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Virgin Q for ‘Merica

(Posted by Chico on behalf of Frosty Paws)


5 brave souls rose from their fart sacks to conquer freedom and sweat in memory of the 242 years of Patriots bravely standing up for us all.


After a quick apology from the virgin Q, the Pax were off. In honor of the previous days symbolism, multiples of 7 and 4 became a theme.


20 SSH in cadence

20 Murkins on your own

20 LBC in cadence


4 Laps around the OP track


Mosey to Little League Clubhouse for starfish

5 stations, 20 each of murkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Low Slow Squats, pull-ups and dips.


Rinse and repeat, descending by 4s for three rounds, plank it up between sets for America Mosey to school for 3 rounds each of people’s wall and Balls to the wall, again, for America.

Mosey to side, bus lot for 4 rounds of suicide sprints Finish up with a lap around the school on behalf of freedom followed by 2 minutes of merry.


All in all, a good crew posted for my virgin q.  Thanks for allowing me to supervise the rear detachment.


In the immortal words of Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA!!


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In 2011 I was fortunate to become friends with a big, grinning Colombian lawyer named Danny Alvarez. We spent 23 days together on a ranch in Wyoming at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College, trying to become better lawyers and better people. We spent most of each day in class, but managed to sneak in a fair bit of hiking and fly fishing as well. I spent more than a few hours standing in the East Fork of the Wind River teaching Danny how to stalk trout, present a fly properly and bring a beautiful wild cutthroat trout to the net. When I fished with Danny I figured I could leave my bear spray at the barn. If grizzlies had walked up on Danny they would have thought he was one of them.

When given a weekend off, our little pack of friends made a mad dash for Jackson Hole for the weekend, determined to make the all-day trek up Middle Teton. In the group we had three accomplished hikers, a pre-F3 Chico, and the Big Colombian. He weighed somewhere north of 250, but managed to push us all up that mountain. Every time I was ready to give out, I would see Danny trudging up the hill and think, “If that big sonofabitch can get up this mountain, so can I.”

In the intervening years I have thought of that climb often, like when refusing to stop in a marathon when I was basically a dead man walking (in fact running right into the medical tent), or plodding up that nine mile BRR leg on the greenway. Every time I feel like stopping, I think of Danny continuing up Middle Teton, just putting one foot in front of the other. I even watch that movie MacFarlane sometimes for inspiration before a race. The one where Kevin Costner starts a cross country team from amongst the farmhand “pickers” that attend the local high school, none of whom imagined getting a college education before running took them there. They had grown fast from sprinting from the fields to school, and then back to the fields again. But in the end it was a big fellow named Danny that had to save them when one of his faster teammates faltered. So it is not only when I run up a hill that I think of Danny, it is during my pre-race inspiration as well.

Still my legs — or my will — have failed me on occasion. On leg 35 of the BRR. On leg 28. When it has happened I have felt like I was letting down not just myself and my team, but a friend miles away in Kentucky.

Danny’s dream was to become the first Latino ever elected judge in Kentucky. On his second try, he won the most votes in his primary on Tuesday night, and was well-positioned for the general election. We texted back and forth in celebration of his victory, but had last spoken just a few days earlier. He was hitting the campaign trail hard, keeping up a busy solo law practice, and still trying to be the best husband and father of three he could be. On Wednesday, still in the afterglow of his big win, Danny collapsed at home of an apparent heart attack, and he is gone. He was a workhorse until the end.

There is a video online of Danny at his grandmother’s grave during Election Day. He was humble. He was grounded. He was faithful. He was real.

I learned a lot from Danny Alvarez. About persistence. About faith.  But he had much more to offer. I know no words of wisdom and frankly I don’t really expect to hear any. For now I am just heart broken.

I considered bagging my Q when I got the news, but I couldn’t do that. The only thing that made sense to me this morning was to go out with a group of men and run up hills as much as possible. I wanted to keep running up those hills like Danny climbing Middle Teton, to come face to face with the wavering of my own will and see if I could keep going anyway. Perhaps to make up for those times when I have failed him, and myself. Or perhaps I thought that doing that would make my friend seem closer. It did, for a moment, though right now he seems a million miles away. I will see him again. There are many hills in my future.

