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A Maintenance Man and his Tools

I must admit I have been very nervous and anxious at the same time in the coming days of my VQ. Ever since the day I was asked Told by Dancing Bear I would be Qing the butterflies have been dancing. The New site at New Town is still bring out great numbers for a Tuesday and I had the pleasure to pop my ole cherry with 22 men and one of those men just happened to be a FNG from the Great Large Lot Neighborhood of The Briars and the Crest ( Another Briarcrestian, Bammmmmm). Welcome Round-Up- a 15 year old.


I was a little nervous in front of the group for the first time especially going over my DICCS in front of them while half of them where still talking and getting caught up on the weeks events- But finally the troops settled in and started to listen to my DICSS

Cellphone, CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed-

The Warm Up

Mosey in front of school down long road and circle back on sidewalk along New Town rd. and then circle up around flag pole.

12 SSH

12 imperial walkers

12 potato pickers

Calf Stretch

and we are off…..

The Thang

Mosey from flag pole area down long road until we are three light poles away from stop sign.

light pole one – 20 squats on your own

light pole two- 20 American hammers on your own

light pole three- 20 squats on your own

stop sign- 20 squats on your own

Run back to start for seemed like a good idea with the good old merkin air press – jack webb style – 1 merkin /4 air press– get to 10 merkins and 40 air presses– This turned out to be quite terrible and thanks to Zinfandel and a few others who helped with the counting.

Mosey to back of school and grab some wall

10- donkey kicks and 1 lap around track

10 – Mike Tysons 1 lap around track

10 – Hills to Heaven 1 lap around track

10- Flutters 1 lap around track

After a little warm up laps we went into 4 corners around track ( 2 times)

corner 1 – 10 big boy sit ups

corner 2- 20 squats

corner 3- 20 LBCS

corner 4- 10 Merkins

After a little track time it was time for more wall work

25 air presses and 25 cadence count air jabs ( 3 times) thanks for those counting as I was winded.. yikes!!

one more lap around the track before a little Mosey back to COT for 4 minutes of random exercises- heels to heaven, flutters, and Box Cutters


Today I wanted to push myself to finally Q while also keeping the PAX moving. I fee like everyone gave it their all and with the humidity pretty much sucking— it was like running in a chamber with no air.. I am ready for the fall cooler weather…

A few call outs from today. It appears Swimmers as taken the bait from DW, ZIN and Dana and now he has a vest- Nice work man . Gump ( aka little Swimmers was crushing it today). Zin and Dana brought out their vest so they would not be out done by Swimmers- nice work fellas. Deadwood still has one pace- Fast and Furious- nice work. Chipotle, Big Tuna and Ricky Bobby- hell of a push today. Thanks to Dancing Bear for making me do this today and also thanks to him for riding home with Zin so his white shirt did not saturate my car. Carb Load, Easy Button and Shake-n-Bake like the three amigos you fellows are always up front and helping pick up the 6 – thanks fellows.


Saturday- Spit shining down town Waxhaw after coffeeteria

FNG- Caden Losier AKA Round -up– awesome work young man- Puking in the bushes on first workout is AWESOME!!!

Thanks to Dancing Bear for taking us out

Five Stones is starting back up at 6:15- men’s forged group

DW and Rubbermaid- trail run at 5am Carolina tread trail

Prostate race 09/14-19- check groupme for sign up- it is free someone sponsoring it for F3

Chiseled- Legalized on Q

Shoulder day with a Chicken

The New site at New Town is still bring out great numbers for a Tuesday and I had the pleasure to have a good fashion shoulder day with a group of 18 men and one was a FNG- Little Drummer Boy ( Another Briarcrestian, Bammmmmm).


Cellphone, CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed

The Warm Up

Mosey around school past the fields and playground to the bus lot for some light warm ups ..

15 low slow squats

15 imperial walkers

Calf Stretch

and we are off…..

