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Frozen walk through the creek

diccs- not given

warm up – not needed

the thang- walk 3 miles-1 hr


8 pax’s, 3 dogs and 2 2.0s showed up for a frozen walk through the creeks of Marvin. Zinfandel completed his 10 spot, dime bag, posting diez or whatever we are calling this crazy ass 10 post in 7 days obsession he decided to do. The conversation was great , the walk was perfect and Das Boots dog dropped a deuce in the clubhouse parking lot.  Great day and all home by breakfast time


Zin- screwed up family photo

Eating Block Burpees for Breakfast

DICCS Given to include social distancing


Warm Up


15- Imperial Walkers

Jimmy Dugan stretch into a plank


Plank into canner open and runners pose

Upward Dog/Downward Dog/Upward Dog/Downward Dog

On backs stretch hammie’s  by pulling legs upward and keep it straight then bend and pull to belly


The Thang

This was a bad idea to start with

Between two light poles rifle carry cinder block and when there 1 blockee ( block burpee) and 4 of a exercise of my choice– continue rifle carry between light poles until you get to 10 and add an additional 4 exercises.

1 blockee- 4 flutters with block above your head

2 blockee’s- 8 windshield wipers

3 blockee’s 12 block merkins

4 blockee’s- 16 flutters with block over head

5- blockee’s – 20 windshield wipers

6- blockee’s- 24 second high plank using block

7- blockee’s- 28 windshield wipers

8- blockee’s- 32 flutters with block over head

9- blockee’s- 36 windshield wipers

10- blockee’s- 40 flutters with block over head

55 blockee’s  ugh ugh ugh..  I think Premature and Chastain were not to happy with the Chicken

Circuit work..

6 spaces laid out and every in their on space for 30 seconds of work a 7 second rest to move to next space ( 3 full rounds

  • Jump over block
  • Kettle Bell Swing with block
  • 30 second high plank with block
  • Curls
  • Squat thrusters
  • Military Press

Webb of pain

  • 10 derkins 10 big boys– decrease each by 1 until you get to 1 and 1– 55 total of each in 3.5 minutes- wow..


While I have only posted here twice I was honored to be Qing when Chastain volunTOLD  me to Q  I could not pass this up. It is odd not to run any at a workout but this site has a lot to offer and I am starting to like it—Unless Zinfandel is on  Q cause he just makes things weird ( I.E video last week) yikes!!!

After the IPC I have put a personal challenge to myself to work on strength ( Since I about puked multiple times when it came to strength/cinder block work– ask Recalculating he will agree I am a weak little bird) verse running and this is the place to throw the gauntlet down especially if your on Q. I would challenge the runners to hit this site up once in a while it will definitely push you. The PAX today pushed hard and eventually got over the starting out with 55 blockees round about the time we got in our cars and left, but they did ( I think??).

Turn buckle– Heck of a job dude and good luck on next phase of weight loss– you got this

Penalty Box- WTF dude you 72 years old and still crushing it– also this is the first time I worked out with you in a small group and your funny. Love the comments today and chatter.

Premature- dude crushed pursuit yesterday and still came out to a new site– your crushed this as well today. Speaking of funny– how about a Q leaving 2/3’s of the PAX at  COT – your BB yesterday had me rolling. I can only imagine what they thought when you left them. Of course Hurry ran you down like you were his prey to let you know what you did.. He probably told every to wait until you had a mile or so head start so he could actually have a challenge .

Centerfold- My man came rolling in a few minutes late and he reason was he did not want to hear my DICCS.. HOW RUDE!! LOL hell of a job today brother.

Chastain– how do you slow a gazelle down??– throw cinder blocks in his hand .. Not sure it worked the dude just gets after it at each and every workout– nice work brother



  • clean up downtown Saturday
  • Blood Drive is coming– information coming soon it will be in January 30th at Five Stones- No worries on getting into the details I have a feeling it will be communicated to everyone over/over and maybe even over.
  • Feed the homeless downtown– very impactful so sign up – but more to come on this being on going
  • 6am Nesbit for ruck or walk tomorrow
  • Wednesday the family that we adopted the food and gifts will be dropped off

