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Get Over The Hump

Alright time to get things started again from traveling away from F3 for a week. As I planed the Winke I soon realized the food and beverage consumption was a bad idea on top of Shakes Q from Watchtower. I hesitated to plan to early as I did not know which muscles would be sore. But as it came time to plan it did not matter they all were. With around a 20 Pax average how can we keep everyone engaged and together, yep bring on the partner work.

As 530 rolled around 20 Pax joined me in the gloom to get things done. DICCS were given and we were off.


  1. Mosey ½ way around the lot
  2. 20 SSH
  3. 20 Merkins
  4. 20 Imperial Walker
  5. 20 Mountain Climbers


  • Mosey to the north east corner of the parking lot
    • Partner 1 grab a rock or boulder, while partner 2 completes Burpees till they return.
    • While partner 1 runs to the top completes a Burpee and back the other Pax works to complete
      • 100 Curls
      • 100 Triceps
  • Mosey to parking lot past the globe.
    • Partner 1 runs to the speed bump (longer than I thought sorry about that) the other partner works to complete
      • 150 American Hammers
      • 200 LBC
  • Mosey to Middle School Entrance
    • Partner 1 runs ½ lap while other works to complete
      • 100 Derkins
      • 200 Squats
  • Back to the rocks which were not returned,
    • Partner 1 runs to the top for a Burpee while the other completes
      • 100 Overhead Presses (time called before we could get to Supines)

Had a great time leading the Pax around the campus this morning, thank you to all that attended. A special thanks to Hollywood for grabbing a boulder. We almost had a decapitation but that was quickly averted with the help of Dancing Bear and Zinfandel.


  • Sight Q School this Saturday 7/13 Cuthbertson Middle 530am contact Posse
  • Q School Saturday 7/20 Cuthbertson Middle Contact Posse
  • Continue to collect the soaps while traveling for Dancing Bear
  • September 14 Prostate Cancer 5K contact Swimmers putting Speed for Need together, pushers needed
  • Crane Relay last weekend in July, need about 3 more people Friday 9am to Saturday 6am.

Goodfella took us out

Both of them

I was asked the other day which hills we would tackle at the old 87, my response was not sure. I honestly had no idea what I was going to accomplish today until yesterday evening. After setting the Winke I hoped it was challenging to the Gazelles and Clydesdale alike. One thing for sure after the past few days there would be no Big Boys.

As the Pax began to arrive 2 FNG’s posted with Stub Hub, welcome Overdraft (R) and Short Sale (R). As 5:28 arrived Zinfandel came in hot, DICCS were given and we were off.


  • Long Mosey to Dreamchasers where Rudy joined us
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 LBC – got to work on thoes Dana abs


  1. Mosey to Cemetery hill completing 5 squats at each intersection
  2. Burpee ladder up and back starting with 1 Burpee ending with 5 (2 round trips)
  3. Mosey back to bridge with 5 squats at each intersection, because hey after the hills you need more leg work.
  4. Bear crawl across the bridge
  5. Mosey to the end of the road next to Dreamchasers alternating 5 Merkins and 5 Squats at each light.
  6. Start with 5 Bobby Hurleys (where is Recalculating) Mosey to BB&T complete 5 more.
  7. Mosey to the bottom of Kim Jong Hill, wait audible we have time lets try to get in 7’s starting with 1 in and out and 6 Merkins at the stop sign till time was called.


Well done Pax, everyone worked hard. This was my second Q at 87 and the possibilities are endless. We had a larger group so I took off a couple of things which I will save for next time.

BB is short and sweet as time is of the essence and Floater has requirements.


  1. Remember to save the shampoos and soaps while traveling for Dancing Bear
  2. Remeber to pray for UNCC,
  3. Signup coming out for Dads camping at Thunderbird

Doughboy took us out.

4th and final installment of this AMRAP

13 Pax braved what is hoped to be the final frost of the spring. It may not be the last but it is the last of this AMRAP, that’s right folks we are changing the course for May. As 5:30 rolled around DICCS was given and we were off to the rock pile.