The Thang

Mosey from bus lot up to the road and down the sidewalk – ending at the long road in front of the school for a Bear -crawl/Dry dock kind of day

40 bear-crawls- 1 dry dock, 36 bear crawls- 2 dry docks ect.. reverse order Jack Webb– yikes

Mosey to starting point and circle up for some ab work while we recover from the horrible bear crawl/dry dock idea…..

Members of the PAX call out a quick hit ab workout for 10-15 reps- did 7-9 different exercises.

Plank up on the curb for some merkins slide overs– hands on curb in a incline position then do a merkin and slide over on curb ( 10 times right then 10 times left)

Mosey to backside of school near the track from some wall work

1- Mike Tyson and 4 air presses- 10/40 pushing air was hard today

Hit the track for a light jog but at every turn a pain station was on the menu

2 laps around track

corner 1 and 3 – 10 bombjacks

corners 2 and 4- 5 burpees

Back to the wall for more wall work in the squat postion

25 air jabs , 100 air presses, 50 air jabs and 50 airpresses

Inverted imperial walkers- handstand on wall and do 15 imperial walkers in cadence ( OUCH)… SHOULDERS not real happy right now…

Mosey to starting point for some more merkins on the curb- 10 to the left and 10 to the right

Finish with some ab work for last 4 minutes

10 big boy sit ups, 25 crunches, 5 big boy sit ups, 15 crunches, 5 big boy sit ups, 10 crunches and rise feet off ground 6 inches and hold for 30 seconds.. DONE…


Today I wanted to push myself and the PAX to keep moving while throwing in some fast hitting shoulder work.. Yikes I think the goal was accomplished as Shake n Bake and Zinfandel seemed not to pleased with the Chicken today- Although Shake n Bake was wearing a 20 lbs. vest and Zinfandel was not feeling his best, wonder why??? Overall everyone even the new FNG pushed themselves hard today and hopefully you have nothing planned tomorrow that you will need your shoulders for,, haha


F3 days- Saturday 9am- Dogwood park kids ages 3 and up

FNG- Kevin Luke- aka Little Drummer Boy– hahah Bread bowl came up with that in like 1/2 of a second– awesome work young man

Thanks to Blue Screen for taking us out

Dromedary- Zinfandel on Q

Chiseled- Rockwell on Q


Friday Funday with a Chicken

Do not sue me , the school or anyone else, Cell Phone ( no one had , sorry Posse), CPR certified ( we had like 6 people)– go at your own pace and do not get hurt…

The Warm Up

Mosey around lot one time then hit the trail for additional warm up…

While Moseying down trial stop for below while also looking for Credit Score who pulled a Rudy — he went on a search for a potty break before the workout.

5 burpees

run backwards for from one light pole to another

5 burpees

Stop at Intersection for more warm up ( we found Credit Score — whewww) No man left behind while the Chicken is running the show,,)

15- low slow squats

14- imperial walkers

15- Merkins

Calf Stretches

10 Big Boy sit ups

The Thang

Mosey to Transporter Shed and grab some wall in squat position

25 air jabs

100 air presses

50 air jabs

50 air presses

Mosey up hill to cover area near buses for some individual work on your on- The TRIPLE NICKEL– WHOP WHOP!

5 – column merkins under covered area then mosey to benches near cafeteria for 30 dips- do 5 sets and since running did not qualify today as the 3rd exercises we did 2 burpees between each station there and back– complete 5 rounds

Mosey the long way around the other set of buses and the stairway ares for some partner work- but while on the way stop for some planks, shoulder tab merkins- 10 and bobby hurlies- 20 ( in honor of the OG Recalculating) to keep the PAX together

Partner work

200 crunches

50 big boy sit ups

50 mike tysons

other partner run to below stairs for 2 burpees

Mosey back to Transporter Shed for some wall work and stopping on way back to keep PAX together for Bobby Hurley’s- 25

Face wall and do Squats- 25

Wall stand and while holding your wall stand do 25 inverted imperial walkers- YIKES!! stole that from Shake in Bake..

