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Hope You Like BRR Training but also strength

our route

14 of us gathered in the gloom on the day with the longest amount of sunlight but not the longest day (they’re all equal).  Here’s what we did:

Run to the end of Foxworth, circle up

Shhhhh SSHX21


Run to corner of Bedfordshire & Dulverton, gather the PAX

OYO run down to Bedforshire & Lancer, do 10 Mercans, return for One Eye led Mary

OYO return to B&L for 10 Mercans, turn right, do 10 Squats at Lancer & Londontowne, return for One Eye led Mary

OYO return to B&L for 10 Mercans, L&L for 10 Squats, do 10 MonkeyHumpers at Londontowne & Dulverton, return for One Eye led Mary

Be sure and hit all the corners with exercises on your way back

10 count for Q to catch his breath

Run to OP Football Field for a round of “O God Why Me” up to 6 and back down

Return to parking lot for 1 minute of mary.



Hightower is having a baby very soon, good for him to still be posting into his 3rd trimester.  No, it’s his M that’s having the baby.  Congratulations! And we’ll see you in a few months.

Potentially one of the best AO’s on Rea Rd on Thursday’s at 530AM, it’s always a pleasure to lead or post here.  No sandbaggin’ today, everyone was pushin’ hard to get back up that (only .25) hill.  Thanks to Marge & Queen for the opportunity.


Hot, Muggy, & Sneaky 3 Miles

Image result for crossing the dmz

12 PAX assembled in the gloom to start of their Thursday right. Here’s what they did:

Run around the parking lot for a warm up & circle it up



Low, Slow SquatX20


Run to Windyrush & wait for the 6

Monkey HumpersX20 IC

Run to Foxworth, gather the PAX

7’s on the hill, Mercans at the bottom, Squats at the top

Indian run back to Rea Rd.

Run to the playground

1 partner runs around the school, the other does 5 pull ups, 10 mercans, 20 squats X2

Change to 10 LBC’s, 20 Dollies, 30 Flutters

Back to the parking lot for 10 Fire Hydrants on each leg


PAX did an excellent job sticking together, despite the copious amount of backfiring from the Q due to a chicken burrito last night.  Also, when did Rea Rd become an obstacle course? There must have been 6 or 7 hazards called out by the PAX in less than 1 block.  Mailbox, shrubs, bus stop sign, narrow walk, firehydrant, another mail box…..


Memorial Day Convergence

Thanks to Marge & Queen for the opportunity to lead one of my favorite workouts.  I’ll see ya’ll back on Flag Day.


4 or Less? Anyone? Anyone?

4 braved the freezing temperatures for this weeks edition of Peak 51.  As YHC left his warm apartment, he noticed the office fountain was frozen.  It’s gonna be a good day.

Here’s what you missed:

Run around the parking lot

Run to the parking lot behind the school and square up for (in cadence):



Monkey Humpers

Fire Hydrants

It’s cold and we need to get moving so we do BLIMPS across the parking lot



Imperial Walkers

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks


When done with this lets do some People’s Chair while each one of us does 5 burpees one at a time

Run around the the front of the church for:

10 Bulgarian Squats (each leg)

20 Sit ups

From here it’s basically a ring run.

Head across the street for a round of:

20 Money makers/drop it like it’s hot



Head back to the AO running backwards (bernie sanders) up the hill.

In the parking a little more time to kill with Mary so:






Wow, YHC almost cried when he got back in his car.  2+ sets of gloves were necessary for this workout.  Every time it seemed your hands would warm up, we’d drop to the ground or grab some cold metal and get cold all over again.  Thanks for the take out, Lois.  It was a good reminder to be grateful for even these coldest of days.  Thanks Sensei for the opportunity to freeze, er…lead.

9 Strong&Fast

9 Strong&Fast showed up for the midweek edition of Area 51’s best and toughest workout on Hwy 51.  Here’s what they did:

Quick lap around the parking lot, circle up


Copperhead SquatsX20

Monkey HumpersX20

Mountain  ClimbersX20

Head down to the track for partner BLIMPS

One partner runs, the other does a called exercise



I-mperial walkers


P-lank jacks


Switch to lunges going down the track while your partner runs, flapjack

Switch to reverse lunges while your partner runs, jog it in together

Pit stop area at the end of track which included: LBC’s, dollies, flutter kicks, the Protractor

Up to the parking lot for 5 burpees….that’s it!


