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Getting The Band Back Together

Diccs given  to include social distancing and breaking group into 3 groups for proper social distances and some instructions on how today will go– Chicken Little group 1, Rockwell group 2 and Schneider group 3.


Warm up– Follow your group Q around parking lot and group 1 go to parking lot nearest to middle school and groups 2 and 3 go to the parking lot furthers from middle school for individual warm ups as a group.  All groups started and ended warm ups together before groups breakout work for the THANG

The Thang

Every group did the same exact exercises but we all started at different locations with our groups to help with CROWD control. Below is the path that group 1 followed and group 2 did this in reverse while group 3 started at the high school and worked their way through the workout.

Mosey to the trail at COT for some good ole leg work – 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats at alternating lights all the way down to transporter shed.

Mosey up to the T intersection at the bottom of the hill near the buses for 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats before completing 2 rounds of 25 Pistol LBCS and 10 BIG BOY sit ups.

Mosey up the trail to circular island for 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats before  1/2 of a terrible Web– 4 Mike Tyson , 4 dry Docks and 4 air presses for 5 rounds– increase air presses by 4 each round and keep Mike Tysons and Dry Docks the same — UGH!!!!!

Mosey back down trail and up towards the front of the high school for 5 more bomb jacks and 5 more jump squats. FINISH THE WEB … – 4 Mike Tysons , 4 dry Docks and 4 air press each round for 5 more rounds starting at 24 and ending at 40– DOUBLE UGH….

Mosey back down to the covered area near the buses for some ab/arm work- 20 Heels to Heaven, 20 box cutters and 15 shoulder tab merkins with a lap in between each exercise and 5 bomb jacks at bottom of stairs— before we left we knocked out 10 big boys and 20 pistol LBCS two more times.

Mosey to the front of the middle school for– 10 derkins/30 dips and a 1/2 lap – 2 times. While on lap one in our group the Bullies from Ignition came storming through on the road above us picking on Glidah for hanging with us– I HEARD YOU—- DARN BULLIES!!  Glidah was hanging out with us so he can hang with the FNG’S he bought you big ole meanies!!!

Finished just in time!!!whew…. and all groups are in


As always it is a honor to lead this group of men and the crowd was very impressive today 28 PAX TODAY at Flash. Posse was on Q with myself and Rockwell to be there as the backups but word on the street is he jacked his toe up- GET BETTER soon Posse. Thanks to Rockwell and  Schneider for helping  Q the official relaunch of FLASH during the pandemic. Also thanks to Goodfella who as always helps communicate to the PAX and push the PAX as he help reel us in and get us organized at the start. It was awesome to see that we had 3 FNGS today on a relaunch so please welcome  1.

Ponzi – Mike Willard he was named for the line of work he is in which is financial advising.. yikes…

Field Goal- Chad Conkling he was names for the shirt he was wearing BAMA the crimson tide — even though he really is a NCSU fan

Wax- Craig Russel ( FROM THE BRIARS AND THE CREST) who was named for traveling or living in Brazil –( Brazilian wax) damn!!!  Now there is a movement on the playground to change his name to Landing strip– goodness!!!

Rockwell thank you for taking us out brother- well said


Watchtower 6am- Rockwell and Ackbar on Q ( Doughboy is not going to be there to fight the time change)

Bushwood- Fiji on Q with One Star on back up.

$100 pax Challenge- stay tuned for venmo, paypal , who to write checks to ect… or just drop cash off in small  untraceable bills in a paper bag at Recalculating’s house between the times of 11pm-3:15 am under the rock on the left-hand side of his house that is near the YELLOW azalea, NOT the RED ONE , it is a trap– remember YELLOW azalea. When you lift the rock up there is a safe in a 3×3 hole and the combo is 9 right, 7 left, 14 right, 56 left, 0 right.