Slow Smoked Q #hashtag

Mosey to the picnic tables.

Quick COP: IW x15, SSH x 15, Squat x15

11s: Declines and Dips

Mosey to the football practice filed at the back.

Broken Arrow (fancy term for run 100 yards and do an exercise).

Quick story. Back in the day we all tried to outdo each other with self-indulgent Q creativity. I showed up at Governator with a bow and arrow. Fire arrow. Race to the arrow, 10 burpees, race back, 10 of some other exercise. Rinse and repeat. Quickly broke my son’s bow and arrow and resorted to just running 100 yards on the Carmel Middle football field #cleareyesfullheartcan’tlose #toolongforahastag #canyouhaveanapostropheinahashtag #arehashtagsstillcoolwhenyouaren’tevenontwitter? #canyouhaveaquestionmarkinahastag #chicoisawesomeandsmartandcoolandanaawesomeQandhasahotwifeandisgenerallybadass. Someone thought it was cute to call that Broken Arrow. Egypt thought it was cute to start calling me Catniss, which was better than what he had been calling me, which was Tolbert or Tub of Mayo #flattering. Of course I used to just call him jack ass, which is yet another story related to hand release merkins, which then became known as jack ass merkins, but only to about 10 people. OK, that story wasn’t so quick. At least I didn’t tell the whole jack ass merkins story. Or stories about my high school girlfriend, which sort of gets referenced later #southerndiscomfort

We ran 6x 100 yard “sprints” with the following exercises: Dolly x20, Flutter x20, oblique left x 20, oblique right x20, LBC x20, heels to heaven x20.

Absurdly long suicide. (First light and back, midfield and back, next light and back, end and back).

Gummy 10 count (IW x10).

This pause brought to you by the long North Carolina tradition of slow smoked Q.

Run to the other football practice field.

Run back and forth dropping for 5 wide arms every time Q yells “hit”

Hannibal seemed to think that was too few, until we had done 8 or 10 hits, after which he called for an audible. Nope.

Leave the friendly confines and head down Summerlin. Funny thing. Hills usually seem longer going up. This morning, running down Summerlin seemed to be about 9 miles. Perhaps d/t the knowledge we had to run back up.

There’s a bit of a half-pipe that crosses Summerlin at the bottom, so we ran that with 10x hand release merkins (aka jack ass merkins; see Egypt story, supra). Total of 50 jackass merkins.

Embrace the inevitable and run up Summerlin and back to parking lot for three minutes of Mary (aka Hannibal’s honeymoon, aka the Wake Forest Sigma Nu #anothershotatHannibal #anotherhashtag #seriouslywhydowedotheseinbackblasts). Freddy Mercury x10, Dolly x 15, Low slow squat x 15, Flutter x15, Jack ass merkins (again) x10

The Weather:

We shouldn’t be wringing out shirts in mid-October. Actually I don’t think that was real sweat. It was some fake news haze dropped from commie hybrid blimps piloted by Al Gore as part of the vast left wing conspiracy to convince us climate change is real #itis. Brought to you by the same people that think dinosaurs were real #theywere, or try to convince us of that so they can make billions selling fake fossils. #bigpaleo. Seriously, big paleo, look that one up. #christiansagainstdinosaurs … real thing. I’m gonna start a new movement called #christiansfordinosaurs because dinosaurs are awesome #likechico. If you take nothing else from this backblast take this: Chico … pro-dinosaur.

