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Rain Rain Stay Away From Cerberus

It was a dark and stormy morning…  Actually, the storms thankfully stayed away and we were just left with a swampy day in South Charlotte.  15 PAX showed up with no clue who was on Q or what to expect since @Transporter decided to crush FNG day the week prior with parking garage hair burners (really???).  Imagine the look of disappointment when they realized there was a South Charlotte Clydesdale leading them this morning as opposed to the usual six pack crew.


The Warmup

  • Circle Up / Give disclaimer
  • Quick mosey around the parking lot
  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • Merkins x 10
  • Potato Pickers X 10

The Thang

  • Station 1 – Parking lot merkin suicides
    • Run from start to 1st island – 1 merkin
    • Run back to start – 2 merkins
    • Run from start to 2nd island – 3 merkins
    • Run back to start – 4 merkins
    • …..
    • Run from start to 6th island – 11 merkins
    • Run back to start – 12 merkins
    • Marry for 6
  • Station 2 – Partner work
    • Mosey to green belt
    • Team total = 200 box jumps + 200 dips
    • P1 = exercise
    • P2 = run around the circle
    • Marry for 6
  • Station 3 – Parking garage fun
    • Mosey to the parking garage
    • Ascent to top deck = 5 burpees at the beginning and end of each ramp
    • Descent to ground floor =  5 merkins at top of each ramp / 10 squats at the bottom of each ramp w/ a return to the top of that ramp before descending to the next one
  • Station 4 – 4 corners
    • Mosey to Desano’s Pizza / lap around building
    • Corner 1 = 10 merkins
    • Corner 2 = 20 LBCs
    • Corner 3 = 10 merkins
    • Corner 4 = 20 LBCs
    • Total of 2 laps
  • Mosey back to the start
  • Complete


  • 3rd F Sanctuary – Monday’s 7:30pm at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel – Will begin a book studying the Proverbs
  • 2nd F Pool Party – Lawson pool (6/8/18, 8:00pm) – Cost = $40/family which covers life guards, pizza, and beer as well as contributing to the Sandbox fund which is an account to be used for F3 service opportunities without having to ask for donations each time.


  • I truly enjoyed being on Q today and catching up with some guys I had not seen in a while (Brat, Wild Turkey, Madison, Das Boot, Bunker, Mighty Might) as well as posting for the 1st time with others (Astro, Billy Goat, Laronda, No Regerts, Uncle Leo, Zeek Face – who left early and almost cause a throw down as YHC mistook Billy Goat calling his name out in COT for a new nickname I was getting 🙂 )
  • Dirty Bird & Shop – We see each other all the time, but it’s still good to post with you
  • The group crushed it today.  This was supposed to be a lite day for YHC due to tomorrow’s Savage Race, and me being too Clydesdale-ish to post the day before such an event, but @Transporter suckered me into Qing on this fine morning about a month before, so here we were.
  • For those who can do coffee-teria in the future, it’s well worth the time to get to know your F3 brothers a little more.  Thanks to Shop for sponsoring this morning!

Monday is for Wine-ing

The morning looked and sounded like many Union County mornings…  Beautiful sunrise, perfect temps, a large number of PAX gathering in the Cuthbertson Middle School parking lot (with Jingles rolling in at his traditional 5:32am).  Like most Damascus Qs, there was a lot of anticipation around MTM with jokes about partner carries, bridal carries, etc. (some not suitable to publish)…  Needless to say, everyone was shocked with how the morning progressed.



  • Long mosey around the side AND front parking lots (mumble chatter already started how this was not usual for a MTM)
  • Circle Up
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • That’s all (I can almost feel Frack being proud)


The Thang

  • Mosey to sidewalk
  • Run to Transporter’s Shed
    • Alternate lights 10 squats / 10 merkins
    • Faster guys circle back to finish with the 6
  • Partner Up at Transporter’s Shed
    • 100 Mike Tysons (team)
    • P1 = Mike Tysons
    • P2 = Run to lights and back (going an extra light each time)
    • This is where YHC made his 1st faux pa – In my over zealous concern for time, I gathered the group and took off to the next station leaving Fuse Box ~100 yards away at the last light.  Thankfully Delta and GoodFella circled back for him – My humble apologies
  • Mosey to locker room entrance
    • This is where the PAX almost revolted and there was some comments about how partner carries may be a better choice….
    • 150 Burpees (team)
      • P1 = burpees
      • P2 = Run to circle and back
    • PAX were wasted at this point, but we we still had 10 min left to go
  • Mosey to front of Middle School
    • Stop 1/2 way to allow 6 to catch up (jump squats)
    • 200 Dips
      • P1 = Dips
      • P2 = Run to far curb and back
  • Quick 10 count
  • Jail Break to start
  • 1 min of Hammers
  • DONE!


