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Bagels before Chicken? If Bagels were BackBlasts!

An even 14 for this weeks edition of Stongehenge. I believe there were 4 for prerun, which is a great way to challenge yourself on a Sat. morning. With a veteran crew, a very quick disclaimer and off we went.

The Thang

Start the warm-up run from the Vine to one of the popular lakes. On the way some dynamic stretching to get that out of the way and get the body moving.

Run to the bottom of the stairs, line up and get set for partner wheelbarrow. Up the stairs, loop the lot and if you carried the first time, then now your are the wheelbarrow. For those not wanting to do the barrow, take a lap of two.

Triple Nickle

Jump Squats at the top

Bear crawl the hill

Hand release the merkins

Head over to the biggest loop ever

Partner up with someone you perceive to be slower

Partner one goes left / Partner two goes right

At the middle hand slap merkins x10 / 25 LBC

Back at start, burpees x10 (partner count) and 25 Monkey humpers

Mosey to the rock pile

Partner pick a lifting rock

Depending on the size of the rock / 10-20 of each

Partner 1- Bi’s / Tri’s/ Squats / Press and if you complete early Man makers

Partner 2- 10 pull-ups and LBC’s

Time running out take a lap around the other populsr lake, sprint to the first corner, jog the next, sprint the final.

Head back to Vine…..DONE

Take out by Wild Turkey


  • F3 Dads every At in A51 and SOB @0900
  • Once per month COTS- Church on the Streets – took my 2.0 and niece on Sunday, time well spent

Ye Olde Moleskin

  • Thank you to the site Q’s for asking me to keep coming out to Q
  • The crew this AM I think were all preparing for vacation, kinda slow morning and lots of chatter
  • Fireman Ed was my partner for the big loop, he seemed much faster running to the middle vs running to do the burpees. Always left him 1
  • I always apologize for any confusing instructions, my brain and mouth often compete for time. Also, never allow the Pax (FE) ask a lot of questions….he will drag it out all day long
  • Snow Flake and Wild Turkey were keeping pax moving…or at least trying

What did he just call?

Pull up to the AO and many eager 13 PAX waiting on the plan of the day. A few wondering if there would be slosh tubes or sand pipes…not today. The plan was simple (sort of) and based on a workout that Thin Mint Q’d months ago. It killed me then, so with a few modifications, lets move.

The Thang

Head to the start line which is the backside of the 1st building. The first round we will stick together and then release the Dogs (Fraiser / Thin Mint) and the rest will try to keep up.

Stop at each of the outdoor pavilions 4 total and short runs in-between

Dips x25

Incline/ Decline merkins (alternate at each stop) x10

Jump ups / Step ups as the wall got taller x15

Run to the Deck – 10 burpees prior to entering

Run to the bottom floor

LBC’s x25

Run the stairs to the top deck

LBC’s x25

Backward’s run to the end

Bear crawl to the end

Backwards to the end

LBC’s x25 before you go down the stairs

LBC’s 25 at the bottom

Run out of the deck to the access road

At the access road, there are 4 pedestrian walkways and 2 speed bumps

Alternating merkins at each (standard, wide and diamond) x10

***REPTO*** until 06:15 back at launch

Thank you Fire Hazard for taking us out

Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you Mario for asking me to pick up the Q. I had to bargain with the M as she comes off IR, but always a solid crew
  • For many of you regulars at this site, this is a Backblast , it often follows a workout. This is a rare sighting for the regulars (avg 1 per month)
  • Thank you all for interpreting my demonstrations of each exercise vs what I was calling them….I am not awake mentally at this hour. I prefer to follow the Q and talk smack.
  • As I said, hat tip to Thin Mint for this one. Not a complete rip off, but similar route. It was REALLY hard then and still was REALLY hard
  • Each loop had 100 merkins / 100 dips / 100 LBC’s /60 jump or step ups and covered 1 mile
  • I think Fraiser was actually getting close to finishing round 3- Great Job
  • Lots of smack talk early on- Fire Hazard/ MT/ Fraleys/ Teddy and others- Do we need gloves; How are we going to remember this; the workout is almost over; that is one long loop; we can’t go in the deck; should we come in/go out a different level? At the end of the day, all questions were answered with huffing and puffing. Once we let the dogs go, I am not sure what other comments were said
  • I promptly took up the 6 on Friday. I choose this workout because it challenged me so bad last time. All of the up and down (blood flow) really messed with me and is exhausting. I realized I needed more of this after I completed the Savage Race. After all, this is (or was) supposed to be an OCR training workout
  • I was truly SMOKED after this on and rumor has it a few others were too (War Eagle- your M told mine at Fia). I hope you all felt it.