Peace out and have a great day boys


3rd field trip for the Braircrestians

Diccs- give to include social distance and heads up there is another group on campus who might RAT us out if we do not follow all the rules — FYI the Gazelles were out in force when we arrived– hummmm??? where they there to check up us t ensure we were following rules? check our parental permission slips? steal our bagged lunches? not real sure why they were there but I told our group to be ready for a show down as it appeared to be many Lawsonites running around…


Warm up

Mosey to front of school for 15- SSH, 15- perfectly counted imperial walkers by Schneider!! holy hell!! FINALLY, 15 merkins and a calve stretch.

Mosey to front of trail for the Thang

The Thang

Mosey to the shed while stopping at each light and alternate between 10 LBCS and 10 Big Boys 1/2 down the HEADS UP EVERYONE —-THE SHIRTLESS GAZELLES COMING ( the muscles on those dudes where bouncing everywhere)– GIRLS cover your eyes!! Fyi they ran right through the middle of us so we POLITELY parted the seas to allow them to WALTZ right on through — Not even one Thank you… ugh!!!!!

After the gun show came running through we decided to head to the shed for some wall work

3 rounds while staying in squat position

25 air presses / 25 air jabs

Mosey to stairway near buses ( 1 lap between each exercise and at bottom of stairs 5 bomb jacks and at top of stairs 15 calve raises)

15 donkey kicks, 20 box cutters, 15 merkins. 20 pistol LBCS

Mosey to bench area ( 3 rounds of 25 dips and after dips it is a sprint to the school for 10 bomb jacks)

Mosey around high school stopping in one of the cut ins for 25 donkey kicks

Mosey to front of high school 10 Mike Tysons

Mosey to front of middle school for 10 derkins then a lap 15 merkins then a lap.

Mosey to COT for some quick ab work 20 American hammers, 20 bicycles and finish with a 1 minute plank


It was our 3rd official field trip as a group and it is great to see the Cresters and a plus one traveled off site for a good gathered and great workout by Schneider. The PAX continue to impress and the youngster are starting to show some promise of continuing this back in the hood once the real F3 starts back up– time will tell!! Please keep 0-69’s daughter in your thoughts as she had a ER visit early morning and things seemed to check out fine but she was not feeling well , that’s why Chastain had to take control of the videoing– ( One day they will let me video again, I think I am ready!).

Storms and Downed trees will not stop arm day

Diccs given to include safety crossing road and what to expect today– ARMS ARMS AND MORE ARMS

Warm up– Only 7 brave soles decided to show after the storm last night so it was game on for the true believers.

Mosey down Shenadoah for a quick circle up


10- Low Slow Squats

15- Imperil Walkers- Counting properly- take notes Schneider

Downward dog into a calve stretch then 5 slow merkins- recover

Mosey up Shenandoah to COT

Sprint down to the entrance for 5 jump squast run backwards up to COT for 5 bomb jacks ( rinse repeat)

The Thang

Mosey to Tuscany stopping 3 times for 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats

Partner up at the wall

200 dips, 75 step ups, 50 derkins, and 50 mike Tysons other partner runs around both islands and does 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats before switching off. Once done a nice little mosey around circle island for 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats before the worst WEBB ever.. ugh ugh and double ugh

4 mike Tysons, 4 dry docks, 4 air presses– increase only air presses by 4 –  we got to round 7– 28 airpresses before a slow mosey up to stop sign and back for 5 jump suqats and 5 bomb jacks before finishing– we got to the 40 air presses.. total done 40 mike Tysons, 40 dry docks and 220 airpresses– We Will Finish this soon!!!

Mosey back to the glorious Crest and Briars stopping 2 times for 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats

Sprint down to the entrance for 5 jump squast run backwards up to COT for 5 bomb jacks ( rinse repeat)



It was  good small group today of the true believers who will not let a little storm get in the way of a killer arm workout. The PAX pushed hard today and after our workout we did a 2nd F by cutting down to trees and clearing the roads in the Crest- two large trees were down so we knew we HAD TO KEEP THE CREST CLEAN so our AMAZING HOA president would not get Facebook message and emails all day long about what are we going to do about these trees down… — we are like his minions doing the work.




