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Local “Karen” warns PAX of potential arrest

QIC: Circuit City

Pax: Mermaid, Margo, Chelms, Clover, Lorax, Point Break, Runstopper (R), Limey, Snuka (R), Bout Time, Uncle Phil, Kane, Thunder Road, Mayday, Jon (FNG), Matt (FNG)

17 PAX pulled up near the Amelie’s bakery as the temp and humidity was quickly rising. This was a Q that YHC has been looking forward to since Mermaid inquired a few weeks ago. This was going to be a site VQ. New turf to cover and shaky on the directions. More on that later. Also, YHC has been working on a few FNGs throughout Covid and was successful this morning as 2 of them showed up in the Gloom (Jon and Matt). Also, more on them later. YHC spent a little more time than normal on the disclaimer given the FNGs in attendance – one of which is a personal injury attorney. 0530 hit and off we mosey’ed to the parking deck at the high school.


Circled up just outside the parking deck. Standard issue including the leadoff SSH. Hops was not there to object or modify this call but the group that was there all obliged. Followed with IW, LSS, and Mountain Climbers. Enjoyed a final set of “shoulder tap Merkins”, which Mermaid was concerned YHC made it up on the spot. Not quite but could see where the choppy cadence counting and poor form would lead one to think that.

Dora 1, 2, but not 3

Split into 2 groups so we could spread out – using both of the 1st two stairwells. Partner up with someone you don’t normally or haven’t before. Our 2 FNGs partnered up, both of whom were getting after it!

  • 100 = Merkins; 200 = LBCs *** P1 = Run up the 3 floors of the deck and back down; P2 = Perform the exercises. Flapjack until we until the total count is complete. Meet in the middle of the two stairwells for Mary (Flutter and AH) when complete.

Mosey to Rock Pile on McMahon and Little Ave:

Here is where YHC’s poor navigation skills came in to play. We inadvertently took the long way around the Charlotte Catholic campus, instead of cutting through. Eventually, Mermaid helped guide YHC to the Rock Pile, however we are better having picked up the extra mileage.

    • Grab a lifting rock and cross the street to the CC Federal Credit Union. (Site of the soon-to-be Karen encounter)
    • 1st Round = 15 curls, 15 presses, 15 tri-ext.; run a lap around the parking when complete. Repeato.
  • 2nd Round = 15 bent over rows and 15 Romanian/Bulgarian/Yugoslavian/Lithuanian DLs.   Mumble chatter ensued over YHC potentially inaccurate description and demo of the RDLs. The intent was for a straighter leg position, lowering rock to the ground, and use your glutes and hammies to raise. Clover was convinced RDLs are with one leg at a time, Mermaid shared a different perspective, and Chelms rattled off a number of Central and Eastern European countries that might fit the move better. YHC still thinks the name and movement were accurately called.

Crawls and Lunges:

Line up abreast in front of bank facing McMahan. Bear crawl to curb and lunge walk back. Repeato. Here is about when we were paid a visit by an area “Karen”. Lorax and Point Break were our first line of defense to shield the rest of the PAX from the scolding for our supposed mischief. Despite an immediate threat that all of us could be arrested immediately, Lorax and PB did an admirable job deescalating Karen and she pulled away. After YHC confirmed we weren’t all going to jail, we did a round or two of crab walks and lunge walks. Some c-walked backwards while others forward. Pick your poison, me thinks.

Mosey back towards launch:

  • People’s chair on the wall with a total of 100 air presses (50 each round). Followed by 2 rounds of 20 calf raises on the curb and 10 merkins. Uncle Phil is certain he is going to feel the calf raises tomorrow.

Ye Ol’ Moleskin

From YHC’s short time posting at Centurion, numbers seem to be growing quickly! Thanks to Mermaid and Margie for their site-Q leadership, a big factor in increased participation.

  • 2 FNGs added to our ranks. Jon and his family have been close friends of ours over the past few years, starting when we coached our sons in baseball. Jon is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Charlotte, so when Lorax called out the name “Erin Brockovich” it seemed like a winner. Welcome “Erin Brockovich”! Matt and his family have been friends of Jon’s and eventually ours over the past couple of years. YHC saw Matt this past Saturday and EH’ed him while enjoying an IPA or two together. Matt has 4 kids, 2 of which are into horseback riding. Matt owns two horses to support this family hobby. Runstopper helped guide us to the name “Seabiscuit”. Welcome “Seabiscuit“!
  • Monday A51 sites converging on Labor Day (9/7) at Basecamp at SCMS. Launch at 0700.
  • Thanks to Mermaid for the takeout.