Mumble Chatter:

Pretty sure Hannibal was talking smack the whole time but I was smoked pretty early and lost my ability to comprehend pretty much anything. 20 minutes in any mumble chatter became about as comprehensible as the average Fishwrap backblast. If you don’t know Fish #gooddude, reading his backblasts are like watching an Italian “art film.” 10% of you feels inadequate for not understanding, while the other 90% is pretty sure even the filmmaker has no idea what the heck is going on. I was hanging on for dear life in my stupid fake sweat Al Gore conspiracy haze drenched long sleeve shirt, leading from behind and trying to keep a running list of the Larry Birds. For your reference, they were everyone listed above not named Chico.


Southern Discomfort is soon. Not sure what it entails, but from the name I think you drink bad liquor and try to make out with a redneck girl in the back of a Volkswagen. F3 Golf is also very soon.

Prayers/thoughts for the Kocmond family. 16 y/o boy Nathan missing since Monday. Father is an Area 51 F3 brother.

Prayers also for my client Molly Offstein, a collegiate runner hit by a car, who recently showed her first signs of emerging 6 months post-accident. Long road ahead.

Thanks to Queen for the nod and One Eye for the takeout. It has always seemed to me that saying “thanks for the takeout” makes it sound like the person who prayed brought takeout to my house or something. Like I was sitting there watching the rather disappointing Indians/Yankees game last night and One Eye just randomly showed up with a couple of bags of Chinese food. Though that would have been awesome, and the wife and kids would have appreciated it #nomeatloaf, the prayer was great too.


Other Side of the Road

After a brief discussion about the apparently impressive amount of static in my hair, and a modified disclaimer for our sole FNG, the 11 of us were off:

The Thang:

Mosey down Rea and hang left into Chadwyck neighborhood. Squats while awaiting the 6. Pudding Pop immediately asks if we are going to Ashridge (aka Pudding Pop Hill). Affirmative, my friend. Hang a right on Stournton. 10x wide arms at each driveway on the right (x7). Squats for 6. Hang left at stop sign. Lunge walk to streetlight. Bear crawl to next stop sign.

Mosey to next street. 20 Dollies each driveway on right (x5?). Arrive at the bottom of Ashridge.
10x hand release merkins (aka jackass merkins) at the top, 10x jump squats at the bottom. Rinse and repeat. Back up Pudding Pop hill a third time. 10x more hand release merkins. First man up leads a little Mary waiting for the 6. Queen (Fred Murchison) predictably calls for Freddie Mercuries.

Mosey to Olaf’s house.

For those who don’t remember, Olaf was my headlock a couple of years ago. The gloom greeted him with 8 degree temps for his FNG workout. He vanished from F3 forever a few weeks later, so I decided to bring the workout to him. Some of the pax were hesitant to walk into someone’s yard, it seemed. No worries, he owns no firearms. 10 burpees oyo in Olaf’s yard.

Back to the top of Ashridge, stopping for 10 jump squats at each driveway on the left (5-6x?). Down Pudding Pop Hill. 10x diamonds at the bottom. Head to next stop sign doing 20x LBCs at each driveway on left (x5?). Back around Stournton, this time with 10x CDDs at each driveway on the left (x7). Hang a right (the rare turn AWAY from home with time running short).

Arrive at the bottom of Pima Cotton. Run to the top, 10x diamonds, 10x heel to heaven back at the bottom. Only time for 1x. Sorry.

Gummy 10 count (IW x10). Run the .6 or so home.


There actually is a south side to Rea Road. I think this is the third time I have run us over there, since we tend to be a little OP heavy in our AO selection. Some good hills over there. We covered 4.15 miles and did 200 or so of various merkin-like activities, plus other goodies.

Solid work by all. There were some consistent Larry Birds, though I am little foggy on who you were. Queen, Marge, Beaker, Hopper? Pudding Pop passed me on the downhills a couple of times. Nice job by Beaker running back to pick up the 6 at the end.

Welcome to FNG Sleepy (Dave Gibson), who was crushing it today. My knee jerk reaction on possible names were based on his last name (Debbie or Fist Pump –think Kirk Gibson World Series homerun). But Queen brought him out and had a good lead on a name for the Gastonia native (hometown of Sleepy Floyd).