Form day in the Crest

Diccs to include social distance and split group in 1/2 today– stress the importance of proper form, slow down and do not worry so much able the number of exercises jut do what you can but do them correctly…

Warm up- .15 mile mosey corner of Shenandoah/laurel hill- 10 Low slow squats and demonstration of proper Curtsy Lunges again by Dixie Chick- Mosey to back cul-de sac on Laurel Hill 15- SSH and 5 low slow merkins before our normal plank. elbow plank, right arm high ( 15 seconds) right leg high ( 15 seconds), plank, elbow plank, left arm high ( 15 seconds) , left leg high ( 15 seconds), plank, elbow plank– rinse repeat but drop to 7 seconds.. Schneider yelled at me about this– Big Ole meanie!! 

Mosey back to Shenandoah and stop at the 1/2 point for the Thang

The Thang– 4 sections and complete 2 times as a group- If you finish early keep going with Ab work until everyone done or do 20 proper speed skaters until everyone is done..

Section 1- 20 LBCS, 20 Pistol LBCS, 10 Big Boys

Section 2- ( COT)- 10 Curtsy Lunges, 10 Forward lunges, 10 Reverse lunges

Section 3- ( Entrance to the glorious Southside of Briarcrest )- Sprint down from COT for 10 jump squats and 10 calve raises (3-5 second pause at top of raise), mosey up to COT backwards , 10 Bomb jacks and 10 Calve raises ( 3-5 second pause at top of raise) – complete this TWO TIMES…

Section 4- Left cul-de sac on Robbins Meadows – 10 heels to heaven, 10 box cutters, 10 gas pumps and 10 leg raises.


Today the PAX was ready to go and 17 peeps pulled themselves out of bed for a AB and Leg day and the Pax pushed hard as usual. A few of our younger PAX needed some words of encouragement from Schneider and I and reminders on form but overall VERY proud of the young bucks and doe’s. We are planning another field trip later in the week most likely Wednesday at Cuthbertson and we did not want to step on anyone’s toes, so if anyone is scheduled over there let me know and we can plan around it.

Announcement- Credit Score and his family took up donations for his church this weekend by placing a box for donations and they collected over 100 items of nonperishable food — AWESOMENESS..



A whole flock of chickens for abs and legs

Diccs give to include social distancing and modify as needed as this workout will be different- core and legs mainly– NEW MOVES Today!!

Warm up

Mosey around briarscrest for .50 miles but stopping at stop signs and intersections to show new exercises before we really start the warm up

10- sumo squats ( toes pointing outward and arms outward)

10- lateral planks ( while in plank move both arm and leg over at sametime about 6-9inches while staying in plank)

10- Fire Hydrants ( while on all 4’s left your leg at a 90 degree angle nice and slow)

10- Kurtsy Lunges ( reverse lunge but with a twist– take your right or left leg across body and twist your body while doing it some– knee going backwards needs t touch ground and keep your core behind knee in front

Circle up

20- Sumo Squats

10- Kurtsy Lunges

20- pistol LBS/10 big boys

Plank/elbow plank/ plank- raise right arm 10 seconds – raise right leg 10 seconds return to plank and rinse repeat left side.

On your back for

15 Dead bugs ( raise right arm to left leg and rinse repeat with left arm and right leg — these SUCK!!)

The Thang

Section one run down hill  FULL SPRINT to cul de sac from stop sign

10- bomb jacks, 10 Kurtsy Lunges , 10 Reverse lunges

on way back up long jump hop 10 times then backward run up hill

At top of hill

25- LBCS, 10 Big Boys, 10 Fire Hydrants

Section two- longer road but no hill

10 long jumps before sprinting 1/2 way to cul-de sac and mosey 1/2 way to cul de sac

10- bomb jacks, 10 Kurtsy Lunges , 10 Reverse lunges

at start of section -25- LBCS, 10 Big Boys, 10 Fire Hydrants

Complete each section 2 times..