Also during my travels I have noticed at COT’s the Q tends to tell some sort of positive story and inspiration message. It has not been long winded but it puts things in perspective– Memphis yesterday the Q had a line from a book he was  reading— that hit home– Do not get caught up in the negative be caught up in the positive around you. This is not exactly the line ( chickens have small brains) but that was the intent of his message..  That really hit home with me, it is so easy to be boo hoo whoo is me ( job sucks, upset at wife for something stupid , not enough people at my site when I Qed today after I polite asked many people to show and get their darn passport tramp stamp, dog peed on carpet, did not sleep good last night, mad at kid for a missed assignment ect….)  — PAUSE A MINUTE….. long pause…  Many people are struggling MUCH MUCH more than that– Get out of your own way and be the positive force with all the negative around us and find that person or persons that might need you. But if your are struggling or need a lift reach out to the peeps in our group or someone you trust — unless they live in Lawson, that crowd is not much support,, lol


Monday Run-Day with Crackheads

DICCS- given to include social distance

Warm up

Mosey down trail up towards fields and circle up around island-

Monster walk, 20- SHH, 20 Pull knees up to chest, upward dog, downward dog, upward dog , downward dog, can opener into runners pose– recover

Mosey by fields and up to Stop Light across from Champion Forest.

Cross Road to Champion Forest…..

Once we crossed the road you could see the gazelle’s start fiending a little– They were shaking and wide eye wanting to know want was in store. It was like trying to hold a horse back once in the gates—- I slowly explained what we would be doing and this was the last time I saw them for 10-12 minutes– they were off— I think Hurry and Tool Tool spun shoe tread taking off.


Down Wayneswood stop at every light on your left -9-10 lights and complete

10- Bonnie Blairs ( never ever ever again) I am retiring them officially and 1 burpee

At the two side roads mosey down them and at the cul-de sac complete 10 Mike Tysons and 10 Dry Docks.

Once at the end of Wayneswood complete 10 Bonnie Blairs, 1 burpee, 10 Mike Tysons and 10 Dry Docks

Mosey up to Dobson stop sign and complete the following out to the entrance

10- Jump Squats and 1 burpee

While strolling down Dobson turn onto Chisolm and go to cul-de sac and while admiring Fuse Boxes x-mas lights complete 10 Mike Tyson’s and 10 Dry Docks

When at entrance complete 10 Jump Squats- 1 Burpee and add 10 Mike Tysons and 10 Dry Dock

Cross over road and head down by the fields and up to the benches near the cafeteria- the long way. This is when I heard Bottlecap chirping there was a shorter route Chicken!! I politely asked him step off!! I know the routes here but I am trying to feed the crazy of mileage crack to the junkies if you do not mind… duh.. I did not want them to broil or roast me if their fix was not enough.

While at benches once Bottlecap calms down complete

25- Dips/20 Dips leg out and 20 Dips other leg out

Mosey around School to front of high School

15- Incline merkins/10 Incline Merkins leg out and 10 incline merkins other leg out

Mosey to front of middle school for more Dips

25- Dips/20 Dips leg out and 20 Dips other leg out

Mosey to COT for one hot lap around before circling up.



As always I love leading this group of men and when Hollywood ask me to Q I jumped at the opportunity. Ignition is a changing site to Q as you have to find a balance of keeping the PAX somewhat together while also feeding into the mile junkies so they do not go into shutdown mode and start fiending for the drugs. Today we had a great balance of gazelles ( crackheads) , newbies,  and guys that are on the borderline of becoming a junkie. I had this master plan of slowing the gazelles down while also getting them mileage with the Bonnie Blairs/Burpees and Jump Squats/Burpees, unfortunately that failed miserably and instead of slowing them down it actually put in perspective how much further behind NORMAL people are off their STUPID, RIDULCOUS AND INSANE pace.. Few call outs from today

Ricky Bobby and Schneider- I appreciate you two coming out and popping your cherry at Ignition, from a few text I received it looks like we are no longer friends and I have crossed the line– Sorry boys please do not hold this against me– beers this weekend on me???

Zinfandel– Nothing like hearing the Sexy Smoking voice yelling at the Gazelles this morning around the 5:37 mark to let them know form Police are everywhere. When you said in a very loud way — ” Do not be scared to go all the down on your merkins ——no wonder ya’ll are always ahead” I laughing my ass off in between dry heaving.. good stuff.

Chastain– Hope you feel better brother- when your running next to my slow ass I know your in pain- rest up young lad and get back up to the front

Carb Load, Premature, and Sugar Daddy– thanks as always for the support and you 3 crushed it today.. I love our TEAM .