JRR Tolkien has this awesome thing going about pushing disabled kids in speed wheelchairs in races. F3Speedforneed. He’s all over twitter with it, so check it out. BRR training has begun. Check out the Cuda Run on Thursday evenings at Ben & Jerry’s Foxcroft, followed by beer and pizza at Brixx. I can’t remember what time they start, but I’ll start hitting it for double downs soon. Not tonight though.#beer

Thanks to our brave new site Qs for the opportunity and to Frosty Paws for the takeout.

Chico Claims F3 Rigged Against Him as Fat, Slow Person

This Workout Was Huge, Big League

Went a bit old school with a themed Weinke. We did a lot of that sort of thing 3-4 years ago, as some of you may remember. Since I spend more time at the OPE baseball fields than I do anywhere else on the planet, I decided to climb the ladder of South Charlotte baseball levels. Ran from field to field (tee ball, rookie machine pitch, machine pitch, minors and majors) with the exercises getting tougher at each level. First we would “run” the base paths of each field in some painful manner (backwards run (x2), lunge walk, crab walk, bear crawl, burpee broad jump (crowd pleaser/Q killer), then would do some variant of merkins at the right field corner (x10), left field corner (x10) and home plate (x20) of each field. Again, getting more difficult as we progressed up the baseball ladder (CDDs, merkins, stagger left and right, wide arms, diamonds). 40 diamonds after burpee broad jumping the bases is no joke. Stopped for some core on the pavement (so as not to soil the fancy garments of delicate pax with infield dirt) in between fields (25 LBCs, 15 heels to heaven (x2), 15 dolly IC, 15 flutter IC). Threw in a Gummy 10 Count (random IW x10) and a Smoked Q (random SSH X10) somewhere along the way.

Had some time left so headed to football field for Broken Arrow, which is a sprint of the football field followed by an exercise. Usually 100 yard sprints, but increased to 120 today at someone’s (Spackler’s?) urging. 25 WWII sit-ups, 20 merkins, 15 heels to heaven, 15 jump squats, 10 stagger left, 10 stagger right, 15 more jump squats. Run home and finish with 15 more heels to heaven and 10 more diamonds.

All in all, 2.6 miles, 250 merkins of various varieties, a reasonable amount of core, some painful base running and however many burpees it takes to go around a baseball diamond.

My Microphone Wasn’t Working

Multiple refuseniks on the base paths today. I think perhaps there was a shoulder injury involved in one case, but I did hear some complaints about dirt. Seriously. I hope having one’s hands and feet touch dirt was not too much to ask. About 5 days a week my 9 year old is out there sliding and diving in said dirt. He seems relatively unoffended by the whole concept.

The Moderators Keep Attacking Me

Actually had complaints today about dirt, grass AND pavement. Unless we learn to do our workouts while levitating, there aren’t many other options. Perhaps next time I will cover the entire AO with fluffy animal hides or fine Persian rugs. If you have a fear of dirt, grass clippings or pavement I would suggest taking this whole boot camp thing inside. Oh wait, they have that. It’s called Crossfit. I hear it’s a great place to meet girls.

None of You are Hot Enough for Me to Harass

I’ll quit my bitching about all the bitching (though I think I forgot to mention that it started with complaints that I didn’t do a disclaimer). And I can’t really call out anybody specifically because it was too dark outside and because I was too busy trying to bear crawl and burpee broad jump the bases to see who was missing. Also, to be fair, as a general proposition, the Hydra pax crushed yet another difficult workout. Certainly moreso than I did. I was flying out front in the beginning … not so much in the end.

There is something called Southern Discomfort that is apparently happening (check website and twitter). Thanks once again to Puddin’ Pop and Good Hands for the keys. I can’t remember who took us out (Harley?), but thanks for that too.

Chadwyck Hill Tour

Enough men for a regulation baseball team showed up for Hydra, and promptly ran the opposite direction of the Olde Providence Elementary baseball fields. I have spent the majority of the last several months at those baseball fields, so I opted for a change of scenery.

