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Hot Humid Indian Land

3 PAX gathered for the Thursday Indian Land tradition known as The Arsenal. Here’s what we did.


Jog around the right side of ILES back to the bus lot for COP. Lots of stretching, the PAX talk a lot about how we don’t stretch enough and we got a good 5 minutes in, YHC was tight from Carb Load’s beatdown at Dromedary yesterday, being the QIC has its benefits.


Mosey towards the Middle School stopping at each light pole for 1 burpee, last minute audible to go to the front of the middle school. Time for modified blimps, with a lap around the car line loop between each exercise.

B – 5 Bombjacks

L – 10 walking lunges

I – 15 imperial walkers

M – 20 merkins

P – 25 Potato pickers

S – 30 squats

Gather up and mosey back towards ILES, with everyone taking a round of mary on the way. Using the same light poles as before 1 bombjack at each pole until you make it to the playground for 20 supine pullups and a lap. Head back around to the front of ILES and done.


Small crowd with summer vacations and such, but we covered almost 2.5 miles and got a good mix of exercises in. The stretching at the beginning was a nice change of pace and necessary.

Atlas with the double prerun before we got going and Happy Meal put in his usual strong work. Not my best between the humidity and soreness, but the show must go on.

As usual great AO and we hit some rare ground with the front of the middle school. If you haven’t been in a while check it out, reach out to Happy Meal or Brexit and take a Q.




Substantially Similar

YHC came in on two wheels at 6:59, threw on shoes and off we went at 7:00ish on a humid morning to celebrate 3 years of F3.


Jog from the Rec Area parking lot over to the arbor by the pond for dips, merkins, windmills, SSH, etc.

Continue up the hill on Walnut Creek Parkway (and eventually down the other side) towards the residential area under construction stopping to do 5 merkins at every other light pole circling back for the 6. One-Niner made a brief appearance and was gone almost as quick as he appeared.

The Thang

In my first Q at the original incarnation of Blackhawk 3 years ago we dug deep into the Exicon to dig up Burpback Mountain, it has occasionally appeared since then and hadn’t made an appearance at Blackhawk 2.0 until today.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure – Partner 1 does burpees, Partner 2 runs up a hill until a combined 100 burpees are completed. Its as horrible as it sounds, but the PAX pressed on and Gronk complained he wasn’t forewarned on the ride in and TB opined he was told Blackhawk was the Saturday option with less running.

After that was complete off to the rockpile pile of mud with some rocks in it for curls then a sprint. Upon returning to the rocks Twinkle Toes somehow wound up with another rock so YHC instructed the Pax to pick up their rock or a substantially similar one to press on, more on this later. We repeated with the rocks doing shoulder presses, tri-extensions and more curls mixed in with sprints and backwards runs.

Rocks back to the mud and we began our way back to the launch stopping along the way for more merkins, dips, mary, squats and others I forgot. Return around the back side of the pond to the launch and end.

Everyone covered between 2.5 – 3 miles, maybe more.


So the term Substantially Similar comes up in my line of work occasionally and it came out second nature during the workout when Twinkle Toes wound up with a new rock, prompting some fun mumble chatter.

Props to TB for pushing himself during a brutal workout and being down 50 lbs.

Shop Dawg leading and encouraging all of us to be the best we can be.

Carbload and Twinkle Toes alternating between leading the way and circling back for the 6 and both being a huge part of Blackhawk 2.0.

And to my little man Gronk for coming out, pushing himself and getting better.

As mentioned this was my 3rd anniversary Q, can’t really describe the impact F3 has had on my life.

We moved here in 2017 not knowing anyone and F3 really helped us get settled in. 3 years later my wife has a job she loves working for an F3 brother, my son is a regular and I honestly can’t picture life without F3 in it. In year 4 I want to get more involved in the 2F events and maybe get a Tuesday AO launched at Walnut Creek.

There’s too many of you to mention that have had a positive impact but thank you for your leadership, friendship and pushing when we don’t want to be pushed.


Blood Drive a success and to become a regular event.

Shop Dawg on Q next Saturday at Blackhawk

Corona hours ending, return to original times August 3.


Something For Everyone

Cannot remember the last time YHC had Q’d (or written a backblast) so when Bottlecap asked, no problem. Asked him to promote it as 2.0 Friendly as Gronk needs the work and Bean loves when she is able to join. The 2.0 came out in force, we had 11 (4 FNG!) and 10 Pax.

The Thang

Mosey off towards the shed and stop by the softball field for COP:

SSH, Imperial Walkers, things like that – don’t remember exactly it was 4 days ago

Next up was burpee run to the traffic circle, stop for 5 burpees at every light pole along the way.