Hurry and Tool Time— WTF?? do you two compete at the workouts- pretty sure you two race each during the workouts and from what I could see from 3/4 of mile back you two where in BEAST MODE ALL DAY.

To you other crackheads- Bottlecap, Easy Button, Dasher, Gerber, Hollywood and ICE9 – I hope you got the workout and mileage you needed to satisfy your craving until your next fix.


Thanks to Rockwell for taking us out

Clean up downtown Saturday

Carb Load – 6th man

Everything else Rockwell included with Flash BB


A chicken and a Flock

DICCS Given – CPR, Social Distance, Modify as needed, Cell Phone, and Watch for cars

Warm up

Down trail to shed and circle up

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers

Jimmy Dugan walk out to a plank

15- Merkins

can open stretch into the runners pose/glidah special



The Thang

starting at shed back to COT every light complete—

A Mike Tyson and a Bonnie Blair ( two full Bonnie Blairs equal 1)- increase by one each light- that sucked.

turn around once the 6 is in for more fun with light poles

up 2 and back 1 – on the up complete 5 dry docks and on the back complete 5 jump squats

Circle up when done and wait on 6 while doing some goo =d ole ab work lead by Rockwell

Hit the Wall at the Shed

25 – air press in cadence

25 air jabs in cadence

rinse repeat

25- air presses single count with right leg out

25- air presses left leg out

25- air jabs left left out

25 air jabs right leg out

On your 6

1 big boy/ 2 merkins/4 air presses– increase big boys by 1 and air presses by 4 until we get to 5 and 20 – merkins stay 2.

Mosey up to benches near school for

25 dips- 3 burpees together

20 dips left leg out – 3 burpees together

20 dips right leg out- 3 burpees together

Mosey to trail heading back toward COT to finish the web

starting at 6 big boys/ 2 merkins/ 28 air presses– get to 10/2/40– whewww



When Wrigley asked me to Q after the turkey trot in the large lots– I had to repay him. I have never Qed client dinner and was overly excited the day was finally here.  The PAX came out in full force today with 28 night owls looking for a early dinner and they delivered. I need to post more here and I will as it is awesome seeing the dads interact with 2.0’s and  I can imagine these kids will remember these types of things forever. We need to all get behind these afternoon sites as it has to be exciting for the 2.0’s and you can see they love it. I appreciate the opportunity Wrigley and I love the support tonight.



XMAS bonfire at nails Friday night check GroupMe for details

High Hat was the 6th man- great story of where he was in his life and where he is now– very inspiring what this F3 thing means to us all– Carb Load brought him out and Deadwood gave him his name do to him being a drummer.

do not forgot appetizer at Rea View elementary

Rice and Beans needs help serving people-  Charlotte and great learning experience of how blessed we are

2 FNGS- we name one Fake News– he is a political major at Arizona state– Sugar Daddy’s FNG who had to leave early was named Sugar Baby..




Throne of Lies

DICCS Given- cell phone, cpr, modify as needed, social distancing where applicable

Warm up

Mosey over to Dream Chasers for

20- SSH

10- Potato Pickers

20- merkins

Calve Stretch , upward dog, downward dog, upward dog , downward dog, into the Glidah stretch .

Mosey down North Providence to the stop sign- Al Gore waiting on the 6- 10 bombs jacks OYO

Mosey up Blythe Mill rd to stop sign on Providence – Al Gore waiting on 6- 10 bomb jacks OYO

Mosey up Providence to BBT parking lot.

The Thang

Partner work- one partner running around BBT other partner doing the exercise-

200- LCS

150- Arms out Flutters

100- Pistol LBCS

50- Mike Tysons

together 5 burpees and 2 full laps

Mosey down Providence and cross road near Waxhaw Animal hospital and go to their parking lot for the Merkin Side

  • Plank position and move to the right 3 paces and complete 3 merkins then repeat on left side- Always slide 3 times and do 2 merkins , 1 merkin and then finish with 5 merkins.
  • Mosey to first light pole at bottom of north church street looking up hill towards laundry mat.
  • Mosey up hill and at each light on left do 10 bomb jacks and 1 burpee up to laundry mat but increase burpees by 1 each
  • Leave Laundry mat at at each stop sign take a left until your back at COT and complete 10 arm hammers, 5 big boys and 10 merkins.