The Thang:

Moderately fast mosey down Rea and hang left into Chadwyck neighborhood. Immediately feel more sophisticated because the developer spelled Chadwyck with a “y” instead of an “i.” Much like the heightened sophistication that comes from randomly placing “e’s” at the ends of words. (see, e.g., OldE Providence). Do they speak Middle English at the HOA meeting?

Chadwyck Hill #1 (Pima Cotton):

Run up the hill on Pima Cotton Dr. and do 10 Hand Release Merkins in the cul de sac. Back to the bottom and do LBCs while waiting for the six.

Rinse and repeat x3: 15 HR Merkins, Dolly for the 6
10 HR Merkins, Flutter for the 6
5 HR Merkins, Freddy Mercury for the 6
Gummy 10 Count (IW x 10)

Crazy Ivan misdirection, before the mosey deeper into Chadwyck in search of another hill. When we got to Pima Cotton, Pudding Pop said, “At least we aren’t going to Ashridge.” I didn’t know the name of the street for hill number 2, but I now know it is called Ashridge. Sorry, Pudding Pop.

Plankorama til 6 arrives.

Chadwick Hill #2 (now known as Pudding Pop Hill):

Run up the hill to the stop sign, 20 merkins. Back to the bottom and do squats waiting for the 6.

Rinse and repeat x 3: 15 CDD, Rosalita for the 6
10 wide arms, Heels to heaven for the 6
5 diamonds, squats for the 6
A long way from home with a little time to get there, so mosey back through Chadwyck to OPE.

Sorry for going a minute or two over. I had a Garmin fail early and got a timing assist from Queen. Not his fault though. I just wanted to cover some new ground. We rarely venture into Chadwyck. In any event, we covered around 4.2 miles, I think, which is a lot of miles for a boot camp. Most of it was on hills. I have run Pudding Pop Hill on many occasions, but never four times in a row. I hated it just as much as the rest of you.

Apparently Pudding Pop tweeted last night that I loved running and merkins. I didn’t see the tweet but, oh well, we ran and did merkins.

Solid work by the whole crew. We were able to keep pretty close together by fitting in our Mary at the bottom of the hill repeats. Consistent Larry Bird work by Queen.


Pudding Pop made a few. I’m foggy on the details so check the website. F3 Dads on Saturday mornings. F3 Golf approaching. Someone is putting together a soccer team to play the Charlotte Eagles, which is a strong crew on and off the field. I predict the F3 team will lose the game and then all immediately rededicate their lives to the Lord.

Thanks to Pudding Pop for the keys, and for the takeout.

Not a Pre-Blast For Tomorrow

Yes, Hydra is tomorrow.
Yes, it has been a week since my Q.
Yes, I am normally a same day backblast sort of Q, but there was a lot of justice to be doled out this week, and I knew I couldn’t show my face at OPE tomorrow morning without posting this. So, here goes:

Q comes in hot on foot at 5:30 and a few seconds. Immediate line up for Indian run to shopping center. Serious police presence along the route. Someone, our valiant site Q Puddin Pop I believe, saves us all from falling to a our deaths into some sort of construction/utility related hole in the sidewalk. #Qfail #wherethesidewalkends

CoP at the office building by the almighty Teeter

SSH x 10
IW x 10
Squat x 10

Merkin Death Spiral
10 single count merkins
10 seconds 6 inch plank
9 single count merkins
9 seconds 6 inch plank
And so on down to 1, never breaking plank position
Finish with 10 merkin burnout

12 days of Christmas, parking lot sprints between each exercise

1 mega burpee
2 incline diamonds
3 flutters
4 jump squats
5 burpees
6 CDDs (PP’s call)
7 Freddy Mercurys (Queen’s call … Seriously)
8 Mary Katherine Gallaghers (Gummy’s call)
9 Something I Can’t Remembers (Marge’s call)
10 Decline wide arms
11 LBCs
12 Burpees

2nd CoP in same parking lot

Dolly x 10
Flutter x 10
Someone calls me out for abandoning the number 12 …
Rosalita x 12
LBC x 12
Dying Cockroach x 12
Freddy Mercury x 12

Run back to school without attempt at organization, now on the look out for the Saddam Hussein spider hole. Pretty brisk pace back to school — pax got spread out a bit.

