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Doesn’t everyone LOVE Donkey Kicks??? Especially at The Floater

Well it all started yesterday evening on my way home from work. I called Deadwood asking for some information. It kind of went like this. Deadwood, “Hey, I want to go that school past the snowball place that has that curved wall and basketball courts. What street do you turn down again?” Deadwood: “Let me look it up real quick. It is McKane Street. Don’t worry, I will be up front and will get us to the school. Then we can hit bad idea. It is right there. Why don’t we meet up for a pre-run?” Me:”Hell no”

So 5:12am came and the other Site Q came to grab me. It also happens to be the only Site Q at the workout. As usual Zin lives up and says the PAX as well pull in, “Part the ways, Royalty coming through!!”

So DICCS were given and we were off the mosey.

Mosey to the parking lot next to womens club for circle up for a Dana Ab workout.

20-SSH/20-Heels to Heaven/20-Flutters Hands raised/20-American Hammers

Mosey down main turning right on McKane to the wall. 1 squat and 4 donkey kicks adding 1 squat and 4 donkey kicks until we hit 10 squats and 40 donkey kicks. Thanks to Deadwood for leading the PAX so we didn’t get lost. HA.

Mosey to bad idea. 10 monkey humpers at the bottom and 20 speed skaters at the top. Do it twice. circle back for the six.

Mosey over behind the school to the large blocks. 10-right leg step ups with a calf raise, 20 dips, 10-left leg step ups with a calf raise, 20 dips. In between each set do a lap. Circle back for the six.

Mosey over to the B-Ball court. Line up on the touch line, I mean baseline, whatever it is called. Line up for defensive shuffle. do 5 times and light jog back.

We have 7 minutes for a long mosey back to COT. The Q thought we had time but we ended on Hooch time. My bad y’all.

Hope everyones legs are feeling it. Everyone pushed hard and definitely left sweaty.


F3 Dads is still happening this Saturday at Dogwood.

F3 Dads camping trip this weekend.

August 24th is Waxhaw cleanup look for signup or ask Zin/Legalized

August 30 Sandbox event look for sign up on slack or ask Transporter. Helps terminally ill children.

Thanks to

What is up with the counting today?!?!?!?!?!

What do you do when coming back from a 2-week beach vacation? I mean doesn’t everyone Q? I will say that I did do two workouts on the grandstrand and had planned to do more but I was taken out by a body surfer and tweaked my knee a bit. The person will remain anonymous (Schneider). Plus vacation took hold, so I really needed this today. 16 other men decided to join me in a 12’s workout today at The WatchTower.

Yours truly drove a clown car this morning. I knew it was going to be a glorious day when I opened my garage door to find Banjo and Juiced waiting for me to come out. We picked up Zin and we were off. Pulled into the lot, put it in park. Zin bolted out of the truck as if he was a wanted fugitve for a quick run. I guess he needed to loosen up after the Spartan race. In case anyone missed it, Zin and DW did a Spartan race this past weekend in Asheville. Way to represent boys. The PAX exchanged pleasantries, DICCS were given, and we were off.


Mosey around school to main road and circle around the flags.

calf stretch and jimmy dugans avoiding the clap. This was for our spartan warriors.

Merkins x12 Peter Parkers x12 Parker Peters x12 and Mountain Climbersx12

Mosey to the school buses. Alternating buses Jump Squatsx12 and Jump Lunges x12. At least till we got to the opposite side. Who knew there were so many dang buses. We audibled to every other bus. Pretty sure legs were screaming.

Mosey to light post by bus exit. Hit every light post on the perimeter of parking lot ending at main entrance to school. Alternating lights Monkey Humpers x12 and Speedskaters x12. Circle back for the 6. By now the PAX was really wondering what was up with the counting. Everyones legs were on fire and I know Zin enjoyed it as he said, “What did someone tell you that your legs were fat at the beach?” No sir they did not.

Mosey over to Basketball court. Partner up or in our case 3. One partner runs a series of 4 sprints the length of the court while the other holds the plank. “How many times did you say?” “Till I say stop” It was fun.