To refresh the “old” AMRAP course, consisted of 7 stations and timed at 30 minutes. The stations looked like this:

Station 1 – Derkins x (20)

Station 2 – Donkey Kicks x (20)

Station 3 – Jump Squats x (20)

Station 4 – Tricep Extensions x (20)

Station 5 – Bicep Curls x (20)

Station 6 – Overhead Press x (20)

Station 7 – +(1) Burpee per Lap Completed


The Pax worked hard and we had a personal best by the one and only Grease Monkey. There was a lot of groaning going on this time and the rocks were unusually large. One Star shot out of the gate like a cannon trying to keep up with the 2.0. A few Pax went backwards on the first lap to hit the rocks first (smart thinking fellas), then flipped as the Pax strung out. YHC may or may not have bit the dust running up the hill. It was dark if no one witnessed did it happen?

Here are the results:

The Grease Monkey – 5 Laps

Garbage Plate – 6.3

Boitano – 5

Johnny Utah – 5.3

Rockwell – 5

Legalized – 4.6

Pocahontas – 6.3

Soft Pretzel 5.1

Das Boot – 5.3

Lazy Boy – 6

One Star – 6.2

Fiji – 5.5

Dana – 6

Made it back with a few minutes to spare for some of the Pax favorite exercises till time was called.


Fiji has his VQ this Saturday at Da Vinci Saturday

YHC took us out.

Tortoise and the hare at Dromedary

For the second week in a row there is a split Q at Dromedary. Is Dromedary too much for one man to handle? Come on out and see for yourself.  12 Pax braved the gloom of the morning, as we got a shade under 3 miles with one lap around the campus. There was some mumbling and of course the just on time arrival of Jingles.  Goodfella started us of and YHC finished them off.  5:29 the DICCS were given and Utah started to be concerned as he was the only one CPR certified and asked what would happen if he goes down.  5:30 hit and we were off.  


Goodfella started us off with a good warm up lap around the parking lot. Completed were some good old fashioned

Big10s Side Straddle Hops


-Mountain Climbers

-Peter Parker

After the warmup YHC fumbled with the reflective gear while grabbing the phone.

The Thang:

A) Started off with the Starfish/One Star, 3 Burpees in the middle, each return trip and corners were

1 – 10 X Dry Docks

2 – 10 X Speed Skaters

3 – 10 X Jump Squats

4 – 10 X Merkins

B) Then a quick Mosey to the driveway for 10 Merkins at each of the 5 lights to the Globe. 

C) Trip around the globe ¼ way each exercise

1 – Lunge Walk

2 – Hop on Right foot

3 – Hop on Left

4 – Reverse Lunge walk

D) Mosey to the Speed Bumps and partner up, while one partner runs to the light in front of the Middle School the other works on the team total:

1 – 100 X LBC

2 – 100 X Heals To Heaven

3 – 100 X Flutters

As we started this fun event Goodfella rolled out and the YHC took over.

E) Moseyed long way around middle school to Cafeteria, team totals

1 – 50 Derkins

2 – 100 Dips

while the Partner ran to the chains at the sidewalk and back. 

F) Then a final mosey to the lower parking lot for a little March Madness Bobby Hurleys. Partners ran in opposite directions completing 10 Bobby Hurleys each time they met. Most got in 3.5 laps around the lower section till COT.


It was great to be back at Dromedary after a couple of weeks in NJ. The 12 Pax got in a solid workout. Great work fellas, im sure your arms are feeling good right about now.


1 – 3rd F at Five Stones, Sunday Mornings, discussing the Book of Ephesians this week.

2 – DaVinci FNG/Cotter SOB convergence Saturday 630-730 get those new guys out.

3 – Commitment virtual 5 miles, PAX will stay together and get in 5, Saturday 630-730.

4 – Praises for Utah’s Wife with her ongoing successful recovery.

Utah took us out.

Slingin the Rocks at Dromedary WAMRAP

26 strong warriors decided it was perfect weather today to compete against their brothers (and themselves) in the monthly AMRAP at the Marvin Ridge HS small track . Seeing the Pax and amount of 2.0s we had some work to do to keep up.