Heavy Day at Hydra

So many Pax arrive to this AO by foot or by bike, that YHC did not see everyone come in. However, with an all pro team in attendance, a weak disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thang

Short warm up run (the long way) to the rock pile at the church. Instructions were to gab a lifting rock, one to be proud of and that would challenge you all morning. I did not rock shame as most everyone followed directions

First exercise was to walk with rock over head back to school lot, if your rock becomes to heavy, then smuggle/chest carry.

Circle up for a brief warm up- in cadence

SSH x 15

Using rock left hand on rock merkins x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Right hand on rock merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 15

Arm Circles x 15 in each direction

Diamond Merkins on rock x 10 (whoops- failed only did 5)

Mosey to the edge of bus lot, line up abreast for the following series x 3 rounds. Instructions were to do 10-15 maybe more depending on the size of your rock. All OYO

  1. Curls
  2. Tricep extensions
  3. Rock (KB) 2 hand swing
  4. Squats
  5. Bent over row
  6. Over head press

During the rest jog to the ledge for 50 calf raises ( Regular, Toes in, toes out)

Mosey to the baseball concession stand

2 rounds of the following- OYO

  1. Bench press with rock 15-25
  2. Jump up x 15
  3. Dips x 15

Run to playground for either 10 pull ups or break them up 5 and do the other 5 on the way back

Finish the run by heading to the little track and back to the baseball diamond


Grab rock an walk/mosey back to the rock pile to deliver rock

Run back to the cars

Cross over sit ups / Left leg over right knee- Right leg over left knee x 15 each

Finish with the 5 Diamond merkins that “I” could not do to start


Announcements: Beer mile is coming up- get on slack ask a friend or Gummy

Thank you to HIPPA for the take out

Ye Old Moleskin

  • As always, thank you for the site Q’s for letting me Q- although I think I was actually helping Bug Eater out…I don’t remember
  • There was some mumble chatter this AM, I blocked most of it out so feel free to comment
  • Most of the chatter was coming from the other end (Spakler, Semi-Gloss, Pudding, Gummy…I am sure others, again not close enough to hear)
  • I think everyone had a decent sized rock, well done. This was intended to be a YvY, so if you don’t feel it, then next time grab a bigger stone next time
  • Proof positive that you can lead from the 6…I was dragging during the last intervals
  • Have a safe weekend with the family this weekend, don’t forget about all the people that have and continue to work hard to defend our country

Sand Blasted- Exfoliation for real men / Tweet and Meat

Some people don’t write Blackblasts anymore, but I think that completes your Q duties. This BB is for a workout that doesn’t have an AO, site Q or any real reason to exist, but we keep showing up. However, I am a regular at 2 of these AO’s (Tweet and Meat & Rum Runner).

Today we had 6 burly beasts, however 5 showed up at Calvary at the opposite end of the parking lot. I was hoping it was not a mean prank on the Q, because no one was near me in the lot. Thinking I saw a car at the other end, 0514 I ran over and grabbed the crew who were patiently waiting or just talking smack about the my tardiness.

The Thang

Once High Tide put away his arsenal of manly bells, we made sure everyone had a bag and made our way on a brief warm up lap back to my car.