Head back to COT

25- LBCS, 10 Fire Hydrants and 10 Sumo Squats



A low mileage total core crushing and leg crushing workout by the PAX today. The Chicken was little off his game cause he really had no idea how this would go so the opening Mosey/warm up took longer than expected explaining the exercises but it was a burner of a workout. The Southsiders came out in force again today and all seemed to like the new exercises. Thanks to 0-69 for taking us out and showing leadership as always with our young lads and ladies. I believe out count today was 15…



Bombjack Bonanza-

Field trip day 2 Cuthbertson— With two more Chaperones… (Zinfandel and High Hat) to help wrangle all the Southside Briarcrest peeps— I think Carb Load called them in to keep a eye on us after yesterday lol

DICCS- to include social distancing

Warm up-

Mosey to the T interaction towards Transporter Shed

10 – low slow squats

5 – low slow merkins

plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, plank, right arm high. right leg high 10 seconds

plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, plank, left arm high, left leg high 10 seconds

downward dog and upper ward dog– the Chicken really has no idea what is what thanks Carb Load for clearing this up– remember this PAX if your looking up it is called upper dog- and if your looking down it is called downward dog?  hummmm who knew???

Mosey past transporter shed to the left at the trail head near the buses for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats

Mosey up the trail to the circular island for the THANG.

The Thang

All Pax spread-out around the island with hands on curb in a plank position- complete a merkin and slide to the right 7 times, rinse repeat to the left 7 times- Stay in same position and do 5 slide over merkins to the right and then again to the left.

10- bomb jacks and 10 jump squats

Partner up for some ab work


200 – LBCS

150-Heels to Heaven ( up and down is 1)

100- Pistol LBCS

50 – Big Boys

P2- Run to island at bottom of hill for 10- jump squats

when finish help your fellow PAX finish– back to curb for same 7/5/7/5 merkin slide overs and when done step back for 10 jump squats and 10 bomb jacks

Mosey from island to benches near cafeteria for 25 dips with right leg out and 25 dips with left leg out- Sprint to door of Cafeteria and back to benches for 15 incline merkins with left leg out and 15 incline merkins right leg out- then sprint to door and back for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats.

Mosey up around high school stopping at corner for 1o bomb jacks and 10 jump squats– Mosey to one of the culverts in the school for some Mike Tysons and presses– Started with 5 Tysons and 20 Air presses and got to 7 and 28 before moseying to entrance of high school for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats. Mosey to front of middle school for more Mike Tysons and air presses – 8 Tysons and 32 air presses- got to 9 and 36. Mosey to COT TO finish with 10 Mike Tysons and 40 air-presses and 15 LBCS– TIME UP!!! WHEWWWWWWW.



We had 15 dedicated soles- 13  from the Briars and the Crest for our field trip and 2 lone wolves who have accepted as our own. After we verified everyone’s permission slips and welcome the one and only Zinfandel back in our group we took off for our campus tour. The PAX really pushed themselves today and I only heard a few whimpers and crying mainly from my niece ( two left feet) but overall it was a well round workout with plenty of Bomb Jacks and Jump Squats. I am very proud of the kids in Briarcrest who are getting up and getting after it even when Schneider, -0-69 and I move the workout to out of the neighborhood the last two days– awesome to see. It was good to see High Hat and Zinfandel back out with us as well as Crab Load two days in a row.. Peace out Boys have a great day

The Briarcrest Field Trip

Diccs given and Reminder of social distancing- especially since we are off site and at a new place. Also keep your eyes out for any Lawsonites that might be lurking in the bushes with water guns.

Warm up

Mosey to Front of school


15- weirdly counted Imperial Walkers while getting hackled by Chastain ..

