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Easy Monday Morning or was it?


Starting the morning at 45 degrees can always be painful but feels like heaven after 10- minutes. DiCCS were given two minutes before 5:30 and Premature led team to Rudy’s shed for a quick warmup.

20 SSH

20 Imperial walkers

10 downward and 10 upward dog

Calf stretch 15 seconds per leg

20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the large open parking lot to start the THANG

The Thang

Divided up into two teams to complete BLIMPS.

(B) 5 Burpees then sprinted across parking lot to do another 5 Burpees, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(L) 10 Lunges per leg then sprinted across parking lot to do another 10 Lunges, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(I) 15 Incline Merkins with feet on curb then sprinted across parking lot to do another 15 Incline Merkins, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(M) 20 Merkins Wide Arm then sprinted across parking lot to do another 20 Merkins Wide Arm, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(P) 25 Plank Jacks then sprinted across parking lot to do another 25 Plank Jacks, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(S) 30 Squats then sprinted across parking lot to do another 30 Squats, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

Circled up and did a 50 Merkin wave until all PAX arrived.

Mosey to next large parking lot for Four Corners, again in two teams. The focus: Abs in sets of 20: Heels to Heaven, V-ups, Mike Tyson, and Flutters.

Mosey to front of high school to complete a ladder of Tricep Dips and bench and Big Boy sit-ups: 5 of each, then 10, 15 and 20 and circled up for Bomb Jack wave until all PAX arrived.

Burpee Indian run to front of next school, close to COT, for Donkey Kicks and Balls to the Wall: 5 of each, then 10, and 15.

Mosey to COT and finished the last 40 seconds with American Hammers.

Everyone pushed it today and got in a good workout starting the week of right and stayed safe. I want to give a special shoutout to Sledge O Matic (Jim Gallagher). He pushed the entire time and ran during the sprint portions. Great job!


Golden Plate Jeff got his name he came from Land of Mormons in Utah and plays guitar

Service project, Hot Wheels, downtown Waxhax to build a ramp for a nine-year girl in a wheelchair Nov 7th. Volunteer money through Venmo and/or help build.

Chicken Little will lead a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day and post info on The Playhouse and NewsChannel.

Makeshift Marathon 2020 Nov 14: complete marathon by creating a relay team, run a 10k, run ½ marathon, or run complete marathon by yourself. Please makes sure you go to link and register.

Chain of Pain – goes to Sledge-0-Matic

Prayer Request

Kelli Niro (premature wife) will meet with doctor on 10/29 and needs support for our Lord if she should take the recommended medication

Playing In The Rain

DICCS Given- CPR, cell phone, modify if needed ect..


written by Chicken Little cause Schneider hates writing back-blast..

First of all ( words Schneider wanted me to include, I said no but he insisted) lol-haha

I want to thank Chicken Little for being my friend and ALWAYS helping out with basically everything from cell phone usage, setting up a evites for parties, writing my back-blast,  Busch lights when I walk by his house, keeping his wife from killing me when my dog pee’s on his bushes that she just planted, letting me know where workouts are just are just to name a few, There are so many things Chicken Little does to for me I am forever in debit to him and I hope one day I will be able to repay him or properly.. I LOVE THAT DAMN CHICKEN….

Now that that is out of the way on to the seriousness….

Warm Up

Mosey to front of school- a few decided to take cover for the warm up under the shed – so cute!!!

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers


Calve Stretch

The Thang

Mosey to COT to start of the trail

alternating lights for 10- murkins / 10 – big boy sit-ups in puddles ( sorry boys)

Hit Rudy’s POOP palace for some arm work

3 sets of 50 air presses single count 

Mosey to the covered area near the buses just in time for the rain to stop

complete a lap around the triangle after each exercise and 1 burpee before heading up stairs to start next exercise

20 Donkey Kicks/20 LBCS/20 Mike Tysons/20 Hills to Heaven/20 Murkins

Mosey to the benches near the school for 3 sets of

25 dips and run to school for 30 squats – rinse repeat 2 more times

Mosey to overhang near buses and bear crawl the whole covered area while we dodge Zinfandels ass gas that literal hovered over everyone like a damn nuclear cloud ( GET LOW BOYS I THINK HE POOPED HIS PANTS). It reminded a few of us of stink bombs from yester years– YIKES… I and pretty sure a few of us tasted some of his fancy brews and I got notes of barley, oatmeal, oak, earth tones and wild berries- ugh..