We circled up and performed the following w/ Sandbag’s:

10 x Curls

10 x Squats

10 x Press

10 x High Pull

5x Burpees

10 x plank pulls (5 per side)

Grab bag and head to the field. Each exercise was performed with 10 or 15 moves per movement. Then run to Hot Box and 10 to 15 on the way back

  • Front Toss
  • Backwards Toss
  • Throw bag forward
  • Bear Crawl drag

Grab bag and head to playground

5 pull-ups / merkins

5 pull-ups / wide arm merkins

5 pull-ups / diamond merkins

Several rounds of mary with bag held above your head

20 x Flutter

20 x heels to heaven without heaven

15x chest presses

Before we leave the playground- repeato

5 pull-ups / merkins

5 pull-ups / wide arm merkins

5 pull-ups / diamond merkins

Head back to field, this time to the hill. Perform same exercises, this time up and down the hill

  • Front toss
  • Backwards toss
  • Throw bag forward
  • Bear crawl drag

Head back to MY car

6 stations to finish off the workout

  • Slosh tub
  • Sand tub
  • Battle rope
  • KB swings
  • KB pulls
  • Sandbag reverse shoulders

Final 4 mins of Mary

  • LBC
  • Boat Canoe
  • J-Lo


Announcements: Join me for the Savage Race May 18/ Also , I am still trying to find a few more for the GoRuck tough that starts on Friday night/Sat AM before the Savage…it will be fun!

Mole skinny:

  1. Glad to see there were members of the pax this time…thought I was doing this solo again
  2. Happy to break-in Cotton Mouths new bag- Wet, dirty & very sandy
  3. I tried to help the Pax clean off their bags by tossing them downhill, not sure it helped
  4. I think a few people thought I was making this up on the fly. Nope, modifications, but have the winkie to prove it
  5. Good efforts by all today, I really like sandbags, so like to keep this going
  6. Apparently, Cotton Mouth forgot the best thing about a sand bag, just drop it. Ok, to be fair, he did drop it…always on his calf
  7. Ickey was borrowing a bag that was meant for a sleeping bag…stuffed full
  8. Geraldo hated most of the winkie as he has a sore back..good modification
  9. Cotton Mouth & Voodoo were competing for the tough guy spot
  10. High Tide clearly like the KB’s, thanks for putting in the effort on the bags

Who’s on Q next??

Mental block…Mountain Climber

10 Pax should up for the unadvertised version of Joust. Great weather, specific disclaimer “please don’t smash your face today” and off we went.

The winkie called for bookend miles, but after two laps around the track, I already made the the adjustment for just half mile thinking we might get the other half on the back-end. Either way, run to the stairs and wait for instructions.

Great number of guys to keep close but have plenty of room to work. Best part of the AO is the stairs, I am not here enough to see if they get used, but this was the plan.

Warm up- everything below performed on the stairs

Here is where I almost lost the pax as I could not come up with Mountain climber…however I was finally able to spit it out

Mtn climber x 20

Incline merkins x 15

Left leg lung forward and back x10

Right leg lung forward and back x 10

Squat (butt touches the step) x 20

Decline merkin x 15

Offset left arm merkin x 10

Calf Raises x 20

Offset right arm merkins x 10

Main Event- gather to the top of stairs to hear instructions, but back to the stiars for the work

  1. Single stair jump- both feet w/ squat – down and up the stairs
  2. Single stair, double step- lead with the right foot – down and up the stairs
  3. Single stair 1 leg hop- right foot – down and up the stairs
  4. Face the hill, w/two feet, single stair hop – down and up
  5. Bear crawl down the stairs / Bear crawl up the stairs
  6. Double stair jump- both feet w/ squat – down and up the stairs
  7. Double stair, double step- lead with the left foot – down and up the stairs
  8. Single stair 1 leg hop- left foot – down and up the stairs
  9. Face the parking lot, w/two feet, single stair hop – down and up the stairs
  10. Bear crawl down and up the stairs

Brief Ab work

LBC x 35

American Hammer x 15

Freddy Mecury x15

Break into 2 groups

Group 1- 15 dips

Group 2 – run to playground 8 pull ups

6 merkins – 15 dips

4 merkins -15 dips

2 merkins- 15 dips

Proctractor and LBC x20

Mosey to the base of Grandmother Mtn

Running out of time, so run up the mtn, touch fence and run back to the parking lot- your own pace / jail break style


Announcements- Joe David run March 9th

Thank you Duct Work for the take us out

Olde Moleskin

As always, thank you to the Site Q- Duct Work for letting me led today

Thank you all again for not busting your faces toady, plenty of opportunities

I always try to mix up my Q’s. Too hard not to use the stairs at this AO. Few modified which is OK. Still covered 2 miles. Hopefully you feel this one today, I challenge anyone that has the stairs to take them today

Gummy got a boo-boo.. When I got home I was saying telling my M that you got a scratch. My five yr old then chimed in as he also had a scratch and he told me he did not need a band-aid. I assume you have several!