Great group today and as always I appreciate the opportunity to lead. It seemed bringing back partner work might not have been the best idea as I spent most of my time explaining what 2 is 1 means on counting and reminding everyone what’s next. The PAXS pushed hard today even though the Q straight out lied to them– “We will not be crossing any major roads today– Providence road 2 times and Howie Mine once”– Sorry fellows..

After the workout I had a great conversation with Damascus about our group. Guys lets not take for granted what we have and who we have in our WAXHAW region, which is a great group of leaders/men in our community. I  have traveled to a few different locations as many of you have and I truly feel we have something special here — the banter, the 2nd and 3rd F’s, the jokes, pushing each other, and just the overall group we have. Lets continue to challenge each other and ourselves to make this region shine– step out of your comfort zone, it is more than the workout

Few call outs

Shake n Bake–  running 30-45 seconds behind at the start —about gave me a darn heart attack when he pulled a Hartsville and cut off a corner and came running through the alley way.. Lesson Lil Boo Peep must have showed him.

Great seeing Banjo and Damascus back out.

Gazelles as usual- Bottlecap, Glidah, Chastian, Transporter,  Dasher where crushing it but they have a two new additions Sugar Daddy and Carb Load.. boys were killing it today

Zinfandel seemed a little extra grumpy today — calling peeps out on poor counting during partner work, called the Q out for his Goodfella style burpees, and continued to harass the Q for stating we would not be crossing any major roads — It is official we have a new POWER COUPLE– A LAWSONITE AND BRIARCRESTIAN have finally joined swords.

Schneider, Shake n Bake, Recalculating and Maddog as always crushing with no questions.

Deflated and Foundation -always a pleasure when the 2/3’s of the only 3 man power couples  shows up- guess SMITHERS drew the short straw and had to stay home on baby duty.


9am- 5 stones this Saturday for cross-country trail cleaning- bring chainsaw, blowers, loppers ( who says loppers??) , metal racks — FYI only gas powered chainsaw and blowers are approved by Bottlecap and he is the one who continually says LOPPERS

Next Saturday- Downtown clean up project stay tuned

6th man- Deflated– brought out by Foundation and Moneyball and has lost 70 lbs since then. Got his name from Damascus since he is from Boston area

Christ Closet has furniture that needs piking up

Put Me in Coach

DICCS given while I was rolling up in parking lot screaming out the truck window, since I was running a tad bit late–

Warm up– Mosey up towards school turn circle back to grab a few PAXS that were actually later than me…Continue Mosey to circle island down below near fields.

20 SSH–10 Low Slow Squats–10 Merkins in Cadence– upward dog– downward dog– can opener stretch and runners pose–Mosey down trail stopping before bridge for  Al Gore while 6 catches up- Mosey to Millbridge parkway and wait on 6 in plank position.

The Thang

Mosey up to first street on the left (Golden View) for CLEAR AS MUD directions- Follow the road around and around the cul-de sac and back up (June) to (Millbridge) and back to starting point. At each intersection and there are 7 do the follow exercise..

Intersection 1-20 – Speed Skaters- 1 Burpee-

Intersection 2- 20- Bonnie Blairs- 2- Burpee

Intersection 3-20- Jungle Boy Squats- 3 burpees

Intersection 4- 20 Speed Skaters- 4 burpees

Intersection 5- 20 Bonnie Blairs- 5 burpees

Intersection 6- 20 Jungle Boys – 6 burpees

Intersection 7- 7 Burpees and circle back for the 6

Rinse and Repeat this one more time but only running between (June rd )and (Golden View rd) not all the way around.

Mosey down hill to trail head back to Kenningston and when at bottom

20- Jungle Boys- 20 Bonnies Blair’s while the 6 comes in

Mosey to clubhouse parking lot for a Zinfandel favorite since it was his original Q–

Bear Crawl/Dry Dock- 4 bear crawls- 1 dry dock and work our way up to 40/10– yikes  we stopped at 28/7

Walk to other lot for a Doughboy Favorite ( dude is not affected in the least way by AB work).

1 Big Boy- 4 LBC or pistol LBCS depending on what I call– get to 10/40 as above- we stopped this at 28/7 also

Finish up Bear crawl/Dry Dock begin at 32/8 and get to our goal of 40-10-yikes.

Finish up our Big Boy/LBC – starting at 8/32 and getting to our goal of 10/40- yikes.