Some Mary while waiting on the Six.

Next up the main event, a circuit consisting of 10 Dips at the benches behind the school, then 10 Airpresses/Merkins back at the circle, then onto the bottom of the hill by the baseball field for WW2 situps and jump squats. Back to the top for 9….8…7 you get the idea.

Continue with this for 30 minutes, if I got a redo the Airpresses would have been something else. Maybe you’ll see something similar at Ignition on April 13.

Circle up for some more Mary and then begin our trek back to the launch, a stop at the shed for wall sits with airpresses. Mosey back to where we did COP for burpees/merkins, one more stop for something that I can remember then jailbreak to the launch.

We had 2 minutes left so sprint to stop sign and back /done.


This workout was a lot of fun with all the 2.0s. The challenge was coming up with something challenging enough for the PAX but yet easy enough for the 2.0 to do. Pretty sure mission accomplished – Transporter logged 4 miles and my six year old daughter Bean had about 2.

Welcome to the 4 FNG

Bionic (Frack 2.0)

BooBoo (Teddy 2.0)

Player 1 (Glidah 2.0)

Ekans (Glidah 2.0)


Stay safe out there and don’t catch the virus

Bagpipe Tuesday

If you didn’t know YHC plays catcher in an adult baseball league and had a game Monday night.  Legs were hurting big time on Tuesday and had to adjust on the fly, need to coordinate calendars better next season.  Had to modify the planned work out on the fly since if you can’t do it don’t Q it.

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot by the up and over walls, various COP exercises including 30 seconds of stretching on your own which Frelehy’s Comet expressed his displeasure at.

People’s Chair on the wall with 20 airpresses and then up and over the wall.  Do this 3 times.

Mosey again across Ballentyne Commons (Not 521) up to the little park with the fountain.

Dips in cadence then partner up for 100 merkins – 200 LBC – 300 squats.

Partner 1 works on exercises

Partner 2 runs around the perimeter of the park

When done mosey again to the top of the parking deck.

Partner 1 flutter

Partner 2  AYG to the end of the deck, jog back

Had enough time to do that twice and then mosey back to the launch for COT


Better late than never on the backblast, no poops in sewer grates as far as I can recall.

The revised version of the workout came out to around 2.5 miles.  Strong effort from the PAX.

If it wasn’t for the scheduled Q I would have stayed in bed, thank all of you for the days where I don’t want to get out of bed the camaraderie keeps me going.

Honored to lead and count off 47 strong at COT.




Horrible Exercise Debut at The Maul

Large crowd of PAX had gathered up at the launch before 0530, only one who voted for the ‘horn in the Slack Poll.  Off we went




Windmill and SSH

The Thang

Mosey ~.75 miles to Bradshaws

Mary while waiting on the 6

Line up at end of parking lot and sprint to the sidewalk, complete the called exercise run the stairs and go back to the end of the lot.

Burpees – 5

Lunges – 10 (Should have been walking lunges, YHC messed this up)

Imperial Walker – 15

Merkins – 20

Plank Jack – 25

Squats – 30

After this Patent Pending gave us  20 count

As Wild Turkey told me last week, if you are Qing and call blimps everyone will hate it and bitch about it.  If you just call the exercises they will only hate it.  Pro tip.

Next exercise is to mosey back to the launch ~.75 mile

At the launch we had the debut of the Merkin – Bombjack Broadjump. 2 Merkins, 1 Jump, 4 Merkins, 2 Jumps …….16 merkins, 8 jumps. It was awful, even worse than imagined, so you’ll be seeing it again.  Thank General for this abomination when you see him.


Solid work by all PAX, thanks for the fast guys coming back for the 6 all workout and leading mary until everyone is in.   I’m not fast enough to Q this style of workout without support, appreciate the help.


Isabella Santos

A51 vs SOB Paintball

Crane Relay

“Lots going on, get out and get involved in something” – Goonie

Down in IL we will be relaunching the Reservation on 8/25 from IL Elementary with a 0600 go time.  Not converging but would like to see some different faces out there.  Just could not get the numbers at Blackhawk, which is a fantastic AO which you’ll see for special occasions.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead, hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did.





That Sounds Like It Sucks

Today was the 2nd half of the Rebel Yell/The Arsenal convergence, after RY made the trek to Indian Land a few weeks back for cheap gas it was our turn to head north here’s what we did.


Mosey past the theatre, perform a variety of warmup type exercises, get chastised by Fire Hazard for doing two rounds of merkins.

