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Field Trip

Well it was time for Dromedary to take a field trip to Bushwood to check out the back 9 after the front was played yesterday. As I pulled into the parking lot 5 min till lift off one other car was there, would people show up? Did they remember the change from other announcements, only time will tell. As cars began rolling in and 6am hit it was time to start going.


  1. Quick Mosey to the front of the school
  2. 20 SSH in cadence
  3. 20 Merkins
  4. Old Man Calf Stretch (best warm-up ever)
  5. 20 Mountain Climbers
  6. 10 Squats

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to Turkey Hunt Ct, for 3 trips of fun
    1. Mosey to circle 20 Big Boys
    2. Mosey back for a Burpee
    3. Then return for 15 and 2
    4. Then 10 and 3
  2. Alternating Mailboxes to the path back to school
    1. 20 LBC
    2. 20 Squats
  3. Mosey to picnic tables
    1. 20 Derkins then hot lap
    2. 20 Dips then hot lap
    3. repeat 15, 10, 5
  4. Mosey back to COT for 2 min of Marry till time was called
    1. Heals to Heaven
    2. American Hammers


  1. Raffle for the 100 Pax Challenge Information on GroupMe
  2. Sight Q School and Q School coming in July
  3. Tomorrow Body Shop at Rea View Posse on Q
  4. This week Spartan info on GroupMe
  5. July 4 Patriot Games at Blackhawk


  1. Goodfella as they are welcoming the new addition to the family

5:30 Impromptu

This week I was texting with Showgirl and he mentioned he enjoyed the 5:30 boot camps. Well yesterday we made a plan to meet at Impromptu for a 5:30 workout. It is with my surprise after a few months I still remembered how to set the alarm and actually woke up on time and made it shortly before 5:30.

Well as 5:30 rolls around it was time to do this.

Warmup Mosey to the front of the middle school for:

  • 20 SSH in cadence
  • 10 Hillbillies in cadence
  • 10 Imperial Walkers in Cadence
  • 20 Merkins
  • Calf Stretch

The Thang:

  • Starting at the path behind the school
    • 1 Burpee at the first light then add 1 for each additional lights ending with 8 at Rudy’s.
  • Wall Sits
    • 20 Air Presses and
    • 20 Jabs
  • Mosey to the tables at the Cafeteria for
    • 20 Derkins
    • 20 Dips
    • 20 Step ups
  • Mosey to steps at the High School for 3 rounds (drop 5 each round)
    • Bottom of Stairs 20 LBC
    • Top of Stairs 20 Mike Tysons
    • Run the path down and repeat 15, then 10.
  • Mosey to circles by the football field for 11’s
    • Top Squats
    • Bottom American Hammers
  • Mosey back for COT


It was great to get out with Showgirl again for some good livin.

I took us out.

The End.


Yesterday evening 4 Pax and 4 2.0’s folded and sorted clothes at Christ Closet for about an hour. Starting in February the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month we will be sorting from 730pm till about 9:00. Come for all or some, 2.0’s and M’s welcome. By the way those boxes in the kitchen were full of new bins.


Don’t Let A Good Wall Go To Waste

Alright Pax substitute Q engaged, due to scheduling I had the pleasure of leading the Pax in the gloom this morning around MRHS for this installment of Dromedary.  Did i plan a Weinke yes will it rain, will it be used? Well nope, not after being called out by a certain Pax when I went to reach for it so here it goes.


  1. 20 SSH in cadence
  2. 20 Merkins
  3. 10 Mountain Climbers in cadence
  4. 15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

  1. Paula Abdul around the globe and around.
    • 10 Merkins up
    • 10 Squats back
  2. Back down the front drive with descending Burpees
    • starting with 5 and dropping 1 at each light back to the start
  3. Indian Run around the High School to the picnic tables at the Middle School.
    • Partner up as a team:
      • Partner 1 runs to the chain completes a Burpee
      • Partner 2 works on
        • 100 Derkins
        • 200 Dips
        • 200 LBC
  4. Hey look at this nice wall
    • Partner 1 runs around the building while the other completes (alternating each lap, 2x each):
      • Donkey Kicks
      • Wall Sits with Jabs
  5. Mosey to the top of the lower lot
    • 10 Big Boys at the top
    • 10 Burpees at the bottom
  6. Plank for the final 2 min till time was called

All Pax pushed themselves hard today and enjoyed the first rain free day of the week. A special thanks to the ones that circled back today to pick up the 6.