  • Sanctuary – Tonight, 7:30 Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.  Discussion around next study.
  • 3rd F – Sunday 7:00-8:00 Bible Study at Five Stones Church – Book of John
  • Welcome back to Duck Dad who honored his HC after being EHd at the Lawson pool

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

14 PAX, including 2 FNGs (Welcome Huckleberry and Harry Carey!) turned out on a beautiful Union County morning to see what YHC had in store for a Watchtower post. Would MTM carry over to Tuesday? Would Frack bring another FNG?

Much to everyone’s surprise, Touchless Tuesday was in full effect. Pleanty of partner work, but no partner carries, no partner pushes, not even some hand-slap merkins. Without the MTM go-to options, what would a Damascus Q entail? The answer? A workout inspired (some would say stolen) from Goodfella’s Easter beat down.

Pre-warm-up mosey to opposite side of school (aka the rock pile) where a quick but eloquent disclaimer was provided for our FNGs.


The Warm-up

  • SSH x 30 (IC)
  • Merkins x 20 (IC)
  • Moroccan Night Club x 20 (IC) – YHC almost lost Frack at this point, but the proximity to the rock pile had him curious enough to stick around and see where this thing was going…


The Thang

  • Station 1 (P1 = Run to far speed bump, 5 burpees, and back / P2 = Exercises)
    • Pick a lifting rock
    • 200 total curls
    • 200 total shoulder presses
    • 200 total triceps extensions
    • 200 total rows
  • Mosey to bridge
  • Station 2 (P1 = Run to the school, 5 burpees, and back / P2 = Exercises)
    • 200 total supines
  • Mosey to wall
  • Station 3 (P1 = Run back to bridge, 5 burpees, and back / P2 = Exercises)
    • 200 total dips
  • Mosey back to parking lot w/ stops along the way
    • Walkway before bridge = 5 burpees
    • Far side of bridge = 5 burpees
    • Parking lot = 5 burpees
  • 4 min of Mary
  • Done!





  • Welcome to our 2 new FNGs Huckleberry (due to his son being named Wyatt), and Harry Carey (due to his love of the Cubs – note – we almost named him Cardinal, but there was an audible called just prior to the COT)
  • Frack’s new streak of no FNGs continues to grow as big as his love for yoga-inspired warm-ups and COT
  • We found that Deflated cannot be heard during Mary
  • Thank you to Posse for roping me into a rare Tuesday Q

Burpee 2.0

It was a 2.0 frenzy today as 5 of the 14 PAX were 2.0.  The PAX seemed overly concerned with punctuality and cleanliness today with constant time checks starting around stop 3 and reminders that the rocks needed to be returned to their proper place.  I’m not sure if this was due to the PAX pure concern that the rocks stay with their brethren or if they were just sick of doing burpees.   Don’t fret – we both ended on time and left the location as we found it.



  • Quick lap around the parking lot
  • Disclaimer provided
  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 20 IC
  • Imperial Squawker x 20 IC
  • Cherry Pickers x 15 IC


The Thang

  1. Stop 1
    • Mosey to East side of school
    • 10 burpees on your own
    • Partner 1 (timer) – 1 lap around buses
      • Modifier = cut through the buses to shorten the lap
    • 10 handslap merkins
    • Partner 2
      • Round 1 = box jumps
      • Round 2 = donkey kicks
      • Round 3 = balls to wall
  2. Stop 2
    • Mosey to rock pile and pick up a lifting Rock
    • 10 burpees on your own
    • Round 1 = clean and press x 12 / run to school and back
    • Round 2 = curls x 12 / run to school and back
    • Round 3 = triceps extensions x 12 / run to school and back
  3. Stop 3
    • Mosey to bridge
    • 10 burpees on your own
    • Partner 1 (timer) = run to top of steps / 2 burpees
    • Partner 2 = supines
    • Repeat for 3 rounds
      • Modifiers = run to bottom of stairs  vs. to school / squats vs. burpees
  4. Stop 4
    • Mosey to 1/2 wall
    • 10 burpees on your own
    • Partner 1 (timer) = run to gate at top of hill / 2 burpees
    • Partner 2 = dips x 12
    • Repeat for 3 rounds
      • Modifier = squats vs. burpees
  5. Stop 5
    • Mosey to bridge
    • Lunge walk across bridge
    • 10 burpees on your own
    • Partner 1 (timer) = run to top of steps / 10 box jumps
    • Partner 2 = supines
    • Repeat for 2 rounds
      • Modifier = squats vs. burpees
  6. Stop 6
    • Mosey to rock pile
    • 10 burpees on your own
    • Lifting rock curls x 12
    • Return rocks to pile
      • Modifier = squats vs. burpees
  7. Stop 7
    • Jail break back to front of school
    • Finish with 10 burpees on your own
      • Modifier = squats vs. burpees