Mosey back up trail

25 lunge walks


10 lunge walks


Sprint to the end of trail… whewwwwwwww

The Moleskin

Great morning for the PAX. All Pax members pushed themselves — we ended a great day only to be taken out by Flipper who stepped up with a great message… ( excellent words today young lad). I appreciate the opportunity to lead this fine group of men today.

FYI- This young group of men Flipper, Joy, and a new FNG ( Nutmeg) are pushing themselves and others around them- these dudes as teenagers are impressive as I would have never showed up with a bunch of old dudes at their age to do what we do— impressive to say the least..


Mad Dog- basically strong armed people for Q school – hopefully it worked 6-7 light workout at Cuthbertson tomorrow followed by paperwork and fellowship from 7-8 at Chic-Fil-A

Welcome a new FNG- Nutmeg– who is visited from out of town but is staying in the Briars and the Crest so we get extra credit– sorry Lawson !!

#tclap | 6

I like Big BRICKS and I cannot lie!!

After being strong armed by Banjo into taking a Q at Chiseled I was glad 13 great men showed up at the workout this morning. I must say the Chicken had butterflies as it was his first Q at Chiseled!! But as any good Q does for his first time, he shameless steals ideas from other Q’s . So without anyone knowing he flew into and perched up at Wedding Singers Q last week at chiseled and stolen many ideas– hahah — cannot trust those darn Chickens !!

The Warm Up

Grab your TWO BRICKS that will be with you all morning

15 low slow squats with bricks in hand

15 merkins while planking on bricks

20 Mountain Climbers

Lap around Mount Chiseled with Bricks in hand

The Thang

Partner up for some gear work !!

5 Stations set up and each station has 3 exercises ( 1min and 15 secs each exercise and rest 15 secs)– we all did 7 stations

Station 1- P 1Sledge Hammer on Big tire/ P2 lunge walk with Bricks/ together 10 hand slap merkins with bricks and 10 squats with bricks.

Station 2- P1 Squat jabs with bricks/ P2 Merkins on bricks as many as possible/ together 10 hand slap merkins with bricks and 10 squats with bricks.

Station 3- P1 curls with dumbbells /P2 Run 40 yards (ish) with bricks and do a burpee and repeat/ together 10 hand slap merkins with bricks and 10 squats with bricks.

Station 4- P1 tricep curls with cinder block/P 2 run 40 yards (ish) with bricks and do a burpee and repeat/together 10 hand slap merkins with bricks and 10 squats with bricks.

Station 5- P1 sandbag burpees/ P2 run 40 yards (ish) with bricks and do a burpee and repeat/ together 10 hand slap merkins with bricks and 10 squats with bricks.

After the station work we had 4 minutes left– Time for the Merkin Bear Crawl Ladder with BRICKS!! YEEHAWW

The PAX breaks into groups of 3-4 members and line up in a plank line front to back while planking on their bricks. The Pax Member in the back bear crawls on his bricks to the front of the line and the whole PAX in the group does a merkin together– Continue this until all PAX complete three Brick Bear Crawls ( ugh)..


As always in was a great pleasure leading a group of men like this and I appreciate Banjo asking me to step up. The PAX worked hard today as usual and everyone pushed themselves.

Just a little side note I almost got us kicked out of chiseled today– While getting out of the chicken truck to load the gear I notice my truck was still moving. So apparently I was so excited to get gear loaded up I forgot to put truck in park.. I had to run and jump back in the truck and slam on the brake ( came about 5-6 ft ) from running head-on into the transformer.. That would have been a great story but most like would have got us kicked out.. whewww. Now that would have been ironic though, getting kicked out of a site for blowing up a transformer and one of the site Qs is Fusebox?? hummm


3rd F opportunity Five stones 7am Sunday- (Philippian’s 1) does not matter where you are in your faith walk– come out..

Watch Tower is moving to New Town starting June 4th.

Gerber has Q tomorrow at Floater and it is birthday tomorrow. Good Luck!!