Mosey to front of school for a 3 quick hot 1/2 laps after each exercise

10 derkins/20 hills to heaven/10 murkins

Mosey back to COT taking long way around lot and wait for the buzz of the shirted SWARMERS to come rolling in. I must say on a wet damp morning I was shocked the Swarmer’s all came in with shirts on- guess they did not want to show off their ripped moist bodies ( except Carb Load) to us Clydesdales fearing we would all be in awh of their greatness…


Today was a great day as I usually will not workout in the rain but since I was vol-n-told I was Q ing by Mr. Form Police himself I could not back out. It was a pleasure leading this group today and I believe I actually counted properly, stuck to my Wienke and stayed on task… The PAX pushed themselves hard today in the rain and we had a blast.


Blood Drive tomorrow

Helping Hotwheels on 11/07/20 – ramp building- need 20 peoples or so for 5 hours

Drop off diapers at Akbars church or just throw in his yard as you speed by honking your horn while blowing through the red light- prefer size 2- thanks to Ricky Bobby and Fuse Box for your donations.




DICCS–   ( kinda skipped over this  since not going away from cars ) sorry do yell at me –

We made a executive decision not to use grass or any fields as we did not want to pull a Damascus and get us thrown out of this site. For whatever reason the parks and recs department decided 6:10am is a good time to mow grass, so too many eyes would be looking at us tearing up their property-  Moved to a gravel lot.

Warm up– lead by Maddog while I was using the potty so not sure what ya’ll did but I am sure it was great, I know my potty experience was great.

Quick overview and demonstration of workout

The Thang

10 burpees over block

murder bunnies 25 yards- 25 squat thrust- return to start with cinder block

10 burpees over block

murder bunny – 50 yards- 50 merkins using your block 2 is one- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block

murder bunny – 75 yards- 75 curl press using your block- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block

murder bunny – 100 yards- 100 block windshield wipers- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block- TIME!!


Hell of a job by all. Few call outs

Centerfold– WTF dude you are a machine with windshield wipers– good lord

Tanyatine, Chastain and Pebbles- I can 100 percent validate your forms since you three were out front I focused form watching on your guys so there would be no questions- As long as you nailed the counts which I am sure you can you guys crushed it and your times are legit.

Maddog was in beast mode today especially on murder bunnies and merkins

Chainsaw- RESPECT RESPECT and I will double down on RESPECT– dude if I can do half of what you do at your age I will be in a good place.

Doughboy– banged up knee and all- Dude you can pump out merkins– hell of a push bro.

Ghosted– Who starts F3 on round 1 of IPC and decides—- hummmmmm maybe I should do all 4- WOW- impressive.

Fuse– great push at the end with finishing strong on windshield wipers then pushing others while they were finishing.

Breadbowl- You have completed all 4 IPCS and know you now you can push yourself out of your comfort zone- keep pushing young lad and believe in yourself, you can do it.. At 13 years old I would have been laying in bed until 11am looking forward to riding bicycles with friends verse getting my butt kicked at 6:30am.

Deep Dish– Strong and Faster each time I see you workout- hell of a push today especially on curl press and thrusters.

CP30– Dude was cruising through murder bunnies and windshield wipers and push himself to the max on last few wipers.



Blood drive 10/17/20- PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYONES SANITY sign up so we can move on to another topic

CPR Class $15.00 Monday have room for 6 more 2 hours 6pm-8pm

Christ Closet convergence next Saturday after workout need trucks and people to help move and fold.

Thursday Night folding party- every Thursday need bodies 7:30pm.

Thanks to Chastain for taking us out.

Post your own scores





Chicken On The Loose In Marvin

DICCS GIVEN- Cell phone, CPR, Do not sue anyone, social distance where applicable, modify as needed

Warm up

Fast pace mosey from COT to long road in front of schools for planking and stretching

Downward dog and Upward dog- repeat 5 times- plank right arm high 10 seconds and plank left arm high 10 seconds- Glidah Special

Quick pace Mosey to front of Middle School for the actual warm up

15- Low Slow Squats

15- SSH’S

5 low slow merkins

Calve Stretch and we are off…..