Gummy 10 Count (IW x 10)
Circle back for the six and mosey to fields

The Beast
Sprints back and forth doing 5 of designated exercise when Q calls HIT

2 down and backs with hand release merkins (8 hits for 40 reps, I think)

Same with jump squats

2 down and backs with burpees (somewhere between 6-8 hits, not sure)

Smoked Q (random SSH x 10 in middle of workout when Q is smoked)

Hot Lap around the school, finishing with 10 burpees OYO

NMM: Well, I was smoked. The pax seemed pretty well worked over also, though there may have been a few (or more) refuseniks on the death spiral and the final set of burpees. All in all lots of good work was done. Cobains for the delay on the backblast. Work, kids, kids and work. I’m sure I have misremembered some of this, but it was over 3 miles, a ton of upper body and a reasonable amount of Mary. There may have been announcements, which I have forgotten but would be moot by now anyway. I’m still looking for one more guy for Palmetto 200, 9 man team (March 18-19).

Thanks to Puddin Pop and Good Hands for the opportunity.

Ring Run-ish

10 fleet footed pax just felt like running.

The Thang:
-Leave school and head down Rea toward Summerlin. Hang right and run down Summerlin hill to Abbotswood.
-10 hand release merkins at bottom; plank for the Six
-Belly start, run up nasty Summerlin hill up to Rea; 20 LBC, Plank for Six
-Back down the hill; 10 hand release merkins, Squats while waiting for Six.
-Belly start, back up the Summerlin hill again; 20 LBC, Squats while waiting for Six
-Back down hill again; 10 hand release merkins; Squats while waiting for Six, but Six never arrives…

-At this point we were supposed to lunge walk up the hill on Abbotswood, then run the Firecracker 5k Fun Run loop a couple of times with burpees at each side road. Gummy offered to go retrieve our wayward comrade and took off up Summerlin for a third time. As we started the long uphill lunge walk, somebody (Cheese Curd, I think), suggested we all head back up the hill to reunite the pax. YHC agreed and we did the Summerlin hill for a third time.
-Back at the top, Dolly x 20.

-We were off book from this point forward. Gummy suggested Imperial Walkers and YHC consented. IW x 10, which in the middle of a workout will now and forever be called a “Gummy 10 count.”
-Run down Rea right by the school to Windyrush Road. 5 burpees, 10 hand release merkins.
-Run down the Windyrush hill, with head fake at the entry to the OPE trails.
-10 hand release merkins and 20 flutters at the bottom.
-Back up the long Windyrush hill, with 5 burpees at each speed bump, 15 heels to heaven at the top.
-Time was short and we needed 1/2 mile. Cross Rea on Windyrush, turn right to stay on Windyrush #onlyinCharlotte, right on Edenbridge, left on Rea and back to school.

-4.05 miles and into the parking lot at 6:15:37. Very lucky to hit mileage goal on time given the modifications, but it all worked out.

-Back in the day 4 miles was a very respectable Ring Run. That workout has gotten longer and faster, with the pax sometimes hitting five miles plus pain stations in 45 minutes. I fartsacked Ring Run on Tuesday, which I am still blaming on my 11:30 p.m. discovery that I had no clean running shorts. Anyway, today was my makeup for Tuesday.

-Good move by Gummy, Cheese Curd and eventually everybody, going back up Summerlin to keep the pax together. That said, I have some lingering doubt that Cheese Curd was motivated purely by a “no man left behind” mentality. The lunge walk up Abbotswood was looking pretty nasty.