Build it and they will come …

QIC: Circuit City

Pax: Hooper (R), Queen, Spackler, Jet Fuel, Puddin Pop, Marge, Huddle House, Motorboat, Buc-ee’s, Mayday, Thunderoad, Geraldo, Deep Dish, Sling Shot, Sweater Set, IHOP, Hops, Brandy, Limey, Baywatch, Beetlejuice, Amber, Snuka (R), Benny, Pack & Place, Floorslapper,

28 PAX arrived at the famed Dunkin Donuts with a noticeably cooler temp from last week’s workout. Humidity, however, has NOT budged. With a minute before launch, the half a dozen Old Providence neighborhood contingent came running in off of Rea. Must be some fertile ground over there for EH’ing the guys in the hood. Good work! At 0530 YHC took a big nervous gulp when noticing the nearly boundless circle of men at launch. After a subpar and probably unnecessary disclaimer – we were off to mosey towards OP Elementary.


Many of the fan favorites showed up in COP. YHC lead off with the “sprinkler” – once called by Clover during a past Q of his. Litte more “stretchy” than the IW, me thinks. About Clover, he wasn’t there this morning but YHC might have lost his composure dealing with his usual cadence antics when combined with the boisterous mumblechatter so common with this group.

Triple Nickel(ish):

Round 1: Two groups split out for Dry Docks and Heels. YHC called for three “revolutions” (á al Snuka) with reps of 10 and 15, clearly negating the concept of the “nickel”. Things got worse when Sling Shot brought it to YHC’s attention that we were on “revolution” four — now confusingly past the called 3 but short of the nickel for those wanting full comp. YHC called it at that point and moved to the next round.

Round 2: Same groups. Better communicated TN this time to give everyone their money’s worth (ba-dum-bump-tss). Jump squats and the under-utilized calf raise. In his heyday, Arnold Schwarzenegger used to do calf raises with 1000 pounds on him — 6 days a week. It was tough to find that many coupons to accommodate so we crushed the body weight version instead this morning.

Run back for fountain work at HT:

Quick round of 10 set-ups each leg, 15 dips, 15 derkins. Repeato.



Crawls and Lunges:

Moseyed back to the office buildings for a crowd-pleasing bear crawl/lunge walk combo. Repeato. Back to launch for some Mary – which included a perilous round of “nutcrackers”. No nuts were cracked from the sounds of it. Threw in a sneak attack of 10 burpees OYO to close it out.



Great morning to be out in the gloom! Thanks to Hops and Hopper for their leadership and giving me the keys this morning. All men had already crushed the 1st challenge of the day and that was just showing up. 28 did, in fact. Well done! YHC has made a habit in recent months of venturing to different AOs – some in A51 and SOB. My location makes it feasible for me but would recommend it as I found it great to meet even more PAX, hear “new” exercises called, and explore new turf. Another way we might be able to challenge and grow together.

  • A big Happy Birthday to Deep Dish — not sure if it’s 39 or 49 this year!?!?
  • Come out next week if you can. Special workout lead by “Site-Q Emeritus” – Doc McStuffins. Amazing recovery story having bounced back from a major heart procedure 6 months ago.
  • Monday A51 sites converging on Labor Day (9/7) at Basecamp at SCMS. Launch at 0700.
  • Hops will the takeout.

Humidity notwithstanding, Da Vinci is back!

QIC: Circuit City

Pax: Soft Pretzel, Gilbert, Chopper (R), Swine Flu, Mighty Mite, T1000, Johnny5, Frankie, Kirby, C3PO, Bucky, Midriff

13 PAX arrived at the area Pet Smart to be serenaded by Sugar Ray’s hit song “Every Morning” playing loudly from the outdoor pavilion area. A song Buzzfeed named to it’s “20 worst songs of the 90’s”. It had a nostalgic, yet pleasant effect on the group as we waited to launch. YHC disclaimed and off we went.


Mosey across Rea Road towards the fountain area in front of the WF Bank. Quickly circled for COP.


Standard issue with the COP (Merkins, LSS, etc.). YHC did start out with SSH, despite Hop’s well-reasoned tip the other day that the calves, heels, and feet might not appreciate the jarring of this movement early in the workout. Habits are hard to break, I guess.

The fountain fun:

Group #1: 15 Derkins, 15 dips, LBC until the other group gets back.

Group #2: Mosey around the loop.   Flapjack. Repeato x3.