Mosey Back to COT

60 Speed Skaters/80 Bonnie Blair’s/80 Jungle Boys/56 burpees– LEG DAY BABY!!



As always, I love Qing this group of dudes and appreciate the opportunity as usual. Last night while driving home when I was SAFETY stopped at a stop sign and catching up on GroupMe I noticed a interesting post…. I noticed I had to step up help my boy Zinfandel out as he had the opportunity to take the wifey out on the town. Today we did a fast paced total body workout but I am sure most peoples legs will be screaming at them tomorrow. A few call outs from today

Deep Dish- Has graduated to the gazelle group- heck of a job brother. I would advise you to see ignition, swarm or pursuit groups soon– FYI though if they get wind you like to run they turn into bullies and yell at you and bully you into working out with them.. Heads up brother

Goodfella- always crushes it and then makes everyone feel better saying he is winded and sore– blah blah blah- we almost believed you.

Doughboy- WTF is the deal with your ABS– you were 2 cycles ahead of( I am the Darn Q) on every big boy– nice job man

Bread Boy- Has spread his scent at yet another site- SHOCKER

Banjo- glad you came out brother- good seeing you back out

Maddog- Nice ride brother- I thought I was following Zin this morning and I was getting a little nervous he was going to take my darn Q- Nice push as always brother.

Jwow- heck of a job and nice to see you back out after Popeye tried to kill us yesterday.

Centerfold- WOW- few months removed from surgery and back at it

Premature and SugarDaddy- fellows have been crushing it lately and logging some serious miles



Goodfella has some big news on a big project he has been working on for 3 years- I will not blast it here yet but AWESOMENESS.

Deep Dish- the 6th man. He would see Goodfella at flag football games and saw his F3 shirt and asked him about. he showed up at Dromedary the following Wednesday and it was on…. 35lbs down, running like a gazelle and been with us 15 months..

Lots of 2nd Fs today which everyone knows about- painting, moving furniture ect..

Next Saturday cross-country trails will be put in over at 5 stones if your free bring chainsaws, rakes, pruners, muscle- it will start around 8:30am. They will allow us to use them as well and we might even have access to Fuse Boxes bathroom if we need and if we can continue trails to Champion Forest.



Terrible Idea

DICCS given and covered route so all the PAX knows where we will be.

Warm up

More than a comfortable paced mosey up hill on Millbridge to first island for walking leg lifts to stretch those legs . Plank position for calf stretch and off again to next circle island. When we get to next island plank position for upward dog and downward dog- 5 of each while explaining what is next.

The Thang 

There are five side roads between the island and Millbridge pkwy. and Landau run parallel to each other and we will use the side roads as a uncomfortable paced mosey and use Millbridge pkwy. and Landau as normal pace moseys in a zig zag fashion. The Pax will be on their own to complete this and stop at other circle island when finished and circle back for the 6. Once all PAX are accounted for we will uncomfortable pace mosey down Millbridge pkwy. taking a immediate left on Jude street and stop at the cul-de sac. Once all PAX are in we will comfortable mosey back to the circle island for the Terrible idea ( stupid chicken). I broke the PAX into two random groups and decided we should Indian run as groups. The guy in the back would sprint to the front and instead of stopping he would continue another 10-12 seconds at sprinting pace and then back it down to a comfortable mosey pace until the PAX caught up and then the guy on the back would repeat. This was suppose to last all the way down Jude street and taking a left on Landau all the way back to the other circle island——- well the issue here is there a few guys like Ice 9, Tool Time, Hollywood, Wolverine, Tuck, Red Tape and Hazmat just to name a few that really do not understand what the F$%# a comfortable mosey is to NORMAL PEOPLE. So this did not go according to plan and I think I lost my dinner from last night on Landau road somewhere. After that disaster I promised never to do that again we repeated our opening act on the side streets in zig zag fashion with a comfort/uncomfortable mosey, this time though we got in pairs of 2-4 people to push each other on the uncomfortable mosey. Next we moseyed back to other island and 1/2 the way there you would mosey again at a uncomfortable pace and then circle back for the 6. After this we moseyed down past the circle to the stop sign and circled back to the circle island for a quick breather before redo a comfortable/ uncomfortable mosey between island. We had 8 minutes left so we moseyed down the hill and dropped Red Tape off at his house before curfew and made sure he got in his house nice and safely before back to COT.