A Large Flock

A larger than normal turnout showed today for ignition, 14 people which is the same number that was at the usually packed Flash on Monday– Wonder why such a large crowd– was it they thought the Chicken would be a easy ? was it they thought the Chicken would pass out and need CPR or few extra hands to help carry is feathery ass back to the truck? was it the nice weather? one will never know but it was great leading this mixed group of Gazelles and Clydesdales although a few times it was like herd cats- The Gazelles were in normal form today waiting to be released to RUN…..

The Warm Up

Announce the DICCS and do not sue anyone ect…

Two laps around the island in the parking lot to get the juices flowing

15 imperial walks

15 low slow squats

Calf Stretches

The Thang

Mosey to transporter shed and complete 20 walking Lunges

Mosey to circle island near stadium and plank on island in incline position- 10 slide to your left merkins then 10 slide to your right merkins.

Mosey to benches near school and complete as many dips as possible until someone says stop or quits– we did about 40-50.

Mosey up to stop light across from Champion Forest and complete 20 walking lunges and come back for the 6

Mosey across the street NICE AND SAFELY AS A GROUP

Start with 5 burpees at beginning of road into Champion Forest and run to end of road in Champion Forest completing 3 burpees at each road- 4 roads in total. Got group in a circle for some more slide over merkins – 10 to left and 10 to the right

Mosey from end of street back to beginning of street with same format but add 10 squats at 2 lights poles in between each street.

Mosey across the street NICE AND SAFELY.

20 walking lunges then mosey back to island near stadium.

At the island plank in incline position and 5 slide over merkins to the right then 5 to the left

Mosey up to the bench’s near the school for more dips- 50, 30 and 30 yikes!!

Mosey to transporter shed for more lunges- 20 walking lunges

Now time to release the Gazelles— a sprint/ relax run – sprint to a light pole, relax run to next light pole and so on until we get to end of walkway then circle back for the 6.

Mosey to front of school for a few more dips 30, 20, and 20 and mosey back to starting point just in time with 15 seconds to SPARE– WHEW……


The run in Champion Forest was a bad idea the Gazelles had too much freedom to run here between pain stations and us Clydesdales almost died.. Needed more pain stations as you cannot herd a Gazelle if you are sucking wind about 3 blocks from them– Rubbermaid to the rescue– Chicken you need to modify, so we added pain stations on the way back .Everyone pushed extremely hard today as usual and I appreciate the large group on my first Q at ignition as the mixture of Clydesdales and Gazelles was just what I needed. I had nightmares days leading up to this that when I showed up I would only see Easy Button, Hollywood, Bottlecap, Dasher, Gerber and Deadwood starting at me waiting to start. I did have plan if that happened and it was to twist my ankle getting out of the truck, thank goodness I did not have to Flop so early in the morning.

Once again great job fellows and thanks for the support FYI we logged 4.75 miles- 5 miles is what I am being told… NICE !!

Chickens, Bear Crawl?

6 great men showed up at the workout this morning at Conviction. The group was small but they all pushed themselves in a a fast pace mix bags of tricks the Chicken had up his Feathers.

The Warm Up

2 laps around island to make sure no man was left behind

15 low slow squats

20 imperial walkers

Calf Stretch

20 Mountain Climbers — and we are off…..

The Thang

Small run around parking lot to long road coming into school

Run towards island at every other light pole do 3 burpees ( 10 poles)

Run back to start and alternate sprinting and relax run ( do this twice)

Mosey to front of school for some bear crawls ( love me some bear crawls)

bear crawl from gate to stop sign – 3 merkins, bear crawl from stop sign to light pole- 3 merkins, bear crawl from light pole to light pole – 3 merkins. ugh….

Mosey to Play ground area or otherwise called Chucky’s playground by Tubberware for some partner work-

partner up and one partner lunge walks while other partner runs around track, when he catches his partner 3 hand slap merkins then continue- each partner does two laps.

Mosey to covered area near buses and get in groups of 3 for the bear crawl/ merkin/ plank ladder– all partners are in plank position in a line from front to back all team members do a merkin then guy in back bear crawls to front then team will complete another merkin- all guys need to bear crawl 3 times.