  • As a group, we did 82 burpess throughout the course of the morning which are YHC’s least favorite exercise which begs the question why I would have purposely subjected us to them.
  • Popeye brought out 2 new FNGs.  Keeping with the day’s theme, these were 2.0s.  Welcome to Spinach (obviously based on the Popeye connection) and Flatfoot (not sure if this was a Navy shot or the way he was stomping around the course today).
  • The 2.0s did great keeping up and modifying where needed.  I think they all got a new respect for their dad’s after today’s posting.
  • As previously stated, there was a lot of concern over time (Fuse Box).  I’m guessing that his trifecta Q tour has made him overly focused on getting PAX in and out.
  • Bottle Cap seemed equally concerned about the rocks.  My guess is that he was trying to send subliminal messages to Toast about cleanliness.

A quick shout out to F3 Nation participants in the P200.  Why anyone would purposely run 200 miles is inexplicable, but we’ll trust they know what they’re doing and will return safely.

It Looked Good On Paper

8 PAX showed up in the sub-freezing temps of downtown Waxhaw for a Thursday episode of MTM.



  • SSH X 30 IC
  • Imperial Sqawkers X 30 IC
  • Potato Pickers X 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs X 20 IC


The Thang

  • Mosey to Church Street and partner up
  • Series 1 – 3 rounds
    • P1 = wall step ups
    • P2 = jog to stop sign (~40 yards) / 10 merkins / return
    • P1/P2 = 10 hand-slap merkins
  • Mosey to top of Flotater Hill
  • Series 2 – 2 rounds
    • P1/P2 = jog to bottom of hill
    • P1/P2 = 5 burpees
    • P1 = Partner carry to top of hill
    • P1 / P2 = 10 squats
    • Flapjack
  • Mosey to Coffee Shop
  • Squats waiting for 6
  • Mosey to Train Loop
  • Series 3 – 2 rounds
    • Station 1 = 30 dips
    • Station 2 = 10 burpees
    • Lunge across bridge
  • Series 3
    • Bearway to Heaven
      • 5 burpees
      • Bear crawl to 1st light
      • 4 burpees
      • Bear crawl to 2nd light
      • 3 burpees
      • Bear crawl to 3rd light
      • 2 burpees
      • Bear crawl to 2nd light
      • 1 burpee
    • Series 4
      • 2 minutes of Mary
    • COT



  • Union County Happy Hour tonight – 7:30pm @ Wesley Chapel Hickory Tavern
  • Open Door – Bible study – 7:00am @ McDonalds at Cuthbertson/Providence
  • Sandbox – Opportunity to help a local family this Saturday – Foundation to publish link



Sandbagger Monday

It was an unusually warm morning in the UC where 19 PAX decided that they had nothing better to do on a Monday morning.  There were high expectations that a Monday Damascus Q would result in a lot of partner carries, but to everyone’s surprise, partners were replaced with sandbags.  Based on grumblings, I’m not sure which the PAX prefer…

PAX – Goodfella, Dasher, Ackbar, Foundation, Doughboy, Mad Dog, Rose, Legal Zoom, Dirty Bird, Transporter, Stub Hub, Cha Ching, Posse, Fuse Box, Hollywood, Longhorn, Hooch, FNG (Rabies)


Disclaimer Given


  • Quick lap around side parking lot
  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 10
  • Imperial Sqwaker – x 15


The Thang

  1. Grab a sandbag and mosey to front of school
    • Team of 3 – 3 Laps Each
    • P1 – 1/2 lap
    • P2/3 – Squat thrust sandbag pass
  2. Leave sandbags and mosey to side of school
    • Team of 3 – 2 Laps Each
    • P1 – Squats AMRAP
    • P2 – Frog Leaps (hand must touch ground) x 20 yards / Walking Lunges
  3. Team of 3 – 2 Laps Each
    • P1 – Sandbag clean and press
    • P2 – Jump Squats
    • P3 – 1/2 Lap
  4. Team of 2 – Handslap Merkins x 2


Named our FNG, courtesy of Mad Dog – Welcome Rabies!!