Today was my first Q at pursuit and only my second time posting here so I was little nervous keeping the gazelles interested —especially when I pulled up close to launch time and see about 14-15 of them standing there primed up  and ready to go like horses at a damn derby. Most the PAX seemed to enjoy the workout ( except Schneider )- I got a cussing on the way home- He might have been slightly tricked as to what pursuit is, but he did damn good.. sorry bro) and most got between 5.9-6.25 miles in from what I heard. Word to the wise if you Q or post at pursuit do not and I !MEAN! DO! NOT!! call for a Indian Run unless you properly plan who is in your line. I appreciate Wolverine having faith in me to lead this group and I enjoyed the large group today, thanks for the support boys. Hell of a job to 0-69 and Deflated for crushing it our there today and Maddog for taking Cargo under his wing today.



New site called appetizer at Khols – Rae rd. on Tuesday evening

Turkey Trot Briar crest

Hot-wheels project- Nov 7th

Congrats to Schneider for new site Q at Watchtower.

Thanks Schneider of taking us out


Easy Monday Morning or was it?


Starting the morning at 45 degrees can always be painful but feels like heaven after 10- minutes. DiCCS were given two minutes before 5:30 and Premature led team to Rudy’s shed for a quick warmup.

20 SSH

20 Imperial walkers

10 downward and 10 upward dog

Calf stretch 15 seconds per leg

20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the large open parking lot to start the THANG

The Thang

Divided up into two teams to complete BLIMPS.

(B) 5 Burpees then sprinted across parking lot to do another 5 Burpees, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(L) 10 Lunges per leg then sprinted across parking lot to do another 10 Lunges, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(I) 15 Incline Merkins with feet on curb then sprinted across parking lot to do another 15 Incline Merkins, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(M) 20 Merkins Wide Arm then sprinted across parking lot to do another 20 Merkins Wide Arm, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(P) 25 Plank Jacks then sprinted across parking lot to do another 25 Plank Jacks, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

(S) 30 Squats then sprinted across parking lot to do another 30 Squats, then sprinted back. The team stood in plank until everyone was back.

Circled up and did a 50 Merkin wave until all PAX arrived.

Mosey to next large parking lot for Four Corners, again in two teams. The focus: Abs in sets of 20: Heels to Heaven, V-ups, Mike Tyson, and Flutters.

Mosey to front of high school to complete a ladder of Tricep Dips and bench and Big Boy sit-ups: 5 of each, then 10, 15 and 20 and circled up for Bomb Jack wave until all PAX arrived.

Burpee Indian run to front of next school, close to COT, for Donkey Kicks and Balls to the Wall: 5 of each, then 10, and 15.

Mosey to COT and finished the last 40 seconds with American Hammers.

Everyone pushed it today and got in a good workout starting the week of right and stayed safe. I want to give a special shoutout to Sledge O Matic (Jim Gallagher). He pushed the entire time and ran during the sprint portions. Great job!


Golden Plate Jeff got his name he came from Land of Mormons in Utah and plays guitar

Service project, Hot Wheels, downtown Waxhax to build a ramp for a nine-year girl in a wheelchair Nov 7th. Volunteer money through Venmo and/or help build.

Chicken Little will lead a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day and post info on The Playhouse and NewsChannel.

Makeshift Marathon 2020 Nov 14: complete marathon by creating a relay team, run a 10k, run ½ marathon, or run complete marathon by yourself. Please makes sure you go to link and register.

Chain of Pain – goes to Sledge-0-Matic

Prayer Request

Kelli Niro (premature wife) will meet with doctor on 10/29 and needs support for our Lord if she should take the recommended medication

Playing In The Rain

DICCS Given- CPR, cell phone, modify if needed ect..


written by Chicken Little cause Schneider hates writing back-blast..

First of all ( words Schneider wanted me to include, I said no but he insisted) lol-haha

I want to thank Chicken Little for being my friend and ALWAYS helping out with basically everything from cell phone usage, setting up a evites for parties, writing my back-blast,  Busch lights when I walk by his house, keeping his wife from killing me when my dog pee’s on his bushes that she just planted, letting me know where workouts are just are just to name a few, There are so many things Chicken Little does to for me I am forever in debit to him and I hope one day I will be able to repay him or properly.. I LOVE THAT DAMN CHICKEN….

Now that that is out of the way on to the seriousness….

Warm Up

Mosey to front of school- a few decided to take cover for the warm up under the shed – so cute!!!