  1. Thank you to all that assisted with Christ Closet on Saturday, beginning in February 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 7:30 – 9:00 pm folding and sorting sight at CC.
  2. Gremlin this weekend at UNCC
  3. Foundation on Q at Floater
  4. Gerber on Q at Clyent Dinner tomorrow night 5:30PM at Cuthbertson
  5. Sight Q School first Saturday in February  – Contact Posse  to sign up
  6. Q School Second Saturday in February – Contact Posse to sign up

Next week Gerber on Q at Dromedary

Nails took us out.

Yea Yea It’s a Day Late

Yesterday 11 Pax joined me in the cold of the morning for a beat down at MRHS. The night before after checking the temperature for the AM I knew movement was the name if the game, the Weinke was set and ready.  The plan is always to keep the Pax together and leave no man behind.


  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Merkins

The Thang:

  • Paula Abdul around the side to the globe
    • 10 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 10 Squats
  • Mosey to Middle School Awning and partner up
    • While one runs a half hot lap the other works on
    • 200 LBC
    • 150 Step Ups
    • 100 Derkins
  • 4 Corners half lower lot of HS (4 laps)
    • 5 Burpees
    • 10 Big Boys
    • 15 Merkins
    • 20 Parker Peters


After a 30 degree drop from the day before we had a good turnout, everyone worked hard. Although there was an attempt from a seasoned Pax to hijack the Weinke I was having none of it. Everyone stayed together and looked out for one another.  


  • Bushwood closing down on 12/24 and converge at Watchtower
  • Dromedary will be closed 12/25 and 12/31 Dromedary will converge with Chiseled at Cuthbertson MS 12/31 more to come  
  • 1/11 Christ Closet launch after Commitment and Homecoming (location to come) 8:00am complete the sorting of the remaining bags cleaned up.  
  • Keep the driver and family in of the runner struck in Marvin on Tuesday in your prayers.  
  • Remember headlights and reflective clothing.
  • One Star took us out.

#For Toby (Virtual)

As I woke up this morning with the forecast calling for rain would I be completing a solo ruck or would other lunatics join me for an adventure.

Today 5 Pax from Waxhaw joined me on the virtual #forToby ruck in South Charlotte. For those that do not know Toby was part of F3 Cape Fear who took his life in early October. F3 Cape Fear started a fundraiser for his family and a ruck in Wrightsville Beach for this morning. Knowing we are all family in an attempt to raise awareness I put together a virtual ruck for this morning. The CDC states one person dies by suicide every 12 minutes in the US.

Today along the 12 miles in the gloom and pouring down rain we grew closer, told stories, and laughed. We learned wet bridges are slippery when wet and covered in leaves as well.

After about the 8 mile mark we arrived back at the trail head to Hickory Tavern. We lost 2 Pax and the rest kept moving to round out the 12 miles. Did I mention the rain, this was Forest Gump Rain, rain came down, from the left and right, then started coming up towards the end. We finished the ruck, headed to Hickory Tavern for some 2nd F and more stories.

Overall today was a great time considering the reason for the ruck. We all got to know each other a little more, some of which will be used in the future on The Playhouse when the time is right.

We all have our issues, no one is perfect. if you need to talk reach out to someone close to you. If you see someone struggling reach out, get out of your comfort zone have the talk and be there for him.

#For Toby Virtual Ruck

When 11/23 8am

Where Hickory Tavern Toringdon

What 12 +/- mile ruck

Why for Toby

The CDC reports there is one death by suicide every 12 minutes in the US. This past October it struck our brother F3 Toby out of Cape Fear. He was struggling with what it meant to be a HIM and had reached out to a couple of fellow Pax about meeting one a month to talk about what it means to be a High Impact Man (HIM). A few Pax enthusiastically responded about meeting. Unfortunately less than one week later F3 Toby took his life.

F3 Cape Fear started a fund which will go directly to his wife and kids. A few Pax have agreed to match donations up to $10,000 between now and November 15th. Cape Fear Ruck Club is hosting a 12 mile ruck on 11/23 in Wrightsville Beach. Please consider donating and for all donations received before 11/15 of $20.00 and more they will be sending a #for Toby patch. Donations to be made by Venmo @F3CapeFear, please include your name and mailing address with RUCKforToby in the memo.

We will participate in a virtual ruck Saturday 11/23 8am launching from Hickory Tavern Torrington off of Johnston Rd. We will cover the Lower McAlpine and Four Mile Creek Greenways. Once complete we will have a little 2ndF at Hickory Tavern.