151 Main parking lot:

To continue to work in more shoulder exercises for YHCs puny top end, a bear crawl/crab walk combo was called. Full body perspiration quickly followed. In an effort to accommodate Soft Pretzel bathroom expedition to an undisclosed location, an unwelcomed 2nd round was called with a plank-o-rama to close.

Rock Work:

Mosey up the Montessori school hill to the rock pile. YHC shared the observation with Mighty Mite that the hill has not flatten since our last jaunt there. Remarkable perspiration levels at this point.

Gathered around the “track” for a handful of called rock lifts. Followed by a lap each round. Good movement variations called by Soft Pretzel, Gilbert, and Midriff.

Made the long trek back to Pet Smart for COT.



YHC has not fully developed even a mediocre cadence counting ability. Some will follow the actual movement, while plenty morph into random counting. Helpful counsel from Chopper afterwards has given YHC some hope. Ran alongside Gilbert on a suicide set – which included rounds of merkins. Was in awe of Gilbert’s textbook merkin form. Swine Flu has modified his name to include “THE” during the name-o-rama. Reminds YHC of the scandalous college football programs in Columbus, OH and Miami, FL. Gross. Kirby made it out, I think to his own surprise despite the libations last night. He was also the clubhouse leader with the mumblechatter, as per usual. Yeoman’s work from Soft Pretzel, CP3O, Mighty Mite, and Midriff, as per usual. Bucky can still run fast, and not surprisingly, hit the mark when he shared his encouragement with the PAX during COT on how we can show up during these troubling times. Midriff closed with a stirring takeout. Appreciate the opportunity to lead. Be well, men.

Haven’t we seen this before?

QIC: Circuit City

Pax: War Eagle, Twister, Teddy, Taco Stand, Swine Flu, Hops, Cooter2, Commish, Cable Guy (R), and FNG “Bag Man”

Late last night, YHC was struck with the overwhelming …. “I haven’t Q’ed in a while, so I should use the same weinke from last time” syndrome.  So, with YHC equipped with an old recycled weinke, 11 PAX rolled out to the much darker parking lot of the Regal Theater.  The parking lot lights being off to potentially save money were perhaps a subtle reminder of the hardships many companies are facing, or a symbol of the darkness that a great group of men like F3 can help cast out in our community …. hmmm, deep thoughts.  A complete, yet choppy disclaimer was shared with a reminder to be “Covid-safe” and off we went.


Mosey across Rea Road towards the Piper Glen Cleaners, Hilton, and Residence Inn cul-de-sac.  Speaking of Cul-De-Sac, where was he?  Stopped along the way for some COP.


SSH x 15 …..  Sprinklers x 15 (more “stretchy” than IW) …. The Merkin x10 …. Mountain Climber x 10 …..  Plank for ~30 sec …..  Little baby arm circles x 10 – both directions (good for YHC’s temperamental shoulders)

Cul-de-sac circuit:

Station #1 (Hilton):   15 Merkins

Station #2 (PG Cleaners): 20 Monkey Humpers

Station #3 (Residence Inn): 25 LBCs

Move clockwise thru each station.  Return to center (Home Base) after each station for 5 Burpees OYO. Repeato (not called originally).  Taco Stand was looking out for the people by instituting some Mary to wait for the 6 after Round 1, but YHC regrettably overrode with a call for a 2nd round.

Mosey back across Rea Road and waited for the with some patriotic American Hammer.  Shifted gears to a AYG to the front of Firebirds.  Taco, Teddy, and War Eagle with the Win/Place/Show.  YHC normally doesn’t eat much before posting other than a few ounces of coffee and a bite or two of a bar.  Was way too aggressive with a higher volume breakfast/coffee intake this morning that got a little “sloshy” on the AYG.  Went into a “Merlot spill avoidance mode” for the next minute or so.

Firebird Fun

Round #1: Group 1 runs forward to the main median then backwards, while Group 2 does 15 Dips, 15 Derkins, and 15 LBCs. Flapjack

Round #2: Same run for Group 1 but Group 2 does 15 step up each leg and American Hammer until the group returns.  Flapjack.

Same 2 groups for two rounds of people’s chair variations with called exercise at the BOA ATM for the other group.  Threw in some air presses to not leave the shoulders out of the fun on the 2nd round. A quick bear crawl and crab walk combo to finish up.

Final suckage: Run the last couple hundred yards backwards to launch. Hops and Teddy with a strong push here.