This was the second installment of the “new” AMRAP course, consisting of 7 stations and timed at 30 minutes. The stations looked like this:

Station 1 – Derkins x (20)

Station 2 – Donkey Kicks x (20)

Station 3 – Jump Squats x (20)

Station 4 – Tricep Extensions x (20) *Note…lifting rocks boulders were larger than normal today!

Station 5 – Bicep Curls x (20)

Station 6 – Overhead Press x (20)

Station 7 – +(1) Burpee per Lap Completed


Everyone worked really hard today, which was evidenced by the fact that there was not much of a gap between us all. We all love to compete, and even when we want to sandbag it, something (our brothers) drives us to over-achieve.

Here are the results:

Delta – 5

Old McDonald – 5

Rubbermaid – 6

Lazy Boy – 5.4

Das Boot – 5.4

Kinish – 6.3

Rudy – 5

Fiji – 5.4

Krusty – 6.3

One Star – 6.3

Galolie – 5

Johnny Utah – 5.3

Grease Monkey – 5

Gator Cub – 5

UAV – 5

My Pleasure – 6

Garbage Plate – 6

Pocahontas – 6

Flipper – 6

Boitano – 5

Ice 9 – 7 – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Bratwurst – 5

Endo – 5

Centerfold – 6

Rockwell – 6

Dana – 5.4


  1. Speed for Need – Dash for Downs is still looking for people reach out to Rubbermaid if interested (speed2019 discount code).
  2. Old McDonald has a couple of baby goats if you want to bring the 2.0s by.

Das Boot took us out today.

A Nice Little Trip Around MRHS

23 men came to follow me around the Marvin Ridge campus on this damp morning.  After a quick review of campus conditions with some pre-runners, I gave the DICCS and we were off at 5:30.  The pack did a great job sticking together, did I run slow or did the Gazelles run slower?

Warm Up:

A mosey to the high school awning had an audible to turn and pick up Jingles and Shank N Bake. At the rear awning the disclaimer was given and we proceeded with:

20 – SSH

20 – Potato Pickers

20 – Merkins (civilian count)

20 – Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Mosey to the front of the high school past the globe to the first island and partner up. While one partner runs to just past the small building by the busses the other is completing:

  • 150 Jump Squats
  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBC

Once completed we moseyed to the sidewalk (watch out for the mud boys) on the south side of the Jr. High and alternated 10 Squats and 5 Big Boys at each light till we circled back into the table area at the rear of the cafeteria.  

Partner up again (new partners), while partner one runs a flag route to the sidewalk chain (hang left a the busses) the other was completing:

  • 200 Derkins
  • 200 Dips

Once completed one more fun fill station which we almost got through before time was called. Yes I called for a Burpee on my modified triple nickel.  It was not 5- 5- 5. It was 10-5-1 so we can call it a Dime Nickle Penny.  From the lower lot by the football field we completed 10 Merkins, ran to the first island, completed a Burpee, then rinse and repeat 5 times.

Learned I need to step it up on intensity as there was not a lot of groaning going on and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Audiles can be a touchy subject in WUC, and I need to put the weinke on the phone or get a headlamp. I appreciate the post COT feedback and will incorporate that into the next Q.


Thank you Johnny Utah for taking us out.  


  1. Continued prayers for Johnny Utahs wife Ginger who is recovering from surgery.
  2. Prayers for Legalized 2 year olds son who is having an MRI this morning.
  3. There is an F3 race each weekend in March
  4. Be on the lookout for the Newsletter, make sure you are signed up on the website
  5. Father Daughter Dance March 1

It’s all about the abs.

For my first Impromptu Q and the Gremlin (still time to sign up) tomorrow preparing the winke was a challenge with staying away from the buses, do we run under 1 mile or over 3. Arriving into the parking lot Chicken Little was starting a pre-run/dance combo that would make any wedding proud. Then a text from an FNG came through saying “I’m on the way”. 

21 Pax were about to enjoy the 3 minutes of preplanning I had completed.  DCCS given with a couple of minutes to spare and Deadwood grabbed the vest and phone, while others confirmed they were CPR certified.

It’s now 5:30 and we mosey to the front of the middle school. The disclaimer was given with an emphasis on not running in front of a bus.

