sleeping at 5:30 AM while he still can, but he continued and the teachings of the wiser older PAX became less useful.

DOO WOP (That Thing)

(Warning: YHC’s dog ate his Weinke, so this is recounted from a highly questionable memory.)

1 x Disclaimer


During Indian Run, Q would shout halt at speed bumps and light poles and the PAX in front would call out an exercise for 15 IC.

  • Goofball
  • SSH
  • Flutter?
  • Squats?
  • Plank Jacks
  • Don Quixote


PAX moseyed to the hill for Clock Merkins, a new-found YHC favorite.  All 9 called a time and the men shifted and did 5 merkins at each point on the clock.

PAX then moseyed to the… facilities management building (?) for a round of Walls of Jericho.  7 reps of each exercise, followed by a lap around the building and then regrouping for the next exercise in the set.  The set ended with an AYG run around the building, but no shout.

  • Pistol crunch
  • Flapjack Pistol crunch
  • Star Jacks
  • Boat-canoe
  • Superman
  • Burpees
  • Big Boy Sit-ups

Mosey to the middle school entrance and partner work.

  • Tammy Wynette, with 3 small laps, one after each 50 count. Each partner hit 100 Merkins and 100 squats.
  • Partner Plank Curls x 30

Mosey to the lunch area for Dips x 25 IC.

Mosey home for Monkey Humpers x 10 to finish up.



The pre-workout mumblechatter was good and revealed that the StubHub family is soon to grow.  The conversation could have veered towards important fatherly suggestions and tips such as bed times, how to change diapers, 529 funding and when are 2.0s ready for their first sporting events, but that was not the case.  Instead, StubHub was educated on who Tammy Wynette was and her signature song, “Stand By Your Man.”  Soon after, he was introduced to Partner Plank Curls which is, frankly, an unsightly exercise that YHC vows to never attempt again – and this comes from the guy who isn’t afraid to throw monkey humpers into the workout.  YHC and Bratwurst completed the 30 each, but there were many refuseniks.  The final educational element was a later conversation around Gladys Knight (minus the Pips).

  • It was not discovered until the COT, but Bratwurst celebrated a birthday on this fine morning and Goodfella expressed his sincere wish that it be an excellent birthday in all the right ways. Brat does not yet qualify for the Fishing Hole.  On Slack he also seemed worried that teens have sullied the Camel emoji and what that means for the Dromedary workout – today’s workout did nothing to alleviate that fear.
  • Rockwell was back after some time on the Disabled List and was a welcome sight.
  • Hollywood and Johnny Utah (R) blasted through the Tammy Wynette and put in more than the requisite number of reps.
  • Mad Dog doesn’t grumble, gives reasonable clock merkin times and knows his Tammy Wynette.
  • As Bratwurst noted, The Grease Monkey did his best Rahab impersonation on Walls of Jericho by hiding and bursting from the bushes during a lap around the building.
  • Goodfella took the Partner Plank Curls way too far down that path.
  • StubHub – well, good luck, brother. The PAX enjoys having you out and hopefully the next three weeks aren’t the last time you’re around for the next 3 years.



  • Prayer request for Johnny Utah’s friend Scott who recently got a cancer diagnosis.
  • Floater and Pursuit on Thursdays.
  • Open invitation from YHC to attend a free Gladys Knight gospel choir performance on Saturday at either 4 PM or 7 PM at the LDS Church at 5815 Carmel Road.

The murk, murth and muck of merkins

A challenge was issued: “It is easier for a dromedary camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a PAX to meet the [General] Merkin Challenge in a single workout this late in the month.”  Sixteen men were up for that challenge, though only four knew of it ahead of time.  (Read Slack, Pax.)


Capri Posse Lap with 10 merkins in each corner


  • Disclaimer x 1
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Hillbillies x 20 IC
  • Squats x 20 IC
  • Annie x 20 IC
  • 10 merkins

(50 merkins total so far)



  • Run the long entrance driveway stopping at each of 5 light poles for Star Jacks x 5
  • Run back to the other end of the driveway, stopping at the 5 light poles for merkins x 10
  • Run once more down the driveway, stopping at each light for LBC x 10

(100 merkins total so far)

  • Clock Merkins – Merkins x 5 at each of 9 clock positions as chosen by individual PAX

(145 merkins total so far)

  • Mosey to the tennis benches for
    • Dips x 10 IC
    • Supine chin-ups x 10 IC
    • Repeato
  • Mosey to the wall near the Middle School entrance for Climbing Wall Merkins 5 x 5

(170 merkins total so far)

Mosey back to the HS parking lot

  • From a central point in the lot, run to a tree for merkins x 10, run back to central location for Pointer Dogs x 10 or Supermans x 10
  • 9 trees total

(260 merkins total)

  • Rosalita x 10 IC… because it’s fun



Sir Winston Churchill died on this date 53 years ago.  He is believed to have said, “Success is the ability to go from one merkin to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”  YHC was concerned with the daunting task of completing the merkin challenge during the workout and not completely boring the PAX at the same time, but the spirit of the British Bulldog pushed him forward.

That task was accomplished flawlessly.  The PAX enjoyed YHC’s usual introduction of a new and strange exercise in the COP — this time it was the Annie.  The PAX is now ready to scrub floors this weekend in a spirited and loving show of affection towards the many deserving Ms in the F3 Nation.  A bonus “new and strange” was the Clock Merkin which had the PAX singing songs of praise for analog timekeeping devices and excited that there was no mention of digital devices which would have kept the group pointing the same direction.