I am not sure why I could not spit up Mtn Climbers in the begining, I kept wanting to say, Merkin…almost lost you all, thanks for staying with me

Light mumble chatter, but you guys put in the work, great job! Have a great weekend!

Parachute and Hula Hoop

Nothing is new with the good old Tweet and Meet, however things are getting serious when there is a new channel on Slack called, “TweetandMeat”. Either way, I offered to Q to test out some of the gear that my house has acquired. Invite went out on slack (missed the tweet part) and 8 dudes answer the 5:15 buzzer and of we went.

Did I forget to say it was cold….it was!

I created a workout with most of the gear from my garage, but with a few more peices from the Pax prior to the workout, we kept busy for 60 mins. Here is what we did:

9 Stations that we were able to rotate almost 3 x’s. Tabata formate- 45 sec on 20 sec of to switch and catch your breath.

  1. Partner Work –
    1. 120lb sand bag carry for 45 sec / alternating arms
    2. Man Maker Sand tube 50lb hold for 5sec at the top
  2. Hairburner / Flutter w/ 25lb weight over head
  3. Lat Pulls or Lawn Mower- single hand (Left than R)
  4. Battle rope / weighted Hula hoop
  5. Agility ladder (x2) Walk the ladder with feet on disks / Cross over Merkins
  6. Battle rope / jump rope
  7. Slosh tube curls 30lb / Golbet squat 50kb
  8. Parachute sprint / Farmer Carry 40lb KB

2 intermissions with Ab work during the 1st and second set: Protractor, American Hammer, box cutter and a few more were called

That was all folks

Announcements / COT

If you see Stump Hugger out in the gloom, give the dude some knuckles. First for coming back out after some injury, but today he told me his mother in law was having surgery to help with her heart, Approximately a 6 hr procedure. The family has asked for some thoughts and prayers

Wild Turkey for the take out…well said!

Ye’ Old Moleskin

  • That was fun. Sure I was conducting a top secret test of my home gear on Pax who answered the request…hope you enjoyed it
  • This was a high intensity vs heavy, hope you got your moneys worth
  • There was a hula hoop and if you figured it out, that was a solid ab workout. I have had practice since it is my M’s and I opening mocked her when she bought it. However, it was odd, but IMO effective. A few guys rocked it
  • There was a parachute. I have had this for a long time and never used it, could not find the right Q. I am 50/50 on it. Purell put on a weight vest to and ran around the lot…still fast
  • I think the slosh tub is a crowd favorite. Something about the water moving back and fourth while curling
  • No real moments other then what I witness with my partner General- dude did everything with intensity, good work.
  • Thanks again who offer and brought gear. This format of asking who can commit and then using the gear worked. You run the risk should the person FS or alarm fail, but that is all part of the plan.

Annual Tradition of Holiday Lights

Large group of merry men were all circled up looking ready to go. Some knew of the general plan, others waited in great anticipation. No FNG’s, just one site FNG, but literally he is a Pro, so a brief (poor) description of the plan and off we went.

The Thang

Another Q, another Scout Run. This time with a jingle ball- 8lb medicine ball to be carried by the Scout. The purpose of the scout was to sprint forward, find a house with holiday decorations, lights or inflatables and then sprint back to the pax and report what they found

Holiday Decorations: Monkey Humpers x10

Lights: Scout names the Merkin (Diamond, wide arm, normal…even CCD called) x 10

Inflatables: Burpees x5 max 10

When we finally got to a home fully decorated by the holiday spirit, we discovered that Santa must have come. He left a full tabata workout with gear.

Each station had 2 exercises per round. The idea was to do a round then move left. We struggled for a few rounds but got the hang of it.