10- Merkins and Calve stretch

Mosey to start of trail for the Thang….

The Thang

Alternate Light poles down to transporter shed

10 merkins/10 big boys

Grab some wall at the shed for 150 air presses in sets of 50 while staying in sitting position.

Mosey to the upper part of the stairs near the buses for some individual work- Complete each of the 5 exercises and when you finish one make a lap- before coming up the stairs knockout- 1 burpee

20- Donkey Kicks, 20-LBCS, 20-Heels to Heaven, 20-Mike Tysons and 20-Merkins

Mosey to benches near back of school/cafeteria area for 3 sets of dips and step ups ( 25/25) and just for the heck of it way not do a bear crawl down 1/3 of the island- ugh…

Start heading back towards to COT with 13 minutes left and on way back bear crawl through bus lot covered area- ugh….

In front of school  –10 Derkins, 20 Heels to Heaven and 10 Merkins with a 1/2 island lap in between.

Mosey back to COT with 1 minute left for ab work– recover– Now we all go hunt for 0-69 and a FNG they were coming up the trail just 3 minutes late- but the DICCS worked he had a cell phone and the call was made everyone was ok just miss timed due.



Today was the first official field trip of the Southside Briarscrestian’s. It was great getting back to a sort of normal workout and seeing different scenery other than the LARGE ASS LOTS in the Briars and Crest. Schneider pushed the PAX today with mileage and a good mix of all muscle groups while on our field trip. In a shocking surprise no Lawson peeps were hiding in the bushes to surprise attack us, which was appreciated. It was great seeing Carb Load today as that dude was craving a workout as he looked like he was shot out of a darn cannon today, nice push bro. Have a great day boys…



Legs need love also..

Diccs to include social distance and split into groups for road crossing and instructions on how we will cross the road

Warm up

1/4 mile opening Mosey

circle up

15 Imperial Walkers

10- Low slow squats- very slow

5 – very slow merkins- plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, 5 regular merkins, plank 10 seconds

Right arm high 10 seconds/right leg high 10 seconds/ regular plank 10 seconds/elbow plank 10 seconds

Left arm high 10 seconds/left leg high 10 seconds/regular plank 10 seconds/elbow plank 10 seconds

1/4 mile mosey at end a 25 yard walking lunges and the Mosey to Tuscany Clubhouse

The Thang ( Partner work for some leg toning exercises)

100- Bulgarian Squats using the wall

100- Step ups

50- Lateral Lunges

50- Jump Squats

50- Reverse Lunges

Other partner running up road to the left to the  stop sign for 10 Bomb Jacks and back to relieve your partner

Bear Crawl/Dry Docks – 4 bear crawls and 1 dry dock  — get to 20 bear crawls and 5 bear crawls before heading abck to the GREAT SOUTHSIDE OF THE BRIARS AND THE CREST..

While on the way back we stopped 3 different times for 10 jump squats and 10 bomb jacks

Return to COT with a few minutes to spare — lets try and finish the web.

Bear Crawl/Dry Docks – 24 bear crawls and 6 dry docks — we got to 36 and 9  ugh…….  time up recover..



The young lads are coming out in force and are continuing to push themselves to get out of bed and hang out with a few old dudes. Today the PAX had 13 peeps and another good mix of dudes and chicks, great work by all…The PAX will be moving off site for a field trip tomorrow at 6:30am if anyone wants in we will be taking a tour of Cuthbertson, if in please PM Chicken Little so we can plan properly for group work and separation.


