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A morning in the Crest

DICCS- given to include social distancing and how to cross the road properly

Warm up
Mosey .18 miles
20- Moroccan nightclubs while in squat position
15- imperial walkers
10-Slow merkins / 5 diamond merkins / 5 wide merkins

The thang
Mosey to Tuscany clubhouse for some good ole fashion partner work
250- LBCs
200 – flutters ( 2 court as 1)
150 – gas pumps
100- pistol LBCs
50 – Mike Tysons
P2- run to stop sign on Billy Howie for 10 Bomb jacks and return to switch off. If your team finished before others grab some of their exercises
Mosey up to other stop sign on Tuscany drive for individual work 10 bomb jacks 5 burpee , sprint to clubhouse drive 10 bomb jacks/ 5 burpees and sprint to stop sign on Billy Howie rd. Cross road safety together

mosey back to COT 3 rounds of sprinting to stop sign and back and finish off last 1 min with 30-40 LBCs and 15 heels to heaven.


Fresh off the bench we called in Credit Score and his son who we did not name today , it was great seeing Credit Score back out.The pax’s pushed hard today, we did not log many miles but we definitely killed some abs. Thank you to Ricky Bobby for taking us out and everyone please keep 0-69’S family in your thoughts and prayers. Have a great days boys

Pain Station Friday in the Briars

DICCS and remind everyone of social distancing and safety crossing road again


Warm up

15- SSH

15 – Imperial Walkers

10- merkins

calve stretch

The Thang

Today we are going to split up in groups and have some pain stations 5 in total. When you finish a pain station you need to mosey to COT and complete 5 burpees before heading to next pain station.

Pain station 1-( Wall of Pain) -Tuscany club house – 25 Dips, 10 Shoulder tab derkins, 25 Step ups

Pain Station 2- ( The Abyss)- cul- de sac down hill (Robbins Meadows) 20 sec elbow plank, 15 LBCS, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 15 flutters, 15 leg raises, 15 heels to heaven, 20 sec elbow planks

Pain Station 3- (Burpee Back Mountain)- cul de sac right ( Willow Crest)- run backwards up hill to stop sign and then sprint down hill for 5 burpees rinse repeat 5 times and decrease burpees by 1 each time– THIS WAS HORRIBLE!!!

Pain station 4- ( Pony Express started April 3 1890)  cul- de sac left side ( Willow Crest)- from cul-de sac stop at every mailbox on left  towards stop sign for 2 merkins and 2 big boys and increase by 2 each mailbox– FYI THIS WAS HORRIBLE there are 11 mailboxes RICKY BOBBY!! we got to 22 merkins and 22 big boys – your a animal

Pain station 5 -(ZZ Tops)- cul de- sac up hill ( Robbins meadows)- from cul-de sac to stop sign alternate 10 walking lunges and 10 klow slow squats with mailboxes on the right.



This was a heck of a workout today and all groups pushed themselves hard but no groups fully completed all pain stations, everyone completed 4 . This workout was designed to push the PAX too the limit and in my opinion it absolutely did, nice work Ricky Bobby! The Briar’s and Crester’s might be putting the workout to use in the future and work towards a goal of completing this on a individual level. Have a good weekend boys and hope to see all you peeps soon.


Thanks to Ricky Bobby for taking us out….





Cresters Storm The Roads of Tuscany

DICCSs given to include safety rules for crossing the road and social distancing

Warm up

Mosey a brisk pace of .20 and circle up back at COT

12 – SSH

12-Imperial Walkers

12- Calve Stretches

12- Merkins

Then mosey over to Tuscany Neighborhood across the street from the Brairs and Crest, crossing street as a group and in safe and controlled manner.

The Thang

No touch partner work-

P1- runs and completes 20 low slow squats down the hill near the playground

P2- does excerises

50- derkins/ 100- step ups/ 150 Dips

When done as a group we circled up around island for some sidewalk merkins- 5 to the left and 5 to the right.

Mosey to stop sign and get on sidewalk facing the treaded hill in Tuscany– ugh

OYO mosey up hill and stop at every driveway on your left and complete rotating exercises 10 mike Tysons or 10 big boy sit ups– terrible idea lol…..

When you reach top of hill complete 10 bomb jacks and 10 merkins, mosey down Sequoia lane to stop sign and complete 10 bomb jacks and 10 merkins and return to start of top of hill for 10 more bomb jacks and 10 more merkins.

Mosey down hill to stop sign for 10 low slow squats and before moseying to stop sign leaving Tuscany before heading home to the Crest of the Briars— JAIL BREAK LAST 100 YARDS…..