The Thang

Mosey down parking lot towards the brick wall area for a fun little webb

3- Mike Tysons/ 3 dry docks every round/ AB work starting and 4 and increase by 4 each round until we get to 40

4, 8, 12- Big Boys

16- Pistol LBCS

20- LBCS

24- Pistol LBCS

28- LBCS

32- Pistols LBCS

36- LBCS

40-Pistol LBCS

Mosey to bottom of parking lot and back up to dirt trail leading to fields for Triple Dime

10- Bomb Jacks at start

10- Jungle Boy Squats at end

Repeat three times

Split into groups of 4-5 people for a bear crawl ladder

all Pax in group plank in single file line line — Pax member up front says down for the whole PAX to complete one merkin, the Pax member in the back bear crawls to the front – rinse repeat for 4 times   CAR COMING IN HOT!!! ABORT ABORT.. Most groups got to 3 full rounds.

Mosey up road to entrance of middle school for some light pole leg work. There are 7 lights from the stop sig down long road in front of schools. At each light pole complete 10 jump squats and 10 ( single count) Speed Skaters

Back to the bear crawl ladder to complete your last round..

Mosey to COT…



As always I appreciate the opportunity to lead this group of men. The Pax pushed hard today and as always it is like herd damn cats with Ice9, Transporter, Glidah, Tanyatine, and Bottlecap they pushed me out of my comfort zone while moseying. But today a few others where pushing themselves and have been for quite sometime and they are heading or already in the gazelle crowd– Rockwell, Soft Pretzel, Figi, Schneider ( FYI never try to sprint with Ice 9 though- dummy) and Red Tape ( second workout and he is a beast).


Need a Q at Floater tomorrow- reach out to Shake n Bake or Carbload

New neighborhood walk group/AO – Sunday morning to talk, walk and maybe grab a few new people- This Sunday at the Chimneys at 7:30 at the clubhouse.

Open Door- 3 opportunities – Saturday Morning 8am, Sunday Morning 8am  ( 2 zoom ) and 1 in person Sunday 7:30 at the Five Stones Fire pit.

IPC 6:30 tomorrow night after client dinner RELAY GROUP .. Reach out to Zinfandel




F3ers almost mowed down F3ers

DICCS– CPR certified, cell phone, modify as needed, social distance, do not sue anyone

Warm up-

Nice mosey up around middle school drop off zone before heading up the exit road and back down the entrance road for a quick plank 1/4 the way down while the 6 catches up– who knew we would almost be hit by a few late arrivals who came screaming into the parking lot of 2 wheels—- One vehicle jumped a speed bump ( can we say he might need a alignment in the near future). After that close call we decided this area is not real good to warm up in so we will continue our mosey down to the large lot with the benches and bball court.

  • 10 low slow squats ( pausing at bottom for a 3 second )
  • 10 Moroccan night clubs – For my amigo Zinfandel, your my boy BLUE!! I think it brought a tear to his eye.
  • 10 more Moroccan night clubs while in a squatted position.
  • Plank- right arm high and right leg high 15 seconds, plank , left arm high and left leg high 15 seconds, plank.
  • Coming in HOT!!! I think the culprits of who about mowed us down just join the warm up– I hear “what’s up Dasher “and what’s up “Radar” I am not accusing anyone, but evidence is pointing this way, just saying..
  • Plank and bring right leg to right arm – Plank and bring left leg to left arm  and we are off…

The Thang 

Mosey to road the buses are on for some good ole fashion fun.  There are 5 light poles on this road

1 burpee- 5 bomb jacks at each light

REVERSE and head back to start doing the following

2 burpees- 5 jump squats at each light

Long mosey to other road that is the entrance to the Elementary school for more of the same stop at each light ( 5 lights)

1 burpee- 10 dry docks at each light

REVERSE and head back to starting point of this road

2 burpees – 10 merkins

Long mosey to front of Middle school and find some sidewalk

1 – Mike Tyson ( increase by 1 each round)

4- Big Boys ( each round always 4)

4- LBC or Pistol LBCS based on what Q calls out ( increase by 4 each round)

we got to 5 Mike Tysons and 20 Pistol LBCS

Mosey around COT passing the Masher to the long road near the buses again for more light pole work- 5 light poles out to road

1 burpee – 5 spider man merkins at each light pole ( dumbass idea Chicken) sorry boys.


2 burpees- 5 Shoulder tabs at each light pole  ( Chastain decided this was not hard enough) so we all AGREED (lol) to change this to 5 shoulder tab merkins, thanks for nothing Chastain…

Mosey over to large lot with Bball court and benches to finish our webb

6- Mike Tysons ( increase by 1 to get to 10)

4 -Big Boys ( stays the same)

24- Pistol LBCS or LBCS ( increase by 4 to get to 40).