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers


Calve Stretch

The Thang

Mosey to COT to start of the trail

alternating lights for 10- murkins / 10 – big boy sit-ups in puddles ( sorry boys)

Hit Rudy’s POOP palace for some arm work

3 sets of 50 air presses single count 

Mosey to the covered area near the buses just in time for the rain to stop

complete a lap around the triangle after each exercise and 1 burpee before heading up stairs to start next exercise

20 Donkey Kicks/20 LBCS/20 Mike Tysons/20 Hills to Heaven/20 Murkins

Mosey to the benches near the school for 3 sets of

25 dips and run to school for 30 squats – rinse repeat 2 more times

Mosey to overhang near buses and bear crawl the whole covered area while we dodge Zinfandels ass gas that literal hovered over everyone like a damn nuclear cloud ( GET LOW BOYS I THINK HE POOPED HIS PANTS). It reminded a few of us of stink bombs from yester years– YIKES… I and pretty sure a few of us tasted some of his fancy brews and I got notes of barley, oatmeal, oak, earth tones and wild berries- ugh..

Mosey to front of school for a 3 quick hot 1/2 laps after each exercise

10 derkins/20 hills to heaven/10 murkins

Mosey back to COT taking long way around lot and wait for the buzz of the shirted SWARMERS to come rolling in. I must say on a wet damp morning I was shocked the Swarmer’s all came in with shirts on- guess they did not want to show off their ripped moist bodies ( except Carb Load) to us Clydesdales fearing we would all be in awh of their greatness…


Today was a great day as I usually will not workout in the rain but since I was vol-n-told I was Q ing by Mr. Form Police himself I could not back out. It was a pleasure leading this group today and I believe I actually counted properly, stuck to my Wienke and stayed on task… The PAX pushed themselves hard today in the rain and we had a blast.


Blood Drive tomorrow

Helping Hotwheels on 11/07/20 – ramp building- need 20 peoples or so for 5 hours

Drop off diapers at Akbars church or just throw in his yard as you speed by honking your horn while blowing through the red light- prefer size 2- thanks to Ricky Bobby and Fuse Box for your donations.




DICCS–   ( kinda skipped over this  since not going away from cars ) sorry do yell at me –

We made a executive decision not to use grass or any fields as we did not want to pull a Damascus and get us thrown out of this site. For whatever reason the parks and recs department decided 6:10am is a good time to mow grass, so too many eyes would be looking at us tearing up their property-  Moved to a gravel lot.

Warm up– lead by Maddog while I was using the potty so not sure what ya’ll did but I am sure it was great, I know my potty experience was great.

Quick overview and demonstration of workout

The Thang

10 burpees over block

murder bunnies 25 yards- 25 squat thrust- return to start with cinder block

10 burpees over block

murder bunny – 50 yards- 50 merkins using your block 2 is one- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block

murder bunny – 75 yards- 75 curl press using your block- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block

murder bunny – 100 yards- 100 block windshield wipers- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block- TIME!!


Hell of a job by all. Few call outs

Centerfold– WTF dude you are a machine with windshield wipers– good lord

Tanyatine, Chastain and Pebbles- I can 100 percent validate your forms since you three were out front I focused form watching on your guys so there would be no questions- As long as you nailed the counts which I am sure you can you guys crushed it and your times are legit.

Maddog was in beast mode today especially on murder bunnies and merkins

Chainsaw- RESPECT RESPECT and I will double down on RESPECT– dude if I can do half of what you do at your age I will be in a good place.

Doughboy– banged up knee and all- Dude you can pump out merkins– hell of a push bro.

Ghosted– Who starts F3 on round 1 of IPC and decides—- hummmmmm maybe I should do all 4- WOW- impressive.

Fuse– great push at the end with finishing strong on windshield wipers then pushing others while they were finishing.

Breadbowl- You have completed all 4 IPCS and know you now you can push yourself out of your comfort zone- keep pushing young lad and believe in yourself, you can do it.. At 13 years old I would have been laying in bed until 11am looking forward to riding bicycles with friends verse getting my butt kicked at 6:30am.

Deep Dish– Strong and Faster each time I see you workout- hell of a push today especially on curl press and thrusters.

CP30– Dude was cruising through murder bunnies and windshield wipers and push himself to the max on last few wipers.



Blood drive 10/17/20- PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYONES SANITY sign up so we can move on to another topic

CPR Class $15.00 Monday have room for 6 more 2 hours 6pm-8pm

Christ Closet convergence next Saturday after workout need trucks and people to help move and fold.

Thursday Night folding party- every Thursday need bodies 7:30pm.

Thanks to Chastain for taking us out.

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