Bulgarian Squats -YIKES

Diccs given and reminder of social distancing- split PAX in two groups due to size

Warm Up ( In honor of Donovans 17th bday ) 

17 – SSH

17- Imperial Walkers

17- Potato Pickers

Calve Stretch

The Thang

In two groups- one boys group ( led by Ricky Bobby) and one girls group ( led by Chicken Little)– Why did the chicken get the girls group?- Prepare the PAX for some stage work

Stage 1 – The Great Wall at Tuscany- 25 dips, 15 Bulgarian squats ( each leg)- 15 derkins using the wall- rinse and repeat

Stage 2- Cul-de Sac down Robbins Meadows- 15 LBCS, 15 Flutters, 15 American hammers, 15 heels to heaven

Stage 3- Cul-de sac down Laurel Hill- 1 dry dock and 4 air presses– continue until you get to 10 dry docks and 40 air presses

Stage 4- Cul- de- sac up Laurel Hill- for the 11 mailboxes on the left alternate between 10 merkins and 1 big boy — decrease merkins by 1 and increase big boys by 1 each mail box until you get to end- ( ugh!!!)

When finish at bottom of Shenandoah drive work you way back up to COT using mailboxes on left hand side and alternate between 10 walking lunges and 10 low slow squats

Finish with 17 burpees in honor of Donovan’s 17th bday


We had a great group today with a lot of youngsters trying to push the older PAX ( HAHAHAHAH) boy these young pups have a lot to learn. We also had another good turnout of ladies that continue to push themselves and push the PAX. Ricky Bobby laid down another great Q an always pushes the PAX with some different exercises– Bulgarian SQUATS SUCK!!!  We actually picked up another person while the workout was going on, that’s a first- not sure we ever ended with more than we started with– This Southside Briars and the Crest is crushing it– kepp up the good work boys and girls.


Great work by Spider Monkey who stepped up when called upon to get out of his comfort zone and take us out!! impressive!!


Bomb Jacks are NOT FUN

DICCS given to include social distance and split PAX into two groups due to size to make sure we maintain safe space.

Warm up

20- imperial walkers

10 – Low Slow Squats

10- low slow merkins- plank, elbow plank, right hand high 10 secs, right leg high 10 secs, plank , elbow plank, left hand high 10 secs, left leg high 10 secs, plank, and elbow plank – recover.

Mosey 1/2 mile- plank after and wait on the 6

Mosey to middle of main rd. ( Shenandoah drive )

The Thang

group 1 – runs down Shenandoah drive- 5 burpees, 20 Bomb jacks back to middle of Shenandoah for 20 Pistol LBCS  alternating legs RINSE REPEAT

group 2- runs up Shenandoah drive – 5 burpees, 20 Bobby Hurley’s back to middle of Shenandoah for 20 pistol LBCS alternating legs – rinse repeat

Groups then switch direction and complete what other group did

Mosey within your group to laurel hill for some fun hill/group work

Group 1- bottom of hill 10 Mike Tysons- run backwards up hill for dry docks

Group 2- top of hill – 15 Dry Docks – run down hill for mike tysons

rinse repeat 5 times

Mosey to middle of Shenandoah in your group

Group 1 on one side and group 2 on other side ( Social Distancing still intact)

5- heels to heaven, 5 gas pumps, 5 American hammers, 10 air jabs ( increase each by 5 until we get to 15,15,15,25)

Mosey to COT in your groups

group 1 one side of rd and group 2 on one side of road ( Social Distancing still intact)

group 1 at COT and group 2 at entrance on the glorious Briars and the Crest

2 burpees and sprint to where other group start and rinse in repeat 5 times ( TIME UP)– whewwwwww


we had a great mixture of some hard core F3ers ( Schneider , Ricky Bobby, O-69, Turnbuckle, Spider Monkey, Baklava and Myself) and some hardcore chicks that would crush some FIA action if it ever comes back around ( Dixie Chick, Donovan and Pilisic) plus we had a few other kiddos mixed in and a FNG name (Cannoli) he named after his Greek heritage and his father is named Baklava. Great time today leading this group and thanks to Schneider for leading group 2 , although bigger than we like during this time we practiced social distancing to the T and we are not turning away peeps wanting to push their bodies with us.. GREAT WORK BY ALL

Thanks to 0-69 for taking us out….