Huggy Bear has gotten a lot faster since the last time I saw him.  We were running together, pushing the pace, then Purell blows past us like we’re standing still.  Of course, he and his partner Cheese Curd (who is also fast) almost lapped the entire PAX.  Whim was quite taken with the shooting star, another reminder of the amazing world created for us.


Celebration party for Dumpster Fire at a (the) bar in Pineville.  See twitter for details.

Answers will be given to questions such as:

*Who will carry Councilman Fire’s football? My nomination is Spackler.

*Who’s good enough with photoshop to add DF’s 2.0 under his Resolute Desk?

and most importantly…

*Will Pineville be the recipient of several large federal grants for more Pull-up Bars?

I think there’s a Christmas party somewhere, sometime but no one mentioned it.

“This sucks”, – Curd

An even 8 braved tumbling temperatures for this week’s installment of Hydra.  Here’s what they did/you missed:

Run around the parking lot


10 burpees

Squats IC

9 burpees

Wind Mills IC

8 burpees

Fire Hydrant right IC

7 burpees

Fire Hydrant left IC

6 burpees

Low, slow Squat IC

5 burpees

Flutter IC

4 burpees


3 burpees

Dollies IC

2 burpees

Something YHC can’t remember IC

1 burpee

Over to the playground, partner up

Partner 1 runs around the school, partner 2 does a called exercise

First exercise: combined total of 200 ‘Mercans

Second exercise: combined total of 300 Squats

Third exercise: combined total of 350 LBC’s

Back to the parking lot to listen to The Police’s best song, Roxanne

Mercan’s on Roxanne, Plankjack on Redlight

Finish with a bit of Mary

Excellent takeout by 1 Eye


It’s been awhile since YHC has been down to his favorite Thursday workout on Rea Rd. Sounded like everyone was gearing up for an awesome Thanksgiving next week. Turkey Trot, anyone? Thanks to Queen & Marge for the opportunity to lead, hope to be back soon.

Hydra Pre-Blast

Lace up your runnin’ shoes, gents.  We’re going for a good, hard yog.

In case you get there late…take a right out of OPE parking lot, right at the HT, run to Summerlin, turn around and come back to OPE, plank it up & wait for 6.  There will be more after that, most of it will involve running and maybe some sort of light calisthenics.

See you in the gloom.


Anti Anti-Soccer Arms Workout

23 of A51’s finest came together this morning to get a few miles in as well as some pushups and a few other exercises. If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed:

Warm up 2 laps around the parking lot.
20SSH in cadence
10IW, supposed to be in cadence but was more OYO due to YHC’s awful rhythm

Run the 1/2 mile to Rising Meadow
At the base of Rising Meadow we begin some 7’s
Monkey Humpers at the bottom, jump squats at the top.

Partner up, carry your partner to the end of Rising Meadow. When you get tired switch.

Head back to the intersection of Woodfox. Divide into 1’s and 2’s.
American Indian run back to Strawberry Ln. The teams tied.

10 Mercans for each team since no team won the American Indian run.

Down to the football field for some Carolina choo-choo.

Team 2 won that one. Winning team = 5 burpees, losing team = 10 burpees.

Back up to the parking lot to kill some time doing more burpees for the next minute. Get your $’s worth.

Great group out today and everyone was pushing really hard. The hill on Rising Meadow needs a name. I really wanted to see the end of Rising Meadow, and now I can say I’ve been there. We almost got in 3 miles today. If we hadn’t done the choo-choo we might have gotten there.  Can we no longer add photos to backblasts?

F3 Dads
Whetstone mentoring program
F3 golf

9 Headed Hydra

9 of Area 51’s finest showed up today to take advantage of the incredibly mild weather, the pollen, and to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits. Here’s what they did/you missed:

*Run the mile down to Fox…hill?
*7’s on the hill, burpees at the top and squats at the bottom.
*A few Imperial Walker crowd pleasers
*Run back to the the school.
*Wait, stop the second left turn for a 1/2 mile Indian Run up the last hill.
*To the playground for some Cindy.
*5 pullups, 10 ‘mercans, 15 squats while your partner runs around the school.
*Flapjack and rinse & repeat again.
*Wall Sits with 50 air presses
*AYG from one parking lot to the other.
*5 burpees OYO.