Warm Up:

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 10 Imperial Walkers (audible due to lack of air)

The Thang: – always pick up the 6

Mosey to the road in front of schools alternating lights

5 Merkins

5 Squats

Mosey to middle lot 8 islands alternating

10 LBC

10 Dry docks

Mosey to circle near football field, partner up while one partner runs around the island and back  

150 Supines

200 LBC

Benches behind Middle school new partners partner runs to end of school past classrooms does a burpee and back

100 Derkins

150 Dips

Moleskin :

We ended with just over 3.3 miles. If you did not notice this was the first Q were I called for burpees. The last exercise will need to be saved for next time due to the time where more burpees and merkins were going to be handed out.

Everyone got a good workout in; the gazelles circled back and supported/motivated the 6 to continue. Breadbowl never stops amazing me, how can this 11 year old come out here day in and day out and continue to give it. Dasher made the Quellin participation 100% greatly passing 2 other hoods participation percentages, but we do not want to rub it in.  To all the Pax I am proud of you.

Welcome FNG Kevin Bo-Berry.

Special thanks to Rudy for taking us out today, 2 Qs and prayer this week you are killing it.


Gremlin tomorrow UNCC still time to sign up

Deadwood is looking for Pax for the Spartan in Asheville

Lou is hosting Open Door every Sunday 7am @ Five Stones Church  

What No Clown Car?

17 (1 FNG) Men showed up for YHC first Q at Dromedary on this nice brisk morning. They plan was developed last night and the Winke finalized, will the Pax get through it all,will there be enough on the agenda? All these things were rolling through my head as the Pax started to roll in.


Disclaimer given, and a warm up Mosey to the front of the parking lot as Posse imitated Jingles on the arrival. The Q juice was flowing for the warm up run then the hyperventilating commenced.   

SSH X 20

Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 20

Imperial Walkers X 15 (tried for 20 could not talk any longer)

The Thang:

Started with my version of the 4 corners around the outside of the lower lot:

Lap 1

Corner 1 – 20 Merkins

Corner 2 – 20 Merkins, 20 Squats

Corner 3 – 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 20 Dry Docks

Corner 4 – 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 20 Dry Docks, 20 Big Boys

Lap 2

Corner 1 – 20 Squats, 20 Dry Docks, 20 Big Boys

Corner 2 – 20 Dry Docks, 20 Big Boys

Corner 3 – 20 Big Boys

Corner 4 – by this time the leaders caught the 6 we passed corner 4 and headed to the next bundle of fun in front of the Middle School

The pack stayed together and partnered up, one partner ran the middle school parking lot loop while the other completed:

-100 Derkins

-150 Step ups

-200 Dips

Once completed we Moseyed to the front of the school at the globe. Due to time constraints the last 2 exercises were removed and we Moseyed back for COT. With 2 minutes to go we completed a little Planking led by Goodfella.


I enjoyed leading these fine Men around Marvin Ridge today, and a special welcome to Centerfold (FNG). I think everyone got a good workout in as all the Pax were pushed. I appreciate all the guys coming out and supporting me in this Q. It was a little chilly but not to chilly for a few fellas to wear shorts. Goodfella will be on Q next Wednesday the 26th starting at 6:30am (holiday time).

One Star took us out in prayer.


  1. Prayers for Digits FIA in Lexington who lost her life while working out, 36yr old mother of 3.
  2. Pax may want to consider a Road ID (or similar) as we leave our personal info in cars.
  3. Please consider reflective clothing, headlamps, flashing lights while posting.
  4. Huggie Bear, is home bit of a recovery, continued prayers and support are welcomed.

Did I Mention No Burpees?

It’s been a few months since I started with F3 and I am grateful to Transporter for pushing me to attend.  It was all going swimmingly as the 6 until a comment was made that the 6 is temporary housing not a permanent location. Since then I have been pushing myself to become faster, and now is my time to lead a group of PAX. I attempted to not slow the Gazelles down to much while a challenge for the  Clydesdales. After the highly detailed pre-blast from yesterday evening its time to get it done.



As announced yesterday this would be one of the shortest moseys (yes beating B10’s). We completed some SSH, Potato Pickers, Plank Stretch stuff, and Merkins.