  • Sanctuary – Monday night, 7:30 – Brooklyn Pizza
  • Speed for Need looking for pushers for Run for Jen 5k
  • Brolympics Saturday, 2/24





25 PAX showed up with high expectations of partner work.  YHC, sporting a Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Hat (per Posse, all Qs are to wear pink this week) to draw attention to this Saturday’s Susan B Komen race in Charlotte where F3 and Speed for Need will be in full force.  Based on the non-stop grumblings, I’d say partner expectations were not only met, but possibly exceeded.

  • SSH IC X 30
  • Low Slow Squat IC X 15
  • Merkin IC X 15
  • Downward Dog calf stretch
  • Potato Pickers IC X 15
The Thang
  • Mosey to sidewalk and partner up
  • Round 1
    • Partner 1 = partner carry to light
    • Both partners = 5 burpees
    • Flap Jack
    • Repeat to end of sidewalk
    • Faster groups circle back for 6
  • Mosey to HS stairs
  • Light Mary 1/2 way to allow 6 to catch up
  • Round 2
    • Partner 1 = wheelbarrow carry up stairs
    • Both partners run to end = 10 Mike Tysons
    • Repeat 2 rounds per partner
  • Mosey to front of MS
  • American Hammer 1/2 way to allow 6 to catch up
  • Round 3
    • Partner 1 = Box Jumps (100 for team)
    • Partner 2 = Lap around front parking lot
    • Switch after each lap
    • Partner 1 = Dips  (200 for team)
    • Partner 2 = Lap around front parking lot
    • Switch after each lap
    • Partner 1 = Squats  (50 for team)
    • Partner 2 = 1/2 Lap around front parking lot
    • Switch after each lap
    • Peoples Chair w/ air presses to allow 6 to complete
  • Mosey to side parking lot
  • Round 4
    • Group sprints (approx 30 yards)
    • 4 sprints total
  • Circle up
  • Qs wear pink this week
  • Pray for victims in Vegas
  • Susan B Komen race this Saturday
  • Gator Cub may be pushing to have a name change to Jiminy Cricket by reminding us to let our conscious be our guide when posting in Group Me…  In light of Eph 4:29 (“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”) he is probably right…

Look PAX – No Hands

10 Pax, including 2 FNGs showed their metal today at Watchtower.  At last count, Frack’s FNG invite total remains at a staggering 0.  I think he wants to keep his workouts with Doc all to himself…  There was a lot of early (and late) chatter about ‘hands on’ partner work, but YHC took it easy on the crew with only 1 exercise.


PAX – Dougboy, GatorCub (R), Red Rider, Run Flat, Good Fella, Posse, Jingles, Damascus, Beltway (FNG), Dr Beans (FNG)



  • Parking lot lap
  • SSH (IC) x 30
  • Cherry Pickers (IC) x 15
  • Calf Stretch
  • Merkin (IC) x 15


The Thang

  • Mosey to side of school
  • Partners
    • P1 = Exercise – 200 squats / 100 box jumps / 100 donkey kicks / 100 merkins
    • P2 = 1 lap
    • Switch
  • Mosey to upper parking lot / Grab lifting rock
  • Individual (5 rounds)
    • Clean & press w/ rock x 10
    • Lunge to 1st light
    • Bear crawl back to start
    • Repeat
  • Partners
    • 10 curs w/ rock (each)
    • Wheelbarrow to 1st light (P1)
    • 5 burpees (each)
    • Wheelbarrow to start (P2)
  • Individual – Suicides
  • Mosey back to start



  • Pray for family of girls who were recently killed in a car accident in Weddington
  • Susan B Komen race – 10/7 – Sign up to run, volunteer, push the SFN Chariots, or donate to this great cause
  • Isabella Santos race – 9/30 in Ballantyne – SFN Chariots will be present



  • Welcome to the 2 new FNGs – Beltway and Dr. Beans
  • No merlot today, but I believe history was made today with Good Fella’s 1st tapout, bringing a hush to the crowd
  • Cotters to Red Rider, fresh from shooting range and Doughboy from his grueling trip to Europe
  • McFly is still missed – Speedy recovery brother!

Union County Convergence

Convergence (Noun) /kənˈvərjəns/ –  the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity


27 strong, brave men converged on Sun Valley Middle School on a beautiful sun soaked June morning for the latest Union County Convergence post.