The PAX crossed the street in a safe controlled manner as a group and heading back to COT- 3 Minutes lefts…

20 flutters, 20 heels to heaven, 20 pistol LBCS, and 20 LBCS



As always I really appreciate the chance to lead a group within F3. Today it was a cool start to a beautiful morning and we actually had another FNG today– Chloe who is Trojan’s others daughter who will be named Repeat since her twin sister who came out yesterday got named first ( Pete) hahah– get it ??Pete and repeat and they are twins lol…, great job Trojan getting your girls out with us. I also wanted to call out 0-69 who is killing it- dude logged 231 miles in March, Baklava is showing daily progress and Ricky Bobby is crushing the running– hell of a job boys!!!

Last but not least I  also want to thank Chicken Little for continuing to write my back blast cause I refuse to figure it out... lol HAVE A GREAT DAY BOYS..

thanks Schneider…

written by Chicken Little..


Trojan in the Hood

DICCS given- reminder of social distancing as well as normal DICCS

Warm up

10- low slow squats

10- imperial walkers

upward dog- downward dog- calve stretch

10 SLOW merkins


The Thang

Slow mosey for .20 miles

20 pistol LBCS- rotating legs after 10

10 – long armed crunches

10- v- ups

20 sec star plank— Mosey .20 miles and rinse and repeat

slow mosey .15 miles for 1/2 of a therkin

1- big boy

4- merkins

4 American hammers

increase big boys by 1 and hammers by 4 each round- get to five rounds

Slow mosey .15 miles with 1/2 being backwards

20 pistol LBCS- rotating legs after 10
10 – long armed crunches
10- v- ups

5 master shredders- holding 3 second plank in between merkin- once finished hold a 10 second plank and then 20 second elbow plank

Slow Mosey .20 miles to finish second 1/2 of therkin

6 big boys

4 merkins

24 American hammers ( ugh– thanks for Chastain picking up last few rounds– chicken was hurting)

Mosey .15 1/2 backwards

20 pistol LBCS- rotating legs after 10
10 – long armed crunches
10- v- ups
5 master shredders- holding 3 second plank in between merkin- once finished hold a 10 second plank and then 20 second elbow plank…. Rinse repeat

Mosey .25 miles for

20- crunches

20- heels to heaven

20- flutters

Mosey .25 miles back to COT


I appreciate opportunity to lead this group this small controlled group during this crazy times of social distancing and the virus craziness. More importantly I appreciate the opportunity to do this at 6:30 verse 5:30 and right outside my door. lol….. this is spoiling me….. hahah. Our groups was kicking it hard and killing our abs when we looked up and saw TROJAN and his daughter running/creeping around 6:55-7:00ish or so they continued and waited for us at COT. Nice work to all and glad we hooked up with Trojan and his daughter at the end at a safe distance– Carley age 14 is named Pete since she is a twin — Pete and Repeat—- LOL   Have a great day boys.



Classing up the PAX

DICCS- given and reminder of social distancing and be responsible— Zinfandel would be proud of the Chicken today!!

Warm up

10 -low slow squats-15 imperial walkers -plank-elbow plank- mountain climbers-elbow plank and plank

The Thang

Slow Mosey .1o mile- 20 bobby Hurley’s/10 shoulder tab merkins-

Slow Mosey back to COT – 20 bobby Hurleys/10 shoulder tab merkins

Slow Mosey .15 mile – 20 Bobby Hurleys/10 shoulder tab merkins- rinse repeat once more

Now for some NO TOUCH KEEP 6 FEET AWAY partner work

P 1 do exercise at bottom of hill and P 2 run up hill .10 miles and complete 2 burpees then come back down to relieve P1  keep going until exercises completed

50 Mike Tysons, 50 side over merkins, 100 gas pumps, 100 heel to heaven

Slow Mosey through the beautiful well maintained streets LARGE paved streets of the Briars and the Crest before another round of partner work.

P 1 do exercise t top of hill and P r run down hill .10 miles and run back up hill to relive P1

100 Speed skaters and 25 burpees

Mosey back to COT for some last few minutes of sprinting

sprint to mailbox and mosey back to COT backwards – rinse and repeat



It was and is a another great day in the Briars and the Crest, it is almost like the sun shines a little brighter on this side of town verse some other communities who shall remain nameless. The PAX was in a great mood today and put in the work– We also definitely classed up the join some with some pretty faces today – no offense fellows —

We added Andrea Hayes ( mother hen) named for being in the medical field and also has 5 kids,

Laurenne Losier ( puck) who was named after her love for hockey.