Mosey over to rear of school to grab some wall. I heard some rumblings. “I think we are going to that donkey kick thing again.” The thought had crossed my mind but not this time. Started with 45 second seated wall squat. 36 donkey kicks on your own. Then a “hot lap” around the track. pick up the 6. back to wall big boy sit ups x24 with a lap. pick up the six. back to the wall. no exercise just a hot lap. we were out of time and made it back a minute passed time or as many said on Hooch time.

Everyone pushed really hard today. We had the usual suspects with DW, Zin, and Blue Screen leading the pack. Schneider has gotten progressively faster over the last couple months. Can’t wait to hear from you when you reach 5 miles non-stop. Plus he will have a VQ at the end of August. Juiced had never worked out really ever in his life. He is now running two miles with us at workouts in about a month worth of workouts. Everyone coming out today got a good sweat going.

So 51 weeks ago I got a text from my B of the C brethren about this workout called “F3”. My first question was how much? I said this because I knew Banjo loved squandering his money on crossfit. They said it was free. My response was free was me. Boy I didn’t know what I was in store for when I showed up at my first workout 1 year or 12 months ago today. I thought I was going to fall over by the end but I came back. I came back over and over again. Honestly, I love this band of misfits. Yes I am in better shape than I have been in probably 20 years but it is really the bond of brotherhood that makes this whole thing special. I know for a fact that I am a better leader, father, and man thanks to my brothers. So THANK YOU!


See Zin or DW for next Spartan opportunity in October

Posse posted link for Waxhaw Elementary clean up. Lets have a strong F3 presence

Zin procured us an adopt a road in downtown waxhaw near water tower. He will lead the charge on first clean up.

DB starts new job on 8/5. Thanks for the prayers and help. He is also still collecting shampoos.

August is a different Q month. Only 1 Q per person for the month of August. Deadwood is still crying about this one.

Bushwood CountryClub officically opens up next Tuesday!!

Thanks Blue Screen for taking us out.

Everyone Loves Donkey Kicks

Well it was another soggy Humid morning and 18 men decided on join me for todays workout. So lets do this thang.

Mosey around parking lot twice for a circle up. Instead of doing a couple of exercises, I decided to stretch out the legs a little. Jimmie Duggan avoiding the clap. Left, Right, and Middle and then a calf stretch. We are off

Mosey to the front of the Middle School. 20 hands free flutters, 20 American Hammers, and 20 Heels to Heaven with a speed lap around the lot in between. Gazelles catch the six when done.

Mosey Nope!! Grab some wall for a Squat kick web. 1 Low slow squat then 4 donkey kicks. add 1 squat and 4 donkey kicks until we hit 10 and 40.

Mosey Nope!! This time 20 Incline Merkins, 20 Dips, and 20 Decline Merkins with a speed lap in between. Gazelles catch the six when done.

Mosey Nope!! Back to the Wall!! I think everyone was a little surprised on this one. Sit up position with toes touching the wall. 1 Big Boy Sit up and 4 air jabs. Adding 1 sit up and 4 air jabs till we hit 10 and 40.

Ok lets Mosey over to the school bus awning area and grab some wall WHAT?!?!?!?!? 20 seated air presses then a lap while bearcrawling the awning. Then back 30 air presses and bearcrawl. One more lap of 40 air presses with a bear crawl.

Mosey back to COT but before we end we broke into teams of 3 for some sprints. 2 pax held plank position while the other sprinted down to tag the pax team member. We did this non stop for the last 5 minutes. What a great way to end a workout right!!


F3 dads at Dogwood Park 9am Fuse is leading. Bring water guns of any size. Not sure where he is getting water but I am sure he thought of that.

Site Q school with Posse this saturday. Link is already on the playhouse.

I gave an update on my work situation and things are looking good.

Old McDonald-Thanks for taking us out.

I will be at the beach for the next two weeks. So thanks for letting me lead and I will see everyone when I return.

DB you got Q tomorrow still right? Who me??

Like any good Site Q, Rubbermaid, shot me a reminder late yesterday afternoon. “You still good to Q tomorrow?” “Who me?” F@#$ Of course I got this man!! So planning commenced immediately.

