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Hump day stretch

Devotion was on leadership

Started with corpse pose.
Child pose
Cat/ cow
Down dog
Table top wrist stretch
Cobra pose
Down dog
Low lunge
Half split
Crescent lunge to half angel
Warrior 1 to warrior 2
Peaceful warrior to triangle
Extended side angle
5 sun salutations
Spread legs forward fold.
Mountain to forward fold.
Plank for 30 seconds.

Pigeon pose
Butterfly to extended fold.
Sitting twist and ended in happy baby pose.

Reggae stretches

Had a nice devotion on forgiveness.

My selection of music was sweet sounds from the island of Jamaica.

Started in corpse pose.
Child pose to cat/cow.

Mountain pose
Extended triangle pose
Warrior 1, warrior 2, peaceful warrior
Repeat other side
Low lunge extension twist

5 sun salutations

Star pose
Lower to right lean stretch/ left lean stretch.
Pigeon pose
Flat back twist.

WBTV. Wednesday Broga Temps Valhalla

Started with devotion. Famous speech from Theodore Roosevelt “a man in the arena.”

Child pose, table top, puppy dog, table top, cat/cow

Down dog, 3 legged dog, low lunge, high lunge, warrior 2, peaceful warrior, extended warrior, triangle, crescent, half angel, down dog.
5 sun salutations on your own

Chair pose, revolved chair, mountain, crescent lunge, star pose, low lunge, half camel, mountain.
Plank, cobra pose, locusts pose, down dog, pigeons pose, butterfly, corpse.


Introduced new pose of locusts. Daring, but we got they it. Always good when you break a sweat stretching!

A LIGHT Christmas workout


Started with a short run to center parking lot for morning warmups. 25 side straddle hop,imperial walker, and mountain climbers.

Hop over to separate parking lot with a slight hill. Started with 5 sets of 20 reverse pull up with a sprint across the lot after each set. 4 sets of 15 lbc, then 3 sets of 10 jump squats, then 2 sets of 10 derkins.

Next was a break… navy seal (or the singer seal, not sure) sit-ups. Split group in 2, and lined up facing each other. Drop on your six and lock arms. 20 count of team sit-ups. Fun and awkward!!!!

Then 4 sets of 20 merkans with a sprint.

Headed over to the wall we usually end up by to do some air chair with arm press. 2 sets of 50. Then a group protractor session for some last minute an workout. Also threw in 20 lbc on your own to finish it up.

Needless to say, I’m going to be sore! If I left something out, it’s cause my daughter ripped up my copy of the workout. The whole group worked hard and stayed in it the whole time!!

The Bear Fight

The Thang:

Short run to back parking lot.
20 Side straddle hop
5 MerkanS
15 Emperial Walker
5 merkan
15 flutter kicks
5 merkan5

short jog to the Bear Fight Course.

A rectangle course. front right corner, carolina dry docks, then bear crawl to next station. Lbc’s then sprint to next station. Merkans, then back pedal to next station. Low slow squats, then sprint to beginning station. Did this course 3 times around.

Back to parking lot for Tequila Sunrise excersise. Split group in half, group in circles facing outward. Legs at 45 degrees, one man runs around pushing feet down, then next until completed circle. Then same concept running around circle, but planking this time.

Next to the wall. Air chairs with 37 arm presses. Rest, then balls to the wall for 10 count. Repeat 2 times.
Short run back to the start. Then group Protractor with various angles. 5 merkan>
Then 20 side straddle hop
5 merkan

15 emprial Walker
5 mekan
Then stretch it out. Bend at waist, down the middle and to each leg. then pigeon pose. Followed by 5 merkan.
Then Snoopy added 5 Burpees.

The Moleskin:
The excersises Bear Fight and tequila sunrise come from me being a professional bartender. A bear fight is a car bomb followed by a jager bomb. Messy and can make the stomach nauseous, just like this excersise.

Santini(who is my actual older brother) came out for my VQ. He added extra banter to the group. He gave a powerful speech and the end of the workout that if I wasn’t so dehydrated from sweating so much, I’m sure I would have teared up. Snoopy decided to be a real Munson and add 5 Burpees at the end of the workout. Shake N bake pointed out good decision to have Carolina dry docks, followed by a 40 yard bear crawl….I didn’t think that through. Hoodini showed up with sleeves on his shirt, dropping the sleeveless brothers down to 2 instead of our normal 3…thanks hoodini! Missed Tweetsie, slimfast, bennie, and Booyah. Booyah has a lame excuse of his wife being due to have her child in the next week. Had a blast, cant wait for next time.