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Change in the Format

Finally able to break my VQ Cherry with todays addition of Clyent Dinner.  During all my virtual workouts, I have done a bunch of variation on Tabatas and such.   I really like that format, but wanted to see if we can do something different.  I am not sure I would repeat the format in a none virtual world, as I was able to have my notes in-front of me the entire time.  However, once we got started, I felt more comfortable with count.  This format could have been confusing, so I tried to keep everyone on the same exercise and we just gutted this one out together.   The clock hit 5:30 PM, YHC provided a brief instruction and off we went.


The format was 4 exercises w/ variation of reps (format 5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps and 20 reps).  The exercises remained in the same order, but the number always changed.  Again, the goal was that we would never burnout on one movement.  At the end the goal was to do 50 reps of each exercise or 200 reps per group.

Round 1- 5 , 10, 15, 20

Round 2- 10, 15, 20, 5

Round 3- 15, 20, 5, 10

Round 4- 20, 5, 10,15

To help the Pax get used to the format, we started with the warm up x 2 rounds


Warm Up x2 rounds

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Squats
  • Mtn Climber


The Thang- 4 rounds per group

Group 1

  • Dive Bomb Merkins
  • Good Morning- 2 handed
  • Curls -2 handed
  • Weighted Squats

Group 2

  • Weighted KB burpee
  • Tri extension- 2 handed
  • High pull- 2 handed
  • Weighted step ups

Group 3

  • Mike Tysons’
  • Man Maker (minus the squat)
  • Weighted dip
  • Swings


AND time…..yep, that was it!  Apparently I had misjudged my time as I had another 3 rounds ready to go #nexttime



  • 100 PAX Challenge:  We are trying to get 100 PAX to donate $100 (or more or less) by mid-June with the goal of giving away $10,000 to local Waxhaw charities so we can impact our community in a BIG way . . . And not just with $ but also with our time . . . Please consider being a part of this in some sort of way
    • Venmo:  @F3Waxhaw
    • PayPal:

Take out:

YHC completed this one…not the greatest, but no one stepped up.


Ye Old Moleskin

  • Thank you Bottle Cap for making me Q this
  • Honestly, I have attended every Clyent dinner for about the last month or so and it is one workout I really look forward to.  Each one is harder then the next, so I felt the pressure to perform
  • I hope the format was OK in the end.  I couldn’t have do it with out the wenkie as a few movements (burpees) took a lot out of me and I would have lost count…not sure how Wingman caught me early on??
  • Its really hard to see what others are doing so if you are so inclined, leave comments.  Most of the day I was looking at Centerfold/ Hurley and Wingman. That was how it played out on my iphone
  • Sorry about the internet signal, I know it is not always great on my end.  Besides the one big glitch, it seemed to be clear on my end
  • The burpees were hard, very hard. If anyone wants to use the trick I use to make them not as hard, specially when we had 20…I count to 10 and then back from 10.  That seems to help me, I had to do it today.
  • It looks like this may stay virtual for awhile longer while there is a LIVE event going on at the same time.  Keep showing up!
  • Lastly, I always ask for someone to lead prayer for a variety of reasons.  So out of all my Q’s that was the 1st time… Just be good people and help others around you!



Triangle and a Rooster

Not sure what happened, but I fought off all my alarms today until I looked over at the clock and completely panicked.  Little after 5 to do my routine and then the drive to the 15 min to The Matrix, which is why I have not been to this AO in years.  I have been wanting to come to this site for quite sometime, so why not Q it.  Thankfully, the drive did not take as long as I thought,  I arrived at 05:25 with plenty Of time to spare.  Not sure of the arriving order, but I stepped out and OT and Cage joined me and at 0530 we kicked it off.


Warm UP

Took a lap (memory lap) around the school.  More lit then I remembered and most of the holes had standing water in them.  However, the field behind the school is as dicey as I remember.  End up by the small track

In cadence: SSH, Arm Circles, IW and a few hamstring stretches


Main Event

Deconstruct the burpee

At each corner do the following (below) once back, take one more full lap and then 6 count burpees x10

  • Squat x20
  • 2 foot plank ups ?? x20 (this was to recreate the thing in the burpee when you bring you 2 feet from plank position)
  • Merkin x20
  • Jump Squats x20
  • Run a lap and 10 burpees


Ab work then Mosey to the jungle gym


3 rounds of the following:

  • Dips x20
  • Decline merkins x10
  • Incline merkins x10
  • LBC x20
  • Pull ups x10


Mosey to the Rock Pile/ grab lifting rock

Instructions: Lift then drop the rock/ run to the 20 and back / lift-run to the 40 / lift-run to 60 / lift- run to the 80 / lift run to the port-O-potty (well over 100 yards)

Here is what we lifted: 15-20 depending on the size of your rock

Bi / Tri / Over-head press / Squat


Ab work – Mosey to the school

Wall sit / Donkey kicks x2


Mosey to Parking lot…..DONE


Take out- O’ Tannenbaum- thank you!