Pam Hayes ( the chickens wife… easy boys—— her name is Alice) named her cleaning houses for the elderly.

Last but not least a true F3 er who will be out whenever the PAX reconvenes

Russell Cornelius ( Tiger) who was named after his loved for the Alabama Crimson Tide– ooppsss did we actually name him after Auburn?? oh well.

Keep pushing boys and stay safe and thank you to Ricky Bobby for taking us out.  have a great day



DICCS- given

Warm up

10- low slow squats

4 – merkins, calve stretch, stretch middle, right and left

Slow mosey 1.25 miles

The Thang

After a nice easy stroll down the LARGE PAVED roads Briarcrest while also keeping the group at a safe distance from each other it was time for the THANG

Start at the top of Briarcrest – 10 mike Tysons, 10 Big Boy sit ups, 20 pistol LBCS ( 10 right , 10 left) then mosey down to stop sign for 10 bomb jacks before moseying down to left hand cul-de- for another round of 10 mike Tysons, 10 big boys and 20 pistol LBCS – RINSE REPEAT 3 times and add another round of same on a shorter road due to time. Mosey back to COT the last minute and complete as many burpees as possible.

80- Mike Tysons

80- Big Boys

160- pistol LBCS

80- Bomb Jacks

3.70 miles


Today Schneider, Chastain and I wanted to show the group since they are new a ignition based workout and I think we did. The group today got some mileage while also sprinkling in some good ole favorites like Mike Tysons and bomb jacks. I know we are not following the format of virtual weinke’s but we are pushing ourselves just as hard and trying to recruit some new blood for when the sites get reopened. We are FOLLOWING social distancing rules and ensuring safety guidelines are being followed at all times.. You did not hear it from me but I overheard a few PAXS speaking about a Octuplet !!!  I appreciate each and everyone of you guys for the push, playing, and holding us accountable via groupme during these crazy times. It would be very easy for some or all of us to crawl in a hole and get in a dark place and not post during these unprecedented times— but the comic relief, consistent banter back and forth and  the peer pressure to post somewhere is helping us all, at least me.. KEEP IT UP BOYS…..  HAVE A GREAT VIRUS FREE DAY

Monday morning in the CREST


Pre-work- via texted Schneider, and Ricky Bobby bailed and agreed to workout later – WTF is happening here? I guess with the lock-down and virus scare people can just make up their own darn rules and workout whenever it is convenient for them …. boooooooooooooooo

Warm up
Slow mosey 1/4mile
Circle up -10 low slow squats , 10 imperial walkers – 10 slow merkins , 5 diamond merkins , 5 wide Merkins – calve stretch

The Thang
triple nickel ( 3 exercises/ 5 times) running does not count
10-Jump Squats—5-burpees  5 high knees—10-bomb jacks

10 low slow squats before mosey

Mosey a 1/4 mile
Walking lunges – 20 then- 3 burpees, 15 WL – 3  burpees and 10 WL – 3 burpees — rinse repeat

10 low slow squats before mosey

Mosey up to intersection
Jack Webb 1 Merlin 4 air presses – 2 merkins 8 air press ect.. get to 5 merkins and 20 airpress

10 Mike Tysons, 10 shoulder tap merkins, stay in plank position when done pause…..

5 Mike Tysons , 5 shoulder tap merkins

10 low slow squats before mosey

Mosey down up road to COT

finish the Webb start at 6 merkins and 24 air-presses get to 10 merkins and 40 airpress

Mosey down and back in cul-de sac

Mosey to COT
1 burpee, 4 big boys , 8 heels to heaven , 12 second elbow planks rinse repeat but add 4 other than burpee increase by 1 each round until time is done. So second round would be 2 burpees , 8 big boys, 12 heels to heaven and 16 second elbow plank ect.. We got to 12 big boys..not bad


We had a great group today for some fun leg and arm work in the LARGE paved roads in the Briars and Crest. Even though we are on lockdown and panic is everywhere it is great to just gather ( but stay 6 feet apart) and get some good work in . It is also inspiring and uplifting to have some local kids get out with us and get their sweat on. Also I love seeing my nieces out here kicking some serious but– both Julia and Ava killed it today, proud uncle

We actually had 3 more FNGS TODAY in the Briars and Crest.

Ava Hayes ( Pulisic) named after USA soccer start Christian Pulisic.

Also we had the two FNGS from Saturday actually finish the workout and get their name now- Tyler Panek (Pinto) named after what he is going to school for – auto mechanic on high end cars

Nate Nelson ( Inspector Gadget) named after what he is going to school for – auto mechanic — but now we need to change his name to just inspector cuase it appears we have a inspector gadget  oppsps..