The Thang:

Due to the short warm-up and everyone chomping at the bit to begin running, we ran around Petsmart, in front of Target, past the soon to be Dunkin Donuts, went around the bank to check the traffic on 84. Then we took a right after Chick-Fil-A and ended up in the back of the Target parking lot.

We then completed 4 corners till everyone completed 4 laps (20 LBC, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats, 20 SSH) did I mention I guaranteed no Burpees?

From there we proceed to the pee palace parking lot (Petsmart) for some team building wall work, Jabs, Air Presses, Donkey Kicks, and Mike Tysons (yes still no Burpees) while the partner moseyed around the lot.

We then attempted to complete an Indian Run to the start, note to self no Gazelles in the front of an Indian Run as it turned into a Jail Break.

From there we had 2 minutes to Mary until the time ran out (Heals to Heaven, Situps, American Hammers

Money Ball took us out in prayer.



While it was fun to lead my first Q, I was nervous at the same time. Was I going to push the Gazelles while allowing ample time for the Clydesdales?  Ten minutes in and there was some complaining which I figure is a success. I had a hard time hearing people talk as my ears were beating like a speaker at a Snoop Dog concert. Will I be asked to VQ again, only time will tell?  This workout was not without the Form Police as well calling out the Q on the wall sits.


** Special shout out to all that helped me verify all Pax were accounted for after my video did not save.



  • Joe Davis Run: Early registration ends tomorrow 10/31, race March 9, 2019. (
  • Clyent Dinner: Thursday evening Food Lion parking lot, bring a headlamp. Beers after at Dream Chasers tell a friend, PAX you have not seen in a while.
  • Five Stones bible study: Wednesdays after Chiseled from 6:15 to 7/7:15.
  • When you travel grab the soaps and save for Dancing Bear.

Q School For Beginners

Well the weight is over for Dana’s 1st ed. Backblast. After seven hours coaching a doubleheader baseball game and a softball practice now is the time. Posse and Moneyball were the most energetic teachers. Ready or not hear it comes.


Warm Up           

Dr. Moneyball and Dr. Posse started off by saying this is going to take 45min or 60min, and it will be done when it is done. I did not get nervous till Moneyball said this will be a “light workout”, was he saying this as the sun had risen or would it be an easy one? Only time would tell as we started to mosey around the west parking lot. Once we landed back at the start Posse discussed the importance of knowing how to count. We all learned how to count in preschool and kindergarten correct, but when your heart is beating out of your chest while doing 55 SSH (each student counted in cadence 5) is  a different story.  Big 10 would have been rolling to NSYNC or Boyz II Men as he hightailed it out of the parking lot, but we got through it. Next each student picked an exercise, from LBC, Dollys, Protractors, Merkins, and others we counted off while performing these pleasantries.


The Thang

  • Moseyed to the front of the middle school while trying to keep the PAX together. We then cut through the wet grass, and after picking partners we took turns running the short loop and completing 50 Dips, then 50 Step Ups.
  • Moseyed to the High school steps while Posse provided ways to get the Gazelles to circle back to the 6 or complete a workout while the 6 arrived for the fun.
  • 2 laps around the path while completing Calf Raises, my legs thank you Jingles.
  • As the fire in my lungs subsided Triple Nickle was mentioned, 5 laps running down to the middle light and complete 5 Burpees then up to the top for 5 Squats. I tried to count but I was more concerned with my heart staying in my chest by this point.
  • Back to the front middle school parking lot for a Starfish which consisted of 4 corners and a “center of the universe”, we completed 5 Low Slow Squats on the points, and 5 Speed Skaters in the center.
  • Then the Shawshank (Jail Break) back to the start for COT.


The Moleskin

  • Posse and Moneyball were good teachers and the class was informative and had great words of wisdom for the young grasshoppers
  • Don’t let Moneyballs shoes get wet.
  • Everyone had great questions and realized there was more to VQ than we thought.


  • A couple of more Indian Land shirt orders are needed to send to print.
  • Meet at McDonalds for more instruction (due to ball and other responsibilities I was not able to attend)
  • COT can be closed out in other ways than with a prayer, Dr. Posse.