  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead, even if was a desperate plea for help from Poptart (sounded REALLY desperate..heal up??)
  • Again, I was really looking to get back to the Matrix, it was the the first Monday in A51 .
  • OT and Cage were getting after it today.  We stayed close and got it done today
  • Still one more then my last Q on Friday, so we ended on a Triangle v Circle of Trust
  • I am not sure why the rooster thought it was time to wake up everyone at 5:50, but he was tearing it up.

Was it the snow, ice, cold or YHC

In a tweet about today’s upcoming activities at Joust, I may have mentioned about ringing the bell and we would head to the mountains.  Either the cold weather kept the Pax way or Pax caught on we were running to McHorsey.  Either way, site Q extraordinaire- Duct Work figured out the plan and still drove in.  I coaxed him out of his truck at 5:28, small talked until 5:30 and besides the car coming into the lot that was facility staff and not another F3er, we took off.

.7 mile run to the bottom of Old Bell and Blue Ridge (basically the gate of hell for hills).

The Warm Up

Since no disclaimer was given, I knew DW was not a SSH fan, so I offered to modify the workout as needed.  Although he and I both thought it would have been funny for me to do SSH in-front of him…and not like a short version of SSH, the long 50 or 100 and just have him watch me the whole time, here is what we did.


Arm Circles

Brief stretching

Maybe something else


The Thang


We were already at the base of the hill, so here was the plan.

Start with:

Calf Raises x20

Wide arm merkins x10

LBC x20


Run up to the driveway on the left, Monkey humpers x20 and backpedal down


Repto to second driveway

Run to the flag pole and wait for the 6…well, we just planked to catch out breath


Gather the Pax (just made sure Duct Work was ready to go) and we ran to the base of  Old Bell & Wilby/ Mountain View


Triple nickle up Old bell hill to first light pole, Diamond merkins at the top / Wide arm merkins at the bottom.


Moseyed on to the flag pole for some Mary

– Right over left/ left over right crunch x10

– LBC x20

– Boat / Canoe

– Heels to heaven x20


As tradition has it, pause for an intimate rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance at the mighty green lit flag pole.  If you have never seen it…#worthy


Mosey to the bottom of Wilby and Sardis and wait for the 6 (catch our breath)


Run back to the lot…few more minutes to spare


2 rounds of:

– Step ups x20 (10 per leg)

– Dips x15 / Incline merkins for DW



Announcements: None

Take out: We did not have a formal ending pray / encouraging words, but we did talk about the personal work that DW does for a close friend that he meet at the church.  Not that he needs it or asked for the following, but DW is a good dude and takes amazing care of this guy.  It started by mowing his law and blossomed into much more.  If you know DW, this is not the only thing he does in his spare time.  However, this individual  doesn’t have any family and really needs help and guidance as he gets on in years.  It’s honestly the best example being a better man! Helping others in need and extending yourself including your spare time to make someone else life better.  #strong


Ye Old Mole Skinny

– I am not going to take it personally, I blame the low turnout on the weather…which was no worse then any other cold wet day

– Thank you for keeping me on the Q list DW, having gotten sick earlier this week it was nice to get moving

– I am not saying that we had a 6 today, but DW and I have a sort of interesting past.  At Fast Twitch (years ago), I apparently was early and standing around with all of the runners that showed up, so when I saw him pull into the lot and step out of the car, overly eager to have someone to run with, I said, “Great, here comes the 6”.  He did not take that as a complement when he exited his vehicle?  Wonder why??

– This is an awesome site (although we did not see much of it today), keep supporting it.  I had other plans of gear, but with the threat of rain and snow, I did not bring it.  Then happy that I did not pack the car up for a full gear workout with just him and I.


Have a great day!