**information received from Cape Fear Ruck Club Facebook.


While reviewing who was on Q this past Tuesday for the following day I realized we did not schedule a Q for the week. I thought what the heck lets do it and rock it out. Well the wrench got thrown in the plans as my M informed me at 9pm that evening that she needed to leave for a meeting at 615 the following morning. At that moment I realized some unsuspecting Pax would be tapped for the final third of the workout. Alright Wednesday morning 5:20am our resident Coke distributor shows up and has more than begrudgingly graciously agreed to wrap it up for me.


  • Mosey to the front of the student lot
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Merkins
  • Old Man Calf Stretch
  • 10 Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

  • Side drive to the globe
    • alternating Carolina
      • Dry Docks and
      • Squats
    • circle back for the 6
  • Globe around to the front of the middle school a little Paula Abdul, and my gosh there are a lot of lights (2 up 1 back)
    • alternate between
      • 5 Mike Tysons
      • 5 Bobby Hurleys (where you at Recalculating)
  • Partner up at the front of the middle school
    • Partner 1 runs the parking lot loop
    • Partner 2 starts
      • 100 Derkins
      • 200 LBC
      • 200 Squats
    • Alternating till complete (this was my exit)
  • Bottle Cap took over and Jail Break to the benches
    • 30 Heel-Touch Squat Box Jumps (glad i was gone for that one)
    • 30 Dips
    • LONG Elbow Plank
    • 10 more Box Jumps


I had a great time leading the Pax for my short stint at Q yesterday. The Pax stayed together and we did not need to circle back for the 6. My apologies for the Paula Abdul, that was a lot of lights. Special thank you to Bottle Cap for wrapping it up.

Happy Birthday to Johnny Utah


  • First Saturday of November Q School/Site Q School Chick-Fil-A Blakeney
  • 11/16 Waxhaw Christmas Party Lawson Clubhouse please sign up if attending

Q Next Week Zinfandel

Playing the loop at Bushwood

Better late than never, and my apologies as yesterday was a busy day.  My time had come to be initiated into this fine upstanding establishment. As I prepared my Weinke and learned Moneyball has made his monthly trip from Rocky Top back to Waxhaw, I knew I needed to keep the Pax moving. As the morning came I rolled in about 30 seconds before my tee time, I completed a drive by DiCCS, asked for FNG’s and we were off.

The Practice Facility:

  • Mosey to the parking lot in front of school
  • 18 SSH in cadence
  • 10 Merkins in cadence
  • Old man calf stretch (flapjack)
  • 10 Mountain Climbers in cadence
  • 4 Low Slow Squats

The First Tee:

  • Mosey to the neighborhood
  • Alternating lights, to the first court on the right
    • 10 dry docks
    • 10 squats
  • Moneyball special The Triple Nickle
    • 5 Burpees
    • 5 Big Boys
  • Mosey to Running Horse then circle back for the 6
  • Alternating trees to the next corner between
    • Bear Crawls and
    • Lunge Walk
  • Mosey to the path back to school circle back for the 6 at each intersection
  • Partner up,
    • while one runs the track
    • The other completes Pull-ups for 2 sets (time running out).
  • Mosey back for COT


As I concluded my initiation into Bushwood I hope everyone had a good workout. We continued to leave no man behind and circled for the 6 as introduced into the 87th worst site in Waxhaw a few months ago. We all stayed together till a couple of Pax decided to run in front of the Q and zigged when they should have zagged into the sidewalk leading to the pull-up bars. They came back and were reunited with the comrades. This site has a lot of opportunities for pain stations as I learned while running the front nine, thank you for the opportunity to be your Starter for the day.


  • 2 CSAUP events on November 9 keep an eye out on Slack and GroupMe not so News Channel
  • Still looking for time to fluff, fold, and sort at Christ Closet leading up to the giveaway on 11/9 keep an eye out shooting for Thursday again but not till 7 more to come.

Moneyball took us out


A few weeks ago the couples life group I am in completed a service project at Christ Closet folding and sorting. This is typically completed by a handful of folks through out the week. With the amount of work to be done I contacted Transporter and Ice 9 for help with gaining access to the home. Access was given and a date on the books for yesterday. Not knowing how much work was completed and how much more would had been received I knew there would be a lot of work to be done. The regular volunteers have been doing a tremendous job as a good portion was cleaned up, but there is still a lot to do thanks in part to the Waxhaw Launch on Labor Day.


  • walk through and get a lay of the land at CC

The Thang

  • fluff, fold, and sort
  • repeat till you need to leave

The Moleskin

6 Pax and a 2.0 came out to assist with folding and sorting at Christ Closet yesterday evening. Thank you to all that came out and for taking time away from your family. We completed a lot of work but there is still a lot to do. I will try to get a crew together once a week leading up to the 11/9 giveaway.