Mosey around buses then get in group to complete merkin/air presses- jack Webb style- 1 merkin/ 4 air presses – got to 10 merkins and 40 air presses.. NICE WORK..

Mosey to front of school for one last press before time is out

Wall squats/Squat/Jabs- Jack Webb style– wall squat to full squats 1 squat/4 jabs- got to 10 full squats and 40 jabs– just in time.


The lunges around the track and the burpee ladder pretty much ruined my day but I am proud to have led such a great group of guys this morning. Few learnings from todays workout-

Tupperware- has only one speed and does not fully understand how to run slowly

Rubbermaid- should always be counted on to pick up the Q when he is out of breathe and cannot count anymore – thank you

Hermie- although has missed a few workouts still has it and pushed himself today- great job man

Bonhoeffer- 3rd time working out with this man and he always impresses- dude killed the lunge walk

Woody- 1st time working out with him and hope not the last, he pushed through and he is no stranger to killing the bear crawls unlike me.. hate them..

A Chicken and the Flock

Do not sue me , the school or anyone else– go at your own pace and do not get hurt…

The Warm Up

Mosey around Lot so one PAX could pick up phone to carry during workout ( Posse would be proud of us)

20- imperial walkers

20- low slow squats

20 – Potato Pickers

20- Mountain Climbers

Calf Stretches

The Thang

Run to in front of middle school and partner up

  • P1 – wall jabs while P2 runs around 1/2 the island then switch – when you switch 7 hand slap merkins before P 1 starts to run– 2 laps each
  • P1 – heels to heaven while P2 runs around 1/2 the island then switch- when you switch 7 hand slap merkins before P 1 starts to run- 2 laps each
  • P 1 lunges through the parking lot while P 2 runs around 1/2 the island until he catches P1 partners complete 7 hand slap merkins and switch- lunge/run two times each.
  • Circle up and do a few exercises while waiting on the 6
  • Mosey to the Big Lot the Flock ” oh wait, time is going to be a issue “Zinfandel said in his wise ole owl voice— So during our mosey we took a hard left hand turn to the basketball courts while playing Frogger with a few buses and the Ignition guys, where in the heck did they come from, they flew right past us like lighting bolts…
  • On the Court split in 5 equal-ish groups for a new exercise ( the merkin/plank/bear crawl ladder) ughhhh… each GROUP will line up in a plank position head to toes in a straight line and the person in front of the group will say DOWN ( the pax will complete 2 merkins each). The guy in the back of the PAX will bear crawl to the front and repeat this process until all PAX in group have bear crawled 3 times– double and triple ughhhhhhh… I think I heard bad words tossed my way.. Chickens HAVE FEELINGS YOU KNOW… LOL
  • Mosey to Transporter Shed and alternate 10 jump squats and 3 burpess at each light heading back– getting NERVOUS 8 mins left and I have nothing left ooppspsps……
  • Thank goodness for Dancing Bear calming me down with his wisdom and knowledge- “hey Chicken Shit look over there I see benches” so we proceeded to those benches for some– dips and step ups while your partner runs around parking lot.— whewwww finished on time without a moment to spare… heeeyawww

The Moleskin

Great morning for the PAX. All Pax members pushed themselves and others hard and we ended a great way to be taken out by the one and only Fusebox ( excellent words today young lad). I appreciate the opportunity to lead this fine group of men today


  • Keep Mad Dog in your prayers- having a procedure today
  • Shampoo Crew still going on- Get with Dancing Bear
  • Father Daughter Dance is coming up– March 1st 6pm-9pm
  • Weight loss comp is in full effect- get your weight in
  • Schneider made the RESPECT stage in his F3 journey..

Chicken Littles VQ- (wet feathers and all)

The Warm Up:

Mosey down main school road and play Chicken with buses leaving and enter front of Middle School from the bus lot area.