Cadence is not my strong suit

Old Man Winter decided to poke his head out today and by the time the 16 somewhat regular pax arrived, it was a balmy 20 (feels like).  A few prerunners 3.1 miles: Happy Meal, Nard Dog, Fire Hazard, Wild Turkey and YHC.  Among many of the topics I will touch on down below, I want to highlight that this was Fire Hazards Q, but he is a liar and still showed up to the prerun and the main event.  If you did not like any or all the workout, blame him or take it up with management.  Also, special shout out to Sprockets and Sling shot who made it all the way from A51 to try something new.  A wonderful disclaimer was provided, most were talking and away we went.


Warm up 

Run to the most wide open parking lot that I could find next to the pond.  ENGAGE MUMBLE CHATTER


The Thang

Count down from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Every exercise was in some form of cadence and we completed  4 exercise for the downward pyramid

-6 count merkins

-Hand release merkins

-Monkey humpers



Short Mosey to the pond

Triple nickle on the hill

– Incline merkins at the top

– Heels to heaven at the bottom


Wheel Barrow to the top of the stairs (I did not ask this time)

As you arrived, grab a partner and wheel barrow to the top (Mary while we wait)

Back down stairs and repeat with partner


Jog back down the stairs back on the main road (pausing along the way- planks, boat canoe) to the path entrance


Complete 2 trips (1/2 the pack go right / half the pack go left and switch)

– Pull ups x10

– Wide Arm merkins / Diamond merkins x20 (supposed to switch for each trip)

– Squats x30


Mosey to rock pile- grab a lifting rock (ok…a moseying rock) and head to building #1


Building 1

– Curls x20

– Presses x20

– Step ups w/rock x20 (total)

Building 2

– Curls x20

– Overhead press x20

– Step ups w/rock x20 (total)

Picnic benches

– Curls x20

– Presses x20

– Overhead press x20

– Step ups w/rock x20 (total)


Drop rock and head back to launch (few pauses on the way)


2 mins of Mary (thanks sprockets) and DONE


Announcements: 0

Thank you Fire Hazard for taking us out in prayer


Ye Olde Mole skinny 

– Given the amount of chatter on slack about what, I am still not sure.  Well I know it was about Stonehenge and not about Da Vinci.  Unsure of the numbers, I scrapped my plans for a gear workout. Also due to the cold, some of my garage toys are had to pick up with gloves- next time

– You can also blame Sprockets.  He hit me up last minute and gave me a HC for his 1st post at the primer Sat workout in SOB land.  According to his BACKBLAST, he had just Q’d a deck of cards workout at Rockzero.  To be a good host we should go exploring today and give the parking deck a break

– So you are welcome…for what?? For stepping in when Fire Hazard bailed, but then showed up anyway

  • In all seriousness, I committed to myself in 2020 to step up when there is an open q for a workout that I can attend.  Maybe even rearranging the schedule w/ the M
  • Q’ing is not hard, cadence can be, specially if you are already a winded 🙂
  • Also, don’t be afraid to call cadence.  Yes, it is easy to have the pax count OYO, but with cadence you force everyone to do every (almost every) exercise
  • I typically don’t prerun a q, that could have something to do with my cadence count in the beginning

– I legit stole the first part of the workout from a Metro workout I attended a few weeks ago.  Yeah, I gave him shit to for messing up cadence.

  • I thought, “how hard can that be”? Well, pretty damn hard.  I knew before I called it that I was going to have to focus on many things: what count, what exercise, etc.

– I heard a lot of things this am: Could we find a more open lot in 20 degrees- Goldburg, longest warm up ever- Madam, lots about the cadence- BG and many others (feel free to commit below…I was deep in thought)

– It was pointed out that I broke plank…I was thinking!  Also my squat form was being questioned-FH…I was thinking

– Kirby- Do you actually look at the temperature before a post?  Dude was in short sleeves and a t-shirt- STRONG (well he wined the whole time:)

– NEVER ask the Pax about doing the wheel barrow.  My question was merely to pair up the Pax with injuries so everyone else that COULD do it WOULD do it.  When I saw 10 hands go up for wanting to pass, I knew you all were getting soft, so we did it anyways- great work

– The pond area was sloppy, sorry way to push through and get your shoes dirty

– Goldburg talks a lot! Welcome back to the AO and feel free to take that back to Conway?? Wherever that is

– General, sorry for almost missing you during COT

– MT had me rolling, on the steps ups, I asked him if he was ok because he was slow to get started and to really do many at all.  He told me, No,  you can never be to careful.  Truth!