The Thang:

Head to the loading dock area behind Harris Teeter.  At each speedbump do merkins and squats, start at 5 each and increase by 1 at each speed bump.

Mary until the six (YHC) arrives.

Next  exercise was Burpback Mountain, at the suggestion of Doc McStuffins we used the closer, larger, steeper hill.  For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, its as awesome as it sounds.

Partner 1: Burpee

Partner 2: Run up hill and back to Partner 1, flapjack until 100 total burpees completed

Next up was Bear 1-2-3, Bearcrawls with 100 Merkins – 200 LBC – 300 squats

Partner 1: Bear crawl to the called distance and jog back

Partner 2: Work on the counting exercises, flapjack until all 3 exercises complete

Back to the speedbumps for Carolina Dry Docks starting at 5 and increase by 1 at each successive bump.

Mary until six is in.

Mosey to the back of the cinema.

Wall sits with 25 air presses, run up the hill, wall sits with 20 air presses,

Mosey back to launch

50 calf raises on curb, finish with 10 x Chippy Cross


Not a whole lot other than War Eagle giving us the title for the BB when Burpback Mountain was called.


Great work by the PAX, not easy workout, everything hurts right now.

Thanks to General, Doc McStuffins, Ringer among others for leading Mary while waiting on us slow folks.

Mary Kay and Billygoat, thanks for having us up and letting me lead.


Erector farewell Q at Blackhawk this Saturday, 0600 Trail run (bring headlamp) 0630 Main Event followed by breakfast at Cruisn Ruebenz.  Worth the trip to say goodbye to Erector he will certainly be missed.

Rebel Yell Q schedule is open, help out Billygoat and Mary Kay and pick a date.

Welcome to Happy Meal relocating from Raleigh





Mic Check Found His Shoes

The PAX of Blackhawk headed north today to Q, Erector to Stonehenge, One-Niner/General to Q School, and YHC to da Vinci.

This was only my second visit to da Vinci, decided to arrive a few minutes early to use the uh facilities at Chik-fil-a, unfortunately for me they weren’t open yet.  Luckily Bucky was quick thinking on his feet and pointed me to the Starbucks across the street and would lead the PAX over to meet over there.

Shortly thereafter 11 PAX arrived, I was a few pounds lighter, and we were off.

The Thang

Mosey to the parking lot (not the one I wanted, but it worked)

Partner up, size/speed don’t matter

Partner 1 – Called Exercise (Don’t remember them all but included Flutters, LBC, Drydocks, Squats, Dips, Air Presses, etc.)

Partner 2 – Run to other end of parking lot and do burpees (5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5) come back to Partner 1 for handslap merkins

After completing the pyramid we headed up Blakeney Heath Road towards the rock pile with stops along the way for the six to catch up.

Partner up again

Partner 1 – Curls, squats, and presses with the rock

Partner 2 – Run to the playground max out pullups (round 1) dips x 15 (round 2)

Head back to launch with Bucky/Mic Check/Soft Pretzel/Teddy and others that I forgot regrouping on the six and leading exercises along the way while I peeled off to retrieve my truck to drive back to the launch.

Finished up with some running, backpedaling, and burpees outside Chik-fil-a to kill the clock


Thanks Bucky for inviting me out to Q, I’ll be back.

Mic Check found his shoes after his aborted Stonehenge attempt at 0600, we had no idea until Mighty Mite saw it on Slack as we were finishing up breakfast.

Great group and work, we covered 3+ miles with plenty of burpees and merkins to go around.  Regret I didn’t get all the names, did the best I could off of memory.


Soft Pretzel highlighted upcoming Sandbox opportunities to help families in need, laying pavers next weekend and an upcoming woodworking project.

Convergence at The Arsenal at Indian Land Elementary school on Thursday.  Come for the cheap gas, fireworks, and liquor, stay for the workout.




Frozen Five

5 PAX posted in ridiculously cold temperatures to run around the Indian Land school complex.  4 went for the pre-run on the usual route and were joined by Soft Pretzel for the main event.

The Thang:

Long mosey down and around ILHS to the parking lot near the football fields where YHC tried to warm up the PAX.

25 x SSH

10 x LSS

10 x Cotton/Potato pickers

10 x Windmill

Butt kicks across parking lot, jog back

10 x SSH

High knees across parking lot

Onto the football practice field for another adventure into the Exicon for Dora 1-2-3.

Partner 1 runs 100 yards out and back

Partner 2 completes various exercises, switch until aggregate number of reps is complete.

Today’s exercises, Merkins 100, Squats 200, Air Presses 300

After this it was onto the hill behind the baseball field for Burpback Mountain.