Tossing and turning all night. Many thoughts raced through my head. Would everyone still be to sore from the 4th of July beatdown? Would the storms hold off long enough to get the work out in? Would DW actually post after giving me a few sample weinkes? I wonder how much weight Zin has gained at the beach this week? Does Frack really workout 8hrs a day with flawless form? So many things raced through my head till the alarm buzzed at 530. I got ready and was out the door. Pulled into the lot at 6 sharp to set out cones. Holy Sh!t I mean hello deer. I literally had to check myself as they hurdled the fence. All was set up, now I just had to see who posts.

11 others others decided to join me in a morning of pain served with a side of Humidity. I mean seriously, I may have reached a new level of wet t-shirt today.


We moseyed up the the school to Circle up

A little jimmy dugan and avoid the clap/heels to heaven x20/american hammers x20-the comments began.”Didn’t we say our abs were sore from the 4th?” I must have missed that, or did I just not care?”

5-star general-start in the middle for 10 speedskaters. Then hit the point of the star for 20 reps only to return to the middle each time before heading out again. you had to complete the star twice. Points of the star were:Peter Parker/Parker Peters/Mountain Climbers, Monkey Humpers, and Flutters

Grab some wall at the school for a Squat Kick web. 1 low slow squat and then 4 donkey kicks. Increase by 1 squat and 4 donkey kicks until we hit 10 and 40. That was Brutal.

After short recovery, we did a hot lap around the school stopping a 4 stations along the way. Walking lunge with a full side twist x10/20 calf raises/20 dips/ and 10 bobby hurleys. We would do two laps hitting each station. circle back for the six.

Short mosey out to the rear entrance of the school to run down to the flag but not before you stop at each tree. Alternating trees, you did 5 high knee slaps and 5 squats all the way to the flag. circle back for the six. About 3/4 of the way through is when I heard a strange sound from Carb Load. Was it a sh!t? Was it a fart? I don’t know what the heck it was but he left behind a small puddle on the walk and pushed through it. Honestly, I didn’t go back to check. We will leave that alone.

We circled up around the flag for circle of death. Each man called out an exercise then ran to the port a jon on the right and back. When they got back the next man went. I do believe Honey comb would still be running if we didn’t tell him to turnaround and he just passed the port a jon on the right. He may be home in the mirror as we speak making L’s with his fingers on his forehead to tell his right from his left. This took us to about the end.

We moseyed back to the beginning to finish up the way we started. A little Jimmy Dugan without the clap.


Fracks house tonight

F3 dads event at Dogwood Park

Don’t leave things bottled up. Share with us. You don’t know who may be going through the same thing.

Popeye took us out.

All in all it was a tough workout and thanks for letting lead you bunch of hill billies I mean men.

Taking Floater Back to its Roots

The last few weeks at The Ol 87 Q’s have started venturing out to different parts of the AO. I wanted to push the PAX while staying in the grass roots part of the campus. Last night I finished up the weinke and drank a couple of adult beverages to keep the Q juices at a level that I could sleep. It worked until my phone buzzed at 4:40 am. It was Zin, “My back is tighter than a bull’s butt. I am out but go kill it DB.” I hope not to let him down. We get out the door to pull and see a lot of Gazelles. Let’s get after it boys. Lets hope for no train this morning. That would be disastrous.


Mosey down Kim Jung Hill and cross Providence up to the BB&T parking lot for a circle up.

SSH-20 Protractor-30 degrees/10 degrees x2 right into Heals to Heaven-20 right into WWII sit ups-20

Mosey to street behind bank. All out jail break down to the stop sign

Every street light coming back alternating Monkey Humpers-10 Imperial Walkers-10 finish at DreamChasers circle back for Six.

(audible)-Main Street Light poles. 10 bobby hurleys then bear crawl to next light. then jog to following light pole. Rinse repeat till you hit the end of main street and circle back for six. Pretty sure the PAX was mumbling under their breathe at this point and had a good sweat going but lets press on. No train but out in the distance I thought I heard, “guys?, Fellas?, Where are y’all at?”more on that later.

Mosey back to where it all began. Recalculating’s favorite 4 corners. Speed skaters-10 Mountain Climbers-10 Squats-10 and Parker Peters-10 for 3 laps. Circle back for the six to push them to get to their 3 laps. A lot of hard breathing at this point so we did a ten count. It is about this time Damascus comes jogging up, “Hey fellas. Just ran about 3 miles looking for you guys.” At this point the PAX really hadn’t asked any questions and things went smoothly. This was about to change.