– Apparently the rocks and the pull up bars were cold for some, I suggest warmer gloves

– If you want to see what Strawberry did at the other AO, good luck…he already gave 100 reasons why it would be late (or not at all #justsaying)

– Happy meal has requested acess to the F3 South CLT site to post BB, someone is feeling guilty 🙂

– That’s all I got.  I drifted away from boot camps in ’19 and really realized how much I like to hear all of the mumble chatter, even if it is pointed at me.  I give it out, feel free to give it back


Thank you for pushing, have a great weekend!









The number is still 20

Crisp, cool morning and an even 16 pax came out, even though Thin Mint wasn’t going to be the Q.  Actually, we had one more come into the parking lot- Goonie, who arrived late and said he could not find us.  I think he had a nice run.  Clock struck 6, no FNG’s, disclaimer was short and off we went.


The Thang

With no prerun for YHC (some noticed) I was ready to run.  Maybe I am predictable, but I love starting the workout at the top of one of the many parking decks.  Something about the air, the ramps and the stairs, always deliverers.  That said, we ran to the deck at the lowest level, utilized the very scary, lonely, dark stairwell.  If it wasn’t for the other 15 behind me, I would not of continued.  We made it to the top and to start the day.


Warm up

Imperial Walker x 15

Side straddle hops x 15

6 count man maker burpees x 10

Squats x 15


Next was the climb back down the ramp.  We ran down one level, then back pedaled to the top and performed some exercises.  Then we ran 2 levels down, back-peddled one level and completed a series until we got to the bottom.  Exercises below

  1. Wide arm hand release merkin x10/ LBC x 15 / 20 squats
  2. Diamond x15 / Right elbow to left knee then swap x 30 / 20 squats
  3. Hand release merkin x10 / Boat- Canoe x15 / 20 squats
  4. Wide arm hand release merkin x10/ Heels to heaven x 15 / 20 squats
  5.  Diamond merkin / Scissors x 15 / 20 squats
  6. Hand release merkin x10 / LBC x15 / 20 squats
  7.  Mabye there was another round….maybe not

Time to mosey to the entrance of the deck.  Directions were provided about the final destination, Rock Pile….the one by the pond.  Are there others….

Mentioned this should be a brisk run, but to keep the pax togther, we paused a few spots.  At the roundabout we paused and the directions we give to sprint to the bottom.  We paused midway as I thought we lost somebody, more on that later.


At the rock pile, partner as you come in- P1 grabs the rock and head to the parking lot


P1- Bi’s, Tri’s, Over head press, Squat – each x 15 / P2 run to playground and perform 10 pullups

2 rounds then P2 returns rock


Time to run around the lake

Stop at the first building – Decline merkins x15 / Step ups x30 / Dips x15

Stop at the second building- Incline merkin x15 / jump ups x15 / Dips x15

Stop at the benches- Decline merkins x15 / Steps ups x30 / Dips x15


Head back to launch…..but once we crossed the median, JAIL BREAK home.  DONE


Announcements: Church on the Streets- sign up!  If you can’t make the first weekend, it happens every Sun!  Go, take a 2.0, it is really humbling and good for the soul.


Big props for Snow Flake for taking us out!!


Ye’ Olde Mole Skinny

– I don’t sign up to Q often- some may have noticed the rust. However, I am making a point to try and help an AO when there is a hole.  I can’t always do it, but happy to help TM out today.

– I always plan the workout, but the warm up could use some practice…mumble chatter deserved

– The 6 count burpee count was rough, I admit it. I know you began to question the winkie, but there was a plan and it is on the paper

– I believe there were 3 prerunners – Wild Turkey, Fire Hazard and Nard Dog…sorry if I missed someone

– Mentioned earlier that I thought a member of the pax went down.  Apparently it was only Fraleys crap towel, quite the commotion!

– Hand release merkins are the best…it is the only way to keep the pax honest and do them all

– Trying to keep the pax moving today so I stayed up front.  Always thanks to those pax holding the 6 and not letting anyone left behind

– What is up with the stairwell mentioned above.  I don’t think I have ever been in it…yuck

– I was totally nervous when I thought the parking deck was closed, you all almost had an uplanned workout

– Good job Gonnie for not just leaving, way to get the miles in

– Special shout out to Brexit as he is getting back at it after his car accident in an Uber.  Glad your back at it!