Mosey back to long road with 5 light poles for more light pole work

1 burpee- 10 walking lunges ( 5 forward and 5 reverse)- at each light pole – 5 light poles…

3 MINUTES LEFT– Nice long easy mosey back to COT



As always it is a pleasure to lead a group of men like this and I appreciate it more and more each time. Today was a tough as we nailed 3.50 miles, 50 burpees, crushed our shoulders/arms and then completed a terrible Webb.  But even with all the terribleness it was a blast thanks to all the conversation, banter, jokes, farting (some wet ones) and snot rockets. The PAX PUSHED hard today thanks for allowing me to lead you guys again boys and thanks to Posse for reaching to me about leading this group.


Homecoming will be closed next 4 weeks due to Iron Pax challenge– Saturday workouts next 4 weeks at Commitment. Iron PAX challenge — sign up!!!

Waxhaw 1 year anniversary- all sites converging at Flash ( labor day ) 6:30 many different workout options





Donkey Derkin Delight

22 Pax showed up on a hot humid morning for a workout filled with Donkey kicks and durkins..


15 Side straddle hops,15 imperial walkers, Jimmy Dougans, Calf stretched, Planks, Right and right leg high, left leg and left hand hig finished with murkins.

The Thang:

Round 1

Back of middle school alternating lights 10 Big boys and 10 murkins

Grab the wall

3 sets of 50 air presses with 10, 15 then 20 Donkey kicks in between

Round 2

By the steps at the back of the high school we did 5 laps up the steps around the walkway by to the steps. 1 Burpee at the bottom of the steps. At the top of the steps we did 20 donkey kicks, next lap we did 20 LBC’s, then 20 mike Tysons, then 20 Heels to heaven ending on 20 murkins.

Mosey to the back of the middle school and did 3sets of 25 step ups, 25dips then 20 dirkins. (lots of complaining at this point)

Mosey to the front of the middle school,

Bear crawl under the overhang. 3 sets of 10 Durkins, 20 heels to heaven and 10 murkins. Started with a full lap in between each set but quickly called an audible and did a half lap between each set.

Mosey back to the COT for 30 seconds worth of LBC’s



Workout seemed to go pretty well, thanks to the great help by Rockwell and Chastain for their guidance and help. Thanks to Schneider for putting to together great workout. I may have thrown in a few extra durkins and donkey kicks than he originally wrote but the guys seemed to enjoy them.


Open slot for the Blood Drive was available.

Final collection for raffle tickets

Arm/Shoulder day at FLASH

DICCS- Cpr, cell phone, do not sue, social distancing and modify as needed

Warm up

Mosey around lot  1 1/2 times to pick up a few tardy pax members – Mater and Ricky Bobby

15- Low Slow Squats

Jimmy Dugans

Plank – Right arm high and right leg high 10 seconds

Plank- left arm high and left leg high 10 seconds

20- mountain climbers

The Thang

Mosey up to long road in front of high school and at every other light complete 20 speed skaters and 2 burpees until you get to the stop sign ( 12 lights so we completed 120 speed skaters and 12 burpees). Plank until the 6 is in…

Mosey to the school for some wall Partner work

P1 run to to stop sign for 5 bomb jacks and 1 burpee

P 2 wall work – complete 300 air presses, 300 air jabs , 50 mike Tysons as a team

Mosey a hot lap around 1/2 the parking lot for more Partner work ( switch partners though)

At top of large lot near the gate you and your new partner complete 30 dry docks combined and take a nice easy stroll through the lot to the fence and have some conversation . When you get to the fence you and your partner complete 40 Dry docks together and then mosey up to trail near benches. Once you get to the trail near the benches complete a 50 dry docks together before heading to the benches.

When we get to the benches Partner switch again for some more partner work.

P 1- run to traffic circle for 5 jump squats and 1 burpee

P 2- 200  dips, 100 pistol dips and 100 incline merkins

5 minutes left time to head back only to stop 1/2 way for light ab work led by Maddog while we gather the PAX back together before heading to COT

covered 2.5 miles with lots of arm work today– GREAT JOB BOYS


After a great holiday weekend it was great to see a good gathering of the PAX out and ready to go this morning- 24 PAX members. As always the PAX pushed hard and helped each other become stringer mentally and physically even though there was many grumblings over food and drink CHOICES over the weekend. Today we welcomed a FNG from the Walnut Creek neighborhood that Rockwell finally wore down over beers and cornhole– Everyone Welcome Joe Gummersbach AKA Sugardaddy– Joe is from St Louis MO and lived in Germany for many years before getting married late in life and he has a 7 year old boy and 10 year old girl and he coaches with Cobbler. Thanks to O-69 for taking us this morning, great message as usual. Also everyone make sure you tell Breadboy happy birthday when you see him– 13 years old this past weekend..