Awesome to be back out in the gloom at one of YHC’s favorite AOs.  Great to be in the trenches again with War Eagle, Cooter, Commish, Teddy (hope your back is improving), Swine Flu, and Taco Stand.  Fist bump to Hops for venturing more than a couple blocks to post at RY.  Appreciate your spiritual influence/leadership you have/had on many of us.  My 1st time posting with Twister and Cable Guy.  I heard Twister was an FNG last week and has posted 7 of the last 9 days.  NICE!  Kudos to Cable Guy for bringing out an FNG.  With that ….. welcome “Bagman”!

  • Prayers to Kirby’s father in South Carolina, who is going through a difficult and serious medical event.  Also, prayers for Kirby to help him stay strong through this challenging situation. 
  • Social get-together happening on June 13th at Taco Stand’s cul-de-sac.  Starts at 4pm and BYOB.  Think tailgating, social but not emotional distancing, and some great fellowship.  Check Slack for me details.
  • Swine Flu needs Q’s for the next few weeks.  Shoot him a note on Slack and take the lead. I’m sensing most Site Qs need us to step and lead right now. Get yourself on the Q calendar somewhere.

*** Also, to the title of this – “Haven’t we seen this before”. YHC feels this is particularly relevant given what we have seen in our great country over the past week or so. It’s not my style to pontificate on such topics, so I hope and pray that we all, as followers of Jesus, are positioned to respond and take action in a loving and restorative way.

18 PAX earned a second helping at the Super Bowl dessert table

A crisp, damp morning welcomed 18 PAX out to the local Movie Theater parking lot.  After being subjected to a front row seat of Kirby getting dressed as he exited his car, the group gathered in normal fashion waiting for all to arrived.  YHC inadvertently called Brisket “Goonie” (they do look alike, amiright?) followed by a disclaimer and off we went.

The Thang

Moseyed out in front of HT for the Warm Up:

– SSH x 15

– IW x 15

– Daisy Pickers x10

– Mountain Climbers x15

Headed across the freeway known as Rea Road and circled up back by the Autobell.  Shortly after crossing Rea, One Star inquired if we were going to be in that vicinity for a while — YHC confirmed — and off he went to lighten the load at the 7-Eleven.

*** Count off by 3’s and separate into groups.

GROUP 1: Head to the Hilton for 15 Merkins — return to home base
GROUP 2: Head to the Piper Glen Cleaners for 20 Monkey Humpers – return to home base
GROUP 3: Head to the Residence Inn for 25 Flutter Kicks — return to home base
HOME BASE: 7 Merkins OYO

YHC failed to state clearly (or at all?) to the group how many rotations or when the pain would end. After what seemed like two full rotations the trucks and buses starting rolling thru the area and YHC called an audible to move to a safer location.

Back over Rea Rd towards Smashburger.  YHC can’t imagine they had the grill fired up at 6am but Long Haul and myself caught a whiff of something grilled …. and …. delicious.

Circled up for 7 more Burpees, just because.
Ran to Firebirds at 90% for a quick partner exercise:
– ROUND #1: Partner #1 = Dips on the wall; Partner #2 = Run around the median — backwards on the way back;        ROUND #2: Partner #1 = Derkins; Partner #2 = Same run
– People’s Chair with 100 air presses.  Extra credit to One Star for the enthusiastic counting.


  • Praises for a successful heart surgery for Doc!!  Challenging road of recovery ahead but great news with his surgery.  Bucky will (and has) send out information on how to help with meals, etc.  Keep praying for Doc and his family.
  • Beer Run = Feb 8th.  Check Slack for details
  • Load up on reflective wear, lights, etc.   Good safety reminder from Olaf.
  • Delta led us out in BOM.

Side note: Today marks 6 months since YHC has been posting.  Pales in comparison to the MUCH longer commitment many of you have made to F3.   The experience has been great and the encouragement along the way has made all the difference.   Always an honor and privilege to lead!


Birthday celebration on the Frozen Tundra!

11 Strong Men came out to face whatever cold Mother Nature could muster up.   As these fearless men approach the AO, you could tell many had layered up more than usual.  After briefly discussing why anyone would be outside in 26 degree weather (felt like 15 with the wind), my watch struck 5:30am and a thorough Disclaimer was conveyed.  Moseyed downhill — with the wind at our back to a circle up for COT.