Mosey down Kim Jung Hill and Q put out some cones on the hill. Rallied at the bottom. First set was a Kim Jung Hill suicide. This prompted 32 questions from Damascus. It was really 2 but just felt like 32. Second suicide started with one merkin at first cone and increased by 1 at each cone.

(audible) Had about 5 minutes left gather cones run up the hill and grab some wall at the church. Donkey Kicks-20 on own 30-Dips on own. apparently those were “weird” dips but dips none the less.

45 seconds left mosey back to the start and finish with 6″plank.


This was my second Q in as many weeks and I really enjoyed this one. After a brutal gear workout by Bottlecap and the white board of pain from Goodfella, I wanted to change it up. The goal was to run some more, keep everyone moving, and to keep everyone together. I audibled a couple times from my weinke but the PAX never missed a beat. I felt like we accomplished that today. It was awesome to everyone breathing hard today and a pleasure to lead this group.


Convergence this Saturday in Ballantyne

Dasher on Q tonight at Clyent Dinner-Will BC actually make an appearance at his site? Will have to show to find out

Thanks Money Ball for taking us out.

Dancing Bear came out of hibernation and he was HANGRY!!

PAX-Akbar, Das Boot, Deadwood, Gerber, Rockwell, My Pleasure, Loafer, Hollywood, Center Fold, Trojan, Herme, Tupperware, Chicken Little, Rudy, Foundation, Fuse Box, DoughBoy, Gator Cub(R), Posse, Deflated, Rubbermaid(R), Old McDonald(R), Dancing Bear.

There has been a lot of banter this winter about Dancing Bear going into hibernation since the number of fartsacks was getting out of control. Rubbermaid posted a meme yesterday that awoke a sleeping GIANT. The goal for today’s workout was to kill Rubbermaid, I mean for the six to get 3 miles. I sought weinke approval that it was a worthy beat down. Approval met, and we were off. Pulling in the lot the Q almost S’d his pants seeing the lot completely full. Stupid 8th grade field trip to DC

DCCS was reviewed and asked Posse for confirmation. Let’s Go!! Deadwood, “It’s actually let’s Mosey!” Thanks pal

That Thang

Mosied over to the front of the Middle School and circled up Leg stretch-Middle, Right, Left, and back to Middle Calf Stretch-Both Legs Imperial Walkers-15 Low Slow Squats-15

Mosied Back to the beginning for light pole exercises down to Transporters Shed-circle back for the 6

High Knee Slaps-15 Monkey Humpers-15

Mosey over to the high school parking lot for partner 4 corners

Corner 1-Heels to Heaven-15 Corner 2-LBC-15 Corner 3-American Hammers-15 Corner 4-Imperial Walkers, I mean Mountain Climbers Dang it-15

Partners go in opposite directions and when they meet do 10 squated hand slaps

10 count and then Mosey to school and grab some wall

Donkey Kicks-20 on your own Squated Air Presses-20 in cadence Squated Jabs-20 Q forgot to mention 20 each arm. Dang it. We did 3 sets and the Bear had to motivate PAX to get on the wall. Sorry Fuse.

Mosey to front of Middle School

Keep same partner. One person ran the loop Other partner did AMRAP-Dips, Step ups, and Inclined Merkins

Ran out of time. Mosey to corner of parking lot, hit the corner and give it all you got to the finish.

It feels good to get back out on more of a consistent basis.  Everyone got in at least 3 miles plus various pain stations. The heart rate stayed up today and proud of how everyone pushed themselves today. Honestly, thanks for the support and banter to carry me through a tough winter. It was much appreciated. Thanks for the support and the opportunity to allow me to lead Hooch. He led from bed this morning. HEYO!!


Chicken Little sending link on free driver safety course sponsored by UPS

Fuse and kids are getting baptized on Sunday. Congrats on your new journey with Christ.

New Region is forming, and it is exciting and great thing not a bad one!!! Think about different areas you can lead and contribute to the group.