15 SSH- cadence

15-Imperial Walkers- cadence

15- Merkins on my Down-

The Thang:

  • Partner up complete 125 dips, 75 step ups, and 75 squats between both partners – 1 partner does exercise while other partner runs around 1/2 the island. When all is complete the partners need to complete 20 hand-slap merkins. ( this kinda sucked)..
  • Mary with LBC’S and Hills to heaven until 6 is in..
  • Mosey to hill/stairs area near buses via main school road again  and play Chicken again with buses.
  • The Triple Nickle ( in Honor of Posse and Money Ball)– 5 merkins run up hill and complete low and slow squats.
  • Mary with calf raises until 6 is in..
  • Run down hill and around curve to building and partner up- 1 partner squats against wall and does air presses and jabs in sessions of 20 each while other partner does 30 lunges and switch– do this 3 times each
  • Mary with SSH until 6 is in..
  • Mosey down lighted pathway with partner and at every light both partners do 5 hand-slap merkins and 5 jump squats together at each light ( 9 lights total)
  • Mary with Speed Skaters until 6 is in..
  • The Merkin Wave- all Pax get in circle in a plank position and then one person does a merkin and returns to plank position the PAX member beside him does a merkin and returns to the plank position — this continues until no one can do anymore… MADDOG is a Stud.. Nice work he was the last Pax member in the circle, honorable mention to Jingles and Southern Belle– HECK OF a job Guys..


I appreciate Moneyball and Posse taking the time to School us Pups on leading the PAX in the future as the Q, it definitely helped.  Although today was wet and my feathers got a little ruffled early on when I forgot my third warm up exercise the PAX took it in stride and just carried on by jumping on the ground into merkins.

I was shocked there was no mention of BONEFROG since the day is fast approaching.

The PAX did seem more quite than usual today- was it the rain? was it recovery from the weekend? according to Fuse Box it could be cause the Q was good and everyone was busy. According to Zen people needed to focus on counting to 15. It was a pleasure leading this group of fine men today and everyone being patient with my first

Thanks to Foundation for twisting my arm last week and saying I needed to Q today and pop my cherry. I must say I was a bit nervous over the past few days knowing the big day was coming and the questions that would come afterwards of being a VQ……..wonder if they will like me like ? will they accept me ? will they ask me out again? how do I compare to the others they have had in the past?

I guess only time will tell and it was a huge relief getting this behind me..


Dancing Bear still collecting toiletries for Shelters– maybe be in need of other things as well, stay tuned

Clyent Dinner workout- Food Lion parking lot in Waxhaw 6:30 pm and beers to follow at Dream Chaser or Queens South.

5K coming in Braircrest to raise money for swim team/lesson in March



Getting Schooled

The Pups in the Paxs getting schooled by the masters on running a Q— Time will tell if worked.  hahah

The Warm Up:

  • Quick Mosey lap so Jingles could park his car and join the Pax ( ha)
  • Disclaimer
  • Few pointers as the Q and suggestion
  • Learning to count as the Q – 55 SSH each Pax counting as the Q
  • Learning to lead a exercise as the Q- each PAX member lead on exercise — too much to list and forgot half..

The Thang:

  1. In Pairs 50 dips and 50 step ups while other member run around island in parking lot alternate until all dips and step ups are complete.
  2. Mosey to steps at back of school then complete inside, middle and outside calve raises on each step ( OUCH) then run around sidewalk and do again for 2 laps.
  3. 3×5 workout– 5 burpees run up hill and complete low and slow squats and run back down hill– Complete 5  times– 3 exercises 5 times – very tough– Nice work to all.. Someone needs to check Moneyball, Chunder,  Banjo ( who had ZERO sleep in 2 days) and EasyButton’s DNA DUDES are not human  .. I was on round 4 and they canceled exercises cause they are finished, nice work
  4. Mosey to next stage the starfish exercise– Start in the center and go to four corners and each corner 5 squats and when back to center 5 speed skaters
  5. Jail break back to base.


I appreciate Moneyball and Posse taking the time to School us Pups on leading the PAX in the future as the Q.



Meet at MacDonald’s for coffee and paperwork..