Warm Up: SSHx15 … IWx15 … LBACx10 (both ways) … MCx15 … MERKINx15 … Hold 30 sec plank


  • Our illustrious Bagpipe Site Q’s had informed us a few weeks ago that (3) laps around the Loch Ness = a mile.   So, we ran the (3) laps around the freezing cold Loch Ness and end up by the rock pile. YHC encouraged everyone to push themselves and off we went.
  • Waited for the 6 with a round of flutter kicks then dove into some rock work.  Partner up.  Partner #1 does Triple Nickle (5x5x5)  with the lifting rock (curls, shoulder presses, tri-ext), while Partner #2 does (5) Pull-ups on the bars down by the freezing cold creek.  Flapjack. Repeato x3.
  • Mosey over in front of one of the adjacent office buildings.  YHC called for 15 Step-ups each leg followed by 15 Derkins OYO.  Repeato x3.
  • AYG to the next office building.  LBCs to wait for the 6.
  • Mosey back up near site of COT.  Partner up.  Facing each other and locking hands out in front, Partner #1 pulls Partner #2 backwards – while resisting to the random black car 50 yards in front.  Flapjack.  Repeato x2.
  • Mosey back to the start as the SWIFT men were rolling in.


  • It was a cold and chilly start to the beatdown.  YHC wasn’t sure when the warmup was coming but I think for most it happened after the Mile run.  As we approached Loch Ness, our birthday boy Loogie (HBD!!) was the 1st to mumble that we should NOT run around the pond.  Within seconds YHC was calling out the Mile run much to his chagrin.  Per usual, Bucky effortless galloped through the laps while nursing a nagging calf injury.  Kirby, Cooter, and Freehley’s came on strong down the stretch, likely beating their own time from the last post we ran it.  During the partner pull exercise, Freehley’s modified to a push movement versus pull.  It initially caught my eye as YHC thought a minor skirmish between Freeley’s and Bucky had broken out.  Thought perhaps a Freehley’s wise crack had gone too deep (that’s what she said?).  Patent Pending took notice of YHC’s sweatshirt selected this morning.  An old Wisconsin Badger sweater with a subliminal connected to the Frozen Tundra of the Motherland.  Had to channel my waning tolerance to the cold.  Minutes later certain PAXs were taken aback while doing Step-Ups that Patent Pending wears a size 13 shoe.  Not sure I caught the context but you know what they saw about big feet —- big shoes.


  • “F3 Dads Playdate”: This Sunday 3pm at Polo Ridge Elementary.  Bring the 2.0s.  Look for details from Paper Jam on Slack
  • 3rd F Timekeeper: 6:30pm on every Tuesday — starting next week.  Starting the book 12 Rule of Life by Jordan Peterson.  Pick the book up, someone will lead the discussion.  It’s a drop in thing so don’t worry if you miss a week.
  • Beer Run: Feb 8th;  5 miles and 6 breweries.  Check Slack channel for more details.
  • Bagpipe is looking for Q’s for February and March.  Hit up Cooter2 on Slack.

*** GREAT work this morning men.  We overcame the temptation of the warm fart sack and we are better because of it.  Great message from Bucky this morning on Slack challenging us to not let the weather deter us.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead this fine group of men!  See you in the gloom!

All my rowdy friends …. are ready for a Badger win!

Temps were a bit chilly this morning but that didn’t stop 15 PAX from being subject to relentless College Football references from YHC.  It is conference championship week, right?! Normal disclaimer with an added part about YHC does not advocate gambling nor should any point spread or over/under referred during the workout be considered a suggestion.


*** All reps were 16 — in reference to the point of WI & OSU match-up in the BIG TEN Championship this Saturday.   SSH; IW; LSS; Mountain Climbers, Peter Parker.


Mosey to Cantina 1511. PArtner up. YHC was lucky enough to snag one of the group’s gazellas (Bucky). Although Mic Check, Long Haul, Delta, Morning After, and War Eagle are always pushing the front.

110 Merkins and 200 Flutter kicks23 dips

23 dips

7 Burpees at start and mid point

23 Big Boy sit-ups. Hand clap partner at the top. (WI RB Jonathon Taylor)

Wheelbarrow partner carry thingy down . Run backwards back .  Did not witness any awkward moments with this exercise.

Mosey to Police Tower.  17 Monkey Humpers (WI QB Jack Coan is #17)

Found a spot on back wall of Regal.  52 initial air presses (rushing yards of JT during 1st game).  Dropped 6 inches and Added 48 to make it 100


  • After experiencing the VQ butterflies last night, I’m taking a quick victory lap that I didn’t get us lost or spill the merlot. 
  • It was an honor to lead this great group of men! Thanks to War Eagle, Bucky, and others for pushing me to take a Q spot on the rotation. Big Ten CCG prediction:   Wisconsin 100  —- Ohio State 3