-This was definitely a BRR edition of Hydra with all the hills. If you aren’t doing BRR, you should do it at some point. It is the best event we do. I am not exactly born to run. I am not built to run, I am built to block for someone else who is running. In fact, I didn’t start running until my late thirties. So you don’t have to have grown up running 60 miles between villages at a 5:30 pace to do BRR.#mountaingoat #pancakechurch

-Good work by all. Too many Larry Birds to mention. Gummy, Harley, Cheese Curd and Red Rocks were consistently fast. Also good work for guys that don’t consider themselves runners. You all hung in there well.

-F3 Dads camp – check the website. I hear NoCo is signing people up at a feverish pace. Also F3 Dads Panthers workout Saturday — check the website
-F3 Up and Over may need another guy for BRR. Cheese Curd is team captain.

-Thanks to Gummy for the takeout, Yunz for his FNG Hydra post for my Q, and Puddin Pop for the opportunity to lead.

Hydra Pre-Blast

I missed Ring Run this week, so plan to make up for it tomorrow. That said, I am probably one of the slowest people at Ring Run, so you’ll be fine. And we will interrupt the running regularly for burpees, merkins and Mary.

The Multi-Headed Murph

11 beasts of mythic prowess brushed off the fart sack to tackle the multi-headed Murph, whether they realized it or not. Amongst them were a silent metro stalwart, a NoCo traveler and his FNG.

The Thang:

SSH x2: No time for warmup
Merkins x 20 (40)
Squats x 30 (60)
Run to the playground, Pull ups x20, return to field.

The Titan
On your belly, jump up and sprint across field, 10 merkins at the end
Total of 6 reps (60 merkins)

Truly Awful Circuit
20 squats by baseball field
Run to playground for 10 Pull ups and 10 Squats, Run back
Total of 5 reps (50 Pullups and 150 squats)

Silent Bob’s Mary while waiting for Six
Rosalito, Low Fast Flutter and Freddie Mercury x20 each

The Beast
Run back and forth across the field, dropping for 10 merkins each time Q calls “Hit”
Total of 10 Hits for 100 merkins

IW x 10
LBC x10

Truly Awful Circuit again x 3
30 Pull ups and 90 squats

Silent Bob’s Mary while waiting for Six
Dolly x 20, High Slow Flutter x 10

Mosey to concession stand
Dips x 20
Lap around baseball field
Dips x20
Lap around baseball Field
Dips x 20
Various random running between fields, arriving in parking lot at exactly 45 minutes

So that was as much of a disguise as I could put on a Murph. We got in our 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats, and 2 miles, plus lots of other stuff worked in. I also had us at a solid extra half mile: Garmin reading was 2.52. At about squat #200 Silent Bob figured out we were doing a sneaky Murph. Burying the merkins in sprints and breaking up the pull ups with running helped.

Lots of Larry Birds. Silent Bob was dusting all of us on the Circuit, leading me to appoint him relief Q for the Mary while waiting for the Six. SB, thanks for blowing off one of your regular Metro haunts for the morning, even if it was mainly because you wanted your Palmetto 200 shirt. #TeamPrius. Floor Slapper, Marge and Harley were also running out front with regularity.

DK turned our random run between the many OP fences into some kind of parkour steeple chase leaping over various inanimate objects that had the audacity to stand in his way.

T Claps to Bottom Dweller for coming down from NoCo to bring his FNG Schlitz. Good work today, Schlitz. I hope you will be back soon. Also check out Ascent at the same location at 7:00 on Saturday, and check the website for more workouts. I only realized after the workout that Schlitz’s real name is Michael Moulton, which could have led to some Michael Bolton jokes, including potentially unfortunate names from the movie Office Space. You got lucky.

Q too smoked to remember. Check the website for everything. New moderate running workout at South Charlotte middle. Site Q Slim Fast, whose speed is anything but moderate. Joust and Kevlar still operating as Jevlar for the time being. North Country Bear is coming up. I did it last year and it was awesome in its own awful way.

Anyone who has any leads on IT jobs, our new brother Schlitz is seeking one.

Thanks to Puddin Pop for the take out and the opportunity.