Lastly- I FORGOT TO DO THE DARN PICTURE–.. UGHH!!!! sorry boys

Forever Grateful

do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed, who is CPR certified and who has a cell phone

The Warm Up

Mosey to front of school

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers

10- Merkins

Calve Stretch

The Thang

Mosey to back of trail for some light LIGHT work– haha

alternating lights up trail 10 merkins and 10 big boy sit ups.

Grab some wall at transporter shed for arm presses-

50 air presses- single count

50 air presses left leg high

50 air presses right leg high

Mosey to back of High School – mosey to bottom of stairs for 1 burpee after each

20- Donkey Kicks

20- LBCS

20-Mike Tysons

20 -Heels to Heaven

20- Merkins

Mosey to benches- 3 sets of each but bear crawl 1/2 of island on way back to dips

25- dips at benches

30 -step ups at school

Mosey to front of school

10- derkins and run 1/2 lap

20 heels to heaven 1/2 lap

10 merkins 1/2 lap


I just wanted to stress how F3 has changed me physically and mentally and that is a credit to F3 Waxhaw family. I want to especially thank the Crest of Brairs for holding me accountable and pushing me to do what I really didn’t think I could do. I am forever grateful.

Stay safe during the Coronavirus madness..

Damn Chicken Brain

do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed, anyone CPR certified and who has a cell phone

The Warm Up
Mosey around parking lot and down in front of school near flag pole for some warm ups

15- low slow squats, 10- slow merkins, calve stretch, plank and elbow plank

The Thang

Since the forecast was a wet one today and chickens are not like ducks— the goal today was to keep the PAX moving and off the ground, wet feathers suck…so we started at the flag pole and played 3 corners- corner 1 is stop sign by bus lot, corner 2 is  stop sign near road and corner 3 is the sidewalk near the road that leads up to the flag pole. The PAX will start at the long road near the school where the flagpole is and hit each corner in order doing a exercise then running back to the starting point. But each time they pass a corner they have to complete that exercise again before heading to the next corner.

round 1 –  corner 1- 10 jump squats, corner 2- 20 speed skaters,  corner 3 – 20 bobby hurleys

round 2- corner 1- 10 wide merkins, corner 2-10 diamond merkins, corner 3- 20 SLOW merkins

Now it is time for a little partner work on the long road in front of the school. Partners stand back to back on the long road each facing one of the stop signs at the other end of the road– 10 walking lunges and 20 bear crawls away from each other -rinse and repeat 3 times. Once complete sprint back to your partner form 10 hand slap merkins. Now, it is time for the good ole Indian run everyone loves so much – in groups of three Indian Run down road in front of school and through the whole parking lot—guy in the back needs to do 5 bomb jacks before sprinting to the front. Did someone say wall work??? I believe so , so we finished our Indian Run on the wall near the track for some good ole fashion wall work.

10 – Mike Tysons single count- 15 air presses in cadence

10 – Diamond merkins single count- 15 air jabs in cadence

10- Mike Tysons single count- 15 air presses in cadence

10- Diamond merkins single count- 15 air press in cadence

one lap around track- backwards on the front stretch and at the turn lunge walk halfway then run regular on back stretch before lunge walking halfway through the turn.. BACK TO THE WALL

15 – Mike Tysons single count- 15 air presses in cadence

10 – Mike Tysons single count- 15 air jabs in cadence

10- Mike Tysons single count- 15 air presses in cadence

5- Mike Tysons single count- 15 air jabs in cadence

one lap around track- backwards on the front stretch and at the turn bear crawl halfway then run regular on back stretch before bear crawling halfway through the turn .. BACK TO THE WALL

10- Diamond merkins single count- 15 air presses in cadence

10- Wide Merkins single count- 15 air jabs in cadence

10- Mike Tysons single count – 15 air presses in cadence

I appreciate Smithers and Doughboy allowing me the opportunity to lead this group of men within our community and I always feel honored when I Q, even though I almost forgot about it and hell I could not remember who asked me to Q– DAMN CHICKEN BRAIN as Zinfandel so eloquently put it this morning— chickens have feelings too..  lol. The PAX was very chattery today it might have been the light sprinkles or the lighter mood since the dark clouds over the playhouse have seemed to have passed over the last few days, but either way there was some good banter and conversations mixed in with a good workout.


Please keep Posse in your mind and your ears open while he is going through a job search – connect with him on Linkedin

Only one Q in March- reach out to the site Qs

Rooster is on Saturday- Reach out to Smithers, Foundation, Dasher or Gerber they have teams.