25 sec on / 8 sec rest – Yes, aggressive. But, I wanted to make sure everyone got a turn on the gear

  1. Battle Rope / LBC
  2. Goblet Squats / Criss-cross or scissor abs
  3. Ladder push up cross over / WWII sit ups
  4. Curls w/ slosh tube / American hammer
  5. Plank (each partner for full 2 rounds)
  6. Jump Rope (each partner for full 2 rounds)
  7. Tricep extension #35lb KB / Right leg over left knee abs
  8. One arm Row #40lb KB / Left leg over right knee abs
  9. Squat Press weighted Tub #45lb / Heels to heaven
  10. Right hand high / Left Hand high

20 total exercises / 18 pax perfect!

At 0600 time for the tabat to end, gather up items and head to the garage to get a 10lb present (block weights, dumbells, KB). Everyone gets a present and we run back to AO. Few stops along the way to wait on the pax, probably 45 total of some kind of marry

Once back at the AO, Monkey humpers x 10 / Merkins x10.

Lastly, Deck the Hall flutters to Debby Ryan’s version. Protractor 45 degrees then when she sings Fa,la,la,la,la,la,la- Flutters. In the musical interlude a little boat/ canoe, then resume flutters



  1. Centurion update **meeting at Margo’s clubhouse** Cameron Wood 0530 start. Can you say #RIPOFF workout 🙂
  2. Keep F3- Huggy Bear & Cooter in prayers as they heal. Also, Fia Digits Family, who experienced an unthinkable loss during a running workout this week.

Ye Old Moleskin:

  1. Thank you to Margo and Queen for giving me the opportunity to keep this dumb seasonal workout going each year. I believe this is the 3rd
  2. Thanks for the patience today, we had a ton to get done, we had big numbers. I needed to slow down to explain, but you boys caught on
  3. THANK you ALL for being diligent when crossing the street.
  4. Sorry for anyone in the 6 today. Again, had to keep moving, so sorry if you just caught up and we took off again
  5. Welcome Prohibition for being the site FNG
  6. Gummy tried to talk junk up front…ain’t got time for that
  7. Running with weight sucks, use that however you want. The weight you lost, the sins you carry or just 10lbs of suck.
  8. Thanks for the push of all the men in F3. Personally, I completed 4 relay races, 1st Goruck light, run over 700 miles, lost 10lbs and created great friendships. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy new year. See you in 2019.

Up and Down- The Story of a Parking Deck

On a chilly but dry morning, 9 Pax rolled in (1 on 2-wheels) and as the clock hit 0515 and we departed.  Apparently, 2 others launched from this AO earlier, but they were gone before I arrived.  The plan was simple and recycled from an earlier Q on a parking deck. I modified for this veteran crew that I knew would be in attack mode and running fast to stay warm.


The Thang

We all moseyed to the last deck to the far right of the AO.  In anticipation to get kicked out, I thought about the parking deck near the Crane relay.  However, after a scouting mission, that deck is much smaller, so we sneaked into this deck and ran to the bottom for instructions.

The plan was to run the flat and the incline.  At the top of the incline, stop, back pedal to the start of the incline, perform 15x Monkey Humpers and 5 hand-release merkins.  Then run the ramp again, the flat and incline, then repeto.  At the top of the deck, run down the stairs to the bottom, then back to the top and perform 30x LBC.

On the descent, the same plan as above, however any incline is now a decline. At the bottom, run up the stairs then back down and 30xLBC and repeto.


Yep, about +50 minutes of that…done.


Thanks to Fire Hazard for the take out!