Blood drive 07/23/2020- we need 20 PAX members so sign up but you can bring others also as long as they are 16 years and over– Our group is committed to donated 100 pints so SIGN UP!! F3 is committed to 10,000 pints

100 PAX challenge raffle- buy tickets links are on GroupMe for lazyboy chairs or lazy boy gift cards– See Centerfolds or Maddog or actually read instructions on GroupMe

Site Q school ( July 18th) and Q school ( July 25th) are coming in July– if your ready to step up and lead SITE now is the time, Q school if you had lead under 3 times go to school and educate yourself on how to rock out a good Q..

Arsenal needs some support only getting 5-7 people daily- Thursday morning at 5:30am Indianland Elementary




Anything But Bomb Jacks

DICCS- Cpr, Cell Phone, Modify as needed, social distancing and do not sue ect….

Warm Up– Mosey to flag pole and circle up

10 – low slow squats

15 – Imperial Squawkers- ( chickens cannot count this properly- sorry boys)

10- Diamond merkins

5- low slow merkins

plank/elbow plank / plank right arm high- right leg high 10 seconds

plank/elbow plank/plank left arm high- left leg high 10 seconds

calve stretch

Mosey down and up by road stopping at each corner for a either 10 bomb jacks or 10 jump squats.

The Thang

2 groups for Indian style run around parking lot down road in front of school to back of school near the track. The guy in the back will do 3 bomb jacks and sprint to the front  This got modified to 3 merkins.

Grab some wall for some fun

15- donkey kicks and hold last kick in upward position for 10 seconds- 3 decline merkins ( rinse repeat 2 more times) HORRIBLE IDEA–

get on track for partner work

P 1 runs 1/3 of the track and completes 5 dry docks and relieve partner. But if P2 Finishes a exercise before P 1 gets back he holds plank until partner gets back–Both partners will run a lap together before moving on to next exercise

200 – LBCS

100- pistol LBCS

75- Big Boys

75- Heels to heaven

Mosey to B-ball courts

Bear crawl base line to base line and when at opposite base line

20- Pistol LBCS

10- Big Boys

20- Pistol LBCS

30- LBCS

Mosey back to COT Indian run style with 3 merkins in the back


As always it was a great day with the PAX and leading this group of men. The PAX covered some ground today and got in a little ab work while doing so. I guess when someone says can we do we anything but bomb jacks that’s what they mean… I was running and I hear a voice in the crowd saying can we do something besides bomb jacks cause it hurts my knee and “I ask like what” at this time the crowd turns rowdy and two more people pile on and say ANYTHING- means ANYTHING… modify boys we will now do merkins instead GEEZ!!!! yikes…calm down bros…


Q school -July 25th ( if you have qed less than 3 times)

Site Q school- July 18th ( who is ready to step up)

Blood drive – Fuse is trying to get a count and we need at least 20 people before Red Cross will even talk with him. This is apart of what F3 is doing trying to get 10,000 pints of blood so sign up as interested on the news channel.

Mayhem – Arnold Foundation Sept 5th- 12th heading down to Panama City Florida to help in community with sheet rocking- If interested reach out to him they will be taking  van and supplies down to help the local community

CenterFold- we have around $8,000 for 100 pax challenge– still need more money before raffle




Downtown with the Boys

Diccs given- modify as needed, do not sue anyone, cell phone, cpr, careful with cars

Warm up- chicken little

Mosey around the block

Circle up

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers

Stretch left, right middle and down to a plank

5 slow merkins in cadence

plank, elbow plank, right arm high,  right leg high 10 seconds, plank

plank, elbow plank, left arm high, left leg high 10 seconds, plank

5 slow merkins in cadence- RECOVER

The Thang – Schneider

4- corners from the church parking lot around the block

Start – 5 bomb jacks

stop sign 1- 5 Mike Tysons and back to start for 5 bomb jacks

stop sign 2- 5 dry docks and back to start but when passing stop sign #1 5 Mike Tysons and 5 Bomb Jacks at start

stop sign 3- 10 Mike Tysons and repeat stop sign 2 and 1 and 5 bomb jacks at start

stop sign 4- 10 Dry docks and repeat stop sign 3, 2 and 1 and 5 bomb jacks at start.