What a great morning to be out. After yesterday’s heavy lifting at Death Valley I felt the need to get some miles in. Never too early to start training for the BRR. Marge and Queen were leading the way on 7’s, even had a race on the last leg. Not sure who won but it looked like they had ample to recover by the time most of us got to the bottom of the hill. Bounce admitted in complete confidentiality to YHC that he was terrified of a metro workout, #noshameinyourgame. Puddin’ Pop may have wanted to race from the hill back to the school but settled for an Indian run instead. Nuke is still rockin’ the headlamp. Whenever he passed me, YHC could have sworn there was a car approaching. Harley may have been the most consistent of any of us, strong and steady the whole way. Where did Good Hands get his fifth gear there on the final sprint? #borrowedapagefromusainbolt’splaybook. Finally, Gummy kept trying to rattle YHC with his mumblechatter, questions about countdowns, and requests for Imperial Walkers, stretching, downward dogs, ummmmm. However, YHC was not to be rattled by his razzing. Ice water in these veins.

Seems like there was a bit of discrepancy in our mileage. I think someone’s GPS said 4.3 while another GPS said 3.2. Agree to round up to the nearest 10?

COT for Area 51 this Sunday. The address is 801 North Tryon Street. Just look for the big blue sign that says INNOVATION INSTITUTE. We should be there by 620AM.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead and to grow stronger in every way.

Better late than never

I apologize for the lateness of this post. Pancake and pajama birthday parties for nieces sometimes trump backblasts. 11 of A51’s finest showed on Saturday morning, including a few new faces. Here’s what you missed:

The thang
Warm up laps around the parking lot
Butt kickers & high knees
Enough of this warm up stuff, head over to the hill behind the school
7’s with Burpees at the top and squats at the bottom
Head back to the playground for…
5 pullups, 10 Mercans, 15 Freddie Mercuries, repeato until YHC says stop.
Head over to the other parking lot…
lunge walk across, then backwards back across (apparently YHC really likes lunge walks)
Head to the Bball court…
Jack Webb up to 5 and back down.
A little PAX led Mary which included: dollies, LBC’s, Rosalitas, etc…
Back to the parking lot for some sprinting back and forth.
Since we didn’t have a PAX in a multiple of 3 it got a little odd. Math isn’t YHC’s forte. However, YHC and Floppy Stick adapted, overcame, and simply charged back and forth along with everyone else in a dynamic duo instead of a triumvirate.

Back to base for announcements and a take out.

Welcome FNG Vila (Dave), who also got a respect out of the PAX! Hope to see you back again brother. Glad Mall Cop could find us on the hill. I’m still curious how he did that? Thanks for the opportunity to lead and to grow. Geraldo was rocking a backpack the entire workout, jury is still out if it was filled with kettle bells or schoolbooks. If YHC did that, it’d have packing peanuts. Nuke specifically asked to be mentioned in the backblast. Floppy Stick & Tambourine, good to have ya’ll out. Hope you’re able to make it back. I can’t remember who did the take out but I really enjoyed it. I was reminded of an appropriate bible verse during your take out…Hebrews 12:11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

See you in the gloom again next week.


Sofa Mule

5 PAX braved a hellofa cold morning for a fun-filled-frolic on a football field. Here’s what you missed:
The thang:
Run to HT and back
Partner up, one partner runs the length of the field while the other partner lunge walks the same direction
Partner runs back to the lunge walker, flapjack
Kirk and One Eye didn’t want to look like Mia Hamm or Rex (Toy Story) so they were also doing ‘Mercans and LBC’s…it’s hard bein’ Snoop D-O-Double G.

Kirk and One Eye crushed the initial mile. The rest of us paced ourselves for the storm of lunges we knew were coming. Not a lot of mumble chatter. At least not initially. For a running-intensive workout I thought we stayed together reasonably well.

Excellent take out by Nuke. It’s always good to remind yourself to stop, look around, and appreciate what we’ve been given.

If you weren’t at Sofawib this morning, then you were probably at home doing an exercise video such as is featured above (be sure your speakers are turned way up).