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A start to Fall?

13 men gathered on a cool morning to welcome in my first Q at Meathead!  As I was preparing over the last day or so, my primary concerns were all centered around The Playlist.  The Playlist can set the stage for many things, in particular a good workout… or your reputation. YHC is very deficient in that category and if you investigated my iPhone, you’d see that I have more news, talk, and sports stations than anything else— which may mean I need to take a long look in the mirror and have the fact that I’ve grown a bit boring in my latest days. Regardless, YHC went to be relieved last night when his fellow Chiweenie-owning pal came through with a playlist and sound bar.

At promptly 5:30, a short disclaimer was given and off we went to our individual spots in the circle.  Daring to move the PAX from a stationary position, a little wrinkle was thrown into COP– but it didn’t go unnoticed.  YHC was quickly reminded that this was a 0.0 workout, in which I begged for a least a 0.02.  It went like this:

15 SSH, 15 IW, 15 KB swings, Halo x 3, LSS, Prying squat, Merkins, MC, Lateral shuffles L/R, Duck walks forward/reverse.

After that lengthy warm-up, the exercises went this way:

Exercise 1: (All x 10 reps)  Overhead Press, Bicep curls, Tricep extensions, Upright Rows.  Merkins x 20, then Double Repeato for a total of 3 times through.

Exercise 2: (All x 10 reps) Squats, Lunges, KB swings, Good Mornings.  Carolina Dry Docks x 20, then Double Repeato for a total of 3 times through.

Exercise 3: (All x 10 reps) Lawnmower pulls, Cleans, High Pulls, Snatches.  2 times through for each side.

Exercise 4: (All x 20 reps) LBCs, Flutter Press, American Hammer, and Louganis (x 10).  Double Repeato for a total of 3 times through.

Exercise 5: (All x 10 reps) Overhead Press, Squats, Snatches, Louganis.

Moleskin:  Was a good break from the summer heat this morning.  A big thanks to Bulldog for coming through on the tunes.  YHC has got to work to develop at least ONE playlist.  Maybe I’ll get my oldest daughter (7) to work on it.  Or maybe not?  KidsBop probably wouldn’t go over too well.  Great to see TR this morning!  Hope your calf injury is healing and you’ll be able to get back out regularly.  You are a HUGE part of not only the start of F3, but continually using the F3 platform to serve men around Charlotte.  Thanks to Smoky for taking us out in prayer.

Announcements: F3 Golf tourney scheduled for Oct. 27 at 1:00 pm at Old Sycamore.  For more info, follow the F3 Golf twitter handle.


Quantity Over Quality

The below was submitted by Tulip—
20 men showed up by 0530 for a cool, wet morning. Disclaimer given and we began…
  • Side Straddle Hop (x25)
  • Imperial Walker (x25)
  • Jog to the rock and back
  • Merkins / Burpees / Low Slow Squat w/ Bell / Swings (1st Rd: 6/6/10, 2nd Rd: 8/8/20, 3rd Rd: 10/10/30)
  • Mosey w/ bell to back entrance of Christ Covenant
Round 1
Partner up with like-sized bell and line up inside the track facing the road. Complete the following sets then flapjack:
  1. Partner 1 farmer carry (2 bells) w/ shrugs to fence and back, Partner 2 burpees
  2. Partner 1 lateral lunge (1 bell) to fence and back, Partner 2 mountain climbers.
  3. Partner 1 lunges (no bell) to fence and back, Partner 2 merkins.

Rinse and repeat (second time go halfway to fence and back on sets 2 and 3). Plankwork and 30 LBCs.

Round 2
Partner 1 runs to fence and back, partner 2 does bell exercise (can do doubles if you want), flapjack:
  1. Squats
  2. Swings
  3. Dead lift
  4. Right-arm cleans / Left-arm cleans
  5. Right-arm snatch / Left-arm snatch
  6. Overhead press
The light drizzle made for a soggy morning, but there weren’t too many complaints. It was a while before the Q heard the end of chatter about his “quality over quantity” blunder, a statement which proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy when we got to the first round of mountain climbers and merkins. We kept moving and the guys put in some good work, some of whom even started the morning with a pre-run.
  • November 4 5k at Christ Covenant to benefit The Exceptional Foundation for special needs adults. See Tackling Dummy for more info.
  • Gumby on Wednesdays at the Scout Hut – flexibility recovery workout.

Sweatin’ and Swingin’

18 men, including 1 FNG, came out to the August morning humidity that we’ve all grown to know and love.  It sure doesn’t take long to get a t-shirt soaked in August!

While laying in bed last night and listening to the downpour outside, YHC got concerned over my weinke, as I tend to be soft enough to try to avoid getting my feet wet when possible.  Therefore, instead of joining the faithful pre-runners this morning at 5 am, I was making strategical adjustments to our plan at my kitchen table.

At 5:29, the pre-runners arrived back to the AO– a little slower pace this morning, guys??  At promptly 5:30, the disclaimer was given and we gathered for COP.  As your newly inserted co-site Q (with Blazing Saddles), there was a slightly different feel in the air as we began.  Or maybe that was just the humidity talking?  Anyway, COP went like this:

SSH x 15, IW x 15, KB swings x 20, LSS x 15, Cleans x 10, KB swings x 20, Merkins x 10, MCs x 15, KB swings x 20.

Having worked ourselves into a good lather, the workout went like this:

Partner up, like KBs suggested.  Catch me if you can to lower administrative parking lot (the lot to the left on the opposite side of campus) with P1 doing 3 burpees.