Kids play going on tomorrow. Gator Cub to send out a link

Thanks to Akbar for taking us out.

You get a Rock!! You get a Rock!!Everyone gets a Rock!!

PAX-Wolverine, Rubbermaid (R), Chainsaw (R), Chicken Little, Gerber, Posse, Tupperware, Wedding Singer, Zinfandel, Showgirl, Snooky, Gator Cub (R), Jingles, Doughboy, Old McDonald (R), Trojan, Recalculating (R), Dana, My Pleasure, Foundation, Mayhem (FNG), Hollywood, Deadwood, Bottle Cap, Draper (R), Shake n Bake, Dancing Bear

It had been a while since I had been to a workout let alone Q. Went to Cuthbertson on Sunday to scout it all out. I felt like I had a solid plan. On my way home I almost took out fellow brother Fuzebox. I should have hit him #form police. Lol strike that from the comments. 4am hits and the Q juices start flowing. Out the door just shy of 5 to check the gates to ensure they are unlocked. Lets get this going. The 27 PAX had no idea what was coming at them.

DCCS and Disclaimer-Thanks for letting me know I started 4 minutes early Zin. I knew it was going to be a fun workout.

Mosey around the parking lot and Circle up.

20-SSH’s-with the commentary that I was counting to fast. What can I say, I am concerned keeping the heart rate going.

20 Imperial Walkers

20-Merkins-This was to show everyone their would be no cat pee on this day.

Light Pole Alternating Down to Transporters house

10 merkins and 10 Bobby Hurley’s-In honor of the big game this week-for you Recalculating.

Once at the house, everyone grab your rock. This was when the whining starting. Deadwood-“It’s muddy as sh!t over here.”Cry me a river and get your rock.

Back up against the wall in squated position. Your rock straight out for 20 seconds. Then do 20 side to sides with rock. Drop the rock and run up to the intersection and do a burpee. Increase 5 seconds, 5 reps and 1 burpee for 3 laps.

When the 6 is in we mosey over to the track with our rocks in tow. We stopped along the way for an Al Gore to keep everyone together.

After an audible for safety we moved to the far side of the stadium to run steps.

Lap 1-20 squats then up and down each flight with no rocks. Lap 2-20 squats. Carry rock down each flight but on the up you carry the rock over your head. Lap 3-same as Lap 1 but cut short due to time.

Mosey back to the rock pile. Rocks were thrown back down in disgust.

We Moseyed back for circle up where the Ignition group was already back.

Some other highlights from today’s workout: “I want to hide all the rocks in the woods.” “Someone keeps stealing my rock!!””20 seconds holding this rock sucks enough, we have to do more?””DB, Turn off your headlamp. You are blinding everyone.” Thanks Posse!!

Announcements-Welcome Mayhem!!!

March 23-Speed for Need 5K. see Rubbermaid for details

March 9-Briarcrest 5k and 1 mile fun run-See Dancing Bear for details.

March 1-Father daughter date night-ask Gator Cub for the details

March 2-Rock Hill Marathon Relay-Posse sending link on group me.

DoughBoy-Thanks for taking us.

Thank you all for allowing me to lead today. I am sorry if there was confusion or the workout didn’t meet your needs. I was shooting to do something different. It was good to be out with this group again. Sometimes it is impossible for me to get out of bed as I battle some seasonal depression. I have spoken to a few about it. The struggle is real. I wanted to share with you as it is just important to talk about it as it is to fight it each and everyday. Have a blessed day gentlemen.


Pax-see attendance in Flash.

Mosey to Champions Forest school entrance for COP – Various warmup exercises IC

Cross street into Champions Forest 

10 Knee ups at each light to stop sign 

10 Bomb Jacks at each light to cemetery

Cross into Lawson

10 Scorpion Dry Docks at each intersection until Clubhouse

Triple Nickel (5 times at each exercise)

5 pull-ups at swingset

5 Bomb Jacks at top of curb

5 Mike Tyson’s at entrance of pool 

Mosey to my house

Partner up 

P1 Overhead plate runs (4 driveways, 3, 2, 1)

P2 bicep curls

Mosey up Lawson to Millchase hill

10 Merkins at each light

Finish with various 6” planks and a couple sprints