Christmas Parties- Area 51 and SOB Land  time is running out to HC


Ye’ Old Moleskin

  1. So I did a version of this workout about a month ago.  Knowing that the Brave regulars were not around that AM, I brought it back out and modified it to make it a little harder.  Also, I was curious how bad it would suck for a full hour.
    1. Not much of an upper body workout today, but the legs should feel that.
    2. From the 6, I was really feeling it, not sure about the leaders of the pack
  2. Purell and One 9’er were out in-front all morning.  I actually had them wait at the top on the first lap up, otherwise, they would have completed 2 trips.
    1. Most guys got 1 full trip and all the way to the top of the second
  3. For being sick most of the week Fire Hazard was killing it…hope your feeling better
  4.  Soft Pretzel was well into his own zone.  He launched hard and slowed, but still was well ahead was chasing FH.  Nice!
  5. Mighty Mite, Gumbo and Mario each had their own modification of the workout.  I am happy you guys stuck with it and modified as needed
    1. Mario even added burpees…nope
    2. Gumbo is mid Marathon training, probably not the best for a calf injury
      1. Many reference to the following:
  6. Wild Turkey just pushes!  Although he and I were around eachother all AM, he always pushes hard and running real fast on the flats.
  7. Frasier and Bunker thanks for meeting back up with the crew.  Not sure what you did, I assume it involved running a long distance @ a fast pace.  Sure it was GREAT!
  8.  Not much Mumble chatter this AM or nothing that I could hear as I was far enough from the core of runners.  I do like this workout as it allows everyone to do their own pace but stay close
  9.  I am not always a huge fan of doing the same thing for the entire morning, but if I threw in much more, I did not want to confuse or slow the Pax down
  10. Sorry for being late to COT- I circled back for Wild Turkey (not sure why) although I figure he may be on his way to the AO- confirmed.  I did run harder then I wanted to on the way back!
  11. Not sure who the site Q is…Tuck?? Sorry to miss you, but thanks for the opportunity to Q.



It’s About Time

With many of the regulars either at races, putting in long training miles or off at Dad camp, I was tapped to see if I wanted to Q Stonehenge.  Well, really only after Purell stepped of a curb earlier this week- get better.  Either way 12 PAX accepted the offer to follow me in my first ever (Saturday-VQ) in 6 years of being with F3.  The weak disclaimer was given and off we went!


Warm ups

No better way than to start off a Sat then at the top of the parking deck, so we fast moseyed in that direction.  At the top we did a series of:

6 count burpees

Imperial Walkers

Carolina Bear Crawl (Bear Crawl forward few steps then a dry dock merkin and then back & a dry dock merkin, etc)


Dive bomb Merkins

Then we ran to the base of ramp & LBC while we wait for the 6


The Thang / Main Event

A little thing named Paula Abdul- 2 forward and 1 back…in this case 2 ramps up, 1 back.  Running back should be done running backwards and then complete 10x Monkey humpers before going forward.  Once at the top (stairwell) go down to the bottom and then back up the stairs.  If in the front, find the 6 and finish with them.

To catch our breath:


Scissor legs

Left elbow to Right leg/ right elbow to left leg


Then REPTO…Down the stairs/ Back up the stairs- Paula Abdul- 2 ramps forward run, 1 backward run, monkey humpers to the front entrance and sweep the 6.


Introduce Scout Run (similar to Indian Run)- front runner sprints 10sec out then runs back to the group running towards them.  Once at the front of the line, the 1st runner takes off.  Due to the distance and lack of a map, I stayed in front to avoid the constant “where are we going”.  Hope that did not confuse things.  Again, I think this is a great way to keep the Pax together.


The Pond

Original plan was 7’s, but running short on time change to: 5,10,15,20 of the following:

5x wide arm merkins, run the hill 5x squats, downhill and 5 diamonds, then run around the pond

10x wide arm, hill, 10x squats, 10 diamonds and run around pond

Here is where it went sideways….

Some of us did 15x wide arms, hill, 15x squats, and 15x merkins.  Others thought they did not have enough time before starting this and decided to head back.  Guys in the middle of the PAX were confused by some taking off and followed.  Others came back to the group.  Either way, decision was made we needed to get back, so we aborted the last run and headed back. Kinda a long run, but the shortest route back to based was straight through a few parking lots.


Once at the vine, few Boat / Canoe and done.


Take Out– by Cul-De-Sac, thank you!