Bagels before Chicken? If Bagels were BackBlasts!

An even 14 for this weeks edition of Stongehenge. I believe there were 4 for prerun, which is a great way to challenge yourself on a Sat. morning. With a veteran crew, a very quick disclaimer and off we went.

The Thang

Start the warm-up run from the Vine to one of the popular lakes. On the way some dynamic stretching to get that out of the way and get the body moving.

Run to the bottom of the stairs, line up and get set for partner wheelbarrow. Up the stairs, loop the lot and if you carried the first time, then now your are the wheelbarrow. For those not wanting to do the barrow, take a lap of two.

Triple Nickle

Jump Squats at the top

Bear crawl the hill

Hand release the merkins

Head over to the biggest loop ever

Partner up with someone you perceive to be slower

Partner one goes left / Partner two goes right

At the middle hand slap merkins x10 / 25 LBC

Back at start, burpees x10 (partner count) and 25 Monkey humpers

Mosey to the rock pile

Partner pick a lifting rock

Depending on the size of the rock / 10-20 of each

Partner 1- Bi’s / Tri’s/ Squats / Press and if you complete early Man makers

Partner 2- 10 pull-ups and LBC’s

Time running out take a lap around the other populsr lake, sprint to the first corner, jog the next, sprint the final.

Head back to Vine…..DONE

Take out by Wild Turkey


  • F3 Dads every At in A51 and SOB @0900
  • Once per month COTS- Church on the Streets – took my 2.0 and niece on Sunday, time well spent

Ye Olde Moleskin

  • Thank you to the site Q’s for asking me to keep coming out to Q
  • The crew this AM I think were all preparing for vacation, kinda slow morning and lots of chatter
  • Fireman Ed was my partner for the big loop, he seemed much faster running to the middle vs running to do the burpees. Always left him 1
  • I always apologize for any confusing instructions, my brain and mouth often compete for time. Also, never allow the Pax (FE) ask a lot of questions….he will drag it out all day long
  • Snow Flake and Wild Turkey were keeping pax moving…or at least trying

What did he just call?

Pull up to the AO and many eager 13 PAX waiting on the plan of the day. A few wondering if there would be slosh tubes or sand pipes…not today. The plan was simple (sort of) and based on a workout that Thin Mint Q’d months ago. It killed me then, so with a few modifications, lets move.

The Thang

Head to the start line which is the backside of the 1st building. The first round we will stick together and then release the Dogs (Fraiser / Thin Mint) and the rest will try to keep up.

Stop at each of the outdoor pavilions 4 total and short runs in-between

Dips x25

Incline/ Decline merkins (alternate at each stop) x10

Jump ups / Step ups as the wall got taller x15

Run to the Deck – 10 burpees prior to entering

Run to the bottom floor

LBC’s x25

Run the stairs to the top deck

LBC’s x25

Backward’s run to the end

Bear crawl to the end

Backwards to the end

LBC’s x25 before you go down the stairs

LBC’s 25 at the bottom

Run out of the deck to the access road

At the access road, there are 4 pedestrian walkways and 2 speed bumps

Alternating merkins at each (standard, wide and diamond) x10

***REPTO*** until 06:15 back at launch

Thank you Fire Hazard for taking us out

Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you Mario for asking me to pick up the Q. I had to bargain with the M as she comes off IR, but always a solid crew
  • For many of you regulars at this site, this is a Backblast , it often follows a workout. This is a rare sighting for the regulars (avg 1 per month)
  • Thank you all for interpreting my demonstrations of each exercise vs what I was calling them….I am not awake mentally at this hour. I prefer to follow the Q and talk smack.
  • As I said, hat tip to Thin Mint for this one. Not a complete rip off, but similar route. It was REALLY hard then and still was REALLY hard
  • Each loop had 100 merkins / 100 dips / 100 LBC’s /60 jump or step ups and covered 1 mile
  • I think Fraiser was actually getting close to finishing round 3- Great Job
  • Lots of smack talk early on- Fire Hazard/ MT/ Fraleys/ Teddy and others- Do we need gloves; How are we going to remember this; the workout is almost over; that is one long loop; we can’t go in the deck; should we come in/go out a different level? At the end of the day, all questions were answered with huffing and puffing. Once we let the dogs go, I am not sure what other comments were said
  • I promptly took up the 6 on Friday. I choose this workout because it challenged me so bad last time. All of the up and down (blood flow) really messed with me and is exhausting. I realized I needed more of this after I completed the Savage Race. After all, this is (or was) supposed to be an OCR training workout
  • I was truly SMOKED after this on and rumor has it a few others were too (War Eagle- your M told mine at Fia). I hope you all felt it.