Several gluttons for punishment (Double E, Madison, Goodfella, Transporter, Shop Dawg (R), and Damascus), presupposing that the Q of only 1 year could not bring the heat, decided a pre-run of varying distances was required to burn the required number of calories.  This was especially curious given one of these men (YHC) was on Q.  You will have to ask them if this was a good or bad idea.


Warm Up

  • Quick parking lot lap
  • Circle Up
  • Disclaimer provided (don’t hurt yourself, don’t sue, blah, blah, blah)
  • SSH X 30
  • LSS X 20
  • Merkins X 15
  • Mountain Climbers X 20


The Thang

  • Groups of 3 – At least 1 man needed to be someone you do not normally post with
  • Hair burners – Squats / Merkins on each end – 3 rounds
  • Mosey to bus lot
  • Partner Up (twosomes) – Again, with someone you do not normally post with
    • Alternate partners – 1 Exercise / 1 lap around buses
    • 100 box jumps (team)
    • 200 dips (team)
  • Flutters / planks for 6
  • Mosey to path between schools (plank 1/2 way for 6)
  • Partner carries to soccer field (I’m not positive, but it may have been 5-6 miles)
    • Faster partners circle back (still in partner carry) to join 6
  • Bearway to Heaven (turned out to be a HUGE crowd favorite based on all the chatter)
    • Bear crawl 5 yard / 10 burpees
    • Bear crawl 5 yards / 9 burpees
    • Bear crawl 5 yards / 8 burpess
    • ……….
    • Bear crawl 5 yards / 1 burpee
    • PAX showed great comradely by volunteering to finish the last 2 bear crawl / burpee segments with the 6
  • Mosey to obstacle course
  • Morning Calls
    • 2 groups
    • 1 person does max pull-ups (up to 10)
    • Remaining PAX perform 1 merkin for each pull-up
    • Alternate until all PAX have completed pull-ups
    • Repeat but substitute squats for merkins
  • Partner Carry back to Parking Lot
  • 4 minutes of Mary (some confusion during the protractor)
  • It’s a Wrap



  • F3 Dads is starting up and will run all summer – Each Saturday at 09:00 at Francis Beatty Park
  • New UC Post on Wednesday’s at Stalling Elementary – Moderate workout
  • Sanctuary (3rd F) – Monday’s at 19:30 at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel – Current book = Unoffendable
  • F3 Nation removing regional BBs from website – Each Region will create their own (older posts will be ported in)
  • Welcomed FNG (Chastain)



  • This was my 1 year F3 anniversary.  I cannot express what a honor it has been to work out each with such an amazing group of men.  You push me, encourage me, make be laugh, and waste a lot of my time (Group Me Memes… ).  I am a better man today than I was a year ago thanks to God and you brothers.  Thank you for the privilege of getting to know you.
  • Welcome to Chastain – Solid 1st post, as he pushed through every exercise like a champ.  We expected him to tear his shirt off at the end (per his namesake), but were happy that didn’t happen. We look forward to his return at a UC post in the immediate future.
  • Thank you to the men of Outpost for hosting this convergence and allowing a guest Q in honor of the 1 year.  You have a solid group of men and I for one will look to post with you again in the future.
  • Shout out to Bonhoffer, who despite being pancaked by Popeye during the 1st partner carry, pushed on through the remainder of the workout.
  • Another shout out to the PAX as a whole for lifting a struggling brother out during Bearway to Heaven and encouraging him through the end.

Peace – Damascus

Low Carb Anger

5 Pax came out for a workout inspired by a day of low carbs suggested by @Kid Rock after his Fuel even on Tuesday aimed at inspiring the fat and thin alike to healthier eating.



  • SSH x 50
  • Mountain Climbers x 25
  • Calf Stretching
  • Moroccan Night Club x 15

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Playground
  • Partners – 5 rounds
    • Partner 1 = 10 Pull Ups
    • Partner 2 = burpees until Partner 1 completes
  •  Move to Parking Lot / Grab a lifting rock
  • Rock Clean & Press – 25 / 20 / 15/ 10 (passing rock to left after each set)
  • Mosey to Flag Pole by baseball fields (pause for LBCs x 50 and Supermans x 15 along the way)
  • Hill Countdowns – Run down hill and back up / Squats at top – 25 / 20 / 15/ 10/ 5
  • Most back to Parking Lot (pause for 50 reverse LBCs)
  • AMRAP box jumps (done until Popeye reached 50 step ups)
  • Parking Lot Suicides x 10
  • Rock Clean & Press – 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 (passing rock to left after each set)