Once the PAX all arrived at the bottom of the admin lot, instructions for the partner work were given.  Each man would complete 2 rounds of the pair of exercises (4 in total, Fireman Ed) with some form of Mary in between sets.

1st round– Overhead Press and Upright Rows.  P1 does exercise while P2 runs up the parking lot and around the median before returning.  Repeato.

2nd round– Bicep curls and Overhead Tricep Press.  P1 does exercise while P2 runs.  Repeato.

3rd round– Snatches and Lunges.  P1 does exercise while P2 runs.  Repeato.

4th round– Flutter press and Louganis.  P1 does exercise while P2 runs.  Repeato.

Mosey back to base and done.  Almost 2 minutes late, however!  YHC must improve his efficiency– my apologies, men.


Great group of men out this morning!  Welcome Steffi– hope you enjoyed it.  I tried to keep today’s workout dry and simple.  Adding the second round to each set increased the difficulty.  I speak on behalf of Blazing Saddles and myself when I say that it is an honor to lead such an incredible AO.  We look forward to serving you all at Skunkworks!

A basketball starting lineup

5 men came out for a Death Valley original workout on an unusually nice morning in August.  At 5:30, a quick disclaimer was given and we set off for COP in the administrative parking lot of SCMS.

COP– SSH  x 15, IW x 15, LSS x 10, Merkins x 10, MC x 15


Mosey to William Davie Park and the PAX gathered at the light pole that marks the center point between the top parking lot and the playground.  The workout went like this:

Partner up– Dollywood and Smokey formed a formidable duo while myself, Deep Dish, and Joker formed a group.  P1 ran to the playground and did 10 pull-ups, 20 dips, and 30 LBCs.  P2 ran to the top parking lot and did 10 CDDs, 20 jump squats, and 30 LBCs.  The partners met back in the middle at the light pole for burpees–20 total for the two man group and 30 total for the three man group.  Repeato for a total of two visits to each spot and then mosey back to the SCMS parking lot.


Noticing that there were 5 of us at departure, I examined the group to determine if we’d be an effective basketball team?  I quickly reached the conclusion that our starting 5 would get pounded on the interior!  We’d have to rely on Dollywood’s speed in transition, Smokey’s ball handling skills at point guard, Joker’s savy play and dead eye shooting skills at the #2 spot.  And, somehow, Deep Dish and I would need to hold down the fort on the inside–with our large frames I’m sure we’d have no problem holding our own!

Though small in numbers, it was a great group of the DV faithful and the workout allowed for a little more laid back chatter than normal.  My apologies for getting us back to SCMS at exactly 6:17.  However, we were able to get those 2 minutes back on a quick Name-O-Rama and Announcements.

Thanks to Dollywood and Smokey for the opportunity to lead. DV is a great AO and allows for a lot of variety in the workouts.

Return of the Jevlar

Always a pleasure to join forces with our brothers from Kevlar for a workout!  31 men gathered to take on the hot, humid conditions at Joust.  At 5:30, a quick disclaimer was given and then we collectively prayed for John Flanagan’s (“Cheech”) family as they deal with the loss of our F3 Lexington brother.  “Cheech” was hit by a car on Wednesday morning while posting at an F3 site in Lexington, SC.  A good reminder of how fragile life is, and to make as best an impact on this world while we are here.
Following the prayer, we were off the the usual COP location– the hallowed artificial turf of Charlotte Christian Field. Once there, this is how it went down:
15 x SSH
15 x IW
10 x LSS
10 x Merkins
15 x Mountain climbers
The Thang:
Mosey to stadium bleachers.  Filing into one big line, your Q lead the PAX through three full stadium step circuits:
Round 1– every step
Round 2– every other step
Round 3– frog hop
Mosey to football field goal line for one-way ladders (only count up):
Round 1– Merkins at every 10 yards, increasing by 2 at each stop. 30 LBC’s OYO at other goal line, then reverse course for the same pattern of Squats.
Round 2– Carolina Dry Docks at every 10 yards, increasing by 2 at each stop.  30 LBC’s OYO at other goal line, then reverse course for the same pattern of Jump Squats.
Round 3– AYG down, 30 LBC’s OYO, AYG back
Mosey to playground at top of bleachers.  Partner work:
50 Pull-ups
100 Dips
100 Sit-ups
Wall Sits
One man operates as the timer while his partner does the exercise.  The timer runs to bottom of stadium steps and back up the other side.
Mosey back to the parking lot where it all began.  Done.
After missing Young Love for some time due to injury and work travel, it was great to see him out for his 5th post of the week! #allornothing.  Barracus jogged in and warned me at 5:25 of the humid conditions. #summertimemeteorologist  At 5:29, what appeared to be a flurry of new faces strolled in– oh wait, more Charlotte Eagles guys! #soccerinvasion.  We are always glad to have them, even though their fitness level usually leaves me feeling old and slow. #realitycheck.
Lots of mumblechatter on the field today, and I believe something else was left on the field #theydontnamemechunksfornothing.  I think most guys thought the ladders wouldn’t be as tough as they were. We’re all baited in by those first few stops of 2,4,and 6 merkins.  However, once on the other side of midfield, things get a little ugly. #abandonyourform #girlpushupsintheend.  Squats and Squat Jumps are no joke either. #halfinchvertical
I really hope we can get a few more Jevlar’s on the schedule, as it’s fun to get together with a big group from time to time.  Orange Whip and Yeti are doing great as Site Q’s– lucrative contract extensions could be in the works #bestthingsinlifearefree.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead, and thank you to Header for the take out.