Mosey to end of parking lot where the wood raised barricades for arm work ( schneider)

15- derkins and sprint to stop sign near church mosey back

30 dips ( 15 left leg out and 15 right leg out) sprint to stop sign and mosey back

rinse repeat 3 more times..

Long mosey around block

circle up for merkin wave of sort ( chicken little)

Every Pax member stay in  plank while one PAX member does 1 merkins and next Pax does a merkin after him a continue this while everyone is in a PLANK until we get to 125 merkins as a group– whew….

Short Mosey around block

rinse repeat Merkin wave but go to 150- Thanks Deadwood for Q jacking– SHOCKER!!

Short Mosey around block circle up for ab WORK ( schnieder)

20 – lbcs, 20 heels to heaven, 20 gas pump’s– do not let feet touch ground!! – RINSE REPEAT 1 more round

20- Flutters/20 lbcs- done…


As always it was  a great pleasure for Schneider and I to lead this group of men within our community, everyone pushed hard and sweated like madmen in the humid Waxhaw morning. Even with a sneaky late night call to another unofficial site by the one and only Bottlecap, we still had 15 dudes that bettered themselves today by getting their butts out of bed and getting stronger physical and mentally with their brothers.

Announcements- 0-69 is having beers at his house in Briarcrest Friday night after 7:30pm- 1903 Robbins meadows drive Waxhaw ( if you pull in Braircrest the Enclave side take first left and he is second house on left, he has a large back patio and pool. If you want to park in my driveway go ahead 1817 Robbins Meadows drive, I will be out of town.

We are still taking donations through venmo and paypal for 100 PAX challenge- $7,500 currently– lets go boys

Protest is scheduled in downtown Waxhaw 5-7pm many PAX will be there with 2.0’s and M’s

German Shepard-gate

Diccs given- cell phone, cpr, modify as needed, do no sue me, f3 , easy button or new town and we will be on campus.

Warm up

Warm up lap around parking lot and head to Flag Pole for the warm up

20- SSH

10- Tator pickers

stretch right, stretch left , middle and go into a plank

Plank, Elbow plank, right arm high and right leg high 10 seconds

Plank, Elbow plank, left arm high and left leg high 10 seconds.

5 low slow count merkins


The Thang

Long mosey down road and back down trail near highway to entrance of school and plank waiting on the 6 and explain the next exercise-

Mosey up 2 light poles for 10 Bomb Jacks and sprint back one light pole for 15 speed skaters ( Mad Dog some how missed this very important piece of information until the very end and was doing 10 speed skaters– shame shame shame lol ). Go all the way around to the buses and stop at the light pole nearest the Bball court.

4 Mike Tysons, 4 dry Docks and 4 air-presses – increase air-presses by 4 and and do the same amount of Tysons and Dry Docks until we get to 28 air- presses– this was fun.. ugh

Head to Bball court for some good ole fashion 1 minute sprints – Recalculating would be proud. Sprint baseline to baseline for 6 times, then 8 times, then 10 times and last but not least 13 times. The goal here is for everyone to finish under 1 minute and if we do not finish the whole PAXS does 3 burpees. The PAX did a heck of a job sprinting until we got to 13, Popeye who would have finished with 10-13 seconds decided we  all needed 3 burpees so he just stopped and laughed at us — thank you SIR- UGH..

Head back to bus area to finish our webb of 4 Mike Tysons, 4 dry Docks and 32, 36 and 40  air-presses- good times

Mosey to back of building for wall work — yikes there is a lady with a German Shepard who came running towards up for a play date or a snack.. I was about to push someone down and run as fast as I could but he actually wanted a play date so we aborted that area to give them spacing.

Mosey to front of school for wall work now…

20 air press in cadence, and 20 air jabs in cadence- sprint to curve

20 air press in cadence and 20 air jabs in cadence- sprint to curve and add 3 burpees

10- wall plank merkins- sprint to curve and add 3 burpees

5- wall plank merkins- sprint to curve

20 air presses in cadence and 20 air jabs in cadence- sprint to curve and add 2 burpees.

Mosey back to COT just in time


As always in it a honor to lead this group of leaders and we had a great 20 peep turnout today. The PAX pushed hard as usually and we have some fellows really turning it up a notch.



Akbar and his church is looking for help to unload every night at 6pm and they are also looking for toiletries, kid friendly food and items that will go into lunchboxes for next two weeks.

Q school coming in July- to help you run an effect Q

Site Q school is also coming as we are looking to open new sites

We are looking to continue the 100 PAX challenge and the next 10 donations will be match $ or $ by a PAX member.