Heavy Day at Hydra

So many Pax arrive to this AO by foot or by bike, that YHC did not see everyone come in. However, with an all pro team in attendance, a weak disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thang

Short warm up run (the long way) to the rock pile at the church. Instructions were to gab a lifting rock, one to be proud of and that would challenge you all morning. I did not rock shame as most everyone followed directions

First exercise was to walk with rock over head back to school lot, if your rock becomes to heavy, then smuggle/chest carry.

Circle up for a brief warm up- in cadence

SSH x 15

Using rock left hand on rock merkins x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Right hand on rock merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 15

Arm Circles x 15 in each direction

Diamond Merkins on rock x 10 (whoops- failed only did 5)

Mosey to the edge of bus lot, line up abreast for the following series x 3 rounds. Instructions were to do 10-15 maybe more depending on the size of your rock. All OYO

  1. Curls
  2. Tricep extensions
  3. Rock (KB) 2 hand swing
  4. Squats
  5. Bent over row
  6. Over head press

During the rest jog to the ledge for 50 calf raises ( Regular, Toes in, toes out)

Mosey to the baseball concession stand

2 rounds of the following- OYO

  1. Bench press with rock 15-25
  2. Jump up x 15
  3. Dips x 15

Run to playground for either 10 pull ups or break them up 5 and do the other 5 on the way back

Finish the run by heading to the little track and back to the baseball diamond


Grab rock an walk/mosey back to the rock pile to deliver rock

Run back to the cars

Cross over sit ups / Left leg over right knee- Right leg over left knee x 15 each

Finish with the 5 Diamond merkins that “I” could not do to start


Announcements: Beer mile is coming up- get on slack ask a friend or Gummy

Thank you to HIPPA for the take out

Ye Old Moleskin

  • As always, thank you for the site Q’s for letting me Q- although I think I was actually helping Bug Eater out…I don’t remember
  • There was some mumble chatter this AM, I blocked most of it out so feel free to comment
  • Most of the chatter was coming from the other end (Spakler, Semi-Gloss, Pudding, Gummy…I am sure others, again not close enough to hear)
  • I think everyone had a decent sized rock, well done. This was intended to be a YvY, so if you don’t feel it, then next time grab a bigger stone next time
  • Proof positive that you can lead from the 6…I was dragging during the last intervals
  • Have a safe weekend with the family this weekend, don’t forget about all the people that have and continue to work hard to defend our country

Sand Blasted- Exfoliation for real men / Tweet and Meat

Some people don’t write Blackblasts anymore, but I think that completes your Q duties. This BB is for a workout that doesn’t have an AO, site Q or any real reason to exist, but we keep showing up. However, I am a regular at 2 of these AO’s (Tweet and Meat & Rum Runner).

Today we had 6 burly beasts, however 5 showed up at Calvary at the opposite end of the parking lot. I was hoping it was not a mean prank on the Q, because no one was near me in the lot. Thinking I saw a car at the other end, 0514 I ran over and grabbed the crew who were patiently waiting or just talking smack about the my tardiness.

The Thang

Once High Tide put away his arsenal of manly bells, we made sure everyone had a bag and made our way on a brief warm up lap back to my car.

We circled up and performed the following w/ Sandbag’s:

10 x Curls

10 x Squats

10 x Press

10 x High Pull

5x Burpees

10 x plank pulls (5 per side)

Grab bag and head to the field. Each exercise was performed with 10 or 15 moves per movement. Then run to Hot Box and 10 to 15 on the way back

  • Front Toss
  • Backwards Toss
  • Throw bag forward
  • Bear Crawl drag

Grab bag and head to playground

5 pull-ups / merkins

5 pull-ups / wide arm merkins

5 pull-ups / diamond merkins

Several rounds of mary with bag held above your head

20 x Flutter

20 x heels to heaven without heaven

15x chest presses

Before we leave the playground- repeato

5 pull-ups / merkins

5 pull-ups / wide arm merkins

5 pull-ups / diamond merkins

Head back to field, this time to the hill. Perform same exercises, this time up and down the hill

  • Front toss
  • Backwards toss
  • Throw bag forward
  • Bear crawl drag

Head back to MY car

6 stations to finish off the workout

  • Slosh tub
  • Sand tub
  • Battle rope
  • KB swings
  • KB pulls
  • Sandbag reverse shoulders

Final 4 mins of Mary

  • LBC
  • Boat Canoe
  • J-Lo


Announcements: Join me for the Savage Race May 18/ Also , I am still trying to find a few more for the GoRuck tough that starts on Friday night/Sat AM before the Savage…it will be fun!