Partner 1 runs up the ridiculously large hill

Partner 2 does burpees, switch until 100 aggregate burpees are complete

Running low on time back to the launch for some Mary

Pistol crunch for the absent General x 10 each leg

Toe Taps x 10 lead by Soft Pretzel

Bonus Thang:

After COT Soft Pretzel, Erector, and YHC moseyed to the playground to knock out the Merkin/Pullup challenge for the day.


Not much mumblechatter today as YHC tried his best to keep the PAX occupied and warm and Burpback Mountain was a killer at the end.  Great effort by all in suboptimal conditions as evidenced by the difficulty of getting the shovel flag into the frozen tundra.  Lots of running as the soft 2.5 mile guarantee posted in the #run channel last night was met.


Joe Davis run

Prayers for Mr. Clean of The Fort who lost his M way too young at 42

Showing up is half the battle

So quick back story General was soliciting Blackhawk Q Signups for December about 6 weeks ago, the only day YHC knew for sure I’d be home was Dec 9th so of course I fill one of the open slots.  Fast forward a few weeks and realize that’s the morning after my work Christmas party.  Alas I tried as hard as I could but the pull of the open bar was too strong to be a responsible adult and I found myself looking for keys at 620 the next morning only to realize we had Ubered home.  Anyway if showing up is half the battle then I completed exactly half the battle, General bailed me out of my Q duties and survived the hour (50 minutes since I was late) without puking.  Fast forward a week and General needs a Q time to redeem myself.  I pull in a minute late and off we go.

Warm up (General departs for the heated restroom)

1/4 mile


Civilian Merkins

Imperial Walkers

More Merkins

The Windmill by Ringer Special Request

Main Event

Next up is the Burpee Mile

10 burpees + 1/4 mileish lap around the pond x 4

After regrouping on the six (guess who) we mosey to the tennis court parking for some dealer choice

Atlas/Erector – Can’t remember…….

Fallout – Boxcutter

General – 5 merkins, 5 wide arm merkins, 5 diamond merkins, 10 stagger right/left

Ringer – Build A Burpee

YHC – Morrocan Nightclubs

Followed up by Bearcrawl to the other end of the parking lot

Mosey to the EMS Station for 20 Carolina Dry Docks and then back to the launch.

10 minutes left and off to the hill for Burpback Mountain with Squats replacing burpees.  Burpback Mountain = Partner 1 doing squats while Partner 2 runs the hill 5x for a total of 200 squats.

Back to launch for Pistol Crunch & LBC then done.


No prerun for this guy but General did a 9 mile prerun and the rest of the PAX took on the usual trail through Walnut Creek in addition to the 3.5 miles we covered during the workout.  As usual great group and great job by all.


  • Sign up for Joe Davis
  • Christmas Party Tonight
  • Fallout asked for prayers for a family situation
  • YHC’s company is hiring an Analyst position if you know of any recent personable Finance grads looking for a good opportunity

Ringer took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Blackhawk is a great AO and strong group, come check it out on the very southern edge of SOB land one of these Saturdays.


Ass Biting Cold

Last Monday right after COT General asked YHC if I would Q, not thinking about it I said sure why not.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon after checking the weather and realizing it was going to be sub-freezing cold and never having Q’d a kettlebell workout it was determined the whole objective of the morning would be to keep everyone warm.

Prerun – None (We were smarter than that)

At 530 at 27 degrees we set off for around Elon Park Elementary for our lap and upon our return began to warmup


10 Civilian Count Merkins

Buttkicks to other side of the parking lot

Imperial walkers

10 Civilian Count Diamond Merkins

Highknees back to launch (At this point someone asked if I knew it was a kettlebell workout)

30 Swings

10 Civilian Wide Arm Merkins

Shuffle to other side of the parking lot

5 Stagger Right Merkins

5 Staffer Left Merkins

Plank Jacks

Sprint back to start

20 Swings and another lap

Long warmup at about 15 minutes, some folks began to layer down (not me).  After a brief setup the Conveyor Belt went like this with 6 stations and various weight bells spread throughout.  Between each station were 2 parking spaces and a bearcrawl.

Upright Row x 15

Goblet Squat x 15

Curl x 15

Overhead Press x 15

Pushups on the Bell x 15 (Kudows to Wild Turkey for being more imaginative and doing rows with the bell)

Jump Rope x 30

Things went smooth for 4 rounds,  Wrapped up with some dealer’s choice Mary and everyone gathered gear.

Solid work by the group, all are Monday AM regulars, put in spectacular effort, and made it easy.

Wild Turkey took us out.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.