Other shots of acclaim came as the PAX shuffled through the dark to find bench space for dips and then gladly crawled under the bench for supines and gently extracted themselves to return to dips.  The only disappointment came when the PAX did not engage in full Ascending Testicles merkins, because they really wanted to climb higher on the wall.  Finally, the utter beauty of the logistics of the tree run and doing knee-based pointer dogs on a gravelly parking lot was also well received.

On an individual level, huge props to Offline who was an FNG a mere 24 hours earlier, but posted for the second day in a row with great gusto.  Bottlecap shows excellent form in Star Jacks and could easily gain part-time employment at the Waxhaw YMCA when it opens.  Xerox (R) is always up for a good J-Lo reference and this morning he turned that in with the driveway shape.  Recalculating showed up for one disrespectful post before… advancing in wisdom and stature.  The Posse lap did not produce Posse so perhaps more marketing is needed to make that a thing.  Johnny Utah (R) took us out and had a good news reminder that the Lord will bless and St. Judes does awesome things for people going through tough situations, so remember the good around us.

Overall, it was a fantastic morning at Dromedary and YHC is sure that Sir Winston Churchill would agree.  Another of his quips rings true: “History Blackblast will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”


  • Opportunities to Q Dromedary abound.  You know you want this.
  • The Floater officially launches Feb 1, but there’s one more unofficial Thursday, 1/25, under the water tower in downtown Waxhaw. 5:30 AM
  • Thursdays – Millbridge run AO meets at the clubhouse at 5:15 AM
  • Brolympics on 2/24

Pilgrim’s Pride — or confusion

25 PAX braved the cold and rain warm fog of a Dromedary November to make room in their pie pants for poultry and pie.


Mosey to the COP

  • Disclaimer x 1
  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • Merkin x 20
  • Goofball x 15
  • 1-legged Squats/Doggie Leg Lifts x 16
  • Cranberry Picker x 17



Black Snake Mosey to the Middle School lunch room for 4 Stations.  PAX split into four groups and moved through the 3 static stations while one group ran around the Team Time field.  Three rounds of the fun.

  1. Run the field
  2. LBC
  3. Dips
  4. Superman

Mosey to the back area, which is actually the front of the middle school, for some Paula Abdul.  Run two light poles forward, then one light pole back.  On the forward light PAX did 8 merkins or Carolina Dry Docks and then did 4 burpees on the back light.  Five forward lights with accompanying back lights.

Mosey back to the start to finish with LBFC x 16.



YHC wanted a truly festive theme for this edition of Dromedary, but the best he could come up with “Cranberry Pickers” in the COP in place of the usual Cotton or Potato Pickers.  Those who have attended YHC’s Qs before expect some kind of odd exercises that require a bit explanation and may result in some confusion – dare we say, they want it?  And the PAX will not be disappointed.  The Goofball is a standard that elicits much mumblechatter and breaks down the wall of self-consciousness.  The Black Snake brought some more confusion, but the element of danger by weaving through the run line reminded us of the danger faced by Pilgrims of many nationalities as they go to a foreign land.  Two or three minutes of dips is quite the beast and may need improvement in the future.  And because there’s no solid Thanksgiving music, we honored a national treasure, Paula Abdul, with an exercise routine she has probably never done.  The 8 merkins/Dry Docks represented her tenure on American Idol and the 4 burpees celebrated her 4 albums.  (While it may be doubted, YHC had to dig for that because his knowledge of Ms. Abdul tapered off around 1993.)  And to finish off with one more explanatory exercise, the PAX enjoyed some LBFCs just like the Pilgrims did between their deep-fried turkey and Harris Teeter pecan pies.

Ice Nine added to YHC’s state of confusion by counting in German, perhaps falsely believing that YHC understands any German beyond “Berliner.”  YHC requested Spanish – el lengua de Dios – but that was not offered.  Dasher suggested that the 1-legged squats are “Doggie Leg Lifts” and that motion was seconded.  The track was damp which provoked nearly as much whining as the Pilgrims would when if they had had cable and it had gone out during Thanksgiving football.  But, like Superman, the PAX powered through.  Or like Batman for some – the Ben Affleck Batman.

The turnout was surprisingly strong today. Big t-claps to Bolt for turning on the speed and shamelessly leaving behind his coach, Jingles. Bolt may have also been the one who most understood and enjoyed the Goofball.  YHC expects a spike in Paula Abdul on the Spotify playlists today, especially among the younger set who didn’t quite get what the aged were talking about.  Johnny Utah carried us out in a strong way.



  • Sign up now for the SOB Christmas Party – Dec 16th
  • Turkey Bowl at Elon Park on Thursday, Nov 23, will start at 8:00 AM
  • Impromptu at Cuthbertson on Friday, Nov 24, will start at 6:30 AM – New AMRAP course!
  • The Brave at Ballantyne (The Vine) on Friday, Nov 24, will start at 7:00 AM


Prayers for the Howison family on the loss of their son.  Also, keep in mind others in the area that have been through similar tragedies recently, especially as they hit the holidays without loved ones for the first time.  Hug your kids, your parents, everyone.