Announcements:  Pancakes and Beer 10/27- Could not catch who the benefit is for but OMB will provide the beer


The Mole Skin:

  1. Thank you to Site Q’s for trying to get me to Q.  Stonehenge is intimidating as it is a massive playground.  With Purell on the sidelines, I was asked to Q and was happy to give back
  2. Of course I over planned and although I had another area to hit, we ran out of time. Parking deck took longer then expected / hope you enjoyed it #legsmoker
  3. Mic Check and Happy Meal were leading the Pax this am..great job
  4. Gruden was pushing hard all morning and Cul-a-Sac stuck with him..great job
  5. Great to finally connect to War Eagle and Happy Meal, both M’s do Fia and actually were at my M’s gear Q on Friday.  Just a reminder…F3 is good for all men, just as FIA is for women #sharethegloom
  6. Get better Purrel


2 Worlds Collide, Glad We Sent Out the Scouts

14 familiar faces eagerly awaiting 0530 start.    There was chatter of of a tip jar, but none was provided.  YHC confirmed their was a money back guarantee & provided a disclaimer.  As soon as the satellites aligned, we hit the go button.


The Thang

This group is often out to a fast start, but first I had to explain how we get to the main event, introduce the Scout Run. I picked this up from a F3 group while I was traveling earlier this year.  Think Rock’n Roller Coaster and a Native American (Indian) run.  First guy in line takes off on a sprint for 10 sec count (or whatever he chooses).  Once he is done, jog back to group as they kept running in his direction.  As the first runner passes the next guy in line, he takes off.  This was explained to me that most Military advances will send out a Scout to see what was up ahead, hope you enjoyed it.

We eventually made it to the rock pile and circled up for a short warm up

Warm up

SSH: x16 (yep weird number)

Bear Dock: x20 – Cadence count (bear crawl backwards then CCD / then bear crawl forward then CCD)

IW: x20

Mountain Climber: x20


Grab a lifting rock (circuit work): 1st one was a course walk-thru

Curls: x20

Triceps: x20

Shoulder press: x20

Squat: x20

Run up the stairs / Backward run to the turn, then run to front of school

Step-ups: x20 (10 each leg)

Dips: x20

Hand release merkins: x10

Run back to rock pile

LBC: x20

Rinse and Repeat x3 total – Fast guy (Swiper leads Mary)


Still with rock :

Russian twist: x15

One more round of rock work (minus Squats and Shoulder press / add Man maker: x20

Place rocks back


Intro Jiminy Cricket (merkin/ pause at bottom and push off and pop of the ground) x5


Scout Run back to Church

Wall Sit

Balls to wall

Wall Sit


Line up for very short shuttle run and head back to lot… DONE



Special Prayer- Samantha Davis- Cross Country runner who passed away at a meet in CLT


Special thanks to Swiper for taking us out!


Ye’old mole skin

  1. Thanks to Aquafresh for giving me the opportunity to lead. He was absent, but I he an I both did our 1st Speed For Need at the St Judes run on Sat and got to catch up there.  What an awesome experience! so I hope you enjoyed.
    1. I like a good meat and potatoes morning
  2. There was an odd silence at 0529
  3.  One the way back from the front of the school, our Pax almost ran head on into the Bootcamp/ Camp Gladiator group.
    1. Could have gotten ugly, but we moved to the right
    2. They have tunes, can’t mess with that
  4. Thank you for humoring me on the new exercises: Scout Run, Bear Dock and Jiminy Cricket
    1. Total gamble and probably pushed my luck, but you did them
      1. 2 were borrowed and shared: Scout Run and Jiminy Cricket
    2. What was the final name for the Bear Crawl thing: I went with Bear Dock, I think I heard others
      1. This one came to me last night after my wife mocked my forwards bear crawl
      2. Great way to bear crawl and keep the group together
  5.  DMZ is a unique meeting of both Area 51 and Metro guys.  More Metro today, but thanks specifically to BA and Duct for making the trip to witness YHC attempt to Q
    1. These guy also are known to stop on the freeway starring at car wrecks…sick bastards
    2. Sorry no arm circles…I know, I promise…next time
  6. Swiper talks a lot.
    1. Reference #2, I think he finally stopped running his mouth and we were in awe, hence the silence
  7. Lastly, someone (Swiper) dropped there ass right before the rock pile….wow!

Anyone see one member of the Pax name show up way too much on this BB?? Someone needs attention #justasying