Mole skinny:

  1. Glad to see there were members of the pax this time…thought I was doing this solo again
  2. Happy to break-in Cotton Mouths new bag- Wet, dirty & very sandy
  3. I tried to help the Pax clean off their bags by tossing them downhill, not sure it helped
  4. I think a few people thought I was making this up on the fly. Nope, modifications, but have the winkie to prove it
  5. Good efforts by all today, I really like sandbags, so like to keep this going
  6. Apparently, Cotton Mouth forgot the best thing about a sand bag, just drop it. Ok, to be fair, he did drop it…always on his calf
  7. Ickey was borrowing a bag that was meant for a sleeping bag…stuffed full
  8. Geraldo hated most of the winkie as he has a sore back..good modification
  9. Cotton Mouth & Voodoo were competing for the tough guy spot
  10. High Tide clearly like the KB’s, thanks for putting in the effort on the bags

Who’s on Q next??

Mental block…Mountain Climber

10 Pax should up for the unadvertised version of Joust. Great weather, specific disclaimer “please don’t smash your face today” and off we went.

The winkie called for bookend miles, but after two laps around the track, I already made the the adjustment for just half mile thinking we might get the other half on the back-end. Either way, run to the stairs and wait for instructions.

Great number of guys to keep close but have plenty of room to work. Best part of the AO is the stairs, I am not here enough to see if they get used, but this was the plan.

Warm up- everything below performed on the stairs

Here is where I almost lost the pax as I could not come up with Mountain climber…however I was finally able to spit it out

Mtn climber x 20

Incline merkins x 15

Left leg lung forward and back x10

Right leg lung forward and back x 10

Squat (butt touches the step) x 20

Decline merkin x 15

Offset left arm merkin x 10

Calf Raises x 20

Offset right arm merkins x 10

Main Event- gather to the top of stairs to hear instructions, but back to the stiars for the work

  1. Single stair jump- both feet w/ squat – down and up the stairs
  2. Single stair, double step- lead with the right foot – down and up the stairs
  3. Single stair 1 leg hop- right foot – down and up the stairs
  4. Face the hill, w/two feet, single stair hop – down and up
  5. Bear crawl down the stairs / Bear crawl up the stairs
  6. Double stair jump- both feet w/ squat – down and up the stairs
  7. Double stair, double step- lead with the left foot – down and up the stairs
  8. Single stair 1 leg hop- left foot – down and up the stairs
  9. Face the parking lot, w/two feet, single stair hop – down and up the stairs
  10. Bear crawl down and up the stairs

Brief Ab work

LBC x 35

American Hammer x 15

Freddy Mecury x15

Break into 2 groups

Group 1- 15 dips

Group 2 – run to playground 8 pull ups

6 merkins – 15 dips

4 merkins -15 dips

2 merkins- 15 dips

Proctractor and LBC x20

Mosey to the base of Grandmother Mtn

Running out of time, so run up the mtn, touch fence and run back to the parking lot- your own pace / jail break style


Announcements- Joe David run March 9th

Thank you Duct Work for the take us out

Olde Moleskin

As always, thank you to the Site Q- Duct Work for letting me led today

Thank you all again for not busting your faces toady, plenty of opportunities

I always try to mix up my Q’s. Too hard not to use the stairs at this AO. Few modified which is OK. Still covered 2 miles. Hopefully you feel this one today, I challenge anyone that has the stairs to take them today

Gummy got a boo-boo.. When I got home I was saying telling my M that you got a scratch. My five yr old then chimed in as he also had a scratch and he told me he did not need a band-aid. I assume you have several!

I am not sure why I could not spit up Mtn Climbers in the begining, I kept wanting to say, Merkin…almost lost you all, thanks for staying with me

Light mumble chatter, but you guys put